(Posted December 16, 2007)

Predictions designated for a certain time of year may actually occur at any time during that year,  or during another year. Also, predictions from a previous year may unfold during the present. Time is a mortal invention designed for our convenience, whereas all truly dwell in the Eternal Now.

The election is a political circus! Hillary Clinton shall be the first woman president (wrong) and Barack Obama the first black vice president to ultimately be elected as the first black president (out of order in more than one sense!). 11/5/ I only had this partly right, obviously. At least I was sort of right! 1/20 Yahoo News: Analysis:  Momentum shifts to Clinton. 2/6 NY Times: Clinton and Obama Trade Victories; McCain Pulls Ahead of GOP Rivals in the voting of Super Tuesday. 3/5 CNN: Clinton has big night, McCain clinches. Drudge: Clinton Hints at Sharing Ticket with Obama. 3/6 NY Times: Clinton Success Alters Delegate’s Race Dynamic. 6/7 All News Media: Hillary Clinton Suspends Campaign, Endorses Obama. 6/7/2008 I seem to have been mistaken on this. No more political predictions for me! 6/17 Reuters: Obama holding on to small lead over McCain in polls. Gore endorses Obama! 8/23 CNN: Obama introduces Biden as running mate. 8/29 NY Times: Obama Accepts Democratic Presidential Nomination. 8/29 NY Times Headline: Obama Takes Aim at Bush and McCain With a Forceful Call to Change America.(Seems he might be the first black president sooner than I previously foresaw!) 9/3 CNN: Poll finds Obama edge in two of three key states, dead even in Ohio. 10/10 CNN: Palin abused power in firing, Alaska panel finds. (What was McCain thinking?) Drudge: 4000 ‘dead people’ found on voter rolls in Houston. 10/11 CNN: Palin denies state report that she abused power.And the beat goes on! Drudge: Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans. 10/17 Drudge: Surprise: Washington Post endorses Obama for president. 11/5 Yahoo: OBAMA VICTORY SPARKS CHEERS AROUND THE GLOBE. NY Times Headlines: Obama Elected President as Racial Barrier Falls. Washington Post: Obama Makes History. As we truly enter the AGE OF AQUARIUS we have a Leo president with Aquarius rising, the 44th President of the United States will truly be a President for the Aquarius Age! 11/9 CNN: Blair: Obama can help forge Israeli-Palestinian peace. (I’m so pleased that HILLARY CLINTON will be SECRETARY OF STATE. That was my hope for her! She’s going to be GREAT in the role! )

Prosperity welcomes a new year as the stock market continues to make modest but steady gains early this year.

The year 2008 shall become known as the year that the earthquakes began—damaging earthquakes of medium to high magnitude shall occur in large numbers on nearly every continent of our beautiful planet from this time through 2012 at least.12/19/2007 Reuters: The earthquakes seem to be starting early in Alaska with a 7.3 in the Aleutian Islands today! Or was the commencement actually the Caribbean quake of 7.3 in late November off the Island of Martinique? Here we go again! 12/20 CNN: Quake topples buildings in New Zealand. 2008 — 1/9 Drudge Report: 6.1 earthquake hits CANADA…QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLAND region. 1/30 Yahoo: Earthquake rattles east TIMOR, prompting authorities to briefly issue a tsunami alert, but no waves hit. 2/3 Yahoo: Two earthquakes struck two hours apart in RWANDA and neighboring CONGO, killing at least 26. CNN: Quake triggers church collapse in RWANDA. Update: dozens dead, hundreds injured. 2/9 CNN: 5.4 quake hits near US/MEXICO BORDER: BAJA, shutting down factories and leaving 400,000 without power, followed by at least 15 aftershocks. 2/12 CNN: Strong earthquake shakes NORTHERN MEXICO: 6.4, gently swayed buildings in MEXICO CITY. 2/14 CNN: Strong quake rattles southern GREECE. 2/15 Drudge: Quake shakes MIDDLE EAST: Lebanon, Israel, and Gaza. 2/20 CNN: Major quake rattles western INDONESIA. 2/21 CNN: Storefronts collapse in strong NEVADA quake, 6.0.  2/22 CNN: Rural Nevadans begin cleanup after rare quake. Almost all buildings in town damaged. 2/25 CNN: Powerful quake strikes INDONESIA: 7.0. A tsunami alert was issued. LATER: Second quake in 10 hours hits INDONESIA, 6.7, ninth measuring above 5.0. 2/27 Yahoo News: Earthquake felt across parts of ENGLAND. Police reported minor damage to homes but no injuries. SUN: BRITAIN Rocks as 5.2 Quake Hits. 3/3 Two Back-to-back Earthquakes Hit Off OREGON COAST. 3/4 Yahoo News: Earthquakes shakes up GERMAN COAL MINE. 3/20 CNN: 7.2 Quake Hits CHINA. 3/29 CNN: INDONESIA earthquake raises tsunami fears. 4/7 Science Daily: One Year After Solomon Islands, Scientists Learn Barrier to Earthquakes Weaker Than Expected. Drudge: Small quake hits south TEXAS. 4/12 Drudge: Unusual swarm of earthquakes detected off OREGON.CNN: 5.2 earthquake rocks large region of MIDWEST: ILLINOIS, INDIANA, MISSOURI, KENTUCKY. 4.5 aftershock. 4/26 CNN: Quake, 50 aftershocks rumble through RENO. Experts: 100 aftershocks put city on quake alert. 4/27 CNN: Moderate quake rattles MEXICO CITY. 4/30 Science Daily: On Shaky Ground: Geological Faults Threaten Houston. 5/1 CNN: Mystery quakes confuse experts: 344 QUAKES in the RENO area in the past week. Drudge: More shaking: 4.4 quake strikes in mountains near BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. 5/3 CNN: Chaiten Mountain that slept for thousands of years erupts in southern CHILE, triggering 60 earthquakes. 5/4 Yahoo: Chilean volcano town nearly deserted. 5/6 Email from Janet: Small earthquake confirmed in ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA, 1.8 micro quake. 5/7 CNN: 6.8 earthquake shakes TOKYO. 5/8 Science Daily: Chile’s Chaiten Volcano One of Scores of Active Volcanoes in Region. 5/9 CNN: 4.1 quake in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 5/12 Yahoo: Death toll in CHINA 7.9 earthquake rises to 8,533 in SICHUAN PROVINCE. NY Times: 900 students buried by quake. CNN: Thousands killed, hundreds trapped. Quakes affected more than half of China’s provinces and municipalities. Drudge: Quake shakes buildings in BEIJING, BANGKOK, HANOI … more! 5/12 CNN: Nearly 10,000 killed by quake, CHINA SAYS. 5/13 Yahoo: Death toll in CHINA quake exceeds 12,000. 5/14 Drudge: China quake toll at 15,000; 26,000 believed buried. 5/15 Yahoo: Strong aftershock hits CHINA quake epicenter, while survivors were being pulled from the rubble after being buried four days… 5/15 CHINA quake death toll could reach 50,000. 5/16 Yahoo: China on alert against quake radiation leaks. Yahoo: Man survives 100 hours under rubble. 5/17 Reuters: Millions left homeless after devastating CHINA quakes. 5/18 Reuters: Three days mourning to honor China quake victims. 5/19 NY Times: 200 Earthquake Relief Workers Buried by Mudslide in CHINA. 5/20 Yahoo: China: 40,000 dead, 5 million homeless after quake.   5/22 Yahoo: Death toll from China earthquake now officially exceeds 51,000. 5/24CNN: CHINA quake toll rises past 60,000.5/25 Yahoo: China aftershock destroys 71,000 homes; 1 killed.5/25 Reuters: Hundreds of COLUMBIA quake victims huddle in shelters after 5.6 quake, 11 dead, scores of homes damaged, landslides triggered.Drudge: 69 dams in danger after China quakes. 5/26Drudge: Quakes can be triggered from other side of the globe.(This is something I’ve been aware of for over 30 years. After a quake on one side of the globe there is usually another on the opposite side within a matter of weeks.)5/29 CNN: ICELAND rocked by strong 6.1 earthquake: those near epicenter told to check on relatives.6/1 CNN: Strong earthquake strikes PHILIPPINES, 6.4 magnitude.6/1 Yahoo: Helicopter carrying 19 crashes in China quake zone. 6/5 Yahoo: 5.3 aftershock hits quake-battered CHINA 6/8 Yahoo: Aftershock rocks China lake, causing landslides. CNN: Deadly quake strikes Greece, at least 11 people trapped, 1 confirmed killed, more injured, landslides triggered. AND Earthquake swarms pick up again in northern NEVADA. 6/9 CNN: 20 minor quakes rattle RENO. Water rising too fast at China quake lake. 6/13 Drudge: Quake Alarm: 90% of China’s pandas in jeopardy. Yahoo: Powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake shakes JAPAN, forcing authorities to close highways and stop high-speed trains. 6/14 Yahoo: At least 6 dead, 8 missing in JAPAN’S 7.2 quake. CNN: Landslide buries brick factory in CHINA. 6/16 Science Daily: Durable, Inexpensive Bamboo Houses Can be Assembled Quickly for Earthquake Victims in China. 6/23 CNN: China fires officials over quake corruption. 6/24 CNN: China quake death toll to exceed 80,000. 6/27 Yahoo: Strong earthquake hits INDIA’S ANDAMAN ISLANDS off the east coast, 6.7. 7/8 CNN: Magnitude 6 Quake Rattles PERU. 7/15 CNN: GREEK ISLANDS rattled by 6.5 quake. 7/29 Drudge: Earthquake hits GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA of CALIFORNIA, felt from downtown to West Los Angeles, epicenter in Chino: 5.4 magnitude. 7/30 CNN: Tough building codes spared L.A. in quake. 8/5 CNN: Deadly magnitude 6.0 quake hits CHINA ahead of games, killing one, injuring 5 others. 8/25 CNN: 6.3 magnitude quake in TIBET. 8/28 Science Daily: Earthquake Zone Off OREGON Coast Surprisingly Active. CNN: 6.1 quake strikes off WESTERN CANADA. 8/30 CNN: Quake rattles southwestern CHINA. 8/31 Yahoo: CHINA quake kills 27, destroys 180,000 homes. Science Daily: Magmatically Triggered Slow Earthquake Discovered at KILAUEA VOLCANO, HAWAII. 9/6 CNN: Residents jolted by OAKLAND quake, 4.0. 9/8 Science Daily: Major Flooding Risk Could Span Decades After CHINESE Earthquake. 9/10 CNN: Strong Earthquake Strikes SOUTHERN IRAN, 6.1. At least 6 killed, 46 injured in IRAN quake. MAJOR QUAKE STRIKES JAPAN, 6.9, INDONESIA, 6.6. (It’s speeding up and these are MAJOR!) Drudge: Double Quakes Shake. 9/29 Drudge: 7.3 MAGNITUDE QUAKE ROCKS NEW ZEALAND.(The SATURN-URANUS opposition is closing in! SATURN in VIRGO is EARTH, URANUS in PISCES is WATER. Pisces rules the sea. Virgo rules mutable earth, SAND. This is a dangerous time for those in oceanic areas! Not a good time for a trip to the seashore! Unfortunately, this aspect will be around on and off for months!)Earthquake epicenter in the Kermadac Islands off the New Zealand coast. 10/5 CNN: Earthquake rattles Afghanistan. 10/7 Drudge/Yahoo: ARCTIC QUAKE sends waves through NEVADA. 10/11 CNN: RUSSIAN media: 12 people die in earthquake in CHECHNYA region, more than 100 injured. Drudge: 6.1 Strong quake shakes VIRGIN ISLANDS, PUERTO RICO, strongest to hit in 20 years. 10/29 CNN: At least 160 killed in 6.4 PAKISTAN quake, leaving thousands homeless on brink of winter. The aspects for quakes are strong until March!) 10/30 Yahoo: Official: PAKISTAN quake death toll rises to 215. 10/31 Yahoo: Pakistan official: quake death toll could reach 300. 11/10 CNN Headline News: 6.5 Quake in CHINA. 11/16 USGS: 7.5 QUAKE IN INDONESIA creates tsunami alert, followed by 5.6 and 5.5. 5.7 QUAKE in ADAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA, and 4.7 QUAKE in JAVA. 11/19 CNN: 6.2 quake strikes PANAMA, COSTA RICA. 11/20 Yahoo: CHINA: 19,000 victims identified from May quake. 11/26 CNN: Rain, quake prompt evacuations near LOS ANGELES. 11/29 Drudge: Small ARKANSAS earthquakes could be WARNING. 12/16 Drudge: 3.6 mag. quake rattles SOUTH CAROLINA. 12/20 CNN: 6.5 magnitude QUAKE strikes off JAPAN. 12/26 Drudge: 4.5 magnitude quake strikes NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. 12/27 Drudge: Earthquakes hits PENNSYLVANIA near THREE MILE ISLAND. 12/28 Drudge: QUAKE SWARM AT YELLOWSTONE. 12/29 Email/Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Information Release: EARTHQUAKE SWARM BENEATH YELLOWSTONE LAKE CONTINUES. 12/31 YELLOWSTONE EARTHQUAKE SWARM CONTINUES(This could be very dangerous!) USGS: 5.3 quake SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS, 5.0 quake CENTRAL PERU.1/3/2009 Yahoo: Tsunami alert issued after strong 7.6 earthquake in INDONESIA…cut power lines, cracked building walls and sent panicked residents running.      

Sunspot activity increases with the result of extensive satellite interference and interruptions in various power grids around the planet. 2/26 Reuters: Massive power outage hits millions in Florida…Some sort of “disturbance” in the power grid. 2/27 CNN: Florida blackout still a mystery! 2/28 Drudge/Reuters: Loss of wind causes Texas power grid emergency. 6/12 Science Daily: Space Weather: Interfering With the Global Positioning System. 4/13/2010 Earth Changes Media: Large coronal mass ejection captured. Battros associates Solar activity with earthquakes. 4/14/2010: Discovery News: Sun unleashes blast, which is the largest event for several years. It’s likely some will be directed at Earth in near future.

Mt. Vesuvius near Naples, Italy, and Mt. Pelee on the Island of Martinique in the Caribbean start to rumble and produce extensive destruction between 2008 and 2012. Those living near, or directly upon, a live volcano would be wise to move elsewhere. After such events, should the Edgar Cayce predictions of the 1940s be correct, California shall have a major earthquake (between 8.3 and 9.5 magnitude) with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, lost. Portions of California could break up into islands. This earth movement  also creates tsunamis that bring extensive damage to the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. Hopefully this will not happen for another thousand years! What comes first—global warming—or catastrophic earth changes—and does one perhaps somehow produce the other? 12/27 Science Daily: 2007 Warmest Year in Ten in US; Five Worldwide. 2/1 Science Daily: Impoverished Areas of Africa and Asia Face Severe Crop Loses From Climate Change in 20 Years. AND Increased Hurricane Activity Linked to Sea Surface Warming. 2/7 Science Daily: Tipping Elements in Earth’s Climate System: A number of key components in the earth’s climate system could pass their ‘tipping point’ this century, according to new research. 2/24 Science Daily: Climate Change Has Major Impact on Oceans. 2/25 Science Daily: Antarctic Marine Life Under Threat From Warming Seas, New Predators. 2/27 CNN: Eskimo village, sliding into the sea, sues over global warming! 3/16 CNN: U.N. Glaciers shrinking at record rate. 3/18 Science Daily: Huge Iceberg Splits in Southern Atlantic Ocean. 3/19 Science Daily: Arctic Sea Ice Still at Risk Despite Cold Winter, NASA Says. 4/5 Science Daily: Habitat Destruction May Wipe Out Monarch Butterfly Migration. 4/8 CNN/ABC: Toxic Volcano Gas Prompts Evacuation of 2,200 Big Island Residents near Kilauea volcano.  6/1 CNN:In Iceland, boiling mud spits into air after quake. 6/13 Science Daily: Closing Ozone Hole Will Have Major Impact on Global Warming, and Probably Not For the Better. 6/16 Science Daily: Sea’s Ebb and Flow Drive World’s Big Extinction Events, Study Suggests. 7/6 Drudge: Hawaiian volcano spewing more lava than usual: KILAUEA: 25-year eruption! 7/14 CNN: Polar base evacuated by Russians as ice melts early due to global warming. 7/30 CNN: Ice sheet breaks loose off Canada. 7/31 CBS News: Montserrat Volcano Erupts Again, Dome Collapses, Spewing Ash, Flights Cancelled in the Caribbean. 8/18 CNN: Ocean ‘dead zones’ becoming global problem. 8/19 Drudge/Milenio: Mexican scientist warns Earth will see ‘little ice age’ for next 80 years. Drudge/ New Zealand ski resorts see largest snow base ever. 8/29 Science Daily: Arctic Ice on Verge of Another All-Time Low. 9/8 Science Daily: Bad Sign for Global Warming: Thawing Permafrost, blanketing northern hemisphere, Holds Vast Carbon Pool. 10/8 Science Daily: ‘Deadly Dozen’ Reports Diseases Worsened by Climate Change. 2008 Ozone Hole Larger Than Last Year. 1/9/2009 Drudge/My Way News: Quakes shake loose fears about YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO.  

