(Posted December 30, 2001)


ADVANCEMENTS in TECHNOLOGICAL and SCIENTIFIC arenas will continue to unfold at a rapid pace with AMAZING DISCOVERIES and BREAKTHROUGHS throughout 2002. 1/3 NASA Science News: “Using space technology, scientists have developed extraordinary photocells that could repair malfunctioning human eyes.” 1/7 Reuters: “GM Fuel Cell Car Offers Cheap Transport: 1/10 SPACE UPDATE: “OBJECT NEAR SUN-LIKE STAR CAUGHT ON CAMERA.”  1/10 “ANTIMATTER COULD FUEL ROCKETS, HEAL PATIENTS.” 1/24 “Secret of Superconductivity in Sight.” 2/2 NASA Science News: “Annihilating Anthrax: Research aimed at building better greenhouses in space has led to a device that destroys airborne pathogens–like anthrax.” 2/6 NASA Science News: The Biggest Explosions in the Solar System: NASA’s HESSI spacecraft aims to unravel an explosive mystery: the origin of solar flares. Astronauts love space walks. Floating weightless hundreds of kilometers above Earth, the terrain below racing by at 17,000 mph–no space traveler wants it to end. But it only takes two words to send one of those brave explorers racing back to their craft: “Solar flare!” 2/7 Olympian: “New Ride Comes to Capitol Port Angeles: Inventor displays magic of magnetic levitation.” 2/8 “Inventor of Artificial Hand Sees ‘Bionic’ Replacement Parts Become More Human.”  2/9 Drudge Report: “SCIENTISTS DEVELOP ARTIFICIAL WOMB: Embryos to Grow Outside Body.” 2/11 “Adult Stem Cells From Knee Fat Turned into Cartilage, Bone, Fat Cells.” 2/15 CNN: “First cloned cat is born, scientists say.”  2/21 NASA Science News: “A Mystery in the Galactic Center: Astronomers have learned that the center of our Milky Way Galaxy harbors a long-sought super massive black hole. But the finding has raised even more questions than before.” 2/24 “Newly Spotted Comet Will Soon Grace Night Skies.” 2/25 Drudge Report: “Operation on Fetus’s Heart Valve Called a ‘Science Fiction’ Success.” 3/1 “Holograms help build 3D nanostructures.” 3/7 NASA Science News: “Puzzling X-rays From Jupiter: Astronomers using Chandra’s X-ray Observatory have spotted a mysterious pulsing x-ray near the north pole of the giant planet.” 3/20 NASA Science News: “A New Form of Matter: Scientists have created a new form of matter: it comes in waves and bridges the gap between the everyday world of humans and the micro-domain of quantum physics.” March, Discover Magazine: “Can We Find Another Earth?: NASA is Betting We Can and It May Be Remarkably Nearby.” What are you doing on that parallel world?!!! What other life would you like to have? Or how about the article in Popular Science on “Time Travel?” What time would you like to travel to? The past? The future? It is all happening NOW! 3/21 Earth Changes TV: “A Third New Comet Just Found. Two new comets just found by amateur astronomers.” “Binary star makes speed record: New observations of a flickering astronomical X-ray source have revealed that it is the fastest orbiting binary star system ever found.” 3/22 ScienceDaily Magazine: “Scientist Probes Fossil Oddity: Giant Redwoods Near North Pole.” 3/25 “Space Shuttle to Launch First Space Railroad in April.” All aboard the train to the stars! 3/30 NASA Science News: “Sit! Speak! Good Photon! Researchers have trapped a kilometers-long laser pulse inside a small glass chamber and released it again intact. Such extraordinary command of light could lead to mind-boggling new technologies.” “Astronomers Discover a New Class of Objects in Two Nearby Galaxy.” 4/8 NASA Science News: “Tick-Tock Atomic Clock: Scientists are building atomic clocks that keep time with mind-boggling precision. Such devices will help farmers, physicists and interstellar travelers alike.” 4/12 “Binary asteroid appears on the radar: first evidence found in near earth asteroid belt.” “Radar Reveals Five Double Asteroid Systems Orbiting Each Other Near Earth, Likely Formed in Close Encounters With Planet.” 4/14 NY Times: “Flesh and Machines, The Future of Robotics: In 20 years, the scientist Rodney F. Brooks says, robots will have feelings and consciousness.” WOW! Watch out for HAL! Us humans may no longer be necessary. 4/18 “NMR could help clear landmines: Landmines could be cleared more quickly with a new technique based on nuclear magnetic resonance. Most landmine detectors search for buried metal, but these devices can be inefficient because they also detect rusty nails and shrapnel. The technique developed by Markus Nolte of the University of Darmstadt in Germany and colleagues could solve this problem by detecting the nitrogen in the explosive TNT, which is particularly hard to spot.” 4/18 “Scientists Push Back Primate Origin From 65 to 85 Million Years Ago.” 4/20 CNN: Japanese supercomputer takes world title from the U.S.” 4/21 Drudge Report: “Robot Cameras ‘Will Predict Crimes Before They Happen!'” 4/24 AOL Science News: “Comet Moons Astound Scientists: Even small comet like bodies at the edge of the solar system sometimes have companion moons, to the surprise of astronomers who cannot yet explain how such tenuous gravitational pairings form.” 4/26 “CYCLIC UNIVERSE BOUNCES BACK: The universe undergoes an endless series of big bangs and cosmic crunches separated by periods of expansion and contraction, according to the latest cosmological theory. Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University and Neil Turok of Cambridge University claim to have solved the problems that have plagued theories of a `bouncing’ universe since the 1930s. According to the pair, we are about 14 billion years into the current cycle of cosmic expansion.” Hindu philosophy has made such claims for thousands of years. Why does it take science so long to make such discoveries?! 5/2 Earth Changes TV: “Speculation of Mars Moon Phobos Missing…destroyed by a comet?” 7/1 ScienceDaily: “Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute Design Gene-Tipped Regressor ‘Smartbombs.'”

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS should be more substantial than ever with MAJOR CURES on several fronts. GENE THERAPY will be employed with GREAT SUCCESS. 1/5 AOL News: “Japan scientists grow artificial eyeball, Kyodo.” The FANTASTIC VOYAGE of the Nano Surgeons! 1/15 NASA Science News: “NASA-funded scientists are crafting microscopic vessels that can venture into the human body and repair problems, one cell at a time.” 1/22 “Electrical pulses break light speed record.” 1/23 NASA Science News: “Cell Wars: Immune cells vs. invaders: it’s a war going on in every healthy human body, but when the combatants travel to space, NASA scientists say, curious things happen.” 2/7 NY Times: “In Quest for Wrinkle-Free Future, Frown Becomes a Thing of the Past: The wrinkle-preventing cosmetic drug Botox is near approval by the Food and Drug Administration.” 2/7 Big Fast Change: A Gene That Leads to Big Change Bolsters Evolution Theory, Say Scientists, Researchers say they’ve scored one more for evolution. Scientists have presented archaeological evidence, anatomical evidence and now they say they have genetic evidence that demonstrates Charles Darwin was right when he suggested new species arise through a process known as natural selection. Skeptics of the theory, however, remain unconvinced.” 2/12 “Scientists Prove Adult Stem Cells Can Be Cloned.” 2/13 “Tufts University Researchers Engineer First ‘Custom Made’ Human Knee Ligaments From Adult Stem Cells.” 2/14 “Gene Therapy Holds Promise For Rheumatoid Arthritis.” 2/18 Drudge Report, Ananova: “GM mouthwash ‘could banish tooth decay,’ scientists say: a once in a lifetime mouth spray which prevents tooth decay could be the end of the dentist’s chair, developing.” 3/28 “‘DNA Computer’ Cracks Code: used for the first time to find the only correct answer from over a million possible solutions to a computational problem.” 4/4 Reuters: “‘Bubble Boy’ in Britain Cured Using Gene Therapy.” 4/4 “Novel Gene Therapy Approach For Cystic Fibrosis in First Human Trials.” “Gene Alteration Spurs Growth of Colon Cancer.” 4/6 “Ultrasound targets brain surgery: The first reliable technique for targeting ultrasound waves inside the skull could lead to non-invasive treatment for brain tumors.” 4/10 “Honey, The Darker the Better, Has Potential for Dietary Antioxidant.” 4/10 AOL News: “Scientists ID New Form of Exercise: Pop a pill, get in shape.” Sounds good to me! 4/12 “Fatty Acid From Fish Oil Fights Arrhythmias, Sudden Death.” “Tomato Catch-Up: Discovery of Ripening Gene Could Make Store Bought Tomatoes as Tasty as Homegrown.” 4/17 NASA Science News: “Rift Valley Fever: Scientists are learning that the secret to predicting certain large epidemics like Rift Valley Fever in Africa or the Hanta Virus in the U.S. lies in an unexpected place: the ocean.” 4/19 “Researchers Find Synthetic Molecules That May Literally Be The Key To ‘Locking Away’ Unwanted DNA.” 4/21 Drudge Report: “Taiwan’s Scientists Clone Pigs Which Carry Human DNA.” 4/24 “Stanford Team Prevents Kidney Transplant Rejection Without Drugs.” “Cells in Patient’s Noses Hold Potential to Restore Function in Spinal Cord Injury.” 5/1 “Experimental Therapy Stops Allergic Reaction in Mice.” 5/2 “Placebo, Antidepressant May Lift Depression Via Common Mechanism.” “Filtering Patient’s Blood Before Kidney Transplant Allows Transplant From Any Donor.” 5/7 “Heart Attack Victims May Benefit From Drinking Tea.” 8/21 ScienceDaily: “Researchers Discover How Herpes Tricks Immune System.” 8/22 ScienceDaily: “Potential Cause of Arthritis Discovered: Carbohydrate Activates Body’s Defenses, Causing Inflammation.”  9/6 ScienceDaily: “Ambitious Plan to Give Sight to the Blind: ‘A Thousand Points of Light’ No Longer a Metaphor.” 9/18 ScienceDaily: “Gene Therapy Reverses Muscular Dystrophy in Animal Model.”

PEACEFUL TRANSFERS OF POWER are more than possible, especially in JANUARY with the Saturn-Neptune trine, hopefully, in many nations around the world. PEACEFUL CONCLUSIONS are especially likely late January. 1/5 AOL News: “South Asian summit begins with peace chant.” 1/16 AOL News: “Powell visits Kabul to hear Afghan aid needs.” 5/28 NY Times: “NATO Formally Embraces Russia as a Junior Partner.”

CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL THREATS are definite possibilities late in JANUARY.

