WORLD PREDICTIONS FOR 2009(Posted December 8, 2008)Predictions designated for a certain time of year may actually occur at any time during the year,  or even during another year. Also, predictions from a previous year may unfold at the present time. Time is a mortal invention designed for our convenience, whereas we all dwell in the Eternal Now.The TRANSFER OF POWER to PRESIDENT OBAMA and VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN will not occur without incident, although the discontented and bigoted prove impotent at best in their displays of violence and hatred. The swearing in takes place on Retrograde Mercury!12/11/2008 Drudge: Obama team faces test in weathering Illinois governor scandal before inauguration. 12/29/2008 CNN: OBAMA could inherit Gaza crisis. Israel says it’s “all out war” with Hamas. 12/30 Drudge: World Waits for Obama to Voice His Opinion on Gaza. 1/1 Drudge: Congress faces “tense” start. 1/3 TimesOnline: Obama will be first president to manage an empire in decline. 1/4 CNN: Because of investigation, Bill Richardson bows out as Commerce nominee. 1/20 Yahoo: Obama steps into history as first black president. Washington Post: Barack Obama Sworn in as U.S. President. NY Times: Obama is Sworn in as 44th President. CNN: Obama raises hand, lifts a nation.   The SATURN-URANUS opposition will continue to create UNREST in various parts of the world. People will respond in extraordinary ways, many rebellious, with the reasons lost in the acts. This pattern separates in MARCH and returns again in SEPTEMBER, separating in OCTOBER, and returning to an exact opposition twice again in 2010. Keywords: UNREST, DRAMATIC CHANGE and REVOLUTIONARY ADVANCEMENT!1/1 Yahoo: Israel kills top Hamas figure, escalating campaign. Drudge: Hamas fires 45 rockets. 1/2 Yahoo: Israel destroys Hamas homes, flattens Gaza Mosque. Drudge: Hamas vows suicide attacks on ‘Zionists everywhere.’ Yahoo:  Police: 30 die in suicide bombing. Muslims around the world protest Gaza assault. Sri Lanka says troops have captured rebel capital. 1/2 CNN: Israel bomb as tanks wait near Gaza. Drudge: Israel set to launch Gaza ground war overnight. 1/3 Yahoo: Israeli ground forces enter GAZA in escalation. Somali insurgents take over three police stations. 1/4 Yahoo: Israeli forces bisect Gaza, surround biggest city. 1/5 NY Times: Gunmen in Greece Attack Policemen. Pakistan is Given Evidence by India on Mumbai Attacks. 1/8 CNN: Riots erupt in Oakland after young father shot by policeman is laid to rest. Drudge: Attack on Israel from Lebanon threatens second front. Escalating violence among adults at Chuck E. Cheese; ‘Disturbing, bizarre trend…’ Reuters: U.N. Agency halts work in Gaza as death toll tops 700. 1/9 NY Times: Illinois House Impeaches Governor Blagojevich. 1/22 Yahoo: Sri Lanka allegedly shelled safe zone, killing 67 and injuring scores of others. 1/31 Yahoo: Gaza militants fire rockets into Israel…again yet! And again during this transit on 2/7 Yahoo: Israeli jets hit targets in Gaza. CNN: 23 killed at Madagascar protest outside palace. 2/8 CNN: Sri Lanka says 10,000 civilians flee fighting between government forces and Tamil rebels in the north. 2/9 Yahoo: Female suicide bomber kills 28 in Sri Lanka.   2/11 CNN: Israel rivals both claim win for presidency. AND Two orbiting satellites collide 500 miles up! 2/13 Yahoo: More than 40 Hutu rebels killed in Congo air raid.  There have been an unusual number of airplane crashes during this time frame, which I feel need to be attributed to the SATURN-URANUS opposition…including the one on the Hudson River. 2/9 CNN: Plane crash in Brazil in the Amazon River kills 24. 2/13 Drudge: Fireball: Plane nose dives into house in Buffalo, Continental flight from Newark, 50 dead, including 9/11 widow. Yahoo: Flight crash lands in London, 1 taken to hospital. 2/17 Yahoo: Guadeloupe strikers block roads, close airport on French Caribbean island, burn cars and buildings and clash with police on Martinique too. 2/18 Yahoo: Copter carrying 18 crashes off Scotland. 2/25 Yahoo: 9 dead in Turkish plane crash in Amsterdam. 2/28 Yahoo: Small plane crashes in Louisiana. 3/1 Yahoo: l,000 guards charged in Bangladesh mutiny massacre. 3/10 CNN: China-US confrontation on the high seas. Drudge: Tensions rising as North Korea cuts off hotline; Pyongyang preparing to test fire missile…NKorea puts troops on alert, warns of war danger. 3/12 CNN: Chopper ditches in frigid Atlantic with 18 aboard. Drudge: Debris scare forces astronauts to evacuate Space Station. 3/22 CNN: FAA: 14 killed in Montana plane crash, 7 children in cemetery crash. FedEx cargo plane crashes at Tokyo Airport, 2 dead. 5/27 Yahoo: NKorea threatens to attack US, SKorea warships. Drudge: Russia Fears NKorea Conflict Could Go Nuke! 2/28 Yahoo: U.S. SKorea militaries gird NKorean provocation. 5/29 Yahoo: NKorea test-fires missile, slams Security Council. 6/1 CNN: Missing Air France Airbus flying from Rio to Paris reported electrical problems over the Atlantic with 228 people aboard. Drudge: ‘Probably struck by lightning.’ 6/3 CNN: Air France wreckage found in the Atlantic. 6/4 Yahoo: Air France says no hope of survivors in Atlantic, 228 perished, the cause still mysterious. 6/17 World News: The riots and demonstrations involving IRAN’s election is part of the Saturn-Uranus opposition through the end of 2010…out with the old and in with the new. Things will never be the same in Iran with the revolutionary patterns electronics is taking that immediately transmit news all around the world. CNN: Iran threatens websites reporting on protests. (Sooner rather than later the world will dramatically change by bringing abuse and injustice out into the light for everyone to see!) Time: Twitter is the medium of the movement. 6/18 Drudge: NKorea plans ‘to fire missile toward Hawaii.’ 6/21 Drudge: Security forces clash with thousands of protestors in IRAN. Reuters: Iran blames “terrorists” for clashes. 6/22 Yahoo: North Korea threatens to harm U.S. if attacked. CNN: Four-story building collapses in Brooklyn. 6/24 Drudge: NKorea threatens annihilation of USA; World anticipates missile. 6/28 Yahoo: Soldiers seize Honduran president, seize palace. Iranian police clash with up to 3,000 protestors.  6/30 Yahoo: Plane with 153 crashes off Comoros in the Indian Ocean, child rescued. Freight train derails in Italy, kills 12, burns 50. 7/4 Yahoo: South Korea says North fires 7 missiles off east coast. Iranian hardliners call opposition leader U.S. agent.  There’s something weird going on with trains lately. Metro crashes, etc.: 7/5 CNN: Monorail crash at Disney World kills driver. 7/5  Drudge: China riots: 140 people killed as Muslim separatists go on rampage. Deadliest protests since Tiananmen. Internet cut. 7/7 Yahoo: Armed mobs spread strife in China’s west. 7/8 Drudge: Treasury Dept, Secret Service Hit by Cyber Attack. (Uranus rules technology and Saturn is moving into the opposition! The young rebels against the establishment! ) Government websites suffer attacks by unknown hackers. Yahoo: Clerical discontent challenges Iran’s leader. 7/9 Drudge: Iran: Thousands protest against mullahs, defying crackdown vow. 7/11 Yahoo:  China raises death toll from ethnic riots to 184. 7/15 Yahoo: Nearly 170 killed in Iran plane crash. CONFLICTING REPORTS: CNN: Jet crash kills 168, creates huge crater. Drudge: GUNSHOTS FIRED ON CAPITOL HILL…up to 15 shots. Capitol Police officer shoots 35-year-old man….developing… (The maniacs are on the loose again!) 7/17 Yahoo: Suicide blast at Jakarta Ritz Marriot Kills 8. 7/19 CNN: 44 hurt after light rail cars collide in San Francisco. This is the 3rd major transit accident since May! 7/24 CNN: Passenger plane skids off runway in IRAN, at least 17 dead. 4 helicopter crash victims in Maryland were returning from youth event. 7/25 CNN: 5 badly injured in Oklahoma City plane crash.8/4 New York Post: Wrong-Way Taconic Driver Was Drunk on Vodka and High in Crash that Killed 8. 8/8 NY Times: Helicopter and Small Plane Collide over Hudson River, 9 feared dead. (The aspects are dangerous through October. PLEASE TAKE EXTRA CARE IN ALL MATTERS.) 8/9 CNN: 40 inmates hospitalized in California prison riot. 8/15 CNN: 19 killed in Mexican prison riot. 8/22 4 Kentucky inmates hospitalized after prison riots.  9/3 Yahoo: Gunman broke into a drug rehab center and northern Mexico and shot 17 people dead. (The SATURN-URANUS opposition is direct SEPTEMBER 15. Expect madness this month!) Drudge: Taxi Cab Explodes near Times Square in New York City. 9/4 CNN: 5 killed in China unrest as authorities battle over syringe stabbings. 9/9 NY Times: Hijacked AeroMexico Jet Lands in Mexico City. The plane was reported carrying 104 passengers. Drudge: Update: Hijacked passengers freed from plane in Mexico. 9/11 Drudge: Panic on 9/11 anniversary in DC: Gunshots on the Potomac River, Coast Guard challenges suspicious vehicle. 9/13 CNN: Hundreds arrested in deadly Uganda riots. Drudge: HORROR: 6 dead after elevator plunge in Hong Kong skyscraper. 9/19 NY Times: Despite Warning, Thousands Rally in Iran. 9/19 CNN: Camera captures fatal Mexico subway shooting. (Madness reigns lately!)July 16, 2009: SOTOMAYOR (1) will be confirmed. Eventually, Obama will appoint THREE JUSTICES to the SUPREME COURT during his two terms.4/9/2010 Drudge: Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens retiring. 5/10 Yahoo: Obama taps Elena Kagan to give court historic 3rd female. (This is #2.) 8/5 NY Times: Senate confirms Elena Kagan as U.S. Supreme Court Justice by 63-37. (#2)June 22, NEW MOON IN CANCER: There is a great deal of SABER-RATTLING these days as the URANUS-SATURN OPPOSITION continues, even though the aspect appears to be wide at this time. What is happening with the IRAN election is one aspect of this planetary transit. With, according to the Drudge Report, Al Qaeda claiming it will use Pakistani nukes on the USA. AND NORTH KOREA warning it will harm the USA if attacked.   Unrest in the world will continue for the next few years, which will be upsetting to the nervous and digestive systems of many individuals! My distrust is stronger with North Korea than Iran, since that nation has been cut off from the rest of the world for so many years. FANATICISM is not good in any religious or political expression in the West or the East. Fanaticism expresses hate and creates unrest and division. This is why the Master Jesus spoke of following the straight and narrow way and the Buddha taught the Middle Path. Extremism and fanaticism grant power to darkness and create evil in the world. Of course, it is all the working out of Individual, National, and World Karma, but that does not necessarily guarantee harmony and peace of mind! 7/8/2009: Kim the leader of North Korea, could die before this year ends! He is not a well man. 7/12 Yahoo: Report: North Korea’s Kim has pancreatic cancer.    1/4 The HAMAS will no longer control GAZA. Their rule there will soon be over.1/10 Yahoo: Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation. 2/13 Yahoo: The Hamas says long-term truce with Israel imminent, but new attacks by both sides strain the prospects of a truce. 5/31 Yahoo: 6 dead in battle between Hamas, Palestinian police.Expect a true RAINBOW COALITION to run the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA under the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. The dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is coming true. OBAMA is in for two terms!5/26 Yahoo: Obama appoints first Hispanic female Sonia Sotomayer to Supreme Court. Her response: “The most humbling honor.” 8/6 NY Times: Senate Confirms Judge Sonia Sotomayor as Supreme Court Justice. First Supreme Court Justice of Hispanic descent.  SCANDALS IN HIGH PLACES will be fairly constant this year.1/9 CNN: Baltimore mayor faces corruption counts. WBALTV: Dixon indicted on corruption charges. Sheriff jailed over $$$$ meant for inmates’ meals. Drudge: Ryan O’Neil pleads guilty to drug charge. 1/16 Drudge: Rogue FBI agent who inspired The Departed jailed for 40 years for killing witness. 1/18 Drudge:  Florida Hedge-Fund Manager Disappears; Clients Report Missing Money. 1/23 NY Times: Bruno (former NY Senate majority leader) Faces Mail and Wire Fraud Charges. 1/26 CNN: Disgraced pastor Haggard facing new sex allegations. 1/30 NY Times: Peanut Recall Leads to Criminal Investigation. 3/4 Drudge Report: Pop Brother Defends; Holocaust Controversy Spirals. Vatican: Denier must recant. Call for Pope to step down. 2/9 NY Times: Rodriguez  Admits He Used a Substance, but that he has not used performance-enhancing substances since 2003. 2/11 Drudge: Eight arrested in Michael Phelps marijuana case. 2/12 CNN: Man kills himself over Madoff losses! (Another one!) 2/14 Yahoo: British investor in Madoff scheme kills himself. 2/15 NY Times: Inquiry on Graft Focuses on U.S. Officers. 2/23 CNN: Feds: Corrupt judges jailed teens for cash. 2/24 Washington Post: Fellow Illinois Senator Suggests Burris Should Resign. 3/2 Yahoo/AP Newsbreak: CIA destroyed 92 interrogation tapes. 3/12 CNN: 81 cars missing, 3 execs held in Nebraska car dealerships. 3/22 CNN: Chinese-made drywall ruining Florida homes, owners say, emits smelly gasses. 3/23 Drudge: Sylvia Plath’s son commits suicide. 3/31 CNN: Another sex scandal rocks Oprah’s school. Drudge: Veteran TV News reporter arrested for DWI after allegedly colliding with NYPD horse. 4/2 CNN: Former Illinois governor Blagojevich indicted on 16 more felony charges. 4/13 CNN: Phil Specter is convicted of 2nd-degree murder; no bail. Mel Gibson’s wife files for divorce. 4/25 CNN: Source: $20M in clients’ cash missing in suicide-murder case in Baltimore hotel. Clients fear their life savings is gone. (Another cowardly con man!) 5/6 Drudge: Paula Abdul admits to 12-year-long drug addiction. 5/7 Drudge: Computer sold on ebay ‘had details of top missile defense system.’ (I wasn’t sure where to put this one!) 5/7 CNN: Kiefer Sutherland charged with assault. 5/14 Drudge: SEIZED: Billionaire’s boat stuffed with dead exotic animals. Scientist arrested for smuggling vials with Ebola research. 5/19 CNN: UK official quits over expense claims scandal. 5/22 Drudge: Politicians in UK at breaking point over expense expose. Suicide fears…  5/23 Yahoo: Ex-SKorean leader Roh leaps to death over scandal. 5/27 Drudge: Bodies left at vacant Indiana funeral home since 2006! 6/3 Drudge/The Daily Telegraph: British government on point of collapse as another minister quits. Disarray in Downing Street as UK polls exposed. 6/4 Reuters: SEC accuses Mozilo of $140 million in insider trader profits. 6/7 CNN: 5 US contractors held in American’s killing. 6/11 Drudge: Murder at Holocaust Museum. 6/15 Drudge: Senate Democrat Dick Durbin cashed out after big stock crash … after meeting with Fed, Treasury chiefs. 6/19 Drudge: Mafia blamed for $134B fake Treasury Bills. AND Aide: Husband of Ensign’s ex-mistress sought cash, making exorbitant demands in his bribe. Reuters: Texas billionaire Allen Stanford, three associates, and a top Caribbean regulator were indicted on fraud, conspiracy and obstruction charges in an elaborate $7B pyramid scheme to bilk investors. 6/24 Drudge: Iowa High School football coach gunned down in weight room by former player. 6/27 Yahoo: Madoff and wife ordered to forfeit $171 billion. 6/28 CNN: Baby dies, Thorton’s daughter indicted. Metro: Members of House Financial Services Committee snapped up or dumped stocks as the bottom fell out of the market…Republicans and Democrats. 6/29 NY Times: Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years in Prison. Drudge: He stole from the rich…he stole from the poor…he stole from the in-between. 7/6 CNN: Ex-NFL star McNair’s death ruled homicide. 7/7 CNN: Former skating champ, Nicole Bobek, pleads not guilty in drug ring probe. 7/9 CNN: Sheriff: Bodies dug up and dumped, plots resold in Illinois. McNair death: murder-suicide! (I knew she did it!)   Drudge: Senator paid $96K to mistress’ family. 7/11 CNN: Desecrated cemetery declared crime scene. NY Times: Cheney Linked to C.I.A. Concealment of Terror Program.  7/23 CNN: About 30 people, including mayors and several rabbis, were arrested on corruption probe in New Jersey. Autopsy shows Peterson’s third wife was killed. 8/19 Washington Post: Swiss Bank UBS to Divulge 4,450 Account Names. (I somehow don’t feel this is right!) FOXNEWS: Michael Jackson’s doctor to be charged with manslaughter. 8/24 NY Times: Justice Department Report Advises Pursuing C.I.A. Abuse Cases. CNN: Michael Jackson’s body contained lethal levels of propofol when he died. Coroner’s rules Jackson’s death a homicide. 8/28 NY Times: Abuse Issue Puts the C.I.A. and Justice Department at Odds. 9/4 Yahoo: U.S. Embassy fires 8 guards in lewdness scandal. 9/11 Yahoo: Taiwan ex-president Chen given life term for graft. 9/15 NY Times: House Votes 240-179 to Rebuke Senator Wilson Over Outburst…disputing President Obama’s address to Congress with, ‘You lie!’ (Who wants a Senator with that kind of character? I seriously doubt his re-election!) 9/18 Drudge: Bush cabinet official subject of corruption probe…Justice Dept. investigating former Interior Secretary Gale Norton’s ties to oil company.  10/8 Drudge: Teacher steals students’ lunch money! NY Times: Brooke Astor’s Son, Anthony D. Marshall, Found Guilty in Scheme to Defraud His Mother…more than a dozen charges, including grand larceny, which has mandatory prison sentence.  11/5 NY Times: Bernard B. Kerik, New York City’s Former Police Commissioner, Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case. (Ain’t politics grand?!?) 11/10 NY Times: News Alert: Blackwater Approve $1 Million in Iraqi Payments After ’07 Shootings of 17 Iraqi civilians….HUSH MONEY! (What about war crimes? GEEZ!!!) 11/24 Drudge: S.C. governor faces 37 charges he broke state ethics law. 11/28 CNN: Irish Catholic Priest admits abusing 100 children. 12/1 Washington Post: Baltimore mayor convicted on 1 charge of taking gift card’s intended for city’s poor.  12/7 NY Times: Bruno, Former Albany Leader, Convicted of Corruption. 12/11 NY Times: Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret Raids by C.I.A. 12/21 NY Times: Brooke Astor’s son, 85, sentenced to prison for siphoning off millions from his mother’s estate.  12/18/2010 CNN: NY priest defrocked for abusing child.A WOMAN OF STRONG CHARACTER rises to GREAT POWER and is both envied and admired. 12/30 NBC-TV: Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON is voted the most ADMIRED woman in America! Kudos, Hillary!!! She’s certainly powerful, and I’m certain she’s envied!  9/17/2011 Drudge/Bloomberg: Clinton popularity prompts buyer’s remorse. “The most popular political figure in America today is one rejected by her political party three years ago.” (She should have been president before Obama, with him next. That’s my opinion! She should still be president, in fact!)  11/30/2011: CNN: Clinton set to opens doors in Myanmar (Burma). Reuters: In historic MYANMAR visit, Clinton to urge reform. Drudge: S&P downgrades dozens of global banks.June 14, 2009: In my opinion, NORTH KOREA is a much greater threat to world peace and harmony than IRAN. The North Koreans have been cut off from the rest of the civilized world for many years. Their mindset is like that of a civilization from another hostile planet.Yahoo: NKorea warns of nuclear war amid rising tensions. 1/26/2013: News media: NORTH KOREA is threatening war again!HILLARY CLINTON will be an impressive and effective SECRETARY OF STATE.12/31 Drudge: Move, Merkel: ‘Hillary named the most powerful woman in the world.’ 1/15 Drudge: Senate panel backs Clinton as secretary of state. 1/21 NY Times: Senate confirms HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON as SECRETARY OF STATE. 3/3 Yahoo: Clinton: U.S. to support Palestinian state. 3/7 Yahoo: Clinton: US officials holding talks in Syria. 6/17 Drudge: Hillary with 8 of her living predecessors. 8/6 CNN: Hillary Clinton racking up highest grades.  12/30 NBC-TV: Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON is voted the most ADMIRED woman in America! Kudos, Hillary!!! 1/11/2010 Washington Post: ‘Hillary Effect’ cited for increase in female ambassadors to the U.S. (Congrats, Secretary Clinton!) It has always been my intuitive sense that John McCain will never be president of the United States. It is also my sense that Sarah Palin will never be president or vice president of the United States.12/12/2008: CNN: Palin split GOP, Colin Powell says. 5/11 CNN: Palin isn’t future of GOP, Republicans say. 7/5 Drudge: Maureen Dowd trashes ‘nutty’ Palin. 7/6 Drudge: Palin takes to Web for hints of political future. My advice: Stay home and tend to your husband and 5 children!)President BARACK OBAMA will do an excellent job of governing the people of the United States of America. He will also be warmly welcomed by the leaders of many nations all around the world.1/21 CNN: Obama promises ‘new era of openness.’ President Obama signed several executive orders setting ethic guidelines for his staff. “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of his presidency,” Obama said. 1/29 NY Times: House Passes Stimulus Plan Despite GOP Opposition. 2/7 Yahoo: Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan on Track in Senate. 2/23 NY Times: Poll Shows Broad Support for Obama’s Leadership. 4/8 Drudge: Fidel Castro: ‘How can we help President Obama?’ Report: Half of all US citizens were Hispanic in 2008. 