WORLD PREDICTIONS FOR 2011(Posted December 5, 2010)It is difficult to know exactly when some patterns will manifest in the physical world, or whether the events will have less or more impact in terms of what was sensed beforehand. I tend to be uncannily accurate sometimes, and at other times, years off, with no way to know at the time a pattern is picked up. But my spirit guides tend to be very accurate, regardless. Sometimes I almost don’t write things down. And then, when I do, they tend to happen. Sometimes it amazes even me after all these years. I wait for the outcomes of these predictions the same as you!!! There is also the skeptic in my nature, mostly subdued!The TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE of December 21 affects EASTERN ASIA, AUSTRALIA, NORTHWESTERN EUROPE, and the NORTH and SOUTH AMERICAN CONTINENTS. Expect general upheaval, earthquakes, major volcanic eruptions, severe weather, flooding, and political unrest for the next 5 months. But also expect startling archeological discoveries to be made, some beneath the sea, and amazing breakthroughs in terms of economic patterns in all nations.12/20/2010 Science Daily: Three-billion-year old genomic fossils deciphered. (Wow, already!) 12/21 CNN: 7.4 quake hits off coast of JAPAN, triggering tsunami warning.  12/27 Drudge: 400,000 year-old human remains found in Israel! (Long before Moses and all those other folks.) Find could upset theories of the origin of humans. (About time! Many long forgotten civilizations have come and gone upon planet Earth.) 12/28 Yahoo:Bone discovery may rewrite human history. Teeth found in cave in Israel could change “the whole picture of evolution.” USGS: 6.3 quake south of FIJI ISLANDS. CNN: Record floods hit eastern AUSTRALIA. 12/29 CNN: Blizzard travel nightmare not over yet. 12/30 CNN: Winds hit CALIFORNIA as NEW YORK digs out. Reuters: World’s stocks eye two-year high. Drudge: 3.8 magnitude quake jolts INDIANA. (New Madrid Fault?) Hurricane winds hit Los Angeles: 94 mph. 12/31 CNN: Snow, ice and rain in NORTH DAKOTA contributed to a 100 car pileup near Fargo.  Airplane slides off runway.  Reuters: Floods cover vast areas of Australia’s northeast. Drudge: Singapore economy grows record 14.7%. USA Today: Storms dump heavy rains, snow on parts of West. Massive Australian floods strand 200,000. CNN: Tornado kills 3 in Arkansas. Snow falls in Arizona. 1/1 CNN: Killer storms rip through Midwest. Midwest storms leave 6 dead. USGS: 7.0 magnitude quake in Santiago Del Estero, ARGENTINA. Reuters: Oil hits 26-month high to end 2010 up 15%. Gold hits 10th annual gain; silver surged in 2010. Coastal Queensland braces for 300-foot flood waters. Drudge: Warning about crocodiles being washed into homes. (Ye gods! Dangerous snakes too, of course! Yikes!)  CNN: Families pick up pieces after storms. Apartment fire kills 5 in Redmond, WASHINGTON (building not equipped with sprinkler system). 1/2 Reuters: Record floods swamp Australia’s Northeast. CNN: Major 7.1 quake strikes Araucania, CHILE. 1/3 CNN: Death toll rises in AUSTRALIAN floods. Reuters: Manufacturing grows, bolsters 2011 outlook. Barnes and Noble says Nook boosts holiday sales. Goldman Sachs returned to M&A top spot in 2010. Wall Street opens higher on data, January effect. Oil climbs above $92, anticipates economic growth. AUSTRALIAN floods submerge towns, coal exports hit.  Drudge: Stocks soar to 2 year record! CNN: Dollar General to hire 6,000. BBC: Huge swaths of Australia’s Queensland could remain submerged for weeks.CNN: Stocks start 2011 flying high! 1/4 Yahoo: Mammoth cave discovered in VIETNAM: Big enough to hold a skyscraper and contains a jungle. CNN: Auto sales raise 2011 hopes. Flood waters rising in AUSTRALIA. 1/5 USGS: 6.3 quake southeast of LOYALTY ISLANDS. Reuters: Australian floods cause ‘catastrophic’ damage. USA Today: E-book sales hit new highs week after holidays. CNN: Strong signs for job market.  1/6 CNN: 2 million fish found dead in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. (Are the ETs pulling some nonsense?) 1/7 CNN: Northeast braces for more snow. Science Daily: Humans first wore clothes 170,000 years ago. (Adam and Eve are obviously more than 6,000 years old!) 1/8 CNN: Heavy oil found on LOUISIANA coast. CNN: 18 shot at ARIZONA store: 6 killed, including Judge John Roll and girl, 11, 11 others wounded, critically. 1/9 USGS: 6.6, 5.1, 5.3 quakes at VANUATU. (Volcano erupting here!)  Drudge: Nation shocked: Congresswoman shot in the brain in Tucson. CNN: Winter storm halts flights in Southeast. USGS: 6.4 quake in VANUATU. (Volcano definitely erupting!) 1/10 CNN: Flood sweep away cars in AUSTRALIA. USGS: 5.9 quake off the coast of CHILE. CNN: Ford adding 7,000 jobs. Reuters: Australian flood kills 8 as deluge continues. BBC News: QUEENSLAND’S flood death toll rises: 72 are missing after flash floods that claimed 8 lives. 1/11 CNN: Inland tsunami hits AUSTRALIA. 78 missing. 1/12 Drudge: Floods inundate Brisbane, AUSTRALIA, over 90 missing. Yahoo: Torrential rains, mudslides kill 257 in BRAZIL. CNN: Stocks hit 2 year high. USGS: 6.5 quake hits Bonin Islands, JAPAN region. Reuters: At least 270 dead in BRAZIL’S floods. 1/13 CNN: Hundreds die in BRAZIL’S floods. 20,000 homes inundated in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. BBC News: Brazil flood death toll tops 370. USGS: 7.0 quake strikes LOYALTY ISLANDS. 1/14 Yahoo: New rain hampers rescues in Brazilians efforts. Reuters: JP Morgan profit jumps 47%. Drudge: Sharks spotted swimming through Australian’s streets. (OMG!) 1/15 CNN: 591 dead in Brazil, more rain due. 1/17 CNN: Dozens dead in Philippine floods. Flooding deaths rise in Brazil. Drudge: Brazil rain kills more than 600. CNN: OREGON flooding, landslides. 1/18 BBC News: AUSTRALIA’S flood menace VICTORIA. 1/19 BBC News: AUSTRALIANS told to flee floods. Reuters: At least 207 missing in BRAZIL flood, 727 dead. 1/20 Reuters: Morgan Stanley posts 60% rise in profit. 1/21 Reuters: GE quarterly profit up 51%. 1/23 Reuters: BRAZIL’S landslide death toll reaches 803: report. (Truly sad!) 1/24 USA Today: Economists forecast U.S. growth on upswing in 2011. 1/25 BBC News: Two-clawed T Rex cousin found. Earth Changes Media: UPDATE: Yellowstone Super-Volcano closer to eruption? (We’ll hope not, of course. That could create an ELE, Extinction Level Event!) USGS: 6.1 quake in Simeulue, INDONESIA. 1/31 USGS: 6.0 quake in TONGA. Reuters: Exxon profit rises 53%, tops street. USA Today: Volcano spews ash and smoke over Japanese towns as volcanic activity increases. Reuters: Floodwaters wash away Bolivian bus, killing 31. 2/1 Yahoo: Flood-weary Australians flee new monster storm. 2/1 Science Daily: Secrets in stone: Rare archeological find in Norway. 2/3 Drudge: Terror, ruin, but no deaths in huge AUSTRALIA storm. 3/4 Yahoo: 22,000 Pakistanis flee fighting near Afghanistan border. USGS: 6.4 quake MYANMAR-INDIA Border Region. 2/5 Reuters: Thai, Cambodian troops clash near temple again, 1 killed.  2/6 Reuters: Market could rally on earnings and technicals. S&P posts best week in nine. 2/7 Discovery News: Stone Age fertility object found: Etchings on carved elk handle dating to nearly 11,000 years ago suggest it may have been used in fertility rituals. USGS: 6.2 quake in SOLOMON ISLANDS. 2/10 New Icelandic volcano ready to go. Washington Post: New unemployment figures: Fewest requests for aid since 2008. USGS: 6.5, 6.7 quakes in CELEBES ISLANDS in the Pacific. 2/11 USGS: 6.8 quake offshore BIO BIO, CHILE. 2/12 USGS: 6.1 quake in BIO BIO, CHILE. Science Daily: Quest for extinct giant rats leads scientists to ancient face carvings in Lena Hara Cave, east Timor, 10,000 to 12,000 years old. 2/13 USGS: 6.0 quake offshore BIO BIO, CHILE. 2/14 Discovery News: Mysterious Manuscript’s Age Determined: 15th Century. The enigmatic Voynich Manuscript. 2/15 Science Daily: Ancient Mesoamerican sculptor uncovered in Southern Mexico. 2/17 Drudge: Arkansas towns feel unexplained surge in EARTHQUAKES.  2/18 Earth Changes Media: Arkansas New Madrid swarm gets attention in last 24 hours that includes 3.5 and 3.8 magnitude quakes. CNN: 4.3 quake shakes tremor-plagued town. 2/21 Drudge/Breitbart: Thousands flee as PHILIPPINE BULUSAN VOLCANO erupts: Major ashfall, zero visibility.  Reuters: 6.3 quake hits southern NEW ZEALAND, ‘massive’ damage; ‘many’ deaths. 2/22 Drudge/The Telegraph: 150 feared dead on New Zealand’s ‘darkest day’ from quake: more than 100 trapped in collapsed buildings, power and water cut to most of the city, hundreds injured. Causes ice to break off glacier. 2/24 CNN: Nearly 100 dead in NZ quake. 2/25 Science Daily: Discovery of oldest northern North America human remains provides new insights into Ice-Age culture: 11,500 year old house in Central ALASKA. 2/28 CNN: 4.7 quake shakes ARKANSAS, followed by 3.8, 3.6, 3.2 quakes. (That’s quite shaky for the heartland!) Drudge: ARKANSAS 4.7 MAG QUAKE largest earthquake since 1969. CNN: 6.0 magnitude quake strikes CHILE. 3/1 Yahoo: Biggest quake in 35 years unnerves ARKANSAS, more than 800 unexplained quakes spark new fears in locals. Discovery News: Prehistoric dog lived, died among humans 7,000 years ago in Siberia. 3/1 USGS: 6.0 magnitude quake hits EASTER ISLAND region. 3/3 Discovery News: Ancient flying reptiles found in TEXAS: Pterosaur took final plunge 89 million years ago into the waters of the inland sea that once covered the central U.S. 3/6 CNN: Louisiana town cleans up after deadly tornado that killed at least one. USGS: 6.2 quake shakes TARAPACA, CHILE. 6.6 magnitude quake hits SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION. 3/7 BBC News: NEW ZEALAND quake: 10,000 homes condemned.  Science Daily: California Islands give up evidence of early seafaring: Numerous artifacts found at late Pleistocene sites on Channel Islands 12,200 to 11,400 years ago. 3/9 USGS: 7.2, 6.1, 6.0, 6.1 magnitude quakes near east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN; 6.6 quake NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 3/11 CNN: MASSIVE 8.9 QUAKE HITS JAPAN, TSUNAMI in Pacific, nations on alert.  The Tsunami swept debris miles inland. Tidal wave engulfs JAPAN. Buildings damaged, windows cracked, ceilings collapse, cars submerged, refinery ablaze, streets of TOKYO shake. First TSUNAMI waves roll into HAWAII, 6-8 feet. Communities along much of the WEST COAST of the US on tsunami alerts. Discovery News: Tsunami wave washes across JAPAN Sendai Airport. Yahoo: Tsunamis swamps Hawaii beaches, brushes West Coast, slams into Santa Cruz Harbor capsizing some boats and damaging others. Reuters: A devastating tsunami triggered by the biggest earthquake on record to hit JAPAN killed at least 1,000 people along the northeastern coast as a wall of water swept away everything in its path. People fled from their homes in parts of northern CALIFORNIA as the tsunami triggered by the earthquake in Japan began hitting the West Coast after rolling through Hawaii. Obama urges U.S. citizens to obey any orders to evacuate due to tsunami threat. 3/12 Yahoo: Explosion rocks Japan nuclear plant.  Reuters: Over 1,700 likely dead in JAPAN quake. (I think this is a very modest estimate. The numbers will rise. 9,500 are missing in one town.) Drudge: Nearly 10,000 people missing from coastal town of 17,000. JAPAN declares emergency at 5 nuclear units because of the quake. Military finds 300-400 bodies in one coastal city. 6 million homes without power in Japan. In Crescent City, CALIFORNIA, tsunami sweeps 5 out to sea, rips out boat docks.  Sony, Toyota, Nissan, Honda shut down factories in Japan. 4 trains missing. Northeast JAPAN a wasteland of devastation and despair. U.N. Ambassador to Japan warns Americans to evacuate. BBC News: Production halted at Japan’s factories. USA Today: California and Oregon sustain damage from tsunami. 3/13 NY Times: Japanese scramble to avert meltdowns as nuclear crisis deepens after massive quake. USGS: A massive number of quakes in the 4 and 5 point magnitude range are still shaking JAPAN, in addition to 6.2, 6.2, 6.0 and the day is only half over! And the water from the tsunami is not receding in some towns along the coast. CNN: Cleanup is hampered by bad weather. Drudge: Tsunami survivor found clinging to rooftop 10 miles out to sea. (Now that’s a miracle!) 3/14 Discovery News: Mother Nature tweaked time by speeding up Earth’s spin a bit in response to killer Japan quake. The quake was also strong enough to disrupt Japan’s operations in space. NY Times: Radioactive releases could last for months, experts say, and another explosion is expected. CNN: Nuclear explosion at No. 3 reactor in Japan. Earth-Issues: Tsunami warning raises magnitude of Japan quake to 9.1. CNN: Japan’s nuclear reactor problems mount. Thousands of bodies are also being found. Drudge: 17 U.S. Navy crew members suffer radioactive contamination. 160 exposed to radiation in meltdown of Reactor No. 1. Hundreds isolated for fear of contamination. 400,000 homeless bed down without electricity. 3/15 Yahoo: Japanese warned to remain inside as low levels of radiation float around Tokyo, some flee, others stock up on supplies. Discovery News: Satellite images of coastal communities in JAPAN show details of the devastation.  Drudge: Confirmed dead tops 6,000. TOKYO WIND: Radiation from latest blast could reach capital by nightfall. Science Daily: Quake may have slightly shortened Earth’s days, moved axis, theoretical calculations suggest.  Huffington Post: Radiation leak threatens 140,000 in Japan. CNN: 10 died and more than 8,000 have been left homeless by BRAZIL rains. Drudge: Strong quake measuring 6.4 struck Shizuoka Prefecture and its vicinity, including Tokyo. 3/16 CNN: Millions of dollars in tsunami damage in Hawaii.  3/17 CNN: Japanese rescuer finds his whole family is gone. USA Today: U.S. to evacuate citizens from Japan. (This seems like an apocalypse!) 3/19 USGS: 6.1 quake near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. Drudge: Radioactive iodine detected in Japan’s drinking water. USA Today: Radiation in milk, spinach near plant. 3/20 CNN: New Japan death toll: 8,199, 13,000 still missing. Tsunami killed thousands of birds. 3/22 USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake in the Southern MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE. 3/23 CNN: Japan damage could reach $309 billion. 3/25 CNN: Death toll from JAPAN quake and tsunami reaches 10.035, with 17,443 still missing. 3/28 CNN: 6.5 quake off northern Japan triggers another tsunami warning. Warning called off. 3/30 USGS: 6.0 quake off East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. (The bigger and smaller quakes just keep coming!) 3/31 USGS: 6.4 quake shakes FIJI REGION; 6.2 near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 3.4 quake shakes OKLAHOMA. Mail Online: Could this be the biggest find since the DEAD SEA SCROLLS? 70 metal books found in cave in JORDAN could change our view of Biblical history!  4/1 CNN: Tornado ravages SunNFun Airshow in FLORIDA.  4/3 USGS: 6.4 quake shakes FIJI REGION; 6.7 quake hits South of JAVA, INDONESIA. (Volcanic country!) 4/5 CNN: Radiation from nuclear plant million times over limit. USGS: 6.0 quake shakes KEPULAUAN, INDONESIA. 4/6 Reuters: Japan stops nuclear plant leak, but crisis far from over.  BBC News: Japan ‘plugs’ reactor leak into sea. 4/8 Reuters: Water leaks at another JAPAN nuclear plant. Japan automakers eye start at half of output. 4/11 USGS: 6.6 quake strikes HONSHU, JAPAN 1 month after the Big One. And the quakes keep coming in poor, devastated Japan. Reuters: 7.1 aftershock hits JAPAN as the government expands the evacuation zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant. 4/12 Yahoo: Nuclear incident as bad as Chernobyl: Japan raises severity level at Fukushima Dai-ichi plant to match history’s worse nuclear accident. USGS: Another 6.0 quake at HONSHU, JAPAN. (It seems never-ending!) 4/18 CNN: Japan disaster death toll nears 14,000. (Many perished in the sea and will never be found, while others are buried beneath the mud.) 5/9 Yahoo: Quake shifted Japan: Towns now flood at high tide. 5/10 USGS: 6.8 quake in LOYALTY ISLANDS followed by series of quakes in the 5. range. 5/11 Yahoo: 2 quakes in SPAIN kill 10, injure dozens: 4.4 and 5.2. (In highly populated areas, earthquakes in these lower magnitudes are capable of doing tremendous destruction!)  5/15 USGS: 6.0 quake CENTRAL MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE. 5/28 Drudge: Melon-sized hail fell before OKLAHOMA twister. 6/1 USGS: 6.2 quake off shore BIO, BIO, CHILE. (This is on the eclipse!) 8/24 CNN: HURRICANE IRENE sweeps through PUERTO RICO. 8/15 CNN: NOAA: Weather satellite in jeopardy from HURRICANE IRENE. 8/27 CNN: HURRICANE IRENE makes landfall near Cape Lookout. 9/2 CNN: LOUISIANA governor declares emergency as GULF STORM brews.AGING INFRASTRUCTURES in various countries around the world begin to fail on a serious level, especially tall buildings and bridges that span considerable distances, with disastrous results. 1/9 CNN: Leak found at Trans Alaska pipeline. 1/14 Science Daily: When metals reach end of life: Researcher develops new method. 1/20 CNN: 700 water mains break per day. Gas explosion destroys Philly home. 1/24 CNN: At least 5 homes burn in OHIO village, gas shut off, 5 killed. 4/6 CNN: Sewage tank collapses in Tennessee, 2 killed. 4/18 CNN: 200 homes in Mexico flooded after sewage canal cracks.(OMG!!! Appalling!)7/23 CNN: 41 feared dead in China bus fire. 10/13 BBC News: Bus accident kills 43 in NEPAL. USA Today: Train crash in OAKLAND station injures 16. 10/23 BBC News: India bridge collapse kills 32. 10/30 CNN: 3 killed, 3 missing after Kansas grain elevator explosion. 11/27 USA Today: 4 dead as INDONESIA bridge collapses. 12/9 CNN: At least 89 killed in fire in INDIA. 12/15 CNN: Road, bridge, rail projects in 33 states get federal funding. (Excellent! Jobs created and infrastructures repaired.)  1/16/2012 BBC News: Fatal building collapse in BEIRUT. 1/19 Reuters: Deadly roof collapse in TURKEY. 1/26 CNN: 3 dead, 19 missing in RIO building collapse. 1/28 CNN: 17 dead in BRAZIL building collapse. 2/6 BBC News: PAKISTAN: Many trapped in Lahore building collapse from explosion. 7/26 NY Times: Weather extremes leave parts of U.S. grid buckling:From highways in Texas to nuclear power plants in Illinois, the concrete, steel and sophisticated engineering that undergird the nation’s infrastructure are being taxed to worrisome degrees by heat, drought and vicious storms. 7/31 Yahoo: Second blackout in INDIA in two days leave 670 million without power. 11/2 CNN: NEW YORK’S neglected infrastructure fails:It should come as no surprise to anyone that New York’s infrastructure wasn’t up to Hurricane Sandy.  What happened in New York was not all that different than what’s happened in other places hit by freakish weather events — the infrastructure wasn’t robust enough to withstand nature. It’s not the first time it’s happened here, and it won’t be the last. (And that’s a fact!) 11/3 CNN: Sandy-flooded subways spark infrastructure questions. (I should hope so!) 11/7 Yahoo: 1 dead, dozens trapped in Ghana shopping mall collapse. 11/30 CNN: Bridge collapse derails train in NEW JERSEY; Some of the trains cars may be leaking toxic chemicals: Nearby residents evacuated. 12/1 BBC News: JAPAN tunnel collapse traps cars. 12/2 Yahoo: 7 missing in collapse of highway tunnel in JAPAN. 12/12 CNN: Multiple structures on fire after major gas line explodes in Sissonville, WEST VIRGINIA. (There may well be many more such tragedies; More inspections are needed. These pipelines are dangerous!!!)  Yahoo: WEST VIRGINIA natural gas explosion melts roads, burns homes: “Interstate looks like a tar pit.” 1/9/2013 CNN: Gas main explosion and fire: 75×15 feet flame in CALIFORNIA. (The earthquakes here don’t help either.) 4/6 Reuters: Death toll rises to 72 in MUMBAI building collapse. 4/24 CNN: More than 70 killed in BANGLADESH building collapse; many others remained trapped. (Shoddy building practices; oppressive working conditions?) Reuters: BANGLADESH factory collapse kills nearly 100. 4/25 Yahoo: BANGLADESH building collapse toll at 194, with many still trapped. UPDATE: CNN: 199 dead in building collapse. UPDATE 4/26 CNN: 285 die in BANGLADESH. BBC News: Survivors found in collapsed factory. (Perhaps a blessing!) 4/28 Yahoo: Owner arrested as BANGLADESH building collapse toll reaches 372; owner tried to flee to India. Reuters: Building collapse in north FRANCE, 2 dead. 5/1 CNN: Building collapse death toll reaches 410. 5/3 Yahoo: Engineer arrested in BANGLADESH collapse: toll tops 500. 5/4 Yahoo: Update BANGLADESH toll 547 and counting, search becomes more gruesome. 5/7 CNN: BANGLADESH toll tops 700. 5/9 CNN: 7 killed in BANGLADESH garment factory fire. 5/9 CNN: BANGLADESH collapse death toll hits 931. 5/10 Yahoo: BANGLADESH workers find survivor in rubble 17 days after garment building collapse, more than 1,000 dead. 5/13 CNN: BANGLADESH toll climbs to 1,127. (And the builder says ‘not so bad’???) 5/24 Yahoo: I-5 bridge collapse survivor: ‘You hold on.’ Dan Sligh and his wife were in their pickup truck on Interstate 5 heading to a camping trip when a bridge before them disappeared in a “big puff of dust.” 5/25 CNN: Is your bridge safe? 600 bridges have failed since 1989.SEVERE WINTER followed by an EXTREMELY HOT SUMMER, (10/28) apparently followed by another SEVERE WINTER.12/28/2010 Drudge: Ice, blackouts strand thousands at Moscow airports. 1/3 CNN: Snow blankets Palmdale, CALIFORNIA. 1/5 CNN: Snow blankets Southern California (I remember when I was in junior high in the late 1940s and we had snow in Southern California. It’s certainly an oddity! When I lived in the Valley it was always a joy to sometimes see the surrounding mountains covered in snow.) 1/8 CNN: Southeast braces for snow and ice. Northeast winter storm cancels flights. 1/10 CNN: Ice seals in the South. USA Today: Winter storm paralyzes air traffic in ATLANTA. 1/12 CNN: Northeast getting new round of snow; South frozen solid. Snow in 49 states, including Hawaii. Drudge: Thunder, lightning accompany heavy snow in Massachusetts. Massive flights cancellations. Yahoo: Winter storm buries southern New England. 1/14 CNN: East digs out. 1/18 Yahoo: Threat of California ‘superstorm’ on the rise: Scientists warn state could face a disaster 5 times worse than an earthquake. USA Today: Winter storm spreads snow, ice across NORTHEAST. 1/22 Drudge: East shivers and braces for another major snowstorm. 1/24 Drudge: Water main break ices DC beltway. 1/25 CNN: Strong storms hit central FLORIDA. 1/26 CNN: Snow likely from Mississippi to Maine. 1/27 Yahoo: Snowstorm wallops Northeast, piling on the misery. Drudge: Snowstorm shatters NYC, Philadelphia records. 1 foot in 5 hour span. Commute from hell in DC: 12 hours to get home from work. (We have about 12 inches today!) Drudge: Lightning during snowstorm strikes NY church steeple. 1/30 Drudge: GROUNDHOG DAY: Massive storm to blanket US mid-week. 2/1 CNN: Blinding snow hits Plains, Midwest. Reuters: Australia evacuates coastal cities as cyclone nears. Drudge: Blizzard 2011 hits Chicago: 24+ inches. Airport closed: Dallas. Storm for 2,100 miles. 2/2 CNN: Blizzard rakes Midwest. Thousands of flights cancelled. Category 5 cyclone hits Australia. 2/3 Yahoo: Winter storm brings collapses: Mammoth storm leaves bitter, cold destruction. BBC News: Scotland braces for severe gales. US and Canada dig out from deadly snow storm blamed for 12 deaths. 2/4 NY Times: Weather hurt job growth in January. Drudge: NM declares state of emergency over natural gas shortage. Texas residents asked to limit use. Outage in AZ. Usage at record high in Utah. CA utility told to cut pipeline pressure. Snow blankets North Texas, again.  Drudge: Falling ice injures 6, one critically, at Cowboys Stadium. 100s of flights cancelled. 85,000 chickens killed after snow causes roof collapse. 2/5 Drudge: More snow predicted for Super Bowl Sunday. 2/7 Drudge: Snow, ice cause 90+ roofs to collapse in MA. Snow snap cripples states in Mexico. Water runs dry in El Paso. 2/8 CNN: Plains, South brace for next storm. USA Today: Cold wave to hit 40 states, 150 million people. 2/9 Yahoo: Blizzard roars through snow weary midsection of U.S. CNN: Snow causes gas station roof to collapse.  2/10 Drudge: Cold weather could bring the return of rolling blackouts for Texas. Frigid air, snow worries ranchers in Plains, South. Georgia eyes coldest winter ever. 2/11 CNN: Snowstorm sweeps across Southeast. 2/13 CNN: NH town stops burials because of snow and frozen soil. Virginia Beach socked by snow. 2/14 BBC News: Record snowfall blankets South Korea. 2/15 Drudge: South Korea chaos after ‘heaviest’ snowfall in more than century. 2/21 USA Today: Winter storm blasts MIDWEST with snow, ice. 2/24 Drudge: Another storm headed for Chicago; Up to 9 inches expected. (It is February!) 2/25 USA Today: Violent storms sweep South. 2/26 Drudge: Record low temps predicted for parts of Southern California. Storm slamming Northeast with heavy snow, flooding. 3/1 CNN: Storms pound South, Midwest. Tornadoes wreck havoc. 3/5 CNN: 14 hurt in twister, storms in LOUISIANA. New system gives TSUNAMI WARNING in real time. 3/8 CNN: 30 inches of snow in VERMONT. 3/9 USA Today: Severe storms, tornadoes hammer SOUTHEAST. 3/23 CNN: Severe storm brings tornadoes and golf ball size hail to IOWA with severe damage. 3/31 CNN: Sudden hail pounds CENTRAL FLORIDA. NASA to check shuttle for hail damage. 4/4 USA Today: Snow follows 80 degree day in Denver. Drudge: ALABAMA: 1,700 injured by tornadoes. Now come the floods: May rival great MISSISSIPPI FLOOD of 1927! 7/3 CNN: WISCONSIN storms leave 1 dead, 39 injured. Drudge: Extreme heat hits SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: High of 112 forecast. Holiday weekend sizzle, records fall. USA Today: Phoenix sets record heat for day at 118 degrees. 7/11 CNN: 15 states swelter under heat wave: 105 or more in at least a dozen states. Drudge: Montana ultra-marathon race canceled due to July snow! (Still winter some places!)  7/12 CNN: Heatwave spreads into NORTHEAST. 75 mph winds in CHICAGO knock out power. Reuters: Intense heat scorches central, southern U.S. 7/14 CNN: Heat still baking the SOUTH, MIDWEST. 7/18 USA Today: Dangerous heatwave forecast for half the country. 7/19 Drudge: Blistering heat blankets MIDWEST, heads East, 13 dead. 7/21 CNN: Heatwave blamed for 22 deaths. Hot enough to fry a weatherman! 7/22 CNN: Record highs in slew of cities. CHILEAN officials declare ‘catastrophe’ after heavy snow: White earthquake in CHILE. BBC News: Intense heatwave bakes US and CANADA. 7/26 CNN: More heat to sizzle in central U.S. 8/2 CNN: Dallas marks 32 days over 100 degrees. Drudge: Texas lake turns blood red. All 50 states see RECORD HIGHS in JULY. Freak storm dumps spiked hail the size of baseballs in Queens, NEW YORK. Dried up lake reveals fuel tank from 2003 Columbia shuttle disaster. 8/5 CNN: Blazing temps scorch much of SOUTH in U.S. 8/26 Drudge: DEATH VALLEY: 2 tourists killed by heat stroke by getting out of car to go for help.  9/15 Drudge: Surprise summer snow in COLORADO. Record low temps in IOWA. (Here comes a severe winter again!) 10/5 Drudge: Earliest return of winter conditions to LAKE TAHOE since 1969. USA Today: Winter forecast: BRUTAL COLD, snow for Midwest. 10/26 Drudge: Winter snowstorm blankets DENVER. 10/28 Drudge: First snowflakes fall in MASSACHUSETTS, 5 inches expected, CONNECTICUT braces for at least a foot of snow. 10/29 Drudge: Earliest NEW YORK snow since Civil War. 10/30 CNN: EAST COAST snowstorm leaves behind travel nightmares. Drudge: Historic October snowstorm still crushing NEW ENGLAND. More than 2M lose power. 3 inches of snow in NYC sets records.  10/31 CNN: Millions without power after NORTHEAST storm.11/2 Science Daily: Global warming causes severe storms. 11/8 CNN: Tornadoes touch down in OKLAHOMA. ALASKA faces one of its worst storms ever. 11/9 CNN: ARCTIC hurricane slams ALASKA. 11/16 USA Today: 16 hurt as severe storm blasts SOUTHEAST, possible tornadoes damaged dozens of buildings and homes. 10/29 USA Today: Rare November cold snap hits southern U.S. 12/2 BBC News: Winds disrupt power in WESTERN U.S. 12/19 CNN: Blizzard sweeps out of SOUTHWEST. 12/21 CNN: Blizzards ice highways in 5 states.OLD ELECTRICAL WIRING, especially involved in air conditioning and heating systems, will fail and/or cause FIRES, considerable discomfort and general disruption, possibly to include transportation systems in large cities (and obviously airplanes)!12/21/2010 CNN: Greyhound bus erupts in flames.  12/28 CNN: 5 teenagers found dead in Florida motel room, possibly from carbon monoxide poisoning.  1/1 CNN: 4 dead, and more than 43 others injured, 4 critically, after Russian passenger jet caught fire shortly before takeoff. CNN: Fire shuts ride at Florida theme park. 1/9 CNN: Plane carrying 105 crashes in IRAN. 1/15 CNN: Doctor: Prison fire kills 42 in Tunisia.  2/8 CNN: Explosive refinery fire near Houston. 2/10 CNN: 1 dead, 5 unaccounted for, homes leveled in Pennsylvania blast in Allentown. 2/11 CNN: Pipeline explosion lights up rural Ohio. 2/14 CNN: No survivors in Honduran plane crash: 14 dead. 2/20 CNN: Fire guts CT shopping center.  2/21 USA Today: Delta engine falls over Florida, forces emergency landing. 3/5 CNN: 6 killed in Russian plane crash. 9/25 CNN: Police: 19 killed in Nepal plane crash. 10/13 BBC News: Plane carrying 32 crashes in PAPUA NEW GUINEA, some survivors, some fatalities. The PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of January 4 takes place over most of EUROPE, the ARABIAN PENINSULA, NORTH AFRICA and WESTERN ASIA where you can expect considerable unrest both political and economic in nature. There will be serious weather anomalies, drought, starvation in some instances, and an epidemic that takes place during the following 5 months. Earthquakes are always triggered by an eclipse. 12/26/2010 Reuters: Religious clashes flare in central Nigeria. CNN: Ivory Coast’s Quattara calls for general strike. 1/3 BBC News: Mount Etna erupts in Italy. Mount Etnas has made an expected comeback by erupting again! (There are 9 active volcanoes in Italy. Vesuvius could still erupt!)  Huge displays of fire, smoke and lava to rival any fireworks show! Happy New Year, Sicily! (Is this what you call a warm welcome to another year?)  1/6 CNN: New mass rapes reported in CONGO. 1/7 CNN: South Africa flooding leaves 50 dead. 1/10 CNN: Vote likely to break Sudan in two. Death rises in Iran plane crash. Reuters: Sudan border clashes kill 36 as South votes: officials. CNN: At least 19 killed in Tunisia riots. 1/11 CNN: 13 killed in Nigerian village attack. Reuters: 10 killed in Sudan ambush as South votes. 1/13 CNN: Mount Etna rumbles, spews lava. 1/13 CNN: Sri Lanka flood affect 1 million. Reuters: Violent clashes move to center of Tunisian capital. 1/14 NY Times: Behind Tunisia unrest, rage over wealth of ruling family. CNN: Tunisia’s government dissolved. Reuters: Toll on Ivory Coast rises to 247 dead: U.N. Drudge: Tunisian PM takes power; president flees country after riots. 1/16 Reuters: South Sudan ends independence vote, awaits statehood. Egypt sentences Muslim to death for Coptic shooting. USA Today: Early returns show big vote for succession in South Sudan. 1/18 BBC News: Tunisia’s ministers quit new government. USGS: 7.2 earthquake in Southwestern PAKISTAN. 1/19 CNN: 200 homes damaged in Pakistan’s quake. 1/23 Drudge: Tunisia style revolt spreads to Algeria, Yemen. 1/24 USGS: 6.1 quake in TAJIKISTAN. 1/25 CNN: Thousands protest in Egypt. People across Egypt are in the streets protesting corruption. 1/26 Reuters: Egypt bans protests seeking end of Mubarak rule. Tunisia seeks arrest of ousted president. Putin vows revenge for suicide bombing. (That sounds like Russia to me!) Reuters: Unprecedented anti-government protests rock Egypt. 1/27 NY Times: Protesters in Egypt defy fan as government cracks down. Egypt’s young seize role of key opposition to Mubarak. CNN: Gay rights activist on Uganda list killed. USGS: 6.0 quake shakes SOUTHEASTERN IRAN. Reuters: Thousands march in Yemen to demand change of government. Drudge: Trading halted in Egyptian stock exchange after market plunges 6.25% in 15 minutes. 