The Language of Flowers – Tips & Ideas to Improve Your Garden

You are welcome to my gardening blog, I have written on a variety of plant life and their significance. Flowers have always fascinated me which is part of why I started a gardening blog. I want to be able to help you build not only a beautiful garden. I also want you to be able to enjoy yourself through the gardening blog each time you scroll through to read any topic of your interest.

My Passion For Flowers

I started my gardening blog as a result of my passion and love for plants, that have always fascinated me. The gardening blog has become a part of me and a means which I help green lovers answer some questions. There is nothing that excites me as much as plants which are essential and symbolic to mankind.

Floriography: The Language Of Flowers

The languages all have different meanings depending on the type of plant, color or even both. Some gardening blogs tell of how plants derive their meaning and symbols from old myths and legends. Also, some plants derive their meaning and symbols from their unique scents while some derive their meaning from their medicinal values. Every flower has a message and meaning to pass across.

The Sacred Lotus Flower Of Thailand

One of such flowers we will be looking at today on this gardening blog is the sacred lotus of Thailand, famously called “bua”. It is the national plant of Thailand. In Thailand, the lotus is used as an ingredient since it is edible with medicinal benefits. The lotus is termed the celebrity plant because of its association with different nations and cultures across the globe. The stem of the plant usually rises above the water 8 inches away from the water. You can never overlook the beauty of the lotus flower even though it blooms out of dirty and stagnant water. It can maintain its purity and beauty. This is why the lotus is associated with beauty and purity in the Hindu and Buddhist culture and tradition respectively. The lotus is a special flower because of its ability to inspire a man’s mind to aim for perfection and overcome the hurdles of life. Lotus flower has over the years fascinated man with its beauty and exoticness which is why I write on its significance on my gardening blog.

The lotus flower is famous across the entertainment industry, books, and magazines. There is a lot of lotus flower-themed movies, magazines, and books with the lotus as its major idea. Examples of such books,that we discuss on this gardening blog include the black lotus, lotus and the lady blossom chronicles.

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Basic Tips For How To Grow A Flower Garden

You want to grow a garden that you would derive joy from any time to walk through it or looking at it. This gardening blog will walk you through the process carefully and easily. Here are some the tips;

  • Make sure to start your garden with good soil and pick out a good position.
  • The sun is essential.
  • Do not make use of too many fertilizers. This tip can be helpful for an organic vegetable garden also.
  • Pick out annual and perennial flowers you would want to plant.
  • Make sure to choose the right flowers for your garden and pick out the right place for each plant.
  • Choose a variety of plants that would flourish, bloom within your surroundings. You will have to decide if you will be using seeds or plants to start.
  • Consider the cost of labor and if you will be handling all the labor.
  • You can also plant some ornamental grasses, shrubs, and trees for the winter and add more beauty to your garden.