5/16 CNN: Obama Picks Republican Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. as Ambassador to China. 7/7 Yahoo: Obama asks Russians to forge partnership with U.S. 9/8 Drudge: Obama to seal US-UN relationship: First American president to chair Security Council. 9/27 CNN: Ticker: Ex-Bush aide raves about Obama. 10/9 NY Times: President Barack Obama awarded Nobel Prize for Peace. 12/10 NY Times: Accepting Nobel Peace Prize, Obama Evokes ‘Just war.’President Obama’s CABINET is going to shine and be the talk of the planet!12/19 CNN: AC360: The Obama Cabinet ─ most promising in decades. 1/8 Washington Post: Obama Assembles Powerful West Wing.Up and down go the STOCK MARKETS. The roller coaster ride continues early in 2009.1/2 CNN: Wall Street starts year with a bang! Stocks rallied and Dow closed above 9,000 first time since November. 1/7 NY Times: Stocks Slide on Earnings Gloom; Crude Oil Down 12%. Real estate mogul dead from suicide. 1/9 Drudge: Stocks drop, worst week since November. 1/14 DOW down 248 points, closed at 8,200. 1/18 Reuters: Two U.S. banks fail, first casualties in 2009. Lending thaw may yet return to deep freeze. 1/20 CNN: Dow slumps below 8,000. 1/21 CNN: Big rally on Wall Street. Up and down and away we go! 1/26 CNN: 68,000 jobs lost in one day. 1/30 Drudge: Worst January on record for stocks. 2/10 CNN: Wall Street’s bailout thumbs down: Dow falls 382 points. 2/17 Drudge: Dow enters 10 year low….oil slips below $35 barrel. 2/23 CNN: Stocks close at lowest point since 1997. 2/24 NY Times: Dow rises more than 235 points, 3.3%. Up and down and around we go! 3/2 Yahoo: Dow falls below 7,000 as worries about banks mount. 3/3 Yahoo: Wall Street heads for modest bounce after big drop. 3/11 CNN: Stocks see biggest gains of 2009! 3/16 Yahoo: Wall Street continues rally on Bernanke comments. Bernanke says recession could end in 2009! (I agree!) 3/23 Drudge: World markets surge ahead of bank asset plans. NY Times: Dow Leaps 497 points on Enthusiasm Over Treasury Plan. 4/2 CNN: Dow hits 8,000! Stocks make it a 3 day rally. 4/7 CNN: Stocks take a second step back. 4/10 Drudge: Bank profit rocks Wall Street. 4/15 CNN: Dow stages late 100-point rally. 4/17 CNN: Stocks end week at two-month high. 4/20 NY Times: S & P down more than 4% as financial fears return. 4/29 CNN: Stocks hit multi-month highs after the Federal Reserve held interest rates steady, as expected. Says economic outlook has improved. 5/1 CNN: Stocks rise for the day and week. 6/2 Reuters: Big investors in no hurry to quit stock rally. 7/24 Drudge: Dow Average Posts Best Two week Rally Since 2000. 7/30 CNN: Stocks reach 8-month highs. 8/7 Drudge: Stock Hit 2009 High! 8/28 Drudge: Best 6 month rally for stocks since 1933!  9/8 CNN: Nasdaq reaches 11 month high. 9/9 CNN: Nasdaq and S&P 500 at 2009 High. 9/11 Drudge: Freak: Dow Jones 9605 today – Dow Jones 9605 on September 10, 2001. 9/16 CNN: Stocks spike to 1-year highs! (Look for 10,000 really soon!) 11/9 CNN: Stocks spike to new 2009 high. 12/21 CNN: Dow jumps 100 points. 12/31 Drudge: Dow ends year up nearly 19%! 1/1/2010 Reuters: Wall Street closes out ’09 with best gains since 2003!1/4/2009:It would be foolish to predict more CARNAGE in IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN, which is almost daily, but the waste and radical religious extremism will continue, perhaps indefinitely, even after the U.S. is no longer a part of the process.Yahoo: Iraq army says female bomber kills at least 35. 1/8 Yahoo: Official: Attack on U.S. patrol kills 5 in Afghanistan. U.S. Military deaths in Iraq at 4,223. 1/29 Yahoo: Three political candidates slain in IRAQ. 2/1 CNN: 43 civilians die in Taliban crossfire. 2/2 Yahoo: Bomber in police uniform kills 21 Afghan policemen. 2/3 Yahoo: Iraq: Woman arrested for recruiting female bombers. 2/9 Yahoo: 4 US soldiers killed by suicide car bomb in Iraq (on this eclipse). 2/11 Yahoo: Attacks on Afghan government buildings kill 19. 2/11 Drudge: Suicide bombers kill dozens in Iraq. 2/13 Yahoo: Iraqi police: Female suicide bomber kills 40. 3/8 Yahoo: 12K US troops to leave Iraq by fall; bomb kills 32 at entrance of Baghdad’s police academy. 3/17 Yahoo: 7 Afghan militants killed in US-led coalition raid. (Too many to list them all!) 3/30 Yahoo: Suicide bomber in police uniform kills 9 Afghans. 4/6 Yahoo: String of bombings in Baghdad kill 21, wound 64. 4/10 CNN: Five US soldiers killed in Iraq bombing. 4/23 CNN: Bombings kill more than 70 in Iraq. 4/24 Yahoo: Iraqi police: 55 dead in double bombing.4/29 Yahoo: Car bombs kill at least 41 in Baghdad’s Shiite district. 5/2 Drudge: April deadliest month for US in Iraq in 7 months. 5/11 NY Times: Five US Soldiers Killed on Military Base in Iraq, apparently shot by one of their own. (War is a terrible thing that twists the minds of many. I expect many who return to do terrible things because of the horrors of War. Please get our soldiers out of Iraq and Afghanistan! I don’t see how these wars can be won! I hope I’m wrong!) 5/20 CNN: 34 die in bombing in Baghdad restaurant. 5/26 Yahoo: US says roadside bomb in Iraq kills 3 Americans.5/30 Yahoo: 56 die in Afghan violence: bomb targets Afghan government. 5/31 Yahoo: 18 Taliban killed in western Afghanistan fighting. 6/2 Reuters: U.S. combat troops to leave all Iraqi cities (maybe this will save some of our troops!) 6/4 Yahoo: 3 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan bomb attack. 6/10 Yahoo: Car bomb in Iraq’s south kills 29 people. 6/20 Yahoo: Truck bomb kills at least 30 in northern Iraq.  60 killed by suicide bombers, 200 wounded in Iraq. 6/21: Yahoo: Rockets hit U.S. base in Afghanistan, 2 troops killed. 6/22 Yahoo: Bomb kills 21 in Iraq as violence intensifies. 6/24 CNN: 55 people killed in Baghdad blasts. 6/25 Yahoo: Police say bomb kills 7 in southwest Baghdad. 6/2 Yahoo: Motorcycle bomb kills 15 in Baghdad market. 6/30 Yahoo: 4 U.S. soldiers killed during Iraq cities pullout. 7/3 Yahoo: 2 US troops die in attack on base in Afghanistan. 7/9 CNN: Bombing kills 25 in Afghanistan. 7/12 CNN: 2 US Marines killed in Iraq. 6 Baghdad churches bombed, 4 dead. 7/17 Drudge: July deadliest month in Afghan war, with at least 48 international forces, including 24 Americans, killed in Afghanistan this month. 7/19 Yahoo: Helicopter crash at Afghan base kills 16. 7/31 Yahoo: Police: 28 killed in bombings near Baghdad mosques. UN: Civilian deaths up 24% in Afghanistan. 8/3 CNN: Bomb kills 12, hurts 32 in Afghanistan.  8/10 Yahoo: Bomb targeting Shiites in Iraq kills at least 48. 8/11 Yahoo: Iraqi police say bomb blasts kill 8 and wound 22. US NATO deaths from Afghan bombings spike 6-fold. 8/12 NY Times: Shiites in Iraq Show Restraint as Sunnis Keep Attacking. 8/15 Yahoo: 7 die, 91 wounded in blast near NATO HG in Kabul. 8/18 Yahoo: Bomb attack kills 7 in Kabul, UN staff among dead. 8/19 Yahoo. Wave of Baghdad blasts kills at least 75. 3 militants die on eve of Afghanistan presidential vote. msnbc: Militants raid Kabul bank, battle troops. Washington Post: MAJORITY IN POST-ABC POLL SAY AFGHAN WAR NOT WORTH FIGHTING. 8/20 CNN: 26 killed in Afghan election violence. 8/25 Yahoo: Car bomb blasts in Afghanistan kills at least 41. 8/27 Yahoo: August tied for deadliest month on Afghanistan.  9/12 NY Times: Wave of Attacks Engulfs Afghanistan…bombings, ambushes and killings swept across Afghanistan on Friday, seeming to emphasize the ability of the Taliban and other insurgents to carry out attacks from areas under their control. (The idiocy and barbarism of war!)  9/16 Science Daily: Iraq Troops’ PTSD Rate as High as 35%, Analysis Finds.  9/17 CNN: Afghanistan blast kills at least 16. 10/14 Yahoo:  Government says 85,000 Iraqis killed 2004-2008. 10/25 Ny Times: Car bombs exploded killing scores in the powerful blast in downtown Baghdad, at least 100 killed. 10/27 NY Times: 8 American troops killed in Afghanistan bombing in the south. 10/28 CNN: 6 U.N. staffers die in Taliban attack. Drudge: U.S. official resigns over Afghan war; No longer knows why his nation is fighting. 11/11 NY Times:U.S. ambassador dissents on Afghan troop increase…The U.S. ambassador in Kabul sent two classified cables to Washington in the last week expressing deep concerns about sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan until Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s government demonstrates that it is willing to tackle the corruption and mismanagement that has fueled the Taliban’s rise, said senior U.S. officials. Yahoo: Official: OBAMA WON’T TAKE ANY CURRENT WAR OPTIONS. (All Hail the President!!!) But then he did, sadly! 12/24 CNN: Blast kills 26 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq. 12/30 Reuters: Bomb kills more than 30 in Iraq. 12/31 CNN: 8 Americans, 5 Canadians dead in suicide bomb attack on CIA in Afghanistan.A STRIKE by the ACTORS will prove a disaster not to be resolved before APRIL. They should strive to reach a reasonable settlement without a strike. 12/16 Variety: Stars send anti-strike letter to SAG. A-listers cite weakening economy as incentive. 12/18 Drudge/Yahoo: Film workers protest against strike at SAG meeting. (7/30: I’m so glad they haven’t gone on strike to date!)The ECONOMY will be up and down and IMPROVE GREATLY by the end of this year. I see no doom and gloom in this respect.1/2 Yahoo: World markets ease into 2009 with solid gains. 1/20 Drudge: UK faces ‘possibility of bankruptcy.’ Oil declines below $33 a barrel. 1/27 CNN: Unemployment sweeps nation. 1/29 Drudge: Americans receiving jobless benefits hits record. FRENCH strike nationwide over economic crisis. RUSSIA’S second biggest bank seeks bailout. 1/30 Yahoo: Exxon Mobile shatters US record for annual profit. Economy shrinks at 3.8 percent pace in 4Q.  2/1 Drudge: Florida, Maryland and Utah banks seized amid deepening financial crisis. 2/5 Drudge: Wal-Mart’s sales rise. Bank of England cuts rates to historic low of 1%. 2/12 Yahoo: New Jobless claims drop slightly to 623K. Retail sales rise unexpectedly in January. Economic stimulus pack on track for final votes. 2/13 Washington Post: House Passes Compromise Economic Stimulus Bill with no Republican Support. 2/14 Washington Post: Senate Passes $787B Stimulus Package. 2/15 CNN: World’s richest countries pledge to fix economy. 2/24 Drudge: Bernanke Hope: Recession will end this year. 3/2 NY Times: U.S. Said to Offer $30B More to Help A.I.G. and Growing Economic Crisis Threatens Idea of One Europe. and Ukraine Teeters as Citizens Blame Banks and Government. 3/5 Yahoo: New jobless claim unexpectedly drop to 639K. 3/30 Drudge: Spanish government takes over troubled bank. 4/12 Drudge: 2 more banks fail, lifting this year’s tally to 23. 4/13 NY Times: Goldman posts profits and will raise $5B. 4/16 Drudge: JP Morgan Chase wants to repay government rescue funds ‘tomorrow’ … developing. Foreclosures 46% higher than a year ago. 4/17 Yahoo: Citigroup, GE post better than expected earnings. 5/5 CNN Money: Bernanke: Economy is stabilizing. 5/7 Drudge: $58: Oil prices jump to new six month high. 5/20 NY Times: Oil Prices Close Above $60, a Six-Month High. 5/21 Washington Post: Wider Confidence Lifts Economy From Winter’s Deep, Dark Freeze. 6/1 CNN: GM files for bankruptcy. 6/2 Reuters: Exclusive: Global consumer confidence stabilizing. CNN: Ford sales highest since July ’08. 6/4: Reuters: US jobless rates fall again, productivity rises. Wal-Mart to add 22,000 jobs in US. 6/5 345,000 US jobs lost in May, unemployment rate jumps to 9.4%, but this is a sharp reduction in the pace of job losses. 6/11 CNN: Jobless claims sink by 24,000. Reuters: Fresh data suggests recession abating. May U.S. foreclosures third highest on record. 6/18 Yahoo: Total U.S. jobless rolls drop sharply to nearly 6.7M.  6/20 Drudge: 8 states see record unemployment rates in May. 6/25 Yahoo: Economy dips at slightly lower pace in 1st quarter. 7/6 NY Times: Volatile Swings in Price of Oil Stir Fears on Recovery. 7/10 Yahoo: AP Source: GM emerges from bankruptcy. 7/14 Yahoo: Wholesale prices, retail sales rise in June. Goldman Sachs earnings easily surpass expectations. 7/16 Yahoo: JPMorgan 2nd quarter profit jumps 36%, topping forecasts. 7/20 Yahoo: Economic indicators up more than expected in June. 7/31 Yahoo: Recession eases: GDP dip smaller than expected. 8/5 Yahoo: Factory orders unexpectedly increased in June. 8/6 CNN: Jobless claims fall. 8/7 CNN: Jobless rate falls for first time in a year! 8/13 NY Times: Feds View Recession as Near an End. 8/18 Yahoo: Wholesale prices drop more than expected in July. CNN: GM is bringing back 1,350 workers! 8/25 Yahoo: Consumer sentiment improves, home prices rise. 8/27 Yahoo: GDP declines 1% in second quarter, better than expected. New jobless claims and total benefit rolls drop. 8/28 Reuters: Intel raises revenue outlook, shares rise.  8/31 NY Times: All Big Banks Repay Bailout Money, U.S. Sees a Profit. 9/4 Yahoo: Unemployment rises to 9.7%.  9/29 NY Times: The Commerce Department reports that the GDP rises at an annual rate of 3.5% 11/2 NY Times: Ford Posts an Unexpected Profit of $97 Million. 11/12 NY Times: Wal-Mart Profit up 3.2% but Key Indicator Slips. 11/21 NY Times: New Consensus sees Stimulus Package as Worthy Step…variety of economists say stimulus legislation is helping an economy in free fall a year ago to grow again and shed fewer jobs than it would otherwise. 12/4 NY Times: News Alert: U.S. Jobless Rate Falls to 10%. 12/5 NY Times: Jobs Report is Strongest Since the Start of the Recession. 12/11 Yahoo: ECONOMIC NEWS RAISES HOPES FOR GLOBAL RECOVERY. 12/13 CNN: Economists: Jobless rates falling slowly. Drudge: Top Economic Adviser: ‘Recession is over’ … Jobs by Spring! 12/14 NY Times: Citigroup reaches deal to repay $20 Billion in bailout money. 12/16 Yahoo: November housing construction up 8.9%. 12/31 Washington Post: Jobless claims fall unexpectedly as layoffs ease.Expect a SEVERE WINTER in the Northern Hemisphere12/15/2008 CNN: Winter weather hits northern U.S. Cars slip, slide, smoosh in the snow. 12/18 CNN: ‘Unbelievable’ snow in Las Vegas, Nevada. Drudge: Biggest snow in 30 years. Chicago: One foot. Freak: Snow in Malibu, California. Drudge: Storms Target Major Cities Coast to Coast. 12/19 Drudge: Winter storm races from Midwest to Northeast. 12/20 Drudge: Skiers’ lament: Aspen’s snow keeps coming, but ‘too cold to enjoy it.’ 12/26 Storm blankets West with snow, ice glazes Midwest. Statewide emergency declared in Washington State. 12/29/2008 Yahoo: Nearly 200,000 without power in Michigan. 1/7 Drudge: 12 dead across Europe from cold temperatures. 1/8 Drudge: Minnesota sled dog race canceled because of too much snow. Extreme Alaska cold grounds planes, disables cars. 1/9 Drudge: Coldest weather possible in nearly 15 years. 1/10 CNN: Avalanche destroys Washington State home. 1/11 CNN: 50-vehicle pile-up clogs snow-covered New Hampshire interstate, including a bus carrying Boy Scouts. 1/13 Yahoo/AP: Sharp cold wave shocks upper Midwest, temps to – 36. 1/14 CNN: Europeans freeze through gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Worst of deep freeze is yet to come. 1/15 CNN: Skin-burning cold sweeps nation. 1/16 Drudge: Dutch Deep Chill, Canals frozen. Russia Warns of Emergency as Siberian Temperatures Dip to -55 C. 1/27 CNN: 5 dead as icy storm moves east. 1/29 CNN: Orlando-Bound Passengers Trapped in Frozen Plane. 1/30 CNN: Winter storm causes massive Kentucky outages. 2/2 Drudge: Britain buried: heaviest snows in 20 years. Snow at STONEHENGE! 2/3 CNN: 3 dead, several hurt in snowy pileup. Drudge: Death toll hits 55 in nation’s ice storm, 24 in Kentucky. Over 470,000 still without power. 2/7 CNN: Rescue underway for scores stuck on ice floe in Lake Erie. LATER: 150 rescued from ice floe on Lake Erie, 1 dead. 2/11 Drudge: 50 below zero sets all-time Maine temperature record. 2/13 Drudge: WILD WINDS: 500,000 without power from Ohio to New York. 2/19 CNN: One dead, 7 hurt from GEORGIA storms. 2/28 CNN: Storms rip through Alabama. 3/1 Drudge: Snow blast hits East. Winter snow warnings issued. CNN: Snow Coasts South: New England braces for 15 inches of snow. 3/2 Washington Post: March’s lion roars through DC area with largest snowstorm in three years. 3/24 Drudge: Blizzard shuts down parts of Wyoming, South Dakota. 3/27 Dangerous weather for the weekend: the PLAINS will see record flooding in the NORTH and a blizzard in the SOUTH; severe storms to impact the DEEP SOUTH. 3/27 CNN: Blizzard warning posted in OKLAHOMA. 4/6 Rain, snow, wind, cold ahead in the Eastern U.S. 4/17 Drudge: DENVER snow blast, up to 24 inches, developing. LAS VEGAS sees latest snowfall on record! 5/31 Drudge: JUNE: Freeze watch issued for many parts of NEW YORK. 6/7 Drudge: NORTH DAKOTA city sees first June snowfall in 60 years. 6/14 Drudge: June’s chill in CHICAGO, coldest since records began. Crops under stress as temperatures fall in various parts of the world. 9/21 Drudge: Snow in Wyoming and Colorado: ‘Fall was canceled and we’ve gone straight to winter.’ 10/7 Drudge: Snow piling up: Idaho school kids enjoy earliest snow day in history. Colorado ski resorts boast earliest opening day in 40 years! 10/8 Drudge: Vegas ski resort to ‘open earlier than it ever has.’ 10/14 Yahoo: California storm spares homes, slows traffic. 10/16 Drudge: Mid-October Snow Shocks Northeast. 10/30 Drudge: More than 2 feet: Record snow blankets COLORADO. Blizzard shifts east, paralyzing plains, closes major highways. 11/12 Yahoo: Waning Ida’s downpours swamp Mid Atlantic Coast. 11/14 Mail Online: Britain battered by 100 mph winds as ‘worst storm of the year’ causes flood chaos across the country. 12/2 Drudge: North Texas awakes to BIG SNOWFLAKES. 12/4 Drudge: Houston earliest snowfall ever. 12/5 Drudge: Michigan sees record snow. 12/9 Yahoo: Heavy snow, wind pounding Midwest, New England. 12/13 Drudge: Rainstorm wallops Southern California. Mudslides. 12/19 NY Times: Major storm moves North!Yahoo News: Paris-London trains suspended after 2,000 stranded. 12/24 CNN: Midwest under winter storm warning. 12/24 Yahoo: Storm turns holiday travel dangerous in Midwest. 12/25 CNN: Holiday blizzard hits much of Midwest…as the dream of a white Christmas turned into a nightmare for many! Blizzard conditions continue on Christmas Day. Drudge: Record setting snow across Oklahoma, Interstates closed.MONUMENTAL FLOODING all around the globe this year:1/8 Massive flooding in the NORTHWEST, especially Washington State. 1/9 CNN: PORTLAND cut off from SEATTLE by floods. Heart patients stranded by floodwaters. 2/7 Flood waters in Australia’s sodden north continue to rise. 3/25 CNN: NORTH DAKOTA braces for historic flooding. 3/26 CNN: Rising rivers put lives on the line in North Dakota. 3/27 CNN: Flooding moves some into evacuation mode in Minnesota. 3/29 CNN: 98 dead in INDONESIA flooding. 3/29 CNN: Red River declining, 2 dead in NORTH DAKOTA. 3/30 Yahoo: Flooding in Fargo eases, but winter storm moves in. 4/14 CNN: NORTH DAKOTA braces for more flooding. 4/24 CNN: Flood forces Eskimos out of village … first of possible several because of climate change. 5/2 Headline News: Heavy flooding in OKLAHOMA in areas never flooded before. 5/22 CNN: 250 rescued from Florida floods. 6/6 Drudge: Storms Flood South Beach, Cars Float Down Streets. 6/11 CNN: Storms flood part of DALLAS. 7/6 CNN: Flash flood sweeps boy 5 into drain pipe. 8/4 CNN: Kentucky streets flooded, drivers trapped. 8/5 CNN: Several animals drown in Louisville as shelter floods, 600 others moved to fairgrounds. 8/9 CNN: 2.9 million people in INDIA have been affected by floods since June.  8/11 Yahoo: Typhoon Morakot creates worse flooding in Taiwan in 50 years: 80 inches of rain in two days. 8/11 Yahoo: Stricken Taiwanese airlifted as 70 killed in storm. 9/9 CNN: Dozens killed as floods hit Turkey. 9/10 CNN: Philippines knee-deep in water. 9/18 CNN: Huge water main bursts, floods neighborhoods in Maryland city. 9/21 CNN: Heavy rain shuts down parts of ATLANTA. Floods kill 2 in rain-soaked Atlanta area. 9/22 CNN: Flood dangers not over for GEORGIA, 8 dead so far. Drudge: Creeks turn into raging rivers in southeast. 9/26 CNN: At least 50 killed in Philippine floods. 9/27 CNN: Philippines faces flood rescue challenges. 9/28 CNN: Philippines flooding swallows homes, kills 140. Rushing flood waters impede daily life in the Philippines. 10/5 CNN: 270 killed in INDIA floods. 10/11 CNN: Flooding, landslides kills 186 in PHILIPPINES. 11/11 CNN: Residents lifted from EL SALVADOR floods, with mudslides devastating many communities. 11/12 Washington Post: Standing waters creates delays in inner loop of beltway near U.S. 50 in Virginia.  CNN: Flooding, severe winds slam Virginia. 11/20 Yahoo: Floods devastate UK Lake District, much of Ireland. 11/25 CNN: Heavy rains flood tents as Muslim Hajj begins in Mecca.  12/9 Washington Post: Flood warning issued for Northern Virginia. 12/18 CNN: Streets flood in South Florida.12/30 CNN: Argentine floods leave 3,000 displaced.There will be CRUISE LINER CRISES in the tropics and in the land of ice.1/1 CNN: Coast Guard searches sea for Carnival Cruise ship employee who fell overboard near Florida’s east coast…never found. 1/16 CNN: Police Search for Elderly Couple Missing from Carnival Cruise Ship. 1/28 NBCTV News: Luxury liner stuck in the ice in St. Lawrence Bay. 2/15 Drudge: Nuke Subs Crash: Brit and French boats collide underwater. 2/18 CNN: Cruise ship grounded off Antarctica. 7/7 Drudge: 150 people fall ill on virus-struck cruise ship in Scotland. 