MANY NEW LAWS will be formulated and forcefully maintained, especially in AFGHANISTAN and other Moslem nations. 3/8 US News Wire: “Unlimited Forced Drugging OK’d by Courts: Physicians group calls ruling ‘Shocking and Inhumane.” 3/22 NY Times: “Bush Acts to Drop Core Privacy Rule on Medical Data.” 4/1 NY Times: “In a First, Medicare Coverage is Authorized for Alzheimer’s.” 4/18 NY Times: “House Approves Abortion Limits on Minors.” 5/19 Washington Times: “Bill would push driver’s license with chip.” 5/24 NY Times: “Senate Approves Bill Giving Wider Trade Authority to Bush.” 5/24 NY Times: “Bush and Putin Sign Pact For Steep Nuclear Arms Cuts.” 5/25 NY Times: “Justices Say Death Penalty is Up to Juries, Not Judges.” 6/28 NY Times: “Supreme Court Upholds Voucher System That Pays Religious Schools’ Tuition.” 7/11 CNN: “House Oks Guns in the Cockpit.” 9/6 NY Times: “Senate Passes Law For Guns in Cockpit.”

There will be VISIONS of a bright future with great possibilities in the early months of 2002.

During the first half of 2002 the COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA will step out of bounds with DISASTROUS RESULTS. Could this insight have been directed toward the kidnapping of the Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl, and his subsequent murder?

MANY CHANGES in LEADERSHIP will continue to occur during the coming year. A GREAT NEW LEADER that emerges with the good of the people foremost will come to much public attention in 2002. 1/13 AOL News: “Australia’s Hanson resigns as One Nation leader.” 1/23 AP: “Taiwan Premier Names Female Minister.” 1/30 NY Times: “In Flash of an Afghan Cape, A Star of Diplomacy is Born: If Central Casting has searched for an unknown player to explain the challenges of a reborn Afghanistan, it could hardly have done better than Hamid Karzai.” 4/17 CNN: “Afghan Ex-King Ends Exile.” 4/23 CNN: “Bush aide Karen Hughes resigning.” 5/5 NY Times: “Bioterrorism Office Gets a New Director.” 5/16 Drudge Report: “Pope may resign if illness worsens, says cardinal.” 5/19 “San Fernando Valley Votes on Leaving Los Angeles.” 5/20 NY Times: “East Timor Celebrates Independence.” CNN: “Sierre Leone celebrates Kabbah win.” 5/23 NY Times: “Top Executive Steps Down at ImClone.” 5/26 NY Times: “Afghan Leader Expected to Get Extended Term: With the backing of the former king and several former Northern Alliance officials, Hamid Karzai will likely lead Afghanistan for the next eighteen months.” 5/27 CNN: “Columbia elects new president.” NY Times: “Hard-Liner Elected in Columbia With Mandate to Crush Rebels.” 6/19 CNN: “Karzai names key cabinet members in Afghanistan.” 6/25 CNN: “Malaysia’s PM to step down….Bush: Palestinians need new leaders.” 7/5 NY Times: “Leader of Madagascar’s Flees His Country.” 7/11 AOL News: “South Korea Replaces 7 Cabinet Members.” “South Korea appoints first female prime minister.” 7/19 NY Times: “Nuclear Scientist, 70, A Folk Hero, Is Elected India’s President.” 9/12 CNN: “Israel Minister Resigns.”

The WORLD ECONOMIES will continue to experience UPS and DOWNS, with TREMENDOUS IMPROVEMENT the second half of 2002. 1/15 CNN: “European markets decline.” 1/23 NY Times: “Kmart Files Chapter 11.” “A Surprise From Amazon: It’s First Profits.” 1/24 NY Times: “Nokia’s Earnings Surpass Expectations.” 1/27 CNN: “Enron collapse casts long shadow.” 1/29 Drudge Report: “Global Crossing Bankruptcy.” 1/30 NY Times: “Enron Says Shredding of Documents Was Not Stopped Until Recently.” 1/31 NY Times: “Fed Holds Steady on Interest Rates as Economy Firms.” 2/14 NY Times: “Global Crossing Woes Delay Military Contract: The bankruptcy proceedings for Global Crossing have delayed the awarding of a $450 million contract to provide the Defense Department with Internet services.” 7/11 CNN: “Will the bear maul the economy?” 7/12 NY Times: “Stocks Drop in Worst Week Since September’s Plunge.” 7/16 Drudge Report: “Tension Tuesday…Stock Markets Plunge in Europe, Asia.” I don’t enjoy being wrong about the economy!

CLIMATIC DRAMAS will continue to unfold in various parts of the world as a result of GLOBAL WARMING: FLOODS, HURRICANES, TYPHOONS, FIRES due to drought, unusual SNOWFALL or RAINFALL. Many TEMPERATURE RECORDS will be set in 2002. 9/13 AOL News: “A Scorcher of a Summer: Highest Temps On Record Since The Dust Bowl Years.”  1/4 AOL News: “Snow blankets South from Mississippi to Virginia.” 1/4 CNN: “Athens Hit by Snowstorms.” 1/18 Associated Press: “Thousands Flee Congo Lava Flow.” 1/19 CNN: “Congo volcano crisis deepens.” 1/28 AOL News: “Landslides kill 5 in Jakarta, floods hit.” 1/31 AOL News: “Flood Death Toll Up in Indonesia.” 2/1 Drudge Report: “State of emergency declared; ice storm called worst ever in Kansas City.” “Few Clouds Found in Tropics: NASA Scientists Discover New Evidence of Climate Change.” 2/7 AOL News: “Cyclone Chris Hits Remote Australia.” AOL News: “Deadly Avalanche in Afghanistan: An avalanche buried 20-40 cars in snow near a tunnel leading through some of Afghanistan’s highest mountains. At least 3 people suffocated.” 3/19 CNN: “Fatal Flooding in Tennessee and Kentucky, 7 Dead, Hundreds Driven From Homes.” Drudge Report: “Flood hits Detroit 911 system.” “Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses in Largest Event of Last 30 Years.” 4/17 “Extensive Research Survey Confirms Life On Earth Now Being Affected By Global Warming.” 5/18 CNN: “Snow Falls in Northeast – Frost and Freeze Advisories.” 5/19 Drudge Report: “Freak Winter Snowstorm Heads for Sierras.” 5/22 Washington Post: “Another New Ice Berg Breaks Away From Antarctica.” 6/17 AP: “Western Wildfires Rage Out of Control in Colorado and California, calling for evacuations, firefighting air tanker crashes.” 7/8 Drudge Report: “Quebec forest fires blanket eastern U.S. with smoke.” 7/10 Drudge Report: “Withering Heat Roasts California.” 7/12 Weather Channel: “Temperatures Breaking High Records All Across the West.” 7/15 CNN: “Drought dries up rivers in South.” Storm causes flight delays in Phoenix.” 7/16 CNN: “Wildfires roars near Nevada-California line.” 7/22 NY Times: “Oregon Fire Advances, Putting 60 Homes at Risk.” 7/28 CNN: “Flames force evacuations in Oregon.” 8/11 CNN: “Oregon fire largest in 100 years.”  8/12 “Climate Change News is Heating Up: According to Dr. Ravi Sawhney of the Bangkok-based United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific states: ‘The earth’s atmosphere is now warming at the fastest rate in recorded history, a trend that is projected to cause extensive damage to forests, marine ecosystems and agriculture.’ Although there is much debate as to the ’cause’ of global warming, no one is denying its existence.” 8/13 AP: “Heat wave settles over New York; 98 degrees.” 8/14: Temps hit records in west.” 8/15 AOL News: “Drought Chokes Much of Nation: High temps, ravaged crops and wildfires.” “Odd China Weather Hits Extremes.” Drudge Report: “100 mph winds lash Kansas.” 9/14 CNN Headline News: “Flooding in Mobile, Louisiana Coast.” 9/18 Drudge Report: “Snow Blankets Drought-Parched Mountains of Colorado.”

POLITICAL SCANDAL comes to LIGHT in late JANUARY, creating controversial headlines and much DISCUSSION. 1/31 NY Times: “General Accounting Office to Sue White House.” 2/1 AP: “Enron chairman gave list of favored names to White House; Bush named two as energy regulators.” 2/2 CNN: “White House Warned over Enron.”  2/4 Time Magazine Cover showing the White House at twilight: “THE ENRON MESS: How Sticky Will It Get?” 2/22 Drudge Report: “GAO Sues Vice President Cheney.” 5/24 NY Times: “Stock Adviser Knew About 9/11 Attacks, U.S. Suggests.”

A MAJOR SCIENTIFIC or MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH fills the headlines in JANUARY. It is for the good of all.

The loss of a WOMAN of GREAT STATURE causes many to MOURN.  1/22 Associated Press: “Singer Peggy Lee Dies at 81.” 2/9 Reuters: “Britain’s Princess Margaret Dies After Strokes at 71.”  4/1 CNN: “BELLS TOLL FOR THE QUEEN MOTHER AS BRITAIN MOURNS.” 4/6 CNN: “MILE-LONG QUE TO MOURN QUEEN MUM.” 6/22 CNN: “Ann Landers dead of cancer at 83.” 6/29 All news media: “Songstress Rosemary Clooney dead at 74.”

