It is sometimes difficult to place events in TIME when it comes to  visions for the year ahead.  Events or patterns seen for the beginning, middle or end of the year may happen sooner or later.  Timing is the most difficult aspect of psychic prediction.  It is not unusual to be a year or more off with important patterns or events. I first started posting my predictions on the WWW back in 1997, but I haven’t kept them all for your perusal. When I started slipping on political patterns, I decided it was time to hang up my political shingle, which seems obvious since I predicted Gore, Dean and Kerry! Oh, well! I did predict the Reagan and senior Bush terms with complete and total accuracy!


HOWARD DEAN will likely be the DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE for the presidency in 2004… and PRESIDENT.  (Prediction first made July 7, 2003) 1/2 Drudge Report: “FLASH: Democrats Would Choose Dean Over Kerry if the Election Were Held Today.” “DEAN: ‘Dealing with race is about educating white folks.'” 1/4 Drudge Report: “DEAN Scores a Double: Face on Covers of TIME and NEWSWEEK.”  1/5 CNN: POLL: DEAN starts 2004 leading Democrats.” 1/6 Washington Post:: “Dean Gains Bill Bradley’s Support.”  1/9 Drudge Report: “Iowa Senator Harkin Endorses Dean.” 1/12 Drudge Report: “Rob Reiner and Martin Sheen to Stump for Dean in Iowa.” 1/13 CNN: POLL: “Dems Would be Happy with Dean or Clark.”  Why not be happy with Dean and Clark??? In that order, I might add.  See my 2003 commentary on this point. 1/14 CNN: “Dean First, Sharpton Second in DC Vote.” Washington Post: “Dean Wins Protest Primary.” Drudge Report: “Jimmy Carter for Dean…two high-level supporters of Dean said they expected former president to offer formal backing… ” 1/15 CNN: “Braun Quitting Race, Will Endorse Dean.” Drudge Report: “Poll: Three-Way Tie for Top Democratic Spot in Iowa: John Kerry, Howard Dean, Richard Gephardt.” 1/16 Drudge Report: “Dean Slips, Clark Gains in NH.”  “Dean Edges Lieberman, Clark in Florida, South.” “RNC Has Three Times More Cash on Hand Than DNC.” 1/20 Drudge Report: “Dean Blames Third Place Finish in Iowa on Attacks.” Washington Post: “Drama Rises as Dean Slips.” 1/21 Drudge Report: “Dean Holds Slim New Hampshire Lead Over Kerry.” 1/25 Drudge Report: “DEAN IS BACK … Race Pulls to Within 3 Points.” 1/27 Drudge Report: “Kerry Pulls Big Win in New Hampshire, 39% of Vote, Dean 24%.” 1/28 Drudge Report: “Dean Shakes Up Presidential Campaign, replacing his campaign manager with a longtime associate of Al Gore.” “Gore OP Given Dean Reins.” 2/5 Drudge Report: “Dean Says He Must Win Wisconsin or Be Out of Race.” 2/6/2004: I still think DEAN can do it!  I just put my money where my predictions are!  GO DEAN, GO!  I just don’t see Kerry winning the White House.  Do your part and contribute to the HOWARD DEAN CAMPAIGN!  2/9 Drudge Report, Yahoo News: “Dean Now Says He Will Stay in Race After Wisconsin: ‘It’s critical,” Dean said, “But it’s not the end of the line.” 2/10 NY Times: “Quote of the Day: “Over the last three or four days we have had enormous pressure from the people who raised us all the money not to drop out.” HOWARD DEAN.” 2/15 Drudge Report: “Dean Rejects Calls to Quit Presidential Campaign.” “Dean Announces General Chairman is Out.”  2/18 Washington Post:“Kerry Wins Wisconsin Primary After Close Race, Edwards is Strong Second, Dean Finishes Third.”  CNN: “Source: DEAN TO SUSPEND CAMPAIGN.” I don’t like being wrong about these things, but I did predict Gore would be president the last round.  I’m not infallible and I’ve always tried to explain that to my clients who can be too quick to give me too much power.  Ego does not enable this WORK.  I’m going to stop predicting elections!  So there!  And I’d still like to see Howard Dean become president of these United States and so would my spirit guides.  They don’t like being wrong either!  We’ll just have to see what happens between now and November.  At least election day doesn’t fall on my birthday this year! 3/2 AOL News: “Dean Wins Home State of Vermont.” 3/26 Drudge Report: “KERRY CHRISTENED by Gore, Clinton and Carter, endorsed by Howard Dean.”  Not everything a psychic tunes into is gospel!  Keep that foremost in mind.  But then, weathermen, doctors and lawyers make mistakes, too! October 3, 2004: Seems to me that KERRY has a very good chance of winning.(1/27/2008: I regret I ever told George W. Bush that he had a bright future in politics when his father was president. Oh well! You can’t win them all.)

There will be a definite sadness the first month of 2004 with TRAGIC POSSIBILITIES around the FULL MOON of January 7th when the planet Mercury has gone direct.  1/3 Drudge Report: “Egyptian charter jet with 148 aboard crashes into Red Sea.” 1/7 Drudge Report: “1 Dead, 34 U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Mortar Attack.” 1/8 CNN: “Hospital Black Hawk helicopter down south of Fallujah, Iraq, killing all 9 aboard.”  1/8 AOL News: “Three Children Feared Kidnapped in Georgia, 3 adults and 10 month old baby found slain.” CNN: “Suspect Kills Self, Girls alright.” 1/10 CNN: “IRAQ Mosque Blast Kills 5, Wounds Dozens.”  1/14 Drudge Report: “Suicides of U.S. Troops Rising in Iraq – Pentagon.”

POWER STRUGGLES are likely on a big time basis the first of the year and probably all year…this is an election year!1/9 Drudge Report: “Clark guarantees no Sept. 11th-type events in his presidency.” “Two Democrats Accuse Dean Camp of Dirty Tricks.” “AP: While Governor, Dean accepted speaking fees, gifts from special interest.” CNN: “Bush space announcement draws jeers, cheers.” “Dean takes flak about Iowa comments.”  “Bush Savaged by former Treasury Chief.” “O’Neill Calls Bush a Disengaged President.” 1/10 CNN: “BUSH planned Iraq war pre-9/11, says ex-aide, O’Neill.” “Kerry swipes at Dean in Iowa caucus race.” Drudge Report: “Cheney Would Back Ban on Gay Marriage.” 1/11Drudge Report: “Senior administration official: ‘O’Neill’s suggestion is laughable.  No one listened to him when he was in office.  Why would they now?'” A war of words is definitely here!  Drudge Report:  ” O’Neill: ‘Bush’s performance at cabinet meetings resembled that of  ‘a blind man in a room full of deaf people.'” “Iowans have never seen a political battle like the one that has begun to unfold; scope of the ground war outstrips anything from past caucuses.” 1/13 CNN: IRNA: “Iran’s Cabinet May Dissolve.” 1/14 Drudge Report: “Poring Through the Boxes: Kerry’s Dirt Diggers on Dean Turn Aggressive in Vermont.”  1/15 CNN: “O’Neill Author Denies Using Classified Material.” Drudge Report: “Wes Clark Made Case for Iraq War Before Congress; Transcript Revealed.”  1/16 Drudge Report: “Spanish politician labels Blair a “dickhead” on live TV.” “Revealed: Kerry Advocated Gutting Agriculture Department.”  1/17 Drudge Report: “Clark Wins Endorsement of McGovern.” 1/19 Drudge Report: “CLOSEST IN HISTORY: Tight Four-Way IOWA Race Kicks Off Democratic Race.” 1/20 AOL News: “Kerry Wins Iowa, Edward Second, Gephardt Dropping Out.” 1/22 Drudge Report: “Kerry Sails Past Dean for New Hampshire Lead.” 1/24 Drudge Report: “NEWSWEEK POLL: Kerry Edges Bush in Match-UP; 52% of Voters Don’t Want to See President Re-Elected.” “Kerry Holds Lead But Race May be Tightening.” 1/25 Drudge Report: “ANDY ROONEY ─ Send Bush to Mars.”  I second that suggestion!  1/26 Drudge Report: “Federal Judge rules part of Patriot Act unconstitutional.” 1/27 Drudge Report: “National Review’s Rich Lowry Reports: Kerry 36, Dean 31, Edwards 12, Clark 12 in early NH returns.” 1/28 Drudge Report: “Edwards Rejects a Kerry─Edwards Ticket.” “Angry Blair Claims Vindication.” 2/3 Drudge Report: “John Kerry Wins Democratic Primaries in Delaware, Missouri.” “Edwards Wins South Carolina.” “Lieberman Abandons Presidential Race.”  2/4 CNN: “Kerry Rolls, Wins 5 States, Edwards Takes SC.” NY Times: “Clark Claims Win in OK.” Washington Post: “Race Solidifies With 5 Kerry Wins.  Clark, Edwards prevail in must-win contests.  Dean finishes without a victory.” 2/6 Drudge Report: “Gephardt to Endorse Kerry.” 2/6 NY Times: “Online Voting Canceled for Americans Overseas.” 2/7 Drudge Report, Washington Post: “Revealed: General Clark’s Papers.  Clark Papers Talk War and Politics.” Drudge Report: Kerry Wins Washington, Michigan Caucuses, Dean finishes second in Washington with 30% of vote.” 2/9 Washington Post: “Kerry Easily Wins Maine, Dean Second.” 2/10 NY Times: “Violence Spreads in Haiti; Toll is Put at 41: An armed uprising spread to at least a dozen towns in western and northern Haiti, the strongest challenge yet to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.” 2/11 NY Times: “Clark Ends Presidential Run; Edwards Finishes in Second.” 2/12 Drudge Report: “CAMPAIGN DRAMA ROCKS DEMOCRATS: Kerry Fights Off Media Probe of Recent Alleged Infidelity, Rivals Predict Ruin.” “In an off-the-record conversation with a dozen reporters earlier this week, General Wesley Clark plainly stated, ‘Kerry will implode over an intern issue.'”  2/15 CNN: “Kerry Wins Nevada, DC Caucuses.” 2/16 NY Times: “Top Dean Aide Discusses Plans to Back Kerry.”  1/19 CNN: “Now Its Kerry Vs. Edwards.” 2/22 AOL News: “Ralph Nader Announces Run for Presidency.”   2/25 CNN: “Kerry Wins 3 More States: Idaho, Utah and Hawaii.” 3/2 CNN: “Kerry Takes All: Edwards to Drop Out of Race on Wednesday.” 3/3 NY Times: “Massachusetts Senator Kerry Effectively Captures Democratic Nomination.” “Sprinter Now Faces a Marathon Against President Bush.”  CNN: “Super Tuesday Kerry Champ Looks to Fall Matchup.”

WEATHER PATTERNS remain EXTREME.  GLOBAL WARMING is a FACT.  Wind, rain, wildfires, forest fires, floods, mudslides take their toll.  A SEVERE WINTER. 1/2 CNN: “Storm floods creeks, closes roads in Northern California.” 1/4 Drudge Report: “380 Dead in South Asia Cold Snap.” Drudge Report,, Eureka, CA: “‘Rogue’ Wave Sweeps Man, Child, Off California Coast.” 1/5 Drudge Report: “Midwest Snow Blast Snarls Travel, Shuts Schools.” 1/6 Drudge Report: “Cold Snap Grips U.S.A.” 1/7 Drudge Report: “SNOWBLAST Brings Much of OREGON to Standstill.  Worst Storm in a Decade.”  Conservation International: “Climate Change May Threaten More Than One Million Species With Extinction.”  1/10 Washington Post: “Arctic Cold Blasts Northeast, minus 26 degrees in some places.” 1/10 Drudge Report: “25 Below in Vermont.” “Canadian cold snap takes more lives.”  1/11 CNN: “Records Fall as Temperatures Plummet.” “Flooding in Brazil.” “Bitter cold blamed for 2 deaths.”  1/14 CNN: “New England put into deep freeze.”  1/15 Drudge Report: “Gore to Warn of ‘Global Warming’ on New York City’s Coldest Day in Decade.” But what these critical people don’t understand is that extreme temperatures such as this are part of the deteriorating global weather process, extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters.  Wake up, media people, smell the coffee! Drudge Report: “Northeast Hit With Historic Winter Blast.” “34 Below in Mount Washington, NH.” 1/16 Drudge Report: “Freeze Halts Flights.” “Thousands Still Without Power in Hawaii After 85 MPH Winds.” “Con Edison Sets New Records for Winter Electric Use.” 1/23 Drudge Report: “Dozens dead as heavy winds, bitter cold lash southeastern Europe. 1/23 Physics Web: “Climate model predicts even hotter summers. The record-breaking heat wave that affected much of Europe in the summer of 2003 “took place 50 years too early” according to a Swiss climate scientist. Martin Beniston of the U.of Fribourg says last year’s heat wave was not like those that occurred in 1947 and 1976, and more like conditions that might be expected towards the end of this century. He hopes governments will use the heat wave as an indication of “a shape of things to come” to devise new strategies for coping with future climate change and global warming.” 1/25 Drudge Report: “Winter Storm Reaches from Kansas to South Carolina.” 1/25 CNN: “Winter Storm Kills 15 on East Coast.” 1/26 Drudge Report: “Fatal storms batter Europe.” “Global warming will plunge Britain into new ice age ‘within decades.'” 1/27 CNN: “High Winds Knock Out Power, Close Highways in Hawaii.” “Winter Storms Leave 42 Dead.” 1/28 Drudge Report: “Worst drought in more than a decade threatens millions in southern Africa.” “Snow, Ice, Wreak Havoc Along East Coast.” 1/29 CNN: “Weather Kills at Least 56.” 2/7 CNN: “Flooding Threat in Parts of East.” 2/11 CNN: “Wind Driven Snow Blocks Roads in South Dakota, halting Amtrak train.” 2/21 CNN: “Two Dead as Dust Storms Wreck Havoc in West Texas contributing to series of traffic accidents injuring dozens.” 3/5 CNN: “Deadly Storms, Tornadoes Flip Homes.” 3/6 Washington Post: “Baltimore Water Taxi Capsizes, 1 dead, 3 missing after violent thunderstorm.” CNN: “Winds Batter Midwest.” 3/11ECTV: “NASA Advisor Confirms Cause of Global Warming is ‘SOLAR’.” 3/17 Drudge Report: “Snowstorm Spreads East.” 3/18 CNN: “Northeast Battles Killer Snowstorm.” 3/21 CNN: “REPORT: CARBON DIOXIDE BUILDUP ACCELERATING: Has reached record highs in the atmosphere, say scientists monitoring from a Hawaiian volcano.” 3/30 Drudge Report: “Dust Storm Blankets Chinese Capital.” “U.N. Warns About Ocean ‘Dead Zones’: oxygen starved area’s of the world’s oceans devoid of fish.”  3/30 Drudge Report: “Heatwave Breaks Record in Southern California, Central Valley.” 4/3 CNN Headline News: “Wild Fires Burning Out of Control in Colorado Destroy Homes.”  4/5 CNN: “15 Dead, dozens missing in Mexico flash flood.” 4/6 CNN: “Mexico Flash Flood Kills 29.” ECTV: “Massive Hail Storms and Tornadoes in the Southwest: Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana.” 4/12 NY Times: “Drought Worsens Across West; Threat of Wildfires Grow.” 4/22 AOL News:  “Illinois Starts Cleaning Up After Deadly Storms: 8 bodies recovered.” 4/27 Drudge Report: “High Temp Records Smashed in Los Angeles, San Francisco.” 5/2 CNN: “Toddlers Bodies Found in Texas Floods, 6 Killed.” 5/5 CNN: “Thousands Flee California Wildfires.” 5/15 CNN: “Spring Storms Bring Tornadoes, Floods, Snow.” 5/23 NY Times: “Storms in 6 States Deliver Blackouts, 3 Deaths.” CNN: “Tornado Devastates Tiny Iowa Town, 50 homes destroyed, 15 injured.” “New Mexico Fire Burns 2500 Acres, Home.” 5/26 Drudge Report, My Way: “Dominican, Haiti Floods Kill at Least 363.” CNN: “One Person Killed as Tornadoes Descend.” “More Tornadoes in Midwest.” 5/27 Drudge Report: “Rising Floods Kill More than 1900 in Caribbean.” 5/28 CNN: “More Tornadoes in Midwest.” “Caribbean Death Toll Soars.” 5/29  NY Times: “Grief as Haitians and Dominicans Tally Flood Toll, one of the worst natural disasters in Caribbean history.” CNN:  “Hundreds Killed in Hispaniola Flooding; Death Toll Mounting, More Than 500 Dead.” 9/30 CNN: “At Least 900 Dead in Caribbean Flooding.”  “Iran Quake Death Toll Reaches 45, 200 wounded.” “Storms Destroy Homes, Leave Residents Stranded.” 5/31 CNN: “Severe Storms Sweep Central U.S., 83 Tornado Sightings Left Scattered Damage in 8 States, 3 dead.” Drudge Report: “Thunderstorms, Tornado Kill 4 in Midwest, Indiana.” “Tornado Alerts in South and Virginia, Carolinas.” 6/8 Drudge Report: “Record Temperatures Hit the Rockies.” 6/13 CNN: “Tornadoes Damage Farms in Midwest.” 6/15 Drudge Report: “World’s land turning into desert at alarming speed, United Nations warns.” 6/18 CNN: “Western Drought Worst Than Dust Bowl.” 6/23 CNN: “Baseball Size Hail Pounds Texas.” 6/25 AOL News: “Floods Maroon Half a Million in Bangladesh.” “Wisconsin Residents Clean Up After Twisters.” NHNE News: “Supercomputers Finds Climate Likely to Heat Up Fast.” 6/30 CNN, Dallas: “Texas Six Flags amusement park, homes flooded, 7 inches of rain fell in 3 hours.” 7/7 AOL News: “Torrential Rains in China Kill 28.” 7/12 Drudge Report, Yahoo News: “Europe plagued by snow and heatwaves, Romanian death toll climbs to 22 in a week. Greece swelters in a heatwave.” The Olympic athletes are going to suffer. Whoever was the one to decide on summer Olympics in Athens?  Four years ago I was in Athens in June and it was in the 90s with the air conditioning not working in the hotel.  Heat stroke awaits! 7/18 CNN: “New Fire Forces Evacuations outside Los Angeles, more than 100 evacuate homes.” 7/31 CNN: “Washington wildfire forces evacuation of 200 homes.” 8/2 AOL News: “Death Toll From South Asian Floods Tops 1,550.” CNN: “Tropical Storm Threatens Carolina Coast.”8/8 CNN: “Monsoon Tolls Tops 1900 in South Asia.”  8/9 CNN: “Storms Cause Flash Floods in Texas.” 8/10 Drudge Report: “Heat Wave Puts California on Power, Fire Watch.” 8/12 Drudge Report: “Temperatures Near 130 Degrees  in Iraq.” 8/18 CNN: “Police: Miracle No UK Flood Deaths in Cornish Town.” “Florida Eyewitness Death Count 400 Now From Hurricane Charley.” 8/28 CNN: “Storm Lashes East China.” 9/22 Drudge Report: “Haiti Death Toll Hits 700 After Storm.” 9/26 Science daily: “Scientists Report Increased Thinning of West Antarctic Glaciers.” 10/10 CNN: “Tropical Storm Causes Louisiana Floods.” 10/20 CNN: “Storms Wreck Havoc in Northern California.” 10/21 AOL News: “Death Toll Rises to 51 in Japan From Powerful Storm, at least 30 missing.” CNN: “Three Die in Southern California Storms.” “Japan Typhoon Toll Rises to 57.” 10/27 CNN: “Storms Bring Floods, Record Snow to California.” 11/28 CNN: “Vietnam Flash Flood Kills 25.” 11/30 CNN: “Philippines Flood Kills 350.” “Winter Storm Buries Central States.” 12/2 CNN: “Philippines: 1,000 dead or missing in storms.” 12/3 Drudge Report: “Storms Ravage Philippines: 600+ Dead.” 12/5 AOL News: “Floods Kill At Least  9 in Indonesia.” 12/31 CNN: “Severe Storms Ravage West.”