7/17 CNN: Husband charged with killing wife on cruise. 8/8 Yahoo: 86 missing in Tonga ferry sinking. 9/6 Yahoo: 5 dead, 900 rescued from sinking Philippine ferry, 60 missing. 9/10 Yahoo: 221 missing after Sierra Leone boat capsizes. 11/28 Yahoo: Bangladesh ferry capsizes at dock, 37 dead.  Considerable CHANGE IN LAWS that pertain to IMMIGRATION, CORPORATIONS and BUSINESS PRACTICES in general. There will be restructuring from the ground up and the top back down to the very foundation of rules and regulations.12/18/2008 Yahoo: Regulators adopt new credit card rules. 1/30 Washington Post: Senate Passes Health Insurance Bill for Children. 4/30 Yahoo: House passes credit card bill that helps consumer. 5/19 Washington Post: Senate Passes Bill to Restrict Credit Card Company Practices. 5/20 Washington Post: House Passes Credit Card Industry Bill. 7/8 Drudge: California contemplates ultimate reform–no welfare. 6/11 NY Times: Senate Votes to Impose U.S. Regulation on Tobacco. 7/15 Drudge: California Tax Official: Legal pot would take in $1.4 Billion. (I say…legalize all drugs, tax them, and get rid of these awful drug lords, let the people out of prison there on drug and prostitution charges, legalize prostitution too. Charge an entertainment tax! This could clear up lots of financial problems in the government of all states! Making these things illegal is just creating a whole lot of problems. People are going to do what people are going to do!)  8/21 Drudge: Mexico legalizes small scale drug possession. 8/26 CNN: Argentina ruling would allow personal pot use. Smart, I say! 8/27 Drudge: Denver marijuana panel back $1 penalty on small amounts. 10/19 Yahoo: Feds to stop prosecuting medical marijuana users. (About time!) 11/8 NY Times: Sweeping Health Care Plan Passes House. 12/2 Washington Post: NIH authorizes first use of human embryonic stem cells under new policy. 12/11 Washington Post: House votes to overhaul financial regulations in most sweeping reform since the Great Depression. 12/21 CNN: Rules limits passenger time on tarmac. 12/24 Washington Post: Sweeping health care reform passed in the Senate. 1/11 NY Times: New Jersey lawmakers pass medical marijuana bill. 1/12 Drudge: California to consider legalizing marijuana–not just for medical use. (It’s about time it was legal everywhere. Do away with the drug lords getting rich on weed! No more harmful than tobacco or alcohol, and these are legal! And I don’t happen to smoke anything!) 1/6/2011 Drudge: UK drunks to be given ‘booze zone.’ (SEE: We could do this with the hookers and druggies! Pure wisdom!)SEVERE EARTHQUAKES in MOUNTAINOUS REGIONS all around the world.1/2 CNN: QUAKE activity raises fears in YELLOWSTONE. 1/4 Yahoo: Series of powerful quakes kills 4 in INDONESIA (26 earthquakes magnitude5.1 to7.6in two days!) CNN: Strong 6.2 quake hits AFGHANISTAN. 1/5 USGS Quake sheet: 5.6 Gulf of California. More quakes in Indonesia. (Islands are mountaintops!) 1/7 Quake Sheet: 6.1. 5.4 and 4.4 in INDONESIA…the dance of the earth continues in the Ring of Fire. 1/8 NBC-TV: 1 dead in 6.1 magnitude earthquake in COSTA RICA in CENTRAL AMERICA. 1/9 CNN: 14 dead, 22 missing after COSTA RICA quake. Drudge: Heavy snow disrupts Chicago. Madrid travel snarled by deepest snow in years. Rise in avalanches taking tolls at ski resorts. My Way News: Quakes shake loose fears about YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO. USGS 3.3 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK (this is not severe; it’s the constancy of quakes in Yellowstone that is of great concern). 4.5 GREATER LOS ANGELES. 1/10 CNN: 34 dead from COSTA RICA quake. 1/13 Science Daily: Large Earthquakes Trigger a Surge in Volcanic Eruptions.1/15 Powerful 7.4 quake hits in EASTERN RUSSIA near JAPAN, Kuril Islands. 1/18 Quake Sheet: 6.7 quakeKERMADAC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND. 1/19 Quake Sheet: 6.5 AND 6.0 earthquakes SOUTHEAST of LOYALTY ISLANDS, South Pacific Ocean. 1/21 Quake Sheet: 6.3 SOUTHEAST of LOYALTY ISLANDS. 1/22 Quake Sheet: 6.0 New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 6.1 KAPULAUAN DAYAT DAYA, INDONESIA.  1/23 AOL News: Newly Found Fault (east Arkansas) Could Cause U.S. Quake. (Not mountainous!) 1/24 Quake  Sheet: 6.0 KERMADEC ISLAND REGION.  1/28 CNN: 3.4 earthquake felt near OKLAHOMA CITY. 1/30 Drudge: Quake jolts SEATTLE area. 2/2 Quake Sheet: 5.8 magnitude quake near the coast of Central PERU. 2/3 Science Daily: Mega-earthquake Risk for West Coast, US and Canada? Seismic Slip Linked to Tremor, With Implications for Subduction Zone. 2/9 Quake Sheet: 6.1 near the coast of NORTHERN PERU. 2/11 Drudge: 7.2, 6.0 Mag quakes strike off INDONESIAN ISLAND. Tsunami warning lifted! Quakes: 5.6, 5.7, 5.1, 5.1, and 5.5 followed. Hundreds of buildings damaged and 42 injured. 2/12 Quake Sheet: BIG SHAKING IN INDONESIA: 6.0 KEPULAUAN TALAUD INDONESIA; 6.2 KEPULAUAN TALAUD; 6.4 KEPULAUAN TALAUD; 6.1 KERMADEC ISLAND REGION (underground or local volcano?) 2/15 Drudge: Earthquakes rattle New Jersey, 2 times in 2 weeks. Quake Sheet: 6.2 earthquake near the coast of northern PERU.  There has been a large number of quakes in the PUERTO RICO region during the past week. 2/17 Quake Sheet: 6.0 KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND. 2/18 Yahoo: Third earthquake in 3 weeks rattles NEW JERSEY. 2/18 Quake Sheet:6.9quake in KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND. 2/21 Science Daily: New Monitoring Stations Detect ‘Silent Earthquakes’ in Costa Rica. 2/22 Quake Sheet: 6.0 KAPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA. 2/24 USGS Quake Sheet: 6.1 MARIANA ISLANDS region. 2/28 USGS: 4.1 off the coast of OREGON; 6.3 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS region. 3/6 Quake Sheet: 6.5 North of SVALBARD. 3/12 Quake Sheet: 6.2 SOUTH OF PANAMA. 3/16 Quake Sheet: 6.0 PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE; 6.3 KAPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA (many quakes in this area). 3/19 CNN:7.6quake off TONGA. Tsunami Warning! 3/24 Quake Sheet: 6.0 New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 3/26 Quake Sheet: 6.0 Northwest of RYUKYU ISLANDS. Headline News: There has been a series of small quakes in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA the past couple weeks that have scientists worried. These occurred near the San Andreas fault. 3/30 Drudge: 4.3 quake shakes SAN FRANCISCO area. 4/1 Quake Sheet: 6.3 near north coast of NEW GUINEA, P.N.G. 4/4 USGS: 6.3 quake in PHILIPPINE ISLAND REGION; 5.2 and 5.7 in TONGA REGION. (Too many quakes every day to post them all!) 4/5 USGS: 6.0 earthquake in KYUSHU, JAPAN. Drudge:6.3magnitude earthquake hits ITALY 53 miles NE of ROME. 4/6 Yahoo: At least 50 die in earthquake in MOUNTAINOUS CENTRAL ITALY. The powerful earthquake knocked down whole blocks of buildings as the residents slept. Tens of thousands are now homeless. Yahoo: 70 dead, 1,500 injured. (This quake occurred on the Mars-Saturn opposition.) Drudge: Italy muzzled scientists who foresaw quake. May have ‘virtually destroyed’ some entire historic towns. UPDATE: 100+ dead, many trapped. ‘Nothing to see but devastation.’ CNN: ‘It was the apocalypse.’ 4/7 Yahoo: ITALY QUAKE killed 207, 15 missing, government says. 4/7 USGS:6.9KURIL ISLANDS. CNN: More bodies pulled from Italy’s quake rubble. Drudge: Quake: It was like the end of the world. 5.5 and 5.7 mag aftershocks hinder rescue efforts in Italy; felt as far away as Rome. Quake victim, 98, spent 30 hours knitting as she waited to be freed. 4/8 Drudge: Italy death toll at 260; Pope to visit area. 4/9 Yahoo: Italy earthquake death toll rises to 279. CNN: Hope fades for finding quake victims alive. 4/10 Science Daily: Monitoring Yellowstone’s Earthquake Swarms. CNN: Tiny coffin among hundreds at quake funeral. 4/12 Drudge: Hopes dim in Italian search for quake survivors. 4/15 Yahoo. Italy earthquake reconstruction will cost billions. 4/16 Science Daily: Satellite Shows How Earth Moved During Italy Quake. AND California’s Central Coast Earthquake Hazards: Mew Information About Recently Identified Faults. USGS: 6.2 KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI region, INDONESIA.  4/16 USGS:6.6South SANDWICH ISLAND region. 4/17 USGS:6.6earthquake offshore TARAPACA, CHILE. Yahoo: 4.5 mag. earthquake in Hindu Kush region, AFGHANISTAN kill 21, destroys homes. 4/18 USGS: 6.0 earthquake KERMADEC ISLAND REGION;6.6earthquake KURIL ISLANDS. 4/19 USGS: 6.1 KEPULAUAN TALAUD INDONESIA. (The Ring of Fire has major earthquakes almost monthly.) 4/21 USGS: 6.2 quake in KURIL ISLANDS near Russia and Japan. 4/26 USGS: 6.1 Kermadec Islands, NEW ZEALAND. 4/27 CNN: 5.6 quake strikes near ACAPULCO, MEXICO. 4/29 USGS: Another series of small quakes in YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. 5/3 USGS: 6.2 undersea quake in El Salvador, GUATEMALA occurred offshore and sent people running from homes. 5/10 USGS: 6.1 quake off the coast of ECUADOR. 5/12 USGS: 6.1 quake New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 5.8 quake MID-INDIAN RIDGE. 5/16 USGS:6.4earthquake KERMADEC ISLAND REGION. 3.0 quake in Roanoke, VIRGINIA! 5/18 Yahoo: 4.7 magnitude quake rattles nerves near GREATER LOS ANGELES. 5/21 USGS: 5.9 quake in the PHILIPPINE ISLAND region. 5/22 CNN: 5.7 magnitude quake hits MEXICO CITY. Mexico quake stronger this time. 5/24 USGS: 6.1 KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND. 5/27 Yahoo:7.3earthquake topples more than a dozen homes in HONDURAS and BELIZE, kills Honduras teen, injuring 2, as people ran into the streets across Central America. CNN: 3 dead in Honduras after quake. 5/28 Yahoo: 4 dead in Honduras quake. 6/2 USGS: 6.3 quake VANUATU. 6/4 USGS: 6.0 quake in PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND region of CANADA. 6/5 USGS: 6.3 quake HOKKAIDO, JAPAN region. 6/12 USGS: 5.0, 5.0, 6.0 quake VANUATU.  6/14 USGS: 6.1, 5.1 quakes in MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES. (Many large quakes have been in oceanic regions around the Ring of Fire.) 6/16 USGS: 6.1 BOUVET ISLAND region. 6/23 Quake Sheet: 6.7 quake New Island Region, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 7/1 USGS: 6.4 quake in CRETE, GREECE. 7/3 USGS: 6.0 earthquake in the GULF OF CALIFORNIA. 7/4 USGS: 6.0 quake in PANAMA. 7/6 USGS: 6.1 earthquake RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA. We certainly live on a passionate planet! I’m amazed by the number of high magnitude earthquakes that take place almost every month! 7/7 USGS: 6.1 quake in BAFFIN BAY near the Arctic. 7/8 USGS: 6.0 quake southeast of EASTER ISLAND. (SOMETHING BIG IS BREWING!) 7/9 CNN: CHINA QUAKE destroys 10,000 homes in southwest. 6.0 quake hit YUNNAN PROVINCE, 300 injured, 30 severely. (*THERE IS MUCH MORE COMING IN TERMS OF EARTH MOVEMENT! I’M WORRIED ABOUT THE WEST COAST OF THE U.S. WHERE MANY OF MY LOVED ONES RESIDE!) Drudge: Mysterious tremors detected on SAN ANDREAS FAULT. CNN: Thousands homeless after CHINA quake. 7/10 CNN: 6.0 CHINA quake kills 1, destroys 18,000 homes, followed by 5.0 quake. 7/11 Yahoo: Thousands camp in tents after China quake. 7/12 USGS: 6.1 quake in SOUTHERN PERU. 7/12 Drudge:Massive Squid Washes up on Beach in 4.0 Quake Aftermath in LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA. 7/13 Science Daily: Tremors on Southern San Andreas Fault May Mean Increased Earthquake Risk. USGS:6.3quake TAIWAN region. 7/15 Drudge:7.8magnitude quake off NEW ZEALAND, off the west coast of SOUTH ISLAND, followed by a 5.8 quake. (This could be the quake I was feeling for the west, and yet I’m truly not sure. I’m sensing quakes of HIGH MAGNITUDE.) USGS: 6.1 mag earthquake NEW IRELAND region, Papua, NEW GUINEA. 7/16 USGS: Another 6.0 quake off the SOUTH ISLAND of NEW ZEALAND. 7/21 Science Daily: INVISIBILITY CLOAK could protect against earthquakes…research at the University of Liverpool has shown that it is possible to develop an ‘invisibility cloak’ to protect buildings. (Far out!) 7/22 Drudge/ Massive quake moved NEW ZEALAND closer to AUSTRALIA last week! 7/24-25 USGS: 6.2 magnitude earthquake, Bougainville Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA.7/26 USGS: 18 earthquakes between magnitude 4.7 and 5.1 hit the ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA REGION. 8/3 Yahoo: Strong quake hits MEXICO’S GULF OF CALIFORNIA. CNN: Four quakes hit MEXICO’S GULF OF CALIFORNIA: 5.8,6.9, 5.0and 6.2 respectively, between Baja and Sonora, and were felt in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA and PHOENIX, ARIZONA. Drudge: California officials warn of possible EARTHQUAKE SWARM. 8/4 USGS: 8 earthquakes in ALASKA with magnitude of 2.5 to 4.5. 8/5 USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake in Southwestern Ryukyu Islands, JAPAN. 6.1 mag quake off West coast of SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND. 8/7 USGS: 4.9 quake offshore Northern CALIFORNIA. 8/9 CNN: 7.1 magnitude earthquake jolts TOKYO.  8/10 USGS: 6.6 quake in SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS. CNN: Tsunami watch issued for five countries canceled after 7.6 magnitude quake in INDIAN OCEAN. The watch covered India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and Bangladesh. (THE RING OF FIRE IS AWFULLY BUSY RIGHT NOW.) USGS: 6.4 quake near the south coast of Honshu JAPAN, TOKYO shaken. 8/11 USGS: By 11 am EDT, 6 earthquakes magnitude 4.8, 4.7, 4.5, 4.9, 4.5, 4.6 shake Andaman Islands, INDIA region.  8/12 USGS: 6.6 earthquake IZU Islands, JAPAN region. 8/14 USGS: 16 earthquakes in the PUERTO RICO region of 2.5 to 4.7 magnitude so far this day (10 am EDT). 8/16 CNN: Coast of INDONESIA, KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI region, hit by series of more than 11 earthquakes magnitude 6.7 to 4. 5.  (The MARS-URANUS Square is moving in tight!) USGS: 6.7 Southwestern Ryukyu Islands, JAPAN. 8/17 USGS: Followed by 6.4 and 5.6 in Ryukyu Islands, JAPAN.  8/18 USGS: Big earthquake day! 6.3 quake South of FIJI ISLANDS. 8/20 USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake in NORWEGIAN SEA. 8/27 USGS: 4 magnitude quakes 2.5 to 2.7 in OKLAHOMA today! 8/28 Drudge: 10 earthquakes shake parts of OKLAHOMA. 8/28 USGS: 6.8 quake in BANDA SEA, INDONESIA; 6.2 earthquake in NORTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA. 8/30 USGS: 6.6 earthquake in SAMOA ISLANDS region. (Islands are mountaintops!) 9/2 Yahoo. Powerful 7.0, 4.9 earthquakes in JAVA, INDONESIA kills 32, mostly crushed by falling rock or buildings, dozens injured. CNN: Dozes feared buried after Indonesia quake. USGS: 6.2 magnitude quake KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND. 9/3 Yahoo: Indonesian quake leaves 57 dead, dozens missing. 9/3 USGS: 6.2 earthquake KYUSHU, JAPAN. 5.9 earthquake on MYANMAR- INDIA border. 9/7 USGS: 6.1 earthquake South of JAVA, INDONESIA; 6.2 quake GEORGIA (SAK’ART’VELO). 9/10 USGS: 5.9, 4.9 magnitude quakes KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA. 9/12 USGS: 6.4 magnitude quake OFFSHORE ARAGUA, VENEZUELA. 9/13 Drudge/Reuters: Strong earthquake rocks Venezuela, causing panic and injuring at least 7 people when houses collapsed. Power was knocked out in several regions. 9/18 USGS: 6.0 magnitude quake in MINDORO, PHILIPPINES. (Full Moon) 9/19 Reuters: 6.4 quake near BALI, INDONESIA has caused some injuries, reported as 5.8 by USGS. 9/21 USGS: 6.1 quake in BHUTAN near the Himalayas. Finally mountainous and not just mountaintops. 5.8 quake at MYANMAR. 9/23 USGS: 6.0 quake in MACQUARIE ISLAND Region between New Zealand and Antarctica. 9/24 USGS: 6.4 quake off the coast of JALISCO, MEXICO. 9/9 USGS:  8.0quake in SAMOAN ISLAND region. 9/30 USGS/CNN:7.6quake strikes Sumatra, INDONESIA. CNN: 13 killed in Indonesia quake, buildings fall. CNN: Report: Indonesia quake kills 75, traps thousands. 10/1 Yahoo: 6.6, 5.0 Second earthquake hits INDONESIA one day after more than 500 people were killed.  Drudge: Thousands feared dead after Indonesian quake. Horror in Pacific tourist trade. Science Daily: San Andreas Fault Affected by 2004 Sumatran Quake: Largest Quakes Can Weaken Fault Zones Worldwide.  USGS: 13 earthquakes in CALIFORNIA by 7:00 AM PDT, including 5.1. CNN: Samoan islands shaken by second quake: 5.1, 5.4, 5.0, 4.9, 5.4 in TONGA today, 5.0 SAMOAN ISLAND region.  CNN: 1,100 dead in INDONESIA QUAKE, UN says. Only MINUTES to issue TSUNAMI warning! 10/2 USGS: 6.3 earthquake in TONGA. Earthquake activity is high! This is obviously what was picked up last year about island communities. 10/3 USGS: Over 30 earthquakes in CALIFORNIA as of 6 AM PDT in the aftermath of the super quakes in the Pacific and Asia, including a 5.2. Yahoo: Quake landslides wipe out 4 villages in Indonesia. USGS: 6.1 earthquake in TAIWAN. The number of earthquakes today over 2.5 in the RING OF FIRE and WESTERN U.S. is FRIGHTENING!!! 10/4 CNN: Quake victim recalls 30 hours under rubble. USGS: 6.6 quake in MORO GULF, MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES. 10/5 CNN: Death toll tops 600 in Indonesian quakes. 10/7 USGS: 6.7 earthquake in CELEBES SEA in the western PACIFIC near the Philippines. CNN: 7.8 quake near the Solomon Islands has prompted a tsunami warning in the Pacific.  7.3 quake in VANUATU region. CNN: Major quakes prompt Pacific tsunami warnings! 8.1 quake north of VANUATU near NEW GUINEA. 7.7 and 6.6 quakes in SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS off the coast of CALIFORNIA. 10/8 USGS: 6.8 quake in VANUATU; 6.5, 6.2, 5.2, 4.9 4.2 off SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS (there is a major fault there). 10/12 USGS: 6.0 quake MAURITIUS – REUNION region in Indian Ocean; 6.4 SANTA CRUZ ISLAND region (this is a highly active fault zone). 10/13 The large earthquakes continue! USGS: 6.2 earthquake Fox Islands, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA, plus additional LARGE SWARM of quakes; 6.0 HALMAHERA, INDONESIA. 6.3 quake FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA. 10/14 USGS: 6.0 quake SAMOA ISLAND region. 10/15 USGS: 6.0 quake PAPUA, INDONESIA; 6.1 earthquake SULAWESI, INDONESIA. 10/16 USGS: 6.1 quake rattles SUNDA STRAIT, INDONESIA. CNN: Strong quake rattles Indonesian capital. 10/17 USGS: 5.9 quake SAMOA ISLAND region. 10/19 USGS: 6.1 quake SAMOA ISLAND region. 10/22 USGS: 6.1 quake SOUTH OF PANAMA. 6.2 earthquake HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN. 10/23 USGS: 6.0 quake SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS. 10/24 USGS: 7.0 quake in the BANDA SEA. 10/27 USGS: 6.0 quake at DRAKE PASSAGE near Cape Horn. 10/29 USGS: 6.0 quake in HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN. 10/30 USGS: 6.9 quake RYUKYU ISLAND REGION, JAPAN. 11/4 USGS: 6.0 quake AZORES ISLANDS REGION. (When I started listing these high magnitude earthquakes I had NO IDEA the list would be this long!!! And it’s only early November!) 11/8 USGS: 6.7 earthquake in SUMBAWA REGION, INDONESIA. 11/9 USGS: 7.2 earthquake in FIJI. 11/10 USGS: 6.0 quake in NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION. 11/13 USGS: 6.5 earthquake OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE. 11/14 USGS: 6.1 earthquake in Jijuy, ARGENTINA. 11/17 Drudge: 6.6 quake knocks CANADA, Queen Charlotte Island Region near B.C. 11/22 USGS: 6.3 magnitude earthquake in FIJI REGION. 11/25 Science Daily: Using new technique, scientists find eleven times more aftershocks to the 2004 6.0 magnitude quake along the Parkfield section of the SAN ANDREAS FAULT in CALIFORNIA. 11/28 USGS: 6.0 quake Mindanao, PHILIPPINES. 12/14 USGS: 6.0 earthquake Bougainville Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA.  12/19 USGS: 6.4 quake in TAIWAN; 6.0 quake in MALAWI. 12/24 USGS: 6.3 earthquake PRIMOR’YE, RUSSIA, near the sea.CLIMATE CHANGE or GLOBAL WARMING continues to be a cause of concern all around the world.Drudge: AP PANIC: ‘Obama left little time to curb global warming’…’cooling trend illustrates how fast the world is warming.’ 12/16 Science Daily: Time Running Out on Coral Reefs as Climate Change Becomes Increasing Threat. 12/17 Science Daily: Greenland’s Glaciers Losing Ice Faster This Year (2008) Than Last Year, Which Was Record-setting Itself. AND Warming Climate Signals Big Changes for Ski Areas, Says New Study. 12/18 Science Daily: Climate Change: A Dark Future for Migratory Fish. 12/28 Science Daily: NASA Study Links Severe Storm Increases to Global Warming. 12/31 Drudge: Frigid NYC tonight…1 degree wind chill at ball drop.Bitter -50 temps move into Alaska. 1/9 Science Daily: Volcanoes Cool the Tropics, But Global Warming May Have Helped Override Some Recent Eruptions. 1/11 Drudge/Pravda: Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age. 1/16 Science Daily: Cooling the Planet by Growing the Right Crops. 1/17 Science Daily: Arctic Heats Up More Than Other Places: High Sea Level Rise Predicted. Reuter: Rising sea levels threaten East Coast. 1/20 Science Daily: 2008 Global Temperature Ties at 8th Warmest on Record. 1/20 CNN: Surveyed scientists agree global warming is real. 1/26 Science Daily: Global Warming: Tree Deaths Have Doubled Across the Western U.S. 1/29 Science Daily: Climate Change Largely Irreversible for Next 1,000 Years, NOAA Reports. 1/30 Drudge: Record-breaking heat scorches AUSTRALIA.2/4 Science Daily: Glaciers Around the Globe Continue to Melt at High Rates. Drudge: Obama’s Energy Secretary issues dire climate prediction:  ‘No more agriculture in California. I don’t see how they can keep cities going’… 2/15 Science Daily: Climate Change Likely to be more Devastating than Experts Predicted; Warns Top IPCC Scientist. 