UFO SIGHTINGS will continue at a rapid pace throughout 2002. Public contact is not far off.  2/16 “New Stunning Orange Triangular Craft Videotaped in UK: Military Continues to Survey the Area with Helicopters.” See the pictures on! 5/2, email: “If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969, make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles?” ALSO: At the Global Shift Conference at the Galt House this last weekend, one of the speakers, Abby (?) said she had worked for a while with Dr. Steven Greer on the DISCLOSURE PROJECT. He had been told during the last year, that the officials in Washington felt it was “too dangerous” to make a public announcement about ETs, but that he should go on with his briefings. This would create a groundswell of information in the public arena, effectively sidestepping the responsibility for Washington to take any specific action. The implication here is that officials in Washington will NOT interfere with Dr Greer’s publicity efforts and that many of them are, in reality, silent cheerleaders on the sidelines at this time.” FRESH NEWS FROM NSC POINT-MAN reported by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.: An end-of June, 1999 telephone conversation with Dr. Michael Wolf [1], a consultant to the National Security Council’s Special Studies Group, brings fresh news and encouragement about the government’s Acclimation Program of preparing the public for official acknowledgment of extraterrestrial contact. Dr. Wolf has been in communication with two top officials of the Special Studies Group, (popularly known as MJ-12), a General and an Admiral. Wolf has been trying to convince General “Bob” and Admiral “X” that a total Cover-Up is no longer needed, and that the public is ready to handle news of ET reality.” 6/14 “Mystery Orb: ‘Unidentified Floating Object’ washes up on S.C. shore: It looked like something from a sci fi flick; a mysterious silver orb, three feet in diameter, floating in the surf off the South Carolina coast. ‘They thought it was a giant beach ball, they were going to bring in,’ said Marie Segneri, whose family found the orb floating near their rented beach house at Isle of Palms.’ They swam out and said it was a very heavy ball, it was metal, had numbers on it, and there was no way there were bringing it in.’ The ball eventually washed up on the shore, causing alarmed residents to call police.”  6/15 Ridder Newspapers: “Chilean Mayor Declares Region a UFO Tourism Zone” Email received from a friend in response to this article: “A CPA friend of mine in this area of Chile saw a UFO land in his fields and he saw extraterrestrials get out and walk around.” G.S.D. 6/28 World Exclusive: “More Spectacular UFO Sightings From Bedhampton.” 7/23 Washington Post: UFOs Over The White House Fifty Years Ago: 50 Years Ago, Unidentified Flying Objects From Way Beyond The Beltway Seized The Capital’s Imagination (Peter Carlson, Washington Post Staff Writer): In the control tower at Washington National Airport, Ed Nugent saw seven pale violet blips on his radar screen. What were they? Not planes, at least not any planes that were supposed to be there. He summoned his boss, Harry G. Barnes, the head of National’s air traffic controllers. “Here’s a fleet of flying saucers for you,” Nugent said, half-joking. Upstairs, in the tower’s glass-enclosed top floor, controller Joe Zacko saw a strange blip streaking across his radar screen. It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. What was it? He looked out the window and spotted a bright light hovering in the sky. He turned to his partner, Howard Cocklin, who was sitting three feet away. “Look at that bright light,” Zacko said. “If you believe in flying saucers, that could sure be one.” And then the light took off, zooming away at an incredible speed. “Did you see that?” Cocklin remembers saying. “What the hell was that?” It was Saturday night, July 19, 1952, 50 years ago this weekend, one of the most famous dates in the bizarre history of UFOs.” 7/24, ‘El Tribuno’ de Salta, ARGENTINA: “Large, Luminous UFO Stops Cars, Electronics in City.”  7/27 Washington Post: “F-16s PURSUE ‘UNKNOWN CRAFT’ OVER WASHINGTON REGION: For Renny Rogers, it was strange enough that military jets were flying low over his home in Waldorf, Maryland, in the middle of the night. It was what he thinks he saw when he headed outside to look early yesterday that floored him: “It was this object, this light-blue object, traveling at a phenomenal rate of speed,” Rogers said. “This Air Force jet was right behind it, chasing it, but the object was just leaving him in the dust. I told my neighbor, ‘I think those jets are chasing a UFO.'” 8/20 Drudge Report, Times Online: “India calls in X-Files agents to unmask face-scratching aliens: UFO sightings have sparked hysteria and riots, says our reporter.”


Late JANUARY the STOCK MARKET takes an upward turn. 1/4 AOL News: “HK stocks up 2.5% at midday, tech stocks shine.” CNN: “Techs boot up Wall Street.” 1/6 CNN: “January juices up Wall Street.”

FEBRUARY will be a month filled with SURPRISES; most of them positive.

In FEBRUARY there will be WAR in a NATION that flares and subsides quickly.

SUN FLARES could be POWERFUL and disruptive in FEBRUARY as well as throughout 2002. 1/5 CNN: “Sun unleashes monster eruption.” 1/18 NASA Science News: “The Resurgent Sun: Evidence is mounting that some solar cycles are double peaked. The ongoing solar maximum may itself be a double, and the second peak has arrived.” 2/7 CNN Space Update: “Resurgent Sun Peaks for Second Time.” 2/18 Science News, ECTV: “Massive Coronal Flare Directed Toward Earth.” 2/22 “Jupiter, the Moon, and maybe Northern Lights: Solar activity intensified on Feb. 20th and 21st when sunspot magnetic fields erupted several times, producing a series of M-class solar flares. At least one of the eruptions also hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward our planet. Sky watchers at high latitudes, northern Europe, Canada, and across the northern tier of US states, should be alert for Northern Lights late Friday (Feb 22) or Saturday (Feb 23) when the CME will likely sweep past Earth.” 3/17 “Auroras and a Comet!” 4/16 “Aurora Warning!” 4/17 “Expect Auroras Today…later this week.” 6/9 Space Weather News: “Wow! An unusually beautiful solar blast: the giant prominence was bigger than 50 planet Earths from end to end.” 7/7 AOL News: “A massive solar eruption 30 times the earth’s diameter erupted on Monday.” 7/15 Space Weather News: “Big Sunspot, Big Explosion.” 7/18 “2nd X-Class Flares Erupts in Same Week.” 7/27 ScienceDaily: “Stock Market Swings Help Researchers Understand Extreme Events in Solar Wind.”

EARTHQUAKE and VOLCANIC ACTIVITY continue to increase in 2002, especially in the RING OF FIRE, MEXICO, ALASKA and SOUTH AMERICA. CHINA and INDIA will suffer strong, destructive EARTHQUAKES where there will be considerable loss of life. There will also be VOLCANIC and SEISMIC ACTIVITY in the AMERICAN NORTHWEST.  7/1 Earth Changes Report: “SIGNS INDICATE AWAKENING VOLCANO: Seismologists have begun to watch Mount Hood in OREGON very closely…is showing eerie similarity to the pre-cursor actions of Mt. St. Helens.” 7/3 Drudge Report: “4.5 magnitude quake shakes Mt Hood, an active volcano.” 7/10 “LARGE EARTHQUAKE MEASURING 5.9 HITS NEAR MOUNT HOOD.” LOS ANGELES and SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA need to be watched during the SPRING and SUMMER of 2002. MOUNT FUJI bears watching in JAPAN. This is part of the RING OF FIRE. There will much unrest with MOTHER NATURE. 1/3/02 AOL News: “Large Vanuatu quake causes damage, minor injuries in the South Pacific.” 1/19 CNN: “Congo volcano crisis deepens.” 1/22 AOL News: “Earthquake felt in Cairo.” 1/25 AOL News: “Moderate Earthquake Jolts India.” 1/29 AP: “4.2 Earthquake Hits Los Angeles Suburbs.” 2/2 ECTV: “Volcanic Eruption at Mount Colima, Mexico.” 2/3 Associated Press: “6.2 Turkey quake topples buildings, kills at least 35, injures 100s.” 2/12 Hong Kong Observer: “5.6 Quake Shakes Taiwan.” 2/18 Drudge Report: “MicroQuake Rocks New Madrid, Missouri.” 2/22 Associated Press: “Earthquake Shakes San Diego Area.” 2/25 Drudge Report: “Two More Quakes Strike Near Cali-Mexico Border.” 3/6 ECTV: “Earthquake Measuring 7.6 Hits Philippines.” 3/26 CNN: “Afghan Earthquakes Kill At Least 1800.” Drudge Report: “6.9 Earthquake Hits Okinawa Region.” “Southern Japan Hit by Small Tsunami.” CNN: “Death Estimate More Than 5000 in Afghan Quakes.” 3/27 Washington Post: “Quakes Ravage Afghanistan: Officials say casualties are in the thousands, whole towns leveled.” 3/30 “West Coast Earthquakes Ongoing, Scientists Discover: The most recent evidence indicates there is an earthquake going on right now on the West Coast, yet no one feels it. The so-called slow earthquake has been going on since February 7th, geologists say.” 5/14 CNN: “Quake Shakes Bay Area.” 6/29 Washington Post: “Earthquake Shakes Northeastern China” 9/2 ECTV: “Global Warming Linked to Freak Weather”…”NASA Study Finds Rapid Changes in Earth’s Polar Ice Sheets”…”Tropical Depression Forms Near Florida’s East Coast, Residents Alerted”…”Dozens Killed in Korea’s Worst Storm Since 1959″…”Two Strong Earthquakes Shake Taiwan”…”Typhoon Kills 47 in South Korea.” 9/6 Drudge Report: “Strong Earthquake Rocks Sicily.” 9/8 ECTV, Drudge Report: “A Large 7.7 Earthquake Hits Off Papua, New Guinea, 3 dead, tidal wave sweeps away 40 homes.” 9/14 AOL News: “Strong Earthquake Hits India’s Southeast.” 9/21 AOL News: “Strong Earthquake Rocks Indonesia.” 9/23 Drudge Report: “Earthquake shakes central ENGLAND.” 11/3 “Mega Quake Hits Central Alaska, Measures 7.9 Magnitude.”

A promising NEW ROMANCE is announced for a CELEBRATED COUPLE in FEBRUARY that will lead to MARRIAGE and CHILDREN for the happy pair. imageFebruary CNN: “Liza Minnelli and David Gest (producer, music mogul) become engaged. It is his first wedding. They have a huge wedding in New York City complete with orchestra and full bridal party attended by the rich and famous in March. Maid of Honor Elizabeth Taylor delays the ceremony because she forgets her shoes! Liza and David plan to adopt children together.”

A ROYAL ENGAGEMENT will be announced this year.

A ROYAL BIRTH is likely to be a BOY. CELEBRATION will follow in this joyous KINGDOM.


The DESTINY of our PLANET continues to change throughout 2002, sometimes rapidly, with much surprise in store for everyone.  4/10 AOL Science News: “New Species of Whales Discovered.” 4/17 Drudge Report: “Scientists Discover New Insects.” “Cosmic X-Rays Reveal Evidence For New Form of Matter.” 6/26 ScienceDaily: “Two New Monkey Species Discovered; Primates Found in Brazil’s Amazon Rain Forest.”

DRAMATIC CHANGES in LEADERSHIP occur late FEBRUARY. February CNN, NY Times, Washington Post: Bush announces the formation of a ‘Shadow Government.’ Chairman’s of the CDC and EPA resign.

A CELEBRITY will be GREATLY MOURNED in FEBRUARY, possibly an actor. 2/14 NY Times: “Waylon Jennings, a Star and Outlaw of Country Music, is Dead at 64.” 2/23 Reuters: “Legendary Cartoon Animator Chuck Jones Passes, 89. Created Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck.”

FINANCES FLOURISH in MARCH for the most part. MAJOR MERGERS could well be announced or consummated. CNN: “Compaq and Hewlett Packard announce plans to merge.”

EXPLOSIVE PATTERNS could prove DESTRUCTIVE in MARCH. Tempers could be out of control. This refers to the escalation of violence between the Israelis and Palestinians, including the suicide bombings to prevent peace in that area. Also the loss of allied fighters. CNN: “Two International Observers Killed in West Bank by Palestinians.”


Tremendous INFLUENZA OUTBREAKS will claim the lives of many. Diseases prove a definite challenge. 4/6 AOL News: “Hong Kong kills chickens, plans bird flu inoculations: Hong Kong began killing 30,000 chickens on Saturday and said hundreds of thousands more would be inoculated against another outbreak of bird flu.” So it was the chickens?!! 6/19 Drudge Report, msn health: “Killer Flu Virus Changes Its Skin: Ingredients for Worldwide Flu Epidemic Brewing in China.”  8/10 AOL News: “West Nile Death Toll Rises.” 8/11 CNN: “West Nile virus spreading and killing.” 8/16 AOL News: “West Nile Virus Claims 11 Lives in Louisiana, Illinois.” 8/27 Reuters: “Flu in Madagascar Kills 671 With Thousands Infected.”