ASSASSINATION is not out of the question in January.  The passing of notable figures mark the monthimage1/1 CNN: “Novelist, screenwriter, Dunne, Dead at 71.” 1/6 CNN: Dominica PM Dies of Heart Attack, 49.” “Fashion photographer Scavullo dies at 82, did Cosmo for 30 years.” 1/15 CNN: “Uta Hagen dies at 84, renowned theatrical performer, teacher.” 1/16 CNN: “First Wives Club” Author, Olivia Goldsmith, Dies of complications after plastic surgery, 54, book made into movie starring Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton.” 1/18 Washington Post: “Legendary Hollywood Producer Ray Stark Dies, 88: Funny Girl, The Way We Were, Night of the Iguana.” “Actress, Dancer Ann Miller Dead of Lung Cancer, 81.”  “Captain Kangaroo, Bob Keeshan, Dead at 76.”  “Acclaimed Fashion Photographer, Helmut Newton, Killed in Crash, 88.” 1/27 AOL News: “Former Tonight Show Host Jack Paar Dies, 85.” 2/1 CNN: “Hajj Stampede, 240 Pilgrims Dead.” “New Iraq Blasts; Many Kurdish Casualties, Over 100 Dead.” 2/7 NY Times: “ASSASSINATIONS TEAR INTO IRAQ’S EDUCATED CLASS: Hundreds of intellectuals and administrators have been assassinated since May in a widening campaign against Iraq’s professional class.”  Such a pity! They are the ones needed to re-establish sanity in that desert. 3/29 AOL News: “Iraqi Minister Escapes Assassination.” 3/30 AOL News: “Tamil Candidate Slain in Eastern Sri Lanka.” 5/9 AOL News: “Chechnya Buries Assassinated President.” 6/16 AOL News: “Official in Iraqi Oil Company Killed in Ambush.” 6/17 CNN: “American Hostage Beheaded.” 6/20 AOL News: “Tikrit City Councilman  Assassinated.” 11/1 CNN: “Top Baghdad Official Assassinated.”

Intensified OFFENSIVES in IRAQ are also emphasized with increased casualties.image1/5 CNN: “Four soldiers killed, 3 wounded.”  1/9 AOL News: “U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Approach 500 since the time War Began.” 1/18 AOL News: “Strong Car Bomb Shakes Central Baghdad, 20 Dead, including 3 U.S. Soldiers, 60 wounded.” Drudge Report: “U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 500, Equaling First Four Year Toll in Vietnam.” I’ve been telling people that Iraq is Bush’s Vietnam. 1/24 CNN: “Attacks Kill 5 U.S. Soldiers in Sunni Triangle.” 1/25 AOL News: “U.S. Loses 5th Copter This Month in Iraq.” 1/27 Drudge Report: “2 CNN employees killed in Iraq ambush.” 1/27 CNN: “5 Attacks in Iraq Kill 13.” 1/28 CNN: “U.S. plans spring offensives against al Qaeda.” 2/10 Drudge Report: “50 Killed in Car Bombing South of Baghdad.” The intensified offensives seem to primarily involve the opposition forces against the allied forces. 2/11 AOL News: “20-25 Iraqis applying for military jobs killed in explosion in Baghdad, second such attack in two days.” NY Times: “Up to 80 Killed in Bomb Blasts at Two Iraqi Sites.” It seems to me these days that HELL is a place called IRAQ. 2/15 NY Times: “25 Slain and 40 Wounded as Raid on Police Frees Prisoners.” The killings continue on an almost daily basis.  I will not record them all. 2/18 CNN: “Twin Iraq Blast Kills 2.” “Twin suicide bombings kill 11 Iraqis.” 3/2 CNN: “Dozens Dead, Wounded as Blasts Hit Baghdad, Karbala.” “6 Dead in Attack on Shiites in Pakistan.” “Two Attacks Kills More than 140 in Iraq.” 3/15 NY Times: “GI Toll is Rising as Insurgents Try Wilier Bombs and Tactics.” 3/16 AOL News: “Americans Killed in Iraq were Baptist Missionaries involved in a humanitarian water purification project.” Drudge Report: ” BLOODBATH: Pakistani troops kill 24 suspects in fierce crackdown on al-Qaida and Taliban in tribal region.” 3/17 Drudge Report: “As Many as 10 Killed in Baghdad Hotel Blast; two US soldiers tried to pull bodies from the wreckage, but angry Iraqis pushed them back.  Eight cars were on fire, and one vehicle was hurled by the blast into a store.”  The Mars-Uranus square of the next several weeks foreshadows havoc in many places around the globe. Take care, watch your driving and your temper! 3/18 NY Times: “Car Bomb at Baghdad Hotel Leaves at Least 27 Dead.” “Kosovo Torn by Wildest Violence Since UN Took Control in 1999: 8 killed, 200 wounded.” CNN: “Baghdad Blast Destroys Soft Target Hotel.” 3/19 AOL News: “Violence Hits Ahead of Iraq War Milestone, 3 US soldiers died in mortar attacks, 4 Iraqi journalist shot to death.” 3/20 AOL News: “Japanese Troops Cross Border into Iraq.” “Battle Rages in Pakistan With Al-Qaeda Fighters.”  AOL News: “Pakistani Military Pursues Al-Zawahri.”  3/21 AOL News: “Two Mortar Rounds Hit U.S. Coalition HQ in Iraq, killing one Iraqi citizen, wounding 10.”  3/24 NY Times: “11 Iraqi Police Officers Are Killed by Gunmen.” 3/27 Washington Post: “15 Iraqis, 1 Marine Killed in Firefight.” Not every casualty is listed here or that would be all that I could do. 3/31 CNN: “Fallujah Attacks Kill 5 US Troops, 4 Others.” 4/2 CNN: “March Second- Deadliest for U.S. Troops.” 4/4 AOL News: “Two U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq Due to Enemy Action.” Drudge Report: “10 Troops Killed on Sunday.” 4/7 NY Times: “Fierce Fighting With Sunnis and Shiites Spreads to 6 Iraqi Cities: One of the most violent days in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.” AOL News: “Brutal Battles on New Fronts: 30 Troops Killed in 3 Days.” For the most part, I do not know myself what the words of my predictions mean until the events occur.  I just pay attention to the messages from my spirit guides, which all of you should do as well. ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION!  4/8 CNN: “Rumsfeld: U.S. FORCES ON THE OFFENSE.” Drudge Report:  I said it long before Ted Kennedy: IRAQ IS BUSH’S VIETNAM.  Maybe the Senator reads my page?  4/9 NY Times: “As Fighting Rages, Insurgents in Iraq Kidnap 3 Japanese.” CNN: “U.S. Suffers More Casualties, Gaining Ground.” 5/17 Washington Post: “Iraqi Governing Council President Killed.”

EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANIC rumblings could well fill the headlines.  12/26/2003 World News: This could include the devastating earthquakes in California and Iran that just occurred in December.1/1 NY Times: “For the Orphans in Iran, the Ordeal Has Only Begun.” 12/31/2003 Science Daily: “Survivors of BAM Earthquake Urgently Require Health Supplies, Medicine.” 1/2 AOL News: “Severe Quake Hits Indonesia, Bali, 29 Said Hurt, Dozens of Buildings Damaged.” CNN: “Quake Aftershocks Hit California.” Earth Changes TV, Drudge Report: “Meteorite Hits Iran.” 1/3 AOL News, Kathmandu: “Earthquakes rock Nepal, no report on casualties, 5.5 and 4.5 magnitude.” 1/6 CNN: http: “Mild earthquakes hit northwest Wyoming.” Something quite frightening could be on its way.  1/7 Earth Changes TV: “Swarm of Earthquakes Hit Wyoming, 5.0 and less magnitude.” 1/7 CNN: “IRAN tremors bring new emergency.” 1/17 CNN: image“Iran Death Toll Now Put at 41,000.” 1/26 Science Daily: “EARTHQUAKES KILL THOUSANDS IN 2003; DEADLIEST YEAR SINCE 1990.” 2/4 CNN Headline News: “6.0 Earthquake Rocks Taiwan.” 2/6 CNN: “Indonesian Quake Death Toll Put at 23, 7.3 Magnitude.” 2/7 AOL News: “Death Toll in Indonesia Quake Rises to 34, Second Quake 7.0 Magnitude.”  ECTV: “LARGE YELLOWSTONE AREA QUAKE GOES UNREPORTED, 5.3 in the Yellowstone Caldera Volcano!” 2/11 Drudge Report,  “Quake rocks Israel, neighbor countries.” “Earthquake Rocks the Holy Land.” 2/15 AOL News: “2 Pakistan Quakes Kill 18, Damages 250 Homes.” 2/17 ECTV: “New 3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Yellowstone Area on Sunday, 2/15.” 2/21 ECTV: “Third Earthquake Hits Near Yellowstone Super Volcano, 3.2.” 2/22 ECTV: “Yellowstone Area Earthquake Upgraded to 3.6 Magnitude.” 2/23 Drudge Report, Reuters: “Moderate earthquake rocks eastern France, 5.1.” 2/24 Drudge Report, My Way: “Morocco Earthquake Toll Likely to Top 300, toppled houses.  Many victims were women, children and the elderly. 6.5 Magnitude.” The RING OF FIRE has been highly active this year with many small quakes in California and Alaska as well as in the Pacific.  Check out:EARTHQUAKES! 2/25 Washington Post: “Quake in Morocco Kills at Least 550, Destroys Villages, still searching for victims.”  3/7 ECTV: “Mass Elk Deaths in Wyoming May be Tied to Seismic Activity.” 3/13 AOL News: “Moderate Earthquakes Shakes Taiwan.” 3/30 AOL News: “Iran Dramatically Revises Down Quake Toll From Last Year’s Devastating Earthquake to 26,271.” Still a tragic number of losses in terms of human lives. 4/2 Drudge Report, KTVU.COM: “SCIENTIST PREDICT MAJOR SO CAL QUAKE WITHIN 5 MONTHS.” 4/17 ECTV: “Yellowstone Super-Volcano Quadruples Its Activity.” 6/28 Drudge Report: “6.6 Hits Alaska, with at least 12 earthquakes in the area during the last 24 hours: This is the Ring of Fire!” “4.5 Quake Hits Illinois.” 7/2 CNN: “At Least 18 Dead in Turkey Quake, 50 injured, 20 seriously.” 8/5 ECTV: “Rare Earthquake Hits Upstate New York.” 9/10 ECTV: “Swarm of 17 Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma.” 9/13 Drudge Report. “3.6 Magnitude Quake Rumbles Through Indiana.” 9/19 ECTV: “Swarm of Quakes Hit Central California.”  9/24 Drudge Report: “Earthquakes Reported at Mount St. Helens.” 9/28 Drudge Report: “Earthquake Rocks Central California N. Paso Robles, Preliminary 5.9 Mag., Felt from San Francisco/Sacramento to N. of Los Angeles. Swarms in 3. and 4. Range Follow, Developing…” “One or two quakes a minute at Mount St. Helens.”  9/30 Drudge Report: “5.0 Quake in Central California again for the third day.” 10/2 CNN: “Mt. St. Helens Continues Its Threat to Erupt.” She only hiccupped. Wait until she BURPS. 10/3 Yahoo News: “Western Mexico’s Volcano of Fire Spews Lava.” This is part of the Ring of Fire. Drudge Report: “Alert Raised for Mt. St. Helens.” 10/8 Drudge Report: “Large Earthquake Shakes the Philippine Capital of Manila.” 10/23 CNN: “Two Powerful Earthquakes Shake Northwestern Japan Over 2 Hour Period, 2 Dead, 90 Injured, toppling homes, causing blackouts, cutting water and gas service, and derailing a bullet train.”  More Ring of Fire activity. 10/24 CNN: “Japan Awakes to Quake Devastation: 3 powerful quakes, 18 confirmed dead, over 1500 injured.” Something equally devastating is about to happen somewhere on the other side of these. I hope it isn’t on the U.S. West Coast. It could be in Asia. 10/25 CNN: “New quake hits northern Japan.” 11/10 CNN: “Earthquake shakes Mount Rainier.”

STRESS AND STRAIN in corporate places could well be complicated with NATURAL DISASTERS adding to their difficulties.  Major losses possible.10/2 General Media and agricultural disaster: I would say that the 4 hurricanes in Florida apply to this prediction.

URPRISE WEDDINGS delight some and disappoint others.  More than one HEART THROB walks down the aisle this year!image  Female fans will sob in protest!1/5 CNN: “Britney Spears Ties the Knot, weds childhood friend.” 1/6 AOL News:  “Britney Spears Quickie Marriage Annulled.” That’s show biz!  I wonder if her business manager made that decision for her??? 6/7 CNN: “J- Lo Dances Down the Aisle with Salsa Singer Marc Anthony.” I wonder how many husbands she’ll end up with? She changes partners much too quickly. 7/31 CNN: “Nicholas Cage, 40, Marries Former Waitress, 20, in Northern California.” 9/19 Drudge Report: “Britney Spears Ties Knot in Secret Ceremony.” Two in one year. This girl wanted to get married!!

1/5/2004: The DOW could reach 14,000+ this year, the NASDAQ 2500, and then, 3400 or more.  The ECONOMY will go UP and DOWN, but mostly UP!  TECHS are definitely on the RISE.  Well, that was fast, just put this on the page early this morning:1/5 Drudge Report, CBS MarketWatch: “U.S. stocks soar on tech strength.” “Nasdaq Highest in Nearly Two Years.” “NY-1 gold hits 15-year high in first ’04 session.”  1/7 Drudge Report: “IMF WARNS: U.S. Deficits Threaten Global Economy.” 1/16 CNN: “Tech stocks lift market.” 1/26 Drudge Report: “DOW Hits 31 Month High.” 2/25 CNN: Market: 5 Down, 1 Up; Tech advance helps market clock a higher close first session in six.”  3/11 NY Times: “Recent Slide in Stocks Steepens, With DOW Falling 160.”

SPACE DEBRIS becomes a MAJOR NIGHTMARE.  Meteors, asteroids pose a serious threat.  There could be a serious threat to the International Space Station.1/6 Drudge Report: “NASA Investigating Drop in Air Pressure on Space Station.” “FLASHBACK: Crew Hears Noise, No Damage Found in November.” 1/9 CNN: “Space station section may be sealed off.”  4/2 CNN, Space and Science: “Metallic sound heard again by space station crew.” 

