(Posted January 3, 2001)




1999 PREDICTION: IN EARLY NOVEMBER TERRORIST ACTS ROCK A MAJOR U.S. CITY. 2000 PREDICTION: SUMMER PORTENDS TERRORIST ACTS IN EUROPE AND POSSIBLY THE UNITED STATESSeptember 11, 2001: CNN: TERRORISTS DESTROY THE WORLD TRADE CENTER IN NEW YORK CITY AND A PORTION OF THE PENTAGON IN WASHINGTON, DC, BY HIJACKING COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES AND CRASHING THEM INTO THESE BUILDINGS.Hundreds or even thousands are dead, untold injuries. (It was my immediate sense that OSAMA BIN LADEN was responsible for this horror! Predictions made in one year can happen in another, as my clients can readily testify. These predictions were posted on this site in 1999 and 2000. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this HORRENDOUS TRAGEDY.)Drudge Report: Senator Hatch: WE HAVE INTELLIGENCE THAT TWO CONNECTED TO BIN LADEN SAID OVER PRIVATE AIRWAVES: ‘WE HIT TWO TARGETS.’…Palestinians Celebrating in the Streets…’Bull’s Eye’ say Egyptians as they celebrate anti-US attacks. 9/12 NY Times: U.S. ATTACKED: A DAY OF TERROR IN NEW YORK & WASHINGTON. Hijacked Jets Destroy Twin Towers and Hit Pentagon. The Attack on the Military: A Hijacked Boeing 757 Slams into the Pentagon. Pennsylvania Crash: Passenger Reported Hijacking Shortly Before a Crash. The President: A Somber Bush Says Terrorism Cannot Prevail. The Buildings: Believed to be Safe, the Towers Proved Vulnerable to Jet Fuel Fire. The Government: Trying to Command an Emergency when the Emergency Command Center is Gone. A Creeping Horror: Buildings Burn and Fall as Onlookers Search for Elusive Safety.  News Analysis: Nation Plunges into Fight with Enemy Hard to Identify.  The Response: Firefighters Dash into Towers; Many Do Not Return. 9/13 AOL News: China aids U.S. tourists stranded by terror attack.  Taliban deny Osama bin Laden under arrest. NY Times: As FBI Tracks Hijackers: bin Laden Tie is Cited.  CNN: U.S. targets 50 terrorist suspects, Collapse equal to 2.0 earthquake, Europe reacts with shock and horror. 9/14 CNN: A day of prayer and remembering…World shares U.S. grief…Silence as Europe mourns dead…Three suspected terrorists arrested in Manila…Families of the missing clutch photos…and hope….Bush administration puts pressure on Pakistan….Florida flight schools may have trained hijackers…World Trade firms cope with losses…Rescue efforts continue in New York City and at the Pentagon…Candles lit across the nation in a show of American unity….Plea for blood donations continue…Flags across America demonstrate unity…President Bush speaks at Memorial Service for the dead at the National Cathedral…Memorial services across the U.S. and around the world…U.S. National Anthem played in London as the Queen attends a memorial service for lost Americans at West Minister Abbey…U.S. Military may have helped to train terrorists pilots. 9/15 AOL News: Weary Afghans expect U.S. strikes, seek refuge. Asian airlines scramble to restore U.S. service. NY Times: President Visits Rescue Workers. The Trade Center: Heart Rending Discoveries as Digging Continues in Lower Manhattan.  The Hijackers: A Terrorist Profile Emerges that Confounds the Experts. The Strategy: Leaders Face Challenges Far Different From Last Conflict.  Pentagon Tracked Deadly Jet But found No Way to Stop It.  The Investigation: F.B.I. Documents Detail the Movements of 19 Men Believed to be Hijackers.  The Media: Death, Terror, and Business Journalists. CNN: Arrest made in connection with Tuesdays’ attacks: passenger attempting to board plane at JFK on Thursday.  Afghan rebel leader dead…Powell: Taliban may pay price for supporting terrorist…Firms confirming lost executives.  9/15 ECTV: Health Hazards From Volcanic-Like Clouds After Attacks. AOL News: Last Westerns Flee Afghanistan Fearing U.S. Strike. Afghan women’s group urges U.S. restraint. Israel raids West Bank, rejects truce talks. 9/16 NY Times: New Perspectives on the Issue Cell Phone Use in Planes.  Microsoft to Change Flight Game: depicted Twin Towers.  Can American Sports Ever Get Back to Normal? CNN: Arrest made in connection with Tuesday attacks…Bush promises terrorists will get message soon…Congress approves resolution authorizing force. 9/17 AOL News: Taliban officials fleeing Afghan capital. Osama bin Laden is probably long gone, too! AOL News: Australia mourns victims of U.S. terror attacks….Pakistan begins pressuring Taliban to hand over bin Laden…Bin Laden followers may have entered Japan…Twin explosions rock Manila suburbs, 2 hurt….South Korea to join anti-terror coalition. NY Times: Four People Flown to NY for Questioning in Connection with Attacks…Pakistani Team giving Afghans an Ultimatum…Scouring the Internet in Search of the Tracks of Terrorists…Bush Warns of a Wrathful, Shadowy and Inventive War…Cheney Describes His Nerve-Center Role in First Hours of Crisis. 9/18 AOL News: Taliban cleric to discuss bin Laden’s fate. NY Times: All of a Sudden, A Jittery Nation of Checkpoints…Bin Laden Operative is Linked to Suspects…Pentagon Activates First Wave of Guardsmen and Reservist…Taliban Reject Pakistan Call for bin Laden…Bin Laden is Wanted in Attacks ‘Dead or Alive’ President Says…Measure Backing Bush’s Use of Force IS as Broad as a Declaration of War, Experts Say. CNN: Ashcroft: attack risk still real…Arafat issues ceasefire order…Wall Street workers return to work. 9/19 AOL News: Britain Orders Partial Pakistan Evacuation… Australia warns against Afghan/Pakistan travel. 9/19 NY Times: Officials Say Plot May Have Involved 2 More Jets…Scarcity of Afghan Targets Leads U.S. to Revise Strategy…Israel Pulls Out Troops After Arafat Orders Cease-Fire. CNN: Bin Laden not sole focus…India identifies terrorists training camps…Ashcroft: Other countries likely aided terrorists…Sen. Shelby: ‘Massive failure’ by U.S. Intelligence…U.S. aircraft to move to Persian Gulf…Hope for more survivors dim…American and United Airlines cut 20,000 jobs. 9/20 CNN: Taliban clerics suggest bin Laden be asked to leave… Blair, Chirac discuss next moves…India identifies terrorist training camps…Russia offers ‘all possible support’… Afghanistan prepares for the worst…Congress won’t rush anti-terrorism legislature.  UPI: U.S. memo warns of more attacks…U.S. agencies on heightened alert. ABC News: Disavowed Brother: Family in U.S. cut off ties to bin Laden. ADDRESS ON CNN: PRESIDENT BUSH TELLS WORLD TO CHOOSE SIDES IN ‘WAR’ ON TERROR. 9/22 NY Times: Tape Reveals Wild Struggle on Flight 93 Before Crash…U.S. Puts Afghan Strike Ahead of Full Plan…Europe Moves Against Those Tied to Attacks…Congress Allocates $15 Billion to Help the Airline Industry…AOL News: French Back U.S., But Fear War-Trap. Washington Post: Saudis Balk at U.S. Use of Facility…Knives Found on Other Sept. 11 Jets…China to Share Intelligence With US…USE Severs Ties With Taliban…Travel Drought Hurts DC: Closure of Reagan National leaves hotel beds empty, workers worried. 9/23 NY Times: More Reserves Called Up, Bush Confers With Putin…A Top Boss in Europe, An Unseen Cell in Gaza, Decoys Everywhere: Intelligence officials say they have identified new elements of the bin Laden network. CNN: Source: FBI names suspect viewed as key leader…Sources: Downed drone spied for CIA… Government creates fund for students, schools affected by attack. Reuters: U.S. Warns of a Possible Second Attack this Week: U.S. has warned allies of a possible second round of attacks this week following the deadly attacks in New York and Washington. 9/24 AOL News: U.S. team in Pakistan for talks on Afghan crisis. NY Times: Crop Dusting Planes Grounded in FBI Probe…Eerie Quiet as ‘Screaming Eagles’ Await Battle Orders…Groups Could Help Find Bin Laden and Assist American Attacks…U.S. to Publish Terror Evidence on bin Laden. Reuters: Taliban Seize U.N. Offices, Afghanistan Food Aid, shut down communications. AP, Moscow: Russia to Supply Afghan Opposition: Prepared to intensify its support of Afghan opposition forces and to supply anti-Taliban forces with weapons and military equipment, President Putin said Monday…AWESOME FIREPOWER: The largest air armada seen since World War II is zeroing in on Osama bin Laden tonight. 9/25 NY Times: President Bush: Money is the lifeblood of terrorist operations. Today, we’re asking the world to stop payment…Pilots Will Ask for Permission to Carry Guns…Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties With Taliban…CNN: Talibans: US demands ‘unacceptable’…Five Afghans held in Rome…Arab students leaving US colleges, universities. Agence France Press: FBI alerts US authorities to transport of hazardous material transportation licenses. Drudge Report: Fears of reprisal cause bin Laden family to flee homes in US…Taliban leader says attacks were to avenge US ‘cruelty’… Charities stunned as NY disaster funds top $500 million. 9/26 NY Times: Bush Urges Afghans to Rid Their Country of Taliban…2 Leaders Tell of Plot to Kill Bush in Genoa: Osama bin Laden…CNN: Protests in Kabul…Bin Laden Probe: Arrests in Spain…NATO discusses anti-terror role…WTC wall may become part of memorial…FBI starts nationwide records check on hazmat truckers…Boeing books orders for 20 jets…Saudi cuts ties with Taliban. 9/27 AOL News: Indonesian Muslim Chief warns U.S. of backlash…Japan seeks swift legal change to back U.S. moves. NY Times: Generals Given Power to Order Downing of Jets…Bush Shows Reluctance to Approve Guns for Pilots. CNN: Terror suspects arrested across Europe…Taliban warn U.S. of Soviet repeat…U.S. arrests 10 on fake license charges. 9/28 USA Today: U.S. special forces in Afghanistan for the past 2 weeks searching for Osama bin Laden…AOL News: Powell counts on Turkey’s anti-terrorism support…Indonesia police hunt bin Laden on paradise island. 10/2 NY Times: Call by bin Laden Before Attacks is Reported: Telephoned his mother two days before the attacks and said ‘something big’ was imminent, a senior foreign official said…Army Tightens Security at Nation’s 8 Chemical Arms Depots…In Pakistan, a Shaky Ally…Before Attacks, U.S. Was Ready to Say it Backed a Palestinian State. 10/2 Drudge Report: Bin Laden Linked to Russia. 10/4 Telegraph, UK: Ebola-style killer virus sweeps Afghan border. Independent: Taliban jet drops cluster bombs in show of strength. 10/5 CNN: Pakistan: Evidence exists to indict bin Laden. Washington Post: FBI, CIA Warn Congress of More Attacks as Blair Details Case Against bin Laden. 10/9 Drudge Report: 3rd Case of Anthrax: Woman said to test positive for Anthrax: FBI launches criminal/terrorist search. Drudge Report, Moscow Weekly: Russian troops gathering near Kabul…NATO planes to patrol U.S. coasts. 10/16 Washington Post: Anthrax Scare Reaches Capitol Hill…Drudge Report: World Gripped by Anthrax Panic as U.S. Cases Rise. 10/17 New York Post: Hijackers Credit Cards Still in Use. Drudge Report: House Shuts Down After Anthrax Scare. Arab News: Anti-Muslim tirade continues unabated in US, Europe: Saudi businessman Saeed bin Omar Al-Mortan Al-Ghamdi said police in Denmark treated him like a terrorist when they discovered his name was similar to that of one of the suspects, Saeed Al-Ghamdi, involved in the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States. “They took me in an armored car to the police station. They threw the copy of the Holy Qur’an on the ground while searching my bag and put me in a solitary cell,” Al-Ghamdi told Okaz newspaper. He added that they did not allow him to contact the Saudi Embassy in Copenhagen. Mistreatment of Arabs and Muslims, especially Saudis, has become a daily occurrence in the United States and Europe, despite assurances by top government officials that they are being protected. (Why is the world acting like this, and why is the U.S. press demonstrating such lack of international diplomacy in articles being published about different Muslim and Arab groups? These articles are not helping the cause of America and Americans around the world.) 11/11 TELEGRAPH, UK: BIN LADEN: YES, I DID IT: OSAMA BIN LADEN HAS FOR THE FIRST TIME ADMITTED THAT HIS AL-QA’EDA GROUP CARRIED OUT THE ATTACKS ON THE WORLD TRADE CENTER AND THE PENTAGON.  11/13 AOL News, AP: TALIBAN FLEE KABUL, ALLIANCE MOVES IN: Capping their lightning-quick victories in the north, Afghan opposition fighters rolled into Kabul on Tuesday after Taliban troops slipped away under cover of darkness, abandoning the capital without a fight. Heavily armed alliance troops roamed the city, hunting Taliban stragglers and their allies from Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida movement. At least five Pakistanis and two Arabs were slain. President Bush had urged the opposition to stay out of the capital until a new, broad-based government could be formed to replace the Taliban…THE RISE AND FALL OF THE AFGHAN TALIBAN: They banned music and television. Women could not work or girls go to school. Men were not allowed to trim their beards and executions took place by the goalposts of a football field. 11/14 Drudge Report: BLAIR: Taliban in ‘Total Collapse’: The Prime Minister today urged the Afghan people to rise up and complete the rout of the oppressive regime. 11/17 AOL News: Taliban said to quit southern Afghan powerhouse…Taliban Leader Said Ready to Flee. 11/25 NY Times Quote of the Day: ‘We surrender so no more blood will be shed, our own blood. All the Taliban are running away,’ Mehrabuddin, a Taliban soldier.”  12/10 Drudge Report: Video Tape Shows Bin Laden Discussing Trade Center Bombing…admission of involvement.




After reflecting on the various images that came to me while meditating on predictions for 2001, I now realize that some of those images were predicted out-of-time, and actually referred to the ATTACK ON AMERICA:


Late May, the ANGEL OF DEATH will visit, taking large numbers.

DEATH RULES in the SOUTH, with FIRE in the AIR or SKY, in or under the GROUND.The American Airline flights that originated in Boston were flown SOUTH to New York by the TERRORIST PILOTS and into the WORLD TRADE CENTER TWIN TOWERS, creating FIRE in the AIR or SKY, in or under the GROUND with the collapse of the TWIN TOWERS that smolder still (9/13/01). WASHINGTON, DC and the state of VIRGINIA where THE PENTAGON was ATTACKED BY TERRORISTS using a United Airlines plane as a BOMB are considered to be located in “the South,” both are south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

PLUNDER in AUGUST must be stopped from ON HIGH.Immediately following the TERRORIST ATTACKS in New York City and Washington, DC, on 9/11, the Federal Aviation Administration cancelled all flights in the United States, while fully armed U.S. military planes patrolled the skies above the targeted cities. No other commercial or private airplanes were going to be allowed to be used as missiles or bombs in ACTS OF WAR against the American government and the American people from ON HIGH.

Unexpected DRAMATIC CHANGES could well involve the THREAT OF WAR. ACTS OF WAR have been committed against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The governments of the world are now uniting in an effort to blot out international terrorism. President Bush, the Congress and Senate of the United States, and the U.S. Military and NATO Alliances prepare to retaliate for these horrendous acts committed against not only the AMERICAN PEOPLE but against all HUMANITY. The World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City housed office complexes for businesses from 80 countries besides the United States. Thousands of civilians from around the world have lost their lives due to these horrendous ACTS OF TYRANNY. 9/15 AOL News: The Taliban supreme leader in Afghanistan has urged Muslims there and around the world to face the threat of U.S. attacks firmly and to prepare for jihad (holy war). The terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden, is being sheltered in Afghanistan. 9/16 NY Times: Bush Warns That Coming Conflict Will Not Be Short. Pakistani’s Anti-Terror Support Avoids Vow of Military Aid. Holy Warriors Escalate an Old War on a New Front.  9/26 Reuters, Jakarta: War on terrorism, or war on Islam: The U.S. vow that war on terrorism is not war on Islam may have fallen on deaf ears as cries of jihad, or holy war, resound across the Muslim world…Attacks on U.S. to hit HK hard: The Hong Kong government warned on Wednesday that deadly attacks on the United States would have severe repercussions on the territory’s economy with pre-Christmas export figures and tourism already suffering.  9/30 Observer, UK: U.S. and Britain to attack terror camps in days: Attack limited to camps found by special forces. 10/1 NY Times: Defense Secretary Rumsfield Warns of Unconventional Attacks: chemical, biological or nuclear…U.S. and Pakistan Discuss Nuclear Security…New Military Systems May be Tested in Field in ‘War Against Terrorism’ 10/3 The Times, UK: Satellite ‘picks out bin Laden caves.’ Washington Times: U.S. targets 23 terrorist camps in Afghanistan for military action. AFP: War nears as West seals case against Afghanistan. 10/6 AOL News: U.S. spy satellite to track Afghans from space. 10/7 CNN: Bush announces opening of attacks…STRIKING BACK…volley of cruise missiles from U.S. and British ships in the Arabian Sea…bin Laden survives initial attacks, Taliban claim. 10/9 AOL News: Fresh Assault Launched in Kabul. 10/10 AOL News: Taliban: Fresh Strikes on Kandahar. NY Times: American Action is Held Likely in Asia: Terrorists tied to the Al Qaeda network and based in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia are among the likely targets of future American actions…U.S. Bombing Said to Destroy Afghan Training Camps. 10/11 NY Times: Taliban’s Troops Hit as Allies Plan for Commando Raids…Trade in Honey is Said to Provide Money and Cover for bin Laden…U.S. Advisors May Aid Philippine Anti-terror Effort. CNN: Taliban leaders believed killed in raids. 10/12 AOL News: Afghans emerge after U.S. bombs strike dumps. NY Times: British Admiral Predicts Ground Fighting and Months of Strikes…into next summer. 10/13 AOL News: China bars many mid-easterners from its airlines…Anthrax investigation broadens…Strikes resume on Afghanistan. 10/16 AOL News: Taliban say Kandahar attacked 130 times in one day. NY Times: U.S. sends in the heavy guns. 10/20 AOL News: U.S. forces complete first Afghan ground operation, and two Americans were killed when a helicopter on standby for the raid crashed in Pakistan…U.S. asks Japan to send military to Indian Ocean. Drudge Report: Explosives found at Greyhound Bus terminal in Philly. 10/23 CNN: Heavy airstrikes hit Taliban positions. 10/25 Anthrax nightmare continues in Senate elevator. Drudge Report: Taliban detains 100 people for questioning, threatening to execute anyone helping the US…UN: Unexploded bombs litter village. 10/27 NY Times: Taliban Execute a Top American-Backed Rival…Czechs Confirm Iraqi Agent Met With Terror Ringleader. 11/6 AIP: Afghan opposition seize Taliban district. 11/11 CNN: Northern Alliance claims victories on several fronts… Aid workers plan land delivery to Afghans…Victories spark push toward Kabul. 11/13 AOL News, CNN: Afghan southwest Nimruz province falls to Alliance….Reuters: Kandahar Airport Falls to Opposition-Tribal Chief. 11/14 AOL News, AIP: Taliban retreat from central Uruzgan province. 11/22 AOL News: Taliban Agree to Yield Kunduz, Bush Wants Wider War. 11/25 CNN: Marines land south of Kandahar. 12/3 NY Times: U.S. Planes Keep Up Bombing Kandahar as Allies Close In. 12/8 NY Times: Taliban Flee Last Stronghold in Afghanistan: Anti-Taliban Forces Convene to Resolve Dispute in Kandahar. Streets of Kandahar are Chaotic as Victorious Factions Clash. Uphill Battle to Take Caves. 12/16 AOL News: Hundreds killed in Tora Bora, bin Laden elusive: Hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters have battled to the death in a last stand in Eastern Afghanistan, but their leader Osama bin Laden still eludes the U.S. dragnet. 12/17 AOL News: Ecstatic Afghan Chiefs Claim Victory…U.S. forces pursue bin Laden, al Qaeda on the run. NY Times Quote of the Day: ‘I do not know about Osama, he’s not in my pocket. If you know, please how me. I’ll chase him,’: COMMANDER HAZARAT ALI, Afghan military leader in Bora Tora… U.S. Officials Say Al Qaeda Routed From Afghanistan.