During late MARCH or APRIL there is sad news involving a MAJOR POLITICAL or PUBLISHING FIGURE.  4/1 Los Angeles Times: “Jess Stearn, 87, author of 30 books on the occult and reincarnation died of congestive heart failure.” Jess included me, along with actress, Susan Strasberg, in his books THE MIRACLE WORKERS and SOULMATES . Now, Jess and Susan can catch up on the other side! I know that we will all meet again one day. I’m sincerely grateful to both of them for playing such major roles in my life. 4/16 CNN: “Retired Justice Byron White dies at 84.”

SPRING heralds the passing of a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STAR, possibly a woman. 3/27 CNN: “Milton Berlet, Mr. Television, Dead at 93, 1908-2002. Dudley Moore is Dead at 66” 3/28 AOL News: “Hollywood Legend, Billy Wider, Dead at 95.” 4/16 CNN “Actor Robert Uric dies of cancer at 55.” 6/22 CNN: Ann Landers dead of cancer at 83. 6/29 News media: “Songstress Rosemary Clooney dead at 74.” 7/10 NY Times: “Rod Steger, Oscar Winning Character Actor, Dies at 77.”


COMMENCING IN APRIL, the SATURN—PLUTO opposition begins closing in once again, bringing SEISMIC and POLITICAL DISRUPTIONS and UPHEAVAL in the wake of its vibratory pattern. LEADERS will rise and fall. LAWS will radically change. WOMEN will greatly benefit from this pattern, especially in MOSLEM NATIONS. OLD SYSTEMS GIVE WAY TO THE NEW. OLD STRUCTURES must fall and new ones rise to take their place for a new generation. The time for GREAT CHANGE increases and is with us in LARGE MEASURE until JULY 2002. 3/31 CNN: “Powerful Quake Hits Taiwan…Tornadoes Tear Through Central Texas.” 4/1 CNN: “Five dead in Taiwan quake.” 4/1 CNN: “Sharon declares: Nation at War.” “Taiwan experiences aftershocks.” United Press International: “Scientist eye activity at Oregon volcano: Ground near the long-dormant Three Sisters volcano in the central region of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains has risen approximately 4 inches (100 millimeters) in a 6 by 12 mile (10 by 20 km) parcel since 1998, meaning that magma, underground lava, has flowed into the area, according to a team of researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey. ‘It hasn’t erupted in about 1,500 years, so it’s a truly dormant volcano. Yet there’s something going on there,’ said geologist Charles Wicks Jr., lead author of a report in the American Geophysical Journal.” 4/6 CNN: “Wildfire scorches parts of New Mexico.” 4/12 AOL News: “Quake Hits Northern Afghan Town.” 4/8 Political Upheaval in Venezuela. 4/14 Arab News: “Blasts U.S., Calls Sharon Arch Terrorist.” 4/14 NY Times: “Bishop Says Pope is Leaving Scandal to American Catholics.” 4/14 CNN: “Venezuela president back in power.” “Pressure for Cardinal’s resignation builds.” 4/17 CNN: “Strong storms tear through Texas.” “Fall From Grace: Crisis in the Church: Connie Chung speaks with a Catholic priest and the two teenage girls accusing him of sexual abuse.” Drudge Report: “German Bishop Resigns Over Accusations of Exorcism Sex Assault.” “Texas Tornado Damages About 30 Homes.” 4/18 AOL News: “Errant U.S. Bomb Kills Canadian Troops.” 7/18 Drudge Report: “Explosion in Local Government Headquarters in Milan: A small plane flew into Milan’s “Pirelli” skyscraper which lodges the offices of the Lombardy region, hitting the top two floors.” 4/20 CNN: “New al Qaeda Threat: Terrorists may target U.S. banks.” “Ten die in Peru building collapse.” “Northeast U.S. Gets Quake-Up Call: Unusually strong quake hits the Northeast, damaging and collapsing buildings.” “Wildfire destroys home, burns 1300 acres in Arizona.” 4/21 AOL News: “Bomb in busy department store in Philippines kills at least 12.” CNN: “Enron President Resigns.” 4/23 Drudge Report: “Afghans Fight Locust…Flooding.” 4/26 AOL News: “Moderate Quake Shakes Taiwan Coast.” 4/29 AOL News: “Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Kill 6 in Midwest, East.” Drudge Report: “China Bolsters Missiles Opposite Taiwan.” 5/1 Associated Press: “Tense World Marks May Day: Demonstrators rallied against the right in France and Germany, merchants boarded up stores to guard against attacks by anti-capitalist demonstrators and riot police turned out in force as Europeans celebrated a tense May Day.” 5/4 CNN: “Nepal crackdown kills 240.””Pipe bombs wound 5 in Iowa, Illinois. “Eight inmates die in NC jail fire.” Associated Press, WVA: “Over a Dozen Missing in Deadly Floods.” 5/5 CNN: “At least 6 dead in Appalachian flooding.” “U.S. unemployment jumps.” NY Times: “Suspected Pipebomb Found in Mailboxes in Nebraska.” “Jet Plows into Neighborhood in Nigerian Killing 126.” 5/13 AOL News: “California Burning: Firefighters gain control…Deadly Storms Hit US…from Texas to New England.”

PLUTO’S transit in SAGITTARIUS will continue to KICK THINGS UP in the CHURCHES and EDUCATION while the PRESS brings HIDDEN MATTERS to public attention, sometimes to a fault.  5/2 CNN: “Shanley arrested on child rape charges: Retired Catholic Priest Paul Shanley was arrested this morning, accused on three counts of raping a child with force….Shanley because a focus of the sex abuse scandal rocking the church when church documents revealed he had advocated sex between men and boys.” 5/15 CNN: “Church details Egan’s role in abuse case.” NY Times: “Man who accused priest of abuse charged with shooting him.” 5/16 Drudge Report, Daily News: “Grand Jury Eyes Priests, Westchester panel weighs sex charges, archdiocese’s role.” 5/17 CNN: “Two priest suicides so far from sexual abuse accusations.” 5/18 CNN: “L.A. officials ask priest to investigate cardinal.” 5/24 CNN: “Pope Accepts Resignation of Milwaukee Archbishop.” 5/26 Cleveland, AP: “Sixteen Priests Have Committed Suicide: Accused of sexually abusing children, 12 in U.S., have killed themselves since 1986.” 6/9 CNN: “Report: Hundreds of Catholic Priests Removed: The Roman Catholic Church has removed 218 priests from their positions this year because of child sexual abuse allegations, but at least 34 remain in their positions, a Washington Post Survey reported Sunday.” 6/13 NY Times: “Roman Catholic Church Faces Questions About Finances.”  6/15 NY Times Quote of the Day: “‘From this day forward, no one known to have sexually abused a child will work in the Catholic Church in the United States,’ Bishop Wilton T. Gregory, President of the U.S. Congress of Catholic Bishops.” This is the transformative POWER OF PLUTO in SAGITTARIUS at its best. 6/28 NY Times: “Supreme Court Upholds Voucher System That Pays Religious Schools’ Tuition.” 7/27 NY Times: “N.J. Priests Arrested on Sex Charge.”

The SATURN—NEPTUNE trine is strong in APRIL, bringing an INCREASE OF POWER to those worthy of bearing its mantle. This is true for those in both POLITICS and COMMERCE. It is a time when SPIRIT and MATTER cooperate in large measure, a time when the BEST is brought out in each and every SOUL. A time of DESTINY when DREAMS COME TRUE.

ECONOMIC QUESTIONS arise late APRIL. The STOCK MARKET could slide.  CNN, NY Times: “Volatile Market in April.” 4/17 CNN: “Hello, Mr. Chips: Semiconductor stocks surged on Tuesday and there’s probably more upside in the months ahead.” 4/20 CNN: “Argentina suspends all banking.”

A MALE CELEBRITY of GREAT STATURE could pass under violent or accidental circumstances. 8/12 CNN: “Actor Jason Priestley is seriously injured when his race car crashes in a practice run in Kentucky, injures spine.”

SCANDAL in HIGH PLACES fills the headlines this SPRING, shocking the uninformed and unaware. 4/10 Backstage: “Melissa Gilbert reprimanded by Screen Actor’s Guild for stealing home phone numbers of members.” 4/12 Washington Post: “Traficant to Run for Re-election: One day after a federal jury found him guilty of bribery, racketeering, and tax evasion, Rep. James F. Traficant said Friday he will run for re-election and appeal the verdict.”  4/14 NY Times: “Bishop Says Pope is Leaving Scandal to American Catholics.” 4/16 CNN: “Pope summons U.S. cardinals over scandal.” 4/19 CNN: “Actor Robert Blake Arrested for Murder of Wife Bonny Bakley.” 4/21 Drudge Report: “Cops: Blake’s Gun Was Used in Wife’s Death.” 4/23 CNN: “Actor Robert Blake pleads ‘not guilty.'” “Pope: “Sex abuse a crime…Vatican sex abuse summit begins.” 4/30 Yahoo News: “Abuse victims in Los Angeles sue church for conspiring to hide molestations.” 5/3 AOL News: “FBI Warned of Training Before September 11th: Two months before the suicide hijackings, an FBI agent in Arizona alerted Washington headquarters that several Middle Easterners were training at a U.S. aviation school and recommended contacting other schools nationwide where Arabs might be studying…” CNN: “D.A.: Priest raped child in confessional.” “Sheriff: New Mexico fire starter kills himself.”  5/7 AOL News: “Anderson Goes on Trial for Shredding.” “Israel Alleges Arafat Link to Terror.” 5/10 Drudge Report: “Attack of The Web: Bootlegged Star Wars Debuts on Internet.” 5/13 Newsweek: “UNHEEDED WARNINGS: Documents inside FBI field offices indicate more concern than Washington has acknowledged before 9/11.” 5/15 NY Times: “Pre Attack Memo Cited Bin Laden.” 5/16 AOL News: “Bush Was Warned of a bin Laden Plot…Bush Warned of Possible Hijack Plot.” Drudge Report, Los Angeles Times: FLASHBACK: OFFICIALS TOLD OF MAJOR ASSAULT PLANS, ADVISED IN AUGUST, 200 TERRORISTS COMING TO U.S., PART OF A PLOT…” CBS News: Ashcroft Told to Take Private Jets Last Summer.” 5/23 NY Times: “White House Acknowledges More Contacts With Enron.” “Five, Including F.B.I. Agents, Are Named in a Conspiracy: Using confidential government information to manipulate stock prices and extort money from companies.” CNN: “Kentucky bishop steps aside over abuse claim.” Reuters: “Priest Pleads Guilty to Making Date-Rape Drug.” 5/24 Drudge Report, CNN: “F.B.I. Was Warned of Sept. 11th Hijacker by Paid Informant.” 5/27 NY Times: “F.B.I. Inaction Blurred Picture Before September 11.” 5/30 AOL News: “F.B.I. Admits Lapses Prior to Sept. 11.” 6/4 AOL News: “C.I.A.: F.B.I. Knew of 2 Hijackers in 2000.” NY Times: “Egypt Warned U.S. of a Qaeda Plot, Mubarak Asserts.” 6/5 NY Times: “State Accuses Bristol-Myers of Fraud in Taxol: 29 states sue on illegally profiting from several fraudulent schemes to keep lowered priced generic drugs off the market.” 6/5 Chicago Sun Times: “R. Kelly, R&B SuperStar, to be indicted in child pornography case.” 6/7 NY Times: “Kennedy Cousin, Michael Skakel, Found Guilty in Moxley Murder 27 years after the crime.” 6/15 Drudge Report: “Andersen Convicted of Obstruction.” CNN: “Andersen Found Guilty.” NY Times: “Andersen Guilty of Shredding Files in Enron Scandal.” 6/16 AOL News: “Employee Charged in Colorado Wildfire: A U.S. Forest Service employee set the fire that scorched 100,000 acres in Colorado and forced thousands to evacuate by burning a letter from her estranged husband in the Pike National Forest.” 6/19 AP: More Flee Western Fires, 500,000 Acres Charred.” CNN: “Tests show Bing is father of Elizabeth Hurley’s 2-1/2 month old son.” 6/22 NY Times: “Ex-Rite Aid Officials Face Charges of Financial Fraud.” “Messages From Perrot Systems Show it Approached Edison with information to manipulate California energy market.” 6/24 NY Times: “Global Crossing is Said to Admit Files Were Shredded.” 6/26 AOL News: “Massive Fraud at WorldCom.” 6/27 AOL News: “WorldCom Scandal Setting Off Alarms.” 6/30 News Media: “Arizona Arson Suspect is a Firefighter.” 7/16 CNN: “Playboy uncovers corporate scandal.” It goes on and on with scandal this year, and is not restricted to the spring.