The Earth is a living entity, which is the primary reason that humankind and all other forms of life survive and thrive on the surface. Show respect for our planet if you wish to remain amongst its numerous and interesting inhabitants. The Earth itself goes through many incarnations, a process of Spiritual Evolution, the same as all other living entities.

Volcanic activity could well lead to a major eruption early in 2008.1/2 CNN: Volcano erupts in Chile: spewing smoke and ash into the sky. 53 people trapped after eruption. 1/13 NBC News: Ecuadorians flee volcanic risk. 12/21 Drudge/International Herald Tribune: Antarctic volcanoes identified as possible culprit in melting glaciers. Another possibility for global warming! (author) 2/29 CNN: Lava from Kilauea burns abandoned homes. 5/6 CNN: Shelters are packed with evacuees fleeing a major volcanic eruption in southern Chile in the Patagonia area. 5/7 Drudge: Chile volcano blasts ash 20 miles high. 5/14 Reuters: Chile volcano closes town for three months. Chaiten, recently the home of 4,500 people, endangered the residents with a cloud of hot ash from an erupting volcano. First eruption in thousands of years. 6/20 Science Daily: Active Submarine Volcanoes Found Near Fiji: large calderas at depths of 1100 and 1500 meters. 6/27 Science Daily: Fire Under Arctic Ice: Volcanoes Have Been Blowing Their Tops in the Deep Ocean. No major eruption so far this year, BUT… 10/11 Millennium Ark: Hot News: ERUPTION OF 3 VOLCANOES IN ALEUTIAN ISLANDS AT THE SAME TIME HAS SCIENTISTS ASKING QUESTIONS. Me too! This SATURN-URANUS OPPOSITION is scary! 11/23 CNN: Volcano landslides in Columbia kill 6. 11/28 Terra Daily: Underwater Volcano found off WASHINGTON State coast.1/9/2009 Drudge/My Way News: Quakes shake loose fears about YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO. I could have been a year off on this one! But I sincerely hope not! 

Numerous minor earthquakes in a major city announce a major rumble, as buildings and highways collapse, with major property damage and tragic loss of life.

The sea rises up to swallow an island, perhaps more than one. 2/2/2009 CNN: 9 tiny islands drowning as seas rise.  

Oceanic movements create chaos, great fear and great loss. 3/14 CNN: Spain: Massive waves wash cars off road. 9/27 I’m sure this insight involved the terrible hurricanes that have hit the Gulf States this year. And typhoon season is just getting started in the Pacific! 11/7 Drudge: HURRICANE PALOMA strengthens near Cayman Islands into Major Category 3 Storm.

1/28/2008: My original plan was to predict a very cold winter for this year, but I left that prediction off. Now, I’m adding it in as an after thought! I know you’ll all consider this a soft prediction.  2/2 CNN: Storm Slams East, Midwest, West. The storms have killed at least 10 people. 3/4 Drudge: More than seven feet of snow collapses roofs in Oregon. Worst snow storms in 50 years slam China. 2/26 Drudge: Snow cover over North America greatest since 1966… 3/7 CNN: Storm dumps snow, spawns twisters. 3/18 Drudge: Montreal set to break all-time snow record.

Reconstruction in devastated areas shall gratefully pick up in pace.

The Writers Guild strike will probably not be resolved during the retrograde Mars, but in February or March after Mars is direct. It’s a sad situation indeed for all the worker bees! 1/10 Drudge: Tom Hanks urges end of strike, save Oscars. 2/3 CNN: Striking writers reach deal with independent filmmakers. 2/4 NY Times: Strike May End Soon, but Writers May Confront a Hostile Hollywood. 2/9 Drudge/Variety: Writers, Producers Reach Tentative Deal. (It’s still retrograde Mercury, which rules writing, so we shall see how this one goes! But hopefully, everything will be resolved by February 19th!) 2/12 NY Times: Writers Vote to End Strike, ending their bitterly fought strike at the 100-day mark by an overwhelming margin. Drudge: Hollywood Back to Work!  

Fire and explosions rock cities and countries in the Southern Hemisphere. 1/2 Reuters: Kenya in turmoil: Kenya government denounces genocide as death toll reaches 300. Nearly 100 burned alive in a church. 1/12 CNN: At least 30 die in Nigeria fuel tanker blast. 1/29 NBC: Kenya violence getting worse. Tribal, ethnic violence escalating. 2/2 Yahoo: Chad rebels fight government force in capital. 2/3 CNN: More flee Chad as fighting rages. 2/5 Yahoo: Hundreds of civilians dead in Chad as a result of the coup attempted by rebels.4/19 CNN. Smoke chokes Argentina’s capital as brushfires deliberately set consume thousands of acres in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Entre Rios. 5/13 Yahoo: Indian Official: 45 dead as blast rocks city of Jaipur. 11/1 CNN:1 million flee Congo fighting, U.N. says. AND U.N. says Columbia military executing civilians. 1/1/2009 Yahoo: Dozens die in New Year’s nightclub fire in Bangkok. 

There’s a roller coaster ride for the stock market during the early months of the year. 1/5 Drudge: Jobless rate hits 5%, 2 year high … Stocks Drop. 1/17 Drudge: Stock Rollercoaster. “Stock Jits: DOW ends down 307, Economic Angst Mounts. Techs could be slipping into gloom.”12/22 New York Times: “Feds Cut Rate 0.75% and Stocks Swing.” Drudge: Bank of America, Wachovia Profits Tumble. FEAR: All Eyes on Wall Street. CNN: Stocks crawl back at end. 15 month low! 1/24 Wall Street Jumps with tax-rebate deal. Gold tops $910 oz. 3/14 Drudge: Stock Rollercoaster on Bear Stearns Cash Fears. Wall Street fears big bank is in trouble. Dollar falls below Swiss franc.  3/18 Drudge: Swing! Dow Jumps 400! (Up and down and around the market has gone lately! 

Two men of considerable prominence, who are friends and associates, shall pass from the earth during the same month!

In the spring a great man falls—despised by many but praised by others. 1/27 Yahoo News: Former Indonesian dictator Suharto, 86, dies. US Cold War ally who led one of the 20th century’s most brutal dictatorships for over 32 years that saw up to a million political opponents die. (It’s the timing thing!)

Springtime heralds economic recovery during a time when a great man welds great power. (This one must be for another year!

Changes in laws favor the poor, the sick, and the downtrodden.

A woman rises to great favor with great honors bestowed. Her position is secured in the minds of the people. 11/6 Drudge: New Hampshire has first female majority in State Senate in nation ever! 12/2 CNN: Hillary Clinton is nominated for secretary of state.

Incredible breakthroughs in inventions and much scientific advancement during the next decade. 1/10 Reuters: Embryo-friendly technique produces stem cells. Drug ‘can reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms in minutes.’1/21 Science Daily: Could The Universe Be Tied Up With Cosmic String?A team of physicists and astronomers from the University of Sussex and Imperial College London have uncovered hints that there may be cosmic strings – lines of pure mass-energy – stretching across the entire Universe. (This goes along with current string theory in physics! How exciting is that?!)1/24 Science Daily:Scientists Create First Synthetic Bacterial Genome — Largest Chemically Defined Structure Synthesized in the Lab.(Scary or exciting? Maybe both!) 1/27 Reuters: Dust samples prompt rethink about comets … more like asteroids than once thought. 1/31 Science Daily: The Eyes Have It: Researchers Can Now Determine When a Human Was Born by Looking into the Eyes of the Dead. 2/1 Science Daily: Supernova Surprise: Black Holes May Pull Apart, Reignite White Dwarf Stars. (The universe is filled with surprises to stun our puny intellects!) Science Daily: Computer Scientist Makes Splash with Academy Award for Fluid Simulation in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and two ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies. (Pretty impressive special effects if you ask me!) E-Coli Bacteria: A Future Source of Energy? (Hopefully better than continuing to rape the Earth of its oil deposits!) 2/4 Science Daily: DNA is Blueprint, Contractor and Construction Worker for New Structures. 2/19 Science Daily: Listening for the Cosmic Symphony: Supercomputer Will Help Scientists Listen for Black Holes. And Terrestrial Planets Might Form Around Many, Maybe Most, Nearby Sun-like Stars. 2/22 Science Daily: Missile Intercept of U.S. Satellite Highlights Space Policy Issues. Could these technological weapons that destroy satellites possibly save the Earth from a dangerous asteroid?AND Saving the Rainforest With … Toys! 2/24 Yahoo News: Virgin test flight for biofuel-powered jumbo jet from London to Amsterdam. 2/25 Drudge/Reuters: Amazon nuts help fuel first biofuel commercial airline flight. 2/26 Science Daily: Cheap, Clean Drinking Water Purified Through Nanotechnology. AND Sun-like Star Flips Its Magnetic Field Like Our Sun: First Observation. 3/4 Science Daily: Promising New Material for Capturing Carbon Dioxide From Smokestacks. 3/5 Science Daily: New Material Shows Great Promise for Nuclear Waste Clean-up. AND First Humanoid Robot that Will Develop Language May be Coming Soon. AND Researchers ID Promising New Cancer Drug. AND Key for Converting Waste to Electricity Discovered.  3/9 Science Daily: Weakness in Structures– From Massive Bridges to Nanotechnology — Identified with New Gadget. AND Alpha Centauri Should Harbor Detectable, Earth-like Planets. 3/14 Drudge: HIGH FLY: New private jet to hit speed of sound. ‘ Intelligent Glasses’ remember where you last saw your keys, your cell phone. 3/18 Science Daily: Glimpses of a New Mathematical World, third degree transcendental! 3/21 CNN: Giant sea creatures found in Antarctic search: jelly fish with 12 foot tentacles, two-foot starfish. 4/2 Science Daily: Ten Exotic Planets Outside Our Solar System Discovered With New Technique. 4/3 Science Daily: Smart Aircraft Wings and New Lightweight Construction Materials Developed. 4/8 Science Daily: Rare Quasar Discovered that Produces More X-rays Than Thought Possible. 4/10 Science Daily: Sugar-powered Cars: World’s Most Efficient Method to Produce Hydrogen Developed. 4/21 Drudge Report: Bionic eyes successfully implanted. Wow! 4/27 Science Daily: New Prosthetic Hand Has Nearly Natural Grip. 5/4 Science Daily: New “Weapon’ in Forensics: Device Detects Latent Prints on Human Skin. 5/21 Science Daily: Missing Matter of Universe Found; Cosmic Web Discovered.5/22 Science Daily: Ancient Amphibian: Debate over Origin of Frogs and Salamanders Settled With Discovery of Missing Link. AND New Research Improves Early Detection and Survival for Pancreatic Cancer. 5/26Reuters: Spacecraft lands safely at Mars’ North Pole. CNN: Historic pictures sent from Mars. 5/27 Science Daily: Over 50 Percent of Oceanic Shark Species Threatened with Extinction. CNN: ‘Pixie dust’ may help regrow vet’s finger. Salamander inspired therapy may aid injured vets.6/1 CNN: Historic pictures sent from MARS. 6/3 Science Daily: Nanowire-mesh ‘Paper Towel’ For Oil Spills Absorbs 20 Times Its Weight in Oil. 6/5 Science Daily: New Fingerprint Breakthrough By Forensic Scientists. 6/10 Drudge/My Way: Scientists find monkeys who know how to fish. 6/11 Science Daily: Ocean Life Under Threat From Climate Change. 6/12 NY Times: Rare Leatherback Turtle in Texas – First Since 1930s. 6/17 CNN: Newly found planets make case for “crowded universe.” European astronomers have found a trio of “super earths” closely circling a star astronomers once figured had nothing orbiting it!We are not alone! 6/21 Science Daily: Surprisingly Rapid Changes in the Earth’s Core Discovered. 6/26 Science Daily: From the Egg, Baby Crocodiles Call to Each Other and to Mom. 6/27 Science Daily: Phoenix Mars Lander Returns Treasure Trove For Science. 7/6 Science Daily: Agriculture Linked to Frog Sexual Abnormalities. 7/15 Science Daily: Improved Tsunami Early Warning With New Software System. 7/16 Reuters: Sick bees lose their buzz, study shows. 7/17 Science Daily: Europe’s Ancestors: Cro-Magnon 28,000 Years Old specie had DNA Like Modern Humans. AND Rockport, Missouri, First 100 Percent Wind-Powered Community in U.S. 7/26 Science Daily: Cow Power Could Generate Electricity for Millions. AND Exoplanet Orbiting Sun-like Star Discovered. 7/27 CNN: Branson, Rutan to unveil mothership to loft rich tourists 62 miles above Earth. 7/28 Science Daily: Meet Robo Habilis: Robot Has Human-like Hand Controlled by ‘Brain’ Modeled After Human Cerebellum. 8/5 Science Daily: World’s Smallest Snake Found in Barbados: thin as spaghetti and small enough to curl up on a quarter! AND World’s First Transplant of Both Arms. AND CNN: ‘Astonishing’ discovery of 125,000 Western lowland gorillas in swamps of Republic of Congo. 8/18 Science Daily: Olympic Swimmers Shattering Records in NASA-Tested Suit. AND ‘Virtual Archeologist’ Reconnects Fragments of Ancient Civilization in Greece. AND Colorful Star Birth Region Near Tarantula Nebula Unveiled on Hubble’s 100,000thOrbit Milestone.image8/28 Science Daily: Sweet Potato Out-Yields Corn in Ethanol Production Study. 9/4 Science Daily: ‘Autonomous’ Helicopters Teach Themselves to Fly. 9/5 Science Daily: Toxic Plastics: Bisphenol A Linked Metabolic Syndrome in Human Tissue. AND Tutankhamen Fathered Twins, Mummified Fetuses Suggest. AND Invisibility Undone: Chinese Scientists Demonstrate How to Uncloak an Invisible Object! 9/10 Yahoo: Largest particle collider conducts successful test. AND Astronomers Discover Missing Link for Origin of Comets. 9/16 Science Daily: Faster, Cheaper Way of Analyzing the Human Genome Developed. 9/18 Science Daily: Breakthrough in Energy Storage: New Carbon Material Shows Promise of Storing Large Quantities of Renewable Electrical Energy. 9/20 Smart Desks Make Sci Fi a Reality in the Classroom: Star Trek Makeover! 9/21 Science Daily: Interstellar Space Molecules that Help Form Basic Life Structures Identified. 9/22 Drudge: Japan starts work on $9B ‘space elevator’ to replace rockets. (Wow!) Mine yields one of world’s largest diamonds: 500 CARATS! 9/26 Science Daily: New Nanoscale Process Will Help Computers Run Faster and More Efficiently. AND Plants in Forest Emit Aspirin Chemical to Deal with Stress; Discovery May Help Agriculture. AND America’s Smallest Dinosaur Discovered: size of a chicken with a termite diet. 9/27 Science Daily: Want Better Mileage? Simple Device Which Uses Electrical Field Could Boost Gas Efficiency Up to 20%. Drudge: Jetman flies over English Channel! 9/30 Science Daily: Dark Energy: Is it Merely an Illusion? Drudge: NASA: It snows on Mars! 10/1 Science Daily: Pain is Not a Symptom of Arthritis, Pain Causes Arthritis, Study Shows. Wow! 10/3 Science Daily: First Detection of Magnetic Field in Distant Galaxy Surprises Astronomers. AND More Star Births Than Astronomers have Calculated. 10/6 Science Daily: Singing to Females Makes Male Birds’ Brains Happy! AND Immune System for Electronics? Electronics That Can Diagnose and Heal Themselves Under Development. Wow! CNN: Scientist: Holographic television to become reality. 10/7 Drudge/The Sun: Boffins unveils life-like robogirl. 10/8 Drudge: Hundreds of new marine species discovered … 10/17 Science Daily: Creating Wireless Network Using Visible Light. 11/2 Science Daily: Quantum Computers? Internet Security Code of the Future Cracked. 11/3 Science Daily: Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth. 11/6 Drudge: BIONIC HAND named top invention of 2008! 11/9 Drudge/The Observer: Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes: shed size reactors. 11/13 CNN: Astronomers capture first images of new planets outside our solar system. 11/28 The Crit (email): NASA Mars photo leaked–wood on Mars. 12/3 Science Daily: Cell Phones That Never Need to be Charged: Sound Wave-powered Devices Possible. 12/20 Science Daily: Earth’s Original Ancestor was ‘LUCA.’ AND ‘Hobbit’ Fossils Represent a New Species, Concludes Anthropologist. (Amazing planet we live on!) 