2/19 Science Daily: One-fifth of Fossil Fuel Emissions Absorbed by Threatened Forests. The trees are getting bigger, absorbing more carbon in their trunks, which significantly reduces the rate of climate change.  2/21 Science Daily: Permafrost is Thawing in Northern Sweden. Drudge: GLOBAL WARMING GLITCH: Arctic Sea Ice Underestimated for Weeks Due to Faulty Sensor…loss is the size of California. 2/23 Science Daily: Glaciers in China and Tibet Fading Fast. 2/24 Yahoo: NASA global warming satellite lands in ocean minutes after launch. 2/15 Yahoo: Study: Antarctic glaciers slipping swiftly seaward. 3/11 Science Daily: Rising Sea Levels to Have Major Impacts Around the World by 2100. 3/16 Science Daily: Sea Level Rise Will Threaten New York City. 3/25 CNN: Melting glaciers force Italy, Swiss to redraw border. 4/3 CNN: Ice shelf expected to break from Antarctica. 4/19 Science Daily: Mega-droughts in Sub-Saharan Africa Normal for Region: Droughts Likely to Worsen with Climate Change. 4/29 Yahoo: Huge ice chunks break away from Antarctic shelf. AP News Break: U.S. wants to move on climate change. 5/1 Science Daily: Southern Glaciers Grow Out of Step With North…the vast majority of the world’s glaciers are retreating as the planet warms. But a few in New Zealand and South America are inching forward, which points to strong regional variations in climate. 5/21 Science Daily: Climate Change Odds Much Worse Than Thought…warming faster without checks and balances. 5/27 Reuters: Greenland ice could fuel severe US sea level rise. 5/29 CNN: Report: Climate change is killing 315,000 human beings a year.6/5 Science Daily: Climate Change Models Find Staple Crops Face Ruin on Up to One Million Square Kilometers of African Farmland. 6/13 Science Daily: Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster Than Expected; Larger Contributor to Sea Level Rise Than Thought. 6/17 Science Daily: Climate Change Already Having Impact on U.S., Expected to Worsen. 6/26 NY Times: House Approves Bill to Reduce Threat of Global Warming. 7/4 Science Daily: Climate Change and the Mystery of the Shrinking Sheep in Scotland…milder winters are causing the sheep to get smaller. 7/6 Science Daily: Sea Ice at Lowest Level in 800 Years Near Greenland. 7/21 Drudge: CLAIM: Fish are shrinking in response to global warming.  USGS: 5 small quakes throughout CALIFORNIA yesterday and again today, with more in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA than anywhere else, but no biggies yet! 7/23 Science Daily: New Blue Light Nanocrystals Could Help Mitigate Global Warming. 8/8 CNN: Glaciers melting faster than predicted. 8/9 Science Daily: Earth’s Most Prominent Rainfall Feature Creeping Northward…could deprive Pacific islands near the equator of fresh water by mid-century. 8/11 Science Daily: Humans ‘Damaging the Oceans’ in Profound Ways. Woodlands Suffer Large Biodiversity Loss. 8/14 Science Daily: Middle Miocene Oxygen Minimum Zone Expansion Offshore West Africa: Evidence for Global Cooling Precursor Event. Unexpected Relationship Between Climate Warming and Advancing Treelines. 8/16 Science Daily: Warming of Arctic Current over 30 Years Triggers Release of Methane Gas. 8/17 Science Daily: Antarctic Glacier Thinning at an Alarming Rate. 8/27 Science Daily: Deadly Heat Waves are Becoming More Frequent in California. 9/4 Science Daily: Water Scarcity in Southeast Australia Started 15 Years Ago. AND Methane Gas Likely Spewing into the Oceans Through Vents in Sea Floor. Scientists worry that increasing water temperatures will initiate the release of underground methane into the atmosphere. 9/8 Drudge: Labor Day snow falls on Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor. 9/19 Science Daily: Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Minimum Extent for 2009, Third Lowest Ever Recorded. 9/25 Science Daily: Lasers from Space Show Thinning of Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets. 9/28 Science Daily: Heavier Rainstorms Ahead Due to Global Climate Change, Study Predicts. AND Green Roofs Could Help Put Lid on Global Warming. 9/30 Science Daily: Cosmic Rays High Space Age High. 10/1 Drudge: Tokyo governor: Global warming could make 2016 Games ‘last Olympics in history of mankind.’ 10/10 Science Daily: Rising Sea Levels Increase Risk of Flooding Along South Coast of England. 10/29 Science Daily: North Carolina Sea Levels Rising Three Times Faster Than in Previous 500 Years, Study Finds. 11/2 CNN: Glaciers Disappearing from Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. 11/5 Drudge: Senate approves ‘global warming’ bill over Republican opposition. 11/13 Science Daily: Record High Temperature Far Outpace Record Lows Across US. 11/18 Science Daily: Fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions up by 29 percent since 2000. 12/27 Science Daily: NASA satellites detect unexpected ice loss in East Antarctica. 12/7 Yahoo: EPA: Greenhouse gases endanger human health…The Environmental Protection Agency took a major step toward regulating greenhouse gases, concluding that climate changing pollutions threaten public health and the environment. 12/8 Science Daily: Scientists at climate talks say major changes to nitrogen cycle cannot be ignored. Drudge: UN: Human role in climate change not in doubt!  12/9 Science Daily: Sea level could rise from 0.75 to 1.9 meters this century. Drudge: A giant iceberg twice the size of Sydney Harbor is heading toward Australia.FURTHER TRIBULATION IN AFRICAN NATIONS, genocide and disease claim many lives. DISEASE reaches EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS in some AFRICAN NATIONS.1/28 CNN: Cholera kills more than 3,000 in ZIMBABWE. Cholera kills more than 3,000 in ZIMBABWE. 1/30 CNN: ZIMBABWE cholera cases pass 60,000. 1/30 CNN: ZIMBABWE cholera cases pass 60,000. 2/5 CNN: Teething drug poison kills 84 Nigeria kids. 3/2 Yahoo: Soldiers assassinate Guinea-Bassau president in his palace hours after bomb killed his rival in the West African nation. 5/29 Drudge: Scientists identify new lethal virus in AFRICA. 7/28 CNN: Death toll around 300 in Nigeria violence, human rights leader says. 1/7/2010 Reuters: Tribesmen kill 139 in south Sudan raid, official.  1/19 CNN: Scores die in Nigerian violence. 1/20 CNN: “It’s World War III in Liberia.’ 3/7 CNN: Hundreds killed in Nigerian clashes. 3/21 CNN: 163 arrested in NIGERIAN massacre. 3/27 CNN: Rebels killed hundreds in remote CONGO, U.N. officials say. 5/15 Reuters: Sudan army says killed 108 Darfur rebels. 5/26 Reuters: 2 Ethiopia opposition members killed. 6/7 Reuters: U.N.: Darfur sees bloodiest month in 2 years as 600 die in rebel and tribal fighting in Sudan.  7/30 CNN: Dozens killed in Somalia. Scores die of cholera in Cameroon. Anthrax kills 82 hippos in Uganda. 1/9 The danger of MAJOR VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS persist this year.My Way News: Quakes shake loose fears about YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO. 1/29 CNN: ALASKA VOLCANO may erupt in days. 1/30 Drudge: ORANGE ALERT: ALASKANS brace for volcanic eruption. MOUNT REDOUBT in ALASKA is getting more edgy. 2/1 Drudge: Scientists see holes in glacier at ALASKA VOLCANO. Quake Sheet: Numerous small earthquakes throughout Alaska may be signaling an imminent eruption of the volcano. 2/2 Email/ Volcano spews ash as far as TOKYO: Two volcanoes erupted near major cities in JAPAN, with one spewing white ash and smoke into the heart of TOKYO. 2/4 CNN: Townspeople prep for volcano’s eruption in Kenai, Alaska. Mt. Redoubt is ready to blow! 2/5 CNN: Volcano looms over Iditarod dogs in Sterling, ALASKA. MOUNT REDOUBT is expected to erupt any day! 2/9 Earthquakes increasing daily in ALASKA. 3/22 CNN: ALASKA VOLCANO back on eruption watch! 3/23 CNN: ALASKA’S MOUNT REDOUBT erupts.  Drudge: ALASKA volcano erupts 4 times in 3 hours. 3/24 Drudge: ALASKA MOUNT REDOUBT VOLCANO erupts 5 times! 3/30 CNN: ANCHORAGE airport closed as volcanic ash falls. MOUNT REDOUBT continues to erupt. 4/3 CNN: Oil to be drained from massive storage tanks near the base of erupting MOUNT REDOUBT. (Smart move!) 4/4 Yahoo: ALASKA’S MOUNT REDOUBT has another large eruption after being quiet for a week…fine gritty ash falling. 4/5 Drudge: A pain in the ASH: volcano irritates ALASKANS. 4/6 CNN: Ash flies out of MOUNT REDOUBT. 5/5 Science Daily: EASTER ISLAND: Volcanism hotspot. 5/10 Science Daily: Chaiten Volcano in Southern Chile: Historic Volcanic Eruptions Significantly Underestimated, Ash Fallout Analysis Shows. 5/31 Science Daily: Ancient Volcanic Eruptions Caused Global Mass Extinction 260 Million Years Ago. 6/24 MailOnline: Stunning pictures of the volcano that blew a hole in the sky as astronauts witness eruption on Russian island in the North Atlantic from the International Space Station. 7/19 CNN: YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK sits on a volcanic ticking bomb! More recently, there have been several swarms of earthquakes, an ominous sign. 12/15 CNN:PHILIPPINES’S Major Volcanic Eruption ‘imminent’… authorities are evacuating about 50,000 people after the large volcano spewed lava and ash … a major eruption is imminent from Mount Mayon several hundred miles from MANILA. 12/16 CNN: Philippine volcano shakes again, lava flows, 30 residents flee. A major eruption remains imminent.  12/21 CNN: Volcano alert status raised to level 4.  During the next few years UNITY WILL BE ESTABLISHED among nations in SOUTHERN AFRICA, which leads to greater humanitarian efforts between the nations and a greater expression of humanity from one unto the other.2/5 Yahoo: Zimbabwean politicians adopt unity amendment.At least TWO U.S. SENATORS graduate from life on the planet this year!8/26 Yahoo: Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77. Republicans joins Democrats in mourning Kennedy. REORGANIZATION in UNIONS involves individual rights.1/30 NY Times: Obama Reverses Bush Policies on Labor to strengthen labor unions, naming Vice President Biden to lead a task force on the middle class. 1/31 CNN: Labor union tells lawmakers, ‘We’re watching.’ 2/23 Yahoo: UAW reaches health care trust fund deal with Ford. 5/21 NY Times: G.M. and Union Reach Deal on Contract Changes.ALTERNATIVE FUEL sources come to the forefront with greater progress in these areas.12/15/2008 Science Daily: Waste Coffee Grounds Offer New Source of Biodiesel Fuel. 3/13 Science Daily: Artificial Photosynthesis: Turning Sunlight into Liquid Fuel Moves a Step Closer. 2/28 Your Car and Home Could Soon be Powered by Urine…at 90 miles to the gallon! Do you call that piss perfect? 7/31 Science Daily: ‘Shrimp Shell Cocktail’ to Fuel Cars and Trucks. 8/3 Drudge: Nissan reveals first all-electric mass market car. The Independent: Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast. Catastrophic shortfalls threaten economic recovery, says world’s top energy economist. 8/5 Science Daily: New Yeasts Could Help Fast-Track Biofuel Production. 8/6 Science Daily: Tires Made From Trees: Better, Cheaper, More Fuel Efficient. 8/11 Science Daily: New Clues About a Hydrogen Fuel Catalyst.  8/12 Science Daily: New Study Sheds Light on the Growing U.S. Wind Power Market…fastest growing in the world in 2008. 8/21 Science Daily: Researchers Boost Production of Biofuel That Could Replace Gasoline. 9/6 Science Daily: U.S. Energy Use Drops in 2008…Americans used more solar, nuclear, biomass and wind energy than in 2007. (Let’s hear it for the U.S.A.! Hey!) 9/20 Science Daily: New Hybrid Vehicle Concept for RV Travelers Developed. 10/1 Science Daily: Sugar + Weed Killer = Potential Clean Energy Source.  10/2 Drudge: Taiwan unveils hydrogen-powered cell phone chargers.  11/30 Science Daily: Solar power from your windows, awnings, even clothing! 6/12/2011 Science Daily: Using waste heat from automobile exhaust. 6/24 Discovery News: Tech turns junk plastic into diesel. Plastic could be diverted from landfills and turned into gas for vehicles.OCEANIC UPHEAVALS could be caused by UNDERWATER VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS with the threat of extensive damage from TSUNAMIS, especially in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, and around the RING OF FIRE.1/3 Yahoo: Tsunami alert issued after strong 7.6 earthquake in INDONESIA…cut power lines, cracked building walls and sent panicked residents running…near the north coast of PAPUA. 1/13 Quake Sheet: 6.0 undersea earthquake MID-INDIAN RIDGE. 1/15 Quake Sheet: 6.8 AND 5.4 quakes SOUTHEAST of the LOYALTY ISLANDS. 3/19 CBSTV: Undersea volcanic eruption off the coast of TONGA, 7.9 Earthquake created a tsunami warning! 3/20 Drudge: A moment of creation in the SOUTH PACIFIC as a volcanic island begins to form above the sea. 4/15 USGS: 6.1 quake in KEPULAUAN REGION of INDONESIA. 4/16 USGS: 6.0 earthquake BOUGAINVILLE REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. And on a more positive note: 5/6 Science Daily: Erupting Undersea Volcano Near Island of Guam Supports Unique Ecosystem. 6/6 Drudge: NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC OCEAN sees 6.0 magnitude quake.  9/30Yahoo: 8.0 earthquake in SOUTH PACIFIC generates massive TSUNAMI that flattened SAMOAN villages, washing cars and people into the sea, at least 111 dead. CNN: Earthquake felt like ‘end of the world’ according to health director in PAGO PAGO. 11/2 USGS: 6.2 earthquake EAST OF TONGA.  12/9 USGS: 6.4 quake Southeast of the LOYALTY ISLANDS in the Pacific.NEW ISLANDS rise up out of the sea in fairly large numbers.SAME-SEX MARRIAGE will become more widely sanctioned and accepted. GAY RIGHTS are human rights and will be acknowledged as such.3/3 Drudge Report: Massachusetts couple who led gay marriage fight to divorce. (Don’t these folks realize that marriage ain’t that easy, regardless of sexual orientation? Marriage is very hard work!) 4/4 Yahoo: Gay marriages expected to begin in Iowa April 24. Drudge: Iowa court says gay marriage ban unconstitutional. 4/7 Washington Post: VERMONT Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto, Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage. 4/8 NY Times: With Victories, Gay Rights Groups Expand Marriage Push. Iraq’s Newly Open Gays Face Scorn and Murder. 4/14 CNN: Paterson: New York governor to propose legalizing same-sex marriage. 4/15 Omplace Newsletter: Washington, DC, city council votes to allow same-sex marriage. 5/5 Washington Post: D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Performed in Other States. 5/6 Washington Post: Maine Governor Sings Bill Approving Same-Sex Marriage: 5th state. 5/24 CNN: Same-sex benefits proposed for U.S. diplomats. 5/26 Washington Post: California Supreme Court Upholds Same-Sex Marriage Ban, but allows existing marriages performed before the November referendum to stand. 6/17 CNN: Obama to OK benefits for same-sex partners. 7/2 Yahoo: India’s Historic Ruling on Gay Rights…homosexuality is decriminalized. 9/1 Yahoo: Same-sex marriages begin in VERMONT. 9/2 Drudge: BEN AND JERRY ‘Hubby Hubby’ flavor for Vermont gay marriages. 11/12 Washington Post: The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington said Wednesday it will be unable to continue social service programs in the District if the city doesn’t change the same-sex marriage law, a threat that could affect tens of thousands of people the church helps with adoption, homelessness, etc. (The long arm of the CATHOLIC CHURCH is trying deprive human beings of basic rights, since it is unable to change with the times. Of course, I think priests should be allowed to marry, gay or straight, and then perhaps there would be less SEX SCANDALS in the Catholic church. Those of recent years have been horrendous regarding the abuse of children by priest pedophiles! A true tragedy for many males for many, many centuries!)  12/1 Washington Post: The D.C. Council voted 11-2 to legalize same-sex marriage in the District. 12/15 Washington Post: D.C. Council passes bill legalizing same-sex marriage! 12/29 Drudge Report: Gay marriage in Argentina is first in Latin America. 2/12/2010 Drudge: Kenya police stop gay wedding, make arrests. 2/24 Washington Post: Maryland to accept same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. 3/3 NY Times: Gay marriage legal in Washington, D.C. 3/9 CNN: Same-sex couples marry for first time in District of Columbia. 3/10 CNN: Lawmaker foe of gay rights: ‘I’m gay,’ California senator Roy Ashburn. 4/15 Washington Post: Obama orders hospitals to grant same-sex couples visitation rights. 5/15 CNN: Episcopals to ordain lesbian bishop. Catholics fight ruling on lesbian’s child. (Still living in the dark ages!) 5/20 Yahoo: Gay couple sentenced to maximum 14 years in prison with hard labor in Malawi.  (Tragic. This is part of their anti-gay legislation.) 5/29 Yahoo: Malawi’s president pardons, releases gay couple. (There is a God!)  6/3 CNN: In NY: ceremonies for same-sex unions. 7/9 Drudge: Judge: FED gay marriage ban unconstitutional. 1/3/2011: Uganda stops paper outing gays. 1/12 Drudge: Palm Springs police chief resigns over gay sex stings. 1/18 Yahoo: Court rejects appeal over DC gay marriage law. 1/29 NY Times: Suits on same-sex marriage may force administration to take a stand. Reuters: Pentagon issues guidelines for repealing gay policy. 2/19 USA Today: Hawaii hopes same-sex civil unions spur tourism. 2/24 Human Rights Campaign: Same-sex marriages are finally underway in New York! CNN: First New York same-sex couples wed.  10/1 USA Today: Pentagon: Military chaplains may wed gay couples. 6/15/2012 CNN: Pentagon to host first Gay Pride event. 7/8 NY Times: Barney Frank weds Jim Ready on the banks of the Charles River. (Good for him! Discriminating against gays is criminal and inhumane!) 3/19/2013: NY Times: Hillary Rodham Clinton endorses same-sex marriage. Drudge/CBS Charlotte: Church won’t do weddings for straight couples until same-sex marriage is legal.CHINA will be forced to deal with its AIR POLLUTION ISSUES and the dire RESPIRATORY HEALTH ISSUES of its citizens in highly populated areas where industries flourish.12/20/2008 Science Daily: Olympic Pollution Controls in Beijing, China, had Big Impact on Pollution Levels. 6/20 Yahoo: Study: Beijing air worse than at past Olympics. 7/7 Science Daily: Athletes, Spectators Face Unprecedented Air Pollution at 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.DESTRUCTIVE WILDFIRES are still an issue in AUSTRALIA and in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, as a result of severe drought, and in some instances, criminal acts of arson. Perhaps in other areas as well!2/7 Yahoo: Raging wildfires kill at least 14 in southeastern Australia and razing some 100 homes. 2/7 evening: Death toll in Australian fires now 25. 2/8 CNN: Nearly 100 killed in deadliest-ever Australian wildfires. Drudge Report: OZ INFERNO! Daily Telegraph: Arsonists will face murder charges when caught. 2/9 Yahoo: Australian fire zone a crime scene, 135 killed. 166 now killed. 2/13 Yahoo: Suspect charged in deadly Australian fire. 4/9 CNN: Residents in Texas and Oklahoma flee wind-whipped wildfires. 4/10 CNN: Texas town burned over by wildfire. Couple killed in Texas wildfire. 4/11 Headline News: 25 home burn in OKLAHOMA wildfires, possible arson. 4/13 CNN: Fire destroys 40 homes in New Hampshire. 4/24 CNN: 20,000 acres charred in SOUTH CAROLINA wildfires. Drudge: Myrtle Beach wildfire may accelerate after overnight calm. 5/6 Drudge: 1,200 homes evacuated as SANTA BARBARA wildfire grows. CNN: Wildfires scorch parts of California, Arizona. 5/7 CNN: 13,000 flee as Santa Barbara, California mansions go up in flames. Strong winds, high temperatures, low humidity drive wildfires as 500 acres are engulfed. 5/8 Yahoo: Wildfire raging near California city; 30,000 evacuated. CNN: Thousands flee ‘uncontrolled’ wildfire. Drudge: Paradise burns: Fire imperils Santa Barbara. 5/10 CNN: Weather helps firefighters in California blaze. 8/4 TimesOnline: Hundreds of firefighters battle forest blaze on CANARY ISLAND.  8/12 Yahoo: Two California fires still threatening homes. Wildfires have scorched 64 square miles in Northern and Central California. Fires caused by lightning. 8/13 CNN: Wildfire forces evacuation of hundreds of residents in northern California Santa Cruz Mountains that burned an estimated 1200 acres. 8/14 CNN: ‘Ominous feeling’ as California fires burn unchecked. Thousands have fled. 8/15 Yahoo: As wildfires spread California declares a state of emergency. CNN: More than 5,000 acres scorched in California. 8/16 Yahoo: Difficult terrains works against California fire crews. 8/16 CNN: 84,000 acre California wildfire blamed on marijuana camp. 8/22 Yahoo: Wildfires approach Athens hospital as evacuations take place. 8/23 Yahoo: Thousands evacuated as fires reach Athens suburbs. CNN: Battle on to contain Greece’s wildfires. 8/24 Drudge: Update: Fires near Athens receded after 3 day inferno.  8/28 Yahoo: More than 1,500 told to flee California wildfires. CNN: 500 homes emptied as fire nears La Canada, Flintridge, in the Los Angeles area. 8/29 Drudge: California firefighters wage fierce battle against wildfires. 8/29 CNN: Wildfire evacuations, emergency near Los Angeles. 8/31 Yahoo: L.A.-area blaze doubles in size, threatening homes. CNN: California wildfires threaten 10,000 homes in southern California near the Los Angeles National Forest. They are also mourning the loss of two firefighters. The blaze is edging near the Mount Wilson Observatory, home to 20 radio and television transmission towers. Thousands flee California wildfires. 