(Posted December 29, 2006)


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January promises a surprising TRANSFER OF POWER in high places!

There will be ups & downs in the DOW the first of the year.

A WOMAN OF NOTE leaves the earth plane with a flurry of press and praise.

Anna Nicole Smith? Tammy Faye Bakker Messner.

Terrorist’s acts create havoc in a new city in a mountainous region.

VOLCANIC ACTIVITY disrupts a major city as the citizens flee with many lives lost.

Mexico City? 10/1: Volcano erupts off Yemen, 8 missing. 10/16 Kclud Volcano on Java, Indonesia, on RED ALERT.


Hurricane season finally rages in many seas by August. 9/18 1.8 Million evacuated in China ahead of typhoon with 165 mph winds. 11/1 CNN: 108 die in Caribbean in tropical storm Noel. 11/2 Drudge Report: One million people affected by Mexico’s floods. CNN: Worst natural disasters hits Mexico. 11/19 Drudge Report: Bangladesh cyclone death toll may reach 15,000. 12/7 CNN: Cyclone packing 155 mph winds hits Fiji.

A new INVENTION surprises even the inventor. From relative poverty to great richesand help that is greatly needed by many.

February brings mourning and regret in high places.

A celebrated wedding this winter.

STORMS rage in highly populated cities. Wind and water take their toll in lives and property damages.

4/14 Continuous still. 8/22 Death Toll 22 in flood-ravaged Midwest. Man plucked from roof as flood waters rise. 8/25 North Korea raises flood death toll to 600. 9/6 Death toll from Hurricane Felix near 100 as US, Honduran, and Nicaraguan soldiers searched remote jungle beaches and open sea for survivors and the dead. 9/13 Hurricane Humberto hits Houston, Texas. 10/23 The California Fires rage due to Santa Ana Winds! 11/19 Drudge Report: Bangladesh cyclone death toll may reach 15,000, food shortages, disease, survivors live to tell their tales of horror. 11/23 BBC News: Many flee from storm in Philippines. 12/6 CNN: Savage rains and flooding in the Northwest. 12/7 Drudge: Fierce Storm: California prepares for mudslides after fires.

The insurance companies will have to shell out large amounts.

This seems obvious from flood damage this year. Or is it the Federal government? 10/23 California Fire Claims are going to be UP, UP, UP!

Power is challenged. The mighty fall disgraced.

Senator Craig gay sex sting! 9/12 NY Times: Putin shuffles government, posing mystery. 11/20 CNN: Former White House Spokesman Scott McClellan says top administration officials — including President Bush and Vice President Cheney — were involved in his ‘unknowingly’ passing along false information about the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity. 

There is much CELEBRATION IN THE SOUTH! South America? Africa? Australia?

Bush trip to South America? Not exactly celebration.

MARCH brings celebrity scandals that include divorce and separations.

WAR & RUMORS OF WARS with many changes in command.

When will they end? 9/10/2008 CNN: ‘We can’t kill our way to victory’ in Afghanistan, the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs warned Congress today.  

Late MARCH the Stock Market soars on a roller coaster ride!

8/5 The soar has continued this year.

Political scandal brings disgrace.

The DC Madam, perhaps? Senator Craig of Idaho gay sex sting! 11/20 CNN: Former White House Spokesman Scott McClellan says top administration officials — including President Bush and Vice President Cheney — were involved in his ‘unknowingly’ passing along false information about the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity. Involved in misleading the media! (My comments: As usual, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!) 12/2 Drudge Report: Idaho Senator Larry Craig denies new homosexual sex allegations.

Medical breakthroughs include benefit from a new invention for early detection.

UNDERSEA VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS trigger more tsunamis in ASIA.

Solomon Islands. 9/12 Indonesia 8.4 quake triggers tsunami on island of Sumatra in Indian Ocean, kills 7, injures 100. 9/13 Another earthquake 7.9 shakes Indonesia, collapsing coastal buildings and triggering more tsunami alerts around the region, followed by 7.1 and 6.2 magnitude quakes.

APRIL brings honors and glory at last! There is much recognition and victory!

LIGHTS IN THE SKY dance and zoom. Cosmic visitors race across and around the MOON!

UFO reports have flourished.

Tempers flare in public places bringing unwanted publicity and embarrassment.

Britney Spears? The VA Tech murders?


Solomon Islands.

MAY is a time of great dismay!

The Kansas Tornadoes! The Griffith Park brush fire.


The Stock Market rockets skyward.

