It is difficult to know exactly when some patterns will manifest in the physical world, or whether the events will have less or more impact in terms of what was sensed beforehand. I tend to be uncannily accurate sometimes, and at other times I’m years off, with no way to know at the time the pattern is picked up. But my spirit guides tend to be highly accurate, regardless. Sometimes even I tend to be  amazed when my predictions come true! This year many of last year’s predictions will continue in force! It is much easier to see the events than exactly when they might transpire. It’s the Illusion of Time! Plus, some aspects for dramatic change have been in force since 2011. 

(Posted December 21, 2013!)


2/5/2015: I will no longer be “updating” this page. You keep score!

No more World Predictions!

The NEW YEAR promises to start out with a BANG, with a possible MAJOR EARTHQUAKE and/or VOLCANIC ERUPTION as yet another force of destruction on our planet rumbles back to life: ICELAND? MOUNT RAINIER? YELLOWSTONE? The NEW MADRID FAULT?  Prepare to be frightened and amazed.2/29/2013 UPDATED: CANARY ISLANDS evacuating! MAGNA RISING. TSUNAMI threat to U.S. EAST COAST: More than 500 earthquakes rattled the island between Monday and Wednesday, 30 earthquakes greater than 3.0. VOLCANO THREATENS TO ERUPT. Water turning as blood. 12/30 BBC News: EL SALVADOR volcano erupts spewing ash and black smoke. 1/1 USGS: 6.6 magnitude earthquake Sola, VANUATU, volcano here.  1/2 Beforeitsnews: Multiple Fireballs: Over, 1,400 reports in 48 hours from coast to coast; ground shaking, house shaking explosions. 2/2 SUMATRA volcanic eruption. 2/3 BBC News: ECUADOR’S volcano explodes.

This year EXTREME WEATHER is the direct result of CLIMATE CHANGE/GLOBAL WARMING/GLOBAL COOLING. You call it. 12/30 BBC News: BUENOS AIRES power supply disrupted by heatwave.  1/1 CNN: Newly discovered underground lake in GREENLAND will help us understand climate change. 1/2 Science Daily: Solution to cloud riddle reveals hotter future: Global temperatures to rise at least 4 degrees C by 2100 if carbon emissions are not reduced. (Get rid of fossil fuels!)  Major reduction in seafloor marine life from climate change by 2100. 1/3 BBC News: AUSTRALIA saw hottest year on record in 2013. 1/5 Smithsonian Magazine: This frigid cold snap is making it colder than the surface of Mars.  1/8 Reuters: Freezing weather kills 9. Arctic chill exposes weakness of U.S. natural gas system. Drudge: HUDSON RIVER covered in ice. Man found frozen solid in MARYLAND. UTAH avalanche largest in modern history.  1/9 Science Daily: Symbiotic fungi inhabiting plant roots have major impact on atmospheric carbon, scientists say.  1/10 BBC News: Extreme heat in AUSTRALIA kills thousands of bats. 1/13 NY Times: The flood next time: Rising sea levels threaten East Coast: East coast land is sinking. 1/14 BBC News: PINE ISLAND GLACIER’S retreat ‘irreversible.’ 1/15 Reuters: Searing heatwave hits AUSTRALIA. Science Daily: Top scientists ask U.N. leaders to act on nuclear weapons, climate change: Still 5 minutes to midnight and much too close to doomsday. 1/16 Drudge: Young pelicans found starving in FLORIDA KEYS in disturbing numbers. (Truly disturbing.)  NORWEGIAN BAY froze so quickly fish swimming in it froze solid. (Yikes!)  Science Daily: Arctic: Mercury deposition and ozone depletion linked to sea ice dynamics.  1/20 Science Daily: Get used to heat waves: Extreme El Nino events to double. 1/22 Science Daily: Air pollution from ASIA affecting world’s weather. (WOW!)   Study: Electric drive vehicles have little impact on U.S. pollutant emissions. 1/23 Science Daily: One quarter of the world’s cartilaginous fish, namely sharks and rays, face imminent extinction. (Fossil fuels are destroying our sea, air and land, besides destroying our weather.)  Science Daily: North and Tropical Atlantic Ocean bringing climate change to ANTARCTICA. 1/30 Science Daily: Deaths attributed directly to climate change cast pall over penguins.  Disappearing snow increases risk of collapsing ice shelves in Antarctica.  2/4 Science Daily: Dramatic thinning of Arctic lake ice cuts winter ice season by 24 days compared to l950. (Because the Arctic Cold has come South! Take it back!)  Hot weather deaths projected to rise 257% in U.K. by 2050s, experts warn. BBC News: GREENLAND glacier hits record speed on way to the ocean.  2/6 Science Daily: Water supply availability ‘to dominate U.S. natural resource management.’ 2/10 BBC News: Met Office: Evidence ‘suggests climate change link to storms.’ (No kidding!)  2/11 Reuters: Mild weather disrupts WINTER GAMES, temps to rise further. 2/14 Science Daily: ARCTIC biodiversity under serious threat from climate change. 2/19 Drudge: Study: ARCTIC getting darker, making earth warmer.  2/22 Reuters: Big ANTARCTIC glacier to keep raising seas, even without warming. Drudge: Feds withhold water to CALIFORNIA farmers for first time in 54 years. (Produce is going to be really expensive!)  Science Daily: Climate change: Unstable ATLANTIC deep ocean circulation may hasten tipping point. 2/23 Drudge/Kansas City Star: Al Gore brings climate change message to KANSAS CITY: “The Dust Bowl is coming back quickly, unless we act…” (Where will our food be grown? How much will it cost to eat?)  2/26 Science Daily: Climate engineering: Minor potential, major risk of side effects?  2/27 Science Daily: Big thaw projected for ANTARCTIC sea ice: Ross Sea will reverse current trend, be largely free in summer 2100. 3/3 Science EUROPEAN flood risk could double by 2050. 3/5 Science Daily: Sea level rise threatens UNESCO world heritage sites. New data confirms ARCTIC ice trends: Ice free season getting longer by 5 days per decade. 3/9 Science Daily: EUROPE may experience higher warming than global average. 3/10 Science Daily: Four new human made ozone depleting gases found in atmosphere. 3/12 Science Daily: Long term warming likely to be significant despite recent slowdown. 3/17 Science Daily: Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than thought. NORTHEAST GREENLAND ice loss accelerating, researchers say. SOUTHERN OCEAN iron cycle gives new insight into climate change. 3/18 Telegraph: Official prophecy of doom: Global warming will cause violent conflict, wipe trillions from global economy. Science Daily: ROCKY MOUNTAIN wildflower season lengthens by more than a month.  3/22 Science Daily: Permafrost thaw exacerbates climate change.  3/27 Science Daily: Major increase in WEST ANTARCTIC glacial loss.  Invasive species in waterways on rise due to climate change. 3/31 NY Times: Panel’s warning on climate risk: Worst is yet to come. CNN: Little time left to turn down the world’s heat, U.N. says. Reuters: Climate change threatens future food supplies. 4/1 Drudge: Water shortages pose growing risks for American companies. 4/1 Science Daily: Warming climate may spread drying to a third of earth: Heat, not just rainfall, plays into new projections. Science Daily: Oxygen depletion in the BALTIC SEA ten times worse than a century ago. 4/9 Drudge/Telegraph: Scientist: Planet doomed; retreat to climate controlled cities. (WOW!) Science Daily: Permafrost thawing may speed global warming.   4/10 Science Daily: U.N. climate report: Pricing of carbon dioxide emissions critical. (Stop the use of fossil fuels.)  Climate change affects shrimp, sardine markets. 4/12 Science Daily: GREENLAND ice cores show industrial record of acid rain, success of U.S. Clean Air Act. 4/13 Reuters: Act fast to curb global warming, extract CO2 from the air: U.N. 4/15 Science Daily: Moth study suggests hidden climate change impacts on animals and plants. BBC News: ASIAN air pollution strengthens PACIFIC storms. 4/16 Science Daily: U.S.: Harsh winters in east, heat and drought in west may persist because of 4,000 year pattern, and climate change. 4/22 Drudge: LAS VEGAS under pressure to conserve water. 4/24 Science Daily: Drought may take toll on CONGO rainforest, NASA satellites show. 4/30 Science Daily: Ocean acidity is dissolving shells of tiny snails off WEST COAST. (Poor snails!)  Declines in large wildlife lead to increases in disease.  5/5 Science Daily: Uncontrollable ice melt? Uncorking EAST ANTARCTICA could yield unstoppable sea level rise, simulations show.  Global warming not uniform around the world: Some areas recently cooling.  5/6 NY Times: Wide impact of climate change already seen in U.S.  Science Daily: Climate change threatens to worsen U.S. ozone pollution. Tree rings reveal nightmare droughts in Western U.S. 5/7 Drudge: CARACAS to begin water rationing.  5/8 Science Daily: GREENLAND melting because of global warming, natural variations. 5/9 Science Daily: Super-charged tropical trees: BORNEO’S productive trees vitally important for global carbon cycling. 5/12 Science Daily: Ice loss moves the Earth 250 miles down. (Wow!)  NY Times: Scientists warn of rising seas as ANTARCTIC ice sheet melts.  5/15 Drudge: CALIFORNIA governor Jerry Brown warns rising sea levels could cause move of LAX. Claim: Large scale water use in CALIFORNIA may cause quakes.  Science Daily: Dangerous storms: Hurricanes peaking further north, typhoons further south, than in past. 5/19 Science Daily: GREENLAND will be far greater contributor to sea rise than expected: Work reveals long, deep valleys connecting ice cap to the ocean. BBC News: ANTARCTICA’S ice losses doubles. 5/20 Drudge: Dozens of TEXAS communities with less than 90 days of water. USA Today: Climate change could wipe out many landmarks (No kidding? and many lives.)  Yahoo: Sea level rise forces U.S. space agency to retreat. 5/21 BBC News: River water goes missing with snow loss.  5/24 Drudge: “I recant!” says author of infamous 70s Newsweek global cooling article. 5/25 Yahoo: New photos show LAKE POWELL half full. 5/26 Yahoo: ‘Time running out’ as CO2 levels hit new high: U.N. 6/1 USA Today: 7 states running out of water. 6/1 NY Times: EPA to seek 30% cut in carbon emissions by 2030. (Too little too late?)  6/8 Yahoo: The lake the supplies VEGAS with most of its water now at record low levels. 6/13 Yahoo: The ocean to end all oceans discovered near Earth’s core. (Hollow Earth theory? The ocean inside our planet?) 6/23 Yahoo: Hottest global temps on record for month of May. 6/24 Reuters: U.S. to face multibillion dollar bill from climate change. 6/24 Drudge: With heat and humidity, areas will be ‘unsuited for outdoor activities. 7/3 Drudge: ANTARCTIC sea ice his 2nd all time record maximum in a week. (Up and down and around it goes!) 7/5 Yahoo: Government scientists: ANTARCTIC SEA is growing because of global warming.  7/9 Yahoo: Water at NEVADA’S Lake Mead drop to new low.  7/17 Yahoo: EARTH just finished its warmest quarter ever.  7/22 Yahoo: Global ocean temperatures haven’t been this hot since before 1880. 7/23 Science Daily: Global temperature reaches record high in JUNE following record warmth in MAY. 7/24 Science Daily: Replacing coal, oil with natural gas will not help fight global warming, expert argues. (I agree.)  7/25 Science Daily: Biologist warn of early stages of Earth’s 6th mass extinction. (Tragic state of affairs.) Parched WEST is using up underground water fast: Study points to grave implications for WESTERN U.S. water supply. (This is MAJOR. I guess I’ll stay in the EAST.)  7/27 BBC News: MEDITERRANEAN anchovies caught in NORTH SEA at Walton Pier.  7/29 Science Daily: Global warming amplifier: Rising water vapor in upper troposphere to intensify climate change.  (oh dear!) 8/14 Yahoo: More water headed to struggling LAKE MEAD. Science Daily: Sea ice has thinned on ARCTIC sea ice. 8/17 Drudge: CALIFORNIA’S epic drought sets off crop failure alarms…developing. 8/18 USA Today: July was Earth’s 4th hottest month on record. 8/19 Science Daily: Human activity blamed for increase in melting glaciers. Ocean warming could drive heavy rain bands toward poles.  8/20 Reuters: Landslides hit JAPAN’S Hiroshima, at least 36 killed.  BBC News: GREENLAND ice loss doubles from late 2000s. Yahoo: CALIFORNIA Drought: 17 communities could run of water within 60 to 120 days, state says. (How awful!)  8/21 Science Daily: Record decline of ice sheets: Scientists map elevation changes of GREENLANDIC and ANTARCTIC glaciers.  Yahoo/Inquisitor: Feel that? 63 trillion gallons of water lost in drought is literally causing the Earth to rise. (WOW!) 8/28 Science Daily: Snowfall in a warmer world: Big snowstorms will occur in NORTHERN HEMISPHERE.  8/31 Yahoo: Sea level surge at ANTARCTICA linked to ice sheet loss. 9/1 Yahoo: World’s major ice caps melting at unprecedented rate. 9/3 Yahoo: The ARCTIC SEA ice problem is actually worse, not better than we thought. 9/4 Drudge: SOUTHWEST faces 80% chance of decade long MEGA-DROUGHT. 9/9 BBC News: CO2 rises at fastest rate since 1984. 9/11 USA Today: Earliest snowfall in RAPID CITY since 1888. Summer snow blankets DENVER.  9/13 Drudge/Climate Depot: Summer chill: NOAA: 246 low max records broken or tied from September 1-10; some records broken by 16F. (Up, down, and around it goes!)  WYOMING buried in 20 inches of snow.  Mail Online: Millionaires and billionaires left powerless as the multimillion dollar MALIBU homes are battered by huge waves. (Please don’t buy oceanfront property ANYWHERE!)  9/15 Science Daily: Glaciers in northern ANTARCTIC peninsula melting faster than ever despite increased snowfall.  9/18 Yahoo: Marshall Island president: “The beaches where I used to fish are underwater.”  9/19 Science Daily: August and June-August temperatures each reach record highs, driven largely by record warm global oceans.  9/22 Yahoo: We are pumping carbon into the atmosphere at increasing rates–2013 set new record jump. 9/23 Yahoo: Huge CALIFORNIA mudslide may have been triggered by drought: MOUNT SHASTA, damaging hiking trails and forcing roads to close.  9/24 BBC News: Melt ponds successfully forecast ARCTIC sea-ice extent. 9/29 Drudge: Daily water allocation could be next CALIFORNIA drought strategy. CALIFORNIA harvest much smaller across crops. 9/30 Yahoo: NASA finds EARTH’S 4th largest lake almost completely dry.  10/1 Yahoo: We’ve lost so much ANTARCTIC ice it’s causing a dip in EARTH’S gravity. (What?) 10/1 Yahoo: 35,000 walruses mass on ALASKA beach ‘due to climate change.’ 10/4 USA Today: NASA images show CALIFORNIA drought deepening.  10/11 BBC News: BRAZIL hit by worst drought in decades.  10/14 USA Today: Recent sea level rise highest in 6,000 years. 10/26 Reuters: CALIFORNIA community suffers as wells dry up in drought. (So terrible!)  10/26 Science Daily: Climate change caused by ocean, not just atmosphere.  11/2 CNN: Invest now or face the ‘irreversible effects’ of climate change, U.N. panel warns. 11/2 BBC News: Fossil fuels must go by 2100, says IPCC. (Sooner would be better! Greed rules oil and gas!) 11/10 Yahoo: World losing battle against global warming.  11/12 CNN: U.S., CHINA make climate deal.  11/17 BBC News: Deadly mudslides engulf homes in SWITZERLAND and ITALY. Yahoo: CALIFORNIA drought has reached Biblical-plague proportions. It’s time for drastic measures. 11/25 Yahoo: BRAZIL’S epic water crisis a global wake-up call! (Certainly is!)  12/3 BBC News: World on course for warmest year. USA Today: NASA: ANTARCTICA ice loss triples in decade. 12/6 BBC News: PERU says glaciers melting at alarming rate. 