9/1 Yahoo: Fire in Los Angeles grows in triple-digit heat, with 53 homes up in smoke, thousands more threatened and further evacuations. CNN: California wildfire roars across 100,000 acres. CNN: Firefighters gain on blaze near LOS ANGELES.  9/2 CNN: California blaze grows to 140,000 acres. 9/3 Drudge: Fire Official: Big L.A. forest fire human caused. 9/4 Yahoo: Firefighters gaining on Los Angeles wildfire. Drudge: California wildfire started by arsonist. 9/8 Yahoo: Stubborn Los Angeles blaze flares up, burns deep wilderness.  9/9 Science Daily: Pollution from California Wildfires Spreads Across the United States. CNN: California wildfire more than twice the size of Sacramento. Street caves in, traps fire truck in sink hole in Los Angeles. 9/22 CNN: Quick California fire burns oil fields, threatens homes. 9/23 CNN: State of emergency declared in California wildfire threatening hundreds of homes in Ventura County, ravaged 8,500 acres. 9/24 CNN: California wildfires double in size. 9/28 CNN: Wildfire shuts part of Yellowstone’s main road. 10/4 CNN: Governor calls state of emergency as San Bernardino, CALIFORNIA wildfire forces evacuations and destroys homes. The fire has no scorched 3,500 acres. 10% contained.   STORMS, TORNADOES, MONSOONS, HURRICANES and TYPHOONS are fierce and do destruction in the ATLANTIC and PACIFIC OCEANS, claiming many lives and destroying valuable property.1/11 Yahoo: Storm sinks INDONESIAN FERRY, 250 feared dead. 2/10 CNN: Tornado touches down in OKLAHOMA. 2/11 Yahoo: Twisters touch down in OKLAHOMA, killing 8. 3/26 CNN: 60 homes destroyed by tornado in Simpson County Mississippi. Storms hurt 24, damaged 108 homes. 4/10 CNN: Twister kills 3 in Arkansas town. 4/11 Headline News: Twisters hit Kentucky destroying homes. CNN: Mom, infant killed by Tennessee tornado. 4/12 Drudge: Searchers look for more victims of Tennessee tornado. 4/26 Headline News: Tornadoes touch down in OKLAHOMA, TENNESSEE. 5/3 CNN: Storms fells Dallas Cowboys’ facility: 12 hurt. 5/6 CNN: 6 tornadoes rip through NORTH CAROLINA. 5/9 CNN: 4 dead after storms hit Missouri, Kentucky. 5/14 CNN: Storm kills 3 in Missouri. Anadarko, OKLAHOMA hit hard by storm. Twister closes in, car races away in Missouri. 5/31 CNN: Damage, funnel clouds seen in INDIANA. 6/7 CNN: 5 twisters touch down in COLORADO. 6/10 Drudge: Storm knocks over tree at White House. 6/11 Drudge: Scientists: Typhoons trigger earthquakes on Taiwan. 6/16 Drudge: Freak BEIJING storm turns day into night. 6/18 CNN: Tornadoes batter Midwest, more storms on the way. 7/26 CNN: Tornado batters central Florida town.  8/7 Science Daily: Typhoon Morakot’s Cloud Top Extent Doubled in 1 Day…NASA satellites confirm it has doubled in size!  8/8 CNN: Deadly Typhoon Morakot Slams PHILIPPINES, severe flooding. Deadly typhoon now heads toward CHINA. 8/9 CNN: At least 1 dead as typhoon slams into eastern CHINA; 2 dead in TAIWAN. Dozens feared dead in northern INDIA’S mudslides…rescuers have pulled 15 bodies from the debris. Many more may have been swept into the river. Reuters: 1 million evacuated as typhoon hits CHINA. 8/10 Yahoo: Typhoon pummels TAIWAN, 600 missing in mudslides. Yahoo: Police: 400 unaccounted for in TAIWAN mudslides. CNN: Typhoon triggers crushing landslide in CHINA. 8/11 Yahoo: Taiwan military rescues some 300 typhoon victims after mudslide claimed a village. The typhoon has destroyed more than 10,000 homes and 1 million acres of crops. 8/12 Yahoo: Rescuers found 1,000 survivors after Taiwan typhoon, hundreds missing and feared dead in Kaohsiung county, which bore the burnt of the storm. The day before 300 people who escaped mudslides still looked dazed when plucked from their village. CNN: Typhoon sweeps away TAIWAN hotel.8/13CNN: Taiwan rescuers battle raging rivers, downpours. 8/14 CNN: Taiwan typhoon death toll count could triple as entire village lies buried with possibly as many as 200 under the mud.  31,000 people have already been pulled alive from mud and debris. Village of Shiao Lin covered with what rescuers say could be 5 stories of mud! 8/15 CNN: Typhoon washes away an entire village. 8/16 CNN: Tropical storm warning for Gulf coast. 1,300 trapped a week after Taiwan typhoon.  Tropical storm Claudette bears down on Florida. 8/17 CNN: Bill becomes hurricane, Claudette downgraded. 8/18 CNN: Bill could be major hurricane, edges closer to the West Indies.  8/19 Drudge: Severe thunderstorm fells hundreds of century-old trees in New York City’s Central Park, snapping some trees in half and uprooting others. Winds rip through Minneapolis, possible tornado. 8/20 Drudge: Tornados, storms caused heavy damage in the Midwest.  8/31 CNN: Powerful hurricane bound for Baja, California. 9/1 Yahoo: Mexico tries to evacuate thousands ahead of Jimena. 9/2 Yahoo: Hurricane Jimena swirls past southern Baja resorts. 9/2 CNN: Tropical storm Erika nears Leeward islands. 9/15 Drudge: Real live ‘Wizard of Oz’ in Kansas. Too close for comfort: The astonishing twister captured by storm-chasing photographer! 9/30 CNN: Typhoon kills nearly 300 in southeast ASIA. 10/1 CNN: PHILIPPINES brace for ‘super storm’ Parma. 10/2 Drudge: Philippines declares ‘State of Calamity’ as typhoon triggers evacuations. 10/3 CNN: Typhoon PARMA slams into the Philippines. Mudslide death toll in Sicily at 21. 10/4 CNN: At least 15 dead as typhoon whips Philippines. 10/11 Yahoo: U.S. troops help PHILIPPINES as storm toll tops 600. 11/5 CNN: Hurricane Ida hits Nicaragua. 11/8 CNN: Ida strengthens, killed 91 in EL SALVADOR with the death toll expected to rise, as the hurricane heads for the Gulf Coast. 11/9 CNN: Mudslides devastate EL SALVADOR, 124 dead. 12/21 CNN: Huge winter storm stalls commuters. People clear snow for rescue.An increased number of DUST STORMS create havoc in the DESERTS of all nations.3/10 MSNBC: Sandstorms disrupt Persian Gulf flights, oil…Kuwait and Saudi city of Riyadh paralyzed for several hours…sandstorm crosses SAUDI ARABIA.  CNN: Sandstorm engulfs Saudi city. 3/11 Drudge: Saudi capital covered in dust after sandstorm. 6/28 Drudge: Heavy sandstorm blankets Iraq, delays oil bidding. 9/23 Drudge: The Day the Sky Turned Red; OZ Covered in Dust. 12/22 CNN: 3 killed in Arizona dust storm wrecks.    TERRORIST ACTS continue in INDIA and PAKISTAN as well as in the MIDDLE EAST.1/1 Yahoo: Taliban militants kill 20  policemen in ambush. 3/15 Yahoo: Protests against Pakistani government turn violent. 3/22 CNN: 10 killed in Kashmir fighting. 3/27 Yahoo: Suicide attack kills 48 at Pakistani mosque. 3/30 Yahoo: 19 die in bloody siege at Pakistan police academy. 4/4 CNN: At least 30 die in Pakistan violence. Eight dead in Islamabad suicide attack. Yahoo: 62 migrants found dead inside truck in Pakistan. 4/5 Yahoo: Suicide bomber kills 22 in Pakistan Shiite mosque. 5/3 CNN: Pakistan kills 80 in assault on the Taliban. 5/7 CNN: Pakistan scraps Taliban peace deal, source says. 5/8 Yahoo: Hundreds of thousands flee Pakistan fighting. 5/9 Yahoo: Desperation in Pakistani hospitals, refugee camps. 5/10 CNN: Pakistan says 200 Taliban fighters killed in a day. Yahoo: Sri Lanka artillery kills 378 civilians, doctor says, and forces thousands to flee. 5/12 Yahoo: Doctor says 49 kill in Sri Lanka hospital attack. 5/13 Yahoo: Doctor: Sri Lankan hospital shelled, 15 killed. 5/14 Yahoo: Doctors flee only hospital in Sri Lanka war zone. 5/17 Yahoo: Sri Lanka rebels offer to lay down arms…after 25 year war. Specter of Mass Suicide as Tamil Tigers Face Final Battle. 5/28 Yahoo: Sri Lanka: Tamil Tiger rebel chief has been killed. 5/27 Yahoo: Van bombing kills 30 in Pakistan, 250 wounded. CNN: Death toll rises as blasts rock Pakistan. Yahoo: Iran mosque blast kills 15 near volatile Pakistani border. 5/29 CNN: Paper: 20,000 killed in Sri Lanka conflict. 6/5 Yahoo: Suicide blast at mosque in Pakistan kills 30. 7/8 CNN: Pakistan: Hundreds of villagers in northern Pakistan fight back against Taliban, militants killed. 6/9 NY Times: Deadly Bomb Attack Reported at Luxury Hotel in Pakistan…killing at least 4, wounding 25 others. 6/10 Drudge: Taliban Terror: Militants attack in Pakistan, 11 dead, 70 hurt, in luxury hotel. 6/28 Yahoo: Pakistani forces kill 11 Taliban militants. 7/4 Yahoo: Pakistani airstrikes kill at least 12 militants. 7/17 Yahoo: Alleged US missiles kill 5 in northwest Pakistan.  8/7 NY Times: Taliban Leader in Pakistan is Dead, His Aides Say. 8/15 Suicide bomber in Pakistan’s Swat kills 3 troops. 8/27 CNN: 20 killed in bomb blast in Pakistan. 9/18 CNN: Airstrike reportedly kills dozens at Yemen refugee camp. 10/15 Yahoo: Gunmen, bombs hit 5 sites in Pakistan, 39 dead. 10/18 NY Times: Five Iran Guard Commanders Killed in Bombings on Pakistan Border. Pakistan Opens Offensive in Militant Stronghold.  10/28 CNN: 90 killed by car bomb in Pakistan. 12/4 CNN: Dozens dead in Pakistan mosque attack. 12/7 Yahoo: 2 bombs kill 34 in Pakistan city of Lahore. 12/8 NY Times: More than 101 killed in string of bombings in Baghdad. 12/15 CNN: 22 dead in Pakistan market blast. 12/28 Yahoo: Suicide attack on Pakistani Shiites kills 30. 12/31 Washington Post: U.N. to move some staff out of Pakistan for safety. CNN: 5 killed in raid at Pakistan hospital.  ASTRONOMICAL WONDERS continue to be discovered in our vast UNIVERSE.1/8 Mystery Roar from Faraway Space Detected. 1/9 Wired Science: Bright Flash in the Heavens has no Earthly Explanation! 1/14 Drudge: REPORT: LIFE ON MARS; microbes living just below soil. 1/15 Email/NewScientist: Our world may be a giant hologram. Maybe the scientists should read The Holographic Universe! They’re a little slow on the uptake! CNN: Methane discovery could mean life on MARS. 2/5 Science Daily: HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE: Discovery Could Herald New Era in Fundamental Physics. 2/10 Science Daily: How Many Dimensions in the Holographic Universe? Scientists are trying to understand the mysteries of the holographic principle! Which means physics and metaphysics are getting closer and closer together! 2/12 Drudge/Telegraph: Unseen dark comet ‘could pose deadly threat to earth.’ (If the volcanoes don’t get us, an asteroid or comet just might in this magnificent universe!) AND Russian, U.S. satellites collide over Siberia (it seems to me the world Powers had better start working together on these expensive launches to prevent such disasters from happening again. The time of the Big Stand Off seems to have passed. Isn’t it time for Cooperation…and time for war and conquering to end? PRETTY PLEASE!) 2/15 BBC News: There could be ONE HUNDRED BILLION EARTHS in our Galaxy alone. 2/19 Science Daily: Unique Details of Double Star in Orion Nebula and Star T Leporis Captured by ‘Virtual’ Telescope. 2/23 Science Daily: Most Extreme Gamma Ray Burst Ever Seen by Femi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. 3/5 Science Daily: Newfound Moon May be Source of Outer Saturn Ring. 4/11 Science Daily: Some Massive Galaxies May be Relatively New: Discovery Challenges Galaxy Formation Theory. 4/26 Science Daily:Most Distant Detection of Water in the Universe is vapor from a jet at the center of the Galaxy. 4/29 CNN: Scientists spot oldest ever object in the universe. 5/24 CNN: Rain delayed shuttle Atlantis arrives in sunny California. Launched May 11 for NASA’s final repair visit to the HUBBLE TELESCOPE: Astronauts conducted space walks to perform routine repairs and replace key instruments in what has been called the most ambitious space repair efforts ever attempted. KUDOS, Astronauts! I love the Hubble pictures!  6/18 Drudge: First hard evidence of a lake found on MARS. 6/24 Drudge: Saturn moon may harbor life-giving oceans. 7/4 Science Daily: Mars More Like Earth Than Thought? New Details about History of Water on Red Planet. 7/6 Science Daily: New Class of Black Holes Discovered. 7/21 Drudge: NASA picture shows JUPITER hit by object. 7/26 CNN: Hubble reawakens, snaps image of Jupiter scar. 8/5 Science Daily: NASA’s Spitzer Images Out-of This World Galaxy. 8/12 Yahoo: Newfound Planet Orbits Backwards. Its discoverers think a near-collision may have created its retrograde orbit. (The Universe is filled with wonders!) 8/14 Science Daily: Storms in the Tropics of Saturn’s Moon Titan Discovered. AND Mars, Methane and Mysteries, Red Planet May not be as Dormant as Once Thought.  8/18 CNN: Giant telescopes to reveal ancient universe soon after the BIG BANG. 8/20 Science Daily: Galaxies Demand a Stellar Recount…new data from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer. 9/3 Science Daily: Giant Galaxy Hosts Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole. 9/11 Science Daily: Surprise in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere: Mode of Energy Transfer From the Solar Wind (previously unknown)! 9/16 Science Daily: Double Nucleus Galaxies: Ravenous Black Holes and Ripples in Space-Time Continuum….may be all around us! CNN: Scientists find first rocky planet outside solar system. (I’ll bet you there are thousands of them, at least!) 9/17 Science Daily: Longest Lightning Storm on Saturn Breaks Solar System Record. (Well, it is being opposed by Uranus!) 9/23 Science Daily: New Center of Milky Way Galaxy Center Unveiled…with its supermassive black hole and various complexities.  9/24 Drudge: Indian spaceship finds water on Moon. 10/7 CNN: New massive ring found around SATURN. 10/14 Science Daily: Asteroid is Actually a Protoplanet, Study of First High-Resolution Images of Pallas Confirms. 10/18 Science Daily: New View of Heliosphere: Cassini Helps Redraw Shape of Solar System. 10/19 CNN: 32 PLANETS DISCOVERED outside solar system!!! (I wonder how many are populated?!!!) 11/4 Science Daily: Dark Matter and Dark Energy Make Up 95% of the Universe, Detailed Measurements Reveal. 12/1 Science Daily: Black holes caught zapping galaxy into existence? Wow! 12/4 Science Daily: First direct observation of planet-like object orbiting star similar to sun. 12/9 Science Daily: Saturn’s mysterious hexagon emerges from winter darkness. 12/17 CNN: Water-rich ‘Super Earth’ spotted.The RUSSIANS keep trying to expand their reach, especially near the U.S.1/3 Drudge: Russia wants warships stationed around the world. 2/27 Yahoo: Russian bomber neared Canada before Obama visit. 3/15 Drudge: Cuba, Venezuela May Host Russian Bombers. 5/12 Drudge: Kremlin: Battles of energy may lead to wars. 8/4 Drudge: WIRE: Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of United States. 9/14 Drudge: Venezuela to Develop Nuclear Power With Russian Help. 12/29 CNN: Putin: Russia to develop offensive weapons…to preserve strategic balance with United States. (Stupidity on all sides!) 4/2 Drudge: REDS: Putin visits Chavez in Russian bid to expand influence!  Russian sells China air defense missile system.SCANDAL in the BOARDROOM again yet!1/30 Drudge: Plot to destroy all Fannie data: Fired worker planted virus. 2/11 CNN: Madoff’s wife withdrew $15.5 million before his arrest. 2/17 Drudge: US Marshals seen entering Houston office of Stanford Financial Group … Massive $8B securities fraud. 3/10 CNN: Madoff to plead guilty to 11 criminal charges. 8/10 Yahoo: Mexican cartels smuggle oil to U.S.SEXUAL INTRIGUES are brought into the spotlight for the whole world to see. Tsk! Tsk!1/8 Reuters: Ex-Senator Craig accepts sex sting guilty plea! 1/16 CNN: Boy George jailed for 15 months for falsely imprisoning male escort. 1/22 CNN: Portland mayor investigated for affair with male teen. 1/28 Drudge: CIA Agent accused of rapes, videotapes…spy boss allegedly drugged Muslim women, made secret sex videos, station chief in Algeria under investigation. AND Probe of cam to cam sex porn in government office. 2/11 CNN: Ex-mayor pleads innocent to sex charges involving pornography and minors in Wisconsin. AND Ex-girlfriend files suit, says baseball great Roberto Alomar exposed her to AIDS. 2/6 The Rag Blog: Wall Street Madam: Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex! My! My! 3/11 CNN: 2 junior high teachers accused of sex with same 13-year old boy in Salt Lake City. (High testosterone levels, perhaps?) 3/13 CNN: Anna Nicole’s boyfriend, attorney Howard K. Stern, and doctors charged on conspiring to furnish drugs to Smith before her death in 2007. 5/14 CNN: Group sex scandal rocks Rugby League in Australia. 5/20 Drudge: 7 arrested in NYC Craigslist Prostitution Ring; Cuomo Warns, Developing… 5/30 Drudge: NYC Teacher, 27, Accused of Having Classroom Sex With Student, 14, Several Trysts. 6/12 Drudge: Porn Industry Hit With 16 Confirmed HIV Cases. 6/16 Washington Post: Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada) will hold news conference to admit to extramarital affair. (You see, it’s not only the Democrats!) 6/24 Drudge: Republican S.C. Governor Mark Sanford admits affair with woman in Argentina and says he will resign. The emotional father of father apologized to his wife, staff and others after returning from a trip to Argentina. MailOnline: Oscar-winning composer Joseph Brooks, 71, ‘raped 11 women using Craigslist to lure victims with promise of film role.’ He has been charged with rape and sexual assault. 6/29 Drudge: Duke University official offered 5-year-old adopted son for sex. He faces criminal charges. (There is a God!) 7/8 CNN: Prostitute says Berlusconi lying about sex! 7/14 CNN: Political sex scandals a nonpartisan affair. 7/15 CNN: Babysitter, 28, accused of sex with boy, 14. (There seems to be a lot of this going on. Sometimes it actually has to do with past life relationships, but propriety is still important to practice during any lifetime.) 7/19 CNN: California officer admits to sexual assault while on duty. (Good grief!) 7/24 CNN: In Arkansas: Evangelist Tony Alamo Found Guilty on All 10 Counts of Child Sex Charges, one girl was only 9. 8/3 Drudge: 3 scorned women accused of tying up lover in Chicago. 8/5 Drudge: “Employee of the Year’ Cop accused of sex with illegal immigrants. He was a fighter for gay rights. AND Four women glue cheating man’s penis to stomach! Hmm! 8/5 Drudge: Saudi man detained over alleged sex confessions with three women on TV. 8/10 Drudge: Viagra ice cream to go on sale in London! What next??? 8/22 Drudge: Utah teacher allegedly paid student after sex. 9/1 Drudge: Woman found guilty in Craigslist mother-daughter prostitution operation.  9/2 Drudge: BOOZE, HOOKERS, Secretary Clinton orders probe into guards at U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan. CNN: Tragic….Mom kills 5 week old baby to hide dad’s age who was a minor. 9/10 Yahoo: Disgraced California Republican lawmaker, Mike Duvall, denies affair, caught on tape boasting about extra-marital affairs, now says, “My offense was engaging in inappropriate storytelling.” (Hmmm! Blue seems like the appropriate color here!) 9/11 CNN: ACORN workers caught on tape allegedly advising on prostitution. Women face trial for glued penis revenge. (How about the glue manufacturer? Hmm?! Or was there a disclaimer regarding the penis?) 9/12 Drudge: Gangster may have spread HIV through sex, tattoos. 9/13 Yahoo: Italy copes with priest abuse allegations: priests sodomizied boys even in the confessional and forced them to perform other sex acts.  9/16 CNN: New ACORN video could be even worse! (Ye gods!) 9/17 CNN: Report: Australia man fathered four children with daughter he repeated raped for 30 years. All children had birth defects and one died. Abuse began on daily basis from when she was 11. (This is much more than a Tsk Tsk! This is criminal! How can wives be ignorant of children being abused by husbands/fathers??? I’ve had clients with similar tales to tell…in my memoir!) 9/20 CNN: Ex-stripper says priest fathered child. (Will the sex stuff with the Catholic Church ever end? Any church, for that matter? Hypocrisy is rampant in religion!)  9/27 CNN: Director Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland for 70s sex case where he admitted having sexual intercourse with 13-year-old girl, but left the U.S. before being sentenced. 10/1 NY Times: Senator Ensign’s Aid to Mistress’s Husband Raises Ethics Red Flag! 10/2 CNN: David Letterman reveals sexual affairs with members of staff, extortion attempt during grand jury testimony. 10/6 CNN: Judge accused of having sex with inmates. 11/26 Yahoo: Experts: Dublin bishops covered up priests’ child abuse. 12/5 Washington Post: Aide: Baucus nominated girlfriend for US attorney…State Senate Committee Finance Chairman Max Baucus was having an affair with her when he nominated her! 12/8 Entertainment Tonight/all media: And just how many mistresses does TIGER WOODS actually have??? (I didn’t realize that golfers have such huge libidos! Or is it just a HUGE EGO that makes him hit on all the young, beautiful babes?) 12/9 Drudge: All Tiger Woods’ ads withdrawn by marketers from Primetime. 12/24 CNN: Pediatrician accused of molestation, multiple victims sited.MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS are amazing and surprisingly effective in serving the needs of the people.1/1 Science Daily: Gene Therapy Reversed Heart Damage in Rats with Heart Failure. 1/3 ABC TV News: Cooling brain to save heart attack victims: therapeutic hypothermia. 1/8 Science Daily: Old Gastrointestinal Drug Slows Aging, Researchers Say, reversing the progression of Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases. 1/14 Science Daily: Gene Therapy Eliminates Brain Tumors Through Selective Recruitment of Immune Cells. 