Posted December 16, 2002

Sometimes it’s difficult to place events in TIME when it comes to psychic visions for the year ahead, so some events or patterns seen for the beginning, middle, or end of the year could happen sooner or later than anticipated.  Timing is the most difficult aspect of psychic prediction.  It isn’t even unusual to be a year or more off with important patterns or happenings.


As the planets NEPTUNE and URANUS continue to transit the sign of AQUARIUS we will continue to see AMAZING ADVANCES in MEDICINE and TECHNOLOGY throughout 2003.1/ ” Distant Ring of Stars Found Around the Milky Way.” 1/8 ScienceDaily: “Sirtuin Protein Has a New Function; May Play Role in Life Extension.” CNN: “Distant Planet With Iron Raindrops Found.” Gravity and light move at the same speed: Scientists have succeeded in measuring the speed of gravity for the first time. Sergei Kopeiken of the University of Missouri-Columbia and Ed Fomalont of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in the US used a rare cosmic alignment to check that gravity and light travel at the same speed — as predicted by Einstein. The astronomers presented their findings today at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle. 1/9 Science Daily: Astronomers Identify New Type of Star.” “Frequency of Light-to-Moderate Drinking Reduces Heart Disease Risk in Men.” 1/14 Life, death and physics:  Intuition might suggest that people are more likely to die the older they become, but in fact the death rate stabilizes above a certain age leading to a “mortality plateau”. Now, Jonathan Coe and Yong Mao at the University of Cambridge and Mike Cates at the University of Edinburgh have developed a computer model that reveals this leveling-off in the rate of death with increasing age. This result, which previous models have been unable to achieve, may help to explain mortality rates better than ever before. 1/16 ScienceDaily: “Scientists Identify Hundreds of Worm Genes That Regulate Fat Storage; Genes With Counterparts in Mammals May Shed Light on Obesity.” 1/16  Nanowire lasers go electric: ( Scientists have shown for the first time that a single-crystal nanowire can act as an efficient electrically driven laser. Charles Lieber and colleagues at Harvard University believe that such nanoscale lasers could be made to emit over wide range of wavelengths for a variety of applications, including telecommunications and high density data storage.” 1/17 ScienceDaily: “New Study Suggests Missing Link That Explains How Dinosaurs Learned to Fly.” ScienceDaily: “Vitamins May Protect Against Heart Disease.” 1/20 ScienceDaily: “Researchers Identify Protein That Kills Cancer Cells.” 1/22 CNN: “Cloning: Copied Cat Hardly Resembles Original.” 1/22 Adaptive optics may help opticians: Scientists have used a technique normally used in astronomy to see living cells in the human retina for the first time. Donald Miller and Larry Thibos of Indiana University believe that instruments that use  “adaptive optics” could help in the early diagnosis of retinal diseases.” 1/23 ScienceDaily: “Distant World in Peril Discovered From La Silla; Giant Exoplanet Orbits Giant Star.” “Digital X-ray Microtomography Yields Stunning View of Limb Regeneration.”  1/24 CNN: “Desktop printers used to make living tissue.” 1/28 ScienceDaily: “Study is First to Confirm Link Between Exercise and Changes in the Brain: key areas of brain affected by aging show greatest benefit when a person stays physically fit.”  1/29 Science at NASA: Candlestick Rocket Ship: The high-tech rocket fuels of the future could well be made from a surprisingly low-tech material: candle wax!

PLUTO’s transit through SAGITTARIUS will continue to cause UPHEAVAL in the CHURCH and all areas of RELIGION.  PLUTO rules TRANSFORMATION and TRANSMUTATION, while the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, ANGEL OF FIRE, PURIFICATION and INITIATION governs the fiery sign of SAGITTARIUS.  This planetary transit will also affect EDUCATION, PUBLISHING, LAW, and long distance TRAVEL with many changes.1/9 NY Times: “Boston Church Leaders Refused to Tell Parishioners of Abuse.” 1/10 CNN: “Crystal Ball: Iowa appeals fortune telling law: The City Council has taken the first step to repeal the 82-year-old ban on fortune telling.” Let’s hear it for our side?!  About time, I’d say. 1/12 NY Times: “TRAIL OF PAIN IN CHURCH CRISIS LEADS TO NEARLY EVERY DIOCESE: Times survey finds sexual abuse crisis has spread to nearly every U.S. diocese and involves at least 1200 priests.” 1/16 NY Times: “20-Year Extension of Existing Copyrights is Upheld.” 1/18 NY Times: “Catholic Review Board Begins Its Interviews on Abuse Crisis.”