In spite of the traumatic plunge of the Nasdaq in 2000 and its instability so far in 2001 (July 21, 2001), it is my definite intuitive impression that the Nasdaq will get back to 5,000 and eventually go to 10,000, while the DOW climbs to 15,000 and eventually to 25,000…in the next few years. Investors just need to “keep the faith,” and listen to the Still Small Voice Within when it comes to picking stocks! The second half of 2002 and most of 2003 bode well for the world economy.

In 2000 I predicted that Al Gore would be the next president.  11/12 DRUDGE REPORT: BIG MEDIA FLORIDA RECOUNT: GORE TOPPED BUSH IF ALL UNDER/OVER VOTES COUNTED; LEGAL STRATEGY DESTROYED CHANCES: A vote-by-vote review of untallied ballots in the 2000 Florida presidential election commissioned by the nation’s main media outlets shows Al Gore edged ahead of George W. Bush “under all the scenarios for counting all undervotes and overvotes statewide,” the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Bush would have narrowly prevailed in the partial recounts sought by Gore, but Gore could have “reversed the outcome–by the smallest of margins–had he pursued and gained a complete statewide recount,” according to one interpretation of the database compiled by the monstermedia consortium. [Each media outlet will produce a news analysis based on the database product. Check out CNN, NYT, World Tribune, Washington Post.] My feeling during the recount was that Gore should have toughed it out, since my gut told me that he had won. Perhaps he’s relieved not to be in the driver’s seat at this moment in time??? 5/26/2002 The recent revelations concerning ignored F.B.I. information about middle eastern pilots training in Arizona prior to the attacks of 9/11 will cost GEORGE W. BUSH the next election.

2001 will be a year of SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS and TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT far beyond our wildest dreams! There will be good reasons for CELEBRATION around the world! 2/5 BBC News: “Planet Earth on the Move…Mankind will soon have the ability to move the Earth into a new orbit, say a team of astronomers. The planetary maneuver may more than double the time we can survive on our planet, they believe.” 2/6/ “Neutron Flashes May Forecast Earthquakes-Jim Berkland Supported.” 2/7 “Uranium Reveals Age of the Universe.”
2/8 NY Times: “Tiniest of Particles Pokes Big Hole in Physics Theory: New observations of subatomic particles do not appear to fit into the standard theories explaining the matter and forces that shape the universe, scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory reported today. Though the results announced throw cherished ideas into question, particle physicists have been waiting for such a development for years because it opens a door into new worlds of theory and experimentation.”
2/8 Reuters: “Doctor Stumbles Onto Orgasm Machine: All he was trying to do was ease her pain, but when Dr. Stuart Meloy placed an electrode into one patient’s back, she groaned, not in pain but in delight…as she said, “You’re going to have to teach my husband how to do that.” 2/9 NY Times: “A Tiny Force of Nature is Stronger Than Thought: A new experiment involving a tiny ball and seesaw has demonstrated that what was thought to be a mere curiosity of quantum mechanics could yield a force powerful enough to be harnessed for use in future microscopic devices.” 2/9 The Times (UK): “Destiny Now Within Our Grasp, Say Scientists of the Human Genome Project.” 2/10 The Times (UK): “Robots Predicted to Take Over on the Battlefield….could replace manpower by the year 2030, according to the new Ministry of Defence report.” 2/11 Sunday Times (UK): “Boeings 800-Seat ‘Flying Wing’ Superjet Closer…a prototype, twice the size of a jumbo jet, to be flying within 3 years.” 2/12 NY Times: “Genome Analysis Shows Humans Survive on Low number of Genes.” 2/13 Washington Post: “Spacecraft Lands on Asteroid: NASA Probe’s Historic First May Yield Wealth of Data.” 2/15/01 Reuters: “Materials Can Heal Themselves, Scientists Say…they have created an ‘immune system’ for composite material that lets them repair themselves when damaged…can be used in a variety of applications ranging from microelectronics and biomedicine to aerospace, buildings and bridges.” 2/17 Discovery News: “New Tech Reads Ancient Roman Texts: Hundreds of scrolls, reduced to lumps of coal by the 750 F. cloud that wrapped the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum during Mt. Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 A.D. are rising from the volcano’s ash in what could be the most significant rediscovery of classical literature since the Renaissance. American scientists have developed a technology for reading the carbonized papyri excavated in the 18th century from the magnificent seafront villa owned by Julius Caesar’s father-in-law.” 2/20 Herald Sun, Australia: “A man with Parkinson’s has been cured in a breakthrough that offers hope to millions of people worldwide.” 2/27 Daily University Science News: “Huge Black Hole Found Above Milky Way Galactic Plane. five times the size of our Sun.”
2/28 University of Toronto: “Galaxy Formation Not Random, Says Astronomer.” 3/1 Science Daily: “Scientists Find Evidence For Wet, Slushy Ganymede, Jupiter’s Largest Moon.” 3/7 AP: “Report: IT a Hydrogen Scooter…Inventor Dean Kamen’s mystery invention, dubbed IT or Ginger, is a two-wheeled, hydrogen-powered scooter…emission-free..for which he is building a New Hampshire factory.” 3/13 Science Daily: “Healthy Mind is Weapon Against Illness…It’s what New Age healers have known all along: the mind does matter.” 3/16 AFP: “NASA Tests New X40 Space Plane.” 3/22 Science Daily: “Two Magnets Are Cheaper Than One: Stanford Engineers Construct Inexpensive MRI Scanner.” 3/24 CNN: “Canadian robot destined for space station.” 4/19 Physicsweb: “New ‘light transistor’ for optical circuits: A gadget that boosts a laser signal by a factor of 60 – based on the transfer of photons rather than electrons – could seed a new generation of ultrafast components for optical circuits.” 5/1 Washington Post: “In a Flash, Clues to the Life Cycle of Stars.” 5/3 “Wonder wire puts up no resistance.” 5/4 CNN: “Cholesterol drug may prevent Alzheimer’s.” 5/5 Washington Post: “Calculating Contents of Cosmos Ordinary Matter Makes Up Only 4.5 Percent, Teams Find.” KFMB-TV, San Diego, CA: “WEIRD WHIRLPOOL…a strange phenomenon spinning off the coast of San Diego. Some say it comes from out of this world.”  5/10 Physicsweb: “Carbon clock could show wrong time…could also affect estimates of how quickly the Earth can re-absorb the excess carbon dioxide generated by fossil fuels.” 5/11 Scientific American: “Stars Swallow Planets and Researchers Have Proof.” 5/24 Physicsweb: “Spintronics turns a corner: Physicists in the US have overcome one of the biggest challenges in ‘spintronics’ – tronic devices that exploit the spin on electrons as well as the charge. Vincent LaBella and colleagues at the University of Arkansas have successfully injected a stream of electrons with identical spins into a semiconductor. They also discovered that the fine detail of the surface of the semiconductor greatly affects the ability of the electrons to retain their spin. These important insights into the behavior of ‘spin-polarized’ currents bring ultracompact devices a step closer.” May 24 Sky and Telescope, “Spherical Stellar Outburst Puzzles Astronomers: Knots along the leading edge of an expanding gas shell around a newly formed star appear to trace a spherical boundary. The problem is that astronomers didn’t think stars could eject material with such symmetry. Courtesy NRAO.” May 28 ECTV: “Explorer Says Arctic Ice Thinning Noticeably: The ice sheets covering the Arctic seas have thinned noticeably over the last seven years, most likely a result of global warming, said Norwegian explorer who just skied alone across the top of the world.”
May 28 CNN: “Hi-tech shirt gauges racer’s vital signs.” May 29: “NASA’s own ‘Bionic Woman’ is applying artificial intelligence to teach robots how to behave a little more like human explorers: Ayanna Howard may never set foot on Mars or lead a mission to Jupiter, but the work she’s doing on ‘smart’ robots will help to revolutionize planetary exploration nonetheless.” May 31 Reuters, CNN Washington: “Hubble spots golden galaxy: Glowing gold at its center and ringed by a purplish halo, a nearby galaxy holds a vast, stellar nursery with dusty and clean areas for newborn stars, a new Hubble Space Telescope image showed Thursday.” June 1 CNN: “New larynx restores normal voice after 20 years: A man who lost his larynx in a motorcycle accident 20 years ago is now able to speak normally again.” June 3 Telegraph Science Correspondent, UK: “Doctors Cure Varicose Veins with Single Injection.” June 4: “Breast Cancer Said Caused By Antiperspirants,” Elizabeth Morin, Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry, Merck Frosst Canada & Co. June 5 Science Daily: “Astronomers Report Galactic Baby Boom: A pair of young astronomers has found a bumper crop of ‘infant’ galaxies that may help scientists develop new insights into the beginnings of galaxy formation.” June 6 NASA: “NASA is improving its already-extraordinary traffic control system for interplanetary spacecraft, the Deep Space Network, in preparation for a flurry of activity in deep space.” June 6 “New X-ray probe lights up the cosmos: The radiation that streams across space from pulsars, black holes and other astronomical objects carries information in its intensity, frequency composition, spatial distribution and polarization. But the polarization of X-rays is particularly difficult to measure, attempts to study it have been hampered by poor sensitivity and have only succeeded for a few very intense sources. Now a team of astronomers led by Enrico Costa at the Istituto de Astrofisica del CNR in Rome has devised a probe to measure the polarization of X-ray sources a hundred times dimmer than those previously observed.” June 7 “Ultraviolet light to squeeze in the data: CDs and DVDs could soon be able to hold much more data thanks to two new devices created by American and Japanese scientists. Michael Huang of the University of California at Berkeley and colleagues have built a tiny ultraviolet laser from zinc oxide nanowires. Meanwhile, Satoshi Koizumi of the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan and co-workers have successfully adapted the electronic properties of diamond to create an ultraviolet light-emitting device. Short-wavelength devices like these are crucial for ultra-high-density optical data storage.” June 8 Science Daily: “New Research Shows Mountain Glaciers Shrinking Worldwide.” June 10, The Observer, UK: “A good hair day for baldies as new ‘miracle’ pill found: Scientists have developed a revolutionary new treatment for baldness. In early trials, the drug, dutasteride, has shown dramatic success in restoring hair to bald men.” June 18 PHYSICSWEB: “Solar neutrinos change their tune: Neutrinos created deep inside the Sun can change from one type to another as they stream towards Earth, according to the first results from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in Canada. July 18 Physicswebs: “Latest superconductor has an iron constitution: Japanese physicists have demonstrated for the first time that iron becomes a superconductor under high pressure. Katsuya Shimizu and colleagues at Osaka University found iron loses its strong electromagnetism, which usually destroys superconductivity, at pressures around 15 gigapascals and temperatures below 2 kelvin. The team also detected the Meissner effect, another signature of  superconductivity, in iron. July 23 CNN: “Alzheimer’s vaccine passes key test in humans.” NASA Science News: “Inspired by science fiction classics, NASA scientists are building a talking, thinking and flying robot to help astronauts with their chores in space.” July 26 NY Times: “Early Success Seen with Second Type Stem Cell.” Environmental News Network: “Planting the Wrong Tree Can Increase Air Pollution.” “Researchers Forecast Rapid, Irreversible Climate Warming.” July 27 “Nurses get bionic “power suit” strap-on robotic exoskeleton will allow nurses to lift patients without damaging their backs.” “Hitachi plans to introduce world’s first mass-produced wearable computer in time for Christmas.” “Total protein scan approaches reality: nearly every organism from a single organism is produced purified and tested on a single chip.” July 28 CNN: “Scientist claims 25-year-old data shows signs of life on Mars.” July 31 The Times, UK: “Blob from space may hold secret of life: Scientist believe they have found evidence of bacteria from outer space on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere.” AP: “New device turns any electrical outlet into a phonejack.” 8/8 CNN, Tokyo, Japan: “Dog translator barks up the right tree: New gadget released in Japan is trying to reduce the lingual divide between a dog and its owner.” 8/13, Montreal, McGill University: “Study Identifies New Source Of Stem Cells: A new study from the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) of McGill University has identified a non-controversial source of stem cells that can produce a number of different cell types, including the type of neural cells needed to potentially help patients recover from a spinal cord injury or Parkinson’s disease.” August 16 “Jupiter-Size Planet Found Orbiting Star in the Big Dipper: A team of astronomers has found a Jupiter-size planet in a circular orbit around a faint nearby star, raising intriguing prospects of finding a solar system similar to our own. The planet is at least 3/4 the size of Jupiter.” August 16: SITE OF THE WEEK, University of California Planet Search Project Astronomers have announced the discovery of the first solar system other than our own where multiple planets travel around a star in circular orbits.” August 21, Discover Magazine: “Parallel Universes May Be Physically Real: The September 2001 issue of Discover Magazine has an interview with physicist David Deutsch of Oxford University in English, who believes that parallel universes are real. If Deutsch’s ideas are correct, there is more than one “you,” and you are reading this article countless times, in many different universes.” August 24, Science, NASA: “A NEW COMET: Last weekend an amateur astronomer peered through his telescope and found a new comet the old-fashioned way–by looking.” August 31 Reuters Health, UK: “Researchers Use Quartz Crystals to “Hear” Viruses: For years doctors have used stethoscopes to hear the heart beating, but one day they may be able to listen for sounds of viral infections, according to a report from the UK. The listening technology is rapid and accurate and should be relatively cheap to develop, the study’s authors explain.  Dr. Matthew A. Cooper and colleagues at the University of Cambridge, UK, based their detection method on quartz crystals. These crystals vibrate when exposed to an electric field. As the electric field strengthens, the vibrations increase. The vibrations grow even stronger when an additional mass is attached to the crystals. Cooper’s team coated quartz crystals with an antibody that attracts a type of herpes virus. Once viruses attached to the quartz, the researchers increased the intensity of the electric field. The goal of the intensification was to trigger the virus to break free from the quartz. Using the quartz as a miniature microphone, the researchers were able to hear the sounds produced as viruses broke away from the quartz. In fact, they were able to tell from the sound how many viruses were present. The technique, known as rupture event scanning, was so sensitive that it could tell whether only a single virus was present.” Is the New Age finally coming of age? September 5 Independent, UK: “Mobile phone users at greater risk of brain tumor.” September 5, Drudge Report: “Air on planes blamed for spreading disease.” Independent, UK: “Motorola unveils ‘revolutionary’ superfast microchip technology: 40 times faster than existing technology.” September 11, “Young Star in Orion May Solve Mystery of Our solar System.” September 13, “Research Findings Could Lead to Vaccines Against a Range of Cancers.” “Ancient Black Hole Speeds Through Sun’s Galactic Neighborhood, Devouring Companion Star.” “Emergency Medical Supplies Sent to New York City in First-Ever Use of National Pharmaceutical Stockpile.” September 14, “New Type Concrete Helps Prevent Injuries in Explosions, Disasters.” “Gene Therapy Technique Reduces Alcohol Comsumption in Rats.” 9/17 NASA News: “Dawn of a New Ozone Hole: Our planet’s Antarctic ozone hole is opening once again as Spring approaches in the southern hemisphere–and scientists say it’s a big one.” September 19, “MASSIVE SIZE OF WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS THEIR UNDOING, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE PHYSICS PROFESSOR SAYS.” October 18 NASA News: “NASA’s 2001 Mars Odyssey Spacecraft Due to Arrive at Red Planet.” October 25 Sciencedaily “X-Ray Emissions Detected From Elusive Cosmic Objects: A type of celestial object that has long stumped astronomers has been found to emit X-rays, thus proving a theory of how the objects form. Antioxidant Vitamins And Zinc Reduce Risk Of Vision Loss From Age-Related Macular Degeneration: High levels of antioxidants and zinc significantly reduce the risk of advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and its associated vision loss.” November 2, Sciencedaily: Yale Researchers Develop New Molecule That Eradicates Cancer By Destroying Tumor Blood Vessels. November 7 Sciencedaily: Scientists Produce First Detailed Image of the Inside of a Sunspot. November 13 Sciencedaily: Human Brain Operates Differently in Deception and Honesty, University of Pennsylvania Researchers Report. November 14 Sciencedaily: Immune System Discovery May Lead to Preventive Therapy of Diabetes. November 27 Sciencedaily: Israeli Scientists Block the Progress of Type 1 Diabetes.
Intel Announces Breakthrough In Chip Transistor Design; New Type Of Transistor And New Materials Combine To Address Critical Power Issues And Help Chips Run Cooler. November 28 Sciencedaily: All Food Energy Improves Memory In Elderly, Study Says; Pure Dietary Protein And Fat Also Improve Memory: All types of food energy, not just carbohydrates, appear to enhance memory performance in healthy older adults, says a study published in the November issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  December 3, NY Times: An Inventor Unveils His Mysterious Personal Transportation Device.” CNN: ‘Ginger’ is a Scooter. December 6, AOL News: Singapore Students Create Movable Artificial Thumb. December 10, NY Times: DNA Clears Virginia Man of 1982 Assault. December 11, NASA News: Conjuring Crystals: Discovered in space, an amazing method for growing well-ordered crystals is working here on Earth, too. NASA scientists are figuring out the physics behind the procedure, which researchers call “detached Bridgman growth.” December 13, Drudge Report: “Sickle Cell Is Cured in Lab Mice.” December 20, “Highlights of the year: From the first atoms in the universe to brand new materials, physicists have this year peered deeper into nature than ever before. PhysicsWeb selects ten success stories, and a few tragic tales, from 2001.” December 21, CNN: Scientists spot new ‘mystery squid.’

The Neptune/Jupiter trine during the next several months will encourage spiritual development and heightened states of awareness and enlightenment in all souls who make even a minimal effort. This is the time to seriously MEDITATE upon any and all problems, and the LIGHT will surely come pouring in!

There will be a HEIGHTENED WAVE IN CONSCIOUSNESS around the world, with many people from many nations having remarkable psychic experiences including out-of-body, precognition, precognitive dreams, teleportation, bi-location, levitation, psychic healing, etc.  Excerpt from Anti-Gravity & the World Grid edited by D.H. Childress: “Tibetan Sound Levitation of Large Stones Witnessed by Scientists.” 11/11 The Times: “Psychics Join the Manhunt in the War on Terrorism: Remote viewers from Project Stargate government program.”

The new SURVIVORS SHOW on television will suffer a serious tragedy involving death.2/23 There has been an airlift emergency of someone on ‘The Survivor Show’! Stay tuned!

The BUSH/CHENEY presidency will suffer from being elected in the year ending in “0” curse. Assassination is not out of the question; neither is serious illness. This will be a one term presidency. 2/7: Shots Ring Out at the White House, Man Shot in Leg by Secret Service.” 6/30 CNN: Cheney to undergo more heart tests. 7/1 CNN: Cheney gets heart monitor transplant. 7/12 CNN: West Wing of White House Evacuated Due to Security Scare. 9/26 ABC News: Osama bin Laden Plot to Kill President Bush at Genoa conference…with bombs dropped from hand gliders.

There will be a rallying in the Democrat Party beyond anything seen for a long time. The House and Senate will see a Democrat majority by the 2004 election when there will be a new Democrat presidency.  5/24 NY Times: “G.O.P. Senator Plans Shift, Giving Democrats Control.” 6/5 CNN: “Democrats Return to Washington and to Power.” June 8 NY Times: “Some in G.O.P. Fear Impact of Senate Shift on 2002 Races.” June 13 NY Times: “G.O.P. Congressman Will Support Democrats’ Patients’ Rights Bill.” 6/23 NY Times: “Environmental Issues Split Republicans.” 6/29 NY Times: “Bush Faces Defeat on Patients’ Rights.” 9/10 Newsweek Cover: “The Secret Vote That Made Bush President: Justice Solter: With One More Day, Gore May Have Prevailed Before the U.S. Supreme Court.” 11/7 Washington Post: “Democrats Win Governor’s Race in Virginia and New Jersey.” 12/3 NY Times: “Democrat in Houston Wins With Some National Help.”