Medical wonders could become the norm this year. 1/13 Timesonline: Hopes of custom-built organs as scientists create beating heart. 1/26 Science Daily: New Research Could Help Reverse the Biological Clock for Dementia Patients and Reverse Memory Loss. 1/29 Drudge: Scientists discover way to reverse loss of memory. Accidental discovery during surgery to suppress an obese man’s appetite. 2/1 Science Daily: New Test Detects Flu, Common Cold and Other Respiratory Viruses Fast. 2/5 Drudge: Scientists grow human skin. 2/6 Science Daily: Enjoy Candy Without the Cavities: Good Lollipop Kills Bacteria that Causes Tooth Decay. 2/19 Science Daily: New Way to Reverse Poor Circulation and Heal Wounds Discovered. AND: Long Term Retinal Implant Study Offers Hope for Treating Blindness. 2/25 Science Daily: Oral Contraceptives Could Work for Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Maybe Even Deer and Coyotes! 2/29 Science Daily: Smallpox, HIV, Oil-based Nasal Vaccine Technique Produces Immunity. AND: New Approach Stops HIV at Earliest Stage of Infection! 3/6 Science Daily: Type 2 Diabetes May be Disorder of Upper Intestine: Surgery May Correct it. AND Boy and Girl Brains Are Different: Gender Differences in Language Appear Biological. AND Protein in Embryonic Stem Cells Control Malignant Tumor Cells. AND Female Sex Hormone Protects Against Hearing Loss in Females and Males. 3/18 Science Daily: ‘Predictor’ Test Developed for Pregnant Women at Risk for Miscarriage. 3/20 Science Daily: Genomic Medicine Coming: Health Professionals, Pubic Unprepared: chronic adult common diseases: cancer, heart disease and diabetes hold promise for improved prevention, diagnosis and treatment. 3/31 Science Daily: Hair Stem Cells May Grown New Blood Vessels. AND New Drug May Rescue Aging Brain. 4/1 Science Daily: Uterine Stem Cells Create New Neurons That Can Curb Parkinson’s Disease. 4/3 Science Daily: The Lean Gene: Thinness is an Inheritable Trait. AND Good Sexual Intercourse Lasts Minutes, Not Hours, Therapists Say! 4/5 Science Daily: Cholera Outbreaks Can be Predicted Using Satellite Sensors…paving the way for preemptive medicine in countries that suffer. 4/7 Science Daily: Damaged Brain Can be Repaired and Cerebral Functions Restored, Neuronal Study Suggests. Drudge/Daily Mail: Blood test that gives a six year early warning of Alzheimer’s. (I think knowing that early could be really depressing and cause many to take their lives!)  4/8 Science Daily: Alligator Blood May Put the Bite on Antibiotic-resistant Infection.4/27 Drudge: Blind man given gift of sight by gene therapy. 5/1 Drudge: Did science find a way to grow back a severed finger? 5/13 Science Daily: New MRI Technique Detects Subtle But Serious Brain Injury. 6/3 Science Daily: Wireless Vision Implant: Implantable Prosthesis Lets Patients Perceive Visual Images. 6/10 Science Daily: Therapeutic Potential of Cord Blood Stem Cells Enhanced With New Technique. 6/12 Science Daily: Gene Linked to Adult-onset Obesity Discovered. 6/16 Science Daily: Gene Therapy Improves Survival and Quality of Life of Dogs With Cancer: Could it also help Humans? 6/17 Science Daily: Grape Seed Extract May Reduce Cognitive Decline Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. 6/18 Cancer patient recovers after injection of immune cells. Gene therapy cures cancer for first time. 6/30 Science Daily: Total Ankle Replacement With No Metal. 7/2 Science Daily: Watermelon May Have Viagra Effect! (Hmmm!) 7/4 Science Daily: Resveratrol, Found in Red Wine, Wards Off Effects of Age on Heart, Bones, Eyes and Muscle. AND Get Smart About What You Eat and You Might Actually Improve Your Intelligence! 7/7 Science Daily: New Antibiotic Beats Superbugs at their own Game. 7/9 Science Daily: Slow Exercise (Not Fast) Is Better For Menopausal Women. 7/15 Science Daily: Passive Learning Imprints on the Brain Just Like Active Learning. AND Vitamin D Builds Bones and Much More. 7/16 Science Daily: Pathologists Believe They Have Pinpointed Achilles Heal of HIV. 7/18 Science Daily: Alzheimer’s Drug Reverses Cognitive Decline Over 12 Month Period. 7/22 Drudge/Mail Online: The prostate cancer ‘wonder pill’ set to save thousands every year. 7/23 Science Daily: Suckling Infants Trigger Surges of Trust Hormone in Mothers’ Brains. 7/25 Science Daily: Soy Foods are Associated with Lower Sperm Concentration. AND Eating less meat and junk food could cut fossil energy fuel use almost in half. 7/30 Science Daily: Exposure to Bad Air Raises Blood Pressure, Study Shows. 7/30 Drudge: Daily pill halts Alzheimer’s. 7/31 Drudge/Fox News: Houston doctors may have found a way to destroy HIV! 8/11 Science Daily: Common Infertility Treatments Are Unlikely to Improve Fertility. 8/18 Science Daily: Cancer-inhibiting Compound Found Under the Sea. 8/23 Drudge: Japanese create stem cells from wisdom teeth. 8/27 Science Daily: Brain Cells ‘Supercharged’ to Attack Plagues That Cause Alzheimer’s Disease. 8/29 Science Daily: New Concepts in Contraception. AND Heart Attack Prevention: Potential New Use for Viagra? 9/2 Science Daily: Landmark Study Opens Door to New Cancer, Aging Treatments. 9/7 Science Daily: Arteries from Distinct Regions of the Body Have Unique Immune Functions. 9/9 Science Daily: Marijuana Ingredients Show Promise in Battling Superbugs! (Hmm!) 9/10 Science Daily: New Once-a-week Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Developed. 9/11 Science Daily: Eating Fish While Pregnant, Longer Breastfeeding, Lead to Better Infant Development, Study Finds. 9/13 Can we grow a new arm if its cut off? REGENERATION OF CELLS. (PLUTO in CAPRICORN is going to involve lots of manifest wonders!) A finger regrown! 9/15 BBC: Doctors say leg pain can signal deadly blood clot. 9/16 Science Daily: Newest Interventional Radiology Treatment Used to Bust Blood Clots in Legs. 9/18 Science Daily: Extremely Detailed Images From Inside the Body Possible With New Technology: magnetic resonance tomograph of the modern 7 tesla generation. 9/25 Science Daily: Scientists Deliver Toxic Genes to Effectively Kill Pancreatic Cancer Cells. 9/29 Science Daily: Promising Approach in Prevention and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer. 10/1 Science Daily: Natural Viagra? ‘Horny Goat Weed’ Shows Promise. AND Financial Risk-Taking Behavior is Associated with Higher Testosterone Levels. Or maybe from ingesting excessive amounts of Horny Goat Weed?☺10/2 Science Daily: During Exercise, Human Brain Shifts into High Gear on ‘Alternative Energy.’ 10/7 Drudge/MailOnline: ‘There could be an AIDS vaccine in four years,’ says Nobel Prize winner! 10/8 Science Daily: New Prenatal Test for Down Syndrome Less Risky Than Amniocentesis, Study Suggests. 10/13 Science Daily: Baldness Gene Discovered, 1 in 7 Men at Risk. 10/15 Science Daily: Ancient Chinese Salad Plant Transformed into New Cancer-Killing Compound. Single brain cell can reactivate paralysed limbs, study. 10/16 Science Daily: Searching the Internet Improves Brain Function. AND Marijuana Takes Toll on Adolescent Brain Function, Research Finds. 10/17 Science Daily: Lack of Vitamin D Linked to Parkinson’s Disease. AND Gene Therapy Restores Vision to Mice with Retinal Degeneration. 10/22 Science Daily: Can Exercise Prevent a Severe Stroke? AND Earth in Midst of Sixth Mass Extinction: 50% of All Species Disappearing. 10/24 Why Past Oral Conceptive Use Dramatically Lowers Risk of Ovarian and Uterine Cancers. 10/25 Science Daily: Female Plant ‘Communicates’ Rejection or Acceptance of Male. (How quaint! Doesn’t that happen with humans too?) 10/26 Science Daily: Potential Strategy to Eliminate Poisonous Proteins From Alzheimer’s Brains Identified. 10/28 Drudge/TimesOnline: Scientists develop artificial heart that beats like the real thing. 11/5 Science Daily: An Anti-frailty Pill for Seniors? New Drug Increases Muscle Mass in Arms and Legs of Older Adults. AND Women Have More Diverse Hand Bacteria Than Men. 11/11 Science Daily: Neuroimaging of Brain Shows Who Spoke to a Person and What Was Said. 11/14 Mail Online: No, it’s not a pigment of your imagination: Breakthrough drug can restore white hair to its original color! 11/18 Drudge: First transplant patient due to receive organ…grown to order. 11/19 CNN: Woman gets windpipe made of stem cells. 12/3 Science Daily: Vaccine Against Multiple Sclerosis? Mouse Experiment Yields Promising Results. Exercise Helps Prevent Age-related Brain Changes in Older Adults. 12/4 Science Daily: Gene Therapy Corrects Sickle Cell Disease in Laboratory Study. 12/8 Yahoo: Malaria vaccine shows promise in African tests. 12/9 Science Daily: ‘Intelligent’ Materials to Revolutionize Surgical Implants. 12/10 Drudge/The Sun: Man lives with female robot. Fem-bot’s my love machine! (And does the male version vacuum and do dishes, too?) 12/11 Science Daily: New Class of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Developed with fewer side effects than aspirin. 12/14 Science Daily: Amputees Can Experience Prosthetic Hand as Their Own. 12/17 Science Daily: Over 1,000 Species Discovered in the Greater Mekong of Southeast Asia in Past Decade. 12/22 Science Daily:Aging Brains allow negative memories to fade.12/23 Science Daily: Artificial Human Bone Marrow Created in Test Tube. 12/25 Science Daily: Chocolate, Wine and Tea Improve Brain Performance!(Hooray!)12/31 Science Daily: Moderate Drinking Can Reduce Risks of Alzheimer’s Dementia and Cognitive Decline.(Good news for New Year’s Eve! Moderate is the word!)AND Brain Birth Defects Successfully Reversed Through Stem Cell Therapy.

Another funeral in the Nation’s Capital, a procession down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol’s Rotunda. Flags fly at half staff to mourn the passing of a great soul admired and loved by many.

Many notable and celebrated individuals, loved and admired by the people, including Hollywood and Broadway legends, walk though the Pearly Gates into higher dimensions this year./10 CNN: Johnny Grant, honorary Hollywood major dies, 84. 1/10 CNN: EDMUND HILLARY, First Man to Climb Mt. Everest, Dies at 88. 1/16 CNN: Troubled actor Brad Renfro dies at 25. 1/18 Yahoo News: Chess master BOBBY FISCHER dies at 64. 1/19 CNN: “Brady Bunch actor dies, 84, Allan Melvin portrayed Sam the Butcher.” 1/20 CNN: Actress SUSAN PLESHETTE dies 70. FRANCES LEWINE, trailblazing journalist dies, she was 86. JOHN STEWART, former Kingston Trio member, dead at 68. 1/22 CNN: Actor HEATH LEDGER dead at 28, possible drug overdose, nominated for an Oscar in 2005 for Brokeback Mountain(What a shock! I hope this tragedy brings some young actors on the rise to their senses before it’s too late! Lohan! Spears! Whitehouse! Get a grip!  Ledger was entering his Saturn Return, a time to grow up, sadly it’s too late for Heath.) 1/24 New York Times: LOIS NETTLESON, 80, Dies; Acted on Stage and TV. 1/26 CNN: CHRISTIAN BRANDO, son of Marlon Brando, dead at 49. 1/28 Yahoo: Gordon B. Hinckley, President of the Mormon Church, dead at 97. 1/29 NBC: MARGARET TRUMAN dead at 83. 2/4 CNN: ‘General Hospital’ actress dies at 49, SHELL KEPLER played the gossipy nurse on the soap opera. 2/5 MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI Dies, 91. 2/7 CNN: Former ABC News reporter McWethy dies in ski accident, 61. 2/11 CNN: ‘Jaws’ actor ROY SCHEIDER dead at 75. 2/14 Comcast: “Rhoda” Actor DAVID GROH dies, 68. 12/15 Drudge: Court declares millionaire adventurer STEVE FOSSETT dead after 5 months after his plane went missing over the Nevada desert. 2/27 NY Times: Author, Commentator, WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY, JR. dead, 82. 3/18 Yahoo News: Oscar winning director MINGHELLA dies, 54. CNN: ‘2001’ Author ARTHUR C. CLARKE dies, 90. 3/20 CNN: Oscar-winner actor PAUL SCOFIELD dies of leukemia, 86. 3/27 CNN: Legendary actor RICHARD WIDMARK dead at 93. 3/30 Yahoo: ‘Killing Fields’ Photographer Survivor, DITH PRAN Dies, 65. 4/6 Yahoo: Film legend CHARLTON HESTON dead at 84. 4/23 Al Wilson, hit No. 1 with Show and Tell,dead at 68. I Go Crazy singer Paul Davis dead, 605/8 CNN: Country music legend EDDIE ARNOLD dead, almost 90. 5/13 NY Times: ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, Titan of American Art, Dead at 82. 5/16 CNN: California wine pioneer MONDAVI dies, 94. (It’s the wine that kept him going. I’ll just keep drinking it myself. Great wine!) 5/20 CNN: Top Carter Aide HAMILTON JORDAN Dies, 63. 5/25CNN: Laugh-In comic DICK MARTIN dead at 86.5/26 Yahoo: SYDNEY POLLACK, Film Director and Actor, Dead at 73. 5/29 CNN: Comic actor HARVEY KORMAN dead at 81.6/2 CNN: BO DIDLEY, Rock and Rock pioneer, dead at 79. 6/3 CNN: Actor-director MEL FERRER, former husband of Audrey Hepburn, dies, 90. 6/7 AOL Sports: Legendary Sportscaster JIM MCKAY dies, 87. 6/8 CNN: “Wonderful Life” actor BOB ANDERSON dies, 75. 6/13 CNN: TIM RUSSERT, NBC Correspondent, Meet the Press, dead from a coronary embolism at 58 (his second Saturn return). 6/14 CNN: NBC Sportscaster CHARLIE JONES Dies, 77. 6/17 Drudge: Visual Effects Mastermind STAN WINSTON Dies of Cancer at 62: his work included “Jurassic Park,” “Terminator” and others. AOL News: “Singing in the Rain” Dancer CYD CHARISSE dies, 86. 6/23 Yahoo: GEORGE CARLIN mourned as counterculture hero. CNN: Comedian George Carlin dies of heart failure, 71. CNN: ‘Mary Hartman,’ ‘Grease’ star DODY GOODMAN dies, 93. 7/4 NY Times: JESSE HELMS, Conservative Force in the Senate, Dies at 86. 7/12 Yahoo: Ex-Bush spokesman TONY SNOW dies of cancer, 53. CNN: Famed heart surgeon DEBAKEY dead at 99. 7/22 CNN: Golden Girls actress ESTELLE GETTY dead, 84. 8/3 NY Times: ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN, Russian Nobel Prize winning author, dead at 89. 8/4 CNN: Braves announcer Skip Carey dies, 68. 8/9 Bernie Mac dead at 50. 8/10 ISAAC HAYES dead, 65.  8/15 Washington Post: JERRY WEXLER dead at 91, influential Producer helped to shape R & B. CNN: NPR commentator dies at 53. 8/21 CNN: NFL union chief Gene Upshaw dies, 63. 8/21 Clinton email: Congresswoman STEPHANIE TUBBS JONES. 9/2 Pop Eater: ‘King of Voiceovers’ DON LAFONTAINE Dies, 68. ‘Bandit’ actor REED dies, 71. 9/3 CNN: ‘Peanut’ animator BILL MELENDEZ dies, 91. 9/5 NY Times: ROBERT GIROUX publisher dead at 94. 9/12 Variety: Broadcast Legend GEORGE PUTNAM dead, 94. 9/17 CNN: Motown legend WHITFIELD dies, 67. “I heard it through the grapevine…” 9/20 CNN: ‘Tutti Fruitti’ drummer EARL PALMER dead, 84. 9/27 CNN: PAUL NEWMAN has died, 83. (A common age for the famous to leave the planet is their Uranus Return (83-84). I was lucky enough to meet the handsome, talented actor. Paul is in my memoir!) 10/2 CNN: TV’s Mr. Clean HOUSE PETERS, JR. dies at 92. 10/3 MSNBC: Kingston Trio’s NICK REYNOLDS dies at 75, group jump-started revival folk scene of late 1950s. 10/10 CNN: Longtime ‘All My Children’ Character Dies at 90, EILEEN HERLIE played Myrtle Fargate for more than three decades. 10/13 Yahoo: Actor GUILLAUME DEPARDIEU dead at 37 from pneumonia. 10/16 CNN: Muriel cigar beauty EDIE ADAMS dies at 81. 10/17 CNN: Four Tops lead singer LEVI STUBBS dies, 72. 10/20 CNN: ‘Worst Dressed’ critic MR. BLACKWELL dies, 86. 10/30 CNN: Rob Reiner’s Mom, had key line in When Harry Met Sally, dies, 94. 10/31 CNN: Acclaimed author STUDS TERKEL dies at 96. 11/5 NY Times: MICHAEL CRICHTON, author of blockbuster science fiction novels Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain and State of Fear has died, 66. (Michael was one of my clients. I’m sorry to receive news of his passing on my birthday. He was a Scorpio too.) 11/10 Yahoo: South African musical legend MIRIAM MAKEBA dies, 76. 11/25 NY Times: Gerald Schoenfeld, Theater Impresario, dies, 84. 12/3 NY Times: Odetta, Freedom’s Voice, dies, 77. 12/6 NY Times: Sunny von Bulow, Heiress at Center of Attempted Murder Trials, dies at 77, after spending 28 years in a coma. Pop Eater: Paul Benedict, Jeffersons’ actor, dies at 70. 12/7 Pop Eater: Beverly Garland, My Three Sons, B-Movie Actress, Dies, 82. (Many years ago I gave her a reading!) Emmy-Nominated Actress Nina Foch dies, 84. (More Uranus returns!) 12/10 Pop Eater: Mrs. Doubtfire actor, Robert Prosky, dies, 77. 12/12 CNN: 1950s pinup model Bettie Page dead, 85. CNN: Screen veteran Van Johnson dead, 92. 12/19 Yahoo: Mark Felt, Watergate’s ‘Deep Throat,’ die at 95. 12/25 Nobel-winning playwright Harold Pinter dies, 78. 12/29 CNN: “Superstar” songwriter Delaney Bramlett dies, 69. He worked with the who’s who of rock music.

