WORLD PREDICTIONS FOR 2013It is difficult to know exactly when some patterns will manifest in the physical world, or whether the events will have less or more impact in terms of what was sensed beforehand. I tend to be uncannily accurate sometimes, and at other times I’m years off, with no way to know at the time when a pattern is picked up. But my spirit guides tend to be highly accurate, regardless. Sometimes even I tend to be  amazed when my predictions come true! This year many of last year’s predictions will continue to be significant! It is easier to see events than exactly when they will transpire. The Illusion of Time!(posted December 18, 2012)In many respects the predictions of 2011 and 2012 still hold sway. The continuing planetary aspects are creating significant CHANGES on many different levels in the World of Name and Form. Please trust your instincts and pay close attention to your intuition at all times to stay sane and safe.REORGANIZATION will become the byword for 2013 on a variety of levels, especially in terms of the rules and regulations involved with GOVERNMENT and CORPORATE BUSINESS.1/1 NY Times: Senate passes legislation to allow taxes on affluent to rise. CNN: Senate passes fiscal cliff deal; House makes no promises. Drudge: 876 new laws in CALIFORNIA. HAPPY NEW YEAR: States get hit by 400 new regulations. 1/2 NY Times: Amid pressure, House passes fiscal deal, averting tax increases and spending cuts. 1/10 NY Times: NEW YORK moving quickly to enact tough curbs on guns. 1/15 Drudge: White House readies 19 executive orders on guns. NEW YORK passes sweeping new gun laws. CNN: Obama signs 23 gun control orders. 1/17 CNN: New rules aim to protect homeowners from foreclosure. (About time! ) 1/23 NY Times: House approved 3-month debit limit extension. (More game playing by the GOP! Sore losers!) 1/24 NY Times: Pentagon set to lift combat ban on women. 1/28 NY Times: Senators offer new blueprint for immigration. 1/29 CNN: Boy Scouts may allow gay members. Businesses band together to support gay marriage. 4/27 CNN: 4 arrested as BANGLADESH building collapse death toll rises to 341. (Building rules are bound to improve.)WARNING: Once again the astrological aspects during the coming year will tend to bring out the worst tendencies in some people. VIOLENCE and general MADNESS will fill the headlines, reckless actions that include pointless assaults or sometimes rash murders. Please trust your instincts to stay far out of harm’s way and far away from becoming the subject of a sensational headline.1/1 CNN:Shooting at New Year’s Eve fireworks show kills 2, wounds 3 in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA. Drudge: D.C. marks New Year with stabbing on Metrobus. CHICAGOLAND: At least 9 shot in early hours of New Year. 1/2 Drudge: HAPPY NEW YEAR: Vandals torch 1,200 cars in FRANCE. Cops: Woman set on fire by son who is later shot by brother. Naked man breaks into house, tries to choke pet dog before being shot by homeowners.  Man strips naked, confronts officers with Samurai sword during standoff. 1/3 Reuters: 3 women dead in SWISS shooting. 1/4 BBC News: Deadly gun attack in PHILIPPINE town of Kawit, man kills at least 7, wounds 6, before gunmen shot dead by police. CNN: FLORIDA mother, 20, kills infant son in murder-suicide attempt, police say. Drudge: Passengers duct-tape unruly drunk man to seat on flight from Iceland to JFK. (Funny! But not for him!) 1/5 BBC News: 4 die in shooting in Aurora, COLORADO. (What is it with Aurora and shootings?) 1/7 Drudge: Police hunt for man who set girlfriend on fire in San Francisco. 1/8 Drudge: Pregnant woman shot and killed on streets of Miami. 1/10 Drudge: Teenager shot in face on Brooklyn subway platform. 1/11 Drudge: Robbers hold 14 hostage in Los Angeles clothing store, sexual assaults reported. 1/12 Drudge: CHICAGOLAND: Boys 14 and 15 killed in separate shootings. Deaf man stabbed after sign language mistaken for gang language. (Truly bizarre and tragic!) Joliet authorities: 4 young adults rob, murder 2 friends, then continue ‘party atmosphere.’ 1/16 Drudge: 13-year-old girls randomly beat woman at bus stop ‘for fun.’ (Poor parenting, no doubt.)  Thugs brutally beat tourist on Greenwich Village Street using bat, tire iron. (This list will be very long this year!) 1/22 CNN: Police: Las Vegas officer kills wife, son and then himself in burning home. (Apparently, sometimes even policeman can’t be trusted with a gun.)  1/22 Drudge/KTLA: Male nurse arrested after allegedly having sex with corpse. Drudge: Long Island dentist charged with practicing drunk. (Not on my teeth!)  1/23 Drudge: Naked man goes on rampage in family’s home in Florida. Cleaning fairy arrested shoveling driveways without permission. Priest, 80, bites off fellow clergyman’s ear in parking row. 1/24 Drudge: Man arrested for forcing fiancée to swallow engagement ring when she tried to leave him. (And I certainly hope she leaves him permanently. What an idiot!) 1/26 Reuters: At least 16 die in Egyptian clashes over death sentences of 21 involved in soccer disaster. CNN: Update: Riot over soccer verdict leaves 30 dead in EGYPT. Drudge: 93-73ar old man kills wife of 70 years because “he couldn’t take it anymore.” 1/29 Drudge/NJ: Cops: Man knocked out with shovel, stripped, robbed, and videotaped; 1 charged. 1/29 Drudge: Doctor behind new premature ejaculation treatment shot dead by patient in office. 1/30 CNN: Man kills Alabama bus driver, holds 6-year old boy hostage underground. Drudge: Man attacks ex-girlfriend inside Ohio courtroom where victim was seeking order of protection. 1/31 CNN: Standoff drags into 3rd day as man holds child in bunker. 2/1 CNN: Prosecutor gunned down outside Texas courthouse. 2/5 Drudge/CBS: Angry Dallas man allegedly kills 2 neighbors over dog poop. (Holy crap!) 2/6 CNN: Pregnant federal guard accused of having sex with NY cop killer: Unlawful sex abuse on a ward. Drudge: 3 boys stabbed, 1 fatally, during Ravens’ Super Bowl parade in Baltimore. 2/7 BBC News: Ex-LAPD cop hunted for killing spree of 3, including former colleague. (Criminal cop! Guns again!) 2/8 CNN: LOS ANGELES police search for ex-cop who says he’s out to get them. Drudge: Illinois University brings porn star to teach sex week, orgasm workshop. 2/9 Drudge/CBS DWF: Teacher suspended after pouring pencil shavings in student’s mouth. 2/11 Drudge: Man shots wife dead inside Delaware courthouse. (More guns!) 2/13 Drudge: Man bites off cousin’s ear during fight, swallows it. 3 charged in videotaped beating of naked teen. 2/15 CNN: 5th-grade boys plot to kill female classmate thwarted: Boys had stolen semi-automatic gun and knife. (These violent movies, TV shows and video games should be banned.) 2/21 Drudge/Mail Online: Woman ‘shot’ and wounded as she cooks a snack after bullets left in her oven EXPLODE. 2/23 Drudge: FBI agents caught sexting, dating drug dealers. (It’s hard to do “undercover” work in the world of electronics!) 2/24 Drudge: 13-year-old girl charged with stabbing boy over bag of potato chips. (Good heavens!) 2/27 CNN: Police: 3 dead, including gunman, 7 seriously injured in Switzerland factory shooting. 2/28 CNN: Student killed in shooting at Coastal Carolina University. (Tragic!) Drudge/CBS-NY: NYFD firefighter accused of beating wife with iPad she used to post image of him on the internet. (Another evil absurdity of the electronic age.) 3/1 Drudge: Man charge with killing, dismembering mother appears in courtroom wearing trashbag. (Insanity plea?) 3/4 Drudge: 400 inmates fight at Arizona prison. 3/7 Drudge/MailOnline: Murdered on the bus to school: Girl, 16, stabbed to death in random attack on top deck as man, 22, arrested on suspicion of murder. Christina tweeted about man on bus ‘worrying her’ a month ago. Drudge: Man goes berserk with ax at Dunkin Donuts.  3/12 CNN: Manhunt on for Washington man who killed his grandparents after they gave him a party to celebrate his release from prison. (He went from bad to worse!)  Drudge: Defense lawyer: Drunk, passed out, teenage girl didn’t ‘affirmatively say no’ when she was sexually assaulted by multiple football players. (What would he say about his sister under those circumstances?) CHICAGOLAND: Baby shot 5 times as father changes diaper, mother shot earlier while pregnant: Baby dies. (Tragic!) Oklahoma City: Boy, 11, arrested for allegedly raping his 6 year old sister. (What are we teaching young children with our TV shows and movies?) BBC News: NY police: Gilberto Valle guilty of cannibal plot to kill and eat his wife and other women. (A very sick man!)  3/13 Drudge: VIDEO: Mob of teens ransacks NYC pharmacy during protest March-turned-riot. 3/14 Daily News: Mom calls police to scare the %s#!% out of my kids: Brevard County woman wanted to teach her kids a lesson. (Unreal!) 3/17 CNN: Man calls TV station: “I killed my wife.” News: Manhattan mother jumps 8 stories to her death with infant son strapped to her chest; 6 month old baby also dies.(Madness is rampant!)3/15 Drudge/Orlando: Mom to 911: Send the police ‘to scare the s#!% out of my kids’: Brevard County woman wanted to teach her kids a lesson.(Unreal!)3/17 CNN: Man calls TV station: “I killed my wife.”(The insanity continues.) Drudge: Man asks to see gun in sporting goods store then kills self in bathroom.  Double amputee shoots WalMart manager who asked that service dog be leashed. (These vets can be dangerous! Their brains are damaged too.) 3/20 Drudge/MailOnline: Horror as ‘suicide bomber’ blows himself up and destroys suburban home in PA in revenge attack on its terrified owner for ‘snitching,’ injuring two, one critically. (The house was totally destroyed along with the bomber! Insanity!) 3/21 Drudge: CHICAGOLAND: 7 shot at club during rapper’s album release party. Drudge: Cop beats drunk St. Patrick’s Day reveler as 3 officers hold him down. (Police brutality and stupidity!)  3/22 Drudge: Recluse, 60, about to be evicted, blows up apartment in suicide blast. (Tragic for the man, probably mental illness.) 3/24 Drudge: CHICAGOLAND: Man shot in head over double-parked car. 3/26 Drudge: Man goes on rampage in Target store, stabs 4 people. 3/28 CNN: Brazilian doctor killed 7 patients to free up beds in hospital, police say. (Monster doctor!) Mail Online: Thousands of armed vigilantes take over MEXICAN town, arrest police and shoot at tourists after ‘commander’ is killed and dumped in the street. (The madness continues.) 3/29 Drudge: 100 teens brawl with bats, hammers on Philly basketball court. 3/30 Drudge: Woman arrested for calling 911 to get help ordering Chinese food. COPS: Pimp forced 13-year-old prostitute to tattoo his name on her eyelids. 4/5 CNN: Detective, murder suspect dead after shootout in Mississippi police station. 4/7 Drudge/US News: Grandma told grandson to kill grandfather, officials say. 4/10 CNN: Student stabs 14 at Texas college. Drudge: Man arrested after he claims “vehicle rigged with explosives near White House.” 4/11 CNN: Canadian teenagers on trial for running sex slave prostitution ring. (Truly disgusting!)  4/13 CNN: Teens accused of posting rape pictures. 4/14 Drudge: Race-goer commits suicide after argument in infield of NASCAR race, alcohol involved. 4/15 CBS/Los Angeles: Police: Man commits suicide by blowing himself up on front lawn. (One way to get attention! This list is already long this year!) 4/17 Drudge/Detroit: Teen charged in rape of 87 year old woman. Oklahoma City: 90-year old woman beaten, robbed for $100. 4/18 Drudge/ College professor arrested for profane rant at Pro-Life students. 4/19 Drudge: Elderly food cart vendor stabbed to death on Philly street. Hooters bomb threat shuts down Hollywood Boulevard. CBS NY; 2 female students kicked, punched, bloodied and bruised in wild Queens melee. 4/22 Yahoo: Police: 5 dead in shooting south of SEATTLE. 4/26 NY Post: Police: 3 minors point gun at man, woman in NORTH PHILADELPHIA; the youngest 10. CBS NY: Girl, 13, arrested in connection with robbery in CENTRAL PARK. the smoking gun: WalMart worker turned tricks in store. (Blow jobs at WalMart? Who knew?) Drudge: Baby burned to death on bonfire in CHILE after cult leader declares her the anti-Christ! (Appalling ignorance and superstition!)  Woman tricked her son into believing he had cancer to get donations from friends. (Greed comes in many guises!) 4/29 CNN: Man stabs 4 choir members at end of church service in NEW MEXICO. 4/29 Drudge/Mail Online: “They tried to kill us!” British photographer among trio of climbers attacked by ‘out-of-control mob’ of Sherpas in terrifying ordeal near summit of Mount Everest. (Evidently, mountain climbing just ain’t what it used to be!) Drudge/The Telegraph: Mad cow infected blood to kill 1,000 from transfusions in British hospitals. (Ye gods!) CBS Denver: Street party morphs into chaotic scene in Fort Collins. (The aspects are bringing out the worst in people. Honest!) Drudge: Man murders younger brother at funeral of older brother. SHOCK VIDEO: Group beats man unconscious outside restaurant while witnesses laugh. (More madness!) Mail Online: Sperm donor who fathered 49 children arrested over sex assaults after complaints from women who wanted to get pregnant. Domineering mother forced adopted daughter, 14, to become surrogate mother with donated sperm after she was barred from adopting anymore children. (People can be so very strange.) 4/30 Drudge: Philly cop stabbed, robbed of iPod during violent attack. Peeping toms fall through bathroom ceiling. Woman arrested at STARBUCKS for trying to poison orange juice. 5/2 Drudge/New Hampshire: Police: 76-year-old arrested for selling pain medication. 5/2 CNN: Man shot and killed at HOUSTON Bush’s Intercontinental Airport, authorities say. 5/4 CNN: HOUSTON airport shooter killed self, police say. Suicides skyrocket for 50-somethings. Drudge: Chicagoland: Prostitute pepper sprays boy, 14, steals his piggy bank. 3 middle schoolers accused of murderous plot at school in Florida. 5/5 CNN: Referee punched in face by teen player dies, 46. 5/6 Drudge: Stormtrooper, Ghostbuster assaulted in Portland during free Comic Book Day; 300 pound man arrested. 5/7 Drudge: COLUMBIA cops: Fake nuns hid cocaine under habits. (Junkie nuns! Tsk! Tsk!) Man arrested after trying to return pipe bomb at gun buy back. (And his IQ happens to be?) BBC News: Briton admits child cannibal plot: He planned to kidnap, rape, murder and eat a child!  5/8 Yahoo: Sheriff: Rural CALIFORNIA man shot wife, 2 daughters, now on the run. 5/9 Drudge: Video: Mob uses chairs in vicious beatdown of boy in high school library. (All these bullies!) 5/10 CNN: Teen arrested, charged with murder in case of missing GEORGIA student. Drudge: CALIFORNIA woman slapped cop so she could go to jail to quit smoking. Man, 70, beats up 24-year-old invader, leaves him begging for mercy. 5/11 CNN: NEW JERSEY police: Gunman barricaded in house with 3 children. Drudge: Charges filed against woman dressed as pope, naked from waist down, pubic hair shaved into cross. (Such weirdoes with these aspects!) 5/12 Yahoo: 12 year old brother arrested in fatal stabbing of 8 year old girl in rural North California. Drudge: Canadian mobsters killed in ‘old fashioned’ Sicilian mafia hit. (Too many villains still on the planet?) Drudge: SNAP: SEATTLE man ‘goes nuts,’ destroys several homes with bulldozer. Man accused of sexually abusing pet peacock. (Good grief!) 5/13 Reuters: 19 shot in NEW ORLEANS Mother’s Day parade; police looking for 3 suspects.(Miserable people do miserable things. Unreal!) Yahoo: SYRIAN rebel bites heart of dead soldier. 5/15 BBC News: U.S. man dies dribbling soccer ball to Brazil World Cup. 5/16 Drudge: Woman, 57, uses fists and Bible to beat up another woman. (What?)  The Force has to intervene in intergalactic clash between Star Wars and Doctor Who at Sci Fi convention. 5/18 Drudge: CANNES PANIC:‘I feared for my life’: Christoph Waltz left shaken after man points hand-gun at him and threatens to blow up studio with hand grenade during Cannes TV interview. (The aspects are making people nuttier than usual!) Drudge: 23 youths dead in Voodoo initiation rites in SOUTH AFRICA. 5/19 Drudge: Thief runs over, kills teen stealing iPad. 5/22 Drudge: Man ‘controlled by satellites’ makes 100 calls to 911 a month, vows to continue. 5/24 CNN: 2 adopted Utah brothers, 4 and 10, found dead; oldest brother, 15, arrested. 5/26 CNN: Prosecutor: Oregon teen planned Columbine-style attack at his school. (So many bad seeds among our young.) 5/27 Drudge: Holiday Horror: 22 shot, 2 dead in CHICAGO. 5/28 Drudge: Passengers tie up man with shoelaces after he tries opening plane door during flight. 6/2 CNN: Graduation melee: A whole new definition for kindergarten cops. Drudge/Telegraph: Man, 56, living on benefits killed wife of 32 years, 53, after being overcome by hopelessness. (Mental illness or just stupidity?) 6/3 Drudge/NBC-NY: Man molests, urinates on sleeping woman in ER. (Druggie?)  Drudge: Bouncer accused of killing 3 in humiliation over being punked. (The crazies are out there in force with URANUS square PLUTO.) 6/4 Drudge/Smoking Gun: New Jersey man who names son after Adolph Hitler shows up for family court hearing wearing full Nazi uniform. (This one made me laugh our loud! Reincarnated Nazis?) 6/6 Drudge/ABC-NM: Man who stabbed mother and threw her and man off bridge told police voices told him to do it, his family was cloned. (Mental illness!) 6/7 CNN: Man opens fire at CALIFORNIA school, at least 3 wounded at Santa Monica College. 6/8 Drudge: Mom who smoked crack killed baby boy so cops wouldn’t take him away, prosecutors say. (Mom should be put away forever!) BBC News: Suicidal man caused CHINA bus fire that killed 47. 6/11 CNN: HOUSTON doctor accused of poisoning the coffee of a doctor she was dating.(She blew his career as a doctor over WHAT?)Drudge: Bridgeport woman, 21, charged with crushing boyfriend to death with car.(Emotion out of control creates tragedy for all concerned.)Mail Online: Autistic teen, 14, found fatally stabbed in Chicago suburb, along with his semiconscious mom and caretaker.(Tragic!)6/12 CNN: In between back flips and splits, naked man assaults passengers at train station.(Straightjacket, please! )6/13 CNN: Official who inspected collapsed PHILADELPHIA building kills self.(Strange?)  Drudge: Suspect in 2006 Ocala murders in FLORIDA admitted he’s killed 30 across U.S.(Dangerous psychopath!)10-year-old OHIO boys admits shooting mom in head over chores.(Another psychopath with a gun in the house!)  Mail Online: Desperate mother and godmother ‘killed severely autistic boy, 14, by stabbing him multiple times in the chest, when they became overwhelmed caring for him 24/7’ after demanding he be removed from the hospital and put in their care.(Tragic for all concerned.)6/14 CNN: Police: 4 fatally shot in apparent murder-suicide in ST. LOUIS business. Drudge: Eyeball-licking fad making JAPANESE teenagers sick.(Weird!)  Cops: Thug kills BROOKLYN cabbie by stabbing him in eye with umbrella. Man wearing Obama T-shirt exposed himself to female WalMart shopper.(I don’t think it’s about the T-shirt!)Man calls cops to complain about ugly prostitute.(Makes me laugh! He should have asked for a pretty prostitute!)  6/15 Breitbart: Man holds 8-month-old daughter while selling heroin.(Taking his child to work?)  6/16 CNN: OMAHA suffers rash of shootings in less than an hour, 3 dead. 6/18 CNN: Naked man accused of attacking subway commuters in SAN FRANCISCO faces felonies.(I should hope so! Mental illness is no excuse for despicable behavior.)6/18 Drudge: Man ranting about poisoning passengers, NSA, CIA on HONG KONG to NEWARK flight subdued by passengers and now in custody.(I should hope so! Whew! Friend of Snowden’s?)6/19 CNN: 3 in OHIO held mentally disabled woman and child in ‘subhuman’ conditions, threatened with dogs and snakes to keep them compliant.(Monsters!)  OHIO daycare owner drugged pancakes to make children sleep.(What’s with OHIO?)Police: Son stabs father, severs his own hands in CALIFORNIA.(How did he manage to cut off both hands? Power saw? Good grief!) Drudge: WYOMING police respond to exorcism gone bad: Woman stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest. (Exorcism could scare people to death!) 6/20 CNN: KKK member, accomplice created lethal X-ray system, FBI says. CNN: Landlords from hell behind bars:  They cut holes in the floor of one victim’s living room with a power saw while he was inside his apartment, and cut supporting beams to try to make the building collapse. (Truly bizarre!) Drudge/Mail Online: Panhandlers arrested for stabbing woman, 27, to death on HOLLYWOOD Walk of Fame after she took photo of them on her cell phone and wouldn’t pay $1 for it! (They’ll be fed and given a bed in prison! Tragic!) 6/21 Drudge: D.C. youth stabbed to death over piece of chicken. Boy, 12, charged in brutal robbery. 4 stabbings reported in D.C. within 2 hours. 6/22 CNN: Gunman shoots 4 in NORTH CAROLINA, then is shot by police. (Everyone needs a gun, wrong!) 6/23 Drudge: Scantily clad stripper couldn’t conceal 47 bags of heroin during traffic stop. (Poor thing?) 2 Missouri women charged in antifreeze poisoning deaths of 2 relatives while trying to poison a third. (Mother-daughter prison cell, making couture?) MailOnline: Church-going woman, 51, used anti-freeze (popular poison) to kill husband “she hated” and son who was “worse than a pest” before poisoning daughter who “would not get a job.” (Real charmer!) MailOnline: NY woman sues for $23M after pictures of her nose job were ‘used to promote doctor’s clinic online.’ Chicago Tribune: Irate passenger burns bus driver with hot coffee. (Prosecute her, please.) 6/24 CNN: Actress in critical condition after acid attack in PAKISTAN. South Florida: Man arrested for bringing boy, 6, to drug buy.  6/25 Drudge: Man arrested after exiting car, defecating in NYC tunnel booth. (Yuck!) 6/26 Drudge/Hampton Roads: Kindergarten teacher, 47, pleads guilty in murder-for-hire to kill her ex-husband. Man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk. (WHAT?)  BBC News: Iain Lawrence jailed for murdering estranged wife Sally Lawrence by disabling airbag and crashing his car into a tree. (Most murders don’t belong here, but this one???) 6/27 CBS PITTSBURGH: Caught on camera: Teen beaten for shoes, web notoriety. Drudge: CHICAGOLAND: Crowd watches as man beaten unconscious outside train station. 2 men rob man of condom at gunpoint. (WHAT?) Inmate bites off jail guard’s ear. 6/29 CNN: CALIFORNIA ex-wife sentenced for cutting off husband’s penis and throwing it in garbage disposal: LIFE with possibility of parole in 7 years! Drudge: 13-year-old boy arrested for murder of missing 5-year-old boy. (Tragic!) 7/1 Drudge: Clergy ask for help after 40 shootings in 10 days rattle BALTIMORE. Money thieves ram ATM with pick-up.  TEXAS teen faces 8 years in prison for making ‘terrorist threat’ online. 3 women, 1 carrying child, rob victim in the BRONX. 7/3 Drudge: Prison guards ‘forced inmates to have gladiator-style fights’.  7/4 Drudge: Woman arrested for illegal circumcision of 2 boys. (Ouch!) Drudge: CALIFORNIA teacher, 28, arrested after giving birth to baby fathered by student. 7/7 Drudge: Soccer referee decapitated after stabbing player to death in BRAZIL. 7/8 Drudge: Man stabbed cabbie after telling him he’d had bad day. 7/9 Drudge: Homeless woman steak-knifes subway rider. Nude swimmer distracts man while her husband robs his house. 7/10 Drudge: Rapper shot dead on stage in front of 3,000 fans. 7/11 Drudge: Angry fan sprays Tour de France rider with urine. CBS Pittsburgh: Grove city 11-year old found ‘sexting’ topless photos of herself. (Premature mammary gland development?)  7/12 Drudge: Cops: Man threw semen on Wal-Mart female shopper. Man, son arrested for lighting 7-year-old boy on fire, videotaping it. (Psychos for sure!) (I had no idea this list would grow this long by now: Astonishing!) 7/13 Drudge/AP: Man using rifle as crutch when it fired killed little girl upstairs. (Bizarre accident.)  Drudge: Blind elderly man robbed twice by same mugger. (Poor man!)  7/15 Drudge: Rabbi accused of road rage, impersonating cop to pull over slow drivers. 7/16 Drudge/International Business Times: Apple sued for porn addiction: Man says MacBook cost him his marriage and kids. (And his IQ is?? PLEEZ!) 7/19 Drudge: Satan worshipper gets life in prison for killing and skinning mom. (So gruesome!)  DEA busts father, son, grandson in Ecstasy case. Drudge: SHOCK: Teen, 16, lured to Brooklyn roof, raped, thrown off building. (Please pay attention to your intuition to stay safe!) NY Cops: Bay Ridge man lured onto rooftop with promise of sex with two women: Maced, robbed, and falls to his death. ‘Creepy’ man accused of leaking air from women’s tires, then offering to help them. (Very creepy.) 7/24 Drudge: Malaysian man sets himself on fire over wife’s lesbian affair with boss. (Dear me!) 7/26 CNN: Vandals splatter Lincoln Memorial with green paint. (Rank stupidity!) 7/27 CNN: 7 killed in FLORIDA hostage standoff: man killed 6 before police killed him. (Bad aspects today!) Drudge/L.A. Times: Missing girl kept in metal box on pot farm for sex, authorities say. 7/29 Drudge/CBS-L.A.: Man clad only in boxers allegedly goes on rampage inside pricey BEVERLY HILLS eatery. 7/30 Drudge: Shock: Man, woman jump in front of train in double suicide. (Tragic!) 8/3 Drudge: Eyewitness videos female officer fatally shooting homeless man who called her a ‘bitch.’ (Take her badge and gun!) Drudge: Teen with muscular dystrophy beaten, stabbed, robbed, dumped over hillside. Sheriff’s deputy accused of pepper spraying teen’s pizza.  8/4 Drudge: Police: Man drove burning truck missing front tires while drunk in NJ. (Ye gods!)  1 dead, 11 injured in VENICE BEACH hit-and-run on boardwalk. 8/8 CNN: Police: 4 dead after TEXAS man opens fire at ex-girlfriend’s home, then second house, wounding 4 more. (Stay away from crazy folks this month: The aspects can be deadly!)  Drudge: Drunken passenger forces flight to Spain back to Philly.  8/9 Drudge: Man badly beaten in dispute for 75 cents dies. (Tragic state of affairs!) 8/12 Drudge: Quadruple amputee has wheelchair stolen while on vacation. Mob attacks gay couple’s engagement party in HAITI. 8/14 CNN: Hostage standoff inside rural LOUISIANA bank ends with gunman dead; 2 hostages shot by gunman. 8/15 Drudge: Gay men attacked by gang outside NYC theater. 8/16 Drudge: Cops: FLORIDA man decapitates roommate, says ‘things got a little carried away.’ (No kidding!) 8/17 Drudge: Video: 2 men rob priests at gunpoint in front of church. (Nothing is sacred anymore.)  Drudge: Incident of laser pointers beamed into cockpits on the rise. (Dangerous!) 8/20 CNN: Police: Teens killed jogging man, 22–just because–3 teens had nothing better to do! (Guns in the hands of sociopathic children.) Drudge: Jakarta: Bogor man reportedly kills girlfriend over deleted phone numbers. 8/21 UPI: CHICAGO man in stable condition after attack with chainsaw by neighbor. (Alcohol involved.)  Drudge: Parents upset elementary school children forced to kneel before principal ‘like a king.’ Cops: Man rapes woman, steals her iPhone, sends explicit texts to her family. (Criminally deranged!) 8/22 Drudge: Dunkin Donuts worker beaten, pistol whipped over botched coffee order. (People are nuts with these aspects.)  Adults rob middle schoolers at bus stop; Woman punches girl 14 in face. 8/23 CNN: Arrest made of teenagers in SPOKANE beating death of WWII vet 88. 8/23 Drudge: Hot dog vendor beaten with hammer, robbed of cell phone. Police: Man doused with gasoline, set on fire in vacant lot. Ex-LAPD cop reveals evidence his father committed infamous ‘Black Dahlia’ murder. Transgender woman beaten to death on NYC street. 8/24 Drudge: Boy, 8, fatally shoots, kills 90-year-old relative after playing violent video game. (Easy access to gun in house.) City demolishes wrong home…for second time! (Good grief!) 8/25 CNN: One-time Senate candidate in TENNESSEE accused of trying to get uncle killed. (Hiring a hit man!) CNN: 3 dead, 2 injured in FLORIDA shooting spree. Drudge: Teen dead, 6 others shot after illegal dice game goes bad. Cop: Thief vandalizes church, steals school supplies for kids. 8/26 Drudge: 99-year-old woman beaten to death by man, 20. 8/27 Drudge: High school teacher gets 30 days in jail for raping 14-year-old girl who later killed herself. 8/28 Drudge: Woman brutally beaten by group of black teens says attack was racially motivated. Drudge: Transgender woman dies after beating in front of NYPD precinct. (Despicable.)  Man steals dad’s body from cemetery in hopes of bringing him back to life. (Not after embalming!)  BBC News: 6-year-old boy’s eyes gouged out by woman in CHINA; Police offer reward. 8/29 CNN: SEATTLE couple charged with kidnapping, torture of husband’s 13-year-old brother.  Drudge: Woman vandalizes cell phone store, moons worker after refund dispute. Couple arrested for having sex inside display shed at Home Depot.(Get a room!)  CNN: Man to 911: ‘I just shot my wife.'(Killer confession?)  DA: Mom killed newborn in bar bathroom: wrapped baby in plastic bag and left him in toilet tank.(Psychotic!) 8/30 Drudge: ‘Black Jesus’ hacked to death by villagers. 8/31 CNN: NYPD: Woman seeking husband’s death offered to pay with rare stamps.(Hitman was stamp collector?)Drudge: Fight Club: Man placed in same jail cell as suspect charged with trying to kill him. Police; Alleged OHIO robber hit gasoline clerk with Bible.  COPS: Teen attacks, robs 82-year-old woman leaving church after Sunday mass. 9/1 Drudge: Shock: Wife boils husband in pressure cooker.(Macabre!)  9/2 Drudge: Woman hospitalized after hiding $5,000 in rectum. Robber attacks gas station clerk with Bible. 9/4 Drudge: TEMPLE MOUNT: Muslims pelt Jewish visitors with stones.(Truly disgusting!)Drudge: Cops: Mugger pepper sprays, assaults, robs 82-year-old man walking home. Teens hold up elderly woman: ‘Give us your money, Grandma, or we’ll shoot.’ Man guilty of murder for killing friend over argument about existence of God. 9/5 CNN: Police: Woman tried to smother ex-boyfriend’s child.(So much mental illness!)Drudge: FLORIDA man cites ‘Bush doctrine’ in killing of neighbors at cookout.(Psychotic!)  Elderly man collecting aluminum cans beaten to death. 9/6 Drudge: Gruesome: Man lops top of head off with toy helicopter, dies in public park. (So strange!) 9/7 Drudge: Illegal immigrant charged with smuggling meth from Mexico in frames of religious artwork. (His spirit guides turned him in.) 9/9 Drudge: CHICAGOLAND: 31-year-old mother stabs 17-year-old son to death. 9/11 Drudge: Out of Control: Texting and driving lands MARYLAND woman in lake. (No texting and driving, please!)  9/12 Reuters: Woman hides drugs in fake pregnant belly. 9/14 Drudge: SNAP: Man arrested for random attack with chair at library. Drudge: Cops: Man branded initials onto girlfriend’s genital area. 9/15 CNN: TIMES SQUARE shooting: Police wound 2 bystanders by mistake. (Accidents, madness, craziness continues!) Mom charged after 2 kids found dead in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA hotel room. Drudge: NC police shoot unarmed man who may have been running for help. 9/16 Reuters: Gunman shots 5 at WASHINGTON Navy Yards: police, including 2 law enforcement officers. (People are still going nuts with the aspects.)  Drudge/Washington Times: 4 killed, 8 injured in shooting at Washington Navy Yard, 2 shooters involved; one shooter down. CNN: UPDATE: At least 12 dead in WASHINGTON Naval Yard shooting. Drudge: Russian shot in quarrel over Kant’s philosophy. 9/18 Drudge: CHINA’S second richest man knifed after refusing job seeker. NC woman stabs roommate because he wouldn’t stop listening to the Eagles. (Ye gods!)  Drudge: MICHIGAN: 2 men shoot, kill each other over road rage. (Keep your cool with these aspects, please! GUNS!) Drudge: Gamer stabbed, robbed of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ just minutes after buying game. 9/20 Drudge: Cops: ‘Safe passage’ worker hit woman, stole her welfare benefits card. 9/21 Drudge: Couple who stole ‘Grand Theft Auto’ from mentally challenged black man intended to rob ‘cracker.’ Jesus, Virgin Mary statues decapitated by vandals outside church.  9/22 Drudge: Man arrested for urinating on supermarket produce. (That’s an extreme reaction to GMOs!) 9/25 CNN: Man 42, accused of threatening to shoot up UTAH mall, movie theater.  9/26 Drudge: Nightmare: Panhandler accused of pushing woman in front of moving train.  USA Today: Fan stabbed to death after S.F. Giants game.  9/27 Drudge: Cops: College student takes over Miss Teen USA’s webcam, snaps nude pictures, had 150 slave computers: arrest made in sextortion case. 10/1 Drudge: Man shot 8 times during robbery at historic PHILLY park. Man wielding scissors stabs 5, including toddler, at UPPER WEST SIDE park. Man kills wife, self, after trying out for FAMILY FEUD. (Bizarre!) 10/7 Drudge: 2 men shot while camping out for new Air Jordan sneakers. 10/9 CNN: Blind man beaten on city street. Drudge: Drunk driver fled cops so he could finish his Big Mac. Police: Man shooting heroin while driving crashes into police cruiser.  10/12 Drudge: Cops: 15 year old impersonated deputy in attempt to strip search a woman; being charged with kidnapping. (Good grief! Too much testosterone?)  10/19 Drudge: Cops: Woman studying to be nun gives birth; suffocates newborn child. (With her beliefs she must be going straight to hell!)  10/21 Drudge: Man in Jets’ gear caught on video viciously punching woman in Patriots’ gear. (Cool your jets, Mister!)  10/22 Drudge/AP: British groom, 36, who halted own wedding with bomb hoax jailed: He forgot to book the venue for his wedding and didn’t want to admit it. 10/23 Drudge: Militant atheist attacks pastor after sermon. 10/29 Drudge: Man shot after breaking into home ranting about zombies! 11/5 Drudge: TENNESSEE woman runs boyfriend over 3 times because he wouldn’t go to McDonalds. (Was it the French fries?)  Man wearing Albert Einstein mask robs FLORIDA bank. 11/9 Drudge/CBS Sacramento: 4 Thieves charged with cutting off marijuana dispensary owner’s penis, torturing him with blowtorch, because they thought he was hiding tons of cash in the desert. Drudge: Thieves steal, gang rape woman’s dog. (Good grief!) 11/11 Drudge: 2 killed, 22 hurt in shooting at ‘massive’ HOUSTON house party. (Always guns in Texas.) 11/13 Drudge/CBS Philly: 14-year old tries to rob taxi at gunpoint. Man calls 911 because sex partner ‘snoring like train’ in bed. 11/14 Drudge: Man faces harassment charges for repeatedly firing Civil War cannon at neighbor’s home. (Glad he’s not your neighbor!)  Drudge: Cops: Pack of NY skateboaders savagely beat grocer with boards after trying to steal sodas. (Barbaric teens.)   Man impersonates cop to get discount on donuts. (Dumb.) 11/18 Drudge: Gunman robs 90 year old outside church. (Talk about a meanie!) 11/22 Drudge: Man attacks pregnant sister over Chicken McNuggets. (He was hungry?)  11/26 Drudge: Grown man takes revenge on wrong child after son hurt in football game. 11/27 Drudge: Student arrested for lighting teacher on fire. (Vicious child.)  Amish buggy horse killed in drive-by shooting. (So cruel.)  11/30 Drudge: 97 year old woman killed in home invasion.  (This list is ridiculously long!) 12/3 Drudge: Vandals trash church, deface painting of Pope with ‘devil’s star.’ Cowboy fan beaten, robbed by Raiders fans.12/4 Drudge/CBS/Cleveland: Man moves into home while family is away, changes the locks and claims he now owns the house. (Bizarre! Squatter’s Rights?) Man caught riding commuter train with stolen cash register. (Dumber.)  Drudge: Woman shoots husband in drive-by. (The aspect of rage remains.)  12/5 CNN: FLORIDA man kills wife, son with crossbow; then slits his own throat. (Gruesome.) 12/7 Drudge: Police: Man called in bomb hoax to get friend off work. (Dumber.)  12/8 CNN: Newlyweds lure man through Craigslist for thrill killing. 12/9 Drudge: Man abducted, robbed and shot after winning big at PHILLY casino. Woman hospitalized after glued to toilet seat at Home Depot. (Not funny.)  12/10 Drudge: Texan allegedly pulls sword after refusing to pay for tacos he ordered. (Broke and hungry?)  12/16 Drudge: Cops use taser, pepper spray, baton, gun to take down cab driver suffering ‘mental episode’ who attacked woman. 12/18 Drudge: Black student ‘lynches’ two white guys, calls it art. (Racism is alive and sick as ever.)  Drudge: SNAP: Man brutally beaten with chair on VENICE boardwalk for no apparent reason. Drudge: Cops: Man flashes gun at McDonald’s in VIRGINIA, demands job application. 12/20 Drudge: Fake delivery men rob, pistol whip elderly couple. 12/12 Drudge/Florida: HYANNIS woman arrested for stealing toys donated to neighbor’s children. (Grinch?) Man arrested after filming himself installing bathroom camera.  (Psychotic.) 12/23 Reuters: Horror: Man in custody battle tosses 3-year-old son, leaps from 52-story NYC building. (Tragic madness; truly unfit father.) UPS driver held up at gunpoint, robbed of packages. 12/24 CNN: Man, 87, known for elaborate Christmas display in CONNECTICUT found shot dead in home.  Drudge: Man dressed as Santa robs FLORIDA bank. (Ho, ho, ho!)  12/25 AP: Teen, 18, accused of stealing 108 condoms from Wal-Mart. (Highly active or entrepreneurial?)  Drudge: Woman beaten over way she parked. (Bizarre.) Thieves steal kids presents, and dog. (Heartless.)  Drudge: Santa, elf face drunk driving charges after crashing horse-drawn sleigh. (No ho, ho?)  Father sets self, 9-year old son on fire. (True madness.)  Surgeon suspended over branding initials on patient’s liver. (Take away his license to practice medicine.) 12/26 Drudge: Carnage: 5 shot, 3 killed outside NJ strip club.  12/26 Reuters: 4 dead, 3 wounded in LOUISIANA killing spree; gunman/ex-husband commits suicide. 12/27 Drudge: Cops: Teen pulled knife on dad after not getting iPhone for Christmas. (Time for that kid to move out, permanently!)  Teen arrested for decapitating man inside CHICAGO apartment. (Barbarian.) 12/28 Drudge: Woman hypnotizes priest, steals church donations. Woman beats, stabs man with ceramic squirrel for returning home without beer. Woman threatens to kill Wal-Mart employee over price of skateboard. 12/29 Drudge: Tycoon gives away $800M fortune before jumping to his death. (Wow!)  Drudge: Man on meth fights off 12 cops while masturbating in bar. (Ye gods!)  12/30 Drudge: Man ran through Bingo hall with pants down, yelling ‘Bingo!’ (Exhibitionist.)  12/31 CNN: ARIZONA mother accused of poisoning children on Christmas, stabbing ex-husband. (More madness in 2014!) 5/16 Drudge: Burglar falls asleep in detective’s house. (Rather amusing!)  FLORIDA car thief arrested after crashing car into alligator. (You can’t make these things up!)   THE ECONOMY experiences a significant bounce as the New Year begins.1/2 Reuters: Wall Street jumps at open on fiscal deal. Drudge: Dow up more than 200. CNN: Stocks start 2013 with big gains after fiscal cliff deal. 1/4 CNN: S&P ends week at 5 year high. 1/15 Reuters: Retail sales point to firmer consumer spending. 1/17 Reuters: Housing, labor data provide upbeat signs on economy. 1/18 Drudge: STOCKS HIT 5 YEAR HIGH. 1/22 USA Today: Stocks: Dow, S&P 500 hit NEW 5-YEAR HIGHS. 1/25 NY Times: S&P closes above 1,500. 2/2 BBC News: Dow at 5-year high on jobs data, closes above 14,000. 2/9 Reuters: Stocks end higher for 6th straight week, tech leads. 2/12 Drudge: Stocks rock: Dow hits fresh 5 year high. 2/19 Drudge: Stocks hit new highs! 3/5 NY Times: Dow holds gains, closing at new record. (I’d say this is a BOUNCE!!) 3/6 CNN: Dow extends gains, adding 42 points to close at a new record high, Nasdaq and S&P end little changed. (Keep it up!)Early this year PEACE TREATIES could well be signed, along with welcomed resolve and deep sighs of relief.1/1 Reuters: Top AFGHAN negotiator optimistic over peace prospects. Reuters: NORTH KOREAN leader seeks end to confrontation with SOUTH. 1/8 Reuters: CONGO rebels declare unilateral ceasefire before peace talks. 3/11 Reuters: CONGO to sign peace deal with rebels on March 15. 3/21 BBC News: Kurd rebel leader calls TURKEY truce. 3/23 NY Times: With Obama as broker, ISRAEL and TURKEY end dispute. 4/1 Reuters: KOSOVO and SERBIA near accord to end partition. 4/19 NY Times: SERBIA and KOSOVO reach milestone deal to overcome ethnic enmities. 5/26 BBC News: BURMA debts forgiven by JAPAN. 9/13 CNN: U.S., RUSSIA reach deal on SYRIA chemical weapons.A GREAT MAN held in high esteem leaves the Earth early this year.3/5 CNN: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies at 58 (2nd Saturn Return: Held in high esteem by his people). 3/8 BBC News: Chavez funeral begins in Venezuela attended by about 30 world leaders.  12/5 NY Times: Nelson Mandela, South African icon of peaceful resistance, dies at 95. (I was a year off! I’ve been expecting those people to finally let the GREAT MAN go!)   CYBER-TERRORISM definitely on the rise this year–and dangerous!1/31 NY Times: Hackers in CHINA attacked THE TIMES for past four months. (1/31 My Yahoo account was hacked and I can’t send an email from it!) 2/8 BBC News: Ex-U.S. president Bush emails hacked. 2/19 NY Times: CHINESE Army seen as tied to hacking against U.S. BBC News: Burger King Twitter account hacked. Yahoo: Apple hit by hackers who targeted Facebook. 2/23 BBC News: Hackers attack Microsoft computers. 2/28 Christian Science Monitor: Cyberattack leaves natural gas lines vulnerable to sabotage. 3/3 Drudge/AP: Evernote hacked, 50M passwords reset. 3/12 CNN: Report: Cyberattacks a key threat to U.S. national security. BBC News: Beyonce and Jay-Z finances hacked. Yahoo: Cyber attack cuts access to JP Morgan Chase site. 313 Reuters: Cyber threats against U.S. ‘ramping up,’ says Obama. 3/14 Drudge/the smoking gun: Hacker who defaced Colin Powell’s Facebook page also broke into General’s AOL account. 3/19 Drudge: Hillary hacker outs confidential memos. 3/20 Reuters: Hackers attack South Korea media, banks. 3/21 BBC News: SOUTH KOREA hacked from address in CHINA. 3/27 Drudge: INTERNET hit by ‘biggest attack ever’. 4/4 Drudge: Top Bitcoin site hacked; Price stumbles after buying frenzy. BBC News: Anonymous ‘hacks’ North Korea pages. (Good!)  4/8 Yahoo: Anonymous hacks ISRAEL, ISRAEL hacks back. 4/9 BBC News: U.K. LulzSec hacker pleads guilty. 4/11 CNN: North Korea’s website hacked. (And rightly so!) BBC News: Hacker targets flight deck computer systems. (Highly dangerous, it seems to me.) CNN: Hacker says phone app could hijack plane. 4/12 BBC News: Cyber thieves target Bitcoin owners. 4/15 BBC News: WordPress website targeted by hackers. 4/23 Wall Street Journal: CHINA: Cyberattacks are like nuclear bombs. 4/28 BBC News: Dutchman arrested over huge web attack; detained in Barcelona. 5/3 Science Daily: Cyber-threats require governments and businesses to be ‘cyber-risk intelligent.’ 5/5 Drudge: E Online Twitter account hacked by ‘Syrian Electronic Army,’ posts fake exclusive about Justin Bieber’s sexuality. (Good grief!)  5/7 NY Times: U.S. directly blames CHINA’S military for cyberattacks. 5/9 NY Times: Cyber-thieves looted A.T.M.s for $45M in just hours. (Holy Guacamole!) 5/10 Reuters: GERMANY arrests two Dutch suspected of cyber-crime bank heist. Drudge/CBS Seattle: Over 1M driver’s license, social security numbers accessed when state court’s office hacked. (Ouch!) BBC News: Sex and the City author targeted by ‘Guccifer’ hacker: first 50 pages of new book leaked! 5/13 Reuters: Top U.S. admiral puts cyber security on Navy’s radar. 5/15 Reuters: Napolitano: ATM heist sign of cyber crime scope. 5/17 Reuters: Penitent Romanian hackers aim to protect world’s ATMs. 5/20 NY Times: CHINESE hackers resume attacks on U.S. targets. BBC News: Millions hit in Yahoo JAPAN hack. 5/21 Drudge: CHINESE hackers gained access to database with massive files on U.S. intelligence targets. 5/28 Reuters: CHINESE hackers access major weapons system: Washington Post. BBC News: Hack claims over AUSTRALIA spy headquarters: blueprints. 