A WOMAN OF POWER will be mourned in APRIL. image 3/30 CNN: “BRITAIN’S QUEEN MOTHER DIES AT 101.” 4/1 CNN: “Britain Mourns the Queen Mum.” 5/22 This time a woman of international notoriety, All news media: “Body of Chandra Levy Found in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.” Finally, there will be closure.

MAJOR POWER STRUGGLES arise in MAY. EXPLOSIVE SITUATIONS ABOUND. EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANIC ACTIVITY are HIGHLY PROBABLE. WAR could well RAGE in more than one corner of the world. MOTHER NATURE will show us her POWER and FURY with CATACLYSMS in various and sundry places. 5/1 CNN: “Texas chemical plant burns.” Reuters: “Bornstein resigns as President, ABC-TV.” 5/5 AOL News: “Hundreds of Maoists Killed in Nepal.” 5/5 CNN: “Wildfires rage in Colorado.” 5/7 CNN: “More pipe bombs found in Nebraska, Colorado.” “Dutch rightist Fortuyn shot dead.”  ECTV: “M-Class Flares Rain Upon Us, and so do ‘Freak Storms.’ Snow is falling in May.” 5/7 CNN: “Suicide Bomber Kills 15, injures 57 near Tel Aviv.” 5/8 AOL News: “Israeli Leader Decries Terrorist Act…Bombing Sets Back Mideast Peace Effort…Pakistani Bus Blast Kills at Least 10…Nine Killed as Riots Erupt in West India.” Drudge Report: “10-ton rock kills 18 bus passengers in central China.” NY Times: “Student, 21, is Arrested in Nevada in 5 State Bombing Spree.” “Chinese Jet, Carrying 112, Crashes in Sea Near the Coast.” CNN: “More deadly Appalachian floods.” 5/10 NY Times: “Bomb Blast at a Crowded Parade Kills at Least 34 in Russian Town, including at least 12 children.” CNN: “Police: Suspect planned smiley face bomb pattern.” “Degastan blast toll climbs.” “Giant Glacier Falls into Ocean Near Antarctica.” 5/14 CNN: “Earthquake rattles Bay Area.” 5/15 AOL News: “India Heat Wave Death Toll Reaches 175.” “Earthquake Shakes Taiwan’s Capital.” 5/16 Drudge Report: “India heatwave death toll rises to 622 despite rains.” CNN: “Mississippi River floods claim 6 lives.” 5/18 NY Times: “Rain Keeps Up in Water Logged Midwest.” CNN: “Clash leaves dozens dead in Columbia.” 5/19 CNN: “Firefighters gaining on Florida brush fires.” 5/19 NY Times: “Cheney Expects More Terror for U.S.” “Suicide Bomber Disguised as Israeli Soldier Kills 3, Injures 50 in Market.” 5/22 AOL News: “Rumsfeld Dire Prediction: Terrorists Will Inevitably Get Nuclear, Chemical or Biological Weapons.” Drudge Report: “Nuclear War Threat Over Kashmir Crisis.” “Indian prime minister tells soldiers to prepare for ‘decisive battle.'” 5/23 NY Times: “Indian Leaders Threat of War Rattles Pakistan and the U.S.” AP: “Israeli Embassy in Paris Destroyed By Fire.” CNN: “More than 1000 die in Indian heatwave.” Reuters: “Missile-carrying Indian warships sail near Pakistan, air force on alert.” 5/24 CNN: “Hundreds evacuate as New Mexico wildfires grow.” 5/24 NY Times: “F.B.I. Agent Says Superior Altered Report, Foiling Inquiry.” 5/26 NY Times: “Bush Joins Putin in Urging Pakistan to Use Restraint.” Associated Press: “60 Electrocuted in India: wedding guests in bus that hits high voltage power line.” 5/28 Drudge Report: “Pakistan Says No New Sacrifices to Avoid War…Indian Defense Minister Says Options Are Narrowing…American Intelligence: 12 Million Deaths in Nuclear War.” 5/29 Drudge Report, Yahoo News: “Strong Earthquake Rocks Taiwan: 6.2 undersea off coast.” 6/8 CNN: “Wildfires Rage North of Los Angeles, homes destroyed, 2000 people evacuated.” 7/9 Jerusalem Post: “Arafat threatens ‘disastrous explosion that will impact stability of the whole world.'” 6/14 AOL News: “Strong Earthquake Rocks Tokyo.” NY Times, CNN: “Car Bomb Kills 11 at U.S. Consulate in Karachi.” AP News: “Desert Earthquake Hits Near Yucca Mountain; No Injuries or Damage Reported, near the federal government’s proposed site for a nuclear repository.” 6/18 Drudge Report: “Moderate Quake Hits Midwest, South: Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, New Madrid Fault.” 6/19 AOL News: “Israel to Seize Palestinian Lands: until the suicide bombings stops.” 6/20 AOL News: “Fire Sweeps Across Arizona, Thousands Forced to Evacuate.” 6/21 AOL News: “Mammouth Fire Chars Arizona as Major Blazes Sweep the West.” 6/22 AP: “Deadly 5.2 Quake Hits Northwestern Iran, 500 Dead, 1600 injured.” NY Times: “Rapidly Growing Blaze Forces 8000 to Flee Arizona.” 6/23 AOL News: “Earthquake Jolts Parts of Indonesia.” CNN: “28 Dead in Russian Floods.” 6/24 Reuters: “Earthquake Rocks Taiwan, no damage or casualties.” 6/25 Washington Post: “Everything Is Just a Nightmare: Forced to Flee Western Wildfires, Thousands Uncertain and Afraid.” 8/19 AOL News: “Volcano Erupts on Japanese Island.”

In MAY there will be MAJOR SCIENTIFIC OR TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGHS.  5/9 Reuters: “Bionic Retina Gives Six Patients Partial Sight.” Drudge Report: “First Humans to Receive ID Chips; Device Implanted Under Skin Will Provide Identification, Medical Information.” 5/13 “First Report of Stem Cell Signal of Intention to Become Specific Neuron; Cloned Cells Cure Parkinson’s in Rat Model.” 5/14 “Twelve New Coral and Fish Species Discovered Off Madagascar.” 5/15: “Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells Can Become Liver Cells, Minnesota Researchers Report.” 5/17 Sciencedaily: “Jogging Every Day May Keep Alzheimer’s Away; Exercise Seen to Help Brain Respond to Outside Stimuli, May Affect Nerve Cell Health.”  5/20 Earth Changes TV: “Astronomers Discover 11 More Small Moons of Jupiter, bringing the total of Jupiter’s moons to 39, 9 more than the record of the previous champ, Saturn.” 5/22 “Compound Found in Grapes May Fight Cancer and Diabetes.” 5/23 “Hunger Hormone May Be Key in Weight Loss.” 5/24 CNN: “New robotic combat jet takes flight: Combat drone designed to ‘hunt in packs.'”  5/26 Drudge Report: “ICE OCEANS FOUND ON MARS! 5/28 Sciencedaily Magazine: “Dietary Component Kills Bacterial Cause of Ulcers and Stomach Cancer” Eat your broccoli!” “While-You-Wait Implantable Heart Assist Device Proves Effective.” “Multi-talented material signals new devices: A material whose electrical, optical and magnetic properties flip between two stable states has been developed by scientists in the U.S. Robert Haddon and colleagues of the University of California at Riverside believe that their organic compound could lead to a new generation of ultra-sophisticated devices. With an adjustable ‘transition temperature’ of about 62C, the material could be used in a wide range of applications.” 5/29 Science Daily Magazine: “Odyssey Finds Water Ice in Abundance Under Mars’ Surface.” “Ozone Loses May be Speeding up at High Latitudes, According to University of Colorado Study.” 5/30 NY Times: “The Be-All in Handhelds: Two New Tries to End All: Two new products, Nokia’s 9290 and Handsprings Treo 270, offer the functions of cell phones with web organizers.” 5/30 Sciencedaily: “Drug Used in Treatment of Alcoholism May Have Role in Treatment of HIV.”