LAWS continue to change with the transit of PLUTO in SAGITTARIUS through 2008, with UNIONS and CIVIL RIGHTS highly debated.  Changes affect TRANSPORTATION and EDUCATION strongly. 1/1 NY Times: “A Long List of New Challenges for Law-Abiding Citizens in 2004.” “Chief Justice Attacks a Law as Infringing on Judges.” 1/2 CNN: “Security Concerns Cancel Flights to U.S.” 1/4 Drudge Report: “N.J. cloning bill likely to reignite national debate, state to sanction stem cell research.”  1/6 Drudge Report: “DC Council Bans Cell Phones While Driving.” 1/27 CNN: “Afghan Constitution Becomes Law.” 2/7 CNN: “Ohio passes far-reaching gay marriage ban, 38th state to do so.” 2/24 CNN: “Oral arguments canceled in request to reopen Roe.” 2/27 NY Times: “Supermarkets, Unions Reach Tentative Pact in Southern California.” Washington Post: “Unborn Victim Bill Passes House.” 3/12 Washington Post: “California High Court Halts Gay Marriages.” 3/26 CNN: “Senate Bill Makes It Crime to Harm Fetus.” 3/27 CNN: “Rapid Oral HIV Test Wins FDA Approval.” 5/17 NY Times: “Massachusetts Arrives at Moment for Same-Sex Marriage.” 5/27 NY Times: “Ruling Upholds Oregon’s Law Authorizing Assisted Suicide.” 7/7 AOL News: “Iraqi’s Interim Leader Signs Emergency Law.” 7/14 NY Times: “Medicare Law is Seen Leading to Cuts in Drug Benefits for Retirees.” 9/26 Drudge Report: “California Regulators Approve World’s Toughest Smog Rules.”

RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES and CHANGES continue to rancor the obstinate and inflexible.  TRANSFORMATION is the name of the game when it comes to RELIGION and LAWS.  Greater acceptance of other beliefs and points of view is necessary to ensure planetary survival. 1/21 Drudge Report: “Provincetown Gears Up for Gay Wedding Rush.” 2/3 Drudge Report: “Ohio Legislature Approves Most Sweeping Ban on Same-Sex Marriages.” 2/6 Drudge Report: “63 Detroit Priests Accused of Sex Abuse.” 2/7 Drudge Report: “Pope calls for fair treatment of priests accused of sex abuse.” 1/16 Drudge Report: “Draft Abuse Report: 4,450 priests accused in 52 years between 1950 and 2002.  Children made more than 11,000 allegations of sexual abuse.”  And what about the cases that weren’t made or reported?  It’s time to allow priests to marry and have sexual expression to keep them away from perversions and abusive behavior!  It is time for a BIG CHANGE! 2/24 Drudge Report: “Vatican Report Calls Abuse Policy Too Strict.” “Bush to Back Gay Marriage Ban Amendment.” 7/14 Washington Post: “Sex Abuse By Nuns Alleged at Maryland Protest.”

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS and DISCOVERIES continue at a rapid rate, changing procedures nearly as fast as they come up for consideration.1/1 Science Daily: “Unique Type of MRI Scan Shows Promise in Treating Bipolar Disorder.” “New, Quicker Tests Identify E Coli Strains.” “Anti-Viral Drug, Valacyclovir, Reduces Genital Herpes Transmission.” “Placebo Effect: HARNESSING YOUR MIND’S POWER TO HEAL.”  PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ONE!  VERY IMPORTANT! 1/6 Science Daily: “Vegetables That Prevent May Ultimately Cure Cancer: Broccoli, Cabbage, Turnips and Mustard Greens.” 1/6 Science Daily: “Researchers Develop First Sonar for Marine Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance.”  1/7 CNN: “Drug boosts survival in deadliest type of cardiac arrest.” “‘Camera Pill” Promising for Small Bowel Disease.” “Aspirin Use May be Associated With Increased Risk of Pancreatic Cancer.” “Arm Position Matters in Blood Pressure Readings According to UCSD Medical Researchers.” 1/9 Science Daily: “Mayo Researches Observe Genetic Fusion of Human, Animal Cells; May Help Explain Origin of AIDS.” “Farmed Salmon More Toxic Than Wild Salmon, Study Finds.” 1/10 CNN: “Scientists: Nanotech threatens brain.” 1/13 CNN: “Little Exercise May Thwart Big Weight Gain.”  And big exercise may secure big weight loss and a healthy body.  No brainer!  1/14 Science Daily: “Scientists Restore Crucial Myelin in Brains of Mice.”  1/15 Drudge Report: Use of drug Ecstasy linked with long term memory loss, study finds.” 1/18 Drudge Report, independent, UK: “Brain protein discovery may herald ‘memory pill'” 1/20 Science Daily: “Drug Prevents Diabetes Recurrence After Islet Cell Transplantation.” “Melatonin May Have Effect on Nocturnal Blood Pressure.” “One Dose of ‘Designer Gene’ Therapy May Target Specific Body Area.” 1/21 Science Daily: “Fat Cells Fight Disease, Purdue University Researchers Find.” 1/22 Science Daily: “Two Proteins May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Brain Plaques.” 1/27 Science Daily: “First US Tuberculosis Vaccine Trial in 60 Years Begins.” 2/4 Drudge Report: “Israeli Twins Born From 12-Yr-Old Frozen Embryos.” Science Daily: “Moderate-fat Diet is Kinder to Heart Than Low-fat Diet, Study Shows.”  “Scientists Develop Plant that Produces Potential Anti-Carcinogen.” “Study Supports Role of Aspirin in Reducing Risk of Colorectal Cancer.”   2/5 Science Daily: “Inflammation Marker Predicts Colon Cancer.” Washington Post: “A Vaccine for Humans Clears a Hurdle as Bird Flu Expands.” 2/9 Science Daily: WARNING “Prenatal Exposure to Mercury from a Maternal Diet High in Seafood Can Irreversibly Impair Certain Brain Functions in Children.” 2/11 CNN: “High Iron Levels May Signal Diabetes Risk.” Science Daily: “UT Southwestern Researchers Find Leptin Turns Fat-storing Cells into Fat-burning Cells.”  2/12 NY Times: “Scientists Claim Cloning Success, South Korea.” 2/15 Drudge Report, BBC News: “Drug could destroy hidden HIV.” Washington Post: “New HIV Drugs Look Promising.” 2/18 Science Daily: “Stem Cells Found in Adults May Repair Nerves.” CNN: “Aspirin May Lower Hodgkins’ Risk.” 2/20 Science Daily: “Researcher Successfully Vaccinates Some Patients Against Lung Cancer.” “Chemical Turns Stem Cells into Beating Heart Cells.” 2/23 Science Daily: “Experimental Drug Used to Treat Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Shows Promising Results.” 2/25 This is London: “New birth control for men: implant.”  2/26 Science Daily: “Embryonic Pig Cell Transplants Halt Rat Diabetes.” CNN: “First-of-a-kind cancer fighter approved.” “Scientists Find HIV-blocking Proteins in Monkeys.” “Astonishing Discovery Over the Amazonian Rain Forest, Natural Aerosols!”  Those nature spirits are really busy down there!  “Asia’s Bear-Sized Catfish Are Disappearing.” 2/28 Science Daily: “FDA Approves First Angiogenesis Inhibitor to Treat Colorectal Cancer.” “New Findings on Memory Could Enhance Learning.” 6/2 Science Daily: “New Mouse Species Discovered in the Philippines.” 7/9 Science Daily: “Extinct Bird Rediscovered in Mexico.” 7/15 Science Daily: “Nerve Cells Successfully Regenerated Following Spinal Surgery.”   7/16 Science Daily: “Cinnamon Oil Kills Mosquitoes More Effectively Than DEET.” “Cryogenics Research Yields Possible Cure for Arrhythmia.” 8/6 Physicsweb: “New tools for blocked arteries:  smallest ever ultrasound probe for use in surgery.” 8/8 Science Daily: “Study Links High Carbohydrate Diet to Increased Breast Cancer Risk.”

LEADERSHIP struggles, CORPORATE changes, employee benefits needed.1/10 AOL News: “China Official Fired After Disappearing Due to Corruption Investigation.”  1/15 CNN: “South Korea FM Quits Amid Policy Flap.” 1/16 AOL News: “CEO of Texas Instruments to Step Down.” 1/17 NY Times: “Chief Executive of Continental to Step Down at Year’s End.” 1/29 Yahoo News: “Second BBC Official Resigns Over Report.” 2/1 AOL News: “More Than 100 Iranian Leaders Resign.” 2/17 Drudge Report: “MSNBC Boots Its President, Hires Rick Kaplan.” 2/24 CNN: “Putin fires premier and Cabinet.” 2/29 Washington Post: “Aristide Bows to Pressure, Leaves Haiti.” Another American idol has fallen.  The U.S. did at one time re-enforce the presence of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.   The day of the dictator is coming to a close, especially by 2008 when PLUTO enters CAPRICORN.  3/11 AOL News: “Eisner Now Just CEO of Disney.” 3/8 Washington Post:” Gay Bishop Takes Helm of Diocese.” 3/12 NY Times: “Changing of the Guard at Gucci and Laurent.”  3/15 NY Times: “Following Attacks, Spain’s Governing Party is Beaten.” 3/15 CNN: “Martha Stewart Quits Company Board.” 3/21 CNN: “Afghan government minister killed in Herat.” 3/24 Drudge Report: “Curtains: Valenti to retire from Motion Picture Association.” 3/27 CNN: “Polish PM Announces Resignation.” NY Times: “Washington Fires Health Chief Over Handling of Lead in Water.” 5/14 CNN: “Gandhi Dynasty Poised for Power in India.” 5/19 Washington Post: “Gandhi Declines India’s Top Job.” 5/23 NY Times: “India Swears in 13th Prime Minister and 1st Sikh in Job.” 12/22 NY Times: “Chief is Ousted at Fannie Mae Under Pressure..”

ASTRONOMICAL WONDERS continue to unfold on all fronts.  Intelligent life could well be discovered in another solar system.  Arcturus, Andromeda  beckon.  1/1 Science Daily: “Images From Hubble’s ACS Tell a Tale of Record-Breaking Galaxy Clusters.” 1/4 Drudge Report: “NASA Rover Touches Down on MARS … Sends Photos Back … Strong Signal Heard.” Drudge Report: “Hundreds see fireballs fall from sky in Spain … may have been disintegrating meteorite.” 1/5 Science Daily: “Stardust Spacecraft Passes by Comet, Makes Great Catch … Heads for Touchdown.” CNN: “Rover Beams Back 3-D MARS.” 1/5 Science Daily: “Star May be Biggest, Brightest Yet Observed, Astronomers Say.” 1/6 CNN: “Shock and Awe at Color Images from MARS.” “Astronomers Find Sun’s ‘Twin’ in the left claw of Scorpio.”  No wonder us Scorpios are so hot!  And can have such a bite!  Wimageatch out for those claws. 1/8 CNN: “Galaxy find stirs BIG BANG debate: Australian led team has found new string of galaxies which they say challenges existing theories about the evolution of the Universe.”  Isn’t our Universe spectacular!  I think I’d like to go there next time.  Looks like a friendly place, don’t you think?!!!  CNN: Discovery: A planet that heats it’s sun.” 1/8 Science Daily: “Chandra Finds Mother Lode of Planetary Ore in Colliding Galaxies.”  1/9 Science Daily:” Scientists See Era of Rapid Galaxy Formation; New Findings Pose a Challenge for Dark Matter Theory.” Physics Web: First double pulsar comes into view; discovered by an international team of astronomers from the UK, Australia, Italy and the US. The discovery will allow new tests of general relativity and will also enable the magnetosphere of a pulsar to be studied for the first time.” 1/11 AOL News: “SCIENTISTS DISCOVER HOT ZONE FOR ALIEN LIFE.” National imageGeographic: “Aliens in Our Galaxy?  Experts Map Possible Hotbeds.” Space Weather News: “RARE HALOS: This weekend people in New England and eastern Canada have seen some unusually lovely halos and pillars of light in the sky.  It’s because of a bitter cold snap that has filled the air with light-bending ice crystals. More such displays are possible as the cold weather continues. If you live in New England, or any place where the air is very cold, look to the sky.” 1/15 CNN:“NASA Rover Rolls onto MARS Surface.” 1/16 Science Daily: “Spirit Rolls All Six Wheels onto Martian Soil.” 1/19 Science Daily: “Getting Closer to the Lord of the Rings: This time next year ESA’s Huygens space probe will be descending through the atmosphere of Saturn’s largest moon, becoming the first spacecraft to land on a body in the outer Solar System.”  1/23 NY Times: “Mars Rover Falls Silent, Fraying Nerves at NASA.” Those ETs are blocking the equipment again! AOL News: “Water Found on MARS.” AOL News: “Mars Rover Has Finally Phoned Home.”  Probably exhausted from the trip!  1/25 NY Times: “A Second Mars Rover Lands as NASA Tries to Repair the First.”  Seems like this is turning into some kind of Sci Fi movie!  Fiction imitates life and life imitates fiction, chicken and egg routine.  2/3 Science Daily: “Oxygen and Carbon Found in Atmosphere of Extrasolar Planet.” 2/4 Science Daily: “Astronomers Unravel a Mystery of the Dark Ages: Undergraduates’ Work Blames Comet for 6th Century ‘Nuclear Winter’.” 2/12 Science Daily: “Comets Spread Earth Life Around Galaxy, Say Scientists.”  Along with theimagee ETs, I say. 2/14 Drudge Report: “Astronomers spy 10 billion  trillion trillion-carat diamond:  If anyone ever promised you the sun, moon and the stars, tell them you’ll settle for BMP 37093.” Science Daily: “Spitzer Telescope Sends a Rose for Valentine’s Day.”  2/17 Science Daily: “Hubble and Keck Find Farthest Known Galaxy in the Universe.” 2/21 CNN: “Astronomers spy ‘planetoid’ half Pluto’s size: largest object found in our solar system since the 9th planet was spied in 1930.”  So what is its name and to which sign of the Zodiac is it assigned???” Science Daily: “Life in the Universe Takes Orders From Space.”  2/23 Science Daily: “New Clues About the Nature of Dark Energy: Einstein May Have Been Right After All.”  It’s the Yin and the Yang necessary for manifestation to remain in balance.  No balance … no physical manifestation.  No you … no me! “Whole Earth Telescope Trains Its Sights on Two Strange Star Systems.” 2/26 Physicsweb: “Revealing the secrets of planetary formation:  A group of astronomers in the US has observed what it believes to be a solar system in the making. Paul Kalas of the University of California at Berkeley and colleagues at Berkeley and the U. of Hawaii have discovered the star AU Microscopium is surrounded by a disk of swirling dust. Since planets are believed to form from such disks, the discovery could shed light on planetary evolution.” 2/28 Science Daily: “Carbon Found to be Older Than the Solar System.”  Hmmm! What does this mean??? 3/1 Drudge Report: “Mars ─ A Water World?  Evidence Mounts, but Scientists Remain Tight-Lipped.” 3/1 Physicsweb: “Galaxy breaks distance record:   Astronomers have discovered a galaxy some 13, 200 billion light years away ─ the most distant galaxy ever seen. Light from this galaxy, known as Abell 1835 IR1916, provides information about the universe when it was just 3% of its current age. The light was emitted about 470 million years after the big bang and could tell us more about how the first galaxies formed after the “dark ages” in the early universe.” Wow! 3/2 NASA Science News: “New Evidence for Water on Mars from Mars Rover.” CNN: “MARS was Once Soaking Wet.” 3/10 NY Times: “Images Reveal Deepest Glance into Universe.” 3/11 Physicsweb:   “Looking inside planets─ geophysicists may have solved one of the biggest mysteries in the solar system─why do the magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune differ from those of the other planets? Computer simulations by Sabine Stanley and Jeremy Bloxham of Harvard University suggest that the two planets have a fluid core that is surrounded by a relatively thin outer layer.  The Earth and other planets such as Jupiter and Saturn have an inner rocky core that is surrounded by a thick convecting shell. The results mean it may be possible to use magnetic fields to learn more about the internal structure and composition of planets.” 3/15 Drudge Report, The Australian: “It’s another world … but is it our 10th planet?” 3/19 Washington Post: “Small Asteroid Detected Flying Close to Earth.”  3/22 Science Daily: “Recently Discovered Near-Earth Asteroid Makes Record-Breaking Approach to Earth.” 3/23 CNN: “NASA findimages evidence of salty Martian sea.” “Rare stargazing spectacle as planets align: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn!  Enjoy!” 3/24 Science Daily: “Puzzling Supernova: White Dwarf Explodes Insides a Dense Circumstellar Disk.” The Universe is showing off again! 4/1 Drudge Report, Universe Today: “How Many Habitable Worlds Are Out There?” 4/3 Science Daily: “Radio Astronomers Lift ‘Fog’ on Milky Way’s Dark Heart; Black Hole Fits Inside Earth’s Orbit.” 4/16 Science Daily: “Cosmic Magnifying Glass: Distant Star Reveals Planet.” 5/28 Science Daily: “Possible Baby Planet Spotted by Spitzer Telescope.” “Raw Ingredients for Life Detected in  Planetary Construction Zones.” 6/2 Science Daily: “Spitzer Space Telescope Uncovers Black Holes, Other Hidden Objects in the Distant Universe.” 6/3 “Spitzer Spies Parallelogram-Shaped Galactic Meal.”  6/4 “Scientists to View Venus’s Atmosphere During Transit, Search for Water Vapor on Distant Planet.” 6/11 Science Daily: “Newly Found Baby Planet Confounds Expectations: Raw Materials for Habitable Planets Around Surprisingly Young Stars.” The gods never rest: create, create, create! 6/16 Science Daily: “Hottest Body Outside the Sun: Researchers Show Jupiter’s Moon IO Vaporizing Rock Gases into Atmosphere.”  6/24 Science Daily: “Cassini VIMS Team Finds that Phoebe May be Kin to Comets.” 7/1 Science Daily: “Seeing Double: Spitzer Captures Our Galaxy’s Twin.”   7/8 Drudge Report: “Discoveries Challenge Theory on Galaxy Formation.” Physicsweb: “Old galaxies shed new light on young universe.” 8/5 Physicsweb: “Rover reveals magnetic Mars: Almost all dust particles in the Martian landscape are magnetic.” 8/19 Physicsweb: “New moons galore for the solar system: Five new moons have been discovered around Neptune.” 8/26 MSNBC: “SUPER EARTH Found Circling Nearby Star: 14 times the size of Earth.”8/31 Physicsweb: “A small step for extrasolar planets: Astronomers have discovered three new extrasolar planets that are much smaller than all the other planets that have been found orbiting around stars other than the Sun. The new planets are about 10 to 20 times the size of the Earth, which means that they are similar in size to Neptune.  All the other extrasolar planets discovered so far are closer in size to Jupiter, which is some 318 times as massive as the Earth. Almost 140 extrasolar planets are now known.” WOW! 9/1 NY Times: 3 Planets Are Found Close in Size to Earth, Making Scientists Think LIFE..” 9/13 Physics Web: “Have we seen an exoplanet? Astronomers may have taken the first ever photograph of a planetary system outside our own.” 9/24 Science Daily: “Massive Merger of Galaxies is the Most Powerful on Record.” 9/28 Science Daily: “High Energy Mystery Lurks at Galactic Center”: The Galactic Center in Sagittarius is the Spiritual Center in terms of Astrology. So such a discovery is not at all surprising.

