WORLD PREDICTIONS FOR 2012(Posted on December 15, 2011)It is difficult to know exactly when some patterns will manifest in the physical world, or whether the events will have less or more impact in terms of what was sensed beforehand. I tend to be uncannily accurate sometimes, and at other times, I’m years off, with no way to know at the time a pattern is picked up. But my spirit guides tend to be highly accurate, regardless. Sometimes I almost don’t write things down. And then, when I do write them down they tend to happen. Sometimes it amazes even me when predictions come true, the same as you! This year many of last year’s predictions will continue to be highly important!The WORLD WILL NOT END in 2012, but there will be MAJOR CHANGES all around the planet and you are sure to be included in some of those changes. Prepare to be amazed and astonished this year!5/11 Science Daily: Mural found on walls a first for MAYA dwelling: Painted numbers reflect calendar reaching well beyond 2012.DREAMS COME TRUE as the year begins. Will your dream also manifest? Hold the thought!1/13 NY Times: U.S. restores diplomatic relations with Burma in response to reforms. 3/1 NY Times: North Koreans agree to freeze nuclear work; U.S. to give food aid. 3/3 Reuters: In Burma, hopes for art renaissance. 4/1 CNN: Burma votes in historic election. 4/18 Reuters: Suu Kyi to leave Burma on diplomatic mission to Norway and Britain after 24 years. 5/19 NY Times: Blind Chinese dissident leaves on flight for the United States. Heading into talks with Iran, U.S. sees hopeful signs. 5/24 Reuters: Suu Kyi to make first trip of Burma (Myanmar) in 24 years. 7/3 BBC News: BURMA frees political prisoners. 11/11 CNN: Battleground sweep: OBAMA wins FLORIDA. 11/18 BBC News: Obama in landmark Southeast Asia visit. 11/22 USA Today: GAZA deal seals key role for EGYPT’S President Morsi.A SEVERE WINTER with many weather anomalies in 2012, including a HOT SUMMER.1/2 CNN: Cyclone pummels INDIA’S coast. 1/8 Reuters: Snow blankets northern INDIA. BBC News: Snow blocks AUSTRIAN travel routes. 1/9 CNN: Tornado warning for HOUSTON. Drudge: ALASKA town tries to dig out from huge snow dump. 1/10 Drudge: Tornado damages HOUSTON area mall. BBC News: ALASKA frozen by extreme winter. Fears for whales trapped by ice. Huge ARCTIC storm batters ALASKA. 1/11 BBC News: ALASKA frozen by extreme winter. 1/13 Drudge: ALASKA under record snowfall. 12/15 Drudge: Harsh winter causing fuel shortage in ALASKA.  1/17 Reuters: Record snow sweeps JAPAN.  1/18 CNN: SEATTLE to get biggest snow since 1940s. 1/19 ALASKA dog sled races cancelled because of too much snow. Record snow sweeps JAPAN. 1/21 Drudge: Intense snow strikes CHICAGO. 1/28 BBC News: Blizzards hit southeastern EUROPE. 1/29 Drudge: Temperature falls to -50 in FAIRBANKS. Paper: Global Warming ended 15 years ago: Mini ice age next. 1/30 BBC News: Deaths in UKRAINE and POLAND in freezing Europe weather, at least 28 dead. 1/31 BBC News: EUROPE struggles in grip of snow. 2/1 BBC News: Big freeze extends across EUROPE. Coldest winter in 30 years hits EUROPE. 2/2 BBC News: EUROPE’S freeze claims 110 lives. 2/3 Reuters: Villagers scramble for fuel in EUROPE’S big chill. BBC News: Cold weather kills 100 in UKRAINE. USA Today: Major winter storm pounds COLORADO, moves east. 3/4 CNN: A foot of snow blankets COLORADO. 2/5 CNN: Snow cancels flights at LONDON airport. Drudge: ITALY crippled by winter storm with snow reaching as far south as NAPLES. USA Today: Snow traps thousands in BOSNIAN villages. 2/7 BBC News: Big freeze tightens grip on EUROPE. 2/8 Reuters: Blizzards pound JAPAN. 2/10 CNN: 120 ships trapped in EUROPE’S icy waters.  2/11 Reuters: Snowfall continues across EUROPE. 2/14 CNN: Ice formations cover LAKE SUPERIOR. 2/20 BBC News: Thaw brings SERBS river ice chaos as large blocks of ice damage boats and floating restaurants. USA Today: Storm dumps snow on parts of SOUTH. 2/29 CNN: 1 killed as storm slams CENTRAL U.S. Reuters: Late snow disrupts TOKYO. 3/7 Reuters: Avalanche kills at least 43 in AFGHAN village. 3/17 Drudge: ANCHORAGE on verge of record snowfall.3/19 CNN: ARIZONA cities buried in rare snowstorm. 4/8 CNN: ANCHORAGE breaks its snowfall record. 6/12 Science Daily: HUMANS are primary cause of GLOBAL OCEAN WARMING over past 50 years, research shows. (Al Gore was right!) GLOBAL WARMING threat seen in fertile soil of Northeastern U.S. forests. 6/20 Yahoo: Heat wave marks first day of summer. 2/21 CNN: Heatwave roasts NORTHEAST. 6/28 Drudge: HEATWAVE: 1,000 records fall in a week. 6/29 CNN: Blistering heat forecast for much of U.S. 7/1 CNN: Extreme heat warnings extended after deadly storms. 7/2 CNN: From the PLAINS to the ATLANTIC: Hot and hotter! Air tanker crashes fighting SOUTH DAKOTA fire. 7/3 CNN: 1,8M seat out scorcher without AC. 7/4 Drudge: DAY 4; Millions still without power. 7/5 Drudge: SCORCHED: DC on pace for hottest stretch in decades. (Global warming!) 7/6 Drudge: DC breaks record for most straight 95+ days. EXTREME HEAT breaks 3,000 records.  7/8 NY Times: Unrelenting HEAT WAVE bakes all in its reach as triple-digit temperatures reach from ST. LOUIS to WASHINGTON. Drudge: FROM BOIL TO BROIL; EXTREME HEAT BREAKS 4,500 records. BBC News: US heatwave leaves dozens dead: at least 42 die over several days. CNN: U.S. Airways plane gets stuck in tarmac at REAGAN NATIONAL because of the heat. 7/9 Drudge: 18 dead in CHICAGO from heat. 7/10 CNN: SOUTHWEST gets its time in the cooker: 113 in Las Vegas, 116 in Yuma, 125 in Death Valley.  7/11 CNN: Triple-digit heat bakes Western U.S. Update: Extreme heat, get ready for more. Opinion: Expect more weather disasters. 7/17 Yahoo: Heatwave blisters U.S. states from MICHIGAN to MAINE.  7/26 NY Times: Rise in weather extremes leaves part of U.S. grid buckling. 8/14 Drudge: Unrelenting heatwave prompts energy warning in CALIFORNIA. 10/22 USA Today: CALIFORNIA storm brings 2 feet of snow and brings out snow plows on Interstate 80. 12/25 CNN: CALIFORNIA avalanche claims life of snowboarder, 50. 12/26 CNN: Deadly storms pound the SOUTH and head EAST; 2 dead, tornadoes caused widespread damage across the SOUTH; Blizzard warning from TEXAS to MAINE. 12/27 Yahoo: At least 9 died in accidents attributed to the storm system that plowed across the MIDWEST; Winter storm whips across NORTHEAST.2/10/2013 CNN: Storm moves out, leaves 9 dead. 3/6 CNN: Snowstorm that plastered CHICAGO reaches D.C.Problems in various BANKING SYSTEMS persist worldwide, creating a roller coaster of FINANCIAL UNCERTAINTY from time to time, with many new laws and leaders necessary to put things right again. GREED must not be the primary factor in over-charging the consumer. 1/3 Drudge: Customers disturbed after WELLS FARGO BANK left unlocked for 48 hours. 1/4 Reuters: Bank worries hit world stocks, dollar rises. 1/9 BBC News: SWISS central bank chief resigns. 2/12 Drudge: 34 ITALIAN banks downgraded. 3/9 Reuters: Banks foreclose on churches in record numbers. 3/13 Reuters: Fed says majority of top banks passed the stress tests.  3/14 Reuters: India’s central bank stuck in damage control. 6/21 NY Times: Moody’s cuts credit ratings of 15 big banks, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. (Oops! I have a bank in the group, do you???) 6/29 Reuters: Bank rate rigging scandal widens; Diamonds fight on. 7/1 Drudge: UK banks plagued by ‘institutional corruption.’ 7/6 NY Times: Three central banks in Europe and China act to stimulate more borrowing. 7/11 NY Times: Rate scandal stirs scramble for damages:Baltimore has been leading a legal battle against the global banks that determine the London interbank offered rate, or Libor, which serves as a benchmark for global borrowing and is at the center of a scandal. 8/22 Reuters: UK banks face scandal over toxic insurance products. 11/16 Reuters: Banks to shrink for good after 160,000 jobs cut:Many will leave the shrinking sector for good as job losses outpace new hires by roughly 2-1. 12/3 NY Times: UBS reported near a deal on rate rigging:The Swiss banking giant UBS is expected to pay American and British fines of more than $450M to settle claims it reported false rates to increase its profit, according to officials12/11 CNN: HSBC to pay $1.9B for laundering money. 12/28 CNN: Bank fines top $10B this year:From laundering money for Iran, to manipulating interest rates paid by consumers and businesses, to improperly foreclosing on homeowners, misdeeds cost the banks a record of more than $10.7B in fines this year. (Why are none of them in prison?) Drudge: EGYPT fears run on banks, imposes limit on withdrawals. (I’d flee the country with the mess going on!)  1/4/2013 Reuters: SWISS bank Wegelin to close after guilty plea.  1/7 BBC News: BBC News: U.S. Bank of America to pay $12B settlement to government mortgage agency Fannie Mae to settle claims over home loans. CNN: Banks to pay $8.5B over foreclosures. (Terrible what they did to those unfortunate people.) NY Times: Banks settle in 2 sets of claims over fallout of housing crisis: $18.5B. (They should pay the people!)POLITICAL UNREST persists in many nations around the world, especially where extreme inequality exists in terms of class distinction and economic levels where suppression and tyranny are the primary means of controlling the people.1/3 Reuters: Protesters, police clash in PAKISTAN. Protesting into the night in SYRIA. BBC News: Thousands flee SOUTH SUDAN unrest. 1/6 BBC News: TURKEY arrests ex-army head over plot. 1/8 Drudge: IRAN, ISRAEL and U.S. plan Gulf exercises. 1/11 Reuters: Assad avows victory, SYRIA accused of war crimes. 1/13 CNN: Talks end in NIGERIA as protests widen. 1/24 Drudge: UK, US, France send warships through Strait of Hormuz in response to Iranian threats. 1/26 CNN: Tensions flare over Falkland Islands between Brits and Argentineans. 1/28 Reuters: Arab League suspends SYRIA mission as violence rages.  2/4 Reuters: More than 200 killed in Homs, SYRIA before U.N. vote. BBC News: Thousands in rival MOSCOW marches against Putin. 2/6 USA Today: PALESTINIANS reach unity deal; ISRAEL condemns move. 2/7 CNN: Police revolt topples MALDIVES president: Mutiny in the Maldives. (Doesn’t bode well for winter tourists.) 2/10 Drudge: Gorbachev: Russia faces turmoil for Putin won’t change. (Putin wants the old, tyrannical Russia back.) 2/14 BBC News: Protests on BAHRAIN’S anniversary of pro-democracy protests. 2/16 Reuters: Jobless claims drop to near 4-year low. BBC News: Bangkok IRAN plot ‘targeted Israelis.’ 2/18 Drudge: Putin unleashes wave of anti-American sentiment. Britain fears new cold war over Iran. 2/19 Yahoo: Riot police guard GREEK assembly as protesters gather. IRAN stops oil sales to British and French companies. 2/25 Reuters: YEMEN’S Hadi takes oath as car bomb kills 26 in south. BBC News: NATO in AFGHAN ministries pullout after 2 senior U.S. officers shot dead. (We need to get out, out, out of Afghanistan.) 2/29 NY Times: Violence leaves 20 dead in CHINA. 3/1 CNN: U.S. resolution slams SYRIA, urges aid. 3/5 BBC News: SYRIA refugees tell of executions. 3/11 Reuters: Thousands march in BAHRAIN. 3/14 Reuters: On TURKISH border, a stream of fleeing SYRIANS. 3/24 CNN: Clashes in BAHRAIN protests. 3/31 CNN: THAILAND blasts kill 10, injures 100. Reuters: MALI rebels launch assault on northern town of Gao. 4/2 NY Times: U.S. joins efforts to equip and pay rebels in SYRIA. (Surprise! Surprise!) 4/3 Drudge: Protesters attack British embassy in BUENOS AIRES. 4/6 Drudge: TURKEY says 2,000 flee SYRIA in one day. 4/9 CNN: Hopes dim for SYRIA pullout as bloodshed crosses the border into TURKEY. BBC News: SYRIAN border fire angers TURKEY after fire across border causes casualties. SOMALIA market bombing kills 11. 4/10 Drudge: Flights rerouted to avoid NORTH KOREAN rocket. 4/13 CNN: NORTH KOREA rocket breaks up: U.S. Security Council to meet. 4/20 Reuters: Protestors return to EGYPT’S Tahrir Square. 4/21 CNN: Body of young activist found as BAHRAIN Grand Prix tensions mount. 4/22 Drudge: EGYPTIANS mass to demand army retreat from power. (I understand the army ruled during Mubarak’s dictatorship.) 4/29 CNN: SUDAN puts border cities on alert. Witness: Gunmen attack NIGERIA campus. 5/2 CNN: Dozens injured in EGYPT clashes. 5/19 Reuters: Thousands march in FRANKFURT against austerity measures. 5/30 NY Times: Western nations, protesting killings, expel SYRIAN envoys. 6/3 CNN: 13 die in clashes in LEBANON. 6/4 Reuters: EGYPTIANS threaten more protests after Mubarak verdict. 6/12 BBC News: PUTIN OPPONENTS march in MOSCOW:Tens of thousands of Russian anti-government protesters join a rally in Moscow, a day after police raided leading activists’ homes.(Good for them!) 7/1 NY Times: Protests jam HONG KONG as new leader is sworn in. 7/2 Reuters: Protesters storm LIBYA election office. TURKEY says scrambled jets as SYRIA aircraft nears border. 7/8 NY Times: Braving areas of violence, voters try to reshape LIBYA. 7/16 CNN: Thousands in JAPAN nuclear protest. 7/29 Reuters: Aide sees ROMNEY support for ISRAEL strike on IRAN.  8/23 CNN: GAMBIA vows to execute all on death row by September, sparking outcry. 11/24 Yahoo: Crisis over president’s powers exposes EGYPT division:Youths clashed with police in Cairo on Saturday as protests at new powers assumed by President Mohamed Mursi stretched into a second day, confronting Egypt with a crisis that has exposed the split between newly empowered Islamists and their opponents. CNN: AFRICAN leaders urge CONGO rebels to quit hostilities. 11/24 NY Times: Clashes break out after Morsi seizes new power in EGYPT. Quotation of the day: God’s will and elections made me captain of the ship.(Open mouth, insert foot, not so smart!) 11/25 NY Times: EGYPTIAN judges challenge Morsi over new power. (I should hope so!) CNN: Protesters, security forces clash anew in CAIRO. Reuters: EGYPT’S Mursi faces judicial revolt over decree. (Reincarnated pharaoh, perhaps, trying to reclaim his former glory during far different times?) Drudge: EGYPT’S stock market plummets. (Napoleon or Darth Vader?) 11/29 USA Today: U.S. embassy in CAIRO closes amid protests.ASTRONOMICAL WONDERS continue to unfold with the discovery of LIFE on another PLANET. There will be the continual discovery of many Earth-like planets in our Milky Way Galaxy (from 2011).1/5 Discovery News: First alien planets of 2012 spotted orbiting four distant stars. 1/10 Science Daily: Astronomers reach new frontier of dark matter: Universe contains intricate cosmic web of dark matter and galaxies spanning more than one million light years. (Wow! We’re just beginning to learn about our Cosmos!) 1/11 CNN/Lightyears: A planet for every star, meaning our galaxy has at least a 100 billion planets. 1/12 Drudge: Astronomers see more planets than stars in the galaxy. (Hello Space People!) Science Daily: Scientists find three smallest planets outside solar system. 1/13 BBC News: Bubble-blowing stars seen in the thousands by the public. 1/23 India Times: Life spotted on VENUS, Russian scientists. (Not life as we know it.) 1/26 Science Daily: NASA’s Kepler announces 11 new planetary systems hosting 26 planets. (Fabulous! No wonder there are so many sightings!) 2/2 Science Daily: NASA Mission returns first video from moon’s far side. 2/3 Science Daily New Super-Earth detected within habitable zone of nearby cool star. (Aren’t all stars really, really cool?) 3/3 Science Daily: Oxygen detected in atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Dione: Discovery could mean ingredients of life are abundant on icy space bodies. (Wow!)  3/7 China preps manned flight for space docking.  3/22 Science Daily: Dawn sees new surface features on giant asteroid Vesta. 3/26 Drudge: Astronauts scramble for space pods as space junk threat gets serious. 3/28 Science Daily: A planetary system from the early Universe with two Jupiter-size planets. 3/29 Science Daily: Billions of Red Dwarf habitable zone planets. 4/9 Discovery News: 9 exoplanets discovered in Solar System’s ‘twin’, including 3 ‘super Earths.’ (Hello ET!)  Astronomer finds evidence for record-breaking 9-planet system! 4/19 BBC News: Puzzle of the ‘Extreme Universe’ deepens.(Divine Mind has all the answers. MEDITATE!) 4/25 Drudge: Astronomers find new planet capable of supporting life. Science Daily: New form of lava flow discover on Mars. 4/28 Science Daily: Saturn moon has planet-like qualities. 5/1 Science Daily: Faster-ticking clock indicates early Solar System may have evolved faster than we thought.  5/9 Science Daily: Spitzer sees the light of alien ‘super-Earth.’  5/11 Science Daily: Free-floating planets in the MILKY WAY outnumber stars by factors of thousands: Life-bearing planets may exist in large numbers in the spaces between stars. (Inhabited life-bearing planets, by the way! ET phone home!) 5/12 Science Daily: Unseen planet revealed by its gravity. 5/14 Science Daily: Asteroid Vesta looks like a little planet, complete with craters, mountains and landslides. (We astrologers knew it all along! ☺)  5/16 Science Daily: Sulfur finding may hold key to Gaia theory of Earth as living organism. (Everything is a living organism. Please!)  5/19 Science Daily: Newfound exoplanet may turn to dust: Planet’s dust cloud may explain strange patterns of light from its star. 5/25 Science Daily: Nomads of the Galaxy: What does it mean to have quadrillions of planets adrift in the Milky Way? (Got me! But that sure is a lot!)  6/14 CNN: Cassini: Saturn’s moon Titan may have ‘tropical’ lakes that could harbor tiny organisms. Science Daily: Alien Earths could form earlier than expected. 6/22 Science Daily: Proximity of new planets stuns even astronomers:One is a rocky planet 1.5 times the size of Earth; the other a gaseous world nearly four times Earth’s size. Together they form a spectacular system in which two planets orbit closer to each other than any yet discovered. (Our Universe has many surprises in store for us.) 6/29 Science Daily: Evidence of life on Mars could come from Martian moon Phobos. 7/6 Science Daily: ‘Impossible’ binary stars discovered:A team of astronomers have used the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) on Hawaii to discover four pairs of stars that orbit each other in less than 4 hours. Until now it was thought that such close-in binary stars could not exist. The new discoveries come from the telescope’s Wide Field Camera (WFCAM) Transit Survey, and appear in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 7/11 Drudge: Strange vortex discovered on Saturn’s moon Titan. Drudge/CBS: Dark Matter ‘scaffolding’ of Universe detected for first time. BBC News: Hubble discovers new PLUTO moon, number 5, and its NOT a dwarf plant. (Stop being insulting to Pluto!)  7/25 Discovery News: Seeds of Supermassive Black Holes found: Three examples of the rarest class of black hole may have been discovered near the center of our galaxy. (There’s so much that science doesn’t yet know or understand.) 8/3 Science Daily: Supernova progenitor found? New research identifies star system that may explode. 8/6 CNN: Curiosity rover lands on MARS. Science Daily: Car-sized Rover Curiosity lands on MARS: Two-year plan to investigate red planet begins. 8/22 Science Daily: Big picture of the universe confirmed, WiggleZ Survey of more than 200,000 galaxies shown. 8/23 Science Daily: MILKY WAY has a twin (or two); Astronomers find first group of galaxies just like ours.  8/25 Science Daily: More EXOPLANETS discovered: 41 transiting planets in Kepler field of view:These results may increase the number of Kepler’s confirmed planets by more than 50% to 116 planets hosted in 67 systems, over half of which contain more than one planet. 8/29 Science Daily: NASA’s Kepler discovers multiple planets orbiting a pair of stars. 9/12 Science Daily: Planets can form in the Galactic Center. (Amazing!) 9/15 Science Daily: First planets found around Sun-like stars in clusters. 9/21 Drudge/Mail Online: Super-Earth close to red dwarf star Gliese 163 ‘top contender’ for supporting life. 9/25 Earth Changes Media: New finding shows Milky Way surrounded by a halo of ‘charged particles.’ (This may be true of all galaxies. There is yet much for humans to discover.)  9/26 Drudge: Hubble astronomers capture deepest view yet of night sky.  10/4 Science Daily: Space telescope measures universe expansion. 10/6 Science Daily: NASA’s Swift Satellite discovers new black hole in Milky Way Galaxy. (Wow! Another one!) BBC News: Australia unveils ‘super telescope.’ 10/8 Science Daily:Scientists at University of Cambridge used cutting-edge infrared surveys of the sky to discover a new population of enormous, rapidly growing SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLES in the early Universe previously undetected because they are cocooned within thick layers of dust: The new study has shown them emitting vast amounts of radiation through violent interactions with their host galaxies. (Wow!) 10/11 Reuters: Astronomers discover diamond planet: A diamond bigger than Earth:Astronomers have discovered a planet twice the size of Earth made largely out of diamond which is orbiting a star visible to the naked eye. The rocky planet, called ’55 Cancri e’, is moving so fast that a year there lasts a mere 18 hours. 10/15 BBC News: Planet with 4 suns discovered:The distant world orbits one pair of stars and has a second stellar pair revolving around it. (Double wow!) 10/17 Science Daily: Planet found in nearest star system to Earth: HARP instrument finds Earth-mass exoplanet orbiting Alpha Centauri B. New type of cosmic ray discovered. 10/20 U.S. officials say IRAN has agreed to nuclear talks.  10/30 Earth Changes Media: NASA’s Fermi to reveal new findings about “Dark Matter.” 11/6 Discovery News: Hunting for the real ‘Planet X’: The announcement of the discovery of exoplanet Alpha Centauri Bb on Oct. 16 is a testimony to how far planetary detection techniques have come over the last few decades, bringing the total of confirmed exoplanets — or “extra-solar planets” — to a staggering 825. (ET, phone home, please!) 11/8 Science Daily: Habitable planet: New Super-Earth in 6 planet system may be just right to support life. (Perhaps it already does!) BBC News: ‘Super-Earth’ exoplanet, 7-times our planet’s size, spotted 42 light years away. 11/14 Science Daily: Lost in Space: Rogue planet spotted? Orphaned world may help to explain how planets and stars form. 11/16 Earth Changes Media: NASA’s rover “Curiosity” confirms global warming on MARS. 11/20 CNN: Super Jupiter spotted 170 light years away nearly 13x the mass of Jupiter. (REALLY BIG! Is this Planet X?) 11/30 Science Daily: Scientists discover water ice on Mercury: Ice and organic material may have been carried to the planet by passing comets. 12/5 Earth Changes Media: Voyager spacecraft enters Sun’s magnetic field connected to the Milky Way Galaxy. 12/13 Science Daily: Cassini spots mini Nile River on Saturn’s moon Titan. 12/19 BBC News: Tau Ceti’s planets nearest around single, Sun-like star. Science Daily: Closest single star like our Sun may have habitable planet.POLITICAL POWER STRUGGLES expand and increase in many different nations around the planet.1/3 Reuters: IRAN threatens U.S. Navy as sanctions hit economy. SYRIAN rebel leader threatens to escalate attacks. 1/9 Drudge: IRAN sentences American man to death as CIA spy. CHAVEZ welcomes ally Ahmadinejad, VENEZUELA will not recognize World Bank ruling for Enron. U.S. expels VENEZUELAN diplomat in Miami. 1/10 BBC News: SCOTLAND plans independence vote from UK in autumn 2014.  1/23 BBC News: Europe imposes Iran oil embargo. 1/24 Drudge: Gaddafi supporters seize control of LIBYAN town. (Here we go again!) 1/28 Reuters: SCOTTISH separatists fighting for independence. 3/4 NY Times: RUSSIA and CHINA veto U.N. Security Council condemning SYRIA. 2/6 CNN: U.S. closes embassy as fighting rages in SYRIA. 2/9 Drudge: USA, ISRAEL split on ways to deter IRAN. 3/6 USA Today: 185 YEMENI soldiers dead in al-Qaeda attacks. 4/5 Reuters: U.N. Security Council endorses Annan’s deadlines for SYRIA. 5/16 Reuters: Exclusive: CHINA pushes NORTH KOREA to drop nuclear test plan. 6/7 CNN: U. N. monitors shot at in SYRIA, secretary general says. 6/14 NY Times: Blow to transition as court dissolves EGYPT’S parliament. 6/25 Reuters: SYRIAN officers defect, TURKEY looks to NATO. 6/26 CNN: TURKEY hardens military position after SYRIA downs jet: Any Syrian military approach toward Turkey’s borders will be treated as a potential threat that “will be dealt with accordingly,” Turkey’s prime minister says. 7/1 Drudge/NBC Miami: Governor Scott says FLORIDA won’t comply with health care law. (These arguments are likely to continue through 2015 with the aspects the way they are!) 7/3 CNN: RUSSIA angers JAPAN with island visit. 7/6 CNN: Hillary Clinton: RUSSIA, CHINA will pay price for backing SYRIA. BBC News: SYRIA ‘defector’ heading to Paris. USA Today: Top SYRIAN general defects; Diplomats press Assad. 7/7 Yahoo:Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday formally designated Afghanistan a “major non-NATO ally,” setting the stage for tighter military cooperation even as international troops are on a path to withdraw from the war-torn country by the end of 2014. Clinton announced the new alliance to diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. 7/8 BBC News: EGYPT president reinstates MPs in a move likely to anger military chiefs. NIGERIAN Christian villages raided. 7/9 NY Times: EGYPT’S president orders return of parliament. BBC News: EGYPT court refuses to reopen parliament.  7/10 CNN: EGYPT’S new president and parliament defy military. 7/11 Yahoo: EGYPT court overrules president over parliament. NY Times: RUSSIA sending warships on maneuvers near SYRIA. CNN: MOSCOW visit for SYRIA opposition leader. (Hmmm!)  BOLIVIA’S Morales on re-election to helm of coca growers’ union: ‘Death to the YANKEES!’ as in precursor plant to cocaine. (We live in a weird, weird world these days!) CNN: Top SYRIAN diplomat abandons Assad and defects to the opposition. 7/15 BBC News: SYRIA rejects UN attack criticism, claiming only 37 killed in Tremseh, including two civilians. (Only 37? Ye gods!)  CLINTON meets EGYPT army leader and urges protection of the people’s rights. CNN Update:Egyptian protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade Sunday and shouted, “Monica, Monica, Monica” as she left the newly reopened U.S. Consulate in Alexandria. 7/19 BBC News: WEST ‘appalled’ by UN SYRIA veto. 7/22 BBC News: MADAGASCAR army base in mutiny. 7/25 BBC News: UN urges end to SYRIA ‘slaughter.’ 7/26 Drudge: IRAN to deploy warships in the Atlantic. 7/28 Drudge: Christian, Muslim villages clash in EGYPT. 7/30 Drudge: WAR DRUMS: Panetta heads to MIDDLE EAST as IRAN dominates ISRAEL talks.  8/2 Drudge: IRAN: Ahmadinejad: Annihilate ISRAEL. ISRAELI PM: Time is running out for IRAN. Halevy: If I were an IRANIAN, I would be very fearful of the next 12 weeks. (Tough astrological aspects are predictive of serious saber rattling until 2015!)  Reuters: Black Belt Putin tackles Cameron on SYRIA. 8/4 Drudge: BRITISH ships banned from docking in BUENOS AIRES. 8/5 BBC News: At least 13 EGYPTIAN policemen killed in attack on ISRAELI border; EGYPTIAN state television blamed Islamist militants.  8/8 CNN; EGYPT launches air strikes on militants in SINAI. Drudge: ASSAD returns to public eye with ally IRAN. 8/13 CNN: EGYPT president sweeps out top army generals. NY Times:President Mohamed Morsi ousted his powerful defense minister, the army chief of staff and several senior generals, seeming for the moment to reclaim power the military had seized. (Good luck with that move!) 8/14 Reuters: LIBYAN fighters join SYRIAN revolt against Assad. BBC News: SYRIA regime collapsing: ex-PM. CNN: U.N. 1 million displaced persons in SYRIA. CNN: Religious clashes devastate MYANMAR/BURMA. 8/15 Yahoo: U.N.: Both SYRIAN forces, rebels committing war crimes.NY Times: Kidnappings draw LEBANON further into SYRIA conflict: More than 20 Syrians were abducted in LEBANON, which their captors called revenge for the kidnapping of a Lebanese relative by rebel fighters inside SYRIA. CNN:  Organization of Islamic Cooperation suspends SYRIA:Syrians search for people trapped under the rubble after an airstrike in the town of Azaaz, near the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, on Wednesday, August 15. At least 20 people reported killed. U.N. investigators said the Syrian regime has committed crimes against humanity. 8/16 NY Times: Despite alarm by U.S., Europe lets Hezbollah operate openly. 8/17 CNN: Putin song lands Pussy Riot band in prison for 2 years. (No freedom of speech in Russia!) More than 30 killed in police crackdown at SOUTH AFRICAN mine. (I think we call that POLICE BRUTALITY! No doubt all black workers.) 8/19 NY Times: U.S. says IRAQIS helping IRAN to skirt sanctions. (Thick as thieves over there!) 8/23 BBC News: Tensions remain high in TRIPOLI.  8/8 Drudge: EGYPT allows IRANIAN warship through SUEZ despite U.S. objection.  9/3 NY Times: To calm ISRAEL, U.S. offers ways to restrain IRAN. 9/7 Yahoo: CANADA closes IRAN embassy, to repel remaining Iranian diplomats. 9/11 CNN: Protestors storm U.S. embassy in EGYPT:Protesters climbed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo today and hauled down U.S. flags, replacing them with black flags with Islamic emblems. (An omen of things to come with Islamic Militants? Does their new president condone such actions???) 9/12 NY Times: ISRAELI sharpens call for UNITED STATES to set IRAN trigger: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the Obama administration for not setting clear “red lines” on Iran’s nuclear progress that would prompt the United States to undertake a military strike. (Why must the only option be WAR?) 9/13 NY Times: LIBYA attacks bring challenges for U.S. with the assassination of the U.S. ambassador and his staff. CNN: New clashes U.S. Embassies in EGYPT and YEMEN. (Over the stupid film made by the anti-Islamist who is costing people their lives! He is likely a dead man himself! What was he thinking during these times? Born Again Christian?) CNN: U.S. warships move toward LIBYA. Drudge: U.S. flags burned at TUNISIA embassy. IRAQI militia threatens U.S. interests. 9/14 NY Times: EGYPT, hearing from Obama, moved to heal rift from protests caused by the anti-Islamic film that has ended in tragic deaths. (That guy needs to be in jail.)  CNN: Rage against anti-Islam film spreads to AFRICA. Reuters: California convict linked to anti-Muslim video, served time for bank fraud. (He has definitely placed himself in Harm’s Way. BAD KARMA for him!)  9/15 NY Times: Anti-American protests flare beyond the MIDEAST. CNN: Anti-American protests spread to AUSTRALIA. Reuters: RUSSIAN opposition stages new protest against Putin. Demonstrations go into the night in CAIRO. 2 dead in attack on U.S. embassy in TUNISIA. GERMAN opposition leader rallies troops by attacking Merkel. Taliban link AFGHANISTAN attack to anti-Islam film. Drudge Al Qaeda urges Muslims to kill U.S. diplomats. (Al Qaeda urges Muslims to kill just about anyone other than members of Al Qaeda!)  9/20 Reuters: INDIA hit by national strike over economic reforms. Drudge: U.S. embassy in PAKISTAN under siege. 9/21 Drudge: SOUTH KOREA fires on NORTH KOREA fishing boats. 9/23 NY Times: EGYPT’S new leader spells out terms for U.S.-Arab ties: On the eve of his first trip to the United States as Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi said the United States must fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world. (Does he wear a blue turban?) CNN: PAKISTAN official wants anti-Islam filmmaker dead. (He will be killed by someone.) 9/26 NY Times: Obama tells U.N. new democracies need free speech. (Like that’s ever going to happen in some of these countries! And what about women’s rights? HA!) 10/15 Drudge: Secessionist wave sweeps BELGIUM. 10/20 CNN: Crowds throng LONDON in march against UK austerity. 10/25 Reuters: Sectarian violence worsens in sectarian MYANMAR/BURMA. (These days it’s always over religion. Ye gods!) 11/6 Reuters: ISRAEL advances plans for 1,213 new West Bank settlement homes. (For the Palestinians???) Drudge: RUSSIAN nuclear attack sub detected in ATLANTIC, near east coast. 11/8 CNN: Al-Assad vows to ‘live and die’ in SYRIA. 11/9 Reuters: BAHRAIN uses teargas to disperse Shi’ites: witness. Drudge: ARGENTINA’S president rocked by biggest protest in decade.  11/13 Reuters: New SYRIAN opposition seeks recognition, arms. 11/15 Reuters: Jordan protesters call for “downfall of the regime.” 11/17 CNN: IRAQ releases prisoner accused of killing U.S. soldiers. (We need to remove all our people from Iraq and Afghanistan.)  11/23 Yahoo: Decree by EGYPT’S Mursi raises rights concern: U.N. (Another dictator for Egypt?) 11/29 Reuters: U.N. set to implicitly recognize Palestinian state. (It’s about time, I say!) NY Times: Greater Assembly grants PALESTINE upgrade status in U.N.Reuters: KURDISH politicians join militant’s hunger strike in TURKEY. (I don’t understand hunger strikes. People are hurting themselves.) Striking SOUTH AFRICAN miners reject Amplats’ offer to return. 12/6 Drudge: 7 dead, hundreds injured in CAIRO protests. EGYPT crisis: Army clearing presidential palace area. (Leadership here is likely to change again within the next year. Another dictator for Egypt!)  12/7 NY Times: Morsi defends wide authority as turmoil rises in EGYPT. 12/9 Reuters: Mursi cancels decree, protesters not impressed. (He already showed his hand, not very smart for such an ambitious man.)  12/18 Reuters: RUSSIA sends warships to SYRIA. 12/20 Reuters: RUSSIA’S Putin backs tough response to U.S. rights law. 12/23 Reuters: YEMEN army shells tribesmen for blocking pipeline repairs. 12/30 CNN: Officials: SYRIA using IRANIAN made missiles. Reuters: U.S. plane stuck in IRAN for repairs after emergency landing.WARNING: This year there are ASTROLOGICAL ASPECTS that tend to bring out the worst in many people. WATCH YOUR TEMPER and CURB ANY VIOLENT TENDENCIES. There seems to be more craziness in the world than usual, the same as during the past year: 2011. Try not to contribute to the headlines in an unacceptable or sensational manner.1/11 Drudge: Hundreds threaten suicide at Microsoft supplier plant in China over lost wages. (Geez! They’ll never get the money then.) 1/21 Reuters: Nigerian sect kills over 100 in bloodiest strike yet. 2/28 CNN: 3rd victim in school shooting dies. All 3 boys were 17, as is their killer. (No doubt, Lane is psychotic and psychologically damaged.) BBC News: 9/11 remains went to landfill. 3/8 CNN: 2 dead, 7 hurt in shooting at Pittsburgh psychiatric hospital. (This is what I’m talking about: MADNESS!) Drudge: 9-year-old girl stabs grandmother in back over TV. 3/12 NY Times: U.S. Sergeant said to kill 16 civilians in Afghanistan, including women and children. CNN: 45 women, children die in Homs massacre. 3/14 CNN: 1 killed in Texas courthouse shooting. Police: 4 stabbed in Ohio, suspect shot. 3/17 Drudge: Family strips naked and chants ‘God is great’ outside Pennsylvania school. (So many people seem to be losing it!) Dialing from inside car, teen girl calls 911 to report mother’s drunk driving. (Good one!) Foot and mouth disease spreads in Egypt. (If you ask me, this is a disease common among politicians, especially this year!)  Filmmaker, co-founder of Invisible Children, arrested for public masturbation. 11-year old arrested for running NCAA tournament pool. (Smart or dumb?) 3/19 CNN: Nurses confess to killing 16 patients. Drudge: TSA agent indicted on federal child porn charges. Uniformed TSA screener busted in heroin raid.  5th suicide on Washington Metro this year. USA Today: 1 dead, 2 injured in Washington State shooting. 3/21 CNN: French police, school shootings suspect in standoff. (He’s a dead man for sure. Hatred is not good in any form.) Drudge: FAU student caught on camera attacking staff, students in a class on evolution. Student forcibly removed. Student yelled: “You’d better shut up before I kill you!” (Prior religious indoctrination, no doubt!) Gas station pump explodes after impatient driver cuts line. (Stupidity!)  3/23 Drudge; Bus driver accused of choking student. 3/25 Drudge: Parent in ski mask attacks student at high school. Thousands of New Agers descend on mountain: Hippies head for Noah’s Ark: Queue here for rescue aboard alien spaceship. (Another group!) 3/27 Drudge: 5 year old girl jumping on bed shot as gun under mattress discharges. Medical marijuana deliveryman robbed by baton-wielding ninja warriors. JetBlue captain goes berserk on NYC to Las Vegas flight.  3/29 Drudge: Man kills wife after dog defecates in house. (People are going nuts!)  4/3 Reuters: Gunman kills 7 at California college.4/7 CNN: Man kills 4, wounds 3 in Hungary sword attack after family argument. Drudge: Indiana woman arrested for brutal scrotum attack on ex-boyfriend. (Drudge is becoming the Jerry Springer of newspapers!) Maryland lottery winner who says she hid ticket in McDonald’s now says she can’t find it. (Karma for trying to rip off her coworkers?) 4/8 Drudge: VIDEO: Mob beats, strips and robs tourist as onlookers laugh in Baltimore. (Our society does not seem to be evolving.) 4/10 Drudge: Drunk woman breaks into house, tries to breast feed stranger’s baby.  GOOD ONE: Man tracked down by GPS he stole. 4/12 Drudge: Death City: Homicides in Chicago soar: 120 dead in 2012, 500 wounded. Mother and child, 1, shot while sleeping. Woman shot in face while driving. 4/13 CNN: NH police chief shot and killed days before retirement. 3 killed in Ohio restaurant shooting. Drudge: 99-year old woman duct taped to chair during home invasion. 4/17 CNN: Pilot sends plane into dive after mistaking Venus for oncoming plane. (Yikes!) Drudge: Woman, 90, suffers broken bones while being dragged by SUV during purse-snatching. (Deplorable thugs!) BBC News: Breivik boasts of Norway massacres where he killed 77 people: Claims he carried out a ‘spectacular attack’ and should be acquitted. (And the doctors say he’s sane!? This aspect was in orb in 2011.) 4/18 Drudge: Barking man cited for noise violation. (Weird!) 4/19 Drudge: Norway killer wanted to capture, behead PM on video. (This aspect was in orb last year too!) Nurse killed mom, stole baby after miscarriage. CNN: 3 killed in Texas cockfight shooting. (Still cowboys in Texas.) 4/20 Drudge: Vatican orders crackdown on ‘radical’ U.S. nuns. 4/21 Drudge: Cops bust businessman suspected in vile public defecation spree. (Disgusting! But what do I say about these aspects. BEHAVE!) 4/22 Drudge: Woman arrested for biting another woman over parking spot. (They live among us!) 4/14 Mail Online: Neighbor from hell spent 10 years ordering hundreds of taxis and takeaways and two tons of coal to victim’s home. (Talk about bad karma! I wonder what happened in a past life to warrant such behavior?) Man beats manager with baseball bat for not being served at McDonald’s. 5/13 CNN: Florida woman sentenced to 20 years in controversial warning shot case. Drudge: FBI agent missing, possibly armed, suicidal. 5/15 CNN: Mom kills her 4 kids, herself, in Florida home. 5/16 CBS Denver: Woman accused of robbing bank with ‘AIDS syringe’ allegedly strikes again. (Really bad karma for her!) 5/18 Drudge: Men arrested for vandalizing MacDonald’s over ‘messed up’ cheeseburgers. VIDEO: DUI driver plows through intersection during Live TV report on crosswalk safety.  5/19 CNN: Police: British Columbia man straps explosives to body, storms ex’s house: BIG EXPLOSION. (Quick karma for his rank stupidity!) 5/20 CNN: Who killed jogger in drive-by? 5/22 CNN: 8 shot after Oklahoma City Thunder playoff win. Drudge: McDonald’s vandalized; Onions on burgers send men on rampage. USA Today: Police: Grandma killed grandson as he called 911 for help. 5/24 CNN: Man stuffs baby in spinning washer. 5/27 USA Today: Police officer kills naked attacker chewing man’s face. 5/29 Drudge: Man drives truck in Taco Bell over missing taco.  5/31 USA Today: Shooting leaves gunmen, 5 others dead in Seattle. 2 dead, 3 injured in Indianapolis shooting. 6/1 CNN: Man ate roommate’s heart, part of brain, after killing him. 6/3 CNN: 1 dead, 8 wounded in TORONTO mall shooting. 6/4 CNN: 8 dead in Mexico rehab center shooting.  Drudge: ‘Zombie apocalypse’: Horror movie genre becomes twisted, real life news headlines in Miami, Texas and Maryland. (This is really disgusting and strange karma.) Man beheads wife, throws body parts from balcony. 6/5 Drudge: Woman arrested for setting husband on fire with nail polish remover. USA Today: L.A. 1-year-old toddler dies after being shot by teen cyclist who also shot the father. (Bad karma here.)  6/10 Drudge: 2 teenage girls order pizza, stab delivery woman 50 times on doorstep in Georgia.  (Psychotic!) 6/12 CNN:Barely holding back sobs, a 13-year-old Ohio boy makes a heart-rending call to tell police that his dad killed his mom. “He just ran outside and killed my mom. And she’s laying in the grass in front of the apartment.” (These aspects continue until 2015. PLEASE walk away from your differences instead of acting out and creating really bad karma for yourself!) Drudge: COPS: Naked man high on bath salts tries to attack 3-year-old girl on Miami beach playground. 6/14 Drudge/Buffalo: Hunt continues for surgeon in fatal shooting of former girlfriend at ECMU. (This was a FATAL ATTRACTION for sure.) JUNE: THIS MONTH IS URANUS SQUARE PLUTO: The Crazies are showing up in very large numbers, such as: Man beaten by mob of teens over dropped iPhone! AND College student charged in wasabi attack on girlfriend. 6/17 Drudge: Drunken mob of 150 teenagers run wild in PORTLAND, OREGON. 6/21 Drudge: Man on drugs gets naked, bits off chunk of man’s arm. 6/25 Drudge: Man throws wife from moving car on 1-90, attacks trooper. 6/26 Drudge: ZOMBIE: Man who took synthetic drug strangles dog, starts eating it. Japan police probe man who cooked own genitals. (This is so bizarre!)  6/29 CNN: Soldier dead, 2 hurt in Fort Bragg shooting. (The aspects all summer are bringing out the madness in some individuals.) 7/3 Drudge Report: Man high on synthetic ‘spice’ goes on naked ‘ninja’ campaign. Mayhem at BROOKLYN pool as swimmers attack police. Man suspected of decapitating neighbor auditioned for movie role in a thriller in Australia. Two plane hijackers beaten to ‘death by passengers and crew’ in CHINA. 7/4 Drudge: Pregnant woman bites off boyfriend’s fingertip. 7/5 Drudge: Bus driver says caffeine made him grope girls. (Sure! I’d say it was testosterone overload!)  LA Times: Police: Cook gunned down over long wait times; Racial slurs supposedly used before shooting. 7/7 Drudge: Jordanian MP pulls gun on his critic during live TV debate. (These aspects are hitting everyone, especially during this summer!) 7/8 NY Times: Violence across NEW YORK leaves 7 dead with a 7-year-old boy bludgeoned to death. CNN: Taliban shoot woman 9 times in public execution as men cheer. 7/10 Drudge: Defendant kicks water pipe, floods courthouse, injures two. 7/12 Drudge: ROAD RAGE: Philly driver pulls out crossbow. 7/17 CNN: Facebook video leads to murder arrest: Teen posts fatal beating on Facebook. (Bragging rights and a prison cell for life?) 2 dead, 19 hurt in house party shooting. Drudge: Flash mob of 300+ teens storm WAL-MART in Florida. 7/20 CNN: Gunman kills 12 in Colorado movie theater: Batman massacre; 38 injured. (This week the astrological aspects are HORRENDOUS. Violent movies breed VIOLENCE. Heath Ledger overdosed playing the Joker!) 7/21 Drudge: LARGEST MASS SHOOTING IN U.S. HISTORY. Smirk of Batman psycho. Told cops he was ‘the Joker.’ (He has to be psychotic! The fine line between genius and insanity? My sense is that the gunman planned to kill himself, but chickened out!) Theaters ban masks. (Better late than never?) 