During the next two years, the outmoded Electoral College will be dissolved, and the PEOPLE will elect the president in the United States from 2004 onward.  1/28 New York Times: Nation Awash in Ideas for Changing Voting. 4/4 NY Times: Experts Warn That Action on Voting is Needed Soon. 7/17 NY Times: Study Says 2000 Election Missed Millions of Votes: A study of the 2000 presidential election by scientists from M.I.T. and California Institute of Technology found that 4 to 6 million votes of the 100 million cast last November were not counted. 8/1 CNN: Bush Endorses Panel’s Call to Overhaul Election System. Drudge Report: Erased: Palm Beach Voter Record Files Wiped Out. 8/9 CNN: Panel recommends federal election probe. 8/20 NY Times: Democratic Election Study Calls for National Standards.

The judgment of the SUPREME COURT of the United States is now being seriously questioned by many American citizens. Policy and process is in need of serious change, and those changes will soon begin taking place.

Many LAWS will be changed in many different nations during the coming year–some will be downright startling in nature, especially in the United States and in Muslim nations.2/17 AP: “Bahrainis OK Pro-Democracy Charter: Bahrainis gave an emphatic “yes” to democratic reforms proposed by this Gulf nation’s royal family, leaving little doubt they yearn for political freedom…Besides convoking a new parliament, the charter allows women to vote and run for office–a novelty among the Gulf Arab states–and promises to create an independent judiciary and a body to investigate public complaints about the government.” 2/27 Reuters: “Supreme Court Upholds EPA Clean Air Rules.” 3/2 Reuters, Kabul: “Taliban Fire Mortars at Afghan Buddha Statues: Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban were reported on Friday to have shelled world-famous, rock-hewn Buddhas as a U.N. envoy warned them of a devastating reaction if they carried out a plan to destroy all of the country’s historic statues.” 3/15 NY Times: “Senate Approves Changes in Federal Bankruptcy Law.” 4/3 NY Times: “Campaign Finance Bill Passes in Senate 59-41.” 4/4 NY Times: “Environmental Reversals Shake Moderate Republicans.” 4/7 NY Times: “U.S. Senate Passes $1.2 Trillion Dollar Tax Cut.” 4/21 Variety: “FCC ruling frees broadcasters: FCC abolishes rule prohibiting joint ownership of a Big four TV network and a so-called emerging network like UPN or the WB.” 4/24 AOL News: “Supreme Court OKs Minor Traffic Arrests.” 4/25 NY Times: “Supreme Court Limits Scope of Main Civil Rights Laws.” 4/27 NY Times: “House Approves Bill Criminalizing Violence to Fetus.” 5/13 AFP: “Tehran Shuts Down Internet-400 Cybercafes Closed.” 5/14 AOL News: “Supreme Court Rules Medical Marijuana Illegal.” 5/19 AFP, Beirut: “Lebanese women blast lawsuit against Egyptian feminist.” 5/26 NY Times: “Congress Passes Tax Cut, With Rebates This Summer.” 6/4 AOL News: “South Korea agrees to bolster economic ties with Mexico.” June 5 NY Times: “Nevada Moves to Allow Medical Marijuana; Nevada to Allow Online Gambling.” 6/8 AP: “Reformist Wave Sweeps Iran: Final ballot count in Iran Saturday showed President Mohammad Khatami winning 75 percent of the vote, a sign his popularity and the reform movement he initiated had exceeded the most optimistic projections of victory.” 6/21 NY Times: “States Expecting to Lose Billions from Repeal of U.S. Estate Tax.” 6/25 CNN: “New York Votes to Ban Cell Phones While Driving.” 6/30 CNN: “Senate Passes Landmark Patients’ Rights Bill.” 7/14 Reuters: Islamabad: “Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban movement has banned the use of the internet in the war-torn country to stop access to vulgar, immoral, anti-Islamic material, a news service said on Friday.” 7/17 CNN: “U.S. Considers Residency for Illegal Mexicans.” 7/19 CNN: “Egypt Tries 52 Men Suspected of Being Gay.” 7/23 CNN: “Global Warming Deal Agreed.” 7/30 AOL News: “Canadians suffering from terminal illness or chronic illness such as arthritis can legally grow and smoke marijuana, or designate someone else to grow it for them.” 8/9 CNN: “Bush OKs Limited Stem Cell Funding.” 8/10 NY Times: “California Justices Limit Families Right to End Life Support Unless Terminally Ill.” 9/7 AOL News: “Bush Plan Eases Nursing Home Laws.” 9/13 CNN: “Airport Security Changes All Over the U.S. After the ATTACK ON AMERICA. Flights slowly resume. Reagan National Still Closed.” 9/16 NY Times: “Lawmakers See Need to Loosen Rules on CIA.” 9/23 AOL News: “Bush waives U.S. sanctions on Pakistan, India.” 9/25 NY Times: “Senate Votes to Life Barriers on Jordan Trade…House Approves $582 Million for Back Dues Owed to U.N.” 10/12 NY Times: “Senate Votes to Federalize Jobs of Airport Screening.” 10/26 NY Times: “Antiterrorism Bill Passes; U.S. Gets Expanded Powers.” 11/1 NY Times: “U.S. Seeks Changes in Germ War Pact.” 11/8 NY Times: “The Legislation: House Panel Approves Bill to Aid Insurance Industry.” 11/25 NY Times: “Bush’s New Rules to Fight Terror Change the Legal Landscape.”

VOLCANIC ACTIVITY will increase at a startling rate around the world, especially in the RING OF FIRE. MOUNT POPO near MEXICO CITY will experience a major eruption.2/2 World News Australia: Thousands Flee Philippine Volcano: About 20,000 people living around Mount Mayon in Eastern Philippines evacuated amid signs of eruption. 2/11 CNN: Mount Merapi: Indonesian villagers ignore volcano warnings from scientists, returning to their farms as Indonesia’s most active volcano continues to spew out hot ash and lava. 2/17 Earth Changes TV: Abundant low frequency volcanic earthquakes associated with dome growth have recently occurred at Mayon in the Philippines. Volcano World: Volcano Ijen in Java Indonesia at Alert Level 2.” Discovery News: “Volcanoes Lurk Beneath Arctic Ice: Two large volcanoes, both thought to have been active during the last century, have been discovered by a U.S. submarine sent to explore the seabed under the Arctic ice canopy.” 2/20 Alaska Volcano Observatory: “Cleveland Volcano in Alaska Aleutian Islands Explodes.” 2/28 There were 11 volcanic eruptions the first 2 months of 2001. 3/7 ECTV: “Volcano ‘Nyamuragira’ Erupts Again…for the second time this year. Tens of thousands in eastern Congo fled from the slopes as it began its worst eruption since 1982.” 3/9 “The Ring of Fire Remains Active with alerts on 3 volcanoes in Mexico: Popocatepetl, Pacaya and Colima.”  3/21 Discovery News: Japanese Volcano Smokes, Tremors… Mount Oyama on Miyakijima Island 120 miles south of Tokyo. 5/9 AP: Huge Bulge in Earth’s Crust Found…a significant bulge 9-12 miles across and 4 inches high has developed over last 4 years near volcanoes in central Oregon–unclear whether this presages volcanic eruption. June 14 ECTV: Vanuatu Volcano Spews Ash, Smoke in South Pacific. 6/20 Volcano World: New volcanic activity, lava flows at Etna, Sicily, Italy.”  6/24 CNN: “Philippine Mayon Volcano erupts sending hot ash and huge boulders skyward as thousands flee.” 7/25-27 Mount Etna in Sicily and Mount Mayon in the Philippines spectacularly erupt within days of each other! 8/13 AP: Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano spewed a column of ash more than three miles into the sky Monday, capping days of smaller eruptions, authorities said.” 8/15 ‘Lahar’ Warning Announced For Mt. Rainier, a flowing mixture of water and sediment that contains such a high concentration of rock debris that they look and behave like flowing lava, capable of destroying buildings, bridges, and other man-made structures by battering, dislodgment, and burial. “Lahars” are caused by the warming of glacier and river beds. At this time, KOMO 4 news is denying Mt. Rainier may becoming active as one of the largest volcanoes in the United States. However the local emergency management team has been put into action. It is reported some campers may be trapped on the mountain. Mt. Rainier park has now been closed. Emergency crews are on the way for rescue.  8/24 ECTV: “Mount Rainier Showing Signs Of Possible Eruption: It looks like there is more going on with Mt. Rainier than government officials have led people to believe. A Canadian news reporter from 1130 AM News Radio in Vancouver, BC, witnessed a growing dome over on the southeast side of the mountain face from 37,000 feet. Thursday August 23rd, sources from the U. of Washington told the Sierra Times that mud was seen flowing from the mountain. Mt Rainier has been upgraded to a Level 2, meaning a possible eruption in 30 to 90 days.” 9/21 AOL News: “Possible volcanic eruption near Iwojima Island, Japan: Japan’s coast guard is checking into a possible eruption where U.S. military planes are holding exercises.” 11/4, local KING 5 News: “Nearly 200 Earthquakes Hit Mount St. Helens.” The RING OF FIRE is very active this year! Stay tuned!

UFO SIGHTINGS will increase at a rapid pace worldwide with special focus in LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES, CHINA, RUSSIA, and nations that involved the former USSR.1/16 MUFON Skywatch Investigations: “Vivid UFO Sightings Including Huge Triangle Over Maine.” 1/24 WORLD EXCLUSIVE: “Family Videotapes Its Own UFO Close Encounter in Texas,” 1/28 “Family Says UFO Seen on Return Trip & Now Above Their Home!” 1/26 “UFO Sightings in Ancient Egypt, Rome and the Middle Ages” excerpt from Reader’s Digest “Mysteries of the Unexplained.” Check out the fabulous ancient UFO artwork at … it’s great! 1/27 Russia Today, Agence France Press: “UFO SHUTS DOWN SIBERIAN AIRPORT FOR 90 MINUTES.” 2/6 Mutual UFO Network: “Increased UFO Sightings include: a Maine Cigar, New Jersey Lights, Virginia disc, South Carolina Cigar, Ohio & Indiana Flying Triangle, California invisible Craft, & 19 UFOS in the United Kingdom. New Images from Mars indicate artificiality and intelligence at Cydonia.” For further info check out 2/22: “UFO Again Spotted Over Mt. Popocatepetl With Volcano Camera.” Check it out: 3/13: “High Speed, Low Level Metallic ‘Burnt Orange’ UFO Wows Seattle Residents.” 4/13 Washington Times: “VP Cheney was taken aback by the first question posed to him by a caller to Diane Rehm’s national radio show. The caller asked Cheney whether the administration “has developed a policy on UFOs and the little creatures flying them?” Raising an eyebrow, Cheney no doubt made the caller’s day by replying that if he did attend such a meeting on UFOs, it most certainly would be classified and therefore he would be unable to discuss it.” Does this seem like an admission of government cover-up to you? 5/10 ABC News: “UFOs, Aliens and Secrets: Former Government Employees Say It’s Time to Reveal Evidence. They’re out there–and the government knows.” 5/31, Moscow (ANSA): “Russian Researcher Says UFO Crashed In Siberia – A mysterious spherical object built with technology that does not exist on our planet was discovered some time ago in the vicinity of Dalnegorsk in Siberia’s Primorye Region, according to Lyudmila Tselina, a researcher with the Russian space center.” 6/12, MUFON: “UFO REPORTS CONTINUE TO COME IN FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD: Australia, Korea, India, and US have numerous reports. Illinois has a series of UFO reports. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oregon, California, also report UFOs. ARTHUR C. CLARKE STANDS BY HIS BELIEF IN LIFE ON MARS: Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum: Sir Arthur C. Clarke, probably the world’s most famous space author, spoke by phone from Sri Lanka on June 6, to the Wernher von Braun Memorial Lecture Series. He told the audience he believes that new images of Mars clearly show the red planet dotted with patches of vegetation, including trees. He feels this fact may spark new exploration of Mars. He and director Stanley Kubrick joined to produce 2001: A Space Odyssey. Clarke claims to have studied images from Mars taken by the now-orbiting Mars Global Surveyor on his home computer. Clarke encourages everyone to have a really good look at these new Mars images…Something is actually moving and changing with the seasons that suggests, at the very least, vegetation.’ There is something akin to Banyan trees in some Mars photos.” 6/19 Mutual UFO Network Eastern Skywatch: “UFO Sightings Continue Increasing Coast-to-Coast: THE GREAT AWAKENING: Increased UFO activity is being reported in Maine, New York, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Washington, California, and Australia. 30 UFO near misses with airplanes are reported from England.  6/24 Vancouver Sun: “Vancouver Woman Films & Photographs UFOs For 26 Years: On Nov. 9, 1974, Richmond resident Dorothy Izatt says, she awoke at 4 a.m. and went to the window. She looked up to see a huge spaceship hovering in the sky, with all sorts of smaller craft coming and going out of it, “like little bugs.” Alarmed, she phoned the Vancouver airport tower to report her sighting of an Unidentified Flying Object, a UFO. They told her nobody else had seen it. She tried the newspapers, who said nobody else had seen it. She phoned radio hot-liner Pat Burns, whose producer suggested she document the UFOs on film. So she bought a Keystone XL 200 Super-8 movie camera, and started filming. 27 years later, she has 500 home movies she says capture the strange phenomena she sees most everywhere she goes: flashes of light, squiggly lines that look like “neon spaghetti,” and round dealies that look like mini-planets. Izatt’s UFO movies have brought her worldwide renown among those who believe we are not alone in this universe.” 7/13 MOSCOW (Reuters): “Russian officials said on Friday that strange circles found in a remote southern field showed aliens had returned to collect Earth soil, four years after first dropping by, Itar-Tass news agency reported. 7/16 WABC-TV: Strange Lights: ‘I Think We Witnessed Some Type of Miracle’ CARTERET, N.J., Something dazzled the people of New Jersey this weekend. Something bright, high in the sky. “It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen,” said eyewitness Joe Malvasio. “They were just hovering, and then they just disappeared. One at a time, each one started to fade until they were gone.” Some witnesses thought the phenomenon may have been a sign of an alien presence. Others called it a miracle. But no one knows just what it was – all they can do is attempt to describe it. 8/8, ABC News: ATHENS: Greek and Turkish air force pilots, sharing contested Aegean airspace, are used to seeing a fighter or two of their usually friendly adversary looping around them, or diving to intercept their patrol or training flights. But for two Turkish trainee pilots, the aerobatics were different this time. While on a routine training flight in a U.S.-made T-37 off the Turkish Aegean coastal town of Candarli, they suddenly had reason to call their home base control tower. A bright object had approached their plane at high speed and reportedly gyrated around them for about a half hour. The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet quoted their call: “Object approaching the wings. Now it’s behind the plane … now it’s in front of us.” They told their controller and the regional war alert center of the Turkish army that the apparent Unidentified Flying Object had an unusual shape that looked like a cross between a cone and a disc. A Widely Curious Incident Turkish air force sources said they were investigating. So were the neighboring Greeks. The Turks were planning to report the encounter to international bodies, especially the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 8/11 eBay auction of daytime UFO video footage filmed 7/31-8/10/01 over Los Angeles: $75,000. Any offers? 9/8 Reuters, Budapest: Hungarian Scientists Claim to Have Found Traces of Life on Mars: after analyzing 60,000 photographs taken by the Mars Global Surveyor probe. 11/28 “WORLD EXCLUSIVE – DAYLIGHT UFOS PHOTOGRAPHED OVER BEDHAMPTON, ENGLAND.”

There will be MAJOR ADVANCES for WOMEN in MUSLIM nations due to the courage of a few OUTSTANDING WOMEN.4/12 AFP, Cairo: “Egyptian feminist faces lawsuit for ‘scorning’ Islam: with her criticism of the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, the veil and inheritances rights, her family said Thursday.” 5/19 AFP, Beirut: “Lebanese women blast lawsuit against Egyptian feminist.”

MEDICAL and TECHNICAL breakthroughs continue at a rapid rate in 2001. MANY CURES WILL BE FOUND that create rejoicing around the world.1/22 New York Times: “Italian AIDS Vaccine at Human Testing Stage;” UPI Science News: “Trials Begin For General Cancer Vaccine;” CNN: “Diabetes prevention: on the road to a vaccine.” 2/10 Washington Post: “New Treatment Found to Cut Sepsis Deaths: Medicine uses bioengineered human protein to fight disease that kills 225,000 a year in U.S.” 2/16 AP Science Writer: “Parkinson’s Cure May Be Near: Scientists may be on the brink of curing Parkinson’s disease using transplanted embryonic stem cells, but where and when that new treatment is tested in humans depends on unresolved political decisions, researchers suggested Friday.” 2/22 Herald Sun, Australia: “Man cured of Parkinson’s in a breakthrough that brings hope to millions of people worldwide…The illness was reversed using cells taken from the American man’s own brain which were treated in the laboratory and then returned to the man’s brain. The disease was gone within a month, and 18 months later the patient is symptom-free and medication-free despite having suffered from Parkinson’s for 15 years.” 2/24 Washington Post: “Two Gene-Based Drugs Tested on Humans.” 2/28 Science Daily: “Once Thought Permanent, Alzheimer’s Plaques Are Cleared From the Brains of Mice.” 3/9 Reuters Health: “Experimental Vaccine Prevents AIDS in Monkeys.” 3/5 Reuters: “Cancer Vaccines Make Progress: A vaccination against cancer may still be the stuff of science fiction, but some biotechnology companies believe they can invent a vaccine to spur the body’s immune system into rejecting cancer cells.” 3/14 Science Daily: “Gene Therapy Success in the Laboratory Buoy Hope for Cancer Treatment and Prevention: Can Simply Swallowing a Gene Actually Treat and Prevent Cancer?” 3/14 Science Daily: “UCSD Researchers Discover Mechanism of Natural Recovery From Spinal Cord Injury.” 3/18/01 The Telegraph (UK): “Scientists have discovered that the purring of cats is a ‘natural healing mechanism’ that has helped inspire the myth that they have nine lives. Wounded cats – wild and domestic – purr because it helps their bones and organs to heal and grow stronger, say researchers who have analyzed the purring of different feline species. This, they say, explains why cats survive falls from high buildings and why they are said to have nine lives. Exposure to similar sound frequencies is known to improve bone density in humans.” 4/2 The Guardian, UK: “Oxygen and Sugar Boost Brain Power.” 4/10 The Times, UK: “Virus in DNA ‘is cause of mental illness’: Schizophrenia may often be caused by a virus, according to research that could lead to improvements in the way the mental illness is treated.”

The STOCK MARKET begins its recovery in JANUARY only to experience a sudden correction mid-month.1/27 New York Times: “Nasdaq Registers 3-Week Winning Streak.” The stock market definitely rallied in January with the predicted dip mid-month.

There will be SURPRISING CHANGES IN WORLD LEADERSHIP around JANUARY 22nd. 1/20 AP: “Philippine President Estrada resigned amid corruption charges and Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was sworn in as President.” 1/26 NY Times: “Joseph Kabila, 22-year-old political heir whom most Congolese had neither seen nor heard until this week, was sworn in as Congo’s new president.”

There will be a RISE in TERRORIST ACTIVITIES and/or EXPLOSIVE PATTERNS mid-late JANUARY.September 11th, CNN, all media: WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDINGS IN NEW YORK CITY COLLAPSE DUE TO TERRORIST ATTACK USING COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES TO CRASH INTO THE BUILDINGS. ANOTHER COMMERCIAL FLIGHT CRASHES INTO THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF THE PENTAGON. ANOTHER FLIGHT CRASHES NEAR PITTSBURGH THAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY HEADING TOWARD THE WHITE HOUSE. SENATOR ORRIN HATCH DECLARES THESE ARE ACTS OF WAR AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. OSAMA BIN LADEN IS UNDER SUSPICION. All government buildings in New York City and Washington, DC, are evacuated as a precaution. All commercials flights are cancelled across the U.S. as well as into and out of the country. Many businesses are affected by the process. The stock market closes for the day. STATE OF EMERGENCY IS CALLED IN NEW YORK CITY AND WASHINGTON, DC. All business are closed for the day. PRESIDENT BUSH PROMISES THE TERRORISTS WILL BE CAUGHT AND DEALT WITH. PRESIDENT BUSH is at an undisclosed location under total security. 1/16 AP: The president of the Congo is assassinated. 1/17 Chronicle of a Massacre Foretold: 24 avocado farmers were brutally murdered by the United Self-Defense Forces of Columbia” reported 12/28 Washington Post. 1/27 NY Times: At Least 17 Killed in Zanzibar Violence. 1/30 Reuters: Opposition Says Zanzibar Death Toll Now 280. 2/25 Reuters: Thousands Flee Borneo Violence: Indonesian Navy Evacuates Migrants…at least 270 killed. 3/24 CNN: At least 20 Die in Russia blasts. 3/25 NY Times: Security Heightened as Bombs Kill 20 in 3 Russian villages. June 22 CNN: Terrorism threats put U.S. troops on peak alert in the Gulf.