Early spring acts of terrorism or war take place in a city where the mountains meet the sea.

More than one luxury liner is lost at sea, in one instance, most of the passengers also perish. 6/21 Email/Wikipedia: MV Princess of the Stars, ferry owned by Flipino shipping company Sulcipio Lines (capacity for 1,992 passengers), capsized off the coast of San Fernando, Rambion, at the height of category 2 Typhoon Fengshen, with a reported loss of 700-800 passengers and crew; 40 were rescued and only 350 bodies recovered. 8/3 CNN: Choppy seas rattle cruise ships, passengers. Several injured in storm off New Zealand. 9/27 CNN: Cargo ship with 10 crew sinks off Black Sea coast. 12/5 CNN: Cruise ship hits ice, stranded in Antarctica.

Scandal in high places reveals dirty secrets that bring shame and disgrace in their wake. 1/24 Reuters: French bank Societe General reels from record $7 billion rogue trader fraud! (But I never mentioned the money or the incredible loss!) “Biggest trading scandal in banking history!” 1/27 Yahoo: Probe launched over Detroit mayor texts relating to alleged affair with aide and his lying under oath. 3/10 NY Times: N.Y. Governor Elliot Spencer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring. Spitzer: “I apologize to the public. I have acted in a way that violated my obligations to my family.” Four Charged With Running Online Prostitution Ring. Governor resigns, etc. (I had a problem with updating my site, but it was all over the news so you couldn’t have missed it! This has to be the “dirty secrets” prediction for the year, I think! We’ll have to wait and see!)  3/14 Drudge: Republican treasurer diverted up to $1million into personal accounts. AND Legal cloud lingers over Spitzer. Hooker to testify at grand jury. Spitzer’s lawyers worked at office handing prostitution case. New York Post: OMG, I just did the governor! AND Feds peek at transactions of Americans without their knowledge. 3/19 Drudge: DRAMA: New NY Governor admits bedding women … jealousy over wife’s affair. 3/31 CNN: HUD chief resigns amid ethics probe.4/17 CNN: Oklahoma sheriff ran sex slave operation from jail. 5/7 Drudge: 6 fraternities suspended in drug probe at San Diego State University. 6/20 CNN: Will McClellan’s testimony hurt Bush? 7/10 NY Times: Representative Rangel Rents 4 Apartments at Bargain Prices!! 7/23 CNN: Detroit Mayor lied about other affairs, DA says. 9/4 CNN: Detroit Mayor pleads guilty to 2 felony charges, steps down, will serve time, pay fine $1M. 10/19 Drudge/TimesOnline: Sarkozy dismay as Dominique Strauss-Kahn, French Head of IMF, in sex scandal. 

Numerous hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes and storms wreck havoc in highly populated areas. There is great suffering, loss of life and loss of property. 1/5 CNN: Western storm causes flooding, levee break. 3,500 trapped. Drudge: Fierce Arctic storm pounds California — mountains under 5 feet of snow. 1/6 CNN: Winter storms leave 3 dead in West. 1/8 Reuters: Powerful storms, tornadoes hit Midwest. 1/10 CNN: Storms tear through Alabama and Mississippi, causing scattered property damage and some injuries. KIROTV: Tornado touches down in Vancouver, Washington neighborhood. 1/22 CNN: Sinkhole swallows flooded street in Chicago. 1/27 Drudge: Southern California hit by another storm. 2/6 Yahoo: Tornadoes rip through South, killing 44. 2/7 CNN: Families die together in the night of the twisters. 55 dead. 2/19 Drudge: Snow again in Jerusalem. Heavy Snow Brings Greece to Standstill. 2/26 CNN: Storms leave 93,000 without power in southeast, homes destroyed. 2/26 CNN: Big storms hit in North and South. 3/4 Drudge: Storms Pack Widespread Trouble. 3/15 CNN: Storm smacks Atlanta, tornado tore through downtown, dozens hurt. 3/18 Drudge: Beijing shrouded in dust as sandstorm besieges capital. CNN: Storms flood Southern states, killing 2. 3/20 CNN: Snow on first day of spring in Chicago. 3/22 Yahoo: Flooding, heavy snow plague Midwest. 4/1 CNN: Storms, Tornadoes, and Snow throughout the Midwest and East. 4/4 CNN: Tornado hits Little Rock. Storms sweep across Southeast. 4/5 Science Daily: Spring Flooding in US Forecast, But People Still Build on Flood Plains. Why do people build on the slopes of active volcanoes? That’s always fascinated me! Look at highly populated Naples across the water from Mount Vesuvius. Downright amazing! 4/10 CNN: Strong tornadoes hit Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, flip oil rigs. 4/11 CNN: Storms pound heartland; 2 die in flooding.4/29 Yahoo: 3 tornadoes rip through Virginia, more than 200 people hurt. CNN: 140 homes hit by Virginia tornadoes. 5/2 CNN: Arkansas storms kill 7. Drudge: Twisters tear up 4 states. May blizzards shuts down parts of North Dakota. 5/3 CNN: Tornadoes rip through Arkansas killing 8, 350 homes destroyed. 5/4 Yahoo: Powerful cyclone kills at least 351 in Myanmar, state run TV reports. 5/5 Yahoo: Almost 4,000 die in cyclone in Myanmar. with 3,000 others unaccounted for. Toll could reach 10,000. Myanmar death toll exceeds 15,000. 5/6 Yahoo: Myanmar cyclone death toll soars past 22,000. NY Times: Air flows to Myanmar as death toll rises to 22,500. Drudge: 50,000 feared dead in Myanmar storm. 5/7 Yahoo: 60,000 dead or missing in Burma/Myanmar. 5/7 CNN: 124-mph winds hit Oklahoma. 5/8 CNN: Witnesses report tornado in Mississippi. AND Myanmar misery deepens. Storm left a million homeless. NY Times: Myanmar’s biggest city still paralyzed after 5 days. 5/9 CNN: Myanmar seizes UN air supplies, ‘not ready’ to let in US. Drudge: 500,000? Burma death toll ‘worse than tsunami.’ 5/10 CNN: Death toll rises to 18 in Midwest storms. 5/10 Drudge: 22 dead in US storm outbreak. 5/11 Yahoo: Boat carrying Myanmar Red Cross aid sinks, toll climbs beyond 28,000. Reuters: Tornadoes kills 21, injure hundreds in US.5/14 My initial impression was … Myanmar will be hit by a second monsoon or cyclone.Drudge: Red Cross: Projected death toll in Myanmar: 128,000. 5/17 Reuters: Myanmar death toll soars. Diplomats tour delta. 5/18 CNN: Myanmar children near starvation, group warns.5/22 Yahoo: Tornadoes rip through Colorado, Kansas, 1 killed.5/24 Yahoo: More tornadoes strike Kansas, Oklahoma, 2 killed.5/26 Yahoo: Lethal storms kill 8 in Iowa and Minnesota.5/28 CNN: 2008 could set tornado death record.5/29 CNN: Possible tornado strikes Nebraska.5/30 Yahoo: Tropical storm Alma slams Nicaragua, then weakens. CNN: Storm derails train, slams Nebraska homes. 6/1CNN: Tropical storm moves across Yucatan.6/2 CNN: Tornado rips 103 year old church down to its piano keys. 6/3 CNN: Bank windows implode in Iowa as tornado hits. 6/4 CNN: Storms wreck Indiana homes. Moscow, Indiana: Twisters rip up homes, leave one dead, one woman impaled with a limb. 6/5 CNN: 3 dead in severe weather across country: A band of storms that moved east from Indiana splintered homes, swept vehicles from flooded roads and dumped a historic bridge into a river. A woman died Wednesday when a tree fell on a vehicle in Annandale, Virginia. A sate of emergency was declared in 15 Virginia counties. This storm was witnessed personally, and it was scary!) 6/8 CNN: Deadly storms flood the Midwest. 6/9 CNN: Storm drops travel trailer on woman in Michigan, killing her. Flood waters, death toll rises after weekend storms. Six deaths in Michigan. 6/12 AOL News: Twister kills 4, injures dozens at Boy Scout camp in Iowa. Scouts praised in tornado aftermath. CNN: Twisters kill 2 in Kansas, devastation in Chapman. 4,00 evacuated as river jumps banks in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 7/22 Yahoo: 700 missing after Philippines typhoon sinks ferry. 2/28 CNN: Strong storms hit plains; 2 dead in Iowa.7/15 CNN: Bertha pounds Bermuda, heads back to sea. 7/19 CNN: Tropical storm closes in on Carolinas. 6/22 Yahoo: Texas, Mexico prepare for Tropical Storm Dolly. HELLO HURRICANE DOLLY targets Texas! Drudge: Bullseye: Brownsville. 7/23 CNN: Hurricane Dolly begins assault on Texas. 7/24 CNN: Storms hit New England, one killed. 7/25 Yahoo: South Texas begins cleanup after Dolly. 7/24 CNN: Severe storms in New England. 7/26 CNN: 3-month old cries save him from tornado wreckage where grandmother was killed and grandfather blown into the yard in New Hampshire. Drudge: Tarantulas, fire ants lurk in floodwaters in South Texas. 8/3 Drudge: Rain, thunder, typhoons forecast for Beijing games. Drudge: HOUSTON on alert: EDOUARD could be near HURRICANE strength on landfall. TROPICAL STORM WARNING issued for LOUISIANA COAST. 8/4 CNN: Tornado kills 3 in France. Severe storm in NY mountains topples trees that block road and crush car. 8/5 Yahoo: EDOUARD hits Texas coast with strong winds, rain. 8/5 CNN: Severe weather hits Chicago: tornado and strong thunderstorms blackout city. Tropical Storm Edouard pushes into HOUSTON. Lightning blasts as tornado sirens sound in downtown CHICAGO. 8/9 Headline News: Storms kill at least 93 in North KOREA. 30 killed in mining accident. VIETNAM flood and landslide death toll rises to 82. 8/17 Yahoo: Tropical storm lashes CUBA with winds, rain. CNN: Visitors leaving FLORIDA KEYS as FAY nears. 8/18 CNN: 10 HAITIANS killed in storm. Hurricane warning posted for parts of FLORIDA. 8/19 Yahoo: FAY comes ashore as storm, not hurricane. Drudge: Tropical Storm Fay soaks southwest Florida. CNN: FAY spawns twisters, could become hurricane. Drudge: DOUBLE STRIKE: ‘Boomerang’ Fay gains strength over FLORIDA. 8/21 CNN: Tropical Storm FAY parks off Florida. Mail truck pushed through flood in Palm Bay. Drudge: THE GREAT FLOOD OF FLORIDA. FAY Catastrophic Event: 30 inches of rain. Alligators swimming in streets! FAY makes another FLORIDA landfall. (What a babe!) Storms hits Florida for 4th day! 8/22 Reuters: 6 Florida deaths blamed on storm FAY. Storm downs powerline, sparks fly. 8/23 Yahoo: FAY’s fourth landfall is one for the record books. Gulf Coast braces as FAY sneaks up; toll at 11. 8/24 CNN: FAY downgraded but still threatening. Bush declares ‘MAJOR DISASTER’ area in FLORIDA. 8/25 Drudge: Tornado hits Denver area on eve of DNC Convention. 8/26 CNN: GUSTAV upgraded to a HURRICANE. 8/27 CNN: GUSTAV batters Haiti, may strengthen. Yahoo: GUSTAV kills 22, US Gulf Coast prepares. CNN: New Orleans keeps wary eye on GUSTAV. 8/28 CNN: Strengthening GUSTAV heads for JAMAICA. Tropical Storm HANNA develops in the Atlantic. NBC News: 59 killed in the Caribbean by GUSTAV. AP: Tourists, residents flee as Gustav swamps JAMAICA, leaving 67 people dead in HISPANIOLA. 8/29 BBC: INDIA flood evacuations continue. JAMAICA lashed by tropical storm GUSTAV. Drudge: Hurricane-force winds, heavy rain, hit PHOENIX area. 8/30 CNN: Babies, moms cling to roofs in INDIA’S flood. Major HURRICANE GUSTAV picks up strength as it passes over CARIBBEAN…extreme danger. NY Times: Thousands flee NEW ORLEANS ahead of hurricane. NY Times: Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation is Ordered in NEW ORLEANS for what the city’s mayor said may be called “the storm of the century.” GUSTAV prompts talks of altering RNC agenda. 8/31 Yahoo: Gulf Coast Residents Flee Ahead of powerful Gustav. Gustav rips across CUBA, 250,000 evacuate. India seizes private boats to reach flood victims. CNN: INDIA flood victims face food shortages. Yahoo: Gustav destroys homes, sparks flooding in CUBA. 9/1 Yahoo: Gustav weakens to category 3 as it nears LA coast. NY Times: 2 million flee storm; GOP cuts back. Tropical Storm HANNA drenches Bahamas. Drudge: Hurricane Winds Miss New Orleans. NY Times: Power Storm Starts to Lash Gulf Coast. HANNA becomes HURRICANE. Drudge: Tropical Depression IKE forming in the Atlantic. GUSTAV knocks out power to 800,000. 7 US deaths linked to storm. Roads flooded. Towns cut off in MISSISSIPPI. 9/2 Yahoo: New Orleans Mayor: Please don’t come home yet! HANNA lashes Bahamas, threatens US East Coast. CNN: Trio of storms stir up Atlantic. 9/3 Yahoo: Hanna dumps more rain on flood-plagued Haiti. My Way: Tropical quartet: 4 storms with more to come. Get used to it. CNN: IKE becomes hurricane; HANNA threatens U.S. Later: IKE now category 4, HANNA still threatening East Coast. 9/4 CNN: HANNA kills 61 in Haiti. Yahoo: Chaos, desperation From Hanna’s floods in Haiti. 9/5 CNN: HANNA gets stronger, IKE move in. 9/6 CNN: Hanna hits CAROLINAS, heads up East Coast. Hanna kills 130 in Haiti. Drudge: IKE worries South FLORIDA. Tropical Storm Hanna flooding Fairfax, VIRGINIA, water waist high! 9/7 CNN: Ike’s damage to the islands ‘pretty huge’. Drudge: Direct hit damages 80% of Grand Turks’ homes, people cowering in closets. Yahoo: Ike blasts Turks and Caicos, floods Haiti again, as category 4 hurricane. CNN: Hanna heads up the coast, flights delayed. Hanna’s waves erode beaches. CNN: IKE floods, kills 48 in Haiti, cuts off aid to parts of HAITI. Ike threatens CUBA, makes Gulf Coast queasy. IKE makes landfall in CUBA, wind 125 MPH. Dear me! 9/8 Yahoo: Deadly Ike kills 58 more in Haiti, rakes CUBA, could hit Havana head-on, may swipe FLORIDA KEYS. 9/9 Yahoo: Storm-fatigued Gulf Coast in crosshairs again. IKE kills 4 in Cuba, takes aim at Mexico, US Gulf. 9/10 Yahoo: IKE gains strength over Gulf, aims for Texas. CNN: Texans told to get out of Ike’s way. Ike topples waves over sea walls in the Keys. IKE could hit Texas as a Category 4! 9/11 CNN: Texas flee 7 coastal counties ahead of Ike. Drudge: Houston Hurricane; Track Moves Ike Over Metro. 9/12 CNN: WARNING to TEXANS living along the coast in single family dwellings, IKE may bring ‘certain death,’ if they do not evacuate. ‘Texans staring into the barrel of a gun!’ 9/13 Weather Channel: 4M without power in Houston because of IKE. CNN: IKE floods historic district of Galveston with 7 feet of seawater and knocked out power. Hurricane destroyed Galveston in 1900. 9/14 NY Times: Hurricane Damage is Extensive in Texas. CNN: Wanda Collins in Galveston: “I’ve never seen water like this” in 30 years. Reuters: Weakened Ike moves on after battering Gulf Coast. CNN: Nearly 2,000 rescued in the Galveston area in Ike’s wake. Ike’s lashing leave 13 dead in 3 states. 9/15 CNN: IKE leaves long trail of destruction. Update: Ike leaves 27 dead from the Gulf to the Great Lakes. Galveston city leaders urged the 15,000 to 20,000 left on the barrier island to leave, saying they can’t provide essential services. Those who evacuated were told not to return. Galveston homes shattered. The island is devastated. 9/19 CNN: Their house survived Ike, but it’s the only one left in Gilchrist, Texas. They also lost a house to Rita in 2005. (Do you think they’ll be moving inland now?) Drudge: Some Ike victims may not be allowed to rebuild. BBC: HAITI ‘overwhelmed’ after storms…country devastated. 9/27 CNN: Kyle gains hurricane strength as it approaches BERMUDA. 9/28 Yahoo: Hurricane Kyle races toward NOVA SCOTIA, MAINE on alert. 9/29 CNN: Hurricane Kyle batters Nova Scotia. Drudge: Hurricane hits CANADA! 10/2 CNN: Hundreds missing after Hurricane Ike, more than 300, as alligators loom over submerged cars, remnants of homes have sunk into the ocean. 10/4 CNN: Birds abandon IKE’S devastation, leaving silence. Storms death toll in HAITI rises to nearly 800. 10/7 CNN: Tropical Storm Marco makes landfall in MEXICO. 10/8 Yahoo: Hurricane Norbert becomes Category 3 storm in the Pacific and will hit the southern BAJA peninsula and MEXICO mainland. 10/11 Yahoo: Hurricane Norbert slams into MEXICO’S Baja coast. 10/12 CNN: Tropical Storm Nana forms in eastern Atlantic. 10/14 CNN: Tropical Storm Omar forms in the CARIBBEAN. 10/15 CNN: Hurricane Omar’s winds up to 85 mph. 10/16 Drudge: Omar become Category 3 hurricane in Caribbean. 10/15 CNN: Deadly flooding in Yemen, 46 dead, 20,000 homeless. 11/7 Yahoo: Hurricane watch issued for parts of CUBA as Paloma barrels toward CAYMAN ISLANDS. 11/8 Yahoo: Powerful Hurricane Paloma menaces storm-weary CUBA. 11/9 Drudge: Hurricane Paloma slams CUBA. 12/1 CNN: Parts of VENICE neck deep in flood water. 12/10 CNN: Storm damages schools west of Atlanta. 12/12 CNN: Power outages will last through weekend in Boston. An ice storm brought down trees and has left 350,000 residents without power. Governor declares state of emergency.Yahoo: Heavy rains pound Italy. Rome declares emergency.