The STOCK MARKET RISES AND FALLS, then RISES AGAIN. ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY PREVAILS. 5/7 NY Times: “Stocks Slide in Late Trading to End Day Mixed.” 5/10 NY Times: “Credit Rating of Worldcom is Cut to Junk.” “I.B.M. to Eliminate 9000 Jobs.” 5/14 CNN: “Second day of upward stock trends.” 5/22 AOL News: “Terror Called ‘Economic Wild Card’ by Treasury.” Washington Post: “After the Bell: Wall Street Ends Its Slide.” 5/26 CNN: “Stocks: tough day, rough week.” 5/29 CNN: “Tech’s single-digit club…DOW’s dubious milestone.” 6/6 CNN: “Stocks get pummeled.” 6/27 Drudge Report: “Dollar slides to brink of free fall.” 6/27 CNN: “WorldCom Reducing Job Force by 17,000.” 6/28 NY Times: “Motorola Says It Will Cut Another 7000 Jobs.” Drudge Report: “Now Xerox Admits $2bn Hole.” “GM shares fall amid rumors of accounting problems.” 7/1 Drudge Report: “Stocks plunge.” 7/2 NY Times: “Range of Fear Punishes Gauges; Nasdaq the Worst Hit: Stock prices fell sharply Monday, led by technology shares, pushing the Nasdaq composite index to its lowest level in more than five years.” CNN: “Nasdaq whacked…What recovery?”  7/12 NY Times: “Stocks Drop in Worst Week Since September’s Plunge.”

A GREAT LEADER FALLS in MAY or JUNE. Dignitaries from all nations attend the publicized, televised funeral.

Early JUNE brings ECONOMIC GOOD NEWS, the STOCK MARKETS RISE. Wise MERGERS are the order of the day. 5/1 CNN: “HP-Compaq merger near completion.”  6/1 CNN: “DOW snaps losing streak…Wall Street warily eyes economy.” 6/6 CNN: “Stocks show resilience.” 6/8 CNN: “Stocks end tough week lower.” 6/16 CNN: “Stocks stage a comeback.” Up and down and around they go.

ADVANCEMENT for the good of the AMERICAN PEOPLE is in plain sight.  5/24 NY Times, CNN: “Bush, Putin Sign Landmark Arms Deal.”

SCIENTIFIC and/or MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS prove STARTLING in JUNE.  5/10 “Study Indicates No Natural Limit to Life Expectancy.” “Tungsten Photonic Lattice Changes Heat to Light; Cool Tungsten Light Bulb May be Possible.” 5/16 “Yale Researchers Find Possible Target or Treatment and Prevention for Osteoporosis.”  “A Possible New Way to Block HIV Infection in Healthy Cells Discovered.” 5/19 CNN: “Drug may slow lung cancer, ease symptoms.” 5/24 “New Amino Acid Discovered; Fundamental Building Block of Life.” “Mayo Clinic Researchers Discover Enzyme Has Potential to Stop Multiple Sclerosis Tissue Damage.” 5/30 Science Daily: “Peptide Provides New Growth in Injured Spinal Cords.” 6/3 “Children’s Hospital Boston Researchers Use Therapeutic Cloning to Create Functional Tissue in Cows.” “New Drug Shows Promise in Common and Lethal Form of Leukemia.” “Research at Great Lakes Meeting Shows More Vitamin C in Organic Oranges Than in Conventional Oranges.” 6/4 “Black Hole Dynamo May Be Cosmos’ Ultimate Electricity Generator.” 6/5 Sciencedaily: New, Non-Invasive Surgical Procedure to Eliminate Epileptic Seizures.”  6/10 NY Times: “Two Tinkerers Say They’ve Found a Cheap Way to Broadband: Etherlinx uses an inexpensive wireless standard to transmit internet data. Their ambitious plans threatens to shake the near-monopoly that cable and phone companies have on high-speed access.” 6/11 “Mosquitoes Repelled by Tomato-Based Substances: Safe, More Effective Than DEET.” “New Natural Method of Family Planning Over 95% Effective in Preventing Pregnancy, Study Finds.” 6/12 Sciencedaily: “Promising New Therapies For Deadly Form of Leukemia.” “Purdue, Indiana Create New Super ‘Tera-Scale’ Supercomputer Grid.” 6/12 “Tiny transistors nudge the nanoscale: Physicists in the U.S. have taken a significant step towards nanometre-scale electronics by creating the first transistor made from a single atom. A similar device based on a single divanadium molecule, which consists of two vanadium atoms, has also been built by a second U.S. team. The researchers are optimistic that the transistors will prove to be rich sources of exotic electronic effects, and their achievements will stimulate research that could lead to the development of practical nanoelectronics systems.”  6/14 Yahoo News: “SOLAR SYSTEM SIMILAR TO OURS DISCOVERED: U.S. astronomers announced the discovery of a solar system similar to our own, at a press conference at NASA’s headquarters here. Astronomers said they had identified an extra-solar planet orbiting this star at about the same distance Jupiter orbits the sun. They discovered a total of 15 extra-solar planets. University of California at Berkley astronomy professor Geoffrey Marcy discovered the star, named 55 Cancri, 15 years ago, jointly with his colleague at Washington’s Carnegie Institution Paul Butler. In 1996, Marcy and Butler announced the discovery of a first planet orbiting 55 Cancri ‘in 14.6 days at a distance only one-tenth that from Earth to the sun.'” AMAZING STUFF! 6/14 Sciencedaily: “Newfound Planetary System Has ‘Hometown’ Look.” “Futuristic System Brings Vision to Blind; Saint Louis Neurosurgeon Becomes First U.S. Doctor to Implant Artificial Eye Device.” “New Device Removes Drinking Water Contaminants.” “Urine Test Predicts Alzheimer’s Disease.” 6/17 CNN: “‘Star Trek’ teleporter nearer reality.” 6/18 Reuters: “Australian Scientists Say They Can Rebuild Immune System.”  6/19 AP: “Medtronic Develops Surgery Protein: Agonizing over sharp pain in his back, a man lies down on a metallic table illuminated by a rich blue light. Moments later he receives a small dose of a clear liquid that kick-starts his cells to rapidly build new bone, beginning the healing process. Above him, masked men nod and smile at one another. Coming soon to a theater near you? Perhaps. Coming soon to a surgeon’s office near you? Probably. Medtronic Inc. has spent the last several years developing such a unique and complex material, which it calls a `bone morphogenetic’ protein.” Sciencedaily, Georgetown University Medical Center: “Elevated Levels of Cholesterol Play an Even Greater Role in Alzheimer’s, Study Shows.” “Botox Proving Successful at Preventing Headaches (Migraine).”  6/20 “Two Year Study Finds Possible Cell Phone Radiation Danger to Brain.” 6/22 Sciencedaily: “Embryonic Mouse Stem Cells Reduce Symptoms in Model for Parkinson’s Disease.” “Research Could Accelerate Computing to Speed of Light.” 6/24 ScienceDaily: “Evidence That Adult Stem Cells Differentiate Like Embryonic Stem Cells Published in Nature.” 6/26 ScienceDaily: “Chemists Make First Boron Nanowhiskers: ‘Little Shavers’ Could Prove Key in Nanoelectronics.” 6/27: “New Drug Boosts Fight Against HIV, Researchers Find.” “Appetite for Apatite: Rock Eating Fungi Help ‘Mine’ Minerals.” 6/28 ScienceDaily: “Tiny Device Can Detect Hidden Nuclear Weapons, Material.”  6/29 AP, London: “Coming Soon: A Telephone Tooth!” 7/2 ScienceDaily: “Clonal Human Neurons Re-Establish Connections in Rats With Severe Spinal Injury.” 7/10 News Media: “Hormone Therapy Study Stopped Due to Increased Breast Cancer Risk, Lack of Overall Benefit to Women.” 7/15 Sciencedaily: “FDA Says Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Needs No Additional Clinical Trials.”

The CURE for DIABETES and other pancreatic maladies could well be found. 5/22 “Compound Found in Grapes May Fight Cancer and Diabetes.” 5/24 Sciencedaily: “Ginseng Berry Extract Shows Promise For Diabetes, Obesity.”  5/30 Science Daily: “Type 1 Diabetes Safely Arrested With Short-Term Use of New Drug.” 8/28 “Islet Cell Transplantation for Diabetes Turns Corner; Pig Cell Transplant Has One Child Off Insulin; Use of Embryonic Stem Cells Discussed.”

Late JUNE there will be MAJOR PROBLEMS with CHEMICALS or CONTAMINATION involving the SEA, LAKES or RIVERS. 7/5 Drudge Report, NBC News, Los Angeles: “Health Officials Issue Bubonic Plague Warning, 38 cases since 1970.” I know this is a stretch, but I thought it should be posted and wasn’t sure where to put it. 8/9 West Nile Virus Spreads Across the Nation.” Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. 9/12 CNN: “Chinese oil tanker explodes at sea.” 2/21/2011 BBC News: Gulf spill ‘devastated’ sea life.

A highly publicized ASSASSINATION is not out of the question in JUNE. 6/7 NY Times: “‘Muslims’ U.S. Hostage is Killed in Gun Battle in the Philippines.” 6/23 “Saddam’s heir escapes assassination attempt.”  7/6 AOL News: “Assassination in Afghanistan: Qadir, one of 3 vice presidents, killed in Kabul.” 9/5 AOL News: “Karzai Dodges Assassin’s Bullets: Afghan leader’s US guards kill assailant; attack follows deadly car bombing in Kabul.”

There is ADVANCEMENT in the CURE and TREATMENT of BREAST CANCER. 5/20 “New Breast Cancer Therapy at Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center Boosts Drugs’ Effects, Dramatically Shrinks Tumor.” 6/14 Sciencedaily: “Research into Rare Disease Leads to Discovery of Six New Breast Cancer-Susceptibility Genes.”  8/13 ScienceDaily: “Potent Experimental Drug Shown to Slow the Growth of Breast and Prostrate Cancer Tumors in Mice.”

There will be considerable ECONOMIC IMPROVEMENT in JULY. image 7/3 Drudge Report: “STOCKS FALL ON AMD WARNING…London market closes at lowest point in five years.” 7/5 CNN: “Are any stocks safe?”  7/5 NY Times: “Dollar Rises Against Euro…”DOW Ends Up 325, Nasdaq Gains 68.”  7/12 NY Times: “Stocks Drop in Worst Week Since September’s Plunge.” 7/13 “Bears on Prowl as Market Falls, Ending Another Dreary Week.” 7/20 NY Times: “Stocks Continue Four-Month Rout; Dow Plunges 390.” CNN: “The crash of 2002.”  7/25 AOL News: “Can Wall Street Do It Again: Historic rally yesterday (7/24).” CNN: “Wall Street bounces back from brink.”