6/6 Reuters: Microsoft, FBI take aim at cyber crime ring.  6/7 Reuters: Cyber disputes loom large as Obama meets CHINA’S Xi.  6/9 NY Times: U.S. helps allies trying to battle IRANIAN hackers. U.S. and CHINA move closer on climate, but not on cyberespionage. 6/12 CNN: NSA leaker says U.S. hacks CHINA. (Surprise, surprise?) Reuters: NSA chief says U.S. infrastructure highly vulnerable to cyber attack. 6/18 BBC News: Jolie double in U.S. phone hack claim she was hacked to secure info about the actress. 6/21 Reuters: Spyware claims emerge in row over Chinese dissident at NYU. 6/25 BBC News: Cyber attack hits SOUTH KOREA websites. Jake Davis: Freed hacker faces strict tech rules. CHINESE gloating over Snowden case. 6/28 BBC News: IRAN leak probe ‘targets U.S. general’: Leaked info about cyber-attack on Iran’s nuclear program. 7/5 Reuters: AFGHAN Taliban vow attacks over Ramadan after being hacked. 7/15 Drudge: Researchers hack Verizon device, turn it into mobile spy station. 7/16 Reuters: SOUTH KOREA accuses NORTH of cyber attack. 7/17 NY Times: Universities face rising barrage of cyber attacks. 7/19 Drudge: Anonymous hacker posts email addresses, passwords of House and Senate staffers online.  7/23 CNN: Official: Snowden did not get ‘crown jewels.’  7/25 Reuters: Nasdaq, Visa, JCPenny among hacking victims: prosecutors. Drudge/AP: 4 Russians, 1 Ukrainian charged in massive hacking that over 7 years penetrated computer networks in more than a dozen American and international organizations that stole at least $160M in debit and credit card numbers. 7/31 Drudge/Washington Free Beacon: CHINA military preparing for ‘People’s War’ in cyberspace, space: Report reveals high-tech plans for cyber attacks, anti-satellite strikes. 8/4 CNN: Hackers can watch you on your TV. (Ah oh! Put some clothes on!) 8/9 Reuters: Hackers switch to new digital currency after Liberty Reserve. BBC News: Child porn charges for two men, 18, in cyber-bullying death of teen girl in Canada who took her own life.  8/25 Reuters: Ex-Soviet hackers play large role in cyber crime. 8/27 BBC News: CHINA hit by ‘biggest’ cyber attack. 8/28 CNN: NY Times website down. Syria to blame? 8/31 Washington Post: Secret document details U.S. war in cyberspace. 9/7 Drudge: Men hacked bank accounts, records, information from Police National computer. 9/14 Drudge: Argentinian teen ‘super hacker’ arrested over online scams. 9/17 Reuters: Hacker group found in CHINA, linked to big cyberattacks: Symantec. 9/19 Drudge: BRAZILIAN hackers confuse NASA with NSA in revenge attack. (Not too sharp!)  9/20 BBC News: Cyber-blackmailers abusing hundreds of UK children. 9/21 Drudge: Drone Wars: CHINESE hackers target AMERICAN technology. 8.22 Reuters: Hackers offered cash, booze to crack iPhone fingerprint security. BBC News: Apple fingerprint ID ‘hacked.’ 9/26 BBC News: Michelle Obama’s ID hacked: Hackers stole millions of social security numbers by cracking the networks of large U.S. data brokers. 10/3 Drudge: IRAN’S cyber chief killed in ‘horrific incident,’ ‘internal dispute,’ Israel speculates: Assassination.  10/4 CNN: Adobe says hackers accessed data for 2.9M customers. 10/9 Drudge: Snowden leaks caused ‘greatest damage to western security in history.’ BBC News: Blackhole malware exploit kit suspect arrested in RUSSIA. 10/16 BBC News: Dexter payment card malware strikes SOUTH AFRICA: One of the biggest cyber-fraud attacks in its history. 10/30 BBC News: Adobe hack: At least 38M accounts breached. (Yikes!) 11/3 Drudge: Hackers deface dozens of websites in AUSTRALIA, PHILIPPINES. 11/4 BBC News: ‘Anonymous Indonesia’ attacks AUSTRALIA websites.  11/5 Drudge: Limo firm hack exposes credit card numbers of 1,000,000 customers: Politicians and celebs. 11/8 BBC News: ‘Lover Spy’ hacker makes FBI’s ‘most wanted’ list. (If you need to spy on your lover, find another!) 11/14 CNN: Hackers attack Obamacare site. (As if they aren’t having enough problems?)  Reuters: Microsoft’s new Cybercrime Center combines tactics against hacking groups. Drudge: FBI: Cyber-attacks surpass terrorism as major domestic threat. 11/16 Reuters: FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers.  11/24 Drudge: NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software. 11/25 Drudge: Vermont confirms health website security breach. 12/3 Reuters: Trove of Adobe user data found on Web after breach: security firm. Drudge: Hackers: No security ever built into Obamacare site. 12/4 BBC News: 2M stolen Facebook, Google, and Yahoo passwords dumped online. 12/8 Drudge: The FBI can secretly activate individual’s webcam. (Good where criminals are concerned, but not otherwise.)  12/14 Drudge: HACK UPDATE: SSNs, Bank accounts stolen from 104,179 Energy Dept employees.  (Not so Merry Christmas?)  12/15 NY Times: Officials say U.S. may never know extent of SNOWDEN’S leaks: Not equipped with software to monitor employees. (Not too smart spy agency: Better change that or another “Snowden” is likely to mysteriously appear, hopefully not with Santa and his reindeers.)  12/19 CNN: Target: 40M credit cards compromised. (Visa? Discover? American Express? Or just Target?) Kate Middleton’s phone hacked. Drudge: FBI very worried: Cryptolocker Ransomware described as ‘The Perfect Crime.’ 12/22 Drudge/NBC: Chase limits debit card use for customers at risk in Target breach. (Crappy thieves!)  Target faces lawsuits, state probes after customer data breach. (All stores need top security.) 12/24 BBC News: Cryptolocker Ransomware has ‘infected about 250,000 PCs.’ (Which is why I’ll be buying an Apple desktop this spring.) 12/29 Reuters: Exclusive: Hacker took over BBC server, tried to ‘sell’ access on Christmas Day.  Drudge/CBS: Websites now selling credit, debit card information stolen in Target breach. (I’m glad I didn’t shop at Target then.) 1/3: It is my sense that LINCOLN will win the Oscar(I was wrong!), along with Daniel Day Lewis as Best Actor in the title role(I was right!). He was brilliant and the makeup was amazing! The picture will glean many Academy Awards.1/9 BBC News: LINCOLN leads Bafta nominations. 1/10 Drudge: LINCOLN leads Oscars with 12 nods. CNN: Daniel Day Lewis nominated for Best Actor. Tommy Lee Jones for Best Supporting Actor. Sally Fields for Best Supporting Actress. Steven Spielberg for Best Director. NY Times: LINCOLN gets 12 nominations to lead Oscar field. 1/15 Golden Globes: Daniel Day Lewis receives the Golden Globe for Best Actor for LINCOLN. SAG award for Best Actor to Daniel Day Lewis for LINCOLN. 2/11 Drudge: Daniel Day Lewis wins Best Actor for LINCOLN at BAFTA awards. 2/25 CNN: Daniel Day Lewis wins Best Actor for LINCOLN. (I just knew it! But wrong about Best Picture!) BBC New: Day-Lewis makes Oscar history: First person to win Best Actor 3 times.DECEPTION in HIGH PLACES becomes exposed in the bright light of day!1/16 All Media: Cyclist Lance Armstrong admits to Oprah that he doped to win races. 1/17 CNN: Lance Armstrong stripped of Olympic bronze medal. 1/18 CNN: Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin indicted on corruption charges: bribery, money laundering, fraud and filling false tax returns. 1/24 Reuters: Red flags revealed in filings of firm linked to Caterpillar fraud. 1/25 Reuters: SOUTH KOREA reveals $1B IRAN money fraud through Korean-American businessman. Apple labor audits find underage workers. (But how else are people supposed to eat in those countries?) 2/5 NY Times: U.S. accuses S&P of fraud in suit on loan bundles. 2/20 NY Times: A dazzling priest’s lurid fall to drug suspect, Msgr. Kevin Wallin in Connecticut, charged with dealing in methamphetamine. 3/5 CNN: Fake bishop busted and booted from Vatican. (Strange!) 3/15 Drudge/AP: 5 convicted of inventing movie to hide tax fraud of bilking public of 2.8M pounds. 4/29 Yahoo/NY Times: CIA gave bags of cash to AFGHAN leader: “Ghost money” ended up fueling warlords. 4/30 BBC News: Spanish doctor Fuentes convicted over cyclist doping: Accused of running one of the world’s largest doping rings, sentenced to one year in prison. 5/4 Drudge: NY Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. indicted again: Previously charged with soliciting bribes to pay his legal bills in an unrelated corruption trial, wire fraud charges stemming from alleged abuse of per diem requests, and charged again. (Abe Lincoln said, ‘There’s no such thing as an honest politician!’) 5/25 Reuters: Guatemalan ex-president extradited to U.S. on money laundering charges. 5/29 NY Times: Online security exchange Liberty Reserve accused of laundering $6B. 6/10 CNN: Hero vs. traitor:  Edward Snowden admits he’s behind one of the biggest leaks in U.S. history, exposing top-secret program that collects phone and internet data: He’s a ‘defector.’ Drudge: Snooping revelations cause trouble for allies. (Like no one else snoops? Please!) Snooping concerns emerge over Congressional blackberries serviced by Verizon. 6/14 CNN: Convicted U.S. spy: ‘Snowden is doomed.’ CNN: Above the law: America’s worst charities: The Breast Cancer Society, Cancer Fund of America, Children’s Cancer Fund of America, Kids Wish Network, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU DONATE MONEY TO! 6/23 NY Times: NSA leaker Edward J. Snowden leaves Hong Kong, local officials say, traveling on Russia’s Aeroflot on a one way ticket to Moscow. (I call that a traitor!) 6/27 Drudge/Washington Free Beacon: U.S. officials: CHINA, RUSSIA gained access to Snowden’s secrets on his laptops. 7/1 NY Times: Job title key to inner access held by Snowden. (Shame on him!)  Deception in low places: NY food stamp recipients shipping welfare-funded groceries to relatives in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti. (So our tax dollars are feeding the world?)  7/22 NY Times: Former baseball MVP Ryan Braun linked to doping, suspended for rest. 7/30 CNN: Rehab racket: Frauds, felons and fakes in California. 8/4 CNN: ‘It was hiding in plain sight.’ Widespread fraud in rehab program in CALIFORNIA. 8/16 Drudge: Mingo judge arrested on federal charge: He planted drugs on the husband of his ex-lover! (Clever or stupid?) 9/17 Reuters: Berlusconi postpones message on future after tax conviction. U.S. indicts ex-traders in JPMorgan ‘London Whale’ scandal. 9/23 NY Times: Former FBI agent to plead guilty to leaking information to the A.P. about a foiled bomb plot in Yemen last year.  9/25 Reuters: ‘Massive fraud’ at center of trial against Bank of America over U.S. mortgages. (No BofA for me.)  11/5 NY Times: SAC Capital agrees to plead guilty to insider trading. 12/19 Reuters: TOKYO governor resigns over money scandal. Drudge: NYC autopsy: FLORIDA mega-church pastor who died in NYC hotel room overdosed on cocaine and heroin. (High Hypocrisy.) AMAZING DISCOVERIES reveal riches beyond measure.3/14 BBC News: UK Seabed Resources joins deep-ocean mineral mining rush.  9/9 Drudge: Rare golden treasure found in Jerusalem: 2 bundles containing 36 gold coins from Byzantine era, gold and silver jewelry, gold medallion with menorah during Hebrew University excavations at foot of Temple Mount.  9/10 Mail Online: Incredible skeletal remains of Catholic saints still dripping in gems and jewelry discovered by ‘Indiana Bones’ explorer. 9/26 CNN: Mysterious cache of jewels turns up for climber atop French glacier: Worth between $175,000 and $331,600. (Not bad!)   GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE continues at a startling pace, bringing dramatic changes all around the planet.1/5 NBC-TV: 2012 warmest year on record. 1/7 Science Daily: Future sea level rise from melting ice sheets may be substantially greater than IPCC estimates.  1/8 Yahoo: U.S. roasts to hottest year on record by landslide. 1/12 Science Daily: Salinization of rivers: A global environmental problem. 1/13 Earth Changes Media: Global warming experts ‘reverse’ decision: Now say Sun major cause. (But what about all the industry and cars? Has to account for something!)  CNN: U.S. great lakes getting lower and lower, posing problems for shipping and tourist industries in the region. 1/15 Science Daily: Global warming has increased monthly heat records worldwide by a factor of five, study finds. AND Arctic Sea ice decline and ice export between Greenland and Svalbard.  1/16 CNN: 2012 is 10th warmest for world since 1880: Extreme heat, drought ravage MIDWEST. Science Daily: Where there’s smoke or smog there’s climate change. Iconic beach resorts may not survive sea level rises. 1/18 Science Daily: In the eastern U.S. spring flowers keep pace with warming climate, blooming up to a month earlier. 1/19 Science Daily: Severe climate jeopardizing Amazon forest. 1/20 Science Daily: Heatwaves, storms, flooding: Climate change to profoundly affect U.S. Midwest in coming decades.  1/23 BBC News: Massive melting of Andes glaciers. 1/24 Science Daily: Loss of Arctic sea ice speeds domino effect of warming temperatures at high latitudes. 1/28 Science Daily: Cities affect temperatures for thousands of miles. 1/30 Science Daily: More severe flu seasons due to climate change.  2/1 Science Daily: Virus study may signal trouble for animal populations facing climate change. 2/4 Science Daily: Extreme rainfall linked to global warming. 2/14 Science Daily: Arctic Ocean on thin ice: European satellite confirms numbers. 2/22 Science Daily: Caves point to thawing in Siberia: Thaw in Siberia’s permafrost may accelerate global warming. 3/2 Science Daily: Volcanic aerosols, not pollutants, tamped down recent Earth warming. Asian dust affects California rainfall. 3/6 Science Daily: More storms like Sandy? Arctic ice loss amplified Superstorm Sandy violence. Global warming will open unexpected new shipping routes in Arctic, researchers find. 3/8 NY Times: Global temperatures highest in 4,000 years. AP: Heat spike unlike anything in 11,000 years. (How about industry and cars? Chariots didn’t pollute.) CNN: Long term study: Global warming epic. 3/11 Science Daily: Amplified greenhouse effect shaping North into South. 3/12 Science Daily: Earth warmer today than during 70-80% of the last 11,300 years. 3/24 Reuters: Global warming a boon to archeology:A pre-Viking woolen tunic found beside a thawing glacier in south Norway shows how global warming is proving something of a boon for archaeologists, scientists said. 3/25 BBC News: Prof Sir John Beddington warns of floods, droughts and storms. 3/27 Discovery News: Arctic ice melt linked to chilly spring. 4/1 Science Daily: New models predict drastically greener Arctic in coming decades. BBC News: Melt ’causes Antarctic sea ice rise.’ 4/9 Science Daily: Dramatic retreat of the Andean Glaciers over the last 30 years. 4/12 Science Daily: Arctic nearly free of summer sea ice. Hot summers in last decades unseen for centuries. 4/13 Science Daily: Carbon dioxide removal can lower costs of climate protection. 4/15 Science Daily: Cutting specific pollutants would slow sea level rise, research indicates. 4/16 Reuters: Scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown. 4/22 Science Daily: Earth’s current warmth not seen in last 1,400 years or more. 4/27 Science Daily: Sea surface temperatures reach highest levels in 150 years on Northeast Continental Shelf. 4/29 Real Science: Second coldest start to spring in U.S. history. Drudge/Science News: ‘We could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years’ RUSSIAN scientists claim. 4/29 Science Daily: Plants can moderate climate warming, new research shows. (But can plants stop global cooling?) 5/6 BBC News: Arctic Ocean ‘acidifying rapidly’ because of carbon dioxide emissions. 5/7 Science Daily: Climate change, not human activity, led to megafauna extinction. 5/10 Science Daily: Ice-free Arctic may be in our future, international researchers say. NY Times: Carbon dioxide level passes long-feared milestone: The level of the most important heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, has passed a long-feared milestone, scientists reported on Friday, reaching a concentration not seen on the earth for millions of years.(Industry and automobiles!) 5/11 NY Times: Heat-trapping gas passes milestone, raising fears. Science Daily: Carbon dioxide at NOAA’s Mauna Loa Observatory reaches new milestone: Tops 400 parts per million. BBC News: Climate shifts birds’ winter home. 5/12 BBC News: Scientists call for action to tackle CO2 levels. (Get rid of coal, oil and gas for industry and automobiles. ALLOW alternative fuels and motors that work off the air. Get over your GREED.) 5/13 Science Daily: Climate change will cause widespread global-scale loss of common plants and animals, researchers predict. 5/14 Science Daily: Scientists find extensive glacial retreat in Mount Everest region. 5/17 Science Daily: World’s melting glaciers making large contribution to sea rise. (Isn’t that obvious?) World’s biggest ice sheets likely more stable than previously believed. AND for a curtain call: Scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change: Human caused. (Precisely my beliefs: Industry and automobiles.) 5/19 NY Times: Climate Change, Growing Louder: Pressure on President Obama to deliver on his pledges to limit this country’s greenhouse gas emissions. 5/20 NY Times: Wells dry, fertile plains turn to dust in Kansas. 5/24 Earth Changes Media: Earth’s mantle affects long term sea level rise estimates. 5/27 Reuters: American’s frogs and toads disappearing fast, study warns. 5/29 Science Daily: Ancient plants reawaken: Plants exposed by retreating glaciers re-growing after centuries entombed under ice. 5/31 Science Daily: Climate change threatens extinction of 82% of California native fish. Century old ocean data provides further confirmation of global warming. 6/1 Science Daily: Elevated carbon dioxide making arid regions greener. 6/7 Science Daily: Stalagmites provide new view of abrupt climate events over 100,000 years. 6/10 Reuters: Global carbon emissions hit record high in 2012. 6/14 Science Daily: Warm ocean drives most Antarctic ice shelf loss. 6/15 Science Daily: Dramatic loss in snowfall for Los Angeles area mountains predicted. 6/28 Drudge: All time HIGH TEMPS could be smashed. FREAK HEAT: Phoenix set for 116. 7/3 Science Daily: Greenhouse gas likely altering ocean food chain: Atmospheric CO2 has big consequences for tiny bacteria.  BBC News: Antarctic flood produces ice crater: Scientists have seen evidence of a colossal flood under Antarctica that drained six billion tons of water, possibly straight to the ocean. 7/6 Science Daily: Limiting global warming is not enough: But if we are to stop the rising sea levels, ocean acidification and the loss of production from agriculture, CO emissions will have to fall even more sharply. 7/8 Science Daily: Deserts ‘greening’ from rising carbon dioxide; Green foliage boosted around world’s arid regions. Even slight temperature increases causing tropical forests to bloom. Environmental researchers at Harvard University have published evidence that significant reductions in mercury emissions will be necessary just to stabilize current levels of the toxic element in the environment.  7/10 Science Daily: Wildfires may contribute more to global warming than previously predicted. 7/11 Science Daily: Huge iceberg breaks away from Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica. The Sounds of Silence: Melting iceberg creates surprising ocean din. Discovery News: Deep oceans warming at alarming rate. Air pollution responsible for more than 2M deaths worldwide each year, experts estimate. 7/16 Science Daily: Scientists outline long-term sea level rise in response to warming of planet. 7/23 Science Daily: Sea level rise: New iceberg theory points to areas at risk of rapid disintegration. Climate threatens food security in Pacific Islands. 7/24 BBC News: Scientists say the release of large amounts of methane from thawing permafrost in the ARCTIC could have huge impacts for the world. 7/25 CNN: Climate sticker shock: ARCTIC thaw could cost $60 trillion. (Whoa!) 7/30 Science Daily: Global warming endangers South American water supply. 7/31 Science Daily: Planetary ‘runaway greenhouse’ more easily triggered, research shows.  8/2 BBC News: Rise in violence ‘linked to climate.’ (Really???)  Science Daily: Arctic: Sea ice loss disrupting wildlife. Climate change likely fueling extreme wildfires. 8/10 Science Daily: Ozone hole might slightly warm planet, computer model suggests. 8/12 Science Daily: Greenland ice is melting–even from below: Heat flow from mantle contributes to ice melt. 8/13 Drudge/CNS News: What global warming? Data confirms Earth in cooling trend. 8/16 Science Daily: Heat waves to become much more frequent and severe. (Warming? Cooling? Which is it?) 8/23 Science Daily: Sea ice decline spurs the greening of the Arctic. 8/30 Science Daily: On warming Antarctic Peninsula, moss and microbes reveal unprecedented ecological change.  8/31 Science Daily: Sea level rise drives shoreline retreat in Hawaii. 9/2 Science Daily: Spread of crop pests threatens global food security as Earth warms. 9/7 Drudge: Mystery: Softball chunks of ice fall from sky on 80 degree day in BROOKLYN. Science Daily: West Antarctic ice sheet existed 20M years earlier than previously thought. (So who remembered? Past life recall?)  9/8 Telegraph: Global Warming? No, actually we’re cooling, claim scientists: Cold Arctic summer has led to record increase in ice cap. (Sorry, Al.)  9/11 BBC News: Arctic winter ice volume ‘hits new low.’ 9/12 Science Daily: Global Warming: An unprecedented threat to Peru’s cloud forest. BBC News: 5-fold rise in U.K. landslides; December 2012: 75: Linked to heavy rainfall. 9/13 Science Daily: Hottest days in some part of Europe have warmed four times more than global average.  9/15 Drudge/Climate Depot: Earth gains record amount of sea ice in 2013: ‘Earth has gained 19,000 Manhattans of ice since this date last year, the largest increase on record. (Sorry, Al.)  9/16 Earth Changes Media: New research indicates warming ocean cause of melting. (But what is warming the ocean?) 9/23 Science Daily: Arctic Sea ice minimum in 2013 6th lowest on record. BBC News: Human role in warming more certain:Scientists are more certain than ever that greenhouse gases from human activities are heating the planet, the head of the U.N.’s climate panel says.(Ever my position! Never before in recorded history have there been so many humans and so many industries on planet Earth.) 9/27 CNN: It’s us: U.N. climate change report points blame at humans. 10/9 Science Daily: Terrestrial ecosystems at risk of major shift as temperatures increase. 10/14 BBC News: Scientists say warming makes El Nino ‘more intense.’ 10/25 Science Daily: Unprecedented Arctic warming: Average summer temperatures in last 100 years may be warmest in 120,000 years. 10/30 CNN: Report: Climate change may pose threat to economic growth. Drudge: 3 confirmed dead in ARIZONA dust storm collision on I-10. Science Daily: Melting Arctic sea ice could increase summer rainfall in Northwest Europe, suggests new study. 11/1 Science Daily: Is global heating hiding out in the oceans? Parts of Pacific warming 15 times faster than in past 10,000 years. (Yikes!) Geoengineering the climate could reduce vital rains. (So stop the chem trails, please!)  11/2 NY Times: Climate change seen posing risk to food supplies. (No big surprise.) Science Daily: Rising temperatures challenge Salt Lake City’s water supply. 11/3 Drudge/Washington Times: Obama orders government to prepare for impact of global warming. (About time!)  11/6 BBC News: Concentrations of warming gases break records:According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), atmospheric CO2 grew more rapidly last year than its average rise over the past decade; Concentrations of methane and nitrous oxide also broke previous records. 11/11 Drudge/Climate Depot: In wake of Typhoon Haiyan, actor George Clooney declares global warming skeptics to be ‘stupid’ and ‘ridiculous’ on video. 11/12 Science Daily: Global precipitation linked to global warming. (DUH!) 11/13 BBC News: WMO: Typhoon Haiyan is climate ‘wake up call’: 2013 likely among the warmest on record.  11/14 CNN: CO2 causing oceans to acidify at ‘unprecedented’ rate, scientists warn. (Greed in producing fossil fuels and chemicals is killing our planet!) Science Daily: Expert assessment: Ocean acidification may increase 170% this century. (Ye gods! Our planet is being destroyed!!!)  Science Daily: Island biodiversity in danger of total submersion with climate change. 11/16 Drudge: JAPAN draws fire by dramatically slashing commitment to greenhouse gases. (And what about Fukushima’s radiations contamination?) 11/25 Science Daily: Even if emissions stop, carbon dioxide could warm Earth for centuries.  11/26 Science Daily: Arctic seafloor methane releases double previous estimates. 11/27 Reuters: CALIFORNIA water woes hit hard in driest year on record. Science Daily: The lingering clouds: Why pollution results in larger storm clouds, colder days, warmer nights. 12/4 Science Daily: More extreme weather events likely: Climate projections of unparalleled accuracy for the whole of Europe. First global snapshot of key coral reef fishes: Fishing has reduced vital seaweed eaters by more than 50%.  Tipping points: Where may abrupt impacts from Climate Change occur?  (Are the world governments too late in trying to change things? Chem-trails are not going to do!)  Arctic study shows key marine food web species at risk from increasing carbon dioxide. 12/6 Science Daily: NEW JERSEY SHORE likely faces unprecedented flooding by mid-century. Sea level rise to drive coastal flooding, regardless of change in cyclone activity. 12/8 Drudge/Daily Star: Climate Change Warning: Killer winter storms for next 30 years: Freezes, floods and heatwaves. (Extreme weather.) 12/17 Science Daily: Global warming: Four degree rise will end vegetation ‘carbon sink,’ research suggests. NCAR: How much has temperature risen in last 100 years: 1.53 degrees F. BBC News: Cattle top global livestock emitters of greenhouse gases. 12/21 Drudge/Real Science: 2013 finishes one of coldest years in U.S. history, with largest drop in temperature.  12/23 Discovery News: Liquid water beneath Greenland may swell sea level. (Think twice about purchasing oceanfront property, please!) ASTRONOMICAL WONDERS continue to unfold with new worlds discovered and ready to explore. 1/2 CNN: Volcanoes on Venus? New clues, and mysteries, about Earth’s boiling twin. 1/3 Yahoo: 100 Billion alien planets fill our Milky Way Galaxy. (Fantastic!) Science Daily: Astrophysicists make stellar discovery about galaxies far, far away.  1/7 Science Daily: 15 new planets hint at ‘traffic jam’ of moons in habitable zone. (WOW!) :Added to the 19 similar planets already discovered in habitable zones, where the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water, the new finds suggest there may be a ‘traffic jam’ of all kinds of strange worlds in regions that could potentially support life. (How about that?!) 1/8 Science Daily: At least one in six stars has an Earth-sized planet, analysis finds. (And how many species inhabit those planets? WOW!)  NASA’s Kepler discovers 461 new planet candidates. BBC News: Kepler telescope: Earth-sized planets ‘number 17B’. 1/9 Earth Changes Media: Evidence of recent starbursts in the Milky Way Galactic Center. 1/10 Science Daily: Life possible on Extrasolar moons. (Fly me to the moon…!)  1/11 Science Daily: Biggest structure in Universe: Large quasar group 4B light years across. 1/18 US News: European Space Agency discovers ‘striking’ ancient river on Mars nearly 1,000 miles long and 1,000 miles deep in parts. 1/21 Discovery News: Alien life and Exoplanets: Earth-sized alien worlds orbit 1 in 6 stars. Super-Earth discovered in star’s habitable zone. Jupiter is undergoing massive, global changes. (Jupiter is Earth’s protector!) 1/23 Science Daily: Betelgeuse braces for collision: Red supergiant star to crash into dusty wall. 2/7 Science Daily: Earth-size planets may be right next door, Kepler data suggests. 2/17 Drudge: Jupiter’s moon Europa ‘likeliest to have life.’ 2/21 Science Daily: NASA’s Kepler mission discovers tiny planet system: Smallest planet yet found around a star similar to our Sun. (So would we appear as giants to them?)  3/1 Science Daily: NASA’s Van Allen probes reveal new radiation belt around Earth.  3/9 MailOnline: The calm before the solar storm? NASA warns ‘something unexpected is happening to the Sun.’ (Yikes!) 3/12 Science Daily: Closest star system found since 1916. 3/13 Science Daily: Earth-sized planets in habitable zone more common than previously thought. Pluto may have 10 more undiscovered moons, study suggests. 3/15 Science Daily: Distant planetary system is a super-sized solar system viewed through spectrograph Osiris. Giant alien planet in supersized solar system may solve mystery.  3/26 Science Daily: Speed of light may not be fixed, scientists suggest: Ephemeral vacuum particles induce speed of light fluctuations. (How about that?) 4/10 Black hole caught snacking on ‘Super Jupiter’ planet. 4/11 Yahoo: Nuclear fusion rocket could reach MARS in 30 days. (Wow!) 4/11 CNN: NASA shoots for asteroid, new manned missions. (About time!) 4/17 Huge new radio telescope pinpoints ancient star-forming galaxies. 4/18 CNN: 3 new planets found are some of best candidates so far for habitable worlds outside our solar system. (Wow!) NY Times: 2 good places to live, light years away:Astronomers working with NASA’s Kepler mission said Thursday that a pair of newly discovered planets in the constellation Lyra appear capable of supporting life. 4/19 Science Daily: 3 SUPER EARTH-sized planets found in habitable zone: 2 of the newly discovered planets orbit a star smaller and cooler than the Sun. (How cool is it?)  4/26 Russian cargo spacecraft successful docks to Space Station.  5/1 ‘Adopt an Alien plant’ campaign launches today. NASA to pay $70M a seat to fly astronauts on Russian spacecraft. (Would our shuttles be cheaper…or cost more?) 5/4 Science Daily: New kind of cosmic flash may reveal birth of black hole. 5/8 Discovery News: Weird geological features found on MARS. 5/9 Science Daily: Astronomers discover surprising clutch of hydrogen clouds lurking among our Galactic neighbors. 5/10 Earth Changes Media: Dear stars ‘polluted’ with planetary debris: Signs of Earth-like planets found. CNN: International Space Station crew plans space walk to fix leak. CNN: 78,000 applicants for one way trip to Mars. (Stop the world, I want to get off!) 5/11 Science Daily: Sifting through atmosphere of far-off worlds: More than 800 confirmed exoplanets that orbit stars beyond our sun. 5/12 Earth Changes Media: Spacewalking astronauts hopeful new pump fixes Space Station leak. 5/13 Drudge/Variety: First music video from space? Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings ‘Space Oddity.’ 5/13 After last-minute spacewalk fix, it’s wait and see on Space Station. 5/14 Earth Changes Media: New method of finding planets scores its first discovery. 5/15 Einstein’s plant: New alien world revealed by relativity. (Cool! Neat! Groovy!) 5/16 Science Daily: Asteroid 1993 QE2 to sail past Earth 9 time larger than cruise ship. 5/18 Earth Changes Media: Watch the biggest explosion ever seen on the Moon: impact. Science Daily: South Africa’s new radio telescope reveals giant outbursts from binary star system. 5/19 CNN: Bright explosion on moon visible from Earth, NASA says. 5/26 Mail Online: Will astronauts LIVE on the Moon by 2020? NASA report predicts private firms will travel to the lunar surface. 5/30 CNN: Asteroid flying by Earth has its own moon. 6/3 Never before seen alien planet imaged directly in new photo: 4-5x more massive than Jupiter. (WOW!)  6/5 Earth Changes Media: Multiverse or Universe, physicists debate? (Multiverse and alternate realities, I say!) 6/6 Earth Changes Media: Planets found by Kepler spacecraft likely larger than thought. 6/7 Science Daily: Astronomers gear up to discover Earth-like planets. 6/12 BBC News: Ice hovercraft tracks seen on Mars. (ET is home!) 6/12 New variable star found shining in a cluster 7,000 light years away. Ancient MARS had component key to life, meteorite reveals. 6/13 Science Daily: NASA’s Chandra turns up black hole bonanza in galaxy next door: Andromeda! 6/15 BBC News: Albert Einstein freighter docks with space station. 6/16 Smithsonian Magazine: On Venus it snows metal. 6/18 Earth Changes Media: NASA’s Chandra turns un Black Hole Bonanza in galaxy next door. 6/20 Earth Changes Media: MARS had oxygen-rich atmosphere 400M years ago. RUSSIA may land probe on JUPITER’S moon Ganymede with Europe’s help. (Wow!) 6/21 Science Daily: How did a 3rd radiation belt appear in the Earth’s upper atmosphere and then completely disappear? 6/24 Facebook/io9: Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn’t exist: The galaxy is so large, so fully formed, astronomers say it shouldn’t exist. (Divine Mind can be exceedingly clever and CREATIVE.)  6/25 Science Daily: Three planets in habitable zone of nearby star – Gliese 667c: Super Earths. (Hello, Space Brothers!)  6/26 ‘Nuclear pasta’ in neutron stars: New type of matter found. 3 CHINESE astronauts land after record-breaking spaceflight. Science Daily: 10,000th near Earth object discovered in space. (Why not more?) Technique to promote nerve regeneration after spinal cord injury restores bladder function in rats. (Excellent!) 1 in 5 students in grade 7-12 say they have had a traumatic brain injury in their lifetime. (Most unfortunate!) CNN: Researchers: Newly found planets may support life. (You bet they do!) 6/28 Reuters: NASA launches solar telescope. 7/1 Asteroid miners to use 3-D printer for space telescopes. CHINA’S spaceflight success sets stage for big Space Station. 7/11 Earth Changes Media: Astronomers witness birth of Milky Way’s most massive star. Microgravity memory tests for granular materials suggests landing on asteroids may cause long distance avalanches. (Wow! It ain’t Hollywood!) 7/16 Science Daily: Hubble finds new NEPTUNE moon: Smallest known moon in the Neptunian system. 7/21 mother nature network: Black holes are ‘portals to other universes,’ according to new quantum results. (I’ve always thought so! About time they figured that out!)  7/27 Science Daily: NASA’s Van Allen probes discover particle accelerator in the heart of Earth’s radiation belts. 7/29 Drudge/Space: Spacecraft sees giant ‘hole’ in Sun, video. Earth Changes Media: New finding suggests stream of charged particles connect Solar System with Galactic Center. (Doesn’t surprise me!) 8/7 Science Daily: Astronomers image lowest mass exoplanet around Sun-like star. 8/9 Mail Online: Pink alien planet is smallest yet to be photographed with an orbit around a sun: 4 times the mass of Jupiter and its star can be seen without a telescope in the constellation of Virgo. (Wow!) 8/11 Science Daily: On the trial of dark energy: Physicists propose Higgs Boson ‘Portal.’ 8/30 Science Daily: NASA’s Chandra Observatory catches giant black hole rejecting material. (Hmm!) 9/4 Science Daily: Blue light observations indicate water rich atmosphere of Super Earth Gliese 1214b. 9/7 Science Daily: Interstellar winds buffering our Solar System have changed directions. (Thank God!) 9/16 Science Daily: Scientists discover cosmic factory for making building blocks of life. 9/18 New private Cygnus spacecraft launches to Space Station today. Cygnus vs. Dragon: How 2 private spaceships stack up. (The Amazing Race for Space!)  9/22 USA Today: Radiation makes Mars mission unlikely; NASA would have to knowingly expose astronauts to lethal levels of radiation. (Now why do you think the ETs live underground on Mars?)  9/22 The moon is 100M years younger than thought. (Theory and guessing games, in my opinion.)  9/24 Science Daily: Enormous catalog of more than 300,000 nearby galaxies. (Wow!)  9/27 Number of confirmed alien planets nears 1,000.  9/30 Science Daily: Astronauts practice launching in NASA’s new Orion spacecraft. Commercial cargo craft arrives at International Space Station: Canadarm2 captures Cygnus. (One of my clients worked on Cygnus. Hooray!)  BBC News: NASA plans first 3D printer space launch in 2014: To help astronauts manufacture spare parts and tools in zero gravity. (WOW!) 10/5 Science Daily: Astronomers discover large ‘hot’ cocoon around small baby star. 10/7 Quick fusion-powered trip to Mars no fantasy, scientists say. 10/10 Science Daily: A strange lonely planet found without a star.  10/16 Discovery News: First ‘habitable zone’ galactic bulge exoplanet found: There may be life-giving exomoons in tow!  10/22 BBC News: Exoplanet tally soars above 1,000; of these, 12 could be habitable. (Hooray!)  10/31 Science Daily: Lava world baffles astronomers: Planet Kepler-78B ‘shouldn’t exist.’ (Divine Mind holds lots of surprises!) 11/3 Reuters: Planet hunters find Earth-like twin beyond the solar system.  11/4 NY Times: Cosmic census finds billions of planet that could be like Earth. (You bet!) 11/5 Reuters: 1 in 5 Milky Way stars hosts potentially life-friendly Earths: 10 billion! Hello Space Brothers! Science Daily: Physicist discovers Black Holes in globular star clusters. upsetting 40 years of theory: Could there be ripples in Spacetime?  (The Cosmos has lots of surprises!) 12/1 Reuters: CHINA launching Jade Rabbit, first lunar rover mission, to the Moon.  BBC News: INDIA probe begins 300 day journey to MARS. (I wonder what the aliens think of these missions? Landing party?) 12/4 Signs of water found on 5 alien planets by Hubble Telescope. (I love Hubble! Hello Space Brothers!) 12/6 Science Daily: Astronomers discover planet that shouldn’t be there: 11x the mass of Jupiter, unlike anything in our solar system. 12/9 Elusive dark matter may have already been found.  12/12 Science Daily: Hubble space telescopes sees evidence of water vapor venting off Jupiter moon Europa. 12/20 Drudge: Robot chats with astronaut on Space Station.MEDICAL ADVANCEMENT continues to prove astonishing and life-saving, especially in the areas of STEM CELL research and various applications for healing that involve GENE THERAPY.1/4 Science Daily: Stem cell technology could help harness patient’s own immune cells to fight disease. Cancer specific killer T-cells created from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).  1/6 BBC News: Totally blind mice get sight back by injections of light-sensing cells into the eyes. (Fantastic!) 1/11 Science Daily: Stem cells heel damaged artery in lab study. 1/22 Science Daily: ‘Quadruple Helix’ DNA found in human cells. (Of course!) 1/23 Science Daily: Immune cells engineered in lab to resist HIV infection. 1/25 Drudge/CBS: Stanford Researchers create HIV-resistant cells, may lead to gene therapy able to stop the virus that causes AIDS. (Thank God!) Science Daily: Stem cell therapy to repair damaged knee cartilage. 2/5 Science Daily: 3-D printing breakthrough with human embryonic stem cells.  2/8 Drudge/nature: Small molecule drug drives cancer cells to suicide: Studies in mice show drug is effective even in hard to treat brain tumors. Cells forged from human skin show promise in treating Multiple Sclerosis, myelin disorders. 2/9 Science Daily: Paralyzed man uses thought alone to control robot arm, touch friend’s hand, after 7 years. 2/11 Science Daily: Rheumatoid arthritis prevented in mice: Infusion of regulatory T-cells turn off autoimmune attack on joints. Stem cell breakthrough could lead to new bone repair therapies on nanoscale surfaces. Type 1 diabetes cured in dogs, study suggests. 2/18 Science Daily: Discovery in HIV may solve efficiency problem for gene therapy. 2/19 Science Daily: FDA approves first retinal implant for adults with rare genetic eye disease. Stem cell based bioartificial tissues and organs. 2/21 Science Daily: Using 3-D printing and injectable molds, bioengineered ears look and act like the real thing.  Bracelet-like device controls chronic acid reflux. (Good one!) 3/3 MailOnline: Spock lands on Earth…and he’s just 15: Jack Andraka of Maryland, Boy Genius who invented early test for pancreatic cancer is now on the verge of creating “Star Trek Tricorder” to diagnose 15 illnesses in 30 patients in 3 days! (Fantastic!) Daily News: Early signs for HIV cure ‘promising’ as Danish scientists begin tests on animals. 3/4 Yahoo: Scientists: Baby born with HIV cured: Could be the world’s second reported cure. (FANTASTIC AND WONDERFUL!) CNN: 2-year-old ‘functionally cured’ of HIV. 3/9 Los Angeles Times: Man has 75% of skull replaced with 3-D printed implant! (Wow!) 3/10 Science Daily: Signaling molecule may help stem cells focus on making bone despite age, disease. 3/11 Science Daily: Nanoparticles loaded with bee venom kill HIV. (What about bee allergies?) 3/20 Science Daily: New Nanomedicine resolves inflammation, promotes tissue healing.  3/21 NY Times: Altered T-Cell shows promise for acute type of leukemia. (Fantastic!) 3/24 Drudge/Wall Street Journal: Science fiction comes alive as researchers grow organs in lab. (Amazing!) 3/25 Science Daily: Old mice, young blood: Rejuvenating blood of mice by reprogramming STEM CELLS that produce blood. 3/26 Science Daily: T-Cell therapy eradicates an aggressive leukemia in 2 children. (Terrific!)  3/27 MailOnline: Brain scans can predict whether a criminal is likely to reoffend. (Minority Report Time?) Functional ovarian tissue engineered in lab. 3/28 Science Daily: New way to lose weight: Changing microbes in gut of mice resulted in rapid weight loss. (Good news!)  3/29 Science Daily: Biological transistor enable computing within living cells. (Scary? Or wonderful?) 3/31 Science Daily: You are what you eat–even the littlest bites: Dietary influences tied to changes in gene expression. (So please EAT RIGHT.) 4/2 Science Daily: Promising stem cell therapy for leukemia patients. 4/3 Science Daily: Embryonic-like stem cells culled from adults may grow human bone.  4/4 Science Daily: Laser light zaps away cocaine addiction. (Any withdrawal? ☺) 4/7 Science Daily: Reducing salt ad increasing potassium will have major global health benefits. (Please do!)  4/8 Science Daily: New link between heart disease and red meat: New understanding of cardiovascular health benefits of vegan, vegetarian diets. (Go Vegan!) 4/10 Science Daily: Copper surfaces reduce the rate of health care acquired infections in the ICU. (Time to make the change!) Month of birth impacts immune system development. (And so does the birth chart!) 4/12 Science Daily: Could new flu spark global flu pandemic? Reuters: New bird flu strain seen adapting to mammals, humans. Drudge/ Study finds new way to clear cholesterol from blood: Scientists inhibited the action of gene responsible for transporting a protein that interferes with the liver’s ability to remove cholesterol from the blood. 4/15 Drudge/The Guardian: Kidney grown in lab successful transplanted into rat. (Good job.) Science Daily:Nanosponges soak up toxins released by bacterial infections and venom.  Ordinary skin cells morphed into functional brain cells. 4/16 BBC News: Beetroot ‘can lower blood pressure.’ 4/18 Science Daily: Scientists reverse memory loss in animal brain cells. (Fantastic!) Researchers identify and block protein that interferes with appetite-suppressing hormone. 4/19 Science Daily: Discovery may help prevent HIV: Insights into eliminating reservoirs of HIV-1. 4/22 Science Daily: Stem cell transplant restores memory, learning in mice. 4/23 Science Daily: Antibody transforms bone marrow stem cells directly into brain cells. E-coli bacteria produce diesel on command. 4/29 Drudge/Science World Report: Newly discovered hormone could become wonder drug against diabetes (stem cell research). New drug stimulates immune system to kill infected cells in animal model of hepatitis B infection. 4/30 Science Daily: Patterned hearts: Bioengineers create rubber-like material bearing micropatterns for stronger, more elastic hearts. BBC News: Gene therapy: ‘Heart healing virus’ trial starts in the U.K. 5/2 Science Daily: Printable functional ‘bionic ear’ melds electronics and biology. Hypothalamus: Brain region may hold key to aging. 