WORLD PREDICTIONS FOR 2010(Posted December 8, 2009)It is difficult to know exactly when some patterns will manifest in the physical world, or whether the events will have less or more impact in terms of what was sensed beforehand. I tend to be uncannily accurate sometimes, and at other times years off, with no way of knowing either way at the time a pattern is picked up. But my spirit guides tend to be very accurate, regardless. Sometimes I almost don’t write things down. And then, when I do, they do tend to happen. Sometimes it amazes even me after all these years. I wait for the outcomes of these predictions the same as you!!! There is also the skeptic in my nature, mostly subdued!  The TOTAL ECLIPSE of the MOON on December 31, 2009, affects the NORTH and SOUTH AMERICAN continents, indicating possible VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS and EARTHQUAKES during the forthcoming year—one side of the RING OF FIRE (the effects from an eclipse last for 6 months). This involves the continuing earthquakes in CHILE. (I mistakenly wrote this as 2010 when it was 2009! It just hit me on 3/10! Sorry about that!)  3/10 Earth Changes Media: Chile faces risk that quake may hit copper-rich north.  3/11 CNN: 7.2 quake hits CHILE during inauguration of new president, soon followed by 6.9, 6.0 magnitude aftershocks. 3/12 USGS: 4.2, 4.3 magnitude quakes off the coast of OREGON. 13 quakes 4.8 to 5.9 in CHILE today. 3/29 CNN: 8 tornadoes reported by N.C. residents. Tornado reported in south Florida. 4/4 NY Times Alert: Large 7.2 earthquake felt in downtown LOS ANGELES, centered in BAJA, CALIFORNIA in MEXICO, and felt as far away as Arizona, followed by 4.5 in BAJA, 5.1 in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 3.8, 3.6, 3.6. 4/5 Yahoo: The strong quake killed 2 in Mexico and swayed buildings from Tijuana to Los Angeles. USGS: 6.2 quake MOLUCCA SEA, INDONESIA. An incredible number of smaller quakes in Baja and Southern CALIFORNIA of varying sizes. The most I’ve ever seen on the Quake Sheet, including a 5.1 in California and 4.0 in Baja. This was NOT the San Andreas Fault. Yahoo: Two killed, 100 injured in Mexican quake. 4/17 CNN: Volcanic ash from Iceland volcano keeps plans up in air, planes on ground. Around 16,000 flights expected to be cancelled in European air space because of the cloud of ash from the Icelandic volcano. Volcano shows little signs of slowing. 4/19 Science Daily: Iceland volcano could continue erupting for more than a month. CNN: Royal Navy to help travelers stranded by ash cloud. God save the Queen and British Parliament! Reuters: Economic blow to airlines could pass 9/11. Drudge: NATO: F-16 Fighter Jet engines damaged by volcanic dust. ‘Could lead to moving parts cracking, breaking off, destroying engine. Volcano relentless as tremors rock Iceland. Mission Impossible: Escape from Europe. Pressure builds to reopen skies.  UK flight ban lifted tomorrow. (I don’t have good feelings about this!) Reuters: Ash cloud hits North American coast. U.S. trying to help 40,000 Americans stranded in UK. Drudge: Iceland volcano eruption strengthens, New ash cloud heading toward Europe. 4/20 Earth Changes Media: British Prime Minister says Iceland volcano worse than 9/11. CNN: Flights resume, but volcano kicks out more ash. Yahoo: Some European flights resume, but travel chaos not over. 4/21 Yahoo:  For all the global chaos Eyjafjallajokull has caused, scientists fear it just may be the opening act. 5/3 NBC-TV: Iceland volcano ash closes airports again. 5/23 USGS: 5.9 quake in CENTRAL PERU. 5/28 Huffington Post: Explosive volcanic eruptions in two huge volcanoes in GUATEMALA and ECUADOR forced thousands to flee their homes and disrupted air travel as ash drifted over major cities. 5/29 CNN: Journalist killed covering volcano. Drudge: Much larger volcano in Iceland showing signs it may erupt. MSNBC: 2nd Iceland volcano issues warning. Scientists say powerful Katla is ‘close to failure.’ Zero Hedge: Iceland President warns: “Significant eruption at Katla Volcano is CLOSE.”  5/31 CNN: Death toll from GUATEMALA VOLCANO climbs to 3. 6/1 USGS: 6.1 quake shakes COSTA RICA. 6/8 Drudge/USGS: Swarm of earthquakes off the coast of Los Angeles. CNN: River of lava in GUATEMALA as the volcano continues to erupt. 6/9 CNN: Tornado leaves town a mess in Michigan: trees and power lines litter streets with smashed cars and smashed houses everywhere. 6/12 Earth Changes Media: Tungurahua Volcano puts Ecuadorians on orange alert as the volcano becomes increasingly active.  6/30 CNN: Hurricane Alex spins toward landfall in Texas and Mexico.ADVANCEMENT in the use of STEM CELLS in MEDICINE produces results that border the FANTASTIC, in terms of healing and cures. These patterns will be greatly REWARDED. 12/10/2009 Science Daily: Stem cells can be engineered to kill HIV, scientists show. 12/11 Science Daily: New skin stem cells surprisingly similar to those found in embryos. 12/14 Science Daily: Researchers show ‘trigger’ to stem cell differentiation…cell identified that can become any type of cell. 12/29 Science Daily: Citrus Surprise: Vitamin C Boosts Reprogramming of Adult Cells into Stem Cells. 1/22 Science Daily: New concoction reprograms differentiated cells into pluripotent stem cells.  New way to generate abundant functional blood vessel cells from human stem cells discovered.  1/24 Science Daily: Neurons developed from stem cells successfully wired with other brain regions in animals. 2/1 Science Daily: Gene function discovery: New computation model predicts gene function in plants. 2/2 Science Daily: Fat tissue may be source of valuable blood stem cells, study finds. 2/4 Science Daily: Experimental stem cell treatment arrests acute lung injury in mice, study shows. 2/12 Science Daily: First FDA-approved stem cell trial in pediatric cerebral palsy. 2/17 Reuters: Stem cell experiment reverses aging in rare disease. WOW!  2/24 Science Daily: Engineer creates unique software that predicts stem cell fate. 2/25 Science Daily: Modified adult stem cells may be helpful to spinal cord injury. Stem cells restore sight in mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa. New tool illuminates connections between stem cells and cancer. 2/26 Science Daily: Woman gives birth to two healthy babies in separate pregnancies after ovarian transplant. 2/28 Science Daily: Gene-based stem cell therapy specifically removes cell receptor that attracts HIV. 3/4 Science Daily: Gene regulation: Can we stomach it? New technique fights cause of peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer. Drudge: New gene test may help you pick your diet. 3/5 Science Daily: Second dose of gene therapy for inherited blindness proves safe in animal studies. 3/8 Science Daily: Breakthrough reveals blood vessel cells are key to growing unlimited amounts of adult stem cells. This is a leap toward making stem cell therapy widely available. AND Predicting the fate of stem cells: New method decodes cell movements, accurately predicts how cells will divide. 3/9 Science Daily: A fingerprint for genes: Scientists develop new strategy to pay major role in research on human diseases. 3/10 Science Daily: Deceptive model: Stem cells of humans and mice differ more strongly than suspected. 3/12 Science Daily: Scientists make important discovery in gene regulation…could also unravel the mechanisms of disease such as cancer. 3/15 Science Daily: Stem cell research shows promise for tissue-engineered vascular grafts.3/16 Science Daily: One gene lost = one limb regained? Scientists demonstrate mammalian regeneration through a single gene deletion…confers healing potential in mice thought to be reserved for flatworms, sponges, and some salamanders. 3/18 Science Daily: Disabling Skp2 gene helps shut down cancer growth.  Level of gene alters risk of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers find. 3/19 Science Daily: Stem cells suspended in X-ray-visible microbubbles build new blood vessels to treat peripheral artery disease.  3/21 Science Daily: Wide variety of genetic splicing in embryonic stem cells identified. 3/25 Drudge: Gene research reveals fourth human species. 3/26 Science Daily: Surgeons transplant new trachea into child using his stem cells to rebuild airway. 3/29 Science Daily: Single gene dramatically boosts yield, sweetness in tomato hybrids. 3/30 Science Daily: Tomato genes produce promising results against brain tumors. 4/1 Science Daily: Toward making the blind see: Gene therapy restores vision in mice. Jaw bone grown from adult stem cells. 4/2 Science Daily: Stem cell therapy to tackle HIV.  4/10 Science Daily: Magnetic attraction of stem cells creates more potent treatment for heart attack. Variations on the genetic theme: Researcher present global map of human gene expression. 4/11 Science Daily: Powerful new method allows scientists to probe gene activation to investigate discrete steps necessary to turn on individual genes and examine how the process goes wrong in cancer and other diseases. 4/13 Science Daily: Healing a broken heart from stem cells? Innovative treatment may soon be available to those affected by coronary heart disease. 4/18 Science Daily: Chinese scientists discover marker indicating the developmental potential of stem cells. Scientists discover new genetic sub-code. 4/27 Science Daily: Location of stem cells near cartilage rich regions in bones confirmed.  4/30 Science Daily: Our genes can be set on pause: Embryonic stem cells reveal oncogene’s secret growth formula.  5/4 Science Daily: Groundbreaking new understanding of stem cells: Findings may improve ability to manipulate cell fate and promote healing. 5/9 Science Daily: New nerve cells, even in old age: Researchers find different kinds of stem cells in the brains of mature and old mice. 5/11 Science Daily: Scientists solve mystery of fragile stem cells; New findings to speed research on potential therapies. 5/19 Science Daily: Stem cells restore tissue affected by acute lung injury. 5/20 Science Daily: Stem cells from adipose tissue turned into cardiac myocytes: Achievement paves way for future heart disease therapies. 5/26 Science Daily: Study shed light into the nature of embryonic stem cells. Discovery of stem cell illuminates human brain evolution, points to therapies. 5/28 Science Daily: Retina created from embryonic stem cells. 5/31 Science Daily: New source of stem cells form heart muscle cells, repair damage. Genetically modified rats produced using novel sperm stem cell technique. 6/1 Science Daily: Breakthrough in stem cell culturing. 6/7 Science Daily: Do we clamp the umbilical cord too soon? Early clamping may interrupt humankind’s first stem cell transplant. 6/23 Yahoo: Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns.  6/25 Discovery News: Wisdom and baby teeth offer stem cell source. 6/30 Science Daily: Embryonic cell and adult pig islet transplants cure diabetes in rats. 7/30 CNN: Rabbits grow new joints with stem cells. 8/2 Science Daily: New insights into how stem cells determine which cells to become. 8/4 Science Daily: Purified blood stem cells improve success of bone marrow transplant in mice, study shows. 8/12 Science Daily: Using bone marrow stem cells to treat critically ill patients on verge of respiratory failure. Stem cells used to treat children with life-threatening, blistering skin disease. 8/18 Science Daily: Repairing spinal cord injury with manipulated neural stem cells. 8/20 Science Daily: Neural stem cells restore mobility in mice. 8/23 Reuters: Court rules against Obama’s stem cell policy. 9/29 Science Daily: ‘Firefly’ stem cells may help repair hearts. 10/3 Adult stem cells that do not age: Biomedical researchers have engineered adult stem cells that scientists can grow continuously in culture, a discovery that could speed development of cost-effective treatments for disease, including heart disease. 10/9 Science Daily: Stem cells repair damaged spinal cord tissue. 10/12 CNN: First injection in human stem cell trial on spinal cord injury. 11/8 Drudge/Breitbart: Scientists (stem cell researchers) turn skin into blood that is genetic match. 11/15 Science Daily: Leap for embryonic stem cell culturing goes from art to science. 11/18 Science Daily: Regenerative stem cell therapy offers hope for treating cardiovascular disease. 11/22 Drudge: Feds OK 2nd human study of embryonic stem cells. 12/2 Science Daily: Fountain of Youth in your muscles? Researchers uncover muscle-stem cell mechanism in aging! (So exercise!) 12/13 Science Daily: Stem cells turned into intestinal tissue. Stem cell treatment effective for certain cases of acute leukemia. 12/15 Drudge: Doctors claim HIV-positive man cured by adult stem cell transplant.2/13/2011 Science Daily: Embryonic stem cells help deliver ‘good genes’ in model of inherited blood disorder. (I had predictions on my 2011 prediction page about stem cells and gene therapy that have disappeared. I’ll have to include any updates here. Hackers! And I don’t seem to have backup, unfortunately!)   4/4 Drudge/Mail Online: Live human heart grown in lab using stem cells in potential transplant breakthrough.GENERAL ADVANCES in MEDICINE continue to AMAZE and ASTOUND.12/15/2009 Science Daily: Hidden sensory system discovered in the skin. 12/23 Science Daily: Compound found to safely counter deadly bird flu…more potent and safer than Tamiflu. 1/6 Science Daily: Growing new body parts: Master mechanism for regeneration may be found in fish? 1/18 Science Daily: MechanoBiology: New protein function discovered that could save lives. 1/20 Drudge: German scientist develops fast acting germ killer. 1/21 Science Daily: New visible light photocatalyst kills bacteria even after light turned off. 1/29 Science Daily: Stopping schizophrenia before it starts! 2/1 Reuters: Scientists say crack HIV/AIDS puzzle for drugs that eluded scientists for 20 years. 2/2 Daily Mail: Super-drug could eradicate Alzheimer’s and diabetes and let us live into our 100s.  2/7 Science Daily: New malaria vaccine is safe and protective in children, scientists find. Drudge: Scientists: You really can be bored to death.  2/9 Science Daily: Inhibiting serotonin in the gut could cure osteoporosis. 2/15 Science Daily: Cameras of the future: Heart researchers create revolutionary photographic technique. Drug created to keep tumor growth turned off. 2/16 Drudge: Scientists discover the secret of aging.  2/17 Science Daily: Scientists discover molecular pathway for organ tissue regeneration and  repair. Drudge: Dolphins offer new hope for type 2 diabetes. 2/23 Science Daily: New DNA technique leads to breakthrough in child cancer research. 2/24 Science Daily: Material tested could guarantee body prostheses for more than 150 years.  Bitter melon extract decreased breast cancer cell growth. CNN: Robotic arm helps amputees. 2/25 CNN: Medical lab the size of a fingerprint and cost of a penny to cheaply diagnose disease. 2/27 Science Daily: New cancer treatment gives hope to lymphoma and leukemia patients. 3/3 Drudge: Panel weighs cellphone cancer warning! 3/9 Science Daily: New method to grow arteries could lead to ‘biological bypass’ for heart disease. 3/17 Science Daily: Formula for making teeth will soon be found, researchers say. 3/23 Science Daily: Researchers discover two new ways to kill TB bacteria; Findings could help tame extremely drug resistant strains. 3/24 Science Daily: New form of insulin can be inhaled rather than injected. WOW!  3/26 Science Daily: Virtual biopsy probe system is ‘almost perfect’ in detecting precancerous polyps during colonoscopy. 3/27 Spoiler alert: TV medical dramas ‘rife’ with bioethical issues and breaches of professional conduct. 4/9 Science Daily: Scientific breakthrough in combating HIV-1 virus. Reuters: Inkjet-like device ‘prints’ cells right over burns…sprays skin cells directly onto to burn victims. 4/15 Drudge: Threesome: Embryos from DNA of one man, two women. 4/16 Science Daily: Banning trans fats would save lives, say doctors. 4/20 Science Daily: Obesity gene, carried by more than 1/3 U.S. population, leads to brain tissue loss. 4/21 Science Daily: New methods identify thousands of new DNA sequences missing from the human genome reference map. 4/23 Science Daily: Gene therapy cures canines of inherited form of day blindness. 4/24 CNN: Nearly 500 patients in a Canadian hospital may have been exposed to hepatitis and HIV.  4/28 Science Daily: Scientists learn to block pain at its source: New non-addictive painkillers from substance similar to ingredients in hot chili peppers. 5/3 Science Daily: Gene find offers hope of screening test for bone disease.  5/5 Science Daily: Important control mechanisms behind autoimmune diseases discovered with potential significance in treating serious diseases such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis and SLE.  New microscope able to ‘see’ atoms for first time, Atomic structure of tiny virus imaged. New HIV model suggests killer T-cell for vaccine. 5/6 Science Daily: New detection technology identifies bacteria, viruses, other organisms within 24 hours. 5/15 Science Daily: Toward deafness cure: Inner-ear cells created. Building organs using ‘biological Legos.’ 5/16 Drudge: Found: Genes  that let you live to 100. 5/20 Science Daily: WARNING: Regular use of aspirin increases risk of Crohn’s disease by 5 times, study finds. Drudge: Scientists in the U.S. have created first synthetic single-cell of artificial life. 5/21 Science Daily: New blood test shows promise as screening tool for early detection of ovarian cancer. 5/25 Science Daily: Tissue engineering technique yields potential biological substitute for dental implants. 6/2 Science Daily: Education helps against dementia, Swedish study finds. New pathway to cheap insulin. 5/6 Science Daily: Paper ‘dipstick’ test determines blood type. 6/16 Science Daily: Altered virus becomes medicine for distributing drug. 6/25 Drudge: Bionic cat: New limbs for Oscar. 6/28 Science Daily: Scientists grow new lungs using ‘skeletons’ of old ones. 7/7 CNN: Eye implant approved to treat blindness. 7/9 WSJ: Antibody kills 91% of HIV strain; Steps towards AIDS vaccine. 7/10 Drudge: Scientists develop “fake” genetically-engineered blood. WOW! 7/16 Discovery News: Malaria proof mosquito created that could ultimately save millions of lives. 7/17 Science Daily: Human sperm gene is 600 million years old. 7/28 Drudge/MailOnline: Gel that can help decayed teeth grow back could end fillings.  8/1 Science Daily: New cellular ‘Armor’ developed to prevent infection by AIDS virus. 8/2 CNN: Bionic legs help paralyzed man walk. 8/26 Discovery News: Synthetic corneas restore vision to the blind: Eliminates need for donor corneas and could restore sight to millions worldwide. 9/9 CNN: Woman’s cut-off pinky tip grows back through tissue regeneration. 9/29 CNN: Intense changes may help diabetics. 10/4 Science Daily: Severe food allergies turned off in mice, a discovery that has implications for millions of people. Possible method for boosting the immune system to protect infants against HIV.  10/9 Science Daily: Researchers create experimental vaccine against Alzheimer’s. 11/1 Science Daily: Miniature human livers created in lab. 11/11 Discovery News: New cell blood source promising for cancer patients. 12/1 Discovery News: Fountain of Youth: For a mouse! A mouse genetically engineered to age faster is tweaked to reverse the aging process. 12/15 Science Daily: ‘Fountain of youth’ pill could restore aging immune system.More HOLISTIC PRACTICES, including those of EASTERN MEDICINE, are LAUDED for their HEALTHY BENEFITS and CURES.12/30 Science Daily: Acupuncture reduces hot flashes, improves sex drive for breast cancer patients. 1/17 Science Daily: Gastroenterologists study mind-body techniques for treating celiac disease. 1/22 Science Daily: Blueberry juice improves memory in older adults. 2/5 Science Daily: Acupuncture found effective against depression during pregnancy. 2/12 Science Daily: Young children with chronic illness find relief in acupuncture. 2/13 Science Daily: Hypnosis can relieve symptoms in children with respiratory diseases. 2/19 Science Daily: Don’t worry! Be happy! Positive emotions protect against heart disease. 2/25 Science Daily: Zen Meditation: Thicker brains fend off pain. Zen reinforces the central brain that controls pain. 2/27 Science Daily: Hypnosis can help control pain among women with metastatic breast cancer. 3/38 Science Daily: To remember the good times, reach for the sky…LITERALLY! Simple actions like moving marbles around can determine emotional states. 3/9 Science Daily: Lung cancer patients with optimistic attitudes have longer survival, study finds. (Positive thinking is a plus with any disease!) 3/11 Science Daily: Papaya extract thwarts growth of cancer cells in lab tests. AND Acts of kindness spread surprisingly easily: just a few people can make a difference. 3/19 Science Daily: Hypnotherapy eases irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, experts say.  3/23 Science Daily: Walnuts slow prostate tumors in mice, study finds. Alcohol in moderation is good for sick hearts too, Italian study suggests. 3/25 Science Daily: Optimism boosts the immune system. 3/26 Science Daily: Trans fats linked to increased endometriosis risk and omega-3 rich food linked to lower risk. 3/31 Science Daily: Brain waves and meditation…new study suggests mediation yields more marked changes in electrical brain wave activity associated with wakeful, relaxed attention. Acupuncture calms highly anxious dental patients, study suggests. 4/5 Science Daily: Chocolate might reduce blood pressure and risk of heart disease, study suggests. 4/20 Science Daily: Brief meditative exercises helps cognition. 4/27 Science Daily: Tapping acupuncture pressure points takes away desire for those favorite foods and snacks. 5/4 Science Daily: Purple periwinkles battle inflammatory disease, study finds. 5/5 Science Daily: Probiotics help extremely premature infants gain weight.  5/28 Science Daily: Brief exercise reduces impact of stress on cell aging, study shows. 5/31 Discovery News: Acupuncture releases natural painkiller.  6/1 Science Daily: Acupunctures molecular effects pinned down: New insights spur effort to boost treatment’s impact significantly. 6/3 Science Daily: Meditation reduces the emotional impact of pain, study finds.  6/7 Science Daily: Lead in ammunition contaminates game meat. A sense of humor keeps you healthy until retirement age. After age 70, the health benefits supposedly decrease. (I should think a sense of humor is essential to get one through life!) 6/15 Discovery News: Belief in luck brings more success: Superstitions abound in many cultures, and many consider them bunk. Now a group from the University of Cologne says they’ve proved that believing in luck can boost performance!  6/23 Drudge: Scientists read your mind better than you can: Scan predicts 75% of behavior. 7/17 Science Daily: Meditation improves attention span. 9/24 Science Daily: Acute pain is eased with touch of the hand, study shows. 11/10 Science Daily: Probiotics shorten diarrhea episodes, review suggests. 11/12 Science Daily: Yoga’s ability to improve mood and lessen anxiety linked to increase levels of a critical brain chemical, research finds. 11/30 Science Daily: Acupuncture changes brain’s perception and processing of pain, researchers find. 12/14 Science Daily: Acupuncture may help some older children with lazy eye. 1/19/2011 Science Daily: Scientific evidence supports effectiveness of Chinese drug for cataracts.  1/22 Science Daily: Mindfulness meditation training changes brain. 3/8 Science Daily: Acupuncture curbs severity of menopausal hot flushes, study suggests. 5/11 Science Daily: Health-care providers are prescribing nontraditional medicine: Use of Mind-Body therapies on the rise. (Really smart!) 5/28 Science Daily: Significant benefits of yoga in people with rheumatoid arthritis, study shows. 7/14 Science Daily: Is Meditation the push-up for the brain? Study shows practice may have potential to change brain’s physical structure. (No kidding! And the body’s structure and the mind’s structure and the soul’s structure. Get with the program! Speed up your spiritual evolution, my friends!) 10/16 Drudge: Canada moves to update Chinese medicine rules on imported herbal remedies. 11/2 Telegraph: Meditation improves immune system, research shows. (Meditation improves just about everything!) 11/12 Science Daily: Acupuncture can prevent radiation-induced chronic dry mouth, study finds. 3/15/2012 Science Daily: Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain. (Also heals the body and nervous system.)  5/15 Science Daily: Acupuncture appears lined with improvements in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 8/30/2013 BBC News: Blueberries, not fruit juice, cut type-2 diabetes risk.  5/16 Science Daily: this is your brain on meditation: Brain processes more thoughts, feelings during meditation. (Naturally! You raise your vibrations too.)  Certain HERBS and VITAMINS will be found to be HIGHLY BENEFICIAL to health by the MEDICAL community.1/20 Science Daily: Fish oil given intravenously to patients in intensive care has many benefits, study finds. 1/22 Science Daily: Link examined between omega-3 fatty acid levels and biological aging markers in patients with coronary heart disease…raising possibility these fatty acids protect against cellular aging. 2/2 Science Daily: Magnesium supplement helps to boost brain power. 2/3 Science Daily: Fish oil may reduce the risk of psychotic disorders in high-risk individuals. 2/10 Science Daily: Blueberries counteract intestinal diseases. 2/12 Science Daily: Scientists discover origin of HIV transmission among male partners. 2/21 Science Daily: New evidence that green tea may help fight glaucoma and other eye diseases. 2/24 Science Daily: Remember magnesium if you want to remember: Synthetic supplement improves memory and staves off age-related memory loss. 3/3 Science Daily: New testing method hints at garlic’s cancer-fighting potential. 3/6 Science Daily: Low levels of vitamin D linked to muscle fat, decreased strength in young people.  3/9 Science Daily: Vitamin D crucial to activating immune defenses. Vitamin D lifts mood during cold weather months, researchers say.  3/17 Science Daily: Chemical in bananas identified as potent inhibitor of HIV infection. 3/21 Science Daily: Omega 3 curbs precancerous growths in those prone to bowel cancer, study suggests.  3/24 Science Daily: Indian spice curcumin may delay liver damage and cirrhosis, study suggests. Ingredient in tequila plant may fight osteoporosis and other diseases. 3/25 Science Daily: Pure maple syrup contains medicinally beneficial compounds, pharmacy researcher finds. 3/30 Science Daily: Contact lenses loaded with Vitamin E may treat glaucoma. 4/2 Science Daily: Chinese Wolfberries may improve vision imperfections caused by type-2 diabetes. 4/10 Science Daily: Rheumatoid arthritis linked to vitamin D deficiency, study suggests. St. John’s wort collection mined for its medicinal value. 4/15 Science Daily: The onion, a natural alternative to artificial preservatives.  Lack of omega-6 fatty acid linked to severe dermatitis. 4/17 Science Daily: Diet high in B vitamins lowers heart risks in Japanese study. 4/20 Science Daily: Vitamin and calcium supplements may reduce breast cancer risks. Potential benefit of dark chocolate for liver disease patients. Lack of omega 3 fatty acids linked to male infertility, study suggests. 4/27 Science Daily: Brown rice and cardiovascular protection. 4/27 Science Daily: Better Vitamin D status could mean better quality of life for seniors.  5/3 Science Daily: Daily dose of specific vitamin E provides new hope for patients with ‘silent’ nonalcoholic liver disease. Gene therapy sets stage for new treatments for inherited blindness.  5/4 Science Daily: Olive oil could guard against developing ulcerative colitis.  5/6 Science Daily: How dark chocolate may guard against brain injury from stroke.  5/11 Science Daily: Eating nuts associated with improvements in cholesterol levels. Grapes reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, animal studies show. 5/12 Science Daily: NASA studies find Omega-3 may help reduce bone loss. 5/14 Science Daily: Calcium in early life may prevent obesity later. 5/17 Science Daily: Long term use of vitamin E may decrease COPD risk, study finds. 5/21 Science Daily: Daily consumption of ginger eases muscle pain by 25%, study suggests.  5/21 Science Daily: Multivitamins can add sparkle for healthy young people. 5/24 Science Daily: Gene network associated with vitamin A deficiency and lung birth defects. 5/24 Science Daily: Pistachios offer multiple antioxidant benefits, study suggests. ‘Fountain of Youth’ steroids, such as DHEA available at the health food store or online, could protect against heart disease. CNN: Coconut water sweet hangover relief. 5/25 Science Daily: Anti-aging supplements best taken not too late in life. ‘Stress’ protein could halt aging process, say scientists. 6/2 NOT BENEFICIAL: Science Daily: Calcium consumption may cause prostate cancer in Chinese, research suggests. BENEFICIAL: Science Daily: Supplement CDP-choline, sold as a brain boosting agent, and under study for stroke and traumatic brain injury, may prevent alcohol-related brain, skull defects in early pregnancy. 6/3 Science Daily: Peaches, plums induce deliciously promising death to breast cancer cells. 6/11 Science Daily: New evidence drinking coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes. 6/15 Science Daily: Replacing white rice with brown rice or other whole grains may reduce diabetes risk. 6/18 Science Daily: Blueberry ameliorates hepatic fibrosis, study finds. 6/25 Science Daily: Compound found in  red wine neutralizes toxicity of proteins related to Alzheimer’s. 6/28 Science Daily: Ingredient in red wine may prevent some blinding diseases. 6/30 Science Daily: How dietary supplements may block cancer cells. Treating depression with Omega 3: Encouraging results from large clinical studies. (I told you!) Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, study claims. (My kind of study!) 7/1 Science Daily: Nitrate in beetroot juice lowers blood pressure, study finds. 7/13 Science Daily: Higher Vitamin D levels reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Eating foods rich in Vitamin E associated with lower risk of dementia. 7/19 Science Daily: How cranberry juice fights bacteria at the molecular level. More than half the world’s population gets insufficient Vitamin D, says biochemist. 8/4 Science Daily: Generating energy from ocean waters off Hawaii: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. (Terrific!)  8/24 Science Daily: Eating berries may activate the brain’s natural housekeeper for healthy aging!  9/30 Science Daily: Blueberries help fight artery hardening, Lab animal study indicates. 10/1 Science Daily: Key nutrient found to prevent cataracts in salmon. 10/2 Science Daily: Garlic oil show protective effect against heart disease in diabetes. 10/29 Science Daily: Olive oil protects liver from oxidative stress, rate study finds. 11/3 Science Daily: Daily dose of beet juice promotes brain health in older adults. 11/20 Science Daily: Pomegranate juice reduces damage to tissue, inflammation and infections, study finds. 12/8 Science Daily: Vitamin supplements reduce deaths caused by measles and diarrhea, study finds. Ginseng just got better, not bitter. 12/13 Science Daily: Whey supplements lower blood pressure: Low-cost protein gets big results in people with elevated blood pressure. Pomegranate juice components could stop cancer from spreading, study suggests. 12/16 Science Daily: Compound derived from curry spice neuroprotective against stroke and traumatic brain injury.  12/17 Science Daily: Beetroot juice could help people live more active lives. (A one day fast on fresh beet and carrot juice is very good for you with nothing else but water included!) 12/28 Science Daily: Newborns with low vitamin D level at increased risk for respiratory infections. 