7/23 Drudge: Angry ANAHEIM crowd three bottles at police, set fires on streets after police shooting. 7/25 Drudge: Mayhem in ANAHEIM as protesters clash with police, Mobs smash windows, set fires. Angry crowd confront police after shooting in DALLAS. 7/27 Drudge: Man arrested after washing genitals in public drinking fountain. Drudge: Man stabs customer at post office for cutting in line. 7/28 USA Today: 3 shot dead in PA, girl taken, found safe:A man in south-central Pennsylvania confronting his wife about custody arrangements for their daughter shot to death three people, then fled with the 4-year-old girl before the two were found about 250 miles away in Ohio, authorities said Saturday: Cleeves was charged with three counts of criminal homicide Saturday, according to court records. (It is ALWAYS BEST to walk away in these situations. Now the girl will have no parent.) 7/29 USA Today: DA: Massachusetts separated dad shoots two kids, 7-year-old daughter fatally, kills self. (People’s senseless madness is sure coming out in these astrological aspects.) 8/3 BBC News: Farmer facing minor drug charge in Vermont crushes 7 police cars with his tractor. (Do you think he’s in deeper doo now? I guess you call this tractor rage!) 8/5 Yahoo: Shooting at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin:At least one gunman opened fire during morning services on Sunday at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and remained on the loose inside the temple, possibly holding hostages, according to witnesses. CNN: Gunmen in Sikh’s temple shoot ‘put down.’ (The madness in these aspects is affecting every race, nationality and religion: MADNESS!)UPDATE: BBC News: ‘7 dead’ at Wisconsin Sikh temple.8/9 Drudge: Man arrested for rubbing dog excrement in mother’s face.(I should hope so.)8/18 Drudge/CBS Denver: ‘Sic her:’ Man, dog attack bride at Denver wedding: A man is on the run from police and a dog is under quarantine at the Denver Animal Shelter after a shocking attack at a wedding party last weekend. 8/20 Drudge/AP: 8 injured in SOUTH KOREAN subway rampage of man with box cutter. 8/21 Drudge/AP: Russian woman kills elderly neighbor with her bra. 9/6 Drudge: Man stabbed to death over bag of chips. Gunman robs woman inside church. 9/9 Drudge: MMA fighter high on magic mushrooms murders friend, tips out tongue and cooks heart.(Please stay away from magic mushrooms!)Woman strips, goes on rampage with butcher knife.(What was she on: psychotic episode for sure.)9/14 Drudge: Naked, bloody man gnawed on woman’s head during wild neighborhood rampage in Pennsylvania. 9/18 Drudge: Man used dog to beat girlfriend.(Animal cruelty to boot! Crazy men don’t deserve girlfriends!)9/19 Drudge: Disabled woman dies after being beaten by 11-year-old son. 9/22 Drudge: Woman urinates, showers in the middle of crowded NYC subway car.(What? Obviously mentally ill!)9/23 Drudge: Wisconsin boys, 13, charged with killing 78-year old great grandmother with hatchet and hammer while stealing jewelry and car from her home.(The Uranus-Pluto square is at 6 degrees of mayhem!)Flight attendant stole passenger’s iPad:Police say Nevada man who lost his iPad on an airplane used an app called Find My iPad to locate it inside the Oregon home of a flight attendant.9/27: I’ve stopped listing some of the things here that involve bizarre murders and drugs, such as a 73 year old man murdering his daughter-in-law and being on the run in New York State. (Too much madness going on to suit me!) Drudge: Drunk man on horseback leads cops on chase through Bunnell, authorities say in Florida. 9/28 Yahoo: Police: Minnesota office shooter who recently lost his job killed 4, wounded several others and killed himself. Drudge/Mail Online: The man who sent SEX TEXT to ALL his contacts…and ended up in prison because of the minors on his list!(At least this one isn’t a horror story!)10/10 Drudge: Chuck E Cheese employee accused of stabbing diner with box cutter over salad plate.Dear me!)10/15 Drudge: Hundreds of skateboarders run wild in Los Angeles, trash businesses: Police in riot gear called to quell melee. Teen shot in head during home invasion prank. 2 teens kills, 24 wounded across Chicago overnight. 10/18 CNN: A New Orleans mother shot her 3-year-old son, drowned her 4-year-old daughter and took a bus to a hospital, complaining of stomach pains and a headache, police said. Drudge: Driver doesn’t stop for 8 blocks as men viciously beat woman on public bus in Baltimore. Florida couple had sex atop restaurant table while parents, kids watched. 10/23 Drudge/ Jersey City police say carjacking suspect was high, naked, later ate his own finger. (Drugs can make people beyond stupid, deranged!) Drudge: Note next to murdered pregnant woman threatens killing of 1 pregnant woman a month if the DC sniper isn’t released. (Like that’s going to ever happen! He killed 10 innocent people.) 10/25 Drudge: Pregnant woman arrested for drunkenness give birth in jail lobby. (I hope her baby is normal; alcohol damages the fetus’s brain.) 10/26 NY Post: Upper West Side nanny accused of stabbing toddlers to death, trying to kill herself, according to police. 10/30 Mail Online: Mega church pastor chased and beaten to death with electric guitar by man who rammed car into church. 11/2 CNN: Illinois woman accused of killing son, girl, as she babysat them to hurt her ex. Drudge: 27 cadets injured in brawl at U.S. Air Force Academy.  11/10 Drudge: SHOCK: Mentally disabled woman raped on California bus.  11/15 Drudge/South Florida: Man cut almost all of girlfriend’s nose for refusing to have sex. 11/21 Yahoo: 3 dead in murder-suicide at California senior center; Man in 80s shot two women and himself, one an employee. 11/24 CNN: 2 deputies shot in Alabama, 1 killed. 12/1 Drudge: Cops: Man stabs mother’s boyfriend for eating his Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. (A disturbed 18!)  Couple allegedly assaulted by pizzeria workers after complaining about slices. Kansas City Chief’s player kills girlfriend then kills self. (The Mars-Pluto conjunction creates homicidal rage.) Murder-suicide at Wyoming college happened during class in front of students. (A real life horror!) CHICAGOLAND: 6 dead, 11 wounded across the city overnight. 12/2 Drudge: Woman tried to kill her husband with a poisoned tuna sandwich. 12/4 Drudge: Man pushed to his death by madman in Times Square subway station. North Carolina inmates allege prison officers made them rub hot sauce on genitals. (Police brutality that doesn’t say much for the humanity of government employees!) 12/5 Drudge: Robbers welding AK-47s terrorize Detroit gas stations. Execution style slayings leave 4 dead in Detroit. Woman featured in Times story about sexual disorder commits suicide. 12/7 CNN: Nurse found dead from suicide after prank call on Catherine. (How sad!) 12/7 Drudge; Woman killed boyfriend after she ‘smelled sex on him.’ (The lunatic fringe!) 12/10 Yahoo: 5 dead in California Indian reservation shootings. 12/14 Drudge: Police: Man tries to drown wife in dog bowl after fight over frozen pizza. 12/14 CNN: 20 year old Adam Lanza kills 26 before killing himself, 20 children ages 6 and 7 and 6 female teachers. (I have had trouble dealing with this terrible tragedy.) 12/16 CNN: ‘Deep pain begins to settle.’ Medical examiner: Suspect used automatic rifle. Police searching for motive. (Violent video games can’t have help a damaged boy! He killed his mother with her own gun.) Man stands in Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA mall parking lot and fires 50 shots into the air; Man lives in his car. 12/17 CNN: 2 police officers shot, killed outside KANSAS grocery store; The 22 year old killer escaped. (All these young killers with guns; ruined lives.) 120 police officers killed in the line of duty in 2012. 12/18 Drudge: Swedish teens riot over Instagram sex rumors, turning violent when police intervene. Drudge: Thieves steal from Toys for Tots bin. 12/19 Drudge: CHICAGOLAND: Brawl breaks out at Chuck E Cheese, moms mix it up, cops pepper spray parents as chairs fly. (The madness continues.) 12/20 Drudge: Woman attacked on train with feces-filled sock. Woman caught on camera stealing Christmas wreaths, lights from neighbor’s homes; Ms Grinch. 12/21 Drudge: Montana man charged with waterboarding boys and injuring woman who tried to stop him. Mysterious attacks leave livestock earless. Man held without bond for screaming, jumping up and down near school; Judge said he was intentionally trying to scare kids. (He obviously suffers from mental illness.) 12/21 CNN: Man kills 2 men, 1 woman, dies in shootout with police in central PENNSYLVANIA, 3 officers injured. 12/24 Drudge: MAYAN TEMPLE damaged in tourist ‘apocalypse’ frenzy. 12/25 Drudge: Chinese man drives car into 23 students, injuring 13; Angered by a court ruling in the murder of his daughter. CNN: Shooter that lured firefighters left note: ‘Killing is what I do best.’ Since he killed his grandmother with a hammer in 1980, and ambushed and killed two firefighters on Monday.”I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do what I like doing best – killing people,” his 3 page noteread. (I believe he also killed his sister whose remains will be found in the burned down house.) 12/27 Yahoo: Body found in burned home of killer of 2 firemen: believe victim is gunman’s sister. (BINGO!) AP: Sleeping woman set on fire outside VAN NUYS store; witnesses saw a man pour liquid on her and light a match. Drudge: Man dies after shooting over Air Jordan’s, age 22; No one arrested in his death. Hollywood studio employees caught pirating films. AP: Sandy Hook hoaxer busted by Federal agents: Ex-con posed as uncle of shooter. BBC News: INDIA tea workers burn boss and his wife to death in Assam state. (Madness all around the world!) 12/28 CNN: 3 officers injured, gunman dead after NJ police station shooting. Child finds porn on Christmas gift. NY Post: Video shows suspect fleeing the scene of fatal QUEENS subway push in front of train. Drudge: CHICAGO hits 500 murders in 2012. 12/28 CNN: INDIA rape victim dies in Singapore. 12/29 CNN: INDIA files murder charges in gang rape. (She was a martyr for an important cause.) Drudge: Woman accused of driving drunk, leaving kids at crash scene. (Some people don’t really deserve to have children.) 12/29 NY Times: Bronx woman charged with a hate crime in subway attack: She told the cops “it was an act against Muslims for 9/11.”The planet NEPTUNE finally entered its transit in its natural rulership of PISCES on February 3, 2012: the INTUITIVE FACULTIES of nearly everyone will now begin to function at a higher, finer, stronger level. PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO YOUR INTUITION not only this year, but at all times, and you will have little need for regret.POWER STRUGGLES in HIGH PLACES remain the norm.1/10 USA Today: SYRIA’S president says he won’t leave power. 1/27 NY Times: As tensions rise, EGYPT bars exit of 6 Americans. 2/6 Drudge: IRAN’S Ayatollah: Kill all Jews, annihilate Israel. (It seems this brand of Islam is without tolerance of any kind. Religious fanaticism is at the basis of all these wars, besides oil and greed.) 4/19 Drudge: Top EGYPT Islamist says military seeking to keep power. (It is my understanding the military have been running Egypt for many, many years.) 5/1 CNN: Rupert Murdock not fit to run business, UK Lawmakers rule.  6/1 CNN: EGYPT: Bedridden Mubarak sentenced to life in prison. 6/6 Reuters: Assad names new PM, army pounds rebels. Bomb targets U.S. embassy in Libya. 6/26 Drudge: Putin to Israel: Don’t rush to strike Iran:Warning from Putin: Visiting Russian president cautions Israel against hasty military action in Iran, says ‘look at what happened to the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan’. 6/29 Reuters: Iran expects to equip Gulf ships with missiles soon. In ‘Islamist’ EGYPT, generals still have final say. (The military has ruled here for decades!)  7/16 Yahoo: Official: U.S. ship fires on boat off DUBAI, 1 dead, 3 wounded; disregarded warnings as it raced toward the vessel near Jebel Ali, United Arab Eremites. 7/27 Drudge: DUBAI police chief: ‘Muslim Brothers plotting overthrow of Gulf States.’ 7/31 Drudge: U.S. attacks CHINA over supergirl swimmer. (She probably takes ginseng! It boosts testosterone.) Twitter suspends British journalist critical of NBC Olympics coverage. 8/6 CNN: SYRIA’S PM defects, officials say. Reuters: Jailed Russian tycoon says punk rock band trial ‘medieval.’ 8/12 Drudge: ISRAEL media talk of imminent IRAN war push. (MAJOR SABER RATTLING with mega-quakes in IRAN and CHINA. Now isn’t that terrific!?!) 8/21 Reuters: RUSSIA warns West over SYRIA after Obama’s threats involving the use of chemical weapons. Drudge/Israel Times: Netanyahu ‘determined to attack IRAN before U.S. elections’ claims ISRAEL’S Channel 10: TV reporter adds: “I doubt Obama would say anything that would convince PM to delay a possible attack.” (Beating the war drums is apparently all some nations know how to do!) IRAN unveils new missile, other weapons. 8/22 NY Times: After remarks on TV about “legitimate rape” not being responsible for impregnating a woman, GOP Senate candidate Akin ignores deadline to quit and defies his party leaders. (Even though he is now highly unlikely to win.) Drudge/NY Times: ISRAEL asks EGYPT to remove tanks from SINAI. (What a surprise!)  8/24 CNN: Veteran U.S. diplomat Crocker facing drunken driving, hit and run charge. 9/28 NY Times: Nod to OBAMA by NETANYAHU in warning to IRAN on bomb. 10/22 CNN: Douglas Kennedy, son of the late Robert Kennedy, goes on trial in alleged assault of two nurses. 11/6 BBC News: CAMERON: Grant ASSAD safe passage. 11/14 Reuters: FRANCE recognizes new SYRIA opposition, U.S. restrained. 11/15 Reuters: RUSSIA threatens tough response if U.S. backs rights bill. (Has Stalin reincarnated?)  11/19 CNN: U.N.: THIS MUST STOP.Pressure is mounting for an end to the ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN violence that has left dozens dead and hundreds wounded, with the U.N. chief flying to the region to appeal for a cease-fire. (This is a horror!) Reuters: EGYPT PM says GAZA truce deal may be close. ISRAEL prefers diplomacy over invasion. 11/23 BBC News: Protests target EGYPT BROTHERHOOD:Protesters attack Muslim Brotherhood offices amid anger at President Mursi’s decision to grant himself sweeping new powers. (This week the aspects are downright dangerous! Tread lightly. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.) 11/28 Reuters: EGYPT’S top courts suspend work in protest against Mursi. Mursi’s power grab took aides by surprise. 12/13 CNN: U.S. to send troops and Patriot missiles to TURKEY. 12/26 CNN: SYRIA top military cop reportedly defects. Shooter in AFGHANISTAN insider attack an IRANIAN national, official say.The argument for CLIMATE CHANGE or GLOBAL WARMING continues as weather continues to dramatically change all around the globe.1/11 Science Daily: Climate change affecting elk, plants and birds. 1/12 USA Today: EPA: Power plants main global warming culprits. 1/13 Science Daily: Offsetting global warming: Molecule in Earth’s atmosphere could ‘cool the planet.’ 1/16 Science Daily: Retreating glaciers threaten water supplies. 1/22 Science Daily: NASA finds 2011 9th-warmest year on record. NASA sees repeating La Nina hitting its peak. 1/31 Science Daily: Earth’s energy budget remained out of balance despite unusually low solar activity, NASA study finds: Green house gases generated by human activity, not changes in solar activity, are the main cause of global warming. (Here we go again!)  2/14 Science Daily: Antarctic fish threatened by climate change. 3/2 Science Daily: Sea level rise to alter economics of California beaches: Certain beaches will shrink, others remain large. 3/4 Reuters: Ocean’s acidic shift accelerating to record highs. Coal port growth threatens Great Barrier Reef. 3/26 Science Daily: Extreme weather linked to global warming.  3/27 Science Daily: West Antarctic ice shelves tearing apart at the seams. 4/3 Reuters: Melting Arctic may redraw geopolitical map. 4/5 Science Daily: Rapid ice shelf disintegration in Antarctica. 4/9 CNN: U.S. records warmest March in history. 4/26 BBC News: World’s glaciers ‘out of balance.’ 5/11 Drudge: Teenagers that global warming to courts! 5/12 Science Daily: Potential instability in West Antarctic ice sheet from newly discovered basin size of New Jersey. 6/6 Science Daily: Ghosts on the water: Virginia’s dying coastal marshes and climate change denial. 6/7 Science Daily: Arctic ice melt is setting stage for severe winters. (Last winter was extremely mild in the Mid-Atlantic.) 6/8 Science Daily: U.S. experienced warmest spring on record. 6/11 CNN: Melting Arctic ‘blooms’ with algae,scientists likening the discovery to “finding the Amazon rainforest in the middle of the Mojave Desert.” Science Daily: Today’s climate more sensitive to carbon dioxide than in past 12 million years. (Now, how do scientists really KNOW this? Isn’t this just theory or speculation? Or does someone really have past life recall from 12M years ago?) 6/18 Drudge: Prince Charles warns of ‘catastrophic climate change.’ 6/19 Science Daily: May 2012 global temperatures second warmest on record. 6/21 Science Daily: Melting sea ice threatens Emperor Penguins. BBC News: Unrest at India’s water shortage.  6/22 Discovery News: Extreme summer heat breaks records. (Only 83 today so far. I’m so glad!) 6/24 Science Daily: Significant sea-level rise in a 2-degree warming world. (Whoops!)  Science Daily: Climate Change and the South Asian summer monsoon: The vagaries of South Asian summer monsoon rainfall impact the lives of more than one billion people. A review in Nature Climate Change (June 24 online issue) of over 100 recent research articles concludes that with continuing rise in CO and global warming, the region can expect generally more rainfall, due to the expected increase in atmospheric moisture, as well as more variability in rainfall.  (Al Gore deserves an apology from some people!)  7/3 Drudge/AP: This SUMMER ‘IS WHAT GLOBAL WARMING LOOKS LIKE.’ More than 2,000 heat records matched or broken. Man holds AC repairman at gunpoint. 7/4 BBC News: Climate ’causes leaves to narrow.’ 7/7 Science Daily: Arctic warming linked to combination of reduced sea ice and global atmospheric warming. 7/9 CNN: Past 12 months warmest ever in U.S. 7/10 BBC News: Scientists: U.S. has hottest year since 1895. 7/13 Science Daily: Antarctica at risk from human activities. 7/17 Science Daily: Glacier break creates ice island twice the size of Manhattan. 7/20 BBC News: Iceberg breaks off from Greenland. 7/25 Science Daily: Tropical plankton invade Arctic waters: Researches see natural cycle, but questions arise on climate change. Unprecedented Greenland ice sheet surface melt.  BBC News: Satellites reveal sudden ice melt in Greenland. Glacier breakup shocks scientists. Antarctic: Grand Canyon-sized rift ‘speeding ice melt.’ 7/26 Science Daily: Mediterranean earthworm species found thriving in Ireland as global temperatures rise.  7/27 Drudge: STUDY: Storms threaten OZONE layer. 7/30 BBC News: Ex-skeptic says climate change is down to humans. (I believe it!)  7/31 Yahoo: Form Global Warming skeptic makes a ‘total turnaround’: Richard Muller, a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley, says he has become convinced that “the prior estimates of the rate of warming were correct,” and that humans are “almost entirely the cause” of that warming. (I agree.) 8/6 Drudge: Thousands of fish die as Midwest streams heat up. 8/7 Science Daily: Research links extreme summer heat events to global warming. 8/8 Science Daily: New Global Warming culprit: Methane emissions jump dramatically during dam drawdown. 2012 the hottest year on record for NORTHEAST, U.S. CNN: JULY hottest month on record in the U.S. 8/19 USA Today: Climate change puts ATLANTIC coastline in cross hairs:  Inch by inch along parts of the Atlantic Coast, global climate change is running in what scientists warn is geology’s version of fast-forward — swamping and eroding beaches, wetlands and farm fields.Shorelines from North Carolina to Boston are in a ‘hotspot’ for sea-level rise and will see water levels rise at double the rate of most places on the planet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The doubling is largely because of a geologic double whammy. (Not a good time to invest in beachfront property!) 8/21 Reuters: Arctic sea ice likely to hit record low next week. 8/27 NY Times: Amount of sea ice in Arctic is measured at record low. 9/8 BBC News: ARCTIC melting at ‘amazing’ speed, scientists find. 9/11 NY Times: New York is lagging as seas and risks rise, critics warn:New York City is facing up to the threats posed by rising seas and flooding in the subway system during severe storms, but the city is years away from – and billions of dollars short of – armoring itself. 9/13 Science Daily: Himalayan glaciers retreating at accelerated rate in some regions: Consequences for water supply remain unclear. USA Today: DEATH VALLEY takes record for world’s hottest temp. 9/17 USA Today: WORLD has 3rd warmest summer ever. 9/18 CNN: 2012 HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD. 9/21 Science Daily: Nunavut’s mysterious ancient life could return by 2100 as Arctic warms: Global climate change means that recently discovered ancient forests in Canada’s extreme north could one day return. (Interesting!) 9/25 Science Daily: Climate is changing the Great Barrier Reef. CNN: Next global warming worry: Thawing tundra. 10/2 Science Daily: High Arctic heat tops 1,800-year high, says study; Modern spike outmatches naturally driven ‘Medieval Warm Period.’ 10/4 Science Daily: Arctic Sea ice record low; Antarctic record high. (Could this have to do with the shift?) Southern Hemisphere becoming drier: Decline in April-May rainfall over South-East Australia. 10/6 Science Daily: Weather-making high-pressure systems predicted to intensify. 10/10 Science Daily: Climate change to lengthen growing season. 10/11 Science Daily: Glaciers cracking in the presence of carbon dioxide: The well-documented presence of excessive levels of carbon dioxide (CO) in our atmosphere is causing global temperatures to rise and glaciers and ice caps to melt. (Because of humans, industry, car emissions that weren’t around centuries ago! It’s called GLOBAL WARMING!) 10/15 National Geographic: Antarctic sea ice hits record HIGH: Does that mean the earth isn’t warming up?Despite frequent headlines about a warming planet, melting sea ice, and rising oceans, climate analysts pointed to a seeming bright spot this week: During Southern Hemisphere winters, sea ice in the Antarctic, the floating chunks of frozen ocean water, is actually increasing. (Mother Nature is fully confused.) 10/17 Science Daily: Ice age polarity reversal was global event: Extremely brief reversal of geomagnetic field, climate variability, and Super Volcano. (It is my take that a Super Volcano or asteroid will wipe out our civilization at some point in time. It will be time for a fresh start.) 10/25 Science Daily: 2012 Arctic Ozone hole second smallest in 20 years. 10/26 Science Daily: Not-so-permanent permafrost: 850 billion tons of carbon stored in frozen Arctic ground could be released. 11/2 Science Daily: Why seas are rising ahead of predictions: Estimates of rate of future sea-level rise may be too low. 11/3 Science Daily: Mountain meadows dwindling in Pacific Northwest U.S. due to climate change. USA Today: Sandy, rising seas fuel future climate concerns. (No oceanfront home for me!) 11/6 Science Daily: Indian monsoon failure more frequent with global warming, research says. Warming temperatures cause aquatic animals to shrink the most. 11/9 Earth Changes Media: Uptick in earthquake and solar activity: 1 M Class flare followed by CME in last 48 hours. Earthquakes continue at CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE, OREGON coast. 11/10 Science Daily: Future warming likely to be on high side of climate projections, analysis finds. 11/14 Science Daily: Warming temperatures will change Greenland’s face, experts predict. 11/17 Science Daily: Himalayan glaciers will shrink by almost 10%, even if temperatures hold steady. 11/20 BBC News: Greenhouse gases hit record high in 2011. 11/21 BBC News: U.N. says carbon cuts too slow to curb dangerous warming. 11/22 Science Daily: Unexpected microbe fighting harmful greenhouse gas. 11/23 USA Today: Mississippi River commerce imperiled by low water. 11/25 Science Daily: Maple syrup, moose, and the impacts of climate change:In northern hardwood forest, climate change is poised to reduce the viability of the maple syrup industry, spread wildlife diseases and tree pests, and change timber resources.11/28 Science Daily: Sea levels rising faster than IPCC projections. (Not a good time for oceanfront property!) 11/30 CNN: Greenland, Antarctica ice melt speeding up, study finds. Science Daily: More solid measure of melting in polar ice sheets: Planet’s two largest ice sheets losing ice fast. Human-caused climate change signal emerges from the noise. 12/2 Science Daily: Long term research reveals how climate change is playing out in real ecosystems.  12/3 Science Daily: More intense North Atlantic storms likely in the future. 12/8 CNN: As climate warms, Arctic spawns massive ice islands. Science Daily: Massive crevices and bendable ice affect stability of Antarctic ice shelf. 12/18 Science Daily: Extreme climate predicted in Eastern U.S.: Storms, heat waves with global warming. 12/24 Science Daily: Study shows rapid warming on the west Antarctic ice sheet. Smaller Colorado River projected for coming decades. 12/25 Discovery News: West Antarctica warming in triple-time! 12/27 CNN: Barge companies fear Mississippi River shutdown because of water levels.The ECONOMIC PLIGHT OF EUROPE remains front and center.1/1 Drudge: ITALIAN president urges sacrifices to save economy. Sarkozy: FRANCE’S future hangs in the balance in 2012. GREEKS must avert economic collapse, exit euro. BBC News: Europe leaders warn of grim 2012. SPAIN sets out new spending cuts. 1/5 Drudge: Tick-tock: FRENCH borrowing costs rise at auction as AAA rating faces threat of cut. 1/9 CNN: Europe’s debt crisis: No end in sight. 1/10 BBC News: ITALY ‘likely’ to be downgraded. 1/11 Reuters: ECB must do more to prevent euro collapse. 1/12 Drudge: GREEK children ‘dumped in streets’ as parents struggle. 1/13 NY Times: S&P cuts France’s AAA rating, affirms German credit and reduces Portugal. 1/14 NY Times: Downgrade of debt ratings underscores Europe’s woes. CNN: S&P downgrades 9 eurozone nations. (And who gave them the right? The U.S.?) 1/16 CNN: S&P downgrades Europe’s bailout fund. 1/20 Reuters: European banks prepare for worst, hoard cash. Greece, creditors near deal in race against time. 1/24 Drudge: IMF’s Lagarde sounds new alarm over Europe. 1/28 Yahoo: Fitch cuts Italy, Spain, other Euro zone ratings. Germany wants Greece to give up budget control. 1/30 BBC News: SPAIN airline suddenly collapses. FRANCE cuts 2012 growth forecast. 2/3 BBC News: HUNGARIAN airline Malev collapses. 2/8 Reuters: Frustrations soar as GREEKS seek bailout deal. Europe shares hit 6-month high on economic optimism. 2/21 Reuters: Europe seals Greek bailout but deep pessimism lingers. 2/23 Reuters: Greek losses send Europe’s banks reeling. 2/28 BBC News: S&P downgrades Greek debt again. 3/10 NY Times: German leader and I.M.F. Chief split over Europe’s debts.  3/16 Reuters: Euro zone may up bailout fund capacity to nearly 700 billion euros: official. Drudge: CHINA becomes top investor in GERMANY. 4/10 Drudge: PORTUGAL borrowing record amounts from European Central Bank. 4/22 Reuters: Voting begins in FRANCE, economy may sink Sarkozy. 4/24 Drudge: GREEK economy to shrink 5%. SPAIN, ITALY borrowing rates soar. 4/25 BBC News: UK economy in double-dip recession. 4/27 Reuters: SPANISH economy in “huge crisis” after credit downgrade. 5/2 BBC News: GREEK debt rating raised by S&P. (Good news for the Greeks!) 5/13 CNN: Talks turn ugly in GREECE. Thousands protest austerity in SPAIN. Reuters: GERMANY’S Merkel faces rout in state vote over austerity. Drudge: UK’s Brown warns of big cuts. 5/16 Drudge: ITALY’S banks shaken; Slump deepens.  (Too much news to post it all!) 5/17 Drudge: Bank runs in SPAIN, $1B euros pulled in week. 5/19 Reuters: EUROPE’S economic woes dominate G8 gathering. 5/24 NY Times: Euro zone crisis boils as leaders argue, failing at pact. BBC News: Eurozone downturn ‘accelerating.’  5/26 Drudge: SPANISH bank asks for biggest bailout in country’s history. 6/4 Reuters: Europe mulls major step toward ‘fiscal union.’ 6/5 NY Times: GERMANY is open to pooling debt, with conditions. Drudge: FRANCE hits back at Obama: ‘The crisis did not start in Europe.’ 6/6 Reuters: EU, GERMANY exploring SPANISH bank rescue. 6/9 CNN: IMF: Spanish banks need $46B. 6/9 NY Times: SPAIN will seek European Union’s help to rescue its banks. 6/10 NY Times: SPAIN to accept rescue from EUROPE for its ailing banks. 6/11 Reuters: Markets, banks bounce on SPAIN bailout. 6/12 NY Times: Worry for ITALY quickly replaces relief for SPAIN. 6/15 Drudge: BRITAIN to give banks $200B to kick-start economy. 6/17 CNN: GREEKS vote; world watches. Reuters: Wildfires rage near ATHENS, hours before critical vote. 6/18 NY Times: Supporters of bailout claim victory in GREEK election. 6/19 Reuters: SPANISH short-term debt costs reach alarm levels. 6/21 Reuters: New EU states struggle to spend Brussels billions. Outlook darkens as EUROPE sinks, CHINA struggles. GREEK government to seek 2 year extension in bailout term. FRANCE, BELGIUM risk billions on bailed-out banks.  8/28 Reuters: Merkel: EUROPE in ‘serious situation.’ 6/29 BBC News: Rescue deal for ailing EUROPE banks. 7/2 CNN: EUROZONE jobless rate hits record. 7/6 Reuters: SPAIN to get longer to reach budget goal.  EUROzone fragmenting faster than EU can act.7/20 Drudge: Huge protests against austerity cuts erupt in SPAIN. FRANCE boosts taxes on the rich. 7/23 Reuters: SPAIN slump deepens as bailout fears grow. 7/23 Drudge: GREEK PM: Country is in ‘Great Depression.’ 7/24 Drudge: 10 ITALIAN cities at risk of bankruptcy. 7/25 Drudge: UK economic shrinks dramatically; longest double dip recession in more than 50 years. 7/31 Drudge: EURO ZONE unemployment hits new record high. 9/3 NY Times: U.S. companies brace for an exit from the Euro by GREECE. 9/6 Drudge: GREEK unemployment surges to 24.4%. Recession taking hold on EURO ZONE. 9/7 Reuters: Stage set for euro rescue but will SPAIN jump? 9/12 NY Times: GERMAN Constitutional Court rules in favor of Euro Zone bailout fund, with conditions. 9/15 BBC News: Major MADRID rally against cuts. 9/16 Reuters: Clashes as protesters in PORTUGAL demonstrate against tax hikes. 9/26 Reuters: SPAIN seethes as Rajoy inches toward aid. Protesters clash with police in MADRID. Drudge/the Guardian: GREEK workers begin general strike:Anti-austerity walkout called by unions expected to ground flights, disrupt local transport and shut public service offices. 9/29 Drudge: FRANCE sets 75% super tax rate. (No wonder the French are leaving the country!) EUROZONE inflation rises to 2.7%. SPAIN reveals sweeping budget cuts. U.N. mulls GLOBAL TAXES. 10/1 Drudge: EUROZONE hits record high unemployment. 1 in 10 EU workers missed work for depression. GREEK youth unemployment hits 55%. 10/3 Drudge: SPAIN’S tax revenues tumble as companies flee the country.  10/18 Reuters: Striking GREEKS protest austerity as EU meets. 10/26 BBC News: SPAIN jobless rate hits new high: 25%. 10/31 CNN: EUROZONE unemployment at record high. 11/6 Reuters: GREEKS strike over spending cuts before crucial vote. 11/11 Reuters: Military joins anti-austerity protests in PORTUGAL. 11/14 Reuters: Strikes grind SPAIN, PORTUGAL to halt. UK jobless claimant count posts sharpest rise in over a year.  11/15 CNN: EUROZONE slips back into recession. 11/19 Drudge: EU in fresh trouble as budget summit faces collapse. 11/21 Reuters: GREECE’S lenders fail again to clinch debt deal. 11/27 Reuters: EURO zone, IMF secure deal on cutting GREEK debt. 11/29 Reuters: EURO ZONE economic mood cheers up a little in November.  12/24 Reuters: MACEDONIANS brawl inside, outside parliament over 2013 budget. 1/24/2013 CNN: SPAIN’S jobless figures hit record high. 1/25 Reuters: BRITAIN’S economy flirts with “triple dip” recession.2/8 Facebook/ Man trampled as hundreds of desperate GREEKS scuffle for food given away by farmers. 2/23 Drudge: U.K. DOWNGRADED.The URANUS-PLUTO square continues into 2015, bringing serious EARTH CHANGES and many other dramatic changes regarding the rulership of GOVERNMENTS and unfair or greedy practices in BIG BUSINESS. 11/15 CNN: BP to pay record criminal penalty over Gulf oil spill. 11/16 Reuters: Military aims for dominance in the new MYANMAR/BURMA. (I don’t think this will work out.) 11/27 Reuters: Morsi opponents rally in CAIRO’S Tahir Square.  The time of MONARCHS and DICTATORS is drawing to a close. Governance by  DEMOCRACY is on the rise. The PEOPLE must learn to govern justly in many different nations. Kings and Queens will become mere figureheads in all nations.2/14 AP: Moroccan gets 3 years for anti-king video.11/15 Reuters: Jordan protesters call for “downfall of the regime.” 4/22/2013 Drudge: Merkel to Europe: ‘Prepare to cede sovereignty.’ The vast reach of TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT will bring GREATER LIGHT to dark places on our planet and help to reveal the truth to all. Lies and deceit no longer work nearly as well as they once did with regard to nations or individuals.1/4 CNN: ‘Hole in space-time’ created by scientists: Could make objects invisible. (It’s Harry Potter time!) 1/12 Drudge: Researchers develop ‘smart’ contact lenses that use circuits, sensors to monitor health. (Wow!) 6/24 Science Daily: Discovery of material with amazing properties:Normally a material can be either magnetically or electrically polarized, but not both. Now researchers have studied a material that is simultaneously magnetically and electrically polarizable. 6/26 Science Daily: New loo turns poo into power! 7/4 Yahoo:Scientists at Europe’s CERN research center have found a new subatomic particle that could be the Higgs boson, the basic building block of the universe. “We have indeed discovered a particle consistent with the Higgs boson,” John Womersley, head of a British public research body, told journalists and scientists in London on Wednesday. “These results mark a significant breakthrough in our understanding of the fundamental laws that govern the universe. 9/14 Science Daily: Neural implant recovers ability to make decisions, monkey study reveals; Researchers have taken a key step towards recovering specific brain functions in sufferers of brain disease and injuries by successfully restoring the decision-making processes in monkeys. 9/28 Science Daily: Cyborg surgeon: Hand and technology combine in new surgical tool that enables superhuman precision. (Fantastic!)        The U.S. ELECTION proves something of a circus, as do most political elections. I see no presidential destiny for any Republican candidate. PRESIDENT OBAMA will be re-elected to a second term. BINGO!1/4 Drudge: Press questions DNC chair: Will Obama drop Biden for Clinton? WASHINGTON POST: Hillary Clinton for Vice President. (Looks to me like folks are wising up!) 1/7 Drudge: Perry preps for NH debate with pistol. Huntsman outraged at ad targeting adopted daughters. Gingrich blasts Romney on abortion, taxing blind. Ron Paul savages Santorum as ‘corrupt.’ BBC News: Republican rivals’ race gets ugly. 1/13 Drudge: BROKAW: Republican ‘jihad’ underway in S.C. 1/17 Reuters: Republicans leap to attack Romney at debate. 1/18 Reuters: Republican foreign policy gaffes draw fire. Drudge: Gingrich on Obama: ‘I don’t want to bloody his nose, I want to knock him out.’ (Such eloquent rhetoric?)  Palin: ‘I’d vote for Newt.’ (She’s really lost it!) 1/19 NY Times: Governor  Rick Perry to drop out of race, two Republicans say. (Wise decision.) 1/20 Washington Post: Another ring in the S.C. circus: Colbert endorses Cain at rally. 1/23 Drudge: 953 dead people voted in S.C. 1/30 BBC News: Newt’s long shot at the moon. 3/13 Reuters: Obama’s approval rating up 50%: lpsos poll. (Go OBAMA!) 3/19 Drudge/Examiner: Carville: Hillary in 2016. (I sure hope so.) 4/4 Reuters: Romney graduates from front runner to underdog. (I don’t see him as president.) 4/26 Drudge: Carville: ‘Huckster’ Mitt stole my ‘stupid’ line. 6/4 Drudge: Pelosi already pushing Hillary for 2016! (GREAT IDEA!) 7/8 NY Times: THE THRILL OF BILL & HILL;The Clintons are riveting political animals. That’s one reason we can’t let go.(I love the Clintons!) CNN: Clinton: ‘Sand is running out of the hourglass’ for al-Assad. (She should be PRESIDENT!) 8/28 NY Times: As storm in Florida disrupts plans, GOP takes up tensions. 9/10 NY Times: A tight election may be entangled in legal battles. (MERCURY turns RETROGRADE on Election Day at 6:04 pm EST. It’s bound to be a mess of some kind!) Reuters: With $114 million Obama out-raises Romney in August. USA Today: Polls: Obama leads in OHIO, tied with Romney in NORTH CAROLINA. (I just don’t see Romney as president! We’ll see soon enough!)  9/11 Reuters: Southern whites troubled by Romney’s wealth, religion. (And so are the northern and mid-western folks.) 10/2 BBC News: Pennsylvania voter ID law halted. 11/7 NY Times: Obama wins new term as electoral advantage holdsbut he will face a Congress with the same divisions that marked his first term.(It’s always good to be right about the good stuff. I have awesome spirit guides that help me with all my readings and predictions. And maybe a few positive changes can me made with this stubborn Congress during the next four years, I hope, I hope!)  NY Times: President Obama wins re-election, the New York Times projects. Reuters: Obama wins re-election. BBC News: Barack Obama victory tweet most retweeted ever:The words “four more years”, coupled with a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama embraced in a hug, have become the most retweeted Twitter post ever.(Sweet!)ARCHEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES continue to be both amazing and enlightening.1/16 BBC News: Egyptian tomb holds singer’s Nehmes Bastet’s remains from 22nd Dynasty (approximately 945-712 B.C.). 1/19 Science Daily: Ancient popcorn discovered in Peru from 6,500-4,000 years ago. BBC News: Extinct bear’s skull found in underwater cave in MEXICO. 1/21 Science Daily: Unusual ‘tulip’ creature discovered: Lived in ocean more than 500 million years ago. 1/22 Huffington Post: Scientists discover ‘Geoglyphs’ in Amazon. 1/24 BBC News: Dinosaur nest discovered in South Africa, including eggs and embryonic skeletons of prosauropods Massospondylus, 100 million years older than previous site. Domesticated dog skull found in Siberian cave: 33,000 years old. 1/30 Science Daily: More than 7,500-year old fish traps found in Russia. 2/7 Drudge/Telegraph: Ancient seagrass: Oldest living thing on earth discovered: 200,000 years old.  2/22 Discovery News: 7 million-year old elephant herd revealed in prints. (Wow!) 2/28 Science Daily: New fossil penguin from New Zealand may be biggest ever. 2/29 Mail Online: Could tools belonging to Stone Age hunters found on the east coast prove the first Americans came from Europe NOT Asia? 3/1 Science Daily: Oldest fossilized forest unearthed: Entire fossilized forest dating back 385 million years. 3/2 Science Daily: First evidence of hunting by prehistoric people in what is now Ohio. 3/3 Science Daily: Two new extinct camel species discovered at Panama Canal excavation. 3/13 Science Daily: Two new species of horned dinosaurs named. 3/15 BBC News: Human fossils hint at new species. (Alien invasion?) New frog species spotted in New York City. 3/20 Discovery News: Satellite reveals early human settlements in Mesopotamia, the so-called cradle of civilization. 3/31 Science Daily: Another vertebrate species reported extinct from Hawaiian Islands: species of lizard. Rare animal-shaped mounds discovered in Peru. 4/3 Science Daily: Evidence that human ancestors used fire one million years ago at the Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa. 4/4 BBC News: Woolly mammoth may have been killed by humans: Discovery of well preserved juvenile woolly mammoth suggests humans ‘stole’ mammoths from hunting lions. 4/17 Science Daily: One of earliest farming sites in Europe discovered: 6,500 BC. 4/24 Science Daily: Mysterious ‘monster’ discovered by amateur paleontologist. 4/28 Science Daily: Rare protozoan sludge in Norwegian lake does not fit on main branches of Tree of Life. (Divine Mind creates surprises!) 5/5 Science Daily: Early North Americans lived with extinct giant beasts, study shows. 5/10 Science Daily: Archaeologists discover lost language that dates back more than 2,500 years on border of modern day Iran and Iraq. 5/12 CNN: ‘Incredible’ WWII British fighter plane found in Egyptian desert. 5/17 Science Daily: The Rhine is 5 million years older than first thought: Age of river corrected based on fossils. First ever record of insect pollination from 100 million years ago. 5/23 ARCHEOLOGY: Spectacular tomb containing more than 80 individuals discovered in PERU: Dated 1,000 years ago! 5/25 Science Daily: Oldest art even older: New dates from GeiBenklosterle Cave show early arrival of modern humans, art and music to between 42,000 and 43,000 years ago! 5/28 Science Daily: It took earth 10M years to recover from greatest mass distinction. 6/14 NY Times: New dating puts cave art in Spain in the Age of Neanderthals 40,000 years ago! 6/21 Science Daily: Chemical analysis of pottery reveals first dairying in Saharan Africa nearly 7,000 years ago. BBC News: ‘Giant wombat’ grave found in Queensland, Australia: The biggest find yet of pre-historic “giant wombat” skeletons, reveals clues to the reasons for the species’ extinction.  6/29 Science Daily: Maya archeologists unearth new 2012 monument with ‘End Date’ of December 21, 2012.(I just don’t buy it! I’m going out to dinner that evening!)  7/10 Science Daily: Pompeii style volcanic ash fall preserved ‘nursery’ of earliest animals 579M years ago. 7/12 Science Daily: Fossil egg links dinosaurs to modern birds. 7/17 Science Daily: Largest ancient dam built by MAYA in Central America. 7/19 Science Daily: Neanderthals in northern Spain had knowledge of plant’s healing qualities, study reveals. (Naturally!)  7/31 Science Daily: Archeologist unearth extraordinary human sculpture in Turkey (ca 1,000-738 B.C.) 8/6 Discovery News: Samson legend gains substance with new find about the Biblical strongman. 8/9 BBC News: NEW HUMAN SPECIES identified from Kenya fossils that lived 2 MILLION YEARS AGO: The discoveries suggests that at least three distinct species of humans co-existed in Africa. (Were some of them aliens?) 8/31 Science Daily: Lao skull earliest example of modern human fossil in Southeast Asia: between 46,000 and 63,000 years old. 9/17 Science Daily: Skilled hunters 300,000 years ago: North Central Germany, probably shared by now extinct species of humans. 9/18 NY Times: Historian says piece of faded papyrus refers to Jesus’ wife. (In a past life I lived in the Essene Community in Qumran with Jesus and his wife and family: The story is in my memoir, COSMIC CONSPIRACY, $5.99: Buy Kindle.) 9/19 Science Daily: Crews uncover massive Roman mosaic in southern Turkey. Discovery News: First ever Etruscan pyramids found in Italy. 10/3 Science Daily: New fanged dwarf dinosaur from Africa ate plants 200 million years ago. (So how do stomach contents reveal that this much later?)  10/4 Science Daily: Tomb of Maya Queen K’abel discovered in Guatemala. 10/25 Science Daily: 100-million-old Coelacanth fish discovered in Texas new species from Cretaceous. 