1/17 Science Daily: Fantastic Voyage: Medical ‘Mini-Submarine’ Invented to Blast Diseased Cells in the Body. 1/19 Drudge/ It’s coming: the memory pill. ‘Memory pill’ that could help with exam revision could be available soon. 1/24 Science Daily: Just Living with Females Extends Reproductive Life of Male Mice!!! 1/30 Science Daily: Stem Cells Used to Reverse Paralysis in Animals. 2/3 Science Daily: New Vaccine Developed for Preventing ‘Uncommon Cold’ Virus. 2/9 Yahoo: Indevus gel protects women from AIDS virus: research. 2/11 CNN: Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant. FANTASTIC!  WOW! 2/13 Science Daily: Drug Found to Prevent Colon Cancer in Mice. AND Code of the Common Cold Cracked. AND Wrinkles Removed with Protein RAHMM, Study Shows. (Look for new products on the market soon!) 2/15 Science Daily: New Surgical Technique Shows Promise for Improving Function of Artificial Arms. 2/23 Drudge: Scientists close in on ‘universal’ vaccine for flu. 3/2 Science Daily: New Devices Aid Deaf by Translating Sound Waves to Vibrations. AND New Surgical Implant Prevents Total Blindness. AND Stem Cell Breakthrough: New Method for Creating Stem Cells that could lead to cures for devastating diseases. Drudge: Fertility clinics offer parents chance to select eye, hair color…designer children! 3/3 Science Daily: Physical Fitness Improves Spatial Memory, Increases Size of Brain. Controversial Italian doctor claims he has cloned 3 babies…now living in eastern Europe…allowing postmenopausal women to have babies! 3/7 Yahoo: Stem-cell policy change liberating to researchers. 3/8 Science Daily: Virus-free Embryonic-like Stem Cells Made From Skin of Parkinson’s Disease Patients. 3/11 Science Daily: Human Vaccine Against Bird Flu Within Reach With New Discovery. 3/13 Science Daily: High IQ Linked to Reduced Risk of Death. 3/17 Science Daily: Cancerous Kidney Removed Through the Navel. 3/20 Science Daily: Progress Toward an Alzheimer’s Drug That Saves Brain Cells. Silicone Ear Looks Just Like the Real Thing. Shellfish and Inkjet Printers May Hold Key to Faster Healing From Surgeries. 3/22 Drudge: British scientists to create synthetic blood. 3/24 Science Daily: No More Cold Sores? Scientists Find Cellular Process That Fights Herpes Virus. AND New Stem Cell Therapy May Lead to Treatment for Deafness. 4/1 Science Daily: STEM CELL BREAKTHROUGH: ‘Switch’ Created That Turns Stem Cells into Muscle.4/13 Science Daily: Scientists Close to Creating Safe Embryonic-like Stem Cells. Renewable Furniture Finish Made From Sugars and Vegetable Oils. 4/15 Science Daily: Stem Cells Jumpstart Bone’s Healing Process. AND Gene Targeting Discovery Opens Door for Vaccines and Drugs. AND Power of Imagination is More Than Just a Metaphor. 4/16 Science Daily: Energy Drinks Work — in Mysterious Ways. AND Vaccine Developed for E. Coli Diarrheal Diseases That Kill Millions of Children. AND Stem Cell Transplants Helps Patients With Diabetes Become Insulin Free. 4/22 Drudge: Controversial fertility doctor says first cloned human “will be born within two years.” 4/23 Yahoo: FDA to allow ‘morning after’ pill to 17-year-olds. 5/8 Science Daily: Gene key to Alzheimer’s-like Reversal Identified: Success in Restoring Memories in Mice Could Lead to Human Treatments. 5/19 Science Daily: Artificial Skin Manufactured in Fully Automated Process. 6/2 Science Daily: Zap! Wrinkles and Sun Spots be Gone…a new, non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment using fractionated carbon dioxide laser…AND Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells Injected into Skeletal Muscle Can Repair Heart Tissue. 6/6 Science Daily: People Who Wear Rose-Colored Glasses See More, Study Finds…mood literally changes the way our visual system filters our perceptual experience! WOW! A metaphysical truth has been scientifically proven! 6/14 Science Daily: Multivitamins in Pregnancy Reduce Risk of Low Birth Weights. 6/15 Science Daily: Wiping Out Tooth Infection: Cool Plasma Packs Heat Against Biofilms…and could well revolutionize medicine. 6/16 Science Daily: Stress Makes Your Hair Go Gray. 6/19 Science Daily: FARMED FISH may pose risk for MAD COW DISEASE. 7/24 Science Daily: Melatonin: The Fountain of Youth…can slow down the effects of aging! 7/2 Science Daily: Re-Write the Textbooks: Key Genetic Phenomenon Shown to be Different Than Believed. 6/7 Science Daily: Once-a-month Pill for Both Fleas and Ticks in Dogs and Cats. 7/7 Science Daily: New Evident That Vinegar May be Natural Fat Fighter. 7/8 Science Daily: Health Food Supplement May Curb Compulsive Hair Pulling…N-Acetyl-Cysteine (I take it daily, even though I’ve never literally pulled my hair!)  Headline News: Scientist create male sperm from stem cells. (The BRAVE NEW WORLD is here!) 7/10 ‘Elixir of life’ discovered…biochemical discovered in the soil of Easter Island prompts suggestions that an anti-aging pill could soon be produced. (Actually, I’d rather reincarnate!) 7/16 Science Daily: Active Ingredient in Cannabis Eliminates Morphine Dependence in Rats.7/17 Drudge: Treatment neutralizes muscular dystrophy in mice.  7/19 Science Daily: Large Epidemiologic Study Supports Brain Power of Fish in Older People. 7/24 Science Daily: Longer Life for Milk Drinkers, Study Suggests. 7/29 Science Daily: New Silver Nanoparticle Skin Gel for Healing Burns. 8/4 Science Daily: Scientist Discover Bladder Cancer Stem Cell. 8/9 Science Daily: Crystal Ball for Brain Cancer? New Methods Predicts Which Brain Tumors Will Respond to Drugs. 8/10 Science Daily: First Human Gets New Antibody Aimed at Hepatitis C Virus. 8/12 Science Daily: Chinese Acupuncture Affects Brains Ability to Regulate Pain, UM Study Finds. AND Multiple Sclerosis Successfully Reversed in Mice: New Immune-Suppressing Treatment Forces the Disease into Remission. 8/14 Science Daily: Black Tea May Help Fight Diabetes. Mediterranean Diet, Physical Activity Linked with Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.  8/20 Science Daily: Scientists Help Explain Effects of Ancient Chinese Herbal Formula one Heart Health…may produce large amount of artery-widening nitric oxide. 8/21 Science Daily: Life and Death in the Living Brain: Recruitment of Oil Neurons Slows When Old Brains Cells Are Kept From Dying. DNA-coated Nanotubes Help Kill Tumors Without Harm to Surrounding Tissue. 8/22 Drudge: Artificial life will be created in months. 8/23 Science Daily: New Robot-assisted Surgical Method Found Successful for Treatment of Thyroid Cancer. 8/27 Drudge: Science Shock: Creation of ‘three parent babies’ closer to reality! Wow! 9/2 Science Daily: Type 1 Diabetes Linked to Immune Response to Wheat. 9/4 Drudge: Scientists given huge boost in search for AIDS vaccine…with powerful HIV-blocking antibodies. 9/9 Science Daily: New Role of Vitamin C in Skin Protection, Relevance to the Cosmetic Industry. 9/11 Science Daily: Roadmap of Leptin Explains its Regulation of Bone and Appetite: New Clues for Obesity and Osteoporosis Prevention.  9/16 Science Daily: Direct Evidence of Role of Sleep in Memory Formation is Uncovered. 9/17 Drudge: Implanted tooth helps blind woman recover sight.  9/18 Science Daily: Killing Cancer Like a Vampire Slayer: New Drug Cuts Off Blood Supply to Starve Cancer Tumors. 9/22 Science Daily: Scientists Make Paralyzed Rats Walk Again After Spinal-cord Injury. 9/24 CNN: AIDS vaccine is possible, researchers say. Yahoo: A world first: Vaccine helps prevent HIV infection. 9/27 Science Daily: Insulin Boost Restores Muscle Growth in Elderly. 10/1 Science Daily: Clues to Reducing Aging of Human Muscle Discovered! (Hooray!) 10/2 Drudge/Breitbart: Scientists find path to fountain of youth in genetic manipulation that mimics health benefits of restricting caloric intake. (So eat less, but make sure the calories you consume are high in nutrients, which means no junk food!) 10/7 Science Daily: ‘Closed Heart Surgery’: Scientists Jump Start the Heart by Gene Transfer.  20/9 Science Daily: Liver Cells Grown from Patient’s Skin Cells; Treatment of Liver Disease Possible. 10/23 Science Daily: Low-Carb Diet Speeds Recovery From Spinal Cord Injury. 11/2 Science Daily: Gene Therapy Repairs Human Donor Lungs for First Time. 11/3 Science Daily: Discovery of Novel Protein Offers Hope for Possible Parkinson’s Disease Cure. 11/13 Science Daily: Stem Cells: Scientists Successfully Reprogram Blood Cells. 11/24 Science Daily: New wound dressing, full of antibiotics, dissolves when wound has healed.  12/29 Science Daily: ‘Glow-in-the-dark’ red blood cells made from human stem cells. 12/1 Science Daily: New stem cell technology provides rapid healing from complicated bone fracture. 12/9 Science Daily: Social scientists build case for ‘survival of the kindest.’ (Not the meanest or most selfish! Consciousness is growing!) 12/10 Science Daily: Stem cells can be engineered to kill HIV, scientists show. 12/24 Science Daily: Drug and placebo: Study redefines placebo affect as part of effective treatment. 12/27 Science Daily: Exposure to young triggers new neuron creation in females exhibiting maternal behavior.An AIRBORNE EPIDEMIC (PANDEMIC) threatens large numbers.4/14 Drudge: WHO ready with antivirals to combat swine flu. Travelers warned of mysterious respiratory illness. Mexico City launches huge vaccination campaign. 8 hit in USA. Concerns in Texas. Mutated from pigs, transferred to humans. 4/25 Drudge: Possible swine flu outbreak at NYC Prep school. Most fatal flu victims age 25-45. 60 dead in Mexico City, with 1,000 suspected cases. 4/26 Yahoo: Swine flu fears prompt quarantine plans, pork bans, testing airline passengers for fevers, as health officials try to come up with a uniform ways to battle a deadly strain of swine flu. CNN: 81 dead in Mexico as flu emergency goes global. CNN: U.S. declares public health emergency over flu. Four swine flu cases declared in Canada. 4/28 Washington Post: WHO Raises Global Threat as Reports of Swine Flu Increase. 4/28 CNN: Mexico City at epicenter of swine flu fears. CNN: Regular flu has killed thousands in 2009. 36,000 seasonal flu deaths in the U.S. every year. 4/29 Yahoo: Egypt orders slaughter of all pigs over swine flu. Science Daily: Seven Countries Have Officially Reported Cases of Swine Flu. Swine Flu Outbreak Continues to Grow as Worldwide Pandemic Alert Level Raised to Phase 4. 5/2 CNN: Flu virus sparks ‘social distancing’ trend. Number of H1N1 cases jumps to 615, WHO says. Flu-panicked Egypt to kill 350,000 pigs. Drudge: Hong Kong hotel quarantine. Lower Mexico death toll heartens nervous world. 5/22 Drudge: WHO chief says world should prepare for severe flu. Spain quarantines soldiers. 6/11 CNN: WHO declares swine flu pandemic. 8/5 CNN: Global swine flu deaths top 1,100. (I’m sorry, but for me this is NOT a pandemic. People die from some kind of flu every single year. Consider how many billions of people are on this planet! This is a small number, but tragic for those who have suffered a loss. It seems to me like propaganda to sell flu vaccine! ) 9/17 Drudge: Brazil registers 899 flu deaths. 6/26/2012 Drudge: Swine flu likely claimed a quarter million lives in 2009. 1/26/2013 BBC News: Swine flu infected ‘fifth of people’ in 2009, according to data from 19 countries.SPRINGTIME FLOODING proves devastating.3/23 CNN: Residents race to fill more than 1M sandbags as flooding threatens North Dakota, 6,000 homes in danger in Fargo as the Red River rises. 3/27 Yahoo: Red River tops historic marker, undermines dike. 5/8 Yahoo: Brazilians flee flooding, stay in cow pens. Phenomenal ELECTRONIC ADVANCEMENTS on all fronts.1/11 CNN: Call a friend on new wristwatch! 1/28 Science Daily: Plastic Solar Cells for Portable Electronic Devices Coming Soon. 3/13 Drudge: Scientists develop cellphone battery that can be charged in just 10 SECONDS! 4/15 Science Daily: Working on the Future Internet: Linking People, Devices, Telecoms and Data Networks into One, Vast Network of Networks! New software: Autonomic Communication Elements. AND Nano Changes Rise to Macro Importance in a Key Electronics Material…for wireless communication. 6/17 Drudge: Mullahs meet the Internet. CNN: Time: Twitter is the medium of the movement in Iran’s election turmoil. 7/15 Science Daily: Cell Phone Towers Can Help Predict Big Floods.  8/24 Science Daily: New Microchip Technology Performs 1,000 Chemical Reactions at Once.  9/1 Science Daily: World’s Smallest Semiconductor Laser Heralds New Era in Optical Science. 9/4 Science Daily: Super-Fast Computers of the Future will use light to process large amounts of data faster than ever just one of many groundbreaking advancements. 9/5 Science Daily: Human Brain Could be Replicated in 10 Years, Researchers Predict! Yikes! 10/5 Drudge: Robot sings using new voice technology. 11/17 Science Daily: Tennessee’s Kraken Named World’s Third Fastest Computer, ORNL’s Jaguar is No. 1. 12/2 Science Daily: Traditional wood-carving craft industry goes high tech.6/9 is watching ever more closely.8/7 You Tube: Glenn Beck: allows government to take over your computer. Paranoia is alive and flourishing in the USA! 8/16 World Net Daily: Life with Big Brother. Obama: Every move you make, I’ll be watching you online…visitors to government websites.  5/18/2013 Drudge: 60 Minutes: Facial recognition tech making it impossible to be truly anonymous in internet age. 6/9 Reuters: UK says eavesdropping is legal, defends U.S. spy link. Drudge: Phone spying foiled plan to blow up NYC subway in 2009. (I think they’d find my phone calls boring!)  REAL ESTATE RECOVERIES by SUMMER with speedy stock market pick ups by the FALL.4/24 CNN: New homes sales hint at revival. 5/5 NY Times: Where Home Prices Crashed Early, Signs of a Rebound. 5/27 Reuters: Rise in sales points to U.S. housing bottom. 6/2 CNN: Pending Home Sales Rebound. Reuters: U.S. pending home sales see biggest gain in 7 years. 6/16 CNN: House starts jump 17.2 percent. 6/23 CNN: Home sales rise while prices fall. 7/15 Foreclosures rise 15% in first half of 2009. 7/23 Yahoo: Data shows housing market starting to recover. 7/27 CNN: New home sales soar in June. 7/28 CNN: Home prices rise first time since 2006. 8/3 Yahoo: Construction spending rises unexpectedly. 8/26 Yahoo: New home sales surge 9.6% in July, beating forecasts.  9/9 Reuters: Home loan demand at 3-month high. BUT Treasury says millions more foreclosures coming. (I hope people have learned not to buy or live beyond their means! Maybe not!) 10/14 Yahoo: Stocks surge on strong earnings from Intel, J.P. Morgan. CNN: DOW nears 10,000. (I told you so!) 10/23 CNN: Existing home sales highest in 2 years. 11/24 Yahoo: Home prices rise for 4th month in a row. 12/1 Washington Post: October pending home sales rise 3.7%.  12/22 CNN: Big leap for home sales.      NEW SPECIES of life continue to be discovered in remote areas on land and in the sea.12/15 Drudge: Scores of new species found in Greater Mekong. 1/27 Science Daily: New Species Hotspot in Remote Cambodian Mekong: Cantor’s Giant softshell turtle thought to be extinct in Cambodia since 2003 rediscovered in a section of the Mekong River nearly untouched by humans. 2/2 Science Daily: Many New Species Discovered in Hidden Mozambique Oasis With Help of Google Earth. 2/3 Science Daily: Ten New Amphibian Species Discovered in Columbia; Secluded Safe Haven for Frogs as Global Extinctions Rise. AND Dozen New Tree Frogs Discovered in Rapidly Vanishing Habitat in India. 3/9 Science Daily: Three New Species Discovered on Deep Sea Voyage near Tasmania, Australia. AND New Bird Species of Babbler Discovered in China.   2/22 MSNBC: Fossils reveal truth about Darwin’s theory: Transitional creatures found include ‘fishiban’ and ‘frogamander.’ 2/26 Science Daily: DNA Evidence is in, Psychedelic Looking Bouncing Fish is a New Species, Dubbed Psychedilica. 3/3 Science Daily: Butterfly Found to be New Specie, Because of its Mustache. 3/6 Science Daily: Seven New Species of Deep-Sea Coral Discovered. 3/11 Science Daily: Genetic Study Finds Treasure Trove of New Lizards in Australia. 3/12 Science Daily: New Fish Discovered in Antarctic Ocean. 5/6 Drudge: Ancient ‘hobbit’ humans new species after all. 5/19 Science Daily: New Red Algae Discovered in Mediterranean Sea. 5/28 Science Daily: New Extinct Lemur Species Discovered in Madagascar. 6/19 Science Daily: Sands of Gobi Desert Yield New Species of Nut-Cracking Dinosaur. 7/7 Drudge: New monkey discovered in Brazilian Amazon….Threatened by Proposed Dams and Other Developments in the Region (according to Science Daily). 7/30 Science Daily: Study Catches Two Bird Populations as They Split into Separate Species. 8/3 Science Daily: New Insect on Balearic Islands. 8/5 Science Daily: Human Population Expanded in Africa During Late Stone Age 40,000 Years Ago, Genetic Evidence Shows.  8/10 Drudge: Flying frog, world’s smallest deer, first new monkey to be found in over a century, among 353 new species discovered in eastern Himalayan in the past decade: WWF. 8/26 Science Daily: New Species of Crustaceans Discovered Near Canary Islands. 9/7 Drudge/ Lost world of fanged frogs and giant rats discovered in Papua, New Guinea…a lost world populated by grunting fish and tiny bear-like creatures discovered in remote volcanic crater. Wow!  9/8 CNN: New giant rat species discovered in remote rainforest of NEW GUINEA. 9/9 Drudge/The Independent: A skull that rewrites the history of man was found in Georgia, not Africa, which has long been thought to be the cradle of human evolution. Skull dates back 1.8 million years. (And I don’t think they have the answer yet! Saturn rules the bones, the part of our body that endures the longest.) 9/22 Science Daily: New Species Discovered on Whale Skeletons. 9/24 Science Daily: Ancient and Bizarre Fish Discovered: New Species of Ghost Shark from California and Baja California.  9/27 CNN: Bird-eating frog among 163 new species found in Greater Mekong region of southeast Asia. 9/29 Science Daily: Researchers Go Underground to Reveal 850 New Species in Australian Outback. New Specie Discovered in Greater Mekong Delta at Risk of Extinction Because of Climate Change. 11/20 Science Daily: ‘HOBBITS’ are a new HUMAN species, according to statistical analysis of fossils. 11/24 Science Daily: New chameleon species discovered in East Africa. Deep sea world beyond sunlight: Explorers census 17,650 ocean species on edge of black abyss. 12/6 Science Daily: Scientists have formally described four more species of king crab from the deep sea. 12/17 Science Daily: Nearly 100 new species described by California Academy of Sciences in 2009. 12/24 Science Daily: New warbler discovered in Laos…diminutive and colorful. 12/25 Science Daily: Canopy giants and miniature fungi among 250 new species discovered in Kew’s 250th anniversary year.MORTGAGE RATES drop significantly, enabling home owners to refinance, and some threatened with loss to keep their homes.12/31/2008: MSNBC: Mortgage rates fall to record low again. Lowest since Freddie Mac began tracking data almost 28 years ago. 1/8: 5.01% on fixed mortgages. 1/30/2010 Yahoo: Home Loan Rates Dropping. 6/24 Yahoo: Mortgage rates at lowest point since at least 1971: 30 year fixed dropped to at least 4.69%  GREAT SOULS leave earthly existence but their accomplishments live on!1/1 NY Times: Helen Suzman, Anti-Apartheid Figure, Dies at 91 in South Africa. CNN: Ex-Senator CLAIBORNE PELL, proponent of student grants, dies at 90. 1/5 CNN: Former Attorney General GRIFFIN BELL, under President Carter, dies at 90. 1/16 NY Times: ANDREW WYETH, Painter, Dies at 91. 1/27 NY Times: Famed Pulitzer Prize-winning author JOHN UPDIKE dies, 76. 2/3 CNN: Habitat for Humanity Founder, Millard Fuller, dies, 74. 2/6 Drudge: Stem cell, cloning expert Jerry Yang, dead at 49. 2/21 Yahoo: 19th century Belgian priest, Rev. Damien de Veusters who aided lepers in Hawaii, to become saint. 2/25 CNN: Sci-fi author Philip Jose Farmer dead at 91. 3/9 Founder of AA, Father Martin, dead at 84…12 steps programs. 4/10 CNN: ‘Dungeon and Dragons’ co-creator dies at 61, David Lance Arneson. 7/6 Yahoo: McNamara, defense chief during Vietnam war, dies, 93. 7/7 Email: Author and researcher John Keel has died, 79, investigated monster, aerial and paranormal phenomenon, best known for his Mothman research in West Virginia. 7/17 NY Times News Alert: Walter Cronkite, Iconic Anchorman, dead at 92. 8/11 Yahoo: JFK’s sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Founder of Special Olympics, dies at 88 (3rd Saturn Return). Quite the woman!  8/19 Drudge: TV Pioneer Don Hewitt, Master Behind 60 Minutes, anchored first ‘Coast to Coast’ satellite report, dead at 86. (His ex-wife, Frankie, was one of my clients. She passed from cancer many years ago.) 8/23 CNN: Former South Korean President Kim laid to rest. (It was posted in the lobby that he used to live here at the Watergate at Landmark in the 1980s. 8/26 CNN: ‘Lion of the Senate’ dead at 77, Senator Edward Kennedy. President Obama calls Kennedy our greatest senator. 9/8 Drudge: Veteran entertainment columnist Army Archerd dies, 87. 9/13 CNN: Nobel laureate Norman Bortaug dies, 95. 9/18 NY Times: Irving Kristol, Godfather of Neoconservatism, dead at 89. 11/3 NY Times: Claude Levi-Straus, Anthropologist, dies at 100, once transformed the West’s understanding of ‘primitive man.’  11/19 NY Times: Artist Jeanne-Claude dead at 74. 