1/6/2011 Science Daily: Protective properties of Green tea uncovered.1/9 Science Daily: Tomatoes found to contain nutrients which prevent vascular disease. (So eat your tomatoes: fresh!) 1/10 Science Daily: Grape ingredient Resveratrol increases beneficial fat hormone. 1/16 Science Daily: Why coffee protects against diabetes. AND Bioactive compounds in berries can reduce high blood pressure. (I love berries, sometimes with sliced banana!) 1/22 Science Daily: Vitamin E may increase the life expectancy of males who have high dietary Vitamin C intake and smoke less than a pack per day. 2/1 Science Daily: Lack of Omega-3 may explain depression. 2/4 Science Daily: Want more efficient muscles? Eat your spinach. (Popeye was onto something!) 2/16 Science Daily: Zinc reduces the burden of the common cold. (Vitamin C and Zinc lozenges are great!) Lavender oil has potent anti-fungal effect. 2/23 Science Daily: Old folk remedy revived: How Tansy may be a treatment for Herpes. 2/26 Science Daily: Low Vitamin D levels linked to allergies in children.  2/28 Science Daily: More Vitamin D needed to reduce cancer risks. 3/11 Science Daily: Coffee drinking linked to reduced stroke risk in women!  3/15 Science Daily: Vitamin D insufficiency high among patients with early Parkinson’s Disease. 3/18 Science Daily: Resveratrol may be useful tool for reducing body fat. 3/25 Science Daily: Eskimo study suggests high consumption of Omega-3s in fish-rich diet reduces obesity-related disease risk.  3/28 Science Daily: Walnuts are top nut for heart-healthy antioxidants. 4/17 Science Daily: Vitamin D may help reduce heart risk in African-Americans (and everyone else too!)  4/18 Science Daily: Probiotics may reduce rate of recurrent urinary tract infections in women (The daily use keeps beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract for general good health.) 5/22 Science Daily: Traditional remedy bitter Cumin is great source of antioxidant plant phenols, study suggests: antiparasitic and antimicrobial, reduces fever and acts as pain killer. 5/27 Science Daily: Omega-3 may cut risk of artery disease, heart attacks for patients with stents. 6/8 Science Daily: Apple ingredient keeps muscles strong: Component of apple peels found to help prevent muscle weakening in mice.  6/12 Science Daily: B vitamins in Mother’s diet reduce colorectal cancer risk in offspring, animal study suggests.  6/22 Science Daily: Strawberries boost red blood cells. (Eat up!)  6/29 Science Daily: It’s not an apple a day after all, it’s STRAWBERRIES: Flavonoids could represent two-fisted assault on diabetes and nervous system disorders. (Also take Vitamin C with flavonoids!!!)  7/4 Science Daily: Red wine: Exercise in a bottle. (Its the Resveratrol! I take 500 mg 5x a week!) 7/21 Swanson Health Newsletter: Omega-3 capacity to reduce blood vessel stiffness ‘scientifically supported’. 8/5 Science Daily: Omega-3 fatty acids have protective benefits when taken during pregnancy, study suggests. (And taken any other time too.) 8/26 Science Daily: Vitamin A supplements for children could save 600,000 lives a year, experts predict. 8/27 Science Daily: Omega 3s reduce stroke severity, study suggests. Heat in chili peppers ease sinus problems. 8/30 Science Daily: Heavy chocolate consumption may be linked to heart health. (Yum! Good show!) 9/8 Science Daily: Potatoes reduce blood pressure in people with obesity and high blood pressure. (But don’t overdo it!) 9/14 Science Daily: Primary component in curry spice (curcumin) kicks off cancer-killing mechanism in human saliva. 9/23 Science Daily: Vitamin D deficiency linked with airway changes in children with severe asthma. 9/27 CNN: Vitamin B12 deficiency linked to memory problems. 10/1 Science Daily: Glucosamine-like supplement suppresses Multiple Sclerosis attacks, study suggests. 10/26 Science Daily: You are what you eat: Low fat diet with fish oil slows growth of human prostate cancer cells, study suggests. 11/1 Science Daily: Watermelon reduces atherosclerosis, animal study finds. 11/15 Science Daily: Milk thistle extract stops lung cancer in mice, study finds. 12/2 Science Daily: Probiotics reduce infection for patients in intensive care, study finds. (Probiotics should be taken by everyone everyday!) Age old remedies using white tea, witch hazel and rose may be beneficial, study suggests. 4/22 Science Daily: Omega-3 fatty acids may help to reduce the harm caused by smoking. 10/2/2012 Science Daily: Zinc deficiency mechanism linked to aging, multiple diseases:leading to a decline of the immune system and increased inflammation associated with many health problems, including cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease and diabetes. 11/18 Science Daily: Plant derivative, tanshinones, protects again sepsis:Researchers at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research have discovered that tanshinones, which come from the plant Danshen and are highly valued in Chinese traditional medicine, protect against the life-threatening condition sepsis. The findings are published in the December issue of Biochemical Pharmacology. (This could save lots of lives.) 11/29 Science Daily: Analysis of conflicting fish oil studies find that Omega-3 fatty acids still matter in the prevention of heart disease. 12/24 Science Daily: Chinese medicine yields secrets: Atomic mechanism of two-headed molecule derived from Chang Shan, traditional Chinese herb.  2/7/2013 Science Daily: Green tea and red wine extracts interrupt Alzheimer’s disease pathway in cells. (I take Resveratrol 500 mg daily: 76: So far so good!) 5/22 Science Daily: Vitamin C can kill drug resistant TB, researchers find. (No surprise to me!) 12/6 Science Daily: Active component of grape seed extract effective against cancer cells. 4/8/2014 Science Daily: Green tea extract boosts your brain power, especially the working memory, new research shows. (Drink your green tea!) Scientists, especially PHYSICISTS and COSMOLOGISTS, more fully enter into the REALM of the PARANORMAL, incredible, and METAPHYSICAL, perchance by divine coincidence or design?1/8 Science Daily: Golden ratio discovered in quantum world: Hidden symmetry observed for the first time in sold state matter. 1/14 Across the multiverse: Physicists consider the big picture…whether life exists in universes beyond our own. 2/4 Science Daily: New research rejects the 80-year-old theory of ‘primordial soup’ as the origin of life. CNN: ‘How the Mind can Move Objects’ in the Situation Room examines the promise and potential danger of brainwave technology. Mind controlled lights at the Olympics. 2/9 Science Daily: Month of birth determines who becomes a sport star…study by Australian researcher. 3/10 Science Daily: Physicists find way to see through paint, paper, and other opaque materials by focusing light. (Consciousness is the most powerful light of all!) 3/10 Earth Changes Media: Study validates general relativity on cosmic scale, existence of dark matter.  3/31 Science Daily: For one tiny instant, physicists may have broken a law of nature. 4/4 Earth Changes Media: Physicists identify new kind of star. 4/8 Science Daily: Our universe at home within a larger universe? So suggests physicists wormhole research. 5/20 Yahoo: Why we exist: Matter wins over antimatter. 5/21 Science Daily: Clue to antimatter conundrum: Physicists find evidence for significant matter-antimatter asymmetry. (Divine Mind knows what She’s doing!)  10/29 Discovery News: Are we living in a hologram? One scientist has gone a step further to hopefully answer as to whether or not we exist as a universal hologram! 12/28 Science Daily: Prayer can help people handle difficult emotions, study suggests.The debate on GLOBAL WARMING or CLIMATE CHANGE continues as more evidence of possible disaster from the severe changes taking place come to light, shocking some, but not surprising others.12/14 NY Times: In Bolivia, Water and Ice Tell of Climate Change…retreating glaciers threaten water supplies. 12/15 Science Daily: Black carbon deposits on Himalayan ice threaten Earth’s ‘Third Pole.’ 12/16 NY Times: Headline: Climate Talks Near Deal to Save Forests. 12/17 Science Daily: Earth’s polar ice sheets vulnerable to even moderate global warming; New Orleans, much of Florida, expected to be permanently submerged. 1/12 Science Daily: Melting tundra creating vast river of waste into Arctic Ocean.  1/20 Science Daily: Why hasn’t Earth warmed as much as expected? New report on climate change explores the reasons. 1/22 Science Daily: Last Decade Warmest on Record, 2009 one of warmest years, NASA study finds. 1/25 Earth Changes Media: USGS sends warning of extreme jet stream and ocean currents. The warning to the west coast involves jet stream winds of 200 mph. 2/8 Science Daily: Earlier glacial melt revised downward, but recent melt is accelerating rapidly. 2/11 Science Daily: Climate tipping point may arrive without warning, say top researchers. 2/17 Science Daily: Team finds subtropical waters flushing through Greenland’s fjords. 2/21 Science Daily: Warmer planet temperatures could cause longer-lasting weather patterns. 2/28 Science Daily: Tropics: Global warming likely to significantly affect rainfall patterns. 3/5 Science Daily: Warming coastal water, thinning marine populations: Tracking of 2010 El Nino reveals marine life reductions. 3/9 Science Daily: Drastic musk ox population decline 12,000 years ago due to climate, not humans, study finds. 3/12 Science Daily: Aquatic dead zones, along the world’s coasts, contributing to climate change. 3/25 Science Daily: Even soil feels the heat: Soils release more carbon dioxide as globe warms. 3/26 Science Daily: Pollution from Asia circles globe at stratospheric heights. 3/30 Science Daily: Atlantic ‘conveyor belt’ not slowing, NASA study finds. 4/8 Science Daily: Rising water temperatures found in U.S. streams and rivers. 4/13 Science Daily: Massive Arctic ice cap is shrinking, study shows; Rate accelerating since 1985. Discovery News: Along with warmer air and warmer oceans, rivers also seem to be heating up. 4/19 Drudge: State Department declares ‘Global warming unequivocal and primarily human-induced.’ 4/22 Science Daily: Global temperatures push March 2010 to hottest March on record. Discovery News: One of the clearest measures of global warming is right outside your window: earlier blooming and budding plants in spring. 4/29 Science Daily: Melting sea ice major cause of warming in Arctic, new study finds. Winds from Siberia reduce Arctic sea ice, Norwegian researchers find. 5/4 Science Daily: Carbon dioxide’s effects on plants increase global warming, study finds.  5/5 Science Daily: Limiting global warming: Variety of efforts needed from ‘Herculean’ to the readily actionable, scientists say. 5/6 Science Daily: Global warming: Future temperatures could exceed livable limits, researchers find. 5/7 Discovery News: 7,000 square mile ‘Dead Zone’ in Gulf expected to grow as a result of the oil spill. 5/8 Reuters: White House says time right for climate bill. 5/13 Drudge: Lizards face extinction from global warming, study. 5/19 Science Daily: Greenland rapidly rising as ice melt continues. Warmest April Global Temperature on record, NOAA says. AND Drudge: Global cooling is coming, top scientist says. 5/25 Science Daily: Small mammals, and rest of food chain, at greater risk from global warming than thought, research finds. 5/31 Earth Changes Media: NASA now says the SUN is the cause of global warming. 6/17 Science Daily: May 2010 global temperature warmest on record: Spring and January-May also post record breaking temps. 6/22 USA Today: SCIENTISTS: 97% SAY GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL. 6/23 Discovery News: Urban areas getting hotter, faster. 6/28 Science Daily: Scientific expertise lacking among ‘doubters’ of climate change, says new analysis. 7/10 Science Daily: Heatwaves to be commonplace in US by 2039. 7/13 Drudge: Russian longs for breather in fierce heatwave; Worst drought in 130 years. Earth Changes Media: Heatwave in Europe has claimed hundreds of lives. 7/14 Discovery News: Huge Greenland glacier loses record hunk. 7/16 Drudge: NOAA: Earth’s temps hottest on records. Science Daily: Global Warming slows coral growth in Red Sea. 7/17 Drudge: Russia swelters amid 1,000 drownings and drought. USA Today: World sizzles to record for the year. 7/19 Discovery News: Lake Superior may hit warmest temperature. 7/30 CNN: Study: Climate change ‘undeniable.’ 8/1 Science Daily: Signs of reversal of Arctic cooling: Rapid temperature rise in the coldest region of mainland Europe. 8/5 Drudge: 2010 is a year of extreme weather. 8/7 CNN: Massive ice island breaks off Greenland. 8/18 Science Daily: Warmest Year-to-date Global Temperature. 9/14 Discovery News: The Heat is On: Record summer heatwaves should get even hotter and more frequent over the next 30 years. 9/24 Science Daily: Ocean Cooling part of Global Warming hiatus. 9/28 Discovery News: Groundwater levels shrinking fast. (But we have experienced a very hot summer with drought conditions in many areas.) 10/4 Science Daily: Oceans conditions likely to reduce Colorado River flows during the winter’s drought. 10/7 CNN: Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers. 11/3 Science Daily: Evidence of “Cosmic Climate Change’ found. 11/8 Drudge: STORM: Scientists to campaign against global warming skeptics. 11/10 Science Daily: Global warming reduces available wind energy, new research finds. Discovery News: Whales getting bad sunburns and skin cancer as ultraviolet radiation levels increase. 11/23 Science Daily: Cloud study predicts more global warming. 11/24 CNN: Earth’s lakes are warming, NASA says. 11/30 Discovery News: The World: 4 degrees warmer: science shows our planet could warm by as much as 4 degrees. 12/15 BBC News: South Atlantic’s iceberg ‘graveyard’: Colossal icebergs having big impact on marine environment around South Atlantic island, earth scientists gathered in San Francisco are told.  Ice island breaks from Greenland. 12/16 Science Daily: Ancient forest emerges mummified from Arctic: Clue to future warming impact. Discovery News: Tigers threatened by global warming: Climate change is wiping out critical tiger habitat in India and Bangladesh. There’s still hope for the polar bears. 12/20 Science Daily: Research meteorologists see more severe storms ahead: The culprit: Global Warming. (Regardless of what or who causes it: humans, industry, or terrestrial or cosmic cycles!) Expect a SEVERE WINTER followed by springtime FLOODING in large measure.12/14 Drudge: Canada freezes as ‘one of the worst snowstorms on record’ strands thousands.  Snowy dusting in Australia’s summer. 12/19 CNN: Eurostar services cancelled as snow brings havoc in northern France stranding thousands….follows breakdown of 5 trains inside the Tunnel under the English Channel. PLUS: 3 dead, hundreds stranded as huge storm slams East Coast.  Drudge: Snow in South of France. Alaska sees record snow: Five feet 8 inches! 12/20 Drudge: Winter Storm Blasts East. NYC expecting up to 15 inches of snow. Up to 20 inches in DC. CNN: Snowstorm leaves records in its wake. 12/23 Drudge: Winter freeze kills 79 in Poland. Plummeting temps, snowfall, causing chaos from Moscow to Milan. 12/26 Drudge: Dallas experiences first white Christmas in 80 years. Nearly 2/3 of U.S. has white Christmas. Forecasts warn of continued blizzards in the Plains. 1/2 Reuters: Brazil death toll from floods, mudslides, rises to 64. 1/3 Drudge: East Coast Faces Deep Freeze: Florida oranges threatened. Cold, Cold, Colder. Heavy snow brings Beijing to standstill. Britain facing one of coldest winters in 100 years. 1/4 Drudge: World copes with Arctic weather. Iowa 30 degrees below normal. Peru’s mountain people face extinction. Vermont sets all-time snow record.  1/5 CNN: Stronger blast of arctic air. Freeze warnings extend to South Florida. At least 4 deaths blamed on cold. 1/7 Reuters: Heavy snows slam North American businesses. Blowing snow, cold disrupts U.S. Midwest travel. 1/10 Drudge: Arctic air invades the South. Cold freezes thousands of fish in Mississippi harbor. Cold snap death toll rises across Europe. Alabama having coldest winter start since 1940. 1/11 CNN: Freeze threatens Florida citrus. Drudge: FEDS: December was 14th coldest in 115 years! 1/19 CNN: Rains flood streets in Los Angeles. (Winter flooding too, it seems) 1/20 CNN: Hundreds told to flee Southern CALIFORNIA storms. Millions of dead fish floating in FLORIDA waters after record cold snap. 1/21 CNN: Report of FLORIDA tornado damage. Flash flooding on CALIFORNIA golf courses. 1/22 Drudge: Entire ARIZONA town underwater after overnight storm. CNN: Boy swept away by flood in ARIZONA. 1/23 NBC-TV: ARIZONA experiences record snowstorms of over four feet. 1/27 CNN: ARIZONA hit with huge snowstorm. 1/29 CNN: Winter storm moves through Midwest. PERU aims to rescue last of tourists stranded by heavy rains that triggered flash floods and landslides around MACHU PICCHU closing roads, bridges and rail lines. At least 7 people have been killed in Peru and Argentina. 1/30 CNN: Heavy snow, ice bury southern Plains, move East. Winter storm slams mid-South, leaving thousands without power, covering Asheville, NC, with a record 11 inches of snow. 2/1 CNN: 7 deaths in OKLAHOMA linked to storm. 2/2 Drudge: Heavy rains in Miami changes Super Bowl plans. 2/5 Earth Changes Media: Category 4 tropical storm Oli strikes French Polynesia near Bora Bora and Tahiti. 2/6 CNN: Travel grinds to a halt as snowstorm hits D.C. area and other Mid-Atlantic states, bringing travel to a virtual standstill: 15-18 inches of snow throughout the area. Drudge: Historic snowstorm rages on…paralyzing nation’s capital.  2/7 CNN: Weather causes NASA to cancel the space shuttle launch.  Snowmageddon slams Mid-Atlantic, utility companies race to restore power, White Out at the White House,  (including me here in Virginia) bringing near record levels of snow, more than 2 feet in Washington. Drudge: Nearly 200,000 without power in D.C. area. All time snow record for Baltimore, up to 30 inches in parts of Philly. 2/8 Yahoo: 17 soldiers dead, 53 rescued in Kashmir avalanche.  2/9 CNN: 60 killed in Afghan avalanche. CNN: Snowstorm barrels toward MID-ATLANTIC. (Now isn’t that just peachy keen! NOT!) 2/10 CNN: Blizzard warnings for D.C., N.Y. (No kidding! The wind is whistling and the snow is blowing here in Virginia!) Road collapses in Malibu after California storm. 150 killed in Afghanistan avalanche. Drudge: Up to 22 inches in Philadelphia. New Jersey road crews running out of salt. Snowstorm shatters local records in Chicago. Senate global warming hearing cancelled. Legislation buried under record snowfall in nation’s capital. Drifts up to 4 feet in D.C. Blizzards threaten Chinese New Year celebration. CNN: Storm causes 50 car pileup near Williamsburg, VA. Heavy snow in D.C. No kidding!  Washington Post: Snowfall sets seasonal record for D.C.: 54.9 inches of snow surpasses 54.4 inch record set in 1899! And there’s another storm expected!  2/11 Yahoo: East Coast digs out from snowstorm for the record books. CNN; Snow misery lingers in Mid-Atlantic. Drudge: Heat wave roasts Rio. CNN: Heavy snow in Dallas, Texas. 2/12 Yahoo: Schools close as South starts getting rare snow in the Gulf Coast states all the way to Florida. (It seems to be snowing everywhere but Vancouver for the winter Olympics!) Flights canceled in Atlanta. Drudge: Snow in all 50 states. Rome has heaviest snowfall in 25 years. Earth Changes Media: New cyclone heads for Samoa. Uruguay floods force more than 5,000 to evacuate. Rain pours new misery on quake-struck Haiti.  2/13 Earth Changes Media: Cyclone Renee hits American Samoa where residents are still recovering from tsunami and earthquakes. CNN: Snow blankets North Carolina. 2/14 CNN: Oil exec killed in Alaska avalanche. 2/15 CNN: Snow gives way to rain in South. 2/16 Earth Changes Media: Cyclone Renee batters.  Tonga, cutting phone lines. South gets second dose of snow in days. Drudge: Lake Erie frozen over first time in 14 years. Washington Post: President Obama declares Virginia a disaster area after recent snowstorms. 2/17 Drudge: Blizzards destroy D.C. cherry blossoms. (Shucks! But they came back!)  Earth Changes Media: NASA sees 16th South Pacific Cyclone form. 2/22 Drudge: Weather is causing havoc in Venezuela. 2/23 Drudge: Moscow covered by record snowfall. More snow in Dallas, approaching all-time winter record. 2/25 Drudge: Hurricane-like snowstorm aims for Northeast. 2/26 CNN: Buried in snow, Northeast to get more. Snow-heavy tree kills man. 2/26 Earth Changes Media: Heavy rains hit Haiti’s quake ravaged capital. Madeira faces new threat after flash floods left 41 dead. 2/27 Drudge: Snowstorm blasts Northeast. One million in the dark. 3/1 CNN: At least 58 dead in violent storm that sweeps across Western Europe.  Drudge: Emergency without parallel in CHILE’S history. CNN: Death toll in CHILE quake reaches 723. Rescuers hear tapping sounds. 3/2 CNN:  Snow in South threatens flights. Snow, rain falls in South; winter weather warnings remain. Drudge: Tsunami swept away bus full of retirees. 3/5 Earth Changes Media: Golf ball-size hail brings MELBOURNE to standstill.  3/8 Drudge: Freak snowstorm covers southern FRANCE. 3/9 CNN: Tornado tears houses to pieces in OKLAHOMA. The tornado was on the ground for 20 minutes, no injuries reported. Earth Changes Media: Mediterranean beaches covered in snow! Freak snow falls in SPAIN, strands 6,000. Ice damage slows NEWFOUNDLAND power cleanup. 3/11 CNN: Tornadoes rip up homes in Arkansas. 3/11 CNN: 1 killed in Arkansas tornado outbreak.  3/13 Headline News: Severe flooding in southwest FLORIDA. 3/14 CNN: At least 3 dead in CANADA avalanche. Storms knock out power in Northeast U.S. NY Times: Intense wind, rain blasts NY region, causing 3 deaths and leaving thousands without power in NY, NJ, and CT. 3/15 CNN: Cyclone hits FIJI with 170 mph winds. Earth Changes Media: Tropical storm Hubert kills 36 in MADAGASCAR. 3/20 CNN: Spring brings snow, floods to MIDWEST. AUSTRALIA braces for cyclone. Red River rises; snow clobbers Plains. Reuters: Fargo’s dikes hold as Red River nears crest.  3/28 Science Daily: Cyclone Oli deals major blow to French Polynesia’s coral reef. 3/29 CNN: Springtime brings snow to Colorado.  Earth Changes Media: Storm in Mongolia kills millions of livestock.3/30 CNN: Storm systems bring rain, flooding, high winds, extreme heat and winter warnings to various parts of the U.S. Earth changes Media: Cleanup continues after NC severe overnight weather…tornadoes ripped apart buildings. 3/30 NBC-TV: Historic flooding in RHODE ISLAND and along the East Coast. 3/31 CNN: Flooding ‘no one alive’ has seen in RHODE ISLAND. “Worst is yet to come.” Ocean devours half of home on Washington coast. Drudge: Rising waters force evacuations in New England. Earth Changes Media: Heavy rains, NJ flooding will taper, but forecaster says latest storm broke records. 4/1 CNN: Rhode Island may face flood problems for months.  Drudge: RI sewage plants overwhelmed; residents, retailers left reeling. 4/2 CNN: Storm tips over big rigs. AND 90 cities set record high temperatures. 4/3 Earth Changes Media: Cyclonic storm kills 7, damages 16,000 houses in Assam.  4/12 CNN: Death toll in BRAZIL flood now 229. 4/14 Yahoo: Cyclone kills 89 in eastern INDIA. Storms move through Nebraska, bringing hail and high water. 4/16 CNN: Storm kills 122 in eastern INDIA. 4/23 CNN: Tornado races down Texas road. Drudge: Rain, snow snarl Denver traffic, close courthouse. (Winter is lasting much too long in Colorado!) 4/24 Yahoo: Mayor of rural Mississippi town says tornado killed 2. CNN: Tornado a mile wide flattens 20-30 homes in Mississippi. Tornado killed 9, at least of them children. 4/25 CNN: Mississippi tornado carves deadly path, killing at least 10, including 3-month-old baby. 4/28 CNN: April snow, no power in Vermont town. 5/1 CNN: Death toll lowered in Arkansas storms, 3 killed, 10 injured. 5/7 Drudge: Late Minnesota snowfall could set record. 5/8 Earth Changes Media: Storm kills 17 in Bihar. Chinese storm toll rises to 51. 5/11 CNN: Vermont wakes up to wintry scene.5/12 CNN: Winter storm blasts Wyoming in MAY!  5/20 CNN: Swarm of tornadoes hits OKLAHOMA.  6/7 Yahoo: Ohio tornado kills 7, wrecks cop cars, graduation, with many houses reduced to rubble. CNN: Storms wreck homes, power plant. 6/16 Drudge: Winter strikes with a vengeance in SOUTH AFRICA, first snow falls in 20 years. 7/20 CNN: 18 die from cold in BOLIVIA. Drudge: 175 killed in South American cold spell. 9/19 Drudge: Surprise September snow in MONTANA. AND FOR THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE: 10/5 Drudge: NEW ZEALAND: 6 days of blizzards cause hundreds of thousands of lambs to die. 11/14 CNN: Snowstorm hits Upper Midwest.  USA Today: Storm causes 400 crashes in MINNESOTA; 2 die in WISCONSIN. (The severe winter seems to be continuing!) 11/15 USA Today: Snow, fog leads to 34 car pileup outside DENVER.11/22 CNN: 370 crashes blamed on ice in MINNESOTA. 11/23 CNN: Snow wrecks havoc in WASHINGTON STATE. Seattle’s first snow closes schools. 11/24 Drudge: Storm shuts roads in Rockies; Utah blizzard looms.  11/30 CNN: Oregon braces for bitter winter. 12/1 CNN: Massive storm moves north. (Blowing wind and pounding rain in Virginia today!) Drudge: Heavy snow causes severe disruption in Europe. USA Today: Severe storms pound Southeast U.S. 12/1 BBC: Lethal cold weather grips northern Europe. Transport chaos in snowy Europe. 12/2 CNN: Guests down Vermont power lines. From soggy to snowy in PENNSYLVANIA. 12/3 CNN: BUFFALO digs out, more snow expected. Drudge: 60+ killed by cold snap across Europe. 12/6 Drudge: Britain freezing to death. Cold blast Midwest to East. 12/7 CNN: Cold snap hits as far south as Florida. 12/8 CNN: Snow closes Paris airport, Eiffel Tower. 12/9 Drudge: Monster storm could be winter’s worst for MIDWEST. Freeze brings PARIS to standstill. Heaviest snow since 1987. ENGLAND: coldest opening week of December since 1659. Metro/UK: Forecasters warn Christmas could be cancelled as cold weather grips U.K. 12/11 CNN: Europe digs out of snow. 12/12 CNN: Metrodome roof collapses as blizzard smacks MIDWEST and remains in effect in parts of IOWA, WISCONSIN and MINNESOTA. 12/12 Drudge: Cold, colder, coldest. 20 degrees in Orlando. 12/14 CNN: Hundreds stranded as brutal storm hits CANADA. 12/15 CNN: 300-plus stranded in snowstorm in CANADA. 12/16 CNN: Winter storm hammers upper Plains.  12/18 Reuters: Snow and ice bring festive havoc to Britain. Drudge: UK: Coldest December since records began. 12/20 CNN: More snow to bury CALIFORNIA: 5 to 10 feet above 7,000 feet likely. EUROPE digs airports out of snow, ice. 12/23 Drudge: COLORADO faces most dangerous avalanche conditions in state’s history.  12/24 CNN: SNOW: Paris airport cancels half of its flights, evacuates terminal. 12/26 Drudge: Moscow’s main airport closed after overnight snow. Reuters: Snow strands Christmas travelers in Europe.  Heavy snow and strong winds slam Northeastern U.S., creating havoc and canceling hundreds of flights. 12/27 Reuters: Blizzard chills end of holiday shopping season. Drudge: SNOW: 20″ Central Park; 24″ Brooklyn; 24.2″ Newark; 16.5″ Boston; 31.8″ Elizabeth, NJ, and on it goes! Subway stalled for 11 hours in snowdrifts. Newspaper report files from A Train. Hundreds of buses stranded. Football delay outrages fans. (Oh well! Read a book for a change!)  12/28 NY Times: East digs out after blizzard leaves a trail of disruption. USA Today: Blizzard flight cancellations push toward 7,000. 12/29 Drudge: Berlin sees most snow in December since 1900s.FLOODING MONUMENTAL this year all around the world.Earth Changes Media: Flood, avalanches kill 20 in AFGHANISTAN. 2/16 Earth Changes Media: Floods hit GREECE, TURKEY, BULGARIA. Flash flooding as storm hits BRISBANE. 2/17 Earth Changes Media: Havoc in GREECE and TURKEY floods.  2/22 Earth Changes Media: Mudslides and flooding kill 40 on tourist island of MADEIRA off PORTUGAL.  2/23 Earth Changes Media: Tropical storm 17P forms in SOUTH PACIFIC. 2/28 Earth Changes Media: UK braces for floods as storm approaches. Storm batters Southern Europe, at least 23 dead. 3/1 Earth Changes Media: Rain triggers deadly floods in HAITI. 3/4 Earth Changes Media: ST. GEORGE to evacuate as flooding worsens.  3/5 Earth Changes Media: KENYA floods kill 6, leave dozens missing. 3/7 Drudge: ‘Beast of a Storm’ as record floods hit AUSTRALIA. 3/10 Earth Changes Media: Mozambique flood force mass evacuations. 3/15 Drudge: THE GREAT THAW: Red River rising faster than expected in ND, MN. 3/15 NBC-TV: Flooding in the DC area, including Alexandria, Virginia’s Old Town, and in New Jersey. 3/16 CNN: Northern Plains brace for flooding from melting snow and heavy rain.  3/17 CNN: Red River hits key mark, still rising. 3/19 Yahoo: Heavy rains swamp camps of Haiti’s homeless. Earth Changes Media: Coastal areas on alert for cyclone in Queensland, AUSTRALIA. 3/25 Earth Changes Media: Landslide Lake threatens massive floods in North Pakistan that could affect 50,000 people and an important trade route with China. 3/26 Earth Changes Media: More than 25,000 flee homes after floods in West Java, Indonesia. 3/30 Drudge: Heavy rains threaten to topple records in the Eastern U.S. 3/31 Yahoo: Floodwaters rise in Northeast. 4/6 CNN: Rains, flooding kill 79 in BRAZIL. 4/7 Yahoo: Rain resumes in Rio as officials fear more deaths. CNN: More than 100 dead in BRAZIL flood. Drudge: Rio’s worst rains in history kills at least 110. 4/8 Drudge: Death toll in Rio floods rises to 147, many missing. Drudge: 173 dead in Rio floods. 4/14 Killer Asian thunderstorms: Strong storms swept through eastern India and Bangladesh, claiming lives and flattening homes. Tornado levels 50,000 homes. 4/15 Earth Changes Media: At least 130 killed in last two days in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh storms. Rescuers search for South Asian storm survivors. 4/29 Science Daily: Part of Alaska inundated by ancient megafloods about 17,000 years ago. 4/29 NBC-TV: Record breaking flooding in Russia and the Ukraine from melting snow. 5/1 CNN: Heavy rainfall causing extremely heavy flooding in Tennessee, 2 died in SUV caught in flood waters in Nashville area. 5/2 CNN: Tennessee floods kill 5, rain in forecast. Water main break in Boston catastrophic. Reuters: Storm kills 15 in Bangladesh, thousands homeless. Yahoo: Officials: 8 dead in Tennessee because of severe storms.  5/3 Yahoo: Tennessee officials brace for more flooding, deaths. Thunderstorms and flooding have killed 19 in Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky. CNN: Storms flood parts of Atlanta. Building floats by cars on the right. USA Today: Storm death toll hits 21. Earth changes Media: Lightning kills at least 17 people and injures 50 others in tropical storm in Bangladesh. 5/4 CNN: 27 killed in floods, storms, twisters in Southeast. Hundreds rescued as waters rise. Drudge: Downtown Nashville threatened.  USA Today: Catastrophe as Southern storm death toll reaches 29. CNN: Flood washes away roads, destroys cars in Nashville. CNN: Downtown Nashville covered in water. Drudge: Widespread dangerous flooding continues across Tennessee. 5/6 CNN: Cow stuck on roof after Tennessee flood. Relentless rain pounds HAITI. Drudge: Nashville residents return home to devastation. CNN: More than 30 killed in storms. Earth Changes Media: Freak waves smash French Rivera between Nice and Cannes causing major material damage to the highly populated coast. Storms leave last least 39 dead in China. Flash floods kill dozens in Afghanistan. 5/8 CNN: Severe storm kills 54 in India. 5/11 CNN: Tennessee flood deaths rise to 23. Tennessee flood totals classic cars.  Earth Changes Media: Floods kill 70 in Southern China. 5/17 Reuters: 4 dead, many evacuated as floods sweep central Europe. Earth Changes Media: Floods kill 6 as rains batter Europe. Hail storm pummels Oklahoma. 5/19 Earth Changes Media: Death toll in Sri Lanka floods rises to 17, over 440,000 people affected. 