1/28 NY Times: Clashes in Cairo extend Arab World’s days of unrest. Waves of unrest spread to Yemen, shaking a region. CNN: Streets of Egypt turn violent as police, protestors clash. CNN: Mubarak asks government to resign amid protests. Cairo headquarters of ruling party burns. Nile TV reports 13 dead, 75 injured in Suez. (The is one hell of an eclipse!) An Arab people’s revolution. 1/29 NY Times: Mubarak orders crackdown, with revolt sweeping Egypt. Egypt cuts off most internet and cell service. CNN: 38 killed in Egyptian unrest, state TV reports. USGS: 6.1 quake in Jay Mayen Island Region in Kingdom of Norway near Arctic. USA Today: 62 killed in last 2 days of Egypt’s protests. CNN: Saudi Arabia flooding kills 2. Reuters: Prisoners and police clash at Cairo prison, 8 dead. Reuters: Police shoot dead 17 attacking Egypt police stations south of Cairo. Tunis shopkeepers turn against protestors. Jordanians rally against corruption and poverty. 1/30 Yahoo: Gangs free militants, foreigners try to flee Egypt as police vanish from the street. (Anarchy seems to rule in Egypt!) Over 99% of southern Sudan vote for succession. Drudge: Thousands protest in Jordan, demand PM step down. Reuters: Buildings burn, death toll mounts in central Nigeria. Drudge: Governments scramble to fly citizens out of Egypt. 100 dead, 2,000 injured. 1/31 Police, students clash in Sudan. (The next eclipse also involves Egypt!) 2/8 CNN: VP: Mubarak is changing Egypt’s constitution. Protestors being gunned down in Alexandria, Egypt. 2/10 CNN: Southern Sudanese minister killed. Protestors hold ground in Egypt. 2/11 Yahoo: Mubarak leaves Cairo for Sinai as protests spread. 105 die in fighting between South Sudan army and the rebels. NY Times: NEWS ALERT: Mubarak steps down, ceding power to military. (I knew he wouldn’t last until September. No way, Jose!) CNN: MUBARAK IS GONE: JOY IN CAIRO’S STREETS. 2/12 Yahoo: 400 arrested in Algeria at rally demanding reforms. 2/14 NY Times: Dual uprisings show potent new threats to Arab States. CNN: Protesters, police clash in Algeria. BBC News: Egyptian protests erupt over pay. 2/16 CNN: Thousands attend funeral for Iran protestor. Libyans clash with police. Hundreds protest at Egypt factory. CBS correspondent sexually assaulted in Egypt. 7/18 CNN: Hot spots: Iraq; Iran; Jordon, Kuwait. 20 reported dead in Libya. 3/11 Reuters: More than 200 dead, several hundred missing after MASSIVE QUAKE, TSUNAMI hits NORTHEAST JAPAN. Heightened state of alert at Japan atom plant. HUGE TSUNAMI kills hundreds in JAPAN. Ship with 100 swept away in tsunami: KYODO. Drudge: 8.9 fifth largest quake since 1900. Cars, ships, buildings swept away. 33 foot wave. Reuters: Japan fears radiation crisis. Possible radiation leak forces thousands to evacuate.  JAPAN disaster death toll passes 1,000. Some cities partly underwater with fires still raging. 3/12: JAPAN scrambles to find trapped victims. USGS: 6.1 quake in TONGA. 6.0, 6.2, 6.8, 6.1, 6.4 magnitude quakes and MULTIPLE smaller quakes near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 3/31 Yahoo: Ivory Coast fighters descend upon main city. 4/4 USA Today: Troops fire on Yemen protest, 6 killed, 30 wounded. 4/16 BBC News: Key Nigerian election under way. Serb protesters mass in Belgrade.RAILROAD DISASTERS that involve loss of life may result from aging trains and systems, especially in third world countries, and in some instances, sabotage.1/29 CNN: Police: German trains collide, 10 dead. 2/6 USA Today: Derailment of freight train carrying volatile chemicals, fire force Ohio evacuations of nearby residents. 2/23 CNN: 31 guilty in train arson in India. 2/27 USA Today: Train carrying chemicals derails near Tacoma, Washington. 7/10 CNN: 24 dead, 100 injured in INDIA train wreck. USA Today: 31 dead as train derails in India. 7/11 CNN: Train crash kills dozens in India, at least 64 dead. 7/28 BBC News: China serious signaling flaws ’caused rail crash’ that killed 39 people. 9/27 BBC News: SHANGHAI train crash injures 200.  2/22/2012 CNN; 550 injured in ARGENTINA train crash. Update: 49 killed, 600 injured in ARGENTINA train crash into station. 3/4 Yahoo: U.S. woman among 16 killed in POLISH train collision. 4/13 BBC News: 3 die in GERMAN train crash. 4/21 CNN: 125 hurt as trains collide in AMSTERDAM. 5/22 CNN: 25 dead, 55 hurt in train crash in INDIA. 7/30 Reuters: Passengers killed in INDIA train blaze. Fire on express train kills 30 in ANDHRA PRADESH. 11/25 Reuters: Train hits van in southern ITALY, killing 6. 11/30 CNN: Train derails in N.J. 5/18 Yahoo: 2 commuter trains packed with rush hour passengers collide in CONNECTICUT; 70 hospitalized, 3  critically injured, tracks severely damaged, traffic congested in NE corridor. 7/8/2013 CNN: 40 missing after runaway train destroys town. 7/9 CNN: Report: Railway chief: Brakes disabled before train exploded in Lac-Megantic. 7/25 CNN: Camera catches train’s deadly moment of impact in SPAIN: In a flash, cars buckle, derail, smack wall, killing 78, injuring 178. 8/25 CNN: MEXICAN rail derailes; 5 killed. 9/20 CNN: Train derails in VIRGINIA, 2 hurt. 12/1 CNN: Train derails in NEW YORK, 4 killed, 64 injured.1/16: COLIN FIRTH deserves the OSCAR for Best Actor for “The King’s Speech” and Geoffrey Rush deserves Best Supporting Actor.1/16 Yahoo: Colin Firth takes ‘Best Actor’ at Golden Globes. ((Next is the naked golden guy, or perhaps other awards first! Perhaps he’ll receive a knighthood from Her Majesty, the Queen, for so brilliantly portraying her father.) 1/23 USA Today: “The King’s Speech” honored by Producers Guild: named Best Film. (Imagine that, a grown up film winning the honor!) 1/25 Reuters: “Kings Speech” leads Oscar race with 12 nominations, including Best Actor for Colin Firth and Best Supporting Actor for Geoffrey Rush. (Hooray, I say!) The Telegraph, UK: Oscars: The King’s Speech is now a real contender. 2011 Oscars: Geoffrey Rush overjoyed at being picked and says 12 nominations for King’s Speech is “Ben Hur proportions”. 1/30 BBC News: “The King’s Speech” wins prize at Directors Guild Awards. (A guy named Oscar is on the way!) TNT-TV, SAG awards: Colin Firth won another Best Actor for SAG award and “The King’s Speech” won the Actor for Best Ensemble Cast. (Didn’t I tell you so? You must see the film!)  2/4 Drudge: “King’s Speech” gets royal seal of approval from Queen. 1/13 BBC News: Colin Firth at the BAFTA awards: “I like being here.” He won Best Actor for “The King’s Speech”, of course! Drudge: Picture of Colin Firth with his BAFTA award for Best Actor: “Can’t be stopped.” 2/27 ABC-TV: Colin Firth gets BEST ACTOR for King’s Speech. KING’S SPEECH wins BEST PICTURE at the Oscars! (I JUST KNEW IT! I’m going to see it again. It’s such a wonderful film!  I will buy the DVD!)MAJOR CORPORATE MERGERS may well be commonplace in 2011:Reuters: Facebook and Google size up takeover of Twitter: report. Drudge: Global Stock Exchanges headed for major consolidation. D. Boerse, New York Stock Exchange in advanced talks. Reuters: Analysis: Boerse/NYSE deal marks global endgame.  2/11 CNN: Nokia announces Microsoft partnership. Reuters: HKEx could look to join hands with Nasdaq and CBOE. Drudge: WORLD TRADES: Merger could take NYSE out of American control. 2/28 Reuters: Ventas to acquire Nationwide Health for $7.4 billion. Blackstone to buy Centro malls for $9.4 billion: source. 3/3 Reuters: BIG WIN: MURDOCH: UK tentatively backs buyout of SKY. 3/12 Reuters: Lawson Software receives $1.8 billion offer from privately held company Infor and Golden Gate Capital to acquire all outstanding common stock for $11.25 per share in cash. 3/14 Reuters: Buffet pulls trigger to buy Lubrizol for $9 billion. 3/18 Reuters: General Mills set for $1.1 billion Yoplait stake buy. 3/19 Reuters: Goldman to buy Buffet’s $5 billion preferred shares. 3/20 NY Times: AT&T to buy T-Mobile USA in $39 Billion deal. 4/6 USA Today: Dish Network wins Blockbuster with $228M bid. 4/15 Reuters: J&J in talks to buy Synthes for $20 billion. 4/17 Reuters: Exclusive: Fiat may pay $1.5B to up Chrysler stake. 4/18 Reuters: Synthes confirms deal in talks with J&J. Community Health converts Tenet offer to all-cash. J&J Synthes move may spell more medtech deals. 4/19 Reuters: Seagate to buy Samsung’s hard-disk unit for $1.4B. Vedanta snaps up 11% of Cairn India for $1.5B. 4/20 Reuters: Power provider AES snaps up rival DPL for $3.5B. 4/21 Reuters: DuPont to Danisco holders: accept offer or we walk. (My, my!!) 4/25 Reuters: Exclusive: China Construction Bank eyes stake in Malaysia’s EON. Solera buys Explore Information for $520B. 4/28 Washington Post: Exelon set to acquire Constellation Energy for $7.9B. Reuters: NYSE, D.Boerse make merger case with solid profits. 5/2 Reuters: Teva to buy Cephalon for $6.8B, tops Valeant. Arch to buy International Coal for $3.4B. 5/6 BBC News: Warner Music sold in $3.3B deal. 5/9 Reuters: Hertz in new drive by for Dollar Thrifty, offers $2.1B. 5/10 USA Today: Microsoft agrees to buy Skype for $8.5B.  5/20 USA Today: Barnes and Noble reports $1B bid from Liberty Media.  5/24 CNN: Twitter buying TweetDeck. 6/1 Reuters: Sealed Air to acquire Diversey for $2.9B. (All this money! I guess a buy out is also a merger, right?) 6/16 Reuters: Capital One to buy ING’s U.S. online bank, report. 7/21 Reuters: Express Scripts to buy Medco for $29B. 8/8 Reuters: Buffett unit offers $3.2B for Transatlantic. 8/10 Reuters: Capital One bulks up U.S. cards with $33B HSBC buy. 8/15 CNN: Google to buy Motorola Mobility. 8/25 Reuters: Warren Buffet invests $5 BILLION in Bank of America. 9/8 NY Times: Google to buy Zagat, publisher of restaurant guides. 10/24 Reuters: Oracle to buy RightNow for around $1.5B. 11/12 BBC News: EMI sells music unit for 1.2B pounds.  11/14 CNN: Buffet buys in to IBM for Bns. 11/21 Reuters: Gilead to buy Pharmasset for $11B. Allegheny to buy Transatlantic for $3.4B. 12/19 USA Today: Bi-Lo buys Winn-Dixie grocery chain for $560M.  12/26 BBC News: Samsung buys out Sony LCD venture. 2/2/2012 Reuters: Glencore and Xstrata in $80B merger talks. 2/15 Reuters: Kellogg to buy Pringles from P&G for $2.7B. 2/22 Reuters: Shell to buy Cove Energy for $1.6B. 2/10/2013 Reuters: U.S. Air, American Airlines near $11B merger. 5/20 Reuters: Yahoo to acquire Tumblr for $1.1B cash. 7/9 Reuters: Kroger to buy Harris Teeter supermarkets in $2.5B deal. 9/2 Reuters: Verizon poised for historic $130B Vodafone deal. 9/3 NY Times: Microsoft to buy Nokia’s handsetand services unit in more than $7.1B deal. 9/6 Reuters: American Tower to buy Global Tower in $4.8B deal. (I haven’t been listing all the mergers this year! All these corporate billions in a struggling world.) 9/7 Reuters: CHINA buys into giant Kazahk oilfield for $5B.Early this year, a PROMINENT, CELEBRATED WOMAN leaves the earth to be mourned by many. 12/30/2010 CNN: Woman portrayed as teen in “The Sound of Music” dies at 97: Agathe von Trapp.  1/3 Los Angeles Times: Anne Francis dies at 80: co-starred in the 1950’s science fiction classic “Forbidden Planet”: A shapely blonde with a beautify mark next to her lower lip, the New York native played the title role in “Honey West,” the mid-1960s TV series about a sexy female private detective with a pet ocelot. 1/14 Los Angeles Times: Margaret Whiting, pop singer mentored by Johnny Mercer, dies at 86. (It seems to be more than one celebrated lady this month. January has been a busy month for beautiful women to leave the Earth.) 2/28 CNN: Actress Jane Russell dead at 89. 3/23 NY Times: Film Legend Elizabeth Taylor, Lifelong Star, dies at 79. (I’ve been expecting this. Elizabeth certainly deserves to be remembered here! A Legend in her Time! Her dead husbands must be fighting over her already.) Early this year, expect ECONOMIC RECOVERY to include general recovery in the FINANCIAL MARKETS, which creates hope and a sense of promise.12/29/2010 Drudge: Australia leads world in house price rises. 12/30 CNN: Jobless claims drop. 1/24 CNN: Dow closes 11,980.52. (Yippee!)USA Today: Economists forecast U.S. growth on upswing in 2011. (I told you so! image 1/25 Reuters: Verizon Wireless growth beats expectations. BlackRock profit jumps 77%, tops Street View. 1/27 USA Today: Dow tops 12000 for first time since 2008. 2/16 NY Times: Fed says U.S. economic growth may reach 3.9% in 2011. CNN: S&P 500 doubling is fastest ever! Fed raises forecasts — GDP may hit 3.9%. 3/1 USA Today: GM sales jump 49%, aided by sweeter deals. Manufacturing index hits fastest pace in 7 years. 3/3 CNN: Jobless claims at nearly 3 year low.  3/11 Reuters: Japan quake rattles markets. Retail sales rise 1% in February. 3/31 Reuters: Jobless claims fall, labor market tone better. 4/1 USA Today: Unemployment rate falls to 8.8%, 2 year low. 4/6 Reuters: Gold hits fresh record highs, silver at 31-year peak. USA Today: Stock mutual funds make best 1Q gains since 2006. 4/7 USA Today: New claims for unemployment drop again. 4/27 Reuters: Boeing tops profit expectations and reaffirms outlook. March durable goods orders beat expectations. 2/24 NY Times: S&P 500 Index closes at highest level since June 2008.POLITICAL POWER STRUGGLES take on new meaning and the mud slinging intensifies, in part because of the approaching 2012 elections.12/31/2010 Reuters: UK says would back force to oust Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo. 1/6 NY Times: Taking control, GOP overhauls rules in house. 1/12 NY Times: Hezbollah forces collapse of Lebanese government. 2/1 NY Times: After protests, King of Jordan dismisses government. Mubarak’s grip on power is shaken. Yahoo: Massive crowds across Egypt demand Mubarak ouster. Cairo vamps up evacuations, thousands still stuck. Drudge: Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Prepare for war with Israel.’ Tunisia synagogue set on fire by arsonists. 2/1 NY Times: Mubarak says he won’t run for president again. 2/5 USA Today: Mass anti-government rally held in Serbia. Reuters: 2 dead as Tunisian police fire on protesters. CNN: 4 accused as U.S. spies, killed in Pakistan. 2/11 NY Times: Mubarak leaves Cairo as military asserts control. 2/16 Reuters: North Korean defects to South amid Kim Jong-II festivities. Drudge: 100 Egyptians reach Italy amid Arab exodus. CNN: Israel says Iran warships near Suez. 2/17 NY Times: Unrest spreads, some violently, in the Middle East. CNN: Police swarm on Bahrain protestors. Official: Series of blasts kill 20 in Tanzania. 2/18 Drudge: Hillary Clinton: Israeli settlements ‘illegitimate.’ 2/23 Drudge: Greek riot police, protestors clash during strike. 2/14 Drudge: Nervous China puts security apparatus into overdrive. China detains citizens who spread call to protest: ‘There won’t be any Jasmine Revolution.’ (Not yet, but China has a young population. The time will come!)  2/25 CNN: Heavy fighting in Tripoli, U.S. citizens flee. U.S. closes embassy, imposes sanctions on Libya. 2/26 BBC News: UN debates steps against Gaddafi. Tunis police tear-gas protestors.  2/27 CNN: Libyan security forces switch sides in city near Tripoli. (Wising up are they?) Reports: 2 die in Oman clashes. Police station, state office building burning in Oman. USA Today: Crackdown on protests in China. 2/27 USA Today: 4 dead in TUNISIA after renewed violence. BBC News: Anti-Gaddafi forces widen control in LIBYA. 2/28 Reuters: Rebels ‘down’ Libyan aircraft, governments discuss next move. 3/1 CNN: Violence escalates on IVORY COAST. Reuters: OMAN army tries to disperse protestors, wounds 1. IRAN fires teargas, clash with protestors.  Drudge: SAUDI ARABIA sends tanks to riot-hit BAHRAIN. PALESTINIANS try to create ‘Facebook Revolution.’ 3/2 Yahoo: Gunmen kill PAKISTAN Christian minister. Drudge: More than 140,000 people flee Libya. 3/11 Drudge: Saudi police open fire on protesters. Report: 250,000 have fled Libya. 3/12 Drudge: Police fire on protesters in Yemen: 2 boys killed, hundreds injured. Bahrain protesters march on palace after clashes. Arab League calls for no fly zone for Libya. Five Israelis killed in West Bank attack. USA Today: Libyan rebels lose oil port, vow to regroup. 3/13 Reuters: Oman sultan to cede some powers after protests. Dozens of Saudis gather at protest in Riyadh. 3/14 Reuters: Saudis send troops, Bahrain Shiites call it “war”. Libya jets bomb rebels, French press for no-fly zone. Drudge: 1,000 Saudi troops dispatched to Bahrain. 3/15 CNN: Gaddafi forces take rebel-held town. 3/17 CNN: 4 NY Times staffers missing in Libya. 3/18 Drudge: 25 dead in bombardment by Gaddafi forces. Libya halts all military operations after U.N. resolution to bomb.  NBC News: Libya lies and keeps killing. 3/19 CNN: Warplanes tumble from the sky and burst into flames over Benghazi. French jets sent to prevent attacks on Libyan civilians. Reuters: Allied planes fly over Libya. BBC News: ‘Dozens killed’ in Yemen shooting. USA Today: Bahraini army demolishes monument in square. NY Times: U.S. joins airstrikes in Libya against Gaddafi’s forces. (So many spellings of his name. I’ll stick with this one!) 3/20 Reuters: Western forces attack Libya: European and US forces unleashed warplanes and cruise missiles against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in biggest Western military intervention in Arab world since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Arab unrest spreads to Syria as thousands march.  3/21 Huffington Post: Libya air strikes continue: Gaddafi vows ‘Long war.’ Reuters: Pro-Gbagbo youth answer call to join Ivorian army. CNN: Yemeni generals side with protesters. Drudge: Wave of unrest shakes Syria, Crowds torch party HQ. Saudis take to streets, demand release of prisoners held without trial.  3/27 Drudge: Anarchy rules in UK. 500,000 march in London to protest budget cuts. 4/1 USA Today: Clashes erupt as thousands march in Syria. Fighting near palace of Ivory Coast’s rogue president. 4/3 Reuters: Dozens of YEMEN protesters wounded in new clashes. 4/4 NY Times: U.S. shifts to seek removal of Yemen’s leader, an ally. (All those other leader/dictators in the Middle East must be getting nervous! But the transit of PLUTO in CAPRICORN is going to change a whole lot of things until 2024! And SATURN in LIBRA is going to change lots of laws that smack of injustice!) CNN: 11 dead in Yemen protests. 4/5 NY Times: Unrest in Yemen seen as opening to Qaeda branch. BBC News: Ivorian leader in surrender talks. 4/6 Reuters: Quattara forces storm Gbagbo bunker in IVORY COAST. (The president who refuses to step down, with his heart set on being a dictator!) 4/8 Reuters: At least 10 killed in Deraa: Syria hospital source. Syria forces kill 3 as protests flare: witnesses. (When I made these predictions I was consciously thinking of the U.S. elections, but my spirit guides obviously had something else entirely in mind! Talk about power struggles all around the planet!!!)CNN: Army officers from Cairo join protests.  Witness: 22 protesters dead in Syria. Demonstrations swell in Yemen.  Reuters: Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo regains ground. Yemen Saleh again rejects move to replace him. Drudge: Russian supplying Iran with nuclear fuel.  4/9 Reuters: Egyptians turn angry on army in Cairo protests. Fighting erupts anew on Libya’s eastern front. Syrian forces fire at Latakia protesters. 4/11 CNN: Report: Ivory Coast strongman Gbagbo captured. (The president who refused to resign!) Reuters: Gaddafi forces shell town after he accepts peace plan. (Such a nice guy!?) Yemen opposition rejects Gulf plan, Saleh accepts. 4/15 Reuters: Obama says Libya in stalemate, but “Gaddafi will go.” Mubarak to be moved to Egypt army hospital in days. Syria protests reach capital, Yemen leader seeks talks. Saudi Shi’ites rally for second day to call for rights. 4/18 CNN: Tension high as migrants denied entry: The Italian and French governments are trying to defuse a diplomatic row after France refused entry to a train carrying North African migrants from Italy. Incumbent declared Nigeria winner amid post-vote riots. 4/19 Drudge: Brits join ground fight in Libya. Egypt’s new government courts foes of U.S.A. 4/22 Reuters: 3rd day of Shanghai strike threatens China exports. Syrian forces shoot at anti-Assad protests. 4/23 Washington Post: Dozens killed in Syrian demonstrations. Gaddafi forces retreat in Misrata, Libya. Reuters: 12 killed in pro-democracy protests in Syria. 4/24 NY Times: President of Yemen offers to leave, with conditions. CNN: 57 dead in Southern Sudan violence. Drudge: Syria rounds up opponents after 120 dead. 4/25 Drudge: Cambodia says Thai shells damaged ancient temples. Huffington Post: Gaddafi compound bombed by NATO; Libyan government claims attempt on leader’s life. 4/28 Reuters: Surprise Palestinian unity deal challenges Israel. 5/1 BBC News: U.N. to withdraw staff from Tripoli. Maldives hit by protest clashes. 5/5 NY Times: Pakistani Army, shaken by raid on bin Laden, faces new scrutiny. 5/11 Drudge: Greece hit by general strike. 5/15 BBC News: Violence erupts at Israel borders.  5/20 Drudge: Syrian forces fire into crowds as thousands protest. Netanyahu fumes at call to return to 1967 Israel Palestinian borders. Israel PM prepared for confrontation with Obama. (So many political power struggles this year. Ye gods!)  5/21 BBC News: Spain protesters defy rally ban and 25,000 march against government austerity plans. 5/22 Drudge: Thousands of ‘The Indignant’ march in SPAIN. 6/6 Yahoo: Syria says 40 policemen dead in ambush in tense north. Yahoo: Syria says 120 forces dead in tense northern town. Clashes erode Yemen cease-fire amid power vacuum. 6/7 Syrians in tense north flee, fearing new crackdown. (All this Middle Eastern turmoil is causing a whole lot of migration elsewhere!) Yemen says government troops kill 30 Islamic militants. CNN: Tribal fighters take over major Yemen city, witnesses say. 6/9 NY Times: Gingrich senior campaign aides resign: campaign manager and half dozen senior advisors. 6/11 Reuters: Fighting erupts in Zlitan, Turkey offers Gaddafi exit. 6/15 NY Times: Pakistan arrests CIA informants who aided Bin Laden raid. (Now isn’t that interesting?!) Reuters: Greeks strike, clash with police over austerity. 6/22 Reuters: Bahrain opposition figures handed life sentences. (Monarchy is Dictatorship in Middle Eastern countries! Karma will have its day.) 7/1 CNN: Chavez illness sparks power struggle. 7/9 BBC News: South Sudan raises national flag. 7/10 Drudge: Malaysia explodes; thousands protest, police fire tear gas, 1,400 arrested. 7/28 NY Times: In both houses: Fortifying support for rival plans on the budget. (This seems to be the major political power struggle in the U.S. this year! THE BUDGET AND THE DEBT CEILING.) Yahoo: As debt plan faces House vote, compromise brews behind the scenes.  UK recognizes rebels, not Gaddafi.  7/30 Drudge: Turkey’s military chiefs resign; Escalation of tensions. 8/8 CNN: Saudi King: Syrian crackdown unjustified. CNN: 3 Arab nations recall Syria ambassadors. 8/9 BBC News: Turkey presses Syrian president. 8/10 CNN: U.S. may call for Syria’s leader to step down. (The international political power struggles this year are numerous and astonishing!) 8/14 NY Times: Tribal rifts threaten to undermine Libya uprising. 8/18 NY Times: Obama to call for Assad to step down in SYRIA, officials say. BBC News: World leaders call on Assad to go. (He leadership is brutality and killing his people. Go, Assad, go!) 8/19 CNN: U.S., Europe call for SYRIA’S leader to go. 8/23 NY Times: Qaddafi’s son taunts rebels in TRIPOLI. CNN: Gaddafi compound attacked: Rebels, NATO hit stronghold, son appears. LIBYA must honor HUMAN RIGHTS. USA Today: SYRIANS: Assad’s regime will be next to unravel. 9/16 NY Times: Abbas says PALESTINIANS will demand full U.N. membership at Security Council. (It seems to me that they deserve this. Why was Palestine given strictly to the Jews? When will terrorism finally end? Atrocities committed in the name of God and religion create bad karma indeed.) 9/17 NY Times: Palestinians set bid for U.N. seat clashing with U.S. 10/8 CNN: U.S. urges SYRIA’S president to step down. (How do we know the new leaders won’t be worse than the old ones? With PLUTO in CAPRICORN many old tyrants will fall or step down until 2024!) 10/10 Yahoo: Democrats seek to own ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. 10/15 CNN: Occupy Wall Street protests go global as crowds chant and march in a global movement of discontent. 10/19 CNN: Massive strike paralyzes GREECE. 10/24 Reuters: LIBYA liberated but Gaddafi still unburied. (The spoils of war?!?) 10/31 BBC News: Palestinians win Unesco seat vote which jeopardizes U.S. funding, 20%. 11/3 CNN: Cain camp suggests Perry source of sexual harassment leak. 11/10 Reuters: New Italian government seen within days. Papademos to lead Greek crisis coalition. EU may target Iran with new sanctions in weeks: diplomats. BBC News: Republican Rick Perry downplays TV meltdown. 11/12 BBC News: Arab League to sanction SYRIANS over failure to end government crackdowns with protesters. Syrian death toll passes 3,500. USA Today: Syria takes bloody turn: 250 killed in 11 days: November bloodiest month yet in Syria’s 8-month old uprisings. BBC News: Berlusconi resigns as Italian PM. 11/14 Reuters: SYRIA faces growing world pressure to halt bloodshed. BBC News: Jordan king: Syria’s Assad should resign.  11/16 Reuters: Monti forms new ITALY government. 11/17 Reuters: Protestors storm KUWAIT parliament. U.N. nuclear chief says ‘must alert world’ about IRAN. 11/18 NY Times: Clinton to visit MYANMAR as activist enters politics again. EGYPTIAN Islamist protest military rule. (I’ve been told the military ruled Egypt even during Mubarak’s reign.) Washington Post: Clinton to be first secretary of state to visit Burma in 50 years. 11/19 Reuters: Death toll rises in SYRIA despite Arab League deadline. 11/20 NY Times: Violent protests in EGYPT pit thousands against police. (Big changes through 2015.) 11/20 CNN: Hundreds defect from YEMEN military. Arab League rejects SYRIA requests. 11/22 NY Times: EGYPT’S cabinet offers to resign as protests rage. 11/23 BBC News: U.N. condemns EGYPT protest deaths. CNN: YEMEN president to step down after 33 years: 4th Arab leader forced from power in 2011. 11/25 New EGYPTIAN PM claims power. 11/26 Reuters: Thousands march in BAHRAIN. GERMAN police spray water at protesters. Night clashes in Alexandria, EGYPT. 11/27 Reuters: EGYPT’S Islamic Brotherhood plunges into political storm. 11/28 NY Times: Isolating SYRIA, ARAB LEAGUE imposes broad sanctions. CNN: KUWAIT government resigns. NY Times: Millions vote in CONGO despite fears of violence. BBC News: EGYPTIANS line up for landmark election. 11/29 NY Times: TEHRAN protesters storm BRITISH embassy and ransack the offices chanting, ‘Death to England.’ (Over the years I’ve had so many nice Iranian clients. What a shame.)  11/30 NY Times: BRITAIN downgrades diplomatic ties with IRAN; Closes embassy in TEHRAN and withdraws all its diplomats and ordered IRAN to do the same in LONDON within 48 hours. Drudge: NORWAY shuts embassy in IRAN. 12/4 Reuters: EGYPT election sends shivers through ISRAEL with Islamic power on the rise. Herman Cain ends bid for White House amid accusations of a 13-year sexual affair and other sexual misconduct. 12/5 NY Times: Majority for Putin’s party narrows in rebuke from voters. 12/6 Reuters: RUSSIA’S Putin faces new protests. Clinton criticizes Russian vote, Germany urges improvement. Drudge: Iowa ad blitz: Ron Paul goes for Newt’s throat. MOSCOW police detain opposition leader Nemtsov. (Sounds like the old Russia to me!) Yahoo: MOSCOW police clash with anti-Putin demonstrators. 12/7 CNN: Gorbachev calls for new RUSSIAN elections. (I really like Gorbachev.) 12/10 CNN: Gingrich comment draws ire of Palestinian leaders: that Palestinians are an “inverted” people. (Newt Gingrich will NOT be president, I promise!) ‘Putin out’ Russian protestors chant. USA Today: Thousands in MOSCOW protest Putin, vote fraud. 12/11 NY Times: Rally defying Putin’s party draws tens of thousands. 12/12 Reuters: PAKISTANI government denies talks with TALIBAN. 12/19 Reuters: EGYPTIAN clashes move into 4th day.  12/22 CNN: Bombings rock BAGHDAD. EGYPTIAN activist assaulted. Reuters: BAGHDAD blasts kill 63 as Iraq tensions rise. Almost 70 reporters killed worldwide in 2011. (A true tragedy!) 12/24 CNN: YEMEN protestors: Blood and teargas everywhere: At least 10 die when security forces assault marchers. Thousands protest RUSSIAN elections. Reuters: Tens of thousand of protesters pressure Putin. 12/25 Drudge: Gorbachev calls for Putin to resign. (Terrific! So do I!) 12/26 Drudge: Largest protest since fall of Soviet Union rocks RUSSIA. 12/28 NY Times: IRAN threatens to block oil shipments as U.S. prepares sanctions. 12/30 CNN: Anti-government protests unfold amide SYRIA bloodshed.SEXUAL INTRIGUES gain the spotlight to once again titillate the masses, at least one involves a prominentpolitician.1/6 Drudge: Strip club at Dallas airport causes controversy. (My, my!) 1/11 Drudge: Philippine police arrest 36 in cybersex raid. (How did the police ever get onto those circuits? Amazing! And exactly what is cybersex? Is it a video game?) 1/14 Yahoo: Italy’s Berlusconi in prostitution probe. Reuters: Berlusconi investigated over teenage girl. 1/28 CNN: Colorado teacher, student found naked in car with vodka bottles. (These high school teachers need therapy or a chastity belt!) US agents grab sex tourists in Asia to face justice at home. (Good show!) 1/31 CNN: Organizer of child sex ring sentenced. (Praise the Powers That Be!) 2/8 Drudge: Police sex files on WIKILEAKS Assange leaked online. (Now that seems only fair!) Female high school gym teacher accused of sex with five students, football players. (I guess we need to invoke the Chastity Belt Law on these oversexed high school teachers! GEEZ!) 2/10 CNN: 3 priests in Philly,teacher charged with sexually abusing boys. (Do we need a castration law too?) 213 Reuters: Italian women protest over Berlusconi sex scandal. 2/15 BBC News: German trucker Detlef S incest trial opens: charged with sexually abusing his daughter and fathering 7 children with his stepdaughter. 2/16 Drudge: Woman answering ad on Craigslist held captive as sex slave for 8 days!  3/9 CNN: 21 priests on leave in child sex case. (This is disgusting!) Reuters: American Apparel CEO held teen as sex slave: lawsuit! 3/14 Drudge: Stalker seized INSIDE Madonna’s mansion. (Cripes! These people are nuts!) 3/22 CNN: Former Israeli president Moshe Katsav sentenced to 7 years in prison for multiple charges of rape and sexual harassment.  4/6 Drudge: Berlusconi sex trial opens and immediately adjourns. 4/14 Drudge: World’s first 3-D porn film opens in Hong Kong! And man mysterious engulfed in flames at porn shop. (Spontaneous erotic combustion! Hmm!)  4/22 BBC News: Republican senator from Nevada resigns amid probe into affair with campaign aide his parents paid $96,000. (Wow! Infidelity pays the infidel!) 5/14 Yahoo: NY police question IMF head in sexual assault of maid in hotel: Possible candidate for president of France. (Oh, those French!) 5/17 NY Times: Judge denies bail to IMF chief in sexual assault case. CNN/L.A. Times: Schwarzenegger had child with staffer. (Tsk! Tsk!) 5/19 NY Times: IMF Chief quits in wake of charges of sexual attack. (I thought so. Thank God times have changed for women!) CNN: Schwarzenegger sons born days apart. 5/21 BBC News: Turkey opposition politicians quit in sex video scandal: shortly before national elections. (What’s with all these politicians around the world?!!!) 5/23 Yahoo/AP: DNA matches Strauss-Kahn in sex attack. 5/26 CNN: John Edwards’ fall: Golden boy to tabloid tale! Being prosecuted for misuse of campaign funds. USA Today: Elizabeth Smart kidnapper sentenced to life. Fewer couples embrace marriage, census finds. 6/7 NY Times: After Strauss-Khan arrest, French women speak out: denounce sexual oppression and push for a less chauvinistic relationship between the sexes. (Terrific!) 6/16 USA Today: Weiner to resign in sexting scandal. 