The AIRLINE COMPANIES and other commercial ventures involving modes of TRAVEL will continue to go through MAJOR TRANSFORMATION and CHANGE, including RAILROADS, CRUISE SHIP COMPANIES, BUS COMPANIES and SUBWAYS.  Even TRUCKING could be seriously affected.1/21 CNN: “Airlines go ahead with alliance; ignore conditions: Delta, Northwest and Continental said Tuesday they will go ahead with a marketing alliance and ignore government restrictions aimed at preventing them from dominating air travel in certain markets.” 1/27 CNN: “U.S. Airlines May Stop Flying Pets.” 1/28 Drudge Report: “American Airlines Flight Grounded; Pilot Sent Home After Security Smells Alcohol.” 1/29 CNN: “Delta’s new ‘Song’ joins low-fare battle.” Miami Herald Tribune: “United Airlines plans 25% fewer pilots, flight attendants.” 1/13/2003: There is a serious threat involving the DESTRUCTION of TROOPS being DEPLOYED to the GULF that is possibly BIOLOGICAL in nature.  DIRECT WARFARE is another possible pattern for DESTRUCTION within the next 3 months.  Fire is usually fought with fire.1/13 AOL News: “Congress Pushes for U.S., N. Korea Talks.” 1/17 AOL News: “Inspectors Find Empty Warheads in Iraq.” AOL News: “Marches in World Capitals Oppose Iraq War.” 1/24 NY Times: Plot to Poison Food of British Troops is Suspected: Islamic militants arrested in Britain possibly plotting to lace food supply with poison ricin.”

There will continue to be OIL SPILLS that POLLUTE the ENVIRONMENT in various parts of the world.  These OIL TANKERS are aging and decaying due to prolonged use, and there is lack in personnel supervision causing POOR JUDGMENT to have SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES.  This needs to be closely watched along the coast of any SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRY: SPAIN, MEXICO, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA in particular, or any territories held by these countries.

LAWS will continue to CHANGE throughout the world, particularly in the UNITED STATES, where not all changes will be for the good of the people.  Therefore, there will be movements of rebellion where there is serious infringement on HUMAN RIGHTS established by the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS. 1/9 NY Times: “Bush Signs Bill to Extend Unemployment Benefits.” 1/12 NY Times: “Governor Assails System’s Errors as He Empties Illinois Death Row: Governor George Ryan: “The Legislature won’t reform it, lawmakers won’t repeal it, but I will not stand for it, I must act.” 1/17 AOL News: “White House O.K.’s New Medicaid Limits.” 1/17 CNN: “ANTI WAR RALLIES: Activists have called for rallies nationwide against Bush administration’s preparations for a possible invasion of Iraq.” 1/19 CNN: “Rallies Around the World: Tens of thousands of peace activists rallied in Washington on Saturday, anchoring worldwide anti-war protests.” 1/24 NY Times: S.E.C. Adopts New Rules for Lawyers and Funds: requiring mutual funds to disclose how they vote investors’ shares.”

There will also be serious REBELLION where DICTATORSHIP has ruled the land and the PEOPLE have been BEATEN DOWN, SUPPRESSED and seriously ABUSED.

JANUARY bodes well for ECONOMIC IMPROVEMENT around the world.1/23 CNN Money: “Stocks Stage a Turnaround: Markets manage a late sessions comeback on strength of telecom and software issues, trump AT&T woes; break from a 5- session slump.”image 1/24 CNN Headline News: “War Worries Wallop Stocks.”

There will be improved relations with UNIONS that look out for the NEEDS and RIGHTS of the WORKING CLASS.1/8 Union at GE Plans Strike on Health Fee.”