SEVERE WINTER to be followed by a HOT SUMMER SEASON.12/25/2013 Reuters: Storms wreck havoc on Christmas Eve. BRITAIN hit by floods, power cuts. Storm wrecks havoc in U.K., FRANCE.  CNN: Thousands without power in single-digit cold: Snow, brisk winds make it tough for utility crews. (Angels of Mercy.)  12/27 BBC News: U.S. and CANADA outage misery persists. 12/31 BBC News: U.S. gripped by freezing temperatures. (No kidding!)  1/1 CNN: Skiers buried in COLORADO avalanche. 1/2 CNN: Sinkhole swallows truck on Big Island of HAWAII. Drudge: CHICAGO sees biggest snowfall in 15 years. WINNIPEG deep freeze, cold as uninhabited planet. Blizzard to reach from NYC to BOSTON. 1/3 CNN: Nearly 24 inches of snow near BOSTON. Drudge: INDIA suffers through coldest winter in 44 years. BBC News: While CANADA freezes AUSTRALIA melts. 1/4 Drudge: Historic Freeze: Windchills 70 below zero!  1/5 CNN: Record breaking cold possible across 2/3 of U.S. 1/6 CNN: Welcome to the Polar Vortex: ‘Historic and life threatening’ freeze: 3,000 flights canceled; Coldest weather in 20 years. 1/7 Drudge: CHICAGO smashes records; NYC breaks 118 year low; Hundreds stranded overnight in snowbound Amtrak trains. BBC News: SPAIN storm sweeps 3 out to sea. 1/9 CNN: Polar Vortex leaves nasty surprises, still grips northern MIDWEST. 1/10 CNN: 11 extreme weather records. Drudge: U.S. Coast Guard battles ice in GREAT LAKES to keep shipping channels open; Earliest freeze since 1930’s. 1/12 Storms, high winds 80+ mph slam parts of SOUTH. 1/18 Firsthand Weather: Brutal cold on the way for the United States. 1/21 CNN: EASTERN half of U.S. is in the icebox. HAWAII waves could hit 50 feet. 1/22 Earth Changes Media: Tropical storm Agaton death toll climbs to 40 in PHILIPPINES. CNN: NORTHEAST buried under heavy snow. (Snow on my balcony in VA too.) Drudge: Severe cold, life threatening conditions; 4,400 flights canceled. 1/24 Drudge/Bloomberg News: Colder weather heads for U.S. as ice set to coat TEXAS. CBS: Transformer fire leaves PHILLY residents without heat, power in bitter cold. 1/25 Mail Online: Glacier fox: Animal becomes latest to freeze solid in SCANDINAVIA’S lakes, following fish and moose. (That is COLD.)  Drudge: Ice jam along PITTSBURGH’S Three Rivers worst in decades. 1/26 Mail Online: U.S. braces for coldest month of the century with yet another ARCTIC BLAST as fears grow for Super Bowl. 1/27 CNN: Avalanches cut road travel to Valdez, ALASKA. Drudge: New Polar Plunge could be winter’s coldest; Chicago -45!  1/28 Reuters: Brutal cold shuts schools, delays travel in MIDWEST. USA Today: Rare snow, ice storm invades DEEP SOUTH. 1/29 CNN: Stranded, cold motorists spend nights on freeways after rare snow in SOUTH: ‘It’s like a frozen zombie movie!’ Reuters: Rare storm grips U.S. SOUTH, kills at least 5.  1/30 Drudge: ALABAMA doctor walks 6 miles in snow to perform life-saving brain surgery at Trinity Medical Center. 1/30 Earth Changes Media: Freak SOUTHERN storm blamed for at least 13 deaths. 2/2 Reuters: Southern AUSTRIA hit by heavy snowfall. 2/3 Reuters: Bad weather batters EUROPE. BBC News: Snowdrifts strand thousands in SERBIA. 2/4 CNN: Huge storm for CENTRAL U.S., NORTHEAST. 2/5 Reuters: Heavy storm disrupts life in NORTHEAST; parts of U.S. hit with harsh weather. (Ice on my trees!)  BBC News: Thousands without power in U.K. storm.  Yahoo: Nearly 1 million without power in NORTHEAST; PENNSYLVANIA hardest hit. 2/6 Drudge: 4,406 cold temperature records in JANUARY; 1,073 snowfall records. (Wow!) Drudge: Woman dies in DAKOTAS with no propane to heat home. (Good heavens!)  USA Today: Relentless winter saps snow removal budgets. 2/7 CNN: Hundreds of thousands still without power in NORTHEAST.  2/8 Drudge: GREAT LAKES ice cover spreading rapidly; LAKE SUPERIOR sets new record. BBC News: JAPAN snowfall disrupts air, rail and road transport. SOUTHERN U.K. set for gales and more rain.  2/11 CBS: Major winter storm ‘could be biggest of the season’ in DC area.2/12 Drudge: Historic ice storm unfolds; GEORGIA warned ‘catastrophic.’ Hundreds of flights canceled. Ice from TEXAS to NORTH CAROLINA. NY Times: Hundreds of thousands lose power as ice paralyzes SOUTH. 2/13 CNN: 772,000 without electricity; DC federal offices shut down; NYC could get 15 inches of snow. Drudge: At least 12 dead from storm. 2/14 Reuters: Winter storm paralyzes EASTERN U.S. 2/14 Drudge: PHILLY snowfall shatters 130 year record; Thundersleet in VIRGINIA; 100 car pileup on PA turnpike. Record flights cancelled for weather. 2/16 NY Times: A severe winter breaks budgets as well as pipes. Reuters: MASSACHUSETTS gearing up for more heavy snow. 2/17 BBC News: JAPAN hit by deadly snowstorm. 2/18 Drudge: Fast-moving storm creates white-out conditions in CHICAGO; BOSTON blanketed for 9th time in 16 days; 2nd snowiest February in NYC on record; Epidemic of potholes.  2/20 Science Daily: Deep freeze in GREAT LAKES: Lakes nearly frozen completely first time in 20 years.  2/21 Reuters: Extreme U.S. winter roils natural gas market, upends some trading strategies.  2/22 CBS: Record number of CHICAGOANS without water: frozen pipes. 2/23 Drudge: Polar Vortex to make encore performance: MIDWEST, EAST.  Daily Mail: Storms batter BRITAIN and unearth wartime bombs in the process. (Yikes!)  2/26 NBC Chicago: Potentially record-breaking cold moves in. (Poor Chicago!) 2/28 Drudge: Record subzero temp days in MIDWEST. 3/1 Reuters: AZUSA, CALIFORNIA residents ordered to evacuate homes. (Fire or mud, tragic!)  Drudge: Historic cold shuts MICHIGAN schools. Worst winter in decades for MINNESOTA. 3/2 CNN: 106 million in path of winter blast. Mudslides topple CALIFORNIA neighborhoods. 3/3 Reuters: Snowstorm pummel’s NATION’S capital. 3/4 CNN: Avalanche buries boy, elderly couple in Missoula, MONTANA. 3/4 Drudge: D.C. area reaches 141-year record low at 4 degrees. 3/5 BBC News: Sydney, AUSTRALIA hit by monster storm. 3/11 Drudge: Another major winter storm takes aim at CHICAGO: 2nd snowiest season on record. 3/12 CNN: Winter’s last hurrah? Storm spreads snowy misery from ILLINOIS to MAINE. 90% of LAKE MICHIGAN covered in ice. Drudge: RAPID FREEZE: Temps to drop 40 degree overnight; Wicked winds warned. 3/16 Drudge: Another snowstorm set to sweep from ST. LOUIS to D.C. (Damn it!)  3/17 CNN: Storm blankets D.C. in snow. (It’s true! I’m 20 minutes from the White House!)  3/19 Drudge: ARCTIC BLAST coming to EASTERN U.S. likely to be coldest opening to calendar spring in at least 50 years. (Yuck!) 3/23 CNN: Cries for help from underneath rubble after 3 die in WASHINGTON landslide. 3/26 Drudge: Record cold, biting winds sweet EAST in wake of blizzard: Coldest October to March in U.S. in 102 years!  4/2 Drudge: Harsh winter responsible for thousands of dead fish washing ashore in CHICAGO. (Sure it’s not the BP oil spill?) 4/4 Drudge: SAHARAN dust cloud cloaks BRITAIN.  4/18 CNN: Avalanche kills 12 in single deadliest accident on MOUNT EVEREST. 4/24 Drudge: Strongest sandstorm in decades sweeps CHINA. Drudge: LAKE SUPERIOR still 20% more frozen than last year at this time.  SEATTLE sets rainfall record.  5/5 Drudge: CALGARY a winter wonderland in May!  6/12 Yahoo: Anger rises as INDIA swelters under record heatwave.  10/6 Drudge: Winter arrives early in ALASKA, snow for all CANADIAN provinces. 10/15 Drudge: Frigid winter alarm triggered early as now piles up in SIBERIA. GREAT LAKES water temps 6 degrees colder than usual.

NEW! EBOLA in AMERICA:10/4 Yahoo: EBOLA outbreak: Inmate at GEORGIA jail reportedly tested for virus. 10 at high risk of exposure to DALLAS EBOLA patient under isolation. EBOLA could hurt U.S. economy. (Really?) Most suspected EBOLA cases in U.S. false alarms.  TEXAS EBOLA watch eyes 50 people, 10 at high risk.  10/6 Reuters: America EBOLA patient arrives in NEBRASKA. EBOLA’S mutation scenarios pose new risks, scientists say.  Facebook: CDC and U.N. forced to admit EBOLA is airborne. (We all have to die from something!)  BBC News: U.S. considers EBOLA airport checks. 10/8 NY Times: DALLAS EBOLA patient dies: Hospital. 10/11 CNN: EBOLA screenings begin at JFK Airport. 10/12 NY Times: TEXAS health worker tests positive to EBOLA. 10/15 CNN: Second TEXAS health care worker tests positive for EBOLA.  10/16 USA Today: EBOLA fears widen: OHIO, TEXAS schools close. 10/18 CNN: Cruise ship returns to TEXAS over EBOLA fears: Passenger worked in DALLAS hospital. 10/23 NY Times: Patient in NEW YORK CITY tests positive for EBOLA (recently returned from AFRICA).  

FLOODING in the extreme occurs internationally during the coming year.12/25/2013 BBC News: Aid pledged to BRAZIL flood hit area. 12/26 BBC New: Heavy rain kills 8 in ST. VINCENT in Caribbean, dozens forced out of homes, also in GRENADINES. 1/7 BBC News: U.K. floods prompt space charter activation. 1/18 Earth Changes Media: Thousands flee storm, persistent floods in PHILIPPINES, nearly 13,000 left their villages. BBC News: Nearly 50 of BRITAIN’S special wildlife sites were hit in the “devastating” recent floods. 2/8 Reuters: Families evacuate BOLIVIAN flood zones.  2/9 USA Today: Tempers rise as BRITAIN’S flood crisis deepens. 2/10 BBC News: U.K. floods: Swollen Thames threatens thousands of homes. BBC News: BURUNDI floods: At least 50 dead in Bujumbura in floods and landslides.  2/22 CNN: Flooding kills nearly 70 in BURUNDI, AFRICA. 4/5 BBC News: Dozen missing in SOLOMON ISLAND flash flood that killed at least 12 and left 10,000 homeless. 4/7 CNN: Girl in MISSISSIPPI believed swept away by flooding as rain batters SOUTHEAST.  4/25 CNN: AFGHANISTAN floods claim at least 102 lives, dozens more missing.  BBC News: Deadly flood swamp AFGHAN villages, 58 dead, hundreds left stranded on rooftops.  5/1 USA Today: Killer storm system brings flooding to EAST. Deluge of rain swamps parts of PENNSYLVANIA, severe flooding.  5/2 CNN: FLORIDA flooding like KATRINA. 5/16 Yahoo: Floods sweep SERBIA and BOSNIA; Worst floods on record. 5/18 CNN: BALKANS suffer worse floods in 120 years: Thousands evacuated. BBC News: SERBIA power plant flood threat. 5/19 CNN: BALKANS battle epic floods, landmines, 37 dead.  Reuters: BOSNIA: 1 million affected by floods, destruction terrifying.  5/26 USA Today: Deadly flooding in south CHINA.  5/31 Earth Changes Media: Landslides, landmines complicate BALKAN flood cleanup: 74 dead, 900,000 evacuated this month. 6/2 BBC News: Climate change to boost summer flash floods, study says. 6/7 Reuters: Flash floods hit AFGHANISTAN, at least 58 dead. 6/20 BBC News: BULGARIA floods: At least 10 killed in port city of Varna. 6/21 CNN: BULGARIA floods cause landslides, pileups, nearly a dozen dead. 6/26 Yahoo: Heavy rain, flooding causes traffic chaos in RECIFE before U.S.-GERMANY game. Actor Rob Lowe and his family rescued from severe floods in FRANCE. 7/6 BBC News: CHINA flooding forms 7-metre deep lake in Hunan Province. 7/11 Reuters: Coastal flooding drenches U.S.: EASTERN seaboard flooding has surged in recent years.  7/30 CNN: Landslides trap 150 or more in western INDIA. 8/2 Reuters: NEPAL landslide kills 8, blocking river and raising flood fears. 8/3 BBC News: ITALY flash flood: 4 killed at festival near VENICE. 8/6 CNN: Rushing floodwaters trap drivers near LAS VEGAS. Storm drains blocked with rocks and debris cause flooding in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 8/10 Facebook: Heavy flooding in NORTH CAROLINA. 8/12 BBC News: NEBRASKA hospital hit by flash flood. 8/13 Drudge: Copper theft possible factor in DETROIT freeway flooding. Yahoo: Record setting rainfall drenches NEW YORK area, flooding roads.  8/26 CNN: SOUTH KOREA flash floods wash bus away.  9/2 Reuters: Deadly floods and landslides hit southwest CHINA. 9/4 BBC News: KASHMIR suffering its worst flooding in 22 years, dozens feared dead after floods swept passenger bus into gorge.  9/5 Yahoo: Heavy rain hits RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, flooding garage. 9/6 CNN: Death toll from flooding in PAKISTAN reaches 110. Reuters: Rains kill nearly 100 in INDIA administered KASHMIR. BBC News: INDIA-PAKISTAN flood toll passes 200. 9/7 BBC News: INDIA PAKISTAN floods: KASHMIR city Srinagar inundated. 9/9 Drudge: PHOENIX floods. CNN: 2 dead as flash floods slam ARIZONA, NEVADA.  Yahoo: Flooding washes away parts of major NEVADA freeway.  9/10 Reuters: Death toll from KASHMIR flooding tops 400.  BBC News: PAKISTANIS flee flood dyke breach.  9/12 BBC News: Alert as PAKISTAN flood river peaks.  9/13 Reuters: Anger mounts in INDIAN KASHMIR after worst flood in over century, as mass evacuations begin. (Those poor people.) 9/16 BBC News: KASHMIR floods leave thousands stranded.  9/19 Yahoo: Record rain slams SOUTHWEST.  10/6 Yahoo: Remnants of Hurricane Simon to bring flooding downpours to SOUTHWEST by mid-week. 10/19 BBC News: Days of deadly rains hit NICARAGUA.  11/28 BBC News: GAZA floods: U.N. declares state of emergency.  12/5 USA Today: CALIFORNIA floods during worst drought in 1,200 years. 

DROUGHTS lead to fires and wildfires in many nations around the globe, especially in AUSTRALIA and the WESTERN U.S.1/1 Reuters: Threat of AUSTRALIAN bushfire forces campers to evacuate. 1/12 Reuters: Bushfires threaten homes in WESTERN AUSTRALIA. 1/15 BBC news: AUSTRALIAN wildfires roar in heatwave. (Tragic.)  1/16 GLENDORA, CALIFORNIA wildfire near Angeles National Forest: 2 homes burned, 3 arrested, evacuations ordered. 1/18 Drudge: Governor Brown declares CALIFORNIA drought emergency; DROUGHT OF THE CENTURY. Colby fire destroys 5 homes. The lakes are down, down, down. 2/2 NY Times: Severe DROUGHT has U.S. WEST fearing worst. (They’re running out of water.)  2/7 Drudge/Breitbart: CALIFORNIA drought: Residents panicking over water shortage. 2/9 CNN: Drought hits ski towns hard: The ski slopes are brown in MOUNT SHASTA Ski Park in northern CALIFORNIA. BBC News: Fires rage across SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA, threatening lives and homes; worst conditions in 5 years. 2/10 Washington Post: Farmers face bankruptcy as CALIFORNIA drought persists. (Think about future food prices?)  2/18 Drudge: BRAZIL cities rationing water as drought saps supplies. BBC News: CALIFORNIA drought threatens environmental laws.  2/20 BBC News: CALIFORNIA drought: Why farmers are ‘exporting water’ to CHINA. (Greed is why. STOP IT!)  2/21 CNN: Historic CALIFORNIA drought getting worse.  3/1 CNN: After fires and drought, now rain and mudslides torment SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (The area was once a desert.)  3/12 Drudge/Sacramento Bee: In severe drought plan, CALIFORNIA salmon may be moved by truck. (Talk about SEVERE.)  3/20 BBC News: Droughts worldwide: From U.S. to KENYA. 4/3 Drudge/Chiron: State (TEXAS) to study desalination of GULF water as viable option in face of drought: Very expensive water, cost of wine.  4/8 Drudge: Drought now affecting 2/3 of TEXAS.  BBC News: U.N. warns of effects of SYRIA drought. 4/13 CNN: Fire in CHILEAN city kills 4, consumes 500 homes: ‘One of the worst fires.’ 4/15 Science Daily: Fire and drought may push AMAZONIAN forests beyond tipping point. 4/20 Reuters: CALIFORNIA drought causes rise in beef prices…what about fruits and vegetables?  4/22 Drudge: CALIFORNIA drought hits food banks.  4/26 Drudge: Drought covers 100% of CALIFORNIA.  4/28 AP: A few CALIFORNIA cities start water-waste patrols. 4/30 Facebook/NBC-LA: Evacuations as brush fire grows to 800 acres in CALIFORNIA canyon.  5/1 CNN: Fast-moving wildfire in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA grows, driven by winds: Mandatory evacuation of 1,700 homes lifted, more than 700 firefighters and 55 engines battling the blaze.  5/2 Yahoo: Water curtailment expected soon in CALIFORNIA. 5/5 CNN: Fast moving wildfire kills 1, burns at least 20 homes in OKLAHOMA.  5/12 CNN: Hundreds flee from TEXAS panhandle wildfire, 75% contained.  Reuters: At least 75 homes lost to TEXAS Panhandle fire.  5/14 Reuters: Fire crews gain ground on SAN DIEGO wildfire. NBC-TV: 5 wildfires burning in and around SAN DIEGO, 20 homes destroyed in Carlsbad. CNN: 15,000 flee SAN DIEGO wildfires.  5/15 CNN: 9 wildfires spring up around SAN DIEGO, more than 9,000 acres burned, threatening homes, universities, a military base and nuclear power plant: Thousands told to flee. 5/16 CNN: CALIFORNIA 8 wildfires ‘unprecedented,’ fierce winds lead to firenandoes: Thousands of fires threatened.  5/17 Reuters: Fire crews gain ground on swarm of SAN DIEGO fires, Camp Pendleton evacuated, 30 square miles scorched. 5/21 USA Today: ARIZONA wildfire is growing by the minute, prompts evacuations, closes highways. 5/24 CNN: Wildfires still raging in ARIZONA, ALASKA. 5/27 Reuters: ALASKA wildfire burns 250 square miles.(How sad!) 6/16 Yahoo: CALIFORNIA wildfire expected to head toward homes in Bakersfield. 6/21 Reuters: More of CALIFORNIA experiencing most severe drought conditions.  6/23 Yahoo: NORTH KOREA army mobilizes as rivers run dry in worst drought in years. 6/29 Reuters: Mandatory wildfire evacuations in ARIZONA’S White Mountains. 7/2 USA Today: Massive wildfire raging in wine country, Napa Valley, CALIFORNIA. 7/8 Yahoo: AMERICA’S largest reservoir drains to record low as WESTERN drought deepens. 7/15 BBC News: Record payout $470M over AUSTRALIA Black Saturday fires: 173 killed, power company sued for negligence. 7/17 Yahoo: Epic droughts in the WEST; More than 20 wildfires burning: $20B in crop loses. 7/18 Yahoo: WASHINGTON STATE wildfire rages, forcing entire town and hospital to empty.  7/20 CNN: Wildfires drive residents from homes in WASHINGTON STATE and CANADA: More than 100 homes burned. 7/21 Yahoo: LAKE MEAD drops to lowest levels ever as DROUGHT plagues SOUTHWEST. 7/25 Yahoo: The DROUGHT APOCALYPSE approaches as the COLORADO RIVER BASIN dries up.(Very serious!) 7/27 Yahoo: NORTHERN CALIFORNIA wildfire forces evacuation of over 500 homes.  CALIFORNIA wildfire near Sacramento forces 1,200 to flee. 7/31 L.A. Times: CALIFORNIA drought breaks record as 58% of state hits driest level.  Drudge: CALIFORNIA orange farmer bulldozes orchard.(So sad!)CALIFORNIA STATE PARKS shut down camping. 8/6 CNN: CALIFORNIA wildfires temporarily suspend search for aliens with radio telescopes.  8/7 Yahoo: Why heavy rains probably won’t do much in drought-stricken CALIFORNIA.  8/8 Drudge/CBS/Sacramento: Thousands of gallons of water stolen from small town’s fire department.8/11 Yahoo: NORTHERN CALIFORNIA wildfire growing.  8/12 BBC News: COLUMBIAN drought triggers clashes. 8/19 Reuters: CALIFORNIA Junction wildfire spreading, threatening homes.  9/6 CNN: Hundreds evacuated: Wildfire near YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK. USA Today: OREGON wildfire forces more than 200 evacuations. 9/8 CNN: Hikers evacuated from YOSEMITE as wildfire rapidly spreads. 9/13 Reuters: SILVERADO CANYON fire continues to burn in southern CALIFORNIA.  9/14 CNN: High temps threaten effort to control CALIFORNIA wildfire: Hundreds of homes evacuated.  9/16 CNN: Wildfires threaten thousands in northern CALIFORNIA. Yahoo: Hundreds flee 2 fast moving CALIFORNIA wildfires.  9/17 USA Today: King fire threatens more than 1600 homes in CALIFORNIA. 9/18 Reuters: CALIFORNIA Sierra Nevada wildfire menaces 2,000 homes. 9/18 BBC News: CALIFORNIA King fire doubles in size. 9/20 Yahoo: CALIFORNIA wildfire arsonist held on $10M bail.  9/23 Yahoo: CALIFORNIA wildfire heads toward LAKE TAHOE National Forest, more evacuations, fire set by arsonist.  10/12 CNN: Arson arrest in CALIFORNIA wildfire that scorched 157 homes.