5/4 Science Daily: Injectable nano-network controls blood sugar in diabetics for days at a time. 5/6 Science Daily: Epilepsy cured in mice using brain cells. Human brain cells developed in lab, grow in mice. 5/9 Science Daily: Brain anatomy of dyslexia is not the same in men and women, boys and girls. 5/10 Science Daily: Biomaterial shows promise for cell transplantation and possible cure of Type 1 Diabetes. Rejuvenating hormone found to reverse symptoms of heart failure. 5/11 Reuters: DNA tool brings life to the long dead. 5/13 Science Daily: World first clinical trial supports use of kava to treat anxiety. 5/16 Science Daily: Brain rewires itself after damage or injury, life scientists discover. (Fascinating and most appropriate!) 5/21 Science Daily: Molecular trigger for Alzheimer’s disease identified. 5/22 Science Daily: Vitamin C can kill drug resistant TB, researchers say. 5/28 Science Daily: Stem cell injections improve spinal injuries in rats. BBC News: Stroke patients see signs of recovery in stem cell trial. 6/3 Science Daily: A step closer to artificial livers: Researchers identify compounds that help liver cells grow outside the body. (The liver is our microcosmic JUPITER/protector and regenerates better than any other organ.) 6/7 Science Daily: Surgeons implant bioengineered vein: Kidney dialysis patient first in U.S. to receive lab-grown blood vessel. 6/11 CNN: Baby’s brain aneurysm halted – by superglue! (Wow!) Science Daily: Scientists discover new layer of human cornea. (Never before? How many other things do our scientists not know about the human body?) 6/12 Science Daily: Easy and effective therapy to restore sight: Engineered virus will improve gene therapy for blinding eye diseases. 6/18 Science Daily: New drug reverses loss of brain connections in Alzheimer’s. (Fantastic!) 6/19 Drudge/Telegraph: Human organs ‘could be grown in animals within a year.’ (Really safe? I don’t want one!) Science Daily: Dietary fructose causes liver damage in animal model. (WARNING!) 6/24 Drudge: Doctors reporting major step toward ‘artificial pancreas’. (Better to save biological!) 6/27 BBC News: Type 1 diabetes vaccine hailed as ‘significant step.’ 6/28 Science Daily: A telescope for your eye: New contact lens design may improve sight of patients with macular degeneration. 7/1 Science Daily: Is that bacteria dead yet? Nano and Laser technology packed into small device tests antibiotic treatment in minutes. 7/2 Drudge: Scientists say close to human head transplant. (Dr. Frankenstein, I presume?) 7/3 Drudge/AP: 2 stem cell patients stop HIV drugs, no virus seen. (Fantastic!) 7/4 Drudge: Human liver grown inside mouse. 7/5 Science Daily: Bacteria communicate to help each other resist antibiotics. (The buggers!) 7/9 Science Daily: Breakthrough could lead to ‘artificial skin’ that senses touch, humidity and temperature. (Wow!) 7/11 Science Daily: Researchers create inner ear from stem cells, opening potential for new treatments for hearing loss and balance disorders. (Terrific!)  One more Homo species? 3-D comparative analysis confirms status of Homo Floresiensis as fossil human species.  (An alien race, perhaps? There’s so much we don’t know about history!)  Intestinal bacteria may fuel inflammation and worsen HIV disease. (So take acidophilus and eat yogurt every day! Everyone should!) Outdated practice of annual cervical cancer screenings may cause more harm than good. (Medical conspiracy making doctors money!) Drudge/Independent: Exclusive: Mice with human chromosomes – the genetic breakthrough that could revolutionize medicine. 7/15 Drudge/Mail Online: Snacking sweets, fast food and fizzy drinks linked to bowel cancer for first time. 7/18 Drudge/Guardian: Down’s syndrome cells ‘fixed’ in first step toward chromosome therapy. 7/22 BBC News: ‘Big leap’ towards curing blindness in stem cell study. 7/25 Science Daily: Scientists successfully generate ‘artificial bones’ from umbilical cord stem cells. (Fascinating!) 7/30 BBC News: New teeth grown from urine: stem cells. 7/31 BBC News: Artificial human ear grown in lab from patient’s cells. (Fantastic!) 8/12 Drudge/NBC: Down Syndrome ‘cure’ causes soul searching among parents. (Double wow!)  8/14 Science Daily: Decellularized mouse heart beats again after regenerating with human heart precursor cells. 8/16 Mail Online:  Have you got ‘screen sightedness’? Smartphones are causing eye problems to soar, warns eye surgeon. Science Daily: Heart’s own stem cells offer hope for new treatment of heart failure. A new wrinkle in Parkinson’s disease research: Skin cream ingredient may stop effects of Parkinson’s on brain cells: Kinetin; over the counter in drugstores. 8/25 Science Daily: Unprecedented control of genome editing in files promises insight into human development, disease. 8/29 Science Daily: ‘Mini human brains’ created: Scientists grow human brain tissue in 3-D culture system. A major cause of age related memory loss identified: Potentially reversible. 8/30 BBC News: Blueberries, not fruit juice, cut type-2 diabetes risk. 9/3 Telegraph: Australian woman pregnant after pioneering ovarian transplant. 9/5 Facebook/MSN: HIV vaccine makers predict eradication of AIDS after successful trials.  9/8 Drudge/Mail Online: Brazilian stroke victimcannot stop helping others after developing pathological generosity because of a stroke. (Possible walk-in?)  9/12 Science Daily: AIDS vaccine candidate appears to completely clear virus from the body in monkeys. (FANTASTIC…humans next?)  9/17 Drudge/CBS Miami: South Florida doctor uses new technology to ‘re-grow’ man’s finger. (Fantastic!) BBC News: Health kick ‘reverses cell aging’ with diet, exercise and meditation. (Absolutely!)  9/19 Science Daily: Novel gene discovery could lead to new HIV treatment. (Good news!)  9/23 BBC News: Dramatic drop in global HIV infections and AIDS related deaths. (Good news!)  9/25 Science Daily: A shot of anxiety and the world stinks: How stress can rewire brain, making benign smells malodorous. 10/7 Science Daily: Stem cells help repair traumatic brain injury by building ‘biobridge.’ 10/10 Drudge/Independent: Alzheimer’s treatment breakthrough: British scientists pave way for simple pill to cure disease. (BIG WOW!)  Blood vessel cells can repair, regenerate organs:Damaged or diseased organs may someday be healed with an injection of blood vessel cells, eliminating the need for donated organs and transplants, according to scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College. (That is progress!)  BBC News: Print your own bladder, skull or arm on a 3D printer. (Ye gods!)  10/11 Science Daily: Innate virus-killing power discovered in mammals: Mammals use the RNA interference (RNAi) process to destroy viruses within their own cells. 10/16 Science Daily: New 3-D method used to grow miniature pancreas to help in the fight against diabetes. (How about pancreatic cancer?)  10/19 Medical Press: Steve Wynn: University on path to blindness cure. 10/22 Science Daily: Researchers demonstrate efficient method for converting fat cells to liver cells. (Wow!)   Hair regeneration method is first to induce new human hair growth. (Someone is about to make a fortune!) 10/31 BBC News: HIV antibodies ‘have portent impact’: A potential new HIV treatment has a “profound and unprecedented” impact on the virus, according to animal studies published in the journal Nature.  11/1 Science Daily: Medical students taught meditation techniques to prevent burnout, improve care. (Hooray!) 11/5 Drudge/Mail Online: Could a laser zap away Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and CJD?The laser technique could now offer a means of removing the lumps of protein in the brain without surgery or the toxic chemicals currently used.  (Fantastic!)  11/7 BBC News: Spinal cord injury: Prosthetic bladder ‘controls urine’. 11/8 Science Daily: Novel genetic patterns may make us rethink biology and individuality. Researchers regrow hair, cartilage, bone, soft tissues: Enhancing cell metabolism an unexpected key to tissue repair. 11/14 Science Daily: Novel gene therapy works to reverse heart failure. (Wow!)  12/3 Science Daily: ‘Designer sperm’ inserts custom genes into offspring. (The BRAVE NEW WORLD has arrived, Mr. Huxley!)  Human stem cells converted to functional lung cells. New research shows promise for possible HIV cure. (Hooray!) 12/4 Science Daily: How to change cell types by flipping a single switch. (Amazing!) 12/6 Science Daily: Estrogen: Not just produced by ovaries, but the brain. 12/14 Science Daily: Engineers make strides toward artificial cartilage. 12/18 BBC News: Scientists ‘print’ new eye cells that may one day be used to restore sight. 12/20 Science Daily: Researches generate kidney tubular cells from stem cells. BBC News: Youth drug can ‘reverse’ aging in animal studies. 12/21 Drudge/Telegraph: France implants its first artificial heart. (Not for me!)  12/22 Drudge: Doctors: ‘Broken heart syndrome’ serious medical condition. (You can die of a broken heart.)  Drudge/Mail Online: Found: The secret of looking up to 40 years younger is chemical that rewinds the effects of old age and can make you look 20 again. (I want some!)  Science Daily: Scientists discover how immune cells die during HIV infection; Identify potential drug to block AIDS. 3-D tissue printing: Cells from the eye inkjet-printed for first time. 12/28 Drudge: Telescope eye implant helping eyesight.The PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE of April 25 will bring severe weather, general disruption and political upheaval to EASTERN EUROPE, AFRICA, CENTRAL ASIA and WESTERN AUSTRALIA.6/3 Earth Changes Media: CENTRAL EUROPE hit by major floods. Magnitude 6.2 quake hits Buli, TAIWAN on June 6. Reuters: CZECH flood threaten central Prague. 1 dead, 2 missing in AUSTRIAN floods, landslides. BBC News: Thousands escape EUROPE floods. Facebook/Fox News: Worst flooding in 500 years paralyzes cities in EUROPE, killing 8. 6/5 Earth Changes Media: Floods bring misery to CENTRAL EUROPE. 6/5 USGS: 6.1 quake in SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5.5 quake in CHINA. BBC News: Evacuations as DRESDEN faces flood. 6/7 Earth Changes Media: Death toll climbs to at least 16 as floods surge on through CENTRAL EUROPE, forcing more than 30,000 to leave their homes in GERMANY, HUNGARY and SLOVAKIA. USGS: 5.9 quake in Yonakuni, JAPAN. 6/8 Earth Changes Media: HUNGARY next to fear-surging Danube River, as Elbe floods EASTERN GERMANY. 6/9 USGS: 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Northern Territory AUSTRALIA. 6/10 Earth Changes Media: RUSSIA’S Kamchatka Volcano Shiveluch emits 9-kilometer tall plume of ash. Drudge: DANUBE reaches record levels. BUDAPEST goes on ‘high alert’ for river to jump banks. 6/11 Earth Changes Media;  HUNGARY contains DANUBE flooding as GERMAN levees burst. CNN: 4,000 soldiers try to hold back Elbe River in GERMANY. 6/15 Drudge/Breitbart: RUSSIAN dog pushes owner in wheelchair through flooded streets. (Wow! What a dog!)  6/19 Earth changes Media: Tropical Storm Leepi flood risk to PHILIPPINES, JAPAN. Reuters: JAPAN radioactivity alert. 6/20 Drudge/Telegraph: INDIAN monsoon flood leaves 1,000 dead. Science Daily: Drug shows surprising efficacy for treatment of chronic leukemia, mantle cell lymphoma. BBC News: LOURDES closed by flash floods.  6/21 Earth Changes Media: Cyclone Fabian to bring more rain to the PHILIPPINES. 6/22 Reuters: INDIA monsoon floods kill at least 560; thousands missing. BBC News: Freak storm injures 39 in SWITZERLAND. 6/23 CNN: Up to 1,000 feared dead in INDIA floods, landslides. Reuters: INDIA rescue efforts intensify as flood death toll mounts. 6/26 Reuters: Rotting corpses spark fears of epidemic in INDIA floods. 6/27 CNN: Environmentalists: INDIAN floods a manmade disaster; Thousands feared dead under silt. 6/28 Earth Changes Media: SYDNEY flooding follows coastal storm. 6/28 USGS: 5.4 earthquake in TAIWAN. 6/29 Reuters: Rebels kill policeman, injure 14 others in CHECHNYA. 7/1 BBC News: Thousands missing in INDIA floods. 7/4 Earth Changes Media: Brewing cyclone spotted off PALAWAN. CNN: MORSI out, uncertainty in. 7/4 USGS: 6.1 quake in PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 7/5 Earth Changes Media: Floods hit NE INDIA, washing away over 300 villages. 7/10 CNN: Deadly floods swallow CHINESE buildings. Landslide buries 30 in CHINA. BBC News: CHINA landslide buries up to 40. NY Times: Deadly floods overwhelm CHINA’S Sichuan. 7/11 CNN: Landslide ravages CHINA city. 7/12 BBC News: Floods destroy portions of western CHINA. TAIWAN braces for Typhoon Soulik.  7/13 BBC News: CHINA evacuations as typhoon hits: 300,000 flee amid flooding and landslides.Typhoon Soulik winds lash TAIWAN. Severe heatwave grips JAPAN, 2 dead. Facebook: Northern INDIA hit by worst flooding in 50 years: 100 villages swamped in Bihar. CNN: Death toll climbs to 43 in in CHINA landslide. 7/14 CNN: Hundreds of thousands flee Typhoon Soulik: soaks TAIWAN, hits mainland CHINA. 7/15 Reuters: INDIA says nearly 6,000 missing a month after devastating floods. 7/22 Reuters: CHINA quake kills 54, hundreds hurt. 7/28 Earth Changes Media: Flash floods kill 21 in northwest CHINA.  6.2 earthquake hits NE Bristol Island, SOUTH SANDWICH ISLAND. Flood alerts issued as Tropical Storm Flossie heads toward HAWAII. 7/31 BBC News: CHINA issues alert for Shanghai heat. 8/4 BBC News: At least 80 die in ASIA monsoon floods in eastern AFGHANISTAN and PAKISTAN. 8/11 BBC News: AFGHANISTAN flash food kills 22. 8/14 Reuters: Typhoon Utor hits CHINA. 8/15 Earth Changes Media: 158,000 evacuated in southern CHINA because of typhoon’s arrival. 8/17 Reuters: Up to 100,000 face evacuation in RUSSIA’S flood-hit far east. 8/18 BBC News: PAKISTAN villages submerged by floods. Hunts for PHILIPPINE ferry survivors. 8/19 BBC News: RUSSIA battles huge far east flood, 20,000 evacuated. BBC News: Scores dead as floods and rainfall hit CHINA, 105 dead, 115 missing. 8/20 CNN: 7 dead in flooding in PHILIPPINES brings Manila to a standstill; 70% central Manila underwater! Tens of thousands forced to flee their homes. (Good heavens!) 8/22 BBC News: Flood misery in eastern PAKISTAN. 8/26 Earth Changes Media: RUSSIA’S far eat braces for peak of floods, builds 9-meter high dams. 8/27 BBC News: Worst CHINA floods for more than a century, at least 85 dead. 9/3 Earth Changes Media: Tropical Storm Toraji threatens JAPAN with more flooding. 9/5 BBC News: 2 tornadoes hit JAPAN in 3 days.ARCHEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES are many and involve ancient civilizations and practices previously unknown or unrecognized.1/11 Discovery News: Hobbit humans come to life with new fossils. 1/15 Facebook: Ancient pyramids found in Antarctica. it out!) 1/22 Science Daily: A relative from the Tianyuan Cave: Humans living 40,000 years ago likely related to many present-day Asians and Native Americans. 1/24 Science Daily: New dinosaur fossil challenges bird evolution theory. (I never believed birds evolved from dinosaurs. Never!)2/4 CNN: English king’s body found under parking lot: King Richard III. 2/25 Science Daily: Fragments of continent hidden under lava in Indian Ocean: New micro-continent detected under Reunion and Mauritius. (Wow!) 3/1 Science Daily: New dinosaur species: First fossil evidence shows small crocs fed on baby dinosaurs. 3/6 Science Daily: New fossils of crocodilian, hippo-like species from Panama. 3/14 Science Daily: Ancient (600-year old) Chinese coin found on Kenyan island. (Interesting but not surprising. Of course people traveled all over the world!) 3/15 Science Daily: Strange spaghetti-shaped creature is missing link: Discovery pushes fossil record back 200 million years. 3/17 Science Daily: One of world’s oldest sun dials dug up in Kings’ Valley, Upper Egypt. 3/23 Science Daily: First migration from Africa less than 95,000 years ago: Ancient hunter-gatherer DNA challenges theory of early out of Africa migrations. (And they haven’t even considered alien genetic intervention 40,000 years ago.) 4/10 BBC News: Roman trove beneath Bloomberg London headquarters provides unique insight into the first 400 years of London’s Roman history. 4/11 BBC News: ‘Pompeii of the north’ being unearthed in London, Roman artifacts dating back nearly 2,000 years. 4/12 YouTube/Coast to Coast: 200,000 year old Annunaki cities discovered in Africa. 4/13 Facebook/Ray Alex Web: Ruins of ancient city found in Antarctica; California TV crew missing since 2002. (Did the enter the Hollow Earth?) 4/19 Science Daily: New carnivorous dinosaur from Madagascar raises more questions than it answers. 4/22 Discovery News: Stonehenge 5,000 years older than thought. 4/24 Facebook/Daily Mail: Tiny robot discovers 3 unexplored passages in 2,000 year old tunnel near the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico.  5/2 Science Daily: Startling survival story at historic Jamestown: physical evidence of survival cannibalism. (Puritan cannibalism? Wow!) 5/6 Science Daily: King Richard III archeological unit discovers Roman cemetery under car park in Leicester. (Do we really need cemeteries? My ashes will go into the sea!) 5/8 Science Daily: Oldest? New ‘bone-head’ dinosaur hints at higher diversity of small dinosaurs.  5/10 Science Daily: Elephant’s tomb in Carmona may have been a temple to the god Mithras, an unofficial religion in the Roman Empire. 5/14 Science Daily: Oldest fossil hominid ear bones ever recovered: Discovery could yield important clues on human origins. (And how we were genetically engineered by an alien race?) 5/15 CNN: Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed for road fill. 5/23 Drudge/Fox News: Massive submerged structure stumps ISRAELI archeologists. BBC News: Cave paintings in MEXICO; Carvings uncovered in Burgos. 6/4 CNN: Triceratops trio unearthed in WYOMING. 6/4 Drudge/International Business Times: World’s oldest cancer found in bone of 120,000-year-old Neanderthal. 6/9 Smithsonian Magazine: Legendary human-eating bird was real, probably could have eaten people. 6/11 Science Daily: Mysterious monument found beneath the Sea of Galilee:one-shaped, approximately 230 feet diameter, 39 feet high, and weighing an estimated 60,000 tons, likely built in the Bronze Age. 6/15 Breitbart: Lost medieval city found in CAMBODIA that is 1,200 years old: temples hidden by jungles for centuries. 6/28 BBC News: Archeologists unearth ancient royal tomb in PERU. 7/10 Drudge: Unique Egyptian sphinx unearthed in north Israel. 7/17 BBC News: Nasutoceratops: ‘Big nose, horn-face’ dinosaur described, new dinosaur unearthed in deserts of Utah. 7/22 Facebook/ 300M year old machinery found in Russia. (People have lived on this planet for millions of years!) 7/30 Science Daily: Two 6,000-year-old ‘Halls of the Dead’ unearthed in the U.K.: Prehistoric burial mound. 8/1 Before it’s News: Giant mummified finger found in Egypt, Nephilim finger is 16 inches long. (Some aliens are supposedly 15 feet tall, others 8-9 feet!) 8/8 Science Daily: Maya pyramid decorated with rare polychrome-painted stucco frieze. BBC News: Crossrail Project unearths evidence humans live on Thames in 7,000 BC. (Of course they did!) 8/9 CNN: Mystery surrounds Egyptian sphinx unearthed in Israel.Facebook/ Two giant underwater crystal pyramids discovered in the center of the Bermuda Triangle: 3 times bigger than the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. (Double WOW!) 8/10 Earth Changes Media: Ancient astronomical calendar discovered in Scotland predates Stonehenge by 6,000 years. 8/14 Facebook/Live Science: Oldest rock art in North America revealed in western Nevada, dating back to between 10,500 and 14,800 years ago. 8/25 Smithsonian Magazine: This 1,600-year-old goblet shows that the Romans were nanotechnology pioneers: Jade cup appears red when lit from behind. 8/28 Science Daily: European hunter-gatherers owned pigs as early as 4,300 B.C. 9/8 BBC News: Bone dates ‘earliest northerner,’ say archeologists in Liverpool: Leg bone more than 10,000 years old. 9/14 Science Daily: Dating of beads sets new timeline for early humans: 42,400-41,700 years old. 9/19 Science Daily: Giant prehistoric elephant slaughtered by early humans. 10/3 Drudge/Mail Online: Er Wang Dong cave discovered in CHINA so huge it has its own weather system: Explorers discover a lost world with thick cloud and fog trapped inside: Water courses and vegetation on the floor.  10/8 BBC News: Ancient humans used toothpicks nearly 1.8M years ago. 11/7 Discovery News: Toothy dino terrorized UTAH before T-Rex: Lythronax was an early relative of T-Rex with big sharp teeth and binocular vision. (Look out!)  Science Daily: Fossil of new big cat species discovered: Oldest ever found, in Tibet.  11/18 USA Today: Ancient city found under biblical era ruins: One that dates back to 1400 BC. 11/22 Science Daily: Archeologists discover largest, oldest wine cellar in Near East: 3,700-year-old room held 2,000 liters of strong, sweet wine. (I remember that one!)  11/25 Drudge/Times of Israel: 10,000 year old house uncovered outside JERUSALEM. CNN: Oldest Buddhist shrine holds clues to Buddha’s birth, 6th century BC.  12/5 NY Times: Baffling 400,000 year old clue to human origins: Brand new mystery.  12/18 BBC News: Mystery early human revealed by DNA data in Siberian cave. 12/20 Science Daily: Ancient cranial surgery: Practice of drilling holes in the cranium that dates back thousands of years in Peru. 1/16/2014 Discovery News: Mystery Pharaoh found in Egypt who reigned 3,600 years ago. 1/24 Science Daily: Humanity’s most recent common male ancestor emerged earlier than thought: 209,000 years ago, study finds. (Or even earlier!)  1/25 Drudge/AP: British Museum: Prototype for Noah’s Ark was round, claims 4,000 year old clay tablet. (Wow! Was it a spaceship?)  1/26 Latest-UFO-Sightings: Large underwater pyramid discovered in Portugal. 1/27 Science Daily: 300,000 year old hearth found: Microscopic evidence shows repeated fire use in one spot over time. 2/5 CNN: Downtown MIAMI dig raises questions of preservation after ancient village found from 500-600 BC. 2/7 BBC News: Earliest footprints outside Africa discovered in Norfolk, ENGLAND: More than 800,000 years old! (Wow!)  2/21 CNN: Mammoth, ‘very strange-looking’ dinosaur skull found in CANADA.  3/8 Reuters: 3000-year old human remains unearthed in PERU. 4/2 Science Daily: Humans and saber-toothed tiger met in GERMANY 300,000 years ago.  4/11 Facebook/YouTube: Ancient civilization discovered in ARABIAN desert.  5/13 CNN: 500 year old mystery: Wreck off HAITI may be COLUMBUS flagship Santa Maria. 5/16 International Business Times: NORTH AMERICA’S oldest skeleton discovery: 13,000 year old body of ‘Naia’ discovered in MEXICO. 5/17 Drudge/Independent: World’s biggest dinosaur unearthed in ARGENTINA desert.  5/27 Yahoo: Students discover 7,000 year old mummy in CHILE. 6/26 Yahoo: 4,000 year old burial with chariots, gold artifacts, and possible human sacrifice discovered in South Caucasus of GEORGIA. 7/8 Yahoo: Remains of long-lost temple discovered in IRAQ: Life-size human statues and column bases in Kurdistan region date back over 2,500 years. 7/31 Science Daily: Ice age lion figurine: Ancient fragment of ivory belonging to 40,000 year old animal figurine unearthed in cave in GERMANY.  8/14 Science Daily: New species of flying pterosaur: Bones from nearly 50 ancient flying reptiles discovered. (Take that Ancient Aliens…there were flying reptiles, so there! They weren’t all spaceships!)  Embalming study ‘rewrites key chapter in EGYPTIAN history’: Started 1,500 years earlier than previously thought. (And maybe even earlier!)  World News Daily: Viking ship discovered near MISSISSIPPI RIVER. 8/18 Discovery News: Ancient MAYA cities found extending 1,800 square miles in MEXICO jungle. 8/25 Yahoo: Archeologists discover 15 previously unknown monuments buried around Stonehenge. (Fantastic!)  9/16 Yahoo: Massive, 5,000 year old lunar crescent shaped monument discovered in ISRAEL. Archeologists discover long lost ROMAN fort in GERMANY.  9/28 BBC News: DEVON treasure hunter discovers 22,000 ROMAN coins.  ISLAMIC MILITANTS continue to create havoc and disruption, killing and bombing in countries in the MIDDLE EAST and AFRICA, in addition to other parts of the world. They must learn to allow others to embrace religion according to the dictates of their own hearts and conscience.1/2 CNN: NIGERIAN forces kill 13 Boko Haram militants after church attacks. Drudge: Cleric issues fatwa allowing gang rape of SYRIAN women on the condition they be at least 14 years old. (Barbaric and ungodly!) 1/10 Reuters: MALIAN army mounts major push against Islamists. 1/12 Reuters: MALI action puts FRENCH citizens at risk: Militants. (All the French should leave Mali.) 1/15 Yahoo: Al Qaida carves out own country in MALI. 1/16 Reuters: Islamists attack ALGERIAN gas field, killing 2, kidnapping foreigners. SOMALI Islamists say FRENCH hostage sentenced to death. Huffington Post: Al Qaeda militants kidnap 41 foreign hostages, including 7 Americans. 1/19 BBC News: ALGERIA siege ‘ends in bloodshed’ as Algerian troops kill 11 Islamist militants after they killed 7 hostages. 1/20 NY Times: 23 hostages dead in bloody climax to siege in ALGERIA. CNN: At least 55 dead in gas plant siege in ALGERIA. 1/22 BBC News: BOKO HARAM militants suspected of deadly attacks in NIGERIA: At least 23 killed in separate attacks. 1/24 Reuters: MALI Islamists split as AFRICANS prepare assault. (Did they expect people to sit by and allow themselves to be destroyed?) 1/26 Attackers blow up main pipeline in YEMEN: officials. 1/28 Reuters: Militants attack oil pipeline in ALGERIA, 2 dead. Reuters: Islamists clash with police in BANGLADESH. 2/2 Reuters: 35 killed as militants attack PAKISTAN checkpoint.  2/7 Reuters: Islamists disown TUNISIA PM over crisis reaction after the killing of an opposition leader. 2/17 Reuters: BANGLADESH amends war crimes law, mulls banning Islamists. 2/21 Reuters: FRENCH, MALIAN forces fight suspected Islamists in GAO.2/23 BBC News: MALI conflict: ‘Many die’ in Ifoghas mountain battle: 13 Canadian soldiers, 65 Islamist insurgents. 3/3 BBC News: NIGERIA army ‘kills 20 Boko Haram members.’ 3/10 BBC News: ITALY backs NIGERIA hostage claims: Believes militant group killed 7 hostages seized last month. 3/13 Reuters: 7 killed in militant attack on police camp in KASHMIR. 3/15 Reuters: Women’s rights could destroy society: Islamists! 3/20 CNN: Islamists claim IRAQ anniversary attacks. (Barbarism seems to rule in the Middle East.) 3/23 Reuters: FRANCE says ‘with certainty’ al Qaeda’s Abu Zeid killed in MALI. 3/14 BBC News: Islamist rebels attack MALI town. 3/27 CNN: AFGHANISTAN: 52 Taliban members killed in 1 day. (Sending a message?) 4/2 BBC News: Militants attack PAKISTAN power plant. 4/3 Yahoo: Militants storm AFGHAN court as Taliban stand trial, 7 dead, 75 wounded.  4/7 Reuters: Violence erupts after Islamists demand bloggers’ execution. (So irrational!) 4/14 CNN: Militants’ attack kills 17 at SOMALI courthouse. (So deadly and brazen) CNN: Update: Militants kill 29 at courthouse. 4/15 Reuters: SOMALI militants threaten more attacks after killing 30. 4/21 CNN: Taliban militants storm AFGHAN police checkpoint: kill 6. 4/22 Reuters: AFGHAN girls’ school feared hit by poisoned gas, 74 girls fell sick after smelling gas. (These men need to emerge from the Dark Ages into the LIGHT!) 4/25 Reuters: At least 19 IRAQIS killed in police clashes with militants. 4/29 Drudge: Al Qaeda’s battle for control of Assad’s chemical weapons plant. Unrest gripping IRAQ. LIBYA faces growing Islamist threat. 5/1 Reuters: Taliban kill senior peace envoy in south AFGHANISTAN. 5/5 BBC News: Riot police battle Islamists in Dhaka BANGLADESH. 5/9 Reuters: BANGLADESH Islamist gets death for war crimes. 5/9 Drudge: Free SYRIAN Army rebels defect to Islamist group Jabhat al-Nursa. (Excellent reason NOT to arm the rebels.) 5/13 Reuters: NIGERIA’S Islamists staging deadlier comeback: Boko Haram. 5/17 Reuters: NIGERIAN forces bombard Islamic militant camps from the air. 5/19 BBC New: TUNISIA police clash with Islamists. NIGERIA’S army offensive to continue “as long as it takes”. (The Islamist militants want to take over the world, not just Africa.) 5/20 Reuters: 2 suspected militants killed in YEMEN drone strike. 5/23 Reuters: At least 18 soldiers, 4 Islamists killed in NIGERIA. Crackdown on Islamists tests TUNISIA’S stability. 5/24 Reuters: Islamist attackers kill 20 at NIGERIAN military base. 5/25 Reuters: At least 6 policemen killed in Peshawar convoy attack in PAKISTAN. BBC News: PHILIPPINE troops clash with Abu Sayyaf, 11 dead: 7 marines, 4 militants. 5/26 Reuters: BRITAIN to target radical Muslim preachers after soldier’s killing. (They should deport fanatics!) 5/30 Reuters: LIBYA becomes ‘the new Mali’ amid Islamist shifts. Assad vows to strike ISRAEL. 6/2 BBC News: Suspected Islamic militants attack NIGERIAN prison, killing at least 2 guards.  6/4 Drudge: Islamist who murdered 13 at FORT HOOD to represent himself at trial. (Is this a joke?) 6/11 BBC News: Deadly blast at KABUL Supreme Court kills at least 16, injures more than 40.6/15 CNN: Gunfire at PAKISTAN hospital treating bombing victims; militants entered hospital exchanging gunfire with police. (Barbaric!)  Police: Attackers bomb home of PAKISTANI founder. 6/15 Drudge: Thousands of EGYPT Islamists rally for SYRIA jihad. 6/19 Reuters: SYRIA’S Islamists seize control as moderates dither. SOMALI Islamist rebels attack U.N. compound in Mogadishu. BBC News: NIGERIA Boko Haram militants kill at least 9 school children in Maiduguri to punish the children for helping the army. (Ignorant barbarians!) 6/20 Reuters: How SYRIA’S Islamists rule with guile and guns. 6/25 Drudge: Company sells pork-laced bullets to fight Islamic terrorists to keep them from going to heaven. (Really?) 7/5 Drudge: Friday of Rage: ISLAMISTS push back in EGYPT. EGYPT troops open fire on pro-Morsi protesters. (Bullies on both sides!) 7/7 CNN: 20 students shot dead in NIGERIA. 7/13 Drudge: EGYPTIAN army plans crackdown on Islamist militants. (Good idea!) 7/14 Reuters: 9 militants killed in U.S. drone, PAKISTAN air force strikes. Insight: NIGERIA Islamists hit schools to destroy Western ideas. (Such ignorance!) 7/15 Reuters: FRANCE confirms body found in MALI that of French hostage, geologist Philippe Verdon, taken November 2011. 7/22 Reuters: Al Qaeda militants flee IRAQ jail in violent mass breakout. 7/30 Reuters: Taliban gunmen break 250 prisoners out of PAKISTAN jail. Some 100 prisoners recaptured out of 1,100 in LIBYAN jail break. Al Qaeda says it freed 500 inmates in IRAQ jail break. (Uranus-Pluto-Mars T-square operative.) Huffington Post: Another prison break: Taliban free another 250 inmates in PAKISTAN. 8/2 CNN: AL QAEDA-linked threats to embassies: U.S. shutting embassies on Sunday: ISRAEL, EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA, LIBYA, IRAQ and KUWAIT.  U.S. issues global travel alert to close embassies due to AL QAEDA threat. (I would no longer travel to Muslim countries! Too dangerous!) Reuters: Insurgents attack INDIAN consulate in AFGHANISTAN. 8/4 Reuters: Lawmakers say AL QAEDA threat most serious in years. Reuters: Security tightens around YEMEN embassies after militant warning. 8/6 Drudge:  AMERICA bombs YEMEN. Militants shoot down army helicopter, 8 dead. 8/7 Reuters: Drone strikes kills 6 suspected militants in YEMEN. 8/9 CNN: U.S. evacuates diplomats in PAKISTAN. Drudge: Radical Islamic group blamed for acid attack on British girls. 8/12 BRITISH aid to SOMALIA stolen by Islamic militants. 8/19 Drudge: Ambush: Militants kill 25 EGYPTIAN policemen in SINAI. Drudge/Mail Online: EGYPT crisis: Islamist mob parades nuns in CAIRO as prisoners of war after 6 hours of looting church school and replacing cross with banner resembling Al Qaeda flag. (This is why the Muslim Brotherhood should NOT govern Egypt!) 8/22 BBC News: SAHARA Islamic militants merge. (Not good!) 9/5 BBC News: AFGHAN gunmen kill Indian diarist who wrote popular memoir about her escape from the Taliban. (She did not escape, sadly!) Fort Hood gunman forcibly shaved. 9/6 Drudge/CBS: Police: AFGHAN militants drag author out of her home, shoot her dead. (Now the movie will have to end with her MURDER!) 9/7 Reuters: NIGERIAN army says kills 50 Boko Haram Islamists. 9/7 BBC News: EGYPTIAN army launches offense against SINAI militants, at least 31 dead or injured. 9/12 BBC News: U.S. ‘jihadi’ killed in SOMALIA, along with top Islamic militant from U.K. 9/13 Reuters: AL QAEDA calls for attacks inside U.S. 9/20 Reuters: Suspected al Qaeda attacks on YEMENI forces kill around 40. Bombs inside Sunni mosque in IRAQ kill 15. 9/20 BBC News: Militants kill 18 AFGHAN police. 9/21 CNN: 30 killed, 100 injured in NAIROBI mall attack. Funeral car bombings kill 53 in IRAQ. CNN Update: 39 dead, 36 held hostage in NAIROBI mall shootings. (Stupidity and madness!) 9/22 CNN Update: Hostages trapped: NAIROBI mall siege in 2nd day; 15-20 gunmen, hundreds injured: Somalia Al Qaeda affiliate holding about 30 hostages. CNN: Blast in PAKISTAN church kills 50+. (Always religion: My God is better than your God when it’s ONE GOD.) Reuters: Gunmen holed up with hostages in NAIROBI siege; at least 59 killed.  Reuters: Al Shabaab retaliates in KENYA for offensives in SOMALIA. (They just kill to be killing. Primitive barbarians!) 9/23 Drudge/Mail Online: 2 suicide bombers attack PAKISTAN church  killing 85 in deadliest-ever attack on country’s Christians; 140 wounded. (Bad karma awaits those bombers!)  Drudge: Gunmen executed non-Muslims after asking them to name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother. (Religious fanaticism is the worst!)  9/24 Reuters: Militants say they are ‘holding out’ in KENYA mall, surrounded by countless dead bodies. 9/26 Reuters: At least 27 killed in SUDAN’S worst unrest for years. Militants raid forces in INDIA before India-Pakistan talks, 12 dead. Washington Times: Alliance of rebel groups calls for an Islamist SYRIA, not a U.S. backed democracy. (The militants want to rule the world!) BBC News: Police and army officers killed in KASHMIR militant attack. 9/27 Drudge: Muslim hardliners threaten to hijack Miss World pageant.  9/29 Reuters: Gunmen kill at least 40 male students as they sleep in NIGERIAN college. (They keep killing students: Fear of wiping out ignorance and educating young minds?)  Market bombings kill 33 in PAKISTAN’S Peshawar. 9/30 Reuters: Militants disguised as security guards seize army base in YEMEN, kill 3 soldiers. 10/5 Reuters: SOMALI militants say Western forces raid base and kill fighter. 10/7 Reuters: U.S. case offers insight into secret war against SOMALI militants. LIBYA, SOMALIA raids show U.S. reach, problems. Attackers burn TV station in MALDIVES that backs ousted leader. 10/8 BBC News: MALI ‘Islamists’ blow up bridge near Gao. 10/13 CNN: DARFUR peacekeepers ambushed, 3 killed. Dozens killed in wave of bombings across IRAQ, at least 44, more than 140 wounded. 10/16 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills PAKISTANI law minister, 7 others. 10/17 Reuters: TURKEY in dilemma over Al Qaeda’s rise. 10/18 CNN: Al Qaeda attacks kill 7 YEMEN soldiers. Reuters: Gunmen kill LIBYA’S military police force commander. 10/26 CNN: Government: NIGERIAN troops kill over 90 Boko Haram members. (Slaughter.) 10/30 BBC News: IRAQ violence: Fresh wave of bombings kills 20. 11/1 NY Times: Drone strike said to kill Taliban Chief in PAKISTAN. 11/7 Reuters: SUNNI Islamist group claims killing of IRANIAN prosecutor. 11/11 BBC News: Nasiruddin Haqqani: Senior militant ‘shot dead’ in PAKISTAN. 11/12 Reuters: Islamic Jihad grows in GAZA’S shadows. 11/14 CNN: Militants raid and take over 3 KENYA camps. Twin bombs kill 10 in IRAQ.  11/27 BBC News: ‘Armed Islamists’ arrested in MOSCOW: with bombs, hand grenades and bombs. IRAQ shootings and bombings kill 33. 12/6 Reuters: YEMEN says regains ministry compound, 11 militants killed.  12/10 Reuters: FRENCH forces kill 19 Islamists fighters in north MALI. 12/12 Reuters: Islamists kill 15 ALAWITE and DRUZE civilians in SYRIA: activists. 12/21 Reuters: IRAQI militants kill at least 18 soldiers, including commander. At least 11 civilians killed in attack on SOUTH SUDAN base.The ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE of May 9-10 will bring unruly weather, volcanic eruptions and political unrest to AUSTRALIA, NEW GUINEA, the SOLOMON ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND and INDONESIA.The effects of an eclipse last for 5 months. 5/7 USGS: 5.8 quake south of FIJI ISLANDS. 5/10 Yahoo: Spectacular RING OF FIRE solar eclipse. 5/12 Earth Changes Media: MYANMAR/BURMA on alert as Bay of Bengal cyclone grows. 5/13 USGS: 6.8 magnitude quake west of Agrihan, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS (south of Japan, north of New Guinea).  5/14 Earth Changes Media: NASA sees a strengthening tropical cyclone: Mahasen, in NORTHERN INDIAN OCEAN. Reuters: Rohingya Muslims drown off MYANMAR trying to flee storm. MYANMAR braces for storm. Science Daily: WESTERN INDIAN OCEAN earthquake and tsunami hazard potential greater than previously thought. 5/15 CNN: BANGLADESH, MYANMAR/BURMA prepare for arrival of Cyclone Mahasen: 8M in peril. Reuters: MYANMAR authorities work to evacuate camps as cyclone nears. BBC News: BANGLADESH orders cyclone evacuation. 5/16 Earth Changes Media: Cyclonic storm Mahasen: BANGLADESH begins massive evacuation campaign. Reuters: MYANMAR’S displaced flee cyclone. Cyclone Mahasen buffets BANGLADESH coast, 6 dead.  5/21 Earth Changes Media: After Cyclone Mahasen, MYANMAR/BURMA camps face monsoon threat. 6/2 USGS: 5.6 quake Linao, PHILIPPINES. 6/7 USGS: 5.9 quake south of FIJI ISLANDS. 6/13 USGS: 6.7 magnitude quake Flying Fish Cove, CHRISTMAS ISLAND, near AUSTRALIA.  6/15 USGS: 6.0 magnitude earthquake south of KERMADEC ISLANDS near NEW ZEALAND. 6/19 Facebook/extrinctionprotocol: Manam volcano erupts in Papua, NEW GUINEA; second eruption this year. 6/24 USGS: 5.0 quake Kokopo, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, 5.5, 5.5 quakes east ofFinschhafen, Papua New Guinea. 6/25 Earth Changes Media: Tropical Storm Cosme strengthens in the PACIFIC. 6.4 MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE earthquake, no tsunami threat to HAWAII. 6/27 USGS: 5.7 magnitude quakes in Kota Termate and Lolayan, INDONESIA. 7/2 USGS: 6.1 earthquake Bireun, INDONESIA.7/6 Earth Changes Media: Strong earthquake 6.4 hits western INDONESIA. 7/8 Earth Changes Media: 7.2 magnitude earthquake near PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 7/22 Reuters: Quake grinds WELLINGTON to a halt. 8/10 BBC News: INDONESIA volcano eruption: 6 dead on Palue. 8/17 Reuters: PHILIPPINES suspends hunt for ferry disaster survivors: 32 dead, 170 missing.SOLAR FLARES prove problematic in terms of global power grids, in addition to increasing earthquakes and other disastrous weather anomalies.1/12/2013 Earth Changes Media: 2 M-Class flares fire off from Sunspot Region 1654. 2/21 Yahoo: Monster sunspot swells, threatens solar storms. 4/12 Discovery News: Sun erupts with huge solar flare, incoming CME. 5/3 Sun unleashes spectacular solar eruption. 5/7 CNN: Why gamma ray bursts shocked scientists. 5/12 Earth Changes Media: Solar flare, 2013’s most powerful so far, sparks radio blackout, NASA says. 5/13 Strongest Solar Flare of 2013 erupts from the Sun. 5/14 Discovery News: Sun unleashes 3 record solar flares. 5/15 Earth Changes Media: Yet another X-Class Flare from AR 1748.  BBC News: 4 colossal sun flares in 48 hours. Sunspot blasting out major solar flares will face Earth soon. 5/16 CNN: 6 dead, 100 hurt in TEXAS tornadoes: At least 10 tornadoes hit NORTH TEXAS. 5/17 Yahoo: 6 dead, 7 still missing after TEXAS tornadoes.  5/18 Earth Changes Media: 5.2 quake reported in EASTERN CANADA. USGS: 5.6, 5.5, 4.4 magnitude quakes shake IRAN. BBC News: Deadly floods sweep southern CHINA.  5/20 CNN: Tornadoes wallop several states; 300 homes damaged or destroyed, trees tossed like toothpicks, at least 1 killed. 5/21 CNN: “Everything’s gone!” 51 dead in OKLAHOMA, including 20 children, 40 more bodies expected. Reuters: Obama declares OKLAHOMA major disaster. 5/24 Reuters: Serious flooding in CHINA. 6/4 Discovery News: There’s a hole in the Sun! High speed plasma headed our way! 6/10 Earth Changes Media: The Sun emits mid-level solar flare. 6/24 Science Daily: Sun emits a Solstice CME, Earth directed. 6/28 Drudge/USA Today: Solar flare poses huge threat:A solar flare could wipe out communication and electrical grids while frying a wide variety of electronics, quickly sending us back to the 19th Century. (Now isn’t that a lovely thought???) 6/29 Earth Changes Media: 2 long duration C-Class flares occurred on June 27. 7/3 SUN unleashes solar fireworks preview for July 4th: M-Class flare.  8/7 Science Daily: The Suns magnetic field is about to flip: The sun’s magnetic field changes polarity approximately every 11 years. 8/22 Earth Changes Media: Sun fires solar storm directly toward Earth — at 2 million mph. 8/26 Sun unleashes another solar storm aimed at Earth, the second in two days. 9/19 Drudge/Times of India: Solar activity drops to 100 year low, puzzling scientists. 9/22 Earth Changes Media: Halo CME headed toward Earth.  10/10 Yahoo: Sun unleashes strongest solar flare in 2 months. 10/24 Earth Changes Media: 6 M-Class flares Earth directed, largest flares of this cycle. 10/25 Earth Changes Media: 3 more M-Class flares set off from the Sun. Sun eruption with two major solar flare. 10/29 Earth Changes Media: Large, back-to-back CMEs, Farside of Sun shows more sunspots. 11/1 LA Times: 28 solar flares in last 7 days, and more may be coming. 11/6 Earth Changes Media: Large X-Class flare followed by larger CME. 11/7 LA Times: Bright lights in sky likely meteors, Weather Service says. (Precursor of Comet ISON?)  11/9 Earth Changes Media: X-Class and M-Class flares.  11/14 Earth Changes Media: 3 M-Class flares last 48 hours, followed by the terrible MIDWEST tornadoes. 11/17 BBC News: Sun’s magnetic field set to ‘flip’ in next few weeks; it happens every 11 years. 12/6 New sunspot spits geyser of fire. Giant plasma spirals found on the Sun. 12/10 Science Daily: 2012 solar storm points up need for society to prepare.  12/14 Sun’s current activity weakest in a century. 12/26 Earth Changes Media: 7 M-Class Flares within last 48 hours, more on the way. 12/28 Science Daily: Solar activity not a key cause of climate change, study shows.Late spring through early summer the FINANCIAL MARKETS experience a ROLLER COASTER RIDE.4/15 CNN: Dow falls more than 200 points.  4/16 Reuters: Gold, oil steady after plunge, shares fight off losses. Gold scores modest rebound from 2-yr low; caution stays. 4/16 CNN: Stocks bounce back from year’s worst sell-off. Reuters: Wall Street gains 1%, lifted by gold, earnings and data. 4/17 USA Today: Stocks fall hard, dragged down by weak outlook. 4/18 Reuters: Wall Street falls further, bearish signals mount. 4/19 Reuters: Gold slide a warning sign for global economy. 4/23 USA Today: Stocks jump as 1Q earnings make investors. CNN: Market plunges on bogus AP tweet: Explosions at the White House, Obama injured. 4/27 Reuters: Wall street dips after GDP but finishes week higher. 4/29 CNN: S&P 500 closes at record high. 5/2 USA Today: S&P 500 flirts with 1600. 5/7 Reuters: Wall Street pares gains, S&P turns lower. 5/10 USA Today: Stocks rise to close the week at record highs. 5/13 USA Today: Stocks edge lower, dollar still rising. 5/14 USA Today: Dow, S&P close at new record highs. 5/23 BBC News: Global markets fall on growth fears. USA Today: Stocks tank on 7.3% Japan drop. (Here’s the roller coaster ride!) 6/5 CNN: Dow drops below 15,000. (It will be back, I promise!) Dow and Nasdaq suffer worst drop in nearly two months. Dow falls 217 points to close below 15,000. 6/8 Reuters: Wall Street rallies after U.S. jobs data, ends up for week. 6/12 USA Today: Stocks tumble: Dow on track for 3rd straight loss. CNN: Dow’s worst losing streak of 2013. 6/13 USA Today: U.S. stocks higher, despite Japan’s 6% drop. 6/14 Reuters: Shares pick up, dollar steady after bruising selloff. 