A beloved Queen decides to step down and pass her throne on to the younger generation.

Trains collide at high speed. Human error brings horror and great loss.3/9 Yahoo News: 18 dead in train-bus crash in Argentina.4/27 CNN: Pre-dawn train collision between two passenger trains kills 43 in China, injures 247. 4/28 Passenger train collision kills 70 in eastern China. 6/4 USA Today: Commuter train crash near Boston kills 1: two commuter trains collided and derailed during rush hour, 14 taken to the hospital. 9/13 Drudge: 24 dead, 135 critically injured as freight train collides with commuter train near Los Angeles.6/22/2009 CNN: 4 die after 2 DC Metro trains collide in Maryland, 70 injured. Many injured limp away from the trains. 6/23 Washington Post: Death Toll Rises to 9 in Metro Red Line Crash. Experts suspect system failure, operator error. More than 75 injured. Crash was supposed to be impossible. 

A popular male campaigning for the presidency dies before the Convention or Election Day. (11/8: Could this be before the swearing in ceremony on January 20, 2009?)

Artistic excellence finally receives its due recognition and honors in the minds of many. This has to include the athletic excellence of our Olympians! They are true artists in their own way! Michael Phelps for one! 8/22 Drudge: Fastest Man on Earth: More Gold for Bolt.

A great lady is laid to rest beside the great man she loved as many sing her praises.

There is uneasiness, unrest and widespread disease in large proportions in Asian countries, cities, and villages. 1/24 Drudge: India battles worst bird flu outbreak. Reuters: Authorities worry bird flu will hit major India city. 1/28 Drudge: India swoops on homes in raids to halt bird flu. 4/6 Science Daily: New and Deadly Viruses Passed Through Sweet Food and Domestic Animals…Nipah virus producing brain and lung disease, which emerged from Singapore and Malaysia ten years ago, is now spreading to rural India and Bangladesh, killing 3/4 of people infected in some outbreaks!5/3 CNN: China on alert over deadly child virus. 5/5 Drudge: WHO: Deadly child virus in China no threat to Olympics … says 6,300 cases in viral outbreak …. CNN: 11,900 kids in China get virus, 26 dead. 5/9 CNN: The tragedy in Myanmar. (Read the news.) 8/26 Drudge: Mystery virus kills 160 in India. 9/19 BBC: ‘Over 500’ Indian troops have HIV (elite paramilitary force in India). 12/13 Drudge: Health scare in Indian state as bird flu spreads.

One overthrow of power is followed by another as governments around the world anxiously watch and wait.1/6 CNN: Kenya opposition leader rejects power sharing. 1/24 Reuters: Verbal attacks stoke Kenya crisis, despite talks. (Are the eyes of the world now on Israel and Gaza?) 1/27 Latest ethnic Kenya clashes kill 69. 3/1 Yahoo News: Armenia declares state of emergency after police used tear gas and fired shots in the air to disperse demonstrators charging fraud in last month’s presidential election. 3/4 Drudge: South America on Brink of War. 3/6 CNN: Nicaragua breaks off ties with Columbia. 8/10 CNN: Russian invades Georgia. 8/25 Yahoo: Pakistan’s ruling coalition collapses amid dissent a week after Musharraf’s ouster. 

There is real threat of nuclear war with dire consequences possible for great numbers. 1/22 Guardian Unlimited: PRE-EMPTIVE NUCLEAR STRIKE A KEY OPTION, NATO TOLD: “Calling for root-and-branch reform of NATO and a new pact drawing the US, NATO and the European Union together in a “grand strategy” to tackle the challenges of an increasingly brutal world, the former armed forces chiefs from the US, Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands insist that a “first strike” nuclear option remains an “indispensable instrument” since there is “simply no realistic prospect of a nuclear-free world”.(Makes you feel really secure as a citizen of this planet, doesn’t it?) 4/8 Science Daily: Regional Nuclear Conflict Would Create Near-Global Ozone Hole, Study Says … should limited nuclear weapons exchange occur between India and Pakistan using their current arsenal.11/1 Email: National Terror Alert Response Center: Iranian Nuke Scientist: Weekend Quake was a Nuclear Test.

The discovery of vast reserves of oil and/or gas make a once poor nation rich indeed.2/22 Science Daily: Titan’s Surface Organics Surpass Oil Reserves on Earth.I never considered off planet! Now it’ll be a race in space for the oil!) 3/29 Next Energy News: Massive Oil Deposit Could Increase US Reserve 10x. (Is the teetering US economy going to be saved by this find? Will our own oil take away the dependency on Middle Eastern oil?) 4/23 CNN: Brazil oil find “May End Reliance on Middle East.”

Late spring – early summer is an economic upswing. 6/12 Drudge: Retail sales jump by largest amount in 6 months. NY Times: Tax Checks Yield Surprising Growth in Retail Sales.

A new Gold Rush draws many fortune seekers to far northern climes. 1/24 Drudge: Gold reaches $910 oz. (Maybe the gold rush is already on!) 8/24/2011 Mail Online: Massive seam of gold worth at least 9 Billion discovered in hard-up region of GERMANY.  

Further sex scandals involve both the Protestants and the Catholics. Religious leaders come under close scrutiny as disillusioned parishioners question their faith and blind obedience to outmoded teachings and practices. Hypocrisy among the leaders causes many to seek another path to the divine. 2/2 CNN: Nun, 79, Accused of Sexual Assault to Spend One Year in Jail, 9 Years on Probation. She used to rule St. Patrick’s Church in Milwaukee. It is still not clear how many boys she took advantage of! 2/23 CNN: Priest spent hundreds of thousands of church money on secret family of a wife and three children. Sentenced to 63 months in prison. He is also to repay the Romance Catholic Diocese of Richmond $591,000, and faces deportation to the Philippines after serving his prison term.(They should allow priests and nuns to marry in the opinion of this author!) 2/25 NY Times: Americans Change Faith at Rising Rate, Report Finds. More than a quarter of adult Americans have left the faith of their childhood to join another religion or no religion… 7/6 CNN: Fake priest infiltrates St. Peter’s. 10/22 CNN: Follower: Evangelist Alamo had a 9-year old bride, and followers were often beaten at his instruction. Alamo, 74, is awaiting prosecution for transporting minors across the state line for sex. 10/25 CNN: Bishop in India who adopted woman, 26, suspended. 

More Mormon polygamists face imprisonment and embarrassing public reprisal. Polygamist wives seek divorces and greater independence. 2/26 CNN: Polygamist ‘prophet’ in Arizona to face charges for marrying teenagers, 14 and 19, to older men. 4/4 CNN: Arrests, search warrants served at polygamist ranch. Dozens of children taken from polygamist ranch, 52 altogether, 18 girls have been placed in custody of the state under court order. 4/5 CNN: More than 180, 137 of them children, taken from a polygamist compound in Texas as workers investigate claims of physical and sexual abuse. 4/6 CNN: Police storm temple at polygamist ranch. 4/7 CNN: Troopers probe Texas polygamist compound. 219 women and children taken from compound. 4/8 Drudge/My Way: 400+ Kids Taken from Polygamist Compound … mostly girls in pioneer dresses … largest child welfare operation in Texas history.5/23 Yahoo: Court says Texas illegally seized sect’s children. 5/28 CNN:Photo seems to show polygamist sect leader kissing minor girl. 6/2 CNN: Court orders polygamist children returned to parents. 6/5 CNN: Polygamists now face criminal investigation. AND: Incest charges against Warren Jeffs dropped.7/22 CNN: Sect leader Jeffs charged with child sex assault. Four followers charged with sexually assaulting girls under 17, another with failure to report child abuse. 7/28 CNN: Five members of polygamist sect, indicted with Jeffs, surrender to face charges of sexual assault on girls under 17. (An old Mormon boyfriend who became a polygamist wanted me to be his third wife. One of those interesting experiences in my memoir.)

Even greater breakthroughs in electronics makes the world even smaller in some aspects.1/24 Reuters: Microsoft profit rises 79 pct, outlook bullish. Gates calls for ‘creative capitalism’ to help the world’s 1 billion poor who live on less than $1 a day. (I really like that Scorpio! Bill Gates is a great man!) 3/5 Science Daily: Energy-Efficient Microchips Could Result in Cell Phones Staying Charged 10 Times as Long, Self-Charging Electronics. 2/22 Yahoo News: Gates Sees Diminished Role for Keyboards, more touch screen and voice technology to replace keyboards. 3/10 Science Daily: First Advertisement to be Broadcast into Space! 3/14 Drudge: Bill Gates Predicts Big Technological Leaps. 3/18 Science Daily: Single-crystal Semiconductor Wire Built into an Optical Fiber…adding electronic abilities to optic fibers. 