12/16 CNN: Roy Disney loses bout with cancer, dead at 79.The CELEBRITY PARADE to the OTHER SIDE brings sorrow to many and a time for serious reflection.1/2 CNN: JETT TRAVOLTA, son of actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston, dead at 16. 1/5 CNN: Batman character, actor PAT HINGLE, dies at 84. (Uranus Return again!) 1/6 CNN: Stooges guitarist found dead, 60. 1/14 Pop Eater: Fantasy Island star RICARDO MONTALBAN dies at 88. Prisoner star PATRICK McGOOHAN dies at 80. 1/29 PopEater: KIM MANNER, “X-File” Director, Producer, dies at 58. 2/7 CNN: Actor JAMES WHITMORE dies, 87. 2/17 PopEater: Acclaimed jazz drummer LOUIS BELLSON dies, 84, once husband of the late Pearl Bailey. 2/26 Yahoo: Ex British ‘EastEnders’ soap opera star WENDY RICHARD dies, 65. 2/28 CNN: Legendary broadcaster PAUL HARVEY dies, 90. 3/16 Tony award winning Actor RON SILVER dies of esophageal cancer, 62. 3/18 NY Times: NATASHA RICHARDSON, Tony award winning actress and wife of Liam Neeson and daughter of Vanessa Redgrave, dead at 45 from a head injury after a ski accident in Montreal. 3/20 CNN: Broadway dims lights for Natasha Richardson. 3/11 CNN: British Reality TV star JADE GOODY loses ovarian cancer fight, 27. 4/4 CNN: Former CNN host TOM BRADEN dead at 92. Thousands mourn reality TV star Goody. 4/9 CNN: Los Angeles Angels rookie pitcher, NICK ADENHART, 22, killed in hit-and-run car crash. 4/13 CNN: Porn star MARILYN CHAMBERS dies, 58. 4/25 Golden Girls Star Bea Arthur dies of cancer, 86. 5/1 Yahoo: Las Vegas Strip performer Danny Gans dead at 52. TMZ: Actor DOM DELUISE dead at 75. 5/12 CNN: Michael Landon’s oldest son found dead, 60. 5/15 CNN: NBA Star, musician WAYMAN TISDALE dies, 44. 5/19 CNN: Rapper DOLLA shot, killed at L.A. mall. 5/26 CNN: Mike Tyson’s daughter, 4, dies after treadmill accident. 6/4 Yahoo: Actor DAVID CARRADINE found hanged in closet in Bangkok at age 72. Spinner: Blues legend KOKO TAYLOR dies at 80. 6/5 CNN: David Carradine’s manager suspects foul play in actor’s death. 6/11 Drudge: Forensic experts: Carradine didn’t commit suicide. 6/16 CNN: ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Venture guitarist, BOB BOGLE, dies, 75. 6/17 PopEater: Mia Farrow’s brother, sculptor PATRICK FARROW, 66, found dead in Vermont art gallery under suspicious conditions.  6/23 Yahoo: Tonight sidekick ED McMAHON dies in L.A. at 86. 6/25 Washington Post: Actress FARRAH FAWCETT, “Charlie’s Angel” star, dies after long battle with cancer at 62. Drudge: TMZ: Report: Singer MICHAEL JACKSON dies of cardiac arrest at age 50, not breathing when paramedics arrived. 6/26 Yahoo: Leaders, superstars, fans, mourn King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Autopsy planned.  6/28 MailOnline: ‘I’m better off dead. I’m done,’ Michael Jackson’s fateful prediction a week before his death. Genetic condition had ruined his lungs and left him unable to sing. He became so skeletal doctors believed he was anorexic. He thought he was agreeing to 10 concerts when it was 50. (It was Michael’s time for graduation to a finer plane of being! Now he can entertain on the Other Side…after a long period of rest! He was a great talent and a unique soul!) CNN: BILLY MAYS, 50, OxiClean infomerical pitchman, found dead. 6/29 CNN: TV Sitcom pioneer GAIL STORM dies, 87. Comedienne FRED TRAVALENA dies of cancer, 66. 7/1 CNN: Oscar-winning actor KARL MALDEN dead at 97. (I was waiting for the THIRD really famous actor to pass, but it seems plenty have graduated just in the past week!) 7/4 CNN: Former NFL Quarterback MCNAIR dead, police say, killed in a shooting in Tennessee. 7/5 CNN: Ex-Beatles, Rolling Stones Manager KLEIN dies, 77. 7/16 CNN: 1 dead in Madonna concert stage collapse in France. 7/26 CNN: Pro Boxer, VERNON ‘The Viper’ FORREST shot and killed in carjacking incident in southwest Atlanta. 7/31 Yahoo: Former Philippine President AQUINO dead at 76. 8/6 CNN: JOHN HUGHES, director of 1980s teen movies, dies at 59. 8/13 PopEater: Guitar Icon, Innovator LES PAUL dead at 94. 8/18 Washington Post: Political Columnist, TV Panelist, ROBERT NOVAK, dead at 78. 8/26 CNN: Crime writer DOMINICK DUNNE dies of cancer, 83. 8/28 People: DJ AM found dead in New York City, 36. 9/11 CNN: M*A*S*H* writer, producer LARRY GELBART dies, 81. 9/14 NBCTV: JODY POWELL, former press secretary for President Carter, dies, 65. NY Times: PATRICK SWAYZE, who starred in Dirty Dancing, Ghost,  loses his battle with cancer at 57. 9/16 PopEater: ‘Laugh-In’, Film star HENRY GIBSON dies, 73. NY Times: MARY TRAVERS of Peter, Paul and Mary dies, 72. 9/25 CNN: Tim Russert’s father, BIG RUSS, dies, 85. 9/27 NY Times: WILLIAM SAFIRE, Nixon Speechwriter and Times Columnist, dead at 79. 9/28 CNN: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” childhood friend of John Lennon’s son Julian, dies from Lupus at 46, LUCY VODDEN. 10/4 CNN: Argentine singer MERCEDES SOSA, ‘voice of Latin America,’ dies, 74. 10/8 Washington Post: Founder of Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington dead at 82: Ben Ali. 10/14 CNN: Wrestler, personality Captain Lou Albano dies, 76. NBC-TV: Crooner Al Martino dead, 82. 10/16 Email/Chicago Tribune: Former U.S. Representative Bob Davis of Michigan dies, 77. (Bob was a former client of mine!) 10/23 CNN: TV funny man SOUPY SALES dies, 83. 12/5 CNN: Former WWE star UMAGA dead, 36. 12/15 CNN: Evangelist ORAL ROBERTS died from complications of pneumonia, age 91. 12/17 CNN: NFL’s CHRIS HENRY dies after fall from truck, during domestic difference with fiancée, age 26. 12/20 CNN: Actress BRITTANY MURPHY dead at 32. 12/22 CNN: “Sesame Street” star ALAINA REED-AMINI dead. 12/24 Washington Post: Famed sportscaster GEORGE MICHAEL dead from cancer, 70. 12/29 CNN: Avenged Sevenfold drummer JAMES SULLIVAN dies, 28.  POWER STRUGGLES in the spring bring about the fall of the mighty.6/28 Drudge: Army ousts Honduras president on vote dispute. President calls arrest ‘kidnapping’…asks for asylum in Costa Rica. Troops surround presidential palace.  A new RUSSIAN LEADER, youthful and idealistic, rises to prominence for the good of the people, similar to Gorbechev. He will foster democratic ideals and the protection of human rights.7/15 CNN: Russian human rights activist kidnapped, killed: Natalya Estemirova.PRIME MINISTER VLADIMIR PUTIN is surrounded by DANGER, either in terms of loss of power or decline in health.1/29 Drudge/Reuters: Russian protestors storm Putin party office…accusing him of ignoring the plight of ordinary people in the economic slowdown. 2/1 Drudge: Violent clashes in Moscow as angry protesters call for Putin to resign over economy. 6/2 Drudge: Summer of unrest: hungry Russians block motorway to demand help. Riot police detain protestors of group “Russia Without Putin.”ASSASSINATION DANGERS in the spring, especially in desert lands.3/7 CNN: Driver targeted Zimbabwe PM in accident that killed his wife, party officials say. 6/18 Yahoo: Militants kills at least 21 Algerian police. Somali security minister killed in explosion.AMERICANS continue to lose their lives fighting wars in faraway LANDS.3/19 CNN: John King: Veterans stories show Iraq war’s toll. Six years later, 4,578 coalition deaths. 7/6 The CNN Wire: NATO: 6 U.S. soldiers die in Afghanistan. 7/12 Yahoo: 4 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghan bomb blast.  10/4 CNN: 8 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan. Deadliest attack for U.S. troops since August 2008. 10/26 NY Times: 14 Americans Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crashes.   Agreements stall in the spring as NEGOTIATIONS reach an IMPASSE.5/28 Does this have to do with North Korea or Israel? Yahoo: U.S. on high alert after North Korea renounces truce. Israel rebuffs U.S. call for total settlement freeze.SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES and INVENTIONS border the amazing.1/1 Drudge: Toyota developing solar powered car. 1/11 CNN: Phone a friend with new wristwatch! TimesOnline: World’s first flying car prepares for take off. 1/15 Drudge/Breitbart: Science closing in on cloak of invisibility…not Harry Potter yet but getting closer. 1/29 CNN: Fighting hunger with flood-tolerant rice…millions may not have to go hungry. Time: Teleportation is Real — But Don’t Try it at Home! 1/30 Science Daily: Robots to Clean your Kitchen and Play a Game of Hockey. 2/13 Science Daily: New Refrigeration System Using Magnetics More Economical and Quieter Than Current Technology. AND New Shock Absorber Harvests Energy from Bumps in the Road, Increases Fuel Economy. 2/25 You Tube: Car Runs on Compressed Air…has zero pollution…very low running costs and will cost just over $5,000. 2/26 Science Daily: World’s Smallest Periscopes Peer at Cells from Several Sides at Once.  3/5 Science Daily: First Virtual Reality Technology to Let You See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Touch. Wow! AND ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ of Quantum Mechanics Directly Observed. (Everything in the Universe is directly connected with everything else in the Universe…that’s a metaphysical truth!) 3/6 Science Daily: MARS Life? Computer Analysis Hints at Water — And Life — Under Olympus Mons. 3/11 Drudge: Human-like robot smiles, scolds in classroom. 3/25 Science Daily: Flying Car Takes Wing: Invention Makes Its First Test Flights. 4/1 Drudge: BIG BONED: Whole body scan machine tested at Salt Lake City Airport. 4/2 Drudge/ Robot achieves scientific first…ADAM is the first machine in history to have discovered new scientific knowledge independently of its human creators! DOUBLE WOW!We’re living in a Brave New World already! Aldous Huxley must be amused over there on the Other Side…for several reasons! 4/3 Drudge: Japan robots on moon by 2020! 4/15 CNN: Cuddly robot seal helps to heal children and the elderly in Japan. Adorable too! 4/16 Science Daily: Birds: Feather Colors is More Than Skin Deep. 4/19 Science Daily: All Octopuses are Venomous: Could Lead to Drug Discovery. 5/7 Drudge: NOW BOARDING: Virgin sees space tourism as just the beginning. 5/16 Science Daily: New Fuel Cell Catalyst Uses Two Metals: Up to Five Times More Effective…boost for cleaner fuels. AND Let the Planet Hunt Begin: Kepler Spacecraft Begins Search for Other Earth-like Worlds. 5/19 Science Daily: Astronauts Complete Hubble Repairs in Final Spacewalk. 6/4 Science Daily: Olive Industry Waste, Such as Olive Pits, Pomace and Pruning Remains Used to Decontaminate Sewage. 6/16 Science Daily: Transparent Solar Cells Made for Windows. AND Marijuana Damages DNA and May Cause Cancer, New Tests Reveal. AND Chinese Discover Microbes That Eat Hydrocarbons, and Leave Behind Non-Toxic Residue. 6/20 Drudge: New Mexico breaks ground on commercial spaceport! 6/25 Science Daily: First Acoustic Metamaterial ‘Superlens’ Created. 6/28 Drudge: Sophisticated weather satellite rockets into orbit. India to put all its citizens on world’s largest database. 6/29 CNN: Universal phone charger on the way! 7/5 CNN: High-tech police car ‘sees in the dark.’ (The next thing you know the car will talk like Kit! Life imitates art!) 7/6 Science Daily: Paralyzed People Using Computers, Amputees Controlling Bionic Limbs, With Microelectrodes On (Not In) Brain. 7/8 Science Daily: Physical Reality of String Theory Shown in Quantum-critical State of Electrons. 7/9 Science Daily: World’s First Hydrogen-powered Yacht With Fully Integrated Laboratory Will Study Mediterranean Pollution. Drudge: Microsoft chief: In 10 years computers will know your intent! (Robo Cop time! Maybe it will force human beings to clean up their acts! Or will there be rogue computers to match rogue human beings??? What a terrible thought! We need a Computer God–or Saint at least!) 7/11 Science Daily: Robot Learns to Smile and Frown. 7/14 Drudge: Monkey moves robot using mind control! 7/15 Science Daily: Major Breakthrough With Water Desalination System. 7/17 Science Daily: Waste from Textile Industry Transformed into Rich Compost with Help of Manure and Earthworms. 7/22 Science Daily: Combating Iron Deficiency: Rice with Six Times more Iron Than Polished Kernel Developed. 7/23 Science Daily: Lighting Revolution Forecast by Top Scientist. 7/24 Science Daily: Experiments Show ‘Artificial Gravity’ Can Prevent Muscle Loss in Space. Purer Water with Long Shelf Life Made Possible With One Change to Water Purification Product. 7/26 Drudge: Scientist worry machines may outsmart man. (Robo Cop coming soon!) 8/6 Science Daily: Plastics That Convert Light to Electricity Could Have a Big Impact. 8/11 Drudge: Scientists on brink of creating a computer with a human brain? 8/12 Science Daily: New Fireproof Coatings Can Really Take the Heat. 8/18 Science Daily: New Cloaking Methods Could Shield Submarines from Sonar, Planes from Radar, Buildings from Earthquakes! 8/24 Science Daily: Artificial Life One Step Closer: Scientist Clone and Engineer Bacterial Genome in Yeast and Transplant Genome Back into Bacterial Cells. 8/25 Drudge: Scientists design filtration system that lets you drink your own shower water! 8/27 Breitbart: Japan robotics expert unveil sci-fi wheelchair. 8/30 Mail Online: Single molecule, one millions times smaller than a grain of sand, pictured for first time.  9/7 Science Daily: Indoor Plants Found to Release Volatile Organic Compounds. 9/11 Science Daily: Graffiti-free Historic Buildings: Breathable Coating Provides Protection. AND Machines Can Replicate Human Behavior, BUT…they do not possess our ability to recognize distorted images. (Faulty Robo Cop!? Oops! Warning! Warning!) 9/18 Science Daily: Invention Can Turn Red Wine By-products into Yoghurt, Chocolates, Cream, and More. 9/21 Drudge: Russian billionaire installs anti-photo shield on giant yacht. (Protection from Klingons?) 9/23 Science Daily: ‘Intelligent Car’ Able to Learn from Owner’s Driving and Warn in Case of Accident Hazard.  (Kit is here!) 10/1 Science Daily: Getting Plants to Rid Themselves of Pesticide Residue… Scientists in China discovered natural hormone applied helps plants eliminate certain pesticides. 10/15 Science Daily: Video Camera that Records at the Speed of Thought! Wow! AND World’s Smallest Computers Made of DNA and Other Biological Molecules Made to ‘Think’ Logically. Wow! Wow! 11/12 Science Daily: NASA Reproduces a Building Block of Life in Laboratory. 11/13 NY Times: Water found on the MOON, scientists say. 12/3 Science Daily: A window that washes itself? New nano-material may revolutionize solar panels and batteries too…peptide forests repel water and dust. Amazing!  12/7 All Media/Drudge: VIRGIN GALACTIC unveils first commercial spaceship! Wow! 12/9 Science Daily: Dip ordinary paper into ink infused with nanotubes and nanowires to create an instant battery. Wow! NY Times: Collider sets records, and Europe takes U.S.’s lead…the Large Hadron Collider achieved its goal to be most powerful physics machine in the world! Double Wow!!! 12/25 Science Daily: World’s first molecular transistor created…made from single molecule.ARCHEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES are history changing and history making.12/11/2008 Science Daily: Unique Archeological Discovery in Balkan: World’s First Illyrian Trading Post Found. 12/16 Science Daily: 4,000-year-old Amber Necklace Has Been Unearthed in England. 12/17 Science Daily: Rare Lead Bars Discovered Off the Coast of Ibiza May be Carthaginian Munitions from before the time of Christ. AND New Species of Prehistoric Giants Discovered in the Sahara.12/22 Yahoo: Two 4,300 year old tombs unveiled near Cairo.Science Daily: Archeological Discovery:  Earliest Evidence of our Cave-dwelling Human Ancestors in South Africa. Tools believed to be 2 million years old. Our ancestors were in caves earlier than ever thought. CNN: Archeologists discover rare gold coins in Jerusalem. 1/5 CNN: German battlefield yields Roman surprises of more than 600 relics from a battle between a Roman army and Barbarians in the third century. 1/16 Science Daily: Medieval Walls in Spain Contain Bits of Bones. 1/26 CNN: 1800-year-old marble head unearthed in Israel. 2/2 CNN: Treasure hunters claim historic warship HMS Victory found, which sank in 1744. 2/5 Science Daily: At 2,500 Pounds and 43 Feet, Prehistoric Snake is Largest on Record. 2/8 CNN: Shipwreck may hold 4-tons of gold. 2/10 Science Daily: New Species of Prehistoric Creatures Discovered in Isle of Wight Mud (48 discovered in one year). 2/13 CNN: 30 year old woman seen for first time 3,000 years later with CT scan. 2/21 Science Daily: Vast Cache of Ice Age Fossils Uncovered at La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. 3/11 CNN: Farmers find Byzantine monastery beneath Israeli soil. 3/13 Science Daily: ‘Peking Man’ Older Than Thought; Somehow Adapted to Cold: 200,000 years older. Site found to be between 680,000-780,000 years old! Wow! 3/25 Science Daily: Earliest Evidence of Domesticate Maize Discovered: Dates Back 8,700 Years. 4/7 Science Daily: Archaeological Discovery in Jordan Valley: Enormous Foot-Shaped Enclosures…thought to be symbolic of the biblical concept of ownership. 4/15 Yahoo: Egyptians search 3 sites for Cleopatra’s tomb. 4/16 Science Daily: Archeologists Discover Temple in Turkey That Sheds Light on the So-Called Dark Age. (10th/9th BCE) 5/1 Science Daily: Ancient Egypt Brought to Life With Virtual Model of Historic Temple Complex. 5/13 Science Daily: Race to Save World’s Oldest Submerged Town: Pavlopetri, Greece…ruins date from at least 2800 B.C. 5/15 Science Daily: Ivory Venus Figurine from the Swabian Jura of Southwestern Germany Rewrites Prehistory…made 35,000 years ago! 5/19 Science Daily: Fossil of ‘Giant’ Shrew Nearly One Million Years Old Found in Spain. Drudge: 47-Million-Year-Old Monkey, Missing Link in Human Evolution? 5/28 Science Daily: Giant Dinosaur Posture is All Wrong: Sauropods Held Their Heads High, Research Finds. 6/3 Science Daily: New Hominid 12 Million Years Old Found in Spain, With ‘Modern’ Facial Features. 6/9 Science Daily: Neolithic Age: Prehistoric Complex Including Two 6,000-year-old Tombs Discovered in Britain. Prehistoric Whale Discovered on the West Coast of Sweden. 6/19 Science Daily: Ancient Ice Age, Once Regarded as a Brief ‘Blip,’ Found to have Lasted for 30 Million Years! 6/24 Science Daily: 54-million-old Skull Reveals Early Evolution of Primate Brains. 7/7 Science Daily: Largest Carnivorous Dinosaur Tooth Ever Found in Spain. 7/8 Science Daily: Underground Cave Dating from the Year 1 A.D. Exposed in Jordan Valley. 7/9 Science Daily: Mummified Dinosaur Skin (of beast who died 66 million years ago) Yields Up New Secrets. 7/17 Science Daily: Skull of Crocodile 100 Million Years Old Unearthed. 7/23 Science Daily: Human Spear Likely Cause of Death of Neanderthal 50,000 to 75,000 years ago. 8/12 Science Daily: Archeologists Find Cache of Tablets in 2,700-year-old Turkish Temple. 8/19 msnbc: Cave complex may lie beneath Giza pyramids. British explorer claims to have found the lost underworld of the pharaohs. Wow! Science Daily: Stone tools, rare animal bones, clues to Caribbean’s earliest inhabitants discovered. 9/4 CNN: Massive ancient wall uncovered in Jerusalem. 9/11 CNN: Ancient synagogue found in Israel. 9/15 Science Daily: Figurines of Aphrodite from Roman Era Discovered in Hippos. AND Giant Stone-Age Axes Found in African Lake Basin. 9/16 Science Daily: Largest-ever Collection of Coins from Period of Revolt Against Romans Found in Judean Hills. 9/17 Science Daily: Skeleton Found at Roman Site in Britain Mystifies Archeologists. 9/17 CNN: Tiny T-Rex find startles scientists…size of a human. 9/23 Science Daily: Rare Discovery: Engraved Gemstone Carrying Portrait of Alexander the Great found in Israel. AND Archeologists Find Burial Cellar in Ancient Syrian City Containing Spectacular Artifacts…as well as human bones from 1600-1400 BC.  9/24 CNN: Largest-ever Anglo-Saxon gold hoard unearthed in England…unprecedented treasure sheds light on history, archeologists said. 9/30 Science Daily: Feathery Four-winged Dinosaur Fossil Found in China Bridges Transition to Birds.  10/2 Science Daily: Archeologists Discover Amphitheatre in Excavation of Portus, Ancient Port of Rome.  10/7 CNN: New stone circle found near Stonehenge.  10/11 Science Daily: Largest Dinosaur Footprints Ever Found Near Lyon, France. 10/14 CNN: 2,000 year old palaces unearthed in Iraq. Fossil fills gap in evolutionary tale. 10/17 Science Daily: World’s Oldest Submerged Town Dates Back 5,000 Years…back to Final Neolithic off Greece…occupied at least 1,200 years earlier than previously thought.  10/22 Science Daily: Tool-making Human Ancestors Inhabited Greenland Environments Two Million Years Ago.  11/2 Science Daily: Newly Discovered Ankylosaur Dinosaur is ‘Biological Version of an Army Tank’…lived 112 million years ago! AND New Analysis of Dinosaur Growth May Wipe Out One-third of Species. 11/17 Science Daily: Ancient weapons dug up by archeologist in England from as far back as 9,000 B.C.  APRIL stands out as a time of REMARKABLE INSIGHTS or DISCOVERIES.4/15 CNN: Anti-addiction pills may turn rehab on its head. 5/13: Foreclosures: ‘April was a shocker!’  6/30 CNNMoney: Home prices tumbled in April.VISITORS FROM OTHER WORLDS become HIGHLY VISIBLE in EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA and the SOUTHWEST UNITED STATES. Unidentified Flying Objects become almost completely RECOGNIZABLE and identifiable.1/6 Drudge/ Close Encounters of the Jersey Kind? Cops, Residents Puzzled by Bizarre Lights Over Morris County; Flares? Balloons? Pilot Tells CBS 2 HD He’s Baffled. Was it a UFO or is there an explanation? 