In 2002 MAJOR PROGRESS will be made to eliminate WORLD HUNGER.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS will be made in the INVENTION and APPLICATION of ALTERNATIVE FUEL SYSTEMS and PRODUCTS for INDUSTRIAL and INDIVIDUAL PURPOSES. There will be greater movement away from the use of fossil fuels. 4/16 AOL News: “Solar Sheets Seen as Energy’s Future.” 4/23 NY Times: “With Alaskan Exploration Rejected, Senate Looks to Ethanol.”  4/30 Email: Another hit! One of Ms. McLaine’s predictions for 2002 is that there will be advances in the invention and application of alternative fuel systems. On March 26, 2002 the very first U.S. patent for a free energy machine was granted. This is unbelievably significant, because in order to be granted a patent, a machine must work! Tom Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, known as MEG, has no moving parts, and will perpetually produce free energy. The US Patent number is 6,362,718. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN KEPT OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM NEWS, and although Mr. Bearden is hoping to have MEGs available in less than two years, he will face an uphill battle as the world’s energy elite fight his little company. Let people know about this, and please find out more about this amazing machine and the benefits it will bring to mankind if it can actually be brought to the people. Check out where there is an interesting article on the MEG and the struggle Mr. Bearden is facing. 6/11 NY Times: “Honda Takes Up Case in U.S. For Green Energy.” 7/22 NY Times: “In California, Clean Air Rules Force Changes in Autos: Push for zero emission vehicles could soon force automakers to sell more than 100,000 electric cars and other highly fuel-efficient vehicles in the state each year.” 8/22: Environmentally Friendly Fuel, Freen Diesel WO2. Energy saving for hot water and steam system boilers.”

In JULY, a ROMANCE or MARRIAGE between POPULAR CELEBRITIES makes the headlines. image World Media, June 12: “Sir Paul McCartney Weds Model Heather Mills in an Irish Castle.” 6/15 “Actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards tied the knot.”  7/4 CNN: “Actress Julia Roberts marries cameraman Danny Moder at an Independence Day ceremony in New Mexico.” 7/26 Infobeat: “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on and off screen as Lopez files for divorce.”   8/12 CNN: “Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley Tie the Knot in Hawaii.” 9/4 Infobeat: “Superstar Couple Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr., married in Mexico.”

In JULY there will be a CONFERENCE or SUMMIT MEETING of tremendous importance with considerable SUCCESS.

A MAJOR BANKRUPTCY involving a MAJOR CORPORATION is announced in JUNE or JULY. 5/24 NY Times: “KPNQwest is Seeking Bankruptcy.”  7/3 Washington Times: “Bankrupt WorldCom called a security risk; CEO cites sensitive data in networks.” 7/10 AP: “WorldCom Considering Reorganization: Will know in 3 weeks. Would be largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history.” 7/13 Fortune: “Breaking Records For Bankruptcies: Chapter 11 is the hottest fad in business. But that’s not even the half of it. Enron, Adelphia, Global Crossing, Kmart…these are just a few of the biggie companies that have slid into bankruptcy over the past 12 months.” 7/22 NY Times: “Bankruptcy at WorldCom is the Largest in U.S. History.” 8/12 CNN: “U.S. Airways Files Chapter 11.”

By late JULY great REORGANIZATION and RECONSTRUCTION will be seen on many fronts. Building and construction will greatly advance in AFGHANISTAN and other struggling nations through the cooperation of many nations and many different people. 4/18 NY Times: “Bush Sets Role For U.S. in Afghan Rebuilding: calling for an effort Bush compared to the Marshall Plan.” 5/8 NY Times: “As a Hurdle is Cleared, Building Begins at Ground Zero.” 5/31 AOL News: “Afghans, U.N. Agency OK Airport Deal for Kabul.” 7/15 AOL News: “Reports: Pfizer to Buy Pharmacia in a stock deal that will create the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.”

There will be a MAJOR MECHANICAL BREAKTHROUGH in JULY, possibly a product for the home.

VALUABLE INFORMATION comes to public attention in JULY/AUGUST.  7/5 ScienceDaily: “Saint Louis University Geologist’s Discovery May Unlock Secrets to Start of Life on Earth.” “New Method of Turning Off Viruses May Help Control HIV Infection, Says Jefferson Scientist.” 8/27 Reuters: “Death Toll Surges in Madagascar Flu Epidemic: 671 dead, with 22,646 infected.” 8/28 ScienceDaily: “Multiple Pets May Decrease Children’s Allergy Risk.” 8/29 CNN, Space Update: “Scientists: Earth Formed Faster Than Thought.”

UPDATE (6/18/2002) I’m concerned about the Full Moon on August 22nd. It looks like FIRE IN THE SKY to me. Could be VOLCANIC, an EARTHQUAKE, a METEOR, a FIRE, an EXPLOSION, a TERRORIST ACT. It could definitely be the end of a leadership of some sort, especially a dictatorship or monarchy. The aspects are REVOLUTIONARY and VIOLENT in nature. Major cities in CALIFORNIA could be involved, more especially SAN FRANCISCO, SAN JOSE, and/or OAKLAND. BAKERSFIELD and FRESNO could also be affected. 7/3 Drudge Report: “4.5 Quake Shakes Mount Hood, an active volcano.” 7/10 ECTV: “Large Earthquake of Magnitude 5.9 Shakes Mt. Hood.” 7/14 AOL News: “Earthquake Felt in Parts of Pakistan.” 8/17 CNN: “Volcano erupts off Japan coast.”  8/19 ECTV: “7.7 Mega Quake Hits Fiji Islands.” 8/22 Drudge Report: “Newsroom Shock: New York Times Suicide, Long Time Reporter/Editor Jumps to His Death From 43rd Floor at Times Square: Allen Myerson.” This is definitely full moon madness! 9/4 “Brush Fires Light Up Skies in Los Angeles.”

The ECONOMY will FLOURISH in AUGUST, as the STOCK MARKETS experience a SHARP RISE. 8/9 CNN: “Stock Market Rallies 5.2% in one week.”  8/13 CNN: “Dow slides; Nasdaq gets by.” 8/15 NY Times: “Shares Rally, but Wall Street Shows No Sign of Direction.” 8/16 CNN: “Stocks muster a rally.”

INVENTIONS and DISCOVERIES that come to light in JULY/AUGUST will be awe-inspiring. TECHNOLOGY FLOURISHES. 7/3 CNN: “New drugs restoring vision to elderly.” 7/4 ScienceDaily: “Muscle Stem Cells Show Promise Against Muscular Dystrophy in Mouse Model.” 7/5 Young stars challenge old ideas: The discovery of clusters of young stars in an old galaxy has challenged the accepted idea of how some galaxies evolve. An international team of astronomers studied an elliptical galaxy known as NGC 4365 using the Hubble Space Telescope and the Very Large Telescope in Chile, and were surprised to find that it bore the hallmarks of recent star formation. Most astronomers believe that the stars in elliptical galaxies are born during one intense period of star formation early in the lifetime of the galaxy. 7/27 Sciencedaily: “New Research Supports the Link Between Cooking and Carcinogens.” “Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Prevent Heart Disease By Improving Arterial Elasticity.” 8/14 NY Times: “New Intel Chip Promises to Do More With Less.” Sciencedaily: “New Compound May Immobilize AIDS Virus, Certain Radionuclides.” 8/20 ScienceDaily: “New AIDS Drug Discoveries to Battle HIV Resistant Strains.” 8/23 NASA Science News: “Amazing Magnetic Fluids: Astronauts onboard the International Space Station are preparing to study strange fluids that might one day flow in the veins of robots and help buildings resist earthquakes.” 8/28 CNN: “Air test suggests life possible on Mars.” 9/4 ScienceDaily: “Virus That Can Infect Both Mice and Humans Driven to Extinction by Cancer Drugs.”

NEW FOUNDATIONS are formed and erected in AUGUST on many different levels as SATURN trines URANUS. The ALPHA and OMEGA harmonize for the GOOD OF THE WORLD. NEW LAWS are RIGHTEOUS and JUST. RAPID CHANGES and ALTERATIONS for the better will tend to ASTOUND the majority. 8/15 AOL News, AP: “Afghan Town Thrives Near U.S. Base: Not long ago, Bagram was practically deserted, its residents driven away by years of fierce fighting between the Taliban and the opposition northern alliance. Now, a year after the collapse of the Taliban and the arrival of the U.S. military at the old Russian air base, this town on the civil war’s front line is coming back to life. Construction workers hammer frames into place for a new restaurant. An elderly shopkeeper measures dried tea for a customer. Children gather hungrily around a new ice cream shop…”  8/16 CNN: “NYC recognizes gay partnerships.”

There will be HEARTBREAK involving the LOSS of a MONARCH in AUGUST. 3/30 NY Times: “The Queen Mother, widow of George VI and a rock of support behind her eldest daughter, Queen Elizabeth, died in her sleep at the age of 101.”

AUGUST brings sadness and loss. The GREAT shall fall. The ECONOMY could temporarily be adversely affected.

SEDITIOUS SLANDER brings ANGRY REPRISAL this summer…a monumental battle wages in the COURTS.

NOTE: I apologize for the lack of updates from August onward due to the corruption of my prior website by some unconscious soul in need of psychological help and spiritual enlightenment, and due to the other misdirected being that sent a number of viruses to my computer and caused me to reformat my hard drive, and thereby, to lose a great deal of valuable material stored for future addition to this site.  If any of you have news items I’ve missed that need to be added anywhere between August and late November, kindly email tomailto:pattiemclaine@gmail.comI thank you in advance for your patience and help! 

FLOODING will be a problem this SUMMER. STORMS RAGE around the planet.  5/17 CNN: “Mississippi flooding hits 4 states.” 6/4 CNN Headline News: “Flooding in Chile: a year’s rain in a day.” 6/5 Drudge Report: “Freak Midwest Storm Dumps 8 inches of Rain in One Day.” 7/3 CNN: “One dead, one missing in Texas floods: Torrential rain drenched central Texas for the fourth straight day Tuesday, flooding homes and blocking highways near San Antonio.” 7/4 AOL News: “Chinese Soldiers Help With Flooding…in southern China’s Guangxi region.” 7/5 Drudge Report: “Record Texas Floods Force More Evacuations.” 7/6 CNN: “Washed Away: Texas floods carry off homes.” 7/7 AOL News: “11 Dead in Philippine Monsoon Storm.” “Army Called Out For Rescue Operations as Floods in India’s Remote Northeast Affect 700,000.” 7/8 CNN: “Texas flooding mind boggling.” 7/10 CNN: “Deadly storms whip Asia, causing evacuations in Japan and fears of flash flooding in Taiwan and Guam.” 7/11 AOL News: “Flooding Worsens in Bangladesh.” 7/14 AOL News: “More Deaths From Philippine Monsoons.” Typhoon Haling Approaches Okinawa.” 7/22 AOL News: “Storm, Hail, Kills 16 in China.” 7/25 CNN: “Four Dead, 45,000 Homeless in Venezuela floods.” 7/28 CNN: “Bangladesh faces flood carnage.” 8/9 AOL News: “Landslides, Floods Kill 47 in China.” NY Times: “Floods Sweep Through Europe, 20 Dead.” 8/11 AOL News: “Flood Kills Seven Chinese Miners.” 8/12 Washington Post: “European flooding kills at least 74: Russia, Germany Switzerland, Austria.” 8/13 CNN: “Thousands Flee Prague Flood.” 8/13 Drudge Report: “Flood Waters Rise Over Old Europe.”  8/14 NY Times: “Tens of Thousands Flee Prague as Floods Invades Historic Center.” 8/16 CNN: “German floods hit record high….Monsoon floods force millions to flee, 900+ Asians killed.” 8/23 CNN: One million battle China floods.” 8/34 AOL News: “China Lake Waters Threaten 6 Cities.” CNN: China braces for flood surge.” 9/11 CNN: “France puts flood death toll at 21.” 9/12 Drudge Report: “Spectators flee huge waves of Qiantangjiang River.” 9/21 CNN: “Storms Tear Through Indiana.” 9/22 CNN: “Tornado Hits Indianapolis.” 9/23 CNN: “Thousands evacuated as Hurricane Isidore speeds along tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.” 9/25 CNN: “Louisiana and the Gulf states prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Isidore with possible serious flooding.”