10/26 BBC News: Riches found in ancient Mayan tomb in Guatemala. 11/16 Science Daily: Archaeologists identify oldest spear points: Used in hunting half-million years ago. (Sure…God created the world in 7 days; though myths are interesting: symbolic language of storytellers!) 11/22 Science Daily: 9.2M-year old rhino skull preserved by instant ‘cooking to death’ in volcanic ash. (And you think you have problems!) 11/30 Science Daily: Archeologists discover shipwrecks, ancient harbor on coast of Israel. 12/5 Reuters: Earliest known dinosaur discovered lurking in the corridors of London’s Natural History Museum. 12/7 Facebook post: 30,000 year old engraved stone found in China intrigues archeologists. 12/28 Huffington Post: Hadrian’s auditorium: Ancient Roman arts center from 123 AD discovered. 7/25 Science Daily: New species of shrew found in equatorial Africa: Most bizarre mammalian spine on earth. 3/1/2014 Spirit Science and Metaphysics: Huge underwater pyramid discovered near PORTUGAL – The Navy is investigating.The discovery of NEW SPECIES on the land and in the sea continues to amaze.1/4 BBC News: ‘The Hoff’ crab is new ocean find. Discovery News: From a pale octopus to a ‘Yeti’ crab, whole communities of previously unknown species have been found thriving around Antarctic hydrothermal vents. 1/10 BBC News: New viper snake species found. 1/12 Drudge: World’s tiniest frogs found in Papua, New Guinea. 1/20 Science Daily: Insects top lists: Inventory lists 19,232 newly discovered insects during latest count. (Wow! So much we still don’t know about our planet and its various inhabitants.) 1/21 Discovery News: Monkey feared extinct rediscovered.  1/23 CNN: New species of seahorse protected. 1/23 Discovery News: New flowering plant found in Fiji. 1/25 Discovery News: 46 new species discovered in one of the world most pristine forests in southwest Suriname. 2/5 CNN: Super-giant crustaceans found off coast of New Zealand. 2/7 Science Daily: Treasure trove of wildlife found in Peru park: 365 species previously undocumented. 2/16 Drudge: World’s tiniest chameleon discovered in Madagascar: Fits on the end of a finger! 2/24 CNN: New species of amphibians discovered in India. 3/7 Science Daily: New species of deep-sea catshark described in the Galapagos. 3/19 CNN: New frog species found in New York City. 5/14 Science Daily: New species of Auburn Tiger Trapdoor Spider discovered in a college town backyard. New species of lizard discovered in Central African minefield. 5/24 Science Daily: News species top 10 list: underworld worm, walking cactus creature, blue tarantula, sneezing money, and more. 6/6 Science Daily: 81 new plant and fungus species discovered in a single year. (There is so much we have yet to discovered about our world, let alone our Universe!)  7/11 Science Daily: Nearly 2,000 non-native species established in Great Britain. 8/5 BBC News: New swimming cave cricket species filmed in South America. 8/7 Science Daily: New bird species discovered in ‘Cloud Forest’ of Peru. 8/18 BBC News: New family of spiders discovered. 9/6 CNN: Coastal plant thought extinct for 65 years discovered, put on endangered list. 9/13 Mail Online: New species of ‘owl-faced’ monkey with a bright blue bottom discovered in Africa. 10/5 CNN: 160 new species found on Malaysian peak. 11/16 Science Daily: At least 1/3 of marine species remain undescribed or identified. 12/13 BBC News: Primate species: New slow loris found in Borneo. 12/14 Science Daily: 3 new species of venomous primates identified: May help protect rare primate from illegal trades. (Venomous, Wow! I don’t want one!) 12/27 BBC News: Marine Scotland survey uncovers ‘huge’ flame shell bed; could be largest grouping anywhere in the world. 12/29 Science Daily: Two new species of orchid found in Cuba. 2/2/2013 Science Daily: 24 new species of flower fly have been found in Central and South America.  2/14 Science Daily: New owl species discovered in Indonesia unique to one island.  2/18 Science Daily: New genus of crustacean (black) and 5 new species. New insect: Spectacular forcepfly species discovered for the first time in South America. 2/20 Science Daily: New scorpion discovered near Metropolitan Tucson, Arizona. 2/27 Drudge/AFP: Most Earth species ‘still unknown’: Brazil expert. Science Daily: 2 new species of mushrooms found in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain. 3/11 Science Daily: A new cryptic spider species from Africa. 4/4 Drudge: Tarantula the size of human face discovered. (YIKES!)  4/10 Science Daily: Striped like a badger: New genus of bat identified in South Sudan. BBC News: U.K. nature reserves attract new bird species. 4/22 Science Daily: Long-lost giant fish from Amazon rediscovered. 5/19 Science Daily: Actor Johnny Depp immortalized in name of fossilized creature with ‘scissor hand’ claws. 5/23 Science Daily: Top 10 new species of 2012: An amazing glow-in-the-dark cockroach, a harp-shaped carnivorous sponge, and the smallest vertebrate on earth are just 3 of them! 6/6 Science Daily: New Scorpion species adds to the remarkable diversity of the Ecuadorian Andes. An ‘extinct’ frog makes a comeback in Israel. 6/26 Science Daily: Hiding in plain sight: New species of bird discovered in Cambodia’s capitol Phnom Penh. 8/15 Washington Post: Scientists reveal new species of mammal: The olinguito, raccoon-like tree dweller lives in the Andes. 9/20 CNN: New legless lizard found in California.  (Looks like a snake to me!)  9/25 Science Daily: New genus of electric fish discovered in ‘lost world’ of South America. 10/3 Discovery News: New species in tropical Eden of southeastern Suriname: 60 new found species. 10/26 Science Daily: Monkey that purrs like a cat is among 441 new species of animals and plants discovered in Amazon Rainforest. (Amazing forest!)  10/30 Science Daily: New species of dolphin found in Australian waters. 11/8 Science Daily: New species of shark: Carolina hammerhead. 12/19 Science Daily: Seven distinct African crocodile species, not three, biologist show. 2/27/2014 Science Daily: 39 new species of endemic cockroach discovered in SOUTHWESTERN U.S. and MEXICO. (Good grief! They’re sure to outlive us!)   The IMMIGRATION DEBATE in the UNITED STATES continues with some states relaxing the rules and others being strict enforcers. We are a country of immigrants and that will never change.1/28 Drudge: Protestors disrupt Rubio over immigration. 3/16 CNN: Mississippi House passes immigration bill. 3/22 USA Today: Irish immigration bill draws ire from groups: Allowing workers to come here every year. 4/25 CNN: Arizona immigration law goes to high court. 6/15 NY Times: U.S. will give some immunity to your illegal immigrants, AP says. CNN: Thousands of young people off the hook for deportation if they meet certain requirements. 7/5 Drudge: In California, immigration bill designed as the ‘anti-Arizona.’ 8/6 Washington Post: 6,000 detained as GREEKS target illegal immigrants. 8/15 NY Times:Lines of illegal immigrants stretched for blocks in several cities on Wednesday, the first day they could apply for a new federal initiative. 8/22 CNN: New immigration issue: Right to drive. Drudge: California poised to grant driver’s license to young illegals.9/6 CNN: Judge upholds ‘papers’ provision in ARIZONA immigration law. 1/29/2013 Drudge/ABC: Obama immigration reform plan more direct path to citizenship than Senate’s. 4/20 Reuters: Immigration reform promising for farm workers. 12/8 Drudge: SAUDI deportations of immigrants gets momentum; Riyadh to deport 2M workers. The RACE FOR SPACE in the PRIVATE SECTOR will be astounding, amazing, and perhaps even tragic in some instances. Safeguards are necessary.1/1 CNN: CHINA unveils ambitious space plan. 4/21 Drudge: GOOGLE founders plan space biz. 4/24 BBC News: Plans for asteroid mining emerge backed by film director James Cameron and Google billionaires Larry Page and Eric Schmidt. (Sci Fi becoming reality?!) 4/25 BBC News: Mining asteroids for gold and platinum. (What else?) 5/19 CNN: Historic SpaceX rocket launch fizzles on pad: SpaceX aborted its historic launch of its Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station at the last second because of a rocket engine glitch. (Smart!) 5/22 CNN: SpaceX makes history with first launch to space station. 5/31 Drudge: FAA grants experimental permit to Virgin Atlantic. SPACEX Dragon craft to splash down in Pacific today. 6/5 Drudge: Dutch company vows Mars Colony by 2023. Daily Mail: Secret mission accomplished: America’s secret space plane to land after a YEAR in orbit – and no one know what it did up there. 6/9 USA Today: Report: China planning a manned space launch. 6/15 BBC News: CHINA names first woman in space. 6/16 Drudge: Secret U.S. space plane prepares to land. 6/18 USA Today: CHINESE spacecraft docks with orbiting module. 6/29 BBC News: CHINA spacecraft returns to earthafter a mission which saw the country’s first manual docking procedure and its first woman in space. 7/1 Reuters: Soyuz spacecraft ends mission with smooth landing. 7/26 Drudge: Argentina, China ink space cooperation deal. Science Daily: NASA’s space launch system passes major agency review, moves to preliminary design. 8/3 Science Daily: China plans to land probe on moon in 2013. 8/16 CNN: India to launch MARS orbiter. 10/13 Drudge: Satellite burns up following SpaceX rocket glitch. (Get a NASA advisor!) 10/29 CNN: SpaceX Dragon completes 1st commercial cargo flight. (A new era in the space program has begun…Congrats!) 11/10 Drudge: China’s mystery space plane draws attention. 1/22/2013 Drudge: Asteroid-mining company to launch fleet of prospecting spacecraft. (It’s Star Trek time!) 2/27 Drudge/The Independent: The millionaire Dennis Tito and his mission to MARS: World’s first space tourist plans mission to Red Planet when it makes nearest approach to Earth in 2018. 3/1 Yahoo: SpaceX rocket develops problem mid-flight.  3/3 Science Daily: NASA on course to launch Orion flight test. (So they’re not out of the space business after all!) 3/10 Drudge: SpaceX founder: ‘I’d like to die on Mars.’ 3/12 CNN: Watch SpaceX rocket break record. 3/28 BBC News: NIGERIA’S growing space program. 3/31 Reuters: Dutch company offers one way ticket to Mars: The company wants to send four people to the Red Planet to start a colony in 2023 although there is one catch – the successful applicants will have no way of coming back. (Are you game?)  4/12 Drudge/Bloomberg: Putin builds space arms defense, targets Mars, Moon. 4/17 Yahoo: New private rocket launching on maiden flight from Virginia today. New private rocket cleared for critical launch test. Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two makes stunning leap toward private spaceflight. 4/29 Will Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two take first rocket-powered flight Monday? 6/7 China’s next manned spaceflight enters final prep phase. 6/11 CNN: CHINESE spaceship blasts off from Gobi Desert. Super secret base fuels CHINA’S space ambitions. 6/26 3 CHINESE astronauts land after record-breaking spaceflight. 8/28 Drudge: CHINA to go to the MOON by year’s end. 9/15 BBC News: JAPAN launches ‘affordable’ rocket. 11/5 CNN: INDIA launches MARS mission. 12/4 SpaceX launches Falcon 9 Rocket on high stakes commercial satellite mission. 12/6 Drudge: Private company plans first controlled Moon landing in 40 years.  12/14 CNN: CHINESE spacecraft lands on Moon.  Reuters: IRAN says sends second monkey into space, brings back safely. Past and present patterns of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE continue to be disclosed all around the world.1/4 Drudge: Chicagoland: Man attends kids movie completely naked. (A really stupid, insane pedophile.) 2/2 CNN: Canadian authorities bust child porn rings involving over 60 people. 3/4 CNN: Second teacher at L.A. school accused of ‘lewd acts’ against girl students age 7. 2/6 CNN: Los Angeles school at center of child abuse cases closed for 2 days. 2/8 USA Today: 50-year-old female teacher’s aide at L.A. school sent love letters to 11-year-old boy. (That school needs an exorcism!) 2/22 Drudge: 11 children removed from sex offender’s home in Dayton, Texas after some were found tied to beds. 2/29 Drudge: 6th NYC teacher arrested for groping students this month! (Ye gods! It’s an epidemic!) 3/2 USA Today: Prosecutor: Sandusky abused boys as young as 8. 3/20 BBC News: Vatican reports on Irish child abuse scandal: Expressing its ‘dismay and betrayal’ as the ‘sinful and criminal acts’ by Catholic clergy guilty of child abuse across Ireland. (Pedophiles seem to abound in the church.) 3/25 CNN: Psychologist flagged Sandusky as ‘likely pedophile’ in 1998 report.  3/26 BBC News: Child abuse images hidden in web stores, says IWF report. 3/30 CNN: Former gymnasts claim systemic physical, sexual abuse by ex-coach, Doug Boger. (How tragic for these young girls.) 4/15 Science Daily: In child sexual abuse, strangers aren’t the greatest danger, experts say. 5/27 CNN: Chinese official confesses to raping 10 girls: The report does not reveal the girl’s ages. 6/9 CNN: 18 rescued in child pornography raids, feds say, 190 arrested, most in U.S. 6/11 USA Today: Orthodox Jewish counselor on trial in sex abuse case of a schoolgirl for 3 years;The girl has been called a slut and a troublemaker, her family threatened and spat at on the street.(Pedophiles exist within all races and religions!) CNN: Sheriff: Man kills man sexually abusing his 4-year-old daughter. (I would kill anyone I caught abusing my son or daughter or any of my grandchildren without a second thought. Sexual abusers are absolute MONSTERS. I would deal with the karma later.) 18 rescued in child pornography raids. 6/12 USA Today: Teenager tearfully describes sexual encounters with former Penn State assistant coach. 6/13 CNN: Police accused in AFGHAN rape of 18-year-old daughter. 6/15 CNN: Sandusky accuser: I screamed in vain. Washington Post: Third Secret Service supervisor involved in prostitution scandal in COLUMBIA.  6/17 CNN; ‘Sandusky 8’ tell of seduction and betrayal: Eight young men who said they were molested by Jerry Sandusky told unforgettable stories about a man who called himself “The Great Pretender.” (No father figure for sure!) 6/22 Drudge: Sandusky’s son says his father abused him. 6/22 NY Times: Archbishop’s aide guilty of endangerment of the welfare of children in abuse case for covering up the sexual abuse of children by priests under his supervision. 6/23 NY Times: Sandusky is found guilty on 45 or 48 counts in child sexual abuse case. Update: Sandusky guilty of sexual abuse of 10 young boys. (And probably more than 10!)  CNN: JERRY SANDUSKY CONVICTED! (All those poor boys/men he damaged.) 6/26 CNN: FBI: Child prostitution sweep rescues 79. USA Today: On tape, Matt Sandusky describes father’s abuse, how he was molested by his foster father, Jerry Sandusky.  7/4 Drudge: 19 children found living alone in sweltering house in KENTUCKY. 7/8 NY Times:Officials See Child Welfare Dangers on a North Dakota Indian ReservationChild abuse is said to be at epidemic levels at the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation, where leaders are accused of trying to conceal the abuse.7/10 CNN: 14 mothers in Los Angeles school child sex abuse case sue district. 7/12 NY Times: Sandusky sex abuse investigation faults Paterno and others at Penn State. CNN: Penn State Probe: ‘Total disregard for victims.'(How many other schools are at fault in damaging children?)Reuters: Ex-FBI chief blasts Penn State in child sexual abuse. 7/13 NY Times: Sandusky abuse scandal inquiry damns Paterno & Penn State. 7/16 CNN: New allegations of abuse by Sandusky: 3 men claim they were abused by Sandusky in the ’70s & ’80s.(Not surprising! What a predator!)The allegations are the first to involve claims of abuse by the coach before the 1990s. During Sandusky’s child rape trial, his defense argued that it is rare for someone to suddenly become a pedophile in their later years.(He was always a pedophile!)CNN: George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s killer, accused of molestation by female relative between the ages of 6 and 16.(Murderer & Pedophile!)  7/23 NY Times: NCAA fines Penn State $60M for Sandusky case, banned from bowl games.(No school official should ever conceal child sexual abuse. Shame on them!)7/24 CNN: Sentencing set in Pennsylvania priest abuse case. NY Times: Philadelphia church official sentenced to 3-6 years for covering up child sexual abuse from priests under his supervision. 7/25 CNN: 57-year-old Florida puppeteer accused in child porn case. 8/4 USA Today: Vast international child-porn network uncovered: 43 men arrested over two year period.(Some of these men deserve the death penalty; cannibalism was involved.)8/6 Washington Post: Report: Boy Scout files reveal repeat child abuse:Internal documents from the Boy Scouts of America reveal more than 125 cases in which men suspected of molestation allegedly continued to abuse Scouts, despite a blacklist meant to protect boys from sexual predators. (Sick men seem to be everywhere. Tragic for the boys!) Predators moved from troop to troop because of clerical errors, computer glitches or the Scouts’ failure to check the blacklist, known as the “perversion files,” the newspaper said. (And parents think their boys are safe in the Boy Scouts of America. Obviously, not so!) 8/8 Drudge: SHOCK: Preschool teacher charged with child porn; Kept 800-page journal of interactions with kids. (I never expected this section to be this long! Tragic!) 8/15 CNN: Teacher on trial for sex with teens. 8/17 Oregonian: Police: Woodburn priest chased 12-year-old boy down the street after abuse, wearing only his underwear: The pedophile priest was later arrested. (Praise God!)  USA Today: Ex-teacher guilty of having sex with 5 of her 18-year-old students while her husband was stationed elsewhere. (She did pick the 18 year olds!)  8/24 USA Today: A Colorado pastor and a New Mexico journalist and have been indicted on child pornography charges, federal authorities say. 9/4 CNN: Trial of a priest and a teacher accused in boy’s rape set to begin in Philadelphia. (Why does the church protect so many pedophiles?) 9/6 CNN: Nationwide child porn investigation leads to couple’s arrest in Oregon: female pornographer.  9/8 NY Times: In pedophile case, Catholic Church defied canon and civil law and failed to stop a priest from taking sexually explicit pictures of young girls: including one of a toddler with her diaper pulled away to expose her genitals. (Too bad he was unsuccessful in his lame attempt at suicide.) 9/14 CNN: Feds: Pediatric doctor charged with receiving child porn. (Now we can’t even trust the pediatrician? Good grief!) 9/17 CNN: Secret Boy Scout files claim thousands of cases of sexual abuse dating back to 1971. 9/20 NY Times: A tribe’s quiet epidemic: Child sex abuse: After dozens of abuse cases on the reservation of the Spirit Lake Sioux were not properly investigated, federal officials are moving to take over the tribe’s social services. 9/22 BBC News: Australian Roman Catholic Church admits more than 600 cases of child sexual abuse by its priests since the 1930s. (So will all these priests go to hell? More than likely, each man will be the victim of child sexual abuse in his next life, another form of HELL!) 9/28 BBC News: Megan Stammers age 15 found in France with teacher age 30 arrested on charges of child abduction. (He should have waited until she was 18!)  10/1 USA Today: Boy Scouts to report pedophiles missed previously. (Wise decision: Be afraid, perverts, be afraid! I think all molesters and rapists should be castrated and neutered, male or female. Don’t mess with my children or grandchildren!)  10/5 CNN: 5 charged in alleged teacher-student relationships at New Jersey high school:3 New Jersey high school teachers were arrested Thursday on charges of having sexual relations with 3 students, according to the Camden County Office of the Prosecutor. The principal and vice-principal also were arrested and accused of failing to report the inappropriate relationships to proper authorities. (How much of this is going on in how many high schools? And what is the age of these teachers?) 10/7 CNN: Late BBC TV presenter Jimmy Saville accused of sexually abusing young women and girls in the 1960s and 1970s. 10/8 USA Today: Ex-Bengal cheerleader pleads guilty in student sex case when she was teacher at Kentucky high school: he was 17, she was 27. 10/10 NY Times: Sandusky gets 30-60 years for 45 cases of child sexual abuse. 10/10 Mail Online: Jimmy Saville: gravestone ripped out, smashed up and sent in a skip to landfill: Headstone removed by 1 am by family ‘out of respect for public opinion’ as police launch hunt for BBC child abuse accomplishes. (Good for them! Another monster suffers disgrace.) 10/17 CNN: Police: Couple ran strip club in home; abused, beat their adopted kids: It started with a body on the front lawn of a Southern California home:When detectives investigating that unsolved July homicide went with a search warrant this month, they discovered something even more shocking inside: seven adopted children who recounted incidents of sexual abuse and beatings, all living in a home converted into a strip club. 10/24 Reuters: Heat turned up on BBC over sex abuse scandal, raising “very real concerns” involving public trust. Drudge: BBC investigating 9 current, former staff on sex allegations. 10/25 Reuters: UK Saville police “staggered” at extent of inquiry. BBC News: Jimmy Saville: Number of victims reach 300, police say. (And no one reported him when he was alive??? I hope he’s UN-knighted!) Reuters: Secret Service officer assigned to Biden charged with sexual assault on girl 14. 10/27 Reuters: In wake of Sandusky scandal, Penn State holds child sex abuse conference. 10/28 BBC News: Jimmy Saville: former pop star Gary Glitter, 60, arrested over child sex offences. 11/1 CNN: Ex-Penn State officials accused of ‘conspiracy of silence’ regarding Sandusky child sexual abuse.  11/2 Drudge/Examiner: Homeland Security worker, age 43, charged with soliciting more than 70 kids for sex on Facebook. 11/8 Reuters: UK PM warns of witch-hunts against gays in pedophile scandal:Cameron, who leads a troubled two-party coalition, ordered an investigation this week after a victim of child sexual abuse in Wales said a prominent Conservative political figure had abused him during the 1970s, further stoking concern that a powerful pedophile ring may have operated in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s. (The URANUS PLUTO square is going to air lots of dirty laundry in many departments.) 11/11 BBC News: Man in 70s arrested over Jimmy Saville abuse claims: Police believe the former BBC TV presenter and DJ, who died last year at 84, could have abused as many as 300 children over a 40-year period. 11/12 BBC News: AUSTRALIA announces abuse probe: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces a national inquiry into institutional responses to the sexual abuse of children. 11/14 CNN: Accuser of Elmo puppeteer recants: consensual adult relationship. (After ruining his life!) 11/16 Drudge/Examiner: Mia Farrow’s brother charged with child sex abuse in Maryland. 12/8 CNN: Teacher guilty of group sex with students. (The length of this list is alarming!)  12/19 BBC News: Lostprophets rock star Ian Watkins in court on 6 child sex charges with children under 13. 12/14 Reuters: CHINESE police bust trafficking rings, rescue 89 children. 1/3 Yahoo: ICE agents arrest 245 alleged pedophiles, rescue 44 children from sexual abuse, as part of a child pornography investigation of the last 5 weeks. 1/10 BBC News: Late German actor Klaus Kinski accused by eldest daughter of sexually abusing her between the ages of 5 and 19:“The terrible thing is that he once told me that it was completely natural, that fathers all over the world did that with their daughters,” she said in the interview published on Thursday.(An incestuous pedophile. Shame on him!)  1/11 Yahoo: 450 people say TV presenter abused them: Saville report details child sexual abuse. (A truly disgusting person, Saville!) 1/15 CNN: Teachers among 50 arrested in child sex sting. Drudge: Sexually abused girl, 13, slips and falls to her death after begging boy to delete sex tape of her abuse at a party.  CNN: Police: Girl, 5, abducted from school by woman with face covered by head garb, later found barely dressed and crying under a playground slide at 4:30 am by a stranger. 1/19 Reuters: Saudi air force sergeant accused of child rape of 13-year old boy in Las Vegas: Bail set at $1.2M. (I’ll bet there are many pedophile sexual acts by men in Saudi Arabia.) 1/22 NY Times: 103-year sentence in sex abuse case that shook Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn: For repeatedly sexually abusing a young woman that started when she was 12. 1/24 Drudge/Telegraph: Boy, 11, admits raping girl, 6, near his home in North Wales. (A reincarnated rapist!) AP: Los Angeles 4th grade teacher suspected of molesting 20 kids.  2/6 Drudge/The Sun: Mexican girl gets pregnant at just 8-years-old; father 17 ran away. She gave birth to a baby boy at age of 9. (Menstruating at 8; Ye gods!)  Drudge/CBS Los Angeles: Children allegedly engaged in sex acts with each other at Carson Preschool. (Another child horror story! Ye gods!) 2/9 CNN: Outrage grows over gang rape, slaying of teen girl in South Africa. 2/16 Facebook/Telegraph: Coronation Street actor Andrew Lancel charged with child sex abuse. 2/19 CNN: Russia decries death of adopted boy, age 3, in Texas: The child suffered blows to his head and legs, abdomen and internal organs that “could only be caused by strong blows.” (Not all child abuse is sexual, sometimes it’s simply brutal.) Drudge/Daily News: NYPD Sargeant Alberto Randazzo with 15 years on force arrested after cops find child porn on his computer: Police. 3/1 Drudge: Police probe rape of 7-year-old girl in school in New Delhi. (Castrate the man! All child rapists should be castrated!) Former Chesapeake police chaplain arrested, charged with soliciting a child using a computer. (I’m glad he was caught!)  3/2 Washington Post: Man sentenced to 25 years in series of rapes committed 30 years ago that terrified two Maryland girls starting when they were 5. (He should be castrated.) 3/8 BBC News: Catholic Church in Scotland ‘knew of 20 child sex abuse allegations against priests between 1985 and 1995.’ (Disgusting!) 4/5 CNN: Police: Florida man, 51, linked to up to 1M child porn videos, images. 4/20 Yahoo: Indian police arrest suspect for rape and torture of 5-year-old girl as protests build. 4/22 Reuters: Second man arrested for INDIA girl, age 5, rape, torture; chaos in parliament. (The Indians need to learn to cherish children and women!) 4/28 Drudge: Top British publicist charged with 11 sexual assaults on children. 5/1 Entertainment and Stars: Bill Barlow arrested: Coronation Street actor held on suspicion of rape of 15 year old girl. 5/2 Reuters: BBC star, veteran broadcaster Stuart Hall, admits sex abuse as Britain wonders who’s next? 14 counts of offenses against young girls over two decades, youngest victim 9! (So many disgusting pedophiles!)  5/8 Reuters: Girls as young as 6 raped by Congolese soldiers in Minova: U.N. (I hope their penises fall off or explode!) 5/30 NY Daily: Harry Styles imposter, 45, lured girls to perform sex acts online. (Skype? Really? Stupid girls!)  6/15 CNN: Former 6th grade teacher and mother of two admits sex with boy under 14. 6/20 CNN: NYC police: Teacher accused of raping 10-year-old student. 6/25 Drudge/Daily Caller: 13-year-old mentally challenged 7th grade boy allegedly raped during gym class by another student at Barack Obama prep. 7/29 CNN: Scores arrested in child prostitution crackdown: 150 arrests, 105 children rescued; social media sites also targeted. 8/5 CNN: Morocco’s king revokes pardon for Spanish pedophile after protests; Daniel Galvan Vina raped 11 Moroccan children between the ages of 4 and 14 and sentenced to 30 years in 2011. 8/14 Drudge: Another child molester (Alabama) takes cyanide pill after conviction; 3rd in month to die this way. (Should have taken cyanide before abusing children!) 8/19 Drudge/Santa Cruz Sentinel: Santa Cruz Surf School owner arrested for inappropriate contact with minors.  8/29 CNN: Ex-PTA president accused of making child porn at WASHINGTON elementary school: Posted video of assault of 8-year-old girl. (Keep the perverts away from the kids!)  BBC News: Rolf Harris charged with indecent assault on girls, making indecent images of children in the 1980s. 9/7 Drudge: Preschool teacher removed from classroom after allegedly playing ‘tongue touching games’ with student. 9/12 CNN: Man plotted to kidnap, rape, kill and eat children, feds say, sentenced to 27 years in prison. (Only 27 years? Why not life?) Washington Post: MARYLAND Air Force officer charged with producing child pornography. USA Today: NJ teen, 16, gets 17 years for strangling Autumn Pasquale, 12.  9/27 CNN: PHILLY priest, 75, accused of raping altar boy. 10/8 CNN: Female OHIO day care worker accused of raping 2 children in her care. (Sick pedophile.) Grandmother used sledgehammer, knife to kill 6 month old granddaughter, prosecutors allege. (Pure madness!)  10/10 Drudge: Girl raped after TEXAS judge sends her to sex offender’s home: He murdered her mother and raped the girl. (Jail the judge too! He’s senile.)  Drudge: COLUMBIAN street gangs auction off young girl’s virginity to drug lords, tourists.  10/25 CNN: 2 and 3 year old toddlers raped and murdered in SOUTH AFRICA.  10/29 Drudge/NY Post: 13 year old PAKISTAN girl crawls out of a grave after being raped by two men and buried alive. (Penis amputation, please, or execution!)  11/3 Reuters: GEORGIA couple charged with murder after 10 year old girl’s body found in trash.  11/14 CNN: 386 children rescued in sexual abuse investigation in CANADA; 341 arrested. (Evil is everywhere!)  12/3 Reuters: BRAZIL’S child sex trade thrives as Word Cup looms. 12/4 Drudge: DC cop charged with producing child pornography while on duty. (Our illustrious protectors?)  12/19 Drudge/Alabama: Prosecutor: Carl Philip Herold, 32, charged with using son to make child porn, ‘a special kind of threat’ allowing his child to be depicted in pornography, sodomy, sexual abuse and aggravated child abuse; the child was never enrolled in school: Boy, 9, held captive and raped for 8 months by father and his partner.  12/20 CNN: CHICAGO girl’s, 15, rape near school ‘Safe Passage’ route alarms parents.BROKEN PROMISES early this year may refer to broken treaties between various nations. Don’t make a promise unless you intend to keep it! The Universe is always listening.1/3 Reuters: PAKISTAN Taliban “at each other’s throats.”There is an ECONOMIC UPSWING as the year begins, especially in the spring. 2/28: 14,000 seems to be next for the Dow. 1/3 CNN: Stocks rally into the New Year. Reuters: Manufacturing expansion hits 6-month high. Construction spending hear 1-1/2 high in November. 1/5 Reuters: Private hiring surges, jobless claims dip. 1/6 NY Times: U.S. added 200,000 jobs in December, unemployment down to 8.5%. 1/10 CNN: Dow jumps 100 points at open. 1/12 CNN: Foreclosures down 33%. 1/17 Reuters: New York manufacturing growth accelerates in January. 1/19 Reuters: Jobless claims drop near four-year low. 1/20 Reuters: Dow and S&P post best week since Christmas. 1/27 CNN: Ford posts biggest profit since ’98. 1/31 Reuters: UPS profits top street view, sees 2012 growth. 2/1 Reuters: Private sector adds 170,000 jobs in January. 2/2 Reuters: Jobless claims fall, jobs market slowly healing. 2/3 NY Times: U.S. economy added 243,000 jobs in January, unemployment at 8.3% Reuters: Factory orders up, business spending rises.  3/4 Reuters: Jobless rate at 3 year low as payrolls surge. Nasdaq vaults to 11-year high on surge in jobs. Bond yields hit record high after ISM data. 2/16 Reuters: Jobless claims drop to near 4-year low. BBC News: GM unveils record profit for 2011. 2/22 Reuters: Existing home sales at 1-1/2 year high, supply falls. 3/9 NY Times: U.S. extends its run of strong job growth another month. 3/13 NY Times: Stocks rally strongly, with Nasdaq above 3,000. (Keep it up, please!) CNN: Dow jumps at close; Nasdaq finish highest since 2000. Reuters: Fed nods to better economy, mum on next move. Wall Street rallies in 2012’s best day, Citi falls late. 3/22 Yahoo: Jobless claims drop to 4 year low. 3/30 CNN: Unemployment declines in 29 states. (Hooray!) 4/3 CNN: Chrysler has best car sales in 4 years. Reuters: Factory orders rebound in February, up 1.3%. 4/4 Reuters: U.S. private sector adds 209,000 jobs in March: ADP. 4/5 Reuters: Jobless claims fall to lowest since 2008. March sales brighten retailers’ profit prospects. 4/13 BBC News: Google splits stock as sales jump. 4/25 CNN: Apple profit nearly doubles. Reuters: Boeing profits up on stronger airline sales. Caterpillar profits up; outlook seen as modest. 4/26 BBC News: Chrysler posts best profits in 13 years. (The economy always improves with a Democrat president.) Email: Amazon announces first quarter sales up 34% to $13.18B. 5/2 Reuters: Dow at 4-year high!  5/4 NY Times: U.S. economy added 115,000 jobs in April: Unemployment rates dip to 8.1%.An unusual number of AIRPLANE CRASHES, some in remote areas.12/20/2011: CNN: 5 killed in Texas plane crash. 1/23 Reuters: Airplane crash in NEW ZEALAND kills 2. 2/4 CNN: Micron CEO dies in airplane crash in Idaho.  2/29 CNN: Coast Guard copter crashes off ALABAMA, 1 dead. 3/2 USA Today: 2 bodies found from Coast Guard crash in ALABAMA. 3/3 Reuters: Search underway for CHILE airplane crash victims, at least 5 killed. 4/2 CNN: Survivors found after Siberian plane crash, 31 dead. 3/6 CNN: Navy F-18 jet crashes into apartments in VIRGINIA BEACH.  4/20 BBC News: Airliner crashes near ISLAMABAD with 130 onboard. CNN: No survivors from PAKISTAN plane crash, officials say, at least 121 dead. 4/20 NBC-TV: Bird strikes on 3 jet airplanes in one day, including Air Force 2 with Biden and Secretary of State Clinton’s plane, forcing emergency landings.  5/9 CNN: RUSSIAN airliner disappears over Jakarta with 44 passengers onboard. 5/10 Yahoo: Bodies found at shattered Russian jet wreckage that smashed into the side of a volcano in INDONESIA. CNN: Jetliner slammed into volcano. 5/14 CNN: Airplane crashes in NEPAL, killing 15. 6/3 CNN: 153 on plane, 10 on ground dead after NIGERIA plane crash. 6/4 Yahoo: 2 pilots die as firefighting plane crashes in UTAH. 6/5 CNN: 10 killed after cargo plane crashes into bus. 7/2 CNN: C-130 firefighting air tankers grounded after crash in SOUTH DAKOTA fighting a fire, with at least 1 dead. 7/5 BBC News: Pilot error linked to Air France Atlantic plunge in June 2009 that killed 228. 7/13 CNN: Official: 3 Americans die as private jet crashes in small airport in the south of FRANCE. 7/27 CNN: 3 killed in ARIZONA plane crash. 8/19 USA Today: SUDANESE government helicopter crash kills 32. 8/20 CNN: NEW YORK plane crash kills 2 on LONG ISLAND. 8/22 BBC News: Masai Mara: 4 killed in plane crash; 2 KENYA pilots, 2 German tourists in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park. 9/3 CNN: Plane crash at IOWA air show kills pilot. 9/28 CNN: 19 dead in crash of plane carrying tourists to Everest staging post. (The aspects are dangerous right now, especially the FULL MOON. Be low key this week!) 10/3 BBC News: Vintage plane crash kills 6 in AUSTRALIA. 11/4 CNN: Police helicopter crash kills 2 in ATLANTA. 11/16 CNN: F-22 jetfighter crashes in FLORIDA, pilot ejects safely. (How many millions of our tax dollars?) 11/21 CNN: Military cargo plane catches fire, crashes in YEMENI capital; 10 killed. (Outdated or improperly maintained equipment? Or sabotage?) 12/1 Reuters: At least 32 killed as cargo plane hits houses in CONGO. 12/9 CNN: MEXICAN authorities search for missing singer after suspected plane crash. 12/11 CNN: 3 killed in medical helicopter crash in ILLINOIS. 12/15 BBC News: NIGERIA air crash kills Kaduna governor Patrick Yakowa. 12/21 Reuters: SOUTH SUDAN admits it downed U.N. helicopter, killing 4.  12/25 Reuters: 2 killed as passenger plane lands in MYANMAR/BURMA rice field. 12/26 Reuters: KAZAKH military plane crashes, all 27 onboard killed. 12/29 CNN: Plane crash at MOSCOW airport kills 4: Jet overshot runway. (Inexperienced pilot?) 1/4/2013 CNN: 2 medical copters crash hours apart. CNN: Small plane crashes into FLORIDA house, 5 dead. 1/8 CNN: Americans die in PERU copter explosion. Reuters: PERU helicopter crash kills 7. 1/16 Yahoo: 2 dead after helicopter crashes into crane in central LONDON. CNN: Helicopter crash rains debris on LONDON streets, injuring 13, killing 2. 1/26 CNN: 3 feared dead in ANTARCTIC plane crash. 1/29 BBC News: Passenger plane crashes in heavy fog near KAZAKHSTAN city of Almaty, killing at least 20. 2/9 BBC News: BELGIUM plane crash closes Charleroi airport, 5 family members killed. 2/10 Reuters: NORTHEAST digs out from blizzard, storm brewing in PLAINS. Drudge: 40 inches of snow in HAMDEN, CT. 2/11 CNN: Helicopter crash on CALIFORNIA ‘movie ranch’ kills 3. BBC News: GUINEA military leader killed in LIBERIA plane crash, along with 5 other officials.  2/21 Yahoo: Small jet crash kills 5 in EASTERN GEORGIA. 3/11 CNN: 5 dead in AFGHANISTAN helicopter crash. 3/12: CNN: Navy jet crash kills 3. 3/16 Reuters: Plane crashes in FORT LAUDERDALE, 3/18 CNN: Corporate jet crashes into INDIANA neighborhood, kills 2. 3/31 CNN: SOUTH AFRICAN copter crash kills 5 soldiers on rhino patrol. 4/14 CNN: American, Canadian pilots killed in GUYANA plane crash, only passengers in small aircraft. 5/2 Reuters: Two planes clip wings taxiing at NEWARK AIRPORT. 5/3 CNN: KYRGYZSTAN officials: U.S. military plane crashes in remote mountain area, 5 onboard. 5/5 Reuters: RUSSIAN plane missing since June 2012 with 13 onboard found kilometers from takeoff strip; body parts of 11 found. 5/6 Reuters: Russian helicopter with 9 aboard crashes in SIBERIA. 5/16 CNN: Pilot training blamed for BALI April airliner crash. 5/31 USA Today: 2 small planes collide near PHOENIX, 4 dead. CNN: Small plane crashes into VIRGINIA apartment’s living room, 6 sleeping, safe. 6/22 CNN: Wing walker, pilot die in stunt plane at show in OHIO. 7/6 CNN: Boeing 777 crashes landing at SAN FRANCISCO International Airport: Asiana Airlines; 2 dead, 70 injured. 7/7 NY Times: 2 dead, more than 100 sent to hospitals after SAN FRANCISCO plane crash. CNN: ‘I don’t see any runway, I just see water.’ Passengers knew they were too low.  Reuters: Airport landing system off when plane crashed in SAN FRANCISCO. (Not good. My son is a pilot and flies into that airport!) Drudge: 2 killed, 189 hospitalized, 49 critical. (The URANUS-PLUTO square causes accidents too. Be careful!) 7/8 CNN: 10 killed in ALASKA air taxi fire. 7/22 Drudge: Front gear of Southwest plane buckles after landing.  8/5 Reuters: U.S. military helicopter crashes in JAPAN’S Okinawa. 8/7 BBC News: INDONESIAN plane crashes into cow and skids off runway.  8/9 Reuters: Military plane bursts into flames at MOGADISHU airport. CNN: Turboprop plane crashes into CONNECTICUT home, 3 missing. 8/14 CNN: 2 dead in ALABAMA crash of UPS cargo plane.  8/24 CNN: 4 die in helicopter crash off SCOTLAND. 9/23 CNN: 2 likely dead in NAVY helicopter crash into the RED SEA. 9/30 BBC News: Cessna plane crashes into storage hangar at SANTA MONICA Airport. 10/3 Reuters: Plane crash near LAGOS airport kills 15. 10/6 Reuters: Crash of U.S. surveillance plane in COLUMBIA kills 5. 10/16 CNN: LAOS plane crash: At least 47 reported killed. 10/22 CNN: 3 killed in medical helicopter crash in TENNESSEE. 10/30 CNN: Small plane crashes at NASHVILLE airport and burst into flames, no one notices for hours. (WHAT?) 11/4 Drudge: Skydivers jump to safety after 2 planes collide midair over WISCONSIN. 11/11 CNN: 4 die in BAHAMAS air crash.  5 killed in CANADA plane crash.  11/15 CNN: Pilot’s mayday message: Passenger fell from plane off FLORIDA coast. (Ye gods!)  11/17 CNN Update: Body found. 11/17 BBC News: Dozens dead in RUSSIAN plane crash upon landing in Kazan, at least 44 killed. 11/30 CNN: 8 killed in police helicopter crash in Glasgow, SCOTLAND, on pub; 32 taken to hospital, 14 in serious condition. CNN: 4 dead in ALASKA plane crash. INVENTIONS could be EXTRAORDINARY and very futuristic.4/28 Science Daily: Self-healing concrete is being developed. (That’s a wow!) 5/14 BBC News: Light-powered bionic eye invented to help restore sight. (That’s another wow!) 5/15 Science Daily: Tiny solar-panel-like-cells help restore sight to the blind. 5/16 BBC News: Perfume-puffing robot sniffs out social media mentions. (Amazing!) 5/17 Science Daily: People with paralysis control robotic arms to reach and grasp using brain computer interface. 5/21 Science Daily: Training the blind to SEE using new device to LISTEN to visual information. (Wow!) 7/1 Reuters: Chinese miner builds high altitude experiment in Peru. 7/5 Science Daily:Stanford researchers have invented an electrically conductive gel that is quick and easy to make, can be patterned onto surfaces with an inkjet printer and demonstrates unprecedented electrical performance. 7/22 Science Daily: Highly transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity. 8/3 Drudge/AFP: Dexterous robotic hand gets thumbs up: the world’s first real-sized, five-fingered robotic hand able to grasp and manipulate objects with human-like dexterity. (Unreal! Fantastic!) 8/10 Science Daily: Wireless power for the price of a penny? The newspaper-style printing of electronic equipment has led to a cost-effective device that could change the way we interact with everyday objects. 8/11 Reuters: A muscle-controlled robot for bomb disposal. 8/15 Science Daily: New waterless toilet developed: Needs no connection to water supply. An artificial retina with the capacity to restore normal vision. 8/20 Science Daily: New space-age insulating material for home, clothing and other everyday uses: refrigerators with thinner walls that hold more food, building insulation and other products. 8/22 Science Daily: Lifelike, cost-effective robotic hand can disable IEDs. (Always the military stuff. Ye gods!) 9/3 Science Daily: First implantation of prototype bionic eye with 24 electrodes: ‘All of a sudden I could see a little flash of light.’ (Fantastic!) 9/12 Drudge/CBS/Charlotte: Remote-Control roaches seek out disaster victims. (Weird but wonderful?) 9/19 Science Daily: The jacket that talks to Facebook in an emergency: In an emergency situation, we cannot expect rescue crews to do their jobs while fumbling with a tiny mobile phone when they need to read and send messages. Instead the scientists decided to create a prototype jacket that could communicate with Facebook. (Fantastic!) 10/3 Science Daily: 3-D medical scanner: New handheld imaging device to aid doctors on the “Diagnostic Front Lines.” (Star Trek time is here!) Engineers invent new device that could increase internet download speeds. Innovative new defibrillator offers alternative for regulating heartbeat. 10/5 Science Daily: Unforgeable quantum credit cards in sight!  10/31 Science Daily: Smart as a bird: Flying recue robot autonomously avoids obstacles. (Double wow! ) New soccer robot has human-like agility. (Amazing!) 5/11 USA Today: United becomes first to fly ‘awesome’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner. 11/12 Science Daily: Invisibility: The first functional “cloaking” device reported by Duke University electrical engineers in 2006 worked like a charm, but wasn’t perfect. Now a member of that laboratory has developed a new design that ties up one of the major loose ends from the original device. 