7/4 CNN: French writer to fix sex complaint against Dominique Strauss-Kahn  for an alleged 2002 rape attempt. 7/24 Drudge/Politico: Representative Wu at center of sex allegation: Accused of unwanted sexual encounter with teenage daughter of longtime friend. 7/26 NY Times: News Alert: Congressman Wu in sex scandal resigns. 8/9 CNN: Warren Jeffs gets life in prison for his sexual misconduct with his very young brides. (This seems like justice to me.) Mail Online: The many brides of Warren Jeffs: As polygamist prophet is jailed for life, astonish photograph reveals his 50 young wives.  8/16 USA Today: Cockpit sex scandal delays Cathay Pacific ad campaign. (What else do you expect in cockpit? And who coined that description, anyway? Probably a man.) Images of compromised pictures reportedly stolen from pilot’s laptop. (Now there’s another word for you: laptop! Oh well!)  9/8 Drudge: Arkansas weatherman found in hot tub with naked dead man wearing dog collar. (Truly bizarre!) 11/16 Drudge: Man charged with posting sex tape of ex-girlfriend online. 11/28 Mail Online: Syracuse fires sex abuse scandal coach as tapes ‘reveal his wife watched husband molest boy in their home…and seduced another victim years later.’ (Tragic for those boys! Sexual perverts shouldn’t work with children in any capacity.) 12/7 CNN: New Sandusky accuser steps forward, given alcohol and molested at age 12. (This man is a horror!) 12/14 CNN: Bob Jones University students, alumni hold silent protest to get the word out about sexual abuse within Independent Fundamental Baptist Christian circles. (Dirty little secrets are coming out into the bright light of day!) 12/20 CNN: Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd’s sex scandal letter emerges.Sudden ESCALATION in the rising REAL ESTATE MARKET in the United States, to the delight of many.2/16 CNN: New home construction up 14.6%. 3/9 Reuters: Mortgage application surge to highest in 3 months. Portugal bond yield jumps. 12/20 Reuters: Housing starts hit 1.5 year high in November.Sadly, AMERICAN LIVES and those of the allies continue to be lost in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.1/3 CNN: 2 U.S. service members killed in Iraq. 1/6 CNN: U.S. adding 14,000 troops in Afghanistan. 1/15 CNN: 3 U.S. troops killed in Iraq. Reuters: U.S. marine kills Afghan policeman after dispute. Iraqi soldiers kill 2 U.S. soldiers in Mosul.(Surely war breeds killers!) (This was hacked and items were lost! Sorry!)3/18 USA Today: Female soldiers suicide rates triple when at war. 4/4 CNN: 2 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan. Drudge: Afghan policemen kills NATO soldiers, as the protests again burning the Koran continue.(This minister’s life is not worth much. He’s contradicting the teachings of Jesus Christ in his actions! He’s nothing but a BIGOT!)4/5 Drudge: 2 Americans shot execution style at Tijuana Airport. 4/13 Drudge: Predator drone firing missile may have killed US troops. 4/23 Yahoo: 2 U.S. soldiers killed in southern Iraq. 4/28 USA Today: Afghan pilot kills 9 U.S. trainers.(My opinion: We need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan NOW!)5/2 Drudge: April deadliest month for U.S. in Iraq since ’09.  5/4 Drudge: 905 troops killed in Afghanistan since Obama inauguration. 5/23 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 4 NATO soldiers in Afghan east. Drudge: 2 troops killed in Iraq.  5/26 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 7 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. 5/29 Drudge: 7 NATO troops killed were ‘American’.  Suicide bomber wounds top German commander in Afghanistan. 6/4 Reuters: 4 NATO troops killed by bomb in eastern Afghanistan. 6/5 Reuters: Helicopter crashes in Afghanistan’s east, 2 troops killed. 6/6 CNN: 5 US troops killed in Iraq. 6/14 Drudge: 2 U.S. troops killed in Iraq. 6/30 Drudge: U.S. Monthly combat deaths in Iraq at 3-year high. BBC News: 3 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. 7/5 CNN: 4 coalition troops killed in Afghanistan. 7/9 CNN: 2 Americans killed in Afghanistan. Reuters: Afghan agent kills NATO soldier and civilian in Panjshir. 7/14 Reuters: U.S. drawdown begins in Afghanistan. 7/29 Drudge: Record number of U.S. troops killed by Iranian weapons. 8/6 CNN: More than 2 dozen U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash, special operations forces perish. Reuters: NATO helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills 31 U.S. troops.  8/10 BBC News: Taliban who hit helicopter ‘dead’ in coalition airstrike, U.S. commander says.(I should hope so.)8/11 BBC News: 5 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan by roadside bomb. 8/17 CNN: Army suicides at record high in July: 32.(Many young men and women are not psychologically prepared for the stress and horror of war or of the military regiment.)  8/30 Drudge: August deadliest month ever for U.S. in AFGHANISTAN: 66 dead. 9/10 CNN: 5 NATO-led troops killed in AFGHANISTAN. 9/18 Science Daily: Lasers could be used to detect roadside bombs!(So use them!)9/26 CNN: 2 die from U.S. Embassy attack in Kabul. Reuters: Afghan employee kills U.S. citizen at Kabul CIA base. 10/29 CNN: At least 13 U.S. troops killed in Kabul attack. 12/3 BBC News: NATO troops killed in AFGHANISTAN. 12/9 Reuters: NATO convoy attacked in PAKISTAN. 12/15 CNN: Joyous homecomings flash on screens with the return of troops from IRAQ: Away from the jubilation, stories of loss, darkness and ambivalence emerge.(War and killing do not improve the life of any man or woman.)12/16 NY Times: U.S. marks end to 9 year war, leaving an uncertain IRAQ.ASSASSINATION in a public place results in shock and fear.1/4 Reuters: Governor of Pakistan’s Punjab Province assassinated by gunman. Drudge: Philippine politician catches ‘killer’ on camera moments before he is shot dead.(Strange karma!)Photo led to arrest of gunman.  1/5 NY Times: Killing of Governor deepens crisis in Pakistan. 3/2 BBC News: Pakistani minister assassinated (Christian minister). The second murder this year of a politician who backed reform to blasphemy laws. 3/17 Drudge: Man shot execution-style in front of horrified lunch crowd outside San Jose’s McDonald’s.  4/24 CNN: Iraqi government officials assassinated. 5/3 CNN: BIN LADEN assassinated, not martyred. 6/10 BBC News: Russian colonel Yuri Budanov who killed Chechen girl, 18, shot dead in central Moscow by unidentified gunman (6 shots from a pistol).(Quick karma!) 7/12 Huffington Post: Afghan president’s brother assassinated at his home: official. 7/27 Reuters: Suicide blast kills Karzai-allied Afghan mayor in Kandahar. 7/29 Drudge: Assassinated Iranian was Nuke expert.  9/10 BBC News: Afghan peace negotiator assassinated in bomb attack on home. 10/14 USA Today: Evidence links IRAN to foiled assassination plot of Saudi ambassador in Washington restaurant.(This could be in several places on this page.)11/16 Drudge: Bullet hits White House. Police: DC shooting suspect may be threat to Obama. 11/17 NY Times: Attempted assassination charge in shooting at White House, prosecutors say.(He obviously missed being in prison.)ADVANCEMENT using NANOTECHNOLOGY continues to amaze and astound.1/5 Science Daily: ‘Nanoscoops’ to spark new automobile batteries. 1/12 Science Daily: Coiled nanowires may hold key to stretchable electronics. 1/19 Science Daily: Nanotech to rebuild damaged human body parts. 1/20 Science Daily: Nanoscale rope: Complex nanomaterials that assemble themselves. 1/25 Science Daily: Nanoscale transistor used to study single-molecule interactions.(Now that’s tiny!)1/28 Science Daily: Nanowires exhibit giant Pizeoelectricity. 2/1 Science Daily: Scientists model tiny rotors, key to future nanomachines. AND Nanotechnology: Detecting lethal diseases with rust and sand: Trap antibodies to virus that causes cervical cancer and to bacteria that causes lethal diarrhea.  2/4 Science Daily: Scientists make nanosheets with high-tech potential. 2/7 Science Daily: Seeing the Light: Scientists bring plasmonic nanofields into focus. 2/9 Science Daily: World’s first programmable Nanoprocessor: Nanowire tiles can perform arithmetic and logical functions. 2/11 Science Daily: Study of volcanoes in outer solar system produces unexpected bonus for nanotechnology. 2/14 Science Daily: 3-D movies on your cell phone.(And I don’t care much for 3-D!)2/23 Science Daily: MIT engineers design new Nanoparticle that could lead to vaccines for HIV, Malaria, other diseases. Discovery News: Sticky dots for cancer get clinical trial: Injectable, glowing nanoparticles bond to cancer cells, and could deliver chemo drugs, as well as illuminate tumors and glands for removal during surgery.(Amazing!)  2/24 Science Daily: Virus-like nanoparticles stimulate immunity.  2/26 Science Daily: Nanotechnology may lead to new treatment of liver cancer.  2/28 Science Daily: Nanomedicine: Gene fuelled transporter causes breast cancer cells to self-destruct. 3/5 Science Daily: Nanotechnology: New ‘Frozen Smoke’ may improve robotic surgery, energy storage.  3/8 Science Daily: Drug delivery with nanoparticles. 3/15 Science Daily: New desalination process developed using carbon nanotubes. Nanorods could greatly improve visual display of information on computers. 3/21 Science Daily: Batteries charge quickly and retain capacity, thanks to new three-dimensional nanostructure. 3/23 Science Daily: Nanomodified surfaces seal leg implants against infection. 3/31 Science Daily: Catching cancer with carbon Nanotubes: New device to test blood spots cancer cells, HIV on the fly. 4/2 Science Daily New Nanomaterial can detect and neutralize explosives. Novel Nanowires boost fuel cell efficiency. 4/12 Science Daily: ‘Good Cholesterol’ Nanoparticles seek and destroy cancer cells. 4/18 Science Daily: Cells in ‘Nano-Spheres’ grow tissue in wounds. Successful strategy to regenerate blood vessels. 4/20 Science Daily: Drug filled nanoparticles blast cancer. 4/27 Science Daily: New ‘Nanobead’ approach could revolutionize sensor technology. Magnetic nanobeads to detect chemicals. 5/4 Science Daily: ‘I’m a tumor and I’m over here’ Nanovaults used to prod immune system to fight cancer. 5/6 Science Daily: Forecast calls for nanoflowers to help return eyesight: Physicists lead effort to design fractal devices to put in eyes. 5/21 Science Daily: Researchers create nanopatch for the heart. 5/24 Science Daily: First macro-scale thin-film solid-oxide fuel cell: Strong, nanostructured membrane enables scaling for clean-energy applications. 5/29 Science Daily: Better viewing through fluorescent nanotubes when peering into innards of a mouse.  6/1 Science Daily: Researchers create Nanoscale Waveguide for future photonics.  6/10 Science Daily: Research creates nanoparticles perfectly formed to tackle cancer. 6/20 Science Daily: From seawater to fresh water with a nanotechnology filter.(Excellent!)6/30 Science Daily: Nanoparticles to deliver cancer-fighting drugs. 7/15 Science Daily: How to grow wires and tiny plates: Liquid processing method can control shapes of nanowires and produce complete electronic devices.(Wow!)7/25 Science Daily: New discovery paves way for using super strong nanostructured metals in cars.  7/28 Science Daily: Graphene nanocomposite bridge to better batteries. 8/1 Science Daily: Scientists build battery in nanowire.  8/2 Science Daily: Restoring blood flow after heart attack: Nanostructure promotes growth of new blood vessels, mimics natural protein. 8/4 Science Daily: Gold nanoparticles used to diagnose flu in minutes. 8/8 Science Daily: Nanoscale secret to stronger alloys: Scientists find nanoparticle size readily controlled to make strong aluminum alloys. 8/9 Science Daily: Like Superman’s X-Ray vision, new microscope reveals nanoscale details. 8/25 Science Daily: Engineers discover nanoscale balancing act that mirrors forces at work in living systems. 2/6/2012: Science Daily: Engineers weld nanowires with light. 2/15 Science Daily: New nano-material combination produce leap in infrared technology.FIRE FROM THE SKY–or fire fills the sky, around APRIL. Asteroid? Volcanic eruption? Solar flare? Exploding airplane? I’m not sure.  2/11 Earth Changes Media:(My spirit guides are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! A little early, but timing is the hardest part of this business!)Fascinating FIREBALL flies over ITALY. Some call it an ‘angelic’ fireball due to its star-shaped light that resembles the STAR OF BETHLEHEM. 2/15 Drudge: Meteor streaks across East Coast: Residents baffled by ‘fireball.’  2/16 Drudge: Biggest Solar Flare in years headed for Earth.  2/25 Earth Changes Media: Eyewitness reports of Canadian/U.S. NE FIREBALL. “My friend and I were standing outside in a farm field 5:30 am EST near Kingston, Ontario Canada and saw the most vivid detailed falling star? Comet? Meteor?” 5/22 Yahoo: Volcanic eruption shuts Iceland airport: Almost total darkness and heavy ash cover some areas as plume soars 12 miles high. Reuters: Iceland hit by volcano, Europe routes so far open(But not for long!)5/23 Yahoo: Volcanic cloud heads to Scotland: flights canceled.(My sense: this volcano is just warming up! Stay tuned. Not good for the airlines!)9/15 Drudge/CBS Los Angeles: Southland residents report seeing strange lights in the sky.RADICAL ADVANCEMENTS in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY.12/30/2010 Drudge: ‘Artificial intelligence to transform web.’1/3 Drudge: Technology created 50 rainstorms in Abu Dhabi’s desert region last year. Mail Online: Have scientists discovered how to create downpours in the desert?(Wow!)1/15 Science Daily: Self-assembling structures open door to new class of materials: bio-inspired, the helical ‘supermolecules.’ AND New faming method reduces greenhouse gases, increases farm yields. 1/18 Science Daily: Breakthrough in converting heat waste to electricity: Automotive, chemical, brick and glass industries could benefit from discovery. AND New synthetic compound created with HIV-fighting promise. 1/22 Science Daily: New device may revolutionize computer memory. 1/28 Science Daily: New transistor for plastic electronics exhibits the best of both worlds. 2/9 Science Daily: Ultrafast quantum computer closer. 2/10 Science Daily: New solar cell repairs itself like natural plant systems.(Wow!)  2/11 Drudge/Time: 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal: Singularity: Technologist Kurzwell has radical vision for humanity’s immortal future. Yahoo: Nokia, Microsoft in pact to rival Apple, Google. 2/15 Science Daily: Scientists develop control system to allow spacecraft to think for themselves.(Wow!) Discovery News: Solar power that honors the moon: Energy generator.  2/16 Science Daily: New material provides 25% greater thermoelectric conversion efficiency. 2/20 Science Daily: New High Resolution method for imaging below skin using liquid lens. AND Mind over matter: EECoG may finally allow enduring control of prosthetic or paralyzed arm by thought alone!(Double wow!)2/21 Science Daily: Scientists steer car with the power of thought.(Science and metaphysics are blending!)2/26 Science Daily: New form of Sulfur discovered in geological fluids. 2/28 Yahoo: MASS company making diesel from sun, water CO2. 2/28 Drudge: Pentagon commissions ‘Cheetah’ robot and Terminator-like droid; hummingbird drone also in works.  3/6 Science Daily: New microscope produces dazzling 3-D movies of live cells.  3/17 Drudge: NASA to shoot lasers at space junk around Earth to prevent collisions with satellites. 3/20 Science Daily: Scientists use light to move molecules within living cells. Blood chip could diagnose disease in minutes. New process cleanly extracts oil from tar sands and fouled beaches. 4/13 Discovery News: Robots to become farmhands!(Wow! But what about all the farm workers?)4/14 Drudge: Navy’s new laser to target pirates!(Hooray!)4/17 Science Daily: Solar Power without solar cells: Hidden magnetic effect of light could make it possible. 4/18 Drudge: Unmanned aircraft moving us toward ‘terminator-type world.’ Science Daily: Forest byproducts: Shells may be key to removing radioactive contaminants from drinking water. 4/19 Science Daily: Super-Small transistor created: Artificial atom powered by single electron. 4/23 Drudge: World’s largest atom smasher may have found ‘God particle.'(It’s “Angels and Demons” time!)4/24 BBC News: Lasers could replace spark plugs. 4/30 Science Daily: New solar cell technology boosts efficiency. 5/4 Science Daily: Robots learn to share: Why we go out of our way to help one another. 5/6 Discovery News: Kiss Transmitters lets you make out over the web. 5/19 Drudge: Cosmic ray hunter installed on space station. 5/26 Science Daily: Teaching algae to make fuel: New process could lead to production of hydrogen using bioengineered microorganisms. 6/6 Science Daily: First polymer solar-thermal device heats home, saves money.  6/10 Science Daily: New way to make lighter, stronger steel — in a flash! 6/19 Science Daily: Fly larvae used to remove organic waste on an industrial scale. 6/20 Drudge: Japanese computer named fastest in the world, 3x faster than Chinese rival.(Asia seems to be taking the lead in this field!)Science Daily: From seawater to fresh water with a nanotechnology filter. 6/30 Reuters: Skype introduces video calling for Android phones.7/5 Science Daily: Biofuels from the sea: Seaweed may prove a viable future biofuel, especially if harvested in summer. 8/2 CNN: Machine turns air into water.(Wow!)Science Daily: Dream screens from graphene: Indium-free transparent, flexible electrodes developed. 8/5 Science Daily: Scientists invent heat regulating building material. 8/7 Reuters: French duck fat puts gourmet spin on biodiesel. 8/11 Drudge: Pentagon to launch fastest ever plane. 8/12 BBC News: U.S. military loses contact with unmanned hypersonic test aircraft.(Did the ETs get it? And how much did that one cost us?)8/16 Science Daily: Single, key gene discovery could streamline production of biofuels. 8/19 Drudge: IBM unveils chips that mimic the human brain.(I hope its an improvement, actually!)Scientists alter chicken DNA to create embryo with alligator-like snout.(And the reasoning behind this is???)8/27 Science Daily: Cars could run on recycled newspaper, scientist say. 8/30 USA Today: Farming plows into the future with tractor drones. 9/4 Science Daily: Robots learn to handle objects, understand new places. 9/5 Science Daily: World’s smallest electric motor made from single molecule.(Amazing!)New microscope might see beneath skin in 4-D. 9/17 BBC News: Dark Matter theory ‘may be wrong’!(You mean physicists make mistakes just like ordinary human beings?)  9/18 Science Daily: Scientists take first step toward creating ‘inorganic life.’ 9/23 Science Daily: Particles appear to travel faster than Light: OPERA Experiments reports anomaly in flight time of neutrinos. 9/15 Discovery News: Naughty ‘faster than light’ neutrinos a reality!(Poor Einstein!)Magnetic invisibility cloak could hide weapons.(It’s Harry Potter time! Or is the Dark Lord involved here?) 9/29 Drudge/theguardian: Mind-reading car could drive you around the bend: Being developed by Nissan in collaboration with Swiss scientists.(This is a definite WOW!)  10/5 Science Daily: 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry: ‘Quasicrystals’ once thought impossible has changed understand of solid matter.(Actually, no matter is solid. We’re all a bunch of atoms speeding around! There are Beings able to change their vibratory frequency and dwell in different dimensions at different times! It’s the Magic of Divine Mind!)10/12 Reuters: Space taxi to fly next year: 7-seated space taxi backed by NASA to ferry astronauts to International Space Station. 10/14 Science Daily: Rainwear that repairs itself? 10/18 Drudge: Branson opens world’s first ‘spaceport’ in U.S.(Astronaut Disneyland!)10/19 Science Daily: New radar sees through solid walls.(Like Superman’s eyes!)11/7 Discovery News: Airships offer new alternative stairway to space. 11/12 Science Daily: Revolutionary ultrasonic nozzle that will change the way water cleans. 11/13 Science Daily: Using Light, researchers turn 2-D patterns into 3-D images. 11/14 BBC News: Russia takes U.S. astronaut to International Space Station. 11/18 Reuters: New test finds neutrinos still faster than light.(Wow! I knew something had to be faster than light.)11/20 Science Daily: Better batteries: New technology improves both energy capacity and charge rate in rechargeable batteries. 11/22 Science Daily: Unearthing a new quantum state of matter: Quantum Physics discoveries could change face of technology. 12/10 Science Daily: New disinfection technique could revolutionize hospital room and hotel room cleaning. 12/14 Drudge: Microsoft co-founder to build giant plane to launch people, cargo into space.  12/16 BBC News: Google patents self-driving car. 12/20 Science Daily: Novel device removes heavy metals from water. 12/21 Drudge/Fox News: IBM predicts mind-reading machines.(Consciousness is everywhere! Divine Mind is omnipotent and omniscient.)12/22 Science Daily: Paint-on solar cells developed: Electricity generated from light. 12/27 Drudge: No-glasses 3-D tech to showcase Vegas Electronics Show.SCANDAL involves those in HIGH PLACES, public disgrace.1/1 Yahoo: Pittsburgh fires football coach Haywood after his arrest for domestic violence.(Good for Pittsburgh! It’s no longer blind male rule in this country, praise God!)1/10 CNN: Tom DeLay to serve 3 years in prison for money laundering and conspiracy. 1/17 Yahoo: Ex-banker says he’s giving Wikileaks files on the rich.(Another scumbag making money in an underhanded fashion!)1/22 Drudge: UK leader’s top aide resigns in tabloid scandal. 1/25 BBC News: U.S. engineer, Noshir Gowadia, who sold secrets to China sentenced to 32 years in prison.  2/3 CNN: Politician nominates Wikileaks founder for Nobel Prize!(Wonders never cease.)2/8 Twitter/Breaking News: More on insider trading charges. Two fund managers face charges, including fraud conspiracy, two others make plea deals.(Gotcha!)2/9 Drudge: Lindsay Lohan to face felony charge over stolen necklace she said she simply “borrowed”. 2/9 NY Times: Married Representative Christopher Lee of New York, caught in a scandal involving a shirtless photo he reportedly sent to a woman on  Craig’s List, has stepped down from his post of congressman.(Imagine that! Shame on him!)2/13 CNN: Grocery CEO resigns after arrest in child prostitution ring.(Good grief. Put the pervert away permanently!)2/15 CNN: Berlusconi to face trial on sex, abuse of power charges. 2/21 BBC News: Congo colonel jailed for mass rape. 3/3 CNN: Wikileaks charge punishable by death!(Wow! I should think he has endangered many, many people!)3/9 USA Today: NPR CEO ousted in video scandal. 3/16 BBC News: Massive pedophile ring uncovered: World’s largest online child abuse ring has been smashed: 70,000 members, links to 30 countries: 670 suspects, 230 abused children.(The karma these folks generate is not pretty! This is scandal in LOW PLACES!) 3/22 Drudge: Paris Hilton’s prosecutor arrested for buying cocaine. 3/26 BBC News: U.S. Jesuits agree to pay $166.1M to hundreds of Native Americans sexually abused by priests at its schools. USA Today: The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Philadelphia faces prospect of unprecedented criminal trial over handling or priest-abuse scandal after judge upheld child-endangerment charges against a high-ranking church official.(More bad, bad karma for priests! Disgusting!) 4/3 BBC News: US oil spill executives get bonus.(Now isn’t that wonderful??? NOT!)USA Today: Sheen bombs on opening night. Addicts: Sheen’s antics not ‘reality’.(Doesn’t he have enough money without doing this? PLEASE!)  4/4 Drudge: Facebook sued for $1 billion over ‘Intifada’ page calling for violence against Jews.(The level of bigotry in our society is truly shameful!)  4/5 Drudge: Ecuador expels U.S. ambassador in Wikileaks flap. 4/6 Reuters: Top M&A law firms at center of new insider case. 4/13 NY Times: Barry Bonds guilty of obstructing justice in steroid case. 4/16 CNN: Ex All-Star Dykstra charged with fraud. 16 cops arrested in mass grave case.  4/21 Drudge: UPDATE: Hidden tracking files found in iPhone, iPad.(Big Brother is watching!)  5/11 NY Times: Rajaratnam convicted on all counts in insider trading case.  6/11 NY Times: Pelosi and other leaders call on Weiner to resign.(Weiner’s wiener screwed his political career!)Update: Anthony Weiner to enter treatment center and seek leave from House. 6/13 Reuters: 3 NY ex-traders convicted on insider trading charges: fraud and conspiracy on pending mergers. 6/21 Reuters: JPMorgan to pay $153.6M in SEC fraud case.(What’s with these bankers? Ye gods! Greed is alive and well on Wall Street. Greed is seldom good!)6/22 Drudge: Underground gambling ring: Big Stars, millions changed hands: Tobey Maguire, DiCaprio, Affleck and Damon involved in illegal poker game. Huffington Post: Paul Allen, Ex-Mortgage CEO, sentenced to prison for $3B fraud. 7/12 Huffington Post: Phone hacking scandal widens: News International targeted Gordon Brown, BSkyB Bid delayed.  7/14 Drudge; Scotland Yard makes 9th arrest in hacking scandal.(Rank tabloid stupidity!)7/16 CNN: Les Hinton resigns as CEO of Dow Jones amid scandal. 7/17 NY Times: Rebekah Brooks, former head of News International, reportedly arrested in hacking scandal. NY Times: Head of Scotland Yard, Paul Stephenson, resigns in phone hacking scandal.(How many more are there? Good grief!)7/18 NY Times: Another top Police Official resigns in British hacking scandal. 8/18 USA Today: Bars, stores ‘losing sleep’ over death penalty for Miami: After Yahoo report that ex-booster and convicted Ponzi schemer booster Nevin Shapiro showered plays with South Beach sex parties, Benjamin’s and bling for 8 years.  9/15 CNN: UBS discovers $2 billion loss in unauthorized trade. The loss may be among the biggest ever due to unauthorized trading.  BBC News: UBS man held over $2bn ‘rogue trades.’ 9/30 BBC News: Drug bust at Boeing U.S. defense plant. 10/13 NY Times: Hedge Fund founder Raj Rajaratnam sentenced to 11 years in insider trading. 11/9 USA Today: Penn State pedophile scandal echoes that of local priests.  11/10 NY Times: Spanier (U president) and Paterno (long acting coach) out at Penn State because of pedophile Sandusky.(Heads are rolling. Perhaps this will be a strong example! All those young boys deserve help.)  Washington Post: Air Force acknowledges remains of war dead were dumped in landfill. Drudge: Jerry Sandusky rumored to have been ‘Pimping out young boys to rich donors,’ says Mark Madden. Penn State coach Sandusky told to retire in exchange for cover-up.(Really disgusting!)11/16 NY Times: Fund raiser for New York City, Comptroller John C. Liu, accused of fraud. 11/17 USA Today: Report: Key files from Jerry Sandusky’s charity from 2000-2003 missing.(This is a coverup, of course. I suspect over 20 boys having been sexually abused. More will come forth with accusations.)Penn State brings other victims forward.(And there will be even MORE.)11/18 Drudge: New child molestation claims at SYRACUSE rock college sports.(A lot more young men are going to come forward about these heinous acts committed by supposedly trustworthy coaches and priests. Disgusting!)11/27 Reuters: Olympus accounting scandal figure found in luxury apartment in Hong Kong.(Touché!)12/2 BBC News: Herman Cain gave money to accuser who claimed 13 year affair with him. 12/7 NY Times: Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich sentenced to 14 years in prison on 18 felony corruption convictions. 12/11 Drudge: REPORT: 2011 Baseball MVP Braun tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs; Faces 50 game suspension.(I actually think these drugs should be legal, the same as marijuana! Alcohol and tobacco can be harmful too.)  12/15 CNN: Former French president Chirac found guilty on corruption charges. Report ties Victoria Secret to child labor. 12/16 USA Today: SEC charges 6 former Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac execs with securities fraud over subprime mortgages.(About time!)AN INCREASE in SOLAR ACTIVITY generates earth change patterns: storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.12/30/2010 Drudge: Forecasters keep eye on looming ‘Solar Max’. 1/29 Science Daily: Global eruption rocks the Sun: Scientists re-evaluate ideas about Solar Storms. 2/6 Drudge/ Magnetic Polar Shifts causing Massive Global Storms. Superstorms can also cause societies, cultures or whole countries to collapse. Others may go to war with each other. NASA has been warning about this. 2/13 Earth Changes Media: M-Class flare fires away Earth directed. 1/14 Earth Changes Media: 2nd M-Class Flares now Earth directed.(Earth quakes and volcanoes to soon occur!)2/15 USGS:6.1quake hits SULAWESI, INDONESIA. Earth Changes Media: 1st X-Class Flare of Cycle 24 EXPLODES.  2/17 Discovery News: Sun unleashes MONSTER FLARE. 2/18 Science Daily: Solar Flares disrupt communications.  2/21 USGS:6.4quake south of FIJI ISLANDS. Drudge: Scientists warn of Solar ‘Katrina’; Communications and electricity systems at risk from flare storms. Reuters:6.3quake hits southern NEW ZEALAND: massive damage, many deaths. Christchurch. People trapped beneath rubble, buildings toppled. 2/23 Reuters: Foreign rescue teams join search for NZ quake survivors. Yahoo: NZ earthquake toll at 75 dead, 300 missing. 2/26 CNN: NEW ZEALAND quake death toll at 145. 3/7 USGS:6.6quake hits SOLOMON ISLANDS.  3/7 Earth Changes Media: FOUR M-CLASS FLARES fire away toward Earth. 3/8 Drudge: Solar flare warning for SOUTH AFRICA: ‘People must wear high sunscreen factor.’ 3/9 USGS:7.2, 5.6, 5.2, 5.0, 5.2, 4.8 magnitude quakes near the east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. Many quakes here. REALLY SHAKING.VOLCANO HERE!  Earth Changes Media:  10 M-Class Flares last 48 hours – X-Class to follow. 3/10 CNN: 5.4 Southwest CHINA quake kills at least 16, 160 injured. USA Today: 22 dead as quake hits southwest China.  3/13 Posted on Facebook: Photoblog – msnbc: 10,000 likely dead in JAPAN’S Miyagi region from massive8.9quake and tsunami. 3/15 USGS:6.0quake off East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN,6.1EASTERN HONSHU. Reuters: Japan braces for nuclear catastrophe. Wall Street tumbles on Japan.3/16 USGS:6.0quake near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN, and the multiple 4 and 5 magnitude quakes just keep shaking Japan. Drudge: Millions suffer freezing temps without power.(March is not a warm month in Japan.)3/17 USGS:6.1quake near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN.6.3quake at VANUATU(Volcano erupting here) 3/18 CNN: Quake death toll in JAPAN tops 6,500. 3/20 USGS:6.1quake near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 3/22 USGS: Increased quake activity off East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN:6.6, 6.4, 6.6tremors hit, along with 4 and 5 magnitude quakes. Earth Changes Media: Sunspot Region 1164 coming around Earthside. 3/23 Reuters: JAPAN quake costliest ever. 3/23 Earth Changes Media: A surprise M-Class thrown by Sunspot 1176. 3/24 CNN:6.87.0quakes shake MYANMAR.6.1quake hits near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN.(These seem endless.)  Reuters:6.9quake strikes THAILAND near MYANMAR. Drudge: People evacuated from tall buildings in HANOI.  3/25 Reuters: 74 killed in quake in MYANMAR as aftershocks rattle THAILAND. USGS:6.4quake strikes near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 4/7 USGS:6.5quake shakes VERACRUZ, MEXICO. Reuters:7.1quake shakes NORTHEASTERN JAPAN, TSUNAMI warning issued. 4/8 CNN: At least 3 dead in JAPAN’S new aftershock.  4/9 USGS:6.1quake shakes KYUSHU, JAPAN. 4/16 Science Daily: Solar activity heats up: sunspots finally return. Drudge: Swarm of Nevada quakes worries experts. 4/18 Earth Changes Media: M-Class Flare and Coronal Hole followed by several highly damaging tornadoes: 44 lives lost. USGS:6.6quake strikes South of KERMADEC ISLANDS in the Pacific. Earth Changes Media: Solar Storm: Now 243 reports of tornadoes. 