MAJOR MERGERS fill the headlines.  Job descriptions keep changing from the top down.  BIG BENEFITS for BIG BUSINESS in 2004! 1/14 CNN: “$58B bank deal set: J.P. Morgan agrees to buy Bank One in deal that would combine the nation’s biggest banks.”  1/25 NY Times: “$63 Billion Bid for European Drug Company.”  “Vodafone May See AT&T Wireless as Possible Last Piece to an Empire.” 1/31 NY Times: “Gateway Makes Deal to Acquire EMachines.” 2/5 NY Times: “Oracle Raises Its Bid for PeopleSoft Again.” 2/6 NY Times: “Deutsche Bank Merger Talks Temper Signs of Optimism, Citigroup.” 2/17 drudge Report: “Standing by Eisner, Disney Rejects Comcast Offer.” “Cingular to Buy AT&T Wireless for $40 Billion.” 6/17 AOL News: “MGM-Mandalay Deal Has Major Implications…global impact for the gambling and convention markets.” 11/17 AOL News: “Two Giants Merge: 11 Billion Sears-Kmart Deal. Will Form No. 3 Retailer.”

ECONOMIC zigzags in JANUARY.  Stock Market corrections probable.  Inflated optimism is dangerous so be cautious in investing.1/1 NY Times: “(2003) Year’s Big Rally Helps Investors Regain Ground.”  CNN: “Big Year for Stocks: It’s official: the bear market is over.” 1/2 NY Times: “The Bounce Back Year: Energized by the Economy, Small Stocks Lead the Way to Big Gains.” 2/3 NY Times: “Manufacturing Index Reaches 20 Year High.” “Much to Toast in Tech.” 1/8 CNN: “A strong day on Wall Street.” 1/9 AOL News: “Oil propelled to 9-month high by U.S. stock worries.” 1/9 Drudge Report: “DOW Sinks 134 on Anemic Job Growth Report.” 1/11 CNN: “Gas price hike largest in 10 months.”  1/17 CNN: “Stocks Zoom on Day, Week.” 1/21 Drudge Report: “Record Net Income for Citigroup.” 1/22 Drudge Report: “Kodak to eliminate as many as 15,000 jobs.” 1/23 CNN: “Early gains prove shaky.” 1/25 CNN: “Gas prices rise 7 cents in 2 weeks.” 1/28 CNN: “Fed spooks the market: Stocks and bonds tumble after the central bank holds rates steady but alters its message: dollar up.” 2/10 Drudge Report: “Dollar Hits 11-Year Low Against Pound.”

MAJOR VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS loom.  January?  February?  Geological nerves!  Seattle?  Alaska?  Mexico?  Wyoming?  Russia?  China?1/6 CNN: http: Mild earthquakes hit northwest Wyoming.” Something quite frightening could be on its way. 2/7 ECTV: “LARGE YELLOWSTONE AREA QUAKE GOES UNREPORTED, 5.3 Magnitude Quake in the Yellowstone Caldera Volcano!” 2/17 ECTV: “New 3.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Yellowstone Area on Sunday, 2/15.” 2/21 ECTV: “Third Earthquake Hits Near Yellowstone Super Volcano, 3.2.” 2/22 ECTV: “Yellowstone Area Earthquake Upgraded to 3.6 Magnitude.” 3/24 ECTV: “Smoking Gun Points to Volcanic Gases in Death of Bison and Perhaps Elk, according to Yellowstone Park geologist Henry Heasler.” 6/10 ECTV: “Magnitude 7.2  Earthquake Hits Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.” 9/27 Drudge Report, komo news: “St. Helen’s Quakes Could Lead to HAZARDOUS EVENT. ” 10/7 ECTV: “New Swarm of Quakes at Yellowstone Super Volcano.” The true time for a hazardous event is December ’04 – January ’05. Expect more than one volcano in the U.S. to erupt. 11/7 CNN: “A New Lava Dome Grows Inside Mt. St. Helens Upward Nearly 330 Feet.” 12/7 ECTV: “Mt. St. Helens Erupts With 3 Earthquakes, 3.0, Lava Dome Building.” 12/16/2009 Science Daily: Tremors between slip events: More evidence of great quake danger to Seattle.

Charming news involves the rich and famous and the celebrated!

MAJOR OCEANIC DISCOVERY possible in JANUARY or later…much discussed.  Atlantis?  Lemuria?  Ancient civilizations rising once again? 11/13 AOL News: “Atlantis Hunt Reveals Structures in Sea Off Cyprus.”

ARCHEOLOGY takes the headlines with more than one amazing discovery.  Ancient worlds reawakened and enlivened.1/1 Science Daily: “Scientist Challenges Interpretation of New Find, The Oldest Primate Fossil Ever Discovered in China, best evidence of early primates in Asia.” 1/16 CNN: “Scientists: Dinosaurs roamed Brazil’s Amazon.” 1/27 Science Daily: “New Study Shows Neanderthals Were Not Our Ancestors.” 1/29 Yahoo News: “Mexico Scientists Find Ancient Settlement that flourished 2000 years ago.” 2/4 Science Daily: “World Famous Rock Paintings Three Times Older Than Previously Thought.” 2/24 CNN: “Two mummies pre-dating Incas found in Peru.” 2/26 CNN: “Two new dinosaur species found in Antarctica.” 4/2 Science Daily: “New Fossil Links Four-legged Land Animals to Ancient Fish.”  4/24 ECTV: “Researchers Discover Important Mayan Monument.” 5/9 Science Daily: “Archeologists Announce Discoveries at the Ancient Mayan Site of Waka in Northern Guatemala.” 5/13 Science Daily: “Penn Researchers Describe Newly Found Dinosaur of the Montana Coastline.” 6/21 Mithisis: “Ruins of the Once Fabled City of Kadath Found in Antarctica.” 7/1 New Scientist: “930,000-Year-Old Skull  Reopens Evolution Debate.”  7/2 CNN: “Indians complain about secrecy of ancient find, learned from news reports.” 7/8 CNN: “German Dig Unearths Dinosaur Graveyard.” 7/9 “Rancher sells archeological site to government, occupied 3,000 years, abandoned 1,000 years ago.” 7/22 Daily Herald: “Discovery by BYU Professor Helps Redefine Ancient World. 9/14 Science Daily: “Motion in Nearby Galaxy Cluster Reveal Presence of Hidden Superstructure.”  9/24 Science Daily: “A Long-necked Sea Predator From China Described in Science.” 10/3 Science Daily: “Out of Africa: Scientist Find Earliest Evidence Yet of Human Presence in Northeast Asia: 1.66 Million Years Ago.”

SABOTAGE is not out of the question.6/24: Drudge Report: “Sabotage: Rebel Attacks in Five Iraqi Cities Kill 75 in wave of attacks aimed at sabotaging the handover of Iraqi rule in 5 days.” 8/10 Drudge Report: “Book about Kerry titled Unfit for Command…Kerry camp condemns author as “Bigot” and “Hatemonger.” Dirty politics by the Bush camp for sure. None of these men served under John Kerry.  8/27 AOL News: “Traces of Explosives Found in Wreckage of Russian Jet, 90 killed in two crashes minutes apart. Muslim militant group claims responsibility.” 8/28 Drudge Report: “Russians Find Explosive Traces on Second Plane.” “Montreal Man Downed US Plane Over Queens, CSIS Told. Officials insist crash was accidental.”

The OCEANS reveal many wonders and surprises over the next few years as URANUS transits through PISCES.  New water purifications systems emerge to serve the needs of many.6/24 CNN, Reuters: “Arctic Abyss May Reveal Lost World.”

ELECTRONICS become more and more WIRELESS—tuning into the ETHERS of the INVISIBLE.  NEPTUNE in AQUARIUS continues to spiritualize the tangible, material, which isn’t really that material after all!  Humans are just electrical, atomic vibrating systems in motion with all the other planetary forces that move through us and around us.  It’s time for the Qabalah of Electronics!  TELEPATHY is on the rise!1/1 Science Daily: “Tiny Nanotube Antennas May Yield Better Signals in Cell Phones, Televisions: Thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair.” 1/6 Science Daily: :New Light-Emitting Transistor Could Revolutionize Electronics Industry.” 1/6 Science Daily: “Researchers Develop First Sonar for Marine Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance.” 1/21 Drudge Report: “Lie detector glasses offer peek at future of security.” 1/26 Science Daily: “The Pentaquark: The Strongest Confirmation to Date: New form of atomic matter.” 2/11 Drudge Report: “INTEL SAYS CHIP SPEED BREAKTHROUGH WILL ALTER CYBERWORLD.” 2/13 Physicsweb: “Silicon achieves optical success: Physicists at Intel have created the first high-speed optical modulator made from silicon. The modulator, which is silicon-based, has a bandwidth that is greater than 1 gigahertz. This is 50 times faster than previous efforts and could threaten the role of optoelectronics made from compound semiconductors.” 3/26 Physicsweb: “Ultrasound Imaging Goes Supersonic.” 9/30 Science Daily: “Sandia Creates Motion Detection 1,000 Times More Sensitive Than Any Known.”

Even ordinary people will suddenly DISCOVER the PSYCHIC, INTUITIVE aspect of their nature.  CONSCIOUSNESS is CONTAGIOUS.  Up, up and away it goes!  “1/15 Drudge Report, Pravda: “A GIRL WITH X-RAY VISION:  Moscow’s medical workers discovered a magnificent gift of a 16-year-old girl Natalya Demkina from Saransk. The girl possesses “dual vision”. She is capable of discerning a person’s internal organs without using X-ray or ultrasound.  Natasha has already disproved several medical diagnoses and has not made any mistakes. A series of medical experiments conducted in one of the clinics provide substantial and undeniable proofs of the girls’ unique abilities.” The Indigo Children are something else! Science Daily: “LSU Professor, Students Part of International Effort to Learn About Mysterious, High Energy Cosmic Rays.”

FROM 2003 PREDICTIONS:URANUS entered PISCES the first time on MARCH 10, 2003.  This was the beginning of dramatic changes affecting OCEANS, RIVERS and STREAMS.  It was also the start of dramatic PSYCHIC IMPRESSIONS for the masses, a quickening in CONSCIOUSNESS around the globe over a seven year period.  PROPHETIC DREAMS now become commonplace.  All matters of the PSYCHIC, UNCONSCIOUS REALMS surface with startling REVELATIONS on a worldwide basis to include greater confirmation of LIFE AFTER DEATH and the survival of the soul.  3/14 Yahoo News: SCIENTIST CLAIM PROOF OF AFTERLIFE:  Scientists at the University of Arizona have done extensive research, and say that they have the proof that when we die we continue to live beyond our physical bodies. “Almost anyone who sees the data says there’s something real here,” said one of the researchers.  Allison Dubois is a spiritual medium, or someone thought to be able to communicate with the dead.  Christine Vettore was brought in for a reading with Dubois, who attempted to contact Vettore’s dead relatives.  “I’m hopeful that there’s an afterlife so I can see everybody I’ve lost already,” said Vettore.  It doesn’t take long─within seconds, Dubois says Vettore’s daughter is coming through.  It is a gift Dubois says she’s had her whole life, but it comes with a lot of criticism.”  Any psychic or mediumistic gift comes with a whole lot of criticism, but there are many gifted mediums and psychics around the world doing the WORK to prove that the third dimension is not the only aspect to conscious living.  LIFE IS ETERNAL. 9/24 2011 CNN/John Blake: Do loved ones bid farewell from beyond the grave? “Some people claim loved ones have contacted them after death. Paranormal investigators call these events ‘crisis apparitions’ and say they take many forms. Some witnesses say apparitions appear lifelike, and that the images are reassuring. Woman who encountered apparition, ‘He needed to say goodbye.'” NEPTUNE is in and out of PISCES now. Spirit communications will become more commonplace in the next few years!  1/6/2014 AweScience: Quantum Theory proves that consciousness moves to another unverse after death. 4/29/2014: Telegraph: Story of 4-year-old’s near-death-experience transfixes AMERICA on film: Box office sensation.

A WAR is brought to a halt, a standstill.  3/3 Perhaps this involves ousting Aristide in Haiti so peace may be restored and justice might prevail? 3/11 CNN: “U.S. Force in Haiti to Reach 1,000.”  Here we go again! “State of Emergency Declared in Haiti.”

Posted 12/31/2003: EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL INTERVENTION will be OBVIOUS in matters of quelling or preventing NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS and ATTACKS.  Visits from beings in other systems will lessen in 2004 due to warring patterns around the planet.  Yet, the ones that show up will have a powerful effect.  

ECONOMIC INDICATORS are good for late JANUARY into FEBRUARY. 2/5 CNN: “Techs gain at open.” Washington Post: “Retailers Post Strong Sales in January.” 2/6 CNN: “Stocks edge higher.” 2/7 CNN: “Market Springs Back.”  2/9/04: I expect to see the Nasdaq at 2500 and the DOW at 11,000 SOON!  2/10 CNN: “Market manages a rally.” 2/11 Drudge Report: “DOW Closes at 2-1/2 Year High: 10,737.70.” 2/19 AOL News: “Oil drifts down from 4-week high, eyes on US stocks.”

imageLOVE is in the air and in the news!  MARRIAGE, BABIES for the rich and the famous!1/6 CNN: “‘Friends’ Star Courteney Cox Arquette Expecting.” 1/7 People: “Actress Kate Hudson, Chris Robinson Welcome a Baby Boy, Ryder Russell Robinson.  Goldie Hawn is a Grandma!  My Stars!” 1/10 CNN: “Photo of new royal baby released: Prince Edward and wife Sophie release first official photo of their baby daughter, Lady Louise Windsor, two months after her premature birth.” 2/26 CNN: “Rosie O’Donnell marries girlfriend in San Francisco.” 4/15 AOL News: “Debra Messing has a boy!”  “Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards have a boy, Sam.”

BIG BUSINESS is favored this SPRING.  MERGERS and corporate marriages fill the news.2/10 NY Times: “ST Assembly Said to be Near Deal for ChipPAC.” 2/11 AOL News: “Comcast Makes $54 Billion Bid to Buy Walt Disney.” 2/14 NY Times: “Cingular Bid is Said to Be $35 Billion for AT&T Wireless.” 2/27 NY Times: “U.S. Leads Suit to Stop Oracle Bid for PeopleSoft.” 3/16 NY Times: “Banks in Merger Settle Fund Case: Bank of America and Fleet Boston Financial.” 3/27 NY Times: “Albertsons Buying Shaw’s, New England Grocery Chain.” “Yahoo Buying European Shopping Service.” 7/26 NY Times: “Generic Drug Manufacturer to Buy Rival for $4 Billion.” “$15 Billion Bank Deal Expected between Banco Santander Central Hispano and Abbey National in Britain.”

HIDDEN INFORMATION comes to public attention.  Shock!  Tremble!  Political figures involved, maybe?  More than likely.1/1″Britain: U.S. Planned ’73 Arab Invasion to Seize Oil Fields in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi.”  ‘He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone,’  thus spoke one of the great Masters!  Dirty linen always stinks! 1/2 Arab News: “How Israeli Plot to Kill Saddam Became a ‘Training Accident’.”  An open mind is capable of containing vast treasures! 1/7 CNN: “Beatle’s Estate Sues Doctor: Suit claims physician forced weakened Harrison to sign guitar.” 1/11 CNN: “REPORT: Pentagon Auditors Altered Records.” Drudge Report: INSPECTOR O’NEILL: ‘There was no evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction.'” 1/22 CNN: “Art Garfunkel Charged With Marijuana Possession.” Drudge Report: “Edwards Back Stock Market Gamble for Social Security.”2/12 Drudge Report: “CAMPAIGN DRAMA ROCKS DEMOCRATS: Kerry Fights Off Media Probe of Recent Alleged Infidelity, Rivals Predict Ruin.” “In an off-the-record conversation with a dozen reporters earlier this week, General Wesley Clark plainly stated, ‘Kerry will implode over an intern issue.'” 2/27 Drudge Report: “Judge in New York has dismissed the securities fraud charge against Martha Stewart.”  3/5 NY Times: “Russian Engineers Reportedly Gave Missile Aid to Iraq.” 3/9 NY Times: “Oil Giant’s Officials Knew of Gap in Reserves in 2002.”