6/15 Reuters: Wall Street slides in volatile week, eyes on the Fed. (Up and down and around it goes!) 6/18 USA Today: Stocks higher as Fed meeting starts. 6/19 USA Today: Stocks tumble amid taper talk. (Down again!) 6/20 Reuters: Wall Street falls after Fed’s stimulus wind-down outline. CNN: Bernanke spooks Wall Street. NY Times: Stocks close down 2.5% on Fed and China worries. 6/21 Reuters: Wall Street gains modestly after 2 day selloff. USA Today: Stocks slide again as bond yields jump. 6/21 Reuters: Wall Street ends slightly up but slumps for the week. U.S. dollar on track for best week in nearly a year. 6/24 USA Today: Stocks falling again, bond yields soar. 6/26 USA Today: Wall Street continues to rebound. 6/27 Drudge: Dow surges about 15,000 again. 6/28 USA Today: Stocks slide in early trading. 6/29 CNN: Stocks up for quarter, down for month. Reuters: Volatile market takes global shares down, gold plunges. S&P posts best first half since 1998. 7/1 Reuters: Wall Street advances on first day of third quarter. 7/2 Reuters: Wall Street gains for second day; eyes on payroll data Friday. 7/11 CNN: Stocks in record high territory. 8/3 Reuters: Flip-flop stocks land at new record. Dow, S&P 500 end at record for second day despite tepid jobs data. 8/7 Reuters: Wall Street drops for 3rd day on Fed concerns. 8/10 Reuters: Wall Street ends worst week since June; dollar rises. 8/15 CNN: Dow drops more than 200 points. 8/17 Reuters: Wall Street slips, Dow posts biggest weekly loss of 2013. 8/22 Reuters: Wall Street bounces back after strong data. 8/23 Drudge: Dow climbs back above 15,000. 8/25 Drudge: Typo sends TEL AVIV stock exchange plummeting. 9/10 Reuters: Wall Street climbs, lifted by China data, waning Syria fears. 9/14 Reuters: Wall Street ends up; Dow posts best weekly gain since January. 9/16 Drudge: Dow soars at open. 9/18 NY Times: Stock indexes close at record highs after Fed decision. 9/30 Reuters: Wall Street drops at open as government shutdown nears. 10/20 Reuters: Global stocks gain. S&P breaks record, Google’s stock tops $1,000 on earnings. 10/26 Reuters: World shares flat but Wall Street gains; S&P 500 at new high.Overall the STOCK MARKETS make significant gains in 2013.1/1 CNN: Stocks end strong year on high note (2012). 1/17 Reuters: Wall Street hits 5 year high at open on data, eBay. 1/24 Reuters: Wall Street advances despite Apple’s decline. 1/25 Reuters: S&P 500 eyes best winning streak in 8 years.  Drudge: Stocks close in on all-time high. 2/1 CNN: Dow breaks 14,000 first time since 2007. 2/12 Reuters: Wall Street edges up, S&P near multi-years high. 2/18 USA Today: U.S. markets closed, JAPAN index surges 2%. 2/19 CNN: Dow, S&P hit 5-year highs. 3/5 CNN: Dow reaches another record high. 3/6 Reuters: European stocks hit highest since 2008 crash. Stock futures add to gains after private jobs data. 3/8 Drudge: Dow tops 14,400, sets another record. 3/13 USA Today: Dow’s 9-day winning streak makes history. 3/14 Reuters: Dow rises for the 10th day, S&P eyes record. Drudge: Dow tops 14,500 for first time, S&P 500 within 5 points of record. (15,000 Dow…here we come!) 3/27 Reuters: Morning Call: S&P 500 could hit all time closing high. 3/28 CNN: S&P finally hits records. Dow caps best first quarter since 1998. (When Bill Clinton was president, another Democrat!) 4/2 Reuters: Healthcare leads Wall Street higher, S&P record in view. 4/3 Reuters: Wall Street dips, but S&P still near record high. 4/5 BBC News: Nikkei hits highest level since 2008.  4/9 Yahoo: Dow reaches another record high, driven by commodities. 4/10 Drudge: S&P breaks records, tops all time high. CNN: Dow, S&P 500 close at record highs. 4/11 Reuters: Wall Street climbs for 4th day as Dow, S&P 500 hit new highs. 4/14 CNN: Stocks: New milestone in sight. 4/27 Yahoo: Facebook CEO reaped $2.3B gain on stock options. 4/30 USA Today: Stocks soar, so do Treasury prices; what gives? 5/3 CNN: 10:35 am EDT: Dow 15,007.32! (I WAS RIGHT!) 5/4 CNN: Dow, S&P finish at record highs. (16,000 next!) 5/7 USA Today: A first: Dow closes above 15,000. (I told you so in March!) 5/8 Yahoo: S&P 500 ends at record for fifth day, Groupon late. 5/11 Reuters: Triple crown for stocks: 3rd straight week of gains. 5/17 USA Today: Dow, S&P 500 end week with record highs. 5/18 CNN: 4th week of gain for stocks. 5/20 Reuters: NIKKEI hits new 5-1/2 year high on weak yen, signs of improving economy. 5/21 USA Today: Stocks move higher to new record highs. 7/18 Drudge: Dow hits all time high again! 8/2 CNN: S&P ends above 1700 first time. (1800 next!) 8/22 Reuters: In U.S., CHINA, EUROPE, data points to global rebound. 11/9 Reuters: Dow, S&P 500 end higher for 5th straight week; financials lead. 11/11 Drudge: Stocks rise 108% since Obama became President!  11/15 Reuters: Stocks futures climb, setting up Dow, S&P for fresh records. Shares head toward 5 year highs as Yellen backs easy Fed policy. 11/15 CNN: Dow inches closer to 16,000 record.  11/18 Drudge/CNBC: U.S. stocks mostly up; S&P 500 surpasses 1,800; Dow surpasses 16,000. (Hooray!) 11/22 Reuters: Wall Street edges higher after Dow hits 16,000. 11/23 Reuters: S&P 500 ends above 1800 for first time; healthcare leads. 11/24 I SEE THE DOW GOING T0 20,000, NASDAQ 5,000, AND S&P 500 3,000, IT’S UP, UP AND AWAY FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH. 11/25 Reuters: Wall Street extends record highs, with eyes on Iran. 11/30 Reuters: Nasdaq ends brief post-holiday session at 13 year high.  12/16 Drudge: Dow jumps triple digits.  12/21 BBC News: U.S. shares close at record levels. 12/23 Reuters: Wall Street rises to new highs, boosted by Apple deal. Drudge: Boom: Stocks extend rally: 48th record high close of year.  12/26 Reuters: Wall Street rises, Dow on track for 6th straight day of gains. 12/27 Drudge: Global markets hit new highs, lows. Dow hits 50th record high close of year. 12/30 Reuters: Big year ends with Wall Street hopeful for 2014. CNN: Dow close sets 51st record of 2013. (I love being right about the good stuff!)  12/21 Reuters: Futures edge up, Wall Street set for best year since 1997. (YES!)  Reuters: World shares enjoy vintage year, seen gaining more in 2014. (YES!) UFO SIGHTINGS involving inner-dimensional and extraterrestrial visitors become the norm and constant.(I’d thought there’d be contact with advanced civilizations by now, but perhaps we Earthlings are primitive in terms of our development. Or is the government hiding the truth?2/8 Discovery News: No aliens signals detected in Kepler SETI search. (Alien technologies are so advanced I doubt our best equipment could detect their signals which are likely to involve the transfer of thought, mental telepathy. They have vehicles that can change dimensions of reality: Beyond our wildest dreams, perhaps at this time?) 3/7 Drudge/Telegraph: UFO sightings on the rise in South Africa. Drudge: Actor Russell Crowe captures UFO on camera at Sydney’s Botanic Gardens. (Way to go, Russell!) 4/14 Facebook/CE: NASA discovers hidden portals in Earth’s magnetic field:In physics, a wormhole was a hypothetical feature of space time that would be a shortcut through space-time. We often wonder how extraterrestrials could travel so far and this could be one of many explanations.6/11 Latest UFO Sightings: CHINESE passenger plane had mid-air collision with UFO that left a big dent in the hood on June 4, 2013.  7/8 Science Daily: Search for extraterrestrial intelligence research network launched in the UK.  7/13 Drudge/Daily News: NBA’s Baron Davis: ‘I was abducted by aliens in desert two weeks ago.’ 7/20 Drudge/Mail Online: Scientist find never before seen GIANT VIRUS that’s so unusual it may have come from MARS: Only 6% of its genes resemble those seen before on Earth. (Planted by aliens, perhaps?) 8/3 Latest UFO Sightings: The discovery of Area 51 pyramid brings more speculation on USAF off world travel. (My, my! Teleportation to Jupiter or Mars? Orion Stargate?) 10/6 Telegraph: Alien DNA could be ‘recreated’ on Earth:Humans will be able to recreate alien life forms and ‘print out’ organisms using the biological equivalent of a 3D printer in the future, a DNA pioneer has predicted.  12/5 Drudge/Breitbart: Odds of alien life ‘very high,’ House panel hears. (Several species are already on our planet, with others living on every planet in our solar system. WAKE UP!)  12/23 News 44: MEXICAN government releases proof of E.T.s and ancient space travel.EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITORS are not foolish enough to land on the White House lawn with the present cowboy military mentality that exists on this planet, especially in the United States. However, the ET PRESENCE will continue to manifest in their futuristic vehicles, some of gigantic proportions, to the wonder and amazement of most earthly inhabitants.(Read Timothy Good’s EARTH – An Alien Enterprise.)(From 2011) AGING INFRASTRUCTURES in various countries around the world begin to fail on a serious level, especially tall buildings and bridges that span considerable distances, with disastrous results. 5/24 CNN: ‘You hold on as tight as you can’ – Bridge collapses in WASHINGTON STATE on I-5; truck accident may have played a role. 5/25 CNN: Is your bridge safe? 600 bridges have failed since 1989. Message from American Society of Civil Engineers: ‘Be wary.’ 5/26 Drudge: 7 injured in MISSISSIPPI as trains collide, trigger highway bridge collapse. 6/5 CNN:Building collapses in PHILADELPHIA, several feared trapped. 6/6 CNN: Nation’s drinking water system needs $384B upgrade. AP: Search halted in PA building collapse, 6 dead. 6/19 CNN: Sky trains, super bridges: 8 of the world’s most spectacular infrastructure projects: The PANAMA CANAL. 6/19 BBC News: 1 in 9 U.S. bridges ‘structurally deficient.’ 7/29 CNN: Building collapses into rubble in PHILADELPHIA, explosion, 8 people sent to hospital; baby tossed from window; 25 evacuated. 9/13 Drudge: 37 dead in fire at RUSSIAN psychiatric hospital. 9/26 CNN: Sagging Green Bay, WISCONSIN bridge snarls traffic: Interstate bridge drops 2 feet. (Scary bridge!) 9/28 CNN: 28 dead in MUMBAI building collapse. (Shoddy building?)  10/3 CNN: 8 missing after building collapses in COLUMBIA. 11/22 CNN: AT least 45 die in roof collapse at LATVIAN supermarket. 12/20 CNN: Almost 90 hurt as ceiling collapses at LONDON theater. (And how was the play?) ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS primarily involve the transport of oil and gas or other hazardous chemicals.1/2 USA Today: Storm impedes salvage of drilling ship in ALASKA; Coast Guard planning salvage operation and oil-pill response. 1/25 Yahoo: Davos activists occupy Shell station to protest Arctic drilling, warn of environmental danger. 1/27 Yahoo: Barge with 80,000 gallons oil hits bridge in MISSISSIPPI, leaks into Mississippi River. 3/31 Reuters: Exxon continues cleanup of ARKANSAS oil pipeline spill. Pipeline leaks thousands of gallons of CANADIAN oil. 4/25 Yahoo: Two fuel barges explode, causing large fires in ALABAMA, injures 3. Reuters: Firefighters battle MARYLAND mulch fire. 5/5 Reuters: Train carrying toxic chemicals derails in BELGIUM, triggering massive fire that released cyanide. 5/7 CNN: 18 dead in MEXICO gas tanker blast, 36 injured. 6/3 CNN:At least 112 killed in China poultry processing plant fire. 6/9 Smithsonian Magazine: A ruptured pipe spilled 10,000 gallons of oil upstream of the AMAZON RIVER in Ecuador. (Good grief!)  6/13 CNN: Chemical plant explodes in LOUISIANA; evacuations ordered, multiple injuries; residents within 2 mile radius ordered to stay inside. 6/15 CNN: 1 dead, 8 injured in blast at LOUISIANA chemical plant: second largest nitrogen fertilizer plant in the world. 6/16 Facebook/WC Native News: Crude oil leaked from Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline near Merritt. 6/22 CNN: U.S. engineers inspect possible leak at HANFORD, WASHINGTON nuclear site. 6/26 CNN: Massive tar mat dug up off LOUISIANA beach, 3 years after GULF SPILL. (Truly disgusting!) 7/6 CNN: Unmanned train carrying flammable liquid derails, bursts into flames in CANADA.  7/7 Reuters: CANADA train blast death toll now 3, toll will rise. 7/8 CNN: 40 missing after train destroys town. (Truly tragic!) Reuters: Explosion at WEST VIRGINIA natural gas well injures at least 5. Reuters: Analysis: QUEBEC rail disasters shines critical light on oil-by-rail boom. Hazardous chemicals warning system falls short.  7/9 CNN: Brakes disabled before train exploded in Lac-Megantic, railway chief says. (Sabotage!) CNN: Death train mystery: How did brakes fail? Official: Some victims likely vaporized by blast: 13 dead, 37 missing in CANADA town. CNN: Coast guard responds to natural gas leak in GULF OF MEXICO: Leaving a 4-mile-wide “rainbow sheen” on the water’s surface south of LOUISIANA. (Please don’t eat fish or shrimp caught in the Gulf!)  7/10 BBC News: CANADA train blast figure up to 60 dead or missing. (Dear me! Criminal!) 7/20 Facebook/thestar: “Nobody understands” oil spills at ALBERTA oil sands operation that has been going on for weeks with no end in sight. 7/23 WDSU News: Officials: ‘Major cloud of gas’ surrounds platform after blowout…44 evacuated on 2 life boats; all OK. 7/24 CNN: Natural gas rig explodes, burns in GULF OF MEXICO. 7/25 Reuters: Main YEMEN oil export pipeline blown up, flow halted: officials. 7/30 CNN: Massive damage but no deaths in blast at central FLORIDA propane plant. (The aspects are dangerous now!) 8/3 Drudge: Mystery objects with high radiation found on FUKUSHIMA coast. 8/5 BBC News: Hazardous chemical leak after LOUISIANA train derails, 100 homes evacuated. 8/12 CNN: VENEZUELAN refinery ablaze after lightning strike, residents evacuated.  8/14 Facebook: FUKUSHIMA: Uncontainable. The radioactive discharges cannot be stopped from flowing into the Pacific Ocean. 8/15 Drudge: 1,000 dead fish found floating in National Mall pond in WASHINGTON. 8/19 Reuters: FUKUSHIMA operator says workers dusted with radioactive particles, second such incident in a week. 8/20 Facebook/Australian Report: GULF OF MEXICO waters made toxic with corexit + crude are killing people, RIGHT NOW.  8/23 Science Daily: New risk model sheds light on arsenic risk in CHINA’S groundwater. 8/28 CNN: JAPAN Fukushima toxic water leak a Level 3 ‘serious incident.’ Science Daily: FUKUSHIMA radioactive plume to reach U.S. in 3 years. 8/31 CNN: Why FUKUSHIMA is worse than you think. 8/31 Reuters: Ammonia leak at SHANGHAI refrigeration plant kills 15, injures 26. Science Daily: Bacteria supplemented their diet to clean up after Deep Water Horizon oil spill. (Is this BP propaganda?)  9/1 CNN: FUKUSHIMA radiation levels spike, company says.  9/4 Reuters: Radiation readings at FUKUSHIMA reach new high. JAPAN to spend almost $500M on Fukushima. 9/5 CNN: Tons of poisoned fish clog river in CHINA’S Hubei province. (Tragic loss of food. What poisoned the fish?)  Drudge/Alaska Dispatch: ‘Environmental crimes’: EPA sends swat team to ALASKAN mine to check water quality. (Sure!?) 9/12 CNN: HONOLULU Harbor molasses spill could have long term effects on marine life; kills thousands of fish. 9/14 Reuters: Tribesmen blow up YEMEN’S main oil export pipeline.  9/16 Drudge: Brain eating amoeba discovered in LOUISIANA plumbing system. (YE GODS!) 9/25 Science Daily: Deep sea ecosystem may take decades to recover from Deepwater Horizon spill. 10/3 Drudge: FUKUSHIMA operator says another tank leaking toxic water. BBC News: Worker error causes FUKUSHIMA leak. BBC News: Health of ocean ‘declining fast’. (BAD NEWS!) 10/12 Reuters: In remote field, NORTH DAKOTA oil boom suffers first big spill: more than 20,000 barrels of crude oil spill into a North Dakota wheat field. (That’s going to thrill the farmer?)  At least 7 killed as oil tanker explodes in CHINA.  Science Daily: Unregulated agricultural ammonia threatens U.S. national parks’ ecology: Environmental scientists, experts in air quality, atmospheric chemistry, and ecology, have been studying the fate of nitrogen-based compounds blown into natural areas from power plants, automobile exhaust, and, increasingly, industrial agriculture. Nitrogen that finds its way into natural ecosystems can disrupt the cycling of nutrients in soil, promote algal overgrowth. 10/13 Reuters: Radiation levels near JAPAN’S damaged FUKUSHIMA reactor hit 2-year high. 11/11 Reuters: As ALABAMA flames fade, new oil-by-rail questions arise. 11/15 Reuters: Chevron pipeline explodes, burns in rural TEXAS near Dallas. Fire at process plant kills 1 at Chevron refinery in MISSISSIPPI. 11/22 CNN: Pipeline explosion kills 22 in CHINA. Reuters: Sinopec oil pipeline blast kills 35 in eastern CHINA. 11/23 CNN UPDATE: Oil pipeline blast in CHINA kills 44. Reuters: Qingdao oil flow halted as explosion toll hits 47. (We need less dangerous alternative fuels!)  11/25 Reuters: CHINA pipeline blast: 9 still missing. 11/26 CNN: Boat sinking in MISSISSIPPI RIVER carrying 10,000 gallons of petroleum: discharging oil. 12/5 NY Times: Large companies prepared to pay price on carbon. (Humanity will pay the price for the production of oil or gas. GREED is bad.) 12/6 Reuters: Flights delayed as air pollution hits SHANGHAI. 12/17 Facebook/beforeitsnews: JAPAN to ban all news coverage on Fukushima radiation – 10 year prison penalty.  12/18 BBC News: EU plans air quality law to tackle ‘invisible killer.’ 12/30 Susanne Posel: TEPCO quietly admits Reactor 3 could be melting down now. CNN: NORTH DAKOTA train collision ignites oil cars; fire to burn out; people instructed to stay indoors.The PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE of May 25 brings dramatic weather anomalies, including fire, and political change and unrest to NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA and nations of WEST AFRICA.5/13 CNN: Ice wave destroys homes in MANITOBA, CANADA and MINNESOTA. 5/14 Earth Changes Media: Seismic activity increases at Popocatepetl Volcano near MEXICO CITY as authorities warn capital, neighboring towns. (The eclipse could trigger the event.) Scientists: Second ALASKA VOLCANO is heating up, with seismic action signaling possible eruption. NASA sees a strengthening tropical cyclone Mahasen in Northern INDIAN OCEAN. Drudge: MEXICO’S ‘Popo’ volcano spews ash, molten rock. 5/15 Earth Changes Media: MEXICO prepares for more intense eruptions from Popo Volcano. BURMESE refugee boat capsizes ahead of storm, 8 dead. 5/15 CNN: 2 ALASKA volcanoes on alert as lava flows: Sudden explosions possible with little or no warning!  5/16 CNN: Tropical Storm Alvin strengthens in eastern PACIFIC. 5/17 Drudge: 16 tornadoes in TEXAS defied prediction. Police: Bodies not even near their homes. 5/19 CNN: Severe weather threatens to pummel MIDWEST, PLAINS: KANSAS, OKLAHOMA, IOWA, MISSOURI in bulls’ eye. CNN: Tornadoes strike two states, taking out power lines and damaging several homes. 5/20 Earth Changes Media: Tornadoes hit KANSAS, OKLAHOMA and IOWA as storms sweep through Midwest.  Fox News: At least 51 dead from the mile-wide tornado that hit Moore, OKLAHOMA and Oklahoma City; the death toll is expected to rise.  5/21 Yahoo: 91 feared dead after massive tornado a mile wide in OKLAHOMA, 20 children. Reuters: A search for survivors in OKLAHOMA. Examiner: Tornado lashes through horse farm, killing 75-100 animals. Huffington Post: DEVASTATED. Death toll revised down to 24, at least 240 injured. NY Times: Officials now say dozens dead amid confusion over toll. 5/25 Reuters: Residents on alert as MEXICO’S Popocatepetl continues erupting. CNN: Flooding kills 1 in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, 1 missing; flash flooding in South TEXAS, including Austin. Drudge: 100 year flood hits VERMONT twice in 3 years. 5/26 Earth Changes Media: 1 killed, more than 100 rescued in SAN ANTONIO floods. CNN: 2 TEXAS women killed after being swept away in severe San Antonio flooding.  Reuters: Freak cold temps hit NORTHEAST. Independent: Hurricane season fears as satellite fails. (Not good!) 5/27 Drudge/Burlington Free Press: White Mountain in NEW YORK’S Adirondacks see 3 fee of snow over weekend. Drudge: Hurricane season fears as warning satellite fails. AP: Searchers find body of missing teen in TEXAS flood. 5/29 CNN: First look at KANSAS tornado. 5/30 Earth Changes Media: Tropical Storm Barbara nearing hurricane strength off MEXICAN coast. 5/30 Earth Changes Media: PACAYA VOLCANO erupts in GUATEMALA. BARBARA weakens to tropical storm, posing flooding threat to MEXICO. CNN: Severe storms batter OKLAHOMA, ARKANSAS. Sinkhole threatens NEW MEXICO town. 6/1 Earth Changes Media: UPDATE: New wave of tornadoes, violent storms rake OKLAHOMA CITY, 2 dead. Flash floods prompt evacuations on both sides of MISSOURI-KANSAS state line.  ARKANSAS tornadoes cause injuries, at least 3 dead.  6/2 Yahoo: Cleanup continues as storms move toward EAST COAST. CNN: Storm chasers, TV personalities among OKLAHOMA 9 fatalities on Friday night. Drudge: 12 dead, dozens injured, following severe weather in THE PLAINS. 6/3 BBC News: U.S. counts costs of deadly MIDWEST storms: Thousands of homes still without power, at least 13 killed, hundreds injured, millions/billions in losses: homes, buildings, aircraft. 6/4 CNN: MISSOURIANS grapple with flooding as Mississippi River is expected to crest 10 feet over flood level. CNN: Flooding causes MISSOURI levee breach. USGS: 5.3 quake in Pahala, HAWAII. 6/5 Earth Changes Media: Mammoth OKLAHOMA tornado was widest ever recorded, almost strongest, too. 6/6 CNN: Andrea closes in on FLORIDA coast, tropical storm has 60 mph winds, 160 miles west of Tampa. 6/7 Earth Changes Media: Tropical Storm Andrea bears down on FLORIDA. CNN: Waning Andrea to dump heavy rains across EAST COAST. 6/9 Earth Changes Media: Severe storms set to return to PLAINS, MIDWEST, as Andrea soaks EAST. 6/10 Earth Changes Media: Weakened Tropical Storm Andrea breaks NORTHEAST rainfall records. ALASKA’S Pavlof Volcano rumbles again with ash and tremors. 6/11 CNN: U.S. weather: Deadly beaches, grinding tornadoes, sweltering heat: DENVER breaks heat record, tornado destroys homes in MARYLAND. 6/12 Drudge: Apocalyptic sandstorm hits NEVADA: 1 man dead in 27 car pileup. 6/13 CNN: Winds slice OHIO; floods slam MICHIGAN. Trains collide near BUENOS AIRES; 3 reported dead. CNN: 9,000 told to flee wildfires: It’s a Noah’s Ark at fairgrounds as COLORADO blaze looms. 6/14 CNN: “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life” COLORADANS flee as wildfires destroy homes, kill 2, and fire fighters make little headway against the raging wildfires. CNN: 4-year-old boy dies when tree falls, as storm pummels MID-ATLANTIC, SOUTH, knocking out power to thousands. Reuters: Almost 500,000 without power in U.S. MID-ATLANTIC. Reuters: CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC rebels still in control of cabinet despite reshuffle. 6/15 Drudge: Thousands flee COLORADO wildfire; Worst in state history, 400 homes lost, 16,300 acres, 30% contained. USGS: 6.5 earthquake in NICARAGUA. 6/16 USGS: 5.8 earthquake rocks Jolalpan, MEXICO. 6/18 Science Daily: New embryonic subduction zone found forming off the coast of PORTUGAL heralds the beginning of a cycle that will see the Atlantic Ocean close as continental EUROPE moves closer to America! (How about that?)  6/19 Earth Changes Media: Popocatepetl Volcano erupts again near MEXICO CITY. CNN: Blaze roars near YOSEMITE. CNN: Tornado touches down near DENVER airport. AP: BAKED ALASKA: Unusual heatwave hits 49th state: Temperatures topped 80 in Anchorage. USGS: 5.7 magnitude quake in Los Andes, CHILE. 6/21 Earth Changes Media: NEW ORLEANS: Grand Isle residents say waterspout biggest they’ve ever seen. Waterspouts in LOUISIANA and TAMPA. Tropical Storm Barry makes landfall in MEXICO. CNN: Flooding hits ALBERTA province, forces 75,000 from their homes in Calgary. ARIZONA blaze only 10% contained. 6/22 Earth Changes Media: ‘The roar of the river is terrifying,’ ALBERTA Premier says after flood tour. CNN: 2 die in CALGARY flooding.  6/23 CNN: Another CANADIAN city at risk of river burst as flood rage area. 6/24 Drudge: Power outages in CALGARY could last for months after floods. BBC News: Alberta, CANADA, floods leave 3 dead, roads and railways submerged, along with famous stadium. 6/25 Drudge/myfoxNY: Tsunami-like waves observed along NEW JERSEY coast. 6/26 Earth Changes Media: Jet stream seen as culprit in ALBERTA floods. Storms, floods threaten wide swath of U.S.  MEXICO storm upgraded to hurricane. Tsunami strikes the NEW JERSEY shore 6-13-13. (Wow!) 6/26 Drudge/CBS Las Vegas: Temperatures to reach almost 120 degrees in WEST this week. (No global warming, right?) 6/27 Drudge: VEGAS may smash its all time record high. Temps to reach 128 in DEATH VALLEY. 6/29 CNN: Triple digit temperatures bake SOUTHWEST. 6/30 CNN: Homes destroyed, 1 unaccounted for in upstate NEW YORK flooding. Record setting heatwave turns fatal in SOUTHWEST; flights canceled: Too hot to fly. 7/4 Earth Changes Media: Heat wave persists in WEST as flooding threatens EAST. 7/5 Earth Changes Media: Tropical depression near MEXICO could become Tropical Storm Erick. CNN: U.S. airlines cancel flights as MEXICAN volcano rumbles. Drudge: NYC issues heat alert. Drudge: Over foot of hail swamps NEW MEXICO town. 7/6 BBC News: Huge waves 22 feet high hit CHILE and PERU coastlines, sending water into streets.  7/8 Earth Changes Media: Tropical Storm Chantal forms in ATLANTIC; warnings issued: Heads toward LESSER ANTILLES. MEXICO’S Popocatepetl spews ash; U.S. airlines cancel flights.  USGS: 5.9 quake in EL SALVADOR. CNN: Tropical Storm Chantal races toward CARIBBEAN. (My son and his family are leaving Miami on a cruise ship today. YE GODS!) 7/9 CNN: Flash flooding traps TORONTO train passengers, stalls rush hour traffic. Drudge: Tropical Storm CHANTAL picking up speed. Month’s worth of rain in 4 hours triggers flash flooding, chaos in TORONTO.  7/11 Earth Changes Media: Tropical Storm CHANTAL targets DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, HAITI; airports and ferry services canceled. Drudge: Massive mudslide washes away cars in COLORADO. 7/16 Drudge: Summer’s worst week of heat: NYC, DC, PHILLY, BOSTON. 7/17 USGS: 6.0 magnitude quake in Chivay, PERU. Drudge: Water cut for 150,000+ near D.C., heat temps 100. (Water main needs replacing.) 7/18 Drudge: 90 degrees or above in 47 states. NEW YORK may seek to cut power use for 3rd straight day. 7/20 Earth Changes Media: Storm could be mixed blessing as crews battle SOUTH CALIFORNIA wildfire; evacuations continue. Lightning strikes injure 15 in 3 states. CNN: 81 kidnapped migrants rescued in MEXICO. 7/21 Drudge: LAS VEGAS thunderstorms bring high water to Strip. 7/21 BBC News: Dramatic rescues as flood hit MEXICO. 7/22 CNN: 2 men airlifted from raging flood waters in ARIZONA. 7/24 CNN: Softball-sized hail in KANSAS. 7/27 CNN: 8 inches of rain in NC prompts rescues. 7/29 Drudge: Raging flood flips tour bus in ARIZONA, sweeps bus 300 yards downstream after driver tries to cross submerged roadway. (Poor judgment in monsoon season!) 8/3 Drudge: Unprecedented JULY cold–ARCTIC sees shortest summer on record. 8/8 CNN: Severe flooding in NASHVILLE. 8/10 USA Today: 1 dead after COLORADO mudslide, flash flooding in Manitou Springs; 20 cars caught in flooding. 8/11 CNN: Flood rips NASHVILLE building. 8/16 Drudge: Summer chill: ATLANTA breaks century old cold temperature record. 8/17 CNN: GULF OF MEXICO storm could explode into major storm. 8/22 BBC News: Huge sinkhole swallows swamp trees in LOUISIANA.  8/27 BBC News: MEXICO floods and mudslides kill 14. 8/29 Reuters: 6 children killed by landslide in HONDURAS. 9/3 Drudge: Record cold strikes ALASKA: 15 F. in August.9/5 CNN: Tropical Storm Gabrielle nears PUERTO RICO. 9/12 CNN: Rescued! Crews save man from racing currents of COLORADO flood, 1 dead. 9/14 Reuters: Rescues on as COLORADO braces for more rain. NJ governor vows to rebuild burnt towns, U.S. aid sought. (I sense arson on the boardwalk.) 9/16 CNN: Weakened Hurricane Ingrid makes landfall in MEXICO. 9/19 CNN: Hurricane Manuel hits MEXICO. 9/20 BBC News: Mudslide wipes out MEXICAN village. MEXICO storm death toll rises to 97. COLORADO flood death toll rises, amid oil spills. 10/3 Reuters: BP evacuates some workers ahead of GULF OF MEXICO storm.  10/6 CNN: LOUISVILLE flooding: Knee deep water could get worse. 10/9 CNN: Storm pound EAST COAST.EARTH CHANGES continue to be DRAMATIC and DRASTIC in expression.1/16 NY Times: Shock wave of fireball meteor rattles SIBERIA, injuring 1,200. CNN: RUSSIA starts meteor cleanup: More than 4,000 buildings damaged: Estimates $33M. 10-ton meteor went 33,000 mph. 2/17 Drudge: Fireballs reported in skies above CUBA and CALIFORNIA. 5/16 CNN: ALASKA volcano spews ash 20,000 feet. 5/22 Earth Changes Media: Turrialba Volcano in COSTA RICA spits massive ash and gas trail. 6/2 BBC News: CENTRAL EUROPE on alert for flooding. 6/10 Earth Changes Media: CENTRAL EUROPE floods most dramatic in decade. 6/15 USGS: 6.2 earthquake in GREECE. 7/19 Drudge: Hundreds dead in ENGLAND’S heatwave. 8/3 CNN: Massive sinkhole opens up in KANSAS creating a small Grand Canyon: Locals in awe. DRAMATIC and DESTRUCTIVE WEATHER ANOMALIES claim lives in large numbers and destroy untold property with hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes, torrential downpours, electrical storms and flooding that creates havoc in the lives of many.1/5 Drudge: CHINA’S coldest winter in decades hits new lows: Ships in frozen ice. 1/10 BBC News: 4 die as LEBANON hit by snow. 1/12 Drudge: THE BIG CHILL: CALIFORNIA faces epic cold snap. SUNSPOT unleashes intense solar flare. 1/17 Reuters: Flood paralyze JAKARTA, heavy rains continue. 1/18 Reuters: JAKARTA floods force tens of thousands out of homes. BBC News: SYDNEY bakes in hottest day ever. CNN: INDONESIA floods kill 12; thousand flee raging waters in capital, with more water on the way. 1/20 Drudge: Snowpocalypse: RUSSIA: ‘Snow tsunami’ swallows streets, cars, building.  1/21 BBC News: Misery as EUROPE gripped by snow. 1/23 Reuters: Arctic blast chills U.S. NORTHEAST and MIDWEST. BBC News: CHILE capital sees water shortage. 1/24 Reuters: High water swamps VENICE, ITALY. 1/26 BBC News: U.N.: Floods displace 70,000, kill 36 in MOZAMBIQUE.  1/27 BBC News: AUSTRALIA’S State of Queensland braces for flooding in wake of tropical Cyclone Oswald. 1/28 Reuters: Floods continue to hamper QUEENSLAND. 1/29 Drudge: As temperatures rise, severe weather set to slam MIDWEST, SOUTH. 1/30 Drudge: WINTER FREAK: 90 degrees in CORPUS CHRISTI. 1/31 CNN: High winds, tornado trap GEORGIA residents, turn over cars. 2/1 CNN: Radford University flood, VIRGINIA flooding sinks dozens of cars.  Heavy flooding hits AUSTRALIA.  2/5 UK Weather: New Arctic blast set to bring more snow to U.K. Snowiest winter in 100 years paralyzes MOSCOW traffic for 3500 km. 2/6 BBC News: Quake off SOLOMON ISLANDS triggers deadly tsunami: Home damaged and at least 5 reported dead. 2/8 Drudge: Blizzard warning: NYC, BOSTON. NY Times: NEW YORK governor declares state of emergency over winter storm. CNN: Blizzard closes roads in 3 states. 2/9 CNN: Up to 38 inches of snow: NORTHEAST begins to dig out after storm: NEW YORK and NEW ENGLAND struggle to get airports, trains and highways back online. Reuters: Blizzard kills one, leaves thousands without power. Drudge: 650,000 lose power. Hundreds of cars stranded. Nuke power plant shutdown. Winds near hurricane force. BOSTON near all time record: snow still falling. 2/11 Yahoo: Tornado slams MISSISSIPPI college town. 2/12 CNN: BOSTON blizzard: 8 hours of snow in 10 minutes. Reuters: Heavy rains take toll on BOLIVIA. 2/15 CNN: Meteor injures 725 in RUSSIA: The meteor streaked through the skies over southern Russia’s Chelyabinsk region, followed by a loud boom that shattered glass in buildings and left hundreds hurt.  2/21 Yahoo: PLAINS brace for powerful storm. Drudge: Snow stuns golfers in ARIZONA. Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes in DEEP SOUTH. 2/22 BBC News: ATHENS hit by torrential rainfall. 2/23 Yahoo: NEW ENGLAND braces for 3rd snowstorm in 3 weekends. 2/23 BBC News: Heavy floods hit southeast AUSTRALIA. 2/25 Yahoo: Blizzard pounds COLORADO, slows air traffic. 2/26 CNN: Blizzard batters U.S. heartland, spreads snowing mess in MIDWEST; cars backed up 6 miles. 3/1 BBC News: Record snowfall in northern JAPAN. Red alert for volcano in CHILE. Explosions at ECUADOR volcano. 3/4 Yahoo: Massive snow drifts cover cars in JAPAN, 8 killed. Swarms of locust hit EGYPT ahead of Passover holiday. Drudge/Telegraph: Father freezes to death protecting 9-year-old daughter from blizzard in JAPAN: She was found weeping in her father’s arms. (Lots of gold stars on his heavenly chart.) 3/6 Washington Post: MIDWEST swallowed by snow; Snow begins to fall in the DC region. 3/12 BBC News: Snow hits NORTHERN EUROPEAN travelers. 3/13 CNN: Ice dam causes IOWA flooding. 3/16 BBC News: Snow encases cars on HUNGARY’S M1; HUNGARY sends in tanks after snowstorm. 3/19 CNN: ATLANTA airport pelted with hail. 3/22 Drudge: Prosecutor seeks death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil: -17 in MN, 22 in NYC, 32 Atlanta. FARGO warned worst flood coming. BBC News: Tornado his AUSTRALIA caravan parks. Giant hailstorms batter southern CHINA. 3/23 Reuters: U.K. snowstorms, flooding expected to worsen. Drudge: U.K. faces gas rationing in record cold snap. BBC News: Tackling fire in AMAZON rain forest. 3/24 Drudge: Severe storm brings heavy snow, baseball sized hail to WEST. Another snow blast coming for MIDWEST, EAST. Facebook/ HUNGARY sends tanks to rescue thousands of people from snow trap. CANADA: Traffic nightmare in Edmonton morning after snowstorm kills 3, creates 100 car pileup. 3/31 BBC News: Deadly floods hit MAURITIUS capital Port Louis, at least 10 dead. Coldest Easter on record for U.K. 4/1 Reuters: Flash floods kill at least 10 in MAURITIUS.  4/2 CNN: Baseball, golf ball-sized hail pummel TEXAS town. More than 220 rescued from ice floes off LATVIAN coast. 4/3 BBC News: BUENOS AIRES flash flood leaves 8 dead.  Yahoo: Torrential rains kill many taking shelter in their cars in ARGENTINA. 4/5 BBC News: ARGENTINA floods a catastrophe. 4/6 BBC News: Death toll from ARGENTINA floods rises to at least 57. 4/7 BBC News: BRITAIN ‘running out of wheat’ owing to bad weather. 4/9 CNN: Winter still blowing with blizzard and twister in COLORADO. CNN: Sandstorm blurs CHINA city’s skyline. 4/10 Drudge/US News: Storm chaos: Massive system closes interstate, grounds planes, derails trains: 17 degrees in Goodland, KANSAS, 74 in TOPEKA. 4/11 CNN: Tornadoes hit MISSOURI, ARKANSAS, severe weather heading to SOUTHEAST. CNN: Storm/tornado blamed for MISSISSIPPI death and injuries. 4/12 CNN: Ice shoves push ashore LAKE WINNEBAGO, threatening homes and boat houses. BBC News: 3 dead in severe spring storms in U.S.: NEBRASKA, MISSOURI, MISSISSIPPI. 4/14 Yahoo: 1 dead, 1 missing in SEATTLE avalanches: Female hiker died hours after she was dug out of 5 feet of snow by rescuers. 4/18 CNN: Snow, storms hinder MIDWEST travel. Storm damages OKLAHOMA tire plant. 4/20 Facebook: Big waves on LAKE SUPERIOR as blizzard-like conditions move through the area, flooding in MICHIGAN. 4/21 Yahoo: Flood crests approaching several towns in MIDWEST. Drudge: 5 snowboarders killed in COLORADO avalanche.  4/23 CNN: Extreme flooding hits MIDWESTERN states; more rain expect: 6 rivers set records in ILLINOIS. 4/24 CNN: Flooding threatens already drenched MIDWEST, SOUTH; 4 die in flooding, many evacuate. Floods leave classrooms unusable. 4/25 CNN: More rain for soggy, flooded MIDWEST. 4/26 CNN: Tide turns in MICHIGAN’S epic flood. 4/30 Another snowstorm taking aim at DENVER. Back to winter in MIDWEST. 5/2 Drudge: MAY FREAK: Historic snow hits HEARTLAND. 5/3 Drudge: DALLAS sets record for coldest spring. 5/5 Reuters: Tornado chaos hits  northern ITALY; hail and heavy rain damages hundreds of buildings. Drudge: ARKANSAS locations experience record snowfall, low temperatures for May, first time since 1819! 5/6 BBC News: Flood effects threaten NEPAL tourism. 5/12 BBC News: Ice sheet creeps ashore on MINNESOTA lake, no one injured but one home received mild damage. (So strange!) 5/16 Yahoo: At least 6 confirmed dead in TEXAS tornadoes, dozens injured, hundreds homeless; hail as large as grapefruit around Mineral Wells. 5/20 Drudge: Tornadoes ravage MIDWEST, PLAINS. ANCHORAGE sets record for longest snow season. 5/26 Earth Changes Media: Tornado rips through central RUSSIA. 6/2 Reuters: 1 dead, 2 missing in AUSTRIAN floods, landslides. Flood threaten PRAGUE’S historic center after days of rain. 6/2 Yahoo: Situation in GERMAN flood hit city ‘dramatic.’ 6/8 Yahoo: 5 dead, 5 injured after CALIFORNIA shooting rampage; man killed his father, brother, another man and a woman before the police killed him. 6/19 BBC News: INDIA floods, hundreds of thousands face disruption and evacuation: ‘We’ve received no food or tents.’ 7/18 BBC News: ENGLAND heatwave warnings extended. 7/20 Drudge: Record rainfall scatters gamblers as flooding hits VEGAS strip. CBS Baltimore: Hundreds of dead fish float to surface of murky Inner Harbor water, BALTIMORE. Roads melt, wildfires blaze, and BRITONS wilt in extended heatwave. 7/26 BBC News: ITALIAN heatwave warnings issued. 7/30 BBC News: Tornado sweeps through MILAN. 8/5 Reuters: More than 160 dead, stranded after flash floods in AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN. 8/9 CNN: Flooding claims more lives in rain-battered states: OKLAHOMA, KANSAS, MISSOURI, OHIO, WEST VIRGINIA, KENTUCKY. 8/12 CNN: FLORIDA sinkhole swallows parts of resort near Disney. Strongest storm of year hits PHILIPPINES, mudslides, 14 fishermen missing. 8/28 Earth Changes Media: Sear Warning issued for Tropical Storm Kong-Rey. Floods, landslides triggered by Tropical Depression Ferdinand, killing 13 across MEXICO. CALIFORNIA Rim fire swells to nearly 180,000 acres. 9/9 Earth Changes Media: BRITAIN hit by extreme weather: Dozens evacuated, while 2 drivers saw their cars swept away: A month and a half’s rain fell in 24 hours. 9/10 World News: Tropical Storm Humberto poised to become first hurricane of the season. 9/13 Reuters: 3 dead as COLORADO floods worsen, smashing rainfall records. Drudge: 30 foot surge of water, mud, rocks slide toward BOULDER. Mass evacuations. Smashes record set in 1940. Boardwalk burns in Seaside, NEW JERSEY. BBC News: Huge water spout forms over LAKE MICHIGAN. 9/14 CNN: 218 missing in COLORADO flood. 9/15 CNN: COLORADO floods: Over 500 unaccounted for as ‘devastating’ rain looms. (Dear me! Historic flood.) BBC News: MEXICO hit by 2 severe storms. 9/16 CNN: COLORADO flood: 1,000 await evacuation; Sewer muck spews into COLORADO home. Drudge: Huge storms hit MEXICO on both coasts; at least 21 dead. Hundreds unaccounted for in COLORADO floods; Nearly 19,000 homes damaged or destroyed. (Please stop the rain!) 9/17 Reuters: JAPAN cleans up after storm’s fury. 9/18 CNN: Floods trap 40,000 tourists in MEXICO: East, west, south: Severe weather slaps MEXICO on 3 fronts! (Ye gods!)  COLORADO run-off rushes toward NEBRASKA. (Poor Nebraskans.)  Reuters: Death toll rises as floods devastate ACAPULCO: Floodwaters swallowed homes and cars after worst storms in decades killed at least 55. 9/19 CNN: MEXICO slammed on 3 fronts. Reuters: Death toll reaches 80 in MEXICO storms; government struggles to reach tens of thousands cut off by flooding. Drudge: Dozens ‘likely’ dead after MEXICO landslide; tourists remain trapped: Looting hits. New hurricane forms. BBC News: Crocodiles take to MEXICO’S flooded streets. (Ye gods!) 9/20 Reuters: MEXICO scans for dozens missing amid floods as storms abate. Drudge: Earth’s strongest storm of 2013, packing 160 mph winds, moving toward HONG KONG, TAIWAN, PHILIPPINES. OKLAHOMA winds may spread deadly swine flu. 9/21 Reuters: Weather plagues EUROPEAN grape harvests. (Wine will be pricey!)  Typhoon unleashes landslides in PHILIPPINES. MEXICO scours for dozens missing as storms abate. 9/22 Reuters: Densely populated HONG KONG battens down as typhoon approaches. 9/23 Reuters: Powerful typhoon kills 20 in southern CHINA, swipes HONG KONG. BBC News: Typhoon Usagi kills 25 in CHINA. MEXICO storm toll rises to 110. 9/24 Drudge: Snow covers parts of CALIFORNIA on first day of fall.  9/27 BBC News: MEXICO’S Acapulco hit by heavy rain and fresh floods. 9/30 CNN: 74 missing after CHINESE fishing boat sinks during typhoon. 10/1 CNN: 5 hikers killed in COLORADO rockslide; girl rescued, sheriff’s office says. 10/3 CNN: Scores dead after boat catches fire and sinks off ITALIAN island of LAMPEDUSA: at least 94 dead. 10/4 Drudge: Tropical Storm Karen to strike UPPER GULF COAST. 10/5 Reuters: Snowstorms hit parts of WYOMING and SOUTH DAKOTA. Drudge: Severe storms rattle CHICAGO to LITTLE ROCK. Early autumn snow dumps 17 inches on OREGON. 10/6 CNN: Tornado strikes NEBRASKA as winter storm hits SOUTH DAKOTA, WYOMING. Reuters: Huge waves as typhoon approaches CHINA. 10/12 CNN: Cyclone Phailin menaces INDIA’S coast as over 400,000 flee: high storm surge expected. SOUTH DAKOTA blizzard kills, buries thousands of cows; shutdown leaves ranchers out in the cold. Update: International Business Times/UK: 5 dead as Cyclone Phailin hits INDIA’S coast. 10/13 CNN: 13 dead in PHILIPPINES typhoon, displaces 43,000 in 11 provinces. 10/14 CNN: INDIA relieved: Only 21 deaths from Cyclone Phailin, strongest tropical storm to hit in a decade. 10/15 Reuters: Typhoon threatens JAPAN; precautions at Fukushima nuclear plant.  Reuters: Typhoon Nari hits VIETNAM, 122,000 evacuated  10/19 Reuters: Floods plunge bloodsoaked ACAPULCO to new depths. 10/27 CNN: Floods kill dozens in eastern INDIA. 10/28 Reuters: Storm kills 3 in U.K. and NETHERLANDS, shuts down power, trains. 10/29 Yahoo: More than a dozen dead in EUROPEAN storm. CNN: Thousands lose power. 11/7 CNN: Super Typhoon Haiyan, strongest storm of the year, heads for CENTRAL PHILIPPINES.  11/8 CNN: Massive typhoon pummeling PHILIPPINES; 235 mph wind gusts, flooding and killing at least 3. 11/9 CNN: DEVASTATED: Death toll likely exceeds 1,000 after typhoon slams PHILIPPINES: Fallen trees litter ground, monster winds tore roofs off buildings, giant waves washed away homes. Climate Depot: SOUTH DAKOTA and WASHINGTON STATE break snowfall records. 11/10 CNN: VIETNAM in path of deadly typhoon, evacuating thousands; 10,000 feared dead in the PHILIPPINES. 11/11 CNN: Conditions ‘worse than hell’ in typhoon hit PHILIPPINES: 30 members of one family missing. Reuters: Storms kill about 100 in SOMALIA’S Puntland, more missing. U.S. sends marines and sailors to help in PHILIPPINES.  11/16 CNN: SOMALIA cyclone kills at least 115, sweeps livestock, homes into ocean. 11/17 Yahoo: Tornado strikes ILLINOIS; MIDWEST on alert. 11/22 CNN: PHILIPPINE typhoon actual death toll now at 5,209. 12/3 Drudge: 1 dead, 54 injured in 100 car fog pileup in BELGIUM. 12/5 Reuters: Hurricane force winds hits SCOTLAND, close in on GERMANY. Storm cuts power to 20,000 homes in SCOTLAND, disrupt travel. 12/6 BBC News: Tidal surge hits U.K. coastal towns. (Move away from the shore.)  Deadly storm lashes northern EUROPE, killing several people. 12/9 Drudge: Sleet, ice, deep freeze hit large swath of U.S. MONTANA cold records fall. Snow falling in AUSTRALIA, in summer. 12/10 Drudge: Coldest temp every recorded in ANTARCTICA. 12/23 Reuters: Winter weather kills 7 in NORTH AMERICA. Extreme weather rocks the nation. DROUGHT becomes the primary cause of GREAT WILDFIRES, with considerable loss of forestation, businesses, and private homes.1/5 BBC News: TASMANIA fires strand thousands and destroy 100 homes, thousands flee. 1/8 Reuters: AUSTRALIA battles wildfires. 1/15 Discovery News: 2013 Already a Drought Disaster. (So tragic for our planet.) 3/1 Reuters: Resident flee spectacular CALIFORNIA (Riverside County) wildfire: 200 firefighters battle fire that has already burned 150 acres.  3/15 BBC News: NEW ZEALAND hit by worst drought in 30 years. 3/16 Reuters: Wildfires rip through mile high state of COLORADO, prompting minor evacuations and heralding an early start to the wildfire season. 