WARNING The URANUS-PLUTO square continues to create RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE, people acting out in an insane or unruly manner, at times demonstrating the demonic or lesser evolved nature.12/23 Reuters: Horror: Man in custody battle tosses 3-year-old son, leaps from 52-story NYC building. (Tragic madness; truly unfit father.) UPS driver held up at gunpoint, robbed of packages. 12/24 CNN: Man, 87, known for elaborate Christmas display in CONNECTICUT found shot dead in home.  Drudge: Man dressed as Santa robs FLORIDA bank. (Ho, ho, ho!)  12/25 AP: Teen, 18, accused of stealing 108 condoms from Wal-Mart. (Highly active or entrepreneurial?)  Drudge: Woman beaten over way she parked. (Bizarre.) Thieves steal kids presents, and dog. (Heartless.)  Drudge: Santa, elf face drunk driving charges after crashing horse-drawn sleigh. (No ho, ho?)  Father sets self, 9-year old son on fire. (True madness.)  Surgeon suspended over branding initials on patient’s liver. (Take away his license to practice medicine.) 12/26 Drudge: Carnage: 5 shot, 3 killed outside NJ strip club.  12/26 Reuters: 4 dead, 3 wounded in LOUISIANA killing spree; gunman/ex-husband commits suicide. 12/27 Drudge: Cops: Teen pulled knife on dad after not getting iPhone for Christmas. (Time for that kid to move out, permanently!)  Teen arrested for decapitating man inside CHICAGO apartment. (Barbarian.) 1/2 CNN: Beloved Catholic priest found slain in CALIFORNIA church rectory.  Drudge: Horror: Man kills son with ax; believed he was ‘demon’. (Psychotic!) 1/4 Drudge: Man clearing show from car in the VILLAGE carjacked in broad daylight. 1/5 Drudge: Slain slumlord found in dumpster has list of enemies a mile long. Man pulls knife on brother in fight over peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (Ye gods!)  1/6 Drudge/Daily Caller: Parents call police for help, cops kill their 18-year old son in their home. (Good grief!) Drudge: Couple dismembered roommate, burned torso in campfire. 1/7 Drudge: Priest beaten to death inside rectory with stake. Washington Post: In argument over cable bill, man fatally stabs wife. 1/8 Drudge: Landlord found beheaded in NYC apartment, tenant arrested. 1/9 CNN: Police: PENNSYLVANIA road-rage killer may strike again. 1/10 Drudge: SHOCK VIDEO: Woman viciously beat teen girl until she has sex with man. 1/11 Drudge: Man dressed as Woody from Toy Story arrested for groping women. 1/12 CNN: Motorist was chased 15 miles in PA, shot dead. 1/12 Drudge: Waco police: Man stabs woman for bringing home pizza instead of chicken sandwich. (Psycho.)  1/13 Drudge: Chicagoland: Woman fatally shoots brother during argument over whether her gun would fire. (Strange karma.)  1/14 CNN: Man texting daughter in theater shot dead; ex-cop, 71, arrested. 1/16 CNN: Gunman, 2 women dead in INDIANA grocery store shooting. Cops: Mom kill 2 teens, self.  Drudge: Fertility clinic worker replaced customer’s sperm with his own. (Ye gods!)  Drudge; SAN JOSE woman duped out of $500K in online NIGERIAN dating scam. (BEWARE, ladies!)  Telegraph: Female serial killer, 31, ‘cast a spell’ over victims before 10-day spree of violence: Stabbed in the heart and dumped bodies in ditches: 3 men murdered. Drudge: Mother slams child’s head into table for getting homework wrong. 1/17 CNN: Teen killed in OKLAHOMA after shooting several people, including 2 ATF agents, and going on 2 day crime spree. 1/19 CNN: Police: MARYLAND mom stabs and kills 2 of her children during attempted exorcism, wounds 2 others. (She never should have had 4 children.) Reuters: 17-year old surrenders in connection to PHILADELPHIA school shooting.  1/21 CNN: ‘Black Widow’ may threaten Winter Olympics: Hotels in Sochi warned to look for terror suspect.  1/22 Drudge: Woman, 23, beaten to death after accidentally walking in front of camera while group posed for photo in front of CALIFORNIA nightclub. Robbers rape customer at NYC tattoo parlor.  1/23 CNN: Police: ILLINOIS girl, 14, stabs sister, 11, 40 times because she felt unappreciated. 1/25 CNN: 3 reported killed in shooting at MARYLAND mall. (Another idiot with a gun!)  Arrest made in deadly shooting at SC State University. 1/26 Mail Online: Young mom, 21, and 25-year old man shot dead in Zumiez skate shop murder-suicide by heavily armed ‘ex-boyfriend’ in MARYLAND mall. Drudge: Man attempts exorcism on ‘demon’ son, age 11.  1/29 Drudge: Police: Pizza Hut manager spit on food ordered by cop who arrested her for DUI. (Double stupid.) SNAP: Man crashes car into fried chicken restaurant, strips naked, masturbates in intersection. (Drugs?)  1/30 CNN: ‘Unimaginable’: ITALY mourns 3-year-old killed in suspected mafia hit.  2/2 CNN: Woman, 59, held over dumped body parts of man, 32, along MICHIGAN highway.  2/4 Drudge: Man bites off his brother’s ear at Super Bowl party. Ironman triathlete caught living on medical disability. 2/6 Drudge: Gunmen rob patients in BRAZILIAN hospital. (Scumbags!) 2/7 CNN: OHIO authorities investigate triple murder-suicide.  2/9 Drudge: Cops: Man breaks into woman’s house, takes selfie on her phone, leaves.  2/12 Drudge: COPS: Man stuffed 3 lobsters, pack of ribeye steaks down pants before kidnapping two people from SAFEWAY. 2/13 Drudge/CBS-Pittsburgh: Police: Man puts gun to snow plow driver’s head over snow removal dispute. (Ye gods!)  Drudge: Drunk naked woman goes on bloody rampage after boyfriend refuses to have sex. 2/15 Drudge: D.C. social services worker admits to scheme to steal $800,000 in Medicaid, food stamps. Crazed fan brutally attacks rival coaches wife at HS basketball game. 2/17 Drudge/Breitbart: Checkout line fight turns deadly at ARIZONA Wal-Mart, man shot dead. 2/18 Drudge: Police beat, use stun gun on deaf man after confusing sign language with threatening gestures. 2/21 Drudge: Elderly man run over in road rage fit.  Body of missing woman found on car with pile of parking tickets on windshield. (Observant police, right?) 2/23 Drudge/Rapid City Journal: Rapid City man says female Hardee’s boss made sex a condition of employment and then fired him. 3/11 Drudge: FBI: Man headed to rehab gets drunk forces JetBlue flight diversion. (Jail might do the trick; less expensive.)  DUVAL math teacher faces termination for cussing out students. Drudge: Mystery: Mummified woman found in ‘foreclosed’ home voted for 2 years after she died. 3/12 Drudge: SNAP: Irate man walking on CALIFORNIA boardwalk with chainsaw, yelling at people. (And it’s not a movie!)  3/13 CNN: Police: 2 Maryland teenage girls use knife to force autistic boy to perform sex acts. (Psychotic behavior.)  Drudge: Police: 2 employees shot manager multiple times, dumped her body behind Taco Bell.  3/14 Drudge: Student, 15, arrested for squirting hand sanitizer in his teacher’s diet coke. (She should drink diet coke!) 3/16 Drudge: SNAP: Man fatally stabs boss over photo taken without permission. 3/19 Drudge: Woman fakes heart attack, steals $60 from Good Samaritan. Drudge: Postal worker accused of throwing away thousands of pieces of mail on LONG ISLAND. (Missing your bills?)  3/20 Drudge: Naked, drunk woman arrested trying to visit husband in jail. (They deserve each other?)  3/21 CNN: Fake podiatrist sucks women’s toes, arrested in WalMart. 3/21 Drudge: Naked, urinating, drinking teens featured on ‘party’ Twitter account.  Drudge: Transgender woman calls former male self a “murderer.” Drudge: COPS: McDonald’s customer points gun at drive-thru worker over missing dipping sauce. Senior citizens jailed after food fight at Early Bird dinner. 3/25 Drudge: D.C. judge assigns medical guardian to woman who won’t stop calling 911. Drudge: Cops: Drunk motorist wearing pants as shirt found passed out at the wheel. (Good grief!)   Cops: Group of teenage girls smash woman in face with brick, rob boyfriend on PHILLY street. (Kids are getting vicious.)  3/26 Drudge: Cops: Drug-addicted shoplifter stabs HOME DEPOT security guard with dirty syringe. (Not funny.)  Drudge: Man jumps on NYC subway tracks to retrieve phone, walks away after run over by train. (Very good karma.)  Cops: Man leaves prison, robs same store 15 years later. (Ye gods!)  Man assaults girlfriend with anger management book. (Isn’t it ironic?) 3/27 Drudge: Cops: Bad grandma stole teacher’s wallet during school assembly visit. (Dumb grandma for sure.)  3/28 Drudge: Man, 66, busted for in-flight groping of girl, 15. (To jail with him!)  4/1 CNN: Asian mom, 25, thinks 4 year old son is gay, kills him. (True tragedy.)  4/2 Drudge: Police: 80-year old woman kidnapped, robbed in WEST PHILADELPHIA outside Salvation Army shop.  Drudge: The View hostesses go topless. (Stupidity or insanity?)  4/3 Drudge: Rouge alcoholic court reporter in NEW YORK kept writing I HATE MY JOB over and over instead of transcribing court proceedings. (Fired, right?)  4/4 Drudge: Housing complex clerk thinks body of 96-year old suicide jumper is April Fool’s prank, throws it in dumpster. REVENGE: Jilted lover dumps box of rats into man’s home.  BBC News: PAKISTAN: 9-month-old baby boy accused of planning murder.  (How could this even happen?)  4/7 Drudge: At least 100 spring break revelers arrested when riot erupts during ‘Deltopia’ in SANTA BARBARA; dozens sent to hospital.  4/8 CNN: Cop shot in LAPD office lobby, shooter shot.  Drudge: Topless woman ransacks McDonald’s, steals ice cream. Drudge: Mother returns home to find babysitter has tattooed her children. Drudge: State of Emergency in BUENOS AIRES; overwhelmed by crime, outbreak of lynching. 4/9 CNN: 20 injured in PITTSBURGH-area high school stabbings, authorities say, 7 with critical injuries expected to survive. (Good heavens!) Drudge: Town sewage plant employee fined for urinating in coworkers coffee pot. (Stupidity.)  Washington Post: Police: Woman gunned down by ex-husband in MARYLAND parking lot before the man turned the gun on himself.  4/10 CNN: KANSAS CITY police investigating 13 shootings of cars on roads. 4/13 Drudge: Gas station sign with gay slur causing controversy in LAGRANGE. CNN: Multiple shootings at Jewish Center near KANSAS CITY on eve of Passover, 3 dead; shooter man 70. 4/14 Drudge: 4 dead, 37 wounded in CHICAGO weekend shootings. 4/15 Drudge: SNAP: ‘Unruly, soaked’ man tries to open door of SOUTHWEST plane midair. CHARGE: Woman raped in ER by hospital worker. White supremacist charged with hate crimes in KANSAS Jewish center killings of 3 Christians. ORANGE COUNTY serial killers wore GPS tracking devices in the rapes and murders of 4 women.  Drudge: PAKISTANI held for cannibalism after eating baby. (Really sick!)  4/16 Drudge: Backpack detonated at BOSTON MARATHON finish line contained rice cooker, confetti. Drudge: SHOCK: 5 stabbed to death at CANADA house party. Woman pregnant with another couple’s twins after embryo mix-up. (Good grief!)  4/17 Drudge: Rapper cuts off penis, jumps from second floor balcony in suicide attempt, lives. ARKANSAS gyn takes naked pictures of patients in stirrups. (Weirdo!)  4/18 CNN: Easter egg hunts reveals dead body in TENNESSEE backyard. 4/21 Drudge: ‘Deranged’ ex-cop shoots wife ten times in front of kids. (Angry?)  4/22 CNN: Marshal kills UTAH gang defendant who rushed court witness, fed says. Drudge: LONG ISLAND teacher arrested for hit and run crash, driving to school drunk. 4/23 Drudge: DC social security employee accused of taking $55,000 in kickbacks from the disabled. (Scum.)  Central FLORIDA teen charged with attempted murder in stabbing boy, 14, over Facebook post. Smoking Gun: TENNESSEE teen with suspended license had loaded revolver in her vagina. (Ye gods!)  12 year old charged with robbery and assault in CENTRAL PARK mugging spree.  4/24 Drudge: Cops tie up 75-year old grandmother in botched raid. SNAP: Naked man does martial arts from sunroof in middle of traffic. 4/25 CNN: Alex Hribal, teen accused of mass stabbing at PENNSYLVANIA school, now charged with 21 counts of attempted homicide, DA says. Teenage girl, 16, stabbed and killed at CONNECTICUT school; classmate, 16, arrested: She refused to go to the prom with him. (Ye gods!) 4/26 Drudge: Boy, 14, arrested for torturing, attempting to kill 87-year old woman. 4/26 Drudge: SNAP: Bride shoots niece dead at bar on wedding day in argument over who’s driving home in PITTSBURGH. (Guns and booze don’t mix!) 5/2 Drudge: Police: Man slashes parents to death with Samurai sword.  5/5 USA Today: Deadly shooting mars Cinco de Mayo parade in DETROIT, man 19 killed.  5/7 Drudge: Couple arrested for having sex on church lawn during wedding ceremony. (Get a room!) VIRGIN flight attendants break down restroom door following complaints about loud sex. (Wait until the plane lands and get a room!)  5/8 Drudge: FOR SALE ONLINE: Positive pregnancy tests to trap men. (BEWARE!)  USA Today: Man on TV dating show reveals killing first wife, lover with ax.  5/9 Drudge: SNAP: Woman beats child with baseball bat over clogged toilet. 5/13 Drudge: Man steals SUBWAY toilet in WEST SEATTLE. (I’m speechless!)  5/13 Drudge: Women send toddler to steal $200 from boutique clothing store in QUEENS, police say. (It’s good the child was caught: Lesson learned, I hope?)  5/14 Drudge: High school coach stole hundreds from players’ wallets. Race brawl breaks out in high school cafeteria: African Americans and Hispanics. (The aspects are nuts right now.)  5/17 CNN: Missing wife of decapitated GEORGIA man found dead in lake.  5/18 Drudge: Cops: Woman in NORTH CAROLINA threatens to shoot up Burger King over stale cinnamon role!  Mom banned from ranting about kids on FACEBOOK. (Please don’t rant!)  5/20 Drudge: Cops: Man arrested for trying to have sex with ATM. (Really drunk?) 5/21 CNN: L.A. County sheriff: 3 young children dead, mother suspected of murder. Drudge: Teacher fired for asking 4th graders which boyfriend to dump. 4th graders arrested for trying to poison teacher with insecticide. SNAP: Naked man dives through open sunroof in DALLAS, attacks driver. 5/22 Drudge: CHICAGOLAND: Principal urges students, parents not to hang outside school after 6 shootings in 48 hours. (I’d move to another city or state.)  Police: Employee sent dozens of bomb threats to get out of work.  (Mental case too.)   Porn stars claim mandatory condom law violates freedom of speech. (Speech?) 5/24 CNN: 7 killed in SANTA BARBARA drive-by shootings called ‘premeditated mass murders’; 7 injured, suspect killed; Killer: Son, 22, of Hunger Games assistant director. 5/25 Drudge: 3 dead, 2 injured during shootings on Ocean Boulevard in MYRTLE BEACH.  Naked man storms WHITE HOUSE security checkpoint. (Mentally ill.)  5/30 USA Today: VIRGINIA teen, 16, kills parents for taking iPod away. (Unreal! Honor student too???)  5/31 Drudge: Mother accused of hammer attack on third grade girl in OAKLAND school restroom. 6/2 Drudge: Search for suspect who stabbed 2 children in BROOKLYN elevator. 6/5 CNN: Gunman kills 3 police officers, remains at large in CANADIAN suburb.  Drudge: PHILLY Cops: Naked man, sweating profusely, out of breath, high on drugs, runs up to officer, punches him in face, tries to steal cruiser. (Ye gods!)  6/9 Drudge: 2nd teen stabbing attack linked to Slender Man meme.  Drudge: SOUTHWEST plane backs into JET BLUE plane at Logan airport. COPS: High school teacher pulls knife, forces 3 student to drive him to Jack in the Box. (What? Hunger attack?)  6/10 Drudge: Man in wheelchair attacked and robbed after leaving church. CNN: 2 dead in OREGON school shooting: Student and suspect.  6/11 CNN: TENNESSEE man accused of chopping up woman and eating her remains. (Reincarnated cannibal? Yuck!)  6/12 CNN: Priest killed, another one injured in attack at Catholic Church in PHOENIX. 6/13 CNN: NY strippers, club boss drugged men, netted $200K in ‘fishing’ scam, prosecutor says, charging their credit cards. (Warning!)  6/17 Yahoo: VIRGINIA man kills wife, two children, and himself on Father’s Day. (Psychotic.)  6/18 Drudge: Naked woman found vandalizing stranger’s home.  6/19 Drudge: Boy expelled for trading ADD meds for Cheez-Its. 6/25 Yahoo: Police: Teen killed grandmother in bloody struggle, drove body around nearly 5 hours. 7/2 Drudge: COPS: 17 year old girl shot execution style on NEWARK street.  Drudge: Rapper who dismembered himself says penis reattached, wants to do porn.  Woman poisons her sons with Visine.  7/3 Drudge: Woman, 56, pulls knife on man, 25, for rejecting her sexual advances. (Good grief!) Drudge:  Boy, 15, accused of breaking into house and sexually assaulting woman, 85, in SAN JOSE. 7/4 Yahoo: Police say mom stabs kindergarten teacher to death in front of class. 7/7 Drudge: WAR ZONE: 11 killed, at least 60 wounded in CHICAGO shootings over holiday weekend. 7/8 Daily Caller: Nurse: VA Medical Staff stole morphine from dying patients. (How low can you get?)  7/10 CNN: Police: Man kills his 4 children, 2 adults caring for them in TEXAS shooting.  7/16 Drudge: Woman robs 8 year old girl selling candy inside SAN FRANCISCO store for bus fare. 7/17 Drudge: Charge: Apparently drunk man posed as TSA agent and patted down women at SAN FRANCISCO airport. 7/21 Drudge: Man, 97, kicked out of NAPA retirement home for playing ukulele too much; now in homeless shelter. 7/25 CNN: Doctor (psychiatrist) shoots, kills armed patient who shot, killed woman at PENNSYLVANIA hospital. Drudge: MH17 victim credit cards used by RUSSIAN rebels after crash, say report; victim cell phones answered. (CANCEL THOSE ACCOUNTS! Scum and low lives!)  7/30 Drudge: CHICAGO: Older men with guns rob pharmacy, make off with VIAGRA, other drugs. Teen, 17, raped at Keith Urban concert while a dozen people watch and take photos. Young man in MA steals grandmother’s car from church parking lot, sells it for heroin! (Good grief!)  8/2 Drudge: Drunk woman attacks plane crew with prosthetic leg.  Drudge: Funeral home buries wrong woman at service.  8/3 Yahoo: 1 dead, 20 hospitalized from apparent drug overdose at MARYLAND concert. (Stupidity!)  8/5 USA Today: Boy 9 killed by boy 12 in playground stabbing. (True tragedy!)  BALTIMORE COPS: Man sitting in park attacked by group of teens with medieval ball-and-chain weapon. (YE GODS!) 8/6 Drudge: Police: Man has sex with teen, impersonates cop and collects fake rape kit.  8/7 Drudge: Teacher found intoxicated and without pants on in classroom on her first day. (Houston, we have a problem!) 8/8 Drudge: Lawyer banned from taking female clients after sexual harassment complaints. SNAP: Man with leaf blower arrested for doing yard work in nude. Man fined for pretending to be ghost at cemetery. (He imbibed too many spirits?)  8/12 Drudge/CBS: Father, 2 sons arrested for DUI’s at scene of same CT car wreck.  FBI bust Ivy League scholar for molesting sleeping woman on United flight. 8/13 CNN: Couple arrested in BALI after American woman’s body found in suitcase: The woman’s mother. 8/17 CNN: Curfew ends after 7 arrests in FERGUSON, MO, 1 shooting, victim in serious condition. Girl, 3, dies after MARYLAND gun battle involving driver/child’s father: police: Girls grandparents shot, suspect killed.  Reuters: Police: TENNESSEE father kills son and wheelchair bound daughter, another daughter escaped. Alleged kidnappers sexually abused two Amish sisters, officials say. 8/18 Drudge: OHIO morgue attendant admits to having sex with over 100 corpses. (Ye gods! Really disgusting!)  8/19 CNN: 2 CALIFORNIA teen boys planned school shooting to kill 3 staffers and as many students as possible. (More mental illness.)  Drudge: ATLANTA: Woman high on synthetic pot steals police car, drives 130 mph and crashes on I-75. 8/20 CNN: Police: 6 children, adult taken hostage in home in Harvey, ILLINOIS, after robbery. (Craziness: hostage situation.) Yahoo: Father of ‘affluenza’ teen, who killed 4 people drunk driving and claimed his family’s wealth was partly to blame, arrested for impersonating a police officer. (Altogether crappy family.)  Reuters: Masked gunmen slay family collecting body at HONDURAS morgue, kill 9. (Horrendous!)  8/21 Drudge: 7 year old turns in mother for cooking meth. (Lousy mother.) Drudge: COPS: Mail carrier beat pregnant woman after questioned about missing letters. (Unreal!)  8/24 CNN: TEXAS police chief killed with multiple shots at traffic stop. TEXAS mom, 4 kids pulled over at gunpoint; mistaken identity.  8/25 Yahoo: 4 prison inmates killed, 2 beheaded in BRAZIL prison riot.  8/26 Drudge: SNAP: Naked 250 pound man kicked cop, damaged cars at marijuana festival. (Pot and alcohol can turn people into idiots.)  8/27 CNN: Girl, 9, firing Uzi at ARIZONA shooting range accidentally kills her instructor. (Are her parents crazy to have her learn to shoot a submachine gun?) Drudge: COPS: Babysitter, 22, stabs man who refused to have sex with her.  Drudge: ATLANTA college professor threatens to lower student’s grades for saying “Bless you” after sneezes in class. (40 IQ?) 8/30 Drudge: POLICE: Homeless man robbed of his pants in DAYTONA BEACH.  9/1 CNN: CHINA: 3 children stabbed to death at Chinese school, then man jumps off building.  9/2 Drudge: CLEVELAND couple arrested for theft of ‘4 sexual pleasure aids’ at WalMart.  Brawl breaks out at wedding reception after groom hits on pregnant employee. (Dump that guy now!) 9/4 Drudge: SNAP: Naked man dances, does pushups in street in CONNECTICUT. (Oh dear!)  Teens on bikes rob 2 horse drawn carriages in downtown ST. LOUIS.  9/5 Drudge: COPS: Woman check Facebook while driving kills 89 year old in wreck. Washington Post: Man charged with killing mother, setting fire to home.  9/8 Drudge: 3 ITALIAN nuns found murdered in BURUNDI convent in AFRICA: Motive robbery.  9/9 CNN: INDIANA couple charged with keeping woman in dog cage for 2 months. (Psychotic monsters.) 9/10 Drudge: COPS: Teens rob, beat 12-year old boy in wheelchair. (Despicable behavior.)  9/11 Drudge: Shoplifter uses motorized WALMART wheelchair cart as her getaway vehicle.  50 dead cats found stashed in man’s freezer. (Disgusting!) Thief steals 100 onions children grown for homeless shelter.  Elderly man breaks into home, cooks corn on the cob. (What?) 9/12 Drudge: 2 dead, 6 hurt after prayer vigil turns violent in DETROIT. (Good heavens!)  Burglar caught snoozing while cops canvas crime scene. (Silly burglar needs a day job.)  9/13 USA Today: State Police: 1 PA trooper dead in barracks shooting. (Cops killing cops?)  Drudge: Cops: Woman charged with sex attack on sleeping man: He awoke to find himself pinned to the bed. (Good grief!)  9/14 Drudge: Man armed with machete hold up restaurant in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. (Yikes!) 9/16 BBC News: THAI woman in crocodile pit suicide. (This happened before.)  Drudge: Student’s “Virginity Rocks” T-shirt banned from ARKANSAS Middle School. (Should allow that one!)  Teen busted for rubbing genitals on customer’s take out pizza. (Disgusting!)  Drudge: SNAP: OHIO man walks into traffic, sets himself on fire.  9/18 Drudge: Heart transplant patient, 60, alleges nurse, 33, forced sex. (All these horny nurses and teachers.)  Man holds up convenience store with banana. (What?)  8/19 CNN: FLORIDA man kills daughter, 6 grandchildren in murder-suicide.  Drudge: SNAP: Bat-wielding woman in underwear storms elementary school in MEMPHIS. 9/22 Drudge: CAMBODIAN Buddhist monks arrested smoking meth in pagoda. (That is NOT enlightenment, monks.)  Woman undergoes surgery to add 3rd breast. (Freakish! She will regret this!)  9/23 Drudge: Cops: Woman with heroin falls asleep while ordering food from TACO BELL drive-thru lane.  Drudge: VIRGIN flight makes emergency landing after man wearing hospital bracelet tries to open emergency door in air. 9/24 CNN: 3 dead in ALABAMA UPS shooting by recently fired employee.  9/25 CNN: Man stabbed over parking lot spot. (Ye gods!)  9/25 Drudge: Cops: Shirtless drunk man took bath in holy water at church, vandalized religious objects. (Oh dear!)  9/26 Drudge: Man busted trying to smuggle 51 turtles in his pants! (What?) Busted BROOKLYN postal carrier hoarded 40,000 pieces of undelivered mail in car, home. (Ye gods!)  9/27 Drudge: SNAP: Woman mysteriously dies after ripping off clothes, running wild in liquor store.(Bad drugs?)  10/1 CNN: Officials: Bell Gardens, CALIFORNIA may shot and killed by wife.(I hate guns!)  10/4 Drudge: WISCONSIN sword-welding man menaces Cub Scouts selling popcorn door-to-door.  10/5 Yahoo: Cops: Mom burglarizes cars at school, claims she’s looking for ISIS. 10/6 Drudge: Teacher has wife phone in bomb threat to get him out of staff meeting.(Dumber is dumber!)  10/12 Drudge: Great grandmothers fist fight in hospital maternity ward.(Good grief, calm down, ladies!) 10/14 Drudge: Boy, 10, charged with killing woman, 90, because she had yelled at him.(His life is ruined too. Sociopath.)  10/20 Yahoo: Toddler beaten and choked to death by stepfather for soiling pants. (Prison forever.)  10/21 Drudge: SNAP: Naked man does pushups in street; tasered by cops.  10/24 USA Today: 2 dead, including gunman, in SEATTLE area school shooting; 4 others injured. 10/27 CNN: Teen injured in WASHINGTON school shooting dies; 3 teens dead, 3 remain hospitalized. Drudge: African boys attacked at NYC school, called ‘EBOLA.’ 10/29 Drudge: Man beheads mother, jumps in front of train to die.(Really sick!)Drudge: POLICE: Man busted stealing wallets from baby strollers at Whole Foods. 10/31 Drudge: COPS: Man sexually assaulted after woman breaks into house, climbs into bed.(Good grief!)  11/5 CNN: FLORIDA: 90-year-old-man charging for feeding homeless people. (Outrageous!)  Drudge: SHOCK: After killing woman, murderer uploads pics to webs. Woman accused of witchcraft burned alive in PARAGUAY.  11/17 Drudge: CRAZED: Naked teen accused of breaking into 2 homes while his home burned.(Drugs? Mental disease?)  11/23 Reuters: Naked man at BOSTON airport charged with attempted murder. 11/28 CNN: MEXICAN Consulate in AUSTIN targeted; Shots also fired at federal courthouse, police HQ. 11/29 CNN: CALIFORNIA: Man in werewolf mask shoots worker, witness says. Police: Man shoots woman, then himself at Nordstrom’s in CHICAGO: Domestic situation. Drudge: COPS: Woman stabbed boyfriend for starting Thanksgiving dinner without her.(Therapy time.)   