MAJOR DISCOVERIES in FEBRUARY, but other months, too!  A year of WONDERS! 1/7 Science Daily: “Scientists Find New Way to Store Hydrogen Fuel.” 2/24 Drudge Report: “New Oil Fears as Saudi Fields ‘In Decline.'” 2/27 Science Daily: “Evidence of a ‘Lost World’: Antarctica Yields Two Unknown Dinosaur Species.”  “Astonishing Discovery Over Amazonian Rain Forest: Huge amounts of unexpected organic aerosols over the rain forest.”  “Large Diamonds Made From Gas Are the Hardest Yet.” 3/12 Science Daily: “Sandia Sensor Has Potential to Help U.S. Military Eliminate ‘Friendly Fire’ During Combat.” 3/15 Drudge Report: “Stem Cells May Cure Baldness.” 3/16 Physicsweb: “DNA detection made easy: Physicists in France have shown it is possible to detect DNA with a purely electronic technique.” 3/17 Science Daily: “Student Builds Micro Biosensor Chip To Move DNA Molecules: Johns Hopkins’ undergraduate constructed new type of microchip that can move and isolate DNA and protein molecules. He believes by linking the chip with analysis equipment, a user could identify medical ailments, monitor a patient’s health or detect viruses and other biohazards before they spread.”  “Fish Oil Supplements May Contain Flame Retardant.” 3/19 Science Daily: “Prototype System Developed by Wright State Computer Engineer Allows  Blind to SEE.” “Scientists Discover Why Not Enough Choline Results in Fewer Brain Cells, Poorer Memory.” “Wasps’ Brains Enlarge as They Perform More Demanding Jobs.”  A Word to the Wise!  3/31 AOL News: “Babies Can Get Hearts With Wrong Blood.” Science Daily: “Insight on Cell Growth Could Lead to Method for Stopping Cancer.” “Compounds Shows Promise as Vaccine-like Drug for Preventing Type 1 Diabetes.” “Chemists Seek Light-activated Glue for Vascular Repair.”   4/1 AOL News: “Scientist Identify Gene Linked to Autism.”  Science Daily: “Popular Chewing Gum Eliminates Bacteria That Cause Bad Breath: Big Red.” 4/5 Science Daily: “Biology of Fear: UCLA Study Finds Properties of Yohimbe Tree Bark Hold Promise for Revolutionizing Treatment of Anxiety Disorders.  4/8 CNN: “Study: Frequent Sex May Cut Cancer Risk.”  Good news for everyone!

Out of the SEA a CITY rises!  

MARCH could be EARTHQUAKE or VOLCANIC ERUPTION month on a MAJOR BASIS:  China, Russia, Alaska, the Caribbean, Italy, California, Washington State bear watching this year. The EARTH could start SHIFTING in a startling manner. 2, 2004: Fuego, Guatemala, on going; Kilauea, Hawaii, on going; Tungurahua, Ecuador, on going ; Sukura-Jima, Japan 2/20/04; Dukono, Indonesia, on going. 3/13 AOL News: “Moderate Earthquake Shakes Taiwan.” 3/24 AOL News: “Moderate Quake Shakes Northern China.” 3/26 Washington Post: “Earthquake Rocks Eastern Turkey.” 4/7 Earth Changes TV: “New Yellowstone Super Volcano 4.0 Mag Earthquake.” 4/15 ECTV: “Rare Earthquake Hits Western Montana, 3.0” CNN: “San Andreas Fault on Verge of Quakes? Geologist Speculates.” Drudge Report: “San Andreas May be on Cusp of Larger, More Frequent Quakes.” 4/28 ECTV: “Yellowstone Super Volcano Quadruples Its Activity.” 5/18 Science Daily: “Erupting Volcano Casts Shadow on Russian Kamchatka Peninsula.” 6/11 ECTV: “Yellowstone Super-Volcano Goes Crazy With Small Quakes.” 6/16 ECTV: “Magnitude 6.1 Quake Registered Off Coast of Florida Near Jacksonville.” Atlantis rising? Drudge Report: “5.2 Mag Quake Off Baja.”

The ECONOMY bristles and bustles this SPRING.  A major discovery in oil or precious metals fires up the indicators. 2/25 CNN: “Market Down 5 For 5.” “Tech Stocks Suffer Hangover.” 2/27 CNN: “Nasdaq Gains, DOW Wanes.” 3/3 NY Times: “Gateway to Cut Work Force by Over 2,000.” 3/12 AOL News: “Oracle’s Quarterly Profit Rises 11%.” CNN: “Stocks Down for the Year.” “It’s Still the Economy.” 3/15 Drudge Report: “Gas Prices Hit Record High.” 3/15 CNN: “Stocks dive lower.” 3/17 CNN: “Bank of America May Cut Up to 13,000 Jobs.” 3/19 CNN:“Blue Chips Recover.” Drudge Report: “Oil prices surge to 13-year high.” 3/21 CNN: “A nine week stock market roller coaster ride has left investors queasy. It’s not over yet, analysts say.” 3/23 CNN: “Gas prices set record.” “Oil’s hot, techs not.” “Jittery stocks end mixed.” 3/25 Drudge Report: “U.S. stocks rise, recover from year’s low.” 3/26 CNN: “Stocks Finally Snap Back.” 3/31 CNN: “Stock Markets Gain Anew.” 3/31 AOL News: “Oil jumps on US refinery blast, awaits OPEC decision.” 4/1 NY Times: “OPEC Advances Plan to Cut Oil Production by 1 Million Barrels a Day to force oil prices higher and stoke the US political debate surrounding elevated gasoline prices.” CNN: “Stocks End Quarter Mixed.” 4/3 CNN: “Stocks Cheer Jobs, Rally.”  4/14 NY Times: “Indian Services Giant, Infosys Technologies, Hits $1 Billion in Annual Sales.”  4/17 CNN: “DOW Shows Spunk, Nasdaq in a Funk.” Creative copywriting. 8/3 AOL News: U.S. oil climbs toward record peak close to  $44.”

MAJOR EVENTS in the Desert!  3/22 AOL News: “Hamas Founder Killed in Israeli Airstrike.” “Sharon Takes Gamble in Killing Hamas Chief.” Drudge Report: “Hamas leaders: Israeli PM Sharon has opened the gates of hell; we will cut off his head.'” “Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade declares ‘war on sons of Zion.'” 3/23 AOL News: “Pakistani Army Convoy Ambushed, 12 Killed.”  4/7 NY Times: “Fierce Fighting With Sunnis and Shiites Spreads to 6 Iraqi Cities: One of the most violent days in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.” Washington Post: “Iraq Uprising Takes Toll on US Forces, a dozen Marines killed.” CNN: “U.S. Vows to Stay Course as Battles Rage in Iraq.” Drudge Report: “12 Marines, 66 Iraqis Killed in Fierce Battles.” 4/9 Drudge Report: “Iraq Rebels Seize 2 Americans, 4 Italians, on outskirts of Baghdad.” “MORE CARTER: IRAQ WAR A TRAGEDY.” “Explosion shakes central Baghdad, smoke seen near Sheraton Hotel.” 4/10 Washington Post: “U.S. Troops Battle to Retake Cities.” “Expect Snipers on all Minarets.” “Seething City Filled With Dread.” CNN: “U.S. Seeks Cease Fire for Fallujah.” Drudge Report: “450 Iraqis killed, 1000 injured in Fallujah: doctor.” “Injured Marines says unit chronically short of ammo.” “Britain: Situation ‘most serious’ yet.”  “Russia: Stop the fighting…” 4/10: Drudge Report:”30 Hostages Face Death Threat in Iraq.”  4/11 CNN: “Fallujah Cease-Fire ‘In Effect.'” “Apache Helicopter Shot Down West of Baghdad.” “Deadline Set for U.S. Hostage Passes.” Drudge Report: “Group to Free Japanese Hostages.” “Iraqi Battalion Refuses to Fight Iraqis.” 4/12 AOL News: “Blasts at U.S.-Led Coalition HQ in Iraq.” “3 U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq.” NY Times: “Troops Hold Fire in 3 Iraqi Cities for Negotiations.” CNN: “U.S. Loses 19 Troops in 3 Days, Kidnappings Continue.” “Iraq Toll Rises on Both Sides.” Drudge Report, Washington Post: “Seven Halliburton Contractors Missing in Iraq.” 4/13 NY Times: “Troops in Iraq Strain to Hold Lines of Supply.” Washington Post: “Militia Withdraws From Key Sites in Iraq.” CNN: “Cleric Says Coalition ‘Must Pay’ For Crisis: Pentagon has asked for 10,000 more soldiers; 8 Russian civilians latest victims in a string of abductions.” Drudge Report: “Commander in Iraq Needs More Troops.” 4/13 Drudge Report: “FBI Probes About 40 Abductions in Iraq.” NBC: “Bodies of 4 Missing Contractors Believed Found in Iraq.” 4/14 AOL News: “4 U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq’s West.” NY Times: “U.S. Workers, Lured by Money and Idealism, Face Iraqi Reality: Few could have imagined how dangerous their jobs would become.” “Cleric, Moktada-al-Sadr, Surrounded by U.S., Hints at Easing His Resistance.” CNN: “Pentagon to Extend 10,000 Soldiers’ Tours.” 4/15: AOL News: “One Hostage Killed in Iraq, One Freed: One Italian executed.” 4/19 Washington Post: “Uprisings Force U.S. to Rethink Strategy.” “Israeli Strike Kills Another Hamas Chief.” Drudge Report: “99 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Killed in April.” And April isn’t over yet. “Baghdad Boil From Sand Fleas Afflicting U.S. Troops.” “Spain PM Orders Troops Home.” 4/20 AOL News: “Honduras Follows Spain, Pulls Out of Iraq.” 4/21 NY Times: “3 Car Bombings Kill 20 People in an Iraqi City, wounding 60.” CNN: “Car Bombs in Basra Kill Dozens of Iraqis.” 4/22 NY Times:”4 Killed, 148 Wounded in Suicide Bombing in Riyadh.” Washington Post: “Blasts at Iraqi Police Facility Kills 68.” 4/23 CNN: “Contract Firms suspend Iraq Projects.” 4/27 NY Times: “Fierce Battle at Falluja Mosque Further Dims Hopes for Accord.” CNN: “U.S. Forces Kill 43 Insurgents Near Najaf.” “Jordan: Al Qaeda Planned ‘Toxic Cloud’ Attack.” 4/29  Washington Post: “64 Iraqis Killed in Clashes.” Washington Post: “In 2 Sieges U.S. Finds Itself Shut Out.” CNN: “Poll: Iraqis Conflicted About War.” AOL News: “10 Soldiers Killed in Iraq.” The Mars-Pluto Opposition continues as madness rages around the planet.  Drudge Report: Pentagon Classified: Saddam’s Agents Planned for Insurgency.” 5/3 NY Times: “Hostage is Free; 9 G.I.s Killed in Iraq Attacks.” 5/12 NY Times: “Iraq Videotape Shows the Decapitation of an American.” CNN: “Berg’s Family Devastated by Videotaped Execution.” 5/13 NY Times: “Harsh CIA Methods Cited in Top Qaeda Interrogations.” 5/14 NY Times: “US Soldiers Paint a Picture of Eager Mayhem at Iraqi Prison.” “At Iraqi Prison, Rumsfeld Vows to Punish Abuse.” 5/15 CNN: “28 Iraqis Killed in Recent Clashes.” 5/16 NY Times: “Prison Guard Calls Abuse Routine and Sometimes Amusing.” 5/30 Drudge Report, Yahoo News:  “April-May GI Iraq  Death Toll Tops 200, more than 2 per day.”

imageSADNESS in MARCH, the passing of a great soul fills the news.3/3 CNN: “Jerome Lawrence, Inherit the Wind, Mame, Writer Dies, 88.” 3/11 AOL Entertainment News: “Actor Paul Winfield Dead at Age 62.” 3/12 CNN: “Spain Mourns 190 Train Bomb Victims as Killers are Hunted, 1200 Injured.” 3/20 CNN: “Dutch Queen Mother, Juliana, Dies, 94.” 3/21 AOL News: “PowerBar Founder Maxwell Dies of Heart Attack at 51.” 3/28 CNN: “Surf-Music Star Jan Berry Dies, 62, Little Old Lady From Pasadena.”  3/30 CNN: “Oscar Winning Actor Peter Ustinov Dies, 82.” 3/30 AOL News: “Veteran Broadcaster Alistar Cooke Dies, 95.” 4/26 AOL News: “Cosmetic Titan Estee Lauder Dies, 97.”

WEDDINGS receive much publicity in MARCH and APRIL. How about December?12/15 CNN: “Russian Tennis Star Anna Kournikova and Singer Enrique Iglesias are MARRIED.”

Nominated for OSCARS: LORD OF THE RINGS, COLD MOUNTAIN, MYSTIC RIVER.  With RETURN OF THE KING wrapping up the superb Tolkien trilogy that I happen to love … it’s my bet that LORD OF THE RINGS will SWEEP the OSCARS this year!  We’ll see!  There are a lot of good movies out there.  Especially tough call this time around!1/11 AOL News: “RETURN OF THE KING” Wins Critic’s Choice Award, best acting ensemble, best director.” 1/12 CNN: “Pirates, Hobbits Take Top Awards at People’s Choice.  PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN takes top picture award, RETURN OF THE KING wins best drama award.” 1/18 CNN: “Produces Guild of America names “Rings” best picture.” 1/25  “LORD OF THE RINGS” sweeps GOLDEN GLOBES: “Best Director, Best film score, Best Original Song, BEST DRAMATIC PICTURE.”  I told you so!  LOOK OUT OSCARS….HERE COMES LORD OF THE RINGS!  Drudge Report: “RINGS King at Golden Globes.” 1/25 CNN: “RINGS Dominates Globes.”  1/27 Drudge Report: “LORD OF THE RINGS Receives 11 Oscar Nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director.”  I seem to have been wrong about the nomination for COLD MOUNTAIN for Best Picture, except Renee Zellweger and Jude Law were nominated for their acting and the picture received  5 other nominations.  I’m pleased SEABISCUIT made the cut for Best Picture!  Excellent film!  2/8 AOL News: “Peter Jackson Wins Top Directors Guild Award for LORD OF THE RINGS, RETURN OF THE KING.” CNN: “Hobbits capture key Hollywood award.” 2/17 CNN: “RINGS Shines at UK Oscars…Best Picture.” 2/22 CNN: “RINGS Wins Again: British directors name third and final “LORD OF THE RINGS” movie as BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM.” 2/22 TNT, Screen Actors’ Guild Awards: “LORD OF THE RINGS, Return of the King, Best Ensemble Cast Motion Picture.”  I may not be able to pick a president, but I guess I can pick a MOTION PICTURE!!!I guess my spirit guides want to keep me humble???  And honestly, I can’t wait to leave this psychic work behind me. 2/24 CNN: “RINGS Hits $1 Billion Box Office Mark: second movie ever worldwide.” AOL Best Motion Picture: LORD OF THE RINGS, THE RETURN OF THE KING. 2/29 AOL News: “RINGS is Lord of the Oscars.  11 Honors ties Titanic.” CNN: “RINGS  Sweeps Oscars, Including Best Picture and Best Director, Penn, Theron Tops in Acting.” “LORD OF THE OSCARS.” AOL News: “Jackson Honored for “Rings” Finale.” 3/1 Drudge Report: “Rings Blowout: Matches Records Set By Titanic, Ben Hur.” It is unfortunate that all the fine actors involved in bringing this 9 hour Tolkien trilogy to the screen were not nominated for their superb character work in a wonderful story that will continue to thrill movie fans and theatergoers around the world for a long, long time to come.  But then, if these actors had been nominated for their fine acting no one else in any of the other films would have received any recognition at all last night.  Hobbits, elves, dwarves, wizards and a handsome king  would have reaped all of the awards!  And I do hope that some of the financial rewards generated by these films and the sale of videos and DVDs will be shared with these deserving and talented actors!  It’s a big relief to be right about LORD OF THE RINGS! I’m going to see RETURN OF THE KING on the big screen again!  I love the movies!

ACCUSATIONS are flying, fingers pointing in all directions!  Politics as usual! 2/16 Drudge Report, BBC News: “US campaign begins to get dirty.” “FLASHBACK: Dad (about Senator Kerry): ‘I think he’s a sleazeball.'” Washington Post: “Nobody would be too shocked if Kerry lied about an affair. Even if someone came to us with photographs we still wouldn’t run it….” “FLASHBACK: Media grilled Bush over ‘ADULTERY’ claims.”  4/29 Drudge Report: “Joe Wilson’s Turn: White House Braced for Latest Assault By Hardback: THE POLITICS OF TRUTH: Inside the Lies That Led to War and Betrayed My Wife’s CIA Identity.”