The Stock Market hits all time HIGHS. Reuters: 10/7 DOW & SP hit records on job reports: 14,066.01I expect to see 15,000 before the year ends.

JUNE is positive for discovery & invention. This is an intuitive time for all!

A sudden surge of power is a surprise or shock!

9/12 NY Times: Russia’s Putin shuffles government, posing mystery.

Congratulations are in order!

JULY is hurricane time. Storms rage on land and sea.

This involved more the flooding in the US, Midwest, Texas, England, Indian monsoons, & China. Flooding cripples Newark, NYC. As usual, it appears that September is the difficult time in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Felix, Humberto, and now Ingrid?

A coronation or royal wedding this summer is televised around the world.

Summer sadness—the passing of greatness!

Lady Byrd Johnson, Tammy Faye, and this from an email from RD:

Ruth Graham, Beverly Sills would probably go in the summer of sadness , as would Chris Benoit, especially with the wife & son he killed; Then himself. Bob Evans, Joel Siegel, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ingmar Bergman, the Glasgow Airport terror, and 9 Firemen killed in Charleston, S.C. The passing of Tom Snyder. In August, the collapse of the Minnesota bridge. Horrendous fires in Montana. Entertainer and entrepreneur Merv Griffin dies at 82. 8/14 Phil Rizzuto, Yankee Shortstop, Dies at 89. Leona Helmsley dies. 9/6 Luciano Pavarotti, 71. Thousands missing after Category 5 Hurricane Felix hits Central America. Mime Legend Marcel Marceau Dies 84. 10/18 Joey Bishop dead at 89. Even though it’s not summer any longer, the weather still feels like summer!It is summer no more, but still sad:10/30 Robert Goulet dead at 73. In terms of the passing of greatness: Biographer Norman Mailer dead at 84.

I can see Julia Roberts with at least 4 children; Sandra Bullock with 2. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will have 2 more biological offspring! Twins in 2008! I do think they will marry one day. 7/20/2011 Ministry of Gossip: A new report that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are finally getting married is making the rounds.


The collapse of the Minnesota bridge. Miners trapped in collapsed Utah coal mine. Structure collapse at Fountainbleau in Las Vegas: $2.8 Billion loss. Four-story building partially collapses in Harlem. Roof collapses in warehouse fire. 3 dead in accident in Indiana mine. Collapse of bridge in China kills 28. US helicopter crash in Iraq kills 5. At least 337 Die in Peru Earthquake. 9/2 Bridge collapse in Pakistan. 9/7 Truck accident kills 72 in India. 9/16 Plane crash in Thailand kills 88. 10/3 3,000 workers trapped in South Africa gold mine! Dear me! 11/23 Yahoo News: Part of a bridge collapses in Bangladesh.

8/11/07: I dreamed of the collapse of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in a major earthquake, but no timeline was revealed. 10/30 5.6 Quake near San Jose, but no bridge collapse, praise God!

RIOTS over race or religion turn ugly.

Africa and the Middle East. Myanmar. 11/17 CNN: Paris suburbs rocked by more riots. 12/7 CNN: Germany moves to ban Scientology. 

AIRCRAFTS collide in the SKY.

News helicopters collide and crash in Arizona. August: Planes collide at Polish air show. 10/22 CNN: Small planes collide midair.

Good news for the people!

A woman of renown graduates from the earth plane….several it seems!

Lady Byrd Johnson, Tammy Faye, Beverly Sills, Ruth Graham, 87, wife of evangelist Billy Graham. Busy graduation time! Brooke Astor, 105: She lived a very long time. Leona Helmsley dead at 87. 10/17 Deborah Kerr dead at 86.

Laws will be changed that aid many regarding stem cell research!

The Stock Market soars late this year.

10/5 DOW & S&P hit all time highs: DOW 14,066.01! S&P 1557.59. Look for it to go even higher!

Scandal rocks the corporate world. The mighty fall from grace and place.

Great expectations are fulfilled for the people of many countries.

Scientific breakthroughs bring wonder late in 2007!

11/20 Yahoo News: Stem cell breakthrough uses no embryos! CNN: Scientists make skin cells act as stem cells. NY Times: New Stem Cell Method Could Ease Ethical Concerns. 12/26 Drudge Report/Breitbart: 2007 stem cell breakthrough is like turning lead into gold. 12/28 ScienceDaily: Modified Protein May Lead to First Cure for Cirrhosis of the Liver.

Power struggles abound this year in all arenas.