Fire, drought, and floods plague continents and countries around the globe. 1/21 CNN: Fire burns 16 buildings north of Boston. 1/25 Reuters: Fire Strikes Monte Carlo Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, 3,000 rooms evacuated. 1/28 CNN: Brush fires rage in four Oklahoma counties. 1/28 CNN: Flooding in Arizona. Excessive rain in California creates the risk of mudslides. 1/29 CNN: Brushfires in Texas near Fort Worth. 2//3 Reuters: Indonesian floods displace thousands, create chaos. 2.3 Texas wildfires continue. 2/7 Flooding in Ohio for the fifth time! 2/8 My Way: Official: 3 or more dead at Georgia sugar refinery explosion and fire. 2/9 CNN: Huge fire breaks out at London’s Camden Gardens. 2/11 CNN: Wildfires rage in Virginia, Carolinas. Wildfires threaten homes in drought-ravaged South. 3/7 CNN: 2 firefighters killed in warehouse blaze. 3/10 Drudge: Midwest Cleans Up After Record Snowfall… Record snowfalls mean big meltdown. 3/19 Yahoo: 2 dead, 2 missing in central US floods. CNN: 4 dead in Missouri flooding. Wildfires in south Texas. Fire shoots into sky as oil well erupts in Tennessee, at least one injured. Flooding worsens in nation’s midsection forcing dozens to flee their homes with dozens of roads closed. River 33 feet above normal. 3/20 CNN: Rising waters threaten more floods. 3/29 CNN: 75 feared dead in Tanzanian mine floods. And Fire damages author Clancy’s home. 4/3 CNN: 8 in one house die in fire. 4/4 CNN: Two firefighters killed battling blaze in Ohio. 4/5 CNN: Massive fire in Quebec destroys historic buildings. 4/11 CNN: Storms, tornadoes, snow hit heartland. AND Clinton campaign office destroyed by fire.4/26 CNN: 55 killed in mattress factory fire in Casablanca. AND 45 unaccounted for in suspicious apartment fire in Norwich, CT, feared dead. Wreckage too hot for search dogs. 4/28 CNN: California Sierra Madre Fire scorches acres , inhabitants evacuated.. 4/30 CNN: Raging fire approaches Grand Canyon. 5/12 CNN: Wildfires rage in 2 Florida counties. 5/13 Drudge: Florida wildfires hit 160 homes, arsonist sought. 5/17 CNN: Flooding fears in China spur evacuations. Fear of a wall of water from two natural lakes created by the earthquake has caused journalists and quake survivors to flee. 5/17 Headline News: Flood and avalanche warnings in Washington State. 5/18 CNN: Everglades fire scorches 33,000 acres in Florida. 5/19 CNN: Wildfire smoke moving toward Miami, weather service says.  5/20 Yahoo: Fire breaks out at Berlin Philharmonic. 5/23 Yahoo: China monitors flood threat from blocked rivers. 5/24 Yahoo: Crews struggle to contain California wildfire. 5/26Drudge: China sends troops as floods threaten 700,000 survivors in earthquake zone. 6/1 CNN: Large fire burns at Universal Studio lot, sets and videos lost. 6/4 CNN: Petroleum tanker explodes from lightning strike in Kansas City’s Fairfax district. 6/7 CNN: Flooding threatens dams in Indiana. 6/8 CNN: 2 dead, 1 missing in Indiana flooding. Tornado hits Chicago suburbs. AND Fire destroys Texas governor’s mansion. 6/10 Yahoo: Flash floods inundate Wisconsin town for second time. 6/10 CNN: China quake lake water rushes toward cities. And Dairy farm in Wisconsin flooded, cows moo frantically. And Swollen river engulfs most of Wisconsin town. 6/11 Yahoo: Sandbagged levee holds in Iowa, protects city. CNN: Mississippi River floods may be worst since ’93. Flood waters continue to cut across large swaths of the Midwest. 6/12 CNN Headline News: Levee breakdown reported in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, forced evacuation may close Highway 30. 6/13 Yahoo: Rising waters force evacuation of hospital in Iowa. CNN: 100 city blocks flooded in Cedar Rapids. CNN: Des Moines being evacuated as waters rise. Drudge: Iowa damage indescribable! Reuters: Iowa flood evacuations rise, losses seen in billions. 6/14 NY Times: In Midwest, Rising Waters and Fears of Worse. Drudge: Flood waters swamp Iowa town, drinking water all but gone. 6/15 CNN: 1 million flee from China floods; 55 dead. Midwest flooding recedes, but desolation remains. Drudge: Des Moines levee fails. ‘Last effort’ to save University of Iowa. 6/16 Yahoo: Southern China flooding kills 57, more rain ahead. In Midwest floods, a broad threat to crops. 6/17 Science Daily: Lower MIDWEST Braces for Floods. CNN: Floods add to CHINA’S earthquake misery. Drudge: Feds: 17 levees could overflow if sandbags fail. Flood victims worry…what’s in the water? Reuters: Mississippi River levees break, farmlands flooded. 6/18 Yahoo: Illinois levee breaches force small town’s evacuation. Drudge: Floods hit food prices! 6/18 CNN Headline News: 5,000,000 acres flooding in Midwest, 7,800 square miles. 6/20 CNN: No end in sight for Mississippi River flooding. 6/21 CNN: Iowa faces potential crop loss of $3 billion. 3/24 Drudge: Residents keep fighting rising Mississippi. Flood waters could linger for weeks…  3/25 Yahoo: Forest fire near Athens, Greece, causes power cuts. 6/26 Drudge: Missouri and Illinois again battered by rain, flooding. 6/27 Drudge: Levee breaks, threatening eastern Missouri homes. 6/29 CNN: Wildfire smoke choking Northern California (I had an email from a friend in Chico saying they can’t go outside and that it’s hard to breathe!) 6/29 CNN: Forest Service: Wildfires could rage for months. 6/30 Yahoo: Calif. firefighters battle more than 1,400 blazes. AND Wildfire threatens Arizona town. 7/1 Drudge: Mississippi cresting above flood stage at St. Louis. Inundated towns along the river ponder their future. 7/6 CNN: 37 hurt when fireworks misfire at show. 7/12 CNN: Body found in wildfire scorched region. 7/25 CNN: 2,000 evacuated in Greek fires on the Island of Rhodes, scorching 7,400 acres. 7/27 CNN: Flash flooding in Ruidoso, New Mexico, 100 homes evacuated. 7/29 Headline News: Iowa flood washes away two homes. Flooding in New Mexico. 8/2 CNN: Body found in wake of Turkey’s wildfires. 8/3 Drudge: TEXAS plagued by heat, drought, water parasites, wildfires. 8/3 CNN: Bridger Teton National Forest Ablaze in WYOMING. 8/17 CNN: Hundreds evacuated from GRAND CANYON flood after dam breaks. 8/18 CNN: Boaters rescued from ledge in GRAND CANYON. 8/19 CNN: 750 homes flooded in SOUTH TEXAS. AND Massive fire burns Egyptian parliament building in Cairo. 8/20 CNN: 8,000 homes flooded in FLORIDA. 8/22 CNN: Flames seen for miles after train derails. Evacuation ordered as train explodes in OKLAHOMA CITY. 8/24 CNN: Huge fire as Georgian train hits landmine. 8/25 Yahoo: 1 Million cut off by monsoon floods in India. 8/28 CNN: Death toll in India flood reduced to 47. BBC: Indian PM says flood ‘a calamity.’ 9/3 Yahoo: Some flooded Indian villagers refuse evacuation. 9/11 CNN/Europe: Fire breaks out in Channel Tunnel under the English Channel. 9/19 NY Times: War and Drought Threaten AFGHAN Food Supply. 9/22 CNN: Floods gush on Puerto Rico streets. 10/5 CNN: Baby found alive in mud days after Algerian floods that killed at least 41 people in central Algeria. 10/12 CNN: Wildfire burns hundreds of acres near L.A. 10/13 CNN: 7 die in New York City fires. 10/13 Drudge: Fire burns 2,000 acres northeast of Los Angeles. 10/22 CNN: Four dead in Michigan blaze. 11/8 CNN Headline News: Heavy flooding in western Washington State. 11/13 CNN: Wind and rain wreck havoc across the Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA. 11/20 Yahoo: Emaciated children dying in HAITI, victims of food crisis after all the severe storms. 11/24 CNN: Wicked flood has thousands homeless in BRAZIL. 11/25 Drudge/Breitbart: Storm puts fire-scarred SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA on edge. 12/6 CNN: OHIO fire kills 4 children, 1 adult. 12/13 CNN: Flooding empties central ROME. 12/15 CNN: Flooding leaves 50,000 homeless in COLUMBIA. 12/27: Yahoo: 3 kids, 4 adults killed by Philadelphia house fire.      

In the summer season, the State of California shall suffer multiple fires, many created by arsonists, with extensive property damage and considerable loss of life.6/11 CNN: Fires burn dozens of California homes in Sacramento. Yahoo: Wildfires in northern California scorch thousands of acres. 6/12 CNN: 30,000 cut off by wildfires near Paradise, California. 6/13 Drudge: California fires force evacuations, destroy homes. 6/18 CNN Headline News: Wildfires in Northern California out of control in Monterey County. 6/21 Yahoo: Wildfire burns homes along Northern California coast. 6/22 Yahoo: California firefighters wrestle with hundreds of blazes. CNN: Storms spark new California wildfires. 6/23 Drudge: California fights 400 fires, bakes in heat wave. 6/24 Headline News: Over 800 wildfires sparked by lightning burning in California. 6/26 Drudge: Wildfire threatens 500 homes in Big Sur. 6/30 Yahoo: California firefighters battle more than 1,400 blazes. Drudge: Enter US fleet of firefighting air tankers battle blazes. 7/1 Yahoo: California firefighters have to pick their battles. 7/2 Drudge: National Guard called in to fight California wildfires. Drudge: Most residents told to evacuate Big Sur…after wildfire jumps line.(What a tragic place to burn! So beautiful there!)7/4 Yahoo: Wildfire chases July 4th visitors from Big Sur. CNN: Fire threatens towns. Drudge: Fireworks fear in California tinderbox. 7/5 Yahoo: Twin fires raging along California central coast. CNN: Crews fighting wildfires, exhaustion, in Southern California. Some have gone days without sleep. Drudge: 521,000 acres scorched; Keeps on burning. 7/6 Yahoo: Tired firefighters battle 330 Calif. wildfires. CNN: Crews forge progress against California fires.7/8 CNN: Fire threatens 2,000 structures in California. 1,780 blazes have scorched 614,000 acres in the past two weeks. 5,000 residents may have to evacuate. 7/9 Drudge: Fire in the Sierra Nevada foothills. 74 homes destroyed in Paradise last month. 7/11 Drudge: Wildfires Advance in California; Destroy Washington homes. Drudge: California asks for Federal troops to fight fires. 7/13 Drudge: Fire threat to California town falls as winds dip. 713 CNN: Rain helps firefighters, triggers mudslides. 7/27 CNN: Fire threatens 2,000 homes in Yosemite. 7/28 Yahoo: Fire destroys 12 homes near Yosemite National Park. 7/28 Yahoo: Wildfires threaten homes and vacations in Yosemite. 8/4 Drudge/LA Times: Hot spot in Ventura County reaches 800 degrees. Firefighters and geologists are unsure why. (Volcano?) 10/13 CNN: One dead as winds fan Los Angeles fire. 10/14 Drudge: Wildfires force frantic evacuations near Los Angeles! Update: Second fire breaks out in San Fernando Valley. 11/14 CNN: Fire destroys 100 homes in California in the Santa Barbara and Montecito area. 11/16 Yahoo: Southern California battles devastating wildfire. Drudge: Los Angeles ringed by wildfires. 600 mobile homes burned. Wildfires chase patients from hospital.

Desert sandstorms temporarily delay far worst destruction. 10/6 CNN: Haboob sandstorm turns day to night in the Sudan! Perhaps this stops madness for a time.

Tsunami damages property on the west coast of the North American continent.

The stock markets show stability after the first quarter, with prospects of the DOW reaching 17-18,000 in 2008, even if only briefly. 

There will be an unusual number of airplane crashes in remote geographical locations. 1/6 CNN: 6 die in Alaska small plane crash. 2/1 Yahoo: Bolivian plane crash-lands, all survive, in a bog in eastern Bolivia. 2/21 CNN: Jetliner reported missing in Venezuela. 2/22 CNN: Jetliner crashes in Venezuela mountains, 46 killed. 6/10 AOL News: Dozens Die in Sudanese Plane Crash. 2/23 CNN/ABC: Missing Big Island tour plane found, no survivors. Crashed in mountainous area near Pahala. 6/28 CNN: Indonesia plane crash victims found dead, 18 died in military transport plane. 6/21 Yahoo: Rescuers search off Guam for crew of crashed B-52. At least two of the 6-man crew recovered from the waters, but their condition was not immediately available. 8/24 CNN: Medical team among 10 killed in small plane crash near Moab, Utah. 9/2 Yahoo: Aid plane crashes in Congo with 7 on board, no survivors. CNN: 9/15 No survivors in Russia jetliner crash. 9/17 KFoxtv: 4 dead in plane crash in Mexico. 10/4 CNN: Wreckage and remains of Fossett found in Nevada mountains. 10/20 CNN: Catalina Island plane crash kills two. 11/28 CNN: Search teams hunt for jet crash remains in the Mediterranean. 11/29 Yahoo: French locate black boxes after Airbus A320 crash. 12/7 CNN/Local 4 Presumed Dead in Apparent Midair Collision Over Everglades. 12/11 CNN/Houston News: 3 missing after chopper crash in the Gulf of Mexico on way to oil rig. 12/16 Yahoo: Search on for plane near Turks and Caicos islands in Caribbean. 7/26/2011 CNN: Plane crash kills 78 in Morocco.

I still see Julia Roberts with four children, even though she publicly claimed to be finished with having children. The reason is unclear, especially if medical measures were taken to prevent pregnancy. Her marriage is secure, though I wish the paparazzi would leave her alone, along with all the other celebrities. But that is the price of great fame on the silver screen!

George Clooney will marry and start his own family. He will have an awakening that shakes him up and forces him to change some of his habits. 1/1/2011 I seem to have been a couple years early on this prediction on George. Did he meet his lady love in 2008?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shall produce another lovely biological child and marry in 2008. Both of them shall continue to do humanitarian work in New Orleans and around the world. These souls have reincarnated to serve and encourage others to do the same, to help those in serious need.2/7 CNN: Angelina Jolie in Iraq, Refugees Need Help. 2/26 CNN: Is Angelina Jolie showing off a baby bump? TWINS? Wow! I didn’t see that coming! But with their fondness for children, two might be better than just one! 7/13 CNN: Doctor: Angelina Jolie gives birth to twins, a girl and a boy! How lovely! 1/4/2011: CNN: Brad and Angelina donate $2M to charity. (These two will continue to do good in the world.) 6/16/2011 CNN: Angelina Jolie to visit Syrian refugees. 

Summer is favorable for the financial markets. (I was wrong on this one!)

Greatness is honored by the people. A crown of glory finds a worthy head bringing great responsibilities for decades to come.8/17 NY Times: Teammates lift Michael Phelps to Record 8th Gold Medal in swimming in Beijing. 8/18 CNN: Endorsements pure gold for Phelps! 8/22 Drudge: Fastest Man on Earth: More Gold for Bolt. Lightning strikes for third time as Jamaican Bolt smashes third world record to take Olympic Gold No. 3 in the Relay.