You can expect lots of SABER RATTLING from PUTIN in RUSSIA, as he flexes his political muscles to further the reaches of his power. In my opinion, RUSSIA could use another Gorbachev.12/23/2013 Reuters: Freed Pussy Riot members vow to continue protesting against Putin. (You go, girls!)  12/29 Drudge: Exposed: The Soviet Union spent $1B on mind control programs. (Read PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES by Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander.)  1/14 Reuters: RUSSIA expels U.S. journalist critical of Putin. 1/15 Drudge: 7 die in shootout during pre-Olympic RUSSIAN militant sweep.  2/24 BBC News: MOSCOW court jails 7 anti-Putin Bolotnaya activists.  2/26 Drudge/LA Times: Putin orders test of RUSSIAN forces amid UKRAINE crisis. 2/28 Reuters: RUSSIAN court puts Putin foe under house arrest. 3/1 NY Times: Putin asks RUSSIAN senate for permission to send troops to UKRAINE. (Mars Retrograde until late May. Another war/invasion?)  CNN: RUSSIAN warship 200 miles from FLORIDA. CNN: RUSSIAN legislature votes unanimously to approve the use of military force in UKRAINE. 3/2 Drudge: Putin calls bluff: Military move in to UKRAINE. (As despots do: It’s the oil pipelines!) 3/4 CNN: Putin: RUSSIA has the right ‘to take all measures’…Military force will be last resort. (With thousands of troops already in the Ukraine, please!)  3/5 CNN: RUSSIA threatens to confiscate U.S. assets. Tit-for-tat war of words escalates over UKRAINE. 3/8 NY Times: For first time, KREMLIN signals it is prepared to annex CRIMEA. 3/14 Bloomberg: RUSSIA is preparing to invade EAST UKRAINE, says ESTONIA. 3/15 NY Times: RUSSIAN troops seize gas plant beyond CRIMEAN border, UKRAINE says. 3/16 Drudge/Telegraph: Paranoia leads Vladimir Putin to the point of no return: The Russian leader’s personal insecurity will ensure that CRIMEA falls under his control. Drudge: RUSSIAN companies withdraw billions from WEST, say MOSCOW bankers. 3/17 Drudge: CRIMEA votes for RUSSIA union. 60,000 troops massed on UKRAINE border. UKRAINE calls up 40,000 reservist. RUSSIA downs U.S. drone. OBAMA rejects vote results. Soros predicts UKRAINE could ruin EU. State TV says RUSSIA could turn U.S.A. into ‘radioactive ash.’ (WWIII would be stupidity!)  3/18 NY Times: Putin recognizes CRIMEA succession, defying the WEST. Putin calls CRIMEA an ‘integral’ part of RUSSIA. (Wouldn’t have happened without Russia’s troop invasion.)  Drudge: RUSSIA laughs at Obama sanctions; calls him ‘prankster.’  3/19 Reuters: RUSSIA storms UKRAINE naval headquarters in CRIMEA. 3/21 NY Times: Obama steps up sanctions in UKRAINE crisis. Reuters: RUSSIAN shares tumble after sanctions. (The world is different than it used to be and that’s a very good thing.)  Drudge/Business Insider: AFTER CRIMEA: Top intelligence analysts forecast the 5 things that Putin might do next. (Will he do any of them?)  3/23 Drudge/Telegraph: UKRAINE crisis: MOSCOW threatens to cut gas supply to EUROPE in retaliation for sanctions over CRIMEA.  BBC News: Visa and MasterCard block RUSSIAN bank customers. (Tit for Tat Policy?)  3/24 CNN: RUSSIA seizes UKRAINE marine base in CRIMEA.  Drudge: UKRAINIAN air force commander ‘abducted’ by pro-RUSSIAN forces. 3/25 Guardian: CRIMEA crisis: Putin advisors purposes division of UKRAINE along Nazi-Soviet lines and says its never too late to ‘correct historical errors.’ (Ye gods! Russia is returning to the old ways!)  3/26 Drudge: RUSSIA seizes 51 UKRAINIAN ships in CRIMEA. 3/31 Drudge/International Business Times: Vladimir Putin ‘wants to regain FINLAND’ says close adviser. 4/3 Drudge/National Journal: The U.S.-Russia fight has entered SPACE: (So will the U.S. go back to using the shuttles and build new ones? How about SpaceX?)  BBC News: NATO’s EASTERN EUROPE buildup plans alarm RUSSIA. (RUSSIA buildup of troops on UKRAINE border alarms the entire world!)  4/4 Drudge: RUSSIAN ambassadors discuss invading MIAMI, CALIFORNIA in leaked call. (Are they nuts?) 4/9 BBC News: Putin demands gas payments in advance.  4/12 NY Times: Satellites show RUSSIAN forces poised near UKRAINE border.  4/14 Drudge: UKRAINE says RUSSIA waging war. 4/15 Drudge: RUSSIA tests multi-warhead ICBM. RUSSIAN fighter jet buzzes U.S. warship. 4/17 NY Times: Putin asserts right to use force in eastern UKRAINE. (Putin is a dictator, cannot be trusted!)  4/19 Drudge: RUSSIA says reinforced troops on UKRAINE border as ‘precaution.’  4/21 NY Times: Photos link masked men in EAST UKRAINE to RUSSIA. (Surprise, surprise!) 4/22 Drudge: RUSSIAN military flexes impressive new gear in UKRAINE.  4/24 CNN: Putin’s fighters, missiles, warships. DUTCH scramble after RUSSIAN bombers.Drudge: ANALYST: Putin wants to reassemble SOVIET UNION. (Of course he does!)  4/24 Reuters: S&P cuts RUSSIA, sanctions could spell further downgrade.  Drudge: UKRAINE: ‘RUSSIA wants WWIII.’ 4/26 Drudge/Free Beacon: Pentagon: RUSSIAN spy ship, tug operating near U.S. off FLORIDA. Putin halts all talks with WHITE HOUSE.  4/30 Drudge: RUSSIA threatens astronauts over sanctions. (How about SpaceX?)  RUSSIA’S Putin warns west over restive UKRAINE. (Restive Ukraine is Putin’s show. This will blow up in his face!)  Drudge: Putin to visit CRIMEA for military parade!  5/2 Drudge: Putin imposes secret sanctions on pro-gay Obama campaign donors. 5/5 Drudge: RUSSIA adopts war-time rhetoric. (Of course!)  5/6 CNN: Swearing off bad language: RUSSIA bans cussing in films, books, music.  Drudge: General: Increase of activities by RUSSIAN planes, ships in ASIA-PACIFIC.  Drudge: MOSCOW accuses KIEV of ‘racism and glorifying Nazis.’ Putin honors journalists as UKRAINE propaganda war heats up.  5/7 NY Times: RUSSIA pulls its troops from UKRAINE border, Putin says. (ET advice?)  5/9 Drudge: RUSSIAN aircraft carrier sails into ENGLISH CHANNEL. SAS flight in RUSSIAN spy plane near miss.  LA Times: Putin visits ‘seized’ CRIMEA, hails it’s ‘return’ to RUSSIA. 5/14 Drudge: Satellite images show RUSSIAN forces still near UKRAINE border. (Liar, liar!)  5/18 NY Times: In taking CRIMEA, Putin gains a sea of fuel reserves.  5/23 CNN: Putin warns of civil war in UKRAINE. (That he started!)  5/31 Drudge: LITHUANIA accuses RUSSIA of harassing ships in BALTIC SEA. 6/12 Drudge/Telegraph: Young RUSSIANS yearn for the glory days of the SOVIET UNION – despite not having experienced it.  6/21 Yahoo: Putin orders CENTRAL RUSSIA TROOPS on ‘full combat alert.’ (Why?)  6/24 Reuters: RUSSIA’S Putin renounces right to send troops to UKRAINE: Kremlin. 7/13 Reuters: RUSSIA threatens UKRAINE after shell crosses border. Drudge: PUTIN meets FIDEL in CUBA. 7/27 Reuters: Pushing locals aside, RUSSIANS take top rebel posts in east UKRAINE. (The SABER is more than rattling!)  7/30 NY Times: As sanctions pile up, RUSSIANS’ alarm grows over Putin tactics. (I should hope so!)  8/6 Yahoo: RUSSIA involved in another border dispute, but no one is talking about it: NAGORNO-KARABAKH.  8/7 Reuters: RUSSIA bans WESTERN food imports in UKRAINE sanctions retaliation.  8/8 Drudge: RUSSIAN bombers penetrate U.S. air space 16x in 10 days. (Demonstration of power?) 8/20 Yahoo: UKRAINE flag unfurled on top of MOSCOW skyscraper! (Cheeky!) 8/27 NY Times: RUSSIA opens 3rd front with a new offensive, UKRAINIAN and WESTERN officials say. (I wish I didn’t have to say ‘I told you so’ on this score! Damn Putin!)  8/28 CNN: UKRAINE: “This is a full scale invasion.” U.S.: RUSSIANS directly involved. (Putin is trying to restore the former Soviet Union!)  8/29 Yahoo: Putin directly addressed REBELS in UKRAINE for first time, and he used a frightening word to describe them, refers to NEW RUSSIA. (I told you so!)   8/30 POLISH president warns GERMANY of Putin’s ’empire’ ambitions. (Someone always wants to rule the world! EGO!)  FINLAND’S fighter jets on alert after breach. 9/1 Reuters: Putin calls for talks on “statehood” in eastern UKRAINE. (Putin Power Play.)  Yahoo: RUSSIA has threatened nuclear attack, says UKRAINE Defense Minister. (RUSSIA IS BIG NUTS!)  9/11 Yahoo: WORLD WAR 3: RUSSIA nuclear weapons fired, Vladimir Putin warns U.S. of more ‘corresponding countermeasures.’  9/18 BBC News: BBC TEAM attacked in southern RUSSIA. 9/19 Yahoo: VLADIMIR PUTIN threatens World War 3, says RUSSIA could invade EUROPE within 2 days. (The sanctions are hurting!)  9/20 USA Today: U.S., CANADIAN jets intercept 8 RUSSIAN aircraft. (What the hell are they doing?)  Drudge: Update: RUSSIAN nuke bombers intercepted near ALASKA. Report: CHINA plans for nuke subs near U.S. coast. 10/1 Drudge: Chess King Kasparov: Putin “most dangerous man in the world.” 10/12 Drudge: Putin deploying tactical nuclear arms to CRIMEA. FINLAND says RUSSIAN warships intercepted research vessel.  10/17 Guardian: RUSSIA to bolster military presence in former SOVIET states. (Fulfilling my suspicions, exactly.)  