5/25 Reuters: Poland earmarks cash for flood victims as deaths rise. Earth Changes Media: PM says deadly floods Poland’s worst ever. 5/30 Yahoo: Tropical storm Agatha leaves at least 12 dead in Guatemala, triggering deadly landslides. CNN: Deadly storms hit Central America. 5/31 Reuters: Tropical Storm Agatha kills 96 in Central America. Update: Storm kills 100 in Central America. CNN Update: Tropical storm kills 115 in Central America. 6/1 CNN: Storms kill 146, leave enormous sink hole in Guatemala City. 6/4 CNN: Cyclone Phet batters coastal Oman. 6/6 Yahoo: 4 killed in heavy storms sweeping through Midwest. 6/7 Reuters: Deadly floods in Europe.  6/7 Earth Changes Media: Warsaw braces for flood, Slovakia and Hungary reel from the worst flood in centuries. Tropical storm hits Pakistan’s largest city, 7 die. Severe weather rakes Midwest, 7 die. Deadly tornadoes rip through Midwest, killing 4. Storm Phet, heavy rains in Karachi. 6/10 CNN: At least 10 deaths reported in Arkansas Montgomery County water rescue at Albert Pike Campground near Langley: Campers caught by flood waters. 6/11 CNN: At least 16 dead in Arkansas campground flash floods. Flash flooding in Texas on the Guadalupe River. 6/12 Yahoo: Dozens missing in rugged terrain after Arkansas flood. Update: Campground flooding deaths now at 18, dozens missing. 6/14 CNN: Flash flooding in OKLAHOMA CITY in places that have never flooded before. 20th body found in Arkansas after flash flooding. Update: Relentless storms flood OKLAHOMA CITY. 6/15 CNN: Dozens rescued from flash floods in OKLAHOMA. Earth Changes Media: 53 dead in BANGLADESH floods, landslides. 6/16 OKLAHOMA floods wash away cars. Reuters: Floods kill at least 25 in MYANMAR. Earth changes Media: China issues storm alert after 35 killed in flooding and landslides. Floods in France leave 16 dead, 12 missing. 6/17 Earth Changes Media: French floods: Rescuers search houses as death toll rises. Floods waters swept away trees, piled cars on top of each other and slices walls off of houses in the hills behind a portion of the Riviera. 2nd tropical depression forms off Mexico. 6/18 CNN: CHINA: At least 46 killed in floods. 6/19 Earth Changes Media: More than 100 dead or missing as floods wreck havoc in Southern CHINA. 6/21 Science Daily: Canyon carved in just 3 days in Texas flood: Insight into ancient flood events on Earth and Mars. 6/21 CNN: Toll in CHINA flood rises to 147. Reuters: Heavy rains kill at least 175 in Southern CHINA. 6/22 CNN: BRAZIL fears flood death toll may rise. BRAZIL flood: 40 dead, 100K homeless. Nearly 200 dead in CHINA flooding. 6/23 CNN: Some 600 still missing in BRAZIL floods. Yahoo: Brazilian mayor: Floods have flattened entire towns. (These floods in Brazil have been going on for months!) 6/25 Reuters: Pacific Hurricane Darby now major storm off MEXICO. 7/1 CNN: Flooding kills 22 in Romania. 7/7 CNN: Flood closes Mexico-Texas bridge.7/10 CNN: Flash floods swamp greater Boston. 7/11 Reuters: Thousands evacuated in CHINA as dam threatens to burst. 7/11 CNN: Rio Grande flood forces evacuations. Earth Changes Media: Floods and landslides create destruction in CHINA. 7/13 CNN: Floods test CHINA’S resources. 7/14 Earth Changes Media: Summer storm floods ‘safe’ Haiti refugee camp. 7/15 CNN: Heavy storms flood WISCONSIN roads. 7/16 CNN: Flood weary CHINA braces for typhoon. CNN: Typhoon Conson strikes CHINA; 39 dead in PHILIPPINES. 7/17 Earth Changes Media: Heavy rain causes flash floods in SINGAPORE hotspots, leaving trail of damage and disruption. 7/18 CNN: 3 dead in KENTUCKY flooding. 7/20 CNN: China floods affect 38 million people. 7/21 Reuters: Tropical storm heads to CHINA as flood toll hits 700. CNN: 200 homes washed away in KENTUCKY. 7/22 CNN: 5,700 homes lost in CHINA floods. 7/23 USA Today: Flooding closes airport, opens sinkhole in WISCONSIN. CNN: 30 dead, 50 missing in PAKISTAN floods. Tropical storm Bonnie hits FLORIDA. 7/26 IOWA dam breaks, floods region. Severe storms pound CHICAGO. 200 buildings ruined in dam flooding in IOWA. Water levels test CHINA’S new dam. 7/27 CNN: Flash flood submerges MISSOURI road. 7/28 CNN: Devastation floods in CHINA. Earth Changes Media: Worst floods in decade in CHINA, 30,000 trapped.  7/29 CNN: China floods push chemicals into river.7/30 CNN: More than 400 dead in PAKISTAN flooding. 7/31 CNN: 800 killed in PAKISTAN flooding. Reuters: Dozens killed and stranded by AFGHANISTAN floods. 8/1 CNN: More than 1,000 dead in PAKISTAN flooding. Yahoo: Death toll from PAKISTAN floods rises to 1,100 as rescue workers struggle to save more than 27,000 trapped by the raging water. 8/2 Drudge: Pakistan flooding may have killed 3,000 as homes, bridges swept away. CNN: 1,500 dead in Pakistan, outbreak feared. 8/3 Yahoo: Deadly flooding moves to PAKISTAN’S heartland. 8/4 Reuters: Pakistan’s floods sweep PUNJAB. 8/4 CNN: Flash flood and hail storm in Deadwood, SD. Earth Changes Media: PAKISTAN flood threatens Sindh after more than 3 million stranded.  8/6 CNN: 4 million victims of PAKISTAN flooding. Reuters: Flash floods kill 88 in INDIA’S Ladakh. Pakistan floods worsening as heavy rains loom. 8/7 CNN: 12 million affected by floods in PAKISTAN. Reuters: Towns submerged as 7 killed in central European floods. Pakistanis desperate to escape flood areas as they expand. 8/8 CNN: More rains hit flood-stricken PAKISTAN. 8/9 CNN: 145 dead in INDIA flooding. Drudge: Pakistan floods worse than 2004 tsunami. Yahoo: 1,100 missing in CHINA as Asian flood misery rises. 8/11 Reuters: U.N. warns of second wave of PAKISTANI flood deaths. CNN: Cars washed away in IOWA. 8/12 NY Times: New flood warnings in PAKISTAN. 8/14 CNN: More flooding in PAKISTAN puts millions in peril: Independence Day events canceled. One fifth of PAKISTAN flooded. 8/15 CNN: Thousands of towns gone in PAKISTAN. 8/19 CNN: 4 million homeless in PAKISTAN floods. 8/21 Reuters: Pakistanis brace for more destructive flooding. Over 50,000 evacuated as floods hit northeast CHINA. Yahoo: Flooding submerges new towns in Pakistan’s south. 8/22 Reuters: More than 5,000 evacuated as floods hit NORTH KOREA. 8/23 CNN: Nearly 260,000 flee flooding along CHINA-NORTH KOREA border. 8/24 Drudge: PAKISTAN floods disrupt main supply lines for U.S. forces in AFGHANISTAN. 8/25 CNN: Storm leaves 4 dead, 30,000 affected in MEXICO, the government says. 8/26 Yahoo: PAKISTAN floods threaten 3 towns as levees fail.  CNN: 500,000 told to flee PAKISTAN’S floods. 17 million Pakistanis have already been affected by the floods. 8/27 NY Times: Pakistan floods set back years of gains on infrastructure. 8/31 Reuters: Floods in south SUDAN leave nearly 60,000 homeless. 9/8 Yahoo: Tropical storm Hermine swamps TEXAS, prompting search for victims. Weeks of rain leave thousands homeless in MEXICO.  9/10 CNN: Flooding in southern ITALY tosses cars around like matchsticks. 9/12 CNN: U.N.: 24 dead, 70,000 homeless in CHAD flooding. 9/19 CNN: Floods kill more than 60 in INDIA. 9/24 USA Today: Floods swamp upper MIDWEST, forces evacuations. 9/25 CNN: Severe flooding hits MIDWEST as torrential rains cause rivers to overflow; areas downriver get ready. 2 million flee NIGERIA flooding. CNN: Sudden storm kills 5 in HAITI.  9/27 CNN: WISCONSIN river levee fails, with as many as 100 homes affected.  9/28 CNN: Water rages in WISCONSIN flooding. 9/30 CNN: East Coast on alert for flooding. (It is certainly raining and raining and raining!) Life-threatening flash flooding in Cape Fear, SC. 10/1 CNN: Huge chunk of East Coast flooded. Hundreds of roads closed in NORTH CAROLINA. Downpour suspends play at Ryder Cup. Flooding like never seen in NEW YORK. Drudge: More than 10 inches of rain floods PHILADELPHIA region. 10/2 CNN: Flooding leads to misery in NORTH CAROLINA. 10/6 CNN: 64 killed in INDONESIA flooding. 10/7 CNN: 28 dead in VIETNAM flooding. 10/9 Reuters: BANGLADESH storms make nearly half a million homeless. 10/29 CNN: THAILAND floods claim 68 lives. 11/2 CNN: 5 dead on St. Lucia; Tomas ‘poses threat’ to Caribbean nations. 11/4 Drudge: Storm Tomas poses deadly flooding risk to HAITI. 11/11 CNN: 36,000 homeless in SRI LANKA floods (This seems to happen all the time in this unfortunate country.) 11/20 CNN: Floods affect 1.2 million in COLUMBIA. 12/4 CNN: Severe flooding in Albania, Croatia. 12/5 CNN: Flooding forces evacuations in ALBANIA. 12/9 CNN: Panama Canal reopens after flooding. 12/12 Drudge: Storms bring flooding to Northwest rivers. 12/13 CNN: Flooding menaces western WASHINGTON State. 12/21 CNN: Heavy rains expected in soaked CALIFORNIA. Yahoo: Hikers found, drivers rescued amid CALIFORNIA deluge. CNN: Flash flood divides NEVADA canyon. 12/27 CNN: SRI LANKA floods affect thousands. 12/30 CNN: Weeks of flooding for AUSTRALIA.CONSERVATIVE ADVANCES all year as regards CORPORATE patterns. Restructuring takes time. 3/18 Reuters: Data points to modest recovery, muted inflation. 4/21 Washington Post: The world economy is rebounding from recession ‘better than we thought likely’ and will expand by more than 4% this year, the International Monetary Fund’s top economist says. NY Times: Chrysler lost $4 Billion but sees signs of improvement. 5/17 Reuters: WaMu and FDIC agree on amended reorganization plan. 9/7 Reuters: All change at the top for UK banks Barclays and HSBC. 11/10 Reuters: Jobless claims fall, trade gap narrows. Google to give staff a 10% pay raise.  Some BANKS still COLLAPSE or FALTER. 12/20 Drudge: Regulators shutter two big California banks, 5 others. 1/9 CNN: Horizon Bank falls in Washington State. 1/23 Drudge: Banks shut in FL, MO, NM, OR, WA. 1/30 Drudge: Regulators shut banks in Florida, Georgia. 3/6 Drudge: Banks closed in Florida, Illinois and Maryland. 3/20 Drudge: Regulators shut 7 banks in 5 states. 4/12 Reuters: Regulators failed to supervise Washington Mutual: report. 4/17 Drudge: Regulators shut 5 banks in Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan.  4/17 Headline News: More than 50 banks have closed in the U.S. so far this year. 4/24 Reuters: Regulators seize bank in Chicago linked to Senate candidate. Drudge: Regulators shut down 7 banks in Illinois. 5/21 Drudge: 775 banks on ‘Trouble’ list. 5/31 USA Today: 3 Florida banks, 1 each in Nevada, California, shut down. 6/21 Drudge: Bank failure pace more than double last year. 7/23 Reuters: 7 banks fail Europe’s stress test. Drudge: Bank failure tally passes 100 for the year.  7/31 Reuters: U.S. bank failures total 108 after 5 shut on Friday. 11/6 Reuters: Regulators close 4 banks: 2010 total now 143. 12/29 Drudge; 2010 worst year for bank failures since 1992. 11/30/2011: NY Times: The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and 4 other big central banks take joint action to enhance global liquidity and to ease the strain of the European debt crisis on the world economy.12/16: A SNOWCAPPED VOLCANO RUMBLES to life and EXPLODES: (I had this vision not once but twice in December!) 2/17 CNN: Chile’s Chaiten volcano under red alert due to increased seismic activity. This is a snowcapped volcano in the Ring of Fire. 3/21 CNN: Volcano erupts in Iceland beneath a glacier, forcing an evacuation of hundreds. 4/14 CNN: 800 evacuated as ICELAND volcano erupts under GLACIER. 4/15 Reuters: Iceland volcano eruption intensifies. Volcanic ash turns north Europe into no-fly zone. CNN: Volcanic cloud cancels 6,000 flights! 4/16 CNN: Volcanic ash causes worse air travel disruption since 9/11. Yahoo: Flight disruptions in Europe get even worse as thick drifts of ash blanketed parts of rural Iceland, invisible plumes drift over Europe, emptying the sky of planes and sending hundreds of thousands in search of a hotel room, train ticket, or rental car.  4/17 CNN: Volcanic ash grounds 16,000 flights. Reuters: Iceland ash cloud chokes ASIAN airports. Eruption may hurt people with breathing problems: WHO. Mail Online: Volcano: No BA flights until Monday at the earliest as airports remain shut and ash falls across the UK. 4/23 CNN: Volcano ice closes Iceland airports. 5/5 CNN: Volcanic ash grounds flights again. Reuters: Ash ground Irish flights, UK. 5/7 CNN: Irish airports reopen after ash clears.  5/8 Yahoo: Ash delays, reroutes trans-Atlantic flights. CNN: Volcanic ash closes Spanish airports. 5/9 CNN: Volcanic ash cloud CONTINUES to disrupt flights. Drudge: Ash closes airports in Spain, Portugal, Italy. 5/11 Drudge: Ash affects flights in Morocco, Turkey, Spain. 5/14 CNN: Volcanic ash shuts down Iceland airport. 5/15 CNN: Volcano may again close UK airports. 5/16 CNN: Volcanic ash disrupts European travel. 5/17 Reuters: Volcanic ash grounds 1,000 European flights. (This is plainly not the year for a trip to Europe!) 5/24 CNN: Flight chaos volcano stops spewing ash. (Don’t count on this as permanent.) 5/27 Earth Changes Media: Katla Volcano in Iceland shows signs of increased activity. An alert has also been issued for the Cleveland Volcano in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, another snowcapped volcano. 5/29 Drudge: Much larger volcano in Iceland showing signs it may erupt. MSNBC: 2nd Iceland volcano issues warning. Scientists say powerful Katla is ‘close to failure.’ Zero Hedge: Iceland President warns: “Significant eruption at Katla Volcano is CLOSE.” (This may be my second vision.) 6/12 Earth Changes Media: Russia’s Kamchatka Volcano is waking up and spewing steam and ash after years of dormancy. 6/20 Earth Changes Media: Russia Volcano Shiveluch spews ash over 3 miles, no threat to air traffic yet.  12/2/2011: BBC News: ICELANDIC VOLCANO flood warning.  /2010_p4.jpgAnother snowcapped volcano! How many will erupt in 2010?!?Early this year a PROMINENT PERSON, highly admired and respected, leaves the earth, resulting in worldwide media coverage. 1/28 Legendary, reclusive author J. D. Salinger dies at 91? 2/20 NY Times: Ex-Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, a mercurial four-star general who served under President Reagan and as commanding chief of staff during President Nixon’s crumbling regime, dies at 85.ECONOMIC RECOVERY is STRONG in the SPRING. 1/6 CNN: Job picture improves. 1/28 NY Times: Ford reports first annual profit in four years. 1/29 Washington Post: U.S. economy up 5.7 percent in fourth quarter. CNN: The U.S. economy grew at its fastest pace in more than 6 years! 2/5 CNN: Jobless rate falls more than expected. 2/17 Washington Post: Housing construction up 2.8 percent in January. 2/26 Washington Post: Fourth quarter economic growth revised upward. 3/3 Reuters: Fed says economy stronger in February despite snow. Market rises on unemployment, services data. 3/4 CNN: Unemployment claims drop. 3/12 Washington Post: Retail sales post a surprising increase in February. 3/17 Reuters: Dow hits 17-month high on energy, financials. 3/18 CNN: Unemployment claims fall. 3/22 CNN: Health care stocks rise. 4/1 CNN: Jobless claims fall. 4/5 Reuters: Services sector grows at fastest clip since 2006. Pending home sales, ISM date point to recovery. 4/12 NY Times: Dow closes above 11,000 first time since September 2008! 4/14 Washington Post: U.S. retail sales surge in March. CNN: $3.3B profit for JPMorgan.  4/19 CNN: Citi reports $4.4 billion profit. Yahoo: Leading indicators jump 1.4%, topping estimates.  4/20 NY Times: Goldman’s revenue and earnings top forecast. 4/22 Washington Post: Home sales surge 6.8% in March. Yahoo: Home sales rise as unemployment claims fall. 4/23 Washington Post: New homes sales jump from record low. CNN: Market at 18-month high. 4/26 USA Today: Economists: Recovery looks stronger than expected. 4/27 CNN: Home prices post first annual rise in 3 years. Ford posts quarterly profit, raises 2010 outlook. 4/29 Reuters: Wall Street rallies on earnings, Greece aid hopes. NY Times: Wynn Resorts reports $27M profit for first quarter. 4/30 Washington Post: Economy grows by 3.2% in first quarter. 5/3 Reuters: GM April sales up 6%. 5/4 Reuters: Pending home sales at 5 month high, orders jump.  5/5 Reuters: Private sector jobs rise first time since 2008. 5/6 Yahoo: April retail reports add up to respectable spring. 5/13 Reuters: Ford expects solid profits in 2010. 5/18 CNN: Home construction surges. Reuters: Housing starts hit 1-1/2 year high. Home Depot boosts outlook after strong spring. 5/24 Reuters: Home sales jump on tax credit. 6/2 Reuters: Ford says May sales up 22%. Pending home sales race to 6-month high. 6/3 Yahoo: Big companies back from the brink: Ford, Sonic Automotive, E-Trade, Corning, Alaska Air, Bally Technologies, CMS Energy, Interpublic Group, Norfolk Southern Company, and Jo-Ann Stores. CNN: Jobless claims decline. 6/9 Reuters: Bernanke says recovery on track but restraints remain. 6/14 Reuters: Red’s Bullard says strong global recovery under way. Global stocks extend gains. 6/15 CNN: Stocks stage big rally. 6/16 Reuters: FedEx posts higher profit as economy recovers. Fed rate hikes slowed by moderate recovery. 7/11 NY Times: Wall Street hiring in anticipation of economic recovery. 7/15 Reuters: Jobless claims near 2-year low. 8/2 CNN: Huge rally on Wall Street. 9/30 CNN Money: Economy growing faster. 12/1 Reuters: Private sector payroll growth highest in 3 years.SEVERE EARTHQUAKES in mountainous regions—the dead buried in large numbers. 1/3 CNN: 5.1 magnitude earthquake in TAJIKISTAN leaves 20,000 homeless, 1,050 mud dwellings destroyed. 1/9 Reuters: 6.1 earthquake in COSTA RICA kills 13. More may be buried in rubble. Quake triggered landslides. 1/12 CNN: Major 7.0 magnitude quake hits near HAITIAN capital, tsunami watch issued. 5.9 and 5.4 aftershocks also recorded. (There are bound to be fatalities here!) Hospital collapses. 1/13 Yahoo: Millions affected by most powerful earthquake to hit HAITI in 200 years, buildings crushed, untold casualties. NY Times: Thousands believed dead in HAITI. CNN: Most of Port-au-Prince is destroyed. National palace ruined. U.N. peacekeeper compound destroyed. France fears everyone inside U.N. headquarters dead. Reporter: “The earth actually split. It was unreal.” Drudge: Up to 3 million in need.  (Since the 7.0 quake there have been 32 quakes 4.0 and higher in HAITI as of 10:45 AM EST.) CNN: Major catastrophe in Haiti. More than 100,000 dead from quake, Haiti’s ambassador says. Archbishop died in quake. 1/14 NY Times: Haiti lies in ruins; grim search for untold dead. Agony sets in as medics focus on survivors. Yahoo: Turning pickup trucks into ambulances and doors into stretchers, Haitians struggle frantically to save those injured as desperately needed aid starts to arrive from around the world. 1/15 Washington Post: Cuba opens air space to U.S. evacuation flights from Haiti. CNN: 4,000 inmates flee cells of ruined prison because of massive earthquake in Haiti. Mess at airport now under U.S. control. Drudge: Gangs do battle in streets with machetes over food. Looting, devastation in Haiti. CNN: 5.6 magnitude quake strikes VENEZUELA. 1/18 Drudge: 6.0 earthquake hits GUATEMALA coast, rocks SALVADOR. Yahoo: More troops, aid go to HAITI, but hunger persists after the quake that killed nearly 200,000, while people struggle to find water and a cup of food. Drudge: 1 American dead, 3 injured in Relief Operation. Violence hampering relief efforts. 1/19 Email/USGS: 5.8 earthquake in the CAYMAN ISLANDS. Science Daily: Earthquake risk: Seismic gap south of Istanbul poses extreme danger. 1/20 Yahoo: Strong new 6.1 earthquake hits HAITI, shaking buildings and sending screaming people running into the streets. Science Daily: Heightened earthquake risk in INDONESIA. 1/21 USGS: 4.9 and 4.8 aftershocks hit HAITI. 1/22 Washington Post: Substantial aftershock, 4.4 strikes HAITI, creating further fear in the people. USGS: Four quakes in GREECE 5.4, 5.2, 4.5, 4.8 so far today. 1/23 CNN: HAITI quake death toll surpasses 111,000. Survivors found after 10 days in ruins. NY Times: Haiti mourns its dead; government ends rescue operation. Drudge: COSTA RICA (5.2, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 5.0) and SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA (5.3, 5.2) hit by strong earthquakes. 1/25 Drudge: 150,000 HAITI quake victims buried. 1/26 USGS: 4.4, 4.1 magnitude quakes hit HAITI. 1/27 USGS: Another 4. 9 quake hits HAITI. 1/28 CNN: New tremors damage port in HAITI. 2/1 Drudge Report: EARTHQUAKE SWARM AT YELLOWSTONE, second largest recorded in Park. 2/3 CNN: Quake death toll passes 200,000, HAITIAN officials say. 2/4 CNN: 6.0 quake off NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. 2/9 Drudge: Death toll from HAITI QUAKE: 230,000 (so far).  2/10 Email from Linda: 4.3 quake in Illinois, with no major damage. (Hardly mountainous, but a very dangerous fault, The New Madrid, in the Midwest could cause serious damage to many cities if it really does a major shift.)  Yahoo: Haiti gives death roll at 270,000, no explanation. (I’m afraid it will end up more like 350,000!) 2/12 Earth Changes Media: YELLOWSTONE SUPER-VOLCANO swarm nears 2000 quakes, largest swarm since 1985. 2/18 USGS: 6.9 quake in CHINA-RUSSIA-NORTH KOREA border region. 2/21 Reuters: Haiti death toll could reach 300,000, Preval. 2/26 CNN: 7.0 quake off coast of JAPAN near Okinawa creates TSUNAMI WARNING. 2/27 CNN: MASSIVE 8.8 EARTHQUAKE rocks CHILE, buildings collapse, 78 confirmed dead; tsunami warning issued. Epicenter off coast near Concepcion. World’s biggest earthquake since 1900. USGS: Followed by 6.2, 6.0, 6.0, 6.9, 6.1, 5.8, 5.9, 5.4, 5.3, 5.5, 5.2, 5.0, 5.2 so far. CNN News: 122 dead so far. Buildings collapse, bridges collapse, houses collapse. TIDAL WAVE washed over village on the coast.  USGS: 6.3 quake in Salta, ARGENTINA. CHILE 5.5, 5.5, 5.2, 5.5, 5.2, 5.5, 5.0, 5.6, 4.9, 5.5, 5.3, 5.6, 5.3 magnitude quakes.  CNN: 147 confirmed dead, number expected to rise. Tsunami warnings for CALIFORNIA and ALASKA. HAWAII races to prepare for TSUNAMI. USGS: 6.3 offshore CHILE, 5.1, 5.2.  CNN: Most tsunami warnings canceled. Hawaii dodged a bullet. At least 45 aftershocks reported. 214 dead, 2 million affected. 2/28 Yahoo: Tsunami warnings lifted, waves reach Japan, Russia. Washington Post: More than 300 dead in devastating CHILE earthquake. NY Times: ‘State of catastrophe’ after CHILE quake. CNN: Widespread damage to CHILE coastline, flooding and property damage. More than 76 aftershocks of 4.9 and higher. USGS: 6.1 quake Maule, CHILE, along with many, many quakes 4.8 and higher.  3/1 Washington Post: CHILE reels in aftermath of quake, emergency workers provide aid. Earth Changes Media: Giant waves brought death, misery to CHILE coast. 3/2 CNN: Chilean quake may have tipped Earth’s axis. Quake may have shortened days. (The number of continuing quakes in CHILE each day is astonishing.) 3/2 CNN: Death toll in CHILE’S quake reaches 795. 3/3 CNN: Present CHILE quake death toll: 799. Strong aftershocks felt on CHILEAN coast: 5.9, 5.6. Poorest area hit the hardest. Earth Changes Media: Powerful 6.0 aftershock hits CHILE, TSUNAMI ALERT sounded. 3/4 CNN: 6.4 quake, aftershocks 4.7, 5.1 shake TAIWAN. USGS: 6.1 quake offshore Valparaiso, CHILE; 6.4 quake in VANUATU.  NBC-TV: 6.3 quake considered new quake in CHILE, not aftershock. 3/5 CNN: Two strong aftershocks rock CHILE, 6.6, 6.0, plus many quakes 4.7 and higher. Strong quake strikes off the coast of Sumatra, 6.5 magnitude.  Earth Changes Media: CHILE quake death toll rises to 802. 3/8 CNN: 6.0 earthquake in TURKEY collapsed homes and killed at least 57 in mountainous region in southeast, followed by 5.5, 4.8, 4.8, 4.9 aftershocks. 3/9 Science Daily: CHILEAN earthquake moved entire city 10 feet west, shifted other parts of South America. CNN: 4.4 magnitude earthquakes hits off HAWAII coast. No reports of damage. Earth Changes Media: Locals struggle after quake in TURKEY. Three other TURKISH provinces at risk for quake. 3/10 Science Daily: Earthquake in CHILE: A complicated fracture that penetrated to the Earth’s core! 3/13 USGS: 6.4 magnitude quake Kepulauan Obi, INDONESIA. 6.6 earthquake near east coast of Honshu, JAPAN. 3/15 USGS: 6.0 quake offshore Bio Bio, CHILE. 3/16 CNN: 4.4 quake shakes parts of LOS ANGELES. Strong 6.7 magnitude to moderate quakes continue to rock CHILE. 3/20 CNN: 5.6 earthquake shakes CUBA, with no immediate reports of damage or injuries. 3/26 USGS: 6.2 quake in ATACAMA, CHILE. The quakes in CHILE continue daily in astounding numbers. 3/30 USGS. 6.6 quake strikes ADAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA REGION. 4/4 All news media: 7.2 quake hits BAJA and SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA followed by an astonishing number of smaller earthquakes up to 5.1. Earth Changes Media: More than 25,000 people affected by MEXICALI quake.  4/6 USGS: Hundreds of smaller quakes continue to shake BAJA and SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. NBC-TV: 7.7 quake in northern SUMATRA, INDONESIA. Earth Changes Media: More 60 injured in Indonesian quake. 4/7 NBC-TV: 4.6 earthquake in Anchorage, ALASKA, that went 19 miles deep. 4/10 USGS: The number of daily earthquakes continues to be astonishing with the SATURN-URANUS opposition. 4/11 Reuters: 7.1 quake shakes SOLOMON ISLANDS. CNN: 6.2 magnitude quake strikes Spain, southeast of Granada and northeast of Malaga, with no reports of injuries, death or damages. 4/13 CNN: 6.9 earthquake struck Qinghai province of CHINA.  4/14 USGS: 5.3, 5.2, 5.8 quakes in Qinghai, CHINA, a remote mountainous region. Yahoo: Quake in western CHINA kills 400, buries more, injures 10,000 as houses made of mud and wood collapsed. CNN: Most of city’s buildings ruined by intense quake. Yahoo: Quake in western CHINA kills 589, buries many more. Entire Chinese town moves to higher ground. 4/15 Reuters: Concerns for shelter after CHINA quake kills 617. USGS: 4.9 quake in UTAH. 4/16 CNN: CHINA quake death toll reaches 1,100. Yahoo: China death toll 1,144. 4/17 Science Daily: Earthquake in China caused days to be longer, Austrian researchers find. 4/17 Yahoo: China quake dead cremated, in break with tradition. CNN: 6.3 quake strikes Papua, NEW GUINEA. 4/18 Reuters: China’s Hu flies to quake site: death toll tops 1,700. 4/19 CNN: China quake toll rises to nearly 2,000.  4/21 NY Times: China mourns more than 2,000 quake victims in Qinghai Province, which devastate Jiegu, a high altitude Tibetan city atop a plateau whose thin air and remoteness have bedeviled rescue efforts. More than 12,000 were injured in the quake, with more than 100,000 survivors left homeless. 4/24 CNN: Indonesia jolted by 6.0 earthquake at KEPULAUAN OBI. Death toll rises in CHINA quake: 2,192, with 78 still missing. 4/26 CNN: China death toll jumps to 2,220. USGS: 6.5 magnitude quake southeast of TAIWAN. 4/30 6.3 and 6.0 quakes in Alaska on the Bering Sea, followed by 4.5 quake on 5/1. 5/2 Reuters: 5.9 quake hits CHILE, no damage reported. 5/3 USGS: 6.1 quake hits IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN region. Earth Changes Media: 2 earthquakes in Bering Sea may cause West Coast sea level changes. USGS: 6.5 quake in Bio Bio, CHILE. 5/5 USGS: 6.3 quake in Southern SUMATRA, INDONESIA.  5/6 CNN: 6.4 quake rattles southern PERU. 5/8 USGS: 6.1, 5.0, 4.5 quakes hit SUMBAWA Region, INDONESIA. 5/9 CNN: 7.2 quake strikes off coast of northern INDONESIA, but no tsunami triggered. 5/16 CNN: 5.8 earthquake rattles PUERTO RICO. 5/19 USGS: 6.0 quake hits northern PERU. 5/24 USGS: 6.5 quake in Acre, BRAZIL.  5/27 USGS: 7.2 quake strikes, soon followed by 5.7, 5.2 aftershocks in VANUATU, then 6.4 and 5.0. 5/31 CNN: 6.0 quake strikes Moro Gulf, Mindanao, PHILIPPINES. Discovery News: San Andreas type fault found in EASTERN U.S. stretching from New York to Alabama. 6/13 CNN: Strong earthquake jolts JAPAN, 6.1, near the east coast of Honshu. 6/15 CNN: Earthquakes shake CALIFORNIA-MEXICO border, but these have not stopped since the Easter Sunday earthquake of 7.2. Earth Changes Media: More than 100 quakes rattle CALIFORNIA-MEXICO border after 5.7 temblor: more expected. 6/16 CNN: 6 strong quakes jolt INDONESIA: 5.1, 6.4, 7.0, 5.1, 6.2, 4.9, 4.8. Yahoo: 3 killed, homes damaged in INDONESIA quakes. Earth Changes Media: Powerful 7.7 quake hits INDONESIA: Tsunami warning issued. 6/23 CNN: 5.0 magnitude quake hits Ottawa, CANADA. 6/24 USGS: 6.1 quake in NEW BRITON REGION of PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 6/28 Science Daily: NASA radar images show how MEXICO quake deformed Earth. 6/30 CNN: Strong 6.2 quake rattles Southern MEXICO. 7/4 USGS: 6.4 quake near HONSHU, JAPAN. 7/7 CNN: 5.4 quake rattles SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 7/11 USGS: 6.2 quake hits ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE. 7/14 USGS: 6.5 quake Bio-Bio CHILE. 7/16 CNN: DC area rattled by 3.6 quake. (I didn’t feel it.) 7/18 USGS: 6.7 earthquake in Fox Islands, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA, 3.8, 4.4, 4.0, 3.8, 3.9, 4.1, 3.9, 4.9, 4.2. 4.5. A volcano was be ready to pop! (There are 57 active volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands!)6.9 and 7.3, 4.9 magnitude quakes New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 7/21 USGS: 6.1 quake North of HALMAHERA, INDONESIA. 7/23 CNN: 3 strong quakes off PHILIPPINES: 7.3, 7.6, 7.4 according to USGS. (Volcanic eruption, maybe?) CNN: 6.4 quake hits near TAIWAN. 4.5 strikes SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 7/24 USGS: 6.5 quake off PHILIPPINES.  7/28 CNN: 5.3 quake off the coast of OREGON. 7/29 USGS: 6.6 quake in MORO GULF, MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES, followed by 5.1, 4.5 quakes. 7/30 USGS: 6.2 quake off the coast of KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA. CNN: 5.6 magnitude quake hits northeastern IRAN, injuring more than 100. 7/31 CNN: Second moderate quake 5.3 hits IRAN in two days, 170 injured. 8/4 USGS: 7.0 quake in PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 6.0 quake east of KURIL ISLANDS. (5 BIG QUAKES TODAY! The ECLIPSE of July 11th!) 8/11: CNN: Powerful 6.0, 7.5 magnitude quakes rattle VANUATU. 8/12 USGS: Powerful 7.1 quake hits ECUADOR. 8/16 USGS: 6.3 magnitude quake hits MAURITIUS – REUNION Region. 8/23 Reuters: Severe earthquake 5.7 rattles GREECE, but no damage. 8/24 USGS: 6.1 off the coast of JALISCO, MEXICO. 9/3 USGS: 6.3 quake hits ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA.  9/6 USA Today: 5 small earthquakes shake parts of OKLAHOMA. 9/17 USGS: 6.3 quake hits Hindu Kush Region, AFGHANISTAN.  10/8 USGS: 6.4, 6.1 quakes shake ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA. 11/3 CNN: 2 killed, 100 injured in SERBIA earthquake, 5.4. 11/13 CNN: Strong 5.6 magnitude earthquakes strikes DOMINICAN REPUBLIC southeast of the capital Santo Domingo. 12/13 CNN: Swarm of earthquakes rattles ARKANSAS town. 12/20 CNN: 6.5air magnitude earthquake strikes IRAN. 12/21 CNN: 7 die in IRAN quake; many feared trapped. The STOCK MARKET CONTINUES TO RECOVER, with occasional checks and balances MODEST in nature, reaching 12,000 and higher this year.1/19 Reuters: Stocks up on healthcare, McDonald’s upgrade. 3/5 Reuters: Wall Street rallies on labor market optimism, closing at 10,566. 4/5 CNN: Dow rallies toward 11,000.7/30 CNN: Stocks: Best month in a year.9/30 CNN: Stocks post best September in 71 years! (How about that, stock market pessimists???)SURPRISING ECONOMIC CHAOS hits late spring or early summer. The matter appears quickly and subsides within around a month.4/16 Reuters: S.E.C. charges Goldman Sachs with fraud. Market slides on Goldman charges, earnings. Goldman charges rattle world markets. 5/6 The Dow plunges and rebounds. 5/7 Drudge: BUCKLE UP…with a graph of the up and down Dow.  USA Today: Stocks post big declines again. Daily Finance: Is plunge contagious? Asian markets slide, Europe could slip next. 5/8 NY Times: Origin of Wall Street’s plunge continues to elude officials. Reuters: New regulations likely as U.S. probes big stock dive. Drudge: Plunge remains a mystery: $1 Trillion briefly wiped off shares. 5/10 Yahoo: Stocks surge on effort to ease European debt crunch. NY Times: Strong rally on Wall Street pushes major indexes up 4%. 5/20 CNN: Stocks plummet as investor fear spikes. Washington Post: Dow takes a final tumble after day of losses. 5/21 NY Times: Dow Jones Industrial Average falls below 10,000 at opening. 