TSUNAMIS, tidal waves inundate Pacific Islands.  Many lost beneath the sea.   TYPHOONS, HURRICANES devastate the coastal areas.  JAPAN suffers a major EARTHQUAKE. 1/29 Earth Changes TV: “Strong 6.8 Quake Rocks Eastern Indonesian Islands; Tsunami Warning.”  1/30 ECTV: “Tsunamis Hit Neighboring Island After Quake.” 3/26 Drudge Report: “Freak: Hurricane Heading Toward Southern Brazil.” 3/28 CNN: “Rare Hurricane Stirs Brazil.” 4/21 CNN: “At Least 4 Dead as Tornadoes Rake Illinois.” 5/3 ECTV: “5.5 Magnitude Hits South Carolina; Goes Unreported.” 5/4 CNN: “California Wildfires Prompt Evacuations. 5/10 Drudge Report: “Tornadoes, Hail, Funnel Clouds Hit Minnesota.” 6/22 AOL News: “Earthquake Shakes Northern JAPAN. ” 7/4 AOL News: “46 Killed By Storm in Philippines and Taiwan, 20 Others Missing, Feared Dead, as Storm Pushes Toward Korea.” 7/13 CNN: “Millions Flee South Asia Floods…worst monsoon flooding in years.” Drudge Report: “Cold Weather Kills 8 in Argentina & Chile, thousands of animals in Peru.”  “Millions homeless in India after worst floods in years. ” 7/14 CNN: “Tornadoes and Storms Shake Up Midwest.” “Severe Flooding in Northeastern U.S.” 7/16 AOL News, New Delhi:  South Asia Flood Death Toll Rises to 374.” CNN: “Storms Strike Northeast, Midwest, flattening or flooding homes. Many homes destroyed.” AOL News: “Wildfire in Nevada’s Capital burns 14 homes, causes mass evacuations.”  7/17 CNN: “Storm Shuts Down Hong Kong, third highest weather warning.” 7/21 Drudge Report: “Flood havoc worsens in India. ” 7/28 CNN: “South Asia Confronts Flood Aftermath: Still searching for missing victims and airlifting aid to millions cut off by the flood.” 7/30 Drudge Report: “Up to 13 Inches of Rain Drench Dallas.” 8/3 CNN: “Hurricane Alex Threatens Outer Banks.”  And it’s only “A”! “Flood Aftermath Compounds Misery in Bangladesh: Disease and property damage add to the misery of millions  huddling in shelters or stranded in their homes. Death toll 1,500 and climbing.” 8/8 CNN: “Heavy Rain Hits Florida, Texas, Minnesota, High Wind Batters Parts of Colorado.” 8/11 CNN: “Jamaica Issues Hurricane Watch for Charley.” Drudge Report: “Pair of Tropical Storms Approach Florida.” 8/12 Drudge Report, AP News, My Way:“Charley Strengthens into a Category II Hurricane as it moves Toward Western Cuba.” “800,000 in Charley’s Path Told to Flee: Western Florida, 12 foot surges expected.” 8/13 CNN: “63 Killed as Typhoon Hits China, Over 1,800 Injured.” Drudge Report: “Charley Lashes Cuba.” “Florida Warns 2 Million to Flee Hurricane.” Drudge Report: “Hell Storm Slams Coast, Winds Top 145 MPH.” “Mayor of Orlando Buddy Dyer warns of worst storm to hit city in 40 years.” “Powerful Typhoon Kills 115 in China.” CNN: “Significant damage along Florida coast.” 8/14 AOL News: “Hurricane Charley Death Toll to Climb in Florida: worst storm to hit state since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.” CNN: “Charley causes major devastation in Florida.” 8/15 CNN: “Charley Death Toll at 13.” 8/17 CNN: “Florida Orange Groves Completely Devastated by Hurricane.” “Heat, Hunger, Debris Trouble Floridians, Death Toll Climbs to 19.”  Drudge Report: “CHARLEY DAMAGE COULD TOP $20 BILLION; Storm Second Most-Expensive Natural Disaster in Modern History.”  8/24 CNN: “Typhoon Aere Lashes Taiwan.” Drudge Report: “Earthquake Rattles Olympic Venue in and around Athens.” 8/25 CNN: “250,000 Chinese Flee Typhoon Evacuating Coastal Areas.” 8/29 CNN: “Hurricane Gaston Warning Issued for South Carolina Coast.” 8/30 CNN: “Romania Flood Kills 5, damages 100s of homes and disrupts road and rail traffic.” “South Carolina Reels From Hurricane Gaston.” 8/31 CNN: “Gaston Causes Flooding in Virginia.” Drudge Report: “All Eyes on Hellstorm: Track Takes Frances to Florida at Week’s End.”  9/1 AOL News: “Floridians Brace for Hurricane Frances.” CNN: “Hurricane Frances Threatens Bahamas.” “Gaston Floods Richmond: 20 blocks of downtown roped off and declared uninhabitable, at least 5 killed.” 9/5 CNN: “Frances Makes Landfall in Florida Between Palm Beach and Fort Pierce.” “More Fierce Hurricanes May Loom on Horizon.” NY Times: “Slow But Fierce, Vast Hurricane Batters Florida.” Drudge Report: “Storm the Size of Texas Whips Through Florida.” CNN: “Two strong quakes hit JAPAN: 6.8 and 7.3, injuring 4 and shaking up buildings in Tokyo.” Drudge Report: “TSUNAMI WARNING! AFTER QUAKES.”  9/6 AOL New: “Death Toll From China Floods Rises to 76.” CNN: “Frances May Step Up to Hurricane Again in Florida Panhandle.” 9/7 AOL News: “Florida’s World is Upside Down. Frances Leaves State Reeling. Millions Without Electricity.” “China Floods Kill at Least 100 People.” Drudge Report: “10 Deaths Blamed on Hurricane Frances.” ” Damaged Could Reach $15 Billion.” 9/8 AP: “Hurricane Ivan Destroys Concrete Homes in Grenada.” CNN: “Hurricane Ivan Kills 3 in Grenada.” “Florida Cleans Up as Frances Moves North.” “China Toll Rises, Dam on Alert: 161 killed in flooding and more missing.” Drudge Report: “72+ Tornadoes Spawned by Frances.” 9/9 CNN: “Ivan Leaves at Least 20 Dead in Grenada.” Drudge Report: “Japan Battered By Record Number of Typhoons.” “New Weather Patterns Turn Florida into Hurricane Magnet.” 9/10 NY Times: “After Devastating Grenada, Hurricane Bears Down on Jamaica.” CNN: “Jamaica Braces For Hurricane Ivan.” “Ivan Leaves 12 Dead in Grenada.” “Tourists, Residents Told to Vacate Keys.” 9/11 Drudge Report: “Hurricane Ivan Slams into Jamaica, Looting Erupts.” CNN: “Power Shut Off in Jamaica, Hurricane Sustains 155 MPH Winds.” “Florida Braces for Third Hurricane.”9/11  My Way: “Hurricane Ivan Pummels Jamaica , 39 Dead.” 9/12 CNN: “Ivan Surges Toward Cayman Islands.” 9/14 CNN: “Hurricane Ivan Passes Battered Cuba.” “Gulf Coast Residents Boarding Up.” 9/16 CNN: “Hurricane Ivan Makes Landfall in U.S. from Louisiana to Florida, spawning tornadoes that hit a hospital and left tens of thousands without power.” “Cayman Islands Swamped by Ivan.” “Ivan’s Dollar Punch Getting Stronger.” NY Times: “Ferocious Hurricane Punishes the Gulf Coast.” 9/17 CNN: “Ivan Inflicts TREMENDOUS DAMAGE.” “Tropical Storm  Jeanne Heads for Bahamas.” Drudge Report: “Florida Bears Brunt of Ivan, 24 Dead.” 9/18 AOL News: “Ivan Blamed for 40 Deaths in U.S..” “Ivan Spawns Deadly Twisters.” 9/19 CNN: “Tropical Storm Jeanne Responsible for 9 Deaths in Dominican Republic” “Ivan Blamed for 25 U.S. Death.” 9/20 CNN: “Tropical Storm Jeanne Batters Haiti, 54 Dead.” My Way: “Ivan Continues to Force Evacuations in Eastern States.” Drudge Report: “Over 550 Dead in Haiti After Hurricane Spawns Floods.” 9/22 CNN: “Horror Scenes From Storm-Hit Haiti, Over 650 Dead.”  9/23 CNN: “Hurricane Karl Remains Category 4, Tropical Storm Lisa Developing in Atlantic.” “Ivan’s Remnants Swing Back into Gulf, Become Tropical Storm headed for Texas, Louisiana.” “Jeanne Leaves More Than 1,070 Dead in Haiti.” Drudge Report: “Haitian Flood Death Toll Could Reach 2,000.” 9/24 CNN: “Fourth Hurricane Targets Florida.” “Panic Erupts in Flood Ravaged Haiti.” 9/25 AOL News: “Three Million Floridians Told to Flee Jeanne.” CNN: “Jeanne Strengthens, Takes Aim at Florida.” Drudge Report:  “Hurricane Jeanne Nears Bahamas, Threatens Florida.” “Haitians Riot as Food Crisis Worsens.” 9/26 AOL News: “Bangladesh Floods Maroon at Least 65,000.” CNN: “Jeanne Lashes Florida.” 9/27 CNN: “Four Dead as Jeanne Moves Through Florida.” “Haiti Plans for Enormous Tent City.” And when the next super storm hits that will be wiped out. Where is the logic in this decision? CNN: “Hurricane Problems Lift Gas Prices.” 9/38 CNN: “Relief Pours into Jeanne Ravaged Florida.” Drudge Report: “Jeanne Leaves Stunned Florida, Half-Mile Food Line.”  9/30 AOL News: “Tropical Storm Leaves 14 Dead in Japan.” 10/1 CNN: “Hurricanes Devastate Florida’s Agriculture.” ECTV: “Hurricane Jeanne Death Toll Rises in Haiti and Tortugas, over 2000, 900 missing and presumed dead.” 10/9 AOL News: “Powerful Typhoon Pummels Japan’s Coast.” 12/15 Drudge Report: “6.7 Quake Rocks the Caymans in the Caribbean.” The next two months are Nature’s rock and roll time. January is a dangerous time in 2005! 12/28 AOL News: TSUNAMI DISASTER: “Relief Effort Underway as Death Toll Rises From 12/25 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunamis Causing at least  52,000 Deaths in 11 Nations: Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand. WHO warns disease and starvation could double death toll. Billions in property damage.  12/29 AOL News: “Asia Rushes to Bury 76,700 Quake-Tsunami Victims. ” NY Times: “A Third of the Dead are Said to be Children.” “In Drowned Village, Grim Searches, Quick Burials.” 12/30 AOL News:image “Tsunami Death Toll Jumps to 114,000. Total Number May Never be Known.” CNN: “Relief Workers Find Devastation. Infrastructure at epicenter destroyed. 5,000,000 people unable to get aid desperately needed.” “India Issues Tsunami Alert.” “Tsunami Death Toll Tops 116,000.” “Thousands of Americans Unaccounted For.” “Quake May Have Wobbled Earth.” 12/31 CNN: “Tsunami Death Toll Tops 135,000.” 1/1/2005 AOL News: “Big Aftershock Rocks Indonesia. New Sir Lankan Floods Force Evacuations. imageDeath Toll Nearing 150,000.” EARTHQUAKE HAZARD PROGRAM: There have been over 100 significant earthquakes in the area of INDONESIA/SUMATRA/INDIA since the 9.0 quake just after midnight on December 26, 2004. 1/3 CNN: image“Indonesia Death Toll Passes 94,000.” image“155,000 Dead and Counting.”

HEATED DEBATE lacks resolve.  Setback!  4/20 CNN: “White House Disputes Book.” “Woodward, White House, Saudis: No Deal on Oil.” “U.S. Drill Had Jet Crashing into Building, Pre 9/11.” 4/29 NY Times: “Israelis March in Gaza Strip, 70,000 Strong.” 7/30 Drudge Report: “Athens Telephone Outages Hit Olympic Sites.” 9/19 Drudge Report: “CBS Statement Set for Release.” ” Rather: We Were Deceived.”

Someone new arrives at public PROMINENCE.  POWER can be tricky! 3/9 Washington Post: “Haiti’s Prime Minister Chosen.”

ECONOMIC dips in APRIL.  Up and down and away we go!  Gain some, lose some!4/21 CNN: “Greenspan: Deflation Dead.” “Stock Bounceback Looms.” 4/22 CNN: “Markets in Slow Motion.”

Charm wins the day!  FINESSE!

MAJOR SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS fill the headlines in APRIL, MAY.  Signs and wonders of that yet to come!  A MAJOR CURE is obvious.1/15 Science Daily: “Probable Discovery of a New Supersolid, Phase of Matter.” 1/21 Science Daily: “Burning Fossil Fuels Has Measurable Cooling Effect on Climate.”  Does that mean another Ice Age instead of Global Warming? Or as a part of Global Warming?  2/16 CNN: “M&M obsession leads to physics discovery.” 2/25 Science Daily: “Atmospheric Water Clusters Provide Evidence of Global Warming.”  2/26 Science Daily: “Purdue Scientists: Genetically Modified Fish Could Damage Ecology.” “Embryonic Pig Cell Transplants Halt Rat Diabetes.” 3/13 CNN: “Balloon Helps Doctor Reach Usually Inoperable Brain Tumor in Child.” 3/25 Science Daily: “Researchers Suggest that ‘Dark Matter Highway’ May be Streaming Through Earth.” “Standing Body of Water Left Its Mark on Mars’ Rocks.”  3/26 Drudge Report: “Japan Unveils 12-Foot Tall Rescue Robot.” Are they going to call it Godzilla?  Science Daily: “Scientists Crack Genome Sequence of a Major Parasitic Pathogen.” 3/28 CNN: “NASA Breaks Speed Record.” 3/30 Drudge Report: “Science on Verge of New ‘Creation’; Labs say they have nearly all the tools to create artificial life.” 4/2 Physicsweb: “Physicists move closer to the quantum limit: A new experiment in the U.S. has come close to detecting quantum effects in a macroscopic object.”  4/3 Science Daily: “Fat Hormone Leptin Alters Brain Architecture and Activity, Which in Turn Drives Feeding Behavior.” 4/14 Science Daily: “New Molecule Heralds Breakthrough in Electronic Plastics. 4/15 Science Daily: “Engineered Virus Provides Impetus in Search for HIV Vaccine.” “A New Hypothesis About Autoimmunity: It is Possible to be Too Clean.” 5/13 Science Daily: “Potential Obesity Treatment: Hormone Causes Body to Metabolize Stored Fat.” 5/14 CNN: “Private Spaceship Sets Altitude Record.” 5/17 Science Daily: “New Molecule May be Basis for Drugs that Battle Overeating and Drug Dependency.” 5/19 CNN: “Study: Diabetes Drug Eases HIV Treatment Effects.” 5/23 Drudge Report: “A True Scientific Breakthrough: The Blue Rose.” 5/31 Science Daily: “Student-designed ‘Heads-Up’ Device Helps the Visually Impaired Avoid Hazards, Day and Night.” Science Daily: “Researchers Discover That a Protein in Grape Skins Can Kill Cancer Cells.” 6/3 Science Daily: “Stem Cells Can Convert to Liver Tissue, Help Repair Damaged Organ.” “Researchers Establish First Molecular Link Between Eating and Aging.” 6/4 “Cells From Fat Tissue Turned into Functional Nerve Cells.” 6/11 Science Daily: “Fats Cells Could Provide Key to a Longer Life.” Drudge Report, My Way: “Research Shows Dogs Understand Language.” 6/18 CNN: “Scientists Predict Menopause Age.” 6/29 Science Daily: “Scientists Help Create Spacecraft That Think For Themselves.” ET technology, perhaps? 6/30  “New Milestones on the Path to Conquering HIV Drug Resistance.” 8/11 Physicsweb: “Glass breakthrough:  Scientists in the US have developed a novel technique to make bulk quantities of glass from alumina for the first time.”

CHANGES in POWER possible in APRIL.4/19 AOL News: “McDonald’s CEO dies of apparent heart attack.”

EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE should soon be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Some planetary systems are much further advanced than our own, of course.  Spaceships will continue to visit our planet as they have for thousands of years.  By 2012, EARTH should become a part of the INTER-GALACTIC  COUNCIL by whatever name it is known. 3/11  “UK Children Have UFO Encounter, draw pictures.” 3/13 “China UFO Videotaped.” 3/15 “New UFO Sightings in Puerto Rico after a period of relative calm.”  There are lots of interesting UFO sites on the web to be found by doing a search.  Some great pictures!  4/28 Drudge Report, Yahoo News: “Flying Saucer Fever Grips Iran, Theories Abound: sparkling white disc filmed over Tehran.”  8/10 Pravda:Explorers find UFO fragments in Tunguska meteorite area: uncover blocks of an extraterrestrial technical device.” 12/5  WorldNetDaily: “Mystery Lights in sky baffling Australians: Blue, green, red objects hover for hours, defense department denies secret aircraft.” June 1, 2008 CNN: Space alien seen on video, man claims.

ECONOMIC SURGE in MAY.  Advancement all around. 5/4 Drudge Report: “Oil Prices Hit Highest Level Since 1990.” 5/5 CNN: “Nasdaq Gains Post-Fed.” 5/12 CNN: “Markets: Bounce Ends Losing Streak.” 5/13 CNN: “Disney Posts Another Strong Quarter.” “Big Comeback for Stocks.”