4/20 Earth Changes Media: Coronal hole high-speed stream hits Earth. 4/21 USGS:6.06.1quakes near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 4/22 Earth Changes Media: M-Class Flare fires off from Region 1195. 4/23 USGS:6.9quake shakes SOLOMON ISLANDS.6.0quake hits near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 4/30 CNN: Strong earthquake jolts PANAMA,6.0.  5/5 Reuters: 5.8 earthquake rattles MEXICO CITY, buildings shake.  USGS:6.1quake off East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN.(It isn’t over yet!)5.8 quake in Sand Point, ALASKA. 5/21 USA Today: Scientists say Iceland’s most active GRIMSVOTN VOLCANO has begun ERUPTING.(Just in time to spoil airline traffic for the summer between the US and Europe!)6/3 USGS:6.3quake off East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 6/6 Earth Changes Media: Geomagnetic storm in progress: Two volcanoes explode. CHILE volcano erupts, 3,500 evacuated. MEXICO’S POPOCATEPETL volcano shot blast of ash 2 miles above its crater. The mountain shook for several minutes before the eruption.  6/7 CNN: Ash from CHILEAN volcano grounds flights in Argentina. 7/8 Yahoo: Solar flare may cause disruptions on Earth. Dramatic blast of the Sun unleashes radiation not witnessed since 2006. USA Today: Sun uncorks a massive solar blast. 6/13 CNN: Pair of 5.0 quakes rock Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND. 6/15 Earth Changes Media: Solar cycle announcement released.  Discovery News: The Sun is about to fizzle, but scientists don’t know why.  6/16 USGS:6.6quake shakes New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA, FOLLOWED BY 4.8, 4.7. 4.8, 4.7. 7/6 Earth Changes Media: CMA hits Earth, Now ‘Hekla’ Volcano is Iceland is ready to erupt. 7/7 Earth Changes Media:7.7magnitude quake hits KERMADEC ISLANDS, tsunami warning issued. USGS:6.0quake in KERMADEC ISLANDS. 7/16 USGS:6.0magnitude quakes offshore VALPARAISO, CHILE. 7/20 USGS:6.0quake in SOLOMON ISLANDS. 7/21 Earth Changes Media: New scientific study shows SOLAR ACTIVITY affects human physical and mental state.(I should think so. The Sun is the heart of our Solar System! All is Consciousness!)7/22 USGS:6.0quake in FIJI REGION. 7/31 Earth Changes Media: 2 M-Class Flares, unrelated geomagnetic storm already in effect. USGS:6.2quake in VANUATU region;6.8quake near North Coast of NEW GUINEA, P.N.G. 8/1 USGS:6.2quake near South Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 8/3 Earth Changes Media: 4 M-Class Flares have fired off – Earth directed. 8/4 Earth Changes Media: Large M9.3 Solar Flare – Earth Directed with CME. 8/6 CNN: Recent solar flare may disrupt your GPS. Earth Changes Media: Largest Geo-Magnetic Storm of Cycle 24 now in play. 8/7 Reuters: Solar storms to hit Earth, power companies prepare. 8/8 Earth Changes Media: New M-Class Flare fires away. 8/9 Drudge: NOAA: Severe Solar Storms could paralyze Earth this decade. 8/10 Drudge: Sun unleashes LARGEST SOLAR FLARE in over 4 years. 9/5 Earth Changes Media: Swarm of Sunspots setting off at least 3 M-Class Flares. 9/7 Earth Changes Media: New X-Class Flare follows series of recent Solar Flares. 9/8 Earth Changes Media: Second X-Class flare fires off.  Science Daily: Space instrument observes new characteristic of solar flares: Findings may lead to improved space weather forecasting. 9/21 Earth Change Media: M-Class Flare fires from Region 1295. 9/26 Earth Changes Media: Solar Activity continues to escalate. 10/3 Earth Changes Media: M-Class Flares set off large CME ‘Earth Directed.’ 10/6 Earth Changes Media: Geomagnetic storm now in effect. 11/4 Earth Changes Media: X-Class flares set off, more coming. 3rd S-Class Flare and CME. 11/6 USGS: More OKLAHOMA earthquakes:5.6, 3.6, 3.0, 3.8, 3.2, 2.7, 3.4, 4.0, 3.9, 3.4, 3.0, 3.2 and the tremors continue. Yahoo: OKLAHOMA quakes rattle nerves, no injuries reported. CNN: OKLAHOMA earthquake damages home. Drudge: Quake buckles Oklahoma highway. Quake swarms felt as far away as WISCONSIN. Earth Changes Media: Largest earthquake swarm in OKLAHOMA in 200 years. 11/7 Earth Changes Media: Dangerous Sun Spots Earth directed AND Aircraft now banned from CANARY ISLANDS. 11/9 CNN: 5.7 earthquake rocks eastern TURKEY. BBC News: TURKEY quake topples hotel. 11/10 CNN: Quake  kills at least 7 in eastern TURKEY. Earth Changes Media: Geomagnetic storms on the way. USGS: 5.2 quake in GREECE. 11/11 USA Today: Death toll rises from TURKEY earthquake rises to 19. 11/12 Science Daily: 2012: Killer solar flares physical impossibility, experts say.(So much for the doom and gloom-ers!)CNN: TURKEY earthquake death toll climbs to 38, 26 rescued; 2 journalists among those killed. Last month’s7.2earthquake left at least 604 dead. 11/17 Earth Changes Media: 2 M-Class flares and more coming. 12/26 Earth Changes Media: Christmas Day solar flare and CME. 12/29 Earth Changes Media: More Earth-directed CMEs on the way.SEVERE WEATHER PATTERNS continue with snow, excessive rain, tornadoes, typhoons and hurricanes, plus floods.2/6 CNN: Snow and ice in Dallas for the Super Bowl. 2/9 Drudge: Arctic blast: Chicago warnings, feels like -25. 10+ inches of snow in Arkansas. SNOW: Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee. 2/27 BBC News: Floods and landslides hit Bolivia. 3/24 USA Today: Possible tornado ravages western PA town. 4/4 CNN: Tornado hits Kentucky factory. 4/5 CNN: Severe storms pummel the South: Leave thousands without power and 5 dead across 3 states. CNN: Storms kill 8 in 3 states. 4/10 CNN: Tornadoes rip through parts of IOWA: As many as 11 towns and cities hit. More flooding forecast along Red River North. 4/11 CNN: Major devastation after IOWA twister. Red River crests at ND-MN state line.CNN: 150 homes damaged in WISCONSIN storm. 4/14 USA Today: Plain states endure season of weather extremes. 4/15 CNN; Massive storm heading east that killed at least 5 in Oklahoma and Arkansas with strong winds and tornadoes. Drudge: 9 dead in severe heartland storms; southeast bracing for the worst.  4/16 CNN: Storms, twisters kill 17 in Southeast. Sparks fly, trees fall, homes buckle. 4/17 CNN: Deadly storms tear through North Carolina, Virginia, ripping off roofs and toppling trees. At least 30 have died in 3 days of fierce weather.  USA Today: Vicious storms kill at least 35 people.  4/18 Reuters: South recovering from storms, death count climbs. Drudge: 3 days, 241 tornadoes. Storms ravage Southeast, kill 45+. 3 inches of snow for Chicago area. Storm shuts down Virginia nuclear plant. NBC-TV: Potomac River at flood stage. Washington Harbor in Georgetown flooded. 12 feet of water in underground garage. CNN: 200 homes in Mexico flooded after sewage canal cracks.(OMG!!! Appalling!)4/21 CNN: Tornado damage looks like a bomb in North Carolina. 4/23 Yahoo: Crews clean up after tornado hits St. Louis Airport:Tornado torn through the terminal!Yipes!CNN: ‘The airport looks like a war zone.’ 4/24 Drudge: Europe prays for Easter rain after worst drought in a century. 4/25 Yahoo: Residents flee as river overflows Missouri levee.  4/26 CNN: Missouri levee break feared. 7 dead after storm in Arkansas.  Drudge: All but wipes out Arkansas town. Quake shakes Acapulco, tourists in the streets. 4/27 Drudge: Spiked, softball-size hail accompanies Texas twisters. 4/27 USA Today: 1 more dead in Arkansas as more storms rip through the South. 4/28 Washington Post: Violent storms in the South claim 194 lives. Tornadoes wiped out homes and businesses and knocked out power for many. More than 100 lives lost in ALABAMA. CNN: Georgia storm damage. Storm could set tornado record. Drudge: Tornadoes knock out nuclear units, power lines. Tornadoes catastrophic. Mile wide monster rips through Tuscaloosa, Birmingham. Worst in Alabama history! Tornado hit farm: 40,000 turkeys run amok.(That must have been some sight!)  Yahoo: tornadoes devastate the South, killing at least 280. Deadliest tornado outbreak in 4 decades. 4/29 CNN: 300 dead: Obama heads to Alabama. Nightmare in Alabama. Drudge: The Mississippi River is rising. Flood stage hits this weekend. 4/30 CNN: Southern tornado outbreak 2nd deadliest in U.S. history. BBC News: Deaths from U.S. tornadoes top 340. 5/1 CNN: Divided by a river: Two states grapple with rising floodwaters: Mandatory evacuation ordered for southwestern ILLINOIS town, Days earlier levee failed and flood rural towns in southeastern MISSOURI. 5/3 NY Times: Army Corps blows up MISSOURI levee. BBC News: Tornado hits NEW ZEALAND city of Auckland. 5/4 Drudge: 226 twisters in 24 hours sets record! Feds blast MISSOURI levee and save town, blow out windows in homes, flood 130,000 acres. Now focused on Memphis.  Swarm of tiny quakes in MAINE.  5/5 CNN: New levee breach: Floods close I-40 in Arkansas. Farm woes in flooded ILLINOIS. USA Today: Flood danger spreads along MISSISSIPPI RIVER. 5/6 CNN: More flee MIDWEST flooding. 16 whales stranded in FLORIDA waters. Drudge: Historic Mississippi floodwaters hit MEMPHIS, force evacuations. 5/7 Drudge: Residents, wildlife flee historic Mississippi River flooding. Flooding causes Mother’s Day flower shortage. Yahoo: MEMPHIS braces for mighty Mississippi’s wrath. 5/8 CNN: Flooding shuts down Mississippi River traffic, forces more evacuations. Reuters: River flooding begins to wrap arms around MEMPHIS. 5/10 CNN: River 14 feet above flood stage at MEMPHIS. 5/11 CNN: Bulging MISSISSIPPI RIVER barrels south. Drudge: Mississippi taking aim at delta, flooding casinos, farmlands. 5/16 CNN: Mississippi still rising in NEW ORLEANS. 5/17 CNN: Flooding covers millions of acres 5/19 USA Today: Flood rolls toward LOUISIANA bayou country. 5/21 CNN: Storms flood central PENNSYLVANIA. 5/22 CNN: Storm kills 1, damages KANSAS homes. 5/23 Yahoo: MISSOURI officials say tornado killed at least 89, extensive damage to many homes and businesses. 5/24 NBC-TV: 116 killed in Joplin, MISSOURI, tornado, with a second storm on the way. Deadliest tornado in 6 decades. CNN: U.S. on track for record tornado year. 5/25 Yahoo: Violent storms kill at least 12 in 3 states: OKLAHOMA, KANSAS, ARKANSAS, toppling trees, crumpling cars, and ripping apart a rural Arkansas fire station. CNN: 125 dead in Joplin, Missouri. 5/27 USA Today: At least 3 killed in ATLANTA by storm toppled trees. 5/27 USA Today: Death toll rises to 132 after Joplin, MISSOURI tornado. Major flooding across the MIDWEST, SOUTH. 5/28 CNN: ‘Frustrating in Joplin’; scores still missing. Body ID process adds to Joplin’s pain. 5/29 Yahoo: Death toll from Joplin tornado hits 139, with 100 still missing. Flooded MONTANA towns prepare for more water. 6/2 CNN: MASSACHUSETTS twisters kill 4, as many as 19 communities reported damage. 6/6 CNN: Levee breach near the MISSOURI-IOWA border prompts evacuations. 6/9 CNN: Hurricane forms near coast of MEXICO.(Early this year!)Lightning puts 77 cadets in hospital in MISSISSIPPI. USA Today: Soaring temps bake USA, shorten school days. 6/10 CNN: Heat related deaths found in 3 states. MISSOURI RIVER hits flood stage. 6/14 CNN: Joplin tornado final death toll: 153.(Tragic.)6/15 CNN: Golf ball size hail falls in COLORADO. 6/21 CNN: Tornadoes sweep across NEBRASKA. Drudge: COLORADO snow on Summer Solstice! 6/22 Yahoo: Massive tornado rips train off tracks in NEBRASKA. 300,000 lose power in CHICAGO storm. 6/23 CNN: Storm damages KENTUCKY Derby Track. 6/27 CNN: 9th tornado hits INDIANA county.  6/29 CNN: Tropical storm churns toward MEXICO. 6/30 CNN: Tropical storm Arlene makes landfall on MEXICAN coast. 7/4 CNN: Tropical storm kills 17 in MEXICO. 7/12 CNN: Tornado torn town Hackleburg, Alabama, fights to survive. 7/18 Drudge: Tornado-force winds topple Ottawa Bluesfest stage. 7/26 Washington Post: MISSOURI tornadoes: Death toll climbs to 116; FEMA moves to respond. 10 dead, 10 missing as storm slashes PHILIPPINES. 8/19 CNN: Storms damage planes, OMAHA airport. Stage collapses in violent storm in BELGIAN. 8/19 USA Today: Dust storm envelops PHOENIX, downs power lines.(Again yet!)8/25 CNN: People, ships, move out of HURRICANE IRENE’S path. IRENE Whips up waves in BAHAMAS. Washington Monument shut down indefinitely after earthquake damage. 8/28 CNN: Irene now tropical storm: Flooding starts as rivers overflow. More than 3 million without power. Flooding everywhere, NJ governor says. 11 deaths in 4 states. Rivers top banks, spill into MANHATTAN. NEW JERSEY town underwater. BBC News: PHILIPPINE typhoon kills 8.  8/30 NY Times: Storm’s push north leaves punishing inland floods. CNN: 38 dead, 3.3 million without power from HURRICANE IRENE. N.Y. town washed away by Irene. Over 100 stranded in NY mountains. 8/31 NY Times: HURRICANE IRENE costs seen as ranking among top ten, 43 dead. 9/2 Drudge: Tropical storm warnings issued for GULF COAST from MISSISSIPPI to TEXAS. Storm threatens oil rigs 9/4 CNN: Flash flood watches in NEW YORK, VERMONT. Reuters: Tropical Storm Lee hits LOUISIANA coast. NEW ORLEANS prepared for biggest test of flood defenses.  9/6 CNN: Lee fueled tornadoes hit GEORGIA. 10/19 CNN: Severe weather hits FLORIDA causing injuries and severe damage to some homes. 11/17 CNN: Southern storms kill at least 6. 11/21 AP: Depleted TEXAS lakes expose ghost towns, graves. 12/3 CNN: ‘Post-apocalyptic’ winds hit West. High winds damage historic San Gabriel mission in CALIFORNIA. 12/17 CNN: Tropical storm batters PHILIPPINES; Reuters: Typhoon kills more than 250 in southern PHILIPPINES, many missing, 100,000 forced to flee. BBC News: PHILIPPINE storm kills hundreds, at least 430 killed as nighttime flash floods swept through their homes.(Tragic.)12/20 BBC News: INDIA cold wave death toll rises to 39. USA Today: Deadly blizzard halts some travel in the Plains.1/3: SARAH PALIN suffers from delusions of grandeur in thinking she can be elected president of the United States. She couldn’t even finish her term as governor of Alaska!10/6 CNN: Palin says she won’t run for president.(I guess she’s smart, after all!☺HEAVY FLOODING will inundate ASIAN and EUROPEAN nations with costly loss of life and property.1/25 Science Daily: Rogue storm system caused PAKISTAN floods that left millions homeless.2/5 CNN: Floods displace million Sri Lankans. 3/30 BBC News: THAILAND battles southern floods. 6/7 CNN: 14 die in CHINA floods. 6/13 CNN: Floods kill 105 in CHINA, 60 missing. Local civil affairs people are working to create shelters, finalize emergency plans and evacuate people from dangerous areas. 6/17 Reuters: CHINA raises flood alert to top level: 555,000 evacuated: troops mobilized to help with food relief after 5 days of downpours. BBC News: CHINA steps up flood evacuations as floods devastate swathes of southern and central China, following months of crop-destroying drought. 6/18 CNN: Deadly floods hit CHINA, killing 25. 6/19 BBC News: Millions affected by CHINA floods. 6/21 CNN: Flooding in CHINA kills 175. 6/22 Reuters: 5M Pakistanis at risk from floods, says U.N. 7/6 CNN: Heavy flooding in CHINA, 100 stranded on broken bridge, rescued. More than 27,000 evacuated and thousands of homes lost. 8/25 CNN: Flood victims stranded in PAKISTAN. 8/29 Irish Weather Online: INDONESIA: From drought to floods. Parts of CAMBODIA underwater as Mekong River bursts its banks. 9/4 CNN: Typhoon kills at least 3 in JAPAN. BBC News: Typhoon Talas kills 19 in JAPAN. 9/5 CNN: Typhoon Talas kills 29 in JAPAN. 9/13 CNN: Floods leave 226 dead in PAKISTAN. Reuters: 300,000 homeless in PAKISTAN floods. 9/18 BBC News: U.N. in $365 million PAKISTAN flood plea to some 6,000,000 Pakistanis affected by devastating floods. 9/19 CNN: 347 dead so far in PAKISTAN flooding. 9/27 BBC News: Powerful typhoon hits PHILIPPINES, triggering floods, power cuts, with at least 7, including children, reported dead. USA Today: Huge floods as typhoon hits PHILIPPINES. 10/1 CNN: Secondly deadly typhoon hits PHILIPPINES in a week, at least 1 dead in landslide. 10/2 Yahoo: Philippinos still trapped on roofs, typhoon kills 59. 10/5 Email: Cambodian dam bursts flooding 9 provinces, thousands of acres of rice paddies jeopardized, 23,000 families evacuated, over 150 dead, 70 of these children. 10/12 CNN: Heavy floods threaten BANGKOK, worst flooding in decades. 10/15 CNN: Residents evacuate from THAI floodwaters. BBC News: BANGKOK bolsters flood defenses. 10/19 BBC News: BANGKOK residents on flood alert. 10/20 CNN: THAI flooding threatens capital. 10/22 BBC News: THAILAND suffers worst flooding in decades. 12/24 CNN: Flood reach BANGKOK airport.  10/25 Reuters: THAI tourism suffers as floods threaten BANGKOK. THAILAND calls emergency flood holiday.  Drudge: Floods cover more than 1/3 of THAILAND.(Poor Thailand!)BBC News: THAI floods: Bangkok Don Muang airport suspends flights. Tow bodies found in aftermath of IRISH floods in Dublin. 10/26 CNN: PM: 5 feet of water could cover BANGKOK. 10/27 CNN: BANGKOK braces for more flooding.  Reuters: Residents flee as floods overpower BANGKOK. 10/29 CNN: Flood-hit BANGKOK braces for high tide. 11/5 CNN: Flooding threatens THAILAND subways. BBC News: Floodwaters sweep through ITALIAN city. 11/6 BBC News: THAI flood death toll ‘tops 500’. Floods spread through BANGKOK. Public anger after fatal ITALY floods. 11/7 BBC News: BANGKOK flood evacuation widens.(This is very sad.)11/12 Reuters: High tides increase BANGKOK flooding. 11/26 USA Today: Flooding in east AUSTRALIA traps hundreds in homes. 12/15 Reuters: Hundreds evacuated in NEW ZEALAND floods. 12/18 Yahoo: PHILIPPINES searches for hundreds after typhoon kills 650. 12/20 BBC News: PHILIPPINE floods: President declares national calamity. 12/23 CNN: 1,079 missing after PHILIPPINE storm. Death toll from PHILIPPINE typhoon rises above 1,000. 12/26 CNN: Death toll in PHILIPPINE storm tops 1,200. 12/27 Reuters: Honda destroys flood-damaged cars. 12/27 BBC News: PHILIPPINES Typhoon Washi death toll reaches 1,249. Train derailed in AUSTRALIAN flood. 12/30 Reuters: Cyclone Thane pounds INDIA’S coast disputing power supplies and communications and forcing villagers to evacuate. USA Today: Several killed as Cyclone Thane hits INDIA. 12/31 BBC News: Dozens dead as INDIA hit by cyclone.FLOODING remains a major problem around the world because of changing weather patterns.1/18 CNN: More than 650 dead in BRAZIL’S floods. Flooding hits PACIFIC NORTHWEST. 1/24 CNN: BRAZIL flood death toll at 809. 2/25 CNN: 3 Amish children dead, 1 missing, after being swept away by a flooding creek in Kentucky. 3/1 USA Today: OHIO, parts of MIDWEST brace for more flooding. Official in northwest OHIO says main street under 3 feet of water. 3/7 CNN: Flooding strands cows in INDIANA. 4/8 USA Today: Midwest flood fight: Fargo pushes back against Red River. 6/13 Drudge: Midwesterners brace for new MISSOURI RIVER flooding. 6/14 CNN: 2 MISSOURI levees break. USA Today: IOWA town braces for flood after levee breach. Major flooding across the Midwest, South. 6/18 Facebook/YouTube: Media blackout on NEBRASKA nuclear plant flooding. 6/20 Drudge: River falls short of NEBRASKA nuke plant shutdown. 6/21 Drudge: MINOT flood: Disastrous. Unstoppable. Historic. Unprecedented. 6/22 CNN: 12,000 to evacuate as river rises in NORTH DAKOTA. Record flooding. 6/24 CNN: Floodwaters creep near nuke plant in NEBRASKA. NORTH DAKOTA flood to break 1881 record. 6/25 CNN: Small NORTH DAKOTA town told to evacuate. 20% of MINOT, ND, underwater. Drudge: Flooding 2500 homes. River breaks 1881 record. 6/27 CNN: NORTH DAKOTA flood fight far from over. 6/28 CNN: Snowpack adds to MISSOURI RIVER flood. 7/1 CNN: Roads, fields vanish in NEBRASKA floods. 7/4 CNN: Flooding slows YELLOWSTONE oil cleanup. 8/20 USA Today: 3 die, 1 missing in PITTSBURGH flash flooding. 8/25 Drudge: Computers show NIGHTMARE TURN for HURRICANE IRENE. 8/29 CNN: Millions without power from IRENE. 21 deaths in 9 states. Rivers and creeks pass flood stage. VERMONT covered bridges destroyed. 200 stranded on CAROLINA island. Damage could hit $10 billion. 14 inches of rain in NORTH CAROLINA town. USA Today: VERMONT reeling in IRENE’S wake. Historic floods cause extraordinary damage. Hundreds of roads washed out in VERMONT. 8/31 USA Today: Rising rivers force evacuations in NEW JERSEY, CONNECTICUT. 9/3 CNN: Tropical Storm Lee could dump 20 inches of rain on LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI.(When TEXAS and OKLAHOMA could use it!)9/4 CNN: MISSISSIPPI RIVER again facing flood threats. 9/5 USA Today: Flood threat from Tropical Storm Lee moves inland. 9/7 Drudge: EAST COAST flooded with remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. 9/8 CNN: 3 killed, thousands evacuated as Lee’s remains hit NORTHEAST. 100 year flood rushes UPSTATE NEW YORK. LOUISIANA swamp flood post Lee. Reuters: Weather disasters costing U.S. billions this year.  USA Today: 100,000 ordered to evacuate in PENNSYLVANIA. Hershey, PA, zoo euthanizes drowning bison. 9/9 CNN: Thousands evacuated in flood hit PA. 10/12 Hurricane Jova lashes MEXICAN resorts, villages, swamping beach towns and causing flooding in the mountains.Is it GLOBAL WARMING or CLIMATE CHANGE? Something is happening around the globe whether the cause is too many humans on the surface of our planet, industrial pollution, terrestrial or cosmic cycles.1/10 Science Daily: Climate change to continue until the year 3,000. 1/11 Science Daily: Glacier melt to raise sea levels 12 cm by 2100.(Not a good time to buy seafront property! But hey! You have time.)1/15 Science Daily: 2010 tied for warmest year on record, NASA research finds. 1/16 Science Daily: Dramatic ocean circulation changes caused a colder Europe in the past. AND Earth’s hot past prologue to future climate?(Up and down and around we go!)AND Warming climate means red deer rutting season arrives early. 1/18 Yahoo: Threat of California ‘superstorm’ on the rise: Scientists warn state could face a disaster 5 times worse than an earthquake.  1/21 Science Daily: New climate data shows warming world: WMO. 1/25 Science Daily: Humans have been provoking climate change for thousands of years, carbon history shows. 1/28 Science Daily: Warming North Atlantic tied to heating Arctic. 1/29 USA Today: Study: Arctic waters warmest in 2,000years. 2/16 Science Daily: Earth to warm even if emissions stopped. Rising seas to affect US coastal cities by 2100. 2/17 Science Daily: Thawing permafrost likely to accelerate global warming. 2/20 Science Daily: Climate projections show human health impacts possible within 30 years: Potential increase in waterborne toxins and microbes. 2/24 Science Daily: New England, Mid-Atlantic beaches eroding. 3/8 Science Daily: Melting ice sheets now largest contributor to sea level rise. 3/25 Discovery News: Yes, it’s windier! Top wind speeds and ocean wave heights have steadily increased over the last 23 years. Climate change may or may not be to blame. 4/5 Science Daily: Record depletion of Arctic ozone layer causing increased UV radiation in Scandinavia.  AND Tree growth and seeds cut by climate change.4/8 BBC News: New York at risk as seas rise. 4/18 Science Daily: Sugarcane cools climate, study finds. 4/21 Science Daily: Melting ice on Arctic Islands major player in sea level rise. Hundreds of Barrier Islands newly identified. 4/25 Science Daily: Ozone Hole linked to climate change all the way to the Equator. 5/5 Discovery News: Heat waves predicted for windy city: Hot time in the old town by 2100 if no mitigation taken for climate change. 6/9 Science Daily: Global warming happening faster than ever? 6/1 BBC News: Warming since 1995 ‘significant.’ 6/20 BBC News: ‘Shocking’ decline seen in oceans: worse state than previously suspected, mass extinction of marine species looms, according to panel of scientists. 6/21 Science Daily: WARNING: Fastest sea level rise in 2,000 years! 6/30 Science Daily: 2010 one of two warmest years on record. AND Average U.S. temperature increases by 0.5 degrees F. 7/4 Science Daily: Warming ocean layers will undermine Polar ice sheets, climate model shows. 7/9 Science Daily: Climate change forces early spring in Alberta, Canada. 7/11 Science Daily: Climate change reducing ocean’s carbon dioxide uptake, new analysis shows. 7/16 Science Daily: Dramatic climate swings as world warms. Strong El Nino could bring increased sea levels, storm surges to East Coast. 7/28 Drudge: New NASA data blow gaping hole in global warming alarmism.(Is it global warming or climate change? A semantic argument, in my opinion.)BBC News: Arctic fire hints at warming cue.(Up and down and around goes the warming argument!)  8/2 Science Daily: Ancient glacial melting shows small amounts of subsurface warming can trigger rapid collapse of ice shelves. 8/9 CNN: March 11 tsunami in Japan produced Antarctic icebergs.(Wow!)8/18 Science Daily: Polar ice caps can recover from melting. AND Earth is small world, after all. 9/9 CNN: 2011 U.S. summer hottest in 75 years! 9/11 Science Daily: U.S. experiences second hottest summer on record: TEXAS has warmest summer on record of any state. 9/27 Science Daily: Climate change set to increase ozone-related deaths over next 60 years, scientists warn. 10/1 Drudge: Britain to bask in hottest October ever recorded. 10/3 Science Daily: Unprecedented Arctic ozone loss occurred last winter. 10/12 Science Daily: No Arctic Sea ice in summer by end of century? 10/18 BBC News: Climate change poses “an immediate and grave threat to security and health”. Dust storm darkens skies in Lubbock, TEXAS.(Severe 2 year drought.)Science Daily: Sea levels to continue to rise for 500 years.(Take care in purchasing beachfront property!)10/21 BBC News: Earth is warming, study concludes. Science Daily: Cooling the Warming Debate: Major new analysis confirms that GLOBAL WARMING is real. 10/28 Science Daily: Governments must plan for migration in response to climate change, researchers say. 11/10 Science Daily: Greenhouse gas index continues to climb. 11/18 BBC News: Climate impact risk ‘on the rise.’ 11/19 Science Daily: Deforestation causes cooling in Northern U.S., Canada, study finds. 12/1 Science Daily: Abrupt permafrost thaw increases climate threat. 12/19 Science Daily: Climate Change may bring big ecosystem shifts, NASA says.ARCHEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES are even more amazing, both beneath the earth and under the sea.1/11 Drudge/Yahoo: At 6,000 years old, wine press is oldest yet found, in Armenia. 1/28 Science Daily: Dinosaurs: 700,000 years after mass extinction?(You can’t keep Mother Nature down. Highly resilient! But I’m glad they went by the wayside in another mass extinction! Clever script written by Divine Mind! The best plots ever.)2/3 Science Daily: Newly discovered dinosaur likely father of Triceratops. 2/4 Science Daily: Anthropologists discover earliest cemetery in Middle East, Jordan, 16,500 years old. Graves include human remains. 2/10 Science Daily: Ancient teeth raise new questions about origins of modern humans: Evacuated at Qesem Cave in Israel, a prehistoric site uncovered in 2000, the teeth come from a time period between 200,000 and 400,000 years ago!(My belief is that many ancient civilizations have existed that are still beyond the knowledge of us ‘modern’ folk. Lemuria existed around 800,000 years ago!)2/13 BBC News: Fossil find puts ‘Lucy’ on firm footing: Key evidence that our ancestors walked upright 3.2 million years ago. 2/18 Science Daily: First skyscraper was monument to intimidation: How Jericho’s 11,000 year old ‘Cosmic’ Tower came into being to exploit the primeval fears of the people. 3/25 Science Daily: Artifacts in Texas predate Clovis Culture by 2,500 years, new study show: Between 13,200 and 15,500 years old. Discovery News: Saber-Toothed vegetarian had fierce mouthful: Dog-sized plant-eater from 260 million years ago likely used its fierce-looking teeth to ward off predators. 4/5 Discovery News: Insect frozen in flight 300 million years ago! Oldest known full-body impression of a preserved flying insect. 4/6 Discovery News: Prehistoric brain in ear perfect condition found pickled in bog: The person was decapitated 2,600 years ago. 4/13 Science Daily: New species of dinosaur bridges gap in dinosaur family tree. 4/21 Discovery News: Did Neanderthals believe in an afterlife: Burial ground suggests they practiced funeral rituals and possess symbolic thought before modern humans. 4/23 Yahoo: ‘Breathtaking treasure’ found in backyard. A man working in his garden stumbles across a sensational hoard of 650 year old bling. 4/26 Drudge: Enormous statue of powerful pharaoh unearthed: Amenhotep III, missing head.  5/4 Discovery News: Neanderthal, Human common ancestor identified. What was thought to be a cousin turns out to be a parent on the human evolutionary family tree.  5/6 Discovery News: Mysterious human coexisted with Neanderthals 113,000 years ago in hotspot of biodiversity.  5/6 Science Daily: Captain Kidd’s shipwreck site to be dedicated ‘Living Museum of the Sea.’ 5/22 Science Daily: Archeologists discovered oldest mine in the Americas: 12,000 year old iron oxide mine in CHILE. 5/25 Drudge/BBC News: Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images: 17 pyramids, more than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements were revealed as underground buildings.  5/27 Science Daily: Fossil of giant ancient sea predator discovered. 5/28 CNN: Blackbeard ship’s anchor found. 6/15 BBC News: Australia dinosaur had UK double.(But the continents have drifted and reconnected several times. Why not? Frankly, I’m glad the dinosaurs are extinct. We have enough trouble on this planet without them!)6/21 Science Daily: Ancient Mycenaean fortress (1500-750 B.C.) uncovered in Cyprus. 6/22 Discovery News: First know art object from America: 13,000-year old carving of Mammoth on Mammoth bone found in FLORIDA.(So they had to exist before that!)6/23 Science Daily: Oldest Eurasian hominoids lived in Swabia: Molar tooth dated 17 MILLION years old!(I told you so!)6/29 Second oldest shipwreck discovered off coast of FLORIDA. May date from American Revolution. 7/3 Drudge: ‘Billions worth’ of treasure found in Hindu temple in southern India. 7/7 Discovery News: Human remains dating back over 32.000 years reveal incriminating cut marks on the bones: Early Europeans were cannibals, wore bling. 7/14 CNN: Archeologists in Israel have found what may be the ruins of the biblical City of David. 8/10 Science Daily: Polar dinosaur tracks open up new trail to the past. 8/16 Drudge: Spectacular Hercules statue found in Jezreel Valley in Israel: Marble work of art from 2nd Century.  8/22 Science Daily: Oldest fossil on Earth discovered: 3.4 billion years old, convincing evidence for cells and bacteria living in an oxygen-free world. 9/1 Science Daily: Humans shaped stone axes 1.8 million years ago: Advanced tool-making pushed back in time. 9/8 BBC News: African fossils put new spin on human origins story: 1.9 million old fossils first described in 2010. 9/13 Discovery News: Pre-Dino Subterranean world discovered: Life on Earth 240 million years ago. 9/24 Science Daily: Archeologists uncover evidence of large ancient shipyard near ROME. 9/26 USA Today: $250M in silver found in WWII shipwreck off Ireland. 10/12 Science Daily: Early Celtic ‘Stonehenge’ found in Germany’s Black Forest.(There is so much we still don’t know about past civilizations on this planet!) 10/14 CNN: 100,000 year old art studio uncovered in South Africa.  10/16 Science Daily: Oldest fossil rodents in South America discovered: Find 10 million years older and confirms animals from Africa.(But what about the big continent before the split, Pangaea, or something like that? Don’t you remember? Check out the animation on Wikipedia.)10/19 Science Daily: Archeologists find blade ‘production lines’ existed as much as 400,000 years ago! 10/21 Science Daily: First North American hunters 1,000 years earlier than previously thought, speared mastodons, fossils show.(And probably still earlier than that!)10/25 Science Daily: Viking buried with axe, sword and spear found with fully intact Viking boat burial in the Scottish Highlands of the the UK.(Obviously a high mucky muck!)10/27 CNN: Blackbeard ship’s cannon discovered.(He’s probably a Wall Street pirate in this lifetime.)11/3 CNN: Fossils of earliest Europeans that lived 40,000 years ago found.