NEW LEADERSHIP in JANUARY shows GREAT PROMISE for helping put things right for the downtrodden. 1/1 NY Times:“Global Crossing Chairman Resigns.” 1/10 NY Times: “Sony Picks a Top NBC Executive to Head Its Music Division.”1/17 NY Times: AOL’s Top Job Goes to Veteran of Time Warner: Richard D. Parsons.”

ONE or more WELL LOVED CELEBRITY passes BEYOND THE VEIL in JANUARY.  One will be a WOMAN mourned by many.image 1/12 AOL News: BEE GEE SINGER MAURICE GIBB DIES at 53: cardiac arrest.” 1/18 CNN: “Actor Richard Crenna Dead at 76.” 1/10 CNN: “Legendary Caricaturist Al Hirschfeld Dead at 99.”  1/23 Bill Mauldin, WWII Cartoonist, Dies at 81.”1/23 CNN: “Actress, singer Nell Carter Dies, 54.”


ROMANCE is in the air with FAVORITE COUPLES tying the knot.  MAJOR MARRIAGE patterns emerge.imageAOL News: “Academy Award Winning Actress Jennifer Connelly has married “A Beautiful Mind” co-star, Paul Bettany.”

MAJOR AIRPLANE DISASTERS are likely in JANUARY.  A large airliner falls or crashes into the water…a burial for many.1/4 AOL News, Honolulu: “Residents: China Airliner Flew Too Close to Condo.” 1/8 CNN Headline News: “U.S. AIRWAYS EXPRESS PLANE CRASH in Charlotte, NC: No survivors, 19 passengers, 2 crew, crashed upside down into hangar.” 1/6/03: Hindu Idol Falls: A giant Hindu idol fell in Nasinghpur, India, and killed one and injured 14. Idol under construction for 8 years.”    1/9 BBC News: Turkish military planes in collision, 4 dead.” CNN: TURKISH AIRLINE PLANE CRASHES: 74 dead, 6 survivors, during heavy fog.” 1/10 CNN: “Rain Suspends Air Search for Peruvian Plane: carrying 46 people and lost from radar over Peru’s Amazon jungle.” 1/13 CNN: “Marine helicopters crash on Mexico border; 4 dead.” 1/24 CNN: “Kenya minister dies in plane crash: 2 pilots also killed, 3 other ministers injured when Gulfstream aircraft clipped power lines.” 1/25 CNN: “Five die as small planes collide over Denver.” 1/26 AOL News: South Korea: U.S. Surveillance Plane Crashes: U-2 spy plane, after pilot ejected.” 1/27 CNN: “Small plane crashes along Delaware River, 2 dead.” 1/28 CNN: “Body Found in Florida Plane Wreckage: wreckage of twin engine Cessna floating in the Atlantic, one of four on plane retrieved.”  NY Times: “Weight is Focus on Plane Safety.”

A PUBLIC ASSASSINATION is much discussed in the MEDIA.  MURDEROUS INTENT becomes reality much talked about.1/21 CNN: “American Slain in Kuwait Attack: civilian slain by terrorist act.”

Late JANUARY there is positive ECONOMIC NEWS.image1/27 CNN: “DOW Flirts With 8000.”