3/19 CNN: Rains douse TENNESSEE wildfire. (What a blessing!) 4/12 CNN: Scientists: Last summer’s drought not man made:Extreme natural events led to 2012’s historic drought in the Great Plains. 4/12 BBC News: Fires destroy homes in central BURMA. 5/2 CNN: CALIFORNIA wildfire burns nearly 3,000 acres. 5/3 CNN: Roaring winds fuel CALIFORNIA wildfire. 5/4 CNN: CALIFORNIA wildfires nearly uncontrollable. Reuters: U.S. fires threaten 4,000 homes. Drudge: VENTURA wildfire burns closer to MALIBU; scorched 10 mile path to Pacific Ocean. BBC News: More than 3,000 firefighters are battling three major wildfires in CALIFORNIA: Fierce blaze shuts down Pacific Coast Highway for second day. 5/15 CNN: WISCONSIN wildfire destroys 6,800 acres, 50 homes, still burning strong. 5/23 BBC News: Burning railroad bridge collapses in TEXAS. 5/28 Earth Changes Media: Surging wildfire forces evacuations in Santa Barbara Mountains, CALIFORNIA. 6/2 Yahoo: Wildfire: NEW MEXICO fights blazes; CALIFORNIA area evacuated, threatening thousands of acres, homes and buildings. Drudge: CALIFORNIA wildfire explodes in size overnight: 41 square miles. 6/3 Yahoo: Thousands flee fast moving CALIFORNIA Powerhouse Fire that has burned 25,000 acres, only 20% contained.  6/6 Yahoo: CALIFORNIA wildfire destroys homes, burns 30,000 acres. 9/12 CNN: COLORADO fires scorch state; thousands evacuated. Fire threatens ROYAL GORGE area. 6/13 CNN: 360 homes lost in COLORADO fires. 6/17 CNN: Federal investigators called in as COLORADO firefighters make progress: 16,000 acre BLACK FOREST fire now a crime scene. 7/1 NY Times: 19 firefighters killed battled ARIZONA wildfire. 7/17 NBC-TV: 17 wildfires burning in 7 states. 7/18 Reuters: CALIFORNIA fire threatens Idyllwild resort, 7 homes burned. 7/20 Drudge: Fire spreads near PALM SPRINGS.8/8 Reuters: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA wildfire injures 3; forcing the evacuation of hundreds. 8/10 BBC News: CALIFORNIA wildfires continue to rage. 8/12 CNN: Thousands of acres ablaze in CALIFORNIA for second time in recent weeks, near Banning: 2 blazes have torched mountains near Palm Springs. 8/15 Reuters: Governor calls in National Guard after wildfire destroys UTAH homes: At least 175 firefighters battle blaze caused by lightning strike, hundreds evacuated. NBC: Wildfires burning in 11 western states. 8/17 CNN: Residents flee from IDAHO fire. 8/17 BBC News: Wildfires sweep through Madeira, PORTUGAL.  8/18 Drudge/U.S. News: 10,000 homes threatened as IDAHO fire spreads to 92,000 acres. (How awful for those people and animals.) 8/19 Reuters: IDAHO wildfire rages into 12th day.  8/23 CNN: Wildfire spreads to YOSEMITE. (Truly tragic!) 8/24 CNN: Raging YOSEMITE fire leads to utilities emergency in SAN FRANCISCO. BBC News: YOSEMITE RIM fire triples in size. 8/25 Reuters: Fires rage across PORTUGAL. 8/26 Earth Changes Media: Raging YOSEMITE fire spreads fear, frustration.  8/27 Reuters: Wildfire expected to burn deeper into YOSEMITE. BBC News: YOSEMITE fire: Giant trees at risk. Earth Changes Media: CALIFORNIA Rim fire swells to nearly 180,000 acres. 8/28 CNN: 4,000 firefighters battle YOSEMITE fire. 9/2 Reuters: Firefighters quell PORTUGAL wildfire, another rages. 9/10 BBC News: Out of control bush fires near SYDNEY. 9/24 Reuters: Brush fire burns parts of southern CALIFORNIA.  10/8 CNN: CALIFORNIA scorches 1,500 acres. 10/17 CNN: Bush fires menace AUSTRALIA homes. 10/18 Reuters: AUSTRALIA fire claims more homes. 10/20 CNN: 57 fires scorch eastern AUSTRALIA; state of emergency declared. 10/21 Yahoo: AUSTRALIA faces threat of ‘MEGA-WILDFIRE’.THE TRANSIT OF NEPTUNE IN PISCES continues to facilitate psychic and spiritual development in those who aspire to do Good and Serve. The lower frequency patterns expressed by the lesser evolved tend to result in serious addictions and substance abuse, triggering escapist tendencies, along with inevitably negative results.7/12 Drudge/CBS Los Angeles: Psychic says she knew where to look for murdered 11-year-old boy and police concur. (I admire psychic detectives, though I couldn’t do their work.)  1/27/2014 Facebook/ADG (UK) Blog: Scientists photographs the soul leaving the body. The VEILS BETWEEN THE DIMENSIONS OF EXISTENCE grow thin—as portals open to those with eyes prepared to see the eternal wonders that await each evolving soul. CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIRSENTIENCE, and/or CLAIRAUDIENCE become the gift of more than a few souls so that they might assist others in attaining greater growth and clearer understanding of Universal Truths. This is true regardless of race, gender, religion, or political persuasion.3/28 Science Daily: Memories of near death experiences (NDE): More real than reality? (The Other Side is more impressive than this side. Honest. Most don’t want to come back to this level of existence.)The REAL ESTATE MARKET continues to recover, with building and construction on a definite upturn.1/17 Reuters: Housing starts climb to highest rate since June 2008. USA Today: Homebuilder confidence remains near 7-year high. 1/25 USA Today: New home sales the most since 2009. 1/29 CNN: Home prices post big jump. Reuters: Home prices see best yearly gain since 2006. 2/15 Reuters: Home prices boast biggest jump in over 6 years. 2/21 Reuters: Existing home sales edge higher, inventory at 13-year low. (Folks are waiting for prices to rise.) 2/26 CNN: Housing recovery gains strength. Reuters: Home prices cap year with biggest rise since 2006. 3/5 USA Today: Home prices jump 9.7% in January. 3/10 USA Today: Homes for sale remain in short supply. 3/14 USA Today: Foreclosures fall in February, to 5-1/2 year low. 3/17 USA Today: Homes selling faster as buyers outpace supply. 3/19 Reuters: Housing starts rise, permits at 4-1/2 year high. 3/21 NY Times: Sudden rise in home demand takes builders by surprise. (Hooray!)  3/26 Reuters: New home sales take a breather, prices rise. 3/27 Reuters: Mortgage applications rebounded last week as rates fell: MBA. 4/3 USA Today: Home prices up in February by most in 7 years. 4/11 CNN: Foreclosures returning to pre-housing bust level. 4/16 Reuters: March housing starts rise to highest since 2008. 4/22 Reuters: Existing home sales edge down, prices rise. 4/23 USA Today: New home sales rise 1.5% in March. 4/25 USA Today: Mortgage rates fall, 15-year fixed at record low. 4/29 Reuters: Wealth strategies: Few sectors look as strong as housing. 4/29 USA Today: Pending home sales at 3-year high. (I love being right on the good stuff!) 4/30 Reuters: February home prices see best yearly rise in almost 7 years. USA Today: Home prices up 9.3% in 12 months. 5/2 Reuters: Cheap money bankrolls Wall Street’s bet on housing. 5/7 USA Today: Home prices 10.5% higher than March 2012. 5/8 USA Today: Late payment rate on mortgages tumble in 1Q:Rising home values and steady job gains are helping more U.S. homeowners stay on top of mortgage payments. Home prices near new peaks in many markets. 5/13 Reuters: Housing rebound may boost workforce mobility. 5/15 CNN: Home appraisals no longer derailing sales. 5/22 Reuters: Existing home sales highest in almost 3-1/2 years. (Hallelujah!) 5/23 USA Today: Home sales inch up to highest level since 2009.  5/29 NY Times: Home prices rise, putting country in buying mood. 6/4 USA Today: Home prices show strong gains in April. 6/12 USA Today: Rising home prices rescue underwater homeowner. 6/17 USA Today: Homebuilder confidence index hits 7-year high!  6/18 USA Today: Housing starts up 6.8% in May.  6/20 USA Today: Mortgage rates dip, but likely to rise soon. May homes sales jump; median prices surge. 6/21 USA Today: Home sellers ranks grow as home prices rise. 6/25 USA Today: Home prices up 12% in April. CNN: New home prices jump 12%. NY Times: As home prices rise, so do sales. 6/26 USA Today: Mortgage applications fall 3% as rates jump. (GREED is alive and well in the mortgage banking business!) 6/27 Reuters: Pending home sales highest in more than 6 years. 7/2 Reuters: Rise in mortgage rates cut into homebuyer demand last week. (Greedy bankers!) 7/8 CNN: Chinese buys flooding U.S. housing market. 7/10 Reuters: U.S. mortgage applications drop with rates at 2-year high: MBA. (Stupid! Mortgage bankers biting the hands that feed them!) Washington Post: Region’s housing median sales prices climbing, hit record high in D.C. 7/22 Reuters: UBS profit beats forecast despite U.S. mortgage suit settlement. 7/22 CNN: Home sales dip in June. (Mortgage bankers shooting themselves in the foot! GREED!) 7/27 Drudge: Washington, DC, area homes fly off the listings fast. 7/30 CNN: Home prices keep soaring. 8/27 BBC News: U.S. house prices continue to rise. 8/28 Reuters: U.S. housing recovery loses a step as pending home sales fall. (Because of greedy mortgage bankers!) 9/4 Reuters: Mortgage applications rise first time in 4 weeks: MBA. 9/18 Reuters: U.S. single-family housing starts, permits show recovery on track. 9/24 BBC News: U.S. house prices continue recovery.  9/25 CNN: New home sales rise.  9/26 CNN: Mortgage rates dip as Feds hold stimulus steady. (That’s smart, Mr. Banker.) 10/29 Reuters: U.S. home prices rise in August, yearly gain best since 2006: S&P. 12/4 CNN: New home sales surge 25%. 12/30 Reuters: Pending home sales rise slightly in November.TECHNOLOGY takes the cake with a multitude of astonishing breakthroughs and remarkable advancements. The new continues to become old at a rapidly increasing rate.1/3 Drudge/Telegraph: ‘Tsunami bomb’ tested off New Zealand coast. (So much technology with the purpose of destruction! Why?) 3/14 Science Daily: New results indicate that Particle discovered at CERN is a Higgs Boson. (All particles are God particles. Wake up, scientists!)  4/9 Science Daily: ‘Spooky action at a distance’ aboard the International Space Station. 4/16 Science Daily: Scientists transform cellulose into starch: Potential food source derived from non-food plants. (Wow!) 4/17 Science Daily: Small in size, big on power: New microbatteries the most powerful yet.  Paper thin skin patch collects vitals: E-health made easier and more comfortable.  4/19 Science Daily: Robot hands gain a gentler touch: Tactile sensing technology builds on tiny barometer chips. 4/20 Science Daily: Technique unlocks design principles of quantum biology: Researchers created synthetic compound that mimics the complex quantum dynamics observed in photosynthesis and may enable fundamentally new routes to creating solar-energy technologies. Revolutionary new device joins world of smart electronics: New, flexible, transparent, photosensitive device. 4/24 Science Daily: Recipe for low-cost, biomass-derived catalyst for hydrogen production:The catalyst, made from renewable soybeans and abundant molybdenum metal, produces hydrogen in an environmentally friendly, cost-effective manner, potentially increasing the use of this clean energy source. Discovery News: Top prosthetic limbs bring hope to amputees. (War and terrorism have contributed to these advancements.) 4/30 CNN: Graphene: the nano-sized material with a massive future: The miracle material that could revolutionize our world. 5/3 Yahoo: Solar plane takes off on historic coast-to-coast flight. 5/5 Drudge/Forbes: This is the world’s first entirely 3-D printed gun. (Odd-looking but probably still deadly! No permit, just print your gun!) Aircraft speeds to more than 3,000 mph in test flight. (Some UFOs are ours!) 5/7 Science Daily: Do-it-yourself invisibility with 3-D printing! (Ye gods! Something else for criminals!) 5/13 Discovery News: Laser shoots down missile. (Always war tools!) 5/22 Science Daily: Engineers devise new way to produce clean hydrogen. 5/26 Science Daily: Advanced biological computer developed. 5/28 Science Daily: Formula for turning cement into ‘metal’:In a move that would make the Alchemists of King Arthur’s time green with envy, scientists have unraveled the formula for turning liquid cement into liquid metal.6/1 Science Daily: Even with defects, graphene strongest material in the world. 6/5 Drudge/Telegraph: JAPAN tests 310mph bullet train. NBC News: The Wi-Fi in your home can track your moves like Xbox Kinect. Science Daily: Helicopter takes to the skies with the power of human thought. (Wow!) 6/6 Live Science: New invisibility cloak creates holes in time. 6/7 Science Daily: Quantum teleportation between atomic systems over long distances. 6/18 Drudge: NASA picks 8 new astronauts, 4 women, for asteroid mission. (WOW!) 6/27 BBC News: Mouse cloned from drop of blood. 6/28 Science Daily: Chemists work to desalinate the ocean for drinking water one nanoliter at a time. 6/30 Reuters: Desalination key in GAZA coming water crisis. 7/31 Drudge/AP: Woolly mammoth DNA may lead to resurrection of the ancient beast. (Jurassic Park time? My client Michael Crichton should have lived to see this!) 8/3 Reuters: JAPAN robot astronaut ready for space launch. (Wow!) 8/4 Drudge/Telegraph: Scientists in JAPAN launch first ‘talking robot astronaut’ into space in the International Space Station. (Double Wow! Takes the cake!) 8/11 Drudge/Sunday Times: Laser test to tell us when we will die. (Do you want to know???) 8/18 Reuters: Pee-powered phone of the future points to ‘smart toilet’ technology! (Doesn’t appeal to me!) 9/16 Science Daily: Seeing light in a new light: Scientists create never-before-seen form of matter. (Wow!) 9/30 Science Daily: Novel technology to produce gasoline by a metabolically-engineered microorganism. (Buggy gasoline?) 10/5 BBC News: ‘Terminator’ self-assembling cube robot revealed by MIT: Can flip, jump and assemble themselves into different shapes.  10/8 Drudge/BBC News: Nuclear fusion milestone passed at U.S. lab. 10/12 Science Daily: New device harnesses sun and sewage to produce hydrogen fuel.  10/16 Science Daily: Method of recording brain activity could lead to mind reading devices, Stanford scientists say. (There’s a movie in that idea!)  10/18 Reuters: Dozens killed in IRAQ bomb wave. 11/8 Science Daily: Wireless device converts ‘lost’ energy into electric power: Metamaterial cells provide electric power as efficiently as solar panels. (How about that?)  11/11 BBC News: New ‘invisibility cloak’ type designed. (Look out, Harry Potter!)  11/16 Science Daily: New hologram technology created by tiny nanoantennas.  11/22 Wired/UK: Bioengineer: the heart is one of the easiest organs to bioprint; we’ll do it in a decade. (Wow!)  11/27 Drudge: Researches unveil drones with face detection cameras. (You can run but you can’t hide? Scary thought!) GENERAL ECONOMIC IMPROVEMENT becomes the situation in most nations in 2013.1/19 BBC News: CHINA economy shows pick up signs. 2/6 Reuters: Time Warner profit beats street, raises dividends. 2/9 BBC News: U.S. trade deficit points to growth. 2/15 NY Times: With confidence on an upswing, mergers make a comeback. 3/4 NY Times: Recovery in U.S. lifting profits, not adding jobs. 3/5 Reuters: Service sector grows at fastest pace in a year.Washington Post: Dow hits record high, ignores steep budget cuts. 3/7 Reuters: GREEK unemployment falls for first time since 2008. Global shares gain on U.S. jobs data, euro rises after ECB. 3/14 BBC News: AUSTRALIA adds most jobs in 13 years. 4/4 Drudge: After 2-decade downturn, Bank of JAPAN unleashes world’s biggest stimulus: $1.4 trillion. 4/12 BBC News: J.P. Morgan makes record profit. 4/23 USA Today: Netflix sees gains in steaming customers. Gannett earnings jump as revenues increase. DuPont: First quarter net income doubles. Delta, US Airways post profit for Q1. 4/24 Reuters: EUROPEAN banks turn the tables on Wall Street. 4/25 Reuters: BRITAIN steers clear of ‘triple dip’ recession. 5/2 Reuters: GM profit tops view as North America strong. Europe improves. Euro crises saves GERMANY money. 5/9 BBC News: Sony sees first profit in 5 year. 5/10 USA Today: CHINA’S April auto sales up 13% from year ago. 5/15 Reuters: Macy’s 1Q profit rises, same-store sales up 3.8%.  5/18 Reuters: Dollar soars, stocks set new highs on Fed stimulus exit talks. Dow, S&P end at records, stocks mark 4th week of gains. 5/20 Reuters: Shrinking deficit reduces budget deal pressure. Treasury gears up to buy time under reimposed debit cap. JAPAN upgrades economic outlook. CHINA’S vast hot money triangle flourishes. BBC News: Ryanair profits at record high. 5/24 Reuters: Durable goods orders rise, point to factory resilience. 5/27 Reuters: EUROPEAN stocks claw back ground as markets steady. 6/6 Reuters: Jobless claims fall, labor market gradually improving. 6/8 NY Times: Many rival nations surge past U.S. in adding new jobs. 6/8 USA Today: FRENCH president says eurozone crisis is over.  6/20 Reuters: Housing, regional factory data shows economy’s stamina. 6/27 Reuters: Consumer spending rebounds, jobless claims fall. 7/2 BBC News: Strong U.S. car sales drive recovery. Holiday hires boost SPANISH JOBS. 7/3 CNN: Jobs, jobs, jobs, hiring picks up. Reuters: Jobs data upbeat, trade deficit widens. 7/9 CNN: Credit card delinquencies lowest since 1990. 7/13 Reuters: Global stocks post best week since November. Wall Street rises on banks’ results: S&P’s best week since January. 7/31 CNN: U.S. economy pulls through federal budget cuts. Reuters: U.S. economy accelerates, further gains seen. Reuters: EUROZONE unemployment in slight fall. 8/8 Reuters: Gauge of U.S. layoffs falls to pre-recession level. 8/11 Reuters: Analysis: Financials near to regaining S&P 500’s top spot. 8/14 Reuters: GERMANY, FRANCE haul euro zone out of recession. EU’s eastern economies show renewed signs of life. 8/16 CNN: Stocks in CHINA take mystery jump. 8/22 Reuters: U.S. labor market, factory data show economy firming. EURO zone private sector growth beats forecasts in August. 8/26 Reuters: CHINA economy showing clear signs of stabilizing. 8/29 Reuters: U.S. GDP accelerates sharply in second quarter. Wall Street gains on data, but SYRIA caution lingers.  8/30 BBC News: BRAZIL GDP stronger than expected. 9/3 Reuters: U.S. manufacturing, construction data suggest growth pickup. Wall Street rallies with potential SYRIA action delayed. 9/4 Reuters: U.S. trade deficit widens in July as imports rebound. Chrysler U.S. August sales jump 12%.  INDIA new RBI chief says economy ‘fundamentally sound.’ CNN: Car sales back to pre-recession levels. (I love being ACCURATE!) 9/6 Reuters: Economy adds 169,000 jobs in August, below forecast. 9/7 BBC News: GREEK PM sees end to recession. (Hooray!) 9/16 Breitbart: NORTH DAKOTA sets oil, gas production highs. 9/19 BBC News: Global shares up after Fed surprise. IRELAND pulls out of recession. 9/20 Reuters: U.S. economic growth gauge holds at more than 3-year high.  Global shares hold at 5-year high after Fed stimulus boost. EURO ZONE morale rises to 2-year high in September. 9/23 Drudge: APPLE sells record 9M iPhones over weekend. (I don’t own a smart phone! Don’t want one!)  10/8 Reuters: J.C. Penney says September same-store sales show improving trend. 10/13 BBC News: REPUBLIC OF IRELAND to exit bailout in December, says PM.  10/22 Reuters: U.S. construction spending approaches 4-1/2 year high. Lockheed 3Q profit tops estimates: Full year outlook raised. 10/23 BBC News: Banks says SPAIN out of recession. (Hooray!) 10/24 Reuters: Ford boosts outlook after 3Q profit beats estimates.  11/1 BBC News: INDIAN stock market hits record high. 11/2 Reuters: U.S. factory growth hits fastest pace in 2-1/2 years.  11/7 USA Today: Dow, S&P top record closes in early trading. 11/5 NY Times: U.S. economy grew at 2.8% rate in 3Q. 12/13 BBC News: U.K. jobless rate at 3 year low. 11/30 BBC News: INDIA economy growth rate surprise. 12/2 Reuters: November manufacturing activity growth hits 2-1/2 year high: ISM. Reuters: Ring them bells! UK manufacturing hits high note. 12/3 Reuters: Detroit auto sales rise in November. 12/4 Reuters: Private employers step up hiring, trade deficit narrows. Wall Street edges higher after data cluster. 12/5 NY Times: U.S. economy grew at rate of 3.6% in third quarter revision, jobless claims fall. Reuters: Mercedes Benz November sales reach record. 12/12 Reuters: Retail sales rise in November, boost economic outlook. 12/20 NY Times: 3Q U.S. growth revised up to 4.1% rate. 12/24 Reuters: U.S. durable goods orders surge, boosting manufacturing outlook. 12/26 U.S. holiday sales better than last year: MasterCard. 12/26 Reuters: Boxing Day shoppers up 8% as BRITAIN beings annual bargain hunt. 12/29 Reuters: JAPAN’S top business lobby agrees to raise base pay next year: media. 12/30 Reuters: World shares end bumper year, JAPAN sees best gains since 1972. CHILE economy slows slightly, but consumption, jobs firm.1/2/2014: ASIA manufacturers end 2013 strong, CHINA dips.The ECONOMIC PLIGHT OF EUROPEAN NATIONS begins to be resolved in response to improvements within the United States.3/3 BBC News: EU ‘growth boost from U.S. trade deal.’3/25 Reuters: CYPRUS clinches last-ditch 10B euro bailout deal.  4/29 Reuters: Market pulse: ITALY leads European stock and bond rally. 5/6 BBC News: GREECE making ‘progress’ on economy. 5/7 Reuters: Global shares near 5-year high as data, central banks support. BBC News: Global shares rally on GERMANY, yen. 5/8 BBC News: GERMAN industrial output rises. 5/15 Reuters: Amazon UK pays $3.7M tax on $6.5B sales. 9/4 Reuters: Rising demands adds to evidence world growth is picking up. Exports, spending pull EURO ZONE our of recession. (I love being right about the good stuff!)  CHINA services PMI at 5-month high, adds to signs of recovery. 5/7 NY Times: European Central Bank cuts interest rate to spur economy.CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN will not be tolerated in 2013. The laws will be changed accordingly.1/5 CNN: Villagers strip and beat INDIAN politician accused or raping a middle-aged mother of two. U.S. Backers hope to revive Violence Against Women Act. (Absolutely necessary!)  1/6 Drudge: INDIAN woman jumps off train to avoid rape, sustaining serious injuries. 1/10 Yahoo: Lawyer: Police beat NEW DELHI gang rape suspects. (No law and order in INDIA!) 1/13 Yahoo:6 arrested in new gang rape of a bus passenger in INDIA: The bus driver refused to stop at her village despite her repeated pleas and drove her to a desolate location where the driver and conductor took her to a building where they were joined by 5 friends that took turns raping her throughout the night. (Unbelievable brutality!) Drudge: Mentally challenged girl, 15, gang raped under her desk in NY as teacher did nothing. Kennebec Journal: Saco man accused of peering up skirts using shoe camera.  1/15 Drudge: New INDIA gang rape: Woman hanged from tree after sexual assault in Bihar: Traveling on a train with her 10-year old son. (Things are going to change in India!) 1/17 Reuters: INDIA: Suicide puts spotlight on rape inaction. (Deplorable!) 1/18 BBC News: 12 arrested in U.S. raid on Latin sex trafficking prostitution ring, another 44 detained, mostly clients. 11 women, most in their 20s, freed. The women were reportedly forced to have sex with up to 30 men a day at a charge of $30 per. 2/5 Drudge: Female tourist tied up with bikinis and gang raped in Acapulco, Mexico. 2/11 Drudge/The Telegraph: Double trouble for Marseille police hunting serial rapist as DNA turns up identical twins. (Twin rapists? Identical criminal brains?) 2/21 CNN: 3 girls (sisters) raped and found dead in INDIA well; mother calls for culprits to be hanged. (Hanging would be just punishment, with rebirth into poverty as a female.) 3/26 NY Times: Rise in EGYPT sex assaults sets off clash over blame. 3/27 CNN: Death of teacher in drive by shooting sparks call for school protection for PAKISTAN girls. 4/6 Drudge: 15-year-old teen arrested for raping, beating 64-year-old SACRAMENTO woman. 5/7 Drudge: Sexual assaults in the military up 35% since 2010. 5/7 BBC News: U.S. anti-rape officer ‘groped woman.’ 5/7 CNN: 3 women held captive in CLEVELAND for 10 years freed. 5/8 CNN: “They were bound’ Police find chains, ropes in house. ‘Hoping for a miracle’ Will CLEVELAND probe find 4th girl? Drudge/Mirror: Amanda Berry: 3 captive women chained up in grim dungeon for a decade gave birth to 5 babies. 5/9 Reuters: Accused CLEVELAND kidnapper ordered held on $8M bond. 5/10 BBC News: NIGERIA ‘baby factory’ raided in Imo state: 17 pregnant teenage girls and 11 babies rescued; babies were to be sold. 5/13 CNN: Sex slave held captive in box for 7 years. 5/15 Yahoo: Outrage over latest military sex case: “This is sickening,” said one senator, “in a matter of as many weeks, we’ve seen the very people charged with protecting victims of sexual assault being charged as perpetrators.” 5/18 Reuters: AFGHAN parliament fails to pass decisive women’s law. 5/19 CNN: Hero cop, who sat next to First Lady, charged with rape. Reuters: Training fails to halt 37% jump in military sexual assaults. 5/21 BBC News: More AFGHAN women jailed for ‘moral crimes,’ says HRW, for running away from home, often from forced marriages or domestic violence. 6/1 Yahoo: Military’s sexual assault problem has deep roots. 6/4 Drudge/ABC News: Police: American woman gang-raped in INDIAN town. 6/5 CNN: Military rape survivor: I was drugged and raped, and didn’t tell anyone. (Disgraceful!) 6/8 CNN: Army General suspended for alleged failures in reporting, investigating sex abuse. 6/10 Reuters: Afghan group accuses police of significant violence against women, threatening to undermine public trust in security forces as they plan to take full charge of the country. 6/19 Washington Post: Sexual assault victim required facial surgery; defendant ordered held in DC jail: Lawyer suspect found dead in D.C. jail. 6/20 BBC News: Violence against women worldwide ‘epidemic.’ 7/1 Drudge: Dutch reporter raped in Tahrir Square in CAIRO. (Dangerous place for anyone, especially women.) 7/2 CNN: 46 sex slaves forced to work at strip club rescued in MEXICO. Reuters: Protesters angered by rape storm police HQ in Ukrainian town.  7/3 Human Rights Watch: EGYPT: Epidemic of sexual violence; at least 91 attacks in 4 days; government neglect means impunity rules. 7/4 CNN: Women in bikinis forced to have body cavity search in FLORIDA. (Police brutality! Sadists!) 7/21 BBC News: INDIA jails 6 over Swiss tourist rape. 7/23 Drudge: 13-year-old girl raped by more than a dozen illegal aliens in TEXAS for several hours while the men cheered and recorded the rapes on their cell phones. (These men should be castrated.)  SAN DIEGO mayor sued by former aide charging sexual harassment. 7/25 Drudge: Woman, 93, raped and beaten by illegal age 19, dies. 7/27 Drudge: DIRTY DEMS: Sex-embattled SAN DIEGO mayor seeks therapy. 8/3 Reuters: Twitter UNITED KINGDOM boosts anti-abuse tools after threats against women. (Good for them!) 8/8 Reuters: ITALY proposes measures to combat violence against women. 8/21 CNN: Sexual harassment in INDIA: ‘The story you never wanted to hear.’ American college student: INDIA: ‘Traveler’s heaven, woman’s hell.’ 8/23 CNN: Police say female photographer, 23, gang raped by 5 men in MUMBAI financial district. 8/28 Reuters: Son of CHINESE general faces rape trial. (Bravo!) 8/31 CNN: BOSTON High school soccer players accused of sexual assault at sports camp. 8/31 CNN: Indian teen sentenced to 3 years in DELHI gang rape case. (3 years for murder?) Drudge/CBS Philly: COPS: 2 women gang raped by group of 10-12 juveniles in Wilmington Park. 9/10 CNN: 4 men found guilty of the gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old woman on a bus in INDIA last year. Reuters: 4 face death penalty in gang rape case. (Will this make Indian men think twice about rape and murder?)  BBC News: In ASIA: Almost a quarter of the men admit to at least one rape. (No respect taught for women.) 9/12 CNN: MISSOURI man gets 20 years for keeping young woman as sex slave; Teenager was a runaway. (This guy tortured her and was really bad.)  9/19 Facebook/ Christian college blames ‘feminists’ for unjustly jailing rapists and child abusers: According to Professor Baskerville, rape, child molestation, and battery are nonviolent, or even nonexistent. (Immoral professor! Christian too!)  10/5 Drudge: MADONNA: ‘I was raped at knifepoint when I moved to New York City.’ 10/6 Reuters: NORWAY cuts AFGHAN aid over violence against women, corruption. (We should cut aid too!)  11/1 BBC News: SOUTH AFRICA rapist jailed for life over brutal rape and murder that caused national outrage.  11/7 Drudge: ARKANSAS cop tasers woman who refuses to show him breasts: Lawsuit. 11/12 Drudge: Air Force sexual harassment enforcement head faces sexual assault charges for groping women. (What’s with these guys? Develop a relationship!)  11/21 CNN: LONDON police: 3 women rescued after 30 years in captivity. 11/25 CNN: SAN ANTONIO officer charged in patrol car sex assault of 19 year old woman. 11/26 BBC News: SYRIA: Women are the subject of abuse, rape and torture from both sides of the conflict. 12/1 Reuters: FLORIDA releases woman jailed for 20 years for firing warning shot at her abusive husband. 12/22 Reuters: Alarm rises for AFGHAN women prisoners. Policewoman, pregnant teacher hanged in southern AFGHANISTAN. 12/23 CNN: 2 Pussy Riot members released in RUSSIA. AFGHAN woman’s nose and lips cut off by her heroin addict husband, she is age 30 with 4 children. (Barbaric!) 12/27 BBC News: INDIAN woman, 21, ‘raped by two gangs’ on Christmas Eve.3/3/2014 Reuters: Sex crimes trial of army general highlights U.S. military justice.The DISTINGUISHED and CELEBRATED continue to cross over to the OTHER SIDE in increasing numbers. LIFE is an eternal journey in myriad dimensions.1/2 NY Times: Patti Page, Honey-voiced 50s pop sensation, dies at 85: How Much is that Doggie in the Window? 1/12 NY Times: Aaron Swartz, internet activist, commits suicide at 26. 1/16 Washington Post: Conrad Bain, who starred as doting dad of TV’s Diff’rent Strokes, dies at 89. 1/17 NY Times: Pauline Phillips, flinty adviser to millions as “Dear Abby”, dies at 94. 1/19 BBC News: Alabama civil rights pioneer James Hood dies at 70. 1/20 CNN: Baseball great Stan ‘The Man’ Musial dies at 92. ESPN: Baseball Hall of Famer Earl Weaver dies on a cruise at 82. (Uranus Return!) 1/21 BBC News: Film director (Death Wish, Scorpio) and newspaper columnist Michael Winner dies at 77. 1/31 CNN: Last Andrew Sister, Patty, dies at 94. CNN: X Games snowmobiler Caleb Moore, dies at 25 after his 450 pound machine landed on him.  2/1 CNN: New York brash former mayor Ed Koch dies at 88. 2/3 Yahoo: Ex-SEAL/author Chris Kyle fatally shot on gun range in Texas at 38. CNN: Etch A Sketch creator Andre Cassagnes dies at 86.  Drudge: 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. 2/15 USA Today: “Wild Thing” singer Reg Presley dies at 71. 2/6 CNN: Strom Thurman’s secret bi-racial daughter dies at 87. Last survivor of Glenn Miller’s orchestra, Tanner, dies at 95. 2/7 BBC News: R&B singer songwriter Cecil Womack dies at 65. 2/12 BBC News: Veteran BBC aerospace correspondent Reg Turnill dies at 97. 2/15 BBC News: Blue and green side effects pioneer Petro Vlahos dies at 96. 2/16 BBC News: Richard Collins, Blacklisted Hollywood writer and producer during 1940s. dies at 98. 2/18 Drudge: Country singer Mindy McCready dies from suicide at 37, weeks after boyfriend David Wilson’s death of an apparent suicide, leaving two young children. (Another gun!) BBC News: Actor Richard Brier dies at 79. CNN: Jerry Buss, legendary Lakers owner, dies from cancer at 80. 2/21 CNN: ‘Different World’ actor Lou Meyers dies at 75. 2/23 Washington Post: Longtime White House chief usher Rex Scouten dies at 86; served 10 presidents; Began career as Secret Service agent and joined the White House in 1957. 2/15 CNN: Temptations’ Damon Harris dies at 62. 2/25 CNN: Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop dies at 96. 2/27 BBC News: Inspirational French writer Stephane Hessel dies at 95. CNN: Legendary pianist Van Cliburn dies at 78. NY Times: Dale Robertson, horse-savvy actor in Westerns, dies at 89. 3/1 Facebook/Xfinity: Actress Bonnie Franklin dies at 69.  3/4 CNN: Miracles singer Bobby Rogers dies at 73.  3/6 Examiner: Paul Bearer, Bill Moody, WWE legend and funeral director dies at 58 (2nd Saturn Return).  3/7 CNN: Guitarist Alvin Lee of Woodstock fame dies at 68. BBC News: Kenny Ball, jazz trumpeter, dies at 82. (Uranus Return) 3/11 CNN: Sweden’s Princess Lilian dies at 97. 3/18 BBC News: Are You Being Served? actor Frank Thornton dies at 92. 2/20 CNN: Porn legend Harry Reems dies at 65. (No disclosure on cause of death.) 3/22 Washington Times: Mezzo-soprano opera star Rise Stevens dies at 99. BBC News: Nigerian author Chinua Achebe dies at 82. (Uranus Return) 3/23 BBC News: Cuban musician Bebo Valdes dies at 94. 3/24 CNN: Bodybuilding and fitness pioneer, Schwarzenegger mentor, Joe Wilder dies at 93.  3/25 CNN: Mississippi Republican House of Representatives Jessica Upshaw found dead at 53 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. (Guns again!) NY Times: Anthony Lewis, leading voice of The Times, dies at 85. 3/26 CNN: Motown songwriter/producer Deke Richards dies at 68. 3/29 BBC News: Harry Potter actor Richard Griffiths dies at 65.  3/31 CNN: Music producer and innovator Phil Ramone dies at 79. 1962 Playmate of the Year Christina Speck Krofft dies at 70. 4/2 CNN: ‘Buckwild’ star Shain Gandee found dead at 21. 4/3 CNN: Muppets Jane Nebel Henson dies at 79. 4/4 CNN: Film critic Roger Ebert dies at 70. 4/7 Yahoo: Lily Pulitzer, fashion designer, socialite dies at 81. 4/8 NY Times: The Iron Lady, former and first female Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher dies at 87. (3rd Saturn Return)  CNN: Legendary Mouseketeer Annette Funicello dies at 70. 4/10 BBC News: Test tube baby pioneer professor Sir Robert Edwards dies at 87. 4/11 LA Times: Mickey Rose, Woody Allen collaborator and TV writer, dies at 77. 4/12 NY Times: Maria Tallchief, Balanchine ballerina dies at 88. (3rd Saturn Return) CNN: Actor, comedian Jonathan Winters dies at 87. 4/15 CNN: Deftones bassist Chi Cheng dies at 41, 5 years after a car crash left him in a coma. 4/16 Hollywood Reporter: Pat Summerall, NFL broadcasting legend, dies at 82, recovering from hip surgery. (Uranus Return) 4/17 NY Times: George Beverly Shea, Billy Graham’s gospel singer, dies at 104. 4/20 CNN: USA Today founder Allen Neuharth dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return.) 4/22 BBC News: India’s ‘human computer’ Shakuntala Devi dies at 83. (Uranus Return!) CNN: Divinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett dies from cancer at 53. 4/24 CNN: MASH actor Allan Arbus dies at 95. (Creative types sure live a long time!) 4/25 The Record: Richie Havens, folk singer who opened Woodstock, dies at 72. 4/26 BBC News: Country singer George Jones dies at 81. 4/28 CNN: Prominent feminist journalist Mary Thom dies in motorcycle crash at 68. 5/1 BBC News: Deanna Durbin, Hollywood film star in the 1930s and 1940s, dies at 91. (I loved her movies!) 5/2 CNN: Chris Kelly, half of 1990s Kris Kross rap duo, dies at 34. (Did he OD?) 5/3 BBC News: Slayer’s guitarist Hanneman dies at 49. (Rock stars seem to die young. Abuse?) 5/6 Reuters: Italy’s Andreotti, leading postwar politician, dies at 94.  5/7 NY Times: Ray Harryhausen, special effects innovator, dies at 92. 5/9 CNN: Jeanne Cooper, The Young and the Restless matriarch, dies at 84. (Uranus Return!)  5/10 Reuters: British sailing champ Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson dies training for the America’s Cup at 36. 5/13 NBC-TV: Author and Relationship counselor Dr. Joyce Brothers dies at 85. 5/15 CNN: Former NFL RB Chuck Muncie dies at 60. 5/17 CNN: Retired NASCAR driver Dick Trickle dies of self-inflicted wound at 71. 5/18 CNN/Bleacher Report Golf legend Ken Venturi dies at 82. (Uranus Return) 5/20 Us Weekly: Alan O’Day, “Undercover Angel” singer, dies at 72. 5/21 NY Times: Ray Manzarek, keyboardist and a founder of the Doors, dies at 74. BBC News: Eddie Braben, Morecambe and Wise writer, dies at 82. 5/24 NY Times: Actor Steve Forrest dies at 87. (3rd Saturn Return) 5/27 CNN: Ed Shaughnessy, drummer for The Tonight Show,” dies at 84.  Drudge/PressTV: Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah clinically dead at 89, report says.  6/1 NY Times: Jean Stapleton, actress who played Edith in ‘All in the Family,’ dies at 90. (3rd Saturn Return) 6/3 NY Times: Senator Frank Lautenberg, Senator from New Jersey, dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return) CNN: Tornado turned on storm chasers: Tim Samaras dies at 55, Paul Samaras dies at 25, Carl Young dies at 49. 6/4 BBC News: Bollywood actress Jiah Khan found dead in Mumbai from suicide at 25. 6/6 BBC News: Tom Sharpe, Porterhouse Blue novelist, dies at 85. NBC-TV: Screen Legend Esther Williams dies at 91. 6/11 BBC News: Legendary trainer Sir Henry Cecil dies at 70.  6/12 CNN: World’s oldest person dies at 116 in Japan, just days after rival super-centenarian in China. (Asian diet?) 6/18 NY Times: Bernard Sahlins, Patriarch of Sketch Comedy, dies at 90. 6/19 CNN: BuzzFeed reporter Hastings dies in car accident at 33. 6/19 CNN: Country singer Slim Whitman dies at 90. NY Times: James Gandolfini, award winning actor of “The Sopranos,” dies at 51. 6/23 NY Times: Michael Baigent, co-author of ‘The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, The Secret History of Jesus,’ and many other books on the mysteries, who sued Dan Brown over ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and lost, dies at 65. 6/24 BBC News: Gary David Goldberg, ‘Family Ties’ creator, dies at 68. CNN: R&B Legend Singer Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland dies at 83. (Uranus Return)  6/25 CNN: “I Am Legend” writer Richard Matheson dies at 87. (3rd Saturn Return) 6/28 BBC News: Bert Stern, Marilyn Monroe photographer, dies at 83. (Uranus Return)  7/1 CNN: ‘Enter the Dragon’ martial arts actor Jim Kelly dies at 67. 7/2 BBC News: Pierce Brosnan’s daughter Charlotte dies of ovarian cancer at 41. 7/4 CNN: Computer mouse inventor Douglas Engelbart dies at 88. (3rd Saturn Return) BBC News: Actress singer Bernie Nolan dies after battle with breast cancer at 52. 7/10 BBC News: The Waltons’ shopkeeper actor Joe Conley dies at 85. 7/14 CNN: ‘Glee’ actor Cory Monteith dies at 31, accidental overdose, heroin. BBC News: U.K. soldier and veteran suicides ‘outstrip Afghan deaths.’ More British soldiers and veterans took their own lives in 2012 than died fighting the Taliban. (Please end this ridiculous war!) BBC News: Veteran Bollywood villain Pran dies at 93. 7/17 CNN: ‘King of the Hill’ actor Dennis Burkley dies at 67. CNN: White House journalist Helen Thomas, who served during 9 presidents over nearly 50 years, dies at 92. 7/23 NY Times: Dennis Farina, detective in life and TV, dies at 69. Facebook/Mirror: Briony McRoberts, “Downton Abbey” star David Robb’s actress wife killed by London tube train at 56: suicide. 7/24 5-time world boxing champ Emile Griffiths dies at 75. 7/26 CNN: Virginia Johnson, pioneering sex researcher of Masters and Johnson, dies at 88. (3rd Saturn Return) 7/27 CNN: Songwriter of hits J.J. Calle dies at 74. Washington Post: Congresswoman, ambassador Lindy Boggs dies at 97. 7/28 Drudge: Veteran North Texas DJ Kidd Kraddick dies at 53. Xfinity: Actress Eileen Brennan dies at 80. 7/30 CNN: Ecuadoran football player Christian ‘Chucho’ Benitez dies of heart failure at 27. Former MLB pitcher Frank Castillo dies at 44. NY Times: William W. Scranton, GOP prodigy who led Pennsylvania, dies at 96. Washington Post: Harry F. Byrd Jr., political scion and former senator in VA, dies at 98. 8/4 CNN: Veteran NBC News correspondent John Palmer dies at 77.  USA Today: Art Donovan, Hall of Famer, NFL funny man, dies at 88. CNN: Michael Ansara, actor behind Klingon leader Kang, dies at 91. 8/8 CNN: Margaret Pellegrini, flowerpot Munchin in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ dies at 89.  CNN: Actress Karen Black dies at 74. 8/9 CNN: HIV-positive Sean Sasser, whose ceremony with partner on ‘Real World’ was TV first, dies at 44. 8/11 CNN: Singer Eydie Gorme dies at 84. 8/14 Drudge/AP: Longtime political columnist Jack Germond dies at 85. 8/15 CNN: London Olympics parachutist Mark Sutton dies in Switzerland at 42, hitting cliff in a jumpsuit. BBC News: ‘That 70s Show’ actress, Lisa Robin Kelly, dies at 43 in treatment clinic. 8/16 BBC News: Zara co-founder Rosalia Mera dies at 69.  NY Times: Bert Lance, advisor to Carter, dies at 82. (Uranus Return) eonline: Gia Allenand, ‘Bachelor’ star, commits suicide at 29. (1st Saturn Return) 8/18 BBC News: ‘Free Willy’ actor August Schellenberg dies at 77. 8/19 CNN: Disney actor Lee Thompson Young commits suicide at 29. (1st Saturn Return…what’s with all these young actors taking their lives???) 8/20 Bestselling crime writer Elmore Leonard dies at 87. 8/23 BBC News: Gilbert Taylor, “Dr. Strangelove” and “Star Wars” cinematographer, dies at 99. 8/25 BBC News: Broadway star Julie Harries dies at 87. 8/26 CNN: Wall Street pioneer Muriel Siebert dies at 80. 8/27 Latest UFO Sightings: UFO book author Jesse Marcel Jr. dies at 76. 8/30 NY Times: Seamus Heaney, Nobel Prize winning Irish poet, dies at 74. 9/1 NY Times: David Frost, best known for his interview with former President Nixon, dies at 74. 9/2 CNN: Former WBO Heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison dies at 44 (HIV+). 9/4 CNN: Ariel Castro found hanged: Cleveland kidnapper held 3 women captive for 10 years. (I thought he might kill himself.) BBC News: Frederik Pohl: U.S. science fiction author dies at 93. 9/12 BBC News: German actor Otto Sander dies at 72. 9/13 CNN: Sound pioneer Ray Dolby dies at 80. 9/19 CNN: Famed boxer Ken Norton, who defeated Mohammad Ali, dies at 70. 9/20 CNN: Former Amazon star exec Joy Covey killed in bike accident at 50.  9/26 CNN: Paul Oliver, 29: Latest in string of NFL suicides. (First Saturn Return: Tragic!) 9/27 CNN: United Airline captain of diverted flight dies after suffering in-flight heart attack. 9/28 BBC News: The Year of Living Dangerously author C. J. Koch dies at 81. 10/2 Drudge: Celebrated thriller author Tom Clancy dies at 66. (My client Michael Crichton died at 66 too. Sad.) 10/6 BBC News: Italian film director Carlo Lizzani dies after balcony fall at 91. 10/10 CNN: Astronaut Scott Carpenter, second American to orbit earth, dies at 88. 10/11 BBC News: Maria De Villota: F1 reserve driver found dead in Seville at 33. 10/13 NY Times: Oscar Hijuelos, Pulitzer-Winning Author of “The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love,” Dies at 62.  10/15 CNN: Maxine Powell, mentor to Motown stars, dies at 98. 10/17 BBC News: Ed Lauter, character actor, dies at 74. 10/18 NY Times: Thomas S. Foley, former House Speaker, dies at 84. (Uranus Return!)  Yahoo: Nun raised in Beverly Hills who traded posh life for prison life dies at 86. 10/19 CNN: Football coach Bum Phillips dies at 90; known for Stetsons, humor, truisms. Reuters: After 22 years as a congressman, Bill Young dies at 82 (Uranus Return), 2 weeks after announcing his retirement.  10/22 BBC News: Noel Harrison: Windmills of Your Mind singer dies at 79. 10/27 BBC News: Simpsons star Marcia Wallace dies at 70. NY Times: Lou Reed, Rock ‘n’ Rock pioneer, dies at 71. NY Times: Hal Needham, stuntman and director of action films, dies at 82. (Uranus Return) 10/29 BBC News: IBM PC pioneer William C. Lowe dies at 72. 10/30 BBC News: Graham Stark, Pink Panther actor, dies at 91. (Peter Sellers died young, bad heart; Peter was a client of mine.) 11/3 BBC News: French spy writer Gerard de Villiers dies at 83. (Uranus Return.) 11/17 Reuters: Nobel prize-winning novelist Doris Lessing dies at 94. 11/18 BBC News: Syd Field, ‘screenwriting guru’ dies at 77. 11/21 People: Celebrated psychic and bestselling author Sylvia Browne dies at 77. 11/25 CNN: Outlaw country singing star Wayne Mills dies in bar shooting at 44.  12/1 CNN: Fast and Furious star Paul Walker dies in fiery car crash at age 40. 12/2 Hollywood Reporter: Actor Tony Musante dies at 77. (My dear friend Susan Strasberg starred in the series with Tony. Please give her my love!)  12/4 CNN: Bill Beckwith, co-host of HGTV’s Curb Appeal, dies in car crash at 38. 