11/24 Science Daily: Materials science: One size cloaks all:A metamaterial invisibility cloak that can adapt to hide different sized objects is demonstrated by in Nature Communications this week. The findings represent a useful advance for more practical applications of metamaterial cloaking. (Fiction writers often inspire extraordinary inventions in those so-inclined, primarily thanks to the likes of Captain Kirk, Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter, and all the other sci-fi fantastic imaginers too numerous to name! THANKS!) 11/30 Science Daily: Thought controlled prosthesis changing lives of amputees. 12/3 Drudge/The Telegraph: Japanese scientists develop humanoid to keep astronauts company. BBC News: Plastic bulb development promises better quality light to replace florescent bulbs.POLITICAL UNREST continues throughout the coming year in various nations around the world.2/2 Reuters: Exclusive: U.S. and allies exploring prospects for Assad exile from SYRIA. 2/21 Reuters: Clashes erupt in Santiago, CHILE. 2/26 Reuters: Anti-Putin protesters form human chain in MOSCOW. 2/28 BBC News: 12 dead in CHINA violence. 2/29 BBC News: Putin’s RUSSIA ‘now mafia state’. (I said he was trying to return Russia to its old ways.)  3/1 BBC News: Britain closes embassy in SYRIA. 3/16 Reuters: Police bus torched in CHILE clashes.  3/22 CNN: Renegade soldiers seize power in MALI. 3/31 BBC News: ‘Dozens killed’ in YEMEN clashes. 5/5 Drudge: U.N.: U.S.A. should return stolen lands to Indian tribes. 5/14 USA Today: Spark behind BAHRAIN revolution still grows. 5/30 USA Today: TURKEY expels diplomats, as SYRIA denounces protests.  6/4 Reuters: LIBYA armed brigade surrounds Tripoli airport, officials say. 6/5 Reuters: Some 2,700 SYRIANS flee to Turkey in past 5 days. 6/14 Reuters: Thousands in need of food, shelter after MYANMAR (BURMA) clashes. 11/24 BBC News: EGYPT judges condemn Mursi move. (Egomaniac move!)  11/30 Reuters: ANONYMOUS declares internet war on SYRIA. 12/25 Reuters: RUSSIA ruling party official shot dead in Caucasus.WAR REMAINS INEVITABLE because of the lust for power and control and unrestrained greed, especially with respect to oil rich nations.1/1 Reuters: Arab body says monitors should quit SYRIA promptly. 1/4 Reuters: Militias could drag LIBYA into civil war. 1/27 Reuters: SYRIA violence kills 37, U.N. Security Council to meet. 2/10 BBC News: Blasts rock SYRIA’S second city. 28 killed by bombs targeting security forces in Aleppo. (SYRIA is experiencing civil war. Assad’s time is limited. He will go the way of other ruthless dictators.) 2/14 CNN: SYRIAN residents brace for ‘full-blown war.’ Reuters: SYRIAN forces attack opposition, ARABS mull arms support. (Good for the Arabs!) Drudge: ISRAEL blames IRAN for blasts. ISRAEL: IRAN targeting our diplomats. 2/20 Yahoo: IRANIAN ships reach SYRIA, CHINA warns of civil war. CNN: Nuclear officials meet IRANIAN leaders as war talk rumbles. (We have 3 years of this ahead of us with the URANUS-PLUTO square.) 2/22 CNN: Two western journalists killed in Homs, SYRIA: Marie Colvin of London Sunday Times and French journalist Remi Olchik. Reuters: Assad seeks to bomb Homs into submission. (He hasn’t realized the world has changed. He’s living in the past.) 2/26 Yahoo: 31 civilians and soldiers killed in SYRIA in fighting over election that will keep Assad in power until 2028. (Assad’s days are numbered! He will not be on the planet that much longer.) 2/28 Washington Post: 64 men found dead in SYRIA in one of the worst mass killings of conflict. CNN: More than 7,500 killed in SYRIAN crackdown, U.N. says. (Civil War!) 3/2 CNN: SYRIAN Activist: Al-Assad will have to kill us all. They will not stop fighting until the president is gone or all of them are dead. Reuters: SYRIANS battle to buy bread. USA Today: Red Cross in HOMS, FRANCE closes embassy in SYRIA. Update: BBC News: Red Cross stopped in HOMS by Syrian army. Reuters: Red Cross tells SYRIA: Let Homs aid through. 3/3 Reuters: 4 dead in SOUTH YEMEN blasts. 3/9 Reuters: SYRIAN forces kill 31 ahead of Annan peace mission. (I don’t list all of the casualties in SYRIA, too many!) BBC News: SYRIAN soldiers accused of gang rape. 3/10 CNN: ISRAELI airstrikes target GAZA, killing at least 15. (It seems there will never be peace in this area.) Reuters: ISRAEL kills 4 more GAZA gunmen, rockets hit Israel. 3/12 Reuters: Rogue attack sparks call for U.S. exit from Afghanistan. (Excellent idea!) 3/13 CNN: U.N.: 8,000 dead in SYRIA crackdown. (MURDER is rampant in Syria ordered by President Assad.) Reuters: Violence across SYRIA; soldiers killed in ambushes. (You can’t expect them not to fight back.)  3/16 NY Times: Karzai calls on U.S. to pull back as Taliban cancel talks. (Let’s get out of Afghanistan NOW! Time to come home!) 3/28 CNN: Sliding to war again in SUDAN.  BBC News: SYRIA forces ‘targeting children’ with torture. 4/3 Drudge: RED ALERT: Pentagon activates missile defenses for North Korean launch. 4/5 Drudge: Rocket from EGYPT hits ISRAEL. 4/7 USA Today: Activists: 53 killed in SYRIA offensives.  4/14 Reuters: SYRIA forces shell Homs on third day of truce. (This is a joke for sure! One-sided truce?) 4/23 CNN: Witness: Warplanes bomb SOUTH SUDAN. Reuters: SYRIAN forces kill 20 in Hama city: activists. 4/24 Drudge: NORTH KOREAN army vows to turn SEOUL to ashes. BBC News: SUDAN accused of declaring war. 4/28 Reuters: Gunmen attack SYRIAN army from sea, several dead. ISRAEL ex-spy warns against ‘messianic’ IRAN war. 5/1 CNN: Attacks surge in SYRIA, activists say. (Nothing has changed in Syria.)  5/10 CNN: Dozens killed in DAMASCUS blasts.  Reuters: SYRIA suicide bombers kill 55, truce in tatters. 5/22 BBC News: SRI LANKA ‘must face war probes.’ 5/26 Reuters: Over 90 killed in SYRIA massacre, activists say. BBC News: SYRIA: ‘A ceasefire in name only.’ 6/10 Reuters: Shelling kills 18 in cradle of SYRIAN uprising. Yahoo: SYRIAN troops renew shelling of Homs. 6/12 Yahoo: SYRIAN troops used children ‘as human shields.’ BBC News: SYRIA in civil war, says U.N. official Herve Ladsous. 6/13 NY Times: Heavier weapons push SYRIAN crisis toward civil war. (Russia is proving Assad with weapons and taking Russia back to the old days.) 6/17 Yahoo: Regime forces besiege Homs, 69 killed across SYRIA. U.S. urged to send armed peacekeepers to SYRIA.  6/24 Reuters: TURKISH warplanes strike Kurdish militants in northern IRAQ. 6/27 CNN: SYRIAN leader: Country in ‘state of war.’ Reuters: Gunmen storm pro-Assad SYRIAN TV channel. 6/28 CNN: Blasts erupt near SYRIAN Justice Ministry in the heart of Damascus. Reuters: TURKEY sends anti-aircraft weapons to SYRIAN border. 7/3 Reuters: SYRIA army presses rebels; Assad regrets shootdown. 7/4 CNN: 300 reported killed in SYRIA this week. BBC News: Bodies of TURKISH jet crew shot down by SYRIA found in deep Mediterranean seabed. 7/12 Drudge: WAR DRUMS: USA moving dozens of underwater craft to the PERSIAN GULF. 7/15 USA Today: Red Cross: SYRIAN conflict now a civil war. CNN: SYRIAN defector: ‘This regime will only go with force.’  7/17 BBC News: CENTRAL DAMASCUS hit by clashes. 7/18 Reuters: Bomb kills SYRIAN ministers at heart of Assad rule. SYRIA spinning out of control, Panetta says. SYRIAN rebels take former military stronghold. 7/20 NY Times: Border posts fall into hands of SYRIAN rebels. CNN: Battle for DAMASCUS rages. Reuters: SYRIAN forces stretched; spy chief 4th bomb victim. Drudge: Assad wife flees to Russia. 7/21 Reuters: SYRIAN forces fight back after rebel surge into capital.  7/21 CNN: Two more SYRIAN generals defect. Thousands of SYRIANS race to borders. 7/22 Reuters: Shots fired from EGYPT at ISRAELI troops, none hurt.  7/25 SYRIAN violence forces thousands from country. 7/26 Reuters: SYRIAN forces pound Damascus and Aleppo. 7/28 CNN: TIME: Brief history of Aleppo: A great world city now in the grip of war. Reuters: SYRIAN helicopter shot down near Damascus. Rebels continue fighting SYRIAN government forces. 7/29 BBC News: JORDAN opens SYRIAN refuge camp. SYRIAN families seek refuge in IRAQ.  7/30 NY Times: As SYRIAN war drags on, Jihadists take bigger role.  Reuters: Among the ruins in Aleppo, SYRIAN rebels see victory. 7/31 Drudge: Al Qaeda turning tide in battle for SYRIA? Tens of thousands flee largest city. 8/3 USA Today: Mortars kill 21 in refugee camp outside DAMASCUS. 8/4 Reuters: SYRIAN forces pound rebel frontline in ALEPPO. Drudge: RUSSIA ‘sending warships with marines’ to SYRIAN waters. (And Russia is against all U.N. sanctions? War and killing are big business. This planet needs a higher shift in consciousness!)  Drudge: Brotherhood establishes a militia inside SYRIA. 8/5 Washington Post: SYRIAN rebels: IRANIAN captives belong to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard, and not religious pilgrims as the Iranian government claims. BBC News: TURKEY fighting claims 19 lives. YEMEN suicide bomber claims 45. 8/6 USA Today: SYRIA’S PM, 3 cabinet ministers defect, rebels say. 8/11 Reuters: SYRIAN and JORDANIAN forces clash in border area. Washington Post: More fighting in SYRIA as refugees flee to neighboring countries. 8/13 BBC News: Warplane crashes in eastern SYRIA: State media blame ‘technical problems’ and rebels say they shot down a plane in the area. 8/15 CNN: Sniper fire greets CNN in ALEPPO. Reuters: Possible war with IRAN could be month-long affair: ISRAEL minister. 8/17 CNN: “Why are they doing this?” Screaming mothers clutch dead infants. There is no food. No jobs. The residents of Aleppo are trapped in the crossfire as rebels and the SYRIAN regime fight it out. (What sort of monster-dictator is President Assad?)  Drudge: EGYPT considering violating treaty with ISRAEL, sending troops, tanks to border regions. 8/18 Reuters: U.N. names ALGERIAN diplomat as SYRIA envoy; Refugee crisis dire. Fighting intensifies in ALEPPO. CNN: ‘Prepare for sacred war’ Kim tells NORTH KOREAN troops during U.S.-SOUTH KOREA exercises. 8/22 CNN: SYRIA’S first lady silent as thousands die. Reuters: SYRIA army batters parts of Damascus, 40 killed. Drudge: SYRIA says preparing to finalize oil deal with RUSSIA. (It’s always the oil!) IRAN’S supreme leader orders fresh terror attacks on WEST. 8/23 Reuters: Military hits town near DAMASCUS, 100 killed. 8/25 Reuters: Fierce fighting in SYRIA swells refugee exodus. 8/26 CNN: 330 reported dead in SYRIA. Senior PAKISTANI Taliban leader killed. BBC News: ‘Scores of bodies’ found in SYRIA: Opposition activists say they found scores of bodies in a town near the Syrian capital where government forces carried out a “massacre”.  USA Today: Death toll in SYRIA town tops 120 in a week. 8/27 Reuters: SYRIAN helicopter down under fire in DAMASCUS. Drudge/AP: ASSAD vows SYRIA will defeat ‘foreign conspiracy.’ (Delusional! His problems are internal and religious, as usual in that part of the world.) NY Times: Crackdown toll seen as SYRIANS bury hundreds. EGYPTIAN leader adds rivals of West to SYRIA plan by reaching out to IRAN and other regional powers to halt the violence in SYRIA. 8/8 Reuters: Warplane attacks on DAMASCUS suburbs kill 60: Activists.  9/3 Reuters: YEMENI warplanes miss target, kill 10 civilians. BBC News: 10 TURKEY troops killed in KURDISH rebel clashes in SIRNAK close to border of SYRIA and IRAQ. (Wars seem to be everywhere!)  9/4 Drudge/Reuters: IRAN could strike U.S. bases if ISRAEL attacks: HEZBOLLAH. BBC News: Refugees flee SYRIA in record numbers. 9/5 BBC News: SYRIA military ‘bombards Aleppo.’ 9/6 Reuters: Thousands of SYRIAN refugees cross JORDAN’S border. 9/7 Reuters: Blast at DAMASCUS mosque kills 5 security personnel. 9/8 CNN: SYRIAN rockets land in IRAQ. 9/8 Reuters: SYRIAN troops storm Damascus refugee area, chasing rebels. 9/9 Reuters: SYRIAN jets bomb Aleppo district after rebels seize base. 9/16 Reuters: SYRIAN refugees flood into JORDAN. IRAN’S Revolutionary Guards commander says its troops in SYRIA. Drudge: Armada of British naval massing in the Gulf as ‘ISRAEL prepares IRAN strike.’ 9/17 NY Times: Audacious raid on NATO base shows Taliban’s reach. CNN: New protests rage over anti-Islam film: At least 15 AFGHAN cops hurt and 2 police cars burned in Kabul. CNN: Civil war closes in on SYRIA’S capital. Drudge: PAKISTANIS try to storm U.S. outpost; 1 killed. BBC News: TURKEY PM says KURDISH PKK takes 500 casualties in a month. 9/18 Reuters: IRAQ reopens borders to SYRIAN refugees, excludes young men. 8/19 Reuters: SYRIAN rebels take third border crossing to TURKEY. PAKISTANI military say killed 29 TALIBAN near AFGHAN border. 9/20 CNN: SYRIAN jets bomb gas station, 55 dead. Christians in SYRIA fear the future. 9/22 CNN: Fight rages throughout SYRIA. Reuters: Rebels down fighter jet in northern SYRIA: witness. Drudge: One ISRAELI soldier, 3 attackers killed in EGYPT border attack; major attack foiled. 9/23 Drudge: ‘Fierce’ battle erupts after SYRIA fires into JORDAN. 9/25 NY Times: SYRIAN WAR’S spillover threatens a fragile IRAQ. 9/26 CNN: Rebels attack military facility in SYRIAN capital. 9/28 BBC News: Sea assault on SOMALI cityin an attempt to seize the port of Kismayo, the last major Islamist militant stronghold.  10/1 CNN: Thousands flee as SYRIAN regime demolishes homes. (I don’t understand why Assad is willing to destroy his country, but then, they do have oil money to rebuild it all, I guess???)  10/2 Drudge/Telegraph: NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA ‘on the verge of nuclear war.’ 10/3 Yahoo: At least 40 killed in ALEPPO explosions. WHITE HOUSE widening cover war in NORTH AFRICA. USA Today: At least 31 killed in suicide bombings in SYRIA. NY Times: TURKEY strikes back after SYRIAN shelling kills 5 civilians. 10/4 Yahoo: TURKEY authorizes military operations in SYRIA. CNN: For the first time, TURKEY fires on SYRIA. 10/5 CNN: Video: SYRIAN rebels say they will kill IRANIAN hostages. (Tribal, primitive people on both sides.) 10/7 Reuters: Rebels seize SYRIAN army outpost at TURKEY border: witnesses. Reuters: TURKISH military buildup on border. U.S., SOUTH KOREA agree on long range ballistic missiles. 10/8 Reuters: TURKEY returns fire after SYRIA attack: official. ISRAELI airstrike wounds 8 in GAZA. 10/9 CNN: Massive explosions reported near SYRIAN air force compound: Hundreds feared dead. BBC News: ‘SAUDI weapons’ found in SYRIA. 10/10 Reuters: In shifting SYRIA conflict, ASSAD assumes control of forces. Drudge: TURKEY warns SYRIA it may escalate to ‘greater force.’ 10/13 Yahoo: TURKEY condemns U.N. inertia as SYRIAN conflict deepens. Reuters: SYRIA blast takes out bomb factory. 10/14 Reuters: Assad’s forces accused of using cluster bombs as rebels gain. Drudge: TURKEY steps up presence on SYRIA border. BBC News: TURKEY bans all SYRIAN flights. 10/15 NY Times: Rebel arms flow said to benefit jihadist in SYRIA. As tensions escalate, TURKEY issues a ban on all SYRIAN aircraft. (And to think the Uranus-Pluto square lasts until 2015. Dear me!) 10/18 CNN: Activists: 20,000 SYRIANS have ‘disappeared.’ Washington Post: In SYRIA, clan shootout hints at tensions with Assad’s own sect. World Views: Who’s fighting who in SYRIA? 10/20 NY Times: Blast in BEIRUT seen as extension of SYRIA’S war. SYRIANS place booby traps in rebel’s guns. Reuters: LEBANON on edge after car bomb kills security chief. 10/23 Yahoo: SYRIAN shell hits TURKISH health center. (Ye gods!) 10/24 Yahoo: ISRAEL: PALESTINIANS fired 79 rockets at us. 10/27 Reuters: SYRIA bombards major cities, weakening truce: activists. Reuters: SUDAN rebels shell southern city during defense minister visit. 10/28 NY Times: IRAQI sects join battle in SYRIA on both sides. Reuters: SYRIA bombards major cities, weakening truce. (What truce?) 10/29 Reuters: SYRIA truce unravels as violence rocks capital. 10/30 Reuters: SYRIAN warplanes bomb rebels after failed truce. 11/3 BBC News: Rebels attack ‘key SYRIA airbase.’ 11/5 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 50 SYRIAN security men: opposition. 11/7 Reuters: Rebels fire at ASSAD’S palace, hit neighborhood. 11/9 CNN: More than 8,000 flee SYRIA in one day.  Reuters: SYRIAN opposition begins to coalesce after foreign push from U.S. and QATAR to unite. About 9,000 refugees, 26 officers flee to TURKEY in past 24 hours. NY Times: Missteps by rebels erode their support among SYRIANS:The Syrian public is increasingly disgusted with the actions of some rebels, including poorly planned missions, senseless destruction, criminal behavior, and the killing of prisoners in cold blood.11/10 Reuters: SYRIAN rebels take TURKISH border town.(What is going on? All these “tribes” seem altogether barbaric and ruthless. It’s as though they live on another planet entirely.)11/11 CNN: SYRIA launches shells into GOLAN HEIGHTS; ISRAEL fires shots back into SYRIA. Reuters: SYRIA bombs rebel area near TURKISH border: activists.(Ugly war!)11/14 Drudge: Top HAMAS leader killed in ISRAELI airstrike. ISRAEL launches Operation Pillar of Cloud; Hits 20 underground rocket sites in GAZA. Rockets explode in ISRAELI border town.HAMAS: “Strike opened the Gates of Hell.”(The never-ending war between the Arabs and the Jews!)11/15 Yahoo: War looms over GAZA as death toll rises. CNN: Death toll in SYRIA’S civil war: 37,000, and millions of refugees, untold property damage. 11/16 NY Times: ISRAEL and HAMAS step up air attacks in Gaza clash.  Reuters: Fighting in GAZA intensifies. (The aspects are difficult the second half of November. Closely trust your instincts. Stay safe!) BBC News: EGYPTIANS back under-fire GAZA. (It’s the Muslim vs. the Jews again yet!) 11/17 Yahoo: ISRAEL hits HAMAS government buildings, 75,000 reservists mobilized, preparing for possible ground invasion. Thousands protest in EGYPT against ISRAELI attacks on GAZA. CNN: Invasion coming? ISRAEL ‘expanding the campaign.’ Reuters: Mursi says EGYPT will “never leave Gaza on its own.” Drudge: Report: Rockets fired from EGYPT hit ISRAEL. 11/18 NY Times: ISRAEL broadens bombing in GAZA to include government buildings. Reuters: ISRAEL, GAZA fighting rages. GAZANS trapped under airstrike rubble. ISRAELI airstrike wounds journalist in GAZA.  11/21 Yahoo: TEL AVIV bus blast shakes GAZA diplomacy; At least 10 wounded in attack near military headquarters, complicating efforts to forge a truce.  11/21 Reuters: SYRIA now running war economy as conflict spreads. NY Times: U.S. seeks truce on GAZA as enemies step up attacks. Missiles firing, bomb blasts and sirens shatter GAZA calm. (But the Palestinians are firing rockets too!) 11/23 Reuters: More than 40,000 killed since start of SYRIA conflict: monitor. 11/26 CNN: 10 children killed by shelling in SYRIA. (What else is new? This list has gotten ridiculously long!) 11/28 CNN: Bombs leave trail of death in SYRIA. 12/4 NY Times: SYRIA school attack said to kill dozens (at least 29) amid heavy fighting. 12/8 Yahoo: EGYPT: Military warns of disastrous consequences.  12/9 NY Times: SYRIAN rebels tied to Al Qaeda play key role in war. (Now I can see why we haven’t stepped in to help them!) 12/12 NY Times: SYRIAN forces have fired scud missiles at insurgents, U.S. says. 12/14 Reuters: Hunger spreads through SYRIA as war intensifies. 12/23 CNN: More than 100 killed in bakery bombing in SYRIA. 12/25 CNN: Mystery gas kills 6 in SYRIA. (Chemical weapons now being used; Assad the monster!) Reuters: ISRAEL says no proof poison gas used in SYRIA. 12/29 Reuters: Rebels close in on key airport in northern SYRIA. Assad’s forces seize Homs district from rebels: activist. (The war goes on!) The PEOPLE continue to RISE UP AGAINST TYRANNY and oppression in an attempt to break the chains of bondage and slavery to malevolent leaders and dictators.2/28 CNN: More than 7,500 killed in SYRIAN crackdown, U.N. says. (Civil War for sure!) 3/13 CNN: U.N.: 8,000 dead in SYRIA crackdown.  4/5 Drudge: Violent protests erupt in ATHENS over debt suicide. 7/1Facebook/Astrologer Carole Divine: Public protests numbering thousands of people between June 22 & 29 in CHILE, TOKYO, MEXICO, PARAGUAY, NEPAL, EGYPT’S TAHIR SQUARE, BRAZIL, and MONTREAL, CANADA.  9/4 CNN: A sniper’s bullet, a dying girl, a family’s race to save her: Even amid the atrocities of ALEPPO, SYRIA, the sight of a father carrying a limp child is striking. (And truly tragic! What sort of man is this Dictator/President Assad?)  9/16 Drudge: Massive demonstrations in MOSCOW. 9/26 CNN: Thousands protest GREECE austerity. 10/29 Reuters: CHINA: Grassroots democracy challenges new leaders: As anger over corruption and lack of government accountability spreads, one of the toughest riddles facing China’s new leadership will be shoring up the Communist Party’s waning legitimacy without loosening its grip on power. 10/30 CNN: QATAR accuses SYRIA regime of genocide after failed truce. 11/21 Reuters: Rebels vow to “liberate” all CONGO. 11/29 BBC News: Clashes in CHILE over new fish quota.MANY CELEBRITIES and others of note will be crossing over the the Other Side this year.(6/16 Someone hacked my page!)1/2 BBC News: British Darth Vader and former Olympic fencing champion Bob Anderson dies age 89. 1/3 CNN: Longtime Turner sportscaster Jim Huber dies at 67. BBC News: St. Trinian’s cartoonist Ronald Searle dies at 91. 1/6 CNN: Photo pioneer Eve Arnold dies at 99. 1/10 CNN: NJ Republican assemblyman Alex DeCroce dies at state house age 75. 1/19 BBC News: Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke dies at 29 after training accident. 1/20 BBC News: Musician Johnny Otis dies at 90. CNN: Singer Eta James dies at 73. 1/22 NY Times: Joe Paterno, longtime Penn State coach, dies at 85. (I’m sure the Sandusky child sex abuse scandal sped up his transition.) 1/25 CNN: Actor James Farentino dies at 73.  1/27 CNN: ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ actor Robert Hegyes dies at 60. 1/29 CNN: ‘Seinfield’ actor Ian Abercrombie dies at 77. 2/1 NY Times: Don Cornelius ‘Soul Train’ creator is dead at 75: Shot himself.  2/2 BBC News: Ali’s trainer Dundee dies at 90. 2/3 CNN: Micron CEO Steve Appleton dies in Idaho plane crash at 51. 2/4 CNN: ‘Wild Orchid’ director Zalman King dies at 70. USA Today: Character Actor Ben Gazzara dies at 81. 2/8 CNN: Civil Rights leader Patricia Due dies at 72. Last WWII vet, Florence Green, 110-year-old woman dies.  2/10 Author, astrologer Jeanne Avery dies at 80. 2/11 USA Today: Best-selling author, WSJ journalist Jeffrey Zaslow killed in crash at 53. NY Times: Singer Whitney Houston is dead at 48. 2/15 BBC News: Singer-composer Dory Previn dies at 86. 2/16 Daily News: Zelda Kaplan dies at New York fashion week after collapsing in front row of Joanna Mastroianni runway show, age 95. (What a way to go!)  NY Times: Gary Carter, Hall of Fame catcher and Mets player, dead at 57.  2/28 NY Times: Jan Berenstain, creator of Berenstain Bears, dies at 88. 2/29 CNN: Monkees’ teen idol Davy Jones dead at 66. 3/1 Yahoo: Andrew Breitbart’s death report on his website at the age of 43. 3/4 CNN: Star Wars conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie dies at 82. (In the late 70s and early 80s I read for several special effects people from the initial 3 Star Wars movies.) 3/5 BBC News: Welsh actor Philip Madoc dies at 77. 3/6 BBC News: Mary Poppins Disney songwriter Robert B. Sherman dies at 86. 3/9 CNN: Jimmy Ellis, ‘Disco Inferno’, dies at 74. 3/10 USA Today: Skier Nick Zoricic dies at World Cup event by crashing into safety nets, age 29. (First Saturn Return.) 3/12 BBC News: Ozone pioneer Rowland dies at 84. (Uranus Return!) 3/12 USA Today: Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack dies at 65. 3/19 BBC News: Tonga’s King Tupon V dies at 63. 3/22 BBC News: Italian screenwriter Tonino Guerra dies at 92. 3/29 CNN: Bluegrass great Earl Scruggs dies at 88. (3rd Saturn Return!) Washington Post: Feminist poet, essayist Adrienne Rich dies at 82. (Uranus Return!) 4/1 USA Today: Renowned runner Micah True’s body found in NM wilderness at age 58. (2nd Saturn Return.) 4/7 CNN: Artist Thomas Kinkade dies at age 54. 4/8 CNN: Mike Wallace, veteran CBS journalist, dies at 93. 4/19 NY Times: Levon Helm, drummer and singer for The Band, dies at 71. 4/20 CNN: Jonathan Frid, original Dark Shadows star, dies at 87. Greg Ham of Men at Work found dead in Melbourne home at age 58. BBC News: Influential guitarist Bert Weedon dies at 91. (3 musicians within one day!) NY Times: Charles W. Colson, Watergate felon reborn as evangelical leader, dies at 80.  4/24 CNN: Brazilian actor, Tiago Klimeck, portraying Judas, dies after accidental hanging in The Passion of the Christ play. (Truly bizarre; an aspect of the Uranus-Pluto square, perhaps?)  Drudge: NFL star, Ray Easterling, shot himself after lifetime of depression brought on by concussion. (Athletes can pay a terrible price for the passing glory of being in sports.) 5/1 BBC News: Norwegian world swimming champion found dead in shower following training in Arizona, 26. (Sports place young hearts under tremendous and constant strain.) 5/3 Dancer, actress Zina Bethune killed in hit and run at 66. ESPN NFL: Junior Seau, former San Diego Charger, found dead at 43. 5/4 BBC News: Ska pioneer, leading to Reggae, Lloyd Brevett dies at 80. Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch dead from cancer at 47.  5/7 CNN: “Goober Pyle” actor George Lindsey dies at 83. (Uranus Return!)  5/8 NY Times: Maurice Sendak, author of “Where the Wild Things Are” dies at 83. (Uranus Return!) 5/9 USA Today: Hair icon Vidal Sassoon dies at 84 (Uranus Return. Very common time for the passing of a celebrity!) 5/12 CNN: Car design legend Shelby dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return!) 5/13 BBC News: Booker T bassist Donald Dim dies at 70. 5/14 CNN: Famed Memphis soul bassist ‘Duck’ Dunn dies at 70.  5/15 CNN: “Swamp People” star Mitchell Guist dies on boat. 5/16 BBC News: Mexican author Carlos Fuentes dies at 83. (Uranus Return!) 5/17 CNN: Robert Kennedy Jr.’s estranged wife, Mary, found dead at 52; hanged herself. ‘Go-Go’ performer Chuck Brown dies at 75. CNN: “The Queen of Disco” Donna Summer dead at 63. (So many deaths in the music industry lately!)  5/20 NY Times: Robin Gibbs, a Bee Gee with a taciturn manner, dies at 63. BBC News: Crowded House drummer Peter Jones dies at 45. German baritone singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, “the most influential singer of the 20th century,” dies at 86. 5/29 NY Times: Doc Watson, renowned folk singer and guitarist, dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return, good for him.) 6/3 LA Times: ‘Family Feud’ host Richard Dawson dies at 79. CNN: Actress Kathryn Joosten of ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘West Wing’ loses her battle with lung cancer after 11 years and dies at 72. 6/7 HeraldNet: Harold Reed, founder of The Platters, dies at 83. CNN: Police: Musician Bob Welch kills self at 66.  6/8 Herald: Actor Frank Cady dies at 96. 6/12 BBC News: Gone With The Wind actress Ann Rutherford dies at 94.  6/13 BBC News: Goodfellas mobster Henry Hill, basis for movie, dies at 69. 6/15 USA Today: Yvette Wilson of Moesha dead at 48. 6/16 CNN: Saudi Crown Prince Nayef dies in his late 70s. 6/17 CNN: Cop beating victim Rodney King dies at 47. 6/17  CNN: Radiohead Drum tech killed in stagecollapse. 6/19 CNN: Oscar-nominated actress Susan Tyrell dies at 67. BBC News: Victor Spinetti, actor and star of Beatles films, dies at 82. (Uranus Return!)  6/21 NY Times: LeRoy Neiman, painter of Olympiads, dies at 91. BBC News: Horror actor Richard Lynch dies at 76. 6/26 NY Times: Nora Ephron, filmmaker and writer, dies at 71. (What a talent! I loved her films!)  6/28 Los Angeles Times: Don Grady, ex-Mouseketeer and My Three Sons star, dies at 68. 6/30 NY Times: Yitzhak Shamir, former Israel prime minister, dies at 96. 7/3 Yahoo: Actor Andy Griffith dies at 86. 7/4 BBC News: Comedian Eric Sykes dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return!) 7/5 BBC News: Man from Uncle producer Felton dies at 99. 7/8 NY Times: Ernest Borgnine, Oscar winning actor, dies at 95. 7/13 Yahoo: Oscar winning film producer Richard D. Zanuck dies at 77. CNN: Sylvester Stallone’s son, Sage, found dead at 36. 7/14 CNN: Civil Rights pioneer Willis Edwards dies at 66.  7/15 CNN: Oscar winning Celeste Holmes dies at 95. 7/16 Yahoo: Stephen Covey, “7 Habits” author, dies at 79.  NY Times: Trailblazing Country singer, Kitty Wells, dies at 92.  7/18 BBC News: Bollywood’s ‘first superstar’ Rajesh Khanna dies at 69. 7/20 AP: Tom Davis, Al Franken’s early ‘Saturday Night Live’ partner, dies at 59 (2nd Saturn Return, young). 7/22 BBC News: Poldark actress Angharad Rees dies from cancer at 63. BBC News: “The Tudors” actor Simon Ward dies after long illness at 70. 7/23 Yahoo: Sally Ride, first U.S. woman in space, dies at 61. 7/24 NBC-TV: Star of “The Jeffersons” Sherman Helmsley dies at 74. 7/25 Yahoo: “Medical Center” actor Chad Everett dies at 75. 7/26 BBC News: “Dr. Who” actress Mary Tamm dies at 62. 7/27 CNN: Actress Lupe Ontiveros dies at 69. 7/30 BBC News: Character actor Norman Alden dies at 87. (3rd Saturn Return!)  BBC News: Bestselling Irish Author Maeve Binchy dies at 72. 7/31 BBC News: Singer Tony Martin dies at 98. 8/1 NY Times: Gore Vidal, elegant author, dies at 86. 8/7 BBC News: Australian art critic and writer Robert Hughes dies at 74. “Hairspray” writer Mark O’Donnell dies at 58. (2nd Saturn Return!)  Pioneering astronomer and physicist Sir Bernard Lovell dies at 98.  USA Today: Composer Marvin Hamlisch dies at 68. 8/8 Inside Movies: Film critic Judith Crist dies at 90. (3rd Saturn Return!) 8/10 USA Today: “Willie Wonka” director Mel Stuart dies at 83. (Uranus Return!)  8/12 BBC News: ET the Extraterrestrial creator and Alien special effects artist Carlo Rimbaldi dies at 86. 8/13 NY Times: Helen Gurley Brown, who gave Cosmopolitan its purr, and wrote “Sex and the Single Girl,” dies at 90. (There must be an Author’s Conference on the Other Side!) 8/14 CNN: Ron Palillo, TV’s Horshack in “Welcome Back Cotter,” dies at 63. 8/17 BBC News: Carl Davis, king of Chicago soul, dies at 77.  USA Today: ‘Real World’ star Joey Kovar found dead at 29; Joey struggled with substance abuse for years. (First Saturn Return!) 8/19 NY Times: William Windom, Emmy award TV Everyman, dies at 88. 8/20 Yahoo: “Top Gun” director Tony Scott dies at 68 after jumping off a bridge. BBC News: Scott McKenzie, singer of flower-power pop, dies at 73 (If you going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair!) (I learn more of important deaths on the BBC News than in U.S. news.) USA Today: Comedy Queen Phyllis Diller dies at 95. Former Tuskegee airman Hickman dies at 88. 8/22 BBC News: Children’s book author Nina Bawden dies at 87. 8/25 NY Times: Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies at 82. 8/26 BBC News: Jerry Nelson, voice of Sesame Street Count von Count, dies at 78. 8/30 Washington Times: TV/film actor Steve Franken dies at 80. 9/1 NY Times: Hal David , Oscar and Grammy-winning composer, dies at 91.  9/2 NY Times: Sun Myung Moon, Korean, evangelist-founder of Unification Church, dies at 92.  9/3 USA Today: Green Mile star Michael Clarke Duncan dies at 54 from heart disease. 9/4 CNN: Starship guitarist, Mark Abrahamian, dies at 46. 9/7 Rolling Stone: Singer, songwriter Joe South dies at 72. Art Modell, sports owner of the Browns, then Ravens, dies at 87. 9/8 BBC News: Terry Nutkins, TV wildlife presenter, dies at 66. 9/10 BBC News: “Chariots of Fire” and “Dances With Wolves” producer Jake Eberts dies at 71. 9/19 CNN: NFL flame burns dimmer with passing of NFL Film’s Steve Sabol at 69. 9/23 BBC News: Corrie Sanders, ex-heavyweight boxing champion, dies in shooting at 46. 9/26 BBC News: Singer Andy Williams dies at 84. (Uranus Return, common transition time for celebrities!) 9/17 BBC News: Herbert Lom “Pink Panther” star dies at 95. 9/29 NY Times: Arthur O. Sulzberger, publisher who transformed The Times, dies at 86. 10/1 BBC News: British historian Eric Hobsbawm dies at 95. 10/3 CNN: ‘RuPaul’ star Antoine Ashley dies at 27. 10/10 USA Today: Alex Karras, legendary lion defensive tackle and actor dies at 77. 10/13 CNN: Basil Plumley, Army veteran of 3 wars, dies at 92: WWII, Korea, Vietnam. 10/13 CNN: Actor and TV and radio personality Gary Collins dies at 74. 10/14 NY Times: Arlen Specter, former Senator, dies at 82, played role in Supreme Court. (Uranus Return 82-84!)  10/18 BBC News:Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel, who starred in the 1974 erotic French film Emmanuelle, has died at 60. 10/19 BBC News: Stanford Ovshinsky, hybrid car battery inventor, dies at 89 (3rd Saturn Return). 10/22 BBC News: Bollywood icon Yash Chopra dies at 80. Yahoo: Russell Means, Indian activist, actor dies at 72. 10/27 BBC News: Famed German composer Hans Werner Henze dies at 86. 10/28 BBC News: R&B singer Natina Reed killed by car at 32. 10/29 BBC News: Musician Terry Callier dies at 67. 11/6 BBC News: U.S. classical composure Elliott Carter dies at 103. (Wow! His creativity kept him going strong until the end!) 11/8 CNN: Legendary Texas football coach Darrell Royal dies at 88: Led the University of Texas to at least a share of 3 national championships in 1960s and 1970s. 11/10 BBC News: Bill Tarmey, Coronation Street star, dies at 71. 11/20 USA Today: Former senator Warren Rudman dies at 82. (Uranus Return.) 11/22 CNN: Art Ginsburg, TV’s ‘Mr. Food,’ dies at 81. 11/24 Yahoo: Boxer Macho Camacho dies after drive by shooting in Puerto Rico at 50. Actor Larry Hagman, who portrayed notorious TV villain J. R. Ewing, dies at 81. 11/25 Yahoo: Civil rights leader Lawrence Guyot dies at 73. BBC News: Actress Dinah Sheridan dies at 92. 11/28 CNN: Marvin Miller, the man who changed baseball, dies at 95. 12/5 BBC News: Pioneering jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck dies at 91. Oldest person in U.S. dies at 116. 12/6 CNN: Brazil’s ‘genius’ architect Niemeyer dies at 104. 12/9 BBC News: Astronomer and broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore dies at 89 (3rd Saturn Return). 12/10 Yahoo: Singer Jenni Rivera dead at 43 in airplane crash in Mexico. 12/12 CNN: Sitar legend Ravi Shankar, father of Norah Jones, dies at 92. 12/13 NY Times: N. Joseph Woodland, inventor of the bar code, dies at 91. (3rd Saturn Return) 12/18 CNN: Hawaii senator Daniel Inouye dies at 88. (3rd Saturn Return) Reuters: World’s oldest person dies in retirement home at 115. 12/19 Drudge: Robert Bork, former Supreme Court nominee, dies at 85. 12/24 BBC News: Mike Scaccia, Ministry guitarist, dies at 47. NBC-TV: Actor Jack Klugman dead at 90. (3rd Saturn Return) 12/25 Drudge/USA Today: King of character actors Charles Dunning dead at 89. (3rd Saturn Return) 12/27 BBC News: Fontella Bass, U.S. soul singer of “Rescue Me” dies at 72. CNN: General ‘Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf dies at 78. 12/28 NY Times: Jean S. Harris, killer of Scarsdale diet doctor, dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return) 12/29 CBS Los Angeles: Western character actor Harry Carey Jr. dies at 91. 12/30 Yahoo: Nobel scientist Rita Levi-Montalcini dies in Rome at 103. 12/31 BBC News: Oscar winning sound-editor Michael Hopkins (Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong) killed in river rafting accident in New Zealand at 53. 4/12 CNN: Actor and comedian Jonathan Winters dies at 87. IMPROVEMENTS in the REAL ESTATE MARKET, building and construction on the rise.1/1 Reuters: Exclusive: U.S. top 2012 property investment pick. 1/20 Reuters: Existing home sales hit 11-month high in December. 3/18 Reuters: Week ahead: Recovery signs in housing market. 3/24 Yahoo: Signs of recovery grow in housing market. 4/26 Reuters: Pending home sales near two-year high in March. 5/8 Reuters: Home prices rise for first time in 8 months. 5/16 Reuters: Housing starts add to recovery signs. Foreclosed Americans return to home ownership: A small but growing number are making a surprisingly quick return to home ownership. Mortgage refinancing applications jump, rates fall: MBA.  5/23 CNN: New home sales up 3.3%. 5/29 Reuters: Home prices inch higher in March: S&P. 6/26 Reuters: Home prices rise for third month in April, S&P.  6/28 NY Times: After years of false hopes, signs of a turn in housing: Roughly six years after the housing market began its longest and deepest slide since the Great Depression, home sales and an increase in sales prices indicate that the market is recovering. 7/24 CNN: Home values up for first time in 5 years. 7/31 Reuters: Rising home prices show traction in housing recovery. USA Today: Home price index: gains in all 20 cities in May. 8/7 CNN: Real estate freeze finally thawing? 8/14 Reuters: Home Depot raises profit view, hopes for housing market. 8/22 Reuters: Existing home sales rise in July. 8/28 CNN: Home prices jump; has market turned? Reuters: Home prices gain for fifth month in June: S&P. USA Today: Case-Shiller: Home prices rose in all 20 cities. 9/10 Reuters: Investors cash in on land deals as housing picks up. 8/19 Reuters: Housing starts rise as recovery edges ahead. 9/25 CNN: Home prices at 9 year high. Reuters: Home prices rise less than expected in July: S&P: Single-family home prices rose for a sixth month in a row in July, though the improvement was not as strong as expected. Reuters: Home prices rise for 6th month, a sign of recovery. 9/26 Reuters: Mortgage applications rose as rates hit new lows: MBA. 9/27 Reuters: Pending home sales dip in August due to supply shortage. (Interesting!) 10/3 CNN: Housing recovery is here, experts say. (I love being right on the good stuff!) 10/13 BBC News: JP Morgan predicts housing upturn. 10/17 CNN: Home building hits 4 year high. Reuters: Housing starts surge in positive sign for economy. 10/24 Reuters: New home sales jump to near 2-/12 year high in September. USA Today: New home sales jump 5.7% in September. 10/25 CNN: Foreclosures fall in most U.S. cities. 10/30 CNN: Home prices rise for 5th month! (Go, Obama!) 11/13 CNN: Home Depot: Housing market healing. USA Today: Home Depot 3Q results beat estimates. 11/20 CNN: Home building at 4 year high. 11/27 Reuters: Home prices rise in September. CNN: Home prices: Biggest rise in two years. 11/29 Reuters: Pending home sales rise, beating expectations. 12/19 Reuters: Home building permits near four and a half year high. 12/20 USA Today: Home sales jump in November. BBC News: U.S. home sales hit 3-year high. Washington Post: D.C. house inspires 168 bids in red-hot real estate market: an extra $400,000 for 2,850 square feet and a list price of $337,000! (Wow!)  12/26 CNN: Home prices post big jump. 12/27 Reuters: New home sales climb to highest rate since April 2010. Home prices rise for 9th straight month: S&P. (I love being right about the good stuff!☺)GREAT EARTHQUAKES cause vast destruction which will benefit those involved in rebuilding cities and homes. Loss of lives and property will be tragic and vast.1/1 USGS: 6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN Region. (Volcano on this island.) CNN: Eastern OHIO rattled by 4.0 magnitude earthquake, second quake in a week. 1/5 Drudge: After dozen earthquakes in 2011, OHIO officials create earthquake emergency plan. 1/15 CNN: Strong 6.6, 6.2 earthquakes hit South Shetland Islands off ANTARCTICA’S coast. 1/23 USGS: 6.2, 4.9 magnitude quakes offshore BIO-BIO, CHILE. 1/24 CNN: Scientists: Big TOKYO quake likely. USGS: 6.3 quake South of FIJI ISLANDS. 1/28 USGS: 4.7, 6.2, 5.2, 5.1, 5.4 quakes shake KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND (Volcano here!) 1/30 CNN: State TV: 96 injured after 6.3 earthquake hits coastal PERU. 2/4 USGS: 6.0 quake shakes Samar, PHILIPPINES. 2/6 USGS: 6.7, 6.0 magnitude quakes strike Negros, Cebu Region, PHILIPPINES. CNN: Aftershocks 5.8, 5.2 rattle PHILIPPINES; quake death toll climbs to 12. Buildings collapsed, cracked walls and shattered windows. USA Today: Dozens trapped, missing after PHILIPPINE quake. 2/7 Reuters: CENTRAL PHILIPPINES hit by aftershocks. 2/14 USGS: 6.0, 4.9 magnitude quake near east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN (The quakes a daily here.)6.4 magnitude quake in SOLOMON ISLANDS. 2/15 USGS: 6.0 quake off the coast of OREGON. (Underwater volcano here!) Science Daily: ‘Invisibility’ cloak (cloaking device) could protect buildings from earthquakes. 2/21 CNN: 4.0 quake jolts MISSOURI and 12 other states. (This not good. This is the New Madrid Fault!) 3/2 BBC News: Demolition for quake-hit Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND, cathedral. (Sad!) 3/3 USGS: 6.6 magnitude quake south of LOYALTY ISLANDS. 3/14 USGS: 6.9 quake off east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN, followed by 6.1, 5.7, 5.4 and 5.7 quakes. (Lousy anniversary present for the tragic tsunami.) 3/21 CNN: earthquake leaves homes in ruins. 3/26 USGS: 5.1, 5.0, 6.0 quakes Northern EAST PACIFIC RISE. (This ends in the Gulf of California.)  3/27 USGS: 4.9, 6.0, 4.7 quakes near the east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. (This area is suffering daily quakes above 4.0.) 3/30 Science Daily: Pattern of large earthquakes on SAN JACINTO Fault near San Diego identified. 4/2 CNN: 6.3 earthquake hits southern MEXICO. 4/6 USGS: 6.3 earthquake strikes New Ireland Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 9/11 Yahoo. Massive 8.6 earthquake off INDONESIA’S western coast triggered tsunami fears across the NORTH INDIAN OCEAN, and in Thailand, with INDIAN OCEAN hit by a 6.0 quake, soon followed by 8.2 aftershock, 5.4, 5.1, 5.1, 5.0, 5.3, 5.2, 5.0 etc. off WESTERN SHORE OF NORTHERN SUMATRA, causing coastal residents to flee in cars and on motorcycles.  Reuters: INDONESIA hit with largest quakes since 1900. USGS: 6.5 quake hits MICHOACAN, MEXICO. 5.9 quake off the coast of OREGON. 4/12 USGS: 6.2, 6.9 quakes hit the GULF OF CALIFORNIA. USA Today: Strong earthquake shakes buildings in MEXICO CITY. 4/13 Earth Changes Media: ALERT UPDATES: Ring of Fire Massive Subduction Zones at risk. 4/14 USGS: 6.5 quake in VANUATU.  4/15 Activist Post: The RING OF FIRE is roaring to life and there will be earthquakes of historic importance on the WEST COAST of the UNITED STATES. USGS: 6.2 magnitude quake off west coast of NORTHERN SUMATRA. 4.9, 4.5, 4.5 quakes shaking INDIAN OCEAN.  4/17 CNN: 6.7 earthquake strikes Valparaiso, CHILE; no serious damage reported, power lines knocked out. (This is a hot zone.)  6.8 magnitude quake shakes eastern PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. (Very hot zone!)  4/21 USGS: 6.6, 5.6, 4.3. 4.5, 4.6 quakes near north coast of PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. (The RING OF FIRE is kicking up!)  4/28 USGS: 6.7 quake strikes TONGA. CNN: Earthquake registering 3.8 strikes San Bernardino County near the SAN ANDREAS FAULT in CALIFORNIA. 5/3 Science Daily: First-of-its kind study reveals surprising ecological effects of the large earthquake and tsunami: The reappearance of long-forgotten habitats include the sandy beaches of south CHILE submerged for perhaps centuries. 5/14 USGS: 6.2 earthquake hits Tarapaca, CHILE. 5/29 CNN: 8 dead as 5.8 earthquake shakes northern ITALY where the devastating quake hit last week. Reuters: Second large quake hits ITALY, 15 dead.6/12 CNN: Rockfall set off by 5.4, 5.7 quakes kill scores in northern AFGHANISTAN. 6/16 USGS: 6.1 quake shakes Luzon, PHILIPPINES. 6/17 USGS: 6.4 quake hits near the East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN.  6/22 USGS: 6.0 quake shakes MACQUARIE ISLAND REGION. 7/1 Drudge: Mysterious rumbling sound heard through SAN DIEGO. (Makes me nervous!) 7/3 USGS: 6.3 magnitude quake off west coast of the North Island of NEW ZEALAND. Daily there are quakes above 4.5 off the east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. (Unwise to restart the nuclear reactor with Japanese protests to that effect.) 7/26 USGS: 6.7 earthquake strikes MAURITIUS REUNION region in INDIAN OCEAN. Science Daily: New evidence for regular magnitude 8 earthquakes, study of New Zealand fault shows. 