5/25 Washington Post: Stocks plummet on economic worries. (I feel the drop won’t level out until around 9500.) Reuters: Consumer confidence rises despite market upheaval. 5/28 CNN: Dow: Historically bad May. 6/10 NY Times: Stocks rebound on positive economic news, S&P 500 climbs nearly 3%.TSUNAMIS ANNIHILATE one island or several.1/4 Yahoo: Destructive tsunami crashes over Solomon Islands…at least one village devastated.  1/5 Yahoo: 1,000 homeless on Solomon Islands after tsunami. USGS: 6.9 magnitude quake in Solomon Islands, followed by five quakes 5.8 down to 5.4, and later, 6.0. Another 6.7 quake hits the South Sandwich Islands. 1/24 CNN: Village in western HAITI recalls post-quake tsunami terror after 7.0 quake, which killed at least 7 people. 2/27 CNN: 8.8 Chilean quake creates tsunami that washes over island, wave kills 3, 10 missing off Chile coast. Drudge: Because of 8.8 CHILE quake, tsunami sirens sound in HAWAII first time in 16 years. 3/3 CNN: Waves devoured CHILEAN port town…houses and boats swept away by huge waves.TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES astound and AMAZE in more areas than ELECTRONICS. These too SURPRISE many in terms of REMARKABLE GROWTH and ADVANCEMENT.1/11 BBC News: Chemical computer that mimics neurons to be created. 1/19 Science Daily: Physicists tie light in knots. AND Fleet of high tech robot ‘gliders’ to explore oceans. 1/27 NY Times: Apple announces tablet device called iPad that will fill the gap between laptops and smartphones. 2/8 Science Daily: NASA, GM take giant leap in robotic technology. 2/17 Science Daily: New supercomputer uses water-cooled technology to save energy.  2/18 Science Daily: Hands-free texting applications developed. 2/20 Science Daily: Learning from the brain: computer scientists develop new generation of neuro-computers. 2/23 Science Daily: Physicists use ultra-fast lasers to open doors to new technologies unheard of just years ago. 3/5 Science Daily: Exotic antimatter detected at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider: Heaviest known antinucleus heralds new frontier in physics. 3/9 Science Daily: ‘Microrings’ could nix wires for communication in homes, offices in the future. Miniature device converts ultrafast laser pulses into bursts of radio-frequency signals. Wow! 3/12 Science Daily: Shocking recipe for making killer electrons…place them in orbit and then hit them with a solar storm.  3/24 Science Daily: Laser surgery for the Internet: Scientist invents digital security tool good enough for the CIA–and you.  Cup plant is potential new biomass/carbon storage crop. New method could revolutionize dating of ancient treasures.  6/8 Discovery News: Solar powered iphones coming? Apple has filed a patent. Better clear out some space near a window! 7/22 Discovery News: Robot excretes its own waste! Feeds and waters itself without human intervention. (A poopy robot!) 10/11 Discovery News: Virgin Galactic’s commercial spaceship completes first glide test at 45,000 feet and lands at the Mohave Space Port in California. 11/4 Drudge: Scientists unveils moving 3D hologram: ‘Telepresence.” 11/14 Science Daily: New forms of highly flexible nanogenerator technology. The VEIL BETWEEN THE WORLDS (dimensions) PARTS WIDER, shedding greater light in unexplored aspects of the MULTIPLE LEVELS OF REALITY.4/19 Discovery News: New tech sees dead people: new surveillance technique using hyperspectral imaging detects slight changes in light in plants and soil caused by decomposing bodies.SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT becomes PRONOUNCED as a great many INDIVIDUALS experience precognition, telepathy, psychic dreams, out-of-body, astral travel, and various other aspects of what is commonly called psychic phenomena.12/30 CNN: Telepathy, super vision in your future? The future of brain-control devices. (Not exactly what I’m talking about!) 8/6 CNN: Billionaires to go on giving spree. 8/10 Drudge: FLASH: Johnny Carson left $156 million to charitable foundation. (Very good Scorpio!)  8/12 Discovery News: Mind-Reading tech predicts terrorism: this involves brain electrodes. (But when are they going to use Yogi techniques, open their chakras and read minds without the benefit of mechanical devices? Get with it, people! Up the ante of vibratory frequencies on your own!) A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING takes place in the masses, not necessarily religious in essence, but UNIVERSAL.    BOLD ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS are made in public, some successful.1/18 NBC-TV/Drudge: The assassination of the Hamas leader in Dubai was not public in itself, but was done in his room in a luxury hotel. However, the arrival of those with false passports who did the dirty deed was quite public, along with those seen in the hallways, since the tapes were shown on television worldwide. Drudge: Britain threat to Israel over Dubai Hamas murder. Dubai says nearly 100% Mossad. 4/4 Reuters: South African far-right leader Terre-blanche murdered by workers.   Major VOLCANIC ERUPTION on small island causes MAJOR DESTRUCTION and DISMAY during holiday celebrations.12/14/2009 Science Daily: YELLOWSTONE’S plumbing reveals plume of hot and molten rock 410 miles deep! (Very scary caldera!)  12/15/2009 Gawkers: Volcanic Eruption means the Philippines is having the worst week ever…between a lava and ash explosion expected to ruin Christmas, the 57-person massacre perpetrated by election officials, and the prison that lost half its population to an epic jailbreak…! (This was at the bottom. I guess it’s 2009 instead of 2010! Or could it be both?) 12/29/2009 Reuters: Philippines volcano eruption likely soon. AMERICAN LIVES*, and those of the allies, continue to be LOST in AFGHANISTAN, and possibly Iraq, perhaps in increasing numbers.12/30 CNN: U.S. casualties reported at base in Afghanistan when suicide bomber struck a forward operating base in the east. NY Times: At least 6 Americans killed in attack on base in Afghanistan. CNN: 8 Americans were killed. 1/11 CNN: 3 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan. 2/3 CNN: 3 U.S. soldiers die in blast. 2/21 CNN: Two U.S. army pilots killed in Iraq. Drudge: Robots and bees to beat the Taliban’s IEDs. 2/23 Drudge: American death toll in Afghanistan hits 1,000. 3/25 Drudge: REPORT: 8% of troops given drugs for psychiatric problems. (What do they expect by sending the young and innocent to fight a war?) 3/27 Yahoo: U.S. troop deaths double in Afghanistan in first 3 months of 2010. 4/8 CNN: 2 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. 4/24 Reuters: Suicide raid killed American soldier on Kabul base: U.S. 5/18 Drudge: Grim milestone: 1,000 Americans dead in Afghanistan. 5/24 USA Today: Once more, troops run to Canada. Despite a voluntary military, some troops left the USA over their opposition to the war in Iraq.  5/26 Drudge: U.S. prepares for largest battle in Afghanistan. 6/3 Washington Post: American citizen was among those killed in Israeli raid of Turkish aid ship. 6/8 Yahoo: Bomb kills 2 U.S. troops, NATO losses at 24 for June. 6/9 CNN: 4 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan. 5 dead in attack on NATO convoy. 6/11 Reuters: Iraq suicide bomb kills 2 U.S. soldiers, 3 Iraqis.  6/12 NY Times: Karzai said to doubt that West can defeat Taliban. 6/21 CNN: UK suffers 300th death in Afghanistan. NBC-TV: Deaths in helicopter crashes include 2 U.S. Troops. 6/25 CNN: 4 Americans killed in Afghanistan.  6/27 CNN: 6 NATO troops killed in bombing attacks in Afghanistan. 6/30 CNN: 100 troop deaths in Afghanistan in June. 7/10 CNN: 6 US troops killed in Afghanistan. 7/13 CNN: Afghan soldier kills 3 UK troops. 7/14 CNN: 8 US troops killed in Afghanistan. 12 coalition troops killed in Afghanistan. 7/17 Drudge: Army suicides hit record number in June: 32, more than casualties. Washington Post: Roadside bomb kills 4 NATO troops in Afghanistan. 7/24 CNN: Bomb kill 5 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. 7/26 CNN: Abducted U.S. service member killed. 7/27 CNN: Body of missing sailor found. 7/30 CNN: July deadliest month in Afghanistan since the war began 9 years ago. 8/22 Yahoo: 4 U.S. troops killed in eastern Afghanistan. 8/29 Drudge: 7 U.S. troops killed in latest AFGHANISTAN fighting. 8/31 CNN: 5 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan. 9/21 CNN: 9 deaths in what is coalition’s deadliest year in Afghanistan. 9/25 USA Today: NATO: Bomb blast kills 3 troops, 30 militants die. 11/29 Drudge: 6 troops killed in Afghanistan. 12/17 CNN: Drone strike kills 2 Brits in Pakistan. 12/19 Reuters: Foreign troop toll for 2010 in Afghanistan hits 700.BRIDGE COLLAPSES continue to be a problem…old infrastructure in need of replacement.12/26/2009 CNN: 45 dead in Kota, India bridge collapse. 2/27 CNN; Major bridge in Chile rendered inoperable because of 8.8 magnitude quake. 4/13 Science Daily: Wireless nano sensors could save bridges, buildings, by alerting engineers to cracks and other damage. 6/4 CNN: 25 killed when building collapses in Bangladesh.  TERRORISM CLAIMS LIVES not only in Pakistan, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries in the Middle East, but in other nations, including cities in the United States and Europe.1/1 Reuters: More than 70 dead in Pakistan volleyball blast! 1/3 Drudge: Suicide bomber kills 105 in Pakistan. 1/14 CNN: 15 dead in Afghanistan hotel bombing. 1/18 Yahoo: Taliban militants attack Afghan capital, 12 killed. 1/22 Reuters: Britain raises international terror threat level to “severe.” 1/25 Yahoo: 3 blasts strike Baghdad hotel and restaurant district along the Tigris killing 36. 1/26 CNN: Bomber kills 18 in central Baghdad. 2/1 CNN: Female bomber kills 54 in Baghdad. 2/3 CNN: Motorbike bomb kills 20 in Iraq. 2/5 CNN: Car bomb kills 27 in IRAQ. 2/13 Reuters: 8 die in INDIA’S first big attack since the MUMBAI massacre. Party offices bombed in BAGHDAD. 2/16 CNN: Capture of Taliban commander called biggest since 9/11…turning point in the war against the militants. 2/18 NY Times: Two more senior Taliban leaders arrested. Yahoo: Bomb kills 29 in PAKISTAN as U.S. envoy visits. 2/20 CNN: Airstrikes kill 30 militants in Pakistan. 2/26 CNN: 26 dead in mosque stampede in Timbuktu. 3/3 CNN: Iraq suicide bomber targets hospital in triple attacks…final attack in ER where victim of earlier attack was being treated. (These folks are going to have some really difficult karma to face in future lives…the attackers and the perpetrators, not the victims! How can any religion promote such demonic abominations? Fanaticism in any form is dangerous at some level. ) CNN: 3 suicide bombers kill 29 in Iraq. 3/4 CNN: Bombs mar early voting in Iraq, 12 killed. 3/6 Reuters: Bomb kills 4 near Shiite shrine before Iraq poll. 3/7 Washington Post: Bomber in Shiite holy city kills 3, injures 54. CNN: At least 24 killed in Iraq election day attacks. Pakistan: Taliban leader dies in air strike. 3/8 NY Times; Iraqis defy blasts in strong turnout for pivotal election. 3/8 CNN: Attack on Nigerian town kills 200. 3/10 Reuters: American ‘Jihad Jane’ accused of terror plot in Sweden. (It is Muslim women like this who create paranoia toward Muslims in America. I’ve had wonderful Muslim clients, men and women, who would never ever do harm to the American people. Why does such a ‘delusional’ being as this have to add to the negative side of the issue of the Muslim religion in the U.S.? Bad karma here!) 3/12 Yahoo: Suicide bombs kill 43, wound 100 in Pakistani city. CNN: ‘Father of Taliban’ urges talks. Pakistani jets kill 16 militants: official. India police arrest 2 in Mumbai for planning strikes. Blast kills Pakistani national in Afghanistan. Explosions across Afghanistan’s Kandahar: 30 dead. 3/15 Science Daily: Silk structure analysis explains paradox of super-strength; could lead to even stronger synthetic materials. 3/21 CNN: 5 militants killed in Pakistan by drones. 3/22 CNN: 10 Afghans killed in suicide attack.3/25 Drudge: Osama bin Laden, in tape, threatens to kill Americans. 3/26 Yahoo: 20 killed in blasts as Iraq awaits election tally. Yahoo BreakingNews: Bomb toll doubles to 40 in Iraq. 3/27 Reuters: Death roll in Iraq bombing rises to 52. Chicago taxi driver charged with aiding terrorist. 3/28 Yahoo: Bombs kills 5 at house tied to Iraq Sunni candidate.3/29 CNN: Nine people accused of belonging to the :Christian warrior militia are accused of plotting to kill a Michigan cop and attack others at his funeral in “preparing for the end times battles.”  3/31 NY Times: Suicide attacks strike at police in southern Russia, killing at least 12. 4/3 CNN: Gunmen kill 25 in attack on Iraqi village. 3/4 Washington Post: U.S.-allied Sunnis targeted in executions. 4/4 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 30 in central Baghdad. Car bomb kills 41 in central Baghdad. 4/5 NY Times: Militants take aim at U.S. Consulate in Pakistan, with no casualties insides, but guards killed outside. Drudge: Afghan leader, Karzai, threatens to join Taliban. 4/6 CNN: 7 explosions kills dozens in Baghdad. 72 police killed in India Maoist assault. Reuters: Baghdad blasts kill 35, destroy 7 buildings. 4/10 CNN: Officials: 67 militants killed in Pakistan. 4/11 Reuters: Pakistani forces kill 23 militants in Orakzai. 4/12 Yahoo: Over 200,000 flee military offensive in Pakistan. Bomb explodes outside M15 headquarters in Northern Ireland.  4/12 NY Times: Civilians killed as U.S. troops fire on Afghan bus.  4/13 CNN: 11 die in Philippines militant attack. NY Times: Red Cross staff kidnapped in Congo.  4/15 Reuters: Myanmar festival bombings kill 8, wounds 94. CNN: 20 dead in Myanmar terror attack. 4 German troops killed in Afghan attack. 4/16 Reuters: Hospital blast kills 10 in SW Pakistan. 4/17 CNN: 27 killed at Pakistan refuge camp. Yahoo: Suicide bombers kill 41 at Pakistani refugee camps. 4/18 CNN: 2nd deadly attack in 2 days in Pakistan, suicide bomber kills 7 at police station. 4/19 Washington Post: Al Qaeda leader in Iraq killed, Reuters reports. CNN: Market blast kills 18 in Pakistan. Reuters: Al Qaeda’s 2 top Iraq leaders killed in raid. CNN: Militants in Pakistan kidnap filmmaker and former intel officials.  4/23 CNN: At least 61 dead in Iraq bombings, with more than 100 others wounded. 4/30 CNN: 2 American Muslim men held on terror charges in NY for providing computer advice, services, and currency to al Qaeda. 5/1 CNN: 35 killed in Somalia mosque explosions. Reuters: Suicide bomber in Pakistan’s Swat kills 5, officials.  5/2 Yahoo: Car bomb scares Times Square: Police clear thousands from the streets after finding explosive device inside SUV. CNN: Car bomb being treated as possible terrorist threat. 5/2 Reuters: Pakistani jets target Taliban positions, 19 killed. 5/3 CNN: 1 officer killed, 4 wounded in Detroit by another kind of terrorist (home grown madness)!  5/4 Washington Post: Times Square bomb related arrests made in Pakistan. CNN: Attorney General Eric Holder: Times Square bomb was ‘terrorist plot.’ Shahzad caught on plane at JFK. 5/5 CNN: Afghan police kill 7 suicide bombers. 5/9 NY Times: Attorney General Holder says Pakistani Taliban behind Times Square plot.  5/9 Reuter: U.S. drone missiles kill 9 in Pakistan. 5/10 Yahoo: At least 84 killed in attacks across Iraq. Reuters: Pakistani soldiers clash with Taliban: 40 dead. Reuters: Attacks kill over 100 in Iraq, al Qaeda blamed. 5/11 Yahoo: Missile barraged kills 14 in Pakistan tribal area. 5/13 CNN: 2 dozen suspected Taliban killed. Washington Post: Pakistan arrests man who says he was accomplice to Times Square bomber, officials. 5/14 CNN: 25 dead in double bombing in Iraq. 5/18 Washington Post: Taliban bombing kills 18, including 5 U.S. troops. 5/21 Reuters: Israeli army kills 2 armed Palestinians from Gaza. 5/21 CNN: Car bomb kills 22 in Iraq. 5/22 CNN: 1 killed in W. VA pipe bomb explosion outside nightclub. Drone suspected in 9 Pakistani deaths. Reuters: U.N. body probes North Korea’s possible truce violation in the sinking of South Korean ship. Yahoo: Death toll in car bomb near Baghdad rises to 30. 5/24 Drudge: U.S. military told to get ready in Korea standoff. NY Times: 2 Americans kidnapped in Yemen. 5/25 Reuters: Airstrike kills Yemen mediator, tribes hit pipeline. Gunmen kill 14 in Baghdad gold heist: police. 5/27 CNN: Israel says will block Gaza aid flotilla.  5/28 CNN: Mosque attacks kill dozens in Pakistan. 47 dead in Pakistan religious attacks. 5/29 CNN: Death toll rises to 98 in Pakistan attacks. Police probe North Ireland car bomb. 5/31 Yahoo: Israeli commandoes storm aid flotilla carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists to the blockaded Gaza Strip, 10 dead. Reuters: Blasts kill policeman, wound 2 in Russia’s Ingushetia. CNN: U.S.: Kandahar Taliban leader killed. 6/1 NY Times: Deadly Israeli raid draws condemnation. 6/2 Drudge: Taxi driver kills 12, wounds 25 in England’s Lake District.  It seems to me that the BP oil spill is a catastrophic act of terrorism on the Gulf Coast environment. Namibian women with HIV say they were sterilized without their consent by the government. 6/5 Drudge: Israeli forces seize Gaza aid ship. White House Press Queen Helen Thomas: “Jews, get out of Israel! Go back to Poland!” (They did take the land away from the Palestinians after the Holocaust!) 6/6 Yahoo: Bombs kills 6 in Iraqi capital, including policemen. 6/7 Yahoo: NJ men accused of Somali terror plot to appear in court. 6/7 CNN: 6 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan. Reuters: 10 NATO troops killed, deadliest Afghan day this year. 6/9 Drudge: Taliban using HIV bombs. 6/9 CNN: 40 killed in suicide blast at Afghan wedding. 6/10 Drudge: Taliban hangs boy age 7 for being a spy. 6/12 CNN: 19 killed in Mexico rehab center. 6/13 Reuters: Yemen security official and 2 soldiers killed in south. Clash between Somalia police, soldiers, kills 13. Yahoo: Iraqi police say 12 killed, 25 wounded in blasts. Yahoo: 26 die as insurgents storm Iraq’s central bank. (Is someone trying to take over the country? Is this for religious reasons? WHAT IS GOING ON? I just don’t get it!) 6/14 CNN: 10 Mexican federal policemen killed in an ambush, others wounded, with an undisclosed number of criminals killed. 6/16 CNN: 15 die in Mexico tourist town shootout. 6/17 CNN: 10 Mexico police ambushed. 6/20 CNN: Guadalupe mayor killed by gunmen. Baghdad car bombings kill 26. Yahoo: Series of suicide attacks kill 33 in Iraq. Blasts rock South Afghanistan in weekend violence. 6/22 Reuters: Istanbul bomb kills 4 on bus carrying soldiers. 6/28 CNN: Gunmen ambush and kill popular Mexican singer on his way to concert. Reuters: Mexico drug hitman kills governor candidate. 6/29 CNN: 8 killed in string of attacks in IRAQ. Reuters: U.S. missile strike kills 6 militants in northwestern PAKISTAN. 6/30 Drudge: INDIA Maoist rebels kill 27 soldiers in ambush. 7/4 CNN: Female bomber kills 4 in IRAQ. 7/7 Reuters: 36 Iraqi Shiite pilgrims killed by bombers. 7/9 Yahoo: Suicide bombers kill more than 50 in PAKISTAN. 7/10 CNN: 56 killed in PAKISTAN blast. Reuters: Death toll from Pakistan bomb attacks reaches 102. Civilian deaths rise as AFGHAN fight intensifies. 7/11 CNN: 9 killed in UGANDA bombings. Roadside bomb explodes in NORTH IRELAND. Reuters: At least 20 dead in COLUMBIAN weekend fighting. Explosion rocks UGANDA capital, 23 dead: police.  7/12 CNN: 70 dead in UGANDA after bombs ripped through 2 venues with people watching World Cup. Police: 3 cartel gunmen die in gun battle. 7/13 Reuters: Uganda finds suicide vest as death toll from blast rises. 7/15 CNN: 2 blasts rock Iranian city. Yahoo: At least 20 killed in bombings in southeast Iran. 7/16 Reuters: Blast in Pakistan’s Khyber kills 8: official. 7/17 Reuters: Sudan army: 300 rebels, 75 troops killed in DARFUR. Washington Post: Pakistan militants ambush civilian convoy, kill 16. 7/18 CNN: Baghdad suicide attack kills 43. (This list is getting disgusting long!) Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 4 in Kabul. Taliban hit Afghan police post: free 23 prisoners. 7/19 Drudge: 17 gunned down in MEXICO fiesta slaughter. 7/20 Reuters: Renegade Afghan soldier kills 2 U.S. civilians and another Afghan soldier. 7/21 Reuters: Car bomb kills 13 at Iraq’s Diyala Province. 7/24 Reuters: Mosque blast kills Afghan election candidate. 7/26 CNN: Blast near Taliban critic’s home kills 7.  Yahoo: Twin car bombs kill 25 in Iraqi city of Karbala. 7/28 Reuters: Bomb blast kills 25 passengers on AFGHAN bus. 8/1 Yahoo: July deadliest months for IRAQIS since 2008. 8/2 Yahoo: Suicide car bomb kills 5 children in South Afghanistan.  NY Times: Two men found GUILTY in plot to bomb Kennedy Airport and set off explosions along NY pipeline. 8/3 Yahoo: 45 die in revenge attacks in PAKISTAN’S Karachi. 8/4 CNN: Death toll in Karachi clashes now 78.  Reuters:Afghanistan says 39 civilians died in disputed NATO attack. 8/7 CNN: At least 6 Americans among group of team of foreign doctors killed in Afghanistan. NY Times: Taliban kill 10 on medical aid mission in Afghanistan. 8/8 CNN: Dozens killed in IRAQ explosions. 8/9 Reuters: U.N. report says Afghan civilian toll up 31%. 8/13 CNN: 50 bodies found on lake’s shore may be missing Bosnian Muslims who disappeared from nearby village in 1990. 8/14 Reuters: Gunmen kill 4 Iraqi policemen and burn 2 bodies. 3 shot dead in THAILAND restive south. USA Today: Police: 16 die in ethnic-based attacks in PAKISTAN. Gunmen kill 5 in Baghdad check point shootings. 8/17 NY Times: Suicide bomber in Baghdad kills dozens in attack on Iraqi army recruits: 51 dead, 119 injured outside the former Minister of Defence building that now houses the army’s 11th division headquarters. Yahoo: Bomber kills 60. 8/22 CNN: 3 U.N. peacekeepers killed in the Congo.  8/24 CNN: Lawmakers killed in Somali hotel raid. Reuters: Somali gunmen storm hotel, 31 reported dead. Drudge: HORROR: Rwandan rebels gang rape 150 women during weekend raids. 8/25 CNN: Wave of bombings kill 48 in Iraq. 72 bodies found on ranch in MEXICO. 8/26 Drudge: 62 killed in attacks targeting Iraqi security forces. 8/29 Reuters: Gunmen kill 5 in latest Afghan poll violence. 8/30 Reuters: Somali rebels kill 4 AU peacekeepers. 7 foreign troops killed in Afghan’s south: NATO. Car bomb kills Afghan official in east. 9/1 CNN: Hundreds of Iraqis killed in August. 9/2 CNN: Death toll reaches 31 in Lahore, PAKISTAN blasts. 9/3 Reuters: Suicide blast rips through PAKISTAN city, 22 dead. 9/3 CNN: 25 drug suspects die in shootout in MEXICO. PAKISTAN suicide bomb kills 59, injures 160. 9/5 CNN: 7 Iraqi soldiers, civilians killed in attack on military base. American Peace Corp volunteer slain in South Africa. Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 5 in southern RUSSIA. 9/6 Reuters: 19 killed in suicide bombing in Pakistan. Afghan foreign troop death toll hits 500 for 2010. 9/7 Yahoo: 3 dead from blast at police complex in NW Pakistan. Reuters: Death toll in Pakistan bomb blast rises to 16.  9/8 NY Times: U.N. officials say 500 were victims of CONGO rapes. 9/9 CNN: Car bomb kills 16 in Russia. (This list is sadly and obscenely long!) 9/17 CNN: Up to 70 dead in SRI LANKA blast. Reuters: Israeli troops kill Hamas commander in West Bank. 9/19 CNN: Bombs kills 29, injures 111 in BAGHDAD. 9/21 CNN: Iran: 9 dead in terrorist attack.  9/28 Reuters: Suicide bomb kills Afghan vice governor, 5 others. 10/2 Drudge: Attack on NATO in PAKISTAN, burning oil tankers. 10/2 CNN: Gunmen abduct 22 ACAPULCO tourists. 10/4 Drudge: Gunmen attack NATO fuel tankers in Pakistan. Supply route hit again. 10/6 CNN: Blast in Kandahar kills 10. 5 Germans killed in drone strike. 10/5 Reuters: Bomb kills Afghan governor and 15 others: official. NY Times: Afghans linked to Taliban guard U.S. bases. 10/9 USA Today: Gunmen torch 29 more NATO oil tankers in Pakistan. 10/19 CNN: 15 dead in Baghdad blast. 10/29 CNN: Suicide blast kills 25 at Iraqi coffee shop. Gunmen kill 9 cops in Western Mexico. 10/30 CNN: At least 80 dead in Afghan military base attack. 10/31 CNN: Istanbul explosion wounds 32. 2 arrested on terror charges in Sweden. CNN: 24 die, 35 wounded during Iraqi rescue. 11/1 Yahoo: Iraqi Christians mourn after church siege kills 52. CNN Update: kills 58. Parcel bomb explodes in Greece. 11/2 CNN: 3 Americans killed near Mexican border. 11/2 CNN: 50 killed in Baghdad blast (This seems never-ending! Insanity seems to reign in those countries.) 11/4 CNN: Mass grave in Mexico may hold tourists. 11/6 CNN: 70 killed in Pakistan mosque attacks. 11/11 USA Today: Bomb rocks Pakistan’s largest city killing 15. (I know I haven’t listed all of these. There is so much tragedy in Middle Eastern and Asian cities.) 12/14 CNN: 18 killed in Afghan attacks. 11/14 CNN: 7 dead, including at least one minor, in Mexico resort explosion, 20 injured.(WHO is going to put the drug cartel in line? Whois going to stop this carnage that is killing tourism and tourists in Mexico??? Shameful!!!12/4 Reuters: Iran pilgrims among 13 dead in Iraq bombings.Drudge: Chicagoland: Vandals torch Christmas charity van. 12/6 CNN: Bomber kills 35 in Pakistan. 12/7 USA Today: Bomb wounds 20 in Indian temple city of Varanasi. 12/8 CNN: 18 killed in Pakistan suicide blast. 12/9 NY Times: Hackers attack those seen as Wikileaks enemies. (Our new form of CYBER-terrorism!) 12/12 Reuters: Police probe STOCKHOLM blast as act of terrorism. Afghan attack kills at least 6 foreign troops. 12/15 CNN: 38 die in Iran mosque suicide blasts. Juarez counts 3,000th homicide of 2010. 10 Shiite pilgrims die in Baghdad. 12/16 CNN: 14 killed in Afghan bus bombing. 12/17 Yahoo: CIA chief pulled from Pakistan, drones fill 54. 12/23 USA Today: Blasts at 2 embassies in Rome, 2 hurt. 12/25 CNN: 43 killed in blast at Pakistan aid station. Multiple bombings in Nigeria kill 31. Reuters: Burqa-clad bomber kills 40 in Pakistan.1/2/2011: 3,605 Iraqis killed in 2010.ARCHEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES ASTOUND and MYSTIFY, some  seemingly by accident (another divine coincidence, perchance)?12/23 Science Daily: Modern behavior in early humans found half-million years earlier than previously thought…as early as 750,000 years ago? (Now, how does this sit with the Creationists? Me, I’m a Reincarnationist!) Science Daily: Poisonous prehistoric ‘raptor’ found in China that thrived 128 million years ago. First report in venom in lineage that leads to modern birds. 1/7 CNN: Scientists discover oldest footprints on Earth…find in quarry in Poland thought to be 395 million years old. 1/10 Yahoo: Egypt tombs suggest pyramids not built by slaves but by free workers. 1/11 Drudge: Prehistoric building found in modern Israeli city….8,000 years old. 1/28 Science Daily: Last Neanderthals in Europe died out 37,000 years ago. 2/2 Science Daily: New specie of Tyrannosaur discovered in Southwestern U.S. 2/11 Science Daily: Mass extinction: ‘Giant’ fossils revolutionizing current thinking. AND Bird from dinosaur theory of evolution challenged: Was it the other way around? 2/12 Science Daily: Archeological ‘time machine’ greatly improves accuracy of radiocarbon dating. 2/23 Science Daily: Archeologist discovers Jerusalem city wall from tenth century B.C.E.  2/23 Yahoo: New species of dinosaur found in eastern Utah rock. 2/25 Science Daily: New dinosaur discovered head first, for a change. 2/28 Drudge: Massive head of pharaoh unearthed in EGYPT…who ruled 3400 years ago!  3/3 Science Daily: ‘Anaconda’ meets ‘Jurassic Park’: Fossil snake from India fed on hatchling dinosaurs. Giant stone head of ancient Egypt’s King Amenhotep III discovered. ‘Missing Link’ fossil not human ancestor. 3/5 Science Daily: Oldest known dinosaur relative found. 3/8 Science Daily: Archeologists amend written history of China’s first emperor. 3/13 Science Daily: Fossil bird shell provides source of ancient DNA for the first time. 3/16 Science Daily: Fossil of early terrestrial carnivorous amphibian discovered: 300 million years old. 3/25 Science Daily: New dinosaur from Utah’s red rocks…plant eating dinosaur that lived 185 million years ago.  3/25 Reuters: Possible new human ancestor found in Siberia. 3/26 Science Daily: New bird fossil hints at more undiscovered Chinese treasures. 3/29 Drudge: Ancient doorway to the afterlife discovered in Egypt. 3/30 Science Daily: ‘Road-runner’ dinosaur lived in the fast lane, dug termites and ants. 3/31 Science Daily: An archeological mystery in a half-ton lead coffin found in the ruins of a city once Rome’s neighbor. 4/4 Telegraph: Missing link between man and apes found. The new species of hominid, evolutionary branch of primates that includes humans, is revealed when 2-million year old skeleton of child is unveiled this week. 4/12 Science Daily: Researchers shed light on ancient Assyrian tablets unearthed by archeologists, a largely intact Assyrian treaty from the early 7th century B.C.E. Discovery News: Brain parts in ancient human ancestor 1.9 million years old, as well as eggs of insects that fed on it. 4/13 CNN: Archeologists discover Roman-era mummy 190 miles south of Cairo. 4/19 Discovery News: New head-butting dino found in Texas had gears in its skull. Tomb of Egyptian royal scribe unearthed. 4/21 Discovery News: Ancient Mayans buried artifacts, relatives under homes. Science Daily: New bony-skulled dinosaur species discovered in Texas. 4/27 Science Daily: Ancient artifacts revealed as northern ice patches melt. Discovery News: Archeologists unearthed remains of 6 century B.C. Greek temple-like building that came with detailed assembly instructions like an IKEA do-it-yourself pack! Clever Greeks! The Sun: Noah’s ark found 13,000 feet up a Turkish mountain!  4/28 Science Daily: Fossils of newly discovered species found in Spain…one of first animals to develop external skeleton between 550 and 543 million years ago. 4/29 Science Daily: Rare 95-million-year-old flying reptile Aetodactylus halli is new pterosaur genus, specie discovered in Texas. 5/5 Discovery News: Headless statue of ancient Egyptian king found near temple believed to be burial site of Queen Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. 5/6 Science Daily: Maya plumbing: First pressurized water feature found in New World. 5/11 Science Daily: Laser beams penetrating thick canopy in Belize jungles detect thousands of new structures, show Mayan adept at ‘building green’. 5/14 Science Daily: Fossil find fills in picture of ancient marine life that lived 480 and 472 million years ago. Discovery News: More terracotta warriors emerge in China in Xian, Shaanxi Province. This is the third dig since 1974.  5/21 Discovery News: Toothy tree-swinger may be earliest human. (Sounds more like a relative of the monkey to me. I myself think those from a more advanced civilization provide the missing link in the chain for home sapiens.)  2/24 Discovery Insider: King Tut’s leftover bandages yield clues. Oldest pyramid tomb found in Mexico. 5/27 Science Daily: Extinct giant shark nursery discovered in Panama. 5/28 Science Daily: Ancient jawbones discovered in Sahara help scientists identify new pterodactyl. 5/30 Science Daily: First horned dinosaur from Mexico: Plant eater had largest horns of any dinosaur. 5/31 Science Daily: New horned dinosaur: Two-ton plant eater lived 78 million years ago in Montana. 6/1 Science Daily: New skeletons from the age of dinosaurs answers century-old questions about prehistoric reptile Typothorax. 6/2 Science Daily: Neanderthals walked into frozen Britain 40,000 years earlier than first thought, evidence shows. 6/3 Discovery News: Stone Age color factory (58,000 years old) found in South Africa.  6/7 CNN: Roman gladiator cemetery found.  6/9 Discovery News: Sticky rice made ancient Chinese buildings stronger. The rice was mixed into the mortar!  6/14 Discovery Insider: Pagan antiquities unearthed in Israel. 6/20 USA Today: Ancient legends once walked among early humans? Wild, hairy, folks who fought griffons and nomads–have paleontologists unearthed mythic figures of folklore? 6/24 Science Daily: Separation between Neanderthal and Homo sapiens might have occurred 500,000 years earlier, DNA from teeth suggests. 