12/10 CNN: Sound of Music star Eleanor Parker dies at 91.  12/15 CNN: Actor Peter O’Toole of Lawrence of Arabia fame dies at 81. Billy Jack actor-writer Tom Laughlin dies at 82. 12/16 CNN: Oscar-winning actress Joan Fontaine dies at 96. Major Leaguer Ryan Freel who killed himself at 36 had CTE.  12/17 CNN: Nashville pioneer Ray Price dies at 87. 12/19 CNN: Actor Daniel Escobar, Lizzie McGuire teacher, dies at 49 from complications of diabetes. 12/21 BBC News: David Coleman: Former BBC broadcaster dies at 87. 12/22 CNN: Ted Vizzini, author of It’s Kind of a Funny Story, commits suicide at 32. 12/22 Reuters: Seagram chairman, WJC head Edgar Bronfman dies at 84. 12/23 NY Times: Mikhail Kalashnikov, creator of AK-47 rifle, dies at 94. 11/27 BBC News: TV producer Allan McKeown dies at 67. 12/29 CNN: Rapper Doe B killed at 22, bullets riddled crowd in Alabama nightclub. (Terrible Grand Cross!)  BBC News: The Pianist composer Wojciech Kilar dies at 81. 12/30 CNN: John Dominis, one of the most celebrated photographers of 20th century, dies at 92.  DRAMATIC AND DESTRUCTIVE EARTHQUAKES increase in magnitude and duration all around the world, with special emphasis on the U.S. PACIFIC NORTHWEST, ALASKA, RUSSIA, INDONESIA, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, MEXICO, COSTA RICA, ECUADOR, and PERU.1/1 USGS: 5.7 magnitude quake hits KURIL ISLANDS near RUSSIA and JAPAN.  1/5 Yahoo: Quake measuring 7.7 strikes in the PACIFIC off ALASKA.  Strong quake hits ALASKA, spawns tsunami warning for Alaska, parts of B.C., Hawaiian Islands. 1/8 Reuters: Quake measuring 5.7 strikes off northwest TURKISH coast. 1/8-9 USGS: CARLSBERG RIDGE 4.7, 4.8, 4.6. 4.9, 5.0, 4.9, 4.8, 4.7, 4.7, 4.7, 4.7 4.6 between the ARABIAN SEA and INDIAN OCEAN. 1/15 USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake in PACIFIC ANTARCTIC RIDGE. 1/20 USGS: 5.5 quake Southeastern SAKHA, RUSSIA. 1/21 USGS: 5.9 quake Northern Sumatra, INDONESIA. 5.8 quake SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN. 1/22 CNN: 1 dead, 7 injured in INDONESIA quake. 1/25 BBC News: ITALY: 5.0 earthquake hits near BOLOGNA. 1/28 USGS:6.0magnitude quake near eastern KAZAKHSTAN, followed by 4.4 aftershock. 1/30 USGS:6.8quake shakes ATACAMA, CHILE;6.0quake in SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS. 1/31 USGS:6.2, 5.6 quakes shake SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS;6.0, 4.8 quakes in SOUTHEASTERN ALASKA.(The last 4 mega-quakes occurred on the JUPITER station.)2/1 USGS:6.0magnitude quake hits SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS,6.3, 6.4quakes. 2/2 USGS:6.9quake in HOKKAIDO, JAPAN region. 2/6 Earth Changes Media:8.0quake hits SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS near Solomon Islands, tsunami alert in effect. USGS:6.3, 8.0, 6.4, 7.0, 6.3, 6.0and a multitude of 4 and high 5 magnitude quakes strike the SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS. 2/7 USGS:6.2, 6.1quakes hit the SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS again. Yahoo: 9 dead, villages destroyed in SOLOMON’S tsunami. Update:6.6quake strikes SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS. 2/86.8quake shakes SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS, with 22 more quakes magnitude 4.5 to 5.3 by 9 am EST. Update:7.0quake in SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS as numerous smaller quakes shake, rattle and roll. 2/9 USGS:7.0quake in COLUMBIA;6.5quake hits SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS. 2/10 USGS:6.3quake once again shakes SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS, 5.7 quake offshore VALPARAISO, CHILE. 2/14 USGS6.6, 4.8 quakes shake NORTHEASTERN SAKHA, RUSSIA. 2/16 CNN:6.2magnitude quake hits South PHILIPPINES.(Volcano here.)2/28 USGS:6.1quake shakes VANUATU(volcano here)6.9quake shakes KURIL ISLANDS(RUSSIAN volcano near here). 3/1 USGS:6.5, 6.5magnitude quakes in KURIL ISLANDS.(Same volcano or another one?)3/10 USGS: 5.7, 4.8,6.5, 4.6 quakes shake NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3/11 CNN: 4.7 earthquake strikes SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.(Not so big!)3/19 USGS:6.1quake strikes in SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION near Antarctica. 3/20 BBC News: POLAND miners: 19 rescued after minor earthquake caused a tunnel to collapse. 3/21 Science Daily: Scientists discover ‘lubricant’ for Earth’s tectonic plates: Hidden magma layer could play role in earthquakes.(Now what?)3/24 USGS:6.1quake east of KURIL ISLANDS near RUSSIA;6.0quake shakes VANUATU (volcano here).  3/25 USGS:6.2quake shakes up GUATEMALA. 3/26 Reuters: Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits in Oaxaca, MEXICO: USGS: Buildings shaking but no reports of major damage or injuries. 3/27 USGS:6.0earthquake in TAIWAN.(The Uranus-Mars-Pluto T-square involves the Moon today!)4/1 USGS:6.0, 5.1, 5.0 quakes shake off the East Coast of HONSHU, JAPAN.(And they’re talking about reopening the Fukushima nuclear plant: Are they nuts?) 4/5 USGS:6.2magnitude earthquake EASTERN RUSSIA, NE CHINA border region. 4/6 USGS:7.0quake shakes PAPUA, NEW GUINEA, followed by 4.6, 4.7, 5.2, 5.3, 4.5, 5.1 so far. 4/9 USGS:6.3, 5.4, 4.7, 4.7 quakes in southern IRAN. Reuters: Quake hits near IRAN’S nuclear city Bushehr, kills 3. Yahoo: IRAN said 37 killed in earthquake in  the south, hundreds injured, homes destroyed. 4/12 USGS: 5.8 near south coast of western HONSHU, JAPAN. 4/13 USGS:6.0magnitude quake VANUATU. 4/14 USGS:6.6quake shakes BOUGAINVILLE REGION, PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 4/16 USGS:7.8magnitude quake hits IRAN-PAKISTAN border region. Yahoo: Huge earthquake hits IRAN, hundreds feared dead, also felt in INDIA and GULF STATES: Biggest earthquake in 40 years. CNN: At least 40 feared dead in IRAN quake. Drudge: 5 earthquakes 2.8-4.3 rattle OKLAHOMA nerves Tuesday morning. CNN: Strong quake kills 6 in PAKISTAN; no IRAN deaths confirmed. UPDATE: Yahoo: PAKISTANI quake death toll rises to 34. 4/17 USGS:6.6quake strikes near north coast of NEW GUINEA, P.N.G. 4/18 CNN: Quake victims fill PAKISTAN’S hospitals, hundreds injured, 35 killed. 4/19 USGS:7.2, 5.7 quakes shake KURIL ISLANDS near JAPAN and RUSSIA: Volcanic eruption continues. 4/20 Yahoo:6.6strong earthquake jolts CHINA’S WESTERN SICHUAN, killing at least 124. USGS: Followed by 4.8, 4.8, 4.7, 5.0, 5.0, 4.8, 4.6, 5.1, 4.5, 4.6, 5.1, 4.6, 4.5, 4.8 quakes in SICHUAN, CHINA. Reuters: Strong quake hits CHINA; 156 dead, more than 5,500 injured, close to where the big quake in 2008 killed nearly 70,000 people; Worst quake in 3 years. USGS:6.1quake in KURIL ISLANDS near RUSSIA. 4/21 Yahoo: CHINA rushes relief after Sichuan quake kills 186. USGS:6.1magnitude earthquake in the IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN region. Reuters: Rescuers struggle to reach CHINA quake zone as dead and missing toll climbs to 208, with almost 1,000 serious injuries. 4/22 CNN: Amid wreckage of CHINA quake, the desperate search for survivors, at least 188 dead so far. USGS: 5.9 quake strikes GUERRERO, MEXICO. 4/24 USGS:6.5quake shakes NEW IRELAND REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Reuters: AFGHANISTAN quake kills at least 4, wounds 69. 4/26 USGS6.2magnitude quake in KERMADEC ISLANDS region near NEW ZEALAND.(Volcano here)5/12 Earth Changes Media:6.2in IRAN,6.3in OMAN, dual quakes.6.5magnitude quake hits TONGA. 5/13 Earth Changes Media: IRAN hit with6.2magnitude earthquake, 5.5 aftershock.  5/18 USGS:6.0quake shakes Namie, JAPAN. 5/20 USGS:6.5magnitude quake off the coast of Aisen, CHILE. 5/21 USGS: 5.8 quake in Anta, PERU. 5/24 Earth Changes Media/USGS: Large7.46.3, 5.8quakes shake TONGA. USGS:8.3magnitude quake hits the SEA OF OKHOTSK near RUSSIA. 5.7 quake shakes Greenville, CALIFORNIA. 5/26 USGS Update: Multiple aftershocks in Greenville, CALIFORNIA. 5.7 magnitude quake in YEMEN. CNN: 5.6 quake shakes northern PANAMA. 3 dozen quakes shake ARKANSAS, rattling nerves, raising questions. 6/1 Earth Changes Media: Magnitude7.0slow release earthquake under WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND. 6/2 Yahoo: Quakes:6.2in TAIWAN kills at least 1; 5.1, 5.6, 4.9 quakes injure 33 in PHILIPPINES. 6/7 Discovery News: BOOM! Super Seismo-sonic earthquakes are real. 6/13 USGS: 5.6 quake in JAPAN. 6/15 USGS:6.5quake shakes NICARAGUA.6.2quake hits GREECE.6.0quake shakes KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND. 6/16 USGS: 5.8 quake shakes GREECE. 5.7 quake in MACQUARIE ISLAND region. 5.8 quake shakes MEXICO. 6/19 Science Daily: Seismic gap outside ISTANBUL: Is this where the expected MARMARA earthquake will originate? 7/1 Discovery News: Surprise! Megaquakes caught sinking volcanoes!  7/2 USGS: 5.7 quake in Nikolski, ALASKA. 5.7 quake in ARGENTINA. 7/3 Facebook/earthquake report: Strong, dangerous earthquake below LAKE ALBERT region, DR CONGO and UGANDA. 7/6 CNN:6.0magnitude earthquake strikes INDONESIA, off island of SUMATRA. 7/12 Science Daily: Induced seismicity? Recent spike of earthquakes in the Central and Eastern U.S. may be linked to human activity such as fracking! 7/19 USGS: 5.5 earthquake strikes Raoul Island, NEW ZEALAND. 7/20 USGS: 5.8 quake Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND. 7/21 USGS:6.5magnitude quake strikes Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND, 4.6, 4.7, 4.7, 4.7 in NEW ZEALAND. CNN:6.9magnitude earthquake strikes off NEW ZEALAND coast. USGS: 5.9 magnitude quake Chabu, CHINA. 7/22 USGS:6.1magnitude quake PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDS. CNN: Quake hits northwest CHINA; 75 dead. 7/23 Earth Changes Media:6.6quake hits northwestern CHINA, hundreds injured, 89 dead. 7/24 USGS: 5.9 magnitude quake in TONGA. 7/26 USGS:6.1quake Luganville, VANUATU.6.2magnitude quake NE of Bristol Island, SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS. 8/1 USGS: 5.8 quake in TONGA; 5.4 quake in Kishtwar, INDIA. 8/3 USGS: 5.8 quake in JAPAN. 8/4 USGS: 5.7 quake south of Port Hardy, CANADA. Drudge:6.0magnitude quake shakes northeastern JAPAN, Fukushima area; no tsunami risk. 8/11 USGS:6.0quake in INDONESIA; 5.7 quake in CHINA. 8/12 USGS:6.0magnitude quake in NEW ZEALAND;6.1magnitude quake in PERU. 8/13 USGS:6.6magnitude quake in Mutis, COLUMBIA. 8/15 USGS:6.5magnitude quake in Blenheim, NEW ZEALAND, 5.5, 5.2, 5.9, 5.0, 4.7, 5.5, 4.6, 5.9, 4.7, 4.9, 4.6 as the aftershocks continue. 8/21 USGS:6.2, 5.3 magnitude quakes in San Marcos, MEXICO. 8/23 USGS: 5.8 magnitude quake Calama, CHILE. 8/28 USGS:6.1magnitude quake Raoul Island, NEW ZEALAND; 5.5 quake INDONESIA.  8/29 USGS: 5.5 magnitude quake FIJI. 8/30 USGS: 5.8 quake Raoul, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. CNN:7.0earthquake strikes south of ALASKA’S Aleutian Islands. USGS: 5.8 quake Benzilan, CHINA.  8/31 USGS: 5.9, 5.2 Atka, ALASKA. CNN: Earthquake strikes southwest CHINA, killing 4. 9/1 USGS:6.5magnitude quake Kepulauan Barat Days, INDONESIA. 9/4 USGS:6.5magnitude quake Izu Island, JAPAN.6.5, 5.9, 6.2magnitude quakes Atka, ALASKA.(Volcano? Alaska has 75 volcanoes!)9/5 USGS:6.0quake Sardinal, COSTA RICA.6.0quake MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE. 5.3 magnitude quake PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND region. 9/6 USGS:6.0quake Uyugan, PHILIPPINES.9/7 Earth Changes Media:6.5magnitude earthquake strikes off GUATEMALA coast, 1 dead, 11 injured: Conflict of magnitude USGS:6.6,5.4magnitude quakes ESE of Ciudad Tecun Uman, GUATEMALA. (Each point on the Richter Scale is 10x worse than the point before:6.5 – 6.6.) 5.5 quake INDONESIA. 9/8 USGS: 5.0 quakes in PHILIPPINES, GREECE, CHILE and TONGA. 9/9 USGS: 5.7 quake INDONESIA.  9/11 USGS: 5.7 quake CENTRAL EAST PACIFIC RISE.  9/14 USGS: 5.5, 5.8 magnitude quakes Atka, ALASKA. 5.7 quake PAPUA, NEW GUINEA. 5.4 quake RUSSIA. 9/15 USGS:6.1magnitude quake Atka, ALASKA.  9/18 USGS: 5.5 quake hits MARIANA ISLANDS. 5.4 magnitude quake shakes PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 9/19 Drudge: 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit’s JAPAN’S Fukushima. USGS: 5.4 quake hits Hongtu, CHINA. 9/20 USGS: 5.5 magnitude quake BURMA. Science Daily: Seismologists puzzle over largest deep earthquake ever recorded:8.3beneath SEA OF OKHOTSK on 5/24/13. USGS:6.1magnitude quake INDONESIA. 9/21 USGS: 5.6 magnitude quake shakes NEW ZEALAND. 9/24 USGS:7.7magnitude quake in PAKISTAN, followed by 5.9, 4.7, 5.0, 5.6 aftershocks. Reuters: Strong earthquake kills 30 in remote part of PAKISTAN, destroys scores of mud houses: Tremors felt as far away as NEW DELHI. 9/25 CNN: Strong quake in PAKISTAN kills more than 250: The quake was powerful enough to cause the appearance of a small island off the coast. Reuters: Death toll from PAKISTAN earthquake rises to 327.(It will go higher.)  USGS:7.0quake really shakes Acari, PERU. 9/27 Reuters: PAKISTAN quake toll reaches 515, insurgents hamper aid efforts. PERU rescues man trapped in mine after7.0quake, damaged at least 70 homes and schools, no deaths reported. 9/28 USGS: Swarm of 14 quakes 2.6-3.3 magnitudes in VIRGIN ISLANDS. 6.8 quake in Awaran, PAKISTAN. 5.7 quake in TONGA. 9/30 USGS6.5magnitude quake NEW ZEALAND. 10/1 USGS:6.7magnitude quake SEA OF OKHOTSK near Russia. 10/2 USGS: 5.8 magnitude quake OWEN FRACTURE ZONE region near Africa. 10/5 USGS:6.4magnitude quake SE of AMSTERDAM ISLAND. 10/8 USGS: 5.7 magnitude quake west of MACQUARIE ISLAND below Australia. 10/11 USGS:6.3magnitude quake L ‘Esperance, NEW ZEALAND. 5.0 quake EUREKA, CALIFORNIA. 6.1quake in VENEZUELA. 10/12 USGS:6.4quake west of Platanos, GREECE. 10/14 USGS:7.1quake shakes central PHILIPPINES, 5.3, 5.3, 5.0, 4.8, 10/15: 5.2, 4.9, 4.9, 4.5, 5.0. 5.2, 4.8, 5.0, 5.5, 5.9, 5.4, 4.7, 4.8, 4.6 and on and on. The entire Ring of Fire is popping. CNN: Dozens dead as magnitude7.1earthquake hits the PHILIPPINES. Reuters: Strong quake kills at least 67 in PHILIPPINES. 10/16 USGS:6.8earthquake in Panguna, PAPUA NEW GUINEA; tsunami alert. Reuters: Death toll from PHILIPPINES quake at 144. 10/17 CNN: Death toll climbs to 161 in PHILIPPINES quakes.  10/19 CNN: 183 dead in PHILIPPINES quake. 10/20 Earth Changes Media: GULF OF CALIFORNIA hit with6.5magnitude quake – epicenter over mantle plume. 10/24 USGS:6.7magnitude earthquake E. of SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS. 10/25 Yahoo:7.3magnitude quake rocks JAPAN; tsunami warning for Fukushima area. 10/29 USGS:6.0quake shakes BALLENY ISLANDS region.5.8,6.2magnitude quakes in CHILE. 10/31 USGS:6.3quake in TAIWAN. 11/1 USGS:6.6magnitude quake shakes CHILE. 11/2 USGS: 5.8 quake EASTER ISLAND region.6.2quake in TONGA. 11/3 USGS:6.0magnitude quake shake PHILIPPINES. RING OF FIRE: Highly active. 11/12 USGS:6.6magnitude quake Ust’Kamchatsk Staryy, RUSSIA. (Volcano here.) 11/13 USGS: 5.8 quake Amatignak Island, ALASKA.6.1quake SCOTIA SEA. 11/15 USGS:6.8, 4.9, 4.8, 5.3 magnitude quakes SCOTIA SEA. 11/17 USGS:7.8,4.7, 5.3, 4.9, 4.8, 5.0, 4.6, 5.2, 5.0, 4.7, 5.8, 5.3, 4.7magnitude quakes SCOTIA SEA.(FULL MOON: 25 Taurus!) 11/23 USGS:6.5magnitude quake FIJI region. 11/25 USGS:7.0, 5.5quakes SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN. 11/30 USGS:6.4magnitude quake Kepulauan Barat Daya, INDONESIA. 12/1 USGS:6.0quake Sinabang, INDONESIA. 12/8 USGS. 4.5 magnitude quake shakes OKLAHOMA. 5.9 magnitude quake Kuril, RUSSIAN. 12/18 USGS:6.2magnitude quake NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS, South Pacific. 12/28 USGS: 5.8 quake TURKEY. 5.8 quake TONGA. 12/29 USGS: 5.8 magnitude earthquake N of ASCENSION ISLAND; 5.9 quake TONGA; 5.8 quake TURKEY   MAJOR  VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS in INDONESIA, JAPAN, ALASKA, RUSSIA, and/or the U.S. PACIFIC NORTHWEST, to perhaps include MOUNT SHASTA, MOUNT RAINIER, and/or MOUNT SAINT HELENS that could claim many lives and cause tremendous property loss.1/11 NBC-TV: RUSSIA’S KAMCHATKA VOLCANO has been erupting since November (2012) with lava erupting out of the sides instead of the top, with no signs of stopping.  1/23 RT: 3 volcanoes erupting on RUSSIA’S KAMCHATKA PENINSULA. NBC-TV: 12 hour eruption of MOUNT ETNA in ITALY today, with four eruptions during only the past week. 3/5 BBC News: RUSSIA’S Plosky Tolbachik spews rivers of lava after 30 years, one of 29 live volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula, has been erupting since November. 3/6 Reuters: ITALY’S Mount Etna spews lava. 3/11 BBC News: ECUADOR’S Tungurahua Volcano continues to erupt for second day. 3/18 BBC News: MOUNT ETNA eruption paints sky red. 4/3 Science Daily: Second source of potentially disruptive ICELANDIC volcanoes found:Magma twice as ‘fizzy’ as previously believed, which increases the likelihood of disruptive ash clouds from future eruptions. 4/16 Science Daily: Research aims to settle debate over origin of YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO. 4/23 EarthSky: YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO less super, more active: ‘An eruption is long overdue,’ say scientists. ‘If the volcano erupts, the effect would most certainly be catastrophic.’ 5/7 CNN: 5 climbers killed after deadly volcanic ash blast on MOUNT MAYON in PHILIPPINES. (Why climb an active volcano, for heaven’s sake?)  5/8 Reuters: MEXICAN volcano ash suspends flights at Puebla airport; ash covered the runway. 5/10 Earth Changes Media: POPOCATEPETL VOLCANO eruption covers MEXICAN towns in ash. 5/13 Earth Changes Media: MEXICO readies shelters after volcano tremors increase, steam plume spews into sky.5/15 CNN: 2 ALASKA volcanoes on alert as lava flows: Sudden explosions possible with little or no warning! 5/16 Earth Changes Media: Geologists find underwater volcano. 5/17 Earth Changes Media: MEXICO’S Popocatepetl Volcano eruption signals dome destruction, with an explosion of lava and ash over a large area of PUEBLA in central Mexico. More seismic activity at MEXICO volcano; authorities have evacuation routes, shelters ready. CNN: ALASKA volcano ‘fountaining’ with fire, spreading expansive ash cloud 60 miles away. 5/20 Earth Changes Media: MOUNT ST. HELENS monitoring scaled back because of budget cuts. 5/23 BBC News: Volcano project scours ICELAND for early warning signals. 5/24 Facebook/Chirinkotan Volcano erupts in KURIL ISLANDS of far east RUSSIA; one snowcapped volcano after another is erupting this year. 5/25 Science Daily: 2 volcanoes erupting in ALASKA: Scientists monitoring and providing alerts on PAVLOF and CLEVELAND volcanoes. 5/26 Extinction Protocol: MOUNT ETNA eruptions becoming more violent, scientists baffled as to why. 5/28 Earth Changes Media: CHILE, ARGENTINA order evacuation of COPAHUE VOLCANO to 20 miles. 6/7 Earth Changes Media: NICARAGUA San Cristobal volcano: Small ash eruption. 6/9 Reuters: CONGO conflicts masks deadly volcano threat: 11 years after an eruption of Mount Nyiragongo devastated the sprawling lakeside city of Goma, killing hundreds, eastern Congo’s armed conflict prevents scientists from predicting the volcano’s next deadly explosion. 6/18 Drudge: MEXICO’S Popocatepetl Volcano spews ash 4km into the air; authorities place restrictions around the volcano. 6/28 Earth Changes Media: Erupting volcano blankets KAMCHATKA village in ash, disrupts air traffic. 7/6 Reuters: MEXICO volcano erupts, delays flights near MEXICO CITY. 7/15 Science Daily: Some volcanoes SCREAM at ever higher pitches until they blow their tops. (Mother Nature screams!) 7/19 Earth Changes Media: 2nd ECUADOR volcano steps up eruption. Scientists say earthquake could wake MOUNT FIJI from 300-year slumber. 8/15 Earth Changes Media: Remote ALASKA volcano emits lava flow, ash plume. 8/19 Drudge/Mail Online: Mount Sakurajima in JAPAN erupts for 500th time this year; Impressive ash cloud reaches for the sky. 8/26 Drudge/Telegraph: Volcanic ‘geyser’ erupts 15 feet high close to ROME Airport, appearing overnight and puzzling scientists. (9 live volcanoes in ITALY, or perhaps 10?)  8/29 Science Daily: Supervolcanic ash can turn to lava miles from eruption. (Wow!) 9/25 Earth Changes Media: Sakurajima Volcano in JAPAN: Large explosion damages cars.  9/6 CNN: Largest volcano on Earth found, scientists say; an underwater volcano dubbed Tamu Massif 1,000 miles east of JAPAN.  9/10 Earth Changes Media: Mount Lokon, active volcano, erupts in INDONESIA: Lava flow reaches several northern villages.  9/15 Drudge: Thousands flee as SUMATRA volcano erupts. 9/16 CNN: More than 6,000 evacuate after volcanic eruption in INDONESIA: Buildings, cars covered in ash: Highest mountain in SUMATRA. 10/11 Silver Doctors: YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO ALERT: THE MOST DANGEROUS VOLCANO IN AMERICA IS ROARING TO LIFE. (Not good news at all! 10/22 And perhaps inaccurate?) 10/27 BBC News: MOUNT ETNA eruption lights up the sky. 11/14 Mail Online: Thousands evacuated after SUMATRAN volcano erupts, shooting lava four miles into the air and threatening villages. 11/18 Daily Mail: MOUNT ETNA explodes into life as eruption lights up the night sky. 11/21 BBC News: Volcanic eruption gives birth to “new island” in JAPAN. Activist Post: 7 volcanoes in 6 different countries all start erupting within hours of each other: JAPAN, MEXICO, GUATEMALA, VANUATU, ITALY.  11/25 BBC News: INDONESIA raises SUMATRA volcano alert to highest level.  11/26 Freedom Outpost: Why have 10 major volcanoes along the RING OF FIRE suddenly roared to life: Volcano creates new island off coast of JAPAN; MOUNT SINABUNG, INDONESIA; COLIMA, MEXICO; SAKURAJIMA, JAPAN; FUEGO, GUATEMALA; SANTA MARIA/SANTIAGUITO, GUATEMALA; YESER, VANUATU; POPOCATEPETL, MEXICO; MARAPI, INDONESIA; KLIUCHEVSKOI, Kamchatka, RUSSIA. (WOW! Mother Earth is letting off lots of steam!)  Drudge/Telegraph: Volcanic rocks rain down on SICILY from MOUNT ETNA. 12/30 BBC News: EL SALVADOR volcano erupts spewing ash and black smoke.   LAWS CHANGE on government and corporate levels with justice foremost in the concepts, and yet, the people will not always be in perfect agreement.1/6 Drudge: Obama plans broad gun-control. 1/9 NY Times: Cuomo to press for wider curbs on gun access. CNN: Washington National Cathedral to marry same-sex couples. Vermont city near assault rifle ban. Drudge: IOWA lawmaker calls for confiscation of guns. (America would never have acquired its freedom without guns, all guns must not be taken away. Assault rifles are unnecessary.)  1/27 NY Times: A flood of suits fights coverage of birth control. 3/1 NY Times: U.S. asks that Justices reject California gay marriage ban. (Let’s see what happens with this one!) 3/3 Science Daily: No scientific basis for prohibiting same-sex marriage, key associations argue. 3/6 Washington Post: Maryland Senate passes death penalty repeal. NY Times: Arkansas adopts strictest abortion law in U.S.  3/7 NY Times: Arkansas adopts ban on abortions after 12 weeks. 3/9 Reuters: Strict Arkansas abortion law to face challenges. 3/23 NY Times: Senate passes $3.7 trillion budget; it’s first in 4 year. 3/23 Drudge: Colorado has repealed adultery law. 3/26 Reuters: SUPREME COURT takes up gay marriage for the firs time.  3/27 Drudge: HEARTBEAT LAW: NORTH DAKOTA abortion ban challenges ‘Roe v Wade.’ 4/4 CNN: CONNECTICUT passes tough gun law. 4/5 NY Times: Judge orders FDA to make Morning After pill available over the counter for all ages without prescription. 4/5 Drudge: Building being built illegally collapses in INDIA, 45 dead. 4/10 NY Times: Senate reaches bipartisan deal on checks on gun buyers. 4/17 BBC News: NEW ZEALAND legalizes gay marriage. 4/23 BBC News: FRANCE set to legalize gay marriage. 5/3 CNN: RHODE ISLAND legalizes same-sex marriage. 5/7 CNN: Senate OKs internet sales tax plan. Reuters: DELAWARE to vote on gay marriage. 5/9 Yahoo: MINNESOTA to become 12th state to adopt gay marriage. 5/14 NY Times: Global retailers join safety plan for BANGLADESH(After 1,127 deaths in that building collapse, I should hope so!)Drudge/Burlington Free Press: End-of-life bill heads to governor for signature in VERMONT.(Good news for the terminally ill.)5/18 Reuters: FRANCE’S Hollande signs gay marriage law. 5/21 LA Times: VERMONT governor signs ‘death with dignity’ measure. 5/21 BBC News: Gay marriage: Commons passes Cameron’s law to allow gay marriage in ENGLAND and WALES. 5/22 NY Times: Immigration overhaul wins panel backing in Senate. 5/23 NY Times: Boy Scouts of America vote to admit openly gay youths; Exodus of Baptist troops. Drudge/AP: GERMAN court grants gay unions marriage tax break. 6/11 Drudge/the Guardian: Plan B: Obama allows morning after pill for under 17s. 6/12 Drudge/International Business Times: BELGIAN parliament posed to approve child euthanasia law for gravely ill children. CBC-Montreal: End-of-life bill to be introduced today in QUEBEC.  6/13 NY Times: Supreme Court rules human genes may not be patented.(I should hope not!)  6/19 BBC News: U.S. House passes abortion-limits bill. (Let the Republican men have the babies!)  6/26 NY Times: Supreme Court invalidates key part of voting rights bill.(Shame on them!)Clean Air Act, reinterpreted, would focus on flexibility and state level efforts. CNN: TEXAS abortion bill dies amid chaos.(Good!)NY Times/CNN: Win for same-sex marriage; Supreme Court issues 5-4 ruling rejecting DOMA: Same sex spouses entitled to federal benefits. 6/27 Drudge: Bill Clinton hails court for striking down Defense of Marriage Act. NY Times: Senate passes immigration overhaul, 68-32. 6/29 Reuters: Gay marriages resume in CALIFORNIA after 5 year hiatus. Senate immigration bill uplifts ARIZONA migrants. 7/6 CNN: WISCONSIN governor signs tougher abortion bill. 7/7 NY Times: In secret, Court vastly broadens powers of NSA. 7/9 CNN: Federal judge temporarily blocks new WISCONSIN abortion bill. 7/11 Washington Post: D.C. Council approves ‘living wage’ bill over Wal-Mart ultimatum.(Hooray for the District. Wal-Mart keeps employees at the level of poverty! Shame on them!)7/13 CNN: TEXAS senate OKs abortion restriction bill. 7/17 Reuters: Gay marriage to be made legal in U.K. as law clears last hurdle. 8/12: NY Times: Stop-and-Frisk policy in NEW YORK CITY violated rights, Judge rules. 8/19 Drudge/AP: NJ Governor Christie to sign ban on gay conversion therapy.(Wise man.)8/29 CNN: Ruling: SEND has risks:Don’t text a driver — or you could be held liable if he causes acrash. 8/30 Washington Post: Obama administration will not block state marijuana laws, if distribution is regulated. 9/2 Drudge: Russian anti-gay law prompts rise in homophobic violence. 9/12 Drudge/Times: Catholic priests may be allowed to marry amid Papal changes. 10/6 Drudge: U.K. to end free health care for migrants. 10/8 Drudge: GULF STATES to introduce medical testing on travelers to ‘detect’ gay people and stop them from entering the country. (Good heavens! They’re living in the Dark Ages.)  10/19 NY Times: States are focus of effort to foil Obama’s health care law.  10/21 Reuters: NJ governor drops opposition, gay marriage becomes legal in state.  10/22 BBC News: AUSTRALIAN Capital Territory legalizes same-sex marriage.  11/3 Reuters: Native American law thwarts gay marriage ban. HAWAII Senate passes bill to legalize gay marriage. 11/22 NY Times: In landmark vote, Senate limits use of filibuster. 11/25 Drudge/Telegraph: AFGHANISTAN ‘plans to reintroduce stoning as punishment for adultery.’ (Barbaric!)  12/1 BBC News: CROATIA votes on same-sex marriage.12/4 BBC News: FRANCE prostitution: MPs back fines for clients. (How about a tax and legalization?)  12/10 BBC News: ENGLAND and WALES gay weddings to begin in March. 12/20 CNN: CANADIAN high court strikes down all restrictions on prostitution. (How about health checks?) BBC News: UGANDA MPs pass life in jail anti-homosexual law. (Inhumane.)  An ECONOMIC UPSWING by early spring as the jobless rate continues to fall throughout the year.1/4 NY Times: U.S. added 155,000 jobs in December: Unemployment rate at 7.8%. 1/24 Reuters: Jobless claims hit lowest point in 5 years. Wall Street advances despite Apple’s decline.  2/7 Reuters: Jobless claims point to healing in labor market.12th state to allow g NY Times posts higher revenue on digital growth. 3/1 Reuters: Paradox: Consumer spending up, income drop largest in 20 years. Reuters: Manufacturing sector grows at best pace in 1-1/2 years in February. 3/6 Reuters: Private sector adds most jobs in a year in February. 3/7 Drudge: Average of 348,750 Americans a week file jobless claims: fewest since Obama took office.  Drudge: Stocks reach new heights. CNBC: As Bull Market turns 4, 130% gain, traders thank Chairman Ben. (And how about President Obama?) CNN: Dow continues record run. 3/8 Yahoo: Job growth beats expectations, rate at 7.7%. Reuters: Job gains boost economy, unemployment at 4 year low. Wall Street gains at open on strong payrolls. 3/9 NY Times: Unemployment at 4 year low as U.S. hiring gains steam. 3/10 BBC News: U.S. labor market shows strong rise. 3/13 Reuters: Retail sales post largest gain in 5 months. 3/15 Reuters: Factory output rebounds, gasoline leads CPI higher. 3/21 Reuters: Jobless claims point to improving labor market. Factory activity picks up in March. Drudge: Dow hits new high!  3/26 USA Today: Durable goods orders rise 5.7% in February. 3/29 Reuters: Consumer spending rises, supports sturdy growth picture. 3/31 USA Today: Unemployment rate falls in 22 states. 4/2 Reuters: Factory orders rise, boosted by aircraft. 4/5 NY Times: U.S. added only 88,000 jobs in March; Unemployment dips to 7.6%. 4/11 Drudge: Jobless claims drop 42,000. 4/20 USA Today: Stocks close higher in losing week. Unemployment rates fall in 26 states. 4/23 Reuters: Netflix customers surge, shares jump 24%. Business borrowing for equipment jumps 45% in March: ELFA.4/25 Reuters: Jobless claims fall, labor market recovery advances. Exxon quarter profits up slightly. 4/25 NY Times: U.S. economy grew by 2.5% rate in first quarter. 4/26 CNN: Economic growth takes big jump. 5/2 Yahoo: U.S. jobless claims fall to 5 year low. 5/3 NY Times: U.S. economy adds 165,000 jobs; Unemployment rate drops to 7.5%.  5/4 Reuters: Job market resilience eases growth concerns. 5/8 Reuters: Freddie Mac posts second-biggest profit in its history. 5/9 Reuters: Jobless claims fall to lowest level in almost 5-1/2 years! 5/10 USA Today: Dollar soars to 4-year high of nearly 102 yen. 5/13 Reuters: Retail sales edge up, show some strength in economy. 5/15 CNN: Deficits falling faster than expected. 5/17 USA Today: Jobless rates fall in 40 states, DC, in April. 6/7 NY Times: U.S. added 175,000 jobs in May, Unemployment rate rises to 7.6%. 6/21 USA Today: May unemployment rates down in 25 states. 7/1 Reuters: May construction spending reaches 4-year high. 7/2 Reuters: Factory orders rise, hint at stability in manufacturing. 7/5 NY Times: U.S. added 195,000 jobs in June; Unemployment rate remains 7.6% 7/17 Reuters: Bank of America profit soars 70%. (Naturally, the banks profit!) 7/18 Reuters: Jobless claims fall sharply in positive sign for hiring. 8/2 NY Times: U.S. added 162,000 jobs in July, unemployment falls to 7.4%. 9/5 Reuters: U.S. private sector adds 176,000 jobs: jobless claims fall. 10/3 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims point to labor market healing. 10/22 NY Times: U.S. economy adds 148,000 jobs as unemployment dips to 7.2%. 12/6 NY Times: Economy added 203,000 jobs in November, as unemployment falls to 5 year low of 7%. 12/26 Reuters: Jobless claims fall in positive sign for labor market.INVENTIONS prove futuristic and fantastic, fully capturing the attention of  the public. The seeming impossible becomes strangely possible on some days.1/15 Science Daily: New implant replaces impaired middle ear. 1/22 BBC News: Privacy visor evades hidden cameras: Pair of glasses developed to thwart hidden cameras using facial recognition software. (Here’s something for a movie plot…and criminals!) 1/30 Science Daily: Engineers solve biological mystery and boost artificial intelligence: Smart robots are on the way! 2/6 Drudge/The Independent: Meet Rex: The $1M bionic man with working heart, set of lungs and human face: Most human parts can be replaced, say scientists, and here’s the proof. (Incredible and fantastic!) 2/7 Science Daily: Device made of DNA inserted into bacterial cells works like a diagnostic computer. (Amazing!) 2/12 Science Daily: Computerized ‘Rosetta Stone’ reconstructs ancient languages. 2/19 CNN: FDA approves first bionic eye. (Wow!) 2/28 Science Daily: Researchers test holographic technique for restoring vision. BBC News: TED 2013: SpaceTop 3D see-through computer revealed. TED 2013: 4D printed objects ‘make themselves.’ (Wow!) 3/1 Reuters: American company uses 3D printer to make gun parts. BBC News: Robot throws cement blocks. (Wow!) 3/3 Science Daily: Machine similar to dialysis removes cholesterol from blood. (Wow!) 3/11 Drudge: Google’s talking shoes motivate you to move. (Wow!) 3/23 BBC News: Advert turns air into drinking water. (Wow!) 3/25 Science Daily: Nanowire solar cells raise efficiency limit up to 15x. Multi-purpose wonder can generate hydrogen, produce clean water and even provide energy. (Wow!) Science Daily: SpaceX Dragon spacecraft carrying NASA cargo ready for return to Earth. 3/26 Science Daily: Clean electricity from bacteria? Researchers make breakthrough in race to create ‘bio-batteries.’  3/27 Science Daily: Discovery may allow scientists to make fuel from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (Sounds practical!) 3/29 Science Daily: Large robotic jellyfish could one day patrol oceans. (Another horror flick plot!)  BBC News: Scientists create robo-ant colony. (Men being boys in the lab. Another movie plot?) 3/30 Science Daily: New type of solar structure cools buildings in full sunlight. 4/5 Science Daily: 3-D printer can build synthetic tissue. 4/7 Science Daily: New camera system creates high resolution 3-D images from up to a kilometer away. 4/8 Science Daily: Cry me a river of possibilities: Scientists design new adaptive material inspired by tears. (How about that?)  Engineering algae to make the ‘wonder material’ nanocellulose for biofuels and more. 4/9 Science Daily: ‘Artificial leaf’ gains the ability to self-heal damage and produce energy from dirty water. Tiny nanocrystals for the battery of the future. 4/11 Drudge/The Telegraph: Iranian scientist claims to have invented ‘time machine’. BBC News: Most energy efficient LED light revealed by Philips. 4/22 BBC News: Giant mantis spider robot revealed. 4/23 BBC News: Singapore: Robot cars look to beat congestion. 4/25 Science Daily: New battery design could help solar and wind power the grid. (Terrific!) 5/3 Reuters: Boeing plans longest-range passenger jet: 777 wide-body. Drudge/Christian Science Monitor: Flight of the RoboBee: Tiny hovering robot creates buzz. (Is that bee in your garden a government spy?)  5/7 CNN: 3-D printed guns a boon for criminals. (Sadly!) 5/9 Science Daily: An electronic nose can tell pears and apples apart.  Researchers find a way to make steel without greenhouse gas emissions. BBC News: Downloads for 3-D printer Liberator gun reach 100,000. (Good grief!) 5/16 Science Daily: Nanoscavengers could usher in next generation water purification. (Good news!) 5/17 BBC News: I, Robot Maker, Making robots to interact with humans. 5/21 Before it’s news: Electricity from thin air: Using nanotechnology to capture the energy around us. 5/23 Science Daily: Baby’s life saved with ground-breaking 3-D printed device that restored his breathing. (Double wow!) 5/24 Science Daily: Flat spray-on optical lens createdthat could revolutionize the way optical lenses are made and used.6/6 Drudge: Army’s new robotic drone so realistic it gets attacked by hawks.  6/11 CNN: $27,500 gun hits target at 1,000 yards. (Sniper gun! How lovely!) 6/14 Reuters: Airbus A350 completes maiden flight in France. 6/19 Science Daily: Tiny batteries: 3-D printing could lead to miniaturized medical implants, compact electronics, tiny robots. (WOW!) 6/20 Science Daily: Transistor made from just one molecular layer made to work on computer chip. (Wow!)  A sliver of wood coated with tin could make a tiny, long-lasting, efficient and environmentally friendly battery! (Another wow!) 6/22 BBC News: Hands-tied knit: Designers test blue tooth glove phone. (Far out!)  Science Daily: Beyond silicon: Transistors without semiconductors. 7/16 Science Daily: New thermocell could harvest ‘waste heat’ from power stations and even vehicle exhaust pipes to provide electricity. 7/22 Science Daily: World’s first water treatment techniques using apple and tomato peels. (Really?) 8/15 Science Daily: Teleported by electronic circuits: Physicists ‘beam’ information. Wireless devices go battery-free with new communication technique. 8/16 Science Daily: Quantum teleportation: Transfer of quantum flying bits at the touch of a button. (Wow!) 8/17 The Telegraph: New software forces you to pay attention during company training. 8/20 Drudge: Google Glass gets an app to power cyber cops and futuristic firefighters of tomorrow. (Science fiction becomes scientific fact!)  8/30 Science Daily: Now hear this: Scientists discover compound to prevent noise related hearing loss. (Very good!) 9/4 Telegraph: Sun screen erected outside Walkie Talkie tower in LONDON to block burning rays. (Too many glass buildings a danger to people?) 9/7 Science Daily: DNA used to assemble transistor from graphene. 9/13 Drudge/Mail Online: It really is hands free! Self-driving Mercedes-Benz is unveiled – and it should be available within 7 years: Manufacturer says 10 years. Science Daily: Functioning ‘mechanical gears’ seen in nature for first time. (That’s where the inventor got the idea: from the archetypes in the Akashic Record.)  9/15 Drudge: Researchers develop microphone that allows users to transfer audio messages to others with touch of finger. (The future is now.) 9/18 Science Daily: Nanocrystal catalyst transforms impure hydrogen into electricity. 9/26 Drudge/CBS: Bionic man: Amputee controls artificial leg with thoughts. 9/29 Mail Online: The rise of digital motion sickness: Video games, 3-D films and iOS7 set to make condition the 21st century’s biggest occupational disease. (Wow! I don’t like 3D films and I don’t play video games.)  Science Daily: Accelerator on a chip: Technology could spawn new generations of smaller, less expensive devices for science, medicine. Humanlike robot getting closer. (I need to write that script!)  9/30 Drudge: Star Wars lightsabers finally invented. 10/3 Science Daily: Discovery of charged droplets could lead to more efficient power plants. 10/12 Science Daily: Spinning disk microscope opens window into the center of a cell. 10/15 Science Daily: A blueprint for restoring touch with a prosthetic hand via a direct interface with the brain. (Wow!) Stepping out in style: Toward an artificial leg with a natural gait. 10/20 Drudge/Gizmodo: Chinese scientists invent lightbulbs that emits Wi-Fi.  (Terrific! One day there will be NO wiring used in offices or houses!)  11/7 Science Daily: Bringing sun’s light and energy to interior rooms: Innovative solar technology may lead to interior light revolution. 11/9 CNN: Texas company makes metal gun with 3-D printer. (Texans would do this! Criminals will be thrilled!)  Reuters: Mining jacket a wearable warning system for workers underground. 11/11 CNN: Futuristic water-recycling shower cuts bills by over $1,000.  11/15 BBC News: Robot cow herder a hit with farmers in AUSTRALIA. (More jobs disappearing?)  11/16 Science Daily: Mind reading robots coming every closer. 11/22 Science Daily: CT and 3-D printer used to recreate dinosaur fossils. 11/23 Mail Online: Could blue lights replace a daily cup of coffee? Scientists claim they could be more effective at keeping you alert than caffeine. (Interesting!)  12/1 NY Times: Coming Soon: A night watchman with wheels: Who looks like R2-D2 and works for $6.25 an hour! (WOW!) 12/8 Drudge/The Almagest: Method of recording brain activity could lead to mind-reading devices, Stanford scientists say. (Learn telepathy; no device needed.)  12/10 Drudge: Scientists close to developing world’s first invisibility cloak. (Old news?) Drudge: DARPA’s giant folding spy satellite will dwarf all other space telescopes. (Will they ever start developing things for the good of mankind?)  12/17 Science Daily: Loudspeakers is first-ever 3D printed consumer electronic. 12/23 JAPANESE humanoid robot dominates DARPA challenge. (Fantastic!)  12/29 Drudge/NY Times: Brainlike computers, learning from experience.CHANGES IN POWER manifest in the spring of the year, with other such changes likely throughout the entire year.2/10 Reuters: TUNISIAN president’s party quits Islamist lead government. 3/5 All media: The death of President Hugo Chavez at 58. 3/14 Pope Francis is the new pope. 5/7 Reuters: Bank of CHINA shuts account of NORTH KOREA Bank.POWER STRUGGLES remain constant with the URANUS-PLUTO square in orb all year, manifesting in diverse and dangerous manners in diverse places and individuals.1/1 Reuters: Thousands march against HONG KONG’S leader. 1/4 CNN: U.S. troops to help protect TURKEY from SYRIAN missiles. 1/6 Reuters: Fugitive Saddam deputy calls for overthrow of IRAQ government. (Endless struggles in these countries.) 1/6 BBC News: INDIA and PAKISTAN in border clash. CNN: Exclusive: ‘Try Al Assad for war crimes,’ EGYPT’S Morsy says.  NORTH IRELAND protests hurt 52 policemen. 1/8 BBC News: INDIAN troops shot dead near Kashmir’s line of control between INDIA and PAKISTAN. 1/9 Reuters: Police fire rubber bullets at SOUTH AFRICAN farm workers. 1/12 Reuters: RUSSIA rejects Assad exit mandate in SYRIA deal. (The monster dictator that kills his people has a Russian friend.) 1/15 Reuters: PAKISTAN turmoil deepens as court orders PM’s arrest on corruption allegations. ISRAEL police block PALESTINIANS from preoccupying protest camps. Drudge: GOP congressman threatens impeachment if Obama uses executive action for gun control. 1/16 CNN: SAUDI activists say kingdom trying to silence them. 1/18 CNN: U.S. Air Force evacuating U.S. citizens, others (U.K., Norway, Japan) from ALGERIA gas plant, source says: It remains unclear how many hostages have been killed or injured, or how many are still held by Islamist militants. BBC News: ALGERIA siege: About 650 hostages feed, but ‘around 60’ foreign hostages still held. (All these facilities need an army of armed guards, for heavens sake!) 1/19 Yahoo: ALGERIA: Day 4 of hostage standoff at Sahara plant: Islamist extremists have killed at least 12 captives with dozens unaccounted for. Algerians suspect inside help in hostage raid. CNN: MALI unrest could displace 700,000. 15 burned bodies found at besieged ALGERIA gas plant. 1/24 CNN: NORTH KOREA makes new threats against U.S. 1/25 Yahoo: Tear gas and protests mark second anniversary of EGYPT’S uprising. NORTH KOREA threatens war with SOUTH over U.N. sanctions. Drudge/Telegraph: BRITONS, other Westerners told to leave BENGHAZI after ‘imminent’ terror threat in wake of the Algerian hostage siege. 1/28 Reuters: Violent protests greet Mursi’s emergency decree in EGYPT. 1/30 Drudge: Muslim Brotherhood losing control in EGYPT. 1/31 Huffington Post: U.N.: ISRAELI settlements illegal. (I agree. They can be such bullies.) 2/1 CNN: Protesters attack presidential palace in CAIRO. 2/4 Reuters: EGYPT opposition in muddle over call to oust Mursi. 2/6 Reuter: TUNISIA protests after government critic shot dead. Reuters: PUTIN trying to scare off protesters, jailed oil tycoon to keep his grip on power. (Putin had better watch his back; talk about a bully!) CHINA says extremely concerned after latest NORTH KOREA threats. (The North Koreans are like children having a tantrum to get attention with their deadly toys!) 2/8 Reuters: CHINA, JAPAN engage in new invective over disputed isles. 2/10 Drudge: YOUTUBE banned in EGYPT. 2/12 NY Times: NORTH KOREA believed to have conducted 3rd nuclear test. 2/17 Drudge: RUSSIAN nuclear bombers circle GUAM. 2/18 Reuters: 5 workers shot at Amplats mine in SOUTH AFRICA. 2/19 Reuters: NORTH KOREA threatens ‘final destruction’ of SOUTH KOREA. 