The SATURN-JUPITER trine the first half of the year assists economic growth and cooperation in business, in addition to the expansion of consciousness for individuals.  1/3 Reuters: U.S. economic growth gauge at highest since April 2010. 1/9 Reuters: Jobless claims fall as labor market firms. Retail sales rise in December. 1/9 CNN: Economists: U.S. will see better growth in ’14. (My sense exactly.)  3/28 NY Times: Putin seeks diplomatic solution to CRIMEA crisis, White House says. (Also an aspect of this trine.)  4/17 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims hover near pre-recession levels.  5/25 NY Times: ISRAELI and PALESTINIAN leaders to meet with Pope at VATICAN. (Kudos!)  6/6 NY Times: U.S. added 217,000 jobs in May; Unemployment rate remains 6.3%. CNN: Job market erases recession losses.  6/27 Yahoo: UKRAINE, EU sign historical trade and economic pact amid worries about Moscow’s reaction.  

HURRICANES, CYCLONES, TYPHOONS take their toll in terms of loss of lives and property.4/22 BBC News: Cyclone hits hunt for missing plane. 6/13 Yahoo: Cristina explodes: Record early season hurricane activity in eastern PACIFIC. 7/1 CNN: Hurricane possible for 4th of July: Major storm off FLORIDA coast. 7/3 Drudge: Evacuation ordered for island on NC Outer Banks as category 1 Hurricane Arthur churns on. Hurricane warnings for NORTH CAROLINA; Vacationers flee. More than 10,000 lightning strikes over NEW JERSEY as storm rages. 7/4 Reuters: Hurricane Arthur challenges July 4th celebrations.  7/6 CNN: Fierce Typhoon Neoguri threatens JAPANESE island of OKINAWA.  7/7 Reuters: Super Typhoon takes aim at JAPAN, heavy rains, powerful winds. Massive SUPER TYPHOON closes in on JAPAN, millions threatened.  7/9 Reuters: Weakened typhoon leaves 2 dead, heads north from OKINAWA to main JAPAN islands.  7/16 CNN: Typhoon hits PHILIPPINES, causing deaths. Reuters: Typhoon shuts MANILA, prompts evacuations; MANILA in typhoon chaos. 7/17 Reuters: PHILIPPINES typhoon kills 38, heads for CHINA.  7/18 CNN: Super typhoon threatens CHINA.  7/20 CNN: Typhoon death toll tops 100 in CHINA and PHILIPPINES. 7/21 Reuters: At least 12 die in VIETNAM typhoon flooding; 17 dead in CHINA. 7/22 CNN: Typhoon approaches TAIWAN. 8/5 CNN: 2 cyclones heading toward HAWAII.  8/8 Reuters: ISELLE batters HAWAII, weakens to tropical storm. 8/9 CNN: HAWAII gets all clear as ISELLE leaves; JULIO to dodge state. (Prayer helps!)  8/10 BBC News: Typhoon Halong slams into JAPAN.  8/11 Reuters: Deadly typhoon rips through JAPAN.  8/18 CNN: Hundreds dead as monsoon brings chaos to NORTHERN INDIA, NEPAL: Floodwaters submerged roads. 8/25 Yahoo: Tropical Storm Cristobal churns in CARIBBEAN.  Yahoo: HURRICANE MARIE becomes powerful category 5 storm off MEXICO; 3 fishermen missing after their boat capsized.  9/14 CNN: HURRICANE ODILE rapidly strengthens to category 4 storm in PACIFIC off MEXICO: Heavy rains, flooding, and mudslides expected.  9/16 BBC News: HURRICANE ODILE stuns MEXICO resorts.  Drudge: Hurricane strands tourists, sparks looting in MEXICO. 9/17 Drudge: ODILE poised to bring catastrophic flooding to SOUTHWEST.  9/19 Yahoo: Water scarce for thousands in MEXICO’S Los Cabos as new storm looms.  9/20 Reuters: Storm leaves 200,000 displaced in PHILIPPINES, heads for TAIWAN. Devastating floods hit PHILIPPINES. Tourists stranded in MEXICO by Hurricane Odile. 9/28 CNN: Hello RACHEL: NORTHEAST PACIFIC season’s 12th hurricane spins off MEXICO. 10/5 CNN: TYPHOON PHANFONE bears down on JAPAN, with TOKYO in its path. (Yikes!)  10/5 CNN: 3 airmen, surfer missing after TYPHOON PHANFONE hits JAPAN.  10/8 Yahoo: Supertyphoon rivaling Haiyan on course for JAPAN. 10/9 Yahoo: Super Typhoon takes aim at U.S. PACIFIC bases.  10/11 BBC News: INDIA braces for Cyclone Hudhud; hundreds of thousands evacuated. 10/12 CNN: Typhoon pounds OKINAWA. Cyclone Hudhud makes landfall in INDIA. 10/12 Reuters: 3 dead as cyclone hits INDIA’S eastern coast.  10/14 BBC News: INDIA cyclone death toll reaches 24. 10/16 CNN: BERMUDA braces for Hurricane Gonzalo. 10/27 BBC News: Cyclone Nilofar approaches GUJARAT. 12/7 Reuters: Homes flattened as typhoon roars through PHILIPPINES, at least 3 dead. 12/8 CNN: HAGUPIT batters PHILIPPINES, killing at least 21; 900,000 crammed into rescue centers.

IMMIGRATION is a worldwide problem to be solved in many countries, not just the United States. Definite progress should be made in the U.S. After all, some aliens might be Martians or from some other planet!12/22/2013 Reuters: AFRICANS face uncertain ISRAELI future after migration. 12/26 CNN: 17 migrants die when intercepted boat capsizes at TURKS and CAICOS islands.  1/3 BBC News: ITALY rescues 1,000 migrants off LAMPEDUSA inside 24 hours. 1/4 BBC News: Nearly a million displaced in CAR. BBC News: AFRICAN migrants in ISRAEL protest in Tel Aviv.  1/14 BBC News: SOUTH SUDAN Nile ferry sinks with more than 200 dead trying to flee violence.  1/16 Drudge: Marriot CEO: We need immigration bill so we can staff our resorts. 1/28 NY Times: Backing in GOP for legal status for immigrants. 2/2 Reuters: U.S. immigration bill ‘in doubt’ this year, Republican Ryan. 2/6 BBC News: Hundreds rescued by ITALIAN navy: 1,123 from inflatable boats in one day, while 7 drowned trying to reach SPAIN. 2/7 NY Times: Boehner doubts immigration bill will pass in 2014. (Another Republican opinion: or block.)  2/9 Drudge: BRITISH immigration minister quits–for employing illegal cleaner.  BBC News: SWISS immigration vote ‘split 50-50’. 2/12 USA Today: Immigration activists threaten GOP political payback. 2/14 Time: THE NETHERLANDS tells immigrants to learn Dutch or get out. 2/27 Reuters: Nearly 500 migrants rescued from rough seas off SICILY coast. 3/3 CNN: Stepping stones to safety: A family flees SYRIA’S war and finds refuge in ITALY’S islands. 3/17 Drudge: Free flow of labor stemmed as BELGIUM cracks down on migrants.  3/20 CNN: More than 100 immigrants found at suspected stash house in TEXAS. 3/21 Drudge: ‘Fewer, fewer, fewer!’ DUTCH  far-right politician creates a storm with anti-Moroccan chant. 3/26 CNN: CHINESE overwhelm U.S. visa program. 4/1 Drudge: 872,504 ordered removed by immigration authorities have not left. 5/15 Reuters: SAHARA migrant trail strewn with death.  Drudge: MEXICAN immigrant seeks refuge from deportation in ARIZONA church. 5/17 NY Times: U.S. setting up emergency shelter in TEXAS as youths cross border alone. 5/18 CNN: Other side of immigration: The deadliest trip in AMERICA? Desperate search after immigrants die in desert.  Drudge: 700 migrants rush at SPAIN’S border.  5/28 Drudge: Report: Unprecedented number of young illegals pouring over border. 5/30 Drudge: Scores of illegals dropped at ARIZONA bus stops. 5/31 Reuters: Over 3,000 migrants rescued at sea, ITALIAN navy. 6/8 CNN: U.S. Navy rescues 282 apparent African migrants in MEDITERRANEAN.  Drudge: More than a dozen counties in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA releasing immigrants from jails. Feds ships hundreds more illegals to ARIZONA. 6/14 CNN: Undocumented in AMERICA: A refugee crisis of epic proportions from MEXICO and CENTRAL AMERICA. Drudge/Washington times: Border patrol changing diapers, heating baby formula for surge of children.  6/14 Drudge: In TEXAS Rio Grande Valley, a seemingly endless surge of immigrants: 35,000 per month.  6/16 CNN: 100,000 CAMBODIAN migrant workers flee THAILAND. 6/18 Reuters: Dozens feared drowned as boat carrying suspected illegal immigrants sinks off western MALAYSIA. 6/21 Yahoo: Fleeing IRAQIS join growing refugee population.  Drudge: AUSTRALIA offers asylum seekers $10K to go home. 6/30 CNN: ITALIAN navy finds about 30 bodies in migrant boat. 7/2 Reuters: Kerry warns U.S. will deport undocumented CENTRAL AMERICAN children. 7/8 Drudge: Border Breakdown: More migrant buses blocked.  7/10 CNN: PERRY to OBAMA: This is a disaster; Overwhelmed with undocumented children crossing into TEXAS. Yahoo: MEXICAN train carrying 1,300 migrants toward U.S. derails. (Get the message?)  7/11 CNN: Officials: Immigration flood will worsen. (Go home!)  Drudge: Police rescue 165 kidnapped migrants in MEXICAN border state. CA church gives illegals ‘travel cash,’ sends them to NY, NJ. 7/12 Yahoo: Billionaire trio unite for U.S. immigration reform: Buffet, Gates and Adelson.  7/15 Drudge: Intel Report: 95% of migrants expect to receive “permisos” to stay in U.S. 7/17 Drudge: Medical breakdown on border. (Not surprising!)  CBS-DC: Homeland Security: Parents give immigrant children birth control ‘In case they’re raped along the way.’ (Good grief!) MARYLAND governor asks White House NOT to send illegals to his state. CONNECTICUT rejects children. Released legal alien arrested for murder.  7/18 Yahoo: Border Patrol agents being widely infected with diseases; union VP warns all of America at risk. 7/21 Reuters: ITALY rescues 1,800 migrants over weekend, 5 bodies recovered.  7/25 Drudge: Illegal alien gang members arrested for murder of homeless man. Thieves steal identities of underage arrivals. Some NYC schools now 10% illegal aliens. (What can be done?)  7/28 Drudge: Migrants from NEPAL, BANGLADESH, SRI LANKA enter through MEXICO. 8/2 Reuters: U.S. House passes border security funding bill to speed deportations.  Drudge: Hundreds of dead border crossers in single TEXAS county. (Ye gods!)  8/4 Breitbart: Leaked CBP report shows entire world exploiting open U.S. borders, with those from EBOLA infected countries rapidly entering the U.S. 8/7 Drudge: 100 dead bodies found in ARIZONA desert over last 10 months. Border agent violently assaulted by 2 HONDURANS. 8/10 Drudge: Sheriff: MEXICAN immigrant gangs in military fatigues marching through SOUTH TEXAS. Cartels using children as shields. ARIZONA: My people have arrested people deported 12, 15 times. 8/16 BBC News: ENGLAND Tilbury Docks: Man dies after 35 migrants found in container, including children from INDIA. 8/17 BBC News: Container stowaways: AFGHAN Sikhs. 8/23 Reuters: Boat with 170 AFRICANS sinks off LIBYA coast: Coast guard rescues 17.  8/28 Reuters: U.S. to ease some deportations to MEXICO under settlement. Drudge: Illegal aliens storm beach in SAN DIEGO, second attempt thwarted. 8/29 Drudge: CUBAN migrant boat turned away at CAYMAN’S despite rough seas. 8/31 BBC News: The MALTA millionaires who rescue migrants at sea in the MEDITERRANEAN. (Humane: BIG BOAT) 9/10 Drudge: ITALY has become GROUND ZERO for Europe’s unprecedented wave of migrants.  9/15 BBC News: Scores of migrants ‘drown off LIBYA,’ boat sank.  9/16 CNN: Survivors: 500 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean when people smugglers/traffickers rammed boat.  9/20 Reuters: ‘Refugees welcome!’: Rallying cry in GERMANY.  9/25 BBC News CYPRUS rescue mission for 300, thought to be SYRIAN refugees, stranded in boat off Paphos. 9/27 Drudge: 15 arrested after Panga Boat washes ashore in SAN DIEGO. 10/4 CNN: Women allege sexual abuse at TEXAS immigration detention center.  10/5 Reuters: ITALY migrant rescue marks tragedy anniversary: 340 migrants rescued from MEDITERRANEAN year after boat sank with the loss of 366 souls. 10/7 BBC News: Nobel Prize winner John O’Keefe concerned over UK immigration policy. 10/13 Reuters: Migrants snared in kidnap racket on U.S. border. 11/3 Reuters: Rescuers pull 24 bodies from sea near ISTANBUL after boat sinks. Reuters: At least 24 die as boat sinks in Black Sea near ISTANBUL.12/5 BBC News: 17 migrants die in MEDITERRANEAN: Italian navy. 12/8 BBC News: YEMEN migrant boat sinks killing 70.