BRILLIANT SCIENTIFIC-TECHNOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES or INVENTIONS mid-late JANUARY.1/12 Associated Press: Invention May Be a Motor Scooter…a mysterious new product worth a $250,000 book deal from Harvard Business School Press, and boosted by such high-tech leaders as and Apple Computer. The inventor is Dean Kamen, whose previous innovations include the first portable insulin pump and a wheelchair that can climb stairs. 1/30 Reuters: ‘Ginger’ Inventor Appears at Davos, Stays Mum: ‘Ginger’ is said to be the code name of an invention under development by U.S. Inventor Dean Kamen…also referred to as “IT”…thought to be some sort of personal hovercraft or radical new transportation device. “I’m working on ten different projects,” Kamen said, “I don’t even know which one they were talking about.” 2/3 Sandia National Laboratories: What may be the world’s smallest mini-robot is being developed at Sandia: ‘Can turn on a dime and park on a nickel.’

LATE JANUARY a FAMOUS CELEBRITY dies, bringing sadness to many. 2/7 Dale Evans, widow of Roy Rogers, died. Now they can ride off into the sunset together again. “Happy trails to you…until we meet again!” 2/8 Anne Morrow Lindbergh graduates to the inner planes.

Juicy SCANDALS come to light sometime in JANUARY. Stay tuned! 1/12 The Associated Press informs the public “a ‘truly sorry’ Rev. Jesse Jackson has announced the existence of a twenty-month-old love child!” 2/3 Telegraph (UK): “Rev. Jackson’s Lover Bought House With Charity Cash.” NY Times: “Clinton Aides Vandalize White House.” 2/11 Washington Post: “Clintons Shipped Furniture a Year Ago, White House Usher Doubted Ownership.” How many more Clinton scandals are going to come to public attention?! 2/16 UPI: “The National Enquirer reported Friday the Rev. Jesse Jackson had an affair with another staffer, but both denied the report.” 2/17 Washington Post: “Rich Pardon Becoming a Monster Story.” 2/22: Clinton Pardon Debacle Continues to include half-brother and brother-in-law! 3/8 AP: “Jackson to Add Mistress to Returns.” 3/29 NY Post: “The mother of Jesse Jackson’s love child is penning a tell-all book that claims she received a secret payoff of $450,000 from the civil-rights leader, a new report says.” 7/8 CNN: “California Representative Condit Admits Affair With Missing Intern Levy.” 7/24 NY Post: “Who Was Condit’s Mystery Driver when he threw the watch away?” 8/13 ABC News: “Modesto, Fresno Newspapers Call on Condit to Resign.” 8/17 Reuters: “Jackson’s Mistress: Affair Scuttled 2000 White House Bid.”

MAJOR BUSINESS MERGERS take place in JANUARY.  1/11 Associated Press: My 2000 prediction of a January 2000 major merger that turned out to be AOL and Time-Warner was finally sanctioned.

Late JANUARY, there will be a LIFE SAVING DISCOVERY that comes through a seeming “mistake.” There are no accidents or mistakes, only KARMA unfolding.

In early FEBRUARY, HIGH DRAMA involves a prominent MALE CELEBRITY.2/5 NY Times: “Former Packer Chmura Found Innocent of Rape Charge.”  2/6 NY Times, Israel: “Man in the News: Ariel Sharon, Hawk, Commander, and Finally, Prime Minister.” 6/19 “War Crimes Case Filed in Belgium Against Ariel Sharon by Palestinian Refugees from Israel’s 1982 Invasion of Lebanon.”

Early-mid FEBRUARY there will be the loss of a MALE CELEBRITY who will be mourned around the world.2/16 AP: “Dr. William H. Masters, one of the first and leading researchers in the field of human sexuality (Masters & Johnson), died. He was 85. 2/18 Reuters: “Dale Earnhardt Sr., one of the greatest stars in auto racing history, died Sunday from injuries in the last lap crash at the Daytona 500. He was 49.” 2/20 NY Times: “Stanley Kramer, Director and Producer of ‘Message’ Films, Dies at 87.”

In FEBRUARY, the DOW and NASDAQ rally.imageUp and down they went! Sorry about that one!

In FEBRUARY there will be a NEW WORLD LEADER. This is a surprise! 2/6 NY Times, Israel: “Ariel Sharon New Prime Minister.” This was an upset for the peace process in the Middle East.

In MARCH there will be a MAJOR DISCOVERY that will be SCIENTIFIC or TECHNICAL in nature.  3/7 LED could signal silicon laser: a light emitting diode made from silicon that efficiently emits light at room temperature could revolutionize communications technology…could be the precursor of a silicon laser by bombarding silicon with boron ions.” 3/8: Cosmological model gets a boost: The new Cosmic Background Imager in Chile has measured the microwave signals more precisely than ever before and has detected a dip in the ‘power spectrum’ predicted by current theories of the evolution of the universe.” 3/9 “Physicists create first superconducting polymer…a fundamental step towards cheaper mass-produced electronics.” Discovery News: Machu Picchu May Collapse, Japanese geologists fear. 3/12 Science Daily: A New Class of Nanostructure: Semiconducting “Nanobelts” Offer Potential for Nanosensors and Nanoelectronics. 3/14 Science Daily: New Superconducting Material Packs An Applied Punch: The jolt of excitement from the January discovery of a new high-temperature superconducting metal, magnesium diboride, may get another voltage boost this week with evidence the material can carry electrical currents at high density. 3/15 Deepest ever picture of the Universe reveals new quasar. Reuters: Mars Calamity May Have Created Conditions For Life. 3/21 Neutrino messages from across the universe: Astrophysicists expect their best-ever view of remote cataclysmic events that send netrinos cascading across space after the successful trial of a new neutrino detector…the prototype is now being scaled up to capture neutrinos arriving on Earth from deep space. 3/22 First sighting of dark matter: Astronomers have seen dark matter directly for the first time. Ben Oppenheimer of the UC at Berkeley and colleagues in US and UK have discovered a new kind of white dwarf that could account for up to a third of the ‘dark’ matter in the Universe. The extremely dim burnt-out stars were found in the ‘galactic halo’ that surrounds the Milky Way…binds together galaxies and galaxy clusters with its gravitational pull. 3/28 Single charge raises the current standard: Japanese physicists have captured a single positive charge and transferred it between two silicon ‘traps’ for the first time…could enable the unit of current to be defined more accurately than ever before…and could even act as a binary switch in a quantum computer.” 3/29 UPI: New Solar Flare Erupts: A major solar flare erupted Thursday at 5:15 AM EST from the largest sunspot area observed in a decade, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. A strong radio blackout followed the burst. BBC News: Giant sunspot may explode: If this explosive event does occur, it will liberate in just a few seconds more energy than mankind has ever used…Over the past 24 hours it has become unstable, displaying signs that its pent-up energy is about to be explosively released. The sunspot is a monster according to Joe Elrod of the US National Solar Observatory at Sacramento, California. 3/29 Science Daily: Novel Compound Inhibits HIV Replication in Cell Cultures, Suggesting Possible New Type of AIDS Drug.

Expect MAJOR EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY in MARCH/APRIL with VOLCANIC or other EXPLOSIONS mid-MARCH.3/11 Discovery News: ALASKAN VOLCANO EXPLODES: Mount Cleveland on Chuginadak Island…ash cloud from Sunday’s eruption still measures 40 miles across! PLEASE NOTE: The devastating 7.6 earthquake in El Salvador 1/12 happened much earlier than anticipated. During the exact Mars/Uranus square on 1/26, a horrendous 7.9 earthquake rocked western India, leaving many thousands dead and untoll damage. 2/7 NY Times: South Asia Quake Leaves 1.25 Million Homeless! Also in January: 25: 4.6 in Ohio; 17: 2.4 in Manhattan; 25: 4.9 quake shook western Japan as a 5.2 rocked Indonesia’s Sumatra Island and a magnitude 5 quake hit the southern coast of Mexico on 26. 1/30 CNN: Earthquake in Gujarat Jars Global Gold Markets. 2/4 NY Times: Small Earthquake Rattles Connecticut. 2/10 Caltech: 5.1 Earthquake at Big Bear Lake, CA.”  2/13 CNN: 5.0 Earthquake Rocks El Salvador. 2/14 6.6 El Salvador Earthquake: Death Toll Reaches 237.” 2/14 CNN: 7.3 Earthquake Hits Sumatra Off the Coast of Indonesia causing residents to flee their homes. 2/18 CNN: Constant quakes keep Salvadoreans jittery. 2/21 AP: Another Earthquake Hits El Salvador. 2/25 Reuters, Kabal: 6.2 Quake Hits Afghanistan, Pakistan, India. Beijing: 20,000 Homes Collapse in China 6.0 Quake. Strong Quake Hits Japan. 7.0 Earthquake Hits Northern Molucca Sea. 2/26 AP: Strong Earthquake Hits Japan.  2/28 Associated Press: 6.8 EARTHQUAKE IN PACIFIC NORTHWEST…billions in damage. 3/1 USGS: Besides the 6.8 in Washington, other earthquakes recorded. 2/28 were Utah 3.5, Mindanao, Philippines 5.9, Samoa Islands 5.0, SE Loyalty Islands 6.6, El Salvador 5.5. and on 3/1 Mongolia 4.9, Washington State 3.4. 3/3 Coast of Chile 5.7., ECTV: Quake Hits Semnan, Iran. 3/6 Tens of Thousands Flee Vietnamese Quake Zone. 3/8 3.2 Earthquake in Tennessee. USGS: 3/8 Kermadec Island, S. Sumatera, Indonesia 5.9., 5.2. 3/12 Jawa, Indonesia 5.8, 5.7. 3/13 Utah 3.3. 3/15 Coast of Chile 6.0. 3/16 Off Coast of Central America 5.4. 3/19 Seram, Indonesia 6.5, 5.9. 3/19 Discovery News: Strong Quakes Rattle Indonesia 5.7 Ambon. 3/23: Iran-Iraq Border 5.2, Kuril Islands 5.9.  3/24 CNN: 6.4, 6.5 EARTHQUAKE ROCKS HIROSHIMA, JAPAN, leaving 2 dead and dozens injured. ECTV, Beijing: 5.1 Quake Hits China’s Xinjiang. USGS: 4/1 Southwest Indian Ridge 5.7. 4/2 New Madrid, Missouri 2.7, Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan 5.2. 4/4: Aru Island Region, Indonesia 6.4; Off Coast of Oregon 3.9. 4/6 AP: Volcano Erupts on Ocean Floor…off the southern Oregon coast since Tuesday night. USGS: Southern Sumatera, Indonesia 5.6. 4/7: Kermadec Island Region 5.8. 4/8: Off Coast of Central Chile 6.7, 6.3. 4/13 Quake Injures 275, 2 Dead, in Southwest China, Southern Sandwich Island Region 6.0. 4/14 Southeast of Honshu, Japan 6.1, South of Mariana Islands 5.5. 4/19 AP VOLCANO BLASTS OUTSIDE MEXICO CITY spewing hot rocks and a column of ash that shot 2-1/2 miles high. USGS: Solomon Islands 5.3, 6.1, 6.6. 4/21 AP: EARTHQUAKE Rattles IDAHO…preliminary magnitude of 5.3 hit southeastern Idaho on Saturday. Tremors felt from Pocatello to Yellowstone, and as far away as Salt Lake City, La Rioja Province, Argentina 5.8. 4/25 Shikoku, Japan 5.7. 4/26 Hokkaido Japan Region 6.0. 4/28 Fiji Islands 6.1. 5/5 ECTV: Rare 4.4 Earthquake Hits ARKANSAS. 5/10 AP: Over 100 QUAKES SHAKE EL SALVADOR in 24 hour period, killing one, and causing landslides in mountainous regions. 7/27 CNN: Army battles Mount Etna lava flows. 10/27 CNN: Minor earthquake rattles New York. Stay tuned for more major drama involving Mother Nature in 2001! This is going to become known as THE YEAR OF THE EARTHQUAKE! Comment added 2/14: There are so many strong earthquakes this year there isn’t room on this website to list them all. If this is one of your primary interests, please check out regularly. It is truly amazing how many earthquakes happen everyday! 1/6/2002 Drudge Report/AP: Quakes Kill More Than 21,000 in 2001: Researchers say 2001 was a particularly deadly year for earthquakes, with 65 significant quakes worldwide killing more than 21,000 people.

In MARCH the STOCK MARKET SOARS. (3/17/01) My present sense is that the Nasdaq will bottom out at 1800-1900, but the DOW could go as low as 8500. I hope I’m wrong about the DOW! 3/27 Hardly a “soar”–at least a recovery!  9/19 The week the Stock Market re-opened (9/17) after the ATTACK ON AMERICA the DOW dropped below 8500 and the Nasdaq slipped below 1500.

An unexpected SADNESS grips the hearts of the people in MARCH.With the spread of foot and mouth disease to France, Argentina, and India, and the revelation of the use of cow parts possibly infected with Mad Cow Disease in so many pharmaceuticals in the U.K. (reported by BBC News) this prediction could well apply. My heart goes out to all those farmers, ranchers and individuals involved.

In MARCH the world will suffer the loss of a FAMOUS POLITICAL or PUBLISHING FIGURE.3/18 CNN Headline News: John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas dead of a heart attack at 65: singer, songwriter, published many hit songs. 3/21 NY Times: “Richard Harwood, Washington Post Ombudsman, Dies at 75…brought the determination and cunning of a combat marine to reporting and editing, and finally, to policing his own newspaper for editorial missteps. 3/24 CNN: Rowland Evans, influential columnist and TV commentator, dead at 79. 7/17 Washington Post: The Washington Post’s Katharine Graham Dies at 84. 8/8 CNN: Maureen Reagan, President Reagan’s daughter by first wife, Jane Wyman, dead at 60 from cancer. 8/16 AP/CNN: Congressman Floyd Spence Dead, South Carolina Representative was 73.

Late in MARCH a new STAR rises in the EAST as the STOCK MARKETS SOAR WORLDWIDE.

In APRIL the STOCK MARKET continues to RISE, then becomes CHALLENGED LATE APRIL-EARLY MAY.  4/17 CNN: “Wall Street Feeling Chipper.” Up and down it went!

In APRIL, there will be major AIR CONTAMINATION with tragic results.  4/13 Munich AFP: The stone casing entombing Chernobyl nuclear power reactor is in danger of imminent collapse, a former director of security services has warned. 4/17 AP: “Asian dust storm spreads pollution across West–A dust storm that started in Mongolia and picked up industrial pollution from China has spread a haze across a quarter of the mainland U.S., experts said Thursday. 6/6 Science Daily: Ill Winds Carry Toxic Dust: Storms in places as distant as China and Africa have generated public attention with dust clouds crossing oceans that bring living bacteria, fungi, heavy metals and other pollutants. 6/18 NASA Science News: African dust that crosses the Atlantic and brings beautiful sunsets to Florida also carries potentially harmful bacteria and fungi, a new study shows.

In April, SCIENTIFIC and/or TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGHS with startling implications.4/9 The Times, UK: Virus in DNA ‘is cause of mental illness’: SCHIZOPHRENIA may often be caused by a virus. 4/10 Washington Post: Human Fat May Provide Stem Cells: Scientists have transformed human fat into a variety of different tissue types, suggesting the much reviled substance may be an unexpected source of cells useful for the treatment of a wide range of ills. 4/11 Science Daily: UCSD Team Performs First Surgery in Gene Therapy Protocol For Alzheimer’s Disease. 4/12 ECTV: Could This Be Planet X?: Reference to a celestial body known as ‘2000 CR105’ states this plant has a 3,300 year elliptical orbit very close to the ‘Nibiru’ Zecharia Sitchin has detailed in his books, beginning with The 12th Planet about the Anunnaki coming to Earth 450,000 years ago. Something to think about for sure! 4/14 AP: More Analysis of Amazing Ruins (?) on Mars. 4/15 “‘Pipes’ Found Leading Down From Ridge on Mars – Anomalies Piling Up.” 4/15 AFP, Moscow: “Russia hails breakthrough in building artificial brain. 4/16 Science Daily: Human Brain Loves Surprises, Research Reveals, 4/19 BBC News: Astronomers discovered a strange pair of objects orbiting each other at the edge of the Solar System – may be a pair of small planets. AFP: Russia hails breakthrough in building artificial brain, a neuro-computer with the same intellectual potential as its human counterpart. 4/19 New ‘light transistor’ for optical circuits boosts a laser signal by a factor of 60 – based on the transfer of photons rather than electrons – could send a new generation of ultrafast components for optical circuits…paves the way for all-optical circuits that transmit information at literally the speed of light, Zooming in on the Eros asteroid, astronomers reveal the terrain of Eros is far from being smooth and featureless, dominated by dust-covered impact craters and scattered rocks… most detailed pictures ever taken of an asteroid captured by the NEAR-Shoemaker spacecraft in October 2000. History of the asteroid is expected to shed light on the early evolution of our planet. 4/20 UPI: The Marines are developing small robotic flying machines that fit into a soldier’s backpack, and when called on, fly across battlefields, sending back video images of enemy positions. 4/29 Washington Post: New Potential for Stem Cells suggested: Findings of 3 Studies May affect Treatment of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease.

Unusual LITERARY ACCLAIM for someone from an Eastern Block country.7/7 “Ex-Bosnia President Publishes Book: SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina AP): Bosnia’s former president and Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic hopes his new book, an autobiography titled, Memories, will help heal his war-shattered homeland.

In APRIL, there will be a SPIRITUAL/CELESTIAL IMPACT of a most unusual nature. Visitors from on high? From which Galaxy? Which Dimension? Which Universe? 3/30 BBC News: Giant sunspot may explode: currently observing largest sunspot seen on the surface of our star for more than a decade…could lead to powerful flare in the next day or so…will liberate in a few seconds more energy than mankind has ever used.” UPI: “New solar flare erupts…a strong radio blackout followed. 6/19 Space Weather News: Aurora Yesterday: A dense interplanetary shock wave buffeted Earth’s magnetic field on Monday and lit up the midnight skies of North America with aurora borealis. Another solar wind disturbance swept past our planet on Tuesday; the impact might trigger renewed geomagnetic activity. 11/10 The continual Sun Flares announced by NASA all through 2001 have caused phenomenal aurora effects much further south than usual throughout the year. 11/12 ANANOVA: Meteor storm heads for Earth: Space Shuttle flights are being cancelled and Astronauts are preparing themselves. It’s set to be the most powerful meteor storm to hit in decades.

In MAY, the STOCK MARKET picks up considerably, then shakes, rattles and rolls! Be careful that you don’t buy high and sell low! June 20 NY Times: Wall Street Pulls Back. 6/21 CNN: Wall Street Flip Flops. NY Times: More Profit Warnings Send Wall Street Lower. 6/22 CNN: DOW takes a dive. 6/25 CNN: Two Month Low in DOW.

Early MAY, there will be a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH for the WORLD!  5/3 Physicsweb: Wonder wire puts up no resistance: Electrical resistance arises because charge carriers – electrons and holes – collide with imperfections in the material they are traveling through. In theory; a perfectly crystalline conductor should offer no resistance, yet for over a decade experiments have show that virtually defect-free wires have resistances of several kil-ohms. Now Rafael de Picciotto of Bell labs in the US and colleagues have shown for the first time that resistance does vanish in a small but perfectly formed wire. 5/5 Washington Post: Clues to the Life Cycles of Stars. 5/19 Science News: Gene for insulin resistance syndrome linked to heart disease. 5/24 Independent Online News: Hindu God Points Way to 10th Solar Planet: A large asteroid, named Varuna, after the lord of the cosmos in Hindu mythology, has been spotted in the outer fringes of the Solar System, a discovery which suggests the Sun may have more than nine planets, astronomers say. Sky & Telescope: A Heavenly Bubbling Spectacle: Knots along the leading edge of an expanding gas shell around a newly formed star appear to trace a spherical boundary. The problem is that astronomers didn’t think stars could eject material with such symmetry. (Surprise!)