A long black hearse on PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE!  A sad parade with honors as thousands file through the Rotunda of the Nation’s Capitol to view the GREAT ONE!image 6/5 AOL News: “40th President, former Hollywood  leading man and California Governor, the Great Communicator Ronald Reagan Dies at 93, flag over the White House lowered to half staff. ”  His body and brain are no longer his prison. “His body will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda with his funeral to take place at the National Cathedral to be attended by world leaders. His sunset burial will take place in California at his library.” 6/7 NY Times: “Reagan Had Long Struggle With Alzheimer’s Disease.” “Reagan is Remembered for His Leadership and Optimism: ‘Mr. Gorbechev, tear down this wall,’ as tributes and accolades pour in from world leaders.” CNN: “Reagan Legacy Includes Raising Awareness of Several Diseases.” 6/7 Washington Post: “A Nation and the World Pay Tribute to Reagan.” “Flags Lowered, Memories Raised.” 6/8 AOL News: “Remembering Reagan: Californians Pay final Respects, Nancy touches her cheek to her husband’s coffin after private services at his presidential library.” Washington Post: “Hail! Farewell to the Chief.” CNN: “Thatcher, Both Presidents Bush to Eulogize Reagan.” Drudge Report: “Nancy Believes Ronnie Saw Her One Last Time.” 6/9 CNN: “Reagan Ceremonies Shifting to Washington: More than 100, 000 in California paid their final respects. Reagan to lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda until Friday.” 6/10 CNN: “Reagan’s Body Lies in State.” Better than an MGM extravaganza! Royal send-off for Ronnie.  NY Times: “The Capital Pays Homage to ‘A Graceful and A Gallant Man.'” Drudge Report: “Nation’s Capital Mourns Ronald Reagan.” Drudge Report: “Gorbechev Pays His Respects.” “Thatcher’s Farewell to Reagan.” “UPDATE: 5000 Viewers an Hour Pass Flag-Draped Coffin.” 6/12 Los Angeles Times: “Reagan is Buried at His Library.” “Eulogy Praises Ideals and Legacy.” “Lasting Memories Along the Final Road, Thousands Line the Route Along the 28-Mile  California Procession .” NY Times G. W. Bush quote: “Ronald Reagan belongs to the ages now. But we preferred it when he belonged to us.” CNN: “Reagan is Laid to Rest.”

The RING OF FIRE EXPLODES in more than one place!  Lava flows as large numbers evacuate.  The ICE is MELTING!  9/22 Netscape News: “Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster.” 3/2 Fuego, Guatemala, on going; Kilauea, Hawaii, on going; Tungurahua, Ecuador, on going ; Sukura-Jima, Japan 2/20/04; Dukono, Indonesia, on going.  4/9 AOL News: “Powerful undersea earthquake shook parts of Indonesia’s Sumatra, no reports of injuries or damage.” 5/9 Drudge Report: “4.6 Quake Knocks Santa Barbara.” 5/28 CNN: “At least 23 dead in Iran quake.” 5/30 Science Daily: “Scientist Discover Undersea Volcano Off Antarctica.” 6/10 Drudge Report, CBS News: “Major Volcano Erupts in Indonesia.” CNN: “Underwater volcano makes waves in April northwest of the island of Rota in the Northern Mariana Islands, Pacific Ring of Fire .” 6/16  Drudge Report: “5.2 Mag Quake Off Baja.” 6/25 Science Daily: “MELTING ICE CAP Gives Urgency to New Census of Marine Life Project in the Arctic Ocean. ” 7/15 ECTV: “7.1 Earthquake Hits Fiji After X-Class Flare Rips From Sun.” 8/8 ECTV: “Sunspot Region 649 Comes Around Eastern Limb: Increased Volcanic Activity in Marapi & Kerinci (Indonesia), both raised to Level II.” 9/18 Drudge Report: ” 3.7 Mag Quake Knocks Kentucky.” 9/20 ECTV: “Earthquake Swarm Continues in Central California, largest 3.9, Long Valley Caldera.” 9/27 CNN: “Scientists: Small Eruption Possible for St. Helens.” I predicted the big one a week before it happened. It’s easy enough to underestimate Mother Nature. Something Big in the way of a volcanic eruption LOOMS. Big enough to grab all headlines.   9/28  ECTV: “Mount St. Helens is CLOSED because of continued rumblings.” Drudge Report: “One or Two Quakes a Minute at Mount St. Helens.” 9/29 Drudge Report, KIROTV: “VOLCANO ADVISORY Issued for MOUNT ST. HELENS..”  “Lava movement may signal eruption SOON.” “Strong Quake Swarms Continue in Central California.” 9/30 Drudge: “5.0 Quake Shakes in Central California.” 10/1 CNN: “Scientist: Mount St. Helens Likely to Erupt.” 10/1 CNN: “MOUNT ST. HELENS BLOWS ASH, SMOKE.” 10/2 CNN: “Scientists Monitor Mt. St. Helens After Small Eruption, Earthquakes Continue.” 10/4 CNN: “Volcano Still Shaking 2 Days After Hiccup.”  Earth Changes TV: “Mount Hood Stirs; 2.4 Quake.” “Mt. St. Helens Belches Some More.” 10/10 Drudge Report: “Quake Activity Rises at Mt. St. Helens.” It’s going to be BIG. 10/11 CNN: “Mt. St. Helens Lets Off More Steam.” Drudge Report: “Quake Activity Rises at Mt. St. Helens.” 10/15 Drudge Report: RING OF FIRE:  “7.0 Earthquake Shakes Taiwan Capital.” “Japan Shaken by Strong Offshore Earthquake.” 11/8 CNN: “Strong quake shakes northern Taiwan.” “Another Quake 5.8 Hits Northern Japan.” The Ring of Fire is very busy. Volcanic eruptions soon. CNN: “STUDY: ARCTIC NOW WARMING AT TWICE THE GLOBAL RATE.Polar bears not likely to survive.” 11/14 ECTV: “Mount Rainer SWARM Captures Seismologists’ Attention.” The Cascade Range is part of the Ring of Fire. 11/22 “7.3 Quake Hits New Zealand.” 11/26 AOL News: “At Least 11 Killed in Indonesia 7.2 Earthquake near Papua, caused many buildings and homes to collapse.” CNN: “PAPUA NEW GUINEA VOLCANO THREATENS MAJOR BLOW. 9,000 EVACUATED!” 11/27 ECTV: “3.1 Earthquake at Mt. St. Helens has split the dome and is worrying seismologists.” 11/28 USGS: “6.1 QUAKE IN NEW GUINEA.” Drudge Report: “7.1 QUAKE HITS NORTHERN JAPAN, TRIGGERING TSUNAMI THAT LASHED THE SHORE.” Those plates are moving rapidly. USGS: “Swarm of earthquakes under Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano on the big island of Hawaii.”

NASTY ACCUSATIONS fly, some by false accusers that make a big noise!  5/5 NY Times: “Disney Forbidding Distribution of Film That Criticizes Bush.”

INTRIGUE is brought to public attention.  Whodunit?  Bad karma on the way and in evidence!4/22 AOL News: “Michael Jackson Indicted.”

Someone NEW is raised to a POSITION of POWER. Suspicion is likely! 3/9 Washington Post: “Haiti’s Prime Minister Chosen.”

POWER STRUGGLES surprise many.  New information comes to light. 1/1 Arab News: “Israel to Expand Golan Heights.”  Promises, false promises!  3/11 Washington Post: “Kerry Decries GOP as ‘Crooked’ and ‘Lying.'” 3/15 CNN: “Iraq war opponents March to White House…peace activists along with family members of US troops.” Drudge Report: “New Spain Leader Declares Iraq War ‘Disaster’.” “Spain Vows to Pull Soldiers Out.” “EU Calls Emergency Meeting.” “White House Challenges Kerry to Name His Foreign Supporters.” 3/16 NY Times: “Spain Will Loosen Its Ties With US, Premier Elect Says.” “Ex UN Inspector Has Harsh Words for Bush.” Drudge Report: “Kerry Sticks to Claim of World Support.” “GI Seeks Conscientious Objector Status.” “Two More GIs in Iraq Seek Objector Status.” This is going to happen more and more.  What are these young people dying for?  The enemy seems to be everywhere!  3/17 CNN: “Zapatero Rejects Bush Iraq Call.” “Military Families Urge Censure for Bush as Congress Marks Iraq Anniversary.” “Dean: Bush to Blame for Spain.” 3/19 Drudge Report: “Former UN weapons inspector Blix says Iraq war may have worsened terror threat.” No kidding! That’s a no brainer.  3/21 Washington Post: “Thousands in Manhattan Protest War.” CNN: “Rallies Protest Iraq War: Los Angeles, Fayetteville, and Crawford, Texas, where Bush has a ranch.” 3/22 Drudge Report: “Carter Savages Blair and Bush: ‘THEIR WAR WAS BASED ON LIES.'”  (I told people associated with the Pentagon this all along.  They would find no  WMD in Iraq).Drudge Report:“Al-Qaida No. 2: We Have Briefcase Nukes.” 3/24 AOL News: “US Embassy Closes in Emirates.” “EU Fines Microsoft $612M.” 3/28 AOL News: “Reports Spur Calls for Sharon to Resign.” 4/1 AOL News: “Sharon Says Israel Must Withdraw.” And hopefully, this is not an April Fool’s joke.2/20/2011 CNN: Rumsfeld: WMD issue was ‘big one’. “If the Bush administration had known there were no WMDs in Iraq, it probably wouldn’t have invaded. (They should have asked me!) 

SCANDAL in HIGH PLACES.  Those long hidden papers are FOUND. 1/1 AOL News: “Britain: U.S. Planned ’73 Arab Invasion to Seize Oil Fields in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi.”  (‘He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone,’  thus spoke one of the great Masters!  Dirty linen always stinks!) 1/6 Drudge Report: “Diana Death Plot ‘Royal’ Named.” “Coroner Prepares to Open Inquest into Princess’s Death.” CNN: “Coroner’s Report Shows Cocaine Caused Righteous Brother’s Death.” 1/11 NY Times: “The Rise and Fall of Parma’s First Family: Epic accounting fraud that possibly siphoned more than $10 billion out of Parmalat has brought ruin to one of Italy’s most ambitious family dynasties.” 1/23 NY Times: “Israel’s Sharon is Defiant in Face of Pressure Over Bribery Inquiry.” “Jail Time for Ex-Rep Janklow.” “Computer Associates’ Ex-Executive Testifies He Lied in Accounting Inquiry.” CNN/Money: “Halliburton says workers took kickbacks.” 2/5 NY Times: “Witness Describes Stewart Cover-Up.” 2/5 Drudge Report: “Breast Baring Janet Jackson Banned from Grammy Awards; Show Will Have 5-Minute Delays.” 2/6 AOL News: “Israeli Police Question Sharon in Bribery Scandal.” 2/7 CNN: “Review Ordered of Alleged Sexual Assaults on Troops, especially female soldiers.”  2/12 Drudge Report: “CAMPAIGN DRAMA ROCKS DEMOCRATS: Kerry Fights Off Media Probe of Recent Alleged Infidelity, Rivals Predict Ruin.” “In an off-the-record conversation with a dozen reporters earlier this week, General Wesley Clark plainly stated, ‘Kerry will implode over an intern issue.'” 2/15 Drudge Report, Telegraph, UK: “‘This won’t go away. What happened is much nastier than is being reported.’ Alex Polier, the 24-year-old journalist who could end Senator Kerry’s hopes of becoming the next president of the United States, is alleged to have had a two-year affair with the front runner for the Democratic nomination. Last night the rumors were in danger of becoming a full blown scandal.”   2/20 AOL News: “SCANDAL AT COLORADO: New Sex Allegation Emerges at Colorado: 7th allegation since 1997.” 2/26 NY Times: “Rapes Reported by Servicewomen in Persian Gulf and Elsewhere…gravest accusations of sexual misconduct in years, dozens of women claiming assault or rape by fellow troops.” 2/27 NY Times: “Two Studies Cite Child Sex Abuse by 4 Percent of Priests.” Washington Post: “162 Boston Priests Faced Abuse Claims.” 2/29 NY Times: “Hussein’s Regime Skimmed Billions from Aid Programs, funneled through network of foreign bank accounts in violation of United Nation sanctions.” 3/3 NY Times: “Ex WorldCom Chief Indicted by U.S. in Securities Fraud.” 3/9 CNN: “UCLA Cadaver Program Director Arrested for Selling Body Parts.”  3/29 AOL News: “Indictment Recommended for Israel’s Sharon.” 4/27 CNN: “Schindler Co-Producer Guilty of fraud on bribery charge.”  5/14 CNN: “Riggs Bank Fined $25 Million in Terrorism Probe for Money Laundering.” 6/14 CNN: “Japan Put on Sex-Trade Watch List Re: Sex Slavery.” 6/21 CNN: “Al Qaeda Militants Say They Were Helped By Saudi Forces.” 8/13 CNN: “Married NJ Governor admits gay affair, quits.”

PUBLIC ARGUMENTS are called debates.  Tempers flare all around.  Politics?   Hmmm!

ONE FALLS FROM GRACE…. possibly right on his/her face!  The higher you go the longer the fall and the harder the crunch!  The price of being a public figure.3/6 NY Times: “Martha Stewart Found Guilty on All Six Counts, She Plans to Appeal.” 3/8 NY Times: “Guilty Verdicts Gives Executives a New Focus: Risk of Prison.”  3/9 NY Times: “As Stewart Attends Hearing, Company Studies Options.” 5/21 NY Times: “Chalabi’s Seat of Honor Lost to Open Political Warfare With U.S.  Did he peddle info to Iran?” “Iraqis and GIs Raid the Offices of an Ex-Favorite.” CNN  “Married NJ Governor admits gay affair, quits.”

ROMANCE and BETRAYAL can be opposite sides of the same coin. Disappointment!1/22 Drudge Report: “Ben Affleck, J. Lo Break Off Relationship.”  2/12 CNN: “It’s splitsville for Barbie and Ken.  Couple will remain friends, says Mattel.”  NOT BARBIE AND KEN!  Good grief, next it’ll be Charlie Brown and Lucy!  3/26 CNN: “Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz split.” 4/29 AOL News, Reuters: “Actor Robert Downey, Jr. and his estranged wife of 8 years, actress-model Deborah Falconer, have ended their 12 year marriage.” 8/22 Washington Post: “Actor John Stamos Files for Divorce from X-Men Rebecca Romijn.”

WEDDING BELLS are ringing out loud!  Surprise, surprise! 7/8 People Magazine: “THEY DO!  Tori Spelling and Charlie Shanian on July 3;  one-time Bachelor Bob Guiney weds Rebecca Budig of All My Children on July 3; Miro Sovino & Christopher Backus wed July 2;  Actor Dennis Quaid & Kimberly Buffington of Austin, TX wed, and  Singer Michelle Branch & bass player Teddy Landau wed on July 2.  

A serious health EPIDEMIC starts in ASIA, not necessarily the flu.11/25 CNN: “WHO Warns of Dire Flu Pandemic starting with bird flu that could kill 7,000,000 People.” 12/16/2009 ALL THESE WARNINGS, YEAR AFTER YEAR, SETTING PEOPLE ON EDGE ALL AROUND THE WORLD, WITH DEATHS NUMBERED IN THE HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS. WHAT IS THIS? PEOPLE DIE EVERY SINGLE DAY! Alarmists Organization!  

SHAME ON YOU! 5/10 NY Times: “First Trial Set to Begin May 19 in Abuse in Iraq.” “Blair Offers an Apology for Abuses by Soldiers.” “Officers Grapple With How and When to Release Images.” Washington Post: “Senators Fault Pentagon as New Photos Emerge.” 5/29 CNN: “Witnesses May Testify Michael Jackson Served Alcohol to Alleged Victims.”  “Scant Evidence Cited in Long Detention of Iraqis.” Washington Post: “Scant Evidence Cited in Long Detention of Iraqis.” “Tillman Killed by Friendly Fire.” Drudge Report: “San Francisco Gallery Owner Attacked over Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse Art.”  6/22 Drudge Report, Illinois Wire: “Ryan paper contains allegations he pressured wife for public sex.”

Those with POWER move FORWARD, stragglers are left behind.  By JULY some change their minds.7/7 News Media: “John Kerry Picks John Edwards as VP Running Mate.” In the past it seems these decisions were made at a convention???  (I don’t remember this happening before the conventions. Times have certainly changed.)

BELOVED OLD TIMER or two pass beyond the veil. imageGratitude is mixed with loss.  FAMOUS MOTION PICTURE STARS leave the Stage of Life and are well remembered. 3/19 Drudge Report: “J.J. Jackson, One of MTV’s First VJs, Dies at Age 62.” 4/10 AOL News: “Actress Carries Snodgrass dies at age 57: Oscar nominee starred in ‘Diary of a Mad Housewife.'”  4/11 CNN: “Co-Pilot of Nagasaki Bomb Plane Dies, 82.” 5/10 AOL News, Reuters: “Comedian and Actor Alan King died of lung cancer, 76.” 5/18 AOL News: “Actor Tony Randall Dead at 84.” 6/10 Washington Post: “Singer Ray Charles Dies at 73.” I guess Reagan needed a blues singer at his party, and Ray got tired of hanging out here! 7/2 AOL News:  America Loses A Movie Legend: MARLON BRANDO Dead at 80, Hollywood’s Last Rebel.” 7/12 AOL News:  “Isabel Sanford of The Jeffersons dies, 86.” 8/5 Drudge Report: “Genius French Photographer Cartier-Bresson Dead at 95.”  8/7 CNN: “Super Freak Singer, Rick James, Dies, 56.” 8/8 CNN: “Red Adair, World Renowned Firefighter, Dies, 89, Inspired John Wayne Movie.”  8/9 AOL News: “Actress Fay Wray of King Kong fame dies, 96.”  8/13 Drudge Report: “Julia Child, Famous TV Cook, Dies Age 91.” 8/20 AOL News: “Oscar Winning Composer, Elmer Bernstein, Dead, 82.” 8/25 CNN: “ON DEATH, International Psychiatrist Author, and Expert on Death and Dying, Kubler-Ross Dies, 78.” Actually, I don’t think she’d find the tear necessary. But then, I didn’t need to hear her lecture to convince me! 8/29 AOL News: “Laura Branigan, Gloria singer, Dies, 47.” 10/1: CNN:  “Photographer Richard Avedon Dead, 81.” 10/4 CNN: “Psycho Star Janet Leigh Dies, 77.” 10/5 Reuters: “Comic Rodney Dangerfield Dead in L.A. at Age 82.” 10/11 AOL News: “Superman Actor Christopher Reeve Dead at 52 After Fighting a Valiant Fight with Paralysis.” AOL News: “Actor John Barrymore Jr., Father of Drew Barrymore, Dead at 72.” 12/29 AOL News: “LAW & ORDER’s Jerry Orbach Dies at 69.” 12/30 CNN: “Bandleader Artie Shaw Dies, 94.”