Tremendous POWER STRUGGLES emerge late JANUARY into FEBRUARY.  The COLLAPSE of STRUCTURES, physical or political, is more than possible.1/20 CNN: “POWELL TO U.N.: STAND FIRM: Secretary of State Colin Powell urged the United Nations to stand firm on Iraq, warning the Security Council not to be ‘shocked into impotence’ by next week’s scheduled report from weapons inspectors.” “UK’s ‘Desert Rats’ among 26,000 troops to Gulf.” “IRAQI adviser promises cooperation.” “NORTH KOREA REJECTS PLAN FOR U.N. MEDIATION.” “War protestors arrested in Washington.”   1/21 NY Times: “France Warns U.S. It Will Not Back Early War on Iraq.” “Rumsfeld Says Iraq Diplomacy is Nearing the End of the Road.” AOL News: “U.S. Fears North Korea Weapons Expansion.” 1/22 AOL News: “Blair: Saddam Must Be Disarmed of Weapons.” 1/23 CNN: “Rumsfeld Dismisses French, German Opposition to War.” “Turkey: Iraq War a ‘Firestorm.'” “North Korea Warns Against ‘Act of War.'” AOL News: “NATO Fails to Agree on Iraq War Role.” 1/24 NY Times: Refusal by French and Germans to Back U.S. on Iraq Has Undercut Powell’s Position.” CNN: “Saddam’s Son: War would make 9/11 look like a ‘real picnic.'” “Old Europe Hits Back at Rumsfeld.” 1/25 CNN: “Americans abroad: prepare to evacuate.” 1/26 AP: EU Summit: Powell Draw Anti-War Marchers.” 1/27 CNN: “Thousands March to Protest War.” AOL News: “Peace Activists March to Baghdad.” “Powell in Europe Nearly Dismisses U.N.’s Iraq Report.” “Blair Pays a Price at Home for Supporting Bush on Iraq.”  1/25 NY Times: “U.N. Inspector Says Iraq Falls Short on Cooperation.” 1/29 CNN: “Kim Jong Il ‘Snubs’ S. Korea’s Envoy.”  Drudge Report: “The Mirror continues with its anti-war stance claiming Blair has ‘Blood on His Hands.'” “U.S. Studying International Law to Determine Oil Field Rights in Event of War with Iraq.” “Nobel laureates oppose war against Iraq: 41 American Nobel laureates have signed a declaration opposing war with Iraq.  The declaration was organized by Walter Kohn, a theoretical physicists at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and former adviser to the  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency at the Pentagon. The signatories include 19 winners of the physics prize.” 1/20 CNN: “Europe 8 Back Bush on Iraq, breaking ranks with France and Germany.” “Thailand Suspends Cambodian Ties.” “Sharon Rebuffs Arafat’s Offer to Meet.” 

A PROMINENT PUBLIC FIGURE will be MOURNED in JANUARY or FEBRUARY.1/24 NY Times: “Giovanni Agnelli, Patriarch of Fiat Auto Company, Dies at 81.”

Early FEBRUARY lends itself to ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY.  Up and down the STOCK MARKETS surge.1/16 NY Times: “Bush Aide Sees Deficit in 2003 of $200 Billion: largest ever in dollar terms could place Bush tax plan in peril.” 1/27 CNN: “DOW Flirts With 8000.”

NEW LEADERS take center stage in FEBRUARY.


UNUSUAL UFO ACTIVITY in FEBRUARY could light up the skies around the world.  Everyone is talking.  FACT becomes far stranger than fiction.1/ Is This Really an Alien Craft?: A UFO expert from Winterbourne, near Bristol, says the latest flying saucer pictures captured by a NASA satellite prove beyond doubt there are aliens in space.” 

VOLCANIC ERUPTION, EARTHQUAKES in numerous and diverse places could well be the news of the day.1/3 AOL News: “Quake Rocks Parts of Central Indonesia.” 1/17 “Swarm of Earthquakes Off Oregon Coast Threatens Volcanic Eruption: During the last two days, a swarm of earthquakes as large as 6.3 have hit just off the Oregon Coast. There has been at least 15 quakes since the first which began Thursday around 3 PM (Pacific). More are expected.” “3.4 Quake Hit Wyoming.”  1/20 CNN: “7.8 Quake Shakes Solomon Islands.”1/22 AOL News, AP: “Strong Quake 7.8 Shakes Mexico City: killing at least 21 people, collapsing dozens of houses and leaving the worst-hit state shrouded in darkness.” 1/23 NY Times: “Earthquake Toll in Mexico Now 29; Leader Declares Emergency.” 1/25 “Guatemala Earthquake Sets Off Volcano Fuego, one of Central America’s most active volcanoes.” “Mount Hood and Three Sisters Volcanoes under watch in Oregon as earthquake swarms continue.”  1/27 CNN: “One Dead in 6.5 Turkish Earthquake in remote mountainous area.”