Mid-MAY there will be BIG EXCITEMENT that resounds around the planet. The big excitement in May was the prospects of a full fledged war in the Middle East! Not a fun experience for anyone.

Late MAY, the ANGEL OF DEATH will visit, taking large numbers.(March 15) I have recently received emails from people suggesting this may have something to do with the destruction of so many animals around the world due to Foot-and-Mouth disease. This is a terrible tragedy for the animals and the farmers involved. 3/16 Reuters: Britain Starts Mass Slaughter of Animals: Up to one million animals may be put to death as foot-and-mouth outbreak spreads. The Times, UK: Million sheep die to reopen countryside. 3/19 Associated Press: Saudi Arabia has confirmed 400 cases of foot-and-mouth disease. 3/20 UPI: “Foot and Mouth Disease Found in Central Asia.” 3/21 NY Times: “Foot-and-Mouth Disease Found in Netherlands.” 3/21 AP: Vermont Sheep May Have Mad Cow. 3/22 AP: Foot-and-Mouth Moves to Ireland. 5/18 NY Times: Haiti Officials List 21 Killed in Floods. 5/23 NY Times: Floods Kill 43 in South China. 5/25 NY Times: Israeli Hall Collapses; 25 Dead, Scores Injured. 6/11 NY Times: Tropical Storm Leaves 16 Dead in 2 Gulf States. 6/22 CNN: 57 Killed in India Train Crash. 6/24 The Independent (UK): UK Foot-and-Mouth Slaughter of 2 Million Animals Termed Needless.

In JUNE a new national obsession develops that will spread around the world. 7/12 ABC News, Reuters: Cheap, Fast Way to Chat – Text Messaging Gaining Popularity as the Easier Way to Communicate: Let’s say you are a student in the Philippines and you are trying to get your president impeached. And what you really need to do is start a big demonstration, fast. What do you do? You gather a crowd by ‘texting’ people, which is typing and sending them very short messages, using the readout screen on a cell phone or a pager with a tiny keyboard. It’s cheaper than actually calling everyone you know and can be used to reach many people at once, so it takes less time. ‘You’re talking about being able to access somebody no matter where they are, no matter what time of the day it is, no matter whether they’re at work, at home, whether they’re walking down the street,’ says Josh Newman, the editor of, a company that follows this technology. American Airlines has begun using text messaging by sending messages to passengers if their flights are delayed.

NEW FOUNDATIONS for HOPE AND PEACE are formulated in the month of JUNE.  6/13 NY Times: Mideast Sides Accept U.S. Cease-Fire Plan. 6/20 NY Times: Bush to Meet With Sharon, Keeping Arafat at Arms’ Length. 6/21 CNN: Powell to again travel to Middle East for talks as cease-fire seems in peril. 6/24 BBC News: European Union foreign policy chief brokers cease-fire agreement in Macedonia.

There will be a BREAKTHROUGH for the good of all humankind.  6/1 Science Daily: Stem Cells Help Regenerate Tissue Damaged from Heart Attack: Stem cells from bone marrow might one day mend damaged hearts, according to research conducted at Baylor College of Medicine. 6/5 NASA: Nearby Star Appears to Have Asteroid Belt, Society Is Told. 6/6 Science Daily: “otential for New Superconducting Material Advances: new evidence that alloying enables the metal to carry very high electric current at a high magnetic field … withstands twice as high a magnetic field as the current commercially used superconducting material, niobium-titanium. 6/8 Science Daily: University of Florida Researchers Reverse Metabolic Disorder in Mice: Several hundred babies are born in the U.S. each year with an inherited disorder known as PKU, which requires adherence to an unpleasant protein-free diet to thwart development of mental retardation …in male lab mice, they have effectively reversed the condition with a single treatment of gene therapy. 6/17 Daily Mail, London: Cancer: Is This Drug the Cure? A drug made from tree bark is being combined with radiation therapy to cure cancer, experts revealed yesterday. The ‘double whammy’ has proved 85 percent effective in laboratory trials. Professor Gordon Rustin, director of medical oncology at Mount Vernon Hospital in Middlesex said: ‘The results from the trial in mice are very exciting because we are actually seeing a cure, which is very unusual.’ June 19 Science Daily: Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant: Effective New Leukemia Treatment for Adults. 6/20 Physicsweb: Exotic quasars may be commonplace: The violent bursts of radio waves that stream across the Universe from remote objects known as blazars, which are related to quasars, may be more common than astronomers previously thought. CBC News, Calgary: Virus shows Great Promise For Fighting Brain Cancer. 6/24 Mini Robot Invented That Swims Through Blood Vessels”…Fantastic Voyage has arrived??! 6/25 Science Daily: University of Illinois at Chicago Researchers Create Lifelike Cardiac Tissue. CNN: Lott Calls Stem Cell Research Promising: The Senate’s top Republican, Trent Lott, said Sunday that he sees ‘great potential’ for controversial research that uses stem cells from human embryos.

New ARCHEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES prove startling and amazing and could very well rock the very foundation of organized religion.3/14 Science Daily: Tale of the Teeth: Archeologist Find Unusual Bone Collection in Chinese Cave: A team of researchers has discovered an unusual collection of animal and human teeth dating back over 200,000 years deep inside a southern China cave. The evidence of human occupation of the cave is clear. There are stone tool cut marks on the animal bones. 3/21 CNN/AP: Skull may redefine human ancestry… 3.5 million-year-old skull has been found in Kenya… scientists say it might evict the Ethiopian fossil nicknamed ‘Lucy’ from the line of direct human ancestry…the skull belongs to a completely different and previously unknown creature named Kenyanthropus playtops.” The Times, UK: “Alexander’s Great Palace Unearthed. 5/26 ECTV: Brazil Dinosaur May Be Oldest Yet. 5/29 Britons Find Lost City of the Incas. 6/4 ECTV: Remains of Giant Prehistoric Amphibian Found in Egypt. 7/4 (AP): Cave Engravings Found in France: Vivid prehistoric engravings that could date back as far as 28,000 B.C. have been found in a cave in western France, regional officials said Wednesday. 7/12 (AP): 5.8 million Year Old Human Bones Found in Ethiopia: Scientists working in Ethiopia have found what may be the oldest known traces of human-like life, teeth and bones from up to 5.8 million years ago, in a discovery that challenges the long-held belief that man’s earliest ancestors first emerged on the grassy plains. May 2001, Reuters: Underwater City Reported Off Western Cuba: ‘We are the first people ever to see the bottom of Cuban waters over 50 meters…It’s so exciting. We are discovering…even possibly a sunken city built in the pre-classic period and populated by an advanced civilization similar to the early Teotihuacan culture of Yucatan.’ At the western tip of Cuba at a depth of about 2,200 feet (700-800 meters), ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky of Advanced Digital Communications reports large plateau with ‘shapes that resemble pyramids, roads and buildings.’ Part of Atlantis, perhaps?! 8/2 Sciencedaily: New Long-Necked Dinosaur Discovered in Madagascar. 8/16 Reuters: Fourth Pre-Human Skull Found in Georgia (Eastern Europe). 8/17 Reuters: “Tombs Found in Mongolia Might Hold Genghis Khan.” 10/2 AFP: “Scientists say they find unknown city from Alexander the Great’s era: Northwest Greece. 10/17 Sciencedaily: Student Discovers Well-Preserved Embryo in Dinosaur Egg. (Jurassic Park time?) 12/2 NY Times: African Artifacts Suggest an Earlier Modern Human: More than 70,000 years ago, people occupied a cave in a high cliff facing the Indian Ocean at the tip of South Africa. They hunted grysbok, springbok and other game. They ate fish from the waters below them. In body and brain size, these cave dwellers were definitely anatomically modern humans.

In JULY there will be yet more SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT at an accelerated pace. 7/3 CNN: Patient gets first totally implanted artificial heart. NY Times 7/5: Artificial Device Recipient Said to Make Excellent Progress: Surgeons who implanted the first self-contained artificial heart on Monday said that so far the patient’s recovery has vastly exceeded their expectations. 7/6 CNN: Man freed on DNA evidence after 14 years in prison. 7/7 Washington Post: New Insight into Reason Matter Exists: Physicists announced yesterday they have taken a major, long-awaited step in their struggle to answer one of the weightiest questions in science: Why is there a universe rich with matter instead of an empty void? An international collaboration based at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) in California reported it has used its 1,200-ton particle detector, known as “BaBar,” to record the strongest, most precise evidence to date of a mechanism by which nature favors the existence of matter. The announcement sent ripples of excitement through the international physics community, which has invested several decades of intense effort to the ongoing quest, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in the construction of high-precision particle accelerators and detectors for the task. 7/8 CNN: Solar Helmets for Future Soldiers: Trudging through a thick, muggy jungle, the soldier remains cool, her body temperature precisely controlled by her uniform. 7/9 Science Daily: New Study Shows Normal Looking Clones May be Abnormal; Nano-Transistor Switches With Just One Electron, May be Ideal for Molecular Computers, Science Study Shows. 7/11 NASA Science News: Astronomers have detected a massive cloud of water vapor around an aging star. It could be the telltale sign of innumerable dying comets–and a glimpse of things to come in our own solar system.  This story includes an animation of the Sun billions of years from now swelling to engulf the inner planets. 7/13 Optical clock is on the dot: The world’s most accurate atomic clock, which uses the oscillations of visible light as a ‘pendulum,’ has been developed by Thomas Udem and colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado in the US. The ‘optical clock’ is around seven times more accurate than existing atomic clocks, which are based on longer wavelength microwave signals. Udem’s team used a ‘frequency comb’ to link the high-frequency optical signal emitted by a mercury ion to a more manageable microwave frequency. 7/14 CNN: BMW showcases cars that runs on hydrogen. Reuters: Twelve new moons found orbiting Saturn. 7/19 Sciencedaily: First Vaccine to Protect Against Vaginal Transmission of HIV-Type Virus. Physicsweb: Tiny black hole lurks in neighboring galaxy: The first galaxy without a super-massive black hole at its centre has been found by astronomers. If there is any sort black hole in the nearby galaxy M33, which is about 3 million light years away, it must be thousands of times less massive than the black holes in other galaxies, according to the study by David Merritt and colleagues at Rutgers University. The discovery is likely to shape new theories of the evolution of black holes and their host galaxies. 7/20 Physicsweb: Crystals could make super semiconductors: Electronic gadgets could become more efficient following the development of a new type of insulator for use in semiconductor devices. Rodney McKee and co-workers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US have created a range of crystalline materials to replace the amorphous insulators inside many semiconductors. The breakthrough will also allow semiconductors to be modified on the atomic scale, leading to greater flexibility. 7/23 CNN: Alzheimer’s vaccine passes key test in humans. 8/2 CNN: Artificial heart patient may come home soon. 8/13 Drudge Report: Attempt to Clone Human Being in Secret West Virginia Lab Revealed. (Sounds like a Sci Fi movie to me!)  

A MAJOR CURE will be found.

The STOCK MARKET SOARS in JULY, especially TECH STOCKS and PHARMACEUTICALS. 6/29 CNN: Wall Street rally fueled by Feds tax cut, Microsoft. 7/10 CNN: U.S. Stocks Bounce Back.  7/14 CNN: Techs Lead Wall Street Rally. 7/15 CNN: Wall Street Winds up Winning Week. 7/25 CNN Triple-Digit DOW Gains. 7/31 CNN Headline News: Wall Street goes shopping: July ends on a strong note amid reinforced hopes for a rebound. 8/3 CNN: Nasdaq hits 4 week high. 8/21 CNN: European stocks rise on backs of tech and drug stocks. (How about that?!)

There is a CURE for AIDS.9/6 BBC News: AIDS Vaccine “In Sight.’ NIH: Alcohol Researchers Show ‘Friendly Virus’ Slows HIV Cell Growth: Using an infectious molecular clone of GBV-C, the same team showed in a laboratory study that GBV-C reduces the growth rate of HIV in cultured human T-cells, a form of white blood cells or lymphocytes. CNN: Unsung ‘heroes’ help create an AIDS vaccine. 9/8 Drudge Report: DNA-based HIV Vaccine Slows Progress of Disease. 10/7 AOL News: AIDS vaccine seen within reach in next decade. 11/17 Drudge Report, Ananova, UK: Baby conceived from sperm cleared of HIV reported to be a first: In-vitro with HIV-positive husband’s sperm: Neither mother or baby were infected. Virus had been eradicated. (Fabulous and fantastic!)  5/17/2011 Drudge/CBS San Francisco: Apparent immunity gene ‘Cures” Bay Area man of AIDS. (This is wonderful, if true!)

This summer a much beloved ACTOR dies.  6/4 NY Times: Imogene Coco Dead at 92. 6/6 NY Times: Anthony Quinn, Zorba the Greek, Dead at 86. People Magazine 6/23 French Actress Corrine Calvert Dead at 71.  6/27 CNN: Actor Jack Lemmon Dead at 76. 6/30 Guitarist Chet Atkins Dead at 77.

In JULY, a SHOCKING DECEPTION COMES TO LIGHT and is broadcast around the world.  July Drudge Report: Condit’s aide denies woman’s allegations of affair. Levy family may sue Condit. Cops: Condit’s wife attacked Chandra Levy; furious phone call. Associated Press: Condit interviewed 4th time by DC police and FBI…The search continues for Chandra Levy.

There will be MAJOR VOLCANIC ACTIVITY in the CARIBBEAN, SOUTH AMERICA, MEXICO.  4/19 AP: Volcano blast outside Mexico City spewing hot rocks and a column of ash that shot 2-1/2 miles high. 5/19 Science News: Three Sisters Show Ground Deformation: There has been a slight swelling, or uplift, of the ground over a broad area of central Oregon, centered 3 miles west of South Sister Volcano in Three Sisters region of the Oregon Cascade Range. 5/24 ECTV: Indonesian Lokon Volcano Belches Hot Ash. 5/25 ECTV: Japan Mount Oyama Volcano Emitting Daily. 6/6 AP: Officials Warn 67,000 Filipinos living in the shadow of Mayon Volcano to prepare for evacuation. 6/7 AP: Residents on Alert Near Philippine Mayon Volcano. 6/8 Volcano World:  Current Volcano Activity Remains High: Shiveluch: Russia, Cleveland: Aleutian Islands, Stromboli: Italy, Etna: Italy, Guagua Pichincha: Ecuador, Kilauea: Hawaii, Colima: Mexico, Popocatepetl: Mexico, Santa Maria: Guatemala, Santa Ana: El Salvador, Masaya: Nicaragua, Mayon: Philippines, Soufriere Hills: Montserrat, Tungurahua: Ecuador. 6/21 Reuters: The Philippine’s Mayon Volcano, restive for months, intensified its lava emissions on Thursday in what could be a sign for a major eruption.  6/24 Reuters: Alert raised as Philippine volcano unleashes blast: LEGAZPI: The PHILIPPINES’ MAYON VOLCANO UNLEASHED A POWERFUL BLAST on Sunday, ejecting giant clouds of ash and rocks from its summit but there were no immediate reports of casualties. 6/30 NY Times: Chunks of Philippine Mayon Volcano Fall. 7/1 AP: The Mayon volcano is rumbling and emitting dense gas clouds, signs it will likely explode again within a week, potentially with enough force to trigger an eruption that threatens villages at its base, scientists said Sunday. Mt. Etna Lava Reaches Sicily Road. The Associated Press July 18: CATANIA, Sicily: Lava spewing from Mount Etna, one of Europe’s most active volcanoes, reached a rural road in eastern Sicily on Wednesday and injured a hiker. People in a restaurant and hotel were evacuated. 7/20 CNN: Mount Etna in Sicily Continues to Erupt. 7/23 University of Wisconsin, Madison: Tiny Crystals Predict A Huge Volcano In Western United States: Reading the geochemical fine print found in tiny crystals of the minerals zircon and quartz, scientists are forming a new picture of the life history, and a geologic timetable, of a type of volcano in the western United States capable of dramatically altering climate sometime within the next 100,000 years, mainly in Yellowstone National Park.  7/25 CNN: Mount Etna spews lava causing state of emergency. 7/26 AP Manila, Philippines: The Mayon Volcano erupted with little warning early Thursday for the second time in a month, spewing lava into the air and forcing thousands of villagers to flee its shadow. 7/27 CNN: Army battles Mount Etna lava flows as the volcano continues to erupt. 7/30 AP: Mount Mayon in the Philippines blows again. CNN: Eruption on Montserrat forces interruption of Caribbean Flights. 7/31 AP: Lava Burns Cable-Car Base, Overflows Barrier, Threatens Tourist Base on Mount Etna. 8/1 NY Times: Mount Etna Lava Flow Forces Italian Officials to Close Tourist Attractions. 8/9 CNN, Philippines: Volcano menaces with Fire and water: 10 years after raining fire in a huge eruption, the crater of Mount Pinatubo is filling with water and threatens to unleash mass floods and inundate villages. 8/15 ECTV: ‘Lahar’ Warning Announced For Mt. Rainier: A ‘Lahar’ is a flowing mixture of water and sediment that contains such a high concentration of rock debris that they look and behave like flowing lava capable of destroying buildings, bridges, and other man-made structures by battering, dislodgement and burial. ‘Lahars’ are caused by the warming of glacier and river beds. At this time, KOMO 4 News is denying Mt. Rainier may be becoming active as one of the largest volcanoes in the United States. However the local emergency management team has been put into action. It is reported some campers may be trapped on the mountain. Mt. Rainier Park has now been closed. Emergency crews are on the way for rescue. 8/16 CNN: Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano spews a column of ash 3 miles high on Monday. So far the damage from the eruption is 60 million dollars. 8/25 ECTV: Mt. Rainier Showing Signs Of Possible Eruption: It appears there is more going on with Mt. Rainier than government officials have led people to believe. A Canadian news reporter from 1130 AM News Radio in Vancouver, B.C., witnessed a growing dome over on the southeast side of the mountain face from 37,000 feet. Thursday August 23rd, sources from the U. of Washington told the Sierra Times that mud was seen flowing from the mountain. Mt Rainier has been upgraded to a Level 2, meaning a possible eruption in 30 to 90 days. 9/5 BBC News: Philippines volcano evacuation begins: Thousands of people living near Mount Pinatubo are leaving their homes ahead of attempts to drain the volcano’s crater.”

The headlines will reveal a DISAPPOINTING DIVORCE involving a favorite couple due to deception and duplicity. 2/5 NY Times: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Separate. 8/8 CNN: Nicole, Tom celebrate premier of ‘The Others’ separately. Spring CNN: Actress Jane Fonda divorces Ted Turner, media mogul.  