2/23 Yahoo: Administration warns of impact of broad budget cuts:Widespread flight delays and shuttered airports, off-limit seashores and unprotected parks. Analysis: Obama, GOP see no need to stop the cuts.  NORTH KOREA warns U.S. commander of ‘destruction’ over drills in SOUTH KOREA. NY Times: Fear of U.S. cuts grows in states where aid flows.2/23 al Jezeera: Millions strike in INDIA over high prices. 2/24 Reuters: 45 arrested in MADRID after mass demonstration. BBC News: U.S. forces ‘must leave’ AFGHAN region over claims Afghans working for them are involved in torture and disappearances. 2/25 NY Times: AFGHANISTAN bars elite U.S. troops from key province.CNN: B.P. to face day in court over GULF OF MEXICO oil spill. 2/28 Reuters: 15 die in protest at BANGLADESH Islamist’s death sentence. 3/3 Drudge: Hundreds of thousands march against austerity in PORTUGAL. 3/4 CNN: Violence mars KENYA election. 3/8 Reuters: SYRIA rebels say not in talks to free U.N. peacekeepers. (Obviously NOT the rebels we should help, but a tainted segment.) AP: Military takes over from police in EGYPTIAN city. (Here we go again! The military ruled during Mubarak’s reign.) 3/9 Reuters: EGYPT protesters target Suez Canal as soccer death sentences confirmed. (Brutality returns to the Land of the Pharaohs!) 3/10 Drudge: EGYPT protesters torch buildings, target Suez Canal; headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood defaced. 3/11 CNN: NORTH KOREA declares 1953 armistice invalid; U.S., SOUTH KOREA begin military exercises. 3/12 Reuters: NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA hold dueling rallies as tension builds in the region. 3/16 NY Times: U.S. bolstering missile defense to deter NORTH KOREA’S threats of a preemptive nuclear attack. 3/21 Reuters: IRAN will destroy ISRAELI cities if attacked, Khomeini. NORTH KOREA issues fresh threat to U.S. Drudge: VENEZUELA suspends channel of communication with U.S. 3/23 CNN: PAKISTANI Taliban vows to kill Musharraf. 3/23 Drudge: Brotherhood supporters, opponents clash in EGYPT. 3/27 CNN: NORTH KOREA cutting hotline with SOUTH. (The Cardinal T-square is exact today with the Moon in Libra!) 3/29 CNN: NORTH KOREA: Kim: Time to settle accounts: Threatens to ‘mercilessly strike’ the U.S. 3/30 BBC News: SRI LANKAN Buddhist attack Muslim store. (I thought Buddhists were peaceful?) 4/2 CNN: U.N. chief ‘deeply troubled’ by NORTH KOREA threats: ‘Gone too far.”Nuclear threats are not a game.’ Reuters: U.S. accuses EGYPT of stifling freedom. Drudge/AP: EGYPTIAN students protest mass food poisoning case: 479 students hospitalized after meal at the university. 4/3 Reuters: NORTH KOREA cuts access to vital industrial zone. 4/5 CNN: 2 missiles ready for launch: Hidden on NORTH KOREA’S east coast, report says. 4/6 Drudge: IRAN nuke talks stall as contradictions among powers emerge. 4/7 Reuters: EGYPTIAN laws, arrests worry liberals and the West. 4/8 Yahoo: PUTIN warns: ‘Chernobyl a fairy tale compared to Korean war. CNN: NORTH KOREA closes industrial zone. The Independent: Coptic Christians under siege as mob attacks CAIRO cathedral.  4/9 BBC News: NORTH KOREA crisis could be ‘uncontrollable’ warns U.N. chief. 4/11 BBC News: G8 states condemn NORTH KOREA nuclear moves “in the strongest possible terms.” 4/11 Reuters: SYRIA attacks ‘amount to war crimes’. NY Times: NORTH KOREA may have nuclear missile capability, Agency says. 4/12 NY Times: PENTAGON says nuclear missile is in reach for NORTH KOREA. 4/13 CNN: RUSSIA lashes out at U.S. human rights blacklist, slapping American rights violators with same sanctions. 4/14 CNN: Secretary of State Kerry visits JAPAN after warning from NORTH KOREA:Work at “highest levels of government” needed to bring about a peaceful resolution. Drudge: Mayhem at GITMO. 4/15 CNN: KERRY sets conditions for NORTH KOREA talks: Top diplomat calls for end to threats. 4/15 Drudge: SOUTH KOREANS burn effigies of Kim Jong Un. BBC News: VENEZUELA challenger demands recount! 4/16 Reuters: 7 killed in clashes of VENEZUELA election. 4/18 CNN: NORTH KOREA outlines exacting terms for talks with U.S., SOUTH KOREA. 4/19 Drudge: STATE DEPARTMENT: Huge irregularities in PUTIN election. (Doesn’t surprise me!) NORTH KOREA training 11-year old soldiers. 4/22 Drudge: Federal furloughs hit nation’s biggest airports: LAX flights delayed up to 3 hours, JFK, LGA, ORD, PHL, SFO, FLL, 4 hour delays expected. (When is our government going to fix the sequester?) 4/23 Reuters: BOSTON officials: 264 injured in marathon bombings. Drudge: U.S. rejects NORTH KOREA demand for nuclear status; Vows to bolster nukes. BBC News: JAPAN warns CHINA on islands landing. 4/24 Drudge: PARIS riots after gay marriage vote. 4/25 Reuters: SOUTH KOREA seeks talks with NORTH to reopen industrial zone. BBC News: Teachers on rampage in MEXICO. 4/27 Reuters: NORTH KOREA detains American tourist to face trial. 4/28 NY Times: Islamist rebels create dilemma on SYRIA policy. 5/2 CNN: NORTH KOREA sentences U.S. citizen to 15 years hard labor. (Charming dictator?) Reuters: At least 4 killed in CHAD coup attempt: security sources. 5/3 Reuters: U.S. within range of nuclear NORTH KOREA: Pentagon. U.S. seeks NORTH KOREA amnesty for jailed American.  5/4 Drudge: EGYPT mob lynches teenage son of Islamist, accuses him of killing a man. 5/10 BBC News: TAIWAN protests to PHILIPPINES after fisherman shot and killed in disputed waters. 5/11 Reuters: NY Times reporter ordered to leave PAKISTAN. (They want to keep their dirty little secrets?) 5/12 Drudge: U.S. evacuating diplomats from LIBYA amid new protests. 5/14 CNN: RUSSIAN official: CIA member tried to recruit Russian. (Is another Cold War heating up?) SAUDI jailed, pressure cooker problematic for travelers. (I should hope so.) 5/15 Reuters: FBI opens criminal probe of IRS for targeting conservative groups. 5/18 Reuters: 1 dead, dozen wounded in EGYPT sectarian clashes. 5/19 Reuters: NORTH KOREA fires short-range missiles for 2 days in a row. (Needs to get rid of old missiles?) CNN: IRAN claims it hanged CIA, Mossad spies. PAKISTAN politician killed on election eve. 5/24 Drudge: STOCKHOLM rioting continues for 5th night. Immigrant children don’t want to integrate.5/25 Reuters: UKRAINE’S first gay march held under police protection. 5/27 Drudge: Huge gay marriage protest turns violent in PARIS. 5/29 Reuters:Nigerian pirates extend reach off WEST AFRICA. 6/2 Reuters: TURKISH police detain 939 in protests: Interior Minister. 6/4 CNN: ‘Shoulder to shoulder against fascism’: Unions join forces with TURKISH protesters.   Reuters: Relatives scuffle with police after CHINA fire kills 120. 6/9 BBC News: SYRIA protester ‘killed in BEIRUT’ outside IRANIAN embassy: shot dead. 6/10 Drudge: TURK BERSERK:  Police tear gas thousands of protesters in Ankara. Drudge/AP: IRAN says it set up space monitoring center. 6/12 NY Times: TURKISH police and protesters clash in square. Reuters: RUSSIAN protesters march as Putin seeks firmer political footing.  6/13 Reuters: TURKISH PM gives protesters ‘final warning.’ (Is he going to murder all of them?) 6/14 CNN: SYRIA: U.S. lying about chemical weapons. IRANIANS go to the poll in ‘epic’ election. 6/16 Drudge: Police storm park in ISTANBUL. BBC News: SYRIA chides EGYPT for cutting ties. 6/17 Reuters: RUSSIA will forbid SYRIA no-fly zone. 6/18 Reuters: Protests see 200,000 take to the streets in BRAZIL. 6/19 Drudge: Karzai furious with U.S. over Taliban move, withdraws from talks. 6/21 Drudge: Security guard shoots, kills Jewish man at WESTERN WALL. Pandemonium: 2 million march in BRAZIL. 6/23 Drudge: U.S. extradition of Snowden did ‘not fully comply with HONG KONG law.’ (How interesting! An International Circus featuring Snowden the Clown!) Carrying 4 laptops with cornucopia of U.S. intel documents. 6/25 Reuters: RUSSIA rejects any role in SNOWDEN affair. TALIBAN attack throws peace talks into doubt: AFGHAN presidential palace. 6/26 NY Times: TALIBAN’S divided tactics raise doubts over talks. (Very doubtful during Pluto-□-Uranus!)Reuters: Unrest leaves 27 dead in CHINA’S troubled Xinjiang: Xinhua. 6/27 Reuters: Plans for ATHENS mosque reveal deep division: Because of 4 centuries under Ottoman rule hostilities by Orthodox Church toward Muslim immigrants are rising. 6/28 CNN: EGYPTIAN troops deployed to keep order after Brotherhood offices attacked. 6/29 CNN: U.S. student killed in EGYPT clashes. 6/30 Drudge: POWDER KEG: Protesters gather to demand Morsi’s ouster. Muslim Brotherhood carry makeshift clubs.  7/1 NY Times: By the Millions, EGYPTIANS seek Morsi ouster.  CNN: Protesters to EGYPT’S Morsi, ‘You have one day to step down.’ 7/3 NY Times: Morsi defies EGYPT army ultimatum to bend to protests. Depth of discontent threatens Muslim Brotherhood and its leader.  CNN: EGYPT on the brink: Reuters: Military takes over state TV. 7/5 CNN: Violence erupts in EGYPT: 1 killed, 7 injured in Giza. Reuters: EU threatens to suspend data-sharing over spying reports. Facing jail, Navalny condemns Putin’s RUSSIA.7/6 Reuters: Coptic priest shot dead in EGYPT. Drudge: 30 dead, more than 1,000 wounded, mayhem as Morsi backers fight for his return. BBC reporter Jeremy Bowen shot in EGYPT as demonstrations end in bloodshed. (And there will be more!) 7/10 Reuters: EGYPT: Prosecutor orders arrest of Brotherhood leaders. 7/12 NY Times: U.S. pressing LATIN AMERICANS to reject Snowden. 7/16 Reuters: 7 dead as police and protesters clash in EGYPT. 7/17 Reuters: NORTH KOREA has everything in place for new atom test: U.S. expert. 7/22 Drudge: Rioters set PARIS ablaze over ban on Islamic veil; 20 cars torched in second day of protests. 7/27 NY Times: Violence erupts after mass rallies over fate of EGYPT, at least a dozen reported killed in heavy fighting. Reuters: Dozens of Mursi supporters shot dead. EGYPT’S Mursi likely to go to same prison as Mubarak. 8/7 Reuters: Obama cancels meeting with Russia’s Putin over Snowden decision. 8/10 Reuters: NORTHERN IRELAND clashes leave 56 police, 2 civilians injured. (The North was the place of the warriors in ancient Ireland! Still is?) Reuters: Hundreds protest in LONDON against RUSSIA’S anti-gay law. 8/12 NY Times: Embassies open, but YEMEN stays on terror watch. 8/14 NY Times: EGYPTIAN security forces move to clear out pro-Morsi sit-ins. 8/19 NY Times: Islamists killed while in custody, EGYPT confirms. Drudge: EGYPT unrest threatens oil routes. Drudge: SAUDI King backs EGYPT’S military. 8/20 Reuters: EGYPTIAN authorities arrest Muslim Brotherhood leader. (No surprise there!) 8/27 NY Times: KERRY warns ASSAD, chemical weapons use in SYRIA ‘undeniable.’ Reuters: SOUTH AFRICA strikes escalate with petrol stations dispute. Drudge: RUSSIA, CHINA warn against SYRIA attack. 9/4 Reuters: Putin: RUSSIA could turn on Assad if given more proof. Exclusive: Former SYRIA defense minister breaks with Assad-Labwani. 9/5 Drudge/CBS: RUSSIA warns of nuclear disaster if SYRIA attacked. 9/6 Drudge/Daily Caller: IRAN threatens brutal attacks on Americans, Obama family, if U.S. hits SYRIA, including the rape of Obama’s daughter. Drudge: U.S. orders diplomats out of LEBANON. 9/7 Drudge: Putin warns: RUSSIA could come to SYRIA’S aid over U.S. strike. (NO WORLD WAR III, PLEASE!)  9/9 Reuters: Politics looms large in INDIA religious riots that kill 31. At least 55 killed in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC battles. NY Times: Picking death over eviction in CHINA: Farmers protest by committing suicide. Drudge: SYRIAN rebels threaten Christians with death if they don’t convert to Islam: ‘Convert to Islam or be beheaded!’ (Ignorance is deep darkness.)  9/14 Reuters: Clashes continue in TURKISH capital. Reuters: Police clash with protesters in MEXICO CITY, 31 arrested.  9/18 Reuters: 45% of SCOTS say independence would harm economy. (Long Live the Queen?) 9/22 CNN: EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood banned?  9/24 Reuters: Shutdown talks continue in WASHINGTON amid GOP discord. 9/28 Reuters: SUDAN police fire teargas as thousands demand Bashir quit. TUNISIA’S ruling Islamists accept plan to step down.  10/2 Reuters: MICROSOFT investors push for Gates to step down. (Wow!) 10/3 BBC News: U.S. shutdown: WHITE HOUSE talks fail to end deadlock. (The aspects are not good for an agreement this week!) 10/5 Reuters: EGYPT tightens security, warns Muslim Brotherhood. No end in sight for U.S. government shutdown. 10/6 CNN: Masked men seize terrorist outside his home: U.S. forces hit terror leaders in SOMALIA, LIBYA. (Another will take their place.)   Reuters: Brotherhood supporters march on central CAIRO: 1 killed. 10/9 Reuters: U.S. ‘seen withholding’ most military aid from EGYPT. 10/10 Reuters: EGYPT:Harboring grudges that date back to the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in 2011, Egypt’s Interior Ministry and police, not the army, were prime movers in overthrowing the country’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Mursi. (It’s good the U.S. is stopping the aid.)  10/17 CNN: MYANMAR/BURMA rocked by more explosions, 1 dead, 2 injured. 10/18 Reuters: SOUTH AFRICAN union official shot dead at Lonmin mine. 10/19 Reuters: INDIA charges 33 aboard armed U.S. ‘anti-piracy’ ship for failing to produce papers authorizing it to carry weapons in INDIAN waters. (Are some of the pirates INDIAN?) Reuters: MALDIVES police halt presidential election: U.S., Britain denounce delay. (Corrupt police?)  10/28 Reuters: Radicals rise amid crackdown on Brotherhood in EGYPT. 11/12 Drudge/Breitbart: Public mass executions carried out in 7 NORTH KOREAN cities: Dozens killed for possessing Bibles, watching films. (Another corner of hell!) 11/18 Drudge: ISRAEL working with SAUDIS on IRAN strike plan. (oui vey!)  11/23 BBC News: EGYPT expels TURKISH ambassador. 11/24 Reuters: AFGHAN elders endorse U.S. security deal while Karzai remains uncertain. (I think we should leave Afghanistan to its own devices, NO U.S. troops to kill.)  Drudge: Thousands protest VENEZUELAN president’s decree powers. 11/27 Reuters: Thousands march to oust THAILAND’S prime minister. 11/30 CNN: UKRAINE protestors ‘brutally’ dispersed. 12/1 CNN: THAILAND protesters storm studios. BBC News: ISRAEL: Negev Bedouins’ ‘day of rage’ over resettlement plan. 12/2 BBC News: KIEV protests blockade key sites. Brotherhood rejects EGYPT charter. 12/5 Reuters: Fast food workers demonstrate for higher pay across U.S. 12/9 Reuters: Putin dissolves state news agency, tightens grip on RUSSIA media. (Mr. KGB flexing his muscles! Few rights in Russia.)  12/14 Reuters: Thousands of UKRAINIANS stage rival rallies in capital of Kiev. 12/18 Reuters: EGYPT sends Mursi to trial for international conspiracy. (No peace in Egypt anytime soon.)  Reuters: Protest wave against new AUSTRIAN government rises. 12/20 CNN: NORTH KOREA threatens to ‘strike SOUTH KOREA mercilessly. (He’s like a scary spoiled child who throws recurring tantrums to get the world’s attention.)  12/21 BBC News: THAI opposition to boycott elections. 12/22 Drudge: Tense: CHINESE military lashes out at JAPANESE defense plan.SCANDAL in HIGH PLACES, the same as usual, shocking some, amusing others. Dirty linen aired for public viewing!1/1 Reuters: Insight: How Columbian drug traffickers used HSBC to launder money. 1/4 CNN: Idaho Mormon Senator Crapo pleads guilty to DUI charge. (I’d have changed my name, plus, Mormons aren’t supposed to drink. Fancy that?!) 1/25 NY Times: Ex-CIA officer given 30-month sentence for leaking classified information. 2/14 Reuters: Olympic Blade runner Pistorius charged with murdering model girlfriend in South Africa. 2/16 CNN: Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife charged over misuse of campaign funds: $750,000 privately used. (He obviously lacks his father’s integrity. Put him in prison.) 2/17 BBC News: Israel politician Lieberman on trial for charges on fraud and breach of trust. 2/19 Drudge: Former Hopkins doctor under police investigation found dead from suicide: Videotaped OB-GYN patients without their knowledge. 2/24 Drudge: CHARGE: MEXICAN police officers rape Italian woman after she fails to ‘pay bribe’. 2/25 CNN: Scottish archbishop resigns amid abuse claims regarding 4 men studying to be priests in the 1980s. 2/25 Drudge/Daily Caller: Long-time escort confirms Senator Bob Menendez paid her for sex. BBC News: Thousands missing from WWI memorials. 3/6 NY Times: Microsoft fined $732M in European Antitrust case.  3/7 Yahoo: Italy’s Berlusconi gets 1 year in jail. 3/9 Drudge: 4 public officials admit selling info to U.K. papers. 3/15 L.A. Times: Thomson Reuters editor Matthew Keys faces hacking charges with Anonymous. 3/15 Facebook: Massachusetts crime lab chemist falsified evidence in more than 30,000 cases. (Ye gods!)  3/30 CNN: Grand jury inducts 35 in GEORGIA school cheating scandal. 4/2 Reuters: 6 arrested in bribery probe in NEW YORK mayor’s race. Pope to review Vatican’s scandal-ridden bank.  4/3 Drudge: NY Dem Senator caught on FBI wiretaps bribing GOP bosses. (Lincoln said, ‘There’s no such thing as an honest politician,’ and he was in politics at the time.) 4/4 CNN: NY police officer accused of leading drug robbery crew. 4/11 BBC News: India policemen suspended for ‘taking bribes’ in Mumbai. France’s top rabbi Gilles Bernheim quits in plagiarism row that includes lying about his academic status. Reuters: U.S. charges ex-KPMG auditor in tips-for-cash scheme. (Insider trading with golfing buddy!) 4/24 CNN: U.S. sues Lance Armstrong. (He never should have cheated!) 4/25 Reuters: France Tel CEO to face court in corruption probe. 4/30 BBC News: Joao Havelange, 96, ex-Fifa president, resigns over bribes. 5/3 CNN: SAUDI diplomat in trafficking probe. Drudge: Guantanamo attorney dead in apparent suicide. 5/7 USA Today: N.Y. Mission debt settlement firm charged with fraud. 5/8 AP: Member of Grammy nominated heavy metal band in CALIFORNIA arrested in Murder-for-Hire sting. (Heavy!) 5/11 Yahoo: GUATEMALAN ex-dictator convicted of genocide.  5/14 Reuters: JAPANESE mayor sparks outrage with sex-slave remarks: Necessary military brothels during WWII. (Probably were necessary. Perhaps brothels in war zones or near military bases would end rape in our military?) 3 arrested in drug, prostitution sting at NEW JERSEY senior citizen housing complex. (I think drugs and prostitution should be legal. A senior’s got to do what a senior’s got to do!) 5/17 Drudge: Toronto mayor in ‘crack cocaine’ video scandal. 5/22 Drudge/WND: Military suffers wave of ‘gay’ sex assaults. (It’s not just the women who need to take care!) 5/24 CNN: Actress Amanda Bynes in trouble again, after throwing drug paraphernalia out the window of her Manhattan apartment.  Drudge/CBS Pittsburgh: Ex-judge charged with stealing cocaine from cases. (Legalize drugs. People use anyway. Hypocrisy is everywhere.) 5/25 Drudge: Illinois judge charged with heroin, gun possession: colleague died of cocaine overdose on hunting trip. 5/29 Reuters: RUSSIA faults U.S. for odious SYRIA rights resolution.  (Russian has no respect for human rights…only political domination.)  Drudge/CBS Boston: State audit in MASSACHUSETTS: 1,164 dead people received welfare benefits. (Wow!)  6/2 Reuters: U.S. takes Apple to trial over ebooks price fixing. ‘Cash for access’ hits BRITAIN’S parliament. Barclay’s pulled into U.S. money laundering investigation. 6/5 CNN: Report: Scandal may be baseball’s worst: Major League Baseball will suspend about 20 players due to a scandal involving performance-enhancing drugs. 6/8 Washington Post: Former DC lawmaker Michael Brown charged with bribery, will plead guilty. 6/11 Drudge: U.S. ambassador to BELGIUM ‘solicited prostitutes, including minors: State Dept IG.  6/16 Facebook/ PENNSYLVANIA judge sentenced to 28 years for selling kids to the prison system. 6/21 BBC News: Depardieu fined in PARIS for riding scooter while drunk. NY Times: Ex-contractor charged in leaks on NSA surveillance. (Surprise? NOT!) 6/23 CNN: Paula Deen dropped by Food Network after using the ‘N’ word. (It’s just a word. I use it in my novel, PASSION AND PRINCIPLE set in the 1800s.)  6/28 Reuters: Senior Vatican cleric arrested in money smuggling case. 6/30 Mail Online: Michael Jackson spent $35M to silence at least two dozen boys he abused, according to FBI files; once caught groping a famous child star. Facebook/ ‘Prepare to be shocked,’ Milwaukee archbishop warns of priest sex files. 7/3 CNN: Ex-Tiffany female exec accused of stealing $1.3 in jewelry. (Diamonds aren’t worn in prison!)  7/7 Drudge: FBI arrests man in Paula Deen extortion plot. 7/12 CNN: Saudi princess accused of human trafficking. 7/15 Drudge: U.S.’s fastest man tests positive for banned substance. 7/17 CNN: Actress arrested: Emma Roberts reportedly bloodied her boyfriend’s nose. 7/19 NY Times: U.S. accuses Steven A. Cohen of failing to prevent SAC insider trading. 7/24 BBC News: Salman Khan: Bollywood star charged with homicide in hit and run 10 years ago. 7/25 NY Times: SAC Capital indicted. 7/29 Drudge: Guilty in gambling scam: DiCaprio, Maguire pal, producer of “Ray Donavan” cable series, run by Russian mob. 8/2 Reuters: Sex, scandal and sleaze: Berlusconi’s rise…and fall! 8/4 Reuters: Pro-government rally draws tens of thousands in TUNISIA. TURKISH police fire water canon, teargas at ISTANBUL protesters. 8/8 Mail Online: CNN boss Jeff Zucker’s son, 15, resigns hours after it’s revealed Cory Booker’s start up put him on the advisory board and gave gun stock options. (Graft in politics continues!)  8/10 CNN: Doctor allegedly stole, sold twin girls in CHINA: Police: 55 similar cases reported: Baby selling tip of iceberg! 8/20 CNN: Ex-Pakistan ruler Pervez Musharraf indicted in Benazir Bhutto case. (I predicted her unfortunate murder. Perhaps his henchmen, but not him.) 8/22 Reuters: Convicted Wikileaks Manning wants to live as woman, start hormone therapy. (He’s a small man; transgender inmate.) 8/29 Reuters: Zurich’s Ackerman resigns over CFO suicide. (So where are the bodies buried?)  9/5 Drudge: Former senior EPA adviser Beale expected to plead guilty in $900,000 pay fraud: Skipped work, claiming he was CIA. (Just too tempting?)  9/17 BBC News: NY art dealer admits to multi-million dollar art fraud. 9/18 Reuters: Bribery scandal dents Big Pharma sales in CHINA, GSK hardest hit.  9/19 NY Times: JPMorgan Chase to pay $920M in fines over trading loss. (Does that keep the war going?) 9/22 CNN: CHINA’S Bo Xilai guilty of corruption, sentenced to life. 10/3 CNN: Second Warship Commander relieved in growing naval bribery scandal linked to prostitutes, kickbacks and luxury perks. 10/6 CNN: 4 SAUDI men accused of dancing naked on top of car, sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, 2,000 lashes. (No doubt, drunk! What a price to pay! If they were women they’d be stoned to death in the streets!)  10/10 USA Today: Former DETROIT mayor sentenced to 28 years in prison on corruption charges. (So many corrupt politicians and bankers.)  10/19 Reuters: Court bans Berlusconi from public office for two years. 11/9 Drudge: Two admirals face probe in Navy bribery scheme. 11/14 CNN: 2 Secret Service supervisors under investigation in misconduct probe.  11/17 BBC News: Co-op bank ex-boss Paul Flowers ‘filmed buying drugs.’ (Whoops!)  11/27 NY Times: Berlusconi ousted from Italian Senate over tax fraud conviction. 12/2 BBC News: U.N. implicates Assad in SYRIA war crimes. 12/4 NY Times: EU fines 8 banks combined 1.7B euros for fixing benchmark rates. (Naughty banks, time to pay up!) 12/6 Drudge/DC Crime Stories: D.C. police officer under investigation for sex trafficking after runaway teen, drugs found at home.  12/12 NY Times: NORTH KOREA says uncle of Kim Yong Un executed today. (What a tyrant!)  12/15 CNN: Kerry weighs in on NORTH KOREA execution, Bob Levinson in IRAN: Supposedly rogue CIA covert mission.  12/18 CNN: Arrest, strip-search of INDIAN diplomat in NEW YORK triggers uproar. (An illegal visa does not warrant the strip search of a beautiful diplomat. What’s wrong with our police?) CNN: Documents show Carnival knew of fire danger before ill-fated ‘poop cruise’. (Greed rules.)  12/20 BBC News: Sacked U.S. General Michael Carey drank on Russia trip and met with ‘suspect’ women. (Doesn’t mix well with nuclear missiles?)  12/23 BBC News: CHILE Caravan of Death: 8 guilty of operating death squad that killed 14 political opponents. 12/24 BBC News: Codebreaker Turing receives Royal pardon: He was chemically castrated for being homosexual. (Unconscionable treatment.) SEXUAL INTRIGUES titillate or astound, with more than one situation involving a politician, while another embarrasses a prominent movie star.1/6 CNN: Hall of Fame track coach Bev Kearney resigns after admitting affair with athlete. 1/11 Drudge/NBC: DEA agents arranged prostitute for Secret Service Agent. (Prostitution should be legal.) 1/25 Drudge: Emails show FBI investigating Senator Bob Menendez for sleeping (why do they call it sleeping?) with underage Dominican prostitutes. 5/3 Reuters:Chinawill charge district Communist Party official Lei Zhengfu with corruption, which carries a maximum penalty of death, after images of him having sex with his mistress were splashed across microblog websites last year.(My, my!)5/10 Yahoo: South Korean president fires spokesman amid sexual assault allegations in U.S.  5/29 Drudge/CBS Pittsburgh: Dept Public Welfare case manager accused of offering benefits for sex.(And the government is paying his bill?)  6/2 Drudge: Mail on Sunday’s mysterious story of Downing Street love affair for the PM. 6/23 Drudge/NY Post: New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez wooed married woman: source, taking her on romantic getaway to Caribbean.(Woo hoo!) 7/8 Drudge/dailycaller: U.S. embassy official in GUYANA removed in an alleged sex for visas swindle.(Such crappy people.)Drudge/AP: To cut STD rate, CALIFORNIA considers condoms in prisons. 7/18 Cyber-sex trafficking: Abused via the web. 7/30 All media: Anthony Weiner and his sexting wiener. 8/15 Washington Post: Sordid details spill out in rare court-martial of a general on sex charges. 8/17 Drudge: Switzerland opens drive in ‘sex boxes’ to make prostitution safer. 8/29 CNN: North Korean dictator has former lover executed by firing squad, along with 11 others, after making sex tape. (I wouldn’t want Kim Jong-un’s karma!)  9/4 Drudge/Mail Online: Porn industry in crisis as second star in two weeks announces he has tested positive for HIV.  9/7 Drudge/Radar Online: Third positive HIV test in porn industry sparks talk of an ‘outbreak’ — dozens quarantined. (Jobs to die for, wow! How many with the virus?)  9/9 Drudge: SHOCK: 4th porn star confirms positive test for HIV … as fears of epidemic grow.CELEBRITY DIVORCES AND BREAKUPS continue to increase the sale of gossip tabloids and movie magazines.1/12 CNN: Kobe Bryant, wife call off divorce. (Good news for a change!) 2/2 People: Ashley Judd splits from husband Dario Franchitti after 10 years of marriage. Hollywood Gossip: Marc Anthony And Shannon de Lima: It’s over! 2/21 Entertainment Tonight: Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are getting divorced. 6/7 CNN: Putin splitting from wife of 30 years.  Mail Online: Did Russian president’s affair with young gymnast end his 30-year marriage? Putin and wife announce divorce on live TV. 6/11 CNN: Jane Lynch, wife Lara end marriage after 3 years. 6/13 Reuters: Rupert Murdock files for divorce from wife Wendi married in 1999. 6/14 CNN: Billy Ray Cyrus, wife to divorce after 19 years, singer says. 7/20 Drudge: Michael Moore files for divorce, worth $50M. 8/13 NY Post: General Clark, 68, claims he’s a victim of ‘indignities’ by wife of 45 years as grounds, not his new bombshell girlfriend, 30. 8/28 BBC News: Douglas and Zeta-Jones ‘take break’ after 13 years of marriage. 9/6 Reuters: Acquitted killer Zimmerman’s wife files for divorce. 9/20 CNN: Gay couple divorce: David Tutera and husband divorcing, raising twins separate. 9/25 Yahoo: Richard Gere, wife separating. 10/9 CNN: Bruce and Kris Jenner separate. 10/25 CNN: Clint Eastwood’s wife files for divorce. 10/26 CNN: Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr split. 11/21 CNN: Rupert Murdoch, wife finalize divorce. 12/25 CNN: Marriage over for Eliot Spitzer, wife.MURDER involves the rich and famous—and not in a motion picture plot!6/19 CNN: Patriot’s Star Aaron Hernandez to be questioned about murder. (BINGO!) 6/20 CNN: Patriots’ player mum as police search for clues in man’s death. 6/21 Reuters: Arrest warrant issued for NFL Patriots’ Hernandez amid murder probe. 6/26 CNN: Patriots’ Hernandez taken into custody amid investigation of man’s death. NY Times: Patriots release Hernandez after arrest. NY Times: NFL player Aaron Hernandez charged with murder. (He blew a fantastic career! My spirit guides are AWESOME.) 6/28 CNN: Attorney: Gum links Hernandez to killings. Aaron Hernandez orchestrated hit, prosecutors say. 9/27 CNN: Aaron Hernandez associate indicted. NEW LEADERS find their place while others suddenly (or sometimes slowly) fall from grace.1/10 CNN: Cabinet becoming a boys’ club? CNN: Lew picked as Treasury Secretary. 125 USA Today: Mary Jo White is Obama pick for SEC chief. (Finally, a woman!) 1/26 BBC News: Barack Obama names Denis McDonough chief of staff. 1/29 CNN: Transportation Secretary LaHood to leave post. 1/29 CNN: Netherland’s queen to abdicate throne so her son might rule. Yahoo: Senate panel approves John Kerry nomination as Secretary of State. NY Times: Senate confirms John Kerry as Secretary of State. 2/6 Reuters: Obama to name REI chief Sally Jewel for interior secretary.  2/11 CNN: Pope Benedict to resign. Pope: “I recognize by incapacity.” 2/26 Yahoo: Senate confirms Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. 2/27 NY Times: Senate confirms Lew as Treasury Chief. 3/4 CNN: Obama to make 2 key nominations. Reuters: Obama rounds out cabinet with EPA, Energy picks. 3/7 NY Times: Senate confirms John O. Brennan as CIA Director. 8/9 BBC News: Venezuela swears in acting president.3/13 NY Times: Pope Benedict resigns from the Catholic Church, first pope to resign in 600 years. New Pope is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina, to be named Francis. 3/15 Reuters: CHINA confirms Li Keqiang as premier. Ex-TV anchor Yair Lapid named as ISRAEL finance minister.  4/9 CNN: Uhuru Kenyatta sworn in as KENYA’S new youngest ever president; Jesse Jackson among crowd. 4/9 Reuters: J.C. Penney board comes under fire for CEO switch. 4/18 BBC News: Barclays investment bank boss quits. 4/22 Reuters: PARAGUAY’S new president a rich newcomer. 4/23 BBC News: Danny Cohen named as new BBC director of television. 4/24 Reuters: ITALY president names center-left’s Letta as new premier. 4/29 CNN: Obama to nominate Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx for transportation secretary. 4/30 Yahoo: Willem-Alexander becomes new Dutch king. 5/8 NY Times: Former governor Mark Sanford of SOUTH CAROLINA wins U.S. House seat. 5/16 NY Times: Obama to name Daniel I. Werfel, White House official, as acting IRS chief.  5/28 NY Times: Obama plans 3 nominations for Key Court. 5/29 NY Times: Obama to pick James B. Comey to lead FBI, former Bush official. 6/5 NY Times: Tom Donilon to resign as Obama’s National Security Adviser. CNN: Susan Rice to be National Security Adviser. (No surprise here!) 6/9 Reuters: Obama to name Furman as chief economist. 6/16 Reuters: IRANIANS celebrate moderate Rohani’s victory as president. 6/23 CNN: PALESTINIAN PM quits after 3 weeks. 6/25 Reuters: MASSACHUSETTS voters to pick U.S. Senator to replace John Kerry.  6/26 CNN: AUSTRALIAN prime minister resigns after losing party leadership challenge. Drudge: QATAR’S new emir, 33, Sheikh Tamim, youngest ever to rule in GULF Arab monarchies. 7/3 CNN: Coup in EGYPT: Military: President Morsy ousted amid mass protests! BELGIAN king abdicating throne for his son. 7/6 NY Times: Mohamed ElBaradei, former diplomat, to be named EGYPT’S interim prime minister, spokeswoman says. 7/12 Reuters: Homeland Security chief Napolitano to resign. Drudge: Janet Napolitano, Homeland security chief, to head UC. 7/21 CNN: Belgium’s King Albert gives up throne to son: King Philippe. 7/30 Reuters: Veteran PAKISTANI politician elected president: Mamnoon Hussain. 8/3 Reuters: Rouhani becomes IRAN’S new president. 8/23 NY Times: Microsoft says Steve Ballmer will retire as CEO in 12 months. 9/7 Reuters: Abbott wins landslide AUSTRALIA election victory. 9/11 Reuters: NIGERIAN president sacks 9 ministers in reshuffle. TAIWAN’S Ma forces out speaker of parliament in lobbying scandal. 11/25 Reuters: Wal-Mart names McMillon to replace Duke as CEO. 12/30 CNN: Mike Shanahan fired as head coach of Washington Redskins.AN  UNCONTAINABLE EPIDEMIC claims lives in large numbers.1/6 Reuters: 2 CHINESE women die of H1N1 flu in Beijing.Drudge: Flu widespread in 41 states; 18 children dead; ‘Still accelerating’. 1/8 NBC Philadelphia: Hospital opens emergency tent in midst of increasing flu cases.  Drudge: CHICAGO hospitals turn away ambulances over flu deluge: 150 ILLINOIS flu patients admitted to ICU. NBC-TV: 18 die from flu in State of MASSACHUSETTS. 1/10 Yahoo: BOSTON declares health emergency amid U.S. flu outbreak. CNN: Flu ravages 41 STATES. 1/11 Drudge: Flu epidemic declared in NEW YORK CITY. Huffington Post: Welcome to flu country: 47 states now reporting ‘widespread’ infection activity. 1/15 CNN: Cholera cases reported in CUBA, officials say. 1/16 Drudge/CBS: MANHATTAN soccer club bans high-fives due to flu epidemic. (The flu’s circulating this year are highly contagious! I’ve already had two bouts within a month!) 1/18 CNN: Flu cases on the rise, CDC says. CNN: 30 states now have high levels of flu. NY Times: Flu Season ‘worse than average,’ official says. 1/26 CNN: 47 states report ‘widespread flu’: Pediatric deal toll 37. Actor Burt Reynolds in ICU with the flu. 1/29 CNN: Norovirus hitting U.S. (I got it!)  2/17 Drudge: WHO urges vigilance over SARS-like virus. Bird flu hits half-million Mexican chickens. 2/22 Drudge: Thousands in downtown LOS ANGELES may be been exposed to deadly, drug resistant TB epidemic. 4/6 Drudge: Airline stocks hammered on bird flu worries. 6th death. Birds slaughtered after flu found in pigeons. Live poultry markets shuttered. CNN: CHINA closes poultry sale in third city after bird flu outbreak, killing 6 so far in the country. 4/7 Drudge: CHINA reports 2 more cases of new bird flu virus; at least 20 infected. 4/8 Yahoo: CHINA’S bird flu outbreak no cause for panic: WHO. 4/9 CNN: CHINA’S bird flu crisis claims new victim as death toll rises to 7. Reuters: CHINA’S bird flu death toll climbs to 8. 4/12 CNN: HONG KONG goes on bird flu alert. Drudge/ABC News: Deaths from new bird flu underscore grim fears: Severe illness with pneumonia, septic shock, brain damage and multiple-organ failure, 11 dead in CHINA. 4/13 Reuters: BEIJING sees first case of new bird flu strain. 4/15 Yahoo: Analysis: Gene swapping make new CHINA bird flu a moving target. Drudge: CHINA to invite 4 flu experts as disease outbreak widens. (Scary stuff!) BBC News: CHINA bird flu cases ‘rise to 60.’ 4/16 Yahoo: Death toll at 14, experts rush to CHINA to investigate bird flu. 4/17 Reuters: No poultry contact in some CHINA bird flu cases: WHO. Drudge: Bird flu fears mount in CHINA as herbal remedies run out. 4/22 Drudge: CHINA confirms 102 H7N9 cases, 20 deaths. 4/24 CNN: WHO: H7N9 virus ‘one of most lethal.’ Drudge: Vicious bird flu jumps to TAIWAN. 4/29 Drudge: U.S. health leader warns of human-to-human H7N9 bird flu. (Scary!)  Concern in VIRGINIA BEACH after oceanfront violence that injured several people. 5/2 Drudge: SAUDI ARABIA: 5 dead from new SARS-like virus. CHINA reports 25 dead from H7N9; 120 diagnosed. 5/7 Yahoo: CHINA reports 4 more bird flu deaths, toll rises to 31. 5/8 Yahoo: SAUDI ARABIA has 13 cases of SARS-like coronavirus: WHO: which has spread as far as BRITAIN and FRANCE. 5/11 Reuters: FRENCH tests ease fears of coronavirus transmission. Science Daily: Potential flu pandemic lurks: Influenza viruses circulating in pigs, birds could post risks to humans. 5/12 Reuters: Suspected new coronavirus in FRANCE, SAUDIS report 2 more. 5/12 BBC News: WHO says new coronavirus may be passed person to person. 5/13 Yahoo: 2 new diseases could spark global outbreaks; coronavirus has infected 34, killing 18; bird flu cases 131, 32 deaths. 5/21 BBC News: TUNISIAN man dies of new coronavirus. SAUDI ARABIA SARS-like virus kills 5, 2 more seriously ill. 5/22 Drudge/NBC News: Mysterious respiratory illness strikes 7 in ALABAMA; 2 dead. (Coronavirus?) 5/29 CNN: New killer virus spreading. 6/2 CNN: Deadly MERS-CoV virus spreads to ITALY.6/17 Drudge/International news: SAUDI announces 4 new death from SARS virus, bringing death toll in the kingdom to 32. 6/19 CNN: Yellowstone, Grand Teton park visitors warned of spike in sicknesses: “Greater than normal reports of gastrointestinal illnesses:” norovirus. 6/21 Earth Changes Media: SARS-like virus has high mortality rate in SAUDI ARABIA, specialists say.  6/21 Drudge/Telegraph: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION calls emergency meeting to respond to SARS-like outbreak, claiming 38 lives, mostly in SAUDI ARABIA. 7/5 Reuters: WHO sets up committee on MIDDLE EAST virus. 7/7 Drudge: SAUDI death toll from SARS-like virus climbs to 38. 7/13 BBC News: Virus warning for SAUDI pilgrims to wear masks to holy sites to stop MERS corona virus spreading. 8/7 Science Daily: First probable person to person transmission of new bird flu in CHINA; But H7N9 not able to spread efficiently between humans.  8/24 AP: MYANMAR/BURMA facing ‘urgent’ drug-resistant TB threat. 8/27 Drudge: Bubonic plague outbreak feared in CENTRAL ASIA, after teenager dies after eating infected marmot and three others are admitted to hospital. BBC News: Herder boy, 15, dies of bubonic plague in KYRGYZSTAN, first case in 30 years. 9/6 CNN: 13 may have deadly brain disease; Fatal brain disease potentially affects 5 in MASSACHUSETTS: Contaminated surgical equipment. (Lawsuits justifiable!) 9/17 CNN: CDC sets threat level for drug resistant ‘superbugs’ that kill, because of antibiotic overuse! (Use herbs: Oil of oregano, turmeric, garlic, vitamin C. LEARN!)  10/19 Reuters: PAKISTAN polio outbreak threatens global effort. Air pollution a leading cause of cancer, U.N. Agency. 10/31 CNN: Government criticized as malaria deaths spike in CAMEROON: Nearly 800 died in recent outbreak. 12/2 Reuters: HONG KONG confirms first human case of bird flu. 12/3 CNN: HONG KONG on high alert after first human case of H7N9 bird flu.  12/8 Drudge: HONG KONG quarantines 19 over second bird flu case. 12/18 Drudge/ABC: Mystery illness claims 4 lives in Montgomery County, TEXAS.  New bird flu strain detected in CHINA.The current SATURN-NEPTUNE trine indicates cooperation and agreement between major powers. It is also a time when DREAMS COME TRUE.6/2 NY Times: U.S. and CHINA agree to hold regular talks on hacking. 6/8 CNN: SOUTH KOREA-NORTH KOREA agree to talks. Reuters: Rival KOREAS set for first official talks in over 2 years. 6/16 CNN: NORTH KOREA wants to talk to U.S. 6/18 NY Times: Taliban signal readiness for peace talks. 6/19 Reuters: NORTH KOREAN envoy in BEIJING seeking to mend ties: experts. CNN: OBAMA: Cut nuclear warheads. 6/20 Reuters: PAKISTAN’S sway over Taliban helped AFGHAN talks: A shift from widely held views in WASHINGTON of obstructing peace in the region. 9/15 NY Times: U.S. and RUSSIA reach deal to destroy SYRIA’S chemical weapons. 9/19 CNN: IRAN’S president makes pitch to U.S. to end rivalry. 9/26 NY Times: IRAN’S leader, denouncing holocaust, stirs dispute. 9/27 Reuters: U.S., RUSSIA agree on SYRIA U.N. chemical arms measure. 9/28 NY Times: Obama speaks to president of IRAN in first talk since 1979. Reuters: IRAN makes payments on old loans to World Bank. 9/30 Reuters: INDIA, PAKISTAN agree to work on ceasefire. (I’ll believe it when it happens.) 10/8 CNN:The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics to scientists Francois Englert and Peter Higgs on Tuesday for their 1964 postulation of the existence of the Higgs boson. Scientists confirmed in July 2012 the existence of the so-called God particle, which is what gives matter its mass. (Saturn=matter; Neptune=spirit.) The trine is very wide now, BUT 11/24 CNN: IRAN nuclear deal breaks decades-long gridlock.WARS RAGE ON to the dismay of countless individuals and the leaders of many nations. And yet, war is big business, with little value placed on the loss of countless human lives?1/1 CNN: SYRIA civil war: 46,068 dead and counting. Reuters: SYRIA starts 2013 with aerial strikes and clashes. 1/2 BBC News: SYRIA air strike kills many in Damascus. 1/3 CNN: U.N.’s SYRIA death toll jumps dramatically to 60,000 plus. (Sad.)1/11 BBC News: Rebels ‘overrun SYRIA airbase.’  1/12 CNN: France says soldier, hostage killed in SOMALIA rescue attempt.  1/13 Reuters: FRANCE bombs MALI rebels as more troops arrive. Bomb kills 14 PAKISTANI soldiers in North Waziristan. Analysis: MALI – one African war FRANCE could not avoid. 1/15 Drudge: FRANCE grids for new threats after MALI operation. MALI rebels: ‘FRANCE has opened the gates of hell.’ Yahoo: Explosions kill 52 at SYRIAN university as exams begins. (Will this madness ever end?)  1/16 Reuters: FRANCE launches ground campaign in MALI. 1/17 Reuters: Raid by Assad forces kills 106 in HOMS. Reuters: 25 foreign hostages escape ALGERIA siege, including 2 Japanese. MALI army reinforces town near capital after Islamist sighting. 1/22 CNN: 30 pro-regime forces die in SYRIA blast. 1/22 Reuters: U.S. begins transporting FRENCH troops, equipment to MALI. 1/27 CNN: U.S. ups military involvement in MALI. 1/28 CNN: FRENCH forces in MALI enter Timbuktu. 1/29 CNN: FRENCH president: “We are winning in MALI.” Reuters: Army says political strife taking EGYPT to the brink. 65 found executed in SYRIA’S Aleppo: Activists. 1/30 NY Times: SYRIA says hit by strikes from ISRAELI planes. 1/31 NY Times: ISRAELI airstrike in SYRIA targets arms convoy, U.S. says. 1/31 Drudge: IRAN-SYRIA threatens to retaliate against ISRAEL. 2/3 Reuters: FRENCH planes pound Islamist camps in northern MALI desert. BBC News: ASSAD: ISRAEL destabilizing SYRIA. 2/6 BBC News: FRANCE action in MALI is ‘real war.’  2/8 Reuters: 50 killed in SYRIA bombing. 2/11 Reuters: Rebels fight army for control of DAMASCUS. 2/12 Reuters: Air base falls as ASSAD’S forces pressured. 2/12 Reuters: Divided DAMASCUS confronted by all-out war. U.N.: 70,000 deaths in SYRIA. 2/16 BBC News: Karzai limits AFGHAN air strike help. (Lets get out of there NOW!) 2/19 Reuters: SYRIAN rocket attack on Aleppo kills 20: activists. 2/19 Reuters: YEMENI war plane crashes in capital Sanaa, 12 dead.  2/26 Reuters: Rocket explodes in ISRAEL, first attack from GAZA since November truce.  3/3 CNN: Veteran jihadist Moktar Belmoktar killed in MALI, Chadian forces say. BBC News: Rebels ‘control most of SYRIA bases. 3/6 Reuters: FRANCE says 4th soldier killed in MALI fighting. RUSSIA says ready to discuss U.N. force for MALI. BBC News: U.K. to send armored cars to SYRIA. Yahoo: SYRIAN rebels seize U.N. peacekeepers to be held captive until Assad’s forces pull back.  3/7 Yahoo. NORTH KOREA vows nuclear strike on U.S. (Scarier than Iran!)  CNN: U.N. to SYRIA rebels: ‘Free our people.’ (Stupid to take U.N. hostages, really stupid!) Reuters: U.N. Security Council hits NORTH KOREA with more sanctions. Reuters: MALAYSIA kills 31 Filipino militants, rejects ceasefire offer.  3/8 Reuters: PALESTINIANS clash with ISRAELI forces in WEST BANK, Jerusalem. 3/10 Reuters: SYRIA’S opposition postpones meeting to form government. ITALY, GREECE say hostages in NIGERIA were killed. 3/11 Reuters: SYRIAN government “uses militias for mass killings,” U.N. 3/12 Drudge: HAMAS: ‘Declaration of War’ if Obama visits Temple Mount. 3/13 Yahoo: SYRIA’S children shot at, tortured, raped, group says. 3/16 Reuters: IRAQ WAR LEGACY: High suicide rates and PTSD among vets. (WAR IS HELL!) Drudge: NORTH KOREA fires missile into SEA OF JAPAN; slams reptile media. 