EXPLOSIONS mid-late FEBRUARY could be EARTH SHAKING and EARTH SHATTERING. 1/22 CNN: “Three Killed in West Virginia Mine Blast: 3 injured.” 1/29 CNN: “Explosion Rocks American Airlines Office in Ecuador: injures 3.” AOL News, AP: “Blast Rocks North Carolina Pharmaceutical Plant: 3 dead, dozens injured, 12 critically, leaving building a shattered ruin.”

RELIGIOUS SCANDAL could be far reaching.  RELIGIOUS CHANGES increase in large measure.



ASTOUNDING DISCOVERIES or BREAKTHROUGHS will be the topic of general conversation.1/27 ScienceDaily: “Search and Destroy: Newly Identified Gut Protein Kills Bacteria.”  “Shell-Shock: Three University of Arkansas Students Find World’s Longest Nautiloid Fossil.”  1/30 ScienceDaily: “Newly Discovered Cellular Process Helps Cells Respond to DNA Damage; Biochemical Mechanism May Lead to New Cancer Prevention and Treatment Strategies.” “New Study Shows Tea Extract Protects Skin; White Tea Extract Reveals Anti-Cancer, Anti-Aging Properties.” “UMR Fuel Cell Research Could Bolster President’s Energy Plan.”

A CURE could well be ANNOUNCED NOW.1/24 ScienceDaily: “AIDS Vaccine Developed at Emory and The NIH Moves to Clinical Trials.” 1/25 Drudge Report, BBC News: “U.S. researchers discover a protein that eliminates up to 70% of cancer cells by regulating enzyme.”

TERRIBLE STORMS, WIND and RAIN, TORNADOES, HURRICANES, TYPHOONS, FLOODS abound.  Many are left homeless around the world.1/1/2003 CNN: “Devastation After Solomons Cyclone.” “Residents Flee Tidal Wave Island: Hundreds have fled the Italian island of Stromboli after a tidal wave damaged property and caused injury.” 1/4 CNN: “Winter Storm Slams Northeast U.S.”1/7 CNN: “Strong Wind Fans Malibu Flames: overturning trucks, toppling trees and power lines.” 1/8 CNN: “Santa Ana Wind Begins to Weaken.” 1/9 CNN: “South Asia Winter Claims 400 Lives: from cold in Bangladesh and northern India as icy winds swept in from the Himalayas .”  1/12 CNN: “Death Toll Tops 700 From South Asian Winter.” 1/13 CNN: “Death Toll Nears 1000 in South Asia Cold Spell.” 1/14 AOL News: “Two Missing After Cyclone Batters Fiji.” 1/16 CNN: “1300 Dead in South Asia Cold Spell.” 1/18 CNN: “Tennessee Takes Brunt of Snowstorm.” 1/14 CNN: “Eastern U.S. in Icy Grip.” “Eastern U.S. Plunged into Deep Freeze.” 1/25 CNN: “Florida’s cold keeps growers on edge.” 1/28 AP: “Tornado strikes near Limassol port in Cyprus; injuries reported, extensive damage to shops and property .”

URANUS enters PISCES on MARCH 10, 2003.  This is the beginning of dramatic changes affecting OCEANS, RIVERS and STREAMS.  It is also the start of dramatic PSYCHIC IMPRESSIONS for the masses.  There will be a quickening in CONSCIOUSNESS around the globe during the next seven years.  PROPHETIC DREAMS will be commonplace for many.  All matters of the PSYCHIC, UNCONSCIOUS REALMS will come to LIGHT with startling REVELATIONS on a worldwide basis. This will include greater confirmation of LIFE AFTER DEATH and the survival of the soul.

A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH for the good of humanity comes to public attention.



A NEW LAW proves JUST and necessary.

SCANDAL in HIGH PLACES fills the HEADLINES.  The once mighty fall hard.

A WOMAN of NOTE joins her ancestors in the stars.



INTRIGUE marks the spot and wears capital letters.

MAY proves a roller coaster ride in the STOCK MARKET.

ROMANTIC BETRAYAL involves the rich and famous.

SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT for many and especially for the few.  LIGHTS in the SKY cast a luminous glow.

LITERARY ACCLAIM is applauded in high places.