There is likely to be MAJOR EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY this SUMMER in both hemispheres and all around the world as SATURN OPPOSES PLUTO. Also expect FLOODS, MUDSLIDES, TORNADOES, CYCLONES, HURRICANES, and related disasters to occur.  2/5 NY Times: Scores Evacuated in Australian Flood and Fire Alerts. 2/25 Reuters: Floods Threaten Thousands in Central Mozambique. CNN: Massive Storms Hit Central U.S., 9 Dead in Mississippi, Storms Hit Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma. 3/14 Tornadoes, Storms Whip Through Houston; Tornado Damage Reaches 5 Million in Daytona Beach. 4/17 CNN: Mississippi River spills over; hundreds to abandon homes. 4/19 Angolan Flooding Displaces 1600 People, Mississippi Threatens Quad Cities Area. 5/21 ECTV: Storm Kills Power for 20,000 in Colorado. 5/23 Quake Hits Quasar, Kashan, India. 5/23 Yellowstone to be monitored for Volcano, Earthquakes. Siberian Floods Force 17,000 from Homes. 5/24: Severe Rain Damages Houses, Causes Lion Escape in Mexico. 5/25 ECTV: Cyclone Alert for Gujarat, India. 6.6 Quake off Northern Japan. More Than 500 Injured in Chinese Quake, Flood Tunneled into Houston’s Cultural Heart. 5/26: Quake Hits Indonesia’s Yogyakarta, East Java. India Evacuates 118,000 Before Cyclone. 5/27: Cyclone Forces Evacuation in India. Indiana Tornado Forces Evacuation of 45. Strong Earthquake Strikes Indonesia, Several Injured. 5/28 Powerful Storms in India leave 21 Dead. 5/29 Tornado Injures 18 in Colorado Town. 5/30 New Floods Force 3500 Siberians From Homes. Reuters: Japan Recalls Volcano Tragedy a decade ago as Mount Fuji Trembles Near Tokyo. 5/30 BBC: Rising Sea Level Will Swallow Some Coastlines. 6/3 7.0 quake Hits Kermadec Islands, New Zealand, 4 Die in North Afghan Quake. 6/4 Tornado Hits Kentucky City, Lightning Kills 1, Hurts 7 in Lauderdale. 6/6 CNN: High Winds, Lightning Leave mark on Mississippi, 8 Killed in Landslide in Northeast India, Nearly 100,000 Bangladeshis Stranded in Floodwaters, Triston de Cunha–the most remote inhabited place in the world–devastated by severe storms. 6/7 AP: 4 Dead, 11 missing in Columbia avalanche, Tropical Storm Allison pours foot of rain on Texas and Louisiana. Reuters: Hundreds Lose Homes After Earthquakes 6.4, 6.2 Rock Papua: About 200 people were reported homeless and one person injured after 2 earthquakes rocked Papua, New Guinea, and officials said they expected aftershocks and landslides to last weeks. 6/8 AFP: Bangladesh Monsoon Kills 8. 13 Injured as Quake Strikes China. 6/9 ECTV: 102 Flood Victims Rescued in Hong Kong, Quake Shakes Western France, 200,000 Hit by Torrential Rain in Northeast India. 6/9 AP: 102 Flood Victims Rescued in Hong Kong. 6/10: Morning Earthquake Rattles Southwest Washington State, Quake Hits Shiraz, South Iran. 6/11 NY Times: Tropical Storm Leaves 16 Dead in 2 Gulf States. 9 Die in Houston Deluge. 6/12 ECTV: Quake Jolts New Zealand Capital, South China Flood, Landslides Kill 17; Floods Hit Villages in Bangladesh. 6/13 CNN, Houston, Texas: Lab Animals Drown in Flood, Medical Research Lost. 6/14 ECTV: Ecuador Landslide Kills 36. 6/18 The Times, UK: PLAGUES of locust are devastating crops from Central Asia to the American Midwest, sending farmers to the Book of Exodus for salvation. Not since the Egyptians incurred the Wrath of God have so many locust had their day. A billion-strong army is on the move, stretching far beyond the more normal swarming grounds of Africa and the Middle East and threatening central Eurasia’s arable land in a pincer movement from each end of the Caspian Sea.  6/23 Reuters: An EARTHQUAKE measuring 7.9 struck the PACIFIC COAST OF PERU, killing at least 2 and injuring many, officials said. NY Times: Floods Kill 43 in Southern China. 6/25 NY Times: RESCUERS SEARCH FOR QUAKE SURVIVORS: Rescuers in Peru are searching for survivors of a 7.9 magnitude earthquake which left at least 70 dead and more than 500 injured and was felt in neighboring Bolivia and Chile. 6/26 CNN: Two Minor Quakes Hit Western Washington State. Mayon Volcano May Erupt for Weeks, causing 25,000 to flee the area. 6/29 Reuters: 2 killed, 6 missing in Vietnam floods, Jakarta: Strong earthquake injures dozens and damages 2500 homes and buildings in Indonesia, West Java province, officials said Friday. 7/5 CNN: Typhoon Utor bore down on Hong Kong Thursday after pummeling the Northern Philippines and Taiwan, killing at least 50 people in landslides and floods. Tornado Strikes Southeastern Kentucky. 7/6 CNN: Monster Twister Strikes Myrtle Beach, SC, Business District, causing $8 million in damage. 9 Die in French Storms. 7/8 CNN: CHINA, PHILIPPINES Count Cost of UTOR’S Blast: Even in a weakened state tropical storm Utor continued to wreak damage across southern China, killing 3 people, wiping out thousands of homes and causing destruction estimated at $2.5B. 7/9 AOL News: Farmers in Vietnam’s southern rice bowl have been warned to be on guard against the possibility of early floods this year as the death toll in the worst floods to hit the country’s far north for years hit 42. 7/10 AP: Floods Devastate West Virginia: Flash floods that swept through the narrow valley towns of southern West Virginia left downtown Kimball a row of broken windows and caved-in store fronts caked in mud. 7/15 AP: Moderate Earthquake Rattles Taiwan, no injuries/damage reported. SEOUL, South Korea (AP): Heavy rains pelted parts of South Korea, killing 12 people in mudslides and other accidents, government officials said Sunday. 7/16 AOL News: Death Toll Up to 40 After Rain Hammers South Korea. 7/19 CNN: HONG KONG, China: Floods and landslides have been ravaging South Korea, India and China, killing hundreds of people and forcing millions to flee their homes. In South Korea floods have hit Seoul and surrounding areas since the weekend, causing 62 deaths. 7/19 CNN: 5.9 Earthquake in Kodiak Region of Alaska. 7/20 AP: At Least 3 Dead in Northern Italy Earthquake, Strongest Quake in 25 years, 5.1. 7/21 CNN: India Flood Crisis Deepens. 7/24 USGS: 6.1 Quake Shakes Chile. 7/25 CNN: Heavy Floods Hit Georgia. Drudge Report: A powerful quake shook wide areas of Greece Thursday, magnitude of 5.7, 6.4, epicenter near the Aegean Sea island of Skyros about 85 mi. NW of Athens damaged dozens of homes & cars on Skyros while shaking Athenians from sleep 124 mi away. It was just hours after a 4.4 trembler hit north of the island.” 7/27 AOL News: Monster flash flood kills 30 in northwest China. Typhoon Yutu wrecked thousands of houses and farms in southeastern China, but no deaths were reported. 7/28 CNN “6.5 Quake in Southern Alaska.” AP: Swarm of small quakes hit California high desert. 7/30 AOL News: Taiwan Typhoon and Mudslides kill 32. CNN: Deadly Floods Hit Virginia and West Virginia; Heavy Floods in South Korea. Poland battles flood crisis. 7/31 AOL News: Typhoon Torah hits Taiwan: 61 dead and 150 missing as water and mudslides wash away homes and cars. 8/1 AOL News: Heavy rains on Indonesian island causes mudslide burying at least 62 people with 100s missing. Typhoon Toraji, which killed over 200 as it ripped through Taiwan, caused over $20 million in property damage in China’s southeastern province of Fujian. Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter: A mysterious swarm of noisy earthquakes unnerves Spokane. 8/2 CNN: Flash flooding snarls Chicago traffic. 8/5 ECTV: CME Explodes Friday, August 3: Extreme Weather Ahead. 8/6 Reuters: Mudslide kills 8 in northeast China. CNN: Appalachian flooding levees 1 dead. 8/7 CNN: Tropical Storm Barry Douses the South with severe flooding. 8/8 Reuters: Mudslides kill at least 22 in northeast China. 8/10 AOL News: Storm kills 7, destroys 218 boats in Vietnam. 8/10 CNN: Heavy flooding in Georgia. 8/11 AOL News: At Least 20 Dead in Thailand Floods. 8/12 AOL News: Flash Floods Kill at Least 46 in North Thailand. 8/14 CNN: Thai torrent kills 21 village students.  8/13, AP: Ecuador Volcano Spews Ash: Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano spewed a column of ash more than three miles into the sky Monday, capping days of smaller eruptions, authorities said. 8/21 AOL News: Powerful typhoon threatens to strike Japan: churns slowly toward Japan on Tuesday, paralyzing domestic air, sea and rail traffic, and forcing Universal Studios to close its popular theme park. CNN: Hurricane Chantal Slams Yucatan Peninsula. Powerful Earthquake Rocks Parts of New Zealand. 8/27 AOL News: Undersea Earthquake Jolts Indonesia. 9/22 ECTV: Small volcanic eruption off island of Iwojima, Japan, where U.S. military operations were taking place. 9/23 ECTV: Strong 6.0 Earthquake Shakes Columbia. 10/2 AP: Quake Rocks Northern Afghanistan. 10/11 CNN: Fall twisters rip through Midwest. 10/12 AP: Guam Jolted by 7.0 Earthquake. 11/10 AOL News: Landslide Kills 35 in southern India, 20 missing. 11/14 AP, BEIJING: 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits N.W. China. 12/10 AOL News: Quake rocks Indonesia’s Sulawesi, no damage. 12/13 AOL News: Powerful 7.0 earthquake shakes Australia coastal towns, surprising seismologists. 12/18 AOL News: Strong Earthquake Hits Taiwan, no damage reports…Strong Japan Quake Causes Tsunami.

There will be major shifts, losses and scandals involving the COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA, ADVERTISING and PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRMS.6/23 Studios Make Up Fake Movie Reviews by Fictional Reviewer “David Manning”…Scandal Aftermath: Sony’s Handling of ‘Manning-Gate’ Gets Poor Marks from Rival Marketers. 8/14 CNN: Sony promises not to use fake movie reviews. 9/6 Reuters: Fox News Sues Paula Zahn’s Agent in Contract Spat: The suit, which seeks unspecified damages from Zahn’s agent, was filed the day after firing Zahn after discovering she had been offered a job to anchor on CNN for $2 million a year. Drudge Report: Rosie O’Donnell Sued, Security Staff Claims Talker Spied. 9/7 CNN: News anchor Paula Zahn signs on with CNN. 9/8 Backstage News: SAG’s Books Raise Questions And Argument: The Screen Actors Guild has provided different numbers in financial filings for the same four-year period with two federal agencies. SAG staff argues that the difference is due to two different accounting methods, while a SAG national treasurer candidate complains she’s not getting answers to questions about the two reports, and is calling for an investigation by the SAG national board of directors. 10/8 Wall Street Journal: Price-Waterhouse Pays $51 Million for scam audit: Involves SAG Pension and Health Plan books. 12/3 Drudge Report: Book Rocks Newsroom: CBS Veteran Labels Staff ‘Dan Rather’s Bitches’, Details Network Bias. 12/6 Drudge Report: Shakeup at World’s Largest Media Empire: Levin Out at AOL Time Warner. 12/13 Drudge Report: Male Anchor Slaps Female Anchor Over Petty Dispute. Girl Interrupted: Winona Ryder Busted for Shop Lifting, Drugs.

POLITICAL SCANDAL in the EAST and the WEST.  This situation involved the spy plane incident in China.  7/8 AOL News: California Representative Condit Admits to Affair With Missing DC Intern Levy, and on and on the story goes.

DEATH rules in the SOUTH with FIRE in the AIR or SKY, in or under the GROUND. September 11th, CNN, all media: WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDINGS IN NEW YORK CITY COLLAPSE DUE TO TERRORIST ATTACK USING COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES TO CRASH INTO THE BUILDINGS. ANOTHER COMMERCIAL FLIGHT CRASHES INTO THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF THE PENTAGON. ANOTHER FLIGHT CRASHES NEAR PITTSBURGH THAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY HEADING TOWARD THE WHITE HOUSE. SENATOR ORRIN HATCH DECLARES THESE ARE ACTS OF WAR AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. BIN LADEN IS UNDER SUSPICION. All government buildings in New York City and Washington, DC, are evacuated as a precaution. All commercials flights are cancelled across the U.S. as well as into and out of the country. Many businesses are affected by the process. The stock market closes for the days.

PLUNDER in AUGUST must be stopped from ON HIGH.September 11th, CNN, all media: WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDINGS IN NEW YORK CITY COLLAPSE DUE TO TERRORIST ATTACK USING COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES TO CRASH INTO THE BUILDINGS. ANOTHER COMMERCIAL FLIGHT CRASHES INTO THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF THE PENTAGON. ANOTHER FLIGHT CRASHES NEAR PITTSBURGH THAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY HEADING TOWARD THE WHITE HOUSE. SENATOR ORRIN HATCH DECLARES THESE ARE ACTS OF WAR AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. OSAMA BIN LADEN IS UNDER SUSPICION. All government buildings in New York City and Washington, DC, are evacuated as a precaution. All commercials flights are cancelled across the U.S. as well as into and out of the country. Many businesses are affected by the process. The stock market closes for the day.

MAJOR CHANGES in EDUCATION and in socially acceptable behavior.9/2 CNN: Bush, Dems, Turn Up Heat on Education. 99/14 Washington Post: Americans Approve of Bush’s Handling of Crisis. Since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, Americans are treating each other differently; citizens of the free world are treating each other differently. The Star Spangled Banner is being played in other countries in tribute to the lives lost in the ATTACK ON AMERICA. American flags are being displayed. Republicans and Democrats are putting aside their differences to work together. AMERICA IS AT WAR…the basic need for unity among the people is being recognized…the need to pull together in this time of crisis.

Early AUGUST a MAJOR DECEPTION COMES TO LIGHT in the press as great embarrassment reverberates around the globe. 8/30, Dominican Republic: “Dominican Republic Birth Records Disqualify Little Leaguer: Little League Star Danny Almonte is 14, not 12–a finding Friday that cost his team its third place World Series finish and left his father facing criminal charges.

AUGUST bears testimony to a MAJOR SCIENTIFIC/TECHNICAL BREAKTHROUGH.8/1 American Society for Teknion, Israel Institute of Technology ( “Israeli Teams Grow Heart Cells and Insulin Producing Cells from Human Embryonic Stem Cells.” “‘Bionic Ear’ Implanted by Penn Surgeons Give Hearing to the Deaf: FDA Approved Device Provides the World’s Fastest Hearing Technology.” 8/6 “Skin Patch for Parkinson’s Disease Proves Effective in Large Study.”  8/13 Scripps Research Institute: “Structure Solved By Scripps Scientists Marks Important Milestone In Effort To Develop HIV Vaccine: Scientists working in The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and at the Glycobiology Institute at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, have elucidated the structure of an antibody that effectively neutralizes human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), reported in the current issue of the journal Science.” 8/13, Montreal, McGill University: “Study Identifies New Source Of Stem Cells: A new study from the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) of McGill University has identified a non-controversial source of stem cells that can produce a number of different cell types, including the type of neural cells needed to potentially help patients recover from a spinal cord injury or Parkinson’s disease.” 8/14 CNN: “NASA’s ‘flying wing’ breaks 2 altitude records.” 8/16 CNN: “Australia makes stem cell breakthrough.” Independent Digital (UK): “Breakthrough in heart treatment may save the lives of thousands.” 8/21 “First hints of novel nuclei: A super-heavy isotope of hydrogen that has four neutrons and a proton in its nucleus has been detected for the first time. Physicists have been attempting to create hydrogen-5, which is thought to exist inside stars, for over 40 years. An international collaboration identified the highly unstable isotope at the RIKEN detector in Japan.” Drudge Report: “China Scientist Grow Dog Bladder Tissue on a Mouse.” 8/24 CNN: “New object deemed largest minor planet: An icy body beyond Pluto has unseated the asteroid Ceres as the largest minor planet in the solar system, breaking a record that stood for two centuries.” 8/24, Science, NASA: “A NEW COMET: Last weekend an amateur astronomer peered through his telescope and found a new comet the old-fashioned way–by looking.” BBC News: “DNA Catches Killer After 18 Years.” 8/27 NY Times: “IBM Creates a Tiny Circuit Out of Carbon: taking a step toward post-silicon computers.” 8/28 Telegraph UK: “Gene ‘pill’ could help people live to be 100.” 8/29 Washington Post, AP: “Scientists Wipe Out Mouse Tumors: using a common virus that tricks cancer cells into self-destructing.” 9/2 Observer, UK: “Alter our DNA or robots will take over, warns Hawking: Special report: the ethics of genetics: Stephen Hawking, the acclaimed scientist and writer, reignited the debate over genetic engineering yesterday by recommending that humans change their DNA through genetic modification to keep ahead of advances in computer technology and stop intelligent machines from ‘taking over the world.'” 9/3 CBS News, University of Wisconsin: “For the first time, researchers have used embryonic stems cells to produce human blood cells. The development could lead to a new source of cells for transfusions and other therapies.” 9/5 NASA News: “Black Hole Snacks: NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory has spotted a curious outburst from our galaxy’s core–a sign that the Milky Way’s central black hole may be snacking on its neighbors.” 9/10 “Third Animal Species Cloned at Texas A&M.”

The STOCK MARKET experiences CHECKS AND BALANCES.7/31 CNN: “Shopping spree on Wall Street.” 8/1 CNN: “Chipper Day for Nasdaq.” 8/2 CNN: “U.S. Stocks Flat.” 8/7 CNN: “Wall Street Waffles.” 8/8 CNN: “Wall Street holds its own.” 8/9 CNN: “Tokyo stocks open lower.” 8/10 CNN: “Europe techs rebound.” 8/11 CNN: “Safety seekers give DOW 117 point rally.” NY Times: “Biotech Stocks are Pummeled After Decision on Research.” 8/14 CNN: “Japan central bank shocks markets.” 8/16 CNN: “Wall Street back from the dead.” 8/17 CNN: “European markets in retreat.” “Rough week on Wall Street.” 8/20 AOL News (Reuters): Week Ahead: “Tokyo stocks to test downside: tech profits weigh.” 8/24 CNN: “Ambivalent sell off on Wall Street.” 8/25 CNN: “U.S. stocks skyrocket, fueled by Cisco.” 8/28 CNN: “European markets decline.” 8/29 CNN: “Shaky outlook for Wall Street” “European tech stocks tumble.” Reuters: “Nikkei marks fresh 17-year closing low, banks tumble.”

In early SEPTEMBER expect COMMUNICATION DISRUPTION involving SUN SPOTS or FLARES with satellite failure. 8/24 “Giant coronal flare interrupts radio transmissions.” 8/27 “An interplanetary shock wave triggered by a powerful solar explosion two days ago buffeted Earth’s magnetosphere between 19:30 and 20:00 UT on Monday.” There have been an exceptional amount of flares during the month of September.

In AUGUST-SEPTEMBER there will be much FLOODING, a DAM BREAKS bringing grief to millions. There will also be VOLCANIC ERUPTION, LANDSLIDES, MUDSLIDES and general discomfort.  2/25 BBC News: “Mozambique Dam Near overflowing: at least 15,000 people in immediate danger.” 8/1 NY Times: “Landslides and Floods Take a Toll in Indonesia.” 8/1 CNN: “Taiwan Typhoon causes tremendous tragedy, suffering and loss for thousands with extensive flooding and mudslides.” 8/26 CNN: “India Floods Displace 3 Million.” 8/28 CNN: “New study warns of East Coast tsunami threats.” The Times, UK: “Volcano collapse puts Britain in tidal wave peril: A disaster that scientists say is waiting to happen: Eastern U.S. could experience 165 foot waves that could go 6 miles inland.” 8/29 AFP: “Decades of Asian logging yield deadly fruit: When the rains came to northern Thailand, an unstoppable tidal wave of debris crashed down in a flash flood to sweep away entire villages and claim more than 100 lives.” “12 dead as Vietnam’s Mekong Delta faces second year of record floods.” “Etna becoming more dangerous, study warns: (AFP) Mount Etna, which erupted violently this year for the fourth time in 30 years, is gradually becoming more explosive and unpredictable, French volcanologists warn.” 8/31 CNN: “Heavy flooding in Chicago leaves motorists stranded.” Reuters: “Cambodia floods kills 35, 500,000 forced to flee.”  Agence France Press, LAGOS: “Flooding in Nigeria highlights pressure on dams: Flooding in northern Nigeria left at least 14 dead Friday, plus dozens missing and tens of thousands homeless, highlights the worldwide case against dams. Heavy rains battered the normally dry region of northern Nigeria, around the city of Kano, at the weekend swelling the build up of water in the Tiga and Shallawa dams already full after weeks of rains. That build up–would previously have run away gradually–was dangerous. On Monday it overflowed and sent waters coursing down the main Wudil river, sweeping through towns and villages, carrying away people and livestock and smashing through mud-built homes.” 9/3 Reuters: “Many Feared Dead, 30,000 Homeless in Nigerian Floods.” 9/5 AOL News: “Vietnam flood toll rises, but hopes for respite: death toll from floods in southern Vietnam climbed to 49 on Wednesday.” 9/4&5 USGS: A series of earthquakes hits Colorado: 4.0, 5.0, 4.0 3.7.” 9/8 BBC News: “Indian floods cause chaos.” “Filipino volcano fears remain for refugees.” 9/9 AP: “4.2 Earthquake Jolts Los Angeles Area: one mile southeast of West Hollywood.” AOL News: “Powerful typhoon Danas bears down on Japan.” 9/10 Scripps Howard News Service: Fear of disaster in Colorado after 8 quakes in 2 weeks. 9/11 AOL News: Typhoon Danas Hits Japan, 5 Dead.” 9/17 AOL News: “Typhoon kills 36 in Taiwan, cleanup begins.” 9/20 NY Times: “Typhoon Deals New Blow to Taiwan Manufactures: Disrupting production of computers, semiconductors and other electronics necessary to U.S. industry.” 9/21 AOL News: “Taiwan cleans up as Typhoon death toll hits 88.” 9/25 AOL News: “Floods kill 27 in China, destroy 50,000 homes…Vietnam flood toll 159, including 137 children…CNN: “Deadly tornado touches down in Washington, DC area, Maryland, killing 3.” 9/26 AOL News: “Another Typhoon hits southern Taiwan, the 8th to hit Taiwan this year.” 9/28 AOL News: “Taiwan lifts typhoon warning, searches for more missing…Landslides bury 11, kill 8 in China’s southwest.” 10/8 CNN: “Iris becomes strongest Atlantic hurricane of 2001, heads for Central America.” 10/10 NY Times: “Hurricane Kills Virginia Dive Club Members in Belize: As many as 20 people, mostly Americans, died after their chartered luxury boat capsized under the force of Hurricane Iris’ heavy winds.