3/17 Drudge: IRAN launches destroy in Caspian Sea. 3/19 Yahoo: 10 years later: 56 die in IRAQ bombings. Yahoo: An explosion at NEVADA military site may have killed ‘several.’ CNN: 7 Marines killed in blast. Reuters: Bombs kill 50 on IRAQ invasion anniversary. 3/24 Reuters: ISRAEL fires into SYRIA after Golan attack on troops.Drudge: SYRIA chemical weapons: Finger pointed at jihadists. BBC News: SYRIAN opposition leader resigns. 3/25 NY Times: Arms airlift to SYRIA rebels expand, with CIA aid. 3/26 Drudge: SABER RATTLING: NORTH KOREA puts artillery forces at top combat posture: Prepares for strike against the U.S. mainland. 3/28 CNN: U.S. flies B2 Spirit bombers over SOUTH KOREA. (Dangerous game of chicken going on?) 3/29 Drudge: Un-hinged: KIM to bomb DC, LA, and Austin, TEXAS. BBC News: RUSSIA warns of NORTH KOREA ‘spiral.’ (Who will strike first?) 3/30 Reuters: NORTH KOREA says enters “state of war” against SOUTH. (Dangerous nut cases!)  4/1 Yahoo: U.S. deploys stealth fighters to SOUTH KOREA. AFGHAN teenager fatally stabs U.S. soldier. (We need to get out of Afghanistan fast.) Reuters: SOUTH KOREA vows fast response to NORTH. 4/2 CNN: Opposition: March deadliest month in SYRIAN civil war, claiming more than 6,000 lives in March alone. (Assad is some kind of monster.) 4.3 CNN: GAZA, ISRAEL trade rockets and airstrikes. (This war is unlikely to end before our civilization does.) 4/4 Reuters: SOUTH KOREANS in NORTH’S factory zone stay despite risks, need jobs. SYRIAN guerilla fighters sent to IRAN for training. Damascus violence forces even most resolute SYRIANS to flee. WORLD AT RISK: NORTH KOREA – this time it’s different. Drudge: JAPAN, U.S. bases in range. Warplanes moved to PHILIPPINES. AMERICAN troops poised at border. Chemical battalion deployed to SOUTH. Kin Jong Un losing control? CHINA snubs. BBC News: NORTH KOREA ‘moves mid-range missile.’ Reuters: NORTH KOREA warns embassies of conflict risk as missiles move. Reuters: ‘We are broke’ U.N. says, as SYRIA refugee funds dry up. Drudge: RUSSIAN bomber conducts practice strikes on U.S. missile defenses in ASIA. NORTH KOREA tells RUSSIA to evacuate embassy. PENTAGON activates missile shield. 4/6 Reuters: Rebel victory would destabilize region: ASSAD. (Would destabilize Assad for sure!) Rebels take control of border crossing. 4/7 Reuters: 12 AFGHAN civilians, 11 children, 1 woman killed in NATO airstrike. (Sometimes we are the enemy.) 5 die in Christian-Muslim clashes in EGYPT. (It’s always religion!) 4/8 NY Times: Targeted killing comes to define War on Terror. CNN: Blast near DAMASCUS square kills 15, state TV reports. 4/9 CNN: 2 American coalition service members die after AFGHANISTAN helicopter crash. 4/9 Reuters: IRAQI al Qaeda wing merges with SYRIAN group. Drudge: WAR DRUMS: Navy deploying laser weapons near IRAN. 4/11 CNN: 13 die in gunfights with police in MEXICO. Drudge: NORTH KOREA: ‘Powerful striking means’ on standby; WATCHCOM: 2 missiles spotted in ‘launch position.’ Reuters: At least 45 die in shelling, executions in SYRIAN town: activists. 4/12 CNN: Former NORTH KOREAN spy: ‘War will break out.’ Drudge: NORTH KOREA states ‘nuclear war unavoidable.’ BBC News: Taliban attack kills 13 AFGHAN soldiers. 4/16 Reuters: Rebels push Assad’s army away from vital north SYRIA highway. Drudge: U.S. helicopter crashes near NORTH KOREA border; no casualties among 21 onboard. 4/21 Reuters: NORTH KOREA moves 2 more missile launchers. 4/22 Yahoo: Taliban capture 9 TURKS from helicopter in AFGHANISTAN. 4/23 Reuters: Anger in LEBANESE streets as SYRIA border fighting rages. At least 23 killed as IRAQI forces raid Sunni camp. (Civil war continues in Iraq.) ISRAEL: SYRIA used chemical weapons. (Despicable!) 4/24 BBC News: Ancient 12th century Aleppo minaret destroyed as SYRIA rebels clash with government troops. SYRIA minister: ‘We are winning the war.’ 4/25 Drudge: ISRAEL shoots down LEBANESE drone. (The War of the Drones!) 4/27 Reuters: SUDAN rebels attack city, push closer to capital. INDIAN spy attacked in PAKISTAN jail in critical condition. CNN: 4 service members killed in AFGHANISTAN plane crash. 4/28 Yahoo: ISRAEL responds to GAZA rocket fire with airstrike. 4/29 BBC News: SYRIA PM survives car bomb attack, 6 killed. BBC News: 7 killed in U.S. cargo plane crash at AFGHAN base. (The aspects are dangerous! People need to be alert!) Drudge/RT: ‘Missiles fired at’ RUSSIAN plane with 159 passengers onboard flying over SYRIA. 4/30 CNN: LIBYA’S Justice Ministry seized. Reuters: Bomb in DAMASCUS kills 13 day after attack on prime minister. Reuters: Palestinian killed in GAZA by ISRAELI targeted airstrike. 5/1 CNN: DAGESTAN violence kills at least 5. 5/3 Reuters: Dozens dead as ASSAD’S forces storm village. 5/4 Yahoo: ISRAEL bombs Hezbollah-bound missiles in SYRIA. BBC News:Hundreds of SYRIANS are fleeing coastal areas where activists claim government forces have massacred dozens of people in recent days. 5/5 Yahoo: ISRAELI warplanes strike SYRIA in escalation. CNN: SYRIA: Rocket attack on military facility a ‘declaration of war’ by ISRAEL. CNN: Attacks across AFGHANISTAN kill 8 service members, including at least 5 Americans. Reuters: Bomb hits convoy carrying Qataris in SOMALIA, 8 dead. 5/5 Reuters: ETHIOPIAN peacekeeper killed, 2 wounded in SUDANESE clash. 5/6 Reuters: Air strikes not meant to aid SYRIA rebels: ISRAEL. Drudge: ISRAELI jet strike near DAMASCUS sends fireball over city. NY Times: ‘Dozens of elite troops’ killed; U.S. not notified before launch. SYRIA: We’ll chose the moment to hit back. BBC News: U.N. investigator: Evidence SYRIA rebels ‘used sarin nerve agent.’ CNN: 42 die in ISRAELI strike on SYRIA. 5/7 CNN: TURKEY: Strikes on SYRIA ‘unacceptable.’ Drudge: Report: Assad green lights ‘operations’ against ISRAEL. 5/8 Reuters: Putin: RUSSIA needs stronger defense against AFGHAN threats. Drudge: COLD WAR: Putin keeps Kerry waiting hours. 5/10 Reuters: Up to 40,000 flee rebel assault in central SUDAN. Cyberwar strategy stokes fear of blowback: Burgeoning gray market where hackers and security firms sell tools for breaking into computers. 5/11 Reuters: Kerry: ‘Strong evidence’ SYRIA used chemical weapons. 5/12 CNN: U.S. official: Marines on alert over LIBYA. 5/13 Yahoo: Fighting rages in SYRIA despite renewed diplomatic moves to end it. 5/15 CNN: ISRAEL: SYRIAN rockets hit Golan Heights. 5/16 Reuters: U.N. faults Assad forces but rebel unease continues to grow. FRANCE suggests EU link easing SYRIA arms embargo to peace talks. BBC News: BBC shown evidence purporting to be chemical attack by SYRIAN government forces. (Assad is a monster!) 5/17 NY Times: Pressure of war is causing SYRIA to break apart. RUSSIA sends more advanced missiles to aid Assad in SYRIA. Reuters: Number of SYRIAN refugees tops 1.5M. Hold SYRIAN peace talks soon, says U.N. chief. 5/18 Science Daily: Repeat brain injury raises soldiers’ suicide risk. 5/19 Drudge: Al Qaeda’s SYRIAN wing takes over oilfields once belonging to Assad.  5/20 NY Times: Hezbollah aids SYRIAN military in key battle. Reuters: SOUTH SUDAN army retakes town from rebels in east. Drudge: Assad preparing missile strike against TEL AVIV in case attacked again. 5/21 Reuters: ISRAEL fires back at SYRIA after troops attacked. HEZBOLLAH in big SYRIA battle, Obama ‘concerned.’ RUSSIA: Assad foes must come to SYRIA meeting without conditions. 5/22 Yahoo: KERRY: U.S., allies ready to aid SYRIA rebels. 5/25 Reuters: Street crumbles after shelling in SYRIA as battles rage on. 5/26 CNN: Has SYRIA’S tensions spread to LEBANON? 4 rockets strike BEIRUT suburb. (I hate war!) 5/27 Reuters: SYRIA battle on amid news of chemical attacks. Drudge: WAR DRUMS: IRAN begins ‘massive’ deployment of long range missile launchers. 5/28 BBC News: RUSSIAN arms to ‘deter SYRIA intervention’. (And the Russians aren’t intervening?) 6/2 NY Times: As SYRIANS fight, sectarian strife infects Mideast. CNN: Reports: SYRIA to get RUSSIAN MiG jets. (War is BIG BUSINESS. Russia doesn’t want the West interfering in its sales!) Group: Blast in DAMASCUS neighborhood kills 8. Reuters: SYRIAN rebels, Hezbollah in deadly fight in LEBANON. (Lebanon?) 6/6 Reuters: SYRIA fighting edges toward ISRAEL. Reuters: Fighting between SUDANESE army and rebels displaces 60,000: U.N. NY Times: ISRAEL on alert as SYRIANS fight at border. 6/8 Reuters: SYRIAN forces capture last rebel stronghold in Qusair region. 6/9 Reuters: At least 11 reported dead in anti-militia clashes in BENGHAZI. PAKISTAN summons envoy after U.S. drone strike kills 9. Death toll from LIBYAN clashes rises to 31: doctor. 6/12 Reuters: SYRIAN rebels kill dozens of Shiites in eastern town. (Why are Sunnis always killing Shiites? WHY?) 6/12 NY Times: IRAN emerges as big victor in SYRIAN conflict. 6/13 BBC News: At least 93,000 killed in SYRIA: U.N.NY Times: SYRIA has used chemical weapons against rebels, U.S. and European officials conclude. 6/14 NY Times: U.S. plans to send weapons to SYRIAN rebels. 6/15 Drudge: AMERICAN troops on SYRIA border; CIA to deliver weapons through TURKEY, JORDAN. Warplanes bomb rebels in DAMASCUS. 6/16 Drudge: IRAN will send 4,000 troops to aid Assad. 6/22 NY Times: In turnabout, SYRIA rebels get LIBYAN weapons. Reuters: Putin warns on arming SYRIAN rebels as conflict widens. 6/24 BBC News: LEBANON clashes: At least 16 soldiers killed in SIDON, Sunni militants.  6/25 Reuters: Gunmen kill 6 LIBYAN soldiers at checkpoint near Sirte. SYRIA military battles rebels in eastern Damascus. Drudge: LEBANON faces tumult after deadliest SYRIA-related clashes. 6/28 Reuters: EGYPT clerics warn of ‘civil war,’ urge calm. SYRIA peace conference: Don’t hold your breath. SYRIA war likely to drag on, Red Cross president says. 6/29 Reuters: SYRIAN army, backed by jets, launch Homs assault. BBC News: 8 soldiers die in THAILAND blast. 6/30 NY Times: Sending missiles to SYRIA’S rebels, QATAR muscles in. 7/1 Drudge: Catholic priest beheaded by SYRIA Al Qaeda rebels. 7/5 BBC News: Morsi marchers die as army fires. (Another Civil War in EGYPT?) Global press alarm over overthrow. 7/7 Reuters: RUSSIA’S Putin says EGYPT ‘moving toward civil war.’ (Toward? The military already started a war.) Drudge: EGYPTIAN military takes away CNN camera during live broadcast. Law requires Obama administration to cut off EGYPTIAN aid. 7/8 Reuters: EGYPTIAN military fires on protesters, at least 51 dead. (At war already!) EGYPT’S military displays air power over Cairo. 7/9 NY Times: U.S. considers faster pullout in AFGHANISTAN. (There is a God!) 7/12 BBC News: Key SYRIA rebel ‘killed by rival group’ linked to al Qaeda in an escalating struggle within the opposition. (So now the rebels are fighting each other as well.)  7/13 BBC News: Fear of SYRIAN ‘war within war.’ 7/16 Drudge: RUSSIA stages biggest war games since Soviet time. (Putin wants to return Russia to those times.) Drudge: Child among 9 SYRIANS executed at border checkpoint. 7/17 Reuters: Gunmen kill pro-Assad figure in Lebanon as SYRIA war spreads. 7/18 NY Times: Momentum shifts in SYRIA, bolstering Assad’s position. 7/20 Drudge: ISRAEL deploys iron dome missile defense system near RED SEA resort of Eilat on border of EGYPT. 7/23 CNN: Arming SYRIAN rebels gets green light. 7/24 Reuters: New QATAR ruler will keep backing SYRIA opposition: rebel envoy. DARFUR rebels launch new attack on central SUDAN. 7/26 Reuters: SYRIAN rebels kill dozens in offensives in north and south. Army accuses EGYPT’S Mursi of murder, kidnapping. (Here we go again!) 8/7 Reuters: SYRIAN army kills 62 rebels east of Damascus. SAUDI ARABIA, RUSSIA in potential SYRIA deal. EGYPT army says Sinai patrols kill 60 militants in month. 8/8 CNN: Drone kills 6 in YEMEN. Drudge: ISRAEL warns civilians next war will hit them hard. 8/11 Tribal clashes kill 111 in SUDAN’S Darfur: tribal sources. 8/12 Reuters: INDIA, PAKISTAN exchange more gunfire, ceasefire under strain. 8/14 Reuters: Dozens killed across EGYPT as security forces, protesters clash: Police death toll climbs to 6. Cameraman from Sky News killed in EGYPT violence. 8/15 NY Times: Death toll in EGYPT violence climbs to 525, Health Ministry says, 3,700 injured: Egyptian forces attacking Islamist protesters. (This is war.) CNN: CAIRO offices torched as deaths rise. 8/17 CNN: Clashes, gunfire outside CAIRO mosque; Morsy supporters holed up inside. Reuters: EGYPT mull Brotherhood ban, gunfire exchanged. Reuters: SYRIA rebels kill 11, mainly Christians, in checkpoint attack. SYRIA refugees pour into IRAQ at new crossing. Son of Brotherhood’s leader killed in EGYPT violence. EGYPT is waging ‘war’ against extremism presidency. Drudge: EGYPTIAN security forces arrest brother of al Qaeda’s top leader. (A gift for the U.S., perhaps, and a bounty?) 8/18 BBC News: SYRIA refugees flood IRAQI Kurdistan: Thousands; Syrian refugees in TURKEY too. 8/19 CNN: Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood prisoners, 25 EGYPTIAN soldiers killed. (The beat goes on!) Reuters: More than 20,000 SYRIAN refugees cross into IRAQ. 8/22 NY Times: Scores killed in SYRIA, with signs of chemical warfare. 8/22 Drudge: FRANCE calls for ‘force’ if SYRIA chemical weapons proved. TURKEY: ‘Red line crossed.’ At least 4 rockets fired from LEBANON towards ISRAEL. 8/24 Reuters: IRAN acknowledges chemical agent used in SYRIA. SYRIAN soldiers say chemical agents found in rebel tunnels. 8/26 CNN: ISRAELI troops kill 3 PALESTINIANS in predawn raid. Reuters: MYANMAR Buddhists attack Muslim village. (What happened to ‘Do no harm.’?)  8/27 Reuters: SYRIA strike due in days, WEST tells opposition. AFGHAN Taliban kill 12 ‘government’ workers. 8/29 Reuters: Old Order shapes EGYPT’S future; EGYPTIAN soldiers will no longer swear loyalty to president. 8/30 BBC News: FRANCE’S Hollande backs U.S. on SYRIA. (The United States of America would never have happened without aid from the French, much to the chagrin of Great Britain. Merci be coup!) BBC News: KENYA police commissioner Johnston Kavuludi sent severed head. (Barbarians!) 9/3 Reuters: U.N. says SYRIA refugees top 2M. Drudge: EGYPTIAN helicopter strike kills 15 in SINAI. 9/8 Reuters: Army summoned to quell communal violence that kills 15 in north INDIAN state. 9/11 Reuters: 6 killed in 2 blasts near army sites in EGYPT’S Sinai. 9/13 CNN: U.S. consulate in Herat, AFGHANISTAN, attacked, 3 dead.  9/15 Reuters: Assad’s forces on attack after U.S.-RUSSIA arms deal. (We can’t police the whole world or fight everyone’s wars.)  9/17 Reuters: PHILIPPINE army says Muslim rebels flee. 9/19 Drudge: EGYPTIAN troops storm Islamist stronghold near Cairo. 9/21 Reuters: SYRIAN army kills 15 in Sunni village. (Is Assad Shiite?) BBC News: NATO troops killed in AFGHANISTAN: Man wearing Afghan security forces uniform shot 3 NATO troops dead.  9/24 Reuters: Car bomb in DAMASCUS kills 7, wounds 15. 9/29 Reuters: At least 9 dead as SYRIAN schools hit by airstrike. U.N. weapons inspectors leave DAMASCUS hotel. 10/1 CNN: 2 Marine generals lose their jobs over deadly TALIBAN attack in AFGHANISTAN in 2012. 10/7 Reuters: Grenade fired in CAIRO, troops killed near SUEZ; at least 51 dead in clashes. Drudge: NORTH KOREA threatens pre-emptive strike against SOUTH KOREA, U.S. 10/8 NY Times: EGYPTIAN attacks escalating amid stalemate.  Reuters: NORTH KOREA puts army on alert, (again yet?) warns U.S. of ‘horrible disaster.’ (This leader is a dangerous madman!) 10/9 Reuters: Around 60 dead in clashes in CENTRAL AFRICA REPUBLIC. 10/11 Reuters: SYRIAN army retakes 2 Damascus suburbs from rebels. 10/11 BBC News: SYRIA rebels executed civilians, says Human Rights Watch. (War turns people into monsters! Don’t help them!)  10/14 CNN: NATO service member of the International Security Assistance Force killed in AFGHANISTAN. 10/18 Reuters: Jets bomb eastern SYRIAN city after intelligence general killed. 10/19 Reuters: Car bomb, clashes kill over 30 near SYRIAN capital. Car bomb near EGYPT army intelligence building wounds 6. Mail Online: War in SYRIA: Snipers target unborn children in chilling competition to win cigarettes. (True barbarism!) BBC News: 16 SYRIAN soldiers ‘killed in blast.’ 10/21 Reuters: Top SYRIAN rebel commander killed in clashes. 10/25 BBC News: NIGERIAN army kills dozens in raid: 74 suspected Boko Haram militants. (Still butchery!) 10/26 Reuters: IRAN border guards killed, captured on PAKISTAN border. 10/29 BBC News: Starved SYRIANS flee Damascus suburb blockaded by government forces since March. 10/31 Reuters: SYRIAN chemical arms facilities destroyed. (What about the rest of the world?)  11/4 Reuters: Overnight shelling in YEMEN between Shiites and Sunnis takes death toll to 100. (All because of different Muslim beliefs? Good grief!)  11/18 BBC News: Top SYRIAN rebel commander dies from wounds sustained in government strike.  11/23 Reuters: Air strikes kill at least 40 in northern SYRIA. Islamic rebels report capture of largest SYRIAN oil field. 11/24 CNN: More than 11,000 SYRIAN children killed in civil war. 11/26 Reuters: 15 killed with car bomb in west DAMASCUS. FREE SYRIAN ARMY says no ceasefire for Geneva talks. (Is this army made up strictly of SYRIANS or of foreign mercenaries?) BBC News: SYRIA conflict: Women targets of abuse, rape and torture by both sides.  11/30 Drudge: Starving SYRIAN rebels eat lion from Damascus Zoo. (Was the lion starving too?)  12/1 Reuters: NORTH YEMEN fighting kills more than 120. 12/2 Reuters: SYRIA Civil War death toll hits nearly 126,000: monitoring group. (And how many refugees driven from their homes?)  12/4 Reuters: Rocket fire kills 17 in SYRIAN city Aleppo. 12/5 Drudge/ CHINESE state media brags of plan to establish “Death Star” moon base to launch missiles against any target on Earth. (I hope the aliens get them! The U.S. has had a Moon Base and Mars Base since 1962.)  BBC News: Dozens killed (at least 80) in fresh CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC violence as U.N. votes to allow FRANCE to send peacekeepers. 12/10 CNN: 2 FRENCH soldiers killed in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC unrest. 12/17 Drudge: SYRIAN ‘rebels’ massacre 80 civilians, people thrown in ovens. (Al Qaeda?)  12/21 Drudge: U.S. aircraft shot at in SUDAN, soldiers wounded. 12/22 Reuters: Secret detentions fuel SYRIA ‘campaign of terror’ by the government. SYRIA Islamists perpetrate ‘shocking abuses.’TERRORISM remains a major force of destruction around the world, though more especially in the MIDDLE EAST and in AFRICAN nations.1/1 Reuters: Gunmen in PAKISTAN shoot dead 7 aid workers near the capital. 1/6 Reuters: Drone attack in PAKISTAN kills at least 10: intelligence sources.  1/9 Reuters: 8 killed in KENYA raid, police see political hand. 1/10 CNN: Blast in PAKISTAN kills 11, injures 40, children among victims.  BBC News: PAKISTAN blasts: at 56 killed at Quetta snooker hall, 100 injured. (And all of this is based on different Muslim sects? Religion has been the basis of so much grief in this world.) Washington Post: Bombings kill 115 in PAKISTAN, including 81 in sectarian attack on billiard hall. 3 Kurdish activists shot dead in Paris. 1/16 Reuters: 6 suicide bombers attack spy agency in KABUL, kill at least 2, wound 22 others. CNN: Attackers kill, injure workers in ALGERIA; Americans held hostage. 1/17 Reuters: 6 hostages, 8 kidnappers killed in ALGERIA siege, 7 still held. 1/18 Drudge: 32 hostages dead; missing in botched rescue; At least 1 American dead in bloodbath. UPDATE/Yahoo: ALGERIAN raid ends crisis; 19 hostages, 29 militants dead; dozens of foreign workers remain unaccounted for, death toll could rise. Yahoo: ALGERIAN state media report 23 hostages and 32 militants killed in the 3 days since the desert plant was overrun. Drudge: ALL HOSTAGES DEAD IN ALGERIA. 1/20 BBC News: ALGERIA: 5 suspected ‘kidnappers taken alive’ after hostage siege. 1/20 Yahoo: Death toll climbs past 80 in siege in the SAHARA. 1/22 Reuters: 2 blasts, suicide attack kill 17 in BAGHDAD. 1/22 Reuters: ALGERIA vows al Qaeda fight after 38 killed. 1/23 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 20 inside IRAQI Shiite mosque. (I don’t understand how one Muslim sect thinks a bomber will get to heaven killing members of another Muslim sect? It’s absurd!)  1/28 Reuters: 8 soldiers killed in YEMEN car bomb attack. 2,000 flee as battle engulfs SOUTH SUDAN town. 1/31 Drudge/CBS/NY: Police: ‘Apple Pickers’ gang will stop at nothing to get your iPhone. 2/1 Yahoo: Suicide blast near U.S. embassy in TURKEY kills 2. NY Times: TIMBUKTU endured terror under harsh Shariah laws. CNN: MEXICAN oil giant chief won’t speculate on cause of blast that killed 32. Reuters: Suicide bomb kills 22 near mosques in northwest PAKISTAN. (The horrors are endless…and all because of religion???) 2/2 Reuters: Death toll rises to 33 after MEXICO City blast.  2/3 Reuters: Attackers kill 33 at police HQ in disputed IRAQI city. Funerals in PAKISTAN as attack leaves 35 dead. 2/4 Reuters: 19 killed in attack on Sunni militia in IRAQ. Bid to rescue Jordanian journalist leaves 21 dead in PHILIPPINES: Journalist kidnapped by Islamist rebels 8 months ago. 2/5 NY Times: BULGARIA implicates Hezbollah in July bombing of ISRAELI tour bus. 2/8 Reuters: Blast near mosque kills 10 in PAKISTAN’S northwest. BBC News: At least 33 killed in IRAQ car bomb attacks in Shia areas. (Always religion! No God requires such carnage. Such ignorance!) 2/10 Reuters: ASIAN doctors murdered in northeast NIGERIA: military reports. (No sense trying to help these people with Islamist terrorism.) 2/12 Reuters: Deadly attack on tourist in GUAM: Man attacks tourist with car and stabs many: At least 2 dead, 14 wounded. EGYPT floods GAZA tunnels to cut Palestinian lifeline. 2/16 Reuters: Bomb kills 15 in PAKISTAN. CNN: At least 45 dead in market blast in PAKISTAN. (If we wait long enough it seems to me that the Muslims will kill each other off.) 2/17 Yahoo: Shiites lash out after PAKISTAN bombing kills 81. Series of bombings in BAGHDAD area kill dozens: At least 37 dead and 100 wounded. Reuters: Gunmen kidnap 7 foreigners in north NIGERIA: police. Man killed assembling bomb before KENYA political rally. 2/21 Yahoo: Bombs exploded in INDIA southern city killing 11, wounding at least 50. 2/27 BBC News: Attack on AFGHAN police kills 17. 3/3 BBC News: KARACHI, PAKISTAN blast kills at least 26. 3/9 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 9 Afghans in KABUL during Hagel visit. Yahoo: Mob in PAKISTANI city torches Christian homes. (Always religion…seemingly the root of all evil!) 3/10 Drudge: PAKISTAN: 150 arrested for burning Christian homes. 3/14 Reuters: Blasts, clashes kill at least 25 in central BAGHDAD. 3/17 Drudge: EGYPTIAN vigilantes hang two thieves in public. 3/22 Yahoo: Marine kills 2 at QUANTICO base, kills himself. (The enemy is within too.) 3/29 NY Times: Taliban terrorize KARACHI as the new gang in town. CNN: PAKISTAN blast kills 6 near U.S. Consulate. 3/29 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 10 in PAKISTAN. Bombs kill 17 in 5 IRAQI Shiite mosques. 3/31 Reuters: Principal killed in PAKISTAN school attack, 6 injured. 4/1 CNN: Suicide attack kills at least 9 in IRAQ, 3 die in shootings. 4/3 BBC News: Suicide bomb and gun attack in AFGHAN courthouse leaves more than 50 dead and 90 wounded, mostly civilians. 4/4 BBC News: Man goes on rampage with axe in village in INDIA, killing 4 women and 5 girls. 4/6 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 22 in IRAQ election attack. BBC News: AFGHAN bomb kills NATO personnel: 3 soldiers and 2 coalition civilians. 4/9 CNN: Shooting spree in SERBIA kills 13. Reuters: SOUTH SUDAN ambush kills 5 U.N. peacekeepers, 7 civilians. 4/12 CNN: Police: 600 evacuated from TAIWAN train after explosives found. 4/13 BBC News: PAKISTAN bus bombing kills 8. 4/15 CNN:  A series of car bombings across IRAQ kill 25, wound more than 170. 4/15 NY Times: 2 explosions reported at BOSTON Marathon finish line. UPDATE: CNN: Police: 2 dead after blasts at marathon; BOSTON hospitals treat 28 people. UPDATE: Huffington Post: 2 dead, 100 injured, amputations, 8-year-old boy killed. AP: 105 injured, 15 critically. UPDATE CNN: 3 dead in TERROR ATTACK, 141 injured in BOSTON, 17 critically. 4/16 CNN: Home searched in BOSTON bomb probe: Clues sought in marathon attack. Drudge: Bombs packed with ball bearings; 3 dead, 140+ wounded; 25-30 people have at least one leg missing. (So tragic!) Hunt on for BOSTON bomber. PAKISTAN Taliban denies any role in the bombing. 4/17 Reuters: Young boy, ‘dream daughter,’ Chinese citizen killed in BOSTON blasts. 4/18 CNN: Coffee shop bomb kills 15 in IRAQ. 4/18 NY Times: FBI posts images of pair suspected in bomb attack. 4/19 NY Times: One Boston bombing suspect dead, second at large, Watertown area on lockdown. Shootout: policeman killed. CNN: Coffee shop bomb kills 27 in IRAQ. Marathon bombers: Security guard killed at MIT. Bombs strapped to chest: Men robbed 7/11. Chase after carjacking, men threw explosives at cops. Black hat bomber may have blown himself up. Cop on scanner: He is posting, “I will kill all of you, as you killed my brother.” (My initial sense of the bombers: jealousy and resentment, also Muslim insurgents.) 4/19 BARBARISM: BBC News: SOUTH SUDAN clashes: Army ‘attacked Lorema hospital;’ 5 health workers killed in revenge for deaths of 8 members of the security forces. (Primitive people: Uncivilized, barbaric revenge.) 4/20 Reuters: Peacekeeper shot dead in SUDAN’S Darfur region. 4/23 Reuters: TRIPOLI’S French embassy blast injures 2. 4/27 BBC News: KARACHI party meeting blast kills 10. 4/28 Yahoo: PAKISTAN Taliban bomb politicians’ offices, killing 9. 4/29 Yahoo: Powerful blast injures up to 40 in PRAGUE, people may still be buried in rubble: Most likely a gas explosion! CNN: 25 dead, dozens wounded in IRAQ car bombings. NY Times: Massacre in NIGERIA spurs outcry over military tactics:A gruesome assault that left scores of Nigerian villagers dead has been blamed by survivors on revenge-seeking soldiers and has brought withering criticism at home and abroad.(Are most Africans still primitive barbarians? Soldiers do not take revenge on the innocent!) Suicide bomber kills 9 in PAKISTAN. (This list is sure to be the longest!) 4/30 CNN: Boston suspect linked to slain jihadist. Female DNA on bomb.  5/1 Reuters: At least 15 killed in IRAQ bomb blast. NY Times: 3 taken into custody in connection with Boston bombing, law enforcement officials say. 5/2 CNN: Feds: Buddies covered for suspected bomber. 5/2 CNN: April the deadliest month in IRAQ in 5 years: 721 killed, 1,633 sustained injuries, mostly civilians. (MAY could be worse!) 5/6 Reuters: Blast at election rally kills 15 in PAKISTAN. 5/6 Drudge: Intelligence alert over terror attack on U.S. consulate in MUMBAI. Drudge: EGYPTIAN premiere’s motorcade comes under gunfire attack. 5/7 Drudge: 3 explosions heard in TEHRAN near missile facility. 5/9 Reuters: Former PAKISTAN prime minister’s son abducted. TUNISIA arrests LIBYAN ‘terrorist’ with explosives. 5/9 Reuters: Qaeda-linked gunmen kill YEMENI intelligence officer. 5/10 Reuters: LIBYAN police station bombed, BRITISH embassy cuts staff in Tripoli: security fears. BBC News: 26 forest elephants slaughtered in CENTRAL AFRICA. 5/11 CNN: Blast kills 11 on PAKISTAN election day. Blast kills 4 on TURKEY-SYRIA border. 5/11 BBC News: Deadly blasts hit TURKEY border town: 18 killed, 22 wounded.  5/12 Reuters: Car bombs kill dozens in TURKEY near SYRIA border. BENGHAZI police bombed second time in 3 days. 5/13 Reuters: Car bomb explodes outside hospital in LIBYA’S Benghazi, striking crowded area in middle of day, some running, others collecting body parts. BBC News: Deadly car bombs strikes LIBYA city, at least 9 dead, including children.  5/16 Yahoo: Bomber in AFGHANISTAN kills 15, including 6 Americans. 5/17 Reuters: Death toll rises to 18 after blast outside mosque in IRAQ’S Baquba.  Huffington Post: Bombing outside mosque kills at least 43 in IRAQ. 5/18 Reuters: 8 killed, 10 policemen kidnapped in IRAQ’S Sunni heartland. (Always religion!) Reuters: At least 8 dead in AFGHAN blasts. 2 bombings at mosques in NW PAKISTAN. 5/20 CNN: Kidnapped civilians among 39 killed in rash of IRAQ violence. (The URANUS-PLUTO square is exact: Violence increases.) Suicide attack kills AFGHAN leader. Reuters: Car bombs target IRAQ Shiites, killing 43. Yahoo: Bomb attacks kill more than 70 across IRAQ. 5/21 Reuters: Bombings in IRAQ kill at least 12. Coordinated Taliban attacks in AFGHAN south kills 6 policemen.  5/22 BBC News: Man dead in LONDON ‘machete attack,’ 2 injured, treated as terror attack. STOCKHOLM suburbs gripped by violence for third night after police shooting. IRAQ crisis: Gunmen kill 12 in Baghdad brothel, 7 women, 5 men: Prostitution prohibited under Islam. (Whatisn’tprohibited under Islam?) 5/23 Reuters: LONDON attacker British born, of Nigerian descent. 5/24 Reuters: Blasts, shooting in center of AFGHAN capital. 5/25 Reuters: Suicide car bombing in Russia’s DAGESTAN injures 11. 5/26 Drudge: Maoist rebel attacks kill dozens in INDIA. 5/27 BBC News: Wave of BAGHDAD car bombs kills 57 as violence continues. 5/28 Reuters: AFGHAN police defectors return to fold, kill 7 colleagues. Huffington Post: 450 murdered in IRAQ this month. 5/29 Reuters: Suicide bomber, gunman attack Red Cross office in AFGHANISTAN. Buddhist mobs attack Muslim homes for second day in MYANMAR, 1 dead.5/30 Reuters: BAGHDAD blast kills 14, extending sectarian bloodshed. (When did it ever stop?) 6/3 BBC News: AFGHAN children die as suicide bomber targets soldiers: 13 killed, 10 children. 6/5 CNN: Gunmen at fake IRAQ checkpoint kill 10 border guards, 4 others. 6/7 Reuters: IRAQ bomber hits IRANIAN Shiite pilgrims, at least 9 dead: Sunni insurgents. 6/10 CNN: Bombers strike market in IRAQ: 15 dead. 7 Taliban die in attempt on Americans in KABUL. Reuters: Bombs strike IRAQI markets, killing at least 21. 6/11 Reuters: Blast kills 8 outside AFGHANISTAN’S Supreme Court. (The internal strife in Afghanistan will not be solved by the U.S. It is tribal, religious, apparently eternal!) U.S. plane diverted because of bomb threat. Drudge: Concourse at ATLANTA airport evacuated after explosion. 6/12 CNN: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY evacuated after bomb threat; campus reopens 8 hours later. 6/15 CNN: PAKISTAN hospital siege ends, 23 dead. 6/16 Reuters: Car bombs, shootings kill 30 across IRAQ. 617 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 5 at coffee shop in BAGHDAD. 6/18 Reuters: Twin suicide bombs kill 29 in BAGHDAD. BBC News: PAKISTAN funeral bomb ‘kills 27′ in Mardan. 6/23 CNN: Police: Gunmen storm hotel in PAKISTAN, kill 10 foreigners, Ukrainian and Chinese. Reuters: 9 foreign tourists and tour guide killed in PAKISTAN, mountain climbers. (No more tourists for them! Taliban hiding in mountains.) 6/23 BBC News: Grenade attack in KENYA kills 10, injures 12, close to Somalia and Ethiopia borders. 6/24 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills IRAQI counter-terrorism official after the man completed an exam. (Primitive people.)  6/25 Reuters: Twin suicide bombs kill 8 IRAQI Turkmen. 6/26 Reuters: Deadly PAKISTAN blast kills 4 security officials; senior high judge wounded. 6/28 Reuters: Two blasts kill 10 in western IRAQ: police. 6/30 Reuters: Blast in PAKISTANI city of Peshawar kills 14. 7/1 Reuters: Blast in PAKISTANI city of Quetta kills at least 28. 7/5 BBC News: AFGHAN blast kills 12. 7/6 Reuters: Gunmen kill 30 in attack on northeast NIGERIA school. (They don’t want girls to learn? Boys either?) Bomb blast kills 3 soldiers in YEMEN capitol. 7/7 BBC News: Blasts at INDIAN Buddhist complex. (Always religious differences! Disgusting!) 7/9 Reuters: Journalist shot dead in RUSSIA’S Dagestan province. 7/10 Reuters: PAKISTAN president’s security chief killed in suicide attack. 7/12 Reuters: Bomb kills 2 near mosque in PAKISTAN as attacks spread. Bomber targets peacekeepers in SOMALI capital, 2 dead.  NY Times: Attacks on IRAQI Shiites kill 24. 7/13 CNN: Ambush kills 7 U.N. peacekeepers in SUDAN. 7/14 BBC News: IRAQ attacks leave 6 dead around Mosul. 7/18 BBC News: 8 AFGHAN laborers shot dead on way to U.S. army base. (U.S. military needs to quit AFGHANISTAN.) 7/19 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 20 in IRAQ Sunni mosque. 7/21 Drudge: Coordinated wave of car bombs kills at least 46 in BAGHDAD. (Seems the barbaric carnage will never end!) 7/27 Reuters: Death toll in twin suicide bombing in PAKISTAN rises to 52.  Facebook: 6 dead, 40 wounded in PHILIPPINES blast at restaurant filled with doctors. (Ye gods! More Islamic militants?) 7/29 Reuters: Car bombs kill 60 in IRAQ in attack on Shiite sites. 8/5 Reuters: Bomb wounds train passengers as PAKISTAN goes on high alert. Drudge: Embassies to remain closed for a week. 8/6 Drudge: Car bomb kills 20 in IRAQ. 8/8 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 30 at PAKISTAN police funeral. (It seems this madness will never end.) 8/9 Reuters: Gunmen in PAKISTAN kill 9 in attack on mosque on Muslim holiday. (Cruel punishment!) 8/10 BBC News: Wave of bomb attacks strikes BAGHDAD, killing at least 33. 8/11 Reuters: Car bombs kill nearly 80 in IRAQ, target Eid festivities. 8/12 Reuters: Gunmen kill at least 30 in northeast NIGERIA. 8/14 Reuters: Deadly IRAQ bombings target cafe, school and playground.  8/15 Reuters: BAGHDAD bomb attacks kill at least 33. CNN: Car bomb rocks Hezbollah stronghold in LEBANON. NY Times: 14 killed in BEIRUT blast. 8/23 CNN: Twin bombings rock mosque in Tripoli, LEBANON, dozens killed. 8/25 Reuters: Bombs across IRAQ kill at least 42: police and medics. Medical charity MSF says at least 355 dead in SYRIA chemical attack. 8/26 Reuters: 47 dead in IRAQI blasts, shootings. 8/28 Reuters: Bomb attack kills 71 in BAGHDAD and suburbs. Attack underway on Polish base in east AFGHANISTAN. 8/30 Reuters: AFGHANISTAN suicide attack kills Kunduz governor, 1 bodyguard, 10 civilians. Al Qaeda claims responsibility for IRAQ bombings. 8/31 BBC News: AFGHANISTAN bank attack kills 5. 9/1 Reuters: Attacks killed 800 IRAQIS in August: U.N. Roadside bomb kills 9 PAKISTAN soldiers on AFGHAN border. Clashes in Iranian dissidents’ camp in IRAQ kill 15. 9/4 Reuters: Gunmen kill 16 members of Shiite family in IRAQ. (I guess if left to themselves, the Middle Eastern Muslims will kill each other off!) 9/7 Reuters: Al Shabaab bombers strike MOGADISHU restaurant, 15 dead. 9/9 NY Times: Bomb kills 2 outside school in CHINA. 9/13 Reuters: 2 roadside bombs outside mosque kill 30 in Baquba, IRAQ. 9/14 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 21 at funeral in northern IRAQ’S Nineveh. 9/15 Reuters: Bombings across IRAQ kill at least 21. Taliban bomb kills PAKISTANI general, 2 other soldiers. 9/21 Reuters: At least 9 killed in NAIROBI mall shooting. 4 suicide bombers storm IRAQI police station, kill 6. (I should think militants would be happy to die, but no virgins!) 9/22 Reuters: Blasts shake NAIROBI mall, smoke pours from building, at least 62 dead, hundreds injured: KENYA mall standoff enters third day. 9/24 Mail Online: KENYA mall attack: Up to 3 American teenagers were involved in mall massacre: KENYAN foreign minister says men age 18-19 from MINNESOTA were among the gunmen, along with a BRITISH woman. (Are violent video games teaching teens to be real live killers?)  Terrorist tweet: ‘One thing is clear, no hostage is getting out alive.’ Wearing uniforms of dead Kenyan soldiers. 9/26 BBC News: Deadly blasts high BAGHDAD market, at least 23 killed, 40 injured.  9/27 Reuters: Bus blast kills 17 government employees in northwest PAKISTAN. CNN: Update on NAIROBI: Source: Terrorists ran store in mall. 9/29 CNN: 40 killed in PAKISTAN blast. LOUISIANA preacher shot and killed while preaching. Reuters: Bomb attack in IRAQI Kurdish capital kills 6. 9/30 CNN: 12 car bombs explode across BAGHDAD during rush hour, 33 killed, 100 wounded. Reuters: Car bombs kill 54 in Shiite districts of BAGHDAD.  Gunmen kill 3 EGYPTIAN policemen, post video of August attack. 10/5 Reuters: LIBYAN checkpoint ambush kills at least 12 soldiers. 10/6 Reuters: Suicide bomb attacks on IRAQI school, Shiite pilgrims, kill 29. 10/11 Reuters: Car bomb at SWEDISH embassy in LIBYA’S Benghazi, no casualties. 10/12 Reuters: U.S. says captures senior commander of PAKISTANI Taliban. (The jihad bomb folks!) 10/13 Reuters: Bomb blasts across IRAQ kill 10. 10/15 BBC News: AFGHAN bomb kills Logar governor Jamal in mosque; 18 others injured, some in critical condition. 10/19 BBC News: Deadly SOMALI bomb targets soldiers, at least 16 killed. 10/20 Reuters: Suicide bombers kills 31 in SYRIA’S Hama. Suicide bombings kill at least 12 across IRAQ.  10/21 Reuters: Bomb blast on bus in southern RUSSIA kills 5.  Deadly PAKISTAN blast derails train.  10/27 CNN: Series of blasts rock BAGHDAD, killing at least 5. Blasts in INDIAN city kills 5 at rally for controversial leader. Reuters: Bomb attacks on IRAQI soldiers, Shiites kill 49. Roadside bomb in east PAKISTAN kills 18. 11/13 NY Times: Dozens killed in attacks across IRAQ. 11/14 Reuters: Suicide bomber attacks Shiite pilgrims, killing 35.  11/15 CNN: Al Qaeda-linked rebels mistakenly behead fellow fighter, rebel group apologizes in SYRIA. (Gory stupidity!) 11/16 BBC News: Deadly suicide bombing hits KABUL, at least 10 dead.  11/18 Drudge: AFGHAN villagers find bodies of 6 beheaded government contractors in restive southern province. 11/21 CNN: Suicide bombing at outdoor market in IRAQ: At least 24 dead, 40 wounded. 11/27 Reuters: Bombings, shootings kill at least 20 across IRAQ. (Tragically, this list WAY TOO LONG.)  12/1 BBC News: Suicide bomber hits funeral in IRAQ: At least 10 killed, 25 injured. 12/2 BBC News: 4 AFGHAN police killed by truck bomb. (The U.S. can’t stop the madness. Get out!)  12/3 CNN: Execution-style killings up in IRAQ, U.N. says: 659 Iraqis killed, 1,400 injured just in November. 12/4 Reuters: Attack on intelligence HQ in northern IRAQ kills 6. 12/8 Reuters: Bomb attacks across IRAQ kill 30, wound 100. Car bomb kills 1, wounds 5 in LIBYA’S Benghazi. 12/9 Reuters: Car bomb near IRAQI cafe used by Sunni militia kills 11. 12/10 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 11 at Shiite funeral in IRAQ. (Sunnis kill Shiite and Shiites kill Sunni. Let’s leave them to their mutual genocide.) 12/14 BBC News: Deadly grenade attack on NAIROBI bus kills 4, injures 15. MALI attack kills 2 U.N. peacekeepers. 12/19 Reuters: Suicide bombers kill 36 Shiite pilgrims in IRAQ. BBC News: SOUTH SUDAN attackers storm U.N. base. 12/29 CNN: 18 die in second bomb attack in 2 months at RUSSIAN train station. 12/30 Reuters: BAHRAIN says foils ‘terror’ attempts,seizes explosives, weapons.The PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE of October 18 creates an element of turmoil, political unrest and difficult weather patterns in CANADA, the UNITED STATES, EUROPE, AFRICA, and EASTERN ASIA.10/16 CNN: Typhoon Wipha hits TOKYO area, killing at least 17. 10/21 Yahoo: Hurricane Raymond threatens southern MEXICO, schools to close. 10/28 CNN: Deadly storm hits southern U.K. 11/18 CNN: Tornadoes rip through MIDWEST, killing 6 and devastating neighborhoods. 11/24 Drudge: NEVADA motorists trapped in snow up to 6 feet deep. Fierce storm sweeps SOUTHWEST, heads EAST.  11/26 Drudge: BLAST: EAST COAST winter storm makes Thanksgiving mess. 8 inches of snow in BUFFALO. 11/27 Reuters: Bad weather snarls busiest travel day of the year. 12/1 Drudge: DEEP FREEZE: Nearly 1,000 record low temperatures set. 12/2 CNN: Dozens injured in 70-vehicle pileup on icy roads in MASSACHUSETTS. 12/4 Drudge: Deep freeze across western half of nation. 12/5 CNN: U.S. hit by massive winter storm: Storms 1-2-3 punch: Frigid, snowy and icy. (Stay warm!)  12/6 CNN: Ice, ice, baby, from TEXAS to TENNESSEE. 12/8 CNN: Power outages, travel nightmares: Storms that glazed DALLAS head EAST. 12/9 CNN: Ice storm causing travel havoc: Worst to come for EAST coast. 12/10 CNN: 6 vanish in NEVADA snow; DC offices closed by winter storm. 12/14 Reuters: Heavy snow bears down on MIDWEST, NORTHEAST. Drudge: Snowburst: 5 to 6 feet up north! Lake effect shifting south, Winter Storm Watch for the weekend. (Wow!) 12/22 CNN: The weather is frightful: 3 dead as ice, snow, storms sweep nation. 12/24 BBC News: Ice storm sparks explosions in CANADA. Storm cuts power in U.S. and CANADA.A STRONG WOMAN becomes elevated to a position of power because of the misfortune or death of a powerful man. CAPABLE WOMEN continue to receive RECOGNITION and POSITIONS OF POWER in a rapidly changing world.2/18 Drudge: Danica Patrick makes NASCAR history and beats the boys! 2/23 Reuters: PERU’s dynamic first lady has presidential aura. 2/25 CNN: Park Guen-hye becomes SOUTH KOREA’S first female president. 2/28 Reuters: President Obama to name Edith Ramirez head of Federal Trade Commission. 3/10 BBC News: Suu Kyi re-elected opposition leader in BURMA. 3/17 Drudge: CHINA appoints a woman to one of highest positions. 3/27 Drudge: Obama taps woman to head scandal-plagued Secret Service. 4/1 Drudge: Caroline Kennedy to be ambassador to JAPAN. 4/10 Yahoo: Senate confirms Sally Jewell for interior chief.  4/14 Facebook/ GREENLAND’S first female Prime Minister says ‘No’ to Arctic drilling. 4/18 BBC News: BBC Proms appoints first female director for last night: American Marin Alsop. 4/29 Reuters: Kentucky woman ordained as priest in defiance of Roman Catholic Church. (Wow! Her grace!) 4/9 Drudge: Hillary Clinton accepts Public Service Award in Beverly Hills. Susan Rice honored with ‘Great American’ award. 6/16 Reuters: Pakistani pilot wins battle of sexes as only female pilot in the Islamic republic. 7/25 BBC News: Caroline Kennedy named ambassador to Japan. 8/3 CNN: Ellen DeGeneres to host the Oscars. 9/10 Drudge: Woman’s World: NORWAY election: Conservative Erna Solberg triumphs. 9/23 CNN: Angela Merkel wins big in GERMANY: Set for third term. 9/26 Reuters: GM CEO envisions a woman running a U.S. automaker one day. (I should hope so! Danica Patrick?)  10/9 Reuters: Yellen gets the news on Federal Reserve chair, markets get some calm. 10/10 Reuter: Canadian Alice Munro wins Nobel literature prize. 11/21 Reuters: Janet Yellen clears first Senate hurdle to become next Fed chair.  12/5 BBC News: Top Gun muse Christine Fox is Pentagon deputy high flyer. 12/10 CNN: GM names Mary Barra as CEO – first woman to run major automaker.1/6/2014 Reuters: Senate poised to confirm Janet Yellen as Fed chair. NY Times: Senate confirms Yellen as chairwoman of Fed; historic first woman in the position. 2/21 Reuters: Bowman becomes first woman to win freestyle halfpipe gold. 3/31 Drudge: Hidalgo elected first female mayor of PARIS.  7/2 USA Today: Navy names first female 4-star admiral.  9/18 Drudge: Susan Glasser named Editor of POLITICO.The HYBRID TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of November 3 creates changes for those in positions of power, political unrest, chaos in the financial markets, volcanic eruptions, and generally unruly weather patterns in the NORTH ATLANTIC, EQUATORIAL AFRICA, EASTERN NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTHERN EUROPE, the MIDDLE EAST and AFRICA in general, especially the REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, ETHIOPIA, and the SOMALIA.11/24 Drudge: PAKISTAN protests U.S. drones. 11/26 Drudge/Telegraph: IRAN nuclear deal: SAUDI ARABIA warns it will strike out on its own. (Whatever that means???) 11/30 CNN: 3rd cyclone hits eastern INDIA in 7 weeks. 12/14 Reuters: More than 5,000 evacuated from GAZA ‘disaster area’ floods. Washington Post: Rare snowstorm paralyzes JERUSALEM, shocks CAIRO. VISION FOR THE FUTURE: In 40-60 years fossil fuels will become a thing of the past. No more oil, gas or coal production to fuel industry and pollute the environment. FREE ENERGY will available with a wireless technology to run homes and business. There will be no electrical wiring in the homes and buildings of the future. Pollution will disappear. No more batteries will be necessary. There will be health care for all. Cancer will be cured, along with many other debilitating and deadly illnesses.  imageAndromedaGalaxy2012 Predictions This page was hacked 8/28. I’ve tried to fix it!