8/2 Science Daily: NORTHWEST earthquake risk in U.S. looms large: 40% chance of major earthquake within 50 years. 8/11 USGS: 6.4, 6.3 earthquakes shake NORTHWESTERN IRAN, followed by 4.8, 4.4, 4.8, 4.5, 4.7 magnitude quakes. CNN: At least 50 feared dead, 400 injured in IRAN earthquakes. Yahoo: Earthquakes kill at least 153 in northwest IRAN. Update: CNN: At least 180 killed in IRAN earthquakes. 8/12 CNN: Rescue operations end after IRAN quakes kill 250, 1,800 injured, 110 villages damaged. USGS: 6.3 magnitude quake shakes XINJIANG-XIZANG Border Region, CHINA. Reuters: Two earthquakes in IRAN kill 250 and injure 2,000. Yahoo UPDATE: 2 earthquakes in IRAN kill 300, injure 2,600.  8/14 USGS: 7.7 quake strikes the SEA OF OKHOTSK near RUSSIA and north of JAPAN. 8/27 Earth Changes Media: Large 7.4 quake hits near EL SALVADOR, Tsunami Warningfor parts of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico.  USGS: 7.3 earthquake offshore EL SALVADOR, followed by 4.8, 4.6, 4.5, 5.2 in GULF OF CALIFORNIA, and then 5.4, 4.4, 4.3, 4.2, 4.7, 4.8, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 and more off the coast of EL SALVADOR. (The plates are really moving almost everywhere, but especially on the West Coast!) Earth Changes Media: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA swarm of over 300 earthquakes connected to SALTON TROUGH, CASCADIA, and WALKER LANE. 8/30 USGS: 6.8, 5.2 earthquakes strike JAN MAYEN ISLAND REGION in the ARCTIC near NORWAY. 8/31 Earth Changes Media: 7.6 magnitude earthquake hits PHILIPPINES, Tsunami alert issued. USGS: Followed by 5.5, 5.4, 5.1, 4.8, 5.4, 4.9, 5..0, 4.9, 5.1, 4.9, 4.9, 5.1, 5.7 in the region of the PHILIPPINES. 9/1: 5.3, 5.6. 5.3, 4.6, 4.9, 5.0., 5.1, 4.5, 4.8, 4.9. 9/2: 4.7, 5.4, 4.7, 4.9, 4.8, 4.7, 4.7. (There will be a volcanic eruption in the PHILIPPINES sometime soon.) 9/30 Drudge: Two moderate earthquakes 3.4, 3.1 rattle NORTH DALLAS. 10/1 USGS: The quakes continue daily in HONSHU, JAPAN. 5.1, 6.2, 5.2 quakes shakes HONSHU, JAPAN; 10/2 4.6, 4.8, 4.7 in HONSHU, JAPAN. 10/17 USGS: 6.0 magnitude quake in CELEBES SEA near the Philippines. 11/21 USA Today: 6.1 magnitude quake strikes CHILE. 12/17 USGS: 6.1 magnitude earthquake in SULAWESI, INDONESIA. 12/23 USGS: 5.8 magnitude quake in BLACK SEA offshore GEORGIA.JANUARY 23: WELCOME the CHINESE YEAR OF THE DRAGON!  A WOMAN of considerable PRESTIGE AND POWER passes beyond the veil and is mourned by many.Another SNOWCAPPED VOLCANO awakens from its long slumber and sends FIRE AND SMOKE high into the sky as an offering to the gods: LAVA FLOWS down upon the people to create unfortunate human sacrifices.2/2 CNN: ALASKAN volcano could erupt, disrupt international air travel. Eruptive activity of Cleveland Volcano. 5/1 Science Daily: YELLOWSTONE ‘Super Eruption’ less super, more frequent than thought: 6,000 years a part. 12/26 Red alert issued for CHILE volcano, 3,500 evacuated: RED ALERT for CHILE-ARGENTINA border. 5/16/2013 CNN: ALASKA volcano spews ash 20,000 feet. (It isn’t always easy to know the time!)  5/19 NASA Observatory: ALASKA volcano continues to erupt, spreading 60-mile stream of fire and ash. NBC-TV: Two ALASKAN volcanoes erupt at the same time.LAVA FLOWS IN THE LAND OF ICE, rivers of molten red hot lava do their creative/destructive deed./16/2013 Yahoo: ALASKA volcano continues to erupt, with lava, ash. 5/19 NASA Observatory: A scene of ICE and FIRE: Towering ash plume, cascading debris, and stem explosions of Pavlof Volcano intensified days after it began. Lava fountains and a LAVA flow descend the steep northern flank of the volcano, which is located near the western end of the ALASKA Peninsula and isn’t a threat to any large cities or towns.ADMIRABLE WOMEN continue to GAIN POWER AND RECOGNITION in big business and politics in many nations.2/6 Drudge: WOMAN’S WORLD: Mexico conservatives back Josefina for president. 3/25 CNN: Queen Elizabeth stuns couple, attends wedding in Manchester. 3/30 BBC News: Chilean astronomer makes her mark: Cinthya Herrera has not quite achieved in PhD in astronomy, but already has notched up notable success in her career.  4/1 BBC News: Suu Kyi ‘wins landmark election’ in Burma. 4/2 BBC News: Suu Kyi eyes ‘new era’ for Burma. 4/3 Drudge: PLO bestows journalism award on Helen Thomas. 4/21 Drudge: MEXICO’S conservatives bet on woman presidential hopeful: Josefina Vazquez Mota. 5/2 Reuters: SUU KYI makes historic debut in Burma’s parliament. 7/7 NY Times: Serena Williams wins 5th Wimbledon’s Women’s Title. 7/10 Reuters: The daughter of former South Korea dictator, Park Guen-hye, announces her bid for the presidency. 7/11 BBC News: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pays historic visit to Laos. 7/15 Drudge: Hillary meets the Brotherhood in Egypt. 7/15 BBC News: African Union picks woman leader: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. 8/11 CNN: Hillary Clinton to meet Syrian dissidents. 9/22 Reuters: Aung San Suu Kyi presented with Global Citizen Award for dedication to humanitarian rights. Lift restrictions on women’s education, rights group tells Iran. 11/19 CNN: Obama praises Suu Kyi during historic Myanmar visit. 12/19 Reuters: Park set to win South Korea presidential election:The daughter of a former military ruler took a commanding lead in South Korea’s presidential election on Wednesday, putting her on track to become the country’s first woman head of state.The DRAGON BREATHES FIRE IN THE LAND OF ICE causing immense fear and trembling among the people.A REMARKABLE CURE IS FOUND! Perhaps several.1/8 Science Daily: New hope for diseases of protein folding such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases, ALS, cancer and diabetes. 6/5 Science Daily: Investigational diabetes drug may have fewer side effects.CHECKS AND BALANCES in the world’s STOCK MARKETS, mountaintops and valleys.2/17 Drudge: Dow near 4-year high. 2/24 Reuters: Wall Street edges up at open, near 2008 high. 4/9 Reuters: Wall Street slides after weak jobs data. 4/13 Drudge: Stocks see worst week of year!  4/17 CNN: Dow jumps back above 13,000. (Up and down and around it goes, where it stops nobody knows!) 5/18 Reuters: Stocks futures rise, markets to close worst week of year. 5/19 BBC News: Facebook shares see modest debut. 5/22 Reuters: Wall Street rebounds; Facebook sinks. 6/4 Drudge: TOKYO stocks hit 28-year low amid global rout. World markets battered. 6/6 CNN: Dow, S&P post biggest gains of 2012. 6/8 CNN: Stocks post best week of year. 6/30 Drudge: Stocks soar; best June since 1997. 7/18 Reuters: S&P 500 hits 2-1/2 month high. 7/19 Reuters: Stocks climb on earnings; commodities soar. 7/26 CNN: Dow jumps more than 200 at open. 7/27 CNN: Dow tops 13,000; best since May.  8/7 USA Today: Strong earnings propel stocks; S&P tops 1,400. 8/17 USA Today: Stock indexes flirt with setting multiyear high. CNN: Dow up for 6th week; Apple soars. 8/20 USA Today: Breaking through 1,400 for S&P 500 is ‘rally killer.’ 9/6 NY Times: S&P 500 closes at 4-year high after European bond plan. 9/8 CNN: Stocks end week at multi-year high.  USA Today: Market magic: 83 stocks at or near all-time highs. 9/20 Reuters: Wall Street dips at open on economic concern. 9/21 Reuters: Wall Street opens higher on Europe hopes, Apple. 9/26 CNN: S&P 500 down for 5th straight day amid European unrest. 9/30 Reuters: Wall Street makes best 3rd quarter since 2010. 10/5 USA Today: Dow Jones index closes at new 5-year high.  10/6 Reuters: S&P 500 dips after four days of gains; earnings eyed. 10/11 Reuters: Wall Street climbs as jobless claims hit four and a half year low. 12/29 Reuters: Wall Street ends sour week with 5th straight decline. DRAMATIC CHANGES in LEADERSHIP on many levels.1/9 NBC News: Bill Daley, Obama’s Chief of Staff resigns. 1/10 BBC News: Hughes confirmed as new QPR boss. 1/11 CNN: CEO of troubled Fannie Mae to resign. 1/18 Reuters: Yahoo co-founder Jerry Lang resigns. 1/22 BBC News: YEMEN president bids ‘farewell.’ NY Times: Gabrielle Giffords will step down from Congress a year after she was shot. 1/23 BBC News: Blackberry-maker’s CEOs step down. 1/25 CNN: UW official resigns amid sex allegations. 1/31 Reuters: Apple names Dixons CEO to head retail unit. 2/1 BBC News: Sony replaces CEO Howard Stringer. 2/8 BBC News: England football coach Capello quits. CNN: Nuts! Diamond Foods boots CEO, stocks plunge.  2/13 BBC News: Wolves dismiss manager McCarthy. 2/17 CNN: Germany’s president Wulff resigns amid home loan scandal. 2/29 Reuters: James Murdoch gives up News International chairman role. Drudge: LightSquared CEO resigns amid revelations of company’s proximity to Obama White House. 3/2 BBC News: New Australian foreign minister named. 3/5 BBC News: Taliban removes deputy commander. 3/14 NY Times: Mike D’Antoni resigns as Knick’s coach. 3/15 BBC News: Leading Chinese politician sacked. 3/16 CNN: Head of Anglican church to step down. Drudge: Departing exec: ‘Google is now an ad company.’ 3/18 Yahoo: Anti-Communist pastor Gauck elected German president. 3/19 Drudge: Out on a Limb: C-SPAN founder to step down as chief. BBC director general to step down. 3/22 NY Times: Police Chief in Sanford, Florida, stepping aside amid shooting controversy. (I should hope so! I had no idea that neighborhood watch folks carry guns!) 3/23 Reuters: China’s bold leader exits stage in succession drama. China orders lawyers to pledge allegiance to Communist Party. (No freedom of choice in China, no democracy.) NY Times: Obama picks Dartmouth’s president, Jim Yong Kim, to lead World Bank. 3/25 BBC News: Leung wins Hong Kong election. 4/2 Reuters: Hungarian president quits after plagiarism row. 4/3 CNN: James Murdoch to resign as BSkyB chairman. Reuters: Top JP Morgan banker quits after market abuse fine. 4/6 CNN: Malawi’s president dies of heart attack. 4/17 Reuters: Mali names Microsoft Africa chief as interim PM. 4/26 Reuters: AstraZeneca CEO quits as drug sales tumble. Jordan’s prime minister Khasawneh resigns. 5/1 Reuters: Chesapeake says it will replace McClendon as chair. 5/6 NY Times: Francois Hollande beats President Nicolas Sarkozy in FRENCH election. 5/7 BBC News: Russia’s Putin back as president. 5/14 CNN: Resume padding costs Yahoo CEO his job. Reuters: Best Buy founder leaving chairman role after CEO probe. USA Today: USA TODAY names Kramer president and publisher. 5/21 BBC News: Nationalist Nikolic in Serbia win. 5/22 CNN: Crocker to step down from Afghan post. Orlando Magic fire coach and GM. 5/27 Reuters: J.P. Morgan replaces prime mortgage chief. 6/20 BBC News: Pakistan begins search for new PM. CNN: Samaras sworn in as new Greece PM. 6/21 Drudge: U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson resigns: “Seizure suffered could distract from performance.”  6/24 NY Times: Mohamed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood declared winner of Egyptian presidency. 6/26 BBC News: Indian finance minister resigns. 6/29 USA Today: Obama’s ambassador to Kenya resigns. 6/30 Reuters: EGYPT’S first Islamist president takes oath,although the military remains determined to call the shots. 7/1 Reuters: EGYPT’S military hands over power to President Mursi in military ceremony. (But is it for real?) 7/2 CNN: Barclay’s chairman resigns amid scandal. Reuters: MEXICO’S old rulers claim presidential election victory. 7/3 Reuters: Barclay’s CEO quits over Libor rate rigging. 7/4 BBC News: BBC names new director general. 7/16 Reuters: Secretive North Korea ditches top military man, purge seen. 7/22 Drudge: Murdock resigns from UK newspapers. 7/26 Reuters: Nomura CEO quits as insider trading scandal widens.  7/28 Drudge: CNN president resigns. 8/2 Reuters: Annan quits as international SYRIA mediator: U.N. 8/7 Reuters: AFGHAN defense minister resigns after parliamentary censure. 8/9 CNN: Komen CEO, president to leave posts. 8/15 BBC News: BBC boss to head NY Times: Mark Thompson. 8/18 CNN: REBELS: SYRIAN vice president defects. (Smart!) 8/21 BBC News: Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi dies after illness at 57. (Second Saturn Return.)  8/30 CNN: Barclays names new CEO. 9/10 Reuters: SOMALIA elects new president in rare vote. 9/11 CNN: CHINA VP vanishes from public view. 11/12 CNN: CHICAGO CEO of schools is out. 10/15 CNN: New prime minister named in LIBYA. 10/16 BBC News: Citigroup’s boss Pandit resigns. 10/19 BBC News: U.K. Minister Andrew Mitchell resigns over police row in Downing Street. 10/24 Drudge: Sirius CEO Karmazin to exit. 10/30 CNN: Top Apple executive steps down. 11/8 BBC News: Justin Welby set to become new Archbishop of Canterbury. 11/10 NY Times: George Entwistle resigns as Director General of BBC in the wake of a broadcast on child sexual abuse. 11/13 CNN: Microsoft Windows chief Sinofsky out. 11/15 Reuters: China names conservative, older leadership. 11/22 CNN: Scandal-hit BBC names new director.  11/26 CNN: Israeli defense minister resigns. 11/29 CNN: Zucker named new president of CNN. 12/1 Reuters: Mexico’s Pena Nieto takes power, begins new era for old ruling party. 12/11 Reuters: MALI PM forced to quit by army. 12/21 CNN: Obama nominates John Kerry to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State. 12/25 CNN: Italian prime minister Monti resigns. 12/26 Reuters: Japan’s new prime minister begins his term: Abe taps allies for cabinet, pledges deflation fight. 12/27 NY Times: EPA. Chief Lisa P. Jackson stepping down. 1/1/2012: NFL: 7 head coaches; 5 general managers axed. 1/16 Yahoo: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to resign in March.The passing of a GREAT SOUL is mourned by many.6/6 NY Times: Ray Bradbury, master of science fiction, dies at 91. 8/25 NY Times: Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies at 82. 10/21 CNN: George McGovern, an unabashed liberal voice, dies at 90 (3rd Saturn Return!)SPIRITUAL GROWTH should be significant during not only 2012 but in the coming decades.6/27 Science Daily: Mind reading from brain recordings? ‘Neural fingerprints’ of memory associations decoded. 7/5 NY Times: Physicists find elusive particle seen as key to Universe: God Particle. 7/31 Science Daily: Lucid dreamers help scientists locate the seat of Meta-Consciousness in the brain. 11/13 Science Daily: MEDITATION appears to produce enduring changes in emotional processing in the brain. 11/18 Science Daily: Brazilian mediums shed light on brain activity during trance state: Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil analyzed the cerebral blood flow (CBF) of Brazilian mediums during the practice of psychography, described as a form of writing whereby a deceased person or spirit is believed to write through the medium’s hand. The new research revealed intriguing findings of decreased brain activity during the mediums’ dissociative state which generated complex written content. Their findings will appear in the November 16th edition of the online journal PLOS ONE. (Fantastic! Proof of spirit communication!)The ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE of May 20 will affect southern CHINA, JAPAN, the northern PACIFIC OCEAN, eastern ASIA and NORTH AMERICA where you can expect various upheavals, difficult weather patterns and political unrest.4/21 Reuters: More U.N. monitors due in SYRIA. 5/7 Drudge: RUSSIAN riot police round up protesters as Putin takes office. Putin returns to Kremlin “with all the pomp and swagger of a Hollywood star.” 5/8 NY Times: Putin takes helm as police punish MOSCOW dissent. Reuters: Somali rebels shell peacemakers, at least 9 dead.  5/16 USGS: 6.0 quake shakes New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 5/16 CNN: 4.3 quake shakes up Eastern TEXAS, at least one building damaged, one woman injured when she fell out of bed and cut her arm. 5/19 Facebook/youtube: Large daytime eruption at Sakurajima Volcano in south JAPAN. 5/21 CNN: New quake rattles ITALY after earlier tremor killed 7. 5/26 USGS: 6.0 quake shakes BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION. 6/3 CNN: Strong 6.2 earthquake strikes south of PANAMA. 6/9 USGS: 6.0, 4.6 quakes shake TAIWAN REGION. 6/10 Yahoo: State of emergency declared for western MYANMAR (BURMA). 6/11 Reuters: Mob violence threatens new MYANMAR (BURMA) image; president says unrest threatens move to democracy. 6/12 Yahoo: RUSSIANS protest against Putin despite pressure. (He will never be a loved leader.) 6/17 USGS: 6.4 magnitude quake hits near the East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. 6/26 CNN: Rain, rain and more rain for FLORIDA.  6/30 Drudge: 118F in KANSAS.  Line of thunderstorms 100 miles wide.A NEW MAN rises to a surprising PINNACLE OF POWER this year.5/15 Hollande, new president of France. 6/26 Morsi new president of Egypt. CNN: Egyptian to pick female, Christian VPs.ECONOMIC RECOVERY in general should be marked this year with UNEMPLOYMENT reduced.2/14 Reuters: Business inventories up 0.4% in December 2011.2/23 Reuters: Jobless claims hold steady at 4-year low. 8/15 BBC News: U.S. factory output in strong rise. USA Today: Consumer prices remain unchanged in July. Industrial production ramps up in July. Stocks higher even as hopes for stimulus fade. 8/29 BBC News: U.S. economy expands more than estimated in the second quarter. 8/30 Reuters: Costco, Limited exceed August sale estimates. 9/4 Reuters: U.S. new car sales seen up in August as much as 20%. Chrysler U.S. August sales up 14%. Small business borrowing rose modestly in July.  9/6 Reuters: Jobless claims fall to lowest level in a month. 9/7 Reuters: Fastest UK production since 1987 signals recession end. German exports, imports and industrial production climb.  NY Times: U.S. added 96,000 jobs in August; Unemployment rate fell to 8.1%. 9/13 CNN: Census: Poverty rate falls to 15%. 9/14 NY Times: Fed ties new aid to jobs recovery in forceful move,saying that it intends to buy large quantities of mortgage bonds, and potentially other assets, until the job market improves substantially. 10/3 CNN: Car sales hit highest level in four years. Reuters: Service sector picks up in September: ISM. 10/4 Reuters: Retailers’ September sales up before holiday rush. 10/5 CNN: Unemployment rate tumbles to 7.8%. Drudge: Total employment ‘highest one month jump in 29 years.’  10/10 Reuters: Wholesale inventories up: sales post first gain in four months. 10/11 CNN: Jobless claims hit four year low. 11/12 CNN: JP Morgan Chase posts record profits. Reuters: JP Morgan profits rise 34% on mortgage lending surge. Wells Fargo net up on strong mortgage lending. 10/15 Reuters: Retail sales point to stronger economic growth. 10/16 Reuters: Goldman Sachs revenue more than doubles on investment gains. (Of course!) 10/20 CNN: Unemployment falls in 7 swing states. 10/26 NY Times: U.S. economy grew at 2% rate in 3rd quarter as more positive consumer activity and a healthier housing sector outweighed the effects of the drought, caution on the part of businesses and weaker exports. BBC News: U.S. economic growth up sharply in 3rd quarter. 10/31 USA Today: North American sales drive GM to $1.5B profit. 11/1 CNN: Private hiring jumps in October, unemployment claims fall. Reuters: Kellogg profit rises, keeps outlook. Rite Aid says 8 stores substantially damaged by Sandy. 11/2 CNN: U.S. hiring increases, jobless rate ticks higher. NY Times: Latest jobs reports shows persistent economic growth. 11/7 Reuters: Kraft 3rd quarter profits rise, affirms outlook. 11/8 Reuters: Trade deficit narrows as exports climb. 11/14 Reuters: Wall Street climbs on strong Cisco results. Abercrombie & Fitch posts higher profits, shares jump. 11/15 Reuters: U.S. Morning Call: Wal-Mart, Target quarterly profits rise. (As a result of Sandy, Lowe’s, Home Depot and such stores should benefit from the tragedy of others.) 11/19 Reuters: Lowe’s quarterly sales, profits beat Wall Street views. CNN: Stocks may enjoy biggest rally in months. (Here we go again!) 11/20 USA Today: Unemployment falls in most states in October. 11/21 Reuters: Jobless claims fall, still high due to Sandy. Factory activity rebounds in November. 11/28 NY Times: California finds economic gloom starting to lift. 11/29 USA Today: Economy stronger than first estimated in Q3. 12/3 USA Today: Chrysler Group reports 14% November sales growth. 12/7 N.Y. Times: U.S. added 146,000 jobs in November, unemployment at 7.7%. 12/8 CNN: Unemployment at lowest rate since 2008. 12/12 BBC News: Porsche breaks car record sales.  12/13 Reuters: Jobless claims fall sharply, recover from Sandy. Retail sales rebound, consumer spending gains traction. 12/14 Reuters: Industrial output gain biggest in nearly 2 years. 12/18 USA Today: Broad trade deficit in Q3 lowest since 2010. 12/27 Yahoo: Jobless claims fall to lowest level in nearly 5 years. 12/18 NY Times: Fed to scale back stimulus as economy shows steady growth.The PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE of June 4 will affect ASIA, eastern AUSTRALIA, the PACIFIC OCEAN and NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA where you can expect political unrest, unusual and sometimes severe weather patterns, and social conflicts.5/28 USGS: 6.7 earthquake strikes Santiago Del Estero, ARGENTINA.  Drudge: Hail storm takes toll of $175M in LOUISVILLE: Thousands of new Ford Escapes damaged. 6/1 USGS: 6.0 quake ins SALTA, ARGENTINA. 6/4 CNN: Strong 6.2 earthquake strikes south of PANAMA. (This quake transpired right on the line of the ECLIPSE.) Followed by bigger 6.4 quake south of PANAMA with 4.6 aftershock. 5.9 quake in JAVA, INDONESIA. 6/7 USGS: 6.0 quake strikes southern PERU. 6/10 Reuters: 13 killed in southeast LIBYA clashes: officials. 6/14 Reuters: Bodies found after PERU avalanche. 6/14 CNN: Hail storm pummels parts of DALLAS. 6/15 CNN: Tropical Storm Carlotta nears hurricane strength off ACAPULCO. Festivities, floods, baseball-sized hail, and the Fort Collins blaze. Reuters: Wildfires burn in COLORADO. DALLAS storm insured losses could hit $2B. 6/16 CNN: 2 killed as hurricane whips MEXICO. 6/16 CNN: Four Japanese climbers feared dead after MOUNT MCKINLEY avalanche in ALASKA. USGS: 6.1 quake hits LUZON, PHILIPPINES. (Volcano here!) 6/19 CNN: Wind, heat hurt COLORADO wildfire fight. Reuters: Landslide hits INDONESIA, at least 4 killed with many missing. USGS: 6.0 quake shakes Near Island, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA. 5.1 quake off the coast of OREGON. (Underwater volcano forming here.) 6/24 CNN: Tropical Storm Debby spawns tornadoes in central FLORIDA, 1 dead, child injured, and 4 homes destroyed. 6/30 CNN: Storms leave millions without power. Triple-digit highs scorch the U.S. USGS: 6.3 quake strikes Northern XINJIANG, CHINA, followed by 4.5, 4.6 magnitude quakes.  7/1 Yahoo: U.S. storm in the U.S. MID-ATLANTIC kills 13, cuts power to 3 million in triple-digit heatwave. Reuters: EASTERN U.S. heat wave continues amid power outages. Drudge: ‘Land hurricane’ leaves 13 dead, millions without power; Cell phone service crashes in DC area; gas stations packed, run dry; Washington, DC to be dark for days! (I didn’t lose power, but my patio is covered with dirt. Yuck! And many of my flowers were decapitated in those horrific winds!) Extreme heat warning for MIDWEST, SOUTHEAST. All-time records smashed. Storms take down Amazon Cloud. 7/6 CNN: Storms kill 2 in ROCKY MOUNTAIN PARK. USGS: 6.3 magnitude quake shakes VANUATU (volcano here!)  7/9 CNN: Emillia to become major PACIFIC hurricane.  7/16 CNN: Rain kills at least 28 in JAPAN. 7/25 USA Today: Moderate 3.8 earthquake shakes greater LOS ANGELES area. 7/26 CNN: Massive sandstorm (Haboob) swallows PHOENIX. 7/27 CNN: Powerful storms kill at least 2 in NORTHEAST: A tree crushed a woman in Pennsylvania and a man in Brooklyn, New York, died after lightning hit a church, sending a scaffold crashing down on him; 100,000 without power. Drought spreads and worsens. 7/28 CNN: Strong storms rip through NORTHEAST. 7/30 Reuters: Air pollution turns BEIJING into GREYJING. 8/2 USGS: 6.1 quake shakes CENTRAL PERU. 6.3 quake strikes NEW IRELAND REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 8/4 USA Today: Tropical Storm Ernesto churns toward JAMAICA. 8/6 CNN: UTAH wildfire moves up mountain. USA Today: Tropical Storm Ernesto heads for HONDURAS. OKLAHOMA wildfires likely to persist for days.  8/7 CNN:  Now Hurricane Ernesto expected to bring areas in Belize, the southern Yucatan Peninsula and northern Guatemala up to 12 inches of rain. 8/8 CNN: Hurricane Ernesto makes landfall in MEXICO. Typhoon hits east coast of CHINA. 8/9 Reuters: Typhoon Haikui kills 3 in CHINA. U.N. food aid to flooded NORTH KOREA. PHILIPPINES begins cleanup after monsoon rains kill scores.  USA Today: ERNESTO skirts MEXICO, builds toward hurricane. CNN: ATLANTIC hurricane season expected to get worse: 12-17 named storms, 5-8 hurricanes. 8/20 CNN: Hurricane Gordon churns across the AZORES. 8/26 CNN: Tropical Storm Isaac aims at FLORIDA. Massive typhoon to hit JAPAN, KOREAS. Reuters: Tropical Storm Isaac lashes CUBA, with FLORIDA KEYS in sights. Tropical Storm Isaac drenches HAITI, causes flooding. Drudge: Storm causes GOP to scrap first day of National Republican Convention in TAMPA. 8/27 Yahoo: Strong magnitude 7.4 earthquake hits off EL SALVADOR coast. Hurricane warnings issued on GULF COAST on Katrina anniversary. CNN: Hurricane Isaac threatens GULF OIL production. Isaac hits PORT-AU-PRINCE. Typhoon heads for KOREAS. Riding out typhoon in OKINAWA. Reuters: Tropical storm forces REPUBLICANS to rework convention script.  Drudge: Hurricane eerily following Katrina’s tracks: LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI under state of emergency. ISAAC moves west, spares TAMPA. 8/28 CNN: Tropical Storm Isaac bearing down on LOUISIANA coast. 20 inches of rain forecast. Reuters: Isaac near hurricane force off GULF COAST. Typhoon ravages SOUTH KOREA. USA Today: HURRICANE ISAAC makes landfall in LOUISIANA as Category 1. 8/29 CNN: ‘Deep flooding’ expected after levee overtopped in Plaquemines Parish, LOUISIANA. 80 mph winds and heavy rain. NEW ORLEANS may get the worst of it today. Heavy rain floods CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA. Flooding in WEST PALM BEACH. Hurricane Isaac tops LOUISIANA levee on Katrina anniversary. Drudge: Levee topped outside NEW ORLEANS. Yahoo: Death toll from Typhoon Bolaven rises to 18. 8/30 CNN: ISAAC forces thousands to flee, traps others: People in towns near New Orleans are being urged to get out today ahead of Isaac’s storm surge. The storm dumped more than 20 inches of rain in some areas. Residents get saved from rooftops. 8/30 CNN: Isaac causes severe flooding in LOUISIANA; Still flooded in SOUTH FLORIDA. Reuters: Isaac moves north after drenching, flooding GULF COAST. 9/3 CNN: Obama visits storm-hit LOUISIANA as Isaac death toll rises to 8. 9/4 BBC News: Hurricane Isaac destroyed thousands of homes. 9/6 CNN: Hurricane heading straight for BERMUDA. 9/6 USA Today: Hurricane Michael becomes Category 3 storm, but is no immediate threat to land. 9/8 USA Today: Possible tornado hits NEW YORK CITY; damage reported.  9/9 Yahoo: NYC cleans up after two twisters: Damaging storms that spawned tornadoes in NEW YORK CITY, darkened tens of thousands of homes in the WASHINGTON, D.C., area and flooded NEW ENGLAND streets turned a normal day of rest into a day of cleaning up for many East Coast residents on Sunday.  9/16 CNN: Huge typhoon lashes OKINAWA. Landslides kill at least 15, trap others in INDIA. Super typhoon heads for JAPAN. Factory fire kills more than 250 in CHINA. 9/30 BBC News: JAPAN typhoon lifts car into the air. 10/4 CNN: Landslide buries 18 school children in CHINA. 10/12 BBC News: Snow hits AUSTRALIA in the middle of spring. 10/14 CNN: Tropical storm pummels VIRGIN ISLANDS. 10/25 CNN: Sandy packs punch as strong Category 2 hurricane, claims 2 lives; Along the EAST COAST, residents told to be wary heading into the weekend. 10/27 Yahoo: Hurricane Sandy leaves BAHAMAS after killing 43 in the CARIBBEAN. Earth Changes Media: Mandatory evacuation order for JERSEY SHORE in wait for Hurricane Sandy. CNN: NORTHEAST in crosshairs of superstorm Sandy. CNN: MINNESOTA hit with October snow. 10/30 CNN: Death, floods and destruction: Sandy causes at least 16 deaths in the U.S., with more than 7 million without electricity. At least 168 stranded through NYC, WALL STREET, with NYC subways shut down. Flood rescues underway in NEW JERSEY towns. Sandy lashes states with snow. Reuters: Sandy fans inferno through QUEENS homes. Sandy floods LOWER MANHATTAN. Hurricane Sandy disrupts NORTHEAST telecom networks. U.S. Stock Exchange to discuss opening Wednesday. BBC News: ‘Major disaster’ declared in NEW YORK. Power substation explodes in NEW YORK. Websites knocked offline by Sandy. USA Today: Bloomberg: Storm killed 10 in NEW YORK CITY. Transformer catches fire, explodes in PA. Hundreds rescued in NEW JERSEY town hit by tidal surge. Hurricane Sandy wrecks travel havoc: Airlines ground more than 13,000 flights. Amtrak shuts down EAST COAST service. City transit authorities close doors on subway trains and buses. CNN UPDATE: ‘Unthinkable devastation in NEW JERSEY,’ Christi. Sandy causes at least 29 deaths in U.S. Bloomberg: ‘NY’s worst storm ever.’ NY Times: A daunting recovery: Power failures and transportation systems crippled by storm may take days to repair. Washington Post: Sandy’s devastating blow: Death toll climbs to at least 33, 17 in NY. 10/31 CNN: ‘It won’t be the same.’ Sandy leaves NORTHEAST reeling. Storm killed 108 people from HAITI to CANADA. Miles of destruction along JERSEY SHORE. Transit systems struggling to restart. Reuters: The Northeast began crawling back to normal after monster storm Sandy crippled transportation, knocked out power for millions and killed at least 45 people in 9 states with a massive storm surge and rain that caused epic flooding. USA Today: Sandy flight cancellations inch toward 19,000. (Woe is me!) 11/1 CNN: Storms human toll enormous: Sandy kills at least 56 in U.S.  LAKE MICHIGAN’S violent storm surge. Reuters: Fuel shortages, power outages slow storm recovery, especially in NEW YORK. 3 days after Sandy, 659,000 ConEd customers in NY powerless. NY Times: NEW JERSEY reeling from fierce storm’s punch. Long gas lines, clogged roads and slim hopes for a better day. CNN: Sandy blamed for 157 deaths in CANADA, CARIBBEAN and U.S. 11/2 CNN: Areas hit by Sandy sputter back to life; gas lines stretch for miles. 11/3 CNN: Temperatures fall, tempers rise. 106 dead in U.S. so far from Sandy. 11/4 CNN: Cold hits storm victims ahead of election amid fuel shortages and power outages. Update: U.S. storm death toll rises to 110 (and sadly there will be more!) Wind, rain, snow and fire: The storm that broke records–and hearts.  11/5 CNN: Magnitude 2.0 earthquake shakes NEW JERSEY. (Like they really need that???) NEW YORK faces massive housing problems. Looters add to STATEN ISLAND pain. 11/7 Yahoo: Nor’easter causes new power outages, slows Sandy effort, knocking out more power in the CAROLINAS. 11/8 Reuters: Wintry storm slows Sandy recovery in NORTHEAST. Sandy might send more than 250,000 cars to the scrapheap. CNN: Snow buries Sandy victims, knocks out power…again! 11/9 Drudge: 265,000 still without power in NJ. 11/10 USGS: 5.9 magnitude earthquake in CENTRAL PERU. CNN: Storm power outages persist. 11/12 BBC News: Fire wrecks havoc in SOUTH AUSTRALIA. USA Today: Thousands still without power in NY after Sandy. CNN: Sandy death toll hits 113. (I knew it would be 100 or more lost; Tragic!) 11/15 Drudge: Hurricane victims develop toxic cough. MANHATTAN high rise going on 17 days without power; Stench of rotten eggs. 11/24 NY Times: Clashes break out after Morsi seizes new power in EGYPT. Quotation of the day: God’s will and elections made me captain of the ship. (Open mouth, insert foot!) 11/25 NY Times: EGYPTIAN judges challenge Morsi over new power. (I should hope so!) CNN: Protesters, security forces clash anew in CAIRO. Reuters: EGYPT’S Mursi faces judicial revolt over decree. 12/8 Yahoo: Storm that killed 600 and left hundreds missing threatens PHILIPPINES again. 12/17 BBC News: Cyclone Evan batters FIJI.Great strides and breakthroughs in MEDICINE involve GENE THERAPY and STEM CELL THERAPY.1/5 Science Daily: Shot of young stem cells makes rapidly aging mice live much longer and healthier, researchers report. 1/10 Science Daily: Blood stem cells engineered to fight melanoma.  1/11 Science Daily: Stem cell therapy reverses diabetes: Stem cells from cord blood used to re-educate diabetic’s own T-cells. 1/13 BBC News: Processed meats (bacon, sausage) linked to cancer. 1/14 Science Daily: New ‘smart’ nanotherapeutics can deliver drugs directly to the pancreas.  1/17 Science Daily: How stem cell implants help heal traumatic brain injury. 1/24 Science Daily: Saving the snow leopard with stem cells. 1/28 Science Daily: Heart of silk: Scientists use silk from Tasar silkworm as scaffold for heart tissue.  1/31 BBC News: Skin transformed into brain cells. 3/4 Science Daily: New technique successfully dissolves blood clots in brain and lowers risk of brain damage after stroke. 2/6 BBC News: Transplant jaw made by 3D printer claimed as first for 83-year old woman. (Amazing!)  2/8 Science Daily: Discovery uses ‘fracture-putty’ to repair broken bones in days. (Wow!) 2/9 Science Daily: Sound rather than sight can activate ‘seeing’ for the blind. BBC News: Gene therapy ‘gave me sight back’ to 3 people in U.S. Medical Press: FDA-approved drug rapidly clears amyloid from the brain, reverses Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice. (Double wow!) 2/10 Science Daily: Gene therapy boosts brain repair for demyelinating diseases. 2/14 Science Daily: First-of-its-kind stem cell study re-grows heart muscle in heart attack patients. Scientists work to detach protein HIV uses as protective shield. 2/22 Science Daily: Injectable gel could repair tissue damaged by heart attack. 3/3 Science Daily: Artificial ‘womb’ unlocks secrets of early embryo development. Parkinson’s disease stopped in animal model: Molecular ‘tweezers’ break up toxic aggregations of proteins. 3/6 Science Daily: Stem cells can repair a damaged cornea.  3/7 Science Daily: Scientists pinpoint how vitamin D may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer’s. (I take over 6,000 units daily. Reversed my bone loss!!!) 3/8 BBC News: Stem cells beat kidney rejection. 3/9 Drudge: HIV pill for prevention debated as FDA ruling nears. Science Daily: Vaccination strategy may hold key to ridding HIV infection from immune system. 3/13 BBC News: Red meat increases death, cancer and heart risk, says study. (Stop eating it, please! Range free chicken and wild caught fish, maybe grass fed pork?)  3/14 Science Daily: Scientists produce eye structure from human blood-derived stem cells.  3/17 Science Daily: Nanopills release drugs from inside cells. (Wow!) 3/19 Science Daily: Nano rescues skin: Shrimp shell nanotech for would healing and anti-aging face cream. 3/20 Science Daily: Targeted X-ray of mice prevents glaucoma. 3/25 Science Daily: Brain size may determine whether you are good at keeping friends. (Hmmm!!!) 3/31 Science Daily: Artificial thymus tissue enables maturation of immune cells. 4/1 Drudge: Coming soon: Vaccine to stop heart attacks. 4/7 Drudge: Scientists rewrite rules of human reproduction: Lab grown egg cells could revolutionize fertility and even banish menopause: Eggs grown from stem cells. 4/13 Science Daily: Engineered stem cells seek out and kill HIV in living mice. 4/25 Science Daily: Cochlear implants restore hearing in rare disorder. 5/4 Science Daily: Aged stem cells rejuvenated to seem younger. 5/5 Science Daily: Human stem cells treat muscular dystrophy. 5/19 Science Daily: Multipotent stromal stem cells from normally discarded human placental tissue demonstrate high therapeutic potential. 5/21 Science Daily: Brain injury to soldiers can arise from exposure to a single explosion. (Good grief! War certainly is HELL!) BBC News: Two patients get eye stem cells transplanted to restore sight; First treatment of its kind in UK. (Fabulous!) 5/23 Science Daily: Patients’ skin cells turned into heart muscle cells to repair their damaged hearts. (A cell is a cell is a cell!) 5/27 Science Daily: Nanoparticles seen as artificial atoms. 6/8 Science Daily: Skin cells programmed into brain cells by using genetic factor. 6/14 BBC News: 10-year-old girl has had a major blood vessel in her body replaced with one grown with her own stem cells, Swedish doctors report.:  (Fabulous!) 6/15 Science Daily: Scientists see new hope for restoring vision with stem cell help! (Fantastic!) 6/21 Science Daily: Scientists identify protein required to regrow injured nerves in limbs. Proposed drug may reverse Huntington’s Disease symptoms; Single treatment gives long-term improvement in animals. 6/28 Science Daily: Seeing inside tissue for no-cut surgeries: Researchers develop technique to focus light inside biological tissue. 7/3 Science Daily: Breaking the skin barriers: Drugs topically deliver GENE THERAPY via commercial moisturizers for skin disease treatment. (Wild & wonderful!) 7/4 NY Times: Rapid HIV home test wins Federal approval.  7/8 Science Daily: An economical, effective and biocompatible GENE THERAPY strategy promotes cardiac repair. 7/12 Drudge/USA Today: Truvada drug trials signal ‘turning point’ in AIDS epidemic. 7/16 Reuters: Scientists see AIDS vaccine within reach after decades of research. 7/17 Science Daily: Neurons from cord blood cells to treat stroke? Lab-engineered muscle implants restore function in animals. 7/21 BBC News: GENE THERAPY nears approval in Europe: Europe is on the cusp of approving a gene therapy for the first time, in what would be a landmark moment for the field. 7/22 Science Daily: Sweat glands grown from newly identified stem cells. 7/24 Science Daily: Aging heart cells rejuvenated by modified stem cells. 7/25 Science Daily: Regenerating bone tissue with gene therapy, may work on other tissues too. 7/26 Science Daily: Reversing hearing loss with gene therapy. Chemical makes blind mice see. 8/3 Science Daily: Embryonic blood vessels that make blood stem cells can also make beating heart muscles. (Wow!) BBC News: ‘Spray-on skin’ helps heal leg ulcers. (Another Wow!)  8/6 BBC News: Cancer stem cell discovery could signal ‘paradigm shift’ in cancer research. 8/9 Discovery News: Olympic horse used stem cell therapy to heal a possible career-ending injury to one of his legs. (Probably the horse’s owner did, not the horse?) Science Daily: Neuroscientists find brain stem cells that may be responsible for higher functions, bigger brains. (MEDITATE for bigger and better everything!)  8/14 Drudge: Blind mice given sight after device cracks retinal code. (WOW!) 8/15 Science Daily: Scientists can now block heroin, morphine addiction: an international team of scientists has proven that addiction to morphine and heroin can be blocked, while at the same time increasing pain relief.  8/15 BBC News: Dark chocolate may lower blood pressure. Beyond an apple a day: A serving hot chocolate may keep the doctor away and enhance mental functioning. 8/21 Science Daily: Saving a penny: Stem cell therapy shows promise in repairing stress urinary incontinence. 9/6 NY Times: Bits of mystery DNA, far from ‘junk,’ play crucial role. (Science is still in elementary stages!) Science Daily: Plaque-forming substance in mice with Alzheimer’s disease dramatically reduced by eliminating an enzyme. 9/12 Science Daily: Stem cell researchers use GENE THERAPY to restore immune systems in “Bubble Boy” disease.  9/26 Science Daily: Scientists prevent heart failure in mice.  Alzheimer’s like memory loss blocked in mice. 9/27 Drudge: John Hopkins doctors grow new ear on woman’s arm! (Wow!) BBC News: ‘Scar free healing’ in mice may give clue to human skin repair, says study. (Fascinating!) 9/28 Science Daily: Scientists find molecular link to obesity/insulin resistance in mice. (But people eat too much food that is bad for them!) 10/2 Science Daily: Stem cells improve visual function in blind mice. 10/8 BBC News: Stem cell experts win Nobel Prize for experiments 40 years apart. 10/9 Science Daily: Recovering ‘bodyguard’ cells in pancreas may restore insulin production in diabetics. 10/11 Science Daily: Prospective Alzheimer’s drug builds new brain cell connections, improves cognitive function of rats. (How about humans?) 10/25 Science Daily: New gene therapy method tested in human cells to prevent certain inherited diseases…and it works! 10/29 Science Daily: Mechanism found for destruction of key allergy-inducing complexes, researchers say. (How much should we really mess with Mother Nature, I wonder?) 10/31 Science Daily: Researchers engineer cartilage from pluripotent stem cells. 11/1 Science Daily: Toward making replacement organs: Scientists learn how to unlock the destiny of a cell. (Double wow!)  11/2 BBC News: Stem cell ‘op’ may restore sperm. 11/12 Science Daily: Touch-sensitive plastic skin heals itself. (Wow!) 11/14 BBC News: DNA sequencing of MRSA used to stop outbreak. 11/18 Science Daily: Wax-filled nanotech yarn behaves like powerful, super-strong muscle. 11/19 Science Daily: Breakthrough nanoparticle halts multiple sclerosis in mice, offers hope for other immune related diseases. (Fantastic!) 11/22 Science Daily: Cartilage made easy with novel hybrid printer. (Amazing!) 11/24 Science Daily: Blind patient reads words stimulated directly onto retina; Neuroprosthetic device uses implant to project visual Braille. (Fantastic!)  11/30 BBC News: Stem cells being made from blood:A patient’s own blood has been used to make personalized stem cells, which doctors hope will eventually be used to treat a range of diseases. Skin transformed into brain cells. (Wow!) 12/1 Science Daily: Molecular knock-out alleviates Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice. 12/5 Science Daily: Stems cells to help damaged eyes regain sight. 12/17 BBC News: Virus rebuilds heart’s own pacemaker in animal tests. (Fantastic!)SEVERE EARTHQUAKES AND VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS in HAWAII, INDONESIA, JAPAN, RUSSIA, the U.S. NORTHWEST, ICELAND, ALASKA, ECUADOR, PERU, CHILE, COSTA RICA and other countries too numerous to name.1/2 Mail Online: Is a super volcano under Laacher See Lake in GERMANY just 390 miles from LONDON about to erupt? ‘This monster erupts every 10-12,000 years and last went off 12,900 years ago.’ (Mother Nature is very passionate.) 1/6 (email) Our Amazing Planet: Magma causing uplift in OREGON area of Three Sisters 5 Volcanoes, US Eruption risks. 1/10 Earth Changes Media: Powerful 7.3 magnitude quake hits near SUMATRA southwest of Banda Aceh; No tsunami warning issued. 1/24 Science Daily: Waiting for Death Valley’s Big Bang: Volcanic explosion crater may have future potential. (Lots of active volcanoes in the western U.S.) 2/2 USGS: 4.8, 7.1, 4.9, 5.3 and more earthquakes in VANUATU.  2/3 USGS: 6.0, 5.4, 5.7, 4.9, 4.8 quakes in VANUATU. 2/5 USGS: 6.1, 4.9, 5.0 quakes shake VANUATU, followed by magnitude 6.0. Magnitude 5.2 at Mindanao, PHILIPPINES. 2/10 CNN: Mount Lokon volcano erupts in INDONESIA, hurling ash cloud into the sky. This volcano located in the RING OF FIRE. 2/26 USGS: 6.7 magnitude quake in Southwestern SIBERIA, RUSSIA, followed by 4.9, 5.2, 4.4, 5.2, 4.7, 4.9, 4.5, 4.4, etc. (Volcano, perhaps?) Reuters: Powerful 5.9 earthquake rocks TAIWAN. 3/34 Reuters: Last resident flees HAWAII lava flow in Royal Gardens District. 3/5 CNN & USGS: Two 4.0 quakes hits CALIFORNIA BAY area. 6.1 quake shakes Santiago Del Estero, ARGENTINA. 3/13 NBC-TV: Large volcanic eruption in southern JAPAN on island of Kyushu; Evacuations ordered. USGS: 6.2 quake New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA.  3/20 CNN: 7.4 magnitude earthquake felt 115 miles east of Acapulco, MEXICO, followed by 5.3, 5.1, 5.1 quakes. (According to Kate Petty on Facebook, this occurred on the line of the May 20 eclipse!) USGS: 6.2 quake in Papua, NEW GUINEA.  