July 10: THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN ENDLESS WAR:7/10 Drudge: Netanyahu vows GAZA offensive to intensify.  The Jerusalem Post: IDF strikes 80 GAZA targets in under 30 minutes. Cuts water supply to Hamas leader’s homes. Rockers intercepted over TEL AVIV.  HAMAS: All Israelis now legitimate targets.  7/11 CNN: ISRAEL: Rocket fired from LEBANON. Reuters: Obama to ISRAEL, HAMAS: Cool it down!  MIDEAST violence rages on.  BBC News: Death toll in GAZA reaches 100. Drudge: HAMAS promises ISRAEL: ‘Suicide attacks on every bus, cafe street’ in new video. (Terrorist attacks admitted in video! This is why they suffer now.)  7/12 CNN: ISRAEL, HAMAS exchange rockets, air strikes. 7/12 Reuters: GAZA death toll at 115.  USA Today: ISRAEL strikes GAZA mosque as death toll climbs. 7/13 Reuters: Thousands of GAZA civilians flee after ISRAELI warning. 18 dead in single GAZA bombing. Drudge: ISRAELI troops wounded in first ground incursion in GAZA. HAMAS fire major barrage at Tel Aviv.  IRON DOME intercepts. Mosque and clinic bombed. 7/15 CNN: Cease-fire attempt ends as ISRAELI airstrikes resume: HAMAS rejects terms.  7/17 NY Times: ISRAELI invasion of GAZA likely, officials says; Brief cease fire set. BBC News: ISRAEL-GAZE cease fire denied. (Lots of contradictions in the news.)  Drudge: ISRAEL warns 100,000 GAZA residents to evacuate. 20 missiles found in U.N.-run school in GAZA. NY Times; ISRAEL begins ground assault on GAZA. (Why are they doing this?)  7/18 Reuters: 23 Palestinian, Israeli soldiers killed in GAZA ground offensive.  7/20 NY Times: Deadliest day in GAZA war: 87 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers killed.  7/21 NY Times; Neighborhood ravaged on deadliest day so far for both sides in GAZA. CNN: ISRAEL checking HAMAS kidnapping claim. Netanyahu: HAMAS forced escalation. Reuters: GAZA death toll tops 500. GAZA hospitals strained as casualties rise. ISRAELIS kills 20 PALESTINIAN militants who slipped across the border. USA Today: 2 Americans killed in ISRAEL-GAZA conflict. 7/22 Reuters: ISRAEL’S GAZA offensive enters 3rd week. 7/23 NY Times: Kerry arrives in ISRAEL in effort to broker a GAZA cease-fire. 7/24 USA Today: 15 dead as ISRAELI airstrike hits U.N. facility in GAZA.  NY Times: At least 10 die at U.N. school used as GAZA civilian shelter. 7/25 BBC News: Ceasefire aim as GAZA deaths top 800. Drudge: Riots hit WEST BANK. 7/26 BBC News: ISRAELIS extend GAZA ceasefire. 7/27 CNN: ISRAEL: HAMAS is still firing. Reuters: HAMAS accepts GAZA truce. (Contradictory reports.) GAZE truce extensions called off. (The arms dealers benefit most: The killers behind the killers.)  BBC News: HAMAS announces new GAZA ceasefire.  7/28 BBC News: U.N. chief: GAZA in critical condition.  USA Today: Rockets rip GAZA hospital, park; ISRAEL blames HAMAS. 7/29 CNN: ISRAELI PM: Prepare for ‘protracted campaign’ as deaths continue. Drudge: ISRAELI woman describes fear of HAMAS tunnel into neighborhood. (I’d be terrified, too.)  7/30 Drudge: 3rd rocket arsenal found at U.N. school in GAZA. GAZA’S sole power station knocked out. 7/31 CNN: ISRAEL calls up 16,000 more reservists. (Serious war!)  NY Times: Netanyahu vows to continue destroying GAZA tunnels. Seeing HAMAS as worse than ISRAEL, ARAB leaders stay silent. 8/1 NY Times: GAZE cease-fire collapses; ISRAELI soldier captured. 8/2 NY Times: GAZA fighting intensifies as cease-fire falls apart.  Drudge: Claim: HAMAS has 3,000 elite soldiers ready to die in suicide attacks. (They really are EVIL…this terrorist jihadist suicide thing is EVIL, UNGODLY!)  8/3 Reuters: 10 dead in strike on GAZA school. GAZA will pay heavily for more attacks, ISRAEL says. 8/7 NY Times: Conflict leaves industry in ashes and GAZA reeling from economic toll. CNN: Clocks ticking on GAZA truce talks. 8/8 CNN: ISRAEL-GAZA cease fire ends. Reuters: Bombing resumes in GAZA. War takes toll on local jobs. (Duh?)  8/9 CNN: GAZA mosque hit in air strike. Sirens howl, drones fly, ISRAEL and GAZA brace for more hostilities.  8/10 CNN: PALESTINIANS threaten to quit talks unless ISRAELIS attend. (Sounds reasonable!)  Reuters: ISRAEL won’t talk GAZA truce while under fire. (Also reasonable.)  8/12 Reuters: GAZA ceasefire talks ‘difficult’ but truce holds. Drudge/Times of Israel: HAMAS said to execute dozens of tunnel diggers. (True or propaganda?) 8/13 BBC News: GAZA bomb disposal team hit by blast: 6 killed, including 2 journalists. 8/19 Reuters: ISRAEL, PALESTINIANS renew truce but risks remain. Opinion: Peace may be the true threat to HAMAS, ISRAEL’S leaders.  Reuters: New GAZA fighting erupts, ISRAEL orders negotiators home. 8/20 CNN: Strikes, counter strikes resume between ISRAEL and HAMAS after talks fail. (Not all Palestinians are Hamas!) Reuters: Wife and son of HAMAS leader killed. (More fuel for war.)  8/21 CNN: 3 senior HAMAS military leaders killed in airstrike on GAZA. Drudge/Yahoo: Senior HAMAS official says group abducted ISRAELI teens. 8/22 Reuters: Gunmen execute 18 alleged ‘collaborators’ in GAZA, ISRAEL launches air strikes. Drudge: GAZA rocket smashes into ISRAELI synagogue.  8/23 CNN: HAMAS admits its men abducted ISRAELI teens, says its leaders didn’t know. USA Today: GAZANS’ hope of peace shatters as truce fails. Drudge: IAF airstrike collapses GAZA apartment tower. 8/24 Reuters: ISRAEL destroys 13 story building in GAZA airstrike.  ISRAELI airstrike kills 2 men on motorcycles in GAZA: medics. 8/25 Reuters: No let up in GAZA war as EGYPT presses on with truce efforts. 8/26 Reuters: ISRAELI airstrikes target more GAZA high rises. (Cruel and totally unnecessary.)  BBC News: HAMAS says truce agreed with ISRAEL. (Again yet!)  8/27 Reuters: ISRAELI army withdraws armored vehicles from GAZA border area.  Drudge: IRANIAN general threatens surprise attack on ISRAEL.  8/28 CNN: An armed group detained 43 U.N. peacekeepers in the GOLAN HEIGHTS early today, the U.N. says. (Israel, the bully!)  9/16 Reuters: U.N.: PALESTINIANS, ISRAELIS reach deal on GAZA reconstruction. (The big business of WAR.) 10/7 Reuters: ISRAEL shells south LEBANON after border blast wounds soldiers. 10/13 Reuters: An assault in GAZA raises war crimes questions. Kerry pushes for peace; donors pledge $5B for PALESTINIANS. 11/10 Reuters: 1 dead, 3 wounded in Palestinian stabbing attacks: Israeli police. 

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE of April 15, called a BLOOD MOON, creates upheaval, dangers, political unrest and severe weather in AUSTRALIA, the nations of the PACIFIC OCEAN, and in NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA.(The effects of an eclipse last for 5 months.)4/4 CNN: Strong storms threaten SOUTH, MIDWEST. Baseball size hail in TEXAS. 4/10 BBC News: Cyclone Ita: QUEENSLAND braces for category 5 storm. 4/12 USGS 7.6 magnitude earthquake SOLOMON ISLANDS; tsunami warning for Pacific Islands. 4/13 CNN: Fire in CHILEAN city kills 4, consumes 500 homes: ‘One of the worst fires.’ CNN: WYOMING officials eye slow-moving landslide, evacuate residents. Reuters: 8 dead in VALPARAISO blaze, 500 houses destroyed. Drudge: Feds retreat from ranch standoff.  4/19 Drudge: Looming, creeping landslide splits home in WYOMING. 4/21 CNN: Another massive sinkhole threatens homes in FLORIDA. Cyclone threatens to disrupt jet search in INDIAN OCEAN.  Drudge: 9 killed, 37 wounded in weekend CHICAGO shootings. Drudge: Creeping landslide destroying part of WYOMING town.  4/24 USGS: 6.6 magnitude earthquake Port Hardy, CANADA. CNN: 50 foot sinkhole reopens in FLORIDA after fix. 4/27 Reuters: Tornadoes destroy around 150 homes in NORTH CAROLINA, more than a dozen sent to the emergency rooms. 4/28 CNN: ‘Cars flipped everywhere, people screaming’…tornadoes kill 18 in ARKANSAS, OKLAHOMA and IOWA, more than 100 injured. Severe weather forecast today for SOUTH and MIDWEST. 4/29 CNN: 75 million under storm threat: Tornado outbreaks kill 29 in 6 states. Reuters: At least 6 hurt in shooting at Fed-Ex facility in GEORGIA.  Drudge: 4 dead after small plane crashes into SOUTH DAKOTA wind farm in fog. BBC News: Fierce storm blows freight train off tracks in ILLINOIS. 4/30 CNN: Deadly storm claims 35 lives. Reuters: Floods batter SOUTHEAST after deadly tornadoes. CBS: MINNESOTA: SPRING THAW: Lake Mille Lacs residents dealing with walls of ice creeping onto land. (Yikes!) USA Today: Swamped: Storms slam FLORIDA Panhandle. CNN: It’s like a tornado and a hurricane all in one: Foot of rain floods FLORIDA and ALABAMA.  5/1 Drudge/NBC: Block long sinkhole swallows cars in BALTIMORE and covers train tracks. 5/7 USGS: 6.1, 5.6 magnitude quakes Panguna, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 5.9 quake WEST CHILE RISE.  5/8 CNN: Millions in path of severe storms. 5/9 CNN: Tornadoes hit COLORADO, MINNESOTA. 5/11 CNN: Apparent tornado rips MISSOURI town. U.S. Airways flight lands in DUBLIN after 9 attendants fall ill. 5/12 Yahoo: Spring snow hits ROCKIES; PLAINS face high winds.  USA Today: More wild weather threatens central U.S. 5/20 NBC: 70,000 fish turn up dead in Marina Del Rey, CALIFORNIA; low oxygen in the water. 5/22 CNN: Baseball sized hail smacks DENVER. 5/23 CNN: Tornado threat menaces MID-ATLANTIC. Thousands of acres burn in ARIZONA. Drudge: Dust storm crash in NEW MEXICO kills 6. 5/24 CNN: E-coli found in PORTLAND, OREGON water. 5/26 CNN: 3 missing after massive 4 mile mudslide in western COLORADO.  5/27 CNN: NORTH DAKOTA tornado strikes oil field camp, destroys 12 RVs, 8 people suffered minor injuries. 5/31 Earth Changes Media: Storm brewing in CARIBBEAN. 6/1 CNN: 6 missing MOUNT RAINIER climbers believed to have fallen.  6/4 CNN: MIDWEST braces for more storms after 4,300 new cars pounded by hail.  6/5 Yahoo: Violent hailstorm smashes 4500 new cars at NEBRASKA dealership. 6/9 CBS: DNR Warden spots icebergs on LAKE SUPERIOR. 6/11 Yahoo: NASA sees Tropical Storm Christina’s birth and severe weather in U.S. South.  6/17 CNN: Twin tornadoes tear through NEBRASKA town, 2 dead. Giant twisters side-by-side.  Yahoo: Early signs point to a strong, disruptive EL NINO. 6/19 Drudge: June snow: Winter storm in MONTANA, UTAH, WYOMING, flooding in GLACIER NATIONAL PARK as summer approaches. 6/25 Yahoo: Tornado tears through INDIANA; Storms rip SOUTH, MIDWEST. 6/26 Earth Changes Media: Devastating Brunswick, OHIO tornado, 45 homes and businesses damaged. Homes damaged in INDIANAPOLIS tornado. 7/1 Yahoo: Torrential storms causing flooding, damage to trees and power outages in CHICAGO. After wet weekend, tornadoes, floods seen in MIDWEST. 7/3 CNN: Category 1 HURRICANE ARTHUR’S greatest threat may be rip currents along the EAST COAST. 7/4 Reuters: Hurricane Arthur challenges July 4th celebrations. 7/4 BBC News: Dust storm swallows PHOENIX, ARIZONA, grounds flights. 7/5 Reuters: Winds wallop MASSACHUSETTS Nantucket Island; Hurricane Arthur weakens to Category 1 as it heads up EAST COAST. 7/6 Reuters: Arthur pelts southeast CANADA with rain and wind. 7/8 Reuters: Typhoon Neoguri slams JAPAN, More than 500,000 urged to evacuate.  7/9 CNN: Fierce storms kill 5, leave 300,000 without power in EASTERN STATES.  7/12 Drudge: Brisbane, AUSTRALIA hits coldest temperature in 103 years. (It’s winter in OZ)  Drudge: July Freak: CHICAGO braces for record low temps. 7/24 USA Today: Tornado hits VIRGINIA campground, children injured.  Drudge: FLORIDA man comes home from vacation, finds strange family living in his house, locks changed: Squatters rights! (OMG!) 7/27 Yahoo: 3,000 foot tall sandstorm envelops PHOENIX.  8/2 Yahoo: TROPICAL STORM BERTHA spins toward PUERTO RICO, warnings issued. 8/4 CNN: Mudslides cut off, trap thousands in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA town, including 500 children and campers near San Bernardino: Roads covered by up to 8 feet of mud. OHIO: 400,000 can’t drink the water. Yahoo update: 1 dead, thousands stranded in CALIFORNIA. mudslide. 8/8 Reuters: ISELLE batters HAWAII, weakens to tropical storm. 8/12 Yahoo: SOUTHWEST braces as LAKE MEAD water level drops. 8/13 Yahoo: Sinkhole swallows car in western PENNSYLVANIA. 8/14 Drudge: LONG ISLAND town gets 13 inches of water in one night. 2 months rainfall in 2 hours. 8/15 Yahoo: CALIFORNIA’S record heat is like nothing you’ve ever seen yet. 8/19 CNN: Rescue crews respond to PHOENIX flash flood, 4 inches rain of rain suddenly fell.  8/21 Yahoo: Dangerous storms wreck havoc across U.S.: 500 lightning strikes in CALIFORNIA as raging floods and rain devastate ARIZONA.  8/22 Yahoo: Heavy rain sets off mudslides in fire-ravaged north WASHINGTON state. 8/22 Facebook/Washington Post: 2-3 feet hail crippled parts of MEXICO CITY on Sunday. 8/23 CNN: Floods cause devastation across U.S.: CHICAGO, DETROIT, ARIZONA, BALTIMORE. Drudge: MONTANA, WYOMING brace for snow, cold temps while much of U.S. sizzles.  8/27 Drudge; CENTRAL CALIFORNIA residents rely on bottled water as the wells run dry. (How awful!)  9/7 CNN: 230,000 without power in DETROIT after powerful storm. 9/9 Yahoo: Torrential rains trigger flash flooding in ARIZONA and CALIFORNIA.  9/10 USA Today: Wild weather roars across MIDWEST. (Here at the end of the 5 months of the eclipse.)  