(So far, at least!)Tiny saber-toothed squirrel found from 60 million years ago. 11/10 Science Daily: Castles in the desert: Satellites reveal lost cities of LIBYA. 12/2 CNN: Ice Age bones unearthed in Florida. 12/7 The Telegraph: New dinosaur species discovered in Natural History Museum after a century. Science Daily: New horned dinosaur announced nearly 100 years after discovery.(Hmmm!)Ancient predators survived for 35 million years. 12//8 Science Daily: North American’s largest dinosaur revealed: 2 gigantic vertebrae and a femur in New Mexico. BBC News: 17th Century ‘Witch’s cottage’ unearthed near Pendle Hill, Lancashire, England, complete with mummified cat. 12/12 Science Daily: 77,000 year old evidence for ‘bedding’ and use of medicinal plants uncovered at South African rock shelter. 12/20 Science Daily: Plant eating dinosaurs discovered in Antarctica.In the spring the FINANCIAL MARKETS take a roller coaster ride.4/18 Reuters: Wall Street slides, Nasdaq falls 2%. Oil falls $2, below $122 on weaker demand fears. Gold retreats from records as euro slides 1%. Drudge: S&P moves USA outlook to negative. New world powers make move to shove dollar aside. Saudis slash oil output; Say market oversupplied. Reuters: Wall Street posts biggest fall in a month. Citi profits fall as revenues shrink, expenses surge. 4/21 Reuters: World stocks at 33-month high! 4/22 Drudge: Dollar plunges to 2-1/2 year low.April 28: It is my sense that PRINCE WILLIAM and PRINCESS CATHERINE, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl, though I’m unsure of the order. I see a long and happy marriage for the Young Royals! Congratulations and Best Wishes to the newlyweds! I knew he was going to marry her when the relationship began. But he sure took his sweet time! Beautiful wedding! Elegant couple! 4/29 BBC News: Royal kisses seal royal wedding. 7/5 CBS-TV:  William, Kate baby rumors starting already.A STRANGE DISCOVERY in a mountainous area generates both SHOCK and AMAZEMENT.The TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE of June 15 affects AFRICA, CENTRAL ASIA, SOUTH AMERICA, WESTERN AFRICA, EUROPE, EASTERN ASIA and AUSTRALIA. There will be political unrest, earth changes, severe weather, disease and drought to affect many of these countries.6/5 Drudge: CHILE volcano, dormant for centuries, erupts, spewing towering ash column, cloud 6 miles high drifted over the Andes and carpeted a popular ski resort in neighboring Argentina. 6/22 NBC-TV:6.7quake hits off East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 6/30 CNN: CHILEAN VOLCANO ash causes fresh travel disruption. 7/7 BBC News: Somalis flee drought to Ethiopia. 7/9 BBC News: Drought camps form inside Somalia. 7/10 Earth Changes Media:7.1magnitude quake hits off coast of Honshu, JAPAN. TSUNAMI warnings in effect.  7/11 USGS:6.4magnitude quake shakes NEGROS, PHILIPPINES. 7/16 Drudge: Earthquake in Costa Rica causes river to disappear. 7/18 CNN: Typhoon threatens JAPAN’S reactor. 7/19 USGS:6.1magnitude quake in KYRGYZSTAN. 7/25 USGS:6.2quake in NEW IRELAND REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA.  8/2 NY Times: Somalis waste away as insurgents block escape from famine. 8/4 NBC News: Over 29,000 children have died in Somalia’s famine, with thousands more presently starving to death. 8/6 BBC News: CHINESE coast evacuated for storm. 8/16 Drudge: Polar blast brings snow to downtown AUCKLAND for first time in 72 years: City’s coldest day on record.(Looks like we can expect a COLD, COLD winter in the Northern Hemisphere coming right up!)8/17 USGS:6.2quake shakes off East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 8/27 USA Today: 5.4 quake shakes AFGHANISTAN. 9/5 CNN: U.N.: 750,000 people face ‘imminent starvation’ in SOMALIA. 9/11 USGS6.0quake shakes VANUATU. 9/15 USGS:6.0quake east of the NORTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND;6.2quake shakes near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN.(Again yet!) 7.3quake strikes FIJI REGION. 9/16 USGS:6.6quake followed by6.0near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 9/17 USGS: 4.9, 5.9, 4.6 off East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. USA Today: 15 killed in IVORY COAST villages near LIBERIA. 9/18 USGS:6.9quake shakes SIKKIM, INDIA, followed by 4.8, 4.6 tremors. Yahoo: Strong earthquake hits northeastern INDIA and NEPAL, killing 12, damaging buildings and sending lawmakers in Nepal’s capital running into the streets. BBC News: Deadly earthquake hits HIMALAYAS, at least 7 killed in NEPAL and northern parts of INDIA. USA Today: Quake kills 16 in INDIA and NEPAL. 9/19 CNN: Death toll rises to 21 in INDIA and NEPAL6.9quake. 9/19 CNN: More than 25 dead and 6,000 struck with Dengue Fever in PAKISTAN. Update: 38 dead in INDIA, NEPAL quake. Yahoo: 4 earthquakes rock GUATEMALA, 1 confirmed dead: 4.8, 5.8, 4.8, 4.5 in less than 2 hours. 9/20 CNN: Typhoon bearing down on JAPAN. 9/21 CNN: Typhoon hits JAPAN, killing 4. Drudge: Typhoon sweeps through TOKYO, barrels toward tsunami zone. 9/22 CNN: Death toll climbs as Typhoon Roke leaves JAPAN, 10 dead, 4 missing. 9/26 USA Today: Typhoon nears PHILIPPINES, 100,000 told to flee. 9/29 CNN: Drought, famine grip SOMALIA. 10/6 CNN:6.2earthquake rocks JUJUY, ARGENTINA. 10/7 USGS.6.1, 4.8quakes South of KERMADEC ISLANDS near New Zealand.(Highly volcanic here!)10/12 BBC News: Encephalitis kills 400 in INDIA. 10/13 USGS:6.1quake South of BALI, INDONESIA, followed by 4.9. BBC News: Storm kills 18 in CENTRAL AMERICA. 10/14 USGS:6.7magnitude quake in Eastern NEW GUINEA REGION, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA.6.1quake in AMURSKAYA OBLAST’, RUSSIA. 10/16 CNN: Dozens killed in flooding GUATEMALA. 10/17 BBC News: CENTRAL AMERICA rain toll rises: Floods and landslides leave at least 80 dead. 10/18 CNN: Heavy rain kills 60 in CENTRAL AMERICA. 10/18 USGS:6.0earthquake in New Britain Area, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 10/22 BBC News: British couple killed in flash flood in SPAIN. 10/23 Yahoo:7.2earthquake causes damage, casualties in TURKEY. USGS:7.2, 5.6, 4.9, 5.6 quakes in eastern TURKEY. CNN: Buildings fall as major quake hits eastern TURKEY, trapping unknown number under debris. AND U.S.: Imminent terror threat in KENYA. Update: Yahoo: TURKEY earthquakes kill 85, collapse buildings. 10/24 Yahoo: 4 quake survivors pulled alive from rubble in TURKEY where7.2quake leveled buildings and killed 270. 10/24 CNN: Grenade attack on NAIROBI nightclub. USGS: Quakes in EASTERN TURKEY: 4.2, 4.0, 3.9, 4.3, 4.8, 4.6, 4.4, 4.5, 4.7, 4.8, 4.4, 4.3, and the shaking continues. 10/25 BBC News: TURKEY earthquake death toll passes 432. 10/27 Yahoo: TURKEY quake death toll rises to 523. USGS:6.0quake in FIJI REGION. 10/28 BBC News: CHILE’S Hudson Volcano eruption increases. RED ALERT! Evacuations ordered. Major eruption on the way! USGS:6.9, 4.7, 4.9, 5.0 earthquakes near the coast of Central PERU.(The plates are shifting again!)11/1 USGS:6.5quake hits REVILLA GIGEDO ISLANDS Region near Baja MEXICO. 11/8 USGS:6.9quake shakes Northeast of TAIWAN. 11/14 BBC News: DR CONGO’S volcano erupts. 11/15 Reuters: Bomb destroys KENYA police car in refugee camp. 69 killed in SYRIA clashes, Arab League responds. 11/20 Washington Post: JAPAN’S nuclear crisis leaves behind wasteland: No one allowed to live in 12 mile zone around Fukushima.(Tragic!)12/7 USGS:6.1magnitude quake in Atacama, CHILE. 12/8 BBC News: Severe winds cause chaos in SCOTLAND. 12/24 BBC News: NIGERIA clashes leave 50 dead.DANGEROUS AND DESTRUCTIVE EARTHQUAKES likely in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST to include VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS also in ALASKA and RUSSIA.3/11 Google: Almost simultaneous with the STRONG EARTHQUAKE that hit JAPAN, the RUSSIAN KAMCHATKA VOLCANOES ERUPTED. Also waves from the tsunami hit the WEST COAST of the U.S. and dozens of boats were crushed.  A cloud of volcanic dust may pose a threat to air traffic. 3/14 Earth-issues: Japan quake upgraded to9.1with tsunami. USGS:6.1quake off the East Coast on HONSHU, JAPAN. Multiple quakes in the 4 and 5 magnitude range continue to devastate JAPAN. Reuter’s: Japan’s coastline crippled. Japan’s nuclear crisis worsens. 4/11 Earth Changes Media: YELLOWSTONE SUPER-VOLCANO plume bigger than thought.(This is not good news on a MARS-PLUTO square.)5/12 NBC-TV: MT ETNA is erupting in ITALY again. 5/21 CNN: Earthquake hits western TURKEY, 2 dead, 5.8 magnitude on May 19. 5/24 CNN: ICELAND volcano erupts, volcanic ash closes in on Heathrow in England. BBC News: Thousands face ash flight delays from Iceland eruption. 6/24 USGS:7.2quake shakes FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA.6.3quake hits SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS. Reuters: Major quakes strike in PACIFIC off ALASKA. 7/16 USGS:6.1magnitude quake shakes ALASKA PENINSULA. 8/10 Science Daily: New eruption discovered at UNDERSEA VOLCANO off the OREGON coast, after successfully forecasting event: One of the most active and intensely studied seamounts in the world. 9/2 CNN:7.1quake strikes off ALASKA coast 1,043 miles from ANCHORAGE. USGS:6.8quake FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA.  9/10 Earth Changes Media:6.4quake shakes CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE northwest of Vancouver Island. 10/13 Science Daily: Possible trigger for volcanic ‘Super Eruptions’ discovered (every 100,000 years).(We live on a passionate planet.)USGS: 5.3 quake off the coast of OREGON. Earth Changes Media: 5.9 earthquake in CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE. 10/17 Email/ Swarm of earthquakes around MOUNT RAINER, RICHLAND. 11/5 CNN: Minor 4.7 quake jolts central OKLAHOMA followed by 3.4, 2.7, 2.7, 3.3, 3.3, 3.4, 3.6 quakes. BBC News: Earthquakes have bigger health toll than other disasters. 12/11 CNN: At least 2 killed in southern MEXICO6.5magnitude earthquake. 12/27 CNN/USGS:6.6magnitude earthquake hits southeastern SIBERIA, RUSSIA near Mongolian border. 12/30 CNN: Alert raised around ALASKA volcano after likely ‘single explosion’.MAJOR VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS in HAWAII, JAPAN, SOUTH AMERICA, and INDONESIA, with possible TSUNAMIS that claim life and property.12/29/2010 USGS:6.6magnitude quake on VANUATU (erupting volcano here).1/14 Drudge: RED SKY AT NIGHT: Sicily looks on as MOUNT ETNA erupts. 1/27 Drudge/Mail Online: Lightning and fire: JAPAN on alert after volcano’s biggest eruption in 50 years. Domestic flights cancelled, rail lines and roads shut. 1/27 Earth Changes Media: Columbian authorities have raised the risk level of the Galeras volcano in southwest Columbia. Indonesia’s Mount Bromo in East Java province has increased its volcanic activities, discharging lava 200 meters high. Residents are encouraged to wear masks and glasses as the ash poses a danger to eyes and the respiratory system. 1/31 USA Today: Volcano Shinmoedake spews ash and smoke over Japanese towns as volcanic activity increases on island of Kyushu.  2/2 CNN: James Bond volcano erupts again in Japan. 2/8 Earth Changes Media: Growing fears in JAPAN as two volcanoes in the south erupt again on KYUSHU: Sakurajima and Minamidake.  2/9 Earth Changes Media: ICELANDIC volcano set to erupt and dwarf last year’s devastation. (This is the larger Iceland volcano!) 2/25 BBC News: INDONESIAN mud volcano flow ‘to last 26 years’: The world’s largest mud volcano, which left 13,000 homeless. 3/7 Science Daily: No such thing as dormant volcano: Magma chambers awaken sooner than thought. AND HAWAIIAN CRATER FLOOR COLLAPSE followed by ERUPTION in fissure along KILAUEA EAST RIFT ZONE. Washington Post: HAWAII’S KILAUEA VOLCANO ERUPTS. No homes threatened. 3/11 Canadian Press: VOLCANO in eastern INDONESIA ERUPTS, spews gas cloud. No immediate report of injuries or serious damage. Yahoo: CALIFORNIA and OREGON sustained most damage from Japan’s tsunami. 3/12 CNN: Blast, radiation leak spur nuclear fears in JAPAN. 9,500 missing in one town after massive quake and tsunami. Quake moved JAPAN coast 8 feet. Tsunami reaches West Coast, boats, docks damaged in Santa Cruz, CALIFORNIA. Damage report at several U.S. ports. 3/13 CNN: Tsunami turns Japan airport into island. 3/13 Drudge: JAPAN’S SHINMOEDAKE VOLCANO ERUPTS after nearly 2 weeks of relative silence, sending ash 2 miles into the air.(What’s next?)3/18 Drudge/AP: Alert level at INDONESIA volcano raised to highest: MOUNT KARANGETANG spewed hot gas 7 times on Friday. Last eruption was August, killing 4 people. 3/24 CNN: Volcano-sparked fire threatens HAWAII’S wildlife. Fire that began March 5 has already burned 100 acres of a 2,750-acre ecological area in lowland rain forest. 6/9 BBC News: CHILE volcano grounds flights. 6/11 BBC News: CHILE volcano wrecks fresh havoc: Ash clouds ground more flights. 6/13 CNN: Ash clouds from CHILE volcano prompt flight cancellations. 7/12 Science Daily: Underwater Antarctic volcanoes, previously unknown,0 discovered in the Southern Ocean: 12 volcanoes, 7 active above the sea on islands. 7/17 BBC News: Indonesians flee new volcano eruption on SULAWESI. Thousands have been forced back into emergency shelters after volcano unleashed its most powerful eruption in weeks. 7/18 Earth Changes Media: INDONESIA’S Mount Lokon erupted twice following its biggest eruption in months over the weekend, forcing people to remain in safety shelters. 8/20 USGS:7.1quake shakes VANUATU, followed by7.0. 9/3 USGS:6.2quake hits SOUTH SANDWICH ISLAND region. 9/3 USGS:7.0quake in VANUATU(Volcano here!)9/5 USGS:6.6quake shakes NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA. 10/6 Earthquake Report: Scientific paper reveals massive historic TENERIFE VOLCANO collapse (CANARY ISLANDS). 10/28 BBC News: CHILE’S Hudson Volcano eruption increases. RED ALERT! Evacuations ordered. Major eruption on the way!11/14 USGS:6.3earthquake shakes MOLUCCA SEA in Indonesia. 11/16 MSNBC: MOUNT ETNA erupts for the 18th time this year. 11/22: NBC-TV: Volcanic eruption in MEXICO. 12/2 BBC News: ICELANDIC volcano flood warning. 12/6 Reuters: Mount Gamalama erupts in eastern INDONESIA forcing thousands to flee. 12/8 CNN: LAVA enters subdivision on the Big Island of HAWAII.The CELEBRATED and ADMIRED pass beyond the veil of earthly existence:1/2 Actor Peter Postlethwaite dead at 64. He starred in “Inception.” 1/5 CNN: Singer Gerry Rafferty dies, 63. Famous for 1970s “Stuck in the Middle With You.” 1/10 Drudge: “Band of Brothers” hero, inspiration Winters, dies at 92. 1/12 CNN: David Nelson of TV’s “Ozzie and Harriet” dies at 74. 1/14 Yahoo: John Dye, “Touched by an Angel” star dies, 47. 1/16 Washington Post: British film star Susannah York dies at 72. 1/18 NY Times: R. Sargent Shriver, former Peace Corps Director and Vice Presidential candidate, dies at 95. 1/19 Los Angeles Times: Don Kirschner dies at 76, music mogul guided the career of songwriters, launched the Monkees and introduced TV audiences to an array of musicians and comics through the 1970s. 1/24 Yahoo: Jack LaLanne, who brought fitness to the masses, dies at 96. 1/26 CNN: Country pioneer Charlie Louvin dies at 83. 1/28 NY Times: Charles Callas, zany comedian, dies at 83. 1/31 BBC News: Bond film composer John Barry, also famous for his work on “Born Free” and “Out of Africa,” dies at 77. 2/3 BBC News: “Last Tango in Paris” actress Maria Schneider dies at 58. 2/8 CNN: J. Paul Getty III dies at 54. 2/11 CNN: Actress Peggy Rea dies, 89. 2/12 CNN: ‘Godfather,’ Jon Petrovich, dies at 63 after battle with cancer. 2/13 BBC News: US star Betty Garrett dies at 91. 2/17 CNN: Seinfeld’s ‘Uncle Leo’ actor Len Lesser dies at 88. 2/21 USA Today: Movie producer Walter Seltzer dies age 96: Produced Charlton Heston movies. 2/27 CNN: Former Hall of Famer, Dodger Duke Snider dies, 84. 3/9 BBC News: Ex-Alice in Chains bassist, Mike Starr, found dead at 44. 3/16 CNN: Rapper Nate Dogg dead at 41. 3/19 CNN: Former Secretary of State to President Clinton, Warren Christopher dies, 85. 3/22 CNN: Blues great ‘Pinetop’ Perkins dies in Texas at age 97.  3/26 NY Times: Geraldine A. Ferraro, first woman on major party ticket, dies at 75. 3/30 Washington Post: Farley Granger, star of Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, dies at 85. 4/9 NY Times: Sidney Lumet, Director of American Film Classics, dies at 86. 4/17 The Telegraph: Actor Michael Sarrazin dead at 70. 4/20 Reuters: Oscar-nominated “Restrepo” director and photojournalist Tim Hertherington killed in Libya, age 41. Second journalist killed. 4/21 CNN: TV on the Radio bassist dies, 36.   4/23 BBC News: Only Fools and Horses creator-writer John Sullivan dies, 64. 4/24 CNN: Famed Indian guru, Sathya Sai Baba dies at 85. BBC News: Sony’s ‘father of the CD’ Norio Ohga dies at 81. 4/26 BBC News: Punk icon Poly Styrene dies at 53. 4/26 NBC News: Folk singer Phoebe Snow dies at 58. 4/27 Drudge: Teleprompter inventor “Hub” Schlafly dies at 91. Device changed public address in America.  4/28 USA Today: Influential evangelist David Wilkerson dies in crash, 79. 4/29 BBC News: Famed Swiss climber Erhard Loretan dies in fall. 5/2 BBC News: British boxing legend Sir Henry Cooper dies age 76. 5/4 L.A. Times: Former child star Jackie Cooper dies at 88.  5/5 CNN: Last known WWI combatant dies at 110 in Australia. 5/6 BBC News: ‘West Side Story’ playwright, also ‘Gypsy’, Arthur Laurents dies, 93.  5/7 CNN: Golf legend Seve Ballesteros dies, 54. 5/16 Yahoo: Kenya’s Olympic marathon champion Wanjiru dead at 24: police. Seemed to have sustained injuries after a fall.  CNN: Olympic marathon champ leaps to death. 5/17 CNN: ‘Dougie’ rapper M-Bone dies in drive by, age 22. 5/21 CNN: Wrestler ‘Macho Man’ Savage dies, 58. 5/22 BBC News: Australia actor Bill Hunter dies, 71. 5/23 CNN: “You Light Up My Life” composer kills self, Joseph Brooks was 73. People: Copper heiress, Huguette Clark, dead at 104, leaving behind $500 million fortune.  5/26 USA Today: CNBC anchor Mark Haines dies at 65. 5/28 CNN: Poet, musician Gil Scott-Heron dies, 62. ‘Grease’ actor Jeff Conaway dead at 60 of an overdose, severe addict. USA Today: Former 7-2 WNBA star Margo Dydek dead of heart attack at 37 while pregnant with her third child.  5/30 CNN: Former first Texas GOP governor since 1870, William Clements, dies, 94. 6/2 CNN: Cosby Show actress Clarice Taylor dies, 93. 6/3 NY Times: Dr. Jack Kervorkian, Advocate for Assisted Suicide, dead at 83. CNN: Former Black Panther Elmer ‘Geronimo’ Pratt dies, 63. NBC-TV: “Gunsmoke” actor James Arness dies at 88. 6/5 USA Today: Ex Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleberger dead, 80. Served during George H.W. Bush’s administration. Yahoo: Disney legends, who shared a stage 5 days a week for 3 decades, died within day of each other: Betty Taylor who played Slue Foot Sue in Disney’s long-running Golden Horseshoe Review passed away Saturday at age 91, one day after the death of Wally Boag, 90, who played her character’s sweetheart Pecos Bill. (Together and young again on the Great Stage on the Other Side!)  6/6 BBC News: Lonely Boy singer Gold dies at 59. Yahoo: World medalist wrestler, Lindsay Durlacher, dead at 36.  6/8 BBC News: “Cat Who” author Braun dies, 97. 6/10 CNN: ‘Picasso of India’ dies at 95: Maqbool Fida Husain.  6/12 CNN: Civil rights activist Clara Luper dies, 88. 6/19 Yahoo: Springsteen sax player Clarence Clemons dies, 69. USA Today: Yelena Bonner, Russian activist and Nobel Prize Winner Andrei Sakharov’s widow, dies, 88. 6/24 NY Times: Peter Falk, TV’s Detective Columbo, has dies at 83 (Another actor dying on his Uranus Return! Happens a lot!)  6/15 CNN: Former CNN sports anchor Nick Charles lost his battle with cancer: 64. 7/4 BBC News: Actress Anna Massey dead at 73. 7/6 BBC News: U.S. artist Cy Twombly dies at 83. 7/8 NY Times: Former First Lady Betty Ford dies at 93.  7/9 BBC News: One of Latin America’s most famous folk singers, Argentine Facundo Cabral, shot dead in Guatemala City, age 74. 7/12 USA Today: ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ ‘Brady Bunch’ creator Sherwood Schwartz dies at 94. (Really creative people seem to live a long time.)  7/16 BBC News: Austria mourns Austro-Hungarian Empire’s last heir, Otto van Habsburg, 98. Actress Google Winters dies, 94. 7/22 BBC News: Painter Lucian Freud dies, 88. 7/23 BBC News: Amy Whitehouse, 27, found dead in her home. (Probably an overdose. Sadly, this does not surprise me!) 7/26 NY Times: Michael Cacoyannis, Director of ‘Zorba the Greek’ dies, 90. Tom Aldredge, character actor dies, 83. Milton Gwirtzman, Adviser to Kennedys, dies, 78. 7/27 CNN: U.S. Olympic jet skier Jeret Peterson takes his own life, age 29. (Not good karma: suicide on your Saturn Return. Sad.) BBC News: American singer Dan Peek dies, 60. Sang lead vocals with the group America. USA Today: ‘Please don’t squeeze the Charmin’ creator dies at 74, John Chervokas. 7/29 BBC News: Hollywood producer Polly Platt dies at 72. USA Today: Former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu found dead of apparent suicide, 42. 8/4 CNN: Actor and NFL great ‘Bubba’ Smith dies, 66.  8/6 BBC News: ‘Grease’ actress Annette Charles who play Cha Cha dies, 63. 8/8 NY Times: Mark O. Hatfield, Republican champion of Liberal causes, dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return.) 8/12 USA Today: Former Warrant lead singer Jani Lane dies at 47. 8/14 BBC News: Bollywood actor Shammi Kapoor dies, 79, appeared in more than 100 films. 8/16 CNN: Canadian hockey player Rick Rypien dies at 27. USA Today: Oldest survivor of Bataan Death March dies at 105. 8/21 Intruders Foundation: Budd Hopkins, human abduction syndrome investigator and author of “Missing Time,” dead at 80. 8/23 CNN: Motown Singer-songwriter Nick Ashford dies at 69.  Lieber, who wrote some of rock and rolls biggest hits including “Hound Dog”, dies at 78. 8/25 CNN: Former Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan found dead at 59. 8/30 BBC News: U.S. blues star Edwards dies at 96. 9/10 NY Times: Cliff Robertson, actor who won Oscar for “Charly,” dead at 88. 9/12 CNN: “Spartacus” star, Andy Whitfield dies of lymphoma at 39. 9/18 CNN: Ted Kennedy’s daughter Kara Kennedy, 51, dies of heart attack. Walter Mondale’s daughter dies at 51. USA Today: Basketball Hall of Famer Dave Gavitt dies, 73. 9/20 BBC News: U.S. Singer Delores Hope, married to late actor Bob Hope for 69 years, dies at 102. Bob Hope died at the age of 100 in 2003. (I keep finding out about these things in the BBC instead of U.S. newspapers online.) 9/21 BBC News: German conductor Kurt Sanderling dies at 98. 9/25 USA Today: First African woman to win Nobel Prize dies at 71, Wangari Maathai. 9/28 BBC News: Implantable pacemaker inventor Wilson Greatbatch dies at 92. 10/3 CNN: Nobel winner died days before award announced, Ralph Steinman, a biologist from Rockefeller University, Nobel Prize in Medicine. (He still knows, trust me!) 10/5 NY Times/All Media: Visionary Steven P. Jobs, Co-founder of Apple, dies at 56 from pancreatic cancer. 10/8 NY Times: Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders, dies at 82. 10/9 CNN: Legendary pianist Roger Williams dies after battle with pancreatic cancer at 87. 10/12 CNN: Gay rights Kameny dead at 86. 10/15 BBC News: “Coronation Street’s” Betty Driver dies at 91. 10/16 CNN: British racing vet Don Wheldon killed in multi-car crash in Vegas at age 33. 10/22 CNN: Heir to Saudi throne dies in his 80s after lengthy illness: Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, raising succession questions. BBC News: Latin music band leader in UK, Edmundo Ros, dies at 100. 10/25 BBC News: Artificial intelligence pioneer John McCarthy dies at 84. 11/1 CNN: Hillary Clinton’s mother, Dorothy Rodham, dies at 92. 10/5 CNN: CBS commentator Andy Rooney dies at 92. 11/8 NY Times: Joe Frazier, former heavyweight champion, dead at 67. BBC News: Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Hal Kanter dies at 92. 11/9 CNN: Rapper Heavy D dies at 44. 11/13 CNN: Evelyn Lauder, member of the Estee Lauder cosmetic company and maker of breast cancer’s pink ribbon, dies at 75. (Esther ‘Estee’ Lauder was a client of mine I mention in my memoir, Cosmic Conspiracy. She saw me on the Panorama Show and booked a reading.) 11/23 CNN: Stan Case, CNN Radio, killed in car wreck. 11/24 BBC News: Dragonriders of Pern author Anne McCaffrey dies at 85. 11/25 CNN: The genius of Tim Hetherington killed in war (war photographer) at age 40. 11/28 BBC News: Filmmaker Ken Russell dies at 84. 12/4 BBC News: Bollywood star Dev Anand dies at 88. Ukulele star Bill Tapia dies at 103. (Creativity and purpose seem to extend life considerably.) 12/7 Washington Post: M*A*S*H actor Harry Morgan dies at 96. Daily News: Dobie Gray dies at 71; singer of pop hits ‘Drift Away’ and ‘The In Crowd.’ 12/10 BBC News: Comic book artist Jerry Robinson, who created characters Batman and Robin, dead at 89. 12/15 BBC News: Country singer Billie Joe Spears dies at 74. CNN: Captain America co-creator Joe Simon has died at 98. 12/16 NY Times: Christopher Hitchens, prolific columnist and author, dead at 62.  12/18 BBC News: Czech statesman Vaclav Havel dies at 75. 12/19 NY Times: Kim Jong-il, leader of North Korea, dead at 69. 12/27 USA Today: Former Patriots DT Antwine, 72, and wife die one day apart. 12/28 CNN: Cheetah, chimp from Tarzan films, dies at 80. BBC News: Helen Frankenthaler, U.S. abstract impressionist, dies at 83. 12/29 BBC News: Pop artist James Rizzi dies at 61. 12/30 USA Today: Singer, actress Kaye Stevens dies in Florida at 79. ASTRONOMICAL WONDERS unfold with the discovery of LIFE on another PLANET. There will be the continual discovery of many Earth-like planets in our Milky Way Galaxy.(As soon as I post these predictions, some of them seem to manifest): 12/9/2010 Science Daily: New Planet in Super-Sized Solar System similar to ours. 1/4 Discovery News: Viking found organics on Mars. CNN: Canadian girl, 10, discovers supernova, becomes the youngest ever! (Wow! What a kid!) 1/10 CNN: Rocky planet found in deep space. 1/11 CNN: Hubble finds ghostly object in deep space: a green blob! 1/26 Washington Post: Hubble spots presumed oldest galaxy: Hot, faint, and 13 billion years old. 2/2 Discovery News: Exoplanet bonanza boosts count by 1,200: Small planets like Earth are much more prevalent than Jupiter-sized worlds and multiple planet systems are common. 2/3 CNN: Kepler telescope spots 5 Earth-sized planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. (ET phone home!) BBC News: Exoplanet hunt turns up 54 potentially inhabitable worlds. 2/7 Discovery News: Company books ride to Moon: Astrobic Technology reserves spot on private rocketship to deliver their lunar lander to the Moon as soon as 2013. 2/9 Science Daily: First ever STEREO images of the ENTIRE SUN. 2/13 Science Daily: Deep interior of moon resembles Earth’s core. 2/19 CNN: Kepler mission: Scientists pleasantly surprised by number of Earth-size, distant planets: 1,200 candidates and 54 Earth-sized in habitable zones. (The ETs will be landing soon! The fact is–they already have.)  2/20 USA Today: Cosmic census finds planets aplenty! 2/21 Yahoo: Military wants more global partnerships in space. (Is Battleship Gallactica on its way? I mean the military on our planet does have a cowboy mentality.)  Science Daily: Astrophysicist: White Dwarfs could be fertile ground for other Earths. 4/5 Drudge: Chinese space junk threatens space station, 3 astronauts. (This doesn’t surprise me. What about all the other space junk???) 4/13 Science Daily: First galaxies born much earlier than expected. (Eternity seems to be a difficult concept for science.) 4/18 Drudge: NEW FRONTIER: NASA posts thousands of incredible space images. 4/26 Science Daily: New theory of evolution for Spiral Galaxy arms.  4/30 Science Daily: Astronomers unveil portrait of ‘Exotic Super-Earth’, densest known rocky planet: that would make the planet Pandora in the movie “Avatar” pale in comparison: Cancri E. 60% larger than earth, nearly as dense as lead. 5/2 Discovery News: Super Civilizations might live off Black Holes. (Wow! Star Trek time is here!) 5/5 Science Daily: NASA’s Gravity Probe B confirms two Einstein Space-Time Theories. 5/6Science Daily: Spitzer detects shadow of ‘Super Earth’ of front of nearby star only 42 light years away; 2.1 times the size of Earth! (Wow!) 5/13 BBC News: Fermi space telescope has yielded most detailed gamma ray map of the sky – representing the Universe’s most violent and extreme processes. 5/18 Science Daily: New SETI survey focuses on Kepler’s top Earth-like planets. 5/19 Astronomers discover 10 more free floating planets in the Milky Way. 5/22 BBC News: New method ‘confirms dark energy.’ (It’s the feminine principle!) 5/27 Moon soil hints at water bonanza. 5/28 Yahoo: Student cracks a cosmic mystery: Aussie student finds ‘missing mass’: filaments of galaxies. 6/5 BBC News: Moons like ours could be common. 6/7 Edge of Solar System filled with bubbles, NASA says.  6/11 Science Daily: NASA’s Dawn spacecraft approaches Protoplanet Vesta. 6/22 Science Daily: Astronomers discover that galaxies are either asleep or awake. (Wow!) 7/2 Science Daily: Neptune’s spin revealed by tracking atmospheric features. 7/7 Drudge: Astronomers observe colossal ‘Great White Spot’ storm on Saturn. 7/14 Science Daily: New planets feature young stars and twin Neptunes among the 10 newly discovered planets. 7/20 BBC News: Hubble spies 4th MOON at PLUTO. 8/2 Science Daily: Oxygen molecules found in nearby ORION. 8/4 Science Daily: Is our Universe inside a bubble? First observational test of the ‘Multiverse’. (Wow! Progress!) BBC News: Earth may once have had 2 MOONS. 8/5 Reuters: NASA discovers evidence of water on MARS. (I don’t plan to make that trip this life or in the next one.) 8/18 Science Daily: MOON younger than previously thought, analysis of lunar rock reveals. 8/26 CBS News: Unmanned Russian space station supply ship crashes back to Earth, malfunction. 8/30 USA Today: Space station could be at risk if crews must leave. 9/9 Science Daily: ‘Invisible’ world discovered: Planet alternately runs late and early in its orbit, tugged by second hidden world. (Fascinating!) 9/12 BBC News: Scientists discover 50 previous unknown EXOPLANETS, 16 “Super Earths.” (Fantastic!) 9/13 Discovery News: 50 new alien worlds found. 9/27 Science Daily: From the comforts of home, Web users may have found new planets! 9/29 Science Daily: Light from galaxy clusters confirms relativity. 10/4 Science Daily: First image from ALMA telescope: Hidden star formation in antennae galaxies revealed. 10/6 Drudge: World’s most complex telescope takes first pictures of deep space. Science Daily: First comet found with ocean-like water. New multi-planet solar system discovered with 2 Neptune size planets.  10/7 Science Daily: Astronomers fine elusive planets in decade old Hubble data: 2 more extrasolar giant gas planets. 10/8 BBC News: Venus surprises with ozone layer. 10/10 Science Daily: MARS: Supersaturated water vapor in atmosphere. 10/18 Science Daily: Dark Matter mystery deepens. 10/19 Discovery News: Youngest baby exoplanet discovered. (So far!) 10/20 Science Daily: Planet-sized object as cool as Earth revealed in record-breaking photo. 10/28 Science Daily: 3 new planets and mystery object discovered outside our Solar System. Astronomers discover complex organic matter exists throughout the Universe. (Divine Mind is very clever!) 11/21 Discovery News: Alien world count sails past 700, but we are only glimpsing the tip of the iceberg. (I’m sure there are thousands, maybe even millions. And what about alternate universes?)  12/1 Science Daily: Astronomers discover new EXOPLANET similar in size to Earth; Planet Kepler-21b found using space and ground-based observatories. 12/3 Science Daily: Astronomers find 18 new planets: Discovery largest collection of confirmed planets around stars more massive than the Sun. (Wow! ET phone Earth, time to seriously talk!) 12/5 BBC News: Biggest supermassive black holes found. CNN: Planet in ‘habitable zone’ confirmed, Kepler 22b, liquid water could exist on the surface, radius 2.4 times that of Earth and only 600 light years away. (But what about the cost of the trip?) 12/7 NASA’s Voyager 1 in ‘cosmic purgatory’ on verge of entering Milky Way. Kepler 22b could have oceans and continents, scientists claim. (Hooray! Hooray!)  