3/21 USGS: 6.6 quake rocks PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 3/25 Earth Changes Media: Large 7.2 quake hits CHILE: Tsunami warning issued. 4/13 BBC News: SICILY’S MOUNT ETNA volcano erupts for 12th time this year. 4/20 NBC-TV: MEXICO volcano Popocatepetl rumbles back to life as rocks and hot ask rise into the sky.  4/22 BBC News: High alert for Popocatepetl volcano in MEXICO. 5/5 Reuters: MEXICO’S roaring “Popo” spews ash and smoke. 5/13 Drudge: MEXICO volcano spews huge ash cloud, frightens villagers. 5/14 Reuters: PERU-CHILE border hit by 6.2 quake, no damage seen. 5/18 USGS: 6.2 quake off the coast of AISEN, CHILE. 5/19 Facebook/youtube: Large daytime eruption at Sakurajima Volcano in south JAPAN. 5/20 CNN: Strong earthquake jolts northern ITALY; at least 7 dead. Reuters: ITALY quake damages historic buildings. USGS: 6.0 quake shakes NORTHERN ITALY, followed by 5.1, 4.7, and 4.5 aftershocks. 6.0 quake off east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN. SOUTH CAROLINA coast under tropical storm watch. 5/24 USGS: 6.2, 4.7 earthquakes hit the NORWEGIAN SEA. 6/13 USGS: 12 small quakes 2.5-2.9 magnitudes on the ALASKA PENINSULA. (Something big is brewing.) 6/18 BBC News: COLUMBIAN volcano Nevado del Ruiz spews ash and gas: People living on its slopes said they  heard “strong, strange noises” coming from the summit of the 5,346m-high mountain on Friday and Saturday. 6/24 USGS: 6.1 quake strikes near east coast of KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA. 7/20 USGS: 6.0 earthquake in KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA, 4.8, 5.8, 4.6 (Volcanic region). 7/25 USGS: 6.4 quake shakes SIMEULUE, INDONESIA. 6.5 earthquake strikes SOLOMON ISLANDS. 7/25 BBC News: Volcano erupts in SOUTHERN JAPAN, MOUNT SAKURAJIMA spews volcanic ash onto Kagoshima City. 8/7 NBC-TV: NEW ZEALAND North Island, Mount Tangariro, eruption strands travelers; volcano quiet over 100 years; road closures and flight cancellations. 8/10 USGS: 6.2 quake shakes FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA. 8/18 USGS: 6.3 quake shakes SULAWESI, INDONESIA. 8/20 CNN: INDONESIA earthquake leaves 6 dead, 43 wounded, officials say:Food and water were being dropped by helicopters on Monday to residents in rural Indonesia cut off after 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck, triggering landslides, according to the National Disaster Management Agency. USGS: 6.2 magnitude quake strikes near the north coast of NEW GUINEA, P.N.G. 8/21 CNN: ECUADOR’S Tungurahua volcano spews lava and ash in Banos, prompting authorities to evacuate nearby residents; the volcano is 87 miles from Quito, Ecuador’s capital. 9/3 USGS: SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA: 4.9, 4.6 and 6.4 magnitude earthquakes. 9/5 CNN: 7.6, 4.5 magnitude quakes hit off COSTA RICAN coast, resulting in the death of at least one person. USA Today: Some damage reported in COSTA RICA earthquake. (No kidding! That was a BIG ONE.)  9/7 CNN: Quakes: 5.6, 4.9, 5.6, 4.8 hit southwestern CHINA, killing at least 50. (Quakes do not need to be 6.0 and above to kill and destroy.) Reuters: Quakes in CHINA kill dozens, damage 20,000 homes. 9/7 Yahoo: Quakes kill 64 in mountainous SW CHINA. 9/8 CNN Update: 80 dead in CHINA earthquakes. USGS: 6.1 earthquake shakes PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. (This is a hotspot for quakes, but the Pacific Plate is really moving this year!) Reuters: Rescuers focus on remote areas as CHINA quake death toll reaches 89. 8/9 BBC News: NICARAGUA’S San Cristol volcano forces mass evacuations. 9/9 CNN: Volcano in western NICARAGUA shoots ash, gas high into sky.  Reuters: NICARAGUANS flee erupting volcano. 9/9 USGS: 6.0 earthquake hits KURIL ISLANDS north of JAPAN and near RUSSIA. 9/14 CNN: Thousands evacuated as ‘FIRE VOLCANO’ erupts in GUATEMALA. Strong 6.2 earthquake rattles INDONESIA northwest of the capital of Jakarta. USGS: 4.5 quake rattles NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. 9/26 USGS: 6.2 earthquake shakes GULF OF CALIFORNIA. 9/26 USGS: 6.4 quake shakes Andreanof Islands, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA. Science Daily: Large 2012 Earthquake (8.6 on April 11 centered in the EAST INDIAN OCEAN off SUMATRA) did little damage, but triggered temblors WORLDWIDE for nearly a week. (How about that?) BBC News: April SUMATRA quakes signal INDIAN OCEAN PLATE breakup. 9/27 USGS: 6.0 quake in SOLOMON ISLANDS near New Guinea. 9/30 USA Today: Strong 7.1 earthquake hits southwestern COLUMBIA. USGS: 7.3 magnitude quake shakes COLUMBIA. 10/8 CNN: Volcano spews ash, lava in northeast INDONESIA:Loud, thumping noises were heard at a monitoring post 6 kilometers (3.8 miles) from where MOUNT LOKON erupted around 2:05 p.m. (2:05 a.m. ET) Sunday. (Moon, Uranus, Pluto T-square.) USGS: 6.0 magnitude quake shakes the GULF OF CALIFORNIA. 6.3, 4.9, 4.8 magnitude quakes in BANDA SEA near INDONESIA. 10/9 USGS: 6.4 magnitude quake shakes BALLENY ISLAND REGION.  10/12 USGS: 6.7, 4.9, 4.9, 5.1 magnitude quakes near South Coast of PAPUA, INDONESIA. (This is an earthquake hotspot!) Science Daily: Scientists identify trigger for explosive volcanic eruptions:The Las Cañadas volcanic caldera on Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, has generated at least 8 major eruptions during the last 700,000 years. These catastrophic events have resulted in eruption columns of over 25km high and expelled widespread pyroclastic material over 130km.(This is the volcano that could cause a mega-tsunami to hit the east coasts of North and South America if it ever collapses into the sea!) 10/20 USGS: 6.2 earthquake shakes VANUATU (Volcano here!). 10/22 BBC News:Scientists studying the fault beneath the SPANISH city of Lorca say groundwater removal may be implicated in a deadly 2011 earthquake there. BBC News: L’Aquila quake: ITALY scientists guilty of manslaughter: 6Italian scientists and an ex-government official sentenced to 6 years in prison over the 2009 deadly earthquake in L’Aquila; for not predicting the quake. (WOW! Is it the Dark Ages again?) 10/23 USGS: 6.0 quake southeast of the LOYALTY ISLANDS. 5.9 magnitude quake IZU Islands, JAPAN region. 10/24 USGS: 6.5, 4.5 quakes shake COSTA RICA. 10/28 Yahoo: 7.8 magnitude quake strikes off WESTERN, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, Queen Charlotte Island region; Tsunami warning in HAWAII downgraded to advisory. 9/28 USGS: QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLAND region of CANADA had multiple 4. quakes; then 6.3 quake followed by 5.4, 5.5, 5.4, 5.1, 4.6, 4.7, 4.9, 4.9. 10/29 USGS: QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLAND region 4.6, 4.0, 4.1 and smaller quakes. 10/30 USGS: 6.2 magnitude quake in QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLAND region off BRITISH COLUMBIA. 11/2 USGS: 6.1 earthquake shakes MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES. 11/7 USGS: 7.4 quake offshore GUATEMALA. Yahoo: Strong quake off GUATEMALA kills 8, 7.5 felt in MEXICO CITY. Update: Yahoo: Strong quake off GUATEMALA kills 18. (The death toll will rise, sadly.) 11/8 Yahoo: GUATEMALANS huddle in the streets after deadly quake that killed at least 48 and has left dozens missing. USGS: 6.3 magnitude quake SSW of PORT HARDY, CANADA, CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE. (Scary for the NW.) 11/11 CNN: Agency: Quake kills at least 13 in MYANMAR/BURMA; USGS: 6.8 quake in MYANMAR followed by 5.0, 5.0, 5.8 magnitude earthquakes. 11/12 USGS: 6.4 magnitude quake shakes GULF OF ALASKA, 2.7, 3.6, 3.2, 2.5, 3.4, 3.4, 4.2, 4.3, 2.9, 3.3, Update: 3.5, 2.9, 2.5, 3.9, 3.4, 3.4, 2.7. 11/13 USGS: 6.0 quake off coast of AISEN, CHILE. 5.8, 4.9, 4.9 quakes in MYANMAR/BURMA; BBC News: At least 26 dead in BURMA quake. 11/14 USGS: 6.1 quake Coquimbo, CHILE. 11/15 USGS: 6.0 quake Guerrero, MEXICO. 5.7 quake BISMARCK SEA near New Guinea. (The December 21 alignment designated by the Mayan Calendar seems to be moving into place!) 11/16 USGS: 6.4 quake in KURIL ISLANDS near RUSSIA. 11/16 USGS: 6.1 quake in TONGA region.  11/22 A NEW ZEALAND volcano erupted with a brief blast of dark ash Wednesday, canceling flights but causing no significant damage. Schoolchildren and dozens of other hikers who were walking on trails along the mountain’s base were safe. 12/4 NBC-TV: Volcanic eruption in KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA. 12/5 Science Daily: PACIFIC NORTHWEST and HIMALAYAS could experience major quakes, geophysicists say. 12/7 Yahoo: Strong quake hits off JAPAN near Fukushima. USGS: 7.3 magnitude quake off east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN, followed by 6.2, 5.5, 4.7, 4.7, 4.8, 4.6, 5.0,, 5.0, 4.7 and the shake continues! Magnitude 4 and 5 quakes have been hitting here on a nearly daily basis since the BIG ONE.  Reuters: Tsunami warning issued in JAPAN after strong quake. 12/10 USGS: 7.1 quake in BANDA SEA, INDONESIA. 12/18 CNN: Violent volcanic eruption in ECUADOR threatens residents of Bilbao with ash and smoke.  Huffington Post: Tungurahua Volcano erupts in ECUADOR, repeated explosions shoot out chunks of molten rock, evacuations prompted. 12/23 BBC News: Authorities in ARGENTINA and CHILE issued an alert over increased activity at the Copahue volcano, which has begun spewing smoke and gas; Many residents have already left the area. 12/24 UPDATE: COPAHUE VOLCANO in CHILE on ARGENTINA border on RED ALERT. 12/27 CNN: Ash, gas spew from NICARAGUA volcano.MOUNT FUJI bears close watching. The sleeping giant is ready to awaken once again.5/11 Drudge/ Parts of Japan’s MOUNT FUJI in danger of collapse after new fault line discovered.DRAMATIC DISCOVERIES BENEATH THE SEA. Lost worlds? Atlantis rising? Alien cities? Amazing and astonishing finds.3/26 Drudge: James Cameron returns from deepest part of ocean. 5/17 CNN: 200-year-old shipwreck found in Gulf. 7/5 Mail Online: ‘Britain’s Atlantis’ found at bottom of North Sea – a huge undersea world swallowed by the sea in 6,500 BC: Divers have found traces of ancient land swallowed by waves 8,500 years ago; Doggerland once stretched from Scotland to Denmark; Rivers seen underwater by seismic scans; Britain was not an island – an area under the North Sea was roamed by mammoths and other giant animals; Described as the real ‘heartland’ of Europe; Had population of tens of thousands, but devastated by sea level rises: Submerged between 18,000 BC and 5,500 BC. (Which could happen again in the next century. THIS IS SO EXCITING!)  8/21 Facebook Post: Sunken pyramids off Florida’s Atlantic coast:There are at least three ancient underwater pyramids off the Atlantic Coast of Florida which few people know exist. Multiple sources of information about the pyramids are available, but for simplicity most of the following information is from Bill Hanson’s book “The Atlantis Triangle.” Represents one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th Century. The structures represent a culture that preceded those in the Near East and Mexico: Thomas Chisholm, archeologist.  11/18 Found on Facebook/ Two giant underwater pyramids made of thick glass found in the center of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE. These strange structures at a depth of 2,000 meters were identified with the help of a sonar according to oceanographer Dr. Meyer Verlag. Studies of other devices have allowed scientists to determine that the two giant pyramids, apparently made of something like thick glass, are really impressive structures–each of them is larger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. 2/21/2013 BBC News: Deepest undersea vents discovered by UK team. 3/18 BBC News: Deepest ocean ‘teems with microbes.’ 4/10 Drudge/Live Science: Mysterious stone structure discovered beneath the Sea of Galilee: A giant “monumental” stone structure discovered beneath the waters of the Sea of Galilee in Israel has archaeologists puzzled as to its purpose and even how long ago it was built. (It can be difficult to determine the year of events for sure!) 6/3 Discovery News: Gold-filled shipwreck found off South Carolina: 1881 wreck wit colorful history of mutiny, gunrunning and illicit money trafficking. Facebook: Lost Egyptian city found after 1,200 years under Mediterranean Sea, buried in myth. 8/9 Facebook/ Two giant underwater crystal pyramids discovered in the center of the Bermuda Triangle: 3x the size of the Pyramid of Gizah. (Double WOW!) 12/5 Facebook/Sunny Skyz: An ancient city is discovered underwater: What they found will change history forever. 1/28/2014 Mail Online: Swedish divers unearth ‘Stone Age Atlantis’: 11,000 year old ancient settlement discovered under BALTIC SEA. (Not quite Atlantis but ancient.) 5/4 NY Times: X still marks sunken spot, and gold awaits in 1857 shipwreck.  6/25 CNN: 1679 ship found in LAKE MICHIGAN. 9/20 Yahoo: Sunken ‘Ship of Gold’ contains bounty of jewelry, other treasures retrieved from 150 year old shipwreck off the cost of SOUTH CAROLINA.UFOS and ALIEN VISITORS increase in number. MASS SIGHTINGS are possible this year. The time may finally come to  join the GALACTIC FEDERATION!1/6 Latest UFO Sightings: UFO sightings have increased by almost 70% in IRELAND. 4/20 Science Daily: Finding ET may require giant robotic leap. 6/29 Mail Online: ‘UFO’ at the bottom of the Baltic Sea ‘cuts off electrical equipment when divers get within 200m’: Object raised about 20-13 feet above seabed and curved at the side like a mushroom; Hole is surrounded by a strange rock formation that expedition team cannot explain; Stones are covered in something ‘resembling soot’ which has baffled experts; Divers say phones and some cameras switch off when close to the object. (They’re here!)  7/12 Weird News: UFO X-Files released by UK reveal desire to weaponize Alien technology. (Why do the leaders of our planet have such a cowboy mentality? Why weapons?) 9/19 Veterans Today: UFO War: Chinese and U.S. Navy off San Francisco: Joint fleet fend off UFO threat. (WOW! UFO WAR for real??? I’ve known about USOs, underwater UFOs, for years!)  9/21 Mail Online: Was an ALIEN responsible for Reagan’s presidency? Screen legend Shirley MacLaine (she’s in my memoir: Still Out on a Limb Shirley) says the actor spotted a UFO in the 1950s…and the extraterrestrial being told him to switch careers. 9/25 Weird News: Charles Halt, former Air Force Colonel, accuses U.S. of UFO coverup! (No kidding! I’ve heard him speak at conferences. He was at a base where a UFO closed down the nuclear missile system. How about that???) Sightings too numerous to list this year: 12/25 Latest UFO Sightings: V-shaped UFO hovering above Turin, Italy, December 24. UFOs hovering above Tijuana, Mexico, December 25; Black triangle UFO with bright lights approaches witness in North Carolina. 12/27 CNN/Time: Ancient conehead-like skulls unearthed in MEXICO: The bones, about 1,000 years old dating from 945 A.D. to 1308 A.D., were discovered accidentally during a dig for an irrigation system in the northwest state of Sonora in Mexico.THERE’S GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS!3/26 BBC News: Kenya announces discovery of oil. 5/5 BBC News: On the hunt with California’s ‘meteor zombies.’  9/9 NY Times: Potential for mining boom splits factions in AFGHANISTAN: With a trillion-dollar cache of oil, gold and other resources underground, hopes of self-sufficiency in Afghanistan are tempered by worries of corruption and security. 4/3/2013 Reuters: Young nation KYRGYZSTAN fights over gold at the top of the world:In an impoverished young nation with a habit of overthrowing its rulers, the future now balances on a mountain of gold at the top of the world, where the air is so thin collapsing visitors may be rushed to a pressure chamber for oxygen. (Double wow!) 2/25/2014 Drudge/CBS: Prospectors say drought has created CALIFORNIA’S second gold rush.CELEBRITY DIVORCES AND BREAKUPS make some gasp with disappointment while others become unrealistic hopefuls.1/21 People: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis: Separate continents and a 14-year relationship at the breaking point. 1/23 USA Today: Heidi Klum, Seal confirm they’re splitting. 3/2 USA Today: Dallas Cowboy’s Deion Sanders’ wife sues for $200M, alleges assault. 4/7 CNN: Heidi Klum files for divorce from Seal. 4/12 CNN: Anthony files for divorce from J. Lo. 4/24 USA Today: Deion Sanders fears wife will harm him and sons: Arrested on assault charges. 6/20 BBC News: Johnny Depp announces separation. 6/29 Yahoo: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes split after 5 years of marriage. (This one predictable!) 7/26 USA Today: Robert Pattison moves out of former love nest with Kristen Stewart, Twilight co-star: Guess what public apology wasn’t enough about her affair with her married film director?  8/4 CNN: Stevie Wonder files for divorce. 10/14 USA Today: Report: Russell Crowe, wife split. (Too bad.) 11/10 USA Today: Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez split; what happened? (They’re kids! And likely to have many splits as young as they are.) 11/20 USA Today: Danica Patrick ending 7 year marriage. (The Seven Year itch!) DROUGHT brings WILDFIRES to already suffering states and countries.1/2 BBC News: Deadly CHILE forest fire spreads.  1/3 BBC News: Bush fires spread in AUSTRALIA. 1/7 Reuters: Rain slows AUSTRALIA bushfires. 1/9 BBC News: Tensions over CHILE forest fires. USA Today: TEXAS drought threatens only surviving flock of whooping cranes. 1/11 Reuters: Bushfires threaten homes in AUSTRALIA. 1/17 USA Today: Harsh drought to continue across southern U.S. 1/20 USA Today: Wildfire rages near RENO, at least 20 homes burn. 3/27 BBC News: One dead in COLORADO wildfires. 3/28 USA Today: Two dead, 1 missing as COLORADO wildfire rages. 4/12 CNN: Black plumes rise at NEW JERSEY brush fire. 4/13 USA Today: Drought expands throughout U.S. 4/25 BBC News: Troops battle MEXICO forest blaze.  5/9 Reuters: BRAZIL’S northeast struggles with drought.  5/16 CNN: ARIZONA wildfire ‘getting worse.’ 5/19 Science Daily: Ancient tree-ring records from Southwest U.S. suggest today’s megafires are truly unusual.  5/27 Reuters: Wildfires hit 6 U.S. states, small towns evacuated. USA Today: NEW MEXICO fire forces evacuation near ghost town. 5/30 Yahoo: NEW MEXICO fire sets largest record. (Tragic!) 6/1 CNN: Record breaking NEW MEXICO fire grows to 339 square miles.  6/4 CNN: Air tanker crash kills 2 pilots in UTAH. NEW MEXICO fire reaches historic size. 6/5 Reuters: Wildfire forces evacuations in COLORADO. 6/10 CNN: COLORADO wildfire grows to 8,000 acres. USA Today: Raging fires burn thousands of acres in COLORADO, NEW MEXICO. 6/11 USA Today: COLORADO fire displaces hundreds; 1 missing. 6/15 USA Today: At least 48 homes destroyed in COLORADO wildfire. (Pray for rain!) 6/15 Yahoo: Wildfire destroys 181 homes in COLORADO. 6/17 Yahoo: Wildfire destroys most homes in COLORADO history.  6/18 USA Today: More evacuations in COLORADO as wildfire continues to rage. (This is so very tragic!) 6/23 Yahoo: Thousands evacuate after shooting sparks UTAH fire. Update: UTAH wildfire keeps 2,300 people away from home. 6/24 Yahoo: New COLORADO wildfire erupts, grows out of control. 6/25 Drudge: COLORADO ABLAZE: Thousands flew new out of control wildfire. BBC News: U.S. wildfires threaten tourist hotspots. USA Today: Toll from COLORADO wildfires rises to 248 homes.  6/27 CNN: COLORADO wildfire of ‘epic proportions’ displaces 32,000. (And what about the poor animals, too?) 6/28 CNN: ‘Possibility of arson makes my blood boil,’ says COLORADO governor: The explosive Colorado wildfire has devoured more than 15,500 acres and chased 36,000 people from their homes. Drudge: 300 homes burned. 6/29 CNN: 346 homes burned so far in COLORADO wildfire. (Difficult karma for many. The Buddhists would call this a major lesson in detachment in terms of the transitory nature of human existence and material things!) Reuters: COLORADO’S worst-ever wildfire claims first victim: The most destructive blaze in the state’s history. 6/30 Drudge: Drought grows, worsens. 7/1 CNN: Wildfires rage in WESTERN states. Wildfire evacuee: Burglary ‘almost as bad as the house being burned down.’ (The scum of the earth remains the scum of the earth, sadly.)  7/3 Yahoo: Firefighters gain upper hand in COLORADO. (Praise the Lord!) CNN: Wildfire victims return to “Twilight Zone.” 7/4 CNN: Wildfires getting bigger and badder. 7/6 Science Daily: DROUGHT MONITOR shows record-breaking expanse of DROUGHT across UNITED STATES. 7/11 CNN: New wildfire strikes CALIFORNIA SAN BERNARDINO MOUNTAINS.7/13 CNN: DROUGHT now a DISASTER in 1,000 U.S. counties. 7/18 Reuters: Punishing drought shows no signs of abating. 7/19 CNN: Drought sends ‘mighty MISSISSIPPI’ river levels near record lows. 7/20 BBC News: Wildfires burn across southern EUROPE. USA Today: MIDWEST drought, heat increases water worries. BBC News: Homes engulfed by EUROPE wildfires. 7/22 Reuters: Raging fire in the ALGARVE region of PORTUGAL. BBC News: 3 killed in SPAIN wildfires. 7/23 AP: Lightning sparks NEBRASKA wildfire amid drought. 7/24 BBC News: SPAIN wildfires claim 4 lives, tourists jump to their deaths, 23 injured, homes burned. USA Today: Record heat, drought kick insects into high gear. 7/26 Yahoo: Dead cattle, devastation in wake of Western fires. 8/2 Reuters: Fire destroys at least one home and 400 acres in CALIFORNIA. 8/3 CNN: WYOMING evacuates ‘violent’ wildfire. CNN: OKLAHOMA fires threaten homes. 8/4 Yahoo: Wildfires blaze across drought-plagued OKLAHOMA, destroying homes and closing highways in a state that has suffered 18 straight days of 100+ degree weather and persistent drought. 8/5 14 wildfires rage across OKLAHOMA. USA Today: Little left after fires burn OKLAHOMA town.  8/13 CNN: Mandatory evacuations ordered as wildfires advance toward CALIFORNIA town: Firefighters battling two wildfires in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA grew to more than 5,000 acres, forcing people from their homes in LAKE COUNTY. 8/14 CNN: Wildfire threatens 100 WASHINGTON STATE homes. BBC News: Wildfire continue to rage in SPAIN. CNN:Whipped by high winds, a fire in WASHINGTON state has destroyed at least 60 homes. Wildfires also are burning in CALIFORNIA, OREGON, NEVADA, and IDAHO. 8/15 Reuters: Thousands of acres in PACIFIC NORTHWEST destroyed by wildfires; 100 homes destroyed. 8/16 Yahoo: IDAHO towns pack up as massive wildfire nears. 8/19 Drudge: Wildfires hit GREEK island. 8/20 Yahoo: NORTHERN CALIFORNIA fire causes thousands to evacuate. 8/23 Yahoo: CALIFORNIA declares emergency as wildfire advances on town. 8/28 BBC News: BALKAN wildfires continue to rage. 9/3 CNN: Wildfire near LOS ANGELES disrupts Labor Day weekend. 9/4 BBC News: PORTUGAL seeks help tackling wildfires. 9/15 BBC News: Wildfires threaten LOS ANGELES homes. 9/17 CNN: From dry rivers to dead deer, drought’s impact felt everywhere. Extreme heat, drought ravage MIDWEST. 11/11 USA Today: U.S. endures near record wildfire season that burned a total acres roughly the same size as Massachusetts and Connecticut together. 11/22 Yahoo: U.S. drought worsens after weeks of improvement. MOUNT VESUVIUS roars to life and erupts, creating havoc for millions.MOUNT ETNA continues to erupt in Sicily.MOUNT RAINER causes alarm. Living near an active volcano proves folly indeed for many. There is no such thing as a dormant volcano, according to the scientists.MOUNT SHASTA warrants close attention.Many VOLCANOES ERUPT this year.  4/21 Science Daily: The submarine volcano of El Hierro Island in the Canary Islands continues its degassing. Wired: Explosions continue at Popocatepetl as MEXICO prepares for a volcanic eruption. BBC News: MEXICO prepares for volcanic eruption. 7/27 Earth Changes Media: Volcanic activity is on the increase: Alerts at the following: Cumbal in COLUMBIA; Caleras in COLUMBIA; Ijen in East JAVA; Batu Tara in INDONESIA; Cleveland in ALASKA; Nevada Del Ruiz in COLUMBIA, and Popocatepetl in MEXICO. JAPAN volcano has erupted 600 times so far this year.THE CLEAR CALL COMES FROM MOUNT OLYMPUS.1/10 BBC News: Olympus surges on fraud decision.In the spring, sudden strange FIRES appear in the SKY, both day and night.4/18 Drudge: Odd fireball streaks across Arizona sky. SCANDALS persist involving those in HIGH PLACES with public disgrace and embarrassment.1/5 BBC News: Israel’s ex-PM Ehud Olmert faces new corruption charges. 1/13 CNN: Duchess of York faces suit over secret filming of documentary in Turkey children’s home. (She probably did an expose! Good for her.)  1/15 USA Today: Prosecutor says captain left stricken ship early. CNN: Ship’s captain arrested. 1/28 CNN: Police make arrests, raid offices of News International for claims of making inappropriate payments to police. 2/7 CNN: Randy Travis arrested for intoxication. 2/12 Drudge: 5 more reporters arrested at UK Sun newspaper in hacking scandal. 2/25 CNN: Cardinal ordered memo on abuse Catholic priests destroyed. (The church has been protecting these pedophiles for centuries.) 2/27 BBC News: Nigeria ex-Delta state governor James Ibori guilty plea on 10 counts of money-laundering and conspiracy to defraud: wife, sister and mistress also convicted; stole millions. 2/28 NY Times: Campaign treasurer for New York City Comptroller is arrested. 2/29 Reuters: Goldman manager investigated for insider trading role. NY Times: Dozens said to be arrested in health care fraud, the scheme netted as much as $250 million to those in the NYC area. 3/6 NY Times: Jury convicts Texas financier in $7B Ponzi scheme. 3/8 Reuters: The missing billions: Nigeria’s oil corruption. 3/13 Drudge/CBS: 5 charged with Insider Trading after Alcoholics Anonymous confessions: Representatives at Ameriprise. (Sobering all around, probably with jail time!) 3/13 BBC News: Murdoch ex-editor arrested over hacking. 3/14 NY Times: Company in New York City payroll project scandal to pay $500 million. 3/21 NY Times: News Alert: N.F.L. suspends New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton for one year over bounty for players to put opposing players out of the game with injuries. (Dirty football! Very unsportsmanlike.) 3/29 CNN: Tycoon brothers, Thomas and Raymond Kwok, arrested in Hong Kong corruption probe.  4/5 Reuters: Murdoch’s Sky News admits to email hacking. 4/16 Reuters: Briton killed after threat to expose Chinese leader Bo Xilai’s wife’s plan to move money abroad. Drudge: British Peer Lord Ahmed suspended after ‘offering L10m bounty on Barack Obama and George Bush.’ (Well, he’s done nothing to convince the world of helpful, humane Muslims.) 4/18 Drudge: Scotland Yard moves to charge 4 journalists, cop in phone-hacking scandal. DC government workers double-dipped unemployment cash. USA Today: U.S. condemns photos of troops posing with bodies of dead Afghan suicide bombers. (Poor taste; bad decision!) 4/19 Drudge: Another 100 DC workers may have collected unemployment while working. (Corruption! Corruption!) 4/21 USA Today: Army probes soldier’s drug use in Afghanistan: 56 soldiers in 2010 and 2011. NY Times: Wal-Mart hushed up vast Mexico bribery case after top-level struggle. 4/22 CNN: Heroin use by troops on rise, Army say. (What the hell do they expect in a gruesome war that goes on and on and on when it never should have begun in the first place?) 4/23 Reuters: Wal-Mart probe may cost some execs their jobs. 4/25 NY Times: Bo Xilai said to have spied on top China officials. 4/26 CNN; Rupert Murdoch admits hacking coverup. Reuters: Hague convicts former President Taylor of war crimes in Sierra Leone. 5/26 USA Today: Pope’s butler accused of leaking documents. 5/30 CNN: Charles Taylor, former Liberian leader, sentenced to 50 years for war crimes that included murder, rape, and conscription of children. 6/4 Drudge: No respite for the pontiff as more documents leaked. 6/10 Drudge: REPORT: Truck driver in Lohan crash claims bribe offered for silence. (This actress has gone from bad to worse.) 6/11 CNN: Top Obama official, U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson, accused in hit-an-run accidents involving other cars. 6/17 Drudge:Secret Service's 229-page log reveals agents' porn, wiretap, embezzlement, drunken misdeeds.. 6/23 CNN: Powerful congressman accused of campaign finance violations: Vern Buchanan of Florida. 6/28 BBC News: Barclays Bank accused of 'dishonesty.' 6/29 Reuters: Police wanted for Mexico City airport shooting. 6/30 BBC News: Madoff brother admits fraud links.7/1 USA Today: Penn State emails may show Paterno in on Sandusky coverup. (Was he a pedophile too?) 7/3 NY Times: Glaxo agrees to pay $3B in drug fraud settlement. (Selling dangerous drugs over the counter. CRIMINAL!)  7/11 CNN: Swedish billionaire’s son arrested after U.S. born wife found dead, her death unexplained. 7/13 NY Times: Sandusky abuse scandal inquiry damns Paterno & Penn State. Reuters: PFGBest Chief arrested, admits 20-year fraud, FBI says, stealing more than $100 million from clients using Excel and Ink-Jet printers to hide fraud for over two decades.(So many dishonest bankers and businessmen!)  7/17 BBC News: HSBC used by ‘drug kingpins’:Provided a conduit for “drug kingpins and rogue nations”, according to a US senate committee investigating money laundering claims at the bank. (Very naughty!) 7/22 CNN: Paterno statue taken down at Penn State. Drudge: NCAA source: ‘Unprecedented penalties’ planned against Penn State.  7/24 BBC News: UK PM’s ex-aide faces phone-hack charges. 7/26 BBC News: Bo Xilai wife charged with murder in China. 7/28 Reuters: SEC alleges insider trading ahead of CNOOC-Nexen deal. Insight: At least three  seen central to Libor rigging. 8/1 Reuters: Another Austrian politician goes as scandals rage. 8/2 NY Times: Flood of errant trades a black eye for Wall Street. 8/6 USA Today: UK bank accused of laundering $250B for Iran through U.S., say NY regulators. 8/7 NY Times: Hospital chain inquiry cited unnecessary cardiac work.(Disgusting and expensive medical fraud!)Reuters: Iran accusations wipe $16B off StanChart shares. 8/11 Reuters: Standard Charter helped build damning case against itself. 8/11 Washington Post: Time magazine, CNN suspend columnist Zakaria for plagiarism.  8/15 NY Times: British Bank, Standard Chartered, in $340 million settlement for laundering $250B for Iran. 8/17 Drudge: FBI: Court clerk sold secret info to L.A. hoodlums. USA Today: Hall of Famer Eddie Murray charged with insider trading in SEC probe. 8/22 Drudge: Royal in the nude: Prince Harry loses it all in Las Vegas; Full Moon Monarchy! 8/24 Reuters: Armstrong loses fight against doping charges, to lose titles. 9/9 CNN: Fugitive IRAQ VP, on the run for months, sentenced to hang for the deaths of two people. 9/10 Drudge: FBI arrests Trenton Mayor in corruption probe. 9/11 BBC News: U.S. hushed up SOVIET guilt over Katyn:New evidence appears to back the idea that the Roosevelt administration helped cover up Soviet guilt for the 1940 Katyn massacre of Polish soldiers; More than 22,000 Poles were killed by the Russians, mostly officers and members of the elite. (Do I detect War Crimes?) 9/15 CNN: Actress Sally Struthers arrested on DUI. 9/28 BBC News: Box Xilal accused of China crimes: Expelled from Communist Party, accused of abuse of power and corruption. 10/6 Reuters: Ex-papal butler convicted, sentenced to 18 months. (What was in those papers the Pope wanted destroyed? Has he been in touch with aliens?)  10/11 NY Times: Details of doping scheme paint Armstrong as leader. 10/13 Drudge: Secret Service agent arrested after being found passed out in Miami after the president left Florida. (Time to attend AA meetings, perhaps?)  10/14 CNN: ‘Generals for hire’ scandal snares retired military figures in UK: Some of Britain’s most influential former military figures are under investigation after allegedly boasting about their ability to secure arms contracts for private firms in violation of British law. 10/16 CNN: Armstrong teammate details doping. (Drugs or no drugs, an athlete trains and trains. I just don’t get it! Are the drugs harmful to the athlete? The advantage seems to be in the persistent training.)10/22 BBC News: In doping scandal Lance Armstrong stripped of Tour de France wins. 10/24 NY Times: Rajat Gupta, Ex-Goldman director, gets 2 years in insider trading case. 10/26 NY Times: Family of Prime Minister holds a hidden fortune of $2.7 billion in China. CNN: Ex-Italian PM Berlusconi gets 4-year prison term for tax fraud; expected to appeal. 11/5 Reuters: HSBC fears U.S. money laundering fines to top $1.5B. BBC News: British city financier jailed for 13 years for fraud:Nicholas Levene, 48, took investors’ money to buy shares on their behalf but spent it on luxury cars and yachts, Southwark Crown Court heard. (Very naughty!) 11/8 Yahoo: Man behind anti-Muslim film gets 1 year in prison. 11/9 CNN: Feds: Prominent Texas attorney and former university trustee faces federal charges of laundering more than $600M for a Mexican drug cartel. BBC News: Bin Laden unit punished for leak: 7U.S. Navy Seals disciplined for revealing secrets while working as paid consultants on the video game Medal of Honor: Warfighter. (Everybody wants money!) Wikileaks soldier in plea deal. 11/13 CNN: Petraeus extramarital scandal extends to top Afghan commander for sending inappropriate messages to a woman linked to the scandal. 11/20 Reuters: UBS trader gets 7 years for $2.3B fraud. 12/1 CNN: Dialysis company accused of giant Medicare fraud. (Just one reason why our medical system is so messed up!) 12/12 BBC News: British agents helped kill Belfast lawyer: The level of state collusion uncovered by a report into the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane ,”shocking”, says UK prime minister. 12/13 BBC News: Thai ex-PM charged with murder. 12/26 Reuters: Children, many ill, would be victims of RUSSIA ban on adoption.SEXUAL INTRIGUES brought to the public’s attention involve the HIGH AND MIGHTY, in addition to more ordinary folks.1/17 CNN: Cops: NASA wife shoots mistress in the face. 3/2 Drudge/CBS: California State Treasurer Lockyer reportedly sent sex tape of wife with another man. (Now that is dirty politics, right?) USA Today: California teacher, 41, quits job and leaves family to live with student, 18. Prosecutors: Sandusky abused boys as young as 8. 3/22 Drudge: Senator John Edwards used Manhattan Soccer Mom Madam. (More campaign funds?) 3/26 Yahoo: Strauss-Kahn slapped with ‘aggravated pimping’ charges. 4/4 USA Today: Ex-sheriff pleads guilty in meth-for-sex case. 4/6 USA Today: Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino, married with 4 children, put on leave, admits relationship with employee half his age. (Typical male!) 4/14 CNN: Secret Service agents sent home from Columbia in misconduct inquiry involving prostitution. 4/15 Drudge: Secret Service sex bust scandal spreads to military. USA Today: Secret Service scandal deepens, 11 on leave. 4/17 Drudge: More service members might have been involved in misconduct. Bragging about protecting Obama while partying at Columbian brothel. (Low class agents for sure, with big, fat mouths!) 4/17 Washington Post: Senator: As many as 21 prostitutes involved in Secret Service scandal. (For shame, boys! I guess the brief release cost a lot of you men your jobs.) 4/19 BBC News: Columbia prostitute tells of cash row: $800 for one night for Secret Service man in Cartagena. (Not $60: which was obviously a lie!)  4/21 CNN: 3 more Secret Service agents out! USA Today: 23 implicated in Secret Service sex scandal. 4/22 Drudge: Woman nabs train flasher; holds until police arrive.  (Go girl, go!) 4/25 CNN: 2 more Secret Service agents resign.4/26 CNN: Secret Service involved in second prostitution scandal in El Salvador. (I’ll bet there has been lots of countries involved!) 5/16 Reuters: Order knew for months about priest scandal: Vatican official: Leaders of scandal-plagued Legionaries of Christ religious order knew for many weeks that their most famous priest had fathered a child. 5/21 CNN: Dominique Strauss-Kahn may face gang rape allegations. 5/22 CNN: Prostitution investigation for DEA agents. (Prostitution should be legal!) 6/5 Drudge: School boss sacked over her exchange of sexually explicit emails. 6/26 Drudge: Widening sex scandal rocks Texas Air Force base:What the colonel did not mention directly in his recent address was a widening sex scandal that has rocked the base, one of the nation’s busiest military training centers. Allegations that male instructors had sex with, and in one case raped, female trainees have led to criminal charges against four men. Charges against others are possible. 6/27 Drudge: Cruise ship steward sues John Travolta for assault. BBC News: Argentine Bishop Bargallo quits over ‘amorous ties’ row:The Pope has accepted the resignation of an Argentine bishop after the publication of pictures showing him embracing a woman on a Mexican beach. (Celibacy vows are hard to keep!☺  6/29 CNN: 31 victims ID’d in Air Force sex scandal. (Does war and military training turn some men into thugs and rapists?) 7/16 Drudge: Treasury probe cites officials for soliciting prostitutes. 7/21 USA Today:Air Force instructor guilty of rape An Air Force instructor implicated in a sweeping sex scandal (28 counts) at one of the nation’s busiest military training bases was convicted Friday, casting a pall over Lackland Air Force Base. 8/21 Drudge/LA Times: Porn industry announces moratorium after syphilis case reports. 8/24 NY Times:Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, the Brooklyn Democratic leader and longtime political power broker there, has been stripped of his committee chairmanship, barred from employing young people, and censured after an Assembly committee determined that he had sexually harassed two female employees this summer. 9/20 Drudge: Probe of Secret Service prostitution scandal may cite White House staff. 9/27 CNN: Army general faces possible court martial on sexual conduct, other charges:harged with numerous violations of military law, including forcible sodomy, the Army said Wednesday. USA Today: Human trafficking in the USA hits close to home: Asia Graves looks straight ahead as she calmly recalls the night a man paid $200 on a Boston street to have sex with her. She was 16, homeless, and desperate for food, shelter and stability. He was the first of dozens of men who would buy her thin cashew-colored body from a human trafficker who exploited her vulnerabilities and made her a prisoner for years. (I know it’s karma, but that doesn’t make it right!) 10/3 Drudge/Mail Online: Detroit police chief suspended after affair with fellow officer exposed when she posts picture with a gun in her mouth after learning he’s with another woman; Married chief claims he filed for divorce; She says he’s a sex addict. (These aspects are really interesting, aren’t they?) 10/5 CNN: Congresswomen push for tougher measures against sexual abuse in military. (Great idea!) 10/7 Drudge: Detroit police chief traded promotion for sex; condom kept as proof. (Tricky lady!) 11/13 CNN: MAINE town of Kennebunk on edge after Zumba instructor accused of prostitution with her pimp an insurance salesman. 10/16 CNN: Police release names of two dozen suspected johns in Maine prostitution case. 10/17 CNN: 1 U.S. sailors accused in Japan rape. 10/21 Drudge/ABC News: Columbian prostitute Dania Londono to publish book on Secret Service sex scandal. (Sure to be a bestseller!) 11/1 Drudge: Daily caller: Women claim Senator Bob Hernandez (D-NJ) paid women for sex in Dominion Republic. (Provided with a phone by a Republican opponent, perhaps?) 11/2 USA Today: Married Secret Service agent who hid affair with foreign woman for years kills himself. 11/9 USA Today: David Petraeus resigns from CIA, citing extramarital affair. (Nothing political, mind you! ) 11/10 NY Times: Petraeus quits: Evidence of affair discovered by FBI. 12/1 BBC News: Multi-millionaire Stefan Glaenzer admits sex assault on female passenger on London underground. (He can afford a pricey call girl! Why this?) 12/6BBC News: Max Clifford arrested in sex offences investigation. 12/7 Drudge: ‘Sex for student fee’ man unmasked to be IT consultant ‘with top level MoD security clearance.’Man behind ‘sex for tuition fees’ website is named – students were offered up to £15,000 a year to cover cost of university, female students, btw.12/19 Drudge: Army general to face court martial, possible life sentence, over sexual misconduct charges:including forcible sodomy, several illicit affairs, and could receive life in prison if convicted, the Army said Tuesday. (How did he ever become a general? Power corrupts.) 5/31 CNN: Navy football players investigated in sex assault complaint.The SUMMER may well be a time of SEVERE EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS.6/29 All Media: So far it is devastating fires in many U.S. states in addition to floods. The bizarre balancing act of FIRE and WATER out of control. 6/29 USGS: 6.3 quake strikes Northern XINJIANG, CHINA. 7/28 USGS: 6.5 earthquake New Ireland Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA.  7/29 USGS: 6.0 earthquake offshore Chiapas, MEXICO.NEW ISLANDS continue to rise up out of the SEA.Formerly unknown and perhaps unheard of ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS are discovered in the depths of the sea, in the desert and in mountainous regions.2/5 Ancient walled city, older than Egypt’s pyramids, unearthed off Georgia coast. (Part of Atlantis, perhaps?)There will continue to be PUBLIC SPECTACLES to titillate the masses.7/1: Sandusky for sure.A WOMAN replaces a man in a position of significant power.PUBLIC ASSASSINATION of a high ranking official.2/11 BBC News: Syria General ‘shot in Damascus.’ USA Today: Gunmen assassinate Syrian army general. 2/20 CNN: Syrian officials assassinated. 7/15 Reuters: Afghan minister survives assassination attempt. 7/16 Reuters: Somali lawmaker killed, al Shabaah claim attack. 8/12 CNN: ‘Gang’ shoots, kills international peacekeeper in Sudan’s Darfur region and wounds another. 8/27 Reuters: KENYAN cleric shot dead, sparks riots in MOMBASA. 9/11 Reuters: YEMEN defense minister escapes assassination attempt. 9/12 CNN: U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens killed in LIBYA rocket blast; Obama condemns “outrageous act”; LIBYA’S government apologizes; Islam film blamed for protests; Mob attacked consulate. Ambassador suffocated; 3 others killed in attack.  Drudge: Mobs storm U.S. embassy in CAIRO. 9/23 CNN: SOMALI lawmaker gunned down. 10/2 CNN: Lawmaker stabbed to death in MALDIVES. 10/13 Drudge: Shot fired through window at Obama campaign office in DENVER. 10/26 The Independent: Family friend fears over ‘assassination’ of Nicholas Mockford as ExxonMobil says murder was not related to the job. Drudge: British oil boss gunned down in Belgium. 10/30 BBC News: Somali poet Warsame Shire Awale killed by gunmen.  12/6 BBC News: Russian journalist shot dead in North CAUCUS.  1/16/2013 Washington Post: Russian crime boss gunned down in MOSCOW.  1/20 Drudge: Man attempts to assassinate Bulgaria’s opposition leader during speech: gun jams. (Lucky for the politician.) 5/3 Yahoo: Prosecutor in Bhutto assassination case shot dead in ISLAMABAD. 11/23 CNN: Gunmen kill YEMENI lawmaker.  12/4 BBC News: HEZBOLLAH senior commander killed near BEIRUT. 12/20 CNN: PHILIPPINE mayor among 4 killed in shooting at Manila airport.MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS involve a CURE FOR AIDS.1/5 Drudge: Search for AIDS vaccine advances. 6/7 BBC News: Nobel winning Barre-Sinoussi optimistic about HIV cure. (Fantastic!) 7/18 Science Daily: Closer to a cure? Chemists synthesize compound that flushes out latent HIV. (Hooray!)  