6/25 CNN: Archeologists investigate mass infant (97) burial at Roman Villa which may have been used as a brothel. 6/30 Science Daily: Hunting weapons 10,000 years old found in melting ice patch. (He was probably an older hunter who forgot where he put them!) 7/5 Discovery News: Giant whale-eating whale found: Skull of 12-13M old sperm whale 10 feet long. 9/10 CNN: $1M Roman treasure unearthed in England: 52,000 silver coins. 7/12 Discovery Insider: Early humans settled in Britain 800,000 years ago. (Even earlier, if you ask me. Civilizations come and go on our planet.) 7/13 Science Daily: Oldest document ever written found in JERUSALEM. 7/19 Science Daily: Mayan king’s tomb discovered in Guatemala. 7/22 CNN: Archeologist have found a second ancient stone circle near Stonehenge. 7/26 Archeologists discover biggest rat that ever lived: Weight about 6 Kilograms (13 pounds). 7/30 Discovery News: Triceratops ‘Secret Location’ found in South Dakota Badlands. 8/12 Discovery News: Lucy’s kin used tools: Small-brained human ancestors used stone tools to whack into large mammals 3.4 million years ago — 800,000 years earlier than previously thought. 8/18 CNN: Scientists find record of oldest animal life on Earth: Fossil from Australia shows animal life began at least 650 million years ago, 70 million years earlier than previous estimates. 8/25 Discovery News: Ancient bakery found in Egyptian desert 3,500 years old.  9/10 Science Daily: Oldest Roman baths in Asia Minor discovered in Sagalassos, Turkey. (The bathtubs of ATLANTIS are still buried under considerable layers of lava and the Atlantic Ocean, plus they went through various stages of expression.) 9/24 Science Daily: Amazing Horned Dinosaur unearthed on ‘Lost Continent’ (in Utah): New discoveries include beast with 15 horns. 10/3 Science Daily: Early humans lived in Papua, New Guinea highlands 50,000 years ago. 10/10 AOL News: Archeologist find mini-Pompeii buried in NORWAY buried under 3 feet of sand and undisturbed for 5, 500 years. 10/25 Discovery News: Ancient Romans recycled glass. 10/28 Discovery News: Grandmother of all Sauropods found: Complete skeleton provides missing link. 10/29 Science Daily: Tool sharpening origin pushed back 50,000 years! Modern humans emerged far earlier (60,000 years ago at this point) than previously thought. (No kidding! About time they figured that one out!) 11/1 Science Daily: Paradise lost — and found: Researchers unearth ancient water secrets at Royal Garden dig near Jerusalem. 11/9 Discovery News: Earliest burrow of four-legged animal found: 350 million years old! 11/11 Discovery (Yipes! Those enormous creatures must have roamed the earth for a gazillion years!)That which was LONG HIDDEN is finally REVEALED and RECOVERED.1/2 Yahoo: Century old plane uncovered in Antarctica…relic of first plane brought to the continent by explorer Douglas Mawson. 1/29 Science Daily: Lost Roman law code discovered in London. 2/9 Wired Science: Stunningly Preserved 165-Million-Year Old Spider Fossil Found in China. 3/26 Yahoo: Wreckage of WWII dive bomber found in woods near Oregon coast; formidable warplane known in its heyday as ‘the Beast.’  4/23 Science Daily: Primate fossil more than 11 million years old discovered in rubbish dump in Spain. 4/28 Science Daily: Physicists locate long lost Soviet reflector on the Moon.  Discovery News: Ancient weapons emerge from melting Arctic dating back as far as 2,400 years! 6/5 CNN: North Carolina beachcomber finds historical shipwreck. 6/6 Yahoo: The legendary “Jaws” shark has been found. 6/7 CNN: 55 bodies found in Mexican mine shaft, 3 mummified, 2 skeletal remains, with only 4 identified. Authorities searching other mine shafts for other discarded bodies. 6/8 CNN: An Australian trekker discovers lost WWII battlefield in the jungles of Papua, New Guinea, including the remains of Japanese soldiers where they fell 70 years ago…site believed to be pivotal in Australia’s campaign against the Japanese during the war.  6/9 CNN: Armenian cave yields the oldest leather shoe ever found: 19 eyelets, size 5; 5,500 years old and buried in sheep dung. 6/10 Discovery News: World’s oldest ropes found in caves on the Red Sea: 4,000 years old! 6/25 Yahoo: Lake Michigan shipwreck of a great wooden steamship found after 112 years: Perfectly preserved by the cold fresh waters. 6/27 CNN: U.S. officials discover smuggling tunnel underneath the concrete-lined Rio Grande River. 7/7 Discovery News: Possible long lost Michelangelo found: Sandstone sculpture of kneeling man sharpening a knife. 7/11 Drudge: Historians find KING ARTHUR’S ROUND TABLE: Could seat 1,000 knights.7/15 CNN: 1700 ship unearthed at WTC site. 7/30 Discovery News: Audubon’s first illustration discovered: the 19th century artist’s first bird illustration–depiction of running grouse of Heath Hen–intended for mass production on bank notes. Evidence of the work never found until now! 8/4 CNN: Lost warship found in Arctic: British naval relic from mid-19th century.  9/22 Discovery News: Long-Lost Amphibians Rediscovered. 11/8 CNN: WWII plane pulled from Lake Michigan by U.S. Navy. 1/7/2011 BBC News: Wreck of USS Revenge found by divers near Rhode Island: wrecked in 1811 and once commanded by the US Navy’s famed Oliver Hazard Perry. If the ship hadn’t wrecked he never would have gone to Ohio to help win the War of 1812.  2/14 Science Daily: Lost whaling shipwreck with link to Melville’s Moby-Dick discovered in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. 3/16 CNN: Sunken WWI German U-boat found off Netherlands. 4/1 Discovery News: 1830’s shipwreck found in Lake Michigan in 250 feet of water.ADEQUATE DRINKING WATER continues to be a problem for some states and countries. A PURIFICATION SYSTEM provides CLEAN WATER to those in need, saving lives and helping to prevent disease. The same invention will be used in rural areas in civilized nations with tremendous success.1/21 Science Daily: Seeds from the Moringa tree can be used for water purification, study suggests.3/15 Science Daily: ‘World’s most useful tree’ provides new low-cost water purification method for developing world. 3/24 Science Daily: New approach to water desalination could lead to small, portable units for disaster sites, or remote locations.4/13 Discovery News: Water purifier inspired by computer chip uses magnetic fields to separate harmful contaminants and produce clean water. Scaled up and mass produced, this new technology could save millions in developing countries by preventing the transmission of water-borne diseases. 5/3 Science Daily: Renewable energy: Inexpensive metal catalyst effectively generates hydrogen from water. 5/21 Science Daily: Sari cloth a simple sustainable protector from cholera…women in Bangladesh are wearing the answer to better health by using the simple sari to filter household water, which protects them, their families and neighbors from diseases in households that do not filter. (Really interesting!) 5/27 Science Daily: Discovery may lead to safer drinking water, cheaper medicine. 6/9 Science Daily: Polymer-based filter successfully cleans water, recovers oil in Gulf of Mexico test.  9/7 Discovery News: ZAP! Water filter electrocutes bacteria. The simple and expensive design makes it perfect for the developing world. 11/12 CNN: Cholera outbreak in Haiti ‘extremely alarming.’ The death toll is 796. Bad water is responsible for cholera and other severe illnesses. 12/5 Science Daily: Method developed to simultaneously desalinate water, produce hydrogen and treat wastewater. 1/6/2011 Science Daily: New method of making large quantities of deuterium-depleted drinking water developed by scientists in China. 3/15 Science Daily: New desalination process developed using carbon nanotubes. 6/24 Science Daily: ‘Super Sand’ for better purification of drinking water. 1/25 2012 Science Daily: ‘Miracle tree’ substance produces clean drinking water inexpensively and sustainably. 10/8 Science Daily: Battling harmful water toxins: University of Ulster scientists are collaborating with international research partners to develop a new ‘clean’ technology to destroy water toxins caused by harmful algal blooms. 4/13 Smithsonian Magazine: This tower pulls drinking water out of thin air: 25 gallons a day.  The PARTIAL ECLIPSE of the MOON on June 26 indicates tremendous POLITICAL UPHEAVAL and LOSS OF LIFE in nations bordering or within the SOUTH PACIFIC. The Grand Cross does not portend well for the world. These effects last for 6 months.6/26 CNN: Tropical Storm Alex forms in the Caribbean: Storm plus oil slick means uncertainty. Earth Changes Media: 6.7 quake strikes near SOLOMON ISLANDS. 6/30 USGS: 6.3 quake South of FIJI ISLANDS. 7/1 CNN: Hurricane Alex kills at least 1 in MEXICO, flooding feared.  The TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN on July 11 affects the SOUTH PACIFIC. Expect earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, typhoons, storms, flooding, and loss of life and property. These effects last for six months.7/14 CNN: Tropical storm kills 18 in Philippines, 57 missing. 7/18 Reuters: Thousands evacuated as storm batters VIETNAM. 7/18 USGS:6.9 and 7.3, 4.9 magnitude quakes in New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 7/20 USGS: 6.3 quake hits New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA, followed by 5.9 quake and more. 7/22 USGS: 6.2 quake in VANUATU (There’s a volcano erupting here.) Reuters: Southern CHINA lashed by second typhoon. 7/23 CNN: Burning lava crosses street on HAWAII’S Big Island. USGS: 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Moro Gulf, MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES. 7/25 Earth Changes Media: Aftershocks continue to shake MORO GULF, PHILIPPINES. 7/26 Earth Changes Media: COLUMBIA’S Machin Volcano on Yellow Alert. 8/4 USGS: 4.8, 6.4 magnitude quakes in Eastern NEW GUINEA Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 8/5 CNN: 4 feared dead after volcanic eruption in INDONESIA: Mount Karangetang on Siau Island is one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes!5 injured, 65 evacuated from villages to safer ground. 8/10 USGS: 7.3 magnitude quake on VANUATU, 5.3, 4.8, 5.0, 5.1, 4.8, 4.8: there is a VOLCANO erupting here. 8/13 Earth Changes Media: 6.9 quake hits MARIANA ISLAND REGION. 8/14 USGS: 6.3 quake strikes MARIANA ISLAND REGION, followed by many quakes 4.8 and higher, including 6.6 magnitude. 8/15 USGS: 6.3 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 8/16 USGS: 6.2 quake FIJI REGION. 8/17 USGS: 6.2 quake in FIJI REGION. 8/18 USGS: 6.1 quake MARIAN ISLAND REGION. 8/20 USGS: 6.4 quake BOUGAINVILLE REGION, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. Hot Spot!  8/29 CNN: Long dormant INDONESIA volcano erupts, causing thousands to flee from their homes. Mount Sinabung in NORTH SUMATRA had been dormant for 400 years. RED ALERT issued for COLUMBIAN VOLCANO after non-explosive eruption. 8/30 CNN: 2 die after Indonesian volcano erupts, 30,000 displaced. 9/2 CNN: Typhoon Kompasu hits SOUTH KOREA. 9/3 Reuters: 7.2 quake hits NEW ZEALAND near Christchurch. (Cardinal Grand Cross hit with moon in Cancer!) CNN: Buildings crumble as strong quake shakes New Zealand, breaking water mains, with no immediate report of deaths.  9/4 USGS: 6.1 quake hits TONGA. Reuter: Curfew declared after 7.1 quake hits NEW ZEALAND. Terrible destruction.  9/5 Reuters: Gales, aftershocks shake quake hit NEW ZEALAND city. 9/6 Drudge: New Zealand earthquake rips new fault line across world…moving one side of earth 11 feet to the right. 9/7 USGS: 6.3 quake hits FIJI REGION. 9/8 USGS: 6.2 quake shakes VANUATU. (There is a volcano erupting here!) 9/9 USGS: 6.1 quake offshore BIO-BIO, CHILE. 9/13 USGS: 5.9 quake shakes SOUTHERN PERU. 9/17 CNN: Hurricane Karl batters MEXICO bringing torrents of rain and fierce winds to the coast as the eye of the storm nears landfall. 9/19 CNN: Typhoon hits TAIWAN, knocks out power. Reuters: Typhoon injures 45 in TAIWAN. 9/22 USGS: 5.9 quake near coast of CENTRAL PERU. 9/23 CNN: 33 dead in CHINA typhoon. 9/24 USA Today: Tropical Storm Matthew heads for CENTRAL AMERICA. 9/25 CNN: Tropical storm batters HONDURAS. 9/26 USGS: 6.0 quake shakes KEPULAUAN KAI, INDONESIA. 9/29 USGS: Strong 6.6, 7.2 quakes hit near the South Coast of PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 10/4 USGS: 6.3 Southwestern RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN. 10/8 USGS: 6.3 quake shakes HALMAHERA, INDONESIA. 10/10 CNN: 5.9 earthquake shakes COSTA RICA. 10/12 USGS: 5.5, 6.1 quakes shake TONGA. 10/17 Reuters: PHILIPPINES braces as Megi becomes super typhoon. 10/18 Reuters: Super typhoon hits PHILIPPINES. 10/19 CNN: Death toll in PHILIPPINE Typhoon Megi: 11. 10/24: USGS: 7.7, 6.1, 6.1 quakes in KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA generated volcanic eruption and tsunami. 10/25 Earth Changes Media: TWO VOLCANOES erupt in INDONESIA. Hurricane Richard hit BELIZE and CANCUN. 10/27 Earth Changes Media: No alert was sounded: TSUNAMI death toll soars to 272, over 412 missing. 10/29 CNN: INDONESIAN VOLCANO, MOUNT MERAPI, erupts again in major blast that sent people running into the streets. 10/30 CNN: Crews find 135 missing people after INDONESIAN quake: at least 413 dead, 133 still missing. Reuters: INDONESIAN disaster toll hits 377 as volcano erupts again. USGS: 6.4 quake in PACIFIC RIDGE. 10/31 CNN: New volcanic eruption in INDONESIA. USGS: 6.1 quake in New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 11/1 Yahoo: Indonesian volcano sends new blast, 21 rumble. Evacuees cringed and fled for cover as an erupting volcano, one of 22 in Indonesia, let loose hot gas and debris, the latest blast in a deadly week. 11/3 CNN: INDONESIA VOLCANO erupts several times. USGS: 6.0 quake hits near South Coast of PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. Yahoo: Huge volcanic blast spurs more INDONESIANS to flee. USGS: 6.0 quake in TONGA. 11/4 CNN: Volcano death toll climbs to 44. 11/4 Yahoo: Death toll from INDONESIAN volcano now at 56 after a blistering gas cloud ripped through a mountainside village. 11/6 CNN: Volcanic ash strikes Indonesian village. Volcano death toll rises as the volcano continues to rumble. Update: Volcano fury, spewing ash and gas, takes more lives, death toll now 81 in INDONESIA. 11/7 CNN: Indonesian volcano continues to erupt and spews more ash. Yahoo: Indonesian volcano sparks travel chaos and grounds flights. USGS: 5.7 quake on VOLCANO ISLAND, JAPAN region. (There is much instability in this area.) 11/8 Earth Changes Media: Indonesia’s MOUNT MERAPI continues to escalate in eruption, PHILIPPINE’S BULUSAN spews ash. MALAYSIA is airlifting hundreds of its nationals as MOUNT MERAPI continues its massive eruption. Some airlines have stopped flying to Malaysia for fear of ash damage to the planes. CNN: Volcano death toll 156. 11/9 CNN: Obama Indonesian trip cut short by volcanic ash. 11/12 CNN: Volcano death toll passes 200. 11/14 CNN: Volcano death toll 240. 11/23 CNN: 6.1 quake rocks PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 11/30 USGS: 6.6 quake shakes BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION. 12/1 USGS: 6.1 quake in FIJI region. 12/2 USGS: 6.7 quake shakes New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 12/5 CNN: Volcano known as “Throat of Fire” erupts in ECUADOR. 12/8 USGS: 6.5 quake strikes SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION, 6.1 magnitude hits MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES. 12/13 USGS: 6.2 quake shakes Bougainville Region, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 12/21 CNN: Strong 7.4 magnitude quake off coast of JAPAN near group of remote island, triggers TSUNAMI warning.VOLCANIC UNDERSEA ACTIVITY generates EARTHQUAKES that cause OCEANIC DISTURBANCE in the RING OF FIRE. This is most likely caused by the shifting of plates.12/26/2009 USGS: 6.0 magnitude quake in BANDA SEA. 1/3 USGS: 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the SOLOMON ISLANDS; 7.2 earthquake in the SOLOMON ISLANDS. 1/9 USGS: 6.3 magnitude earthquake SOLOMON ISLANDS.  6.5 quake off shore Northern CALIFORNIA COAST, Humboldt County. 1/17 CNN: 6.3 earthquake in Drake Passage off the coasts of ARGENTINA and CHILE at a far southern point of the Ring of Fire. 1/27 USGS: 6.1 quake in the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION. 2/5 Earth Changes Media: Caught on tape: Underwater volcano may form new island about 800 miles south of Tokyo.3/7 USGS 6.3 quake in Southern East PACIFIC RISE. 3/8 USGS: 6.0 magnitude quake MAUG ISLANDS region, Northern MARIANA ISLANDS. The islands surround the caldera of an ancient volcano. 3/14 USGS: 6.0 South INDIAN OCEAN. 3/20 USGS: 6.2 quake in New Ireland Region, Papua, NEW GUINEA. 3/19 Reuters: Submarine volcano near the main island of Tonga has become tourist attraction sending smoke and ash high in the sky during its eruption. 3/25 CNN: 6.1 quake rocks PHILIPPINES. 3/30 CNN: The walls of the largest underwater volcano in EUROPE could collapse, releasing thousands of tons of magma, which would trigger a tsunami likely to inundate southern ITALY, experts at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology told CNN. This is not the Ring of Fire but the results could still be catastrophic. I’ve warned clients not to go to Italy this year!  4/10 Science Daily: Scientists explore origins of ‘Supervolcanoes’ on the sea floor; ancient goliaths blamed for multiple mass extinctions. 4/13 Science Daily: World’s deepest known undersea volcano discovered in Cayman Trough in the Caribbean. 4/21 USGS: 5.9 quake in TONGA. 4/26 Earth Changes Media: Scientists discover underwater asphalt volcanoes about 10 miles off the coast of Santa Barbara, at the bottom of the Santa Barbara Channel. 5/25 USGS: 6.3 quake in NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE. (Does this mean more volcanic eruptions in Iceland?) 5/26 USGS: 6.4, 5.0 quakes Southeast of RYUKYU ISLANDS near Japan. 5/31 CNN: Volcano under Pacific Ocean issues ‘big burp’: 16 evacuated off Northern Islands off Saipan, which is a U.S. territory. USGS: 6.4 quake in ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA region.  6/12 Earth Changes Media: 7.7 quake hits INDIAN NICOBAR ISLANDS, Tsunami warning issued for INDIA. 6/13 USGS: NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIAN region 5.3, 4.8, 5.0, 5.1, 4.7. 6/17 USGS: 6.0 quake South of KERMADEC ISLANDS. 6/26 Earth Changes Media: 7.1 quake strikes off SOLOMON ISLANDS. 7/10 USGS: 6.2 quake South of MARIANA ISLANDS. 5.8 quake in SOLOMON ISLANDS. 7/13 Earth Changes Media: Huge underwater volcano found off INDONESIA towers 10,000 feet above ocean floor but remains far beneath the ocean surface. 7/25 USGS: 6.0 quake off TONGA. 8/3 USGS: 6.0 South of FIJI ISLANDS, 6.3 earthquake in MOLUCCA SEA, INDONESIA. (The plates seem to be slipping around!)A GREAT AMERICAN is BURIED with pomp and circumstance, possibly during the summer months.RAILROAD DISASTERS occur in greater numbers. *SABOTAGE in some instances, perhaps?1/2 CNN: At least 10 killed in India train crash. 2/15 CNN: 10 killed in Belgian train crash, officials say, 11 injured when two trains collided. Update: 18 killed as trains collided. 2/21 CNN: Train hits, kills 3 girls in Florida. 3/24 Yahoo: Runaway cargo train crashes in Norway, 3 dead. 3/26 CNN: Train derails, cars break open. 5/13 CNN: Amtrak train collides with truck. 5/27 Yahoo: Indian media: deaths feared after train blast. Reuters: Trains collide after blast in India, many feared dead. 5/28 CNN: 70 dead in India train wrecks; *sabotage blamed.  Reuters: India police say Maoists sabotage train. 5/29 CNN: Nearly 100 dead after India train crash. 6/15 CNN: 2 trains collide in Mexico, 10 dead. 6/22 Reuters: Around 60 killed and hundreds hurt in CONGO train crash. 6/24 CNN: 12 dead as train plows into crowd outside BARCELONA. 7/19 CNN: Dozens dead in INDIA train wreck. Reuters: 60 killed as trains collide in INDIA. 7/23 Yahoo: 1 dead, 42 injured as Swiss tourist train derails. 9/20 CNN: Cargo train hits commuter train in INDIA, killing a number of people.  10/2 CNN: 34 killed in INDONESIA train crash involving two trains, dozens injured.  10/12 CNN: Bus, train collision kills 40 in UKRAINE.  NEW INVENTIONS ASTONISH and astound, with considerable ADVANCEMENT in ALTERNATIVE SOURCES of energy and fuel.12/10/2009 Science Daily: Engineers on course to make super-efficient solar-electric powered boat. 12/14 NY Times: Toyota to sell plug-in hybrids in 2011. 12/15 Science Daily: Ethanol-powered vehicles generate more ozone than gas-powered ones. (Now what?) 1/1/2010 Science Daily: Lithium-air batteries could displace gasoline in future cars. 1/11 The Sun: World’s first sex robot revealed. It’s Foxy Roxxxy! (This one is good for men poor in relationships! A woman who doesn’t talk!) 1/29 Science Daily: Student-built Rubik’s Cube size satellite selected for flight by NASA. 2/7 Science Daily: Scientists demonstrate world’s fastest graphene transistor: holds promise for improving performance of transistors. AND Sunny record: breakthrough for hybrid solar cells. 2/11 Science Daily: Battery-less radios developed. 2/16 Science Daily: Energy-efficient lighting made without mercury. 2/19 Science Daily: Everyday grass could provide green fuel. 2/22 Science Daily: Orange peels, newspapers may lead to cheaper, cleaner ethanol fuel. 2/24 Science Daily: Fungal fumes clear out crop pests. 2/24 Reuters: Is Bloom Energy the next GE? …a pint-sized power plant that could change the way we power our homes and our offices forever! 2/27 Science Daily: Hastening progress of 3-D cinema and TV. 2/28 Science Daily: Fueling the future with fish tank residue: Scientist discusses use of algae as biofuel.  3/3 Science Daily: Hangover free booze? Increasing dissolved oxygen concentrations in alcohol may reduce negative side effects. CNN: Electronic ‘iShoe’ aims to prevent falls. 3/5 Science Daily: Waste could generate up to 7% of electricity in Spain. More, better biodiesel using new method. 3/6 Science Daily: Water practically flies off ‘near perfect’ hydrophobic surface that refuses to get wet. 3/8 Science Daily: Solar energy device from pea protein structure.  3/9 Science Daily: Mathematical innovation turns blood draw into information gold mine. 3/18 Science Daily: Frogs, foam and fuel: Solar energy converted to sugars. 3/23 Drudge: Virgin Galactic spaceship makes first flight.  New bone-hard biomaterial for surgical screws. 3/26 Science Daily: Safe nuclear reactors with self-healing nanocrystalline materials. More economical process for making ethanol from nonfood sources. 3/30 Science Daily: World’s smallest superconductor developed: Sheet of four pairs of molecules less than one nanometer wide. E20 fuel reduces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions in automobiles. Sugar-hungry yeast to boost biofuel production. Breakthrough design opens door to full screen Braille displays for the blind. Making car fuel from thin air…takes carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into fuel. 4/4 Drudge: Air Force to launch robotic winged space plane. 4/13 Science Daily: Robots with better observation: New 3D sensor enables robots to observe environment in more human-like manner. Scary!  AND: Bionic eye in sight: Wide-view neurostimulator concept unveiled, to be implanted into Australia’s first recipient of the technology. 4/16 Science Daily: Solar power in Ontario could produce almost as much power as the nuclear reactors in U.S., studies find. 4/23 Science Daily: Solar energy: Cheaper solar concentrator with fewer photovoltaic cells. 4/27 Discovery News: Bullet-proof T-shirt possible; the nanowires may also harvest solar energy and perform other tasks. 4/28 NY Times: Regulators approve first offshore wind farm in U.S. 5/21 Science Daily: Biodiesel fuel from sewage sludge within pennies a gallon of being competitive. 5/22 CNN: Scotch distillery turns whiskey into watts on island in Scotland. 3/24 Science Daily: Simple electronic gadget could speed up HIV/AIDS diagnostics. 5/26 Science Daily: Self-healing concrete: Research yields cost-effective system to extend life of structures. 5/28 CNN: Gold dispensing ATMs. 6/1 Earth Changes Media: Plasma rocket could revolutionize space travel. 6/8 NY Times: In new space race, enter the entrepreneurs. Amazing!  6/9 Science Daily: Chemists report promising advance in fuel-cell technology. New yeast ferments more sugar, makes more cellulosic ethanol. 6/15 Discovery News: Underwear that could save your life: Briefs that have carbon-based electrodes screenprinted onto the fabric act as biosensors to measure blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs. 6/17 Science Daily: Computer intelligence predicts human visual attention for first time. 6/23 Science Daily: New design for motorcycle engines powered by compressed air. 6/24 Discovery News: Advanced AC beats the heat (efficiently) by incorporating evaporative cooling and liquid desiccants to use 50-90% less electricity without harmful refrigerants. 6/27 Science Daily: Researchers develop living, breathing human lung on a chip. The device, about the size of rubber eraser, acts much like a living lung in the human body and is made using human lung and blood vessel cells. 6/29 Science Daily: Hop, jump, and stick; Robots designed with insect instincts. 6/30 Science Daily: Introducing Robofish: Leading the crowd in studying group dynamics. (And the money of which government is being spent for this? There are lots of fish in the world already to study. Geez!) 7/5 Drudge: IRAN unveils human-like robot. 7/7 Drudge: Solar plane sets out on historic flight. 7/8 Discovery News: Origami robot makes shapes on demand when electrified. (Shocking!) 7/14 Discovery News: Communicative clothing on horizon created by scientists at MIT can see, hear and even talk, which could lead to clothing that shout and listen to your heart. Wow!  7/17 CNN: Unmanned solar plane breaks record for continuous flight by staying aloft at least 7 days. 7/20 Yahoo: Salad Spinner Centrifuge: A cheap, ingenious health care tool for determining anemia in poor nations. 7/27 Science Daily: New antibacterial material for bandages, food packaging, shoes. 7/28 Science Daily: Latest ‘green’ packing material? Mushrooms; packing foam engineered from mushrooms and agricultural waste. URINE: Waste product or future power source? 8/9 Drudge: Robot expresses and detects emotion. 8/11 Drudge: New vending machines use retinal scans, thumbprints for purchases. 8/16 Discovery News: Human-electric hybrid goes 30 MPH. The Human Car Imagine PS, a 4-seater that uses hand cranks, can take hills at 30 MPH, and exceeds 60 MPH on flat terrain, is expected to hit the market in 2011! Software predicts crime!8/20 Discovery News: Whiskey biofuel debuts in Scotland. 9/12 CNN: Electric car speeds to 307 mph. 10/5 NY Times: U.S. Military orders less dependence on fossil fuels. (Now if they would just stop fighting wars!) 12/8 CNN: Electric car boom coming. 12/13 Discovery News: Largest photovoltaic solar plant goes online near Las Vegas: enough solar panels to light 14,000 homes. 12/16 Science Daily: Seaweed as biofuel? Metabolic engineering makes it a viable option.  1/6/2011 Science Daily: Is the Hornet our key to renewable energy? Physicists discover hornet’s outer shell harvests solar energy. 1/27 Science Daily: Chemists turn gold to purple — on purpose: Color change confirms a new way to harvest energy from sunlight. 1/28 Science Daily: Cow rumen enzymes for better biofuel. (Cool!) 2/1 Science Daily: Bugs might convert biodiesel waste into new fuel. AND Even moderate aerobic exercise in older adults shown to improve memory.NANO-TECHNOLOGY makes GREAT STRIDES in vast areas.12/10/2009 Science Daily: Nanoparticle protects oil in food from oxidation, spoilage. 1/17 Science Daily: ‘Nanodragster’ races toward the future of molecular machines. 2/11 Science Daily: Silver nanoparticles may one day be key to devices that keep hearts beating strong and regular. 2/26 Science Daily: Nanotechnology tackles the two biggest problems associated with chemotherapy that could potentially eliminate the problem of side effects and drug resistance. 3/9 Science Daily: Mew way forward for nanocomposite nanostructures. Like little golden assassins, ‘Smart’ nanoparticles identify, target and kill cancer cells. Wow!  3/11 Science Daily: Big power from tiny wires: Carbon nanotubes can produce powerful waves that could be harnessed for new energy systems…especially electricity.  3/16 Science Daily: Designer nano luggage to carry drugs to diseased cells.  3/17 Science Daily: Golden bullet for cancer? Nanoparticles provide targeted version of photothermal therapy for cancer. Controlling structure on nanoscale could lead to better superconductors. 3/19 Science Daily: Nano-based RFID tags could replace bar codes. 3/20 Science Daily: Designer nanomaterials on demand: Scientist report universal method for creating nanoscale composites. 3/21 Science Daily: Direct injection of gold nanoparticles into tumors opens door to new treatment for pancreatic cancer. Silver proves its mettle for nanotech applications. 3/23 Science Daily: Incorporating biofunctionality into nanomaterials for medical, environmental devices. 3/14 Science Daily: Proof in humans of RNA interference using targeted nanoparticles. Nanowire advances promise improved light-emitting diodes and solar-energy generation. 3/29 Science Daily: Using nanotechnology in cancer research to mimic body’s natural processes. 3/30 Science Daily: Nanosatellite to clear dangerous debris from space. 4/3 Science Daily: Nanoscale ‘stealth’ probe slides into cell walls seamlessly, say engineers. 4/6 Science Daily: New study on carbon nanotubes gives hopes for medical applications. 4/7 Cold atoms and nanotubes come together in an atomic ‘black hole’. 4/9 Science Daily: Nanotechnology: New principle in material science discovered. 4/20 Nanotechnology makes strong boron-cotton fabric that feels like T-shirt material. 4/23 Discovery News: Nanodevice powered by motion. Soon, simply running or walking, with your iPod in your pocket, could keep it powered and pumping tunes. 4/24 Science Daily: IBM Research creates world’s smallest 3D map; brings low-cost, ease of use to creation of nanoscale objects.  4/28 Science Daily: Novel nanoparticles prevent radiation damage. 5/2 Science Daily: Immune system: Nanotechnology helps illuminate how T-cells are activated. 5/7 Science Daily: Gold nanoparticles promise to enrich everyday products. 5/17 Discovery News: Internal buzz of bugs heard using atomic force microscopy, a sensitive tool popular in nanotechnology. 5/19 Science Daily: New nanoscale electrical phenomenon discovered. 5/20 Science Daily: Nanotech discovery could lead to breakthrough in infrared satellite imaging technology. 5/21 Science Daily: Nanotech breath sensor detects diabetes and potentially serious complications. 5/23 Science Daily: Synthetic biomaterials mimic cellular membranes: Use in nanomedicine, drug delivery. 6/2 Science Daily: Scientists gain new ‘core’ understanding of nanoparticles. Faster computers with nanotechnology. 6/4 Science Daily: Nanosponge drug delivery more effective than direct injection in terms of anticancer drugs. 6/7 Science Daily: Silver nanoparticles mitigate cell damage caused by ethanol, study suggests. 6/10 Discovery News: Banana-Nano smoothies coming soon: Scientists have designed new iron and zinc nanoparticles that solve a long standing conundrum in food fortification. The research could help alleviate anemia and zinc deficiencies across the globe. 6/24 Science Daily: Researches create self-assembling nanodevices that move and change shape on demand. 7/28 Science Daily: New drug delivery technique: Nanoblasts from laser-activated nanoparticles move molecules, proteins and DNA into cells. Nanoparticles enable new biological imaging.  8/16 Science Daily: Drugs encased in nanoparticles travel to tumors. 8/19 Science Daily: EXTREME DARKNESS: Carbon Nanotube forest. 