11/5 CNN: Pakistan’s Musharaff Declares Martial Law. 11/6 CNN: Lawyers, police battle in chaotic Pakistan. 11/23 CNN: Lebanon: President calls on army to ‘preserve security.’ 12/7 Reuters: CIA says it destroyed videotapes of harsh interrogations. 12/28 Yahoo News: Bhutto is buried as unrest kills 23. Bhutto’s death shakes Pakistan. And the bombing continues in Iraq. 12/31 Yahoo: Kenya death toll rises to 94 as police battle thousands of opposition supporters enraged over the president’s allegedly fraudulent re-election.

Assassination brings sorrow at the close of the year. Pure tragedy!

9/13 Sunni Sheik, siding against Al-Qaida and friendly with the US, assassinated near his home in Iraq. 12/27 Yahoo News: Pakistan’s Bhutto killed by bombing! This is a tragedy! I expressed this fear some months back to one of my Washington political clients. CNN: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated today as a suicide bomber killed at least 14 of her supporters, a spokesman for her party and other officials said. Retrograde Mars was approaching her Sun, and it was her own Mars in Cancer.

Laws continue to change to the consternation of many in the United States.

Like a search without a warrant? What about the rights of the ordinary citizen?

Look for Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the first woman President with the 2008 election—and here I am sticking my neck out with presidential elections again! 1/25/2008 New York Times: Projects Clinton and McCain as the presidential candidates. Hillary is a fellow Scorpio! I think she’d be terrific! And how about Obama as the first black Vice President and first black President in 2016?! Talk about a ticket! I’d vote for that twosome! It’s about time we shake things up in a positive pattern in this country! We’re long overdue for a BIG CHANGE!8/11/07 I think 8 years for Hillary, and then 8 years for Obama. The Republicans will be tearing their hair out! Well, I was wrong about that,BUT 11/5 International Media: Obama declares victory as first United States black president.At least I was right about part of it! 

It seems unlikely that the War in Iraq will end in 2007, but public opinion against the President and his War will grow to gigantic proportions! G. W. Bush has his Vietnam for a certainty. He also has a lot of irate parents whose children were sacrificed in a senseless, no-win war, even though the country was in need of our help. This is a war that cannot and will not be won! 11/6 Yahoo News: 2007 Deadliest Year for US in Iraq. 11/20 Washington Times: “Look at all the people that have been displaced, all the lost oil production, unemployment, all those types of things,” said Rep. John P. Murtha, chairman of Appropriations defense subcommittee. “We can’t win militarily.”

We cannot force the American value system on the world (whatever that may be)! And we cannot make the world become Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or Muslim. That will NEVER HAPPEN! We must allow all souls to follow their own belief systems, according to the dictates of conscience, regardless of personal bias. It is the only way for the world to live in any degree of harmony and to somehow sustain our beautiful planet!

GLOBAL WARMING will continue to take its toll on land, beast, and man. The world must unite in an effort to stop CATASTROPHE from becoming daily reality! You will inherit this planet in another lifetime, if not in this one, and it is YOU who must find a way to stop the disaster unfolding at the present time. Do not be an observer but a participant in your own future and the future of the human race…the lives of your children and grandchildren to come! DO YOUR PART NOW! 10/22 Science Daily: Greenland Ice Study: Could Higher Sea Level Come Sooner Than Expected? 1/27/2008: Science Daily: 2007 Was Tenth Warmest for US; Fifth Warmest Worldwide. 2/19/2008 Science Daily: Warming Waters May Make Antarctica Hospitable to Sharks: Potentially Disastrous Consequences. 12/12/2008 Science Daily: Methane, Potent Green House Gas, Flows into the Atmosphere from the Tundra Much Faster Than Expected. Ice Beetles Impacted by Climate Change.

Concern about MOUNT RAINIER continues to haunt me. One day it will erupt, and surely in this century, and when it does, it will cause massive destruction in the Northwest and along the West Coast of the United States. The Cascade Range will rumble and belch! Mother Nature surely has her sometimes terrible days!

If the YELLOWSTONE CALDERA blows, so goes our present civilization, according to the scientists on the History Channel. An eruption is evidently past due. But it is my personal take that a giant asteroid will finish off civilization on this planet within the next 2,000 years, maybe! So we’ll have to be born into another planetary system after that! The karma of our planetary system will come to an end at some point. But the Lord of the Universe is beyond creative in dreaming up new patterns for all of us cells in the vast Body of the Creator-God to enjoy new experiences and grow—FOREVER!1/2/2009 CNN: A SPURT OF QUAKE ACTIVITY RAISES FEARS IN YELLOWSTONE.

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