7/19 Science Daily: Potent new compound virtually eliminates HIV in cell culture. 7/23 Science Daily: NIH to test Maraviroc-based drug regimens for HIV prevention.  7/26 Science Daily: Pioneering study shows drug can purge dormant HIV. 7/27 Science Daily: Bone marrow transplant eliminates signs of HIV infection: Two men with longstanding HIV infections no longer have detectable HIV in their blood cells following bone marrow transplants. AND Additional benefits of early HIV treatment revealed. 8/9 Science Daily: Potential drug molecule shows enhanced anti-HIV activity. 9/11 Science Daily: RV144 vaccine efficacy increased against certain HIV viruses. 10/9 Science Daily: Decline in HIV deaths for most men, women by race/ethnicity, education, U.S. study finds. 12/11 Science Daily: Potent antibodies neutralize HIV and could offer new therapy, study finds. 3/3/2013 CNN: Research: Toddler cured of HIV. 2/27/2014 CNN: EGYPTIAN army’s AIDS cure claim gets harsh criticism. (Check it out before you toss it out, HIV is serious.) Progress is made with a CURE for DIABETES.3/3 Science Daily: Diabetes risk from sitting around, especially true for women. (So get up and move and lose the blubber! Fat puts you at high risk.) 3/12 Science Daily: New approach to treating Type 1 diabetes? Transforming gut cells into insulin factories. 6/30 Science Daily: Diabetes reversed in mice using stem cells. 7/6 Science Daily: Antibodies reverse type 1 diabetes in new immunotherapy animal studies.  DIABETES drug makes brain cells grow. 7/13 Science Daily: Discovery of chemical that affects biological clock offers new way to treat diabetes. 10/9 Science Daily: Recovering ‘bodyguard’ cells in pancreas may restore insulin production in diabetics. TERRORISM continues to claim lives and destroy property, more predominantly in the MIDDLE EAST and ASIAN nations, and yet, the ugliness will also erupt in other nations to include AFRICA.1/1 Reuters: Violence creeping into MEXICAN capital. 1/3 CNN: Arab League: Deaths by sniper continue in SYRIA. Reuters: Deadly suicide blast strikes AFGHANISTAN. 1/4 BBC News: RWANDA grenade attack in Kigali kills 2. 1/5 Reuters: Bombs kills at least 67 in IRAQ. 1/6 CNN: Report: Suicide bomber kills 25 in SYRIA capital. 1/7 BBC News: NIGERIA hit by string of attacks, killing at least 17 in one incident. 1/9 CNN: 13 bodies of men and boys found outside MEXICAN gas station. 1/10 Reuters: Suicide attackers storm office in AFGHANISTAN east, 7 killed. BBC News: Deadly blast at PAKISTAN bus stop kills at least 30. 1/11 CNN: 13,000 died in MEXICAN drug violence in 2011. 1/13 USA Today: U.S. warns of terror threat in BANGKOK. 1/14 CNN: Suicide bomber kills 53 in IRAQ. 1/15 Drudge: Suicide bomber dressed as cop kills 50 in IRAQ. 1/18 Drudge: Mexican politicians turn to bullet-proof garb. (I guess so.) BBC News: Tourists taken in ETHIOPIA attack. 1/21 Reuters: SYRIA blasts kill 15. CNN: Official: Bombs kill 156 in NIGERIA, 70 injured, the hospitals are struggling with the devastation. (Tragic!) 1/24 BBC News: Gunmen kill 15 in the PHILIPPINES. 1/26 BBC News: 2 bomb attacks in IRAQ kill 13. 1/27 CNN: Car bombs kill dozens in BAGHDAD. 1/28 USA Today: Suicide bomber kills 33 at Shiite funeral in IRAQ. (Religious madness is pathetic.) 1/30 BBC News: ‘Dozens die’ in SOUTH SUDAN raid. Deadly attack on NIGERIAN police. 2/5 Reuters: Car bomb kills 9 in Afghan city KANDAHAR. 2/14 CNN: Explosions rock parts of THAI capital. Reuters: THAI bomb attack maims suspect. (Quick karma.) 2/19 CNN: Bomber hits BAGHDAD police academy kills 19. 2 killed by roadside bomb in PAKISTAN. Drudge: IRANIAN warships dock at SYRIA port. BBC News: EGYPT calls home envoy from SYRIA. 2/23 CNN: Dozens killed in wave of IRAQ attacks. Reuters: 60 killed in one of IRAQ’S bloodiest days. 2/24 Reuters: 12 killed in AFGHAN protests over Koran burning. (This is stupidity of the first order. A book is a book! Superstition reigns!) 2/27 CNN: 3 killed, 7 injured in NEPAL blast; United Ethnic Liberation Front claims responsibility. Reuters: AFGHAN base attacked by suicide bomber, U.S. cities ‘heightened threat,’ 9 killed. 2/28 NY Times: Gunmen ambush bus in PAKISTAN, killing at least 18. 3/3 Reuters: Suicide bomber attacks ALGERIAN security base, 23 wounded. 3/4 Reuters: Brazzaville arms depot blast in CONGO kills some 200. YEMEN suicide attack kills 7 soldiers. (Madness is everywhere these days!)  3/5 USA Today: Gunmen kill at least 20 police in western IRAQ. (The U.S. needs to leave them to their own devices.)  3/11 CNN: Official: U.S. soldier kills 16 AFGHAN civilians going house to house. (War brings out psychoses and turns some men into killers. END THESE WARS, PLEASE.) Suicide attack at PAKISTAN funeral kills 14. Attack on NIGERIA church kills 5. Reuters: ISRAELI strike kills 3 PALESTINIANS. (Madness reigns in our world. Let the Palestinians have their state.) Blast kills 3 in KENYA. 3/16 CBS: Iraq war veteran accused in 6 murders tells detection he has ‘killer gene’. (War brings out psychoses and helps to create killers. Look at all the video games and violent movies! No Hunger Games for me!) 3/19 CNN: Man kills teacher, 3 children at school in FRANCE. 3/20 CNN: Bombings in 8 IRAQ cities kill 38. Drudge: ‘SYRIAN forces threw civilians from rooftops. USA Today: Bombings across IRAQ kill 46, wound nearly 200. (This is such a primitive, barbaric part of the world.)  3/25 Yahoo: U.S. paid $50,000 per shooting spree death and $11,000 for each wounded AFGHAN allegedly committed by Sargent Bales. 3/26 CNN: AFGHAN army soldiers kill two NATO soldiers in KABUL. (We need to get out of Afghanistan.)  3/30 CNN: AFGHAN police officer kills 9 of his comrades. 4/1 CNN: 2 killed, 12 injured in mass shooting during funeral in MIAMI. Drudge: Twin blasts rock THAI city. USA Today: Bombs in southern THAILAND kill 14, wound hundred. 4/4 Reuters: PAKISTAN van blast kills 6. 4/4 BBC News: AFGHAN suicide bomber kills 10. 4/8 Reuters: Bomb kills at least 5 in NIGERIA’S Kaduna. 4/9 Reuters: NIGERIA Kaduna car bomb death toll rises to 36. 9/11 Reuters: 8 taxi drivers gunned down in MEXICO. 4/15 CNN: Taliban claim responsibility for wave of AFGHANISTAN attacks. Taliban raid PAKISTAN jail, freeing 384 prisoners. 4/17 CNN: Extremist poison schoolgirl’s water; AFGHAN officials say: Nearly 140 schoolgirls and female teachers admitted to hospitals. (Absolute madness on the part of the Taliban.) 4/19 CNN: Explosions rock BAGHDAD, killing dozens. 4/26 Reuters: Suicide car bomb hits NIGERIAN newspaper offices. BBC News: IRAQ cafe bomb attack kills 8. Massive HAMA explosion kills 70. 4/27 Reuters: 9 dead in DAMASCUS suicide bomb: SYRIAN TV. Drudge: Man wearing gas canister storms LONDON office building, takes hostages, throwing computers out windows, threatens to blow himself up. 4/27 BBC News: Blasts injure 27 in EAST UKRAINE.  4/29 CNN: Red Cross worker killed in PAKISTAN. Reuters: 1 killed, 16 hurt in grenade attack at KENYAN church. 4/30 Reuters: Bomb hits police convoy in eastern NIGERIA, kills 11. 5/2 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 7 after Obama leaves AFGHAN capital. 5/3 Reuters: Gunmen fire on NIGERIAN cattle market, 56 dead. 5/4 USA Today: Suicide bombing at PAKISTANI market kills at least 20. 5/5 CNN: 9 bodies found hanging from MEXICAN bridge. Drudge: 14 headless bodies found in MEXICO. Reuters: Explosions hit SYRIA’S 2 main cities, 5 dead. (Terrorism from SYRIA’S own government.) 5/10 CNN: Authorities find 15 dismembered bodies in western MEXICO. Reuters: Mexican meth production goes on speed: 18 people beheaded, drug gang suspected. 5/11 Drudge: 18 headless bodies found in MEXICO tourist area. 5/13 Reuters: Top AFGHAN negotiator shot dead. 37 dismembered bodies dumped on MEXICAN highway. (These guys are really a bunch of thugs.) BBC News: MEXICO violence: Monterrey police find 49 mutilated bodies in bags. 5/17 Reuters: NIGERIA ‘robbers’ accidentally blow up own bus. 5/19 CNN: 2 girls killed in blast outside school in ITALY. MEXICAN crime reporter found killed in Sonora State. 5/21 Reuters: Death toll in YEMEN suicide bombing rises to 90. 5/23 Reuters: 122 AFGHAN girls, 3 teachers poisoned in second anti-school attack. (The Afghan men are really threatened by educated women! Wow!) 5/28 Drudge: 30 NORTH KOREAN officials involved in SOUTH talks die ‘in tragic accident’ or were executed according to human rights activist.  5/31 CNN: 2 U.S. tourists kidnapped in EGYPT. 6/3 CNN: Deadly blasts hit NIGERIAN church killing 12. 6/4 Reuters: Bomb hits Shiite site in BAGHDAD, 23 killed. (This seems never-ending.) Buddhist vigilantes kill 9 Muslims in MYANMAR bus attack. (Buddhist? What about ‘Do no harm’?)  6/6 Reuters: Twin suicide bombings in AFGHANISTAN’S Kandahar kill 20 civilians. Dismembered bodies found in MEXICO. 6/7 CNN: Activists: 78 slain in SYRIAN village. Reuters: U.N. tries to reach new SYRIAN ‘massacre.’ 6/8 BBC News: PAKISTAN bus bombing: At least 18 killed near Peshawar. 6/9 Reuters: 7 U.N. troops die in IVORY COAST ambush. BBC News: 4 French troops killed, others wounded by Taliban in eastern AFGHANISTAN. 6/10 CNN: Explosion rocks NIGERIAN church, 18 killed. 6/13 Yahoo: IRAQ attack kills at least 53, pilgrims targeted. CNN: 58 killed in string of bombings in IRAQ. 6/16 Reuters: BAGHDAD bomb targets Shiite pilgrims, 9 killed. Suicide blast hits SOMALI base outside capital. BBC News: Deadly bus bombing in PAKISTAN, killing at least 22. 6/17 USA Today: NIGERIA Red Cross: 12 die, 80 hurt in church attacks. 6/18 BBC News: Funeral blast kills 15 in IRAQ. Top YEMEN general dies in attack. 6/20 Reuters: Man claiming al Qaeda link takes hostages in bank in FRANCE. 6/22 CNN: AFGHANISTAN; 50 people are rescued after Taliban militants attack lakeside hotel near KABUL, seizing hostages and sparking a fierce gun battle with Afghan and NATO troops. 6/23 Reuters: Bomb explodes in NIGERIA capital, no casualties. 6/29 CNN: TALIBAN video shows 17 beheaded PAKISTANI soldiers. (Blood-thirsty barbarians!) 7/1 CNN: Red Cross: KENYA church attacks kill 16 near Somali border. 7/3 Reuters: Market bomb kills 29 before IRAQI Shiite ritual. (Muslims obviously can’t even get along with Muslims. Ridiculous!) 7/4 Reuters: 5 killed in German hostage standoff. USA Today: Explosion kills at least 8 in latest IRAQ attack. 7/5 USA Today: BRITISH police arrest 6 in terrorism investigation. 7/8 Reuters: Roadside bombs, clashes kill 26 in AFGHAN south. 7/11 CNN: At least 22 dead in YEMEN police academy suicide bombing. 7/13 BBC News: Female AFGHANISTAN politician Hanifa Safi killed by bomb attached to her car. 7/14 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills top official, 22 others at AFGHAN wedding. Bomb wounds 12 police in eastern TURKEY. 7/15 Drudge: Armed gang raids MEXICAN youth camp, rapes 7 women. 7/18 CNN: Key members of SYRIAN president’s inner circle killed. (Terrorism seems to be committed by those on all sides! Is this assassination?) 3 dead in BULGARIA bus blast. BBC News: Taliban blow up 22 NATO tankers.  7/23 Yahoo: 82 killed in IRAQ’S deadliest day this year. CNN: 44 killed in IRAQ attacks. Reuters: Spat of attacks kills 107 across IRAQ. (Such diverse reports on Iraq!?) 7/31 Reuters: Two car bombs kill at least 13 in BAGHDAD. 8/4 BBC News: Deadly attack off NIGERIA coast:Gunmen in Nigeria storm oil industry vessel off the coast, killing 2 sailors and kidnapping 4 foreigners, a naval officer says. 8/5 CNN: Dozens killed in attack at YEMEN wake. 8/7 BBC News: NIGERIA church attack kills 19. BBC News: 9 killed in attack on minibus near KABUL. 8/8 Reuters: Gunmen kill 3 in central NIGERIA mosque attack.  8/10 Reuters: Suicide bomber targets north IRAQ mosque, 2 killed. Deadline looms, but survivors of ASSAM bloodshed too scared to go home. Car bomb kills YEMEN security official, al Qaeda suspected. 8/14 CNN: Suicide bombs kill 27 in AFGHANISTAN. 8/15 CNN: 9 killed in MEXICO nightclub attack in the north. 8/19 Reuters: Car bombs kill 2 in LIBYAN capital. 8 die in RUSSIAN Caucasus bombings, mosque shooting. 8/21 CNN: 8 killed in bombing in TURKEY. 8/27 NY Times: Attacks in AFGHANISTAN kill 27 Afghans, 2 U.S. soldier: 10 Afghan soldiers, 17 civilians. 9/3 CNN: U.S. consulate car attacked in PAKISTAN, killing 2 Pakistanis and injuring 2 U.S. consulate staff. CNN: U.S. suspends training of AFGHAN police. (Good idea, since they’re turning on our men and killing them!) 9/4 BBC News: Suicide bomber kills 25 AFGHAN mourners. (All because of Islamic religious differences?! Murder seems to be sanctioned.) 9/7 BBC News: KENYA clashes: ‘Revenge attacks’ in Coast Province, 12 killed. 9/8 Reuters: Teenage bomber kills 6, including children, near NATO headquarters in KABUL. 9/9 Yahoo: Wave of attacks kills at least 44 in IRAQ. (We can’t save these countries. The violence is tribal and religious and has been for centuries. Primitive Consciousness.) Update/Reuters: Explosions kill 58 in IRAQ. 9/10 Reuters: Wave of attacks kills over 100 in IRAQ. 9/10 Reuters: Raiders kill 38 in latest land clashes in KENYA. 9/14 Yahoo: Anti-American fury sweeps Middle East over anti-Islam film. 3 dead as protesters attack U.S. embassy in TUNISIA. Obama notifies Congress of troops sent to LIBYA, YEMEN. 9/16 CNN: Brazen insurgents wore U.S. military uniforms:Attackers disguised in U.S. uniforms toted automatic rifles, grenades and suicide vests, NATO said. They killed two Marines and destroyed six jets at the military camp where Prince Harry is based. Reuters: Taliban bomb kills 14 in PAKISTAN near AFGHAN border. USA Today: Suicide bomber kills at least 8 in BAGHDAD. 9/23 BBC News: Church bombed in northern NIGERIA. 9/24 BBC News: KENYAN Amisom soldier kills 6 SOMALI civilians. (It saddens me that this list has grown so long!) 9/30 CNN: IRAQ’S suffers deadliest day in nearly a month: 19 killed.  Reuters: String of IRAQ car bombs blasts kill at least 32.  10/1 CNN: 14 dead in suicide attacks in AFGHANISTAN.  10/2 CNN: Border patrol agent killed in ARIZONA. 10/2 BBC News: NIGERIAN gunmen kill 20 students. 10/3 Reuters: 4 NIGERIAN peacekeepers killed in ambush in SUDAN’S DARFUR. 10/9 Reuters: Taliban shoot PAKISTANI schoolgirl campaigning for peace. 10/10 CNN: Police arrest 13 in videotaped killings in NIGERIA. 10/11 CNN: Gunmen kill U.S. embassy employee in YEMEN. 10/13 Reuters: Suicide bombing kills 14 at PAKISTAN market. 10/14 Reuters: Gunmen kill 20 at mosque in northern NIGERIA. 10/16 CNN: Attack on PAKISTANI schoolgirl galvanizes anti-Taliban feelings. 10/17 CNN: Suicide attack on army base wounds dozens of AFGHAN soldiers. 10/19 CNN: BEIRUT car bomb kills 8. (I wish this list wasn’t so long each year! Now Lebanon!) 10/20 Reuters: 6 AFGHAN police killed in insider attack. 10/23 CNN: Mosque, monastery burned in MYANMAR violence.  10/26 BBC News: AFGHANISTAN mosque suicide bomb attack kills at least 41. (We need to get out of there and let them kill each other, which seems to be their plan!These are tribal religious fanatics.) 10/27 Reuters: Double BAGHDAD blasts kill 13 over Eid holiday. 10/28 BBC News: KADUNA Catholic church hit in NIGERIA suicide bomb attack, at least 7 dead, dozens injured. 10/29 BBC News: Deadly car bombings rock DAMASCUS as SYRIA ceasefire ends, killing at least 10. (The terrorist regime continues its reign of terror.) 10/30 Reuters: Gunmen kill religious leader in RUSSIA’S DAGESTAN. 11/1 Reuters: Suspected armed robbers kill 20 in NIGERIA. 11/2 Reuters: Gunmen kill 18 in PAKISTAN bus attack. 11/3 Reuters: Twin explosions kill 3 in SOMALIA capital. 11/4 BBC News: Deadly church attack hits KENYAN: Policeman killed, 10 injured. (This list has grown extremely long and I haven’t even listed every horror this year.) 11/6 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 31 at army base near BAGHDAD. 11/8 BBC News: AFGHANISTAN bombings kill 18. (The Afghan population seems to be decreasing at a rapid rate.)  11/12 BBC News:Villagers in northern KENYA fear further violence after at least 31 police officers were killed over the weekend, an elder told the BBC. 11/14 BBC News: IRAQ bombings kill 17 on eve of Muharram and Ashura. 11/16 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 17 after wedding in western AFGHANISTAN. (Tragic!) 11/18 Reuters: At least 5 killed in NAIROBI grenade attack; Video shows NIGERIAN troops shooting captives. (Corruption and abuse of power in the Nigerian government and military!) 11/20 Yahoo: POLAND says university scientist planned to blow up parliament. 11/21 Yahoo: 2 men in suicide vests blew themselves up near U.S. base in KABUL, killing 2 AFGHAN guards in neighborhood filled with foreign forces and embassies. (The madness continues.) 11/23 Reuters: AFGHANISTAN truck bomb kills 2 among 70 wounded. 11/24 CNN: Bomb kills 7 including 3 children, targets Shiite religious procession in PAKISTAN. 11/25 BBC News: Bombs hit NIGERIA barracks church; 11 killed, 30 wounded. 11/29 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 10 civilians in AFGHANISTAN. (Tribal or religious madness? What is causing all this killing?) Bomb kills 30 in IRAQ Shiite cities. 12/4 NY Times: PAKISTAN reels with violence against Shiites: More than 100 Hazaras killed by Sunni extremist gunmen this year, many in broad daylight. 12/10 Reuters: YEMEN says 17 soldiers killed in ambush. 12/11 Reuters: Gunmen kill civilians in southern THAILAND. 12/16 BBC News: 3suspected Taliban insurgents and policeman killed in shoot-out near the northwestern PAKISTAN city of Peshawar, officials say. 12/17 CNN: 10 girls killed by land mine in AFGHANISTAN. Reuters: Blast in PAKISTANI market kills at least 15. NY Times: Blasts kill 26 in IRAQ’S disputed areas. (This list is much too long to suit me and I have not listed every horror of the year!) 12/19 Reuters: 3 more polio workers shot in PAKISTAN, 2 killed.  2012 deadliest year on record for JOURNALISTS. 12/21 Reuters: Raiders armed with machetes burn KENYAN village, kill 30. 12/22 Reuters: Car bomb kills 5 in DAMASCUS: SYRIAN Observatory. PAKISTAN mob burns man alive accused of desecrating Koran. (It’s only a book!) 12/23 Reuters: At least 9 dead in PAKISTAN blast.  12/24 Reuters: AFGHAN ‘rouge’ attacks kill 6, 1 American, 5 Afghan policemen. 12/25 CNN: Gunmen kill 6 in NIGERIAN church attack, set church on fire. (Seems they can’t stand for people to have a different religion.) 12/29 Reuters: Blast in PAKISTAN’S KARACHI kills 6 on bus, 48 hurt. 12/30 CNN: 20 Shiite pilgrims killed in PAKISTAN bus attacks. (Always religion!) BBC News: NIGERIAN militants kill at least 15 and slit Christian throats.  (I think Mohammed would be upset!)  12/31 Reuters: Bombs kill 16 across IRAQ as sectarian strife grows. 5/7 Reuters: PAKISTAN election violence forces candidates behind high walls. The ISLAMIC MILITANTS continue to create havoc and alarm in cities around the world. Religious fanaticism is dangerous in terms of any sect.12/31/2011 BBC News: NIGERIA attacks prompt state of emergency in areas targeted by Islamist militants who killed dozens on Christmas Day. (The tragedy continues.) 1/1 Reuters: Islamist attacks strain NIGERIA north-south divide. 1/21 BBC News: Scores dead after NIGERIAN blasts, at least 120 dead after attacks by Islamist militants in the city of Kano. 1/22 Reuters: Islamist insurgents kill over 178 in NIGERIA’S Kano. 2/25 BBC News: Deadly blasts rock NIGERIAN city. 3/10 Reuters: YEMEN air force kills 20 Qaeda linked militants in the south. 3/18 Yahoo: Militants kill American teacher in YEMEN. 3/22 Yahoo: French school shooter, who confessed to shooting 7, dead after jumping out window in shootout in TOULOUSE. 3/30 BBC News: France arrests Islamist suspects. 4/3 Reuters: FRANCE opens probe after raid on Islamist radicals. Drudge: Online graphic warns of al Qaeda return to NYC. 4/8 Drudge: Gaddafi-armed Islamic rebels take over huge swath of AFRICA.  4/9 Drudge: New blast hits EGYPT gas pipeline serving JORDAN, ISRAEL.  4/10 Reuters: Islamists fight army in central, south YEMEN, 21 killed. 4/14 USA Today: 12 killed in al-Qaeda attack in southern YEMEN. 5/2 Reuters: 11 killed as EGYPT clashes over army rule. 5/6 Drudge: Islamic extremists desecrate Muslim saint’s TIMBUKTU tomb. 5/27 BBC News: MALI rebel state ‘to be Islamic.’ 6/17 Reuters: YEMEN says Islamists retreat from southern town. 6/22 Reuters: AFGHAN forces end Taliban siege of hotel, 20 dead. Blasts kill 13, wounds 100 in IRAQI market. 6/23 Drudge: EGYPTIAN ARMY warns Muslim Brotherhood. 6/30 BBC News: Islamists damage Timbuktu shrines. 7/10 Reuters: MALI Islamists destroy tombs of famous Timbuktu mosque. Drudge: EGYPT braces for showdown between Islamists and army. 7/18 NY Times: Jihadist’s fierce justice drives thousands to flee MALI. 7/21 Reuters: Militant attacks kill 15 in PAKISTAN. 7/31 NY Times: Militant group poses risks to U.S.-PAKISTAN relations. 8/1 Drudge: Islamists in NORTH MALI stone couple to death for having children outside marriage. (Unfeeling barbarians!) 8/2 Drudge/My FoxDC: SOMALI comedian who poked fun at Islamists shot dead. 8/6 NY Times: Militias in MALI train to oust Islamists. 8/14 CNN: YEMEN Defense Ministry attacked. 8/15 BBC News:Armed militants have attacked a PAKISTANI military air base and are engaged in a fierce firefight with security forces, officials say. 8/16 Reuters: Update: Militants attack major PAKISTAN air base, 9 killed.  8/21 Reuters: Top U.S. general’s aircraft damaged by rockets in AFGHANISTAN. 8/27 Yahoo:Insurgents beheaded 17 civilians in a Taliban-controlled area of southern AFGHANISTAN, apparently because they attended a dance party that flouted the extreme brand of Islam embraced by the militants, officials said Monday. (So barbaric!) 8/29 BBC News: MALI residents flee extremists. Militants kill PAKISTAN soldiers. 9/10 Reuters: Mali Islamists chop hands, feet off suspected robbers. (Such cruelty!) 9/14 Yahoo: SUDANESE storm GERMAN embassy, hoist Islamic flag. EGYPT president urges Muslims to protect embassies. 9/23 Reuters: Elite INDONESIAN squad arrests 10 suspected Islamic Militants. 9/28 Drudge: IRAQ militants attack TIKRIT prison, freeing 90 inmates. 9/30 Drudge: Muslim protesters torch BUDDHIST temples in BANGLADESH. 10/17 Drudge: Brazen Islamic militants showed strength before Benghazi attack. 10/28 Reuters: Two militant suspects killed in police raid on KENYAN coast. 11/2 Reuters: Islamists protest in CAIRO, call for Islamic law. (It’s a major mistake to mix politics and religion in any country!) 11/13 Drudge: ‘Destroy the idols,’ EGYPT jihadist calls for removal of SPHINX, PYRAMIDS. (Total crackpots!) 11/25 Drudge: Islamic terrorists bomb EGYPTIAN-GAZA border base. 12/14 Reuters: Islamists clash with opponents ahead of EGYPT vote. 12/21 Reuters: Clashes as EGYPTIAN Islamists stage rally. 12/23 BBC News: TIMBUKTU mausoleums ‘destroyed’ by Mali Islamists who considered them idolatrous. 12/28 NY Times: Islamists’ harsh judgment on the rise in NORTH MALI. 12/29 Drudge: Extremism on the rise in ZANZIBAR: ‘Female tourists should wear headscarves and cover their knees.’ (What is it with the hair? Too sexy? Not all knees are sexy, for heaven’s sake!) Concerns grow over Islamic militancy! 12/30 Reuters: PAKISTAN militants kill 41 in mass execution, attack on Shiites. (So barbaric!)  Sunni protesters attack IRAQ’S official convoy, guards wound two. BBC News: PAKISTAN militants kill at least 20 kidnapped troops. 12/31 Reuters: Al Qaeda in YEMEN offers bounty for U.S. ambassador. 5/7 Reuters: LIBYA defense minister quits over siege of ministries by gunmen. (Can’t say as I blame him!) The LOSS OF AMERICAN LIVES and the lives of our ALLIES continues to be an ugly factor in a seemingly never-ending war in the lands of oil.1/8 USA Today: Roadside bomb kills 4 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. (The carnage continues.) 1/20 NY Times: Afghanistan soldiers step up killings of allied forces. (We need to get out of this war.) CNN: 6 marines, 4 French killed in Afghanistan. USA Today: France mulls Afghan pullout, 6 marines killed. (France is smart.) 1/21 Reuters: France calls deaths of 4 soldiers in Afghanistan ‘murder.’ (We need to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan soon.) 2/20 CNN: 3 Italian soldiers die in Afghanistan.  2/23 CNN: Taliban: Kill NATO troops over Quran burning. (A book is a book. Burning the Bible is no big deal either. Tribal consciousness, religious fanaticism and oil are the cause of all this.) 2/25 BBC News: 2 NATO soldiers shot dead in Kabul. 2/26 CNN: 7 U.S. troops wounded in protests over burned Qurans. (Please let us leave Afghanistan. However, I know war is big business!) 3/1 Yahoo: 2 NATO soldiers killed by Afghan soldier, civilian. 3/7 Washington Post: 6 British troops killed in attack in Afghanistan. 3/15 Drudge: Karzai: GET OUT! (Excellent idea. Let’s get out of Afghanistan: FAST! War is such big business! Oil business!) 3/16 Drudge: Marines disclose 7th U.S. military member killed by AFGHAN soldiers last month. (Get us out of there!) 3/26 NY Times: Support in U.S. for Afghan war drops sharply, poll finds. 4/10 Drudge: An American soldier killed in AFGHANISTAN every day in April.  4/20 CNN: Copter crashes with 4 Americans onboard. 4/26 BBC News: ‘AFGHAN army gunman’ kills US soldier. 4/27 Reuters: Elite Afghan soldier kills U.S. special forces mentor. (Evidently, these men cannot be trusted. No honor!) 5/6 CNN: 1 NATO members killed in AFGHANISTAN. USA Today: Attacker in AFGHAN army uniform kills NATO soldier. (I still think we need to leave Afghanistan behind us. Treacherous people.) 5/7 CNN: 3 U.S. soldiers killed in AFGHANISTAN. 5/11 Drudge: Man wearing AFGHAN army uniform kills U.S. soldier. (Here we go again!) 5/13 CNN: 8 NATO deaths in AFGHANISTAN in 3 days. 6/8 CNN: Military suicides: 154 in 155 days. (Tragic! Not everyone is suited to fight in a war, perhaps few are.) 6/10 Drudge: Veiled suicide bomber kills 4 soldiers. 6/18 CNN: NATO peacekeeper killed in AFGHANISTAN. 6/20 Reuters: NATO troops among casualties in AFGHAN suicide bombing, 16 killed, 30 wounded. 7/2 CNN: 3 NATO troops killed in AFGHANISTAN. Reuters: AFGHAN policeman kills 3 British soldiers. (We need to get out of AFGHANISTAN!)  7/8 CNN: 6 U.S. troops killed in AFGHANISTAN. (I hope the war ends soon!) 7/22 CNN: AFGHAN copy kills 3 Americans. (We need to leave AFGHANISTAN. PLEASE!) Yahoo: 5 NATO service members killed in AFGHANISTAN. 7/24 CNN: Attack on NATO convoy kills 2. 8/7 BBC News: US soldier killed in ‘green-on-blue’ AFGHANISTAN attack by two men wearing Afghan army uniforms. THIS YEAR: 18 foreign soldiers killed by AFGHANS they serve alongside. 8/10 CNN: 7 Americans killed in attacks in AFGHANISTAN: 3 U.S. soldiers killed by a man in an Afghan military uniform; 4 Americans killed by a suicide bomber in a separate attack in eastern Afghanistan. (For what? Why are we still there?) 8/16 CNN: 7 Americans among 11 killed in AFGHAN helicopter crash. 8/17 CNN: Two U.S. troops killed by AFGHAN cop. (How many times does this have to happen before we stop trusting these people and get out of Afghanistan? They’re cold-blooded murderers.) 8/18 CNN: Coalition service member killed in AFGHANISTAN, ISAF says. Drudge: ARMY SUICIDES set record. JULY deadliest month of 2012 for troops. 8/21 NY Times: U.S. Military death toll, signs of changing AFGHAN conflict: In a grim milestone in the fighting in Afghanistan, the United States military has reached 2,000 dead in the nearly 11-year-old conflict, based on an analysis of Department of Defense records.  While it took nearly 9 years for  American forces to reach their first 1,000 dead in the war, the second 1,000 came in just 27 months, according to the analysis, a testament to the intensity of fighting prompted by President Obama’s decision to send 33,000 additional troops to Afghanistan in 2010, a policy known as the surge. (I feel we need to get out of AFGHANISTAN now!) 8/27 CNN: AFGHAN soldier kills 2 NATO troops. 8/30 BBC News: 5 Australian soldiers killed in AFGHANISTAN in two separate incidents. 9/15 CNN: Attack on AFGHAN base kills 2 Marines. 9/16 Reuters: 6 troops die in weekend “insider” attacks in AFGHANISTAN. (We need to get OUT OF AFGHANISTAN!) Fury over Mohammad video simmers on in Muslim world. (Only among uneducated, fanatical Muslims.) 9/21 BBC News: Last of the 33,000 ‘surge’ troops leave AFGHANISTAN. 9/30 CNN: American among 2 dead in ‘insider’ attack. Drudge: U.S. Military deaths in AFGHANISTAN hit 2,000. (I see no reason to stay there any longer.) 10/1 Drudge: 3 U.S. soldiers killed by motorcycle bomber. 10/14 Reuters: Thousands of BRITISH troops to quite AFGHANISTAN in 2012. (Smart! They’re not going to stop killing each other.) 10/25 Drudge: 2 U.S. soldiers killed by AFGHAN dressed as police officer. 10/30 CNN: 2 coalition troops killed in AFGHANISTAN. 12/2 CNN: Police: Suicide bombings target U.S.-Afghan base, kill 5, 3 Afghan soldiers, 2 civilians. 12/24 Yahoo: AFGHAN policewoman kills U.S. adviser in Kabul. CNN: AFGHAN police officer kills AMERICAN contractor. CNN: Firefighters shot while battling upstate NEW YORK blaze. 1/17/2013: CNN: Pentagon reports record number of military suicides. (I wouldn’t want to fight in these wars either.) 3/11 Yahoo: Insider attack kills 2 U.S. troops, 3 AFGHANS.  7 Marines killed in ammunition explosion at NEVADA base. 3/30 CNN: Navy seal killed, another injured in ARIZONA training accident. 5/4 Yahoo: 5 Americans killed in southern AFGHANISTAN. 6/8 Reuters: 3 U.S. soldiers killed in apparent ‘insider attack’ in AFGHANISTAN.  6/19 CNN: 4 Americans killed at U.S. base in AFGHANISTAN; Taliban claim responsibility. (They ask for peace talks and keep killing? That doesn’t make sense!) 10/6 BBC News: 4 NATO soldiers killed in AFGHANISTAN. (They all need to get out of there!)  10/7 Drudge: 4 U.S. soldiers killed by AFGHANISTAN bomb. 11/14 CNN: 4 Marines killed at CAMP PENDLETON during range maintenance operations. (Someone really screwed up badly!)  12/17 CNN: 6 U.S. troops killed in AFGHAN helicopter crash.MASS DEMONSTRATIONS mark the beginning of the end of WAR in AFGHANISTAN as previously happened with Vietnam. The PEOPLE will no longer lend support or sanction to the war. 3/26 NY Times: Support in U.S. for Afghan war drops sharply, poll finds. (Let’s get out of Afghanistan, please!) 3/31 Drudge: SHOCK POLL: AFGHAN war support down to 25%.ALTERNATIVE FUELS and SOURCES OF ENERGY begin to take center stage.3/2 Science Daily: Generating power from salty water: Unique salt allows energy production to move inland. AND Alternative fuels expert plans coast to coast U.S. trip on 10 gallons of gas or less.  BBC News: Waste water ‘can provide power.’  3/6 Science Daily: Is seaweed the future of biofuel? 3/13 Reuters: First Solar to build new solar plant in Arizona. Science Daily: Hydrogen power in real life: Clean and energy efficient. AND Fragrant new biofuel: Researchers develop new candidate for cleaner, greener and renewable diesel fuel: Methyl keytones. 3/16 Science Daily: More efficient hydrogen fuel cells developed. 3/27 Science Daily: New dimension for solar energy: Innovative 3-D designs more than double solar power generated per area. 3/28 CNN: Blast fears over North Sea gas leak. (We need alternative fuels without dangers.) 3/30 Science Daily: Electricity and CO2 make alternative fuel.  6/30 Science Daily: New fuel cell keeps going after hydrogen runs out. 8/14 Science Daily: A new energy source: Major advance made in generating electricity from waste water. A vaccine for heart disease? New discovery points to possibility.  8/19 USA Today: Infiniti to offer cordless electric car in 2014. 8/23 Science Daily: Scientists produce hydrogen for fuel cells using an inexpensive catalyst under real world conditions. (Hooray!) 9/18 Science Daily: Sorghum eyed as Southern bioenergy crop. 10/25 Mail Online: Pioneering British firm produces ‘petrol from air’ in breakthrough that could solve the world’s energy crisis: Institution of Mechanical Engineers hails the process as ‘potential game changer’ in battle against climate change. Stockton-on-Tees-based air fuel synthesis claims to make petrol directly from water and carbon dioxide in air. 11/13 Science Daily: New way to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen: Breakthrough for solar energy conversion and storage? AND New power generation technique: Hybrid nanomaterial converts light and thermal energy into electrical current. (And could be free to everyone?)  12/19/2013 Drudge: Scientists turn algae into crude oil in minutes.MASSIVE FLOODING worldwide, but especially in ASIAN nations.1/7 Reuters: Flooding worsens in BRAZIL.1/12 CNN: 29 dead in BRAZIL’S floods. 1/18 Reuters: Floods in PERU kill 11. 1/25 Reuters: Heavy flooding in AUSTRALIA. 2/3 CNN: Floods strand thousands in AUSTRALIA. 2/5 BBC News: Thousands abandon homes in AUSTRALIA’S flooding. 2/6 CNN: AUSTRALIANS urged to flee flooding. 2/14 Reuters: Severe flooding hits ECUADOR. 3/6 Severe floods and mudslides in HAWAII on the islands of OAHU and KAUAI, street closures and power outages. 3/9 Reuters: Flooding spreads in eastern AUSTRALIA. 3/13 CNN: Rains soak, flood SOUTHERN LOUISIANA. 3/20 CNN: Flash flooding threatens the PLAINS. 3/23 NBC: Severe flooding in LOUISIANA. 3/24 Reuters: 20 killed in ECUADOR floods. 4/1 BBC News: State of emergency in flood-hit FIJI. 4/2 CNN: FIJI floods leave hundreds homeless. 5/5 BBC News: Tourists missing in NEPAL floods. 5/6 BBC News: Many dead in NEPAL river surge. 5/7 CNN: At least 26 dead in AFGHANISTAN flood. Reuters: At least 20 dead in NEPAL flood, 44 missing. 5/13 BBC News: GEORGIAN capital Tbilisi hit by floods, 5 dead. 5/20 USA Today: Flash floods kills 19 in AFGHANISTAN; many missing. 5/28 Reuters: CUBA floods kill 2. 5/31 CNN: Flash flood wipes out VERMONT road. 6/4 AP: Feet of sand leave Midwest farms a wasteland after flooding. 6/10 USA Today: Record rainfall Inundates central GULF COAST. CNN: 20 inches of rain in a day in FLORIDA. (Drought or flood, what is going on?) 6/11 CNN: Chin-deep flooding in FLORIDA; more coming. 6/13 CNN: Waterlogged GULF COAST assesses damage, braces for more rain, flooding in FLORIDA Panhandle and coastal ALABAMA. 6/20 Yahoo: Residents, zoo animals flee Duluth, MINNESOTA floods fed by torrential downpours. 6/21 CNN: Zoo animals die in flash flood in MINNESOTA. 6/22 CNN: Flooding in DULUTH causes massive sinkholes that swallow houses. CNN: Flash floods bash WISCONSIN, MINNESOTA. 6/25 Reuters: Heavy rains flood eastern CHINA. 6/26 Drudge: Debby drifting toward FLORIDA GULF COAST, floods cut part of I-10, areas of I-75 underwater; 25 inches of rain. 6/27 Reuters: Debby dumps floods on FLORIDA. 6/28 CNN: Thousands flooded out in FLORIDA. Tropical Storm Debby slams boats into FLORIDA bay. BBC News: Deadly toll of BANGLADESH floods, 80 dead, landslides caused by torrential rain cover homes and people. 6/29 USA Today: 7 deaths related to storm Debby in FLORIDA. 7/4 CNN: 95 dead, 2M homeless in INDIA flood. 7/6 Drudge: Month’s worth of rain forecast to hit BRITAIN today. 7/7 CNN: Flooding kills dozens in RUSSIA. Reuters: At least 78 killed in floods in south RUSSIA. BBC News: Real-time flood map goes online in UK in response to unseasonable amounts of heavy rain. CNN Update: Flooding kills 103 in RUSSIA. 7/8 CNN update: Death toll 150 in RUSSIA flooding. Reuters: Devastating floods sweep CHINA, displacing residents, destroying homes and crops. 7/9 CNN: Killer wall of water hits RUSSIA, 171 killed in floods. 7/11 NY Times: After RUSSIAN floods, grief, rage and deep mistrust: The sleeping residents were not warned: Official death count: 172. 7/12 BBC News: Thousands feel deadly JAPAN floods. 7/14 BBC News: Thousands flee JAPANESE floods: 250,000 ordered to leave their homes in southwest after floods caused by heavy rains killed at least 20. 7/15 BBC News: Race to help JAPAN flood victims trapped in mountainous district on the island of Kyushu. YouTube: CHINA floods: dozen killed, millions evacuated. 7/16 BBC News: JAPAN: ‘A year’s rain in one week.’ (Poor people!) 7/17 Reuters: Floods sweep SOUTHERN CHINA. 7/22 Reuters: AUSTRIAN mudslides kill 1, cut off villages.  7/22 BBC News: Record floods cause BEIJING chaos. 7/23 Yahoo: BRITISH COLUMBIA town under flash flood threat braces for the worst. 10 dead as record rains pound BEIJING. BEIJING’S heaviest rains in six decades kill at least 37 people. 7/25 CNN: BEIJING coated in mud after flood; Beijing swamped. 7/27 Reuters: Historic flooding in RUSSIA and CHINA. Yahoo: BEIJING flood death toll rises to 77. RUSSIA’S Putin tells flood victims help on the way.  7/28 BBC News: NORTH KOREA floods ‘kill 88 in July.’ 7/29 Reuters: Scores killed in NORTH KOREA floods. 7/30 CNN: Nonstop rain in NORTH KOREA. COSTA RICA on yellow alert for flooding. Heavy rains flood PHILIPPINE capital. 8/3 CNN: NORTH KOREA desperate for food after floods. 8/4 Reuters: U.N. to send food aid to flood-hit NORTH KOREA. (This is good!)  BBC News: Floods that hit parts of NORTH KOREA in recent weeks have killed 169 people and left 400 missing. 8/7 CNN: Floodwater rises in PHILIPPINE capital. BBC News: At least 9 reported dead in MANILA as torrential rain causes flooding that has paralyzed most of the city; Manila’s roads have been turned into rivers. 8/12 BBC News: Typhoon floods hit CHINESE city.  8/21 BBC News: SHANGHAI most vulnerable major city in the world to serious flooding, study finds. 8/26 BBC News: NIGER floods kill at least 65 and leave 125,000 homeless, causing widespread devastation. 9/4 BBC News: SENEGAL floods uncover ancient artifacts in DAKAR. 9/26 BBC News: NEWCASTLE flats unstable after floods. 9/29 CNN: Typhoon roars over OKINAWA. 10 dead in SPAIN floods. CNN: Hundreds killed in PAKISTAN flooding. 9/30 BBC News: SPAIN counts cost of deadly floods. 10/2 Tornado hits fair in SPAIN, flood deaths reach 10. PAKISTAN: Monsoon rains, flooding kill 422.  Worst flood in decades uproots 10,000 in NIGERIA. 10/3 BBC News: NIGERIA floods bring crocodiles, snakes and hippos into homes; hundreds dead in worst flooding in decades. (Ye gods and tragic!) 10/5 CNN: NIGERIA floods kill dozens, wash hippos and crocodiles into homes. 10/21 BBC News: FRENCH floods hit Lourdes shrine. 10/23 Yahoo: U.S. spending more on PAKISTAN flood relief than PAKISTAN. (Strange. Don’t they care about their people?) 10/28 Washington Post: Forecast: Storm looms large for Monday. Flooding caused by Sandy in Ocean City, MARYLAND on Sunday. 10/29 CNN: HURRICANE SANDY on course for MID-ATLANTIC coast; Rescuers rushing to help those stranded by flooding in Oak Orchard, DELAWARE. The huge storm is expected to affect millions on the Eastern Seaboard. Weather Channel: Flooding in Nags Head, NORTH CAROLINA. More than 65 killed by the storm in CARIBBEAN. CNN: Storm kills 30 in PHILIPPINES, VIETNAM. Reuters: Sandy floods NORFOLK. Waves from Hurricane Sandy batter shores of Ocean City, MARYLAND. Sandy shutters markets, businesses, schools. 11/1 Reuters: Heavy floods hit ITALY’S VENICE. 11/3 Reuters: Flooded NEW YORK plans to tame the sea, but who pays? (And with the sea rising, changes will have to be made sooner or later.)  11/5 Reuters: NIGERIA floods kill 363 people, displace 2.1M. 11/12 Reuters: ITALY flood after heavy rains. VENICE high water floods 70% of city. 11/24 Reuters: Man killed in U.K. floods after car swept away in southwest BRITAIN. 11/25 BBC News: Floods in UK: More than 800 homes flooded as storms hit. 11/26 Reuters: Deluge damages PANAMA homes:Residents flee floodwaters as rivers burst their banks after days of torrential rains, more than 800 homes lost. 12/23 BBC News: More rain set to exacerbate flood disruption in Southwest ENGLAND, parts of WALES and SCOTLAND.SEVERE WEATHER: Tornadoes, electrical storms, hurricanes, typhoons and drought prove dangerous and destructive.1/11 CNN: Much needed TEXAS rain causes flooding in Houston. 1/12 USA Today: 15 injured in apparent tornado in western NORTH CAROLINA. CNN: 16 homes destroyed in NC storm. USA Today: Snow wrecks havoc in MIDWEST, NORTHEAST. 1/21 Reuters: Drought hits MEXICO’S Tarahumara hard. CNN: NEVADA fire contained; 29 homes destroyed. 1/23 CNN: 2 die in severe storm in SOUTHEAST. Storms level buildings in ALABAMA, with more than 100 injured, 2 killed. 1/25 CNN: Landslides kill dozens in NEW GUINEA. Reuters: Heavy flooding hits AUSTRALIA. 2/14 BBC News: Huge cyclone batters MADAGASCAR. 2/24 USA Today: Up to 100 homes damaged as storm slams GEORGIA. 2.29 USA Today: 1 dead, dozens injured as tornadoes hit KANSAS, MISSOURI. Washington Post: 4 dead after possible tornadoes hit MIDWEST. NY Times: 10 reported dead in ILLINOIS storms. 3/1 Yahoo: Tornadoes kill at least 12 in MIDWEST, leave destruction. 3/2 CNN: More storms threaten already ravaged MIDWEST. Update: Twisters reported in ALABAMA. LAKE SUPERIOR roiled by blizzard. 3/3 Yahoo: Violent storms kill 31, death toll could rise. 3/4 Reuters: Calm weather a respite in tornado zone where 39 died. Man lost two homes to tornadoes in 10 months. (And tornado season has just begun.) 3/5 CNN: Snow covers tornado rubble, complicating cleanup. 3/7 CNN: KENTUCKY tornado cut 95-mile trench. 3/16 Drudge: Tornadoes rip through MICHIGAN. USA Today: More than 100 homes damaged by MICHIGAN tornado. 3/19 USA Today: 5 dead in avalanche in NORWAY. Severe storms, floods target PLAINS, MIDWEST today. 3/22 BBC News: AFGHANISTAN avalanche kills 22. 4/1 USA Today: JAPAN expert warns of future risk of giant tsunami. 4/3 Reuters: Strong winds pound JAPAN. Tornadoes reported in DALLAS area, tossing tracker trailer trucks in the air, planes grounded. Fox News: Homes damaged, extensive tornado damage in DALLAS-FORT WORTH area, with airport closed. 4/4 Reuters: JAPAN storm leaves path of destruction. Drudge: 12 twisters strike NORTH TEXAS, supercells. CNN: 200 homes destroyed in TEXAS twisters, 600 damaged. 4/7 CNN: PAKISTAN: Avalanche traps 100 soldiers. 4/9 CNN: PAKISTANI rescuers resume search for 139 trapped in avalanche. 4/12 Drudge: Storm dumps waist-high hail in TEXAS PANHANDLE, causes flash flooding. 4/12 CNN: Tornado hits OKLAHOMA. 4/15 CNN: Tornadoes raid PLAINS, 5 killed, 3 states in peril today. Reuters: At least 5 dead in OKLAHOMA as tornadoes pound PLAINS. 4/16 CNN: 6th death from OKLAHOMA tornado. BBC News: UK drought may last until Christmas. 4/23 CNN: NORTHEAST braces for historic spring snow and heavy rains. 4/29 CNN: Storm topples ST. LOUIS bar tent, 1 dead. 5/2 BBC News: Tornado filmed in southern FRANCE. 5/6 USA Today: Tornado strikes city near TOKYO, 1 killed. 5/13 Facebook/YouTube: Freak hail storm size of golf balls in CHINA kills 40, injures 87. Flooding destroyed homes and caused landslides, 30,000 evacuated. 5/25 CNN: Hurricane Bud churns toward MEXICO’S Pacific coast. 5/28 CNN: Tropical storm Beryl smacks north FLORIDA, cuts power. Drudge: Beryl near hurricane strength hits JACKSONVILLE. 5/29 Reuters: Tropical storm Beryl slams Southeast U.S. 5/30 CNN: Beryl strengthens over CAROLINA coast. Beryl sweeps away, drowns man in FLORIDA. 5/31 CNN: Baseball-sized hail pelts OKLAHOMA. 6/12 CNN: Rockfall set off by quake kills scores in northern AFGHANISTAN. 6/13 Drudge: Tornado rips through VENICE, ITALY. 6/23 Yahoo: Tropical storm threat shuts down some U.S. Gulf oil output. 6/25 USA Today: Tropical Storm Debby threatens ALABAMA, FLORIDA. 6/26 BBC News: UGANDA abandons landslide rescue bid for estimated 450 missing and possibly buried:18 confirmed dead after three villages were swept away on the slopes of Mount Elgon. 6/27 Reuters: Girl found alive in dead mom’s arms after tornado throws them from FLORIDA home. 7/7 CNN: Waterspout touches down in FLORIDA. July hailstorm knocks out power in ALABAMA. Many still enduring heat without power. 7/7 Drudge: BRITAIN facing ‘worst ever’ summer; cold, wet weather blighting Olympics. USA Today: 100 degree temps spread to NORTHEAST. HURRICANE DANIEL moves westward over PACIFIC. 