SATURN enters CANCER on JUNE 3, 2003.  AMERICANS will tend to be conservative in spending.  PROPERTY VALUES become stabilized, a buyer’s market is on its way.  Re-evaluation of emotional relationships will be commonplace.  CHANGE of LEADERSHIP is possible.   INTROSPECTION and REFLECTION take on a deep, profound meaning.1/ “Los Alamos Director Resigns: John Browne has resigned from his post as director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US. The news comes after revelations of  financial scandals at the New Mexico lab. The Department of Energy (DOE) is also considering severing the 60-year old link between Los Alamos and  the University of California, which manages the laboratory under contract with the DOE.


AIR DISASTERS highly probable in JUNE.  Many air disasters are possible in 2003. 12/24CNN: 46 Dead in Iran Jet Crash. 1/4 AOL News, Honolulu: “China Airliner Flew Too Close to Condo.”


JUICY TIDBITS come to PUBLIC view, morsels of GOSSIP quickly digested and discarded.


WAR is avoided due to DIVINE INTERVENTION or VISITATIONS from ON HIGH.1/13 AOL News: “Malaysia Leader Says ‘Befriend’ North Korea.” 1/14 NY Times: “Aides Declare U.S. ‘Willing to Talk’ in Korea Dispute.” 1/14 AOL News: “Koreas to Hold Talks in Seoul Next Week.” 1/16 NY Times: “U.S. Resisting Calls for a 2nd U.N. Vote on War With Iraq: White House suggested it could decide in favor of military action even if inspectors do not turn up new evidence against Saddam Hussein.” “2 Koreas Agree to Resume Talks on Nuclear Crisis.” 1/19 CNN: “Rallies Around the World: Tens of thousands of peace activists rallied in Washington on Saturday, anchoring worldwide anti-war protests.” AOL News: “Marches in World Capitals Oppose Iraq War.” NY Times: “Fearful Saudi Leaders Seek a Way to Budge Saddam Hussein.” 1/20 CNN: “Russia Offers North Korea Nuclear Deal.”

LEADERSHIP CHANGES are SWIFT and NUMEROUS in many different places and arenas, political and corporate.1/8 AOL News: “Economic Data Systems Appoints New CFO.” 1/9 NY Times: “An Internet Official Agrees to Plead Guilty to Fraud: Internet real estate company Homestore.” 1/10 NY Times: “Top Music Executive is Leaving Sony.” 1/12 AOL News: “Steve Case Resigns as AOL-Time-Warner Chair.” 1/4 NY Times: “Question of New Chairman at Top of AOL Time Warner’s Agenda: Richard D. Parsons, last of original management, possible candidate.” “William Isaacson, Chief of CNN is Departing.” 1/21 CNN: “NATO’s Robertson to Step Down as Secretary General.” NY Times: “Chief Intends to Leave Cable and Wireless: architect of corporate transformation.” 1/25 NY Times: “Chairman Resigns From E*Trade.” 1/27 NY Times: “J. Crew Hopes Ex-Chief of Gap Can Bring Success: Millard S. Drexler will now lead J. Crew.” 1/29 Drudge Report, Reuters: Ted Turner Tells AOL Time Warner Goodbye: Resigns from Board.”

The STOCK MARKET is UP… rebounding with a shout.

DANGERS at SEA.  STORMS and waves wreck havoc, a watery grave for many. 1/4 AOL News, Singapore: Merchant Ship Hits Singapore Naval Vessel: 1 sailor confirmed dead, 3 others missing off Malaysia’s southern coast.”

UNRULY WEATHER around the globe.  EUROPE suffers FLOODING, severe damage.  HURRICANES batter the coastlines, raising fury.


A ROYAL WEDDING lifts the spirits.

STORMS continue to rage in AUGUST on the land and at sea.  TEMPERS prove costly to those in HIGH PLACES.


STRUGGLES in the courtroom garner much PUBLICITY.  MUD slinging.

The MEDIA and PRESS is raking someone over the coals, accompanied by much astonishment in the masses.