9/7 Discovery News: Swallow diamonds, get diagnosis…diamonds could be measured not in carats but by dose. Swallowed nanodiamonds could help diagnose disease. 12/7 Science Daily: Nanosatellite successfully ejected in space from free-flying microsatellite. STAR TREK time is at hand. ‘Beam me up to the space station, Scotty.’ Why not do away with all these shuttles and save money and time?3/12 Drudge: BRAVE NEW WORLD: Brain scan can ‘read people’s thoughts.’ 6/7 Discovery News: Beam me up, Scotty. Scientists teleport info 10 miles. WOW! 6/9 Mail Online: Mini-flying drones that join forces before taking off – all without human help. They can dock together and fly together in a swarm.The RICH and the FAMOUS pass beyond the veil of earthly existence, with mournful protests on the part of some, but celebration with the ancestors.1/11 Yahoo: Miep Gies, who helped hide Anne Frank, dies at 100. 1/14 Yahoo: R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass dies at 59. 1/19 L.A. Times: Eric Segal, author of Love Story, dies at 72. NY Times: Robert B. Parker, mystery writer, dies at 77. Kate McGarrigle, folk singer, dies at 63. 1/21 CNN: Survivor contestant, Jennifer Lyon, dies of cancer at 37. 1/25 NBC-TV: Actor Pernell Roberts, the last of the Cartwright’s of Bonanza fame, and star of Trapper John, dies at 81. CNN: All My Children soap opera actor James Mitchell dies at 89. 1/28 CNN: Poltergeist actress, Zelda Rubinstein, dies at 76 (she played the psychic!) 2/4 CNN: Days of our Lives star, Frances Reid, dies at 95. 2/10 CNN: Captain Phil Harris of ‘Deadliest Catch’ dies after stroke, 53. 2/10 Yahoo: Former Rep. Charlie Wilson dies, 76, the subject of Charlie Wilson’s War. 2/11 NY Times: Designer Alexander McQueen found dead in his home, suicide, 40. 2/25 CNN: Missing actor’s body found in Vancouver Park, Andrew Koenig of Growing Pains, had been missing since February 14th.  2/27 CNN: Marie Osmond’s 18-year-old son Michael dies. 3/10 CNN: Actor Corey Haim dies, 38, possible drug overdose. 3/11 CNN: Former NFL star, actor Merlin Olsen dies, 69. 3/14 CNN: Actor Peter Graves of Mission Impossible fame dead at 83. 3/18 CNN: Rock guitarist and singer Alex Chilton of the ‘Box Tops’ dies, 59. Reuters: Apple director Jerry York dies, 71. CNN: Daniel Boone star Fess Parker dies, 85.  3/21 CNN: Fearless photo-journalist Margaret Moth dead of cancer. 3/24 NBC-TV: Actor Robert Culp of I Spy fame dies from a fall, 79. 3/29 Yahoo: Houston energy tycoon Dan Duncan dead at 77. CNN: Vaudeville and Hollywood actress June Havoc dies at 97. 3/30 CNN: “Stand and Deliver” teacher Jaime Escalante dead at 79. 3/31 CNN: ER, NYPD writer David Mills dies, 48. 4/2 CNN: Dynasty actor, and the voice on Charlie’s Angel’s, John Forsythe dead at 92. 4/5 CNN: Wrestler Chris Kanyon dies, 40. 4/8 CNN: Dynasty actor Christopher Cazenova dead at 66. Drudge: King of punk Malcolm McLaren dies, 64. 4/11 CNN: Designing Women actress Dixie Carter dead at 70.  4/18 NY Times: James Aubrey, who portrayed the hero in Lord of the Flies, dead at 62. 4/19 Drudge: Boxer Edwin Valero found dead in cell, hanged himself after being arrested for his wife’s murder, age 28. 4/20 CNN: Rapper Guru dies from cancer, 43. 4/30 CNN: Iconic coffee cup’s creator dies, Leslie Buck, 87. 5/1 National Enquirer: Actress Dorothy Provine who starred in That Darn Cat and Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World dead at 75. 5/16 CNN: Metal rocker Ronnie James Dio dead at 67.  5/23 NY Times: Dorothy Kamenshek, League of Their Own figure, dead at 84. Geena Davis played her in the film. 5/24 CNN: Brittany Murphy’s widower, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, found dead at 39.  5/25 NY Times: David Ginsburg, longtime Washington insider, dies at 98. 5/28 CNN: Different Strokes actor Gary Coleman dies at 42. 5/29 CNN: Actor Dennis Hopper, creator of hit Easy Rider, dies at 74. 6/3 CNN: Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan dies, 76. 6/5 NY Times: John Wooden, College Basketball’s most famous coach, dies at 99. 6/14 CNN: Country legend Jimmy Dean dies, 81. 6/19 CNN: Former 7’7″ NBA star Manute Bol dead at 47. 7/5 CNN: Former NHL tough guy Probert dead at 45. 7/11 NY Times: Bob Sheppard, legendary Yankee ballpark announcer, dies at 99.  7/13 CNN: George Steinberger dies of a heart attack at 80, owner of New York Yankees. 8/2 NBC-TV: Impresario and sing-along man Mitch Miller dead at 99.  8/8 CBS-TV: Oscar winning actress Patricia Neal is dead at 84 (Uranus Return!) 8/14 Drudge: Abbey Lincoln, Jazz singer, dies at 80. 8/22 USA Today: ’48 Hours’ correspondent Harold Dow dies at 62. 9/6 USA Today: Comedian Robert Schimmel dies from car accident injuries, 60.  CNN: “Little Rock Nine” member dies, Jefferson Thomas, 67. Former Electric Light Orchestra cellist, Michael Edwards, 62, killed in freak car accident when large bale of hay rolled out of field and onto highway in front his van.  9/8 CNN/The Marquee Blog: “Beetle Juice” actor, Glenn Shadix dies, 58. 9/9 CNN: LFO singer, Rich Cronin, dies after battle with leukemia, age 36. 9/13 Yahoo: American actor Kevin McCarthy who starred as a terror-stricken small town doctor in 1956 in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” dies at 96. 9/15 CNN: Longtime NBC newsman Edwin Newman has died, 91. 9/24 CNN: Singer Eddie Fisher dies at 82 from complications from hip surgery (Uranus Return). 9/28 CNN: “Titanic” actress Gloria Stuart dies at 100. 9/30 CNN: Legendary actor Tony Curtis has died, 85. 10/1 USA Today: Comedian Greg Giraldo dies at 44 from prescription drug overdose. 10/2 NBC-TV: Stephen J. Cannell, Prolific TV Writer, dies at 69, wrote more than 1,000 episodes of various shows, including The Rockford Files. 10/10 CNN: Soul singer Solomon Burke dead at 70. 10/16 Reality TV Word: Actor Barbara Billingsley, June Cleaver, Beaver’s mom, dead at 94. 10/27 Independent: Tom Bosley, actor who played Howard Cunningham in Happy Days dead at 83. (Uranus Return) 10/29 CNN: Mr. Baxter from Captain Kangaroo dies, 92. (Died in his sleep: Good Karma!) James MacArthur – Hawaii 5-O’s original Danno, dead at 72. Third Age: Actress Lisa Blount of An Officer and a Gentleman, found dead at 53. 10/30 CNN: NASCAR exec Jim Hunter dead at 71. Bob Guccione, founder of Penthouse magazine, dead at 71. 10/31 CNN: Soprano’s actress, Denise Borino-Quinn, dead of cancer at 46. 11/3 CNN: 11-year-old Broadway singer Shannon Tavarez dies from cancer. 11/6 CNN: Actress Jill Clayburgh dies from chronic leukemia at 66. 11/6 USA Today: Championship surfer Andy Irons dies at 32 (Unfortunately, this was one of my recent predictions to clients on Kauai!) 11/9 CNN: Former Argentine dictator dies, one of the most brutal enforcers.  11/29 CNN: Leslie Nielsen of “Naked Gun” fame dies, 84 (Uranus Return.) 12/3 USA Today: Cubs legend Ron Santo dead at 70. 12/5 CNN: NYC’s dining legend ELAINE’S owner, namesake, Elaine Kaufman, dies at 81. 12/6 CNN: Monday Night Football legend ‘Dandy Don’ Meredith dies, 72. 12/10 Drudge: Porn pioneer John Leslie dead at 65. 12/16 CNN: Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller die at 92. 12/16 CNN: Director Blake Edwards dies at 88. 12/18 CNN: Captain Beefheart, a.k.a. Don Van Vliet, dead at 69. 12/21 CNN: “Barney Miller” star Steve Landesberg dies of cancer, 74. 12/22 Fred Foy, announcer of the Lone Ranger, passes away at 89. 12/26 CNN: Olympic filmmaker Doug Greenspan dies, 84. R&B singer-songwriter Teena Marie dies, 54. 12/30 CNN: ‘Rosie the Riveter’ Geraldine Hoff Doyle, ‘We Can Do It!’ poster inspiration, dies at 86. BBC News: Boney M singer Farrell dies, 61. The HIGHLY RESPECTED and REVERED GRADUATE from the School of Life.1/7 Washington Post: Painter Kenneth Nolan dies, 85, founded Washington Color School of Painting. 1/28 Washington Post: J. D. Salinger, notable author of Catcher in the Rye, dies at 91. 4/8 NY Times: Anatoly F. Dobrynin, Longtime Soviet Ambassador to U.S., dies, 90. He helped to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis during JFK’s administration. 4/15 CNN: Civil Rights leader Benjamin Hooks dies, 85. 4/20 Washington Post: Dorothy I. Height, a founding matriarch of the civil rights movement, dead at 98. 5/26 CNN: Radio and TV host Art Linkletter dies at 97. (I feel he belongs here!) 6/28 Washington Post: Senator Robert C. Byrd, longest serving member of Congress, dies at 92. CNN: Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg’s husband dies of cancer complications at age 78. 7/24 USA Today: Journalist Daniel Schorr dead at 93. 8/10 Reuters: Former Senator Stevens killed in plane crash, 5 out of 8 people on plane killed. 8/11 Washington Post: David L. Wolper, producer of the mini-series, Roots, dies at 82. He made significant contributions in film and television. 9/7 UFO Research Pioneer, Lt. Colonel (USAF retired) Wendelle C. Stevens dies at 87 at him home in Tucson, Arizona. 10/9 Author Zecharia Sitchkin died, 90. (The UFO trailblazers seem to be gathering on the Other Side!)  10/31 NY Times: Theodore C. Sorenson, Kennedy Counselor and Wordsmith, dead at 82.  11/11 AFP: Italian cinema legend Dino De Laurentiis is dead at 91. He produced more than 500 films during his career, including the works of Federico Fellini and Robert Rossellini, in addition to “Serpico” with Al Pacino in 1973 and “Days of the Condor” with Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway in 1975, and Ridley Scott’s “Hannibal” in 2001. (I have read for his daughters, Veronica and Francesca! Very talented women.) DIAMONDS! DIAMONDS!6/14 NY Times: U.S. identifies vast riches of minerals in Afghanistan: $1 trillion!  9/24 Yahoo: Boulder-sized emerald stirs up intrigue. Los Angeles judge to weigh ownership of jumbo emerald dug up in Brazil in 2001.ASTRONOMICAL WONDERS AMAZE and REVEAL ASTONISHING COSMIC SECRETS.12/13 Science Daily: First known binary star is discovered to be a triplet, quadruplet, quintuplet, sextuplet! 12/14 Science Daily: First Super-Earths Discovered Orbiting Sun-Like Stars! WOW!  AND Black hole closer to earth than thought! (Hmm! 2012 here we come!!!)12/16 Science Daily: Icy moons of Saturn and Jupiter may have conditions needed for life. 1/1/2010: Science Daily: Looking back in time 12 billion years with new instruments on Herschel Space Observatory…most detailed views of space yet! 1/4 NBC-TV: 5 new exo-planets discovered by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. 1/6 Science Daily: Hubble reaches ‘undiscovered country’ of most distant primeval galaxies! 2/2 Science Daily: Astronomers discover coolest sub-stellar body outside our solar system. 2/5 Science Daily: New Hubble maps of Pluto show surface changes never seen before. 2/12 Science Daily: Home computers around the world reunite to map the Milky Way. 2/16 Earth Changes Media: Sources of Cosmic Rays Found? Fermi Telescope closes in. International Space Station gets new observation deck. 2/19 Earth Changes Media: Youngest extra-solar planet discovered. 2/21 Science Daily: Jurassic space: Ancient galaxies come together after billions of years…astronomers have found the equivalent of prehistoric life in our intergalactic backyard! These are on the way to building a large elliptical galaxy! 2/27 Science Daily: New ‘alien invader’ star clusters found in Milky Way…as many as one-quarter of star clusters in our galaxy, more than previously thought, are invaders from other galaxies. 3/3 Science Daily: NASA radar finds ice deposits at Moon’s north pole; additional evidence of water activity on the Moon.  Drudge: NASA reveals most detailed images of Earth.  3/5 Science Daily: Precursors of life-enabling organic molecules in Orion Nebula unveiled by Herschel Space Observatory. Earth Changes Media: Geophysicists push age of Earth’s magnetic field back 250 million years. 3/7 Earth Changes Media: Dark, dangerous asteroids found lurking near Earth. 3/8 CNN: Proven: Giant asteroid killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. 3/18 Science Daily: First temperate exoplanet–size of Jupiter–discovered. 3/19 Science Daily: Astronomers discover most primitive supermassive black holes known. 3/23 Yahoo: Moon water comes in three flavors. 3/26 Science Daily: Astronomers confirm Einstein’s theory of relativity and accelerating cosmic expansion. 4/10 Science Daily: Planet-like object found circling Brown Dwarf. Venus may be geologically alive. 4/12 Earth Changes Media: Comet eaten by Sun as spacecraft watches. 4/13 Drudge: More evidence of water on the Moon, Mars. Earth Changes Media: Turning planetary theory upside down: The discovery of 9 new exoplanets was announced at the RAS National Astronomy meeting. These new results, combined with earlier observations of transiting exoplanets, surprised astronomers, since 6 out a total of 27 were found to be orbiting in the opposite direction of their host star, the exact reverse of planets in our solar system. (Our Universe is filled with Infinite surprises!) 4/15 Science Daily: FLASH: NASA’s Cassini sees lightning on Saturn. Small, ground-based telescope images 3 exoplanets!  CNN: Massive fireball reported in Midwestern sky.  4/23 Reuters: Stunning new images of the Sun. Drudge: Military launches new top secret robocraft. 4/25 Science Daily: Starry-eyed Hubble celebrates 20 years of awe and discovery.  4/28 Science Daily: World’s biggest telescope to be located on Armazones, Chile. Earth Changes Media: Scientists find evidence of water ice on asteroid’s surface.  4/29 Science Daily: Earth microbes may contaminate the search for life on Mars. Drudge: Evidence of life on Mars. 5/3 Science Daily: Largest atlas of nuclear galactic rings unveiled.  5/4 Discovery News: To Mars: in a month…new plasma rocket could one day take astronauts to Mars in a little more than a month. 5/10 Discovery Insider: Plasma rocket may shorten space voyages. 5/12 Science Daily: Astronomers find recoiling supermassive black hole. 5/13 Drudge: Scientists baffled after Jupiter loses one of its stripes. 5/15 Science Daily: Water was present during birth of Earth, study of silver suggests. 5/18 CNN: Space station gets new port. 5/21 Science Daily: Possible new class of supernovae puts calcium in your bones. 5/25 Yahoo: Secret X-37B space plane spotted by amateur skywatchers. Earth Changes Media: NASA: “New Solar Discoveries Rewrite the Book on Sun-Earth Connection.” 5/27 Earth Changes Media: Bizarre behavior of two giant black holes surprises scientists…at the center of two different galaxies. 5/28 Science Daily: Astronomers discover new-star-forming regions in Milky Way. 6/4 Science Daily: Chinese scientists create artificial mini black hole.  6/5 Drudge: Scientists find ‘hint of life’ on Saturn’s moon Titan. 6/8 Earth Changes Media: New Mars maps show evidence of ancient lakes. 6/13 Science Daily: Zooming in on an infant solar system: For the first time, astronomers have observed solar systems in the making in great detail. Drudge: World’s largest radio-telescope launched in Netherlands.  6/14 Science Daily: Astronomers’ doubts about the dark side: Errors in Big Bang data larger than thought. Standard model of the universe is open to questions. Discovery News: Space junk tracker to cut collision chances between junk and spacecraft. 6/15 Science Daily: Moon’s interior has much higher water content than previously believed. Earth Changes Media: New worlds to explore? Kepler spacecraft finds 750 exoplanet candidates. 6/21 Discovery News: 7th graders find Martian cave in photo! 6/23 Science Daily: 6 new planets discovered. 6/15 Discovery News: Is Dr. Who’s Crack in Universe Real? Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted what looks like a crack in the cosmos–it looks eerily like the one predicted by “Dr. Who.” Science Daily: Was Venus once a habitable planet? If Venus once had oceans, it may have began as a habitable planet similar to Earth. Widespread glacial melt water valleys found on Mars. 6/28 Science Daily: New clues suggest wet era on early Mars was global.  7/8 Discovery News: Black Hole blows huge bubble of hot gas: There may be more to black holes than meets the eyes! 7/13 Earth Changes Media: Core values set new date for birth of Earth: 70M years younger. Reversed theory of gravity does not produce a Big Bang! Wow! 7/17 Earth Changes Media: 25,000 new asteroids found by NASA sky mapping. Record collapse of Earth’s upper atmosphere puzzle scientists. Strong magnetic, volcanic activity on Mercury. 7/19 Discovery News: 95 new near Earth asteroids discovered. (Not good news!) 7/21 Drudge: Scientists find most massive star ever discovered.  7/22 Discovery News: Saturn’s moon spawning moonlets. 7/27 Discovery News: Galaxy: Rich in Earth-like planets? Kepler Space Telescope has discovered about 140 Earth-like candidates orbiting other stars. CNN: Opinion: Milky Way is rich with EARTHS. 7/28 Science Daily: NASA spacecraft camera yields most accurate MARS map. 7/30 Discovery News: Twin planets in surprisingly intimate dance: Two planets circling a dying star 223-light years away demonstrate orbital mechanics that breaks the bounds of what scientists thought possible. 8/1 Yahoo: Space station cooling system suddenly shuts down. (No good!) 8/4 Discovery News: A huge star, 265 times as big as our sun, recently discovered. Is that as big as they get? 8/24 Drudge: Astronomers discover 5 PLANET SYSTEM WITH SUN. WOW!  8/27 CNN: NASA announces discovery of TWO NEW PLANETS, slightly smaller than Saturn, orbiting the same star in the Milky Way.9/29 Discovery News: Mercury’s Tail Makes it a ‘Comet-Planet.’ 9/30 Discovery News: EARTH-LIKE PLANET COULD SUSTAIN LIFE: Located in a solar system that parallels our own, the new world could be habitable–or INHABITED!  10/8 Science Daily: ‘Living Dinosaurs’ in space: Galaxies in today’s Universe thought to have existed only in distant past. 10/29 Science Daily: Earth-sized planets may be common. 11/16 Science Daily: Astronomers discover merging star system that might explode. 11/20 Science Daily: Cosmic “cannibalism” brings new planet to Milky Way. 11/27 Drudge: Oxygen found on Saturn’s moon Rhea. 11/30 Discovery News: In the beginning: Universe was liquid. 12/2 Science Daily: Discovery triples number of stars in Universe! (Wow!) 12/9 CNN: Space Age first: Commercial craft returns from low earth orbit. 12/16 Science Daily: New hot Jupiter-like exoplanet discovered.SHOCKING NEWS involves presidents, princes, or kings!2/11 NBC-TV Former President Bill Clinton hospitalized. Clinton receives stents to his heart in the hospital. 2/23 CNN: President Chavez of Venezuela, President Uribe of Columbia in shouting match of obscenities. 5/24 Clinton rear-ended. 11/29 This has to involve the documents leaked by the WIKILEAKS man. PREDICTION: I fear these people have CREATED ENEMIES ALL AROUND THE WORLD in nearly every prominent nation and could well be ELIMINATED from planetary life by ASSASSINS. (Better watch your back at all times if you work for WIKILEAKS!)  12/1 CNN: Wikileaks founder put on “Most Wanted” list. Wikileaks changed U.S. security (I should hope so!) 12/7 NY Times: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested on a Swedish warrant.VOLCANIC ERUPTION, ash and searing lava, send a SEA OF MUD that becomes a vast graveyard.12/15/2009 CNN: PHILIPPINES’S Major Volcanic Eruption ‘imminent’… authorities are evacuating about 50,000 people after the large volcano spewed lava and ash … a major eruption is imminent from Mount Mayon.  12/30 Reuters: Mayon volcano set to erupt. 1/2 CNN: Volcano erupts in CONGO…Africa’s most active volcano. Mount Nyamuragira, spewed lava off its southern flank. 1/9 CNN Headline News: Volcano in Costa Rica comes to life…evacuations extended near the volcano. Last eruption 145 years ago. Turrialba volcano erupting ash. 2/5 Earth Changes Media: Mud volcano erupts on Azerbijan. 2/13 Earth Changes Media: Montserrat volcano shoots ash 9 miles high. 3/3 Earth Changes Media: Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica panics residents with 9 tremors on Monday, March 1st. (I hope I’m wrong on this prediction, actually!) 3/21 Reuters: Volcano erupts in ICELAND, hundred evacuated. 4/3 Earth Changes Media: Iceland’s erupting volcano forms new craters. 4/8 Earth changes Media: Mt. Etna, Italy, had an ash eruption on the summit, lower east flank of the Southwest crater. 4/14 Yahoo: ICELAND evacuates hundreds as volcano erupts again. 4/15 Washington Post: Volcanic ash halts European flights, ripples felt globally…Ash clouds from Iceland’s spewing volcano disrupted air traffic across Northern Europe as authorities closed British and Nordic air space, shutting down Europe’s busiest airport: Heathrow.  4/15 NY Times: Volcanic ash to curtail flights into midday Friday. 4/16 Drudge: Ash could be a problem for up to 6 months! 4-mile high plume! 4/16 Drudge: Ash could contaminate drinking water. Ash plume forces U.S. Army to reroute medical flights. U.S. commanders have suspended evacuation of wounded soldiers to military hospital in Germany, the Pentagon said. Yahoo: Volcano spews more ash, spawns wider flight chaos.Earth Changes Media: Experts seek clues to how long eruption will go on. 4/18 CNN: Volcano tossing glass, boulders, as lightning flashes. Volcano delays will push into next week. 4/27 Earth Changes Media: Santiaquito Volcano violently erupts, spreading ash across western GUATEMALA, dusting parts of at least 4 provinces, with continuing small to moderate bursts. 5/28 CNN: Death toll climbs to 3 from Guatemala volcano near Guatemala City as lava spews into the air, 4 missing. CNN: Guatemala volcano rains black snow. 6/1 Earth Changes Media: Vanuatu volcano causing havoc belching ash: an increasing health threat to the islanders and their water supply. (There are large quakes here nearly daily in the 4 – 5.8 range. Now I see why!) 6/7 Earth Changes Media: Eurasia’s highest volcano erupts in RUSSIA’S FAR EAST throwing clouds of ash into the air. ECUADOR’S Tungurahua Volcano continues with 3 explosion per hour as it erupts.  6/8 Earth Changes Media: Alert Level 2 raised at Taal Volcano in the PHILIPPINES because of increasing volcanic earthquakes in the area. 6/9 USGS: 6.0 quake in VANUATU where the volcano continues to erupt. Earth Changes Media: 6,000 Taal villagers told to move out as the Taal Volcano continues to show signs of erupting.The MIGHTY FALL FROM GRACE for all to see!President of Kyrgyzstan?SHOCK! WONDER! SIGHTINGS of VISITORS from other dimensions and other planetary systems APPEAR in increasing numbers—Galactic Brotherhood is nearly here. INCREASED OPENNESS and DISCLOSURE on UFOs and extraterrestrial races, either visiting, or living on, our planet. 3/2 The Sun: Space UFO baffles scientists…streak…object circling about 90 million miles from Earth. 3/27 Aliens and UFOs: Photo from Australia: Woman taking photo of sunsets snaps an unknown object traveling across the sky. Round disk. UFO? 4/18 Science Daily: Good prospects for extraterrestrial life? Rocky planets ‘are commonplace’ in our galaxy. 4/25 Drudge: Stephen Hawking: Aliens exist but don’t talk to them–it’s too dangerous. 5/6 Discovery News: NASA finds life…on Earth. NASA satellite detects bacterial activity for first time, revealing possible new method to hunt for life on other planets.  6/21 Discovery News: Are we overlooking ET beacons? Are E.T.’s signals manifested in flashes of radio signals from our galaxy being dismissed as natural phenomena? 7/16 Yahoo: A Mystery over China: On July 7, something unusual happened near Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou. An oddly shaped bright light appeared, forcing the airport to close down and delay 18 flights. What was it?  CHINA UFO sparks rampant speculation. 7/20 CNN: UFOs cause a stir in CHINA. (Of course, there will be denial in the U.S.A.) 7/28 Drudge: Bosnian man’s home hit by six meteorites: claims he is being ‘targeted by aliens.’ He doesn’t know why!  9/27 UN ‘to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors.’ WOW!  10/3 Extraterrestrial UFO are real: Ben Rich (father of stealth-fighter bomber) Lockheed Skunk Works Director admitted in his deathbed confession. (All points in space and time are connected. Where did Einstein go wrong?) Alien Laser Signal Giliese coming from a habitable planet, star system!  WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ALONE, FOLKS! 10/5 Drudge/Telegraph: UFO closes Chinese airport. 10/12 Drudge: Strange signal comes from alien planet, scientists say. (E.T. phone Earth. Wants to be friends!)  12/10 Massive object on edge of solar system — PLANET X? A recent article appearing in mainstream media suggests that a “Massive dark object may be lurking on the edge of our solar system (four times the size of Jupiter.” (Read Zecharia Sitchin! The big earth changes could result from the orbit of this planet near planet Earth!) 12/15 CNN: UFO shot down over nuclear plant: Object shot out of sky over Israeli nuclear plant, military says. (See how primitive the inhabitants are on this planet! Geez!)As the year progresses, the POLICIES and various ACCOMPLISHMENTS of PRESIDENT OBAMA will be much more PRAISED than criticized.3/22 NY Times: House Approves Health Overhaul, Sending Landmark Bill to Obama. A Major Victory, But at What Cost? Washington Post: For senators, a long week lies ahead. Lawmakers move to cut out the middleman. House passes reconciliation bill. NY Times: House passes Senate’s version of healthcare bill. House Approves Landmark Bill to Extend Health Care to Millions. Reuters: Factbox: Healthcare bill would provide immediate benefits.  Timeline: Milestones in Obama’s quest for healthcare reform. 3/23 NY Times: Obama Signs Landmark Health Care Bill. 3/25 NY Times: Russian and US Report Breakthrough on Arms.  3/25 Drudge: Almost a quarter of Republicans think Obama ‘may be the anti-Christ… (and nearly half the world’s population considered G. W. Bush to be the anti-Christ by initiating two wars in the Middle East. REMEMBER: the Drudge Report is run by Republicans!) 3/26 NY Times: U.S. plans big expansion in effort to aid homeowners. Washington Post: Aggressive steps readied to fight foreclosures. AND Obama, Medvedev reach agreement on nuclear arms treaty. CNN: The U.S. and Russia have reached “the most comprehensive arms control agreement in nearly two decades.” 3/28 Washington Post: Obama makes unannounced trip to Afghanistan. 3/30 Yahoo: President Obama has signed a law that finalizes the health care overhaul and makes the government issuer of all federal college loans.  4/5 NY Times: Obama limits when U.S. can use nuclear weapons, even in self defense. 4/8 Washington Post: U.S., Russia sign sweeping arms reduction treaty. 4/13 CNN: At nuclear security summit, U.S., Russia reach deal on plutonium. Ukraine to remove uranium stock pile. 4/14 Washington Post: On world stage, Obama at ease as seminar leader. 46 nations join U.S. in nuclear pact. 5/10 Washington Post: Obama chooses Solicitor General Elena Kagan to be the 112th justice of the Supreme Court. 8/5 Reuters: Senate approves Obama top nominee Kagan to top court. 12/28 USA Today: President Obama is USA’s most-admired man. 1/12/2011: Reuters: Obama approval rises as economy improves: poll. 4/4 Reuters: Billion-dollar Obama to run moneyed campaign. (And I predict his RE-ELECTION in 2012!)  11/3 USA Today: Obama is again world’s most powerful person.I still see TWO TERMS for BARACK OBAMA with considerable ADVANCEMENT during his terms of office!12/28 USA Today: President Obama is USA’s most-admired man.The STOCK MARKETS has GREATER HIGHS and more MODEST LOWS.This has proven out this year!SCANDALS in the headlines create embarrassment and humiliation for some, titillation for the public.1/4 CNN: Civil Rights hero heading to prison, Bobby De Laughter caught in scandal that rocked Mississippi judicial system. 1/11 CNN: ‘Balloon Boy’ dad goes to jail for 90 day sentence. 1/11 CNN: Joe Namath’s daughter, 19, arrested on drug charges, alcohol possession. Washington Post: Former St. Louis slugger Mark McGwire admits using steroids in 1998 when her broke the home run record. CNN: Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams makes plea deal in the shooting of his chauffeur in 2002, prosecutors say.  Wife’s affair costly for North Ireland leader. 1/14 Washington Post: Wizard’s guard Arenas charged with felony in carrying pistol into the arena without a license. 1/19 Washington Post: FBI broke law for years to get phone records. 1/25 Washington Post: Wizards’ Crittenton charged with two gun counts. 2/4 CNN: Ex Bank of America chief charged with fraud. 2/6 Drudge: Four U.K. lawmakers charged over expense scandal. 2/8 NY Times: Michael Jackson’s doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter.  2/16 Washington Post: Former D.C. mayor Marion Barry broke law in getting contract for girlfriend from which he benefited. 2/18 NY Times: Former New York Police Commissioner Kerik is sentenced to 4 years in prison in corruption case.  2/19 Drudge: Saudi Prince charged over hotel murder. 2/22 Drudge: SHOCK: Pediatrician charged with 47 counts of abusing patients. (He deserves euthanasia! Mother-grandmother speaking here!)  3/3 NY Times: Governor Paterson is accused of violating ethics law. CNN: German monastery raided over child sex abuse claims against priests. 3/4 Drudge: Self-proclaimed ‘psychic,’ Sean David Morton, who called himself ‘America’s Prophet,’ charged with multi-million dollar investor fraud. 3/7 Drudge: Scientology defectors say church hides abuse.  3/10 NY Times: Somalia food aid bypasses needy, study finds, and goes to a web of corrupt contractors, Islamic militants and local UN staff. Male Massa staffers reported groping. Drudge: Michigan, Congressman Conyer’s wife gets 37 months in prison for taking bribes. 3/12 NY Times: New York cabbies gouged riders out of millions, study find. 3/14 Drudge: Pope under pressure. Abuse claims sweep church in Europe. 3/18 CNN: Priest, teen allegedly taped having sex. 3/19 CNN: Abuse shatters Irish faith in church…authorities in Ireland covered up child abuse by priests from 1975-2004 (and probably for centuries!) Yahoo: Oregon lawsuit claims Boy Scout sex abuse coverup. 3/25 Yahoo: Vatican axed trial for priest accused by deaf boys. (And what about all the other children, now adults, afraid to speak up? If you can’t trust your priest, who are you supposed to trust? The sins of the Church Fathers are being visited upon several generations, it seems! In metaphysical terms, this biblical quote refers to reincarnation and the justice of Universal Law.) 3/27 Reuters: White House gate crashes get TV show parts: report. 3/31 Drudge: Police: NJ teenage girl, 15, sold herself and her stepsister, 7, for sex party for 7 men, boys. 4/8 CNN: Survivor producer detained in wife’s death…body found in Cancun hotel room. 4/10 Drudge: USA swimming coaches molested, secretly taped dozens of teen swimmers. Tax of the living dead; 26 arrested after corpses claimed millions in returns. 6th grade boy arrested for taking mom’s jewelry, giving it to female classmate. 4/21 CNN: SEC charges Miami businessman, Nevin Shapiro, of running $900 million Ponzi scheme. 4/26 CNN: Judge orders Randy and Evi jailed for fraud. 4/29 CNN: 70s musician Richard Finch, who played with pop group KC & the Sunshine Band, faces 16 new sex charges involving ‘multiple male juveniles.’ 5/3 CNN: Edward’s ex-aide: Rielle lied to Oprah (In my opinion, this guy is a scumbag, regardless of Edward’s deception! I certainly hope no one ever hires him for anything again! That would be his just karma.) 5/9 Reuters: Cardinal accuses Vatican official of abuse cover-up. 5/20 Washington Post: Washington Redskins receiver Santana Moss received treatment from Canadian doctor accused of smuggling HGH, sources say. Tour de France winner Floyd Landis admits doping, accuses Lance Armstrong. 5/23 Reuters: Duchess of York “devastated” by newspaper sting…about providing access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew in exchange for a large sum. 5/24 Yahoo: Sarah Ferguson caught in $750K bribery scam. 5/26 Drudge: Sestak White House scandal called ‘impeachable offense.’ 8/29 Reuters: Belgian sex abuse tapes amplify Catholic scandals. 9/10 Yahoo: Priest sex abuse linked to 13 suicides in Belgium. 