12/15 Earth Changes Media: NASA discovers Galactic Center black holes have pulse.  12/20 CNN: Kepler discovers more Earth-sized planets, Kepler 20E and 20F only 3% larger than Earth outside our solar system. (I told you so!☺Many NEW SPECIES continue to be discovered on land and in the sea.1/21 Science Daily: Giant crayfish found in Tennessee is new species. 1/27 Drudge: Mutant mosquitoes: Malaysia release of genetically modified insects sparks fears of uncontrollable new species. 1/31 Science Daily: New Africa wolf discovered. 2/5 Science Daily: Blenny Bonanza: Seven new species of fish revealed by genetic analysis. 3/25 Science Daily: Beetle explorers name new specie for Theodore Roosevelt. 5/16 CNN: New marine species found in Bali. 5/24 Discovery News: Top 10 new species: Plenty of animals, plants, fungi, and more new to science turning up every day. 5/26 Science Daily: T. Rex leech, Titanic-eating bacterium, Batfish that hops and glow-in-the-dark fungi; Scientists list top 10 new species. Science Daily: Birch mouse ancestor discovered in Inner Mongolia is new species of rare ‘living fossil.’ 6/21 Science Daily: 7 new species of mammals discovered in Philippines. 6/25 Drudge/International Business Times: Existence of 200 previously ‘uncontacted’ tribal people in Brazilian rainforest confirmed by photos. Over 2,000 unknown tribes thought to exist in the Amazon. 6/26 Drudge: Conservationists discover 1,000 new species in New Guinea. 6/30 Science Daily: Rockin’ Tortoises: A 150-year old new species. 7/8 Science Daily: New plant genus, species discovered in St. Johns River, Florida: Diatoms are the predominant group of microscopic, single-celled algae.  7/11 Science Daily: Jewel Beetles, obtained from local people in Southeastern Asia, turn out to be four species unknown to science.  9/15 BBC News: New species of dolphin discovered in southeastern Australia: Previously unknown species. 10/9 Science Daily: New species of ‘gigantic’ mollusc discovered in Antarctic waters. 12/2 Discovery News: New Deep-Sea worm discovered: 9 new species thriving in Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 12/13 Science Daily: World’s smallest frogs found in New Guinea. 12/18 Science Daily: 140 new species described by California Academy of Sciences in 2011. 9/8/2013: Reuters: ‘Walking shark’ identified off Indonesia.1/6: Something strange is happening on Planet Earth: WHAT?Drudge: Canadian river mysteriously turns bright green. Hundreds of dead birds in Texas. Thousands of dead fish in Florida. Dead Swedish birds “scared to death.” 40,000 crabs wash up on UK beaches. (Are extraterrestrials messing with us in the sky and in our seas? True weirdness!) 1/8 Drudge: Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy: Strange blue stain on becks. 1/11 Drudge: Thousands of dead fish discovered along Chicago lakefront. 1/13 CNN: Hundreds of blackbirds found dead in Alabama. 1/27 CNN: Blunt force trauma killed birds.The SOLAR ECLIPSE of July 1 affects ANTARCTICA. I hope the penguins and seals will be okay! Hopefully NOT a volcanic eruption here or a major melting incident. Scary thought!11/2 USGS: 6.3 quake hits the PACIFIC ANTARCTIC RIDGE.TERRORISM continues to claim lives in the MIDDLE EAST and some ASIAN countries where religious fanaticism continues to be an excuse for random murder and massacres.1/1 Reuters: Suspected suicide bomber kills 17 at Alexandria, Egypt church. 1/3 Reuters: Afghan violence in 2010 kills thousands: government. 1/4 CNN: Governor of Punjab Province killed. 1/4 CNN: 6 killed in Mexico bus bombing. 1/5 Drudge: Clowns killed in Mexican drug gang hit. (Legalize drugs and do away with these thugs!) 1/6 CNN: Breaking News: Explosions reported at 2 state buildings in Maryland Department of Transportation. 1/7 CNN: Suicide attack kills 17 in Afghanistan. Reuters: Israelis kill wrong man on Hamas raid. CNN: Envelope sent to Napolitano at Homeland Security ignites at DC postal facility. 1/15 Reuters: Bomb kills 9 wedding guests in Afghanistan.1/17 USA Today: Explosion on bus in Pakistan kills at least 15. 1/18 CNN: 60 die in attack on Iraq police center. 1/20 CNN: Insurgents kill 4 Thai soldiers. Reuters: Bombs kill up to 45 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq.  CNN: 32 killed in Iraq attacks. 1/23 CNN: At least 6 killed in Iraq car bomb attacks. 6 killed in drone attack in Pakistan. 1/24 CNN: 31 killed in blast at main Moscow airport, more than 100 injured. (I know the Russians can get ‘tough’….so GET TOUGH and get smart! There is no excuse for wholesale murder! It is an act of absolute insanity!) USA Today: 35 dead in Moscow airport blast. 1/25 CNN: 2 die in Philippine bus blast. 1/25 BBC News: 2 blasts target Pakistani Shias. 1/27 Yahoo: Bomb strikes funeral as blast kills 40 in Baghdad. CNN: Davos hotel hit by small blast. 1/28 Reuters: Kabul supermarket bomb kills 9, foreigners target. 1/29 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills Kandahar deputy governor. 1/30 Twitter/VOA News: 40 injured in blasts at Venezuela arms depot. 2/1 BBC News: Afghanistan: Civilian deaths hit ‘record levels’: 2,241 killed, most at the hands of insurgents, in last decade. 2/3 Reuters: 3 bombs kill at least 6 in Iraqi’s Ramadi. 2/9 CNN: At least 7 killed in Iraq attacks. 2/10 CNN: Teen suicide bomber kills 27 in Pakistan.  Yahoo: Suicide bomber kills 31 soldiers in NW Pakistan. NY Times: Bombing kills Shiite pilgrims in Iraq. 2/12 Yahoo: Bomber strikes Shiite pilgrims in Iraq killed 26. 2/13 CNN: At least 12 hurt in Thai car bomb blast. 2/13 Reuters: Death toll rises to 48 in Iraq suicide bombings. 2/14 BBC News: Afghanistan: 3 dead in Kabul ‘suicide blast.’ Tehran protests hit with tear gas. 2/20 CNN: 53 dead in 72 hours in Juarez. Afghan bank raid kills 38. 2/21 Yahoo: Afghan police: At least 30 killed in suicide blast. 2/24 CNN: Report: 11,000 potential Mexican immigrants headed to US kidnapped and tortured in 6 months. 2/15 Drudge: 6 killed as Iraqis protest in ‘Day of Rage.’ 2/26 CNN: 4 killed in attack on IRAQ refinery. Clashes in Yemen kill 4. 676 arrested in Mexico. (I hope this helps!) 3/3 Yahoo: Forces kill 6 women marching in IVORY COAST. 3/8 BBC News: Many killed in Pakistan car bomb attack: at least 20 dead, 120 injured. 3/9 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 37 at Pakistan funeral. 3/14 Reuters: Suicide attack on Afghan army centers kills at least 37. 3/24 Drudge: Large fire breaks out at MIAMI AIRPORT, Giant explosion of fuel tanks cancels flight: Hours later: suspicious package found. (Sabotage, perhaps?)  3/25 Yahoo: Gunmen kill 8 on minibus in Pakistan. 3/28 CNN: Suicide attack kills 13 in Afghanistan. 3/29 Reuters: Journalist for Reuters killed in Iraq attack. 3/30 Drudge: Letters claim Al Qaeda planted 160 nuclear bombs across the U.S.A.–and these letters are another form of TERRORISM!  4/1 CNN: Bomb at Swiss nuclear office injures 2. BBC News: At least 8 foreign UN staff killed in northern Afghanistan during protest over burning of Koran in US church.  BBC News: North Ireland bomb kills policemen. (Religious wars are downright stupid!)  4/3 CNN: Shrine bombing in Pakistan kills 41. 4/5 CNN: 41 die in 4 days in Juarez, Mexico killing spree. Drudge: 2 Americans shot execution style at Tijuana Airport. 4/6 Drudge: Bomb explodes near Egyptian pyramids, 3 injured. 4/7 Yahoo: U.S. to use FACEBOOK and TWITTER to issue TERROR ALERTS. 4/8 CNN: 11 Brazil students shot to death. Mass graves found in Mexico. Drudge: Iranians call for international help as Iraqi soldiers run down refugees, killing 25. BBC News: Israeli strikes kill 6 Gazans. (The amount of hate in this world is staggering! Unity seems very far off!) BBC News: Mosque blast kills Kashmir cleric. 4/10 CNN: Huge bomb defused in Northern Ireland. 4/11 BBC News: Belarus: Blast rocks Minsk metro near Lukashenko office: 11 killed, 200 hundred injured. USA Today: More mass graves found in Mexico. 4/13 Drudge: 32 more bodies found in Mexico, ups total to 120. BBC News: Suicide bomber kills Afghan elder. 4/18 Yahoo: Car bomb in Baghdad kills 9. (Never ending absurdity!) 4/21 Reuters: Karachi, Pakistan blast kills 15, criminal gangs suspected. 4/27 Reuters: 8 foreign troops killed in Kabul airport shooting. Drudge: Egypt pipeline to Israel and Jordan explodes. 4/28 Reuters: Blast in Morocco tourist cafe kills 14. (I don’t list all of these. Where can you travel anymore that is safe? To NO Muslim or Mexican country, for sure.) BBC News: Blast strikes Pakistan naval bus. 5/8 CNN: At least 12 killed, 232 wounded, in clashes at Cairo church between Christians and Muslims. Drudge: 6 suicide bombings rock Kandahar. BBC News: Sea rescue of 400 Libya migrants. 5/13 Yahoo: Scores dead in bin Laden revenge attack in Pakistan, 80 dead and counting. CNN: Up to 850 killed in Syrian clashes. 5/16 Reuters: Gunmen kill Saudi diplomat in Pakistan’s Karachi. BBC News: Drug feud kills 27 in Guatemala. (Another form of terrorism!) 5/19 Drudge: Venezuelan political journalist murdered. BBC News: Deadly bombs strike northern Iraq. 5/21 CNN: Taliban claim deadly suicide bombing at Afghan hospital: 6 dead, 26 wounded. The Taliban said 51 died. 16 die in Pakistan NATO oil tanker blast. 5/22 CNN: Wave of bombings in Baghdad kills 18, wounds 80. (How long will this madness continue? Some karma is not easy to observe.) 5/24 BBC News: Blast ‘kills 10’ Afghan laborers. 5/28 BBC News: Top Afghan police general killed in suicide bomb attack on governor’s office, kills Royal Marines.  5/29 Suicide bombers launch twin attacks in west Afghanistan, killing 4, wounding dozens. 6/4 CNN: 4 killed by Afghan roadside bomb. 6/10 CNN: Gunmen kill 9 at Afghan wedding. 6/11 Reuters: Bomb kills 15 Afghan civilians, May deadliest month. Yahoo: Blast kills 34 in Pakistan as CIA chief visits. 6/18 Reuters: Toll from Kabul attack rises to 9: ministry. 6/21 Reuters: Bomb kills 25 at Iraqi governor’s house. 6/25 Reuters: At least 20 killed in suicide bombing in east Afghanistan. BBC News: At least 27 dead as deadly car bomb hits hospital in eastern Afghanistan. USA Today: Hospital car bomb kills at least 35. 6/26 Reuters: 12 wounded after Iraq bomber hits police station. 6/28 NY Times: Suicide bombers attack hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, at least 10 dead. 6/28 CNN: 8 suicide bombers kills 10 at luxury Kabul hotel. 7/5 CNN: 35 killed in twin Baghdad explosions. 7/9 CNN: At least 88 killed in Pakistan clashes. 7/10 CNN: Gunmen kill 20 in MEXICAN nightclub. More than 40 found dead in 24 hours as violence rages in MEXICO. (Who wants to go to Mexico? Not me! My poor clients with villas in Mexico!) 7/13 CNN: Report: 3 blasts injure 15 in Mumbai. Reuters: Near simultaneous blasts kill 3 in Mumbai. 7/22 CNN: Gang violence explodes in Karachi, Pakistan, where more than 100 have been killed in the past 2 weeks. Reuters: Blast rocks central Oslo, Norway PM’s office.  7/23 NY Times: At least 80 dead in Norway youth camp shootings. Explosions in Oslo killed another 7 and wounded at least 15. CNN: 91 dead in Norway attacks, 90 hospitalized: ‘I’m going to kill you all,’ gunman said. Reuters: Norway shooter traumatizes nation, up to 98 dead. Norway killer unknown to police, criticized Islam. 8/5 CNN: Men spray Philly bus with gunfire. (We have our own terrorists in the U.S. Unevolved souls!)(There are so many terrorist attacks in so many places I can’t possibly report them all. A sad state of the world. Too many karmic debts being paid during these treacherous times.) 8/7 CNN: London crowds burn cars, buildings to protest slaying. Now the people are becoming terrorists! (The Mars-Uranus-Pluto square is bringing out the worst in people. Stay safe.) 8/9 Reuters: London reels from 3rd night of rioting. (Thugs are in every nation and village. This is also terrorism.) Man shot in car becomes first death in UK riots. 8/13 CNN: U.S. man abducted in Pakistan. Gunmen pistol-whipped the man and his driver and tied up his guards after posing as neighbors with food. 8/14 CNN: Bomb flattens PAKISTAN hotel, 12 dead. Reuters: Suicide bombers, gunmen kill 22 in central AFGHANISTAN. 8/15 CNN: Attacks kill 69, injures 180 in IRAQ. 8/16 USA Today: 7 men pulled from IRAQI mosque, executed: Gunmen in military uniforms killed former members of Sunni anti-al-Qaeda militia as the wave of violence continues.  8/18 NY Times: 2 ISRAELI buses attacked near EGYPT border, 5 wounded. CNN: 6 ISRAELIS dead in string of attacks. Bomb attacks in AFGHANISTAN kill 26. Drudge: 7 dead, dozens wounded in triple terror attack in ISRAEL. 8/19 CNN: 34 killed in attack on PAKISTAN mosque. Reuters: Taliban attack on BRITISH office in KABUL kills at least 9. 8/20 BBC News: Hundreds die in SOUTH SUDAN raids: At least 500 dead. 8/21 Reuters: Suicide bombers kill 12 in YEMEN’S south. 8/26 CNN: Bomb kills 18 in UN building in NIGERIAN capital. 53 die in attack on MEXICAN casino. 8/28 USA Today: 33 killed in fiery day across IRAQ. 8/29 CNN: 35 killed in attacks across IRAQ. 8/31 BBC News: Bomb attack kills 11 in PAKISTAN. 9/4 CNN: 12,000 IRAQIS killed by suicide bombers since the year began, 30,000 wounded. (Is this hatred based on religious beliefs of what is supposed to be one Islam or some sort of tribal caste system? It’s horrendous, regardless! No God or Divine Being would require such atrocities to be committed! There karma is going to run over their dogma!) 9/7 CNN: NEW DELHI court blast kills at least 9. Drudge: briefcase explodes outside DELHI court, 11 dead, 60 injured. 9/10 CNN: Violence settles down in EGYPT after attack on ISRAELI embassy: 1,049 injured in Israeli embassy clash. 9/11 Reuters: Truck bomb wounds 77 American soldiers in AFGHANISTAN. 9/13 CNN: U.S. Embassy in KABUL attacked. 9/18 CNN: Pakistani Taliban attack weddings, funerals. 9/19 BBC News: 8 die in bomb attack in Karachi. Fatal Karachi bomb targets police. 9/21 Drudge: MEXICO horror: Gunmen dump 35 bodies on avenue. 9/29 BBC News: U.S. man plotted ‘Pentagon drone bombs’ with model airplanes. Taken into custody. Jihadist. 9/30 USA Today: Bomb kills 17 at Shiite funeral south of Baghdad. (Too much madness to list them all. We certainly live on a primitive, barbaric planet.) 10/3 BBC News: 9 deaths in IRAQ police siege. 10/4 CNN: More than 30 dead in SOMALIA bombing.  BBC News: Attack on PAKISTAN bus kills 13. USA Today: Truck bomb in SOMALIA kills 70. 10/10 Yahoo: Botched controlled blast kills 6 in SOUTH IRAQ. 10/11 CNN: U.N. peacekeepers killed in DARFUR. 10/15 CNN: Gunmen kill 6 at HONDURAS airport. 11/6 Reuters: At least 10 dead after triple blasts in IRAQ capital. (I no longer list all of these. There are simply too many. We should no longer sacrifice our young men and women in Iraq or Afghanistan. We should get out of the area and leave them to their own devices! Of course, war is big business! GREED is alive and well in the earth.) Afghan suicide attack kills 7 near mosque. 11/11 BBC News: U.S. soldier killed Afghans for sport. (War is capable of turning men of any nationality and social standing into psychopathic killers.) 11/12 Reuters: Blast at IRAN military base killed 15: Official. 11/14 CNN: German NEO-NAZI terror cell linked to 10 murders of those mostly of Greek and Turkish origin. 11/26 Reuters: Multiple BAGHDAD blasts kill at least 13. Drudge: 24 PAKISTANI troops killed in NATO helicopter attack. PAKISTAN shuts routes into AFGHANISTAN. (We really need to end this war.) 11/28 Reuters: PHILIPPINE blast kills 3. Suicide bomber hits IRAQ military base, 19 dead. 12/1 Reuters: Bomb, gunmen kill 18 as IRAQ marks U.S. withdrawal. 12/4 BBC News: Blast near UK embassy in BAHRAIN.  12/5 Reuters: Deadly blasts hit northwestern NIGERIA with at least 6 killed. 12/6 CNN: 2 suicide bombers killed 59 in rare AFGHANISTAN attack unlike anything else seen in the long war; Shiites targeted. (It makes me weary to list these horrors. It seems so futile with one side killing the other nearly daily. It is the utter madness of religious fanaticism, the plague of humanity with regard to any sect. They seem to be perpetuating the karmic cycle into Infinity. Please WAKE UP!) 12/7 Reuters: AFGHAN bombs kill 78 in 2 days. 12/13 Drudge: Terror in BELGIUM: City attacked by men with grenades; Linked to Pakistani ‘honor killing’ case. (Men who ‘honor kill’ will reincarnate to be honor killed. It’s Universal Law!) 12/23 BBC News: SYRIA suicide attack kills 40. 12/25 Yahoo: Bombs at NIGERIA churches kill 27. (Madness!) CNN: Attack kills 20 AFGHAN mourners. 12/26 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 7 outside IRAQ ministry. 12/31 Reuters: YEMEN protesters demand end to southern fighting. ETHIOPIA troops attack rebels in SOMALI town. Gunmen kills 5 IRAQ Sunni militia.CYBER-TERRORISTS stalk those in government, big business, and leaders all over the world. New laws require sanction to control this pattern.2/6 Reuters: Hackers breach Nasdaq computers. Wikileaks should be included here, since that is a hacker’s pattern.  2/7 Drudge: Stock exchanges on high alert after hacker attack. 4/1 BBC News: Hundreds of thousands of website appear to have been compromised by massive cyber attack.  4/3 USA Today: Mass ‘scareware’ attack hits 1.5M websites. 4/4 Drudge: More customers exposed as big data breach grows: Names and emails of customers at Citigroup and other US companies, as well as college board students, exposed to massive data breach after a computer hacker penetrated online marketer Epsilon. 4/16 Drudge: Hacker gets 2 years in jail.  4/27 Drudge: SONY: Playstation Network hackers have stolen personal data: 77 million users potentially exposed. 5/1 BBC News: Cyber-stalking laws review urged. 5/2 Drudge: SONY apologizes for online data breach. Credit card info of 10M at risk.  5/3 Drudge: Hackers breach second SONY service. 25M more accounts exposed. 5/24 CNN: Sony reports second security breach.  5/27 USA Today: hackers again breach Sony, steal customer data. 6/2 CNN: U.S. officials’ Gmail hacked. 6/3 Reuters: Hackers attack another Sony network and post data. 6/4 Reuters: Sony Pictures confirms hacking on its websites. 6/5 Reuters: Hackers attack Nintendo’s servers in U.S. 6/9 CNN: 200,000 Citi accounts hacked. Drudge: UK phone-hacking scandal widens to include Kate Middleton (The Duchess) and Tony Blair. 6/12 Reuters: IMF becomes latest known target of major cyber attack. Reuters: FBI investigating IMF computer hack, Pentagon says. Spanish police website hit by cyber attack. 6/16 Reuters: Citi says 360,000 accounts hacked in May cyber attack. 6/19 Reuters: Japanese video game SEGA says 1.3 million users affected by cyber attack. Hackers might face stiffer sentences in U.S. 6/21 CNN: 19 year old arrested in Sony hack. Reuters: New round of cyber attacks heightens focus on FBI. 6/26 Reuters: LulzSec hackers say disbanding after last data dump, which included AOL Inc. and AT&T. 7/4 Huffington Post: Fox News Politics Twitter Account Hacked. Drudge: Hackers break into Fox News account: Tweet fake Obama assassination news. (Guess what? Clever idiots!?) 7/5 CNN: UK paper accused of phone hacking. 7/7 CNN: New hacking claim for Murdoch paper. NY Times: Murdoch to close tabloid amid fury over hacking. 7/14 Drudge: Scotland Yard makes 9th arrest in hacking scandal. 7/28 BBC News: Millions hit in SOUTH KOREAN hacking. 7/31 Reuters: Anonymous says hacked U.S. government cyber supplier. 8/2 Drudge: Another arrest in UK phone hacking scandal. 8/3 BBC News: Biggest cyber attack revealed: Governments, IOC and UN hit by massive cyber attacks. 8/10 CNN: Hacker group vows to ‘kill Facebook.’ (Why don’t these people get a life?) Drudge: Hackers disrupt HONG KONG exchange trading. 8/18 BBC News: Hackers in new San Francisco attack. 9/1 CNN: Errors untie WIKILEAKS’ bundle of secrets. 10/27 CNN: Major hack, 360 companies hit. 11/1 Reuters: New cyber attacks target chemical and defense firms. 11/12 BBC News: Steam game service hit by hackers. 11/16 Drudge: Pentagon reserves right to meet cyber attack with force. 11/19 Drudge: Foreign hackers hit water system in ILLINOIS. More charges in celeb hacking case: Florida man convicted. 11/25 Drudge: UK cyber-security law to ban ‘criminals, bullies’ from web. (Good idea!) 12/7 Reuters: Private Eye arrested in UK hacking probe. 12/21 Reuters: CHINA hacked U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 12/26 Reuters: hackers hit security think tank Stratfor’s website. 1/16/2012 CNN: Zappos hacked; 24 million affected.  Hackers attack two Israeli websites. 1/21 Reuters: New Zealand reveals high octane arrest in internet fraud case. 2/2 Drudge: Hackers attack BRAZIL’S largest state run bank. 2/10 Drudge: U.N. website hacked. 2/29 Drudge: Interpol carries out worldwide raid against ‘Anonymous’ hackers.NUMEROUS EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS bring devastation and loss in great measure.2/14 USGS: 6.6 quake offshore MAULE, CHILE. 2/22 Yahoo: ‘May well be … NEW ZEALAND’S darkest day,’ says country’s prime minister after 6.3 quake struck, toppling building, burying citizens, and killing at least 65. One of New Zealand’s biggest cities is now in ruins. Earth Changes Media: Thousands flee their homes as PHILIPPINE volcano erupts and sends a spectacular column of ash high into the sky. 2/25 NEW ZEALAND quake death toll tops 100, 200 still missing.  3/11 Yahoo: 8.9 offshore quake in JAPAN unleashes 23-foot tsunami followed by more than 50 aftershocks including 6.4, 6.4, 6.8, 7.1, 6.3, 6.3, 6.3, 6.1, 6.1, 6.2, 6.2, 6.5, 6.1, 6.0, 6.5 and numerous quakes in the 5. range. Japan police say 200-300 bodies found in northeastern coastal area. 4/23 BBC News: Quake research mission to ‘Ring of Fire’ to investigate one of the most seismically active fault lines in the world.  5/15 USGS: 6.5 quake shakes Bougainville Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 6/5 BBC News: CHILE volcano chain: Puyehue-Cordon-Caulle range ERUPTS, forcing evacuation of thousands of residents.  Witness reports strong smell of ash and sulphur. A dozen small earthquakes before the eruption began.  6/13 USGS: 5.2, 6.0, 4.6 quakes rock South Island of NEW ZEALAND, destruction in Christchurch. 6/21 CNN: CHILEAN ash cloud grounds Australian flights again, stranding thousands of passengers. USGS: 6.1 quake in SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS. 6/23 The Watchers: Scientists are sounding the alarm: the mysterious cracks appear across the planet! 6/29 Science Daily: Flooding of ancient Salton Sea linked to San Andreas earthquakes. 7/23 USGS: 6.4 magnitude quake near East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 7/26 Reuters: 6.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. 7/29 USGS: 6.7 magnitude quake South of FIJI ISLANDS. 8/14 Drudge: Sunbathers sizzle on Sicily beaches as MOUNT ETNA erupts. 8/19 USGS: 6.2 quake in FIJI region, 6.3 quake near the East Coast of HONSHU JAPAN.  8/20 BBC News: Powerful earthquake 7.5 jolts SOUTH PACIFIC near VANUATU, aftershocks of 5.6 and 5.9 reported later. 8/23 CNN: COLORADO experiences largest earthquake in 40 years: 5.3. 8/23 All News Media: 5.8 quake hits Mineral, VIRGINIA, and Washington, DC area, highest magnitude in 100 years. (My high rise was shaking and swaying. It was scary! This was a large quake for this area.) 5.3 quake hits COLORADO, largest quake in 40 years.  (There are volcanoes in those mountains!) 8/24 Drudge: Quake cracks monument. Stones fall from National Cathedral. USGS: 7.0 quake shakes NORTHERN PERU. 8/25 USA Today: At least 5 AFTERSHOCKS hit after EAST COAST QUAKE. 8/30 USGS: 6.8 quake in BANDA SEA near India.  USA Today: 5.8 Virginia earthquake may have exceeded nuclear plant’s design. (Now isn’t that wonderful news?! I live in VA.) 9/1 CNN: Official: VIRGINIA earthquake shifted nuclear plant’s storage casks. More cracks in WASHINGTON MONUMENT. Drudge: Strong QUAKE AFTERSHOCKS shake WASHINGTON: More than 20 AFTERSHOCKS ranging from 4.5 to 1.8 followed the 5.8 quake. 9/5 USGS: 6.3 quake shakes TONGA. 9/20 BBC News: Six Italian scientists and a former government official on trial over L’Aquila 6.3 earthquake in 2009 that devastated the city and killed 309 people, for giving falsely reassuring statements to the people prior to the quake. (Wow!)  9/28 Earth Changes Media: EARTHQUAKE SWARMS hit CANARY ISLANDS, evacuations have begun: Past 7 days 1,006 earthquakes. From July 8 more than 8,000 quakes have occurred of magnitude 1.1 to 3.4. When the quakes reach 4.0 the entire island will be evacuated. (If this volcano collapses it could cause a 500 foot tsunami to hit the East Coast of the North and South America that would cause unbelievable destruction as far as 40 miles inland.) 10/10 Earth Changes Media: update: CANARY ISLAND earthquake swarms reach 4.0+ magnitudes. UPDATE: Saturday’s 4.3 magnitude quake in the CANARY ISLANDS caused an Undersea Fissure. (Not good!) 10/21 USGS: 7.4 quake in KERMADEC ISLAND REGION near NEW ZEALAND. (Several plates connect here.) 11/28 USGS: 6.4 earthquake shakes NEW IRELAND REGION, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 5.2 quake in PUERTO RICO region, followed by 3.5, 2.9, 3.0, 2.9, 3.1, 3.4, 3.3 and 12 other earthquakes. 11/30 USGS: 6.0, 5.0 quakes shake LUZON, PHILIPPINES. 12/11 CNN: 6.5 earthquake in MEXICO kills at least 2. 6.2 magnitude quake in SOUTH SANDWICH ISLAND REGION. 5.8 quake RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN. (Volcano here.) 12/13 USGS: 6.0 earthquake shakes Minahasa, SULAWESI, INDONESIA. 12/14 USGS: 7.1 magnitude earthquake in eastern NEW GUINEA, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 12/15 USGS: 6.3 earthquake south of KERMADEC ISLANDS, near NEW ZEALAND. 12/23 Yahoo: Strong 5.8 earthquake rattle Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND. USGS: 5.8, 5.3, 4.2, 4.0, 5.9 magnitude quakes strike the South Island of NEW ZEALAND. 12/26 USGS: 6.0 quake in TONGA.WAR IS INEVITABLE as long as greed and the lust for power and control fully possess the minds and hearts of madmen. War is big business. Suppression of the people eventually breeds rebellion, discontent and civil war. 12/29/2010 Drudge: Haiti could devolve into civil war. 1/11 Reuters: U.S. sees North Korea becoming direct threat, eyes ICBMs. 2/15 Libya threatens civil war. Reuters: Troops kill Tripoli protestors as revolt swells. (I suppose I should have been putting the Libya stuff here!) 3/29 CNN: Witness: Carnage ‘beyond imagination’ in Misrata, Libya. Drudge: Camp Lejeune Marines sent to Libya.  USA Today: Clinton urges allies to work together on Libya. 3/30 Yahoo: Rebels close in on Ivory Coast capital. USA Today: Rebels retreat from Libya oil port under attack. 3/31 CNN: NATO takes control of air operations in Libya. Drudge: Bloodbath: 30 civilians dead in Tripoli strikes. OIL WAR: Libya threatens to sue firms over rebel deals. BBC News: No UK immunity for Libya minister who flew to Britain on Wednesday.  4/1 CNN: Battles rage in Libya amid defections. Gaddafi downplays aide’s defection. Protests: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Yemen. Reuters: The West’s unwanted Libya war. Fierce fighting spreads in Ivory Coast showdown. 4/2 Reuters: Fighting rages in Ivory Coast, 800 dead in one town. CNN: Libya rebels: Coalition killed 13 of ours. 4/4 Yahoo: U.N. helicopter fires at Gbagbo IVORY COAST forces. (Here we go for another one!) 4/7 Reuters: 5 Libya rebels said killed by NATO strike. (War is dangerous indeed!) 4/14 CNN: Fierce fighting reported in Libya. Reuters: Gaddafi’s forces hit Misrata amid diplomatic disputes. 4/21 BBC News: Libyan rebels ‘seize border post.’ BBC News: Ivory Coast forces exchange fire. 4/22 Reuters: U.S. drone strike kills 25 in Pakistan’s North Waziristan. Thai, Cambodian clashes. 4/23 Yahoo: Rebels in besieged Libyan city claim victory.  4/24 CNN: Gaddafi forces kill 8 deep in rebel area. (Not much of Libya’s population is going to be left!) BBC News: No halt to fighting in Misrata. U.N. calls for Thai-Cambodian truce. 4/15 BBC News: Bombs hit north-east Nigerian city. China, Japan, South Korea seek pact. 4/26 NY Times: Syria escalates crackdown as tanks go to restive city. 4/26 CNN: U.N. panel may tackle Syria violence. Witnesses: Civilians shelled in Misrata. BBC News: Europeans urge sanctions on Syria. USA Today: U.S. urges Americans to leave Syria. 4/30 Drudge: 62 killed in Syria as security forces fire on demonstrators. 4/30 NY Times: Qaddafi’s son killed in NATO strike. 5/8 Reuters: Libyan forces destroy Misrata fuel tanks: rebels. Syrian tanks enter southern towns and Homs neighborhood. 5/8 BBC News: UK jets hit Gaddafi rocket launchers.  5/9 NY Times: Syria broadens deadly crackdown on protesters. 5/10 Yahoo: Rights group: 757 civilians killed in Syria. 5/11 CNN: Libyan rebels say they’ve recaptured Misrata airport. 5/22 CNN: Explosions rock Libyan town. USA Today: British military ends its 8 year mission in IRAQ. 5/23 Yahoo: Pakistani troops retake naval base from militants. 5/24 CNN: NATO pounds Libya with heaviest airstrike yet. Reuters: At least 1,100 civilians killed in Syria uprising.  Heavy clashes erupt in Yemen capital, 4 dead. 5/26 Reuters: Civil war looms in Yemen! LATER: 40 killed in Yemen fighting as civil looms closer. 5/27 BBC News: Sudan: ‘150,000 flee Abyei clash’ and Airstrikes ‘target Yemen tribes’. 5/29 BBC News: Syria towns ‘surrounded by tanks.’ USA Today: Sudan fighting displaces 35,000 children. 5/31 BBC News: 50 dead in Yemen’s Taiz city. 6/7 Washington Post: Yemen brought to the brink of civil war. 6/10 Reuters: Civil war fears grow in Syria. 6/18 Reuters: Syrian forces storm border town near Turkey. Lebanon sends troops after residents clash on Syria. 6/14 Reuters: Explosions rock MYANMAR’S capital. 6/24 BBC News: Fresh protests break out in SYRIA. 6/26 CNN: Syria general: 1,300 soldiers killed. 7/2 CNN: Libyan cities shelled after Gaddafi rallies supporters. Drudge: U.S. still bombing Libya. 7/3 NY Times: In Sudan, struggling to survive endless bombings, the government in Khartoum scrambling to crush the rebels, forcing civilians to seek shelter in caves. 7/17 Reuters: Heavy casualties reported in Libya. Yemen army, tribes in offensive on militants in south.  7/19 Reuters: Syrian military assaults intensify on Homs, 13 killed. 7/24 CNN: Germany lends Libya rebels $144M.  7/31 CNN: 67 killed in clashes in Syria. 26 AK-74 assault rifles stolen from Army post at Fort Irwin, California. (No doubt to be used by gangs or drug lords. I don’t particularly like the planet’s karma during this specific lifetime. I hope to reincarnate in a more highly evolved system next time, please God.) Reuters: Rebels clash with Gaddafi loyalists in rebel-held east.  8/2 Reuters: Gaddafi camp says war will continue even if NATO bombing ends. USA Today: Syrian troops kill nearly 100 over 2 days. 8/5 CNN: Syrian resident: ‘Snipers all around.’ Reuters: Tens of thousands join Syrian protest march. (I will hold good thoughts for them. Prolonged suppression breeds rebellion.) 8/7 Reuters: Syria tank assaults kills at least 38 in eastern city. 8/10 CNN: SOUTH KOREA fires back at NORTH KOREA. 8/14 BBC News: SYRIAN warships ‘shell port city.’ Fighting grips city near TRIPOLI.  USA Today: SYRIAN gun boats fire on coast city, 19 killed. 8/15 CNN: 21 reported killed in SYRIAN port city. 8/16 CNN: Nonstop gunfire in SYRIAN city: Snipers perched in various locations at Palestinian refugee camp and city of Latakia is under military siege. Jordan, Turkey call for end to violence. 8/18 BBC News: ISRAEL pounds GAZA after attacks. 8/20 NY Times: Qaddafi’s hold in TRIPOLI in doubt as rebels advance. Washington Post: LIBYAN refugees eye TRIPOLI’S fall as rebels near. 8/21 CNN: Fighting intensifies in TRIPOLI. 8/22 BBC News: Battle rages at GADDAFI compound. Washington Post: World leaders call on Gaddafi to surrender. 8/24 Reuters: GADDAFI flees TRIPOLI. HQ ransacked by rebels. 8/26 CNN: ISRAELI warplanes strike GAZA. 9/1 CNN: GADDAFI official surrenders to rebels. 