7/12 BBC News: 9 climbers die in FRENCH avalanche, 11 injured.  7/13 Yahoo: Landslide hits CANADA town; 4 thought missing.  7/15 BBC News: Tornadoes cause chaos in POLAND. 7/22 CNN: Corn prices soar as drought worsens. 7/24 Drudge: Severe typhoon hits HONG KONG.  BBC News: Cull and drought hit feral camels in AUSTRALIA: Numbers have dropped by 25%.  7/31 CNN: Drought strains U.S. oil production. 8/2 CNN: Man swallowed up by sinkhole during typhoon in TAIWAN. 8/8 AP: Rare snowfall stuns much of SOUTH AFRICA. 8/9 Drudge: U.S. DROUGHT worsens. 8/10 USA Today: Tropical Storm Ernesto kills 2 fishermen in MEXICO.  8/19 USA Today: Hurricane Gordon heads toward eastern AZORES.  8/21 CNN: Drought closes 11 miles of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER. 8/23 CNN: Vulnerable HAITI gets hurricane warning. FLORIDA gets ready for ISAAC. 8/24 Reuters: Tropical Storm Isaac heads for HAITI, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 8/25 CNN: Isaac lashes HAITI, heads toward CUBA. 8/28 BBC News: Typhoon kills fisherman’s crew near SOUTH KOREA. JAPANESE island battered by typhoon. Typhoon floods CHINESE city and kills 3 in CHINA. 9/3 CNN: ISAACS aftermath: Power outages, flood threats plague LOUISIANA. 9/9 Drudge: Tornado hits CONEY ISLAND. 9/15 CNN: Massive typhoon heads for OKINAWA. 7/23 CNN: 7 dead, 5 missing in NEPAL avalanche. BBC News: Avalanche kills climbers in NEPAL: At least 9 feared dead and 6 missing after avalanche sweeps European climbs from Himalayan peak. 9/25 USA Today: Weather satellite that tracks hurricanes fails. (Terrific! No warnings in hurricane season?) 10/2 “Biblical” drought bites into SPAIN’S olive oil harvest. Drought area widens in U.S., farmers frustrated.  10/3 AP: Ranchers see increase in grass thefts amid drought. 10/24 CNN: Tropical storm Sandy heads for JAMAICA. 10/26 BBC News: Hurricane Sandy: FLORIDA coastline under storm warning; Hurricane Sandy swept north over the Bahamas towards the US, reportedly killing 21 people as it tore through CUBA, HAITI and JAMAICA. CNN: Hurricane Sandy many menace NORTHEAST. (Hope not!) Drudge: Worst storm in 100 years! SANDY eyes NEW JERSEY. 10/28 Drudge: SANDY ready to roar. Gusts to 100 MPH: PHILLY, NYC. Largest tropical cyclone to ever develop in the ATLANTIC BASIN. 10/30 Reuters: Sandy leaves eastern U.S. crippled: Millions across eastern U.S. awoke to scenes of destruction wrought by monster storm Sandy, which knocked out power to huge swathes of the densely populated region, swamped New York’s subway system and submerged streets in Manhattan’s financial district. Levee breaks in NEW JERSEY, flood 3 towns. Sandy losses worst than Irene, disaster forecasters. (The insurance companies are in for it!) A giant storm and the struggles over WALL STREET. Mail Online: Super Storm Sandy: First an electricity blackout and now cell phone coverage is down as users in MANHATTAN battle signal failures.  Drudge: Huge fire in storm’s wake destroys 80 NYC homes. CT governor closes all state highways: “Most catastrophic event we have faced in any of our lifetimes.” 10/10 NY Times: Quotation of the day: “I don’t know where my mother is. I want to know where my mother is.” Lillian Diviesti, whose mother, Marie Salatino, 93, was evacuated from a nursing home in Queens during the hurricane. 11/17 BBC News: Tornado causes chaos in PORTUGAL. 11/20 Yahoo: Wind , rain pummel PACIFIC NORTHWEST. 11/29 CNN: Video captures giant tornado in ITALY.  12/1 BBC News: KASHMIR avalanches: At least 11 dead and 10 missing in Neelum Valley, many of them soldiers. 12/10 CNN: 300 fisherman missing after typhoon. 12/13 CNN: PHILIPPINE death toll from typhoon above 700 and likely to rise, authorities say. (Tragic!) 12/16 BBC News: PHILIPPINE storm toll tops 1,000. (The storms increase in velocity and destruction!) 12/20 Yahoo: MIDWEST hit by first major snowstorm of season.DARK DECEPTIONS REVEALED in the bright light of day.1/11 BBC News: Iran’s ‘nuclear scientist’ killed in bomb blast. 3/2 Reuters: NASA says it was hacked 13 times in 2011: Stealing employee credentials and gaining access to critical projects with national security implications. 7/10 BBC News: Jail for Congo child soldier warlord. 7/10 Washington Post: Gray donor admits to funneling illegal campaign contributions. (Tsk! Tsk!) Third person charged. 7/22 Reuters: Explosives from shooting suspect’s home detonated. 11/10 CNN: Waffle House CEO accused of sexual improprieties: Former personal assistant accuses him of forcing her to “perform sexual services,” among other degrading acts, during the 9 years she worked for him. (The time of tolerating sexual harassment in the work place has ended! Report them, ladies, to the police!) 11/13 Reuters: UK submariner tried to pass secrets to Russia: court. Drudge: FBI agent banned from Petraeus probe after he ‘grew obsessed’ with a woman and sent her shirtless photos. (Excuse me, but I’m laughing!)  SPECIAL HONORS long overdue find their place in the lives of some.8/1 Drudge: The greatest in history: Michael Phelps becomes most decorated Olympian.SIGNS AND WONDERS fill the heavens.4/23 Discovery News: Fireballs streaks over Nevada, California, meteor slamming into the atmosphere cause sonic boom.An exciting EXCHANGE AND INCREASE OF POWER for the worthy.WOMEN’S RIGHTS are SADLY CHALLENGED and in some instances fully denied.12/24/2011 Reuters: Arab Spring puts women’s rights in the spotlight. 2/24 This involves the present birth control and abortion debate involving women’s rights. 3/4 Reuters: Saudi women push for the right to play sports. 3/23 Drudge: Nearly 1,000 Pakistani women ‘killed for honor’ in 2011. 3/28 BBC News: Afghan women jailed for ‘moral crime’ for running away and extramarital affairs. 6/6 BBC News: Death for singing? Pakistan search for condemned wedding women who had their throats cut for singing. (Unjust and absurd!) “In the past, women have been condemned to be gang raped and buried alive.” 6/10 CNN: She drove, went to jail, and inspired by driving in Saudi Arabia. 6/17 CNN: Turkish women rally against plans to restrict access to abortion. (Good for them! These women have so few rights of their own.) 7/1 CNN: Law could force Mississippi’s only abortion clinic to close.7/8 CNN: Taliban shoot woman 9 times in public execution as men cheer: Two Taliban commanders had a dispute over her, since both had some kind of relationship with the woman: “In order to save face, they accused her of adultery.” (And these two men will reincarnate as Muslim women to be abused or executed in an equally unjust manner. Universal Law is UNIVERSAL LAW.)  Reuters: SUDAN arrests prominent opposition politician: WIFE. 7/30 BBC News: NAMIBIA judge backs sterilized women.  8/3 CNN: AFGHAN girls attacked just for going to school: Acid attacks, poisoned water, grenades, terrorists will stop at nothing to prevent AFGHAN girls from getting an education. 10/2 CNN: Rights group: Police rape woman in TUNISIA, then charge her with indecency. 10/22 Reuters: RUSSIA sends punk rockers to prison camps for demonstrating against Putin. 10/24 CNN: Utah man accused of date-raping 4 women fond dead of apparent suicide; He kept one woman in his house for several days, threatening to report another whose visa had expired. 11/20 Drudge/International News: INDIA holds woman for Facebook post on Thackeray:for criticizing on Facebook the total shutdown of Mumbai after the death of politician Bal Thackeray, as well as a friend who “liked” the comment. 11/23 Drudge: Electronic tracking: new constraint for SAUDI women. (Good grief! Don’t they suffer enough already?)  5/7/2012 CNN: CLEVELAND Police: No previous indication 3 women were being held captive at home: Missing for 10 years! 3 brothers arrested in the case. (Good heavens!) A LARGE DAM bursts and floods a great valley. Sabotage? Or Mother Nature?1/5 Reuters: BRAZIL dam bursts near Rio, thousands forced to evacuate. 6/10 BBC News: WALES village evacuated amid dam fear.Particularly the SUMMER AND FALL are fraught with POWER STRUGGLES on nearly all fronts: Politics. Business. Governments.4/19 Reuters: Citi’s pay rejection on executive salaries sends wake up call. Drudge: Parents sue APPLE over children’s costly, addictive apps. 5/18 Reuters: U.N. probes NORTH KOREA arms trade with SYRIA. Senate Republicans block new Iran oil sanctions, angering Democrats. 5/29 CNN: Nations across the globe kicking out SYRIAN diplomats in the wake of the massacre in the town of Houla.  EGYPTIANS ransack political offices. (Same old, same old!) Reuters: Anan warns SYRIA of grave concerns, West pulls envoys. State Department expelling SYRIAN charge d’affaires: official. Drudge: U.S. special forces ‘parachuted into NORTH KOREA.’ After massacre, U.S. threatens use of force in SYRIA. 6/5 CNN: SYRIA kicks out U.S. and other diplomats. BBC News: RUSSIA and CHINA united on SYRIA. (Surprise! Surprise!) 6/6 Reuters: Netanyahu weathers settlement showdown in parliament. 6/7 Yahoo: Panetta: U.S. losing patience with PAKISTAN. 6/14 CNN: EGYPT’S interim military rulers say they have full legislative authority after a top court said it has dissolved parliament.  (It is my understanding that the military has ruled EGYPT for many years, including during Mubarak.) 6/15 CNN: Parliament nullified; EGYPT in chaos. NY Times: RUSSIA sending air and sea defenses to SYRIA, exporter says. 6/16 CNN: U.S. believes RUSSIA has ship with weapons, troops enroute to SYRIA. NY Times: U.N. observers suspend mission in SYRIA, citing escalating violence. 6/18 CNN: EGYPTIAN MILITARY keeps power despite presidential vote. Chaos erupts again in SYRIA. Drudge: Muslim Brotherhood wins EGYPT’S presidency. Reuters: Deadly violence on ISRAEL’S EGYPT, GAZA borders. KUWAIT’S emir suspends parliament.  BBC News: RWANDA genocide court shuts down. 6/19 Reuters: U.S. alarm as EGYPT army undermines election.  BBC News: TURKISH troops ‘killed by Kurdish rebels,’ at least 8 dead, 16 wounded. 6/21 Yahoo: SYRIAN pilot defects to Jordan with plane. NY Times: C.I.A. said to aid in steering arms to SYRIAN opposition. Reuters: Clashes in CHILE. 6/22 BBC News: TURKISH jet ‘missing’ near SYRIA: Turkey’s government calls an emergency security meeting amid reports that one of its fighter jets was shot down by Syrian security forces.  6/26 Drudge: Jimmy Carter accuses USA of ‘widespread abuse of human rights.’ 6/27 Reuters: Russian strategic bombers hold war games near Alaska. 6/29 Reuters: MYANMAR government chides Suu Kyi for calling country “BURMA”. 6/30 Drudge: IRAN: There will be war and we’ll win. 6/30 USA Today: U.S., other nations start talks on SYRIA solution. 7/1 CNN: SYRIA activists: Rate of killing intensifies. Reuters: IRAN vows to confront ‘malicious’ embargo. Drudge/Roll Call: Darrell Issa puts details of secret wiretap applications in Congressional record during fiery debate over contempt proceedings for Attorney General Eric Holder.  SHOCK: Justice Department will not prosecute Holder for contempt of Congress. (What’s with these silly Republican lawmakers?) Facebook/Astrologer Carole Divine: Public protests in the thousands in CHILE, TOKYO, MEXICO, PARAGUAY, NEPAL, EGYPT’S TAHIR SQUARE, BRAZIL, and MONTREAL, CANADA. 7/3 NY Times: U.S. adds forces in PERSIAN GULF as a signal to IRAN.  7/4 Reuters: IRAN says can destroy U.S. bases “minutes after attack.” Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Wednesday accused Bangladesh of torturing and killing paramilitary soldiers accused of involvement in a 2009 mutiny, the latest in a string of complaints against the country’s feared special police force. (Cruelty abounds on this planet.) 7/5 Drudge/Israel News: Top IRAN official: Time has come for ISRAEL and U.S. to vanish from world. 7/6 Reuters: Sabers rattle in GULF as IRAN sanctions bite. FRANCE’S Hollande tells SYRIA conference Assad must go. (He will be out!) Drudge: U.N. calls for ‘billionaire’s tax’ to help world’s poor. (Great idea!) Valerie Jarrett blames FOXNEWS for class warfare rhetoric. 7/7 CNN: Desmond Tutu: End the suffering in the SUDAN. CHINA lifts ban on lesbians giving blood. Reuters: AFGHANISTAN  declared major U.S. ally. Friends flee ASSAD as U.S. pressures RUSSIA. RUSSIAN bomber intrusion near PACIFIC COAST second in two weeks. 7/9 CNN: OBAMA to seek one-year extension on some BUSH tax cuts. Reuters: Annan, Assad end ‘positive’ SYRIA talks. 7/10 Drudge: PUTIN: West is the decline. (What about all the protests against this man in Russia?) 7/11 Drudge: Calls to destroy EGYPT’S GREAT PYRAMIDS begins from Muslim clerics. 7/12 Reuters: Psychologically battered, soldiers ditch ASSAD. PAKISTAN judges order new PM to reopen graft cases, risking conflict. Drudge: Catholic Melinda Gates defies the Vatican over birth control funds. 7/13 Drudge: RUSSIAN ships set sail with SYRIAN attack helicopters; U.S. concerned as SYRIA moves chemical stock pile. (I don’t think Assad plans to go down without taking the people with him.) 7/15 Reuters: U.S./CLINTON backs EGYPT army’s return to security role. UAE ships first oil via Fujairah as IRAN threats escalate.  7/16 BBC News: WEST ‘blackmailing’ RUSSIA on SYRIA says Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.  7/17 Reuters: INDIAN fisherman say U.S. boat fired without warning. Yahoo: LONDON cabbies block traffic in Olympic protest. 7/19 BBC News: UK border strike on eve of Olympics. (Why did country volunteer for the Olympics? I don’t understand?) UK Home Office workers and Border Staff stage 24-hour strike on eve of Olympics. 7/20 Drudge: MORE CHAOS: Train drivers plan strike during London Olympics. 7/21 Reuters: JAPAN probes under-reporting of Fukushima radiation dosage. (To the world?)  Attack on TURKEY-IRAQ pipeline knocks out oil flow. 7/23 Reuters: SYRIA says could use chemical arms against foreign intervention. (Scary group!)  7/24 BBC News: AFGHAN police defect to Taliban. 7/25 CNN: Ethnic clashes in INDIA kill dozens, displace thousands. Reuters: Gunmen kill PAKISTANI Taliban commander linked to deadly attacks. CNN: Judge suspends Katharine Jackson as guardian of Michael Jackson’s children. 7/26 Drudge: Bloomberg calls for National Police strike until citizens disarm. 7/27 Drudge: REPORT: Russia in talks with Cuba to set up naval base. 7/28 Reuters: CHINA cancels waste project after protests turn violent. (China is actually considering the rights of the people. Wow!) BBC News: Thousands flee ETHIOPIA clashes. 7/31 Reuters: Putin foe charged, RUSSIAN opposition fear KGB tactics. (Putin is trying to resurrect the old Russia.) 8/1 Reuters: FUKUSHIMA residents say resounding NO to nuclear power.  8/4 BBC News: SAUDI ARABIA: Soldier shot dead in Eastern Province and another injured during a clash with protesters; protester also killed. 8/6 AP: IRAN TV airs confessions in deaths of scientists. 8/22 Reuters: Unrest spreads in violence-hit SOUTH AFRICA mining belt. Clashes over grazing land, water kill 48 in KENYA. TURKISH military convoy hit by explosives in southeast. 9/6 Reuters: SYRIA slams EGYPTIAN leader’s speech as interference. RUSSIA’S Putin defiant on SYRIA, says Romney “mistaken.” (Romney will not be president; pay attention to Obama.) 9/8 CNN: CHICAGO’S first teacher strike in 25 years. 9/9 Drudge: Thousands of GREEKS protest against new rounds of austerity cuts. 9/10 CNN: CHICAGO teachers GO ON STRIKE! 9/11 Reuters: JAPAN buys disputed islands; CHINA sends patrol ships. 9/12 BBC News: BOLIVIA miners block access to La Paz. 9/16 Washington Post: Most U.S. government workers, families evacuated from TUNISIA, SUDAN. 9/19 Drudge: FRANCE to close 20 embassies in fear of Mohammad cartoon backlash. BBC News: U.S. agency expelled from RUSSIA. 9/21 CNN: Anti-Islam protests force embassies to close: Indonesia, Pakistan. (And what will these countries do without U.S. AID?) Huge military exercises involving minesweeping and three dozen nations near BAHRAIN. Drudge: Protests in IRAN, INDONESIA, IRAQ, SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH, LEBANON, KASHMIR. FRENCH embassies, schools closed in 20 countries. Vandals trash NYC deli with anti-Semitic graffiti and urine. (People are going berserk over this!) BBC News: Deadly film protests in PAKISTAN: At least 10 killed as violent protests erupt in main cities. 9/25 Drudge: SABER-RATTLING: IRAN test fires missile designed to hit warships. 10/3 Reuters: IRANIAN police clash with protesters over currency plunge. 10/5 BBC News: 12,000 striking SOUTH AFRICAN platinum miners fired. (Is that move really going to work?) 10/6 CNN: NORTH KOREAN soldier shoots comrades, defects to SOUTH. (Now isn’t he the trustworthy type?) 10/9 Drudge: NORTH KOREA says missiles can reach U.S. (Does that mean Hawaii?) 10/11 Reuters: Striking SOUTH AFRICAN miners reject pay offer. 10/21 Reuters: IRAN denies report of talks for nuclear plans with U.S. MYANMAR fighting between Muslims and Buddhists kills 84, displaces at least 22,500:Those forced to flee the violence, which has mainly affected the Muslim Rohingya minority, are living in makeshift camps. (I thought Buddhism taught non-violence?) 5/31 NY Times: Police attack protesters in ISTANBUL.Amazing TECHNOLOGICAL AND SCIENTIFIC ADVANCES, especially pertaining to the Universe and its mysterious laws.1/21 Discovery News: World’s first self-healing IPhone case uses scratch-shield paint designed for cars.  1/22 Science Daily: T-Rays technology could help to develop Star Trek-style hand-held medical scanners. (Wow!) 1/26 Science Daily: Chemists synthesize artificial cell membrane. Green pesticide effective against citrus pests. 2/4 BBC News: Largest optical telescope created. 2/16 Science Daily: Nanotechnology may lead to more energy-efficient electronics. 2/20 Science Daily: Single-atom transistor is end of Moore’s law; May be beginning of quantum computing. 3/3 Reuters: Futuristic brain technologies spark ethics debate: posed by new technologies that tap into the brain and could produce super strength, highly enhanced concentration or thought-controlled weaponry. (UFOs are flown by thought! It will happen and not just in science fiction.) Science Daily: New computers respond to students’ emotions, boredom. (The Brave New World has arrived.) 3/8 Science Daily: Daya Bay: Discovery of new kind of neutrino transformation. 3/13 Reuters: Show time for commercial spaceflight at hand. 3/20 Science Daily: Biplane to break sound barrier: Cheaper, quieter and fuel efficient biplanes could put supersonic travel on the horizon. 3/22 Discovery News: Throwable robots to join battle in Afghanistan. (All this technology for the purpose of war and killing upsets me! Think of the good that could be done in other areas!) 3/27 Science Daily: New plastics ‘bleed’ when cut or scratched: and then heal like human skin. 4/1 CNN: 3-D printer downloads, prints shoes. 4/18 Science Daily: Why time warps: Mysteries of time perception explored. 6/4 Reuters: Robots lift CHINA’S factories to new heights. 6/11 Science Daily: Researchers watch tiny living machines self-assemble:Enabling bioengineers to design new molecular machines for nanotechnology applications is one possible outcome of a study by University of Montreal researchers. 6/12 BBC News: New holey material soaks up CO2 from the atmosphere. 6/16 Science Daily: Nanotechnology used to harness power of fireflies. 7/6 Science Daily: Most accurate robotic legs mimic human walking gait. 7/15 Science Daily: Getting amped: Instrument for exploring the Cosmos and the Quantum World created: The device can be used for everything from studying stars, galaxies, and black holes to exploring the quantum world and developing quantum computers. 9/6 Science Daily: Mathematicians offer unified theory of dark matter, dark energy, altering Einstein field equations. 9/7 Science Daily: Tough gel stretches to 21-times its length, recoils, and heals itself: Biocompatible material much tougher than cartilage.  9/25 Science Daily: Scientists reverse Alzheimer’s-like memory loss in animal models by blocking EGFR signaling. 9/26 Science Channel: Fact in science fiction? We may soon be able to warp Spacetime! (WOW! Star Trek time is here!) 10/5 Science Daily: A complete solution for oil spill cleanup: Scientists are describing what may be a “complete solution” to cleaning up oil spills — a superabsorbent material that sops up 40 times its own weight in oil and then can be shipped to an oil refinery and processed to recover the oil. 10/13 Science Daily: NASA’s Ironman-like exoskeleton could give astronauts, paraplegics improved mobility and strength. 10/20 Science Daily: Breakthrough offers new route to large-scale quantum computing. 10/29 Reuters: Mining robots could revolutionize industry: New automated mining equipment could allow future production to be run almost entirely by people safely above ground. Such advances may prove crucial as easy-to-exploit deposits run dry and miners drill deeper in more remote places. (Technology is going to replace more and more jobs, forcing many to earn their livelihood in a different manner. It’s a Technological Industrial Revolution!) 10/30 BBC News: Key test for re-healable concrete: Experimental concrete that patches up cracks by itself to undergo outdoor testing. 11/5 Science Daily: A new order in the quantum world: Using laser beams scientists generated quantum matter with novel, crystal like properties. 11/9 Science Daily: Experimental interplanetary internet used to test robot from International Space Station. (Wow!)  11/15 Science Daily: Paper-and-scissors technique rocks the nano world: Future nanofluidic devices for batteries, water purification systems:Nanofluidic devices are attractive because their thin channels can transport ions — and with them a higher than normal electric current — making the devices promising for use in batteries and new systems for water purification, harvesting energy and DNA sorting. 11/16 Science Daily: Medical vital-sign monitoring reduced to size of a postage stamp. (Amazingly clever!) 11/20 Science Daily: Nanotech device mimics dog’s nose to detect explosives. 11/21 Science Daily: Synthetic membrane channels built out of DNA: Nanotech structures mimic nature’s way of tunneling through cell walls: The researchers present evidence that their nature-inspired nanostructures may also behave like biological ion channels. Their results could mark a step toward applications of synthetic membrane channels as molecular sensors, antimicrobial agents, and drivers of novel nanodevices. (Fascinating! It’s a brave new world.) BBC News: Fantastic plastic conducts electricity. 12/17 Reuters: Mind-controlled robotic arm gets closer than ever to human limb; Thought control. 12/21 Science Daily: New kind of magnetism discovered: ‘Experiments demonstrate ‘quantum Spin Liquid.’ 1/25/2013 Science Daily: Researchers make DNA data storage a reality: Every film and TV program ever created…in a teacup.The SATURN-NEPTUNE TRINE throughout the year should enable more amiable peacemaking processes to be conducted between normally antagonistic nations. 3/13 Reuters: Israel-Gaza truce mostly observed. 5/20 Reuters: NATO leaders seek common path out of Afghanistan. 10/7 CNN: Philippine announces peace deal with Muslim rebels. 10/14 Reuters: Columbia tries peace talks with FARC rebels to end long conflict. (The Saturn-Neptune trine is strong now.) 10/15 CNN: Filipino leaders, rebels sign deal.  11/11 Reuters: In first, Irish PM lays wreath for British war dead. 11/21 CNN: CEASE FIRE IN EFFECT between ISRAEL and PALESTINIANS: Agreement halts 8-day escalation: The deal to end the Israel-Gaza hostilities followed a day of talks featuring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Egypt’s president and Palestinian officials. NY Times: CEASE FIRE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND HAMAS TAKES EFFECT. (Hallelujah!) 11/22 CNN: Cease fire for ISRAEL and GAZA seems to hold. 11/23 NY Times: Factions in GAZA make unity vow after cease fire.The TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of November 13 strongly affects AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and the SOUTH PACIFIC OCEAN. Expect earthquakes and dramatic weather anomalies in these areas.(The effects of an eclipse last for months.)11/22 eruption of Mount Tongariro, its second in less than four months, sent a dark ash plume about 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) into the sky. Authorities issued a no-fly alert above the mountain located in the sparsely populated area of central North Island in NEW ZEALAND. 12/1 USGS 6.4 magnitude earthquake VANUATU (volcano here.) 12/4 CNN: Typhoon Bopha hits PHILIPPINES, killing 27, destroying homes. Reuters: Typhoon hits SOUTH PHILIPPINES, 40 dead or missing. 12/5 CNN: Hundreds missing after typhoon hits PHILIPPINES; Rescuers struggle to aid storm victims. Reuters: Typhoon kills at least 283 in PHILIPPINES. Extreme weather is new normal U.N.’s Ban tells climate talks. 12/6 Reuters: 3 dead as rare tornado hits NEW ZEALAND. Typhoon Bopha hits resort island in PHILIPPINES. BBC News: PHILIPPINE storm toll passes 300. 12/7 USGS: After 7.3 and 6.2 magnitude quakes hit JAPAN near the Fukushima area today there was a 6.3 quake that hit the North Island of NEW ZEALAND. 12/15 USGS: 6.0 magnitude quake in New Britain Region, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 12/16 Reuters: Cyclone leaves SAMOANS homeless. BBC News: FIJI braced for Cyclone Evan arrival. 12/21 BBC News: BURMA recovers from Cyclone Nargis. USGS: 6.8 magnitude earthquake VANUATU (Volcano here.)1/6/2013 CNN: Dozens missing after TASMANIA fires. 1/9 Reuters: Wildfires leave homes devastated in south-east AUSTRALIA. 1/12 BBC News: Bushfires rage on in AUSTRALIA.The PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE of November 28 affects EUROPE, eastern AFRICA, AUSTRALIA and NORTH AMERICA. Expect upheaval on any number of levels in these areas including severe weather patterns and earth changes.11/25 BBC News: 2 die as storms batter BRITAIN. 12/1 USA Today: CALIFORNIA braces for more stormy weather. 12/2 Yahoo: Third storm drenches northern CALIFORNIA in less than a week. 12/3 Reuters: Snow traps drivers for days in giant RUSSIA traffic jam for 125 miles. 12/4 USGS: 5.8 magnitude quake in SOUTHERN ALASKA. 12/14 USGS: 6.3 magnitude earthquake off the west coast of BAJA, CALIFORNIA, followed by 4.7 quake. 12/20 Reuters: Lethal weather in UKRAINE as temperatures plunge, leaving 61 dead and many seeking relief from frostbite; below 0.  Drudge: Down to -50C: RUSSIANS freeze to death as strongest-in-decades winter hits. 12/20 CNN: “Does the end of world start with a snowstorm?” Blizzard blasts UPPER MIDWEST; 30 car pileup on I-35 in IOWA, 1 dead; NEBRASKA and WISCONSIN declare state of emergency, tens of thousands with power outages. BBC News: Snowstorm leaves 3 dead as winter hits U.S. 12/21 CNN: Blizzard causes chaos in MIDWEST. 12/23 CNN: Blizzard barrels EAST with high winds. 12/24 Yahoo:A huge storm that dumped heavy snow and rain on the WEST COAST moves EAST and could spoil plans on one of the busiest travel days. Drudge: Snowstorms to hit from TEXAS to MAINE; Tornado swarm from HOUSTON to TALLAHASSEE. CHRISTMAS CHAOS with cancelled flights. 12/27 CNN: Winter storm creating travel nightmare. Reuters: Hundreds of flights cancelled as snow swirled and high winds pummeled the NORTHEAST. 12/28 Reuters: Snow blankets NORTHEAST U.S. BBC News: Winter snow storm hits NEW ENGLAND as 16 die in U.S. 12/30: CNN: Snow emergency declared in BOSTON. Man, dog rescued from icy LAKE ERIE. 12/31 Reuters: NEW ENGLAND residents cleanup after heavy snowfall. 1/4/2013 CNN: Heavy snow hampers efforts to reopen portions of west TEXAS interstate.  1/11 CNN: More rain for flooded parts of LOUISIANA.For the most part, NEW LAWS prove just and fair, in the opinion of the majority at least.1/1 CNN: Raft of new state laws take effect. 1/2 CNN: Two more states allow same-sex marriages: Hawaii and Delaware. 40,000 new laws take effect in 2012. 1/11 Drudge: D.C. Council considers gay ‘divorce’ bill. (Where there’s marriage there is bound to be divorce.) 2/7 NY Times: Federal Appeals Court rules California’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. 2/8 Yahoo: Washington State lawmakers pass gay marriage bill. 2/13 USA Today: New Jersey senate OKs gay marriage bill. (Nice Valentine’s Day present.♥) 2/16 NY Times: New Jersey assembly passes gay marriage bill; veto promised. 2/17 NY Times: Congress passes extension of payroll tax cuts and jobless benefits. 3/1 CNN: Same-sex marriage to be law in Maryland. 4/3 NY Times: Supreme Court ruling allows strip searches for any arrest. (I really think this is unfair and applies to the ‘For the most part.’) 4/25 BBC News: Connecticut abolishes death penalty. 5/9 CNN: N.C. gay marriage ban: What now? 5/17 Drudge: MARYLAND approves $260 million tax hike on income above $100,000.  5/20 USA Today: NAACP backs same-sex marriage as a civil right. 5/24 CNN: Disneyland request brings Japan’s same-sex rights into focus. 6/6 BBC News: New protest law passed in Russia. (I doubt this one is just and fair. Putin is not loved.) 6/12 Drudge: NORTH DAKOTA votes to eliminate all property tax. (Wow!) NY Times: Indiana first state to allow citizens to shoot law enforcement officers. (WHAT?) Drudge: New UK law makes websites responsible for messages posted. (That will be interesting on Facebook and Twitter!)  USA Today:Massachusetts town OKs $20 fine for swearing in public(This one is a touch ridiculous! Have the Pilgrim Fathers reincarnated with their archaic morality?) 6/13 Drudge/CBS: Massapequa Park passes stunning–and potentially expensive–new law on property upkeep: If you have an unkempt lawn, you could eventually be hit with $10,000 fine, jail. (No kidding!) 6/21 BBC News: Uruguay government aims to legalize marijuana. 6/26 NY Times: Blocking parts of Arizona’s immigration law, Justices allow its centerpiece. BBC News: Japan house passes sales tax bill. 6/28 USA Today: Supreme Court upholds Obama health law mandate.  6/29 NY Times:Supreme Court Lets Health Law Largely Stand, in Victory for Obama. 7/10 CNN: Episcopal Church approves same-sex blessing service.  9/3 CNN: Court strikes down Texas voter ID law. 9/6 CNN: Judge upholds ‘papers’ provision in ARIZONA immigration law. 9/14 USA Today: Judge strikes down WISCONSIN law limiting union rights. 10/18 CNN: New York appeals court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act,finding the Clinton-era law’s denial of federal benefits to married same-sex couplesunconstitutional.(Progress for same-sex marriage.)12/6 CNN: Pot smokers enter legal limbo in Washington, Colorado, when possession of up to an ounce of marijuana by adults becomes legal, but growing and selling it remains a crime.(Madness! It needs to be legal everywhere, all of it!)Reuters: Same sex marriage now legal in Washington State. 12/7 NY Times: Supreme Court agrees to hear 2 cases on same-sex marriage. 12/9 Reuters: Washington State sees first same-sex marriages. 12/11 NY Times: MICHIGAN passes bill in legislature limiting union power. 12/12 AP: Britain proposing to legalize gay marriage while not allowing churches to perform the ceremonies.(Strange! Mixed messages!)12/18 NY Times: Pro-Gun Democrats signaling openness to limits.(After the Sandy Hook massacre of 26, including 20 children ages 6 & 7, I should hope so!) 3/3/2013 Science Daily: No scientific basis for prohibiting same-sex marriage, key associations argue.  SOLAR FLARES prove problematic in terms of global power grids, in addition to increasing earthquakes and other disastrous weather anomalies.1/22 USGS: 6.0, 5.2 magnitude earthquakes in South SANDWICH ISLAND REGION of the Hawaiian Islands. 1/23 Earth Changes Media: Large M-Class fare with wide-fast CME. Discovery News: Largest Solar radiation storm since 2003. 1/26 Earth Changes Media: New CME fires off. 1/28 Earth Changes Media: Unexpected X-Class solar flare fires off from Region 1402. 3/2 Earth Changes Media: 6th CME in as many days. 3/3 Earth Changes Media: M-Class flare fires off, extreme weather breaks out. CNN: Tornadoes kill 32; rescuers search for survivors: Towns obliterated: 15 die in Indiana, 13 in Kentucky, 3 in Ohio and 1 in Alabama so far.  3/5 Space Big Sunspot unleashes X-Flare. Earth Changes Media: New M-Class flare trumped by following X-Class flare 15 hours later. 3/7 Earth Changes Media: Large X5-Flare explodes from Sunspot Region 1429; New X1.3 Flare just fired off, Earth directed. UPDATE: Dangerous sunspot region shows no signs of letting up. 3/8 Earth Changes Media: Major Geo-Magnetic storm unfolding. 3/9 Earth Changes Media: M6.3 Solar Flare rifles from Region 1429. USGS: 6.7 earthquake in VANUATU (volcano here), followed by 4.8, 4.9, 4.7.Earth Changes Media: New CME follows M and C Class flares. 3/10 Earth Changes Media: All Sunspot regions now active. 3/12 Science Daily: NASA sees second biggest flare of Solar Cycle. 3/13 Earth Changes Media: Coronal hold contributes to Geo-Magnetic Storm. UPDATE: M8-Class flare fires off from Region 1430. (On NBC News, Brian Williams announced that this activity will be strong for the next 18+ months!) You Tube: Massive triangle-shaped hole in Sun’s corona recorded by NASA. 3/15 Bright comet dives into solar radiation storm: Extinguished!  3/18 Earth Changes Media: M-Class flare and unrelated CME. 3/25 Earth Changes Media: 3 CMEs over last 24 hours. 3/30 Discovery News: Solar Tornado rips through Sun’s Corona. 4/8 Earth Changes Media: Long duration filament eruption connects with new CME. 4/14 USGS: 6.0earthquake in DRAKE’S PASSAGE near Antarctica. 4/17 USGS:6.2earthquake east of SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS (Hawaii).4/21 Earth Changes Media: Earth unprepared for coming solar storms. 5/6 Earth Changes Media: 3 solar flares heading our way. 5/9 Discovery News: Monster sunspot to unleash solar flares. 5/10 Earth Changes Media: Extreme weather events now unfolding – New M-Class flare today. 5/18 Earth Changes Media: Large flare and even bigger CME present a glancing blow to Earth. 6/13 Earth Changes Media: Solar Flare and CME heading toward Earth. 6/15 Discovery News: Sun blasts huge magnetic bubble at Earth. 7/1 Earth Changes Media: 4 M-Class flares within last 48 hours. 7/3 Yahoo: Solar Flare’s Red Glare: Sun unleashes early Fourth of July fireworks: The sun storm came from a large sunspot called AR1515 that is now rotating across the Earth-facing side of the sun. It unleashed an intense solar flare at 6:43 a.m. EDT (1043 GMT) today in what is expected to be one of several strong solar storms in the days ahead, space weather officials said. Science Daily: New light shed on explosive Solar activity: (The SUN is exalted in ARIES (the Face of God) and rules LEO (the Heart of God), which is why primitive people worshiped the SUN as GOD. Our Solar System is an evolving Being, the same as each of us, the microcosm, without whom we could not possibly exist in manifest form.) 7/4 Earth Changes Media: Several MM-Class flares, CMEs, and ‘Direcho.’ 7/6 Earth Changes Media: 18 M-Class flares within last 48 hours. (More bad weather is on the way!) 7/7 Earth Changes Media: Sunspot Region 1515 fires off X-Class flare. 7/9 Earth Changes Media: Sunspot Region 1515 & 1520 likely to produce X-Class Flare. 7/12 Earth Changes Media: Sunspot Region 1520 now dead center of Solar Meridian. X-Class Flare set off for direct hit to Earth. 7/13 Discovery News: Sun fires X-Ray Shot at Earth. 7/17 Earth Changes Media: Huge Solar Flare and CME off western limb of Sun. 7/19 Earth Changes Media: Large M7.7 Flare following CME launches. 7/28 Earth Changes Media: M-Class flare with unique superfast CME. 7/30 Drudge: India’s power grid crashes; 370 million without power. 8/19 Earth Changes Media: 7 M-Class flares within last 30 hours. 9/27 Science Daily: Sun unleashes a wide but benign coronal mass ejection.  10/1 Earth Changes Media: BREAKING NEWS: NASA/NOAA sends Geomagnetic Storm “WARNING.” 10/5 Earth Changes Media: CME main suspect in downed weather satellite. 10/22 Earth Changes Media: Solar activity ramps up – Warning issued featuring a long duration M9.1 flare and 6 C flares. 10/23 Earth Changes Media: X Class Flare and following CME. 10/25 Earth Changes Media: First ever observed charged particle flare from Galactic Center. 11/13 Earth Changes Media: 6 M-Class Flares in last 48 hours, solar eclipse tonight! 11/15 Drudge/Yahoo: Thousands of United Airline customers across the country stranded after computer problem. 11/16 Earth Changes Media: Study shows black holes directed by magnetic field:This new finding furthers ECMs new equation identifying a connection between our galaxy Milky Way, channeling charged particles in a narrow bands which would have a significant effect on our Sun, all planets in our solar system, and all that lives on them. 11/18 Drudge/ Giant Sun eruption captured on NASA video, not Earth directed. 12/3 Earth Changes Media: 774 AD Solar Blast 20x larger than ‘Carrington Event.’ 1/12/2013 Earth Changes Media: 2 M-Class flares fire off from Sunspot Region 1654. 2/21 Yahoo: Monster sunspot swells, threatens solar storms. 4/12 Discovery News: Sun erupts with huge solar flare, incoming CME. 5/3 Sun unleashes spectacular solar eruption. 5/7 CNN: Why gamma ray bursts shocked scientists. 5/12 Earth Changes Media: Solar flare, 2013’s most powerful so far, sparks radio blackout, NASA says. 5/13 Strongest Solar Flare of 2013 erupts from the Sun.A GREAT MAN leaves the Earth to spend quality time with the other Masters.1/21 CNN: Legendary coach of Penn State, Joe Paterno, dies at 85. Paterno ‘more than a coach.’ 1/26 CNN: Public memorial to celebrate Paterno. 4/8 All Media: Veteran journalist Mike Wallace dies at 93. 4/18 CNN: TV legend Dick Clark dies at 82. (Uranus Return! He did a lot of good for a lot of talented young people.)The STOCK MARKET takes a roller coaster ride later this year.9/6 USA Today: Stocks jump on Europe bond plan, jobless numbers.9/14 CNN: Stocks end week at multiyear highs. 10/1 Reuters: Wall Street starts 4th quarter with gains.  10/13 Reuters: Worst Wall Street week since June. 10/20 CNN: Stocks log worst day since June. 10/23 CNN: Dow plunges in early trading. CNN: Dow tumbles 240 points to 7 week low. 10/27 CNN: Stocks slide 1% for week. 10/31 Reuters: Wall Street edges higher after historic two day closure. Market Pulse: Scary Halloween earnings, but stocks fly high. Home improvement, insurance stocks set for volatile day. 11/1 Reuters: Wall Street opens higher after data. 11/4 Reuters: Wall Street ends storm-shortened week with a selloff. Wall Street week: Obama’s shoes hard to fill, even for himself. 11/8 Reuters: Groupon results disappoint again, stock hits record low. Wall Street drops for second day on fiscal worries. Asian shares fall on U.S. fiscal worries, European uncertainty. 11/9 USA Today: Stocks head for third down day this week. 11/11 Reuters: U.S. stocks, oil rebound on strong consumer data. 11/19 Reuters: Global shares, commodities rally on U.S. fiscal hopes. (Up and down and around it goes!) 11/20 Reuters: Wall Street opens lower on France, HP charge. USA Today: Stocks end flat on Fed’s ‘fiscal cliff’ warning. 11/23 USA Today: U.S. stock futures rise on Black Friday. Dow turns merry, closes up 173 to crack 13,000. 11/26 USA Today: Stocks head lower on new ‘fiscal cliff’ worries. 11/29 USA Today: Stocks move higher after economic reports. 12/3 Reuters: U.S. Morning Call: Stocks at mercy of ‘fiscal cliff’ in December. Rise in factory activity lifts world shares. 12/6 Reuters: U.S. Morning Call: Stocks up on ‘cliff’ talks. (Up and down!) 12/11 USA Today: S tocks rise, investors focus on Fed meeting. 12/13 USA Today: Gas price plunge keeps wholesale inflation tame. Stocks rise on jobless claims, inflation reports. 12/21 CNN: Wall Street drops 1%, fiscal deal unlikely before 2013. 12/26 Reuters: Wall Street inches up as Obama to return to “cliff” debate.The year ends with MAJOR POWERS at an impasse, with serious negotiations highly advisable and necessary.11/20 Reuters: Secretary of State Clinton heads to Israel as truce pressure with GAZA intensifies. Rockets hold up aid for GAZA from ISRAEL. U.N. rights boss, Red Cross urge truce. 11/26 NY Times: FRANCE grants recognition to SYRIA rebels.12/1 CNN: EGYPT’S president gets a new constitution. SYRIA rebels vie for airport control. NORTH KOREA plans rocket launch within days. CONGO rebels start pullout from city. Reuters: SYRIA jets bomb rebels, internet down for third day. PALESTINIAN dies after ISRAELI troops fire at Gaza border: medics. ISLAMISTS rally behind Mursi as EGYPT’S rifts widen. Former aide to EGYPT leader joins opposition front. NY Times: Housing move in ISRAEL seen as setback for two-state plan. 12/2 Yahoo: Islamist protest shuts down EGYPT’S top court. CNN: Protests force EGYPTIAN court to suspend work indefinitely. 12/3 BBC News: Pressure mounts over ISRAEL’S plans to approve new homes in WEST BANK and EAST JERUSALEM. 12/4 NY Times: ASSAD suffering reversals in fighting and diplomacy. CNN: IRAN claims capture of U.S. drone in airspace. Reuters: NATO warns SYRIA on chemical weapons. Drudge: RUSSIAN opposition celebrity warns against revolution. 12/8 NY Times: EGYPTIAN president said to prepare martial law decree. 12/10 NY Times: Opponents of EGYPT’S leader call for boycott of charter. CNN: Radio show canceled after hoax on duchess that resulted in the suicide of a nurse. Reuters: Mursi gives troops power to arrest civilians. 12/12 NY Times: U.S. will grant recognition to SYRIA rebels, Obama says. NY Times: SOUTH KOREA says NORTH KOREA has fired long-range rocket. (What a hand of cards we have at the end of this year!) 12/12 Reuters: NORTH KOREA rocket launch raises nuclear arms stakes.12/21 Reuters: Path to fiscal deal uncertain after Republican plan fails. Drudge: Leaders in the house pull tax bill, citing lack of votes.  12/22 BBC News: PHILIPPINES signs human rights law on forced disappearances. 12/23 Yahoo: Official: NORTH KOREA could have U.S. west coast within missile range. CNN: Thousands defy protest ban on anti-rape rallies in INDIA. EGYPT approves constitution, polls show. Drudge: Postal workers continue hunger strike against proposed delivery cuts. Drudge: EGYPT: ‘Things are definitely worse than under the old regime.’ BBC News: Emerging split in EGYPTIAN society. 12/24 Yahoo: ARMY teams going to AFRICA as terror threat grows. NY Times: Search for way through fiscal impasse turns to the Senate. Drudge/theguardian: RUSSIAN military presence in SYRIA poses challenge to U.S.-led intervention. (Why is it always the Russians???)  Drudge: Thousands of armed police, paramilitary troops block roads in NEW DELHI over gang rape protests; victim in critical condition. 12/27 NY Times: U.S. Senators to return with 5 days left and no clear fiscal path.  12/28 NY Times: Summoned back to work, Senators chafe at inaction. (It’s the fiscal cliff!) CNN: RUSSIAN leader Putin signs anti-U.S. adoption bill. (Spiting the Russian children in need of a home because of the U.S. human rights position! What a guy!) AP: Little time left to head off longshoremen’s strike that would immediately close ports on the East coast and Gulf of Mexico to container ships. Unions warn shutdown of Mississippi River could start next week. 12/28 Huffington Post: SYRIA’S opposition rejects RUSSIAN invitation: ‘We will not go to Moscow.’ 12/29 NY Times: Senate leaders set to work on last-minute tax agreement. (Really last minute!) Reuters: Deal reached to avert U.S. port strike for now.  12/30 NY Times: Senate leaders racing to forge a tax deal as deadline nears. CNN: Fiscal cliff countdown: 2 more days. 12/31 NY Times: Day of seesaw talks produces no accord on Fiscal Cliff. 1/1/2013 CNN: AND THE BEAT GOES ON: House majority leader opposes fiscal cliff deal. Update: House Republican leader expects bill to pass.image