HONORS and RECOGNITION find their mark.7/26 NY Times: “Lance Armstrong Makes Ride Into Record Books Look Easy, 6th Tour de France Victory.”CNN: “Bush Calls Armstrong After Sixth Tour Win: ‘You’re awesome!'” 9/5 CNN: “France Gives Steven Spielberg Highest Honor: French Legion of Honor.”

BUSINESS is GOOD in AUGUST.  Milestones!  But the Stock Market experiences checks and balances. 7/26 CNN: “Stocks Bounce Up Seen.” “Gas Prices Dip Again.” 8/19 Drudge Report: “Oil at all-time high.”

BIG PROBLEMS in the DESERT.  All that blows is not sand.  Poisonous promises. 5/29 NY Times: “Dozens of American and European Hostages Released After Killing at least 10.” 7/9 CNN: “Coalition Records Its 1,000th Death in Iraq.” How many thousands are going to die before it’s over? 7/28 AOL News:  “Suicide Bomb Kills 68 in Iraq.” “Doctor Group to Withdraw From Afghanistan due to 5 members of its group being killed.” 8/7 CNN: “Marines Report 300 Insurgents Killed in Najaf.” 8/26 CNN: “At Least 25 Dead as Mortar Hits Kofu Mosque.” I won’t be listing all this madness either. Thousands and thousands are bound to die before the US is smart enough to get out of there. 9/8 CNN: image“U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Passes 1000.” 9/14 AOL News: “20 Said Killed in U.S. Air Strikes in Iraq.” CNN: “Car Bomb at Police Station Kills 32.”

FIGHT and FLIGHT are involved…but where do we go? 6/3 AOL News: “CIA Director Tenet Resigns.” 8/20 NY Times: “Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad: Texas Republicans and vets angered at Kerry’s take on the war.”

DISGRACE for a WOMAN of prominence accompanied by much publicity.  Fairly disgusting.  3/10 CNN: “Martha to Quit Her Company.”  NY Times: “Now, the Search for the Next Diva of Domesticity.”

MAJOR WINNINGS in a court of law…but can you really get blood out of a turnip? 9/11 CNN: “Kobe Bryant Rape Case Dismissed.”

In SEPTEMBER expect MAJOR EXPLOSIONS, physical and emotional.  The Angel of Death calls for large numbers.  There is wonder and amazement.  2/6 NY Times: “At Least 22 Said Killed in Explosion in Moscow Subway.”  CNN: “Moscow Rush Hour Train Blast Kills 39.” 2/18 CNN: “Fuel-Laden Train Cars Explode in Iran, 200 Dead.” 2/29 NY Times: “At Least 3 Killed in Tanker Explosion Off Virginia Coast.” CNN: “Tanker Explodes Off Virginia Coast.” 3/11 AOL News: “Terrorist Bombs: Multiple Blasts in Madrid Leave 190 Dead, 1200 Wounded, Newspaper Receives Claim of Responsibility in the Name of  al-Qaida.”  The madness of the Kali Yuga. 3/12 CNN: “Spain Mourns Train Bomb Victims as Killers are Hunted.” 3/26 CNN: “Tanker Crash Closes Connecticut Interstate: fuel oil tanker exploded.” 3/28 CNN: “Thai Bomb Injures 30.” 4/4 NY Times: “Blast in Madrid Kills 3 Suspects of Train Attack and 1 special forces agent.” CNN: “Spain: Suspects Chanted in Arabic as They Died.” 4/10 CNN: “8 Die, Many Missing in Russian Mine after an explosion in coal mine.” 4/11 CNN:”36 Dead in Russian Mine Blast.” 4/12 CNN: “Russian Mine Toll Rises to 40.” 4/22 Drudge Report, My Way: “Report: Trains Explode in North Korea; as many as 3,000 killed or injured when two trains carrying oil and liquefied petroleum gas collided and exploded.” This is a prime example of the current MARS-PLUTO opposition. Watch it! 4/24 CNN: “Report: 154 Dead in N. Korea Blast.” AOL News: “At Least 2 Killed in Illinois Plant Explosion.” 4/25 CNN: “Boats Explode Near Key Iraqi Oil Site, 2 U.S. Sailors Die.”  “Illinois Chemical Plant Blast Kills 4.” 5/5 CNN: “Bombs Hit Athens Police Station: 100 Day Countdown to Olympics.” Fairly predictable, with this only the beginning. 6/16 AOL News: “China Coal Mine Blast Kills at Least 15.” The explosions in Iraq seem to be daily. I just can’t list all the madness in the desert. NY Times: “2 Pipeline Blasts Halt Oil Exports at Top Iraq Port.” Seems to me the OIL can be what pays for the rebuilding of Iraq without outside money. 6/17 NY Times: “Car Bomb Kills at Least 14 Outside Iraqi Army Base.” CNN: “Car Bomb at Recruitment Centers Kills 35.” 6/18 NY Times: “41 Iraqis Killed in Two Car Bomb Attacks;  At Least 142 Others Are Wounded.” 6/24 CNN:  “90 Dead in Tanker Horror Smash, 114 Wounded in Southeastern Iran.”  “Turkey Bus Explosion Kills Four.” 6/27 AOL News: “Death Toll Rises to 40 in Attack in Hillah.” “Three Turks Held in Iraq Blast, Kills 19.”  7/11 CNN:  “Tel Aviv Blast: 1 Dead, 20 Wounded.”  “Blast Kills 5 in Afghan City.”  I can’t keep up with all these killings, so will not list them all. Humanity seems to have forgotten its HUMANE nature in many parts of the world. My prayer is for consciousness to raise to a higher, more compassionate expression. Forgiveness needs to be practiced by all, though it is hard to forgive those who murder innocent victims in a senseless war. 7/12 Drudge Report: “Explosion Cuts Power at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.” 7/14 CNN:  “Car Bomb Kills at Least 10 in Baghdad.” 9/10 CNN: “Deadly Blasts Hit Turkey Hotels.” NY Times:”Blasts Damage Two Hotels and Gas Plant in Turkey.” 8/13 CNN: “Two Bombs Explode in Spain.” 8/15 CNN: “At Least 10 Killed in Asam Blast in Northeastern India.” 8/22 AOL News: “18 Killed by Bombs at Bangladesh Rally.” “Car Bomb Explodes North of Baghdad.” Too many of these to post them all. 8/26 AOL News: “Bomb Explodes in Thai Market, Wounding 25, Killing 1.” 8/30 CNN: “Blast Hits US Firm in Kabul, killing 7.” 9/1 CNN: “16 Killed in Suicide Bombings on Buses in Israel.” “Moscow Suicide Bomber Kills 9.” The world has gone mad. I can’t believe that any religion teaches such inhumanity! 9/5 CNN: “Russian School Siege Death Toll Tops 350 Women and Children.” “More Than 40 Die in Iraq Violence.” 9/9 AOL News: “Blast Rocks Indonesia Near Embassy, 6 Dead.” “Ten Dead in Falluja Air Strike.” 9/10 AOL News: “Jakarta Blast Kills 9, Possibly 3 Bombers.” 9/17 CNN: “Iraq Car Bomb, MANY casualties.” 9/18 AOL News: “Loud Explosion Booms Across Baghdad.” “Day of Violence in Iraq Kills at Least 52.” 9/26 CNN: “Judge Critically  Injured When Home Explodes.” Drudge Report: “Jeanne Pummels Florida With Wind, Rain.” 10/1 CNN: “94 Insurgents Killed in Samarra.” “Pakistan Mosque Bomb Kills 18.” “Eight More Killed in Gaza Battle.” A bloody day all around. “Blast Wounds Lebanese Lawmaker.” 10/2 CNN: “Bombs in Northeast India Kill 35.” 1/4 CNN: “At Least 16 Dead in Baghdad Blast.”  10/8 CNN: “At Least 26 Killed as Bombs Rock Egyptian Resort.” “Paris Indonesian Embassy Bomb Blast Kills 10.” “Falluja Airstrikes Kills 14.” NY Times:  “Death Toll Uncertain After 3 Explosions Hit Resorts.” This has been a tragic fall. 10/21 AOL News:  “Explosion in Chinese Coal Mine Kills 56.” 10/25 AOL News: “Death Toll In China Mine Explosion now 86.” 10/26 AOL News: “China: Confirmed Death Toll in Mine at 122.” 11/28 CNN: “CHINA:170 Miners Still Trapped After Gas Explosion.” 12/10 AOL News: “Coal Mine Blast in China Kills 33.”

DECEPTION comes to light.  Sadness.  Disappointment.  9/20 Drudge Report: “Exclusive Statement From Dan Rather Admitting an Error in Judgment Concerning Bush Documents on National Guard.”  “Bush Official Wants CBS Moderator Off Debate.” “CBS Coordinated Bush Bash With Kerry Campaign; Aide Talked to Retired Guard Officer.”  9/22 Drudge Report: “Cigarette Makers Lied for 50 Years.”

I see Julia Roberts holding a baby!  A boy it seems.  Congratulations!BINGO!  6/3 AOL News: “OSCAR WINNER JULIA ROBERTS PREGNANT WITH TWINS.” One could be a boy….or even both!  We’ll see! 11/28 AOL News: “JULIA ROBERTS GIVE BIRTH TO TWINS. IT’S A BOY! IT’S A GIRL!” I was right on 1 count! And I was certainly right about babies, and this prediction was made last December, so there!

GLITZ and GLAMOUR for a STAR of renown… an unlikely candidate.

PUBLIC ASSASSINATION shocks many. 3/19 AOL News: “Taiwan’s President Chen Reportedly Shot While Campaigning.” Washington Post: “Taiwan’s President, Vice President Shot, but their injuries were not life threatening.” 4/18 AOL News: “Israel Assassinates Hamas Leader Rantisi.” 6/12 AOL News: “Iraqi Foreign Minister Killed in Ambush Traveling to Baghdad Office.”

SADNESS and MOURNING in OCTOBER.  The death of a great man. 11/11 AOL News: “Yasser Arafat Dies in France at 75, Hero to Some, Villain to Others.”

POWER STRUGGLES RAGE.  Name calling, finger pointing, nasty campaign ads, you name it! 4/10 Drudge Report: “North Korea says standoff with U.S. at ‘brink of nuclear war.'” 8/22 Drudge Report: “Kerry Urges Bush to Demand Ad Attacks Stop.” “Navy Commander, Journalist, Backs Kerry on Vietnam.” Washington Post: “Swift Boat Accounts Incomplete.”

TREMENDOUS ENERGY is expended in a new direction.  Triumph!  Success! 8/27 Science Daily: “Vast New Energy Source is Almost Here: Solar Hydrogen Fuel Dream Will soon be a Reality, Australian Scientists Predict.

The VOICE of the PEOPLE is HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR.  There will be no doubts or questions in the ELECTION this time.Bush Historically Re-Elected, by electoral and popular vote. No more political predictions for me!

POWER STRUGGLES continue to rage on land and on the sea. 

WAR in ASIA is more than possible.  Hardship.

BIG BUSINESS is favored in NOVEMBER.  ECONOMIC upturn.11/7 CNN:  “Can Bulls Run for Week 3?”

SPIRITUAL VALUES rise and make themselves known.  INTER-GALACTIC visitors, perhaps?  Look for the Lights in the Sky. Angels are messengers, visible and invisible.

SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS prove AMAZING to say the least.3/28  CNN: “NASA Breaks Speed Record.” 4/9 Science Daily: “Barren Siberia, Of All Places, May be Original Home to Animal Life.” 4/15 CNN: “Study: Heavy Social Drinkers Show Brain Damage.” 5/23 Science Daily: “A True Scientific Breakthrough: The Blue Rose.” 5/26 Science Daily: “Innovative ‘Self Healing’ Bandage to Help Diabetics.” “Researchers Explore Gene Treatment to Obliterate HIV Before it Does Damage.” 5/27 Science Daily: “Aspirin Use Associated With Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer.”    6/2 Physicswebs: “Hidden black holes come into view.” 6/4 Physicsweb: “Nanobulbs make their debut.” 6/10 CNN: “Research: Brain Genes Start to Slow at 40.” Whoops! 6/11 Science Daily: “Antioxidant Enzyme Containing Selenium, A Major Dietary Supplement, Could Promote Type 2 Diabetes.” 6/14 “MIT Technology Jump-Starts Human Embryonic Stem Cell Work.”  Science Daily: “Yale Researchers Discover Potential Asthma Therapeutic Targets Related to Parasites and Insects.”  6/16 Science Daily: “Quantum Dots See in the Dark Nanodevices Promise Improved Night Vision Goggles, Medical Sensors and More.” “New Treatment Stops Nasty Side Effects of Thyroid Cancer Surgery, International Study Shows.” “Study Finds Cannabis (Marijuana) Triggers Transient Schizophrenic-Like Symptoms.” 6/17 Physicsweb: “Teleportation breaks new ground…major step in building a large-scale quantum computer.”  6/22 CNN: “Wi-Fi Farming Expected to Catch On where farmers sit in their pickups with a laptop and drive tractors, monitor soil moisture and even feed hogs remotely.”  My, my! 7/9 CNN: “Mutant Syphilis Strain Resists Common Cure.” 9/30 CNN: “SpaceShipOne Lands After Heart Stopping Ride.”

MEDICAL ADVANCEMENT beyond our wildest dreams.3/12 Science Daily: “Embryo Obtained After Breast Cancer Patient’s Ovarian Tissue is Frozen, Stored for Six Years, and then Reimplanted.” 3/15 NY Times: “Scientist Begin to Question Benefit of ‘Good’ Cholesterol.” 3/18 Science Daily: “Can a Plant that Acts Like Poison Ivy Cure Prostrate Cancer?” 3/26 AOL News: “New Treatment Direction for Heart Failure.”  3/30 Science Daily: “Diet a Significant Factor in Reducing Risk of Three Common Cancers: Take your vitamins and eat your vegetables.” 4/9 Science Daily: “Increasing the Body’s Good Cholesterol May Just be a Pill Away.”  4/10 Drudge Report: “Experimental drug said to prevent sudden cardiac arrest: report.” Science Daily: “Zinc Supplements Could Help Treat ADHD.” 4/12 NY Times: “With Tiny Brain Implants, Just Thinking May Make It So: Cyberkinetics Inc plans to implant a tiny chip in the brains of five paralyzed people to enable them to operate a computer by thought alone.”  Wow!  Science Daily: “World’s Oldest Mouse Reaches Milestone Birthday, Teaches Science About Human Aging: Yoda’s life span amounts to 136 human years.  He lives in his cage with Princess Leia .”  Do you think it has anything to do with him being with a younger female?  Keeps him smiling, perhaps? 4/13 Science Daily: “Vanderbilt Children’s Doctors Now Using Viagra to Treat Seriously Ill Babies.” 4/20 CNN: “Study Shows How Vibrating Tools Harm Workers.”4/28 Biocompare News: “May Clinic Researchers Restore Lost Immunity: Possible Breakthrough for AIDS.”   5/10 NY Times: “Chinese Herbal Drug Widely Embraced in Treating Resistant Malaria.” Science Daily: “Got Arthritis? Fresh Cherries May Help.” “Lack Energy? Maybe Its Your Magnesium Level.” 5/17 NY Times: “US Speeding Up Approval for AIDS Drug.” 5/29 Science Daily: “More Than One Third of U.S. Adults Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine.”  6/25 CNN: “Breast Milk Compound Shrinks Warts.” Science Daily: “Search and Destroy Protein Turns Tables on HIV, May Be Factor in Resisting HIV Infection.”  7/22 CNN: “Studies: Two Alzheimer Drugs Show Potential to Prevent or Halt Disease.” 7/26 Science Daily: “Growing New Breed of Vaccine-Producing Plants to Fight Human Disease Worldwide.” “Researchers Uncover Surprising Degree of Large-Scale Variation in the Human Genome.” 8/16 CNN: “Tiny Corkscrew Clears Blood Clots.” 9/23 CNN: “Study: Acupuncture Helps Ease Postoperative Nausea.” 9/25 Science Daily: “Appetite Hormone Restores Fertility.”  10/15 NY Times: “Malaria Vaccine Proves Effective.”

SAD DEPARTURES in NOVEMBER/DECEMBER give pause to many.11/11 AOL News: “Yasser Arafat Dies in France at 75, Hero to Some, Villain to Others.” 12/31 CNN: “Tsunami Death Toll Tops 135,000.” “Corporations Give to Tsunami Relief.” LA Times: “Sumatra’s West Coast Devastated.”

A GREAT MAN graduates and receives unanimous praise.

SPIRITUAL PROMISE is great in DECEMBER.  Visions and dreams prove prophetic!12/31 The TSUNAMI DISASTER has caused people of all religious persuasions around the world to look into their hearts and souls. L.A. Times: ” “US Aid Generous and Stingy.”

CINEMATIC TRIUMPH that lifts the spirits of the planet.  Good for them.

A WOMAN rises to a position of great responsibility and honor!  Controversy yet triumph.11/16 CNN: “Rice Likely Pick as Powell’s Successor.” Drudge Report: “It’s Condi!”


GREAT EXCITEMENT the end of 2004.  Positive resolve in faraway places!

The year ends on an ECONOMIC UPTURN. 11/30 CNN: “Stocks to end Booming November.”

COOPERATION between WORLD POWERS dispels tensions and raises hopes for the future.