9/20 Reuters: Escalating military conflict kills 10 in YEMEN capital. Drudge: Yemen forces open fire on protesters: 50 dead in 2 days. 9/24 Yahoo: 40 killed as violence rages in YEMEN. BBC News: At least 17 die as government troops attack protesters in tent city a day after president’s return. 9/25 Reuters: 2 dead, 18 wounded in YEMEN clashes. PAKISTAN army shelling AFGHAN border areas: Officials. 10/2 NY Times: Key Syrian City takes on tone of Civil War. (No kidding!) 10/6 BBC News: More than 2,900 killed in SYRIA since the March protests.  10/10 CNN: Opposition group: 31 die in clashes across SYRIA! 14 civilians and 17 members of the armies and security forces. 10/14 BBC News: SYRIA protest deaths ‘hit 3,000’. 10/15 CNN: Witness: YEMEN police kill 10 protesters. Drudge: SYRIA risks ‘full blown civil war.’ 10/19 CNN: 24 soldiers killed in attack in TURKEY. 10/22 BBC News: TURKISH forces ‘kill 32 rebels’ in Afghanistan. 10/23 Drudge: KARZAI: Afghanistan to back Pakistan if war with U.S.A.  10/24 BBC News: U.S. ambassador pulled out of SYRIA. 11/5 Yahoo: Official: 67 dead in northeast NIGERIA attacks. 11/13 Drudge: WAR DRUMS: Google releases satellite images of IRAN’S ‘nuke’ facilities. Nuke agency reports unusual radiation in Europe. 11/16 CNN: SYRIAN deserters strike military target. SYRIA suspended from Arab League. SYRIA faces growing isolation. Reuters: SYRIANS protest Arab League suspensions. 11/16 Drudge: Saudi prince warns against any attack on IRAN. 11/17 Reuters: SYRIA attack prompts Russian talk of civil war. 11/20 BBC News: ETHIOPIAN troops ‘enter Somalia.’ USA Today: Hundreds of AFGHANS protest pact with U.S. (I say let’s get out of Afghanistan and leave them to themselves.) 11/25 CNN: NORTH KOREA threatens ‘a sea of fire’ on SOUTH KOREA. 11/27 Reuters: At least 25 dead in north YEMEN conflict: fighters. 11/29 BBC News: Rockets from LEBANON hit ISRAEL. 11/30 Drudge: Mysterious blast damaged key IRANIAN nuclear site. 12/2 CNN: UN official wars of civil war in SYRIA. SYRIA death toll reaches 4,000. Drudge: Report: RUSSIA delivered cruise missiles to SYRIA. (Naturally, WAR IS BIG BUSINESS.) 12/3 Reuters: At least 23 dead in intensifying SYRIAN violence. Funds and refiners ponder war on IRAN:Oil consuming nations, hedge funds and big oil refineries are quietly preparing for a Doomsday scenario: An attack on Iran that would halt oil supplies from OPEC’s second-largest producer. (Greed and lust for power applies here for sure!) 12/4 CNN: Arab League issues SYRIA new deadline. 12/8 CNN: Violence continues to engulf SYRIA; Assad denies deaths. (A liar too!) 12/10 Reuters: WEST warns SYRIA against storming rebel city. 12/11 BBC News: 9 die in new SYRIA clashes. 12/13 Reuters: SYRIA death toll reaches 5,000 as insurgency spreads. Drudge: ISRAEL: IRAN must choose between a bomb or survival. (Peace, love, harmony throughout the world! Fat chance in this decade!) 12/15 The Telegraph: SYRIAN rebels kill 27 regime troops in biggest attack yet during uprising. 12/20 Reuters: EGYPT Tahrir clashes rage on for 5th day. Drudge: Cairo Institute burned during clashes: Academics scramble to save thousands of rare manuscripts. (Tragic. Ignorant rage is inexcusable.) BBC News: SYRIA army deserters ‘shot dead.’ Women beaten by EGYPTIAN troops. (Here we go again with EGYPT!) 12/21 Yahoo: Activists say 11 killed in SYRIA’S ‘bloodiest day’. 12/26 Reuters: SYRIA fighting kills 13 ahead of Arab monitor visit. 12/27 Reuters: North NIGERIAN Christians warn of religious war. (Divine Mind doesn’t care how you worship. When are folks going to get that?) 12/29 Yahoo: TURKISH air strike in north IRAQ kills 35.GENOCIDE and DISEASE run rampant, especially in AFRICAN nations.12/30/2010 Reuters: Ivory Coast on brink of “genocide” says envoy to U.N. 1/1 Reuters: Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo’s last chance to avoid force: rival. 1/19 BBC News: DR Congo army commander ‘led massive rape’ of at least 50 women. 2/15 BBC News: South Sudan ‘massacre killed 200.’ 2/16 CNN: Death toll in Southern Sudan doubles. 3/19 CNN: U.N. shocked by Ivory Coast bloodshed. 4/3 Drudge/Telegraph: IVORY COAST: Aid workers find 1,000 bodies in Duekoue. BBC News: IVORY COAST: French forces take over Abidjan airport. USA Today: UN evacuates 200 Ivory Coast staff after attacks. 4/4 CNN: Major battle looms in IVORY COAST. 5/26 Drudge: African swine fever, a viral disease harmless to people but lethal to pigs, may spread to Europe. 6/20 CNN: New genocide in Sudan. 7/23 Reuters: More than 2 million Somalis out of aid group’s reach. Famine and drought in Somalia. Thousands of Africans pour anger, sadness onto Twitter over famine. Rebels deny drought and famine. BBC News: South Sudan rebel leader killed.  8/2 NY Times: Somalis waste away as insurgents block escape from famine. 10/4 BBC News: Rwanda leader ‘sparked genocide.’ 11/21 BBC News: NIGERIA polio “in big increase.’ 12/26 Reuters: Islamists kill dozens in NIGERIA Christmas bombings.Unrest in SOUTHEAST ASIA results in the loss of lives and property.4/24 This has to do with the Thai-Cambodian unrest. 5/19 Reuters: A year on, mystery shrouds Thailand’s deadly unrest. SPIRITUAL REBIRTH is the ultimate promise for our earthly inhabitants.1/7 Discovery News: ESP study causes uproar: An upcoming study published in a scientific journal claims evidence for psychic powers. (No kidding! And no one asked me!) 6/2 CNN: Evidence grows that believing = healing. (The mind has great powers indeed! Consciousness Creates!) 9/24 CNN:  MAJOR POWER STRUGGLES are not easy to resolve. Inflexibility reigns supreme. Political head-butting!1/3 Washington Post: Bombing of church opens vein of Christian anger in Egypt: 21 killed. (Insanity is alive and well on this planet! Souls need to grow up and expand their consciousness! PLEASE!) 2/1 NY Times: Obama urges Mubarak not to run again. Largest crowds yet demand change in Egypt. 2/2 CNN: Violent clashes engulf Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Jordan’s king dismisses government. Reuters: Yemen president signals won’t stay beyond 2013. Prosecutors to seek Berlusconi sex trial in Italy soon. Riot police clash with Berlin squatters. Tunisian minister talks of “conspiracy” after attacks. Drudge: Turmoil hits Yemen. 2/3 Reuters: Bitter standoff in Egypt after 6 killed. Yahoo: Tens of thousands march against Yemen president. 2/5 Drudge: Saboteurs attack Egypt gas pipeline; cut off flow to Israel, Jordan. Mubarak resigns as head of ruling party.  2/7 NY Times: After first talks, Egypt’s opposition vows new protests. Reuters: Thai and Cambodian troops clash for fourth day. 2/8 Reuters: South Sudan votes for independence by landslide. 2/9 Yahoo: Labor strikes in Egypt spill into broader unrest. 2/10 NY Times: News Alert: Egypt’s army signals steps to take power. (Whoops!) Reuters: Pro-reform Saudi activists launch political party. 1/11 NY Times: Mubarak leaves Cairo as military asserts control. CNN: Enraged Egyptians pour into the streets of Cairo. Massive demonstration in Alexandria. Unclear if military is loyal to Mubarak. Reuters: Cairo protestors march on palace as army backs reform. CNN: Thai protestors demand PM’s ouster.  2/12 CNN: Police, protestors clash in Algeria. Protestors hits streets in Yemen. Reuters: Jubilant Egyptians usher in post-Mubarak era. 2/13 NY Times: Military offers assurances to Egypt and neighbors. Egypt’s path after uprising does not have to follow Iran.  BBC News: Fresh protest clashes rock Yemen. Nigeria rally stampede kills 11. Drudge: Qaddafi tells Palestinians: REVOLT AGAINST ISRAEL. 2/14 Reuters: Hundreds march in Iranian opposition rally. 2/15 NY Times: Iran uses forces against protests as region erupts. CNN: IRAN: Execute the protest leaders. (Maybe the most corrupt government in the world!) 2 dead in Bahrain unrest. 2/16 BBC News: Libyan city rocked by protests. Bahrain protestors boost presence. 2/17 CNN: Hundreds protest Wisconsin budget bill. 2/18 CNN: New protests break out in Bahrain. death toll climbs in Yemen unrest. Turkey arrests opposition journalists. 13 killed in Mexican border city. Reuters: Libyan troops attempt to put down unrest in east. BBC News: Angry Bahrainis bury their dead. Drudge: Saudi prince warns of uprising threat. (There will soon be an end to monarchy! The people require balance and justice! Their numbers are greater.) 2/19 NY Times: Clashes in Libya worsen as Army crushes dissent. CNN: Bahrain military withdraws; protestors swarm landmark. Witness: Copters fire on Libya protestors. Shots fired during Yemen unrest. BBC News: Yemen protests leave 3 dead.  Drudge: 46 killed by Libyan security forces. 2/20 CNN: Reports: More than 180 dead in Libya protests. Drudge: China web users call for ‘Jasmine Revolution.’ Hundreds gather in Beijing, Shanghai. Hu calls for more internet control. China cracks down on Jasmine Revolution. 2/21 Yahoo: Libya: Protestors, security clash in capital.  NY Times: Qaddafi’s son warns of civil war as Libyans protests widen. Drudge: Moroccan protestors call for curbs on king’s powers. Riot police crack down in Algiers. CNN: 2 Libyan air force pilots defected to Malta after being asked to bomb the citizens of Libya. (Good for them!) BBC News: Gaddafi flees Tripoli for Venezuela. 2/22 Washington Post: Libyan regime launches brutal crackdown. Gaddafi appears in Tripoli as officials resign in outrage. Libya’s deputy ambassador to U.N. accuses Gaddafi of killing his own people.  Egypt seeks to seize Mubarak’s assets. 2/23 Reuters: Italy says 1,000 killed in Libya. Bahrain frees prisoners to mollify protestors. USA Today: US tries to evacuate Americans from Libya. Drudge: Oil spike, Libya teeters on edge of civil war. Report: Gaddafi orders sabotage of oil facilities. 2/24 NY Times: Gaddafi massing forces in Tripoli. Arab unrest propels Iran as Saudi influence declines.  2/25 Reuters: Tens of thousands hold rallies in Yemen.  2/26 Drudge: Pro-Gaddafi gangs roll in Tripoli … shooting from ambulances. Gaddafi vows to crush protestors. Egypt protestors dispersed by force. Al Qaeda calls for revolt against Arab leaders. 2/28 NY Times: Rebels in Libya gain power and defectors. U.S. and allies weigh Libya no-fly zone. 3/7 Reuters: Libyan plane hits town, more than 1 million in need of aid. Yemen opposition vows ‘escalation’ against president. Drudge: Syrian  mercenaries, warplanes aiding Gaddafi.  Kuwaiti protests aim to remove PM. 3/9 Reuters: Egypt sectarian strife kills 13, army sees threat. 3/15 Reuters: Bahrain declares martial law after Saudi troops arrive.  3/15 Huffington Post: Bahrain declares state of emergency after Saudi soldier shot dead. Yahoo: Bahrain king clamps down, 3 dead as unrest spreads. 3/16 CNN: Protesters, doctors attacked in Bahrain. Yemen deports 4 Western journalists. Reuters: Algeria police use teargas on protest in capital. 1 dead, 200 wounded in Yemen crisis. 3/17 Drudge: Rebels on the run: Gaddafi goes for kill. His son: Everything will be over soon. US. mulls air strike. Bahrain sweeps into protest camps: 6 dead. Arrests opposition leaders for communication with foreign countries, incitement to murder. (Madness seems to reign in the Middle East right now!) 3/18 CNN: Libya calls for immediate cease-fire. 33 killed in Yemen clashes. Drudge: Thousands in IRAN march in support of Arab revolts. 3/20 USA Today: Gaddafi promises long war. 3/22 Drudge/Mail Online: Libya: At hands of Gaddafi’s men: Female war journalist sexually assaulted and told “You’ll die tonight” but is spared as she’s American. 3/23 Reuters: Syrian forces kill 6 in mosque attack: residents. BBC News: Fresh attacks in Israel, Gaza. 3/24 CNN: 15 killed in Syrian clashes. BBC News: France shoots down Libyan plane. Gaza rocket attacks strike Israel. 3/25 NY Times: Allies Split on Goal and Exit Strategy in Libya. (Yet more power struggles!) Drudge: Syrians hold demonstrations; Media banned from city. Bahraini activists prepare for Friday Day of Rage. Rocket fire increases; Israel may deploy ‘Iron Dome’ next week. (Those eclipses really shook things up, and there are more to come to effect that part of the globe.) Protesting Jordanian youths attacked, injured. 3/26 NY Times: Syrian troops open fire on protestors in several cities. CNN: 37 killed amid Syrian protests, U.N. says. 3/27 CNN: Key Libyan towns apparently in rebel hands. Reuters: Syria’s Assad deploys army in port to keep order. Taliban militants abduct 50 policemen in Afghanistan. Israel deploys first anti-rocket system near Gaza. 3/29 CNN: Syria’s government resigns, Assad’s challenges. 4/4 Reuters: Exclusive: Al Qaeda acquiring weapons in Libya: Algerian official. Libyan wounded describe “hell” of Misrata. 4/5 Drudge: ElBaradei:  ‘If Israel attacks Gaza we would declare war!’ 4/7 Reuters: Gulf Arabs work on plan for Yemen’s Saleh to go. 4/8 USA Today: Gaddafi forces arrest 4 journalists. 4/9 Drudge: Syrian forces fire at mourners after mass funeral. 4/10 CNN: African Union in talks on Libyan crisis. 4/13 NY Times: Pace of Attacks in Libya conflict dividing NATO. Reuters: Women march in Syria to demand jailed men be freed. Drudge: Report: Syrian soldier shot for refusing to fire on protesters. Drudge: 500,000 flee Libya fighting, exodus picks up pace. 4/18 Reuters: Libyan forces pound Misrata, 1,000 evacuated by sea. Many killed in northern NIGERIA unrest: Red Cross. Ugandan opposition leader charged with incitement. 4/18 Drudge: Thousands demand overthrow of Assad, 8 killed.  BBC News: Riots over Nigeria poll results. 4/22 CNN: Thai, Cambodian troops clash: 3 killed. 4/23 Reuters: Syria forces fire live rounds at mass funeral. Thousands march in Hong Kong to demand release of China’s Ai. 4/24 Reuters: Syrian forces raid homes, Assad opposition mounts. BBC News: ‘New deaths’ as Syria cracks down. 4/28 Washington Post: Bahrain court sentences protesters to death. Syria ignores calls to halt protester crackdown. 5/16 NY Times: Israeli troops fire as marchers breach borders. 5/22 NY Times: Promise of Arab uprisings threatened by divisions. 6/2 CNN: Dozens killed in clashes in Syria. 6/5 Drudge: 63 killed in Syria when forces fire on protestors. 6/13 BBC News: China struggles to put down riot. 7/9 CNN: Hundreds arrested in Malaysian protests. 7/14 Drudge: 1 million protest in SYRIA. Security forces fire into the crowds, at least 17 dead. 7/18 Reuters: Police “gun down” rioters in CHINA’S Xinjiang, at least 4 dead. 8/10 Drudge: Riots break out around globe amid economic anxiety. Rioting spreads across ENGLAND. 8/18 NY Times: Justice Dept investigating S.&P. over mortgage securities. (Or should we say insecurities?) 9/2 BBC News: Turkey expels Israeli ambassador. 9/9 Drudge: U.S. military plane forced down by North Korean electronic attack. 9/19 CNN: Yemeni forces kill 21 more protesters in capital. 9/22 BBC News: PAKISTAN supported U.S. Embassy attack in Kabul: The most senior U.S. military officer accuses Pakistan’s spy agency of supporting Haqqani group in last week’s U.S. embassy attack. (Why doesn’t this surprise me at all?) 9/29 BBC News: Mob pelts U.S. ambassador in SYRIA with tomatoes and eggs as he meets an opposition leader. (So make an omelet!)  10/5 Drudge: Clashes in SAUDI ARABIA leave 14 wounded, police open fire on civilians as protests gain momentum. 10/10 Reuters: Egyptian Christians mourn dead after clashes kill 25. 10/22 Drudge: RUSSIA: Gaddafi death breached law. 10/26 CNN: YEMENI women burn veils in protest of President Saleh’s crackdown on anti-government demonstrations! 11/3 Drudge: ‘Occupy’ rallies turn violent. Police tear gas OAKLAND protesters. Cops, protesters clash in SEATTLE. (I really don’t understand what these people hope to accomplish. Nothing, in my opinion!) 11/8 Reuters: SYRIA’S crackdown has killed more than 3,500 people: U.N. 11/24 Drudge: IRAN claims arrests of 12 CIA agents. 11/26 Reuters: ARAB LEAGUE prepares for SYRIA sanctions. Drudge: PAKISTAN cuts U.S. supply lines. (Good! Maybe now we can just pull out of AFGHANISTAN completely! WAR IS BIG BUSINESS.) 11/30 CNN: 2 million BRITISH workers strike. 200 arrested at OCCUPY L.A.  12/14 Reuters: CHINESE village blockaded after mass anti-government protests. 12/15 Reuters: CHINESE villagers continue mass protest. Drudge: RUSSIAN TV struggles with Kremlin control. 12/16 Reuters: Thousands on the streets in YEMEN. Protests return to BAHRAIN. 12/17 Reuters: Troops assault EGYPTIAN protestors, clashes kill 9. Drudge: Protests erupt in CAIRO over police brutality. 12/20 NY Times: Arrest order for Sunni leader in IRAQ opens new rift. (Denominations of different religions seem to cause a great many problems in our world. The Muslims are no different than the Protestants and Catholics in some countries.) MINERALS discovered in a hilly or mountainous area could end up as GOLD or SILVER. A RICH FIND INDEED.7/4 BBC News: Japan finds rare earths in Pacific seabed: Geologists estimate about 100B tons of rare elements in the mud of the Pacific ocean floor: Minerals used in many high-tech appliances. (Underwater mountains?) 7/20 CBS New Sacramento: Investors betting millions on SIERRA GOLD MINE: Investors spending $20 million to get a mine in Amador County back up and running. Mine goes about 650-feet underground. Potential to make BILLIONS. 8/24/2011 Mail Online: Massive seam of gold worth at least 9 Billion discovered in hard-up region of GERMANY. 9/25 BBC News: Record shipwreck treasure haul found: US Exploration firm finds shipwreck with 200 tons of silver worth $150M in the Atlantic. (Hilly sea bottom perhaps? ☺ Wow! Good show!) 10/16 Drudge/Reuters: SOUTH CAROLINA mine sparks mini-gold rush to Southeast: Canadian Mining company reopens historic Halle Gold Mine near Kershaw, SC. 10/25 BBC News: Loch Lomond national park approves Cononish gold mine: Scotland’s first commercial gold mine. 12/3 Reuters: From rags to riches at South Africa iron ore mine in Kalahari desert. (Employee share program here: Excellent policy!)A SCIENTIFIC or TECHNOLOGICAL breakthrough is beyond phenomenal.2/18 Science Daily: World’s first anti-laser built. 3/24 Drudge: Scientists grow sperm in lab. (Things are disappearing on this prediction page! Really strange. Hacking?) 7/18 NASA’s Dawn spacecraft enters orbit about Asteroid Vesta.ECONOMIC RECOVERY is strong in the summer. UNEMPLOYMENT shrinks. FINANCIAL MARKETS SOAR. 4/29: The DOW should hit 13,000 soon, and higher!2/3 Reuters: Jobless claims tumble, productivity rises. MasterCard beats forecasts as profits soar 41%. USA Today: Retailers report surprising solid January sales.4/26 Reuters: Ford posts stronger-than-expected profits: Best first quarter in 13 years. 5/3 Reuters: MasterCard profit rises 24%. 6/15 Reuters: Mortgage applications see biggest gain in 3 months: MBA. 7/15 Reuters: Citi profit jumps 24%, beats forecast. 7/19 CNN: New home construction up 14.6%  Reuters: June housing starts at 6-month high. 7/26 Reuters: Ford profit tops expectations. UPS profit up, keeps outlook despite economy. Amazon email: Announced second quarter sales up 51% to $9.91B. 7/28 CNN: Foreclosures fall in many U.S. cities. Economy still stuck. USA Today: Exxon 2nd quarter earnings rise 41%. (No kidding, with the current price of gasoline! Poor babies!)Suddenly, CONSCIOUSNESS is elevated in the Mass Mind.6/2 CNN: Evidence grows that believing = healing. (About time that was realized, don’t you think?) 6/10 Discovery News: Dogs born with canine telepathy. New study reveals dogs can read our minds.A MIGHTY DESPOT falls from power. The people rejoice.1/14 Yahoo: Tunisian president flees amid protests, PM takes over, after 23 years of iron-fisted rule, as anger over soaring unemployment and corruption spilled into the streets. 2/11 CNN: Mubarak is gone, joy in Cairo streets, after his 30 year “presidency.” A new era in Egypt.  2/24 EGYPT? Mubarak? LIBYA? Gaddafi? ALGERIA? SYRIA? IRAN? (Your guess is as good as mine! Not China yet, but China’s time will come.) 5/2 Yahoo: OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD a decade after 9/11. Killed in firefight with elite American forces and quickly buried at sea. CNN: OSAMA BIN LADEN DEAD. Terrorist leaders body buried at sea; AMERICANS REJOICE. Reuters: Helicopter raid on mansion in Pakistani capital Islamabad early Monday, ends worldwide hunt for the mastermind of the attacks on September 11, 2001. World leaders hail bin Laden death but fear revenge. Drudge: 4 others killed, including son. Woman used as shield. BBC News: Al Qaeda founder and leader OSAMA BIN LADEN killed by U.S. ground forces in Pakistan. Adolf Hitler and bin Laden declared dead on same day, May 1! 6/3 Reuters: Mladic calls genocide charges ‘monstrous lie.’ 6/27 Reuters: International Court issues arrest warrant for GADDAFI. Khmer Rouge commander goes on trial in CAMBODIA. (Lots of despots on this planet, unfortunately, past and present!) 10/20 CNN: REPORTS: GADDAFI IS DEAD, Gaddafi reportedly shot on the run. Celebrations in Tripoli, Libya. (Big year for fallen despots, but I think this is the main one!) 10/21 NY Times: Violent end to an era as Qaddafi dies in Libya. 11/17 CNN: Scores freed from enslaved horror: Hundreds of African refugees released from captivity in Sinai Peninsula after CNN reporting showed evidence captives were enslaved, many raped and killed and some even had organs extracted and were left for dead. (The Sinai desert is apparently a very dangerous place. Live a good and decent life and thus avoid rebirth into miserable conditions, for such awaits the treacherous thugs and the wicked villains the next time around! Offense must need come but woe unto them by whom it comes: sayeth Isaiah!) 12/12 Reuters: Ex-dictator Noriega returns home to serve 20 year prison term.DARK INTRIGUE is revealed in the bright light of day. CORRUPTION is out in plain sight.2/21 Is this all sides and aspects of WIKILEAKS? Is the revealer also a spy and criminal in this game?  5/26 Reuters: Serbia arrests Ratko Mladic after years on the run from international genocide charges: Career soldier Mladic became ‘butcher of Bosnia.’ (One of the evil ones!)  6/23 Drudge: MYSTERY: 5 Russian nuclear experts killed in plane crash helped design IRAN facility. 11/15 Drudge: Sandusky lawyer impregnated a teen weeks before her 17th birthday when he was 48. 12/7 USA Today: Sandusky arrested again on new sex abuse charges. (What a predator! I sense there will be even more victims to come forward.) 12/11 CNN: Youth sports executive accused of sexual abuse by former players. (A lot more of this is going to surface, really disgusting pedophiles.) Hollywood’s dirty secret: sex abuse. (Big time in Tinseltown!) 12/12 USA Today: 2 years later, victims still reeling after Delaware’s pediatrician sexually abused young children. Alleged victims in Penn State case to face Sandusky. 12/16 CNN: Massive child abuse in DUTCH churches. 12/17 CNN: Ex-Penn State official will face trial.MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS could involve a miraculous CURE. Astonishing ADVANCEMENT in GENE therapy. 1/3 Science Daily: Walking slows progression of Alzheimer’s, study suggests. 1/16 Science Daily: New therapies for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease identified. 1/24 Science Daily: Unexpected find opens up new front in effort to stop HIV. 2/10 CNN: Surgery in womb helps spina bifida. 2/21 Drudge: Trying brain pacemakers to zap psychiatric disease. Discovery News: Inkjet printers inspire scientists to make skin: Donor cells could be cultured and then sprayed layer by layer to PRINT ‘skin.’ (Amazing!) 3/7 Science Daily: Human stem cells transformed into key neurons lost in Alzheimer’s. 3/8 Science Daily: Laboratory-grown urethras implanted in patients. 3/17 Science Daily: Gene therapy reverses symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. 3/19 Science Daily: Electricity sparks interest in new technologies and cosmeceuticals for aging skin. 4/4 Drudge/Mail Online: Live human heart grown in lab using stem cells in potential transplant breakthrough. (Now that is amazing!)  4/5 Science Daily: Patient’s own cells may hold therapeutic promise after reprogramming, gene correction.  4/7 Drudge: Scientists grow retina in test tube.  4/13 Science Daily: First clinical trial of gene therapy for pain shows substantial pain relief for patients. 4/16 Science Daily: Pig stem cell transplants: The Key to future research into retina treatment. 4/18 Science Daily: Artificial pancreas may  overnight improve control of diabetes in adults. 4/26 Science Daily: Scientists create stable, self-renewing neural stem cells. 5/1 Science Daily: Gene therapy shows promise against age-related macular degeneration. Researcher discover mechanism that could convert certain cells into insulin-making cells.  5/8 Science Daily: Engineers patch a heart: Tissue engineering platform helps heart tissue to repair itself. 5/17 Drudge/CBS San Francisco: Apparent immunity gene ‘Cures’ Bay Area man of AIDS! (DOUBLE WOW!) 5/21 Science Daily: Artificial tissue promotes skin growth in wounds. 5/22 Science Daily: Adult stem cells take root in livers and repair damage. 5/23 Science Daily: Human brain’s most ubiquitous cell cultivated in lab dish! (God is everywhere, of course!) 6/6 Science Daily: Stem cell treatment may offer option for broken bones that don’t heal. 6/13 Science Daily: Technique converts skin cells into brain cells. 6/17 BBC News: Sight restored in man after 55 years! 6/19 Science Daily: Progress using induced pluripotent stem cells to reverse blindness. 6/27 Science Daily: First patients receive lab-grown blood vessels from donor cells. 7/6 Science Daily: Functioning small intestine created in lab. 7/9 Science Daily: Drug can reverse overgrown hearts to help prevent heart failure, study suggests.  7/10 Science Daily: Researchers reprogram brain cells to become heart cells. (Wow! Maybe we should convert heart cells into brain cells instead? The big spiritual evolutionary issue is getting the right and left brain to fully cooperate, with perhaps the heart as a monitor!) 7/11 BBC News: Stem cell hope for heart patients. 7/12 Science Daily: Nervous System stem cells can replace themselves, give rise to variety of cell types, even amplify.  7/13 USA Today: Pill prevents HIV infection, studies find. 7/15 Science Daily: Stem cells restore cognitive abilities impaired by brain cancer treatment. 7/18 Science Daily: Stems cells to replace lost of diseased tissue. New hope for treatment of cocaine addiction. 7/21 Science Daily: Gene Therapy to reverse heart failure ready for clinical trials: Therapeutic effectiveness and safety of ‘Next Great Thing in Heart Failure’ demonstrated. 7/26 Science Daily: Sight for patients with inherited blindness. (Wow!) 8/3 Science Daily: Scientists convert human skin cells into functional brain cells. 8/5 Science Daily: Making sperm from stem cells in a dish. (Amazing!) 8/9 Science Daily: Scientist develops virus to target HIV: Using a virus to kill a virus. 8/11 Reuters: Gene therapy shown to destroy leukemia tumors. 9/16 BBC News: Artificial blood vessels created on 3D printer. (Wow!) 9/17 Science Daily: Are genes our Destiny? Scientists discover ‘hidden’ code in DNA evolves more rapidly than genetic code. (Divine Mind is very, very clever! You can’t second guess the Cosmic Mother! ☺) New class of stem cell-like cells discovered offers possibility for spinal cord repair. (Terrific!) 9/19 Science Daily: Gamers succeed where scientists fail: Molecular structure of retrovirus enzyme solved, Door open to new AIDS drug design. 9/22 Science Daily: Biologists discover GENES that repair nerves after injury. 9/25 BBC News: Success in trial of cancer drug: Alpha radiation treats prostate cancer. 10/1 Science Daily: Self-cleaning cotton breaks down pesticides, bacteria. (Wow!) 10/12 Science Daily: A safe vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease? 10/13 BBC News: Gene therapy and stem cells unite: Two of the holy grails in medicine have been united for the first time in humans: Patients with genetic diseases could one day be treated with their own cells. 10/14 Science Daily: Stem cells from cord blood could help repair damaged heart muscle. Neural stem cell transplant may tackle diabetes. 10/18 USA Today: Scientists report vaccine to prevent malaria: This disease kills nearly 800,000 per year, mostly children. 10/20 Science Daily: How powerful antibody neutralizes HIV. 10/28 Science Daily: New ‘scarless’ surgery takes out tumors through natural skull opening. 11/15 BBC News: Liver implant gives boy ‘another chance at life’: Doctors in London say they have cured a boy of a life-threatening disease that was destroying his liver.  11/30 Science Daily: 3-D printer used to make bone-like material. (Wow!) Transplanted cells repair brain in obese mice. 12/1 Science Daily: Biologists deliver neutralizing antibodies that protect against HIV infection in mice. (We need something for humans!) 12/3 Science Daily: Adult stem cells use special pathways to repair damaged muscles, researchers find. 12/11 BBC News: Gene therapy hope for haemophilia: Just one injection could be enough to no longer need medication. 12/12 Science Daily: Gene therapy achieves early success against hereditary bleeding disorder.  12/14 Science Daily: The newest of the new in gene therapy: ‘Tag, target and exchange.’ 12/16 Science Daily: Alzheimer’s drug candidate may be first to prevent disease progression, mouse study suggests. Discovery News: Artificial intestines near reality. 12/21 Science Daily: New candidate vaccine neutralizes all tested strains of malaria parasite. 3/3/2013 CNN: Researchers: Toddler cured of HIV.GOSSIP brings the once mighty to his/her knees.5/1 Is this Senator John Edward? 5/22 IMF chief? Arnold Schwarzenegger? (The list is growing!) 6/3 USA Today: Edwards indicted in cover-up.  Former presidential candidate accused of violating campaign finance laws. 7/10 The British tabloid hacking scandal for sure! BBC News: Murdoch in UK amid BSkyB pressure. Sandusky should be here too!DIVORCE and BREAKUPS, especially those announced in the summer, may involve those in big business and politics. And Hollywood, as usual.1/5 People: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal breakup: Source. 1/26 CNN: Troy Aikan and wife split. 2/1 People: Jaime Pressly, My Name is Earl star, files for divorce.  2/8 USA Today: Olivia Wilde, Tao Ruspoli to end marriage. 2/9 CNN: Actors Jude Law and Sienna Miller split. CNN: Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz split. (It must be something in the air!) 3/5 USA Today: Pete Rose divorcing wife of nearly 27 years. 3/11 CNN: Timberlake, Biel split.3/18 USA Today: Billy Ray Cyrus drops divorce. 3/19 CNN: Bradley Cooper, Zellweger split. 3/22 BBC News: Guatemala’s first couple to divorce. 4/11 Drudge: Tajik Muslims to ban text-message divorces: I divorce you…I divorce you…I divorce you! (That’s an easy out for a pissed spouse!) 5/10 Yahoo: Schwarzenegger and Shriver to separate after 25 years. Arnold has a love child. 6/3 CNN/People: Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn split. USA Today: 5 dead, 1 wounded in Yuma, Arizona, ‘divorce gone bad’. Slain attorney represented the ex-wife of gunman, former wife may be among those he killed, identities not yet released. Gunman killed self. (A true old time western tragedy! Killed his ex, 3 friends who testified in her behalf, lawyer and himself! Age 73!) 6/6 CNN: Diaz – Rodriguez split again. (That guy gets around with all the beautiful blondes!)  6/15 BBC News: Heffner jilted by playmate fiancée. (He’s old enough to be her great grandfather! He probably paid her well just to be engaged! Time to give it up, Heff!) 6/30 Drudge/NY Post: Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, taking time off from Weiner, job. 7/2 CNN: Maria Shriver files for divorce. 7/16 CNN: J. Lo and Marc Anthony call it quits. 9/18 USA Today: It’s splitsville for the Salahis, Tarej filed for divorce from Michaele, who was MIA until she showed up with Neal Schon of the band Journey. 10/31 CNN: Kim Kardashian files for divorce. (I hope he signed a prenup. This was rather predictable…and quick! Marriage is an institution.) 11/17 CNN/People: Demi Moore, Kutcher split. 12/3 CNN: Georgia tele-evangelist Bishop Long’s wife files for divorce.  