10/29 NY Times: Panel says Halliburton new of cement flaws before spill on a BP rig in the Gulf of Mexico. 11/23 Pix: While screaming Bible passages, “Ugly Betty” actor, Haitian-American Michael L. Brea, kills mother with Samurai sword. (This is what religious fanaticism is capable of producing. Pure tragedy!)  12/13 CNN: TV chef sentenced in murder plot: solicited 2 homeless men to kill his wife. (Now wouldn’t divorce have been more simple?) 12/21 Drudge: Lindsey Lohan accused of battery at rehab center. A NOBLE (Nobel) PRIZE at long last! Celebration!10/4 NY Times: Robert G. Edwards, the British Scientist who developed In Vitro Fertilization wins Nobel Prize for Medicine. (He died in 1988.) FINALLY!  10/5 CNN: Nobel legacy: 4 million babies so far.STARTLING and WONDROUS DISCOVERIES DEEP BENEATH THE SEA. Pyramids and temples! Former grandeur! ANCIENT, formerly unknown, CIVILIZATIONS from the distant past come to light, puzzling and amazing.5/10 Drudge: Scientists find sunken islands in the Caribbean. 5/26 Tonic: Divers explore the depth’s of Cleopatra’s temple: Off the shore from Alexandria a team of archeologists are collecting artifacts from Cleopatra’s underwater palace for an exhibition from one of the most valuable archeological sites in the world. 9/7 Yahoo: Ancient 2,000 year old city by the sea rises amid Egypt’s resort…hidden for centuries and nearly wiped out by a fourth century tsunami that devastated the region.  12/9 Science Daily: Lost civilization under Persian Gulf?  12/12 Yahoo: Tantalizing clues point to lost civilization: Bold new findings could “completely rewrite our understanding” of early human history…veiled beneath the Persian Gulf…once fertile landmass may have supported some of the earliest humans outside Africa some 75,000 to 100,000 years ago, a new review of research suggests.   NEW SPECIES continue to be DISCOVERED on land and in the sea.1/5 Drudge: New ‘strawberry’ crab found off Taiwan. 1/12 Science Daily: New spider species largest of its type in Sands of Samar in Middle East. New species of lichen discovered in Iberian Peninsula. 1/13 Science Daily: Scientists find amazing new pondlife on nature reserve…astonishing variety of aquatic organisms.  2/18 Science Daily: New spiny pocket mouse discovered in Venezuela. 3/9 Science Daily: ‘Globetrotting’ new worms discovered on Great Barrier Reef and Swedish coast. 3/19 Science Daily: African bird discovery proves there is something new under the sun…black bird with blue eyes. 4/7 Drudge: Philippine’s dragon-sized lizard is new species. 4/8 NY Times: New Hominid Species Discovered in South Africa…walked upright on long legs, but still climbed in trees with apelike arms. 4/9 Drudge: New species lives without oxygen on the bed of the Mediterranean Sea. 4/15 Science Daily: The new T. rex: A leech with affinity for children’s noses in Peruvian rivers…with ferociously large teeth!  Only known living population of rare dwarf lemur discovered. 4/22 Science Daily: New species of bacterium found in Swedish fjord. CNN: Nature’s ‘treasures’ recently unearthed in Borneo include color changing frogs, the longest stick insect, and a slug that shoots ‘love darts.’ 4/28 Science Daily: New monitor lizard discovered in Indonesia. 5/17 Discovery News: A pristine New Guinea wilderness nicknamed ‘The Lost World’ has yielded multiple new animal species, some that seem more cartoon fantasy than flesh and blood reality. Among the many is a frog with a long nose that points upward during energetic calls. 5/18 Science Daily: Newly discovered: gargoyle-faced gecko and the world’s smallest wallaby. 5/19 Science Daily: Three new monitor lizards from the Philippines identified. 5/22 CNN: Top 10 new species, including a flat-faced frogfish and Dracula minnow, celebrated amid warnings of biodiversity loss. 5/24 Science Daily: Minnow with fangs, golden orb spider and carnivorous sponge make top 10 list of new species. 5/25 Science Daily: 9 new species for Tasmania’s disappearing handfish family. The review brings the family to 14 known species. 5/30 Science Daily: New species of invertebrates discovered in Antarctic. 6/14 Science Daily: New species of large blue butterfly discovered. 6/17 Science Daily: Two new frog species discovered in Panama’s fungal war zone. 7/15 CNN: Scientists discover bizarre deep sea creatures…never-before-seen prehistoric marine life in the depths off the Great Barrier reef.  8/9 Discovery Insider: Strange new species found in marine census. 8/15 CNN: New species of red-bearded monkey found in Amazon risks extinction. 8/24 Science Daily: Bug with bifocals baffles biologists. 9/7 Science Daily: Six times more insect species in tropical mountains that predicted. 9/24 CNN: Scientists trumpet new elephant shrew discovery in Kenya. 10/4 Reuters: Scientists have completed 10 year census of marine life, finding thousands of exotic new species in a project that will help assess threats to oceans from climate change to BP’s oil spill. 10/6 Drudge: Scientists find 200 new species in Papua, NEW GUINEA. 145 new species identified in GREATER MEKONG. Science Daily: Rare oasis of life on floor of YELLOWSTONE LAKE.  Discovery News: Exotic new species found in the hundreds, from plants to bats to frogs, a bevy of exotic new species in the rainforest of New Guinea’s mountains. 10/11 Science Daily: New Mongoose-like carnivorous mammal discovered in MADAGASCAR. 10/26 Discovery News: Spectacular news species discovered in Amazon. A new animal or plant is discovered every 3 days in the Amazon. Amazing! 10/31 CNN: 1,200 new species discovered in the Amazon. 11/16 Science Daily: New large squid found in Southern Indian Ocean. 11/16 Science Daily: New species of carnivorous plant discovered in Cambodia. 11/17 Discovery News: Quirky-looking new amphibians pop up in western Columbia. 12/14 Discovery News: New lemur has big feet, long tongue. 12/23 Science Daily: Africa has 2 elephant species, study confirms.The DEAD tell unbelievable and truly remarkable tales.An AMAZING MEDICAL DISCOVERY results in an ABSOLUTE CURE!2/21 CNN: Expert: Anti-retrovirals could collar HIV. 5/30 Science Daily: Antiretroviral therapy associated with decreased risk of HIV transmission.CELEBRITY DIVORCES and SEPARATIONS sadden some, while generating false hope in many rapidly beating hearts.1/15 CNN: Charlie Sheen moves out! NBC-TV: (Quoting London tabloid, is it true?) Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie break up and split their assets 50-50 and are to share custody of their 6 children: 3 adopted, 3 biological. 1/27 CNN: Senator John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth separate. 2/6 People: Kate Walsh and Ex to flip coin over furniture in divorce which is finalized. Producer Ex to receive half of all residuals on shows performed during their marriage by the Private Practice star. (Some of my actress clients have paid dearly in their divorces too.) 2/10 CNN: Breakup report ‘irks’ Brad, Angelina. (I’ve always said they’re soul mates and in it for the long haul. I’m not putting anymore rumors about them breaking up on this website! They have 6 kids!) 3/26 DivorceMag: Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes call it quits. Shaq’s divorce finalized. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie sue tabloid over breakup claim. Rumors and reports dog Sandra Bullock’s marriage to Jesse James. 3/31 CNN: Sandra Bullock to file for divorce! (Good girl! You deserve better!) 4/7 Daily Mail: Jim Carrey splits from ex-Playboy model Jenny McCarthy after 5 years.  4/15 CNN: Melissa Etheridge, partner, split. Reuters: Broadcaster Larry King seeks 8th divorce! TMZ: Larry King’s wife: My sis kept getting gifts. ET: Mel Gibson and Russian mother of his 8th child call it quits! 4/21 Drudge: Little League coach claims affair with Larry King’s wife. 4/22 People: Bachelor Bob Guiney’s wife files for divorce. Tara Reid calls off wedding. 4/28 People: Sandra Bullock has filed for divorce from Jesse James and is adopting a baby boy. (Good for you, Sandra! There is another man in your future, a truly decent man!) 5/4 USA Today: Publicist: Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry split. 5/12 CNN: Larry King and wife reconcile. 5/21 NBC-TV: Elin Wood is seeking $750M in divorce settlement from Tiger. (I think I could live on that!) 6/1 CNN: Al Gore, wife Tipper, decide to separate. 6/9 Yahoo: Heidi Montag files for legal separation from husband Spencer Pratt. CNN: Gore’s daughter leaves husband. CNN: Shania Twain: Officially divorced. 6/22 CNN: Bachelor and Vienna Giraldi split. (How can any relationship developed in front of the camera for the TV public ever survive?) 6/28 CNN: Mel Gibson knocked out his ex-girlfriend’s teeth. You know, the mother of his last child? She says he punched her. (He had better stop drinking!) 6/28 CNN: Sandra Bullock’s divorce is final. 7/15 CNN: RFK Jr., wife filing, DUI charge, Kennedy filed first. Kelly Osbourne and fiancée split. 8/24 CNN: Cheryl Hines, producer husband split. Tiger Wood’s divorce finalized. 9/27 CNN: George Lopez and wife who gave kidney split up. 10/12 CNN: Courtney Cox-David Arquette split. 11/17 CNN: Eva Longoria files for divorce from Tony Parker. (Marriage is not easy!) 12/14 CNN: “Dexter” stars, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, file for divorce. 12/24 CNN: Ryan and Scarlett file for divorce. (I guess the sexiest man is too sexy to be married!) 12/31 CNN: John Mellencamp splits with wife. 1/4/2011 CNN: Split: Macaulay’s home alone.A SOLEMN FUNERAL in the NATION’S CAPITAL with flags flown at half-staff.BIZARRE EXPLOSIONS from DEEP WITHIN THE EARTH.4/5 NBC-TV: Explosions from deep within a West Virginia coal mine leaves 6 dead, dozens feared trapped after mine blast. 4/7 CNN: 25 dead, 4 missing in WV. 4/8 CNN: Rescuers enter West Virginia mine to search for four missing miners. Poor air quality had prevented rescuers from entering the mine until now. 4/21 Explosion rocks oil rig in Gulf of Mexico. At least 12 are missing on the Deep Horizon oil rig off the coast of Louisiana. 5/8 Drudge: Bubble of methane triggered rig blast. USA Today: Box to contain oil reaches Gulf floor. Robots position giant box over spewing oil. 6/7 CNN: An underground natural gas pipeline exploded into flames in Johnson County, eastern Texas, injuring at least 8 people, several badly burned, with an unknown number of people still unaccounted for. Crews are unable to get closer than within 600 feet of the fire. The Fire Chief said, “There is no way we can put this fire out.” USA Today: At least 10 missing after rural Texas explosion. Yahoo: 3 dead after natural gas line explodes in Texas.  MINING ACCIDENTS and CAVE-INS result in serious FATALITIES, especially in countries in Europe and Asia.3/19 Reuters: At least 200 killed in Sierra Leone as unofficial mine collapses. 3/28 CNN: 152 trapped in China coal mine. 4/2 Yahoo: Sounds heard in China mine where 153 trapped. 4/4 CNN: 9 rescued from flooded China mine. 4/5 Yahoo: ‘Miracle in China’: 115 trapped miners rescued. NBC-TV: 6 dead, 21 missing, after an explosion and mine cave-in in West Virginia. 4/6 CNN: Coal mine blast kills 25; 4 missing. Workers found dead in China mine. 4/8 CNN: China mine disaster death toll at 12. Rescuers in West Virginia forced to turn back because of poor air quality. 4 miners still missing. 4/10 Washington Post: 4 missing West Virginia miners dead: final toll at 29 dead. 4/29 Yahoo: 2 miners missing in Kentucky coal mine rock fall. CNN: One trapped miner found dead. CNN: Rescuers find both miners dead. 4/30 Reuters: Massey faces criminal charges for mine blast: source.  5/8 CNN: 8 dead, 60 trapped in Russian coal mine. Reuters: 7 dead in Russian coal mine blast. 5/9 CNN: 12 killed, 83 trapped in Russian mine blast.  5/10 Yahoo: Death toll in Russian mine blast hits 32. 5/11 Reuters: Russia mine death toll rises to 52. 5/13 CNN: 60 dead in Russian mine blasts. 5/17 Yahoo: F at Turkish coal mine traps 32 workers. 5/18 CNN: Rush to save Turkish miners. 5/30 USA Today: Blast in Central China kills 17 coal miners. 6/5 Reuters: Lead poisoning from mining kills 163 in Nigeria. 6/7 CNN: 55 bodies found in Mexican mine shaft, 3 mummified, 2 skeletal remains, with only 4 identified. Authorities are searching other mine shafts for perhaps other discarded bodies. 6/16 CNN: Crack in floor of fatal WV mine. 6/17 Reuters: Columbia coal blast kills 16 miners. CNN: COLUMBIA coal mine blast traps 70.  6/20 CNN: 18 dead, 53 missing in COLUMBIA mine. Yahoo: At least 58 trapped after blast in CHINA mine. 6/21 Reuters: All feared dead in Congo wreck of mining exec’s plane. 8/7 CNN: Gold mine fire traps 50 in CHINA: 14 dead, 23 trapped. Reuters: New cave-in blocks CHILE miner rescue bid. 8/14 CNN: Two bodies found at site of NEVADA mine accident. 8/22 CNN: Miners trapped for weeks are alive, Chilean president says. (Good news for a change!) 8/24 Reuters: VENEZUELA gold mine collapse kills 6. 11/19 CNN: 27 miners missing after NEW ZEALAND mine explosion. 11/20 CNN: High gas levels prevent NEW ZEALAND mine rescue. 11/22 CNN: 29 trapped miners rescued in CHINA after 30 hours. 11/24 CNN: 29 New Zealand miners declared dead. 12/23 CNN: Man trapped underwater in Florida mine. 4/8/2012 CNN: Rush to meet trapped miners in PERU.  SEXUAL INTRIGUES titillate and astound while others actually disgust.1/21 CNN: Senator John Edwards admits fathering child. 1/23 Drudge: Scorned mistress of married Obama adviser posts billboards nationwide. Entertainer Andy Dick arrested for sexual abuse in West Virginia. 2/1 CNN: Man invents $7,000 talking sex robot. (He may regret the talking part, but there’s probably an ‘off’ switch. Wait until she asks her owner to take out the trash!☺Do you think he’s been divorced a few times???)2/15 The Mail Online: Porn star Joslyn James claims Tiger Woods got her pregnant twice. 3/6 CNN: Steeler’s QB accused of sexual assault. Vatican hit by gay prostitution scandal! (Here goes the church again and Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of big business. Of course, the Catholic Church is big business!) 3/10 Drudge: Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni ‘both having affairs.’ (An open marriage, perhaps? It is France!) 3/11 CNN: Teacher, married mother of 3, admits to sex with boy, 14. Drudge: 70-year-old Delaware man, kidnaps, drugs and sexually assaults woman, 38.  CNN: Sex scandal rocks German Catholic church. 3/18 Drudge: Jesse James apologizes to Sandra Bullock and his children after a woman claims she’s having an affair with him. (Dump him, Sandra! No woman needs the lies or the risks!) 3/24 CNN: Irish bishop in sex abuse scandal quits. (He probably should be in prison! Me opinionated? Come on!) 3/30 Drudge: India ‘holy man’ resigns over sex scandal. 4/20 Drudge: Sex crimes PA unit head charged with sexual assault. 4/23 Belgian bishop resigns after admitting abuse.  5/6 CNN: NFL star Lawrence Taylor arrested in rape investigation. 5/18 Drudge: Indiana Republican Congressman Souder, who promoted abstinence education, resigns after affair with female staffer.(Hypocrisy is alive and well in the House and in the Senate.) 5/21 CNN: Priest in Brazil accused of having ‘erotic dungeon’ where he sexually abused minor boys. (This is OUTRAGEOUS! ANOTHER PRIEST PEDOPHILE!) 5/22 Drudge: D.C. high school, college students complain about quality and size of free condoms from the city. USA Today: Hank Haney tells Golf Channel that Tiger Woods is a sex addict. (After admitting to 121 mistresses during his marriage, that sounds about right!) 7/8 CNN: Police: Church $$$ used for escorts. 7/23 Drudge: Gay priest sex expose rocks Vatican!  9/21 CNN: MegaChurch pastor accused of sexual coercion by two men in Georgia. 9/25 CNN: 4th man claims he had sex with pastor. 9/29 CNN: Accuser’s message for Georgia pastor: ‘You are a monster.’ 11/9 CNN: 884 arrested in child prostitution sweep. (Those who entrap these children are truly monsters!)  12/1 CNN: Televangelist, the Reverend Marcus Lamb, says he cheated on his wife on TV. (Not another one! What is it with these religious guys? Too repressed?) AC360: Sexual slavery in California. (Not in the least entertaining!)  12/30 CNN: Former Israel president Moshe Katsav guilty of rape, sexual harassment. CNN: 2010 Obsessions: Year of the celebrity mistresses.Someone on the MOST WANTED list is captured and imprisoned.February: Fugitive found on Facebook! 4/27 Drudge: Italian police arrest top mafia fugitive…on the run since 1993.  SHIPS, FERRIES, and CRUISE LINERS flounder or sink, with serious loss of life.12/23 Yahoo: Vessels collide in Philippines, 27 missing, passenger ferry and fishing boat; 46 plucked from water alive. 1/6 Yahoo: Boats collide in anti-whaling conflict in Antarctica…Japanese whaling ship deliberately rams speed boat. 2/19 CNN: Ship sinks, 64 Canadian students rescued 300 miles from the coast of Brazil. 2/23 CNN: More than 300 sick on Caribbean cruise. 3/3 CNN: Giant waves hit cruise ship in Mediterranean off the coast of France, 2 passengers killed, 14 others injured. 3/4 CNN: Passenger ships stuck in Baltic Sea ice.  Drudge: 1,000 trapped on ferry stuck in Baltic Sea ice. 3/18 Drudge: Cruise liner hit again with illness returns to SC. 4/3 Washington Post: After the sinking of the South Korean Navy ship and drowning of 46, the search ship also sank. 4/4 Reuters: Australia warns stranded Chinese ship could break up on Great Barrier Reef. 4/10 Drudge: U.S. nuclear submarine crashes while navigator listens to iPod, causing $60M in damage. 4/22 CNN: 60 Carnival Cruise ship passengers hurt when ship rocks in Gulf: sudden maneuver made to avoid buoy caused the ship to rock.  5/8 Yahoo: Staten Island ferry crashes into pier injuring dozens onboard. CNN: More than 50 hurt as Staten Island Ferry boat hits terminal. 5/25 CNN: Ships collide off Singapore. 5/27 CNN: Peru ferry capsizes on Amazon River, killing at least 12 of the 152 listed onboard: Rescue continuing. CNN: People may be trapped in sunken ferry.  7/7 CNN: 2 missing after duck boat hit by barge on Delaware River, 35 rescued. 7/8 CNN: Duck boat collision probe begins, 2 missing. 8/30 CNN: Canada aids cruise ship stuck in the Arctic Ocean on unmapped rock. 128 passengers and 69 crew members ferried off.  9/5 Yahoo: Congo: 70 dead, 200 missing in 2 boat capsizes. CNN: 7 boaters saved in moonlight rescue off SOUTH CAROLINA due to Hurricane Earl. 11/9 CNN: Cruise ship stranded without power after fire near Baja, California. 11/10 CNN: Tugboats tow crippled cruise ship. 11/12 CNN: Cruise passengers: ‘We’re thankful we’re alive.’ 11/30 CNN: Intoxicated passenger drops cruise ship’s anchor at 5 am. Could have caused serious damage. (Keep him off future cruises, I say!)  12/4 CNN: 10 missing after cargo ship sinks. 12/5 CNN: Disabled freighter/ship off Alaska being towed. 12/8 Yahoo: Antarctic cruise ship limping to port in Argentina. 12/12 Passengers stranded on MISSOURI lake cruise boat.  12/13 CNN: 5 dead after ship sinks in Antarctic. Royal Caribbean cruise ship battered in Mediterranean storm, injuring 30 passengers, shattering glass and overturning furniture. 12/19 CNN: 5 rescued from sinking boat off ALASKA. 12/20: CNN: Australian Authorities: Death toll up to 48 in Christmas Island shipwreck, possibly more than half the passengers on the boat.1/1 Drudge: 10 ships, 600 crew trapped in sub-Arctic ice.LANDSLIDES and MUDSLIDES *bury the dead.1/21 Drudge: Mud alert in CALIFORNIA. L.A. Times: Latest storm brings tornado-like winds, floods roads and causes small mudslides in foothill communities. 1/26 CNN: Landslides trap tourists in Machu Picchu. 2/7 CNN: Hundreds flee mudslides in L.A. 2/8 Drudge: Mudslides sweep away cars, assault homes near L.A. 2/9 CNN: 500 home owners in Los Angeles under mandatory evacuation from possible mudslides as vigorous new storm approaches. 2/17 Earth Changes Media: Mudslide hits southern ITALY, over 2,000 people evacuated;  *In northern Haiti mudslide kills 4 children in school. 2/19 Earth Changes Media: California storm evacuations: Los Angeles braces for mudslides. 2/21 CNN: Mudslides, flooding kill dozens on the Portuguese island of Madeira, 40 killed, more than 100 injured. Reuters: Madeira floods kill 42, divers hunt for missing. 2/23 Earth Changes Media: *Five dead, dozens missing in Indonesia landslide on tea plantation. 3/2 CNN: Uganda landslides wipe out villages. 3/3 Earth Changes Media: More than 100 bodies recovered after massive landslide in Uganda. 3/4 CNN: *Hundreds missing in UGANDA landslides. 3/9 CNN: Rock slide drops giant boulders that punched gaping holes in interstate, forcing closings in COLORADO. 3/11 Earth Changes Media: Landslide blankets northwest China village: *17 dead.  4/8 Yahoo: At least 200 buried, feared dead in Rio mudslides. Rio’s slums disappear with mudslides. 4/10 CNN: More than 200 dead in BRAZIL mudslides. 4/12 CNN: Sliding mud derails train, suffocates passengers in Italy, 11 dead, 20 injured. 6/14 NBC-TV: Massive mudslides in FRANCE bury houses and cars. 6/15 Reuters: Landslides kill at least 58 in BANGLADESH. 7/13 Reuters: Southwest CHINA landslide kills 17. 7/27 CNN: 6 killed in CHINA mudslides. 8/8 CNN: Thousands missing in CHINA landslides, 127 dead. 8/9 Reuters: Landslides complicate PAKISTAN flood relief efforts. CHINA mudslide death toll hits 337. 8/10 CNN: Hundreds dead in CHINA mudslides triggered by heavy rains: 702 count so far, hundreds missing. Reuters: Unstable lake threatens mudslide-ravaged CHINA town. 8/13 CNN: Death toll in CHINA mudslides rises to 1,156. 8/18 Reuters: Dozens missing after landslides in southwest CHINA. Earth Changes Media: More than 60 missing in CHINA’S latest mudslides. 8/20 CNN: Mudslide death toll in CHINA sadly reaches 1,407. 9/5 Yahoo: GUATEMALA mudslides kill at least 38, 2 buses hit. 9/6 CNN: Mudslide death toll in Guatemala rises to 44, 56 injured and 16 missing. 9/28 Yahoo: MEXICAN governor: Hundreds feared dead in mudslide when hillside collapsed in rural community.  CNN: 1,000 may be trapped in MEXICO landslide. 9/29 CNN: Mudslide swallows homes in COLUMBIA. 10/5 CNN: 4 dead after toxic mud floods villages in HUNGARY. State of emergency declared. Yahoo: Hungary sludge flood called ‘ecological disaster.’ 11/7 CNN: Haiti under threat of mudslides. 11/20 CNN: Floods, mudslides kill 136 in COLUMBIA. 12/12 CNN: Mudslide causes Amtrak cancellations between Portland, OREGON, and Seattle, WASHINGTON. 12/20 CNN: Mudslides threaten homes in Hollywood Hills.12/23 CNN: Mud engulfs CALIFORNIA homes. Drudge: 4 feet high mud and flood covers cars in CALIFORNIA. 12/29 Drudge: Rain, possible mudslides for LOS ANGELES, SAN DIEGO. 12/31/2012 BBC News: COLUMBIA landside kills 5 in Nevia, 25 missing. 1/12/2013 CNN: Landslide kills 46 in CHINA.    DUST STORMS reap havoc in increasing numbers.2/20 CBS-TV: Sandstorm in Athens, Greece. 3/20 Drudge: China sandstorm leaves Beijing shrouded in orange dust. 3/22 Yahoo: Sandstorms across China prompt health warnings. Drudge: Hong Kong, Taiwan suffer from Chinese sandstorms. 8/18 Earth Changes Media: Mesa, Scottsdale hit hard by dust, rain. Wall of dust moved in to obstruct the view of Camelback Mountain. 4/10/2011 Drudge: Freak sandstorm in Germany causes deadly pileup. 7/6 CNN: Massive dust storm hits Phoenix. 7/21 CNN: Haboob II: Return of ARIZONA dust storm. 1/11/2013 CNN: Mammoth dust storm in AUSTRALIA.  FIRE RAGES for too many days, destroying property and lives. CALIFORNIA and AUSTRALIA suffer losses, while not alone in experiencing devastation.4/12 CNN: NYC Chinatown fire injures dozens. 4/22 CNN: Burning oil rig sinks in Gulf of Mexico; 11 still missing after explosion, the U.S. Coast Guard said. (Now there’s a major loss!) One dead after home invasion, fire in Phoenix. Suspect shot leaving house. 5/5 CNN: Refinery explodes in San Antonio, Texas. Firefighters work to contain blaze, at least 2 reported injured. Refinery fire forces evacuation. 5/28 CNN: 1,400 flee Quebec wildfires. 6/4 CNN: Fire kills 109 in Bangladesh. 6/13 CNN: Huge fire burns at N.C. gas company. 6/20 Yahoo: Arizona wildfire forces more than 1,000 to flee from their homes. Authorities arrested a man they say caused the first blaze by dumping coals from a campfire on the ground. (Idiot award!) 6/21 CNN: Bus set on fire in El Salvador: 11 die. Chicago subway fire injures 12. CNN: ARIZONA wildfire rages near Flagstaff, growing to more than 8,800 acres, shutting down highways and forcing the evacuations of two neighborhoods. 6/22 Yahoo: ARIZONA wildfire now at 10,000 acres. 6/23 CNN: Animal shelter evacuated because of Arizona fire. 14,000 acre wildfire burns in ARIZONA. 7/16 Reuters: Hotel fire kills 30 in IRAQ’S Kurdish north. 7/18 Reuters: Athens wildfires burn forest, threaten homes. 7/18 Mailonline: The night sky on fire: 2,000 firefighters battle inferno that blazed for 15 hours in CHINA after 2 pipelines explode.  7/27 CNN: Sequoia National Forest wildfire grows. 7/28 Yahoo: California wildfires burn 30 homes, threaten 150 more. 7/30 Yahoo: Wildfire breaks out near LOS ANGELES. 25 dead as forest fires rage across RUSSIA. CNN: Russian army fights wildfires. Third blaze ignites in CALIFORNIA wildfires. 7/31 CNN: Wildfire rages in LOS ANGELES COUNTY. RUSSIAN wildfires kill 25. Update: 240,000 sent to fight RUSSIA’S wildfires! (Awful!) CNN: RUSSIA’S wildfires leave 2,800 homeless. 8/1 Drudge: 500 square miles now on fire in RUSSIA. 8/2 Yahoo: Death toll from Russian wildfires reaches 34. CNN: 500 Russian towns threatened by fire. 8/8 CNN: Hundreds more wildfires burn in RUSSIA. 8/9 CNN: 270 new fires in RUSSIA.  8/10 CNN: Wildfires threaten CALIFORNIA homes. 8/11 USA Today: Russian wildfires raise Chernobyl radiation fears. 8/4 Drudge: U.S. sends help as fires close in on RUSSIAN nuclear base. 8/25 Yahoo: Ashland, OREGON, fire destroys 11 homes, damages 2.  9/1 Yahoo: Golfer’s swing sparks 25-acre CALIFORNIA blaze in Irvine. 9/3 Reuters: 8 die as wildfires consume RUSSIAN villages. 9/6 CNN: Colorado wildfire hits structures west of Boulder. 9/7 CNN: Air tankers to help fight fast-moving wildfire near Boulder, COLORADO. 3,500 residents to evacuate. 9/13 CNN: Wildfire flares in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Another wildfire bedevils COLORADO. 9/20 CNN: Machine gun blamed for wildfire near National Guard facility forces evacuation of more than 1,000 homes in UTAH.  10/29 CNN: Boulder, COLORADO, canyon fire forces massive evacuations of homes in foothills. 12/2 CNN: 40 die in ISRAELI forest fire. 12/19 CNN: Philippines’ hotel fire kills 15. 12/22 CNN: 2 firefighters dead, 16 firefighters injured in CHICAGO fire.  12/23 CNN: 8 died in NEW ORLEANS fire in abandoned building.OVERTHROW OF GOVERNMENT, possibly in a South American country. Turmoil! Execution! Hysteria! Murder!4/8 CNN: Perhaps this prediction actually refers to Kyrgyzstan? The president stole from the country and fled. 4/12 Reuters: Kyrgyzstan interim government mounts pressure on President Bakiyev. Kyrgyz president rallies followers, warns of bloodshed. Headline News: THAI poll body says ruling party must be dissolved.  4/14 Reuters: Red Shirts take over ‘richest part’ of Bangkok. 4/15 Reuters: Kyrgyzstan president Bakiyev flees, ending standoff. 4/18 Reuters: Kyrgyzstan’s new rulers struggle to restore order. 4/19 Reuters: Fresh violence challenges Kyrgyzstan leaders. 4/20 Reuters: Village burned, looted in Kyrgyz ethnic violence. 4/22 CNN: Thai blasts prompt emergency meeting. 4/23 Reuters: Is Thailand on the brink of civil war? 4/27 CNN: Kyrgyz president charged with murder. 5/1 Reuters: Thai standoff may worsen to civil war: crisis group. 5/13 NY Times: Thai general shot in head. CNN: Red Shirt shot during interview. Drudge: Explosions, gunfire heard in central Bangkok as police confront protestors. 5/14 CNN: Violence grips Thai capital with 5 dead, 53 wounded in clashes between Red Shirt protestors and government security forces. Reuters: Kyrgyz government claims control in restive south. CNN: Death toll rises in Thai protest. Drudge: 10 dead, 125 injured in Thai clashes.  5/15 Yahoo: Clashes, blasts rattle besieged Bangkok; 22 dead. CNN: 6 more dead as Thai PM warns of civil war. 5/16 Reuters: Thai protestors seek talks as fighting rages. Yahoo: Bangkok fighting leaves 30 dead, 232 injured. U.S., U.K. issue warnings against travel to Bangkok. 5/18 CNN: Bangkok tense with thousands in the streets. Reuters: Thai government dismisses talks to end deadly protests. 5/19 Washington Post: Thai troops advance on protest camp. Reuters: Bangkok burns as protest leaders surrender. Drudge: Thailand’s biggest department store destroyed in riots. NY Times: Violence spreads in Thailand after crackdown. Reuters: Uneasy peace in Thailand, uncertainties lie ahead. 5/24 CNN: Unrest spreads in Jamaica. Reuters: Jamaica declares emergency after attacks.A GREAT DECEPTION comes to light for all the world to see. SHAME!February: Senator John Edwards? March: Tiger Woods?A GREAT TREASURE is found during warm weather or in a tropical climate. Governments SPAR for the riches. Division of assets!An AIRBORNE EPIDEMIC strikes, perhaps two—one respiratory, the other intestinal in nature. Lives shall be lost, perhaps in great measure.2/6 Drudge: H1N1 deaths top 15,000, WHO. 4/24 Drudge: Potentially deadly fungus spreading in U.S. and Canada. 5/1 Science Daily: Hand washing, mask wearing may limit transmission of pandemic flu. 5/30 Drudge: Phoenix-area hospitals fight highly toxic ‘supergerm’.  12/31 CNN: Cholera kills more than 3,300 in Haiti. (I think this is water borne, not air, but it is definitely intestinal in its destruction. It’s a terrible disease!)  6/22/2011 BBC News: Scarlet fever hits Hong Kong.  7/16/2012 Drudge Report: Hand, foot and mouth disease infects 381,000 in China. 10/1 Science Daily: Novel pathogen epidemic identified in SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: Spread of human invasive non-typhoidal salmonella tracked.POWER STRUGGLES are reckless, disgraceful, and public.1/27 Drudge: South Korea returns fire from North. 3/26 Drudge: North Korea vows ‘nuclear strikes’ in latest threats. 3/17 Reuters: Israeli tanks in Gaza in worst clash in year. 3/28 CNN: Israel seals off West Bank. Thai PM agrees to meet with protestors. April: THAILAND, Kyrgyzstan. 5/25 NY Times: North Korea says it will sever all ties with South, as tensions mount. Emergency declare in parts of Jamaica.5/25 Drudge: Jamaica ‘drug lord’ raid kills 11. Yahoo: Jamaica police: 30 dead in battle with drug gang. 5/26 CNN: Dozens killed in Jamaican violence. Reuters: Jamaica violence death toll rises to near 50. CNN: 500 in custody after Jamaica violence.  5/27 CNN: North Korea warns of ‘all out war.’ Yahoo: Jamaica: 73 killed in hunt for alleged drug lord.  6/11 CNN: 17 dead in Kyrgyzstan violence. 6/12 CNN: Kyrgyzstan declares state of emergency. 6/14 Reuters: Ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan kills 117. Yahoo: 100,000 Uzbek refugees seek safety at border. 6/15 CNN: Uzbekistan closes borders amid clashes. N. Korea rejects findings, threatens war. 6/26 Reuters: Thousands protest in Taiwan against China trade deal. Fear ahead of Kyrgyz vote in wake of violence. 7/24 Reuters: North Korea declares “sacred war” on U.S. and South “at any time necessary” based on its nuclear deterrent, in response to “reckless” military exercises by the allies. 8/3 Yahoo: Lebanon, Israel clash near border, at least 3 dead. 8/8 Drudge: Castro warns of impending nuclear holocaust. 8/16 Drudge: North Korea warns: ‘Severest Punishment’ for war games. 8/19 Reuters: South Africa police fire rubber bullets at strikers. 9/7 Drudge: Strikes disrupt France, London over government austerity measures. 9/29 Reuters: Tens of thousands march in BRUSSELS over austerity. 9/30 Reuters: Unrest rocks ECUADOR as troops take airport. 10/1 Drudge: Ecuador in chaos; president claims coup attempt. 10/29 CNN: French unions stage new strikes. 11/1 Drudge: 2,000 rally in Moscow, demand freedom of assembly. 11/6 CNN: Police: Protesters tearing up OAKLAND. Reuters: Mass German anti-nuclear rally against waste shipment.  