ASTRONOMICAL WONDERS continue to amaze and astound, as inhabitable and inhabited planets are discovered, along with the alien species that live on these planets.12/27/2012 1,000 Alien Planets: Strange new worlds: The amazing alien planet discoveries of 2013. Science Daily: Companion’s comets the key to curious exoplanet system. 1/4 Facebook/YouTube: NASA discovers hidden portals in space between the Earth and the Sun.  1/6 Science Daily: Newly discovered three-star system could test Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. (Wow!) 1/7 Science Daily: Newfound planet Earth-mass but gassy. 1/8 Science Daily: Hubble unveils deep sea of small and faint early galaxies. Newly discovered object defies categories: Is it a new kind of planet or a rare kind of failed star? BBC News: International Space Station life to be extended to 2024. 1/9 Science Daily: Massive exoplanets may be more Earth-like than thought: Super-Earths likely to have oceans, continents. (Naturally! Inhabitants?)  1/10 Science Daily: Astronomers discover new planet in Pisces constellation twice the mass of Jupiter. (Wow!) 1/11 Science Daily: Surprising new class of ‘Hypervelocity stars’ discovered escaping the galaxy.  1/15 Science Daily: First planet found around solar twin in star cluster:three planets orbiting stars in the cluster Messier 67.  1/19 Science Daily: Space Station MAXI-mizing our understanding of the Universe.  1/20 Neutrino telescopes launch new era of astronomy. 1/21 Science Daily: Milky Way may have formed ‘inside out:’ Gaia provides new insight into Galactic evolution. (BIG WOW!)  Rosetta: ‘Sleeping Beauty’ wakes up from deep space hibernation. 1/23 Science Daily: Herschel Telescope detects water on dwarf planet CERES in asteroid belt. Bright star reveals new Neptune-size exoplanet.  Latest UFO Sightings: Milky Way has billions of Earth-like planets. 1/24 Science Daily: Mars could have supported life; Ten years on Mars leads to livable mud. 1/27 Global effort needed to defend Earth from asteroids, astronauts tell U.N.  1/28 Science Daily: River of hydrogen flowing through space observed. 2/6 Mail Online: The mystery of the North Star: Astronomers baffled to find Polaris getting BRIGHTER. Science Daily: Red skies discovered on extreme brown dwarf. (What a trip!)  2/12 Science Daily: 4 unknown galaxy clusters containing thousands of galaxies discovered 10 billion light years from Earth. (Such vast Creation.) 2/14 Mysterious energy ribbon at Solar System’s edge a ‘cosmic roadmap’. (Wow!)  2/25 Science Daily: Water detected on planet outside our solar system. (Naturally!)  2/26 Science Daily: ‘Super Earths’ may be dead worlds; Being in habitable zone not enough. CNN: NASA discovers 715 new planets.  3/1 Science Daily: NASA scientists find evidence of water in meteorite, reviving debate over life on Mars. (This is life on Mars.)  3/11 Science Daily: Weirdness in cosmic web of the universe: Faint strings of galaxies in ’empty’ space arranged in way never before seen.  3/12 Largest yellow star ever seen revealed in new light: 12,000 light years from earth. 3/25 Drudge/Mail Online: Has NASA found a new Earth? Astronomer discovers same sized planet in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ that could host alien life. (NASA knows there is alien life on other planets.)  3/26 New dwarf planet found at solar system’s edge, hints at possible faraway ‘Planet X.’ Asteroid found with rings! First-of-its-kind discovery stuns astronomers.  3/27 Yahoo: Newfound pink world lurks at solar system fringes. (Yahoo!)  Science Daily: Solar system has a new most-distant member: The work indicates the potential presence of an enormous planet, not yet seen, but possibly influencing the orbit of inner Oort cloud objects.4/4 CNN: Hidden ocean detected on SATURN moon. Science Daily: Gravity measurements confirm subsurface ocean on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. 4/9 CNN: Astronomers find ‘diamond engagement ring’ in space. 4/10 Science Daily: MARS: Gusev Crater once held a lake after all, scientists say. 4/13 Drudge: NASA orders spacewalk to repair serious computer malfunction at ISS. 4/14 Science Daily: SpaceX’s Dragon headed to space station to create astronaut farmers. International Space Station to beam video via laser back to Earth. Discovery News: PLUTO may have deep seas and ancient tectonic faults. (PLUTO is a PLANET.) 4/16 Science Daily: Astronomers: ‘Tilt-a-worlds’ could harbor life.  4/17 CNN: NASA discovers Earth-sized planet that may sustain life 490 light years away.  4/18 Science Daily: First potentially habitable planet Earth-sized planet confirmed by Gemini and Keck observatories. 4/23 Drudge/Guardian: Asteroids cause dozens of nuclear-scale blasts in Earth’s atmosphere. 4/24 Science Daily: Traces of recent water on MARS: Liquid water on MARS as recently as 200,000 years ago.  4/28 Earth Changes Media: Move over exoplanets, exomoons may harbor life too. Discovery News: Could aliens be living on exomoons? (You bet!)  4/30 Drudge: Elon Musk’s rocket company gets subsidies from U.S. and FRANCE. Science Daily: The intergalactic medium unveiled: Cosmic Web Imager directly observes ‘dim matter.’ 5/2 Science Daily: Jupiter’s moon Ganymede may harbor ‘club sandwich’ of oceans and ice.  5/7 Science Daily: Nearest bright ‘hypervelocity star’ found: Speeding 1 million mph, it probes black holes and dark matter.  5/14 CNN: RUSSIA plans to leave International Space Station by 2020, official says. (Our sanctions are going make some cosmonauts very unhappy while Putin rattles his saber some more!)  5/17 Drudge: NASA asteroid capture mission may test new method to defend EARTH. Science Daily: Giant telescope tackles orbit and size of exoplanet. 5/19 Science Daily: Earth organisms survive under Martian conditions: Methanogens stay alive in extreme heat and cold. 5/28 Science Daily: A habitable environment on MARTIAN volcano? Diamond planets more common than thought.  Discovery News: Is our galaxy’s massive black hole actually a wormhole? (I sincerely think so!) 6/2 Science Daily: Astronomers find a new type of planet: The ‘mega-Earth,’ a rocky world weighing 17 times as much as Earth and much bigger than previously discovered Super-Earths. (WOW!)  6/4 Science Daily: Astronomers discover two new worlds orbiting ancient star next door: One may be warm enough to have liquid water. (Hello Space Brothers!)  6/10 Discovery News: PLUTO and moon CHARON may share same atmosphere.  6/26 Drudge: NASA finds mysterious signal that baffles astronomers.  6/28 Nearby alien planet may be capable of supporting life.  7/2 Science Daily: Discovery expands search for Earth-like planets: Newly spotted frozen world orbits in binary star system. 7/9 Yahoo: NASA has received new confirmation that the Voyager 1 spacecraft is in interstellar space. 7/11 Science Daily: Hi-ho! Astronomers discover seven dwarf galaxies with new telescopes. 7/17 Science Daily: Asteroid Vesta to reshape theory of planet formation. 7/20 Science Daily: Scientists experimentally recreate conditions deep inside giant planets such as Jupiter and Exoplanets. Earth-like soils on MARS? Ancient fossilized soils potentially found deep inside impact crater suggest microbial life. (No kidding. There is a race of ETs on Mars.) 7/22 BBC News: New alien world has longest year: 704 days.  7/25 Science Daily: Hubble finds 3 surprisingly dry exoplanets ‘Hot Jupiter’ had only 1/10th to one one-thousandth the amount of water predicted. (A drought in the Universe, too?)  7/29 Science Daily: Cassini spacecraft reveals 101 geysers and more on SATURN’S icy moon, Enceladus. (I’ve read there’s a race of ETs on this moon.)  7/31 Science Daily: Fossils could be discovered on the MOON: Signs of ancient life may be littered across the moon. (And current alien life, too?)  8/15 Drudge/The Independent: HUGE ASTEROID that ‘could end human life’ defying gravity as it moves towards Earth, scientists say. (So long, it’s been good to know you!)  8/27 CNN: Scientists: Solar System inside a big searing gas bubble. (Universe inside bubble too!)  8/29 Yahoo: ISS Astronauts baffled by strange spikes spotted in SIBERIA. 9/19 CNN: MAVEN spacecraft close to entering MARS orbit — and it won’t be alone!  9/24 Yahoo: Physics professor says she has proof black holes do not exist. (WHAT? Wormholes into other parts of the Multiverse, naturally?)  9/25 BBC News: Clear skies reveal WATER on distant NEPTUNE-sized planet: 4x the size of Earth. (Neptune is god of the sea, after all!)  10/2 Discovery News: Man in the Moon created by mega-volcano.  USA Today: Wait? What? PLUTO a planet again. (Always was!)  11/27 Yahoo: Scientists discover invisible shield surrounding Earth, baffled at how it formed.

Sadly, AMERICAN LIVES and the lives of their allies continue to be lost in AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ, in addition to AFRICA.1/4 Reuters: London confirms death of Briton in LIBYA. 1/11 CNN: Suicide rate soars among young vets 30 and under: 2 veterans a day commit suicide. (Truly tragic.)  1/18 CNN: 2 American college employees among 21 killed in KABUL restaurant attack. (Is anyplace in Afghanistan safe for anyone?)  1/19 Drudge: American troops may return to train IRAQIS. (For more carnage!)  1/22 Drudge/Telegraph: U.S. Army considers replacing thousands of troops with robots. (Honestly? Less costly than losing human lives?)  2/12 Reuters: AFGHANS in army uniforms kill 2 foreign soldiers in the east.  4/3 CNN: TEXAN hearts once again very heavy: Iraq vet Ivan Lopez fatally shot 3 soldiers and wounded 16 others at FORT HOOD, shooter under psychiatric treatment killed himself. (War turns men into murderers; STOP THE WARS AND THE KILLING.) 4/4 CNN: 2 AP journalists shot in AFGHANISTAN. Drudge: Epidemic: At least 22 veterans commit suicide each day.  4/12 CNN: Family: Ex-U.S. marine convicted of spying in IRAN, sentenced to 10 years in prison. (He was visiting his grandmother.)  4/24 CNN: 3 AMERICAN doctors shot, killed in AFGHAN hospital by Afghan guard, including father and son. (So tragic! Get out of AFGHANISTAN.) 4/26 CNN: 5 NATO coalition service members die in AFGHAN helicopter crash.  6/3 Drudge/Mail Online: Bowe Bergdahl: Taliban claim captured U.S. soldier has converted to Islam and is teaching its fighters bomb making skills. 6/10 CNN: ‘Friendly fire’ kills 5 American service members in AFGHANISTAN.  (We need to get out of there.)  6/21 Drudge: NH marine killed in AFGHANISTAN.  6/24 U.S. Navy sailor dies after parachute jump accident in CALIFORNIA. 7/8 CNN: 4 NATO members among 16 killed in eastern AFGHANISTAN attack. 7/26 CNN: 2 U.S. soldiers killed in AFGHANISTAN.  8/5 CNN: U.S. general killed in AFGHANISTAN shooting at training facility by man in Afghan military uniform, 15 other troops, including Americans, injured. 8/20 CNN: ISAF service member killed in AFGHANISTAN stabbing by Taliban.  8/26 BBC News: Lockdown on U.S. base after soldier turns gun on herself. (So many military suicides: Tragic.)  9/2 Reuters: Landmine kills 4 U.N. soldiers, wounds 15 in northern MALI.  9/16 CNN: 1 AMERICANS among 3 killed by TALIBAN in AFGHANISTAN blast. 10/25 Drudge: Marine first to die in IRAQ in fight against ISLAMIC STATE. 12/1 Reuters: U.S. Air Force pilot killed in crash in MIDDLE EAST: Central Command.  12/6 NY Times: American hostage LUKE SOMERS, 33, shot during Seal rescue attempt in YEMEN, died of his injuries; South African Pierre Korkie also killed.  Reuters: U.S. to keep more troops in AFGHANISTAN as violence spikes.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE of April 29 strongly affects SOUTHERN INDIA, AUSTRALIA, and ANTARCTICA with dramatic weather patterns, earthquakes, and political unrest.5/6 Reuters: El Nino likely to emerge as early as July: AUSTRALIA. 5/17 USGS: 5.9 magnitude quake PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE.

OVERPOPULATION in urban areas: The lure of major cities causes the desertion of rural areas, especially in ASIA, AFRICA, and SOUTH AMERICAN countries, creating tensions. 4/10 Drudge/US Society: Population in rural America continues to fall.

The struggle for compassionate HUMAN RIGHTS involves significant issues for individuals in countries  all around the world. Many HUMAN RIGHTS violations in the news.1/14 Drudge/Fox News: Dozens arrested for being gay in northern NIGERIA. 2/6 BBCNews: IRAQI security forces ‘abuse female prisoners.’Iraqi security forces are detaining thousands of women illegally and subjecting them to torture and abuse, a new report by Human Rights Watch says.  2/7 Drudge/International Business Times: Female King Saud University student dies after officials deny access to male paramedics.  2/16 Facebook/Daily Bashkar: SYRIAN girl stoned to death for using Facebook account.(The worst kind of IGNORANCE.)  2/17 CNN: ‘Abundant evidence’ of crimes against humanity in NORTH KOREA, U.N. panel says. (Shame on North Korea.)  2/23 Yahoo: U.S. AIR FORCE reveals ‘neighborhood watch’ spy satellite program.(WHAT?) 3/14 Reuters: 200 suspected Uighurs rescued from THAI trafficking camp. 4/1 Telegraph: SAUDI ARABIA declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents. 4/8 Infowars: Federal snipers train guns on family for filming cattle; arrest one of the men for non-compliance.(What?)4/30 Reuters: U.S. lawmakers press Obama administration on human trafficking, targeting MALAYSIA and THAILAND.(Slavery still exists on this planet.) 4/30 Drudge/Fox: Scorpions drummer jailed in DUBAI for insulting Islam. (Don’t work there; reject all that $$$$) 5/1 CNN: BRUNEI adopts sharia law amid international outcry.  5/9 Drudge/The Independent: SAUDI ARABIA orders 1,000 lashes and 10 year sentence for editor of website that discussed religion: Arrested in 2012 for disobeying his father. (No freedom of speech in Saudi; no human rights.)  5/14 CNN: Report slams child labor in tobacco fields. (Should not exist.)  5/15 CNN: Christian woman in SUDAN sentenced to death for converting from Islam. (The world is rapidly losing faith in the tenets of Islam.)  5/16 CNN: Human rights in eastern UKRAINE deteriorating, U.N. reports.  5/17 CNN: Kids working tobacco farms deal with vomiting, burning eyes, young as 11.  5/21 CNN: 6 IRANIANS (3 men, 3 women) arrested for making fan video of Pharrell Williams’ Happy: Youths accused of being ‘obscene.’  5/22 Reuters: NIGERIA teachers strike over kidnapped girls, killings of colleagues. (Courageous!)  5/28 Drudge: CHINA cracks down on instant messaging.  6/1 Yahoo: McDonald’s murder by religious group in CHINA sparks outrage.  6/10 Drudge/The Guardian: Revealed: Slave labor producing prawns for supermarkets in U.S., U.K. 6/29 Yahoo: PAKISTAN girl, 17, burned alive for rejecting marriage proposal. (I hope the man is burned alive!) 7/10 Drudge: Charge: 6 NC school employees involved in drug trafficking scheme.  8/12 BBC News: ‘EGYPTIAN security forces planned massacre,’ says Human Rights Watch.  8/14 Reuters: U.S. Rights groups say prominent lawyer tortured in jail in CHINA.  8/18 BBC News: KENYA’S anti-terror unit guilty of abuse, says HRW.  9/1 BBC News: IRAQ human rights crimes ‘on unimaginable level’: U.N.  9/2 CNN: Thousands of child refugees held in THAILAND.  9/6 Reuters: BAHRAIN postpones trial of prominent human rights activist charged with entering country illegally, assaulting a policewoman at the airport, and insulting King Hamad.  (Trumped up charges, no doubt.) 9/8 Reuters: U.N. rights boss warns of ‘house of blood’ in IRAQ, SYRIA. 9/19 BBC News: IRAN: Happy dancers sentenced to 91 lashes and one year in prison. (Inhumane.)  Drudge: IRANIAN blogger found guilty of insulting Mohammed on Facebook sentenced to death.  9/23 CNN: CHINA sentences prominent Uyghur scholar to life in prison for “separatism.” (You’re not allowed to think in China.)9/27 Science Daily: Countries must work together to stop organ traffickers. 10/21 Yahoo: Man, woman stoned to death for adultery in SYRIA. 10/30 BBC News: Groups condemn SINGAPORE gay ruling banning gay sex. 11/1 BBC News: EGYPT jails ‘gay wedding video’ men. 11/4 BBC News: PAKISTAN mob kills Christian couple over ‘blasphemy.’ (Outrageous! ISIS influence?)  11/17 BBC News; Almost 3M people live in modern slavery. (Outrageous!)  11/21 Drudge: GAMBIA signs law for life imprisonment for homosexual acts.