12/17 CNN: Kobe Bryant’s wife files for divorce. 12/21 CNN: Debra Messing, husband split. 12/24 CNN: Mel Gibson’s wife gets half. (Merry Christmas to her!) 12/27 CNN: Singer Sinead O’Connor ends marriage after 18 days. 12/30 CNN: Russell Brand and Katy Perry end marriage.POWER SHAKEUPS in the summer involve both big business and politics.6/5 Reuters: Yemen’s Saleh in surgery in Saudi, crowds cheer exit. 7/16 Murdoch mess with U.K. tabloids hacking. Reuters: Murdoch apologizes for hacking scandal. Drudge: SHOCK: Nude woman found dead at mansion of pharmaceutical CEO. Drudge: U.S. recognizes Libya rebels as legitimate government. 8/17 Reuters: Pension scandal shakes up Venezuelan oil giant. A GREAT DISCOVERY takes place in the summer months.7/19 Discovery News: Loch Ness monster-like animal filmed in Alaska. The alleged sea serpent has a long neck, a horse like head, large eyes and back bumps that stick out of the water. (Nessie’s cousin, perhaps? There is so much yet to learn and discover on this magnificent planet.)DECEPTION proves devastating.6/24 NY Times: Seized cellphone suggests Bin Laden LINK to PAKISTANI intelligence. (It has been my sense they have been playing the U.S. for some time.)DEMONSTRATIONS create riots, chaos and loss.2/1 CNN: Police, students clash in Sudan. (These have been going on from mid-January in Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria, Algeria, you name it!) Reuters: A million Egyptians clamor for Mubarak to go. Synagogues, schools attacked in Tunisia.A BURST OF ECONOMIC RECOVERY in the fall. The DOW should go to 12,000 and higher. 2/3 I guess 13,000 is next or higher!1/24 CNN: Dow closes 11,980.52. (Sooner is good! Timing is so difficult!) 1/26 Yahoo: Dow Jones average falls back after briefly hitting 12,000. (Yahoo, Yahoo!) 2/1 CNN: Dow rallies above 12,000!  (Early is better than later!) 9/29 CNN: Jobless claims fall to lowest level since April. Reuters: Second quarter growth revised up to 1.3%. 10/12 USA Today: Stocks rise despite Slovakia’s ‘no’ on Greek bailout. 10/14 Reuters: September retail sales rise, giving recovery momentum. Wind, solar financing at record in Q3. Mattel Q3 sales beat estimates. USA Today: Autos lead big jump in September retail sales. 10/15 Drudge: MIRACLE ON WALL STREET: Stocks turn up for year. 10/19 BBC News: Apple full-year profits rise 85%. 10/21 USA Today: Stocks rally on strong earnings report, Europe. 10/24 Reuters: Caterpillar quarterly earnings soar 44%. Wall Street extends gains, Nasdaq up 1%. 10/25 Reuters: UPS sees higher profits in slow growing economy. Xerox profit beats street, shares rise. 10/27 Reuters: Exxon profit rises 41%, shares rise.  Shell, Statoil profits soar on high oil. (And we pay at the pump!)  Drudge: World markets rally. CNN: DOW reaches 12,109.11 at 10:15 am EDT. (How about that? My spirit guides are awesome!) NY Times: News Alert: In broad rally, S&P up over 3%. 11/2 CNN: MasterCard hits all time high in strong growth. 11/3 USA Today: Stocks rally on surprise European interest cut. Unemployment claims drop, productivity rises. 11/4 NY Times: U.S. added 80,000 jobs in October; unemployment rate dips to 9%. 11/7 Yahoo: Dish Network 3Q earnings climb 30%. BBC News: Ryanair sees profits increase 23%. USA Today: DOW closes at 12,068.39. 11/10 Reuters: Jobless claims fall, September trade gap narrows. Wall Street rebounds as Italian yields ease. 11/15 Reuters: Economy shows signs of momentum 4th quarter. 2/24/2012 USA Today: Dow hits 13,004.12. NEW LAWS may limit or highly restrict as corporations and the super rich moan and groan. Other laws benefit the people.1/1 Drudge: California enacts 725 new laws. 1/4 NY Times: Strained states turning to laws to curb labor unions. 1/12 CNN: Illinois passes big tax hikes. 2/10 Reuters: Medicare chief says health law working. 2/19 NY Times: House votes to cut $60 Billion, setting up budget clash. 2/23 NY Times: Justice Department to stop defending Federal Law on gay marriage: The 1996 law that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage – against lawsuits challenging it as unconstitutional.  2/25 Reuters: Maryland Senate approves same-sex marriage. Huffington Post: WISCONSIN Assembly passes bill stripping union rights from public workers. (Wow!) 3/10 CNN: Wisconsin Senate bypasses Democrats, OKs union limits. 3/13 Reuters: Up to 100,000 protest WISCONSIN law curbing unions. 3/19 Reuters: Judge temporarily blocks Wisconsin’s anti-union law. 3/20 NY Times: Elections Chief says Egyptian Constitutional changes are approved, The A.P.  Haitians go to the polls to choose a new president. BBC News: China smoke ban comes into force. 5/10 CNN: Navy plans same-sex marriages on bases. (Hooray for the Navy to recognize people’s rights!) 5/26 USA Today: Supreme Court backs Arizona hiring law: Penalizing firms that hire illegal immigrants; business groups, administration oppose. Judge voids Wisconsin collective bargaining law. 6/15 CNN: New York governor proposes same-sex marriage bill. Huffington Post: Wisconsin Anti-Union Law to take effect. 6/16 Huffington Post: NEW YORK State Assembly approves same-sex marriage bill. 6/20 CNN: Web name rules to changing browsing. 6/23 USA Today: Ron Paul, Barney Frank team up to legalize MARIJUANA. (This should be done, ABSOLUTELY. I don’t like grass, but keeping it illegal is insane. At least take that away from the drug dealers. TAX it, please! And let the dope smokers out of prison, for heaven’s sake. No worse than alcoholism! Maybe not as bad.) 6/25 Yahoo: Big win for gay marriage in New York. Same-sex weddings will be allowed in the stat 30 days after Governor Cuomo signed the bill. 6/29 NY Times: Rhode Island lawmakers pass bill to allow civil unions for gays. 6/30 CNN: Thousands of British workers go on strike.  Drudge: California taxes the Internet. 7/11 USA Today: New York braces for flurry of same-sex weddings. 6/31 BBC News: U.S. parties hopeful of debt deal. (Talk about agreeing to disagree!) 9/20 CNN: First same sex marriage for U.S. military. (About time!) 9/25 Reuters: Saudi women given right to vote: Significant policy shift in the conservative Islamic kingdom. (Hooray for the Saudis! Of course, this should have happened centuries ago!) 10/Drudge: New law requires radiation warning for cells phones. (I really think cell phones are dangerous!) 10/28 CNN: Women given equal rights to British throne: If the firstborn of William and Catherine is a girl she will be first in line to succeed to the throne. Drudge: Chicago may decriminalize marijuana. (It’s about time, in my opinion!) 11/19 CNN: TAIWAN moves to legalize prostitution. (Very wise. How about legalizing drugs too, especially marijuana? Tax it!) 11/20 CNN: CALIFORNIA gay marriage fight continues. 12/3 Drudge: California considers state-level amnesty for illegals. US lawmakers push for better treatment of illegals in Mexico. 12/3 BBC News: Australia’s governing Labor party backs gay marriage. (Progress! Good for them!) 12/7 BBC News: U.S. to support gay rights abroad. (Good for us!) 12/10 CNN: As mandate looms, schools across California face January deadline to include accomplishments of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in history and social science curriculum. (Good move, in my opinion.) 12/12 Reuters: U.S. birth control focus may raise new concerns for women’s rights.  12/16 Drudge: JUSTICE DEPARTMENT: ARIZONA sheriff violated federal law. (Hooray!)A WOMAN reaches a special pinnacle of power, perhaps in an unexpected manner or because of a loss.5/22 Reuters: Britain endorses French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde as new IMF chief, the first G7 country to officially endorse her as Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s successor. 5/24 Reuters: French government says China backs Lagarde for IMF. 5/25 CNN: France’s Lagarde bids to lead IMF.  5/26 Drudge: French minister tipped to succeed Strauss-Kahn as head of IMF facing prosecution over financial sleaze. 6/3 NY Times: Jill Abramson, formerly a managing editor, named executive editor at the New York Times. 6/17 Drudge/AP: Historic marine base gets first ever female general, Loretta Reynolds. (The Day of the Ladies is finally at hand! Hooray! Hooray!) First time in 96 years!  BBC News: Saudi women drivers stage protest. (On the other side of the coin…suppression of women’s rights in Muslim countries!) 6/21 Drudge; First FEMALE PM of Thailand. Thaksin’s ‘clone’ sister electrifies rural Thais.  6/28 Yahoo: Lagarde set for IMF job, wins over emerging nations. NY Times: France’s Lagarde named new head of IMF. 7/3 CNN: Thailand elects country’s first female prime minister. (The women are on the rise this year for sure!) 7/5 BBC News: Christine Lagarde to start at IMF. First woman to lead IMF. 10/10 Drudge: WOMAN’S WORLD: Argentine president poised for reelection. 11/30Reuters: In historic MYANMAR visit, Clinton to urge reform. 12/1 Reuters: Hillary Clinton offers MYANMAR first rewards for political reform and considers returning ambassador after an absence of two decades. (It seems this prediction includes quite a few women this year!) 12/10 CNN: Three women jointly receive Nobel Peace Prize: Women’s Rights takes center stage recognized for their struggles against the backdrops of the Arab Spring and democratic progress in Africa: Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee, a social worker from the same country, shared the prize with Tawakkul Karman, a journalist who played a key role in Yemen.  (To be congratulated!)The EARTH SHAKES, rattles, and rolls, creating great upheaval in the lives of multitudes.3/19 To date, this no doubt relates to the situations in Chile, New Zealand, and Japan. 4/22 Reuters: Japan earmarks first $50B for post-quake rebuild. 6/5 USGS: 6.3 quake west of MACQUARIE ISLAND between Australia and Antarctica.  10/21 USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake shakes HOKKAIDO, JAPAN. 11/18 USGS: 4.6 quake in WASHINGTON State. 5.2, 5.7, 6.0 quakes off coast of North Island, NEW ZEALAND. 11/23 USGS: 5.3, 4.8 quakes shake CRETE, GREECE. 6.1 quake near east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 11/24 CNN: 6.2 magnitude quake strikes Hokkaido JAPAN region.MUDSLIDES and LANDSLIDES bury the living.1/13 Drudge: Hundreds dead in Brazil’s slides. 1/14 Yahoo: Death toll rises above 500 in BRAZIL’S mudslides. 2/28 CNN: Mega-mudslide in BOLIVIA. 3/22 CNN: Heavy rain, mudslides hit Malibu. 4/22 BBC News: Landslide hits south Philippines: 3 killed, more than 21 missing, destroyed homes and tunnels. 4/23 Reuters: Philippine rescuers save 15 miners after landslide. 5/21 CNN: Orphans and staff buried alive in MALAYSIAN landslide: 2 dozen children. 7/27 CNN: Landslide kills 32 in SOUTH KOREA.  8/27 USA Today: Typhoon triggers landslides in PHILIPPINES that buried hillside house. 8/29 Facebook/Irish Weather Online: Landslides kill 23, bury hundreds of homes in UGANDA.  11/6 CNN: COLUMBIA landslide kills 18, traps many. 11/14 BBC News: AFRICAN Nyiragongo volcano landslide on the slopes kills 54. (Why would people want to live on the side of a volcano, even primitive people?)  11/22 Reuters: Large section of CALIFORNIA road slides into the sea south of Los Angeles. 12/31 BBC News: Rains spark landslides in BOLIVIA. 1/6/2012 Reuters: PHILIPPINE landslide leaves trail of destruction. 1/25 CNN: Landslide in Papua NEW GUINEA kills at least 20, 10 missing. 1/26 Reuters: Dozens feared dead in NEW GUINEA landslide. 4/18 Reuters: China to move 20,000 residents for protection from possible Three Rivers Gorge landslide. 3/25/2014 Reuters: U.S. mudslide death toll rises to 14 in WASHINGTON state, 176 reported missing.  MINING DISASTERS, including explosions, continue to create chaos and loss of life.1/26 Reuters: Columbia coal mine blast kills 20; regulator. CNN: Columbia mine blast killed 23. 3/21 CNN: 48 miners confirmed dead in Pakistan after methane gas explosion. 4/17 CNN: Official: Miner trapped in cave-in at deep underground Idaho mine. 4/30 CNN: Owners to seal site of W. VA mine blast. 5/4 CNN: 5 dead, 9 trapped after mine blast in Mexico. 5/7 BBC News: Mexico mine blast: ‘No hope’ for Coahuila missing, 9th body pulled from mine destroyed in an explosion. 7/3 BBC News: Floods at CHINA mines trap 40. 8/29 CNN: Rescuers in CHINA hear ‘knocking’ as they scramble to save 22 flooded miners.  8/31 CNN: 19 rescued from flood mine in CHINA. 9/16 CNN: 2 Welsh miners found dead; 3 trapped. 9/18 CNN: 3 dead in flooded mine in WALES. 10/30 BBC News: Explosion kills 29 in CHINA mine. 11/4 BBC News: Dozens trapped in CHINA coal mine. USA Today: CHINA mind blast leaves 4 dead, 57 trapped. 11/19 Reuters: 5 rescued from CHINESE mine, several still trapped. 12/15 CNN: 7 rescued from IDAHO mine. 4/11/2012 USA Today: 9 PERU miners freed from cave-in. 8/3 BBC News: 6 killed in MEXICO mine cave-in. 8/16 BBC News: Dozens die in CONGO mine collapse. 8/20 Reuters: Workers at SOUTH AFRICA mine trickle back to work after 44 were killed by police. 3/30/2013 CNN: No survivors found as 83 miners trapped after TIBET landslide.4/16 BBC News: GHANA gold mine collapse kills 16. 5/2 Reuters: More than 60 killed in gold mine collapse in SUDAN’S Darfur. 5/11 BBC News: CHINA coal mine explosion kills 12. 5/12 BBC News: CHINA coal mine blast in Sichuan Province kills 27. 5/18 Reuters: Hopes fade for those still trapped in Freeport INDONESIA copper mine. 6/3 Reuters: Miner shot dead at Lomin mine in SOUTH AFRICA. 11/18 Reuters: 2 killed, 20 injured in COLORADO mining accident. 2/5/2014 BBC News: SOUTH AFRICAN miners trapped in Doornkop gold mine fire. 2/17 CNN: Some SOUTH AFRICAN miners freed from illegal mine; others refuse to come out for fear of arrest. 2/26 Reuters: AUSTRALIA mine fire brings chaos.  5/3 Reuters: COLUMBIA mine blast traps dozens. 5/13 CNN: 2 WEST VIRGINIA coal miners killed in collapse.A GREAT SHIP is lost at sea and many perish. Some of these ships have outlived their usefulness and safety.12/20/2010: CNN: Australian Authorities: Death toll up to 48 in Christmas Island shipwreck, possibly more than half the passengers on the boat. 1/1 Drudge: 10 ships, 600 crew trapped in sub-Arctic ice. 1/3 CNN: Coast Guard: More than 80 feared dead after two boats capsized off YEMEN. 1/13 BBC News: 2 missing as Rhine tanker sinks. 1/28 CNN: Indonesia ferry fire kills at least 11. 2/17 CNN: 12 die in Vietnam tour boat sinking. 4/6 Reuters: Migrant boat sinks off Italy, 130 missing. 4/7 CNN: 200 missing after boat wreck near Italy. 7/4 CNN: Tourist boat with Americans capsizes of Mexico coast. USA Today: Boat capsizes off Mexico, 1 dead, 6 missing. 7/6 CNN: 197 people die in boat fire off Sudan. 7/10 CNN: Ship carrying 173 sinks in Russia, 1 dead. Reuters: 84 safe after boat sinks in Volga River: Russian official. (What about the other 89?) 7/11 CNN: 46 dead after Russian ship sinks. Reuters: Russia says 128 may be dead in Volga river accident. Drudge: 110 bodies trapped in sunken boat. (So many different stories being reported on this disaster!) 8/9 BBC News: Comoros boat sinks off Indian Ocean leaving many dead, 50 bodies recovered. 9/10 Reuters: Over 100 drown after ferry sinks off TANZANIA. BBC News: At least 163 killed and many more missing as ship sinks carrying 600 near ZANZIBAR. Zanzibar in mourning after ferry capsizes, killing 200. 11/3 BBC News: Ferry ablaze between JORDAN and EGYPT in the Red Sea, hundreds of passengers evacuated. 11/22 CNN: 7 missing after SOUTH KOREAN ship sinks. 1/14/2012 CNN: 3 killed, many missing after cruise ship runs aground near the Italian island of Giglio: Huge gash in hull of ship, the ship is on it side and sinking. 1/17 CNN: 5 more bodies found in cruise ship wreckage, bringing total deaths to 11 so far after the Costa Concordia ran aground near the island of Giglio. Reuters: 29 still missing on sunken cruise liner. Rescuers blow hole in cruise liner. (The captain is going to prison, in my opinion.)  1/19 CNN: Ex-Coast Guard chief: ‘Captain failed.’ Costa Condoria captain dubbed ‘Chicken of the sea.’ (I’m sure this is the shipwreck I was picking up. Tragic!) 1/21 BBC News: Search continues as 12th body (woman) is found. 1/24 CNN: 16th body found on cruise ship. 2/2 CNN: More than 200 rescued from Papua, New Guinea ferry sinking, 350 onboard when ship sank. 3/13 Reuters: Dozens dead after ferry sinks in Bangladesh. (So many tragedies in this part of the world.) 6/21 CNN: Ship with 200 aboard capsizes between Australia and Indonesia. 12/20 BBC News: At least 55 drowned as boat capsized off the coast of SOMALIA.SHIPS and AIRPLANES begin to disintegrate, creating tragedy on the land, in the air and in the sea.2/5 Reuters: Business executives killed in Iraq plane crash. 2/10 USA Today: 6 killed, 6 hurt as plane crashes in Cork, Ireland. 2/28 CNN: Plane crash kills 4 in UAE. 3/27 CNN: Pilot killed in Florida air show crash.  4/2 CNN: Southwest Airline flight lands with 3-foot hole in fuselage. CNN: Southwest Airlines grounds 79 of its 737 airplanes. Reuters: Southwest cancels 300 flights after emergency. 4/4 Yahoo: NTSB: Cracks found in 3 grounded Southwest planes. Drudge: United flight makes emergency landing: Smoke in cockpit. NY Times: Boeing recommends all airlines check older 737 planes for fatigue cracks. CNN: 10 killed after U.N. plane crash in Congo, 32 dead. 4/5 CNN: Southwest grounds 70 more planes. 5/7 CNN: Official: 15 bodies recovered from plane crash in Indonesia. 9/3 CNN: Two planes collide over ALASKA. Military plane goes missing in CHILE. 9/16 CNN: Vintage airplane crashes into crowd in Reno, Nevada, at least 3 killed. Drudge: Pilot age 74, more than 75 injured, 25 critically, flying debris from plane crash.  9/18 CNN: Death toll now 9 in RENO air race crash. Plane crashes at WEST VIRGINIA air show, pilot killed. 9/19 Drudge: Russian navigator drunk when plane crashed, killing 47. 9/25 USA Today: Mount Everest flight crashes in Nepal, killing 19. 10/1 BBC News: 18 die in Sumatra plane crash.An unusual number of VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS will occur all over the planet in 2011.1/13 CNN: Mount Etna rumbles, spews lava. These have included HAWAII, INDONESIA, VANUATU, ECUADOR, ETHIOPIA, RUSSIA and ALASKA.  SCANDALS in different nation’s governments and in the corporate world fill the headlines.1/25 The Telegraph: Lord Taylor found guilty of fiddling his parliamentary expenses. (I love the British choice of words! He fiddled!) CNN: Nevada councilwoman and husband found dead hours before a meeting with her issues involving sanctions against her on the agenda. 1/29 Drudge: Dallas police officers accused of collecting $250,000 in rewards for bogus tips. 4/21 BBC News: Acquittals in Pakistan rape case: 5 of 6 charged over gang rape of Mukhtaran Mai acquitted: case seen as having key impact on women’s rights. (Disgusting what women have to endure in these countries.DISGUSTING!These men will most certainly reincarnate as Pakistan or African women and end up unjustly raped! Universal Law promises karmic justice!)  6/7 NY Times: Few allies for New York politician, Representative Anthony D. Weiner, in wake of Twitter scandal involving lewd photos sent to women other than his wife! 6/8 NY Times: Weiner faces calls to resign and tries to make amends. 6/9 BBC News: UK MP quizzed over sex assault claims. 6/10 NY Times: Ex-N.S.A. aide gains plea deal in leak case; setback to U.S. 6/12 Reuters: China lead pollution outbreak poisons 103 children. 6/16 NY Times: Wiener tells friends he is stepping down. 6/27 NY Times: Jury convicts ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich of trying to sell or trade Obama’s old Senate seat on 20 charges.  8/6 Reuters: United States loses AAA credit rating from S&P. (Blame it on Congress and probably the President!) Drudge: USA downgraded: First Credit Cut in nation’s history. 9/23 NY Times: PAKISTAN’S spy agency tied to attack on U.S. Embassy that killed 16. Reuters: PAKISTAN warns U.S. “You will lose an ally.” (This should be under power struggles, as usual.) 10/26 NY Times: U.S. set to charge major executive in Trading case. 10/27 NY Times: 10 arrested in $1B L.I.R.R. disability fraud scheme in which hundreds of Long Island Railroad workers made false disability pension claims.UNUSUAL PROSPERITY in the fall of the year.10/21 Reuters: GE profit up 18%, driven by foreign growth. 10/27 USA Today: Consumer spending boosts Q3 GDP growth. Washington Post: U.S. economy grows despite global crisis. 11/13 Reuters: Shoppers seen opening their wallets more. Emirates’ $18B Boeing order kicks off air show. Wall Street week ahead, it’s all Greek.CORRUPTION brings down the powerful as the quick manifestation of KARMA.This has been going on quite a bit this year, don’t you think? Mubarak, Gaddafi, who is next?  A SCIENTIFIC or TECHNOLOGICAL discovery proves the existence of multiple dimensions and alternate realities.3/16 Science Daily: Large Hadron Collider could be world’s first Time Machine, researcher’s theory suggests.INCREASED UFO SIGHTINGS includes greater acceptance by the general public. MASS SIGHTINGS create particular excitement.1/24 AOL News: Crop Circles found in Indonesia rice field. 2/1 You Tube: UFO Jerusalem, Israel, Dome of the Rock Temple, January 28, 2011. (There are several videos with UFOs) 2/5 Yahoo: UFOs over Utah, unexplained lights in the sky. 2/10 Twitter/EmmaWAdams: “They saw a weird light in the sky, maybe UFO at Malaysia.” 2/21 Coast to Coast: Strange three-toed  footprint found between Chama and Dulce, New Mexico, on October 26, 2010. They also saw a bright glowing light moving strangely in the sky to the west, most evenings, but regrettably didn’t take any pictures. 2/27 USA Today: Nation of Islam convention to include talk of UFOs. 3/3 Discovery News: SETI search for aliens zeroes in on new planets discovered during the past few years. 3/5 Fox News: Exclusive: NASA scientist claims evidence of alien life on meteorite. 3/7 Discovery News: Evidence for alien life found in meteorite is FOR REAL. 3/21 Drudge/Yahoo: ‘Red’ rocker Sammy Hagar says abducted by aliens. 4/4 Discovery News: Asteroid forensics may point to alien miners! (How about that?) 4/8 Email: Triangle UFO cases increasing nationally – National UFO, “A few nights ago I stepped out on the patio at 10:10 at night and saw a bright green light falling to the east. It looked like the meteors I saw last fall, except brighter and slower, oddly enough. Consider the nuclear problem in Japan, maybe aliens are starting to show themselves more in case they need to take charge of the mess.” 4/10 Drudge/Utah News: New FBI ‘vault’ discusses Utah UFOs, other secrets. 4/13 Discovery News: Secret FBI file exposes ROSWELL UFO — or not? Does a 1950 document prove the Roswell, New Mexico crash was real??? (I thought there would be DISCLOSURE long before now! Come on!)  4/15 Facebook: Fleet of UFOs over Hawaii April 11, 2011. 4/19 Drudge: JFK demanded UFO files 10 days before assassination. 7/31 Science msnbc: UFO found on ocean floor? Swedish explorer recounts circular anomaly, but is it a flying saucer? 8/26 Huffington Post, Weird News: UFO Sightings increase 67% in 3 years, History Channel investigates unexplained aerial phenomena. 9/28 Reuters/Yahoo: Mayan film documentary claims proof of aliens.  11/8 BBC News: ‘No evidence’ for extraterrestrials, says White House. (I think it will take a mass landing all around the world such as David Wilcock suggests in “The Source Field Investigations” to prove the point. I hope Wilcock is right and not just being idealistic!) 11/10 Discovery News: Alien artifacts in our backyards? 11/23 Latest UFO Sightings: Triangle-shaped UFO over Blackstone, Virginia – November 2011. 12/13 Drudge/Mail Online: Russian protesters distracted in Moscow during demo against Putin by ‘UFO’ flying over Kremlin. (Perfect timing! What a hoot!) FOREST FIRES become gigantic and nearly impossible to control.4/9 Texas? 4/10 CNN: Agency: Fires may be worst in Texas history. 4/18 CNN: No end in sight for Texas fires. 6/6 BBC News: ARIZONA wildfires ‘still growing.’ More than 2300 firefighters work to contain blaze. 6/7 CNN: 2,500 firefighters work to contain ARIZONA blaze: Threatening New Mexico, smoke pushed by high winds has disrupted flights and prompted an air quality alert across the border. USA Today: Monster ARIZONA fires threaten line of mountain towns as dense smoke billows across several states. 6/8 CNN: More than 5,000 flee as winds stoke ARIZONA fires. A large swath of Arizona under a ‘red flag’ fire alert. 6/9 CNN: ARIZONA wildfire: 2nd largest in history. Arizona skies red from blaze. 6/11 CNN: Arizona wildfire conditions to worsen. Fire takes mountain, nears ranch. 6/12 USA Today: ARIZONA wildfires continue spreading. 6/13 CNN: Worst fires in Arizona history rage on. 6/22 CNN: Wildfires burn 1.4M acres in 12 states. 6/23 CNN: Inferno rages down TEXAS mountain. 6/29 CNN: Fire threat keeps NM nuke lab closed. 7/2 CNN: Firefighters try to contain NEW MEXICO fire. Firefights back burn COLORADO blaze. 7/4 CNN: Wildfires threaten ancient Indian sites. 7/26 USA Today: Scientists warn fires could devastate Yellowstone. 11/19 BBC News: 10,000 flee NEVADA wildfires as 25 Reno homes are destroyed: One man died fleeing his home, 16 others hospitalized. (Tragic.)   WILDFIRES consume acres of vegetation, especially in CALIFORNIA and AUSTRALIA. Drought conditions likely.2/6 Yahoo: Wildfire burns 35 homes in Western Australia. 2/7 CNN: Bushfires rage in Western Australia. 2/28 CNN: 1 dead, 120,000 acres burned in TEXAS, wildfires destroyed 60 homes. High winds sent live wires into dry brush.  3/1 CNN: Homes still at risk from FLORIDA wildfires. 78 TEXAS homes destroyed by wildfires. 3/8 CNN: Winds whip up NEW MEXICO wildfire. 3/12 CNN: Wildfires in OKLAHOMA, COLORADO force hundreds to evacuate. 3/13 CNN: Colorado evacuees return home as firefighters contain blaze. 3/26 CNN: Wildfire rages in rural Georgia. 4/9 CNN: Homes burned, threatened by massive fires in Texas: 71.786 acres charred and the fire is expected to grow: Stonewall, Knox and King Counties. 4/11 CNN: Wildfires roar across parts of TEXAS. 4/17 CNN: Some Texans return to homes charred by wildfires that scorched hundreds of thousands of acres and destroyed 30 homes.  4/19 CNN: Fire rages across much of Texas. USA Today: Wildfires destroy hundreds of homes in Texas. 4/20 CNN: Texas burning from ‘border to border’: Blazes have scorched more than 1 million acres, 170 homes destroyed. Firefighters from 34 states are fighting the fires. 4/21 CNN: Second Texas firefighter dies. 4/25 CNN: Texas wildfires leave behind death, destruction: As Justin McCormack steers his horse Safari up a rocky slope on his family’s north Texas ranch, the stench of decay hangs in the air. The wildfires in Texas scorched 10,000 acres of Cormack’s ranch. They lost 30 cattle, 15% of their entire herd. (Sad!) 5/31 CNN: Wildfires again blaze in northern TEXAS. 6/4 CNN: One of largest wildfires in ARIZONA history rages out of control, forcing evacuation of 2,500 people, the first has burned more than 250,000 acres and spread smoke and ash 200 miles. 6/5 CNN: ARIZONA blaze the start of ‘nasty fight’.  6/7 Drudge: ARIZONA wildfires consume 350 square miles. Huffington Post: ARIZONA wildfires force evacuation of another town. 6/11 Drudge: 50,000 acres brush fire grows in Miami, FLORIDA. 6/14 CNN: Arizona wildfire spreads into NEW MEXICO. 6/14 USA Today: Wind, drought feed wildfires in ARIZONA, COLORADO.  6/16 CNN: Lightning sparks FLORIDA brush fire. Wildfire crews face tough conditions battling blaze in ARIZONA. 6/18 Drudge: Buddhist Retreat in path of ARIZONA wildfire. 7/19 CNN: 7 Southwest States face extreme fire risk today. 6/20 CNN: St. Louis chemical fire closes highway, forces evacuations: 500 evacuated. 6/21 CNN: 2 FLORIDA firefighters die battling wildfire. Firefighters get upper hand in ARIZONA blaze. ARIZONA evacuees return home. TEXAS wildfire shuts down I-45. 6/24 CNN: OKLAHOMA grass fire. 6/26 CNN: Wildfires scorch eastern NORTH CAROLINA. 6/27 CNN: Wildfire threatens LOS ALAMOS lab. Wildfire hits ALABAMA beach. 7/1 BBC News: Crews ‘beating’ LOS ALAMOS fire. 7/3 CNN: Wildfire closes Okefenokee Swamp. 7/14 CNN: NORTH CAROLINA wildfires approach homes.  8/1 CNN: Grass Fire threatens Big Cats in drought-stricken TEXAS. 8/11 CNN: Large wildfire in VIRGINIA swamp. 8/31 CNN: Wildfire rages in parched NORTH TEXAS. USA Today: Fires burn homes in TEXAS, OKLAHOMA. 9/3 USA Today: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA wildfire forces evacuations. 9/5 CNN: Mother, child killed as wildfires burn homes near Gladewater, TEXAS. Another wildfire stretches 16 miles near AUSTIN, destroying 300 homes.  USA Today: Small plane crash sparks rapid brushfire in CALIFORNIA. USA Today: Wildfire destroys nearly 500 homes in TEXAS.  9/7 Drudge: Wildfires destroy 1,000 TEXAS homes and 100,000 acres.  9/8 Drudge: 1,300 homes lost in TEXAS wildfires, 2 dead. 9/10 CNN: 24 new wildfires break out in TEXAS. 9/12 CNN: Dozens die in KENYA pipeline fire that erupted in the slums, at least 55 dead.  BBC News: KENYA pipeline fire kills 100 as flames tear through shanty town. 11/2 Drudge: 600 acre fire just over MEXICAN border threatens SAN DIEGO. 11/12 Science Daily: Sea change can forecast SOUTH AMERICAN wildfires. 11/20 USA Today: Officials say 32 homes destroyed in RENO fire. 11/24 Drudge: Illegal immigrants suspected in 30 border fires in ARIZONA. 12/4 CNN: High winds trigger CALIFORNIA fire alert.The year ends with the FINANCIAL MARKETS UP and PROMISING.11/30: Reuters: Wall Street soars as central banks move to ease crunch. 12/4 Reuters: World stocks cap best week since ’09. 12/5 Reuters: Wall Street gains on Euro zone debt progress. 12/24 BBC News: U.S. durable goods orders jump 3.8%. 12/30 CNN: McDonald’s is Dow’s top performer. Reuters: Ford 2011 sales top $2 million first time since 2007. 1/5/2012: USA Today: Jobless claims fall, end 2011 on strong note.ECONOMIC RECOVERY at the close of the year with unemployment greatly reduced.11/3 Reuters: Jobless claims fall, labor market slowly improves. Futures rally on ECB rate cut, doubt on Greek vote. U.S. chain store sales rise, but doubt lingers. CVS Caremark’s higher profit tops expectation. 11/17 Reuters: Jobless claims at 7 month low, building permits jump. 11/28 Reuters: U.S. holiday weekend sales surge. World stocks rise from 7 week low on policy hopes. 11/30 Reuters: Wall Street soars as central banks move to ease crunch. Private sector adds most jobs in nearly a year. Drudge: Cyber Monday biggest online shopping day in U.S. history. NY Times: Stock Market indexes up 4% at the close. 12/2 NY Times: US adds 120,000 jobs in November; Jobless rate drops to 8.6%. CNN: Jobless rate plummets. 12/3 NY Times: Jobless rate dips to lowest level in more than 2 years. CNN: Wall Street has best week since 2009. 12/5 USA: Churchill Downs increases annual dividend 20%. Job creation pace is slow, but gains are piling up. 12/8 Reuters: Jobless claims at 9 month low last week. ECB cuts rates to record low on recession fears. McDonald’s November sales beat Street view.  12/15 CNN: Jobless claims at lowest level since ’08. (But what about the multitudes who no longer have benefits or jobs?) 12/16 Reuters: World stocks rise from 3 week low. 12/20 Yahoo: Wall Street rallies 3% in broad advance. 12/22 Reuters: Toyota sees record sales in 2012.12/23 CNN: DOW, S&P in positive territory for 2011. (Yeah, team!) Reuters: Santa rally puts S&P up for the year. New home sales at 7-month high in November. U.S. economy hopes boost stocks, oil. 12/27 Reuters: Wall Street edges up, adding to recent gains. 12/29 USA Today: Foreign business in IRAQ quadruples in 2011.DIPLOMATIC RELATIONSHIPS also improve at the close the year, but broken promises (or treaties) are another possibility!12/5 USA Today: Merkel, Sarkozy want new treaty for Europe. 12/9 CNN: European leaders hash out crisis deal. Reuters: Europe moves ahead with fiscal union, UK isolated. 12/13 CNN: CANADA quits Kyoto climate treaty; What now? 12/20 Yahoo: EGYPTIAN women march against abuse by military! (Good for those brave souls!)image2012 World PredictionsimageSpiral Galaxy