WAR comes by LAND and by SEA.  A NATION is brought to the brink, then all RETREAT to regroup and rethink.1/1 AOL News: “Defiant North Korea Vows to Confront U.S.” “Experts Assess North Korea Nuclear Threat.” 1/6 NY Times: “Pair of Bombers Kill 23 in Israel; Reprisals Begin.” 1/7 CNN: N. KOREA: Sanctions Would be ‘Act of War.'” 1/8 CNN: “INDIA: We Would Wipe Out Pakistan: Defense minister warning against ‘irresponsible statements’ concerning nuclear confrontation.” 1/10 AOL News: “North Korea Quits Nuke Pack: Warns of Third World War.” 1/11 CNN: “35,000 More Troops on Way: U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld signed orders to send 35,000 more troops to the Persian Gulf region. Nearly 80,000 troops have been ordered to the region.” 1/11 AOL News: “U.S. Will Take North Korea Case to U.N.” “Allies Press U.S. to Slow Iraq War Push.” 1/12 CNN: “North Korea Blames U.S. For Crisis.” “U.S. Doubles Gulf Deployments.” “Rockets Hit Israeli Town.” 1/24 CNN: “Palestinians Fire Rockets into Israel.” 1/30 CNN: “U.S. Troops Die in Afghan Crash: Multiple Fatalities.”



A CROWN of GLORY for a deserving soul.

DIFFICULT DECISIONS will have to be made in SEPTEMBER.

ANOTHER NEW LEADER for the conservative.

ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY returns to haunt more than a few investors.  Bankruptcy is an option. 1/11 NY Times: “With Companies Still Gloomy, Payrolls Shrink by Thousands: American business remains highly pessimistic about the economic future.” “Despite Job Reports, Tech Shares Move Slightly Higher.” 1/24 USA Today: “Gold hits 5-year high, but glittering prices may tarnish quickly.”


A GREAT LADY leaves the stage of life, yet is well remembered for her unique contributions.

STORMS again RAGE, especially in ASIA.

MOURNING for large numbers is possible OCTOBER.  A LEADER is numbered amongst them.

FINANCIAL HARDSHIP is felt by many, the STOCK MARKET rocks and rolls.

A HOLLYWOOD COUPLE SPLITS, surprise is the name of the game.

AN ISLAND SINKS into the SEA as another ONE RISES.  ATLANTIS perhaps?

STARTLING ARCHEOLOGICAL findings continue to surface throughout the year, ODDITIES, CURIOSITIES, and WONDERS.

ASTRONOMICAL MIRACLES and WONDERS continue to amaze and delight.  COSMIC VISITORS will not surprise everyone.

SPECIAL DISCOVERIES or INVENTIONS emerge late OCTOBER to everyone’s amazement

IMPORTANT AGREEMENTS are reached in NOVEMBER.  Settlements bring resolve.

BANKRUPTCIES continue throughout the coming year.  FINANCIAL JUGGLING becomes a major challenge around the world.

A MAJOR MERGER solves a lot of problems.

STARTLING DISCOVERIES astound.  DECEPTION comes to light that enlightens many.

Late NOVEMBER could be tightening your belt time.  CAUTION is necessary in INVESTMENTS.

POWER STRUGGLES may not be so subtle.  Giant steps could be taken.


BREAKTHROUGHS in early DECEMBER may well involve an important CURE.  Much MEDICAL PROMISE.

Don’t believe everything you hear or see in DECEMBER.  You could be fooling yourself and everyone else.

SECRET AGENDAS come to light.  SHOCK, TREMBLE, where’s the long arm of the law now?  Cosmic or earthly?

Someone gives up after a long, hard battle.  Wonders never cease?

Not all that glitters is necessarily gold.  PAY ATTENTION.  Listen to your ANGELS.

The FULL MOON of DECEMBER 23rd promises to present humanity with a challenge unlike anything previously experienced.  OPPORTUNITY for GROWTH is unparalleled in our EVOLUTIONARY EXPERIENCE, individually or collectively.

The ECONOMIC INDICATOR is not good for the end of DECEMBER as PLUTO in SAGITTARIUS squares JUPITER in VIRGO.  Modest holiday spending, perhaps, for yet another year.   LOVE costs you little.  Why not spread more LOVE around?

Maybe God has green eyes!

Our Magnificent Universe