11/8 CNN: Thousands flee clashes in Myanmar. 11/10 CNN: UK student tuition protest turns violent. 11/23 Yahoo: North, South Korea exchange fire, 2 South Korean marines killed. 11/24 CNN: North Korea: We are on the ‘brink of war.’ Shelling of South Korean island killed 4. Survivors dazed, shocked.  Reuters: U.S. aircraft carrier heads for Korean waters. 11/27 CNN: South Korea tensions spill into the streets.  11/28 Reuters: China proposes emergency talks on Korea crisis. Drudge: 100,000+ march in Dublin over budget cuts. 11/29 Reuters: SOUTH KOREA vows retaliation against any further attack. 12/4 Yahoo: Ivory Coast dispute leaves two presidents, chaos. 12/10 Drudge: Anarchy in the U.K.: Protestors attack royals. Student protestors in London turn violent. 12/15 Drudge: Moscow police arrest more than 100, fear riots. 12/16 Drudge: Greek anti-austerity strike turns violent. 12/17 Reuters: Sudan, Darfur rebels clash one day after U.N. rebuke.  12/19 CNN: Exodus from the Ivory Coast: clutching pots and pans and balancing their possessions on their heads, residents are escaping to neighboring countries, claiming intimidation during the country’s presidential standoff. 12/23 Reuters: North Korea makes nuclear threat in standoff with South. 12/27 CNN: Refugees flee Ivory Coast violence.  MANY GOVERNMENTS UNITE in the attempt to END TERRORIST ACTIVITIES.6/23 CNN: Terrorist caught, Indonesia says. Reuters: Alleged drug lord ‘Dudas’ Coke captured in Jamaica. 6/24 Washington Post: Pakistan court convicts 5 Americans in terror plot, AP reports. 6/26 Reuters: Yemen arrests 30 in al Qaeda hunt, 1 detainee dead. 7/17 Washington Post: 15 nations agree to reduce cyberwarfare threat. 7/27 Yahoo: France declares war against al Qaida. 8/14 Drudge/NYT: Secret assault on terrorism widens on two continents. 9/29 Yahoo: Authorities on 3 continents thwart terror plot: US-bound explosives seized.  11/6 CNN: Obama: U.S., India stand united against terrorism. 11/26 CNN: Saudis crack 19 active terror cells. 12/20 CNN: UK police nab 12 terror suspects. 12/24 USA Today: Suspected terror plot puts MUMBAI on alert. 12/25 CNN: Dutch arrest 12 on suspicion of terror. 12/29 USA Today: Danish, Swedish police arrest 5 terror suspects. GOLD in ABUNDANCE. Black gold, perchance?5/16 Yahoo: Huge underwater oil plumes found in Gulf of Mexico. 5/25 All media: So much waste and destruction with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.5/29/2011 Drudge: Huge new oil fields discovered in TEXAS!8/24/2011 Mail Online: Massive seam of gold worth at least 9 Billion discovered in hard-up region of GERMANY. 10/10/2012 BBC News: Ireland ‘close to oil billions’ Ireland is on the verge of securing revenue from oil that could run into the billions of pounds!GREAT AFRICAN RICHES discovered, creating another reason for war and genocide in some unfortunate nation. Greed is stronger than compassion.A DICTATOR FALLS, or simply expires, with power plays for a replacement.4/14 Could this be Kyrgyzstan?IRAN faces continued STRUGGLE as the people demand greater FREEDOM and improvement in HUMAN RIGHTS. It is time for IRAN to come out of the dark ages of outmoded rules and regulations! There will be more bloodshed until the government wakes up. The time is fast approaching for an END OF TYRANNY. 12/23 CNN: Protests, clashes, reported in IRAN. 12/27 CNN: Iran street protests turn violent, opposition website reports 3 killed. 12/28 CNN: Iran Official: Arrest demonstrators…following deadly anti-government protests in Tehran.  12/29 CNN: Iran urges ‘no mercy’ for protestors. 1/1/2010: Reuters: Opposition head Mousavi: Iran in ‘serious crisis.’ 1/8 Yahoo: Gunmen open fire at Iranian opposition leader…500 demonstrating outside building where the leader was staying. 2/11 Yahoo: Huge rally and protests mark Iran revolution. (I predicted the overthrow of the Shah of Iran in a reading for an Iranian client the year before it happened, never realizing she was a member of Iranian royalty.)  CNN: Attacks reported in Iran protests.SUMMER FIRES are frightful and destructive. An ARSONIST is brutally trapped by his own malicious folly.6/25 Yahoo: 10 killed when fire breaks out in INDONESIAN nightclub. 7/4 Reuters: Fire kills 20 aboard China steel company bus.  9/7 CNN: Dozens of homes burn across DETROIT. Police are investigating the fires. 3.500 flee Colorado wildfires. 9/8 CNN: Thousands flee as COLORADO fire grows. Dozens of homes burned in Detroit, MICHIGAN. Breaking news: 3 houses are on fire in Detroit’s East Side. In one neighborhood 20 homes have burned to the ground.  CNN: 8 missing, 54 homes burned in Colorado fires. Update: 4 missing, 140 structures burn in COLORADO. 9/10 Yahoo: Massive blast ‘like a bomb’ consumes area south of SAN FRANCISCO destroying more than 50 (53) homes from gas main explosion, with at least 1 dead.  CNN: One CALIFORNIA citizen said the natural gas explosion felt like an earthquake. The neighborhood was incinerated. 3 dead, dozens injured, more than 170 homes damaged or destroyed. Blast melted cars, leveled homes.  CNN: COLORADO wildfire laps at BOULDER. Drudge: 6+ dead, 53 homes destroyed in CALIFORNIA fire. 9/12 CNN: 6 people missing after deadly California gas fire. 9/20 USA Today: Thousands flee wildfire outside SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH. 9/24 CNN: Massive fire torches homes in VIRGINIA. 9/25 BBC News: Wildfire booms in UGANDA reserves. FIRE FROM THE MOUNTAIN, high on the mountain, as VESUVIUS REAWAKENS from its long, peaceful slumber.  Will Naples become the next Pompeii?NEW INVENTIONS, some weapons of destruction, are subtle, futuristic, and terrifying by design.1/12 Drudge: Israeli robots remake battlefield. 3/19 Science Daily: Computer scientists create a multilingual search engine. 4/29 Drudge: Scientists develop spray to make men more affectionate; Cuddle hormone….(Is this a weapon of mass macho destruction?!) 5/6 Discovery News: New phones sense your emotions. 5/13 Drudge: Scientists trumpet advanced DNA robots. 5/14 USA Today: Star Wars meets Reality? Military testing laser beams crystal clear for half a century. 5/16 Drudge: Robot gives away the bride and conducts wedding in Tokyo. 5/18 Discovery News: A rocket that comes back home: U.S. Air Force vision of the future includes rockets that return to earth and land on a runway. Science Daily: Electric drive concepts for cars of the future. 6/1 CNN: Navy’s drone death ray takes out targets: laser weapon.  6/30 Drudge: Pentagon develops shape-shifting robots. 7/13 Drudge: Unmanned stealth jet to hit targets on another continent.  ECONOMIC PANIC in the summer.8/12 CNN: Market rout stirs fear. Foreclosures rise 3.6%. Reuters: Stock futures add to loses after jobless data. Drudge: Jobless claims jump to highest since February. DOW drops 265.The END of another MONARCHY.4/14 Is this going to be Thailand?BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED WOMEN leave earthly existence to join their loved ones on the Other Side.1/23 NBC-TV: Legendary actress Jean Simmons dies of lung cancer at 80. 5/3 CNN: Actress Lynn Redgrave dead at 67. 5/10 Yahoo: Beautiful, barrier-breaking jazz star and actress Lena Horne dies at 92.The GREAT MAN is honored after his passing.2/9 All Media: Representative John Murtha, 77.LAWS CHANGE in large numbers, amid protests and approval, to the EVENTUAL BENEFIT of all.3/23 Washington Post: President Obama signs new health care bill into law. 3/25 Drudge: California voters could legalize pot in November election. Yahoo: Pentagon changes rules for discharging gays. Healthcare is included in this prediction. 4/15 Washington Post: Battle over financial regulations heats up. 4/16 Washington Post: Obama grants visiting rights to gays. 4/20 Washington Post: Supreme Court strikes down law against animal cruelty videos. D.C. medical marijuana bill passes. 4/22 NY Times: Obama lays out laws for regulating financial industry. 4/24 Drudge: Illegal Arizona immigration bill becomes law. 4/26 Washington Post: Supreme Court to decide if states can regulate video games. 4/29 NBC-TV: Regulation reform debate opens in the Senate as Obama asks for bi-partisanship. 5/4 Washington Post: D.C. legalized medical marijuana bill heads to mayor for signature. 5/17 Washington Post: Supreme Court says sexually dangerous inmates can be held after prison terms are completed. NY Times: Justices bar life terms for youths who haven’t killed.  5/19 Washington Post: S.E.C. proposes rules to halt another ‘flash crash.’ 5/21 NY Times: Senate passes broader rules for overseeing Wall Street. Washington Post: Historic financial bill passes Senate. 5/25 Washington Post: Obama backs ‘don’t ask’ compromise that could pave way for repeal. 5/27 NY Times: House votes to repeal ban on gays in the military. CNN: ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ plan gets OKs. 5/29 Drudge: Employees at California medical marijuana facility join union. 5/31 Reuters: Critics, backers of Arizona’s immigration law rally. 6/1 Washington Post: Supreme Court: Suspects must say they want to be silent. (They’re going to have to change this on TV!) 6/3 Washington Post: Drilling ban extended to shallow waters in Gulf of Mexico extending President Obama’s suspension of permits for deep water drilling. AND: Interior Department denies extending Gulf drilling freeze. 6/13 Yahoo: New rules for Wall Street must clear final hurdle. 6/15 CNN: Proposed Arizona law would deny citizenship to children born in the United States to illegal immigrants. (But we’re a country of immigrants! What is going on?) 6/21 NY Times: Supreme Court affirms ban on aiding groups tied to terror. 6/25 NY Times: News Alert: House and Senate reach deal on financial system reform. 6/26 Reuters: Obama praises lawmakers for financial reform bill. Drudge: Senate approves Obama’s Internet kill switch plan. 6/28 Drudge: 5-4 Supreme Court extends gun rights nationwide. 6/30 Washington Post: House approves financial overhaul. 7/15 CNN: Gay marriage legalized in Argentina. Senate OKs Wall Street bill. Reuters: Congress approves the most sweeping rewrite of financial regulations in decades, delivering a key victory to President Obama. 7/21 Reuters: Obama signs sweeping Wall Street overhaul into law. 7/29 NY Times: Judge blocks Arizona’s immigration law. 8/4 NY Times: California gay marriage ban overturned. 8/12 NY Times: Judge says California ban on gay marriage can end August 18. 8/14 Reuters: FDA OKs new “morning after” pill. 9/2 CNN: Greece bans smoking in public spaces. 9/9 NY Times: U.S. District Judge strikes down military ban on gays as a violation of First Amendment rights of gays and lesbians. 9/10 CNN: City’s immigration law struck down in Pennsylvania concerning landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. 9/12 NY Times: International panel seeks accord on new rules for banking industry. 12/10 USA Today: Republicans block ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal. Wikileaks protestors use hotnets to attack. 12/13 CNN: Obama signs child nutrition law. Key part of healthcare law ruled “unconstitutional” by Virginia judge. NY Times: Tax-Cut Bill passes 60 vote level in Senate, enough to advance. 12/15 Drudge: Switzerland considers repealing incest laws.  NY Times: Senate passes Compromise Tax Package: 81-19. CNN: House passes repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’  12/17 NY Times: Congress approves tax cut and jobless benefit legislation.  Drudge: U.N. plans Internet regulation. (Perhaps it’s time for such a move! Some people have no sense of propriety: Assange, for instance. He’s a dangerous man. He’s giving a strange kind of permission to hackers everywhere! Not good!) 12/19 NY Times: Senate repeals ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ 12/21 Yahoo: Iraqi lawmakers approve new government.12/22 NY Times: Senate passes arms control treaty with Russia, 71-26.12/23 NY Times: Senate passes 9/11 health bill as Republicans back down.GLAMOUR REIGNS for more than a day. A JOYOUS WEDDING is celebrated by all.6/19 CNN: A wedding fit for a princess: Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and her new husband, Daniel Westling, ride through Stockholm in an open carriage after their wedding. 6/23 CNN: Monaco’s Prince Albert is engaged. 8/1 Drudge: America’s royal wedding. Guest list fairly free of star wattage for Chelsea Clinton. Bill drops 20 pounds. Ceremony’s secrecy draws worldwide media throng. No fly zone until 3:30 a.m. Sunday. CNN: Chelsea Clinton weds longtime beau in New York: Marc Mezvinsky on 50 acre estate in Rhinebeck. USA Today: Chelsea Clinton’s Jewish-Christian wedding. NY Times: Town elbows its way into Clinton wedding. Slideshow: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding: Royalty in Rhinebeck.The COLLAPSE of a NATION is sad to behold.4/15 Upset in Poland caused by airplane crash killing president and most high officials. 10/3/2012: Perhaps this is SYRIA.DISASTERS AT SEA with high costs all around.3/26 Drudge: South Korean ship sinking, North Korean attack suspected. Many sailors feared dead. Possible torpedo attack. 100 onboard. Reuters: South Korea says not clear North involved in ship sinking. Drudge: South Korean navy ship sinks near North Korea, North link played down, 40 missing.How will PIRACY ON THE HIGH SEAS be stopped? Put your mind to it!12/29 CNN: Somali pirates seize two ships. 1/2 CNN: Somali pirates hijack 4th vessel in week. 1/18 Reuters: Somali pirates free oil tankers for record ransom (between $5.5 & 7 M); with 4 pirates killed in clash over cash. 2/2 CNN: Pirates release Greek ship after ransom is paid. 2/5 CNN: NATO rescues ship captured by pirates. 3/6 CNN: Pirates seize Norwegian tanker off the coast of Madagascar. 3/24 CNN: Pirate killed in failed hijacking.4/1 Yahoo: USS Nicholas, Navy frigate captures pirate ‘mother ship.’ (Hooray!) 4/5 CNN: Pirates seize South Korean tanker. 4/11 CNN: Suspected pirates attack U.S. ship, lose. 4/13 Reuters: New generation of Somali pirates emerging. 4/23 CNN: 11 alleged pirates indicted in U.S. for attacks on U.S. Navy ships near Somalia.  4/25 Reuters: Spain captures 8 suspected Somali pirates. 6/17 CNN: Somali pirates get 5 years in prison. 6/23 CNN: Dutch submarine to help fight piracy. 7/27 CNN: Seychelles convicts Somali pirates. 9/9 CNN: Marines oust pirates from ship off the coast of Somalia. 12/21 CNN: Pirates hijack cargo ship in Indian Ocean.  1/21/2011 Yahoo: Risky South Korean raid saves entire crew from pirates. (Good for them!)  CNN: 8 Somali pirates killed, 8 rescued. (Good for them repeat! Stop these high priced thieves.) 2/13 BBC News: NATO seizes ‘pirate mother ship’ off Somalia. 2/21 USA Today: 4 top-class sailors from U.S. on hijacked yacht. CNN: U.S. Navy trails hijacked American yacht. 2/22 Yahoo: 4 American hostages killed by pirates, US says. (Truly tragic!) 2/28 BBC News: Somali pirates seize ‘Danish parents and 3 children’ in India Ocean. As of last week, the EU’s anti-piracy naval force said pirates were holding 31 vessels and 688 hostages. (Outrageous!) 3/14 BBC News:  Indian Navy captures 61 pirates. (Hooray! Hooray!) 5/28/2013 Reuters: Pirates kidnap crew off NIGERIAN coast; security sources.BREAKTHROUGHS in SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY accelerate at a rapid rate!3/12 Drudge: SNEAK: TWITTER watching you; New tech tells world where you’re tweeting from. 7/21 Drudge: Computers to translate world’s ‘lost’ languages; Program deciphers ancient texts. 9/10 Discovery News: Is Star Trek’s tractor beam possible? Technology is drawing closer to reality. Science Daily: Robots gain capability for deceptive behavior. (It isn’t enough that we have all these deceptive humans on the planet?! Give me a break!)  Laws of physics vary throughout the Universe. (Divine Mind is exceedingly and omnipotently clever.)  New method helps computer vision systems decipher outdoor scenes. 9/13 Drudge: Robotic breakthrough: Scientists make artificial skin. 9/29 Drudge: Russia to launch commercial space station by 2016. 10/26 Discovery News: Robot gripper lifts eggs, steel beams: grasps delicate and massive objects alike!  11/11 Science Daily: Novel type of magnetic wave discovered: Findings could improve wiring in National Electrical Grid Systems. Metamaterial vastly improves Ultrasound Imaging. 11/15 Science Daily: Quantum Memory for communication networks of the future: Researchers have succeeded in storing quantum information using two ‘entangled’ light beams. 11/16 Science Daily: ‘Space-Time’ cloak to conceal events involves a new metamaterial, which can be artificially engineered to distort light or sound waves. By deflecting certain parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, an image can be altered or made to look like it has disappeared. (They have yet to achieve Yogi or Druid powers, obviously!) 11/21 CNN: Scientists capture antimatter atoms in particle breakthrough for the first time.  11/22 Science Daily: New microscope reveals ultrastructure of cells.  11/28 Science Daily: Large Hadron Collider experiments bring new insight into Primordial Universe.  A new electromagnetism can be simulated through a Quantum Simulator.  11/30 Science Daily: Methane-powered laptops? Scientists unveil tiny, low-temperature methane cells. 12/10 Science Daily: Seeing the invisible: New ‘CSI Tool’ visualizes bloodstains and other substances. 12/13 Discovery News: Turbine-powered car accelerates like a jet.AMAZING DISCOVERIES too numerous to name!ESPIONAGE and INTRIGUE involve the HIGH and MIGHTY! Oh my!Did this involve the murdered UK spy? 9/29 CBS News: 2 arrested in alleged Rutgers sex spy scandal…Princeton students planted camera to transmit sexual encounters over Internet!  (So this is what students learn in an expensive university setting? Disgusting!) 11/29 CNN: Wikileaks shocked by espionage. (Wikileaks is INVOLVED in ESPIONAGE, if you ask me!) Reuters: Saudi King urged U.S. to attack Iran: Wikileaks. (What did I just say? Wikileaks is DANGEROUS. Is this guy independently wealthy to be able to BUY all this information?) 12/1 Drudge: Interpol issues wanted notice for Julian Assange. U.S. cuts access to files. 12/5 Reuters: Russian spy uncovered in British parliament. 12/8 Drudge: Assange could face espionage trial in the U.S.A. 12/17 CNN: Attorney: Man tried to sell jet to Iran. Top US spy pulled from Pakistan. 1/5/2011 Drudge: Vulture tagged by Israeli scientists flies into Saudi Arabia: arrested for spying! (Idiocy thrives in our world!) SUBWAY TERRORISM costs lives—from SUICIDE BOMBERS never to receive 72 virgins in the afterlife—only difficult karma in the next life.2/23 NY Times: Guilty plea by Zazi in plot to bomb New York subway. 3/29 Washington Post: Moscow Metro explosions kill at least 35 during morning rush hour, injuring many others, coordinated strikes by suicide bombers. CNN: Women blamed in Moscow suicide blasts, which killed at least 38. 4/12 Drudge: NYC subway suicide bomb plot detailed. 4/30 CNN: Subway catches fire: Red Line Slow as cause of MBTA fire probed in Boston, which caused 20 to inhale smoke and hundreds to be evacuated. AIRPLANE CRASHES caused by PILOT ERROR or mechanical problems, one in a HIGHLY POPULATED AREA with tragic results. Wind shear may be another factor.12/23 Washington Post: American Airline plane from D.C. overshoots runway in Jamaica: dozens injured. 12/24 CNN: Navy plane crashes: 2 missing. 12/25 Yahoo: Ethiopian jet carrying 90 people catches fire minutes after taking off from Beirut and crashes into the sea. CNN: Bodies found after jet crash. NBC-TV: 90 perished in Ethiopian jet crash when pilot went the wrong way and seemed to turn too   abruptly. 2/2 CNN: Pilots at fault in Continental Connection crash that killed 50, investigators say. 2/7 CNN: 3 killed in midair plane collision in Colorado. 2/15 Yahoo: FAA: Two dead, 3 missing in plane crash in affluent central section of NJ. 2/17 Headline News: Small plane crashes in residential area in eastern Palo Alto, California, 3 in plane dead. 2/18 Reuters: Austin, Texas, small plane crash into federal building housing tax offices may have been intentional. Drudge: Austin fireball: man targets IRS with plane. 2/22 CNN: Small plane crash kills 2, destroys house in Illinois. 2/25 CNN: Plane crashes over Peru geoglyphs, Nazca lines, 7 tourists killed. 3/4 NBC-TV: Small plane crashes into house in Virginia, destroying house, killing pilot. 3/7 CNN: WWII era plane crashes near Florida coast. 3/25 CNN: 3 dead in helicopter crash. 3/30 CNN: Small plane crashes in Virginia, 1 dead, 1 injured. Small plane crashes in Maryland, no fatalities. 3/31 Washington Post: U.S. Navy plane crashes into Arabian Sea in the Persian Gulf, with one of four crewmen missing. 4/10 NY Times: Polish president and his wife killed in plane crash in Russia, no survivors, 95 dead. Drudge: Central bank, army chiefs killed in plane crash in Russia. The plane clipped tops of trees, crashed and broke into pieces. Thick fog. PILOT ERROR. CNN: U.S. plane crashes in Afghanistan, 4 killed. 4/12 CNN: Military training plane crash kills 1. 4/13 CNN: Navy training jet crashes, killing 3. 78 injured as Indonesian jet breaks in two after overshooting runway. 4/17 CNN: Red Bull air race pilot survives after his plane crashes into the Swan River in Perth, Australia, with the camera filming. 4/24 CNN: Southwest jet nearly collides with small private plane at Burbank, California Bob Hope Airport. 4/29 NBC-TV: Small plane crashed in Kentucky killing 2 people from Maryland. 5/11 Yahoo: Libyan plane crashes in Tripoli with 104 passengers, child 10 survives. 5/16 CNN: Small planes crashes into FLORIDA home. 5/17 CNN: Afghan plane with 44 onboard crashes. 5/20 CNN: Wreckage of Afghan plane crash found.  5/22 Washington Post: Air India plane, from Dubai, crash kills at least 158, officials say, when the plane overshot the runway; 8 survivors. 5/31 CNN: 2 die in experimental airplane crash. 6/6 CNN: Small plane crashes into Long Island office building, pilot survives with severe burns.  6/8 CNN: Vintage airplane flips upside down landing at Reagan National. 6/11 CNN: Plane crash lands on football field after losing engine. 6/13 USA Today: 4 bodies found on plane that crashed into Phoenix, Arizona high school. 6/14 CNN: 8 killed in Mexican plane crash. 6/17 CNN: 5 die in New Mexico airplane crash. 6/22 CNN: Mine company: plane found, all 11 dead. 7/7 CNN: Coast Guard helicopter crashes in WA. 7/4 USA Today: 5 killed in West Texas air ambulance crash. 7/5 CNN: Military jet crash in ROMANIA kills 11. 7/14 CNN: 4 dead in Michigan plane crash. 7/26 CNN: 7 feared dead after Israeli helicopter crashes in Romania. 7/28 Yahoo: 152 killed in plane crash in PAKISTAN. 7/29 CNN: 4 airmen killed in Alaska C-17 crash. 8/2 CNN: Skydiving plane crash injures 8.  8/2 CNN: 15 dead in SIBERIAN plane crash. 8/4 CNN: One dead after small plane hits building near Phoenix Airport. 8/7 CNN: Plane crashes into house in PENNSYLVANIA, causing the plane and the house to explode on impact. 8/10 CNN: Fatalities feared in ALASKA plane crash. Reuters: Ex-Senator Stevens in plane that crashed, unclear if he survived. 8/15 CNN: Plane splits apart after crashing in bad weather in COLUMBIA, 1 dead, several injured. 8/18 CNN: North Korea plane crashes in northeastern China and stirs speculation about origin. 8/24 CNN: 14 feared dead in NEPAL plane crash. CNN: 47 rescued reported after plane crash in CHINA with 90 onboard. 8/31 CNN: 3 killed in medical helicopter crash in Arkansas. 9/3 CNN: UPS plane crashes near DUBAI, 2 killed. 9/13 CNN: Plane crashes in VENEZUELA, 2 confirmed dead, 21 survived. 9/19 CNN: Helicopter crashes on Pike’s Peak. 10/30 CNN: Antarctic copter crash kills 4 French.  11/4 CNN: Engine cover falls off Qantas Airbus A380 on takeoff in Singapore. Qantas grounds its fleet of A380 indefinitely. (Wise decision.) 11/20 CNN: Air Force: Alaska crash killed F-22 pilot. 11/22 Drudge: 3 Delta planes suffer mishaps. 11/28 CNN: 12 dead in Pakistan plane crash. 12/4 Reuters: 2 die after Russian plane makes emergency landing: report. 12/6 CNN: Mechanic guilty in Concorde crash. Plane hits Utah neighborhood, pilot lives. 12/16 CNN: 22 killed in NEPAL plane crash. 12/19 CNN: Copter crash kills 1, injures 15 on Russian Arctic island of Yamai. 12/21 BBC News: Helicopter crash off coast of Puerto Rico.  6/21 CNN: Russian jet crash kills 44, 8 survivors. BBC News: Russian air crash ‘may be pilot error.’ 7/29 USA Today: Pilot errors detailed in 2009 Air France crash into the sea, 228 killed.TROUBLE in FINANCIAL MARKETS at the close of the year.11/24 Drudge: China, Russia quit dollar. 11/29 Reuters: Wall Street tumbles as material shares weigh. Irish bailout fails to stir investors. Oil falls from two-week high on euro zone woes. NY Times: President Obama to announce pay freeze for most Federal employees. 12/1 Yahoo: 2 million lose jobless benefits as holidays arrive. 12/3 CNN: Unemployment rate up. Debt plan fails to get needed votes.A POWERFUL DESPOT finally FALLS. The PEOPLE REJOICE.GOVERNMENT SCANDALS rock more than one nation. COLLUSION!  EMBEZZLEMENT! BRIBERY! SEXUAL INDISCRETIONS!DISHONESTY! RUIN!12/26/2009 Drudge: India governor, 86, resigns after 3-woman sex tape.(No fool like an old fool!)3/29 Four employees of British-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto sentenced in Chinese bribery case to 14 years in prison.4/15 CNN: Prison inmates bilk Uncle Sam out of millions by filing false tax returns and getting refunds. NY Times: Former N.S.A. official, Thomas A. Drake, indicted in leak case of information in hundreds of emails to newspaper reporters. 4/16 NY Times: S.E.C. accuses Goldman Sachs of fraud in mortgage deals. Washington Post: Police say the death of Shaw Middle School principal Brian Betts was likely a homicide.  4/21 Washington Post: FBI launches corruption inquiry in Massa matter.  4/26 Probe finds Goldman spread risk through financial system. 4/29 Washington Post: SEC sends Goldman Sachs case to prosecutors at Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution.  5/29 CNN: New UK minister quits amid scandal over wrongful claim of expenses.6/11 CNN: 211 graves mishandled at Arlington Cemetery. 6/23 CNN: Detroit ex-mayor indicted on 19 charges. 6/30 Drudge: VA hospital may have infected 1,800 veterans with HIV. 7/22 NY Times: House Pane says Rep. Charles B. Rangel violated ethics rules. 7/26 NY Times: Pakistan aids insurgency in Afghanistan, Report asserts. View is bleaker than official report of War in Afghanistan. Drudge: Wikileaks nightmare: 10,000s of docs dumped. 8/9 CNN: Representative Waters hit with 3 ethics counts. Yahoo: U.S. engineer convicted of selling secrets to China. 8/18 NY Times: Blagojevich guilty on 1 of 24 counts, faces retrial. 8/26 NY Times: Key Karzai aide in corruption inquiry linked to C.I.A. 9/18 CNN: Former Los Alamos scientist indicted on nuclear charges in trying provide nuclear secrets to Venezuela. 9/21 CNN: 8 Bell, California, officials charged with misappropriation of funds or receiving illegal loans demonstration ‘corruption on steroids.’ 10/5 CNN: FBI: Puerto Rico cops protected cocaine dealers: Nearly 90 cops, 44 others arrested in biggest crackdown on police corruption in FBI history! 10/7 NY Times: Hevesi to plead guilty to felony in case of State pension scandal. 11/23 NY Times: Republican Tom Delay, ex-House Majority Leader, found guilty in money laundering trial. 11/29 Drudge: WIKILEAKS: Most embarrassing, damaging disclosures in decades.  Saudis are chief financier for al Qaeda. Saudis repeatedly urge attack on Iran.  Iran obtained missiles from North Korea. China conducting computer sabotage. China’s role in shipment of nukes to Iran. Gates says: “Russian democracy has disappeared.” 12/8 CNN: Federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous found guilty at impeachment hearing, accused of taking kickbacks and lying to the Senate and FBI. 12/16 Drudge: Former Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick charged with extortion, bribery. Late this year marks the PASSING of a GREAT SOUL mourned by many.12/7 NY Times: Elizabeth Edwards dies of cancer at 61, Family says. 12/8 Washington Post: Remembering Elizabeth Edwards. USA Today: Edwards resilience remembered. 12/13 NY Times: Richard C. Holbrooke, U.S. Diplomatic Troubleshooter, dead at 69, worked for every Democratic president since 1960. CNN: Holbrooke ‘giant of American policy.’ The ‘hydrogen bomb of diplomacy.’  (I think this prediction relates to Holbrooke.) 12/14 CNN: Peacemaker Holbrooke remembered, admired. Holbrooke’s legacy in Bosnia. Legacy overseas. Archetype of U.S. Diplomacy. Reuters: Veteran diplomat Richard Holbrooke dies.  Drudge: As Mr. Holbrooke was sedated for surgery, family members said, his final words to his Pakistani surgeon were: “You have to stop this war in Afghanistan”… (I’ll say!) The TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE of December 21 affects EASTERN ASIA, AUSTRALIA, NORTHWESTERN EUROPE, and the NORTH and SOUTH AMERICAN CONTINENTS. Expect general upheaval, earthquakes, major volcanic eruptions, severe weather, flooding, and political unrest for the next 6 months. But also expect startling archeological discoveries, some beneath the sea, and amazing breakthroughs in terms of economic patterns.12/9 Reuters: (Early but) Jobless claims fall, bolster recovery hopes.  More U.S. billionaires pledge to give away wealth. 12/13 CNN: Quake swarm in ARKANSAS town. (6 quakes 2.5 and above.) 12/19 CNN: Freak weather creates havoc for travelers in Europe. Busiest airports are cancelling hundreds of flights as snow fell on the continent. 12/20 Science Daily: Three-billion-year old genomic fossils deciphered. (Wow!) 12/21 CNN: 7.4 quake hits off coast of JAPAN, triggering a tsunami warning.12/23 USGS: 6.2 quake Near Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska. 12/23 CNN: 30,000 year old girl’s pinkie found in cave in Siberia. 12/24 CNN: 500 quakes and counting in ARKANSAS. 12/25 CNN: 7.6 quake in Vanuatu islands triggers tsunami warning. USA Today: 5.4 quake in Puerto Rico. 12/26 USGS: 6.2 quake hits VANUATU, along with numerous lesser quakes. CNN: Aftershocks felt in NEW ZEALAND. 12/28 Yahoo: Bone discovery may rewrite human history. Teeth found in cave in Israel could change “the whole picture of evolution.”The END OF DAYS is NOT the end of the world, but rather the end of an astrological age. Our planet and our solar system is moving from the constellation of PISCES into the constellation of AQUARIUS. The Earth constantly passes from one astrological age into another. It is a time of dramatic change, but hardly the end of planetary life. An age is around 2,200 years. The PISCES AGE involved sea travel, the exploration of the world by water, and the discovery of other continents and races, with Jesus as one of its chief avatars or teachers. Christianity adopted the fish of Pisces as its secret symbol. The beginning of the AQUARIUS AGE commenced with air travel and all of the electronic advancement of recent years which includes computers and the vast World Wide Web of the Internet that connects all nations and people around the globe into one human family. It takes about 200 years for the Age to change. We are in the midst of that change and will be for many years to come! CELEBRATE THE AGE OF AQUARIUS by expressing your humanity and compassion.  imagePlanet Earth is coming to the end of a Great Cycle on December, 21, 2012, which marks the beginning of a new cycle of consciousness and awareness on the entire planet. Between now and then, there could well be considerable upheaval on many levels involving the world economy, governments, corporations, earth changes, wars, and turmoil in general. Perhaps we are living out the Chinese curse that involves “living in interesting times?” It actually is a very exciting time to be alive on Earth. This is a time to learn a great deal and to truly evolve in a significant manner. Please pay attention to your intuition at all times, and I’m sure that you will be safe and protected from harm.image2011 World PredictionsAndromeda Galaxy