Startling new scientific breakthroughs favor holistic practices with greater public acceptance. 3/9 Science Daily: Profound Impact of Our Unconscious on Reaching Goals Revealed. (Have you seen The Secret or read the book? This correlates with New Age thinking.) 3/16 Science Daily: Meditation Can Lower Blood Pressure, Study Shows. 3/24 Science Daily: Eating Causes Stress, But Antioxidants Can Help! 4/1 Science Daily: Green Tea Helps Beat Superbugs, Study Suggests. 4/2 Science Daily: Tai Chi Exercises Improve Type 2 Diabetes Control, Study Suggests. 4/8 Science Daily: Yoga Poses Can Prevent Falls in Women Over 65, Study Suggests. The Gazette: Common clay can slay drug-resistant superbug. (Folk medicine is a very good thing!)4/29 Science Daily: Acupuncture Relieves Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Patients Taking Tamoxifen. 5/21 Science Daily: Burning Incense is Psychoactive: New Class of Antidepressants Might Be Right Under Our Noses. 5/26Science Daily: Plant Flavonoid in Celery and GreenPeppers Found to Reduce Inflammatory Response in the Brain.5/30 Yahoo: Computer trained to “read” mind images of words!(Hal is almost here!)6/4 Science Daily: Acupuncture Reduces Pain and Discomfort in Neck and Head Cancer Patients After Neck Dissection. 6/12Science Daily: Eating Fish and Foods With Omega-3 Fatty Acids Linked to Lower Risk of Age-related Eye Disease. 6/13 Science Daily: Love that Garlic! Fresh May be Better Than Bottled in its antibacterial properties. 7/2 Science Daily: Shiitake Mushrooms May Improve Human Immune Function; Especially if Grown on Old Oak Logs. 7/3 Science Daily: Benefits of Green Tea in Reducing an Important Risk Factor for Heart Disease. AND Eating Broccoli May Keep Prostate Cancer Away, Study Suggests. AND Spiritual Effects of Hallucinogens Persist, Researchers Report (Sacred Mushrooms, etc.) 7/7 Science Daily: Effects of Healing Touch Therapy Being Studied. 7/9 Science Daily: Herbal Remedy Reduces Obesity and Heart Disease? 7/15 Science Daily: Positive Thinking is Prescription for the Heart! 6/21 Science Daily: Hydrogen Vehicles Coming Soon? Two Million Could Be on the Road by 2020. 7/23 Science Daily: Reflecting on Values Promotes Love, Acceptance. 7/25 Science Daily: How Cranberry Juice Can Prevent Urinary Tract Infections. 7/28 Science Daily: Mindfulness Meditation Slows Progress of HIV, Study Suggests. 7/29 Science Daily: Structure of Heart Can be Changed Through Exercise. AND Foods Rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Can Enrich Breast Milk. 7/30 Science Daily: Hypnosis Shown to Reduce Symptoms of Dementia. 8/12 Science Daily: Running Slows the Aging Clock, Researchers Find. (Duh! Exercise slows the aging clock, period!) 8/21 Science Daily: You’re Got to Have Hope: Studies Show ‘Hope Therapy’ Fights Depression. 9/1 Science Daily: Black Raspberries Slow Cancer By Altering Hundreds of Genes. 9/5 Science Daily: Zen Training Speeds the Mind’s Return After Distraction, Brain Scan Reveals. AND Safe, Inexpensive Alternative to Antibiotics Developed for Production of Biofuels and Biopharmaceuticals. 9/9 Science Daily: Next Stop: The Fourth Dimension, With Large Hadron Collider Experiments. 9/10 Science Daily: Acupuncture May Hold Promise for Women With Hormone Disorder Who Experience Fertility Challenges. 9/11 Science Daily: World’s Largest-ever Study of Near Death Experiences. 9/17 Science Daily: Massage Therapy May Have Immediate Positive Effect on Pain and Mood for Advanced Cancer Patients. (For everyone, actually!) 9/22 Science Daily: Positive Thinking Trial in UK Aims to Prevent Childhood Depression. 10/13 Science Daily: St. John’s Wort Relieves Symptoms of Major Depression, Study Finds. 10/14 Science Daily: Vitamin D Key Player in Overall Health of Several Body Organs, Says Biochemist.(Vitamin supplements have played a major role in holistic health practices for many decades!) 10/27 Science Daily: Green Tea May Delay Onset of Type 1 Diabetes. AND Spirituality Protects Against Depression Better Than Church Attendance. 11/2 Science Daily: Grapes and Grape Extract May Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risks, Review Article Suggests. 12/2 Science Daily: Depression Treatment: Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy as Effective as Anti-depressant Medication, Study Suggests. AND Acupuncture Just as Effective Without Needle Puncture, Study Shows. 12/9 Science Daily: Vitamin E Shows Possible Promise in Easing Chronic Inflammation. 12/15 Science Daily: Broccoli Compound Targets Key Enzyme in Late-stage Cancer.  12;26 Science Daily: Honey Adds Health Benefits, Natural Preservative and Sweetener in Salad Dressings. 12/28 Science Daily: New Anti-cancer Component of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Revealed. 1/2/2009 Science Daily: Grape-seed Extract Kills Laboratory Leukemia Cells, Proving Value of Natural Compounds. 1/28 Science Daily: Trust Your Gut, Too Much Thinking Leads to Bad Choices. 2/1 Science Daily: Blue Light Destroys Antibiotic-resistant Staph Infection. (Color therapy is a popular in esoteric healing practices. Blue light has always been known to be very powerful!) ALSO: Chemists Shed Light on Health Benefits of Garlic. 2/24 Science Daily: New Lab Evidence Suggests Preventive Effect of Herbal Supplement DHEA, Red Clover in Prostate Cancer. 2/27/2009: Science Daily: Trust Your Heart: Emotions May be More Reliable When Making Choices. 3/20 Reuters: Vitamin C wards off gout in men: study. 3/13 Science Daily: Hatha Yoga Practice Lessens Fear of Falling in Older Adults, Study Finds. AND How Cranberry Products Prevent Urinary Tract Infections. AND Drudge: Scientists a step closer to reading minds. 3/17 Science Daily: Vitamin C Intake Associated With Lower Risk of Gout in Men. 3/24 Science Daily: Special Yogurt Fights Stomach Ulcer Bacteria. 3/26 Science Daily: Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduce Risk of Advanced Prostrate Cancer. 4/1 Science Daily: Herbal Medicines for Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disease. 4/2 Science Daily: Source of Major Health Benefits in Olive Oil Revealed. 4/6 Science Daily: Tea Tree Oil and Silver Together More Effective Antiseptic. AND Omega-3 Kills Cancer Cells. 4/8 Science Daily: Melatonin May be Served as Potential Anti-fibrotic Drug. 4/19 Science Daily: Wrist Acupuncture or Acupressure Prevents Nausea from Anesthesia, Study Finds. 5/10 Science Daily: Meditate Your Way to Better Bladder Health. 5/13 Science Daily: New Method Used to Detect 17 Antibiotics in Honey. 5/14 Science Daily: Medicinal Plant, Saint John’s Wort, May Reduce Neuronal Degeneration Caused by Parkinson’s Disease. 5/15 Science Daily: Ginseng: Nature’s Anti-inflammatory? AND Medicinal Plant Kava Safe and Effective in Reducing Anxiety, Study Suggests. 5/28 Science Daily: Green Tea Extract Shows Promise in Leukemia Trials. AND Healing With Light. Optical Technology Controls Living Cells. 6/3 Science Daily: Tai Chi Improves Pain in Arthritis Sufferers. 6/15 Science Daily: Meditation May be an Effective Treatment for Insomnia. 6/19 Science Daily: Tai Chi Benefits for Arthritis Shown. 7/20Science Daily: New Evidence That Popular Dietary Supplement May Help Prevent, Treat Cataracts: Carnosine. 8/5 Science Daily: Mounting Evidence of Fish Oil’s Heart Health Benefits. 8/6 Science Daily: Workplace Yoga and Meditation Can Lower Feelings of Stress. 9/23 Science Daily: Can Over-the-counter Vitamins Substance, Coenzyme Q10, Slow Progression of Parkinson’s Disease? Possibly large doses! 11/11 Science Daily: Brief Training in Meditation May Help Manage Pain, Study Shows. 11/18 Science Daily: Transcendental Meditation helped heart disease patients lower cardiac risks by 50%.  

News laws curtail the operations of big business, large corporations.12/18 Yahoo: Regulators adopt new credit card rules.

Sadly, WARS in the MIDDLE EAST escalate this year. 1/24 Reuters: Israel wants to cut Gaza links after border breach with Egypt. 2/2 Drudge: Mentally Retarded Women Used in Baghdad Bombings to Kill 73 in Deadliest Day since Washington Flooded the Capital with extra troops last spring. 2/3 CNN: Senator: Suicides among soldiers show troops at breaking point. Drudge: Israelis told to prepare ‘rocket rooms’ for war. 3/5 Yahoo: Israel on alert after bombing. 2/6 Yahoo: Israel-Hamas fighting escalates. 3/30 CNN: North Korea warns South of ‘pre-emptive strike.’5/8 CNN: ‘War has started,’ Hezbollah leader says in Beirut. 5/11 Yahoo: Lebanese violence spreads to mountains outside capital. 6/12 Drudge: Southern Israel bombarded; at least 50 rockets, mortar shells fired from Gaza. 6/20 Drudge: Israel Military Exercise ‘Directed at Iran.’ 6/29 CNN: Report: US ‘preparing the battlefield’ in Iran. This will be a another major Bush/Cheney mistake if it happens! How much money does my government intend to continue to spend to fight senseless wars???) 12/19 Yahoo: Rockets and gunfire on Gaza border as truce ends. 12/27 Yahoo: Israel strikes demolishes Hamas compounds, kill 192. CNN: Israel vows to keep up attacks on Gaza. Drudge: Hamas threatens to unleash ‘HELL’. Bloodiest day for Palestinians in 20 years. Arab world slams Israel. 100 targets hit. CNN: Hamas vows retaliation after Israeli strikes kill 225. (It seems this war will never end!) All the almost daily, or weekly, bombings and killings in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan have not been included in these hits. Those patterns just seem to go on and on. 12/28 Yahoo: Across Mideast, thousands protest Israeli assault. NY Times: Israelis Say Strikes Against Hamas Will Continue. Washington Post: Israeli Warplanes Pound Gaza. CNN: Rafah tunnels bombed in Israeli airstrikes. Drudge: More than 700 wounded, over 200 killed. Israel reinforces troops at the border. TimesOnline: Violent protests at Israeli Embassy in London. 12/29 Yahoo: Israel says Gaza assault ‘war to the bitter end.’ White House demands end to Mideast violence. Hamas fires more rockets despite Israeli strikes. Israeli airstrikes kill dozen of Gaza civilians. 12/30 Reuters: Israel rejects truce, presses on with Gaza strikes. Yahoo: Pakistan closes US supply route to hit militants. 12/31 Yahoo: Israel rejects truce call, attacks Gaza. Drudge: Hundreds of Iranian storm British compound in Tehran and raise Palestinian flag. Hamas legalizes crucifixion. (A cruel, antiquated, barbarian punishment, which proves the lack of compassion and cultural development in that part of the world in its expression of radical Islamic dogma!) 1/2/2009 NY Times: Armored column seen moving into GAZA. 

One or several major volcanic eruptions cause dramatic climate change worldwide between 2008 and 2012.

The passing of Greatness is mourned during the summer. 6/12 Ahlan! A host of celebrities, designers and supermodels, including Claudia Schiffer and Catherine Deneuve, gathered in France to attend the funeral of the late legendary style maestro IVES SAINT LAURENT. Paris shops closed for two hours to pay respects to the design icon.

A new business rises to prominence and great success. More millionaires escape from poverty and obscurity to fame.

The people rise up to depose a despot—revolution and chaos ultimately serve a noble end as innocent blood is spilt.

A criminal is severely punished for heinous, unspeakable crimes. (1/24: Will this be the marine that killed the female marine pregnant with his child, and the child, too, of course? the one who burned the bodies and went awol to Mexico? Only time will tell!) 8/28 Reuters: Karadzic due for plea hearing at Hague Tribunal for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Bosnia. BBC: Argentine chiefs jailed for life: worst oppressors during Argentina’s military rule. 8/29 Yahoo: Karadzic, refusing to enter plea, mocks ‘court of NATO.’ 10/4 CNN: O. J. Simpson found guilty on all counts. (Maybe it’s time!) Drudge: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! 12/5 Drudge: O. J. Simpson sentenced in Vegas to 33 years. 12/17 Yahoo: Planner of Rwandan massacres convicted of genocide, slaughter of more than 500,000 people. Sentenced to life in prison.

An important breakthrough and considerable progress for a troubled nation.

A new leader has his/her day in the sun with glorious results and celebration by the people. 11/5 All Media: Obama elected U.S. President.

The economy dips in the fall of the year, up and down and around go the markets, soon followed by stability and another steady rise. (September has been a doozy to say the least! Bailouts! Banks going belly up! You name it. Up and down and around goes the stock market all around the world. We still have to wait and see on the last part of the prediction.)  9/29 NY Times: House Rejects Bailout Package, 228-205, But New Vote is Planned; Stocks Plunge over 400 Points. Drudge: London markets crash as dollar records biggest gain in 15 years! Bank rescues hit Europe. Mailonline: Credit crunch banker leaps to his death in front of express train.(1929, anyone? Is $$$ worth committing suicide over?) Headline News: Ending a tumultuous session, the DOW falls more than 600 points after the House puts the economic rescue in doubts. Yahoo: Zimbabweans overwhelm banks to withdraw cash. Reuters: Global markets sent sliding. Citigroup buys Wachovia banking, deals abound. NY Times: DOW closes down 777 points! CNN: Asian markets fail on US bailout failure. 9/30 CNN: Dow has third highest point gain ever, 485 points. 10/2 Yahoo: Stocks extend losses as factory orders tumble. CNN: Worries over bailout bill help sink stocks: Dow Jones falls 348 points. 10/3 CNN: Stocks slump despite signing of $7B bailout by Senate and House. 10/6 CNN: Stocks stumble at open. Drudge: Panic engulfs global stock markets. Germany quarantines savings to avert panic. MUSCLE: Dollar reaches 13-month high! NY Times: DOW Falls Below 10,000 on Credit Fears in Europe. Drudge: Asian markets plunge on fears crisis is spreading. Oil falls below $90.(Now that’s good news!) 10/7 Drudge: Wall Street bounces after global rout. Banks crash as Iceland goes into meltdown. MARKET MAYHEM: London banks in freefall. Bloomberg: ‘Problems so grave no country can solve them alone.’ Washington Post: Crisis Strikes ‘Real Economy’ … Slumping auto sales indicate Wall Street credit woes have hit the land of goods and services. Reuters: UK government and authorities to meet on crisis. (In my humble opinion, it’s a mistake for people to sell their stocks and get out of the market before it turns around! Trust your instincts, not your panic button!) Reuters: Australia rate cut stuns, markets thirst for more. NY Times: Dow Falls 500 points; S&P drops 7.5 percent. CNN: Fed Chairman Bernanke hints at rate cut. (I’m afraid this freefall won’t stop until the Dow is somewhere in the 8,000 range! The exact Saturn-Uranus opposition happens on Election Day, November 4! What an election this is going to be!) 10/8 Washington Post: Federal Reserve Orders Emergency Interest Rate Cut to avert the kind of financial collapse that America suffered in 1929. NY Times: Europe Slides in Early Trading After Tokyo Shares Lose 9.4%. U.S. Markets Plunge Despite Hint of Rate Cut. CNN: Wall Street up, down, up … Drudge: Day of reckoning in UK as banks face bailout … NY Times: Central Banks Coordinate Cut in Rates, including the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and the Central European Bank …  Drudge: OPEC members seek emergency meeting after price collapse. 10/9 NY Times: Stock Plunge in Last Hour of Trading, Dow Below 8,600. Nikkei closes down 9.6% 10/10 NY Times: Dow Falls Briefly Below 8,000 After World Shares Slide. CNN: FRANTIC FRIDAY! NY Times: European Stocks Dive. Yahoo: Spain: Plan to help banks will cost taxpayers zero. CNN: Dow drops nearly 700, swings wildly. World finance leaders to huddle. Drudge: Berlusconi: Leaders May Close World’s Markets. London shares bloodbath. Asia stocks plunge, worst week on record. Washington Post: Fear-Driven Selling Gives U.S. Markets a Beating. The End of American Capitalism? NY Times: U.S. Stocks Slide in Turbulent Trading. Stocks Lower After a Day of Wild Swings: 8,451.19 Dow. CNN: Vertigo on Wall Street. Drudge: Dow loses 18% ! Dow average swings 1,000 points! Drudge: Crisis becomes global crash. 10/11 Washington Post: Worst Week Ever: Dow and S&P Each Fall 18%. Drudge: Chrysler GM discuss merger, acquisitions. 10/12 Drudge: Israel stocks plummet 7.68% after delayed opening. NY Times: Europeans Meet on Financial Response. Yahoo: Euro nations to guarantee bank refinancing. CNN: Global stocks see a good start. National Debt Clock draws worried glances. Drudge: Banks nationalized in UK. U.S. mulls plan to take ownership in banks. 10/13 NY Times: U.S. Stocks Open Strongly After Gains Overseas. CNN: Dow up 400 points in early trading. Drudge: Fed floods markets with dollars. NY Times: Britain and Germany Pledge Funds for Banks. NY Times: Stocks soar 11% After Aid to Banks. CNN: Dow bounces back with biggest point jump ever. (But we’re still a long way from the 14,500 high in January 2008!) CNN: Dow percentage gain is biggest since 1933! 10/14 NY Times: Stocks Jump in Opening Minutes, Dow Rises More Than 300 Points. Bush Calls Plans to Invest $250 Billion in Banks ‘Essential.’ Drudge: Asia Jumps. Europe Up. More Dow Wow for Tuesday. Drudge: Oil hits $80. 10/15 CNN: Dow shed more than 360 points. NY Times: Stocks Slump on Gloomy Economic Omens; Dow Sheds 733 Points! Like I said, up, down, and around! I hope we get to the stability and steady rise before the year ends! 10/16 NY Times: Wall Street Slides After More Losses in Global Shares. AND Stocks in Late Rally Against Oil Prices Slide, Dow Industrials Climb 4.6%. 10/22 CNN: Stocks dive on recession fears, Dow down 576 points. 10/24 NY Times: Nikkei Closes Down 9.6%. CNN: US stocks join global selloff. 10/27 Drudge: World markets slump: Nikkei at 26-year low. 10/28 NY Times: Stocks Soar on Bargain Hunting and Rate-Cut Hopes. 10/20 Reuters: Stocks rise on .5% rate-cut boost to 1%, credit thaw. 11/12 NY Times: Dow Falls About 400 Points. (11/12 For the past several weeks I have not listed everything! It’s up, down and around for sure! My psychic intuition is the Dow will go no lower than the 8,000s, and then rise again. Eventually, I still expect the Dow to reach 25,000, but I’m not exactly sure when! The crash in 1987, over 20 years ago, ended up climbing back up from the 1,800s, which was my predicted leveling point then. We’ve come a long way from those low numbers! I never see the Dow going that low again during my lifetime, and hopefully not, during yours, either!) 11/13 NY Times: Stocks Soar After Volatile Session on Wall Street: Dow up 553 Points After 900 Point Swing. 12/16 Drudge: Feds Cut Rate to Lowest Level on Record: 0 ─ .25% 12/19 Yahoo: Administration official: Automakers to get 17.4B. NY Times: Bush announces deal to stave off bankruptcy by automakers. CNN: Automakers to get $13.4 bailout. Drudge: Russia may need help if oil fails more. 12/22 Drudge:Bank of Spain chief: World faces ‘total’ financial meltdown. IMF chief warns 2009 may be even darker.(I disagree!)12/29 Drudge: Final Week: Wall Street faces record losses in 2008. CNN: Stocks fall as year fizzles out. Drudge: British Pound falls below Euro.

Late this year numerous earthquakes rock and roll the desert sands. Earth movement in strange places. 10/5 CNN: Earthquake rattles Afghanistan.