In SEPTEMBER the STOCK MARKET will be SHAKY.9/3 Drudge Report: “Japan Stocks Hit 17-Year Low.” 9/5 CNN: “Wall Street tries to recover from disappointing session.” “Sell-off in tech shares sends European market sliding.” 9/6 CNN: “Wall Street tumbles lower.” 9/7 Drudge Report: “Japanese Report Fuels Global Economic Fears.” 9/10 Drudge Report: “World Markets Slide Again.” 9/11 Drudge Report: “U.S. Companies Plunge on Foreign Stock Exchanges: After Terrorist Attack on World Trade Centers: Destroyed.” 9/13 CNN: “Market starts recovery.” 9/14 CNN: “U.S. bonds rally on rate cut bet…Retailer stocks face volatility when markets re-open…Wall Street closed for 4 days.” 9/15 NY Times: “S.E.C. Waives Some Rules to Try to Ease Market Volatility.” 9/16 NY Times: “A Gradual Slowdown Suddenly Becomes a Wrenching Halt: Six days ago the economy seemed to be at best stagnant. Now many experts believe it is already contracting.” 9/18 NY Times: “On a Day Without Precedent, Bad Numbers Still Felt Good…Wall Street Opens; Stocks Slide, But Do Not Crash.” 9/19 NY Times: “Stock Markets Hold Steady Day After Big Sell-Off.” 9/19 The Astrologers Fund (} “The 911 Tragedy: Astrology and the Stock Market.” 9/21 AOL News: “Threats of war, recession loom over global economy: Wall Street finished its worst week since the Depression…Japan to restrict bin Laden, Taliban in banks.” 9/25 NY Times: “Energy Prices Tumble, but Stocks Soar Worldwide.” 9/27 CNN: “Europe slides; chips fall…Asian markets end higher.” 9/29 NY Times: “Stocks End Week Higher, but Quarter Was Painful.”

In the fall another MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STAR is mourned.8/25 CNN: “Walter Reed, actor in western and war films, dies.” 8/26 CNN: “Singer Aaliyah dies in a plane crash, 22.” 9/2 AP: “Actor Troy Donohue, a blond, blue-eyed teen heartthrob of the 50s and 60s, died today. He was 65.” 11/30 CNN: “Beatle George Harrison dies of cancer, 58.”


In the fall, a DICTATORSHIP FALLS bringing self-rule to yet another country that has been the victim of tyranny.9/25 Will this be Afghanistan? And eventually, Iraq?  12/8 NY Times: “Anti-Taliban Leaders Convene to Resolve Disputes in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The Interim Government: U.S. Is Voicing Confidence in a Kabul Administration.”  12/21 CNN: “Afghanistan’s peacekeeping mission begins.”

Sometime this FALL, the STOCK MARKET SOARS to NEW HEIGHTS.  11/10 CNN: “DOW rises to milestone.”

This FALL a MAJOR CORPORATION files for BANKRUPTCY.7/12 NEW YORK (Reuters): “Polaroid Corp. said Wednesday it has held optimistic talks with its banks about looming loan deadlines, but the shares of the instant photography company still tumbled 46 percent on concerns the company may be on the brink of bankruptcy.” 8/25 CNN: “Bankruptcy Surge: 20% higher among individuals from this time in 2000.” 9/26 “Renaissance Shuts Down, Mid-Vacation: The company said it is filing for bankruptcy protection.” 9/29 NY Times: “At Home, Once Mighty Internet Portal, Says It Will Seek Chapter 11 Protection.” 10/2 Reuters: “Swissair stops flying as cash runs out.” 10/12 AP: “Polaroid Files for Chapter 11 Today.” 10/15 Reuters: “Bankrupt Lechters closing all 315 stores…Other retailers including Montgomery Ward & Co and Ames Department Stores were unable to weather the current economic turndown and also filed for bankruptcy…Bankrupt: ExciteAtHome stops taking new subscribers. BETHLEHEM STEEL FILES FOR CHAPTER 11.” 12/3 Independent News, UK: “Argentina close to collapse after run on banks….Interest Rates 500%.” Drudge Report: ENRON Files Largest Ever Chapter 11 Case.

OCTOBER sees yet more MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, causing related STOCKS to RISE in PRICE. 9/17 ECTV: “Weapons of War: Elite soldiers will carry a two-barreled rifle called the objective individual combat weapon, which can even wipe out opponents hidden in trenches or behind vehicles.” “Gene Therapy May be a Tool to Prevent Blindness; Reduces Blinding Blood Vessel Growth by up to 90% in Laboratory Mice….Scientists Find Holes Etched in Silicon Chips Can Migrate.” 9/25 NASA News: “Comet Borrelly Revealed: Against all odds, NASA Deep Space 1 not only survived its daring encounter with Comet Borrelly but also returned stunning pictures of the comet’s nucleus.” Electron laser packs a punch: An ultraviolet laser over a thousand times more powerful than any other has been created by physicists at the DESY research centre in Hamburg. The result confirms that a ‘free electron laser’ can amplify light by a factor of ten million, as predicted. While such an ultraviolet laser is a powerful research tool in its own right, it also represents a step towards a super-powerful X-ray laser, which would have myriad uses in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine.” 10/4 “Two Genes Are Better Than One: Combination Approach Selectively Kills Pancreatic Cancer Cells: A two-fisted, gene-based therapy might someday offer patients with pancreatic cancer another treatment option for their disease, which is a particularly aggressive cancer and a veritable death sentence soon after diagnosis. Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons (P&S) researchers are reporting that a gene that stops tumor growth called mda-7, together with a snippet of DNA that turns off the K-ras cancer gene killed pancreatic cancer cells in test tube experiments. The combination approach also prevented tumor growth in animals.” 10/5 Georgetown University Medical Center: “Georgetown Research Uncovers New Mechanism For Suppressing HIV: Laboratory studies at Georgetown University Medical Center have shown that Peptide-T, a synthetic compound of amino acids, can suppress the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) by preventing the virus from entering healthy human cells.” 10/9 “The 100th Nobel Prize for Physics been awarded to the researchers who created the first Bose-Einstein condensates, the so-called fifth state of matter, in the laboratory. Eric Cornell of JILA and National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, Wolfgang Ketterle of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Carl Wieman of JILA and the University of Colorado, share the 2001 prize for “the achievement of Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases of alkali atoms, and for early fundamental studies of the properties of the condensates.” 10/12 AOL News: “Vitamin Regimen Can Prevent Blindness: High doses of antioxidants plus zinc can slow or prevent vision loss in people with macular degeneration.” 10/18 Lucent Technologies: Bell Labs Scientists Usher In New Era Of Molecular-Scale Electronics; Tiny Organic Transistors May Lead To Less Expensive And More Powerful Chips.” Northeastern University: NU Professor Works Toward A Permanently Germ-Free Surface: Polymer Glass Coating Capable Of Killing Airborne Bacteria On Contact.” 11/18 Sciencedaily: Molecular ‘Nanogenerator’ Developed That Can Target Cancer Cells and Destroy Them.

MAJOR POWER PLAYS in POLITICAL CIRCLES fill the headlines in OCTOBER. 10/5 Washington Post: “Factions Jockey for Power in Afghanistan…U.S. Rebukes Sharon…NY Times: Blair Arrives in Pakistan in a Visit Seen as a Reward. Vancouver Sun: Feminist anti-US. Speech Causes Uproar: Told a cheering audience that the United States is more threatening to the world than international terrorism.” 10/6 AOL News: “Britain’s Blair holds talks with India’s Vajpayee.” 10/8 CNN: “U.N. to hear Afghan briefing…World reaction to U.S. led attacks….PAKISTAN: Musharaff backs U.S. as protests mount.” 10/9 AOL News: “North Korea says world facing war after US-led attacks. NY Times: “Arafat Decides to Take a Gamble on the West: decision to confront a radical Palestinian crowd was the first dramatic evidence to date that the Sept. 11 attacks have dented the thinking in the Mideast. CNN: “Pakistan, India broach peace.” 10/10 AOL News: “China, Russia back Afghan coalition government…and share a common stance on campaign against terrorism…Taliban guest bin Laden free to wage holy war against the United States.” Drudge Report: “Palestinians ask Israel for help as pro-bin Laden riots spread.” 10/11 AOL News: “Jakarta quiet ahead of radical Muslim deadline: for the government to sever diplomatic relations with the United States or face an anti-foreigner backlash…Ex-Afghan King pushes for meetings…India warns of biological attack threat – paper…U.S. Military Does Exercises in Japan.” 10/15 CNN: “Powell to arrive as anti-US protests heat up…At least 18 killed in anti-US protest in Nigeria.” 10/16 NY Times: “Iran Said to Agree to Help U.S. With Rescues…Powell, in Pakistan, Focuses on Post-Taliban Regime.” CNN: “Pakistan pledges ‘indefinite’ support to U.S.” 10/17 AOL News: “Powell walks diplomatic tightrope in South Asia…Japan eyes role in Afghan reconstruction…CNN: MIDEAST CRISIS: ISRAELI MINISTER KILLED: Sharon suspends ties with Palestinian Authority, saying the killing of a cabinet minister marks changes in relations….Pakistan says India moving troops…Reuters: Saudis alarmed by spate of U.S. media attacks.” 10/18 Reuters, Beijing, CHINA: “APEC hits at terrorism, stresses U.N. role.” 10/20 AOL News: “Jakarta’s Megawati seeks talks with Bush.” 10/23 CNN: “U.S. demands Israeli withdrawal.” 11/1 AOL News: “Indonesia’s Megawati calls for Afghan ceasefire.” 11/2 AOL News: “South Korea proposes Nov. 9-12 talks with North.” 11/10 CNN: Iran’s president indirectly criticizes Taliban.  

In OCTOBER, there will be yet another MAJOR SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH.10/8 NY Times: Associated Press: “U.S. and British Scientists Receive Nobel Prize in Medicine: STOCKHOLM, Sweden: An American and two British researchers won the 2001 Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for basic discoveries in cell development that are expected to lead to new cancer treatments.” 10/15 CNN: “Lab test suggest baboons capable of reasoning.” 11/2 NASA News: Vibrating Space Bones: A new and unorthodox treatment under study by NASA-funded doctors could reverse bone loss experienced by astronauts in space–and relieve osteoporosis sufferers here on Earth.”

Financial losses could resound in OCTOBER/NOVEMBER. MAJOR STOCK MARKET checks. CAUTION is necessary in investments.10/5 Washington Post: Unemployment Holds Steady…The Changing Employment Picture: Since Sept. 11 several companies have announced layoffs. 10/6 CNN: U.S. job cuts soar…Profit warnings mount…Wall Street turns around. 10/11 NY Times: Stocks Rally, Erasing Post Attack Loses. 10/12 NY Times: Stocks Surge on Increased Confidence by Investors…Computer Associates to Lay Off 900 Workers. 10/15 AP: More Dot.Coms File Chapter 11…Etensity Files for Chapter 11, Says It Expects Profitability…Pensat Files for Bankruptcy. 10/17 CNN: Merril Lynch May Cut 10,000 Jobs…Nerves drag Wall Street down. 10/18 NY Times: Online Downturn Means Drop for AOL Time Warner…EMC Reports Drop in Sales and a Loss in the Quarter…Apple Tops Analysts’ Lowered Forecasts. CNN: Anthrax fears, Greenspan’s comments hurt Wall Street…UAL says it could fold by next year. 10/23 NY Times: Samsung Electronics Reports Plunge of 75% in Earnings. CNN: More gains on Wall Street. 10/25 Geneva, UPI: Terrorism to costs 9 million tourism jobs worldwide. 10/28 AOL News: Malaysia to deport 300,000 foreign workers to free up jobs for locals due to economic slowdown. 11/1 NY Times: The recession has begun, Stuart Hoffman, chief economist of the PNC Financial Services Group…After 8 Years, U.S. Economy Finally Falters…U.S. Will End Regular Sale of Long Bond after 25 years…Entangled With War on Terror, Threat of Global Recession. 11/2 Washington Post, AP: Jobless Jump Biggest in 21 Years. 11/4 CNN: Feds expected to cut rates again. 12/3 Independent News, UK: Argentina near collapse after run on banks. 12/21 CNN: Argentina on brink of collapse.

In OCTOBER/NOVEMBER there will be MAJOR CHALLENGES involving BIG GOVERNMENT and the PEOPLE.These CHALLENGES seem to involve governments all over the world due to the terrorist ATTACK ON AMERICA and the U.S. WAR ON TERRORISM that has been taken to AFGHANISTAN. At this time (10/11/01) this is particularly so in the Middle East and Far East: Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia, but also in Nigeria. 11/2 Washington Post: “Islamic Militants March in Pakistan.”

BANKRUPTCIES FLOURISH in the FALL of 2001! WORLD CHANGES bring WORLDWIDE CHALLENGES to the ECONOMIC SCENE.9/30 NY Times: Many Once Thriving Cities Are Suddenly Hurting: September 11 changed everything, including the economic map of the United States…Sales Drop and Spending Crawls as Uncertainty Grips Economy. 10/1 CNN: Las Vegas Aladdin Resort Files for Bankruptcy Protection. 10/15 AP: More Dot.Coms File Chapter 11…Etensity Files for Chapter 11, Says It Expects Profitability…Pensat Files for Bankruptcy. 2/20/2002 Drudge Report: 2001 Bankruptcy Filings Up 19%.

FREE ENERGY DEVICES will begin to replace those utilizing fossil fuel.  2/25 Reuters: Superconductor Gain Holds Promise of Energy Efficiency: A team of Japanese physicists reported making a resistance-free electrical conductor from a cheap metallic compound at a record high temperature, opening new horizons in efforts to realize the enormous potential of one of the world’s exotic technologies…one of the most unusual and sought-after properties of certain matter…their ability at extremely low temperatures to transmit electricity resistance-free. 3/18 CNN: Could Hydrogen Be the Fuel of the Future? 9/9 NY Times: Solar Power is Reaching Where Wires Can’t. 12/7 Solar cell edges towards endless energy: A limitless source of clean-burning fuel is a step closer following the discovery of a material that can extract hydrogen from water using energy from visible light. Zhigang Zou of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan and colleagues have developed a photo catalyst that uses optical radiation; which makes up 43% of solar energy. A reliable source of hydrogen is one of the holy grails of energy production; hydrogen releases lots of energy when it burns and the only by-product is water. Previous catalysts have only responded to ultraviolet radiation, which accounts for just 4% of the Sun’s energy.

ECONOMIC CHALLENGE is the name of the game for the OIL and COAL INDUSTRIES as a source of energy. UTILITIES will be seriously affected as well as the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, as well as all businesses dependent upon fossil fuels for supply and demand–for making a living. There will be some PANIC during the years of adjustment that follow. The current energy problem in CALIFORNIA is only the tip of the iceberg!  3/18 Reuters, Washington: Bush Economist Says Co2 Caps Could Cause Blackouts: President Bush’s chief economist said Sunday that the U.S. cannot afford to curb carbon dioxide emissions because it is in the midst of a major energy crisis. Speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, White House Chief Economic Advisor Lawrence Lindsey said carbon dioxide caps could cause more energy blackouts like the ones that have plagued California…’We need more refineries, we need more power plants, we need more pipelines,’ he said” 7/23 NY Times: Support Grows for Corn Based Fuel Despite Critics. 9/6 Sciencedaily: Penn Engineers Develop Fuel Cell That Uses Liquid Diesel, The First Such Device to Run On A Widely Available Fuel. 11/27 NY Times: A Practical Way to Make Power From Wasted Heat: Efficiently and inexpensively transforms heat pollution into electricity. 12/6 ECTV: A New Material Helps to Make Clean Fuel From Water: Scientists in Japan have found a more efficient way to extra hydrogen, the ultimate ‘green fuel,’ from water.” It is my opinion that we need FREE ENERGY and we need it SOON! We do not need more raping of the planet and more pollution.

There will be CHANGES in LEADERSHIP with countless adjustments necessary in several corners of the world. June 2 AP/CNN: Nepal’s royal family slain in palace massacre. Shocked Nepalese gathered outside the royal palace as news of the shootings spread: Nepal’s crown prince has shot and killed his parents, the king and queen, and several other members of the royal family before killing himself. Nation is shocked. June 21 CNN: Military ruler assumes Pakistan presidency. 6/27 AOL News: Vietnam assembly names reputed reformist new head. 7/23 NY Times: Indonesian Leader Imposes a Decree to Fight Removal. CNN: Megawati Takes Indonesian Presidency. 7/26 NY Times: Ousted Indonesian Leader Leaves Palace. 7/27 CNN: “President of Bolivia to Step Down August 6, Battling Cancer.” 7/28 CNN: “Toledo Takes Peru Presidential Mantle…first elected president of Indian descent ends 10 years of autocratic rule. 8/8 CNN: Khatami sworn in as Iran president, pledges justice. 9/10 CNN: Fiji swears in new leader. 10/11 A change of leadership is imminent in Afghanistan. 10/29 AOL News: Japan ruling party regains Lower House majority. 10/30 NY Times: Ford Chief is Said to Resign, Will be Replaced by Family Heir. 11/7 CNN: Bloomberg wins New York mayoral race. Democrats win Gov. race in VA and NJ. 11/13 AOL News: Thousands March in Papua, Leader’s Death a Mystery. 11/17 AOL News: China, Pakistan push for diverse Afghan authority. 11/18 Washington Post: Former Afghan Leader Returns to Kabul. 11/19 CNN: Ex-Communist Wins Bulgarian Election. 11/21 NY Times: Malaysia King Dies. 12/6 CNN: Afghan factions sign power deal. Drudge Report, The Times, UK: Mullah Omar ‘is captured.’ Last night was apparently being held captive as the Taliban lost control of their spiritual stronghold in Kandahar. 12/10 AOL News: New prime minister for Sri Lanka but no cabinet. 12/12 AOL News: Al Qaeda in surrender talks with Afghan foes. 12/13 AOL News: Afghan new government leader starts first day in Kabul. 12/17 AOL News: Ecstatic Afghan Chiefs Claim Victory. 12/19 AOL News: New Afghan leader due in Kabul, bin Laden at large. 12/21 CNN: Afghanistan Peacekeeping Mission Begins. 12/27 AOL News: Israel’s Labor Party Gets New Leader.

In NOVEMBER, there is DANGER of NUCLEAR ACCIDENTS with great loss of life near a major city. This could be triggered by an EARTHQUAKE.