1/8 TimesOnline: UFO experts believe mystery of wrecked wind turbine could be final proof that WE ARE NOT ALONE. 1/10 Debris from a destroyed wind turbine, which reports have claimed was hit by a UFO, has been sent for forensic analysis in Germany. AND UFOs spotted ‘by hundreds’ near damaged wind turbine site witnesses suspect was hit by an ALIEN SPACESHIP. 1/13 The Register: UFO wind turbine prang site sealed to prevent alien hunters from making off with the remains of a UFO which earlier in the month seriously damaged one of the turbines…vessel supposedly “about 170ft long” following numerous reports of mystery “low-flying aircraft,” lights in the sky, and finally, “a big bang.”  1/15 Drudge/MailOnline: Beam me up: Scientists left baffled as mysterious columns of colored lights appear in the night skies over Latvia. Taken by designer Aigar Truhins with a standard digital camera…’My son exclaimed, ‘The aliens are coming!’ (Possible ice crystals in the air!??? or Nature Devas showing off!!) Or an inner dimensional breakthrough!  Email/Louth Leader: UFO UPDATE: New eyewitness account of UFO’s at Conisholme windfarm in ENGLAND. Email/UFO Digest: MEXICO: On the Verge of a New UFO Flap: since December 2008 there has been increased UFO sightings throughout MEXICO. Check out 1/19 Email/All News Web: CHINA: Dazzling UFO seen and filmed by eight firefighters. CHINESE government office declare dazzling craft a UFO. INDONESIA: Another UFO spotted over a lake by multiple witnesses. 1/23 CNN Catches UFO on Camera during Inauguration. 1/29 UFO Examiner: Mysterious creatures (Thunderbird, Big Foot) and UFOs sightings baffle Pennsylvanians from 50 counties in 2008. 1/16 CNN: Texans report fireball in sky, sonic booms: space debris or ETs? Drudge: Military denies link. 1/17 CNN: UFO still a mystery, not space debris. 2/25 CNN: Galaxy may be full of ‘Earths,’ alien life. (No kidding! Why is science so slow in figuring things out?) 3/23 CNN: In newly released British UFO files: Dog walker ‘met man from another planet.’ 3/30 Drudge/WBALTV: Lights in sky prompt flood of calls in MD, VA, NC, with no evidence of any naturally occurring phenomenon. 3/31 Drudge: Mystery: Streaking lights, explosions reported all along Mid-Atlantic coast. Then reported as space debris, BUT…USAF: ‘Bright light’ not manmade object. 4/21 CNN: Former astronaut Edgar Mitchell: Man  is not alone in the universe. 5/28 Fox News: Russian Scientist: UFO Crashed into Meteorite in Tunguska, Russia, in 1908 to Save  Earth.  7/21 RT: Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love oceans. 7/19 Cheney taken inside S-4 to view flying saucers and EBE bodies, according to a former guard at the base. 8/7 The Sun: MARS monument ‘proof of life.’ This monolith could be proof there was once life on MARS. 9/3 Daily Telegraph: UFO puzzle: Alien baby or elaborate hoax? A Mexican farmer claims to have drowned the baby, which took him hours, and then mysteriously ended up dead in his burned car. 9/7 Mail Online: UFO filmed for 40 minutes during solar eclipse of July 22 as Chinese scientists prepare to study footage for a year as undisputed proof that we are not alone. Double Wow!  9/17 Two whistleblowers independently report teleporting to MARS and meeting Martian extraterrestrials…during a secret research and development project undertaken by U.S. defense agencies!!!! Verifying U.S. bases on Mars and to meeting intelligent Martian extraterrestrial life. TRIPLE WOW!!!  10/7 Email/The Sun Online: UFO Tracks Iranian Missile. Video! A UFO streaks through the sky in this astonishing video as Iranians test controversial missiles. 10/11 The Sun Online: Mystery UFO Halo Over Moscow. 10/23 UFO ALERT: Police officer sees aliens at crop circle!  11/11 Drudge/Google: Vatican looks to heavens for signs of alien life…expert called in to study possibility of alien life and its implication for the Catholic Church! 12/9 News Media/Yahoo: Mysterious light show dazzles web. UFO or missile trace? Mystery spiral lights over Norway and Arctic Sea. 12/10 New Media: Russians claim a misfired rocket.SECRET UFO/ET DOCUMENTS are RELEASED for review by the citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. DISCLOSURE at long last!2/1 Email/UK News Blaze: Conservative Party Leader David Cameron: I will share info about UFOs. (Looks like the Brits may beat us to the draw on this one!)2/5 UFO spotted opposite House of Parliament: A multicolored spacecraft seen floating opposite the House of Parliament was among the hundreds of UFOs reported in 2008, it has been disclosed.  Sightings reported to the UK Ministry of Defence more than doubled last year: 285 is the highest number of sightings in 10 years. ! People are looking up at the sky! 9/6 Email: The Reptilian Agenda: On November 1, 1999, the Vatican admitted on TV that extraterrestrial contact is real and the encounters are not demonic. (After attending a UFO conference and mentioning it to a certain client, her response: “UFOs are the work of the devil!” I was appalled by her remark!)   10/29 Cosmic Paradigm: Brazil Declassifies UFO Documents.VOLCANIC ACTIVITY late spring or early summer heralds catastrophes in large measure.7/31 MailOnline: Will Krakatoa rock the world again? Last time it killed thousands and changed the weather for five years, now it could be even deadlier…bright orange lava spews up into the air, dark smoke mingles with the clouds, and the gloomy night sky takes on an ominous red glow… (More than 36,000 died in 1883. Tambora is building back up again too! Scary! In 1815 it created the Year Without a Summer. In 1816 there was snow in New England and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere in July! Let’s hope NOT!)  STRANGE SIGNALS arrive from OTHER PLANETS where human-like LIFE exists.SUMMER promises an UPWARD SWING in the FINANCIAL MARKETS.7/1 CNNMoney: Stocks rise on recovery hopes. 11/9 NY Times: DOW hits high for year, 10,226.94, as dollar weakens.  SUMMER SCANDALS involve the high and the mighty. The HIGH HYPOCRITE falls on his face and far from grace.3/30 Drudge: Friend of Joe Biden’s daughter allegedly shopping tape of her doing cocaine. 5/7 CNN: Ex-officer Drew Peterson charged with killing wife number 3! Maybe others? 5/20 Yahoo: Thousands beaten, raped in Irish reforms schools. Priests and nuns terrorized thousands of boys and girls in workhouse-style schools for decades. 5/21 Yahoo: Irish school victims angry that abusers not named. 8/4 CNN: Michael Douglas’s son Cameron arrested on drug-dealing charge in Manhattan. 8/5 NY Times: William Jefferson, ex-Louisiana Congressman, Convicted in Bribery Case….involving $90,000 found in his freezer. 8/11 CNN: Drug cartels kidnap, sell humans. 8/20 Washington Post: CIA Hired Blackwater Firm for Assassination Program.  10/22 CNN: Suit: Madoff offices were ‘North Pole’ of cocaine.  MONUMENTAL PEACE DEALS are reached in the summer months, perhaps July or August.7/6 CNN: Obama, Medvedev commit to nuclear arms treaty. Obama, Medvedev sign deal on Afghanistan. U.S., Russia agree on nuclear arms limits. 7/7 NY Times: U.S.-Russia Nuclear Agreement First Step in Broad Effort. 8/4 CNN: U.S. Journalists leave North Korea with Bill Clinton. 8/5 NY Times: In Release of Journalists, Both Clintons Had Key Roles. 8/15 Yahoo: U.S. Senator Jim Webb wins release of U.S. prisoner in Myanmar (Burma). 8/22 Yahoo: North Korea delegates meet with South Korea president. 8/26 Drudge: Paper: Obama on brink of deal for Middle East peace talks. 9/26 CNN: Long-separated Korean families have reunion.COMMUNICATION ADVANCEMENTS are INTER-GALACTIC.From November 18, 2008: Something needs to be done about this flagrant high seas piracy. The laws need to be changed and an international force needs to be established that deals with international crimes upon the high seas. Is there a way to get the United Nations involved? These criminals need to be stopped. Let PLUTO in CAPRICORN bring this robbery and piracy on the high seas to an end! Get armed guards and missiles on those ships, although oil tankers are sitting ducks. The world needs to cooperate in bringing these outrages to an end!11/19 Yahoo: India navy sinks suspected pirate ‘mother ship’ and chases two attacks boats into the night.About time, I say! There needs to be an international determination to stop the thieves and killers.11/20 Drudge: Somali pirates seize ninth vessel in 12 days. Say $25 Million Ransom for Saudi Supertanker must be paid soon. PIRACY threatens to block global trade artery. 11/24 Yahoo: Shippers seek blockade of Somali coast. 11/28 Yahoo: Somali pirates hijack 1 ship, free another. 12/5 CNN: Suspected pirates rescued in Gulf of Aden by Danish warship and turned over to the authorities. 12/7 Yahoo: Somali pirates fail to seize ship off Tanzania. Cargo ship outruns pirates! 12/8 CNN: Ship looks for pirates in Gulf of Aden. NATO warship!About time!12/9 Yahoo: Somali pirates threat forces cruise ship evacuation. 12/13 CNN: U.S. considers options to fight Somali piracy. 12/17 Yahoo: Anti-piracy force thwarts attack on Chinese ship. CNN: 30 Chinese sailors rescued from pirate attack by multinational naval force. Hooray!12/18 Yahoo: China dispatching ships to battle Somali pirates. CNN: Pirates to receive millions in ransom for release of Ukrainian arms ship held since September 25.This has to stop!12/26 Yahoo: China targets pirates in groundbreaking mission.1/1/2009 Yahoo: Somali pirates seize Egyptian ship; Indian tanker saved by Malaysian military, as captain increases ship’s speed to maximum. 1/2 Drudge: French warship thwarts Somali pirate attack. Crew fight off pirates with water jets. 1/3/09 Drudge: French warship captures 19 Somali pirates. 1/8 Yahoo: U.S. to head anti-pirate patrols off Somalia! ABOUT TIME! 1/9 CNN: Saudis pay Somali pirates $3M for release of tanker. $25M initially demanded. 1/10 NY Times: 5 Somali pirates said to drown with ransom share. 1/11 Yahoo: Somali pirate’s body washes ashore with $153,000! 1/29 Yahoo: Somali pirates hijack German gas tanker. 2/2 Drudge: US seamen are being trained to fend off pirates. About time!!! 2/12 CNN: U.S. Navy captures suspected pirates. 4/8 CNN: Report: Ship carrying 21 Americans hijacked off Somalia. In my opinion, these hijackers need to be stopped! CNN: Pentagon: U.S. crew retakes hijacked ship. Let’s hear it for our men! Hooray, hooray! 4/10 CNN: Hostage dies as French attack pirates two pirates also die. American captain tries to escape pirates, official says. Drudge: Pirate threatens to kill American. 4/11 Drudge: Warships block help for pirates holding captain. ‘We are not afraid of the Americans.’  Pirates take another one: Tugboat has 16 crew onboard. 4/12 Drudge: Showdown at sea: Warships track pirates. 4/13 Drudge: Military considers attack on pirate land bases. Somali insurgents fire mortars toward U.S. Congressman Payne in Mogadishu, no one hurt. Hijacked Italian, Egyptian vessels taken to N. Somalia. Yahoo: Shells fired at Somali airport, US officials unhurt. US captain’s rescue raises stakes in piracy ops. 4/14 Yahoo: Undeterred Somali pirates hijack 4 more ships. CNN: Pirates attack U.S. cargo ship, but fail to get aboard. 4/15 Yahoo: U.S. food and ship escape Somali pirate attack. French nab 11 pirates, U.S. aid ship escapes attack. Drudge: Somali pirates vow to hunt and kill Americans. (I guess they’re asking for a military invasion! Idiots who think they can take something for nothing and the owners of all those ships are merely supposed to pay the ransoms? Give me a break!) CNN: Hillary Clinton unveils a plan to fight the ‘scourge of piracy.’ 4/17 Yahoo: Navies ask: What do you do with a captured pirate? (Can you believe that? It seems we need new piracy laws on the high seas! As Dylan said, “The times they are a’changing!”) 4/18 CNN: Dutch navy captures pirates after failed attempt. 4/25 Yahoo: US Navy: Pirates seize German ship near Somalia. 4/26 Yahoo: An Italian cruise ship fends off pirates with gunfire. 5/11 Drudge: ‘Somali pirates get targets from London informers.’  8/17 CNN: Nukes, pirates, and other missing ship rumors. 8/18 CNN: Russia says ship was hijacked by pirates.   The HIGHLY ADMIRED and REVERED leave this earth and join their loved ones beyond the veil.5/2 NY Times: Jack Kemp, Dole’s Running Mate, former football star turned congressman, dies after lengthy illness at 73. 7/17 Washington Post: Breaking News: Obituary: Walter Cronkite, Longtime Anchor, dead at 92. 7/18 Washington Post: America’s Iconic TV News Anchor Shaped the Medium and the Nation. CNN: World’s oldest man, World War II vet, dies at 113. 7/19 NY Times: Frank McCourt, author of ‘Angela’s Ashes,’ dies at 78. 7/27 NY Times: Merce Cunningham, influential choreographer, dies, 90.  8/16 CNN: Kenneth Bacon, ex-Pentagon spokesman, refugee advocate, dies at 64. 12/17 NBC-TV/Brian Williams: Screen Legend Jennifer Jones is dead at 90.  OCEANIC DISTURBANCE in the fall of the year.11/24 Yahoo: 6.8 magnitude underwater earthquake off TONGA.  11/28 USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake in Kermadec Islands, NEW ZEALAND.12/3 USGS: 6.4 magnitude quake in SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RIDGE; 6.0 quake Simeulue, INDONESIA. 12/10 USGS: 6.3 quake in SEA OF OKHOTSK near Russia. 12/17 Yahoo News: Scientists watch deep-sea volcano for the first time as fiery bubbles of molten lava explode 4,000 feet beneath the Pacific Ocean in what researchers are calling a major geological discovery. OCTOBER marks important events with WORLDWIDE  SIGNIFICANCE that could well benefit HUMANITY.This is a year of DRAMATIC AND MONUMENTAL CHANGE that will include GREAT UPHEAVAL. A MAGNIFICENT WEDDING is televised around the world.6/19 CNN: A wedding fit for a princess: Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and her new husband, Daniel Westling, ride through Stockholm in an open carriage after their wedding.TERRORIST DANGERS prevail at the close of the year.12/10 Yahoo: Pakistani police: 5 detained US men sought jihad against American troops in north Pakistan.This year marks continued POWER STRUGGLES in ASIAN NATIONS.4/12 CNN: THAI capital under state of emergency to quell anti-government protests. Drudge: Protestors force Asia summit cancellation. Drudge: Thai troops crack down on protests. Bangkok on brink of anarchy. 4/13 Yahoo: Street battles in Thai capital leave 2 dead. Drudge: Warning that PAKISTAN is in danger of collapse within months. 4/14 Yahoo:  Thai riots halt after deaths; leaders face arrest. 4/16 Drudge: Bloody start to the biggest election — 17 dead as INDIA votes. 4/21 Yahoo: Sri Lanka rebels: 1,000 civilians die in government raid. 4/14 Yahoo: UN says nearly 6500 civilians dead in Sri Lanka. 5/2 Yahoo: Doctor: 64 dead in shelling of Sri Lanka hospital. 7/17 Drudge: Blasts at Jakarta Ritz, Marriot, kill 8, wound 50. The bombings were coordinated. AND Police tear gas Iran protestors during prayer. Tens of thousands chanting, “Freedom … freedom!” Reformist cleric attacked on way to prayers. Israeli warships rehearse for attack. 8/6 CNN: Eunuchs begin fight for Pakistan rights. 8/11 CNN: Jihadists attack Pakistan Nuke Sites. 10/18 CNN: Pakistan says 60 killed in battle against Taliban. 4/4 Drudge: Protestors block heart of Bangkok’s shopping district. 4/7 CNN: Unrest in the central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan prompts state of emergency after street fighting results in 17 deaths.  ‘Red Shirts’ break into Thai parliament.  Yahoo: Anti-government protests sweep Kyrgyzstan, 100 said dead. 4/8 NY Times: Upheaval in Kyrgyzstan could imperil U.S. base. There has been an overthrow of government. CNN: Opposition: ‘We now control Kyrgyzstan.’ 4/9 CNN: Police fire tear gas at Thai protestors. Kyrgyzstan’s president accused of emptying bank accounts and stealing the country’s money when he fled for his life. 4/10 CNN: THAI protestors in standoff with police. Drudge: THAI protestors seize key satellite station. Reuters: Troops, protestors clash as night falls in Bangkok. Reuters: 8 die as troops, protestors clash in Bangkok. CNN: Reuters’ cameraman killed in Thai protests. CNN: 1,300 U.S. troops stranded at airfield in Kyrgyzstan, military says. 4/11 CNN: At least 20 killed in Thai protests. Reuters: Thai ‘Red Shirts’ defiant after 21 die in clashes. 4/12 Reuters: Kyrgyz turmoil puts Central Asia on alert. NY Times: Opposition seems to gain in Thai political crisis. Washington Post: Russia cited in Kyrgyz unrest.4/22 Reuters: Grenade blasts kills 1, wound 75 in Bangkok.  4/28 CNN: Thai forces, protestors clash. Reuters: Thai troops clash with protestors, kills 1, wounds 18. 4/30 Reuters: Thai protestors on defensive after storming hospital. 5/8 Reuters: Violence raises tensions as Thai protests drag on. 5/15 Reuters: U.S., U.K. issue warnings against any travel to Bangkok. 5/20 Yahoo: North Korea warns of war if punished for ship sinking that killed 46 South Korean sailors. It was proven that it was North Korea’s torpedo that sank the ship. 5/22 CNN: Sri Lanka rebounds from civil war. Thailand works to restore order. 6/11 CNN: 17 killed in Kyrgyzstan violence. Reuters: At least 28 killed in Kyrgyz ethnic riots.  6/12 Yahoo: At least 45 dead in Kyrgyz violence. Kyrgyzstan asks Russia to help quell ethnic riots. 6/13 CNN: Armed ethnic clashes continue in Kyrgyzstan. USA Today: Mobs burn villages, slaughter Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan. 6/18 CNN: 300,000 displaced in Kyrgyzstan Yahoo: Interim leader: Up to 2,000 dead in Kyrgyz clashes.A MESSAGE of GREAT HOPE is broadcast around the world.MICHELLE OBAMA is going to surprise just about everyone, including herself!12/9 ABC-TV: Barbara Walter’s most interesting person of the year! Congrats, Michelle Obama! 4/13/2010 Reuters: First Lady makes surprise stop in quake ravaged Haiti, along with Jill Biden. 10/7 Drudge: Michelle named ‘World’s Most Powerful Woman.’BRIDGE COLLAPSE proves major disaster, with loss of life. Wind and rain play roles.12/19 CNN: Pedestrian Bridge Collapses at Botanical Gardens in Atlanta: 1 dead, 15 injured, at least 30 on bridge when it collapsed. 7/5 Fox News: At Least 25 Injured in Indiana Pedestrian Bridge Collapse. 7/12 CNN: Metro rail bridge collapse kills 5 in India. 7/15 CNN: Tanker fire collapses bridge, shuts down I-75 in Michigan. Tanker was carrying 9,000 gallons of fuel. Shopping center evacuated due to toxic smoke. 7/17 CNN: 5 vehicles plunge into Mexican river when bridge collapsed in southwestern MEXICO. Three were tractor trailers. 9/7 CNN: For 3rd day, crack keeps Bay Bridge closed in San Francisco.A NUCLEAR REACTOR accident involves MELTDOWN with DISASTROUS RESULTS.8/17 Drudge: Russian power plant (hydropower) accident kills 8 people, 54 workers missing. 3 units were destroyed in eastern Siberia, another 3 damaged. 8/18 Yahoo: 64 missing workers feared dead in Russian accident. Fukushima.There is a CHEMICAL DISASTER or CHEMICAL WARFARE that involves the innocent and causes GLOBAL OUTRAGE! Humankind must assume responsibility for all planetary citizens.6/21 CNN: Chemical leak at N.C. plant kills 1. 7/11 CNN: Breaking News: Ram Chemical Warehouse Fire in Texas.  5/21 Perhaps this has reference to the Gulf Oil spill that seems to be taking forever to contain and is depriving hard-working citizens of their livelihood, with harmful dispersants used with respect to containing the oil.NICOLE KIDMAN and KEITH URBAN also have a SON. Nicole has finally married her soul mate.GEORGE CLOONEY has a new love who is not a cocktail waitress when they meet. Surprise!12/9 This appears to be true!BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE marry and add another child to their growing clan.4/14/2012 CNN: It’s official: Pitt-Jolie engaged. (Finally, after 6 kids!)Expect ANGELINA JOLIE to be nominated for BEST ACTRESS for Changeling! Angelina is a fantastic actress.1/22  Yahoo: Angelina Jolie has a best actress nomination for  the missing child drama Changeling. Angelina and Brad also had nominations for the Golden Globe, although neither of them won that night.Since my sense is that BRAD and ANGELINA are SOUL MATES, it only seems right that both are nominated for OSCARS in the same year. BRAD PITT for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button1/22 Yahoo: ‘Benjamin Button’ leads Oscars with 13 nominations, among them best picture and acting honors for Brad Pitt and Taraji P. Henson and a directing slot for David Fincher. Real-life couple Pitt and Angelina Jolie both will be going to the Oscars as nominees. Jolie has a best actress nomination for  the missing child drama ‘Changeling’.There is a PANDEMIC that starts in ASIA.1/5 Drudge/Los Angeles Times: New bird flu cases in India revive fears of human pandemic. 1/20 CNN: China confirms third bird flu death this year. 1/21 Drudge: China warns of grim fight against deadly bird flu. 2/23 Drudge: Manila to slaughter 6,000 pigs to stop Ebola spread. 4/14 Drudge: Unusual outbreak of bird flu hits toddlers in Egypt. 4/29 NY Times: WHO Warns Nations to Prepare for Flu Pandemic.  A FUNERAL in the NATION’S CAPITAL with flags flown at half-staff as the nation mourns a great and sad loss.At least TWO GREAT MEN PERISH in 2009, perhaps more. They are being called Home.Walter Cronkite, Ted Kennedy.The year will end on a PEACEFUL NOTE as many problems begin to be resolved.12/24 CNN: U.S. Dad reunites with son in Brazil. (About time, poor man!)
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