Noxious gases cause many deaths

A new virus becomes epidemic, the germ contained before it claims too vast a number. Germ warfare, perhaps? 1/13 Drudge: Epidemic: 2.8 million Brits struck down with vomiting sickness: Times Online: Norovirus reaches epidemic levels. 1/18 Drudge: India battles to contain “very serious” bird flu outbreak. 1/23 Drudge: Bird Flu Fears Grip India: 2,000 complain of fever. 1/31 NY Times: Mutant Flu Virus is Found That Resists Popular Drug. 2/1 Drudge: India isolates 26 people on bird flu fears. 2/8 Drudge: Leprosy outbreak causes concerns in Northwest Arkansas. 2/26 NY Times: Drug-Resistant TB at Record Levels. 3/16 Masks, anti-bacterial soap fly off Hong Kong shelves as Flu shuts school. 3/19 Drudge: Indonesia: Rampant bird flu raises pandemic risks. 4/3 CNN: Thousands hit by Brazil outbreak of dengue, 67 dead so far this year. 4/11 Yahoo: Dangerous animal virus on US mainland. 12/1 CNN: Capital lacks clean water, cholera kills hundreds in Zimbabwe. 12/15 Drudge/Daily Express: Killer Virus Grips Britain. (Methinks it’s best not to travel to the UK!) 12/29 Drudge: Two more dead from Ebola outbreak in Congo.

Sea water is purified for the citizens of many cities in different countries.3/6 Science Daily: Windmill With a Twist Can Provide Fresh Water From Seawater Directly. (Wow!)

Scandals abound late in the year, outrageous deceptions are brought to light, bringing sadness to some and disgust to others. 9/29 CNN: Melamine scandal hits candy makers: British Cadbury. More involved in China’s sad tainted milk debacle that has killed several children and sickened thousands. (AND How about the banking debacle? Wow!) Drudge: Tainted milk crisis hits more global companies. 10/14 Drudge: Teacher offered ‘better grades for sex’ in Abilene! ABC: West Palm Beach Congressman’s $121,000 Payoff to Alleged Mistress. Tim Mahoney Elected to Remove ‘Ethical Cloud” of his Disgraced Predecessor, Mark Foley. (It’s titillation time in the state with the hanging-chads!) CNN: Whistleblower: Oil watchdog agency ‘cult of corruption.’ 10/21 CNN: Former child actor found guilty in yacht killings…tossed two owners into the sea tied to the anchor! 10/22 Natural FDA Running Extortion Racket: Natural Supplement Companies Threatened With Arrest if They Don’t Pay Up. 10/27 NY Times: Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska found guilt of lying about gifts. Drudge: Stevens guilty on 9 counts. 11/3 CNN: Def Jam exec VP dies of self-inflicted gunshot, police say. AND Actress-singer Jennifer Hudson’s murdered mother, brother and nephew mourned. 11/7 Drudge: Spitzer won’t face charges in prostitution scandal. 11/18 Drudge: CHENEY INDICTMENT: Vice President, former AG, state senator indicted (in Texas). AND Feds claim San Francisco has more pot clubs than STARBUCKS. 12/9 CNN: Illinois governor taken into custody on corruption charges.  12/10 NY Times: Illinois governor in corruption scandal trying to sell Obama senate seat. 12/13 Drudge: Billions Vanish in Epic Hedge Fund Fraud. Top socialites face ruin. Wall Streets Biggest Scheme. Wall Street legend arrested on fraud charges. 12/15 Drudge: Top banks admit huge losses in Wall Street pyramid fraud. AND Fund fraud hits big names; Madoff’s Clients included Met’s owner, GMAC chairman, Country Club recruits. Third of Hedge Funds face ‘Wipe Out.’ Reuters: Iraqi shoe-thrower captures Mideast rage at Bush! 12/16 Drudge: MADOFF: Man who conned the world! The most hated man in New York. Fallout spreads: Banks report potential losses of $10B. Charities hit hard. Reuters: Asian banks in rush for cash. 12/17 Yahoo: Alleged Mafia boss hangs himself in Sicily jail. Drudge/ – Nassau cops: PTA Vice President Mom and Boy 13 Found Half Naked in Fogged Up SUV on elementary school grounds. 12/25 TimesOnline: L’Oreal heiress joins list of Madoff victims…through fund manager found dead in New York on December 23. 12/30 Drudge: CHICAGOLAND: Indicted Governor Names Obama Replacement … On Collision Course with Washington. 12/21 CNN: Charles Barkley, former basketball commentator and hoops star, arrested in Phoenix on suspicion of DUI.    

Posted on December 12, 2003 EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE should soon be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Some planetary systems are much further advanced than our own, of course.  Spaceships will continue to visit our planet as they have for thousands of years.  By 2012, EARTH should become a part of the INTER-GALACTIC  COUNCIL by whatever name it is known.5/29 Drudge/Rocky Mountain News: Phone Home: Purported Video of UFO and living, breathing Space Alien to be shown at press conference on Friday. 6/2 CNN: Space alien seen on video, man claims, shot video in 2003 as stated on Larry King Live! 6/17 Drudge/Breitbart: Chinese company develops UFO: report. 6/21 Drudge/Breitbart: UFO alert: Welsh police spot ‘unusual craft.’ (picture) 6/25 Drudge/The Sun/UK: UK military spots UFOs … Alien Army … Military probing amazing claim by shaken soldier who saw 13 UFOs SPINNING IN THE SKIES above his military barracks. 6/29 Northern Territorian/Australia: UFOs INVADE NT TOWN: A small territory community is still reeling with shock after four UFOs descended on their Outback homes from 8 to 11 pm on Sunday.(WOW!) 7/24 Drudge/Mail Online: Former NASA astronaut and moon-walker, Edgar Mitchell, claims alien contact and government coverup. 10/20 Yahoo/Reuters: U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO in May 1957, kept his silence for 30 years because of orders. Drudge/The Sun: Passenger jet’s near miss with UFO…’Missile’ came close to airliner. 10/25 CNN Video: Small Texas town buzzed by UFOs again. 10/29 Email: Inexplicata – The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: UFO Fleet Allegedly Landed in Chicoana. 11/12 CNN: Clinton aide slams Pentagon’s UFO secrecy. 11/24 UFOs on CNN: UFO in sight, pfft … it’s gone!(Watch the videos! We are not alone!) 12/18 Chile sighting!

Celebrity divorces too numerous to count. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills: $54M for Heather. Not bad! Eminem divorces first wife again! Britney Spears and Kevin Federline again. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Sara Evans (Dancing With the Stars) and Craig Schelske. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. 4/23 Star Jones’ marriage ends. Help me out here! 5/28 Drudge:Bill Murray’s wife files for divorce. 6/26 Entertainment Tonight: Murray Divorce Final! 6/27 Drudge: Madonna: I want a divorce! Guy: I want out of Kabbalah!(Maybe not!)7/3 Drudge: Yankees A-Rod and wife split. 6/9 CNN: Brinkley divorce lawyers go head-to-head. 9/10 CNN: Christie Brinkley nasty divorce trial is over. 6/15 CNN: It’s splitsville for Kimmel and Silverman. 8/24 CNN: Chris Kattan, wife of 8 weeks split. 9/5 CNN: Hulk Hogan, ex grapple over money. 9/19 TMZ: Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez…it’s Ovah! 10/8 CNN: Bill Murray says divorce is worst thing ever. 10/15 CNN: Madonna-Ritchie divorce confirmed. 10/16 CNN: Duchovny, Leoni confirm separation. 12/16 Drudge/Richier: Madonna settles divorce for up to $92M.   

Tom and Katie are expecting another child.

An impressive royal wedding is televised around the world.

Late in the year, oceanic nightmares claim lives too numerous to count.

New islands rise up out of the depths of the sea. Fire and smoke rise into the skies.

A great and good man loses the brave fight and is publicly mourned. International News Media 9/27 Legendary Actor PAUL NEWMAN looses his long battle with cancer, dead at 83(But he did have a great life, God bless him! and I was lucky enough to be in his presence during his heyday in films! I’m sure they’re throwing a huge party for Paul on the Other Side!) 9/29 Reuters: World mourns “King of Cool” Paul Newman.

Women of great beauty and renown pass beyond the veil into finer realms. 12/25 NY Times: Eartha Kitt, sultry, seductive singer-actress dies, 81.

Volcanic eruptions mar holiday celebrations.

Disruption and dismay prevail at the close of 2008, but there is promise of great and good changes to come. 11/26 CNN: Carnage in India; hotels attacked. Gunmen have targeted nine locations in south Mumbai. Drudge: 80 killed, over 250 injured. Pools of blood at 5 star hotels. Hostages are being held. CNN: Carter calls Zimbabwe a ‘basket case.’ Protests strand tourists at Bangkok airport. Feds warn of terrorist plot against NYC subways. 11/27 NY Times: At Least 100 Dead in India Terror Attacks. At Least 1 Dead in Explosion at U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan. CNN: Mumbai hotel hostage crisis not over. Terrified Americans, Europeans describe Mumbai, India, chaos. Drudge: Eight Israelis held hostage. Drudge: Terror at the Taj. 11/28 CNN: 5 hostages killed at Jewish center in Mumbai. Dad, daughter from U.S. dead in Mumbai. British yacht magnate among reported deaths. Drudge: India points finger at Pakistan. Still not under control. Daily News: Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede. Yahoo: Thai protestors defiant as police boost presence. 11/29 CNN: Rioting mob kills 300 people in NIGERIA. 11/30 Yahoo: India security chief resigns after Mumbai attacks, 174 people killed. 51 protesters wounded in Thailand explosions. Drudge: MUMBAI terror ends after 60 hours. 300 feared dead; piles of bodies in hotel rooms. Armed police ‘would not fire back.’ Grief, anger as India reckons with its own 9/11. Fury at Pakistan … ‘IT’S WAR’ declares Indian press. Plan was to kill 5,000. News of the World: baby-faced terrorist is only survivor and he’s begging for his life. Pakistan president warns India not to over-react. 100,000 stranded in Thailand after airports shut down. 12/1 Drudge: AT WAR LEVEL: INDIA RAISES SECURITY STATUS. Five Terrorists ‘still at large.’ Now pirates attack luxury cruise ship! CNN: Luxury cruise ship outruns pirates! Hooray! Good job! 12/4 Yahoo: Israeli troops fight Jewish settlers in Hebron, firing tear gas and stun grenades. Pakistani police losing terror battle, dying in large numbers. 12/7 Yahoo: More than 160 U.S. NATO vehicles burned by militants in Pakistan … on way to U.S. troops in Afghanistan. More riots in Greek cities. Drudge: Police in Germany arrest more than 40 at neo-Nazi march. 12/8 CNN: Greece braces for third day of riots! 12/12 Yahoo: Greeks riot for seventh day as anger at government escalates. Hyperinflation, cholera, politics curse Zimbabwe. Mumbai attacks spark upper-class calls for change. 12/15 Drudge: Greece runs out of tear gas! 12/17 Yahoo: Iraqi official says he’s quitting over shoe-tosser. 12/18 Yahoo: South Korean lawmakers brawl over U.S. free trade pact. Riot police, youths clash in Athens, shoppers flee. NY Times: 35 Iraqi Officials Held in Raids on Key Ministry. 12/19 Yahoo: Youths attack French institute in Athens. 12/20 NY Times: Congo Warlord Linked to Abuses Seeks Bigger Stage: General Laurent Nkunda, who opposes Congo president, has taken the nation to its most dangerous precipice in years. 12/25 CNN: 59 arrested in Tibet crackdown for those who spread rumors and incite sentiments against the state (China human rights violations need to stop!) 12/26 CNN: Pakistan moves troops to India border, official say. Drudge: Evil Santa kills 9, burns house, explodes car over divorce settlement that included the loss of his dog! 12/28 CNN: Dozens killed in weekend fighting between two rival Islamic extremist groups in Somalia. 12/29 Yahoo: Somali president quits amid international pressure. NY Times: Israeli Troops Mass Along Border, Arab Anger Rises. Washington Post: Israel Posed for Long Fight. Drudge: China: U.S. lost strength in 2008; Russian gained. ‘Significant changes in balance of international forces…’ Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan see anti-Israel rallies. NY Times: Gaza Toll Reaches 300 Dead in 3rd Day of Israel Strikes. CNN: 1,000,000,000 gallons of sludge shame agency on coal waste dumped in Tennessee. 8 missing in Canadian avalanches. Yahoo: Taliban burning: beheading its way through Pakistani valley. Witnesses report massacre at church in the Congo.           

A message of great comfort is delivered by a powerful woman forced to bear grave responsibilities with great honor.

The year will end on a peaceful note with the promise of great changes to come. 1/1/2009 Iraq takes control of Green Zone from U.S.

Putin is trying to return Russia to its former glory and power! The Georgia invasion and killing proves this point. 8/19 NY Times: Russian forces detain Georgian soldiers at port. 8/29 Yahoo: South Ossetia says Russia intends to absorb region. NY Times: Putin Suggests U.S. Provocation in Georgia Clash. BBC: Georgia breaks ties with Russia. 9/29 Drudge: Venezuela to build nuclear technology with Russia! 10/1 Drudge: Putin lashes out at America for its economic failures. 10/6 Drudge: Russia’s nuclear warships sailing to Venezuela. 12/13 Yahoo: Russia retakes Georgian village near South Ossetia. 12/15 Drudge: Russian warships to visit CUBA. 12/17 Yahoo: Russian treason bill could hit Kremlin critics. (Old Russia is re-emerging under Putin!) 12/20 Drudge: ‘Don’t destabilize Russia,’ Putin warns foes. 12/29 Drudge: REDS: China, Russia military chiefs hold first phone call… 12/30 Drudge: Medvedev’s assertiveness troubles Putin. 1/1/2009 Yahoo: Russia’s Gazprom cuts all gas supplies to Ukraine. 1/15 Yahoo: Putin suggests Europe pays to pump needed gas west. 12/27/2010 Drudge: Russian court convicts oil tycoon who opposed Putin. 12/28: NY Times: In Russia, advocate is killed, and an accuser tried for defamation.

November 18, 2008: Something needs to be done about this flagrant high seas piracy. The laws need to be changed and an international force needs to be established that deals with international crimes upon the high seas. Is there a way to get the United Nations involved? These criminals need to be stopped. Let PLUTO in CAPRICORN bring this robbery and piracy on the high seas to an end! Get armed guards and missiles on those ships, although oil tankers are sitting ducks. The world needs to cooperate in bringing these outrages to an end! 11/19 Yahoo: India navy sinks suspected pirate ‘mother ship’ and chases two attacks boats into the night.(About time, I say! There needs to be an international determination to stop the thieves and killers.) 11/20 Drudge: Somali pirates seize ninth vessel in 12 days. Say $25 Million Ransom for Saudi Supertanker must be paid soon. PIRACY threatens to block global trade artery. 11/24 Yahoo: Shippers seek blockade of Somali coast. 11/28 Yahoo: Somali pirates hijack 1 ship, free another. 12/5 CNN: Suspected pirates rescued in Gulf of Aden by Danish warship and turned over to the authorities. 12/7 Yahoo: Somali pirates fail to seize ship off Tanzania. Cargo ship outruns pirates! 12/8 CNN: Ship looks for pirates in Gulf of Aden. NATO warship! (About time!) 12/9 Yahoo: Somali pirates threat forces cruise ship evacuation. 12/13 CNN: U.S. considers options to fight Somali piracy. 12/17 Yahoo: Anti-piracy force thwarts attack on Chinese ship. CNN: 30 Chinese sailors rescued from pirate attack by multinational naval force. Hooray! 12/18 Yahoo: China dispatching ships to battle Somali pirates. CNN: Pirates to receive millions in ransom for release of Ukrainian arms ship held since September 25. This has to stop! 12/26 Yahoo: China targets pirates in groundbreaking mission. 1/1/2009 Yahoo: Somali pirates seize Egyptian ship; Indian tanker saved by Malaysian military, as captain increases ship’s speed to maximum. 1/2 Drudge: French warship thwarts Somali pirate attack. Crew fight off pirates with water jets. 1/3/09 Drudge: French warship captures 19 Somali pirates. 1/8 Yahoo: U.S. to head anti-pirate patrols off Somalia! (ABOUT TIME!) 1/9 CNN: Saudis pay Somali pirates $3M for release of tanker. $25M initially demanded. 1/10 NY Times: 5 Somali pirates said to drown with ransom share. 1/11 Yahoo: Somali pirate’s body washes ashore with $153,000! 1/29 Yahoo: Somali pirates hijack German gas tanker. 2/2 Drudge: US seamen are being trained to fend off pirates. About time!!! 2/12 CNN: U.S. Navy captures suspected pirates. 4/8 CNN: Report: Ship carrying 21 Americans hijacked off Somalia.  

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