HURRICANE/TYPHOON possibilities in NOVEMBER/DECEMBER could prove devastating for many around the world.  10/13 AOL News: Vietnam floods kill 256, water not expected to recede until late November.” 10/16 AOL News: Cyclone threatens India’s southeast coast. AP: Tornado Record Set for Early October: 83 tornadoes so far this month. 10/23 AOL News: Vietnam flood season kills 326, children bear brunt. 10/25 CNN: One dead after strong storms hit Indiana. 11/2 CNN: Michelle Gains Hurricane Force Over Caribbean. 11/4 Drudge Report: Michelle From Hell: Extremely Dangerous Hurricane Moving Northeastward toward the Florida Keys. 11/7 AOL News: Typhoon kills 22 in Philippines, over 100 missing. 11/8 NY Times: 350 May be Dead in Philippine Storm. 11/10 AOL News: Killer storm could slow before hitting Vietnam. 11/11 CNN: Algerian floods kill hundreds. 11/12 AOL News: Typhoon Ling Ling Kills 10 in Vietnam. 11/13 CNN: Algeria’s Worst Floods in 40 Years Kill 579. 11/15 CNN: Death Toll From Algerian Floods Could Reach 1000. 11/17 CNN: Texas storms leave deadly wake. 11/25 NY Times: Severe Weather Turns Deadly Across Three Southern States. 11/26 CNN: Tornado death toll rises to 11 in southern states. 11/28 CNN: Woman killed in Tennessee storm. 12/10 AOL News: Vietnam searches for 163 fisherman as tropical storm Kajiki wanes. 12/31 AOL News: Floods hit Indonesia’s Sumatra, thousands flee. 

The STOCK MARKET is SHAKY with RECOVERY in plain sight. 11/8 NY Times: “The Market: Stocks Rise on Rate-Cut Optimism.” 11/12 CNN: “Can Wall Street rally continue?” 11/13 NY Times: “Stocks Up Sharply on Wall Street…Dollar Soars on Afghan Military Success.” 11/14 CNN: “Wall Street optimism seen growing.” 11/15 CNN: “U.S. Stocks Push Higher.” 11/17 NY Times: “Interest Rates on Treasuries Return to Pre-September 11 Levels.” CNN: “European stocks end higher.” 11/20 CNN: “Wall Street Keeps Rising.” 11/21 CNN: “Wall Street takes a breather…Microsoft settles class action.” 11/26 NY Times: “Treasury Chief Sees an Economic Brightening.” 11/27 NY Times: “Economists Make It Official: U.S. is in Recession.” 11/28 CNN: “Tokyo slides at open.”

Early NOVEMBER there is GOOD NEWS that will be much discussed and shared by many.Perchance this was the progress in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan?!

A BELOVED QUEEN makes her transition and is greatly mourned.

Unexpected DRAMATIC CHANGES could well involve the THREAT OF WAR. NEGOTIATION is NECESSARY to avert DISASTER.September 11th, CNN, all media: WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDINGS IN NEW YORK CITY COLLAPSE DUE TO TERRORIST ATTACK USING COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES TO CRASH INTO THE BUILDINGS. ANOTHER COMMERCIAL FLIGHT CRASHES INTO THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF THE PENTAGON. ANOTHER FLIGHT CRASHES NEAR PITTSBURGH THAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY HEADING TOWARD THE WHITE HOUSE. SENATOR ORRIN HATCH DECLARES THESE ARE ACTS OF WAR AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. BIN LADEN IS UNDER SUSPICION. All government buildings in New York City and Washington, DC, are evacuated as a precaution. All commercials flights are cancelled across the U.S. as well as into and out of the country. Many business are affected by the process. The stock market closes for the day. 2/16 NY Times: “IRAQ ATTACKED by U.S. and British, bombing radar installations.” 2/17 Reuters: “Iraq Threatens Retaliation.” 3/2 Special to World Tribune.Com: “Saddam’s Deployment During Powell Visit Brought the Region to the Brink of War: Iraq responded to U.S. air strikes on February 16 by deploying thousands of troops from six divisions to positions near the Jordanian border, triggering military alerts in Tel Aviv, Washington, and in several Gulf capitals.” 3/18 NY Times: “Macedonian Forces Resume Gunfire on Albanian Rebels.” 3/20 Telegraph, UK: “North Korea Gives ‘War Warning’ To U.S.” 4/15 Reuters: “Pentagon Considers New Nuclear Weapon.” 4/17 NY Times: “Israel Attacks Palestinian Territory in Gaza Strip.” CNN: “Israelis smash Palestinian police post in Gaza.” 6/1: “Israel is “not so far removed” from the possibility of full-scale war, a senior IDF officer warned yesterday. ‘We need to keep the forces ready for full-scale war,’ Brigadier General Yisrael Ziv told defense correspondents yesterday.” 6/9 Reuters: “Saudi Crown Prince warns of new war in Middle East: blaming the violence of recent months on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.” 6/21 CNN: “Powell to again travel to Middle East for talks as Cease-Fire seems in peril.” “Russia: bin Laden poses ‘serious threat’ to Bush.” 6/24 AFP: “Russian Paratroopers Ready to Enter Macedonia.” 7/4 London (Reuters) “Stench warfare and stink bombs – U.S. secret weapon? – The Pentagon is developing a stink bomb to drive away enemy troops or hostile crowds, the magazine New Scientist has said.” 7/7 NY Times: “White House Wants to Bury Pact Banning Tests of Nuclear Arms.” 7/21 CNN: “Iraq Fires Missles into Kuwaiti Air Space.” UPI: “US intelligence: Israel will attack: The CIA believes Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has decided to launch a retaliatory full-scale attack on Palestinian-controlled territory if there is another suicide bombing attack, several former Agency and other U.S. intelligence officials said. 7/22 Sun Herald, Sydney, AUSTRALIA: “Israel’s army has announced plans to open overseas recruiting stations, sparking predictions of an all-out war with the Palestinians.” Washington Times: “High-tech warfare: TAIPEI, Taiwan: China’s military is moving ahead with development of information warfare capabilities and appears to have orchestrated recent computer attacks on Taiwan, the top electronic warfare general here said. Air Force Lt. Gen. Abe C. Lin, director of the Defense Ministry information and electronic warfare directorate, said in an interview with The Washington Times that the People’s Republic of China is developing a variety of information warfare and electronic combat weapons in preparation for a conflict with the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan.” 8/4 AOL News: “Israelis Attack Palestinian Police Headquarters.” 8/5 AP: “Gun battles rage as Mideast violence escalates: Fighting raged across the West Bank and Gaza Strip after a botched Israeli missile strike against a convoy carrying Palestinian activists brought simmering violence to a boiling point on Sunday.” 8/9 CNN: “New fighting rocks Macedonia.” 8/10 NY Times: “Palestinian Bomber Kills at Least 14; Israelis Retaliate Swiftly.” 8/13 Drudge Report: “Egypt Threatens Show of Armed Forces to Aid Arafat.” 8/14 Reuters: “Israeli tanks, troops raid West Bank town, a suspected suicide bomber base.” NY Times: “Macedonian Peace Signed, But Soon After, Artillery Booms.” Drudge Report: “Russia predicts Middle East war within 6 months.” CNN: “Israeli Troops Massing Near Bethlehem.” (Reuters): “Israel Warns Palestinians to Prepare for Long War.” 8/25 The tit-for-tat war between the Israelis and Palestinians continues with revenge slaughter almost daily now. It’s too much to keep listing each and every news report. When will they realize that all humanity is one big family and that all worship the same God? 8/26 “Russia close to major arms deal with Iran, Libya.” 10/8 Drudge Report: “NATO to Deploy AWACS Aircraft in U.S.” Most war news is at the top of the page with the info on the attacks.10/7 NY Times: “U.S. STRIKES BACK: Cruise missiles directed toward dozens of terrorist targets.” 10/8 AOL News: “Terrified Kabul residents endure night of horror…South Korea says U.S. led Afghan raids justified…Pakistan Party denounces U.S. raids…India backs U.S. led attacks, Bush assures Vajpayee…Taliban radio says no casualties, damage in Kabul…Mexico’s Fox gives support for Afghan strikes. CNN: “Bin Laden: No ‘security or safety’ for U.S.” 10/26 NY Times: “Israeli Raid Turned Village into War Zone.” 10/29 AOL News: “Law Allowing Japan to Join War Passes. CNN: Anthrax found at Justice Department mail site.” 11/10 AOL News: “Mazar-i-Sharif falls, Bin Laden boasts of being in possession of nuclear weapons.” 11/12 CNN: “The Northern Alliance Moves on Kabul.” 11/19 CNN: “Indonesia, Malaysia Ready to Send Troops to Afghanistan.” 11/26 NY Times: “Hundreds of U.S. Troops Land 12 Miles From Taliban Stronghold…Taliban Foes Say Kunduz is Theirs.” 11/27 CNN: “Afghan talks begin as war on ground continues…Bush: Expect U.S. casualties in war on terrorism…Speed of the essence at Afghan talks…Powell: Bush sends Iraq a chilling message.” 11/28 NY Times: “2 Palestinian Gunmen Kill 2 as U.S. Begins Peace Effort in a Northern Israeli City.” CNN: “U.S. strikes leadership compound…Afghan leaders look beyond Taliban.” 12/2 AOL News: “Battle for Kandahar Rages On.” 12/3 AOL News: “Terror attacks kill at least 28 in Israel.” Drudge Report: “Sharon Seeks Green Light for Attack That Could End Arafat Era.” 12/5 AOL News: “Suspected Bombing Shakes Jerusalem.” NY Times: “Israelis Attack Arafat Compound and 7 Other Sites…Marines Advance Toward Kandahar to Prepare Siege.” 12/10 CNN: “U.S. Bombers Pound Tora Bora…Alliance forces claim gains against Al Qaeda.” 12/12 AOL News: “U.S. planes resume bombing amid surrender talks.”  12/17 Drudge Report: ” Iran’s Rafsanjani suggests nuclear attack on Israel.” 12/19 AOL News: “India says Pakistan building up troops on border.” “Tribal Afghan Forces Say Al-Qaida Defeated.” CNN: “Afghan leaders boosted by ex-king…India talks war, but diplomacy first.” 12/21 CNN: “White House Marks 100 Days in War on Terrorism.”  12/26 Washington Post: “INDIA, PAKISTAN PREPARE FOR WAR.”

A DREAM COMES TRUE this DECEMBER, with HOPE and PEACE for many.  AOL News: Kandahar Taliban Begin Surrender. 12/10 CNN: Agreement on Kandahar removes ‘major obstacle.’ 12/17 NY Times: U.S. Officials Claim Al Qaeda Routed From Afghanistan. CNN: U.S. raises flag over embassy in Kabul. 12/20 CNN: First U.K. peacekeepers fly to Kabul.

The STOCK MARKET takes an upward turn in DECEMBER. 12/5 AOL News: “Oil soft as U.S. stocks rise, await Russia talks.” NY Times: “Tech Optimism May Help Wall Street.” 12/6 NY Times: “Surge in Stocks Arouses Vision of New Bull Market.” CNN: “Wall Street bulls charge ahead.” 12/10 CNN: “Wall Street tries to defend milestones” “Fed rate cutting campaign continues.” 12/27 CNN: “European Markets Rise.”

The SATURN/NEPTUNE trine that waxes and wanes in 2001 indicates the promise of WORLD ADVANCEMENT and DREAMS COME TRUE. Progress should be made at the PEACE TABLES around the world.  11/19 CNN: “Secretary of State Powell to lay out ‘vision of hope’ for Middle East.” 12/5 AOL News: “Afghans near accord, Taliban surrender pressed.” “Afghans scent historic deal on post-Taliban cabinet.”

The NEW DISCOVERIES concerning other PLANETARY SYSTEMS and LIFE on other systems will continue to greatly challenge the Earth’s scientific community. These discoveries will initiate a great change in CONSCIOUSNESS worldwide. 1/28 NY Times: “Mysterious Night Glow in the Skies of Venus Puzzles Scientists.” 2/1 CNN: “A newly released Hubble Space Telescope image of so-called ant nebula’ challenges existing theories about death of stars similar to our sun, astronomers said.” 2/2 Daily University Space News: “Dark Energy: Planets, Stars and Gases Make Up Only 5% of Universe: ‘Our Universe is a very strange cosmic cocktail,’ says lead author Max Tegmark, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at U of Penn, ‘The 95 percent of the universe that’s not matter like we see around us is matter that can’t be seen at all–matter of a type that still mystifies astronomers and cosmologists.'” 2/20 Toronto Star: “Astronomers say: Earth-Like Planets Common, Orbit Most Stars in our Galaxy.” 2/26 ECTV: “Scientists Think 10th Planet May Exist,” “Astronomers have discovered 6 new moons of Saturn, bringing the planet’s total to 24, more moons than any other planet in our solar system.” Science Daily: “Astronomers Describe Search for Habitable Planets Beyond Solar System as New Observatories Detect Molecules of Life.” 3/14 BBC News: “Volcanoes on Mars May be Active.” Science Daily: “Deepest X-Rays Ever Reveal Universe Teeming with Black Holes.” 3/21 Discovery News: “NASA Announces Near Earth Asteroid March 23.” 5/24 Sky & Telescope: “Spherical Stellar Outbursts Puzzle Astronomers.” 5/25 BBC News: “Varuna: 43 times further away from the Sun than Earth…is prompting a reappraisal of the myriads of icy worlds that live in the cold, outer reaches of our Solar System, the Kuiper Belt.” 6/8 Science Daily: “UCLA Astronomers Identify Evidence of Asteroid Belt Around Nearby Star: Findings Indicate Potential for Planet or Asteroid Formation.” 6/6 ARTHUR C. CLARKE STANDS BY HIS BELIEF IN LIFE ON MARS, Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum: Sir Arthur C. Clarke, probably the world’s most famous space author, spoke by phone from Sri Lanka on June 6, to the Wernher von Braun Memorial Lecture Series. He told the audience he believes that new images of Mars clearly show the red planet dotted with patches of vegetation, including trees. He feels this fact may spark new exploration of Mars. He and director Stanley Kubrick joined to produce 2001: A Space Odyssey. Clarke claims to have studied images from Mars taken by the now-orbiting Mars Global Surveyor on his home computer. Clarke encourages everyone to have a really good look at these new Mars images…Something is actually moving and changing with the seasons that suggests, at the very least vegetation.” There is something akin to Banyan trees in some Mars photos.” 6/22 CNN Science Report: “Jupiter’s moons possess food for life: While shrouded in ice and darkness, oceans underneath the crusty exteriors of several Jovian Moons could possess the raw materials necessary to feed hordes of creatures, according to a new study: Callisto, Ganymede and particularly Europa.” 6/28 Science Daily: “Hint of Planet-Sized Drifters Bewilders Hubble Scientists.” 6/29 NASA News: “Wandering Mystery Planets: The word planet comes from the Greek word wanderer, but the planets in our solar system aren’t true nomads. They stay close to home, always circling the Sun. This week scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope may have discovered a class of genuine planetary wanderers. It seems mysterious objects smaller than Jupiter are running loose in globular cluster M22! Are they planets? No one knows, but astronomers are planning to find out.” 8/2 CNN: “Hubble sees warped galaxy in landmark pic: Hubble Space Telescope has captured in remarkable detail a strange galaxy with an edgy twist.” 8/4 NY Times: “Exploring Cosmic Darkness, Scientists See Signs of Dawn: Scientists said Friday that the dim haze of a time so ancient that stars and galaxies had not begun to shine had been seen for the first time.” 8/13 “Study Doubles Potential of Earth-Like Planets.” 8/16 UPI: “Mars may have underground reservoirs of water.” 8/16 “Jupiter-Size Planet Found Orbiting Star in Big Dipper.”  University of California Planet Search Project: Astronomers have announced the discovery of the first solar system other than our own where multiple planets travel around a star in circular orbits. 8/21 Discover Magazine: “Parallel Universes May Be Physically Real: The September 2001 issue of Discover Magazine has an interview with physicist David Deutsch of Oxford University in English, who believes that parallel universes are real. If Deutsch’s ideas are correct, there is more than one “you,” and you are reading this article countless times, in many different universes.” 10/17 NASA News: “Halley’s Comet Returns: In Pieces on October 21.” 11/10 Fresh light shed on black holes: New observations of the X-rays and visible light emitted by the matter orbiting a black hole may challenge current theories about the regions that surround black holes. Henk Spruit of the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Germany and colleagues believe that; in contrast with existing theories; the visible light they observed is synchrotron radiation that originates from a region of the disk about 20,000 kilometers from the black hole. This is the first time in over 20 years that X-rays and visible light from the disk around a black hole have been observed simultaneously.” 11/27 NASA Science News: “Alien Atmospheres: Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have detected the atmosphere of a planet circling a Sun-like star 150 light years away. Their ground-breaking discovery shows it is possible to measure the chemical makeup of distant planets–and to search for chemical markers of life far beyond Earth. 11/27 “Sodium spotted in the atmosphere of distant planet: A chemical has been detected in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet for the first time. David Charbonneau and Timothy Brown of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado observed sodium in the atmosphere of the Jupiter-like planet that orbits a Sun-like star known as HD 209458. This is the first direct evidence for an atmosphere on a planet beyond our solar system and is likely to spark many similar searches. Astronomers have detected 76 extrasolar planets to date.” 12/20 NASA News: “Sweet Meteorites: A NASA scientist has discovered sugar and several related compounds in two meteorites, providing new evidence that the chemical building blocks of life on Earth may have come from outer space.” The Creator and the Creation are still a mystery after all. Perhaps a trip to INNER SPACE will ultimately supply the answers. IN 2002 THE COSMIC PATTERN CONTINUES: January 10, 2002, Earth Changes TV: “THE VATICAN AND NASA MONITOR DISCLOSURE OF NEW PLANETS, NASA Science News: “Astronomers are discovering new worlds outside our solar system at a dizzying pace. Do any of them harbor alien life? No one knows yet, but advanced telescopes may soon reveal the telltale signs of E.T.’s breath.”

BREAKTHROUGHS in the development of COLD FUSION and ALTERNATIVE ENERGY RESOURCES will flood the world market by 2002-2003. October 7, 2000: “New Breakthrough Overunity Device announced: A scientific team headed by Dr. Tom Bearden announced they have developed and tested a new Overunity Device that produces Coefficient of Performance of 5. That means it puts out 5 times as much power as is fed into it, making up the difference by extracting free energy from the vacuum…it is known as a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator.” 2/5 Earth Changes TV: “Joseph Newman invented a machine that puts out more energy than it takes in–an electromagnetic motor which runs ‘cool’…he implements Tesla’s mechanical unified field theory.” 8/30 “Penn State Researchers Investigate Alternative Diesel Fuel.”

The END is in SIGHT for the use of FOSSIL FUEL by 2008-2010, which will greatly aid in the cleanup of the environment. By 2010, offshore drilling will be banned worldwide. There will be major job changes for those involved in these industries and much adjustment necessary around the world. The STOCK MARKET and ECONOMY are sure to suffer during these dramatic changes. 3/11 Washington Times: “Some envision time when oil won’t be king: Alternative technologies have arrived…revolutionaries are at the gate. It may already be too late. The age of oil is coming to an end…due to low emission, fuel efficient mpg hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles currently, or soon to be, on the market…Widespread introduction of 80 mpg vehicles, from 2010, would have a major impact on world oil demand…’The Stone Age came to an end not for a lack of stones, and the oil age will end but not for a lack of oil,’ said Sheik Yamani, a former Saudi oil minister, a founder of OPEC in its present form, and now a private consultant in London. ‘Technology is the real enemy.'”

EARTH enters the GALACTIC or INTER-GALACTIC FEDERATION between 2003 and 2010, with frequent sightings of ships from other systems, landings, and exchange with those on other planets and in other systems.

PROOF of LIFE AFTER DEATH and SPIRIT COMMUNICATION with departed loved ones will become commonplace by 2005, along with a better understanding of reincarnation and spiritual development in general. January 1: In the U.S. the television program CROSSING OVER with medium JOHN EDWARD on the Sci fi Channel is gaining greater popularity and public acceptance each passing week. June 4: The show becomes syndicated in prime time, Sunday, 11 & 11:30 PM Sunday through Thursday on the Sci fi Channel. John is a fantastic medium. Catch a show! 10/25, Cahners Business: “Psychic” plans WTC victims show: Studios USA’s ‘Crossing Over with John Edward’ will attempt to communicate with victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in several episodes planned for the November sweeps for the syndicated and, perhaps, cable runs of the show. Steve Rosenberg, the studio’s domestic syndication president, anticipating concerns by viewers, says the shows ‘will be done tastefully…and won’t be exploitative,’ and notes that the idea grew after relatives of victims first approached Edward, not the other way around.”

DIVINE IMPERSONAL LOVE will find its way into the hearts and minds of evolving humanity, bringing GREATER PEACE and HARMONY to the planet. This FORCE will effect many cures and bring greater health and happiness to those on the planet.



(c) Patricia McLaine, 2001