NEW POWER STRUCTURES arise out of the ashes, both visible and more subtle.


The ONCE MIGHTY will be stripped of POWER in SEPTEMBER. This could involve an execution. 9/4 CNN: “Colin Powell Booed at Summit.”

The STOCK MARKET is picking up steam. The DOW could reach new heights as the NASDAQ rallies. imageSure it could….but WHEN? And in what century? Try not to cry about it, because you can’t take it with you!

CELEBRITY DIVORCES: 7/9 Entertainment Tonight: “Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen are calling it quits.” 7/26 Entertainment Tonight: “Angelina Jolie Calls it Quits With Billy Bob Thornton.”

A FAVORITE BACHELOR marries with TWINS on the way. He will wear the mantle of husband and father well. A new yet welcome role for a public favorite!

The ECONOMY continues its UPWARD TURN in OCTOBER. MARKETS FLOURISH around the WORLD. “Tech Stocks to the Rescue?  Maybe Not For Long: The recent tech rally is raising hopes that this broad market rebound will keep going, unlike the summer surge that fizzled in late August.”


NEW ARCHEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES could well include ANCIENT ATLANTIS.  NEW DISCOVERIES REVEAL OLD TRUTHS to the masses.  3/26 “Ethiopian Fossil Scull Indicates Homo Erectus Was Single, Widespread Species 1 Million Years Ago.” 4/1 AOL News: “Scientists Probe Possible Sunken City Off Cuba.” “The Blob: A mysterious area of black water in Florida Bay has researchers puzzled.” 5/1, 120 Million Year Old Map Found – Proof of Ancient Civilization: The Map of ‘The Creator.’ A discovery by Bashkir scientists contradicts all traditional notions of human history: stone slabs which are 120 million years old and covered with the relief map of the Ural Region. This seems to be impossible. Scientists of Bashkir State University have found indisputable proofs of an ancient highly developed civilization’s existence. The question is about a great plate found in 1999, with picture of the region done according to an unknown technology. This is a real relief map. Today’s military has almost similar maps. The map contains civil engineering works: a system of channels with a length of about 12,000 km, weirs, powerful dams. Not far from the channels, diamond-shaped grounds are shown, whose destination is unknown. The map also contains some inscriptions.” 7/10 BBC News: “‘Astonishing’ skull unearthed in Africa: regarded by some of the most important find in memory. 7,000,000 years old!”

STARTLING DISCOVERIES will be made in NOVEMBER. SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS could well astound. There will be reason for JOYOUS CELEBRATION. 11/8 “Brains of the Elderly Can Compensate to Remain Sharp, Study Indicates.” “When It Comes to Sperm Competition, Size Can Matter–It’s the Female Who Holds the Aces.” 11/11 “Plutonium is also a superconductor.” 11/12: “Drug Averts Parkinson’s Disease in Fruit Flies, Suggesting New Approach for Humans.”  11/13: “Drinking Wine May Lower Risk of Dementia.” 11/18 “Bacteria Can’t Do Their Thing If They Don’t Have Cling: Scientists Open Door to Possible New Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections.” 11/21 AOL News: “Cervical Cancer Vaccine Holds Hope.” 11/20 Sciencedaily: “Chandra X-Ray Observatory Spots Two Supermassive Black Holes in Same Galaxy.” 11/22 AOL News: Transplant Drug Could Aid Radiation,  Frankfurt, Germany (AP) – Researchers have discovered that a drug normally used to prevent the rejection of kidney transplants might improve radiation therapy by keeping cancer tumors from growing…”

The ECONOMY continues its UPWARD TURN. “Tech Stocks to the Rescue?  Maybe Not For Long: The recent tech rally is raising hopes that this broad market rebound will keep going, unlike the summer surge that fizzled in late August.”

CHEMICAL or BIOLOGICAL warfare could be used on a massive scale in OCTOBER or NOVEMBER.


RECONSTRUCTION and REORGANIZATION continue at an astonishing rate. Third World countries receive new opportunities to help themselves and employ their people.

The end of NOVEMBER promises EXTRAORDINARY BREAKTHROUGHS and EVENTS with far reaching BLESSINGS for many.11/27 NYTimes: “Stem Cell Mixing May Form a Human-Mouse Hybrid.”  Brave New Worlds are upon us! 11/28 AOL News: “FDA Sends Claritin Over the Counter.”

Everyone is talking about a NEW INVENTION with revolutionary possibilities.

HONORS and RECOGNITION are well deserved by the worthy recipients.

OLD LESSONS will have to be learned in a NEW LIGHT this DECEMBER, perhaps, hard lessons.

DECEPTION comes to LIGHT in DECEMBER. Bubbles will be burst for many.

The ECONOMY continues to bring smiles to many. The STOCK MARKET rebounds with a leap and a shout.

THE PUBLIC WEDDING of a FAVORITE COUPLE raises everyone’s spirits. There are children in their future.

A CELEBRATED LEADER will be mourned by year’s end. THREE GREAT STARS will set this year. One will be a woman who is much loved.  4/8 CNN: “Britain’s Queen Mother Chapel on View as hundreds of thousands mourn her loss. 11 “Actor Richard Harris Dies, 72.”


BREAKTHROUGHS in the development of COLD FUSION and ALTERNATIVE ENERGY RESOURCES will flood the world market by 2002-2003. October 7, 2000: “New Breakthrough Overunity Device announced: A scientific team headed by Dr. Tom Bearden announced they have developed and tested a new Overunity Device that produces Coefficient of Performance of 5. That means it puts out 5 times as much power as is fed into it, making up the difference by extracting free energy from the vacuum…it is known as a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator.” 2/5/01 Earth Changes TV: “Joseph Newman invented a machine that puts out more energy than it takes in–an electromagnetic motor which runs ‘cool’…he implements Tesla’s mechanical unified field theory.” 8/30/01 “Penn State Researchers Investigate Alternative Diesel Fuel.” 9/26/2002: Nation Specials, Thailand: “It is not often that an oversupply of a vegetable is good luck for farmers, but thanks to the Ethanol Project of the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research, Thailand can earn a fortune from an oversupply of tapioca.”

The END is in SIGHT for the use of FOSSIL FUEL by 2008-2010, which will greatly aid in the cleanup of the environment. By 2010, offshore drilling will be banned worldwide. There will be major job changes for those involved in these industries and much adjustment necessary around the world. The STOCK MARKET and ECONOMY are sure to suffer during these dramatic changes. 3/11/01 Washington Times: “Some envision time when oil won’t be king: Alternative technologies have arrived…revolutionaries are at the gate. It may already be too late. The age of oil is coming to an end…due to low emission, fuel efficient mpg hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles currently, or soon to be, on the market…Widespread introduction of 80 mpg vehicles, from 2010, would have a major impact on world oil demand…’The Stone Age came to an end not for a lack of stones, and the oil age will end but not for a lack of oil,’ said Sheik Yamani, a former Saudi oil minister, a founder of OPEC in its present form, and now a private consultant in London. ‘Technology is the real enemy.'” 2/25 Drudge Report, Bangkok Post: “Toyota to make car fueled by hydrogen.” 3/22 NY Times: “Senate Votes to Require Increase of Wind and Solar Power.” 4/4 “Cheap, Plastic Solar Cells May Be On the Horizon, Thanks to New Technology Developed by UC Berkeley, LBNL Chemists.”

EARTH enters the GALACTIC or INTER-GALACTIC FEDERATION between 2003 and 2010, with frequent sightings of ships from other systems, landings, and exchange with those on other planets and in other systems.

PROOF of LIFE AFTER DEATH and SPIRIT COMMUNICATION with departed loved ones will become commonplace by 2005, along with a better understanding of reincarnation and spiritual development in general. January 1, 2001: In the U.S. the television program CROSSING OVER with medium JOHN EDWARD on the Sci fi Channel is gaining greater popularity and public acceptance each passing week. June 4: The show becomes syndicated in prime time, Sunday, 11 & 11:30 PM Sunday through Thursday on the Sci fi Channel. John is a fantastic medium. Catch a show! 10/25, Cahners Business: “Psychic” plans WTC victims show: Studios USA’s ‘Crossing Over with John Edward’ will attempt to communicate with victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in several episodes planned for the November sweeps for the syndicated and, perhaps, cable runs of the show. Steve Rosenberg, the studio’s domestic syndication president, anticipating concerns by viewers, says the shows ‘will be done tastefully…and won’t be exploitative,’ and notes that the idea grew after relatives of victims first approached Edward, not the other way around.” 12/17/01 Washington Post: “Near proof for near-death? Researchers say new study validates the phenomenon: The 44-year-old man who had collapsed in a meadow was brought to a hospital, unconscious and with no pulse or brain activity. Doctors began artificial respiration, heart massage and defibrillation. A NURSE trying to feed a tube down the man’s throat saw that he was wearing dentures. The nurse removed them and placed them on a stand called a “crash car.” The patient was moved to the intensive care unit. A week later, after the patient had recovered, the nurse saw the man again. The man immediately recognized the nurse as the person who had removed his dentures and also remembered other details of what had happened while he was in a deep coma. He said he had perceived the events from above the hospital bed and watched doctors’ efforts to save his life.” 1/8/2002: “Brushes With Death – Scientists Validate Near-Death Experiences: When a car plowed into a vehicle in which she was riding, Leslie’s chest was crushed, eight bones were broken and her heart stopped beating for three minutes. Before she was revived, she says she glimpsed the afterlife.”

DIVINE IMPERSONAL LOVE will find its way into the hearts and minds of evolving humanity, bringing GREATER PEACE and HARMONY to the planet. This FORCE will effect many cures and bring greater health and happiness to those on the planet.