WOMEN’S RIGHTS remain a major issue, especially in MIDDLE EASTERN, ASIAN, INDIAN and AFRICAN nations where women are relegated to a lesser status. 12/27/2013 BBC News: INDIAN woman, 21, abducted and ‘raped by two gangs’ on Christmas Eve. 1/4 NY Times: Access to abortion falling as states pass restrictions. (Unfair!) 1/10 CNN: Girl, 14, talked her way out of marriage in INDIA. 1/15 CNN: INDIA: Danish woman tells police she was gang raped and robbed in New Delhi. 1/18 Reuters: KABUL’S new female police chief aware of danger, hopes to inspire. (Very brave woman.) 1/21 BBC News: CHINA executes man for rape and murder of ‘sex slaves:’ He kept 6 and forced 3 to kill 2 fellow captives: Dungeon in his basement.  1/23 CNN: Woman, 20, in INDIA tells police village head ordered her gang raped. (Rank injustice in India.) 1/31 CNN: Girl kept as sex slave for 14 years; Relative took her captive age 13.  2/2 CNN: INDIAN woman and baby burned alive for dowry, police say. (Ignorance rules in rural India.)  2/21 BBC News: SUDAN court convicts ETHIOPIAN woman of ‘indecent acts’ over gang rape. (No justice for women in Sudan.)  2/24 CBS: UCSB officials warn students after female, 19, is gang raped, beaten by Asian men. 2/26 USA Today: Army disqualifies 588 soldiers after sexual assault review: Infractions range from sexual abuse to child abuse to drunk driving. (About time! Military men need to behave.)  2/28 Drudge: Ex-NFL star accused of raping 9 women in 5 states. 3/14 BBC News: 3 convicted over INDIA nun rape. (Justice!)  3/21 BBC News: KENYAN polygamy law: Female MPs storm out of parliament: Men want as many wives as they like without consulting existing spouses. (How nice for the men???) 3/22 Drudge: KENYA legalizes polygamy without wife’s consent. (Patriarchal order!)  4/11 CNN: AFGHAN wife, 23, mutilated by drug addict husband; former child bride. 4/21 BBC News: Fighting bride kidnapping in KYRGYZSTAN, One-third of marriages through abduction of bride, men want to avoid rejection. (Outrageous!)  4/28 Drudge: 2 PARIS cops charged with raping CANADIAN tourist. 5/1 Reuters: Pentagon due to announce 50% jump in reported sex assaults. (I propose a brothel at every base with a health clinic to keep it clean: Better than women being raped by horny young men!) 5/5 CNN: Boko Haram leader: “I abducted your girls. I will sell your girls in the marketplace,” says of kidnapped NIGERIAN girls; “Allah commands me to sell.”  5/6 Reuters: Gunmen abduct 8 more girls in northeast NIGERIA: police.  5/19 CNN: Pamela Anderson reveals sexual abuse throughout childhood, starting at age 6: “I just wanted off this earth.”  5/22 CNN: Female kidnap victim, 15, found 10 years later: Man told her that her family had given up looking for her. 5/23 Telegraph: IRANIAN actress Leila Hatami faces public flogging for kissing CANNES festival president on the cheek. 5/27 Yahoo: PAKISTAN woman, 25, stoned to death by family for marrying man she loved. (May she reincarnate in a country where this can’t happen to her again.)  5/28 Pregnant woman in PAKISTAN stoned to death by her family members. (Barbaric animals!)  5/29 USA Today: Husband: Man who stoned daughter OK’d marriage, wanted $1,000. (Murderers! Prosecute them.)  Man murdered his first wife to marry second. (Geez.)  5/30 CNN: 3 arrested after girls gang raped and left hanging from tree in INDIA. 5/31 BBC News: Hop on board with the WEST BANK’S first female bus driver. (Congrats to her!)  6/2 BBC News: Rape routinely used as torture in DRC prisons on women activists: Gang raped with up to 10 rapists.  6/4 CBS-Houston: FORT HOOD Sargeant accused of setting up prostitution ring with cash-strapped female soldiers. (Soldier hookers, ye gods!)  BBC News: INDIAN woman killed after resisting molesters.  6/5 Reuters: PAKISTANI woman survives after being shot and thrown into canal for marrying her love. (Good heavens! These poor women!)  6/7 Yahoo: Woman gets life for killing husband with hammer. (If you have an abusive husband, leave, don’t kill him!)  USA Today: Cultures clash over forced child marriages in PAKISTAN, law ignored from 1929. Girl 14 forced to marry man 20 years older. (Like marrying her father.)  6/8 Yahoo: INDIAN minister says rapes happen ‘accidentally.’ (80 IQ for him; ignorant statement!)  6/10 Reuters: Suspected NIGERIAN militants kidnap up to 30 women from nomadic village in north. 6/12 CNN: INDIAN family alleges gang rape, no evidence of rape on body of woman found hanging from tree, as PM Modi issues warning on words: “Boys will be boys.” (Is it legal to murder women in India?) 6/12 BBC News: INDIA hangings: 4th woman dies in Uttar Pradesh. (It’s called MURDER.)  BBC News: The KOREAN grandmothers who sell sex. Drudge: Woman, 20, charged with prostitution inside TEWKESBURY Public Library. (Maybe she just wanted to read to him?)  6/13 Drudge: 911 dispatcher tells rape victim to ‘Quit crying.’ (Asshole award!)  6/17 BBC News: At least 12 women abducted in KENYA attack. 6/21 Reuters: EGYPT jails man for a year as push against sexual harassment begins. (Hooray; a beginning!)  Drudge: PAKISTAN woman gang raped and hung from tree. 6/24 BBC News: NIGERIA’S Boko Harm ‘seizes 60 women and children’ in Borno, with dozens killed in the attacks. 6/25 CNN: Rearrested Sudanese Christian woman faces 2 new charges: Traveling with falsified documents and giving false information. (They don’t want her to leave the country! Injustice reigns in Sudan!)  Yahoo: Brides for sale! VIETNAMESE women trafficked to CHINA.  6/28 Reuters: U.S. and SUDAN negotiating over Christian convert: Woman formerly sentenced to death for converting from Islam. Reuters: PAKISTAN family slits throats of young couple over love marriage. (Love marriage is not allowed in Pakistan.) 6/29 CNN: Another honor killing with NO HONOR: PAKISTAN newlyweds decapitated by bride’s family: He was 24, she was 18. (Disgrace upon them!)  7/1 Yahoo: Boko Harm blamed for car bomb in northeast NIGERIA market: Reducing stalls, goods and vehicles to piles of trash, dozens feared dead. 7/5 BBC News: PAKISTAN Lahore court indicts 5, including a father and 2 brothers, over honor killing of woman outside courthouse.  7/7 CNN: 63 abducted women, girls escape from Boko Haram in NIGERIA. 7/8 CNN: WOMEN recruited to protect BAGHDAD. (Wow!)  7/12 USA Today: INDIAN village elder accused of ordering ‘revenge rape’ on innocent woman because her brother tried to rape the man’s wife. (Barbaric idiocy!) 7/22 BBC News: GAMBIA: ‘I was forced to marry a stranger’: Parents sold 17 year old girl to a stranger. (Really tough karma.)  7/24 BBC News: ISIS ‘orders female genital mutilation’ for women in MOSUL. 7/28 Yahoo: PAKISTAN mob kills woman, 2 granddaughters, over ‘blasphemous Facebook post.’ (More religious fanaticism. What a painful place for women to live.)  7/29 Drudge: TURKEY: ‘Women shall not laugh in public,’ says Edrogan’s deputy. (Ye gods!) 7/30 BBC News: Militants kill SOMALI woman for not wearing veil. (Men who hide their faces in apparent shame.)  8/1 Reuters: PAKISTAN widows, ‘second’ wives flee fight but are denied aid. TURKISH women LAUGH online to protest PM’s remarks against laughing in public. (Ha Ha!)  8/10 Yahoo: Women stoned to death in SYRIA for adultery. (Are men stoned to death for adultery? I should think women living under such conditions would prefer to die!)  8/17 Reuters: Lashes for SAUDI woman who called morality police liars. 8/20 BBC News: Fugitive BRAZILIAN ‘rapist doctor’ arrested in PARAGUAY: Fertility doctor molested 38 female patients. Sad lament of SYRIAN child brides in JORDAN: Parents forced girls into marriage. 8/22 Drudge: OKLAHOMA policeman accused of sex assaults on duty against at least 6 women.  9/8 BBC News: AFRICA Union Troops ‘raped’ girls in Mogadishu, SOMALIA. (Women remain the spoils of war.)  9/25 CNN: PENNSYLVANIA woman blamed for her own rape in state response to lawsuit. (More male stupidity.)  BBC News: BRITISH-IRANIAN woman imprisoned for attending men’s volleyball game in Tehran. (Ye gods!)  10/1 BBC News: IRAN ‘delays’ Reyhaneh Jabbari execution after campaign: She killed a man she said was trying to sexually abuse her.  10/14 BBC News: DELHI call center worker gang rape: 5 men convicted.  10/25 BBC News: IRAN hangs women who killed man she said was trying to sexually abuse her, despite campaign. (No women’s rights in IRAN.)  11/2 BBC News: IRAN sentences British-Iranian activist Ghoncheh Ghavami to one year in prison over watching men’s volleyball game.  11/18 USA Today: INDONESIA subjects female police applicants to virginity tests. (Outrageous! Unreasonable.) 11/28 BBC News: 7 jailed for parts in BRISTOL sex abuse gang.  12/2 BBC News: INDIAN sisters beat up another man in latest video. (Good for them.)

The RACE FOR SPACE continues in the private sector and in nations around the planet. Will the aliens show up to greet them? Hello MARS! Let’s visit our colony on the MOON. 1/11 NBC News: Success! SpaceShipTwo hits new heights during rocket test. 1/24 Private Dream Chaser space plane to launch first orbital flight in 2016. 1/29 Passes 400 days in orbit: Air Force’s mysterious X-37B. 1/30 Drudge: CHINA boosts space warfare capabilities: U.S. military and commercial satellites highly vulnerable to Beijing’s anti-satellite missiles , killer robot satellites. (Terrific?)  2/4 BBC News: RUSSIAN cargo craft undocks from I.S.S. 2/12 New U.S. military space plane aims for 2017 liftoff.  4/3 Drudge/National Journal: The U.S.-Russia fight has entered SPACE: So will the U.S. go back to using the shuttles and build new ones? How about SpaceX? Hollywood Reporter: Discovery, Science to televise live Moon landing of unmanned craft. 4/12 Drudge: SPACE RACE: RUSSIA announces plans to colonize the MOON.  4/18 SpaceX launches robotic cargo mission to Space Station. Boeing-built fighter jets could launch U.S. military satellites into space. 4/22 BBC News: SpaceX launches station cargo flight.  5/1 Drudge: Race to MARS: Russians building super rocket for red planet mission. (Don’t they have anti-gravity spaceships like the U.S.? What a waste!)  5/7 Drudge: NASA to put greenhouse on MARS. 5/9 Drudge: RUSSIA to begin MOON colonization in 2030. (What do the ETs think?) Clean up space junk or risk real life Gravity disaster, lawmakers say.  5/16 Drudge: MOON SHOT: JAPANESE beverage company to put first ad on the MOON. (Disgusting!) 5/30 Drudge: VIRGIN Space Flights cleared for takeoff.  Reuters: Elon Musk unveils sleek new spaceship: Dragon to fly U.S. astronauts.  (Love the name!)   Drudge: KOREA’S dinosaur robot outruns Usain bolt: Scientists develop world’s fastest biped robot. (I need to finish that screenplay.)  6/7 SpaceX aims for MARS with reusable rockets, spaceships. 6/11 Private European space plane prototype passes 1st drop test.  6/12 Mail Online: Engage warp drive! NASA reveals latest designs for a Star Trek-style spacecraft that could make interstellar travel a reality. (DOUBLE WOW! With a little help from our Space friends?) Faster than light travel possible. (Already is!) 6/13 Yahoo: We could travel to new worlds in NASA’s starship Enterprise. (Of course it’s the Enterprise!)  6/20 Yahoo: December test flight huge for NASA’s next manned spacecraft.   6/29 Telegraphy: CHINA stakes its claims on MARS with rover bound for Red Planet in 2020. 7/13 Yahoo: Private U.S. cargo ship launching to Space Station today.  7/17 Drudge: Space Race: UAE plans first ARAB mission to MARS in 7 years.  7/30 Drudge: SPY-LAB: Experts fear CHINA’S mysterious new space station is military installation.  8/11 U.K. to launch commercial spaceport by 2018.  SpaceX sets dates for launch escape tests on Dragon spaceship. 8/14 Science Daily: Rocket recycling: Watch SpaceX’s Falcon 9 fly back to Earth.  8/19 Yahoo: Amazing photos from space show fiery doom of private U.S. cargo ship. (Ouch!) 8/23 CNN: Experimental SpaceX rocket self-detonates over TEXAS.  8/27 Drudge: Lockheed Martin seeks to clean up space junk. (Great idea!) 9/7 Yahoo: SpaceX Falcon lifts off with communications satellite.  9/17 Reuters: Boeing, SpaceX to build ‘space taxis’ for NASA. (Hooray!)  9/23 CNN: INDIA’S spacecraft inches closer to MARS… and history. Yahoo: These space entrepreneurs are leaving NASA in the dust: Tech titans and rocket scientists are coming together to bring private space travel to the masses: SpaceX founder Elon Musk the first.  9/24 BBC News: INDIA’S first MARS satellite ‘Mangalyaan’ enters orbit. Drudge: BRANSON: Virgin Atlantic into space by December. 10/1 BBC News: U.S. and INDIA sign space agreement.  11/30 Drudge: JAPAN to launch space probe on mission to mine distant asteroid.  12/5 Reuters: NASA’s Orion blasts off for trial run.

UFOs show up in even greater number. It is time to join the GALACTIC FEDERATION. 1/3 Latest UFO Sightings: UFO sightings all over CALIFORNIA on January 1, 2014. MUST SEE: Defense Minister of CANADA: Aliens are here to help.  1/22 Turner Radio Network: VISUALLY CONFIRMED: Enormous craft detected on Moon size of city of Chicago. 1/24 Drudge/Telegraph: IBIZA holiday jet in near miss with UFO over Reading: Within FEET. (Yikes!)  2/15 Latest-UFO-Sightings: UFO docks at NASA’s International Space Station. Facebook/UFO-Blogger: Area 51 is finally recognized by the CIA. Google Earth reveals giant pyramid near Area 51 base. 4/3 Drudge/Daily Caller: Bill Clinton on aliens: ‘If we were visited someday I wouldn’t be surprised…” (He knows some aliens live on our planet!) 4/5 Latest UFO Sightings: World Bank official says aliens have been controlling money and religion. (This is true! She says the Jesuits are involved in the Catholic church.)  4/10 Latest UFO Sightings: New evidence increases the possibility of discovering alien life within the solar system.  5/3 Drudge: Body language expert: Bill Clinton awful stressed about UFOs.  5/9 Mail Online: What is this mysterious aircraft filmed ‘blitzing Taliban base in AFGHANISTAN’? Footage shows ‘UFO’ blasting terrorists’ encampment. (Could be ours. Could be helper aliens.)  5/12 Drudge/CBS: Rare cloud causes stir in social media: Is it a UFO? 5/17 Drudge/Mail Online: Are these mystery radio bursts messages from ALIENS? Freak frequency from outside the Milky Way baffles astronomers. (Hello Space Brothers & Sisters!) 5/19 Aliens allegedly break down CHINA’S Jade Rabbit after moving 60 feet across the surface of the moon.  5/20 Yahoo: 3 UFOs crash in CHINA, villagers shocked by huge ball of fire. 5/22 Mail Online: Have aliens already visited Earth? NASA book suggests that ancient rock art could have been created by aliens. (Or natives who saw aliens?) 6/22 Facebook/ Whistle Blower claim he spent 17 years on MARS at secret military base protecting civilian space colonies. Secret Space Station on Mars. (Since 1962 according to the books of Timothy Good.) 6/25 Forbes: Iran says “tall, white’ space aliens control America.  7/6 Drudge/Weird News: CHILE releases official study on UFO photos: ‘This was definitely not a drone.’ 7/18 Yahoo: Ancient Aliens? Archeologists say 10,000 year old cave paintings depict UFOs. 8/6 Yahoo: New NAZCA LINES discovered in PERUVIAN desert. (ET never left!)  8/21 Yahoo: UFO have found a bone on MARS amidst reports of UFO sightings: It appears to be a thigh bone. None of NASA scientists have spoken about it. (Mysteries and scientific secrets.) 9/14 Drudge: MYSTERY: Dozens report strange streak of light shooting across SAN FRANCISCO BAY with fog or smoke billowing out. (UFO? Meteorite? Space junk?) 9/23 Yahoo: UFO captured on video outside INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION.  10/1 Latest UFO Sightings: Mass UFO sighting over LOS ANGELES: Orb UFO ejects 2 spheres & flies in triangle formation. 10/6 Yahoo: 10 mile spacecraft and 60 mile highway discovered in 1968 moon photo. (How about that?)  Yahoo: UFO sighted over COLORADO mountains: Formation investigated by police, NORAD.  10/7 Yahoo: UFO stalks passenger jet near SEATTLE.  10/20 Yahoo: UFOs in WEST VIRGINIA: 10 witnesses, 4 low-flying UFOs, 3 as big as football fields. 11/8 Yahoo: UFO abduction caught on security cam in NORTH DAKOTA. 11/26 Yahoo/International Business Times: Woman claiming to be former NASA employee says she saw humans walking on MARS in 1979. (I believe.)  12/5 Latest UFO Sightings: Former U.S. Air Force serviceman claims space aliens worked with the military. (Of course they have!)

The evils of HUMAN TRAFFICKING come to light in greater measure, especially in ASIAN  nations, but also in the AMERICAS. 12/31/2013 BBC News: CHINA doctor tried for trafficking newborn babies to child traffickers. (Good grief!) 2/2 BBC News: INDIAN children abducted and forced into domestic work. 6/20 CNN: Human Trafficking: U.S. downgrades 4 countries in TIP report: THAILAND, MALAYSIA, VENEZUELA, THE GAMBIA. 6/28 CNN: NEPAL’S Organ Trail: How traffickers steal kidneys.

POWER STRUGGLES in governments and between governments remain constant with the URANUS (Aries) PLUTO (Capricorn) SQUARE transiting throughout the coming year.12/28 Reuters: Taking power in New Delhi , ‘common man’ leader talks of revolution. (Not another war?)  1/27 NY Times: AFGHANISTAN exit seen as peril to drone mission. 2/13 BBC News: Telangana: INDIAN MP uses pepper spray in parliament to disrupt proceedings. (What?)  2/20 Drudge/CBS: Plan to split CALIFORNIA into 6 states gets OK to gather signatures. (WHAT?)  2/21 CNN: Female suspect in custody after 4 killed in gun and knife attack at CALIFORNIA tribal office over an eviction proceeding.  2/25 Reuters: VENEZUELA death toll rises to 13 as protests flare. 2/27 Reuters: Protesters ransack government buildings in GUINEA smelting town. VENEZUELA unrest shakes up opposition.  Drudge: RUSSIAN spy ship docks in HAVANA. 3/1 BBC News: SOUTH KOREA warns JAPAN over comfort women review.  3/3 Reuters: Thousands gather for anti-government protests; Clashes shatter CARACAS carnival day. 3/10 Reuters: Protests, talks widen rift in VENEZUELA. Drudge: RUSSIAN flags flood Lenin Square in CRIMEA.  3/11 Reuters: CHILEAN is first foreign fatality in VENEZUELA unrest.  3/13 Reuters: EU moves towards sanctions on RUSSIA. 3 more killed in VENEZUELA unrest, students battle troops. NY Times: RUSSIA massing military forces near border with UKRAINE. 3/17 BBC News: EU and US impose CRIMEA sanctions. PRO-RUSSIAN protesters in Donetsk want referendum. (Imported protesters?)  3/22 Reuters: ISRAELI troops kill 3 PALESTINIAN militants in WEST BANK area. BBC News: Police bases attacked in RIO.  4/6 Reuters: Bomb kills AFGHAN election workers, destroys ballot papers. 4/11 Drudge:VENEZUELA’S militia groups: ‘We will give our lives for this revolution.’ 4/12 Drudge: Violent clashes as police evict squatters in RIO. 4/13 Drudge/Telegraph: CHINESE activist group warns Communist Party: ‘We cannot be stopped.’ 4/16 Drudge: Secret U.S. reports show AFGHANISTAN not ready to govern after troop pullout. (Were they ever?)  4/21 BBC News: Fresh violence erupts in VENEZUELA. 4/22 Reuters: U.S. force in AFGHANISTAN may drop to less than 10,000 troops. 5/6 Drudge: IRAN threatens to sink U.S. carriers. 5/11 Drudge: MOROCCO building wall at SPAIN’S border. 5/15 NY Times: FRANCE’S sale of 2 ships to RUSSIANS is ‘ill advised,’ U.S. warns. (I agree, under current circumstances.)  7/8 BBC News: Defiant Abdullah Abdullah claims AFGHAN win after placing second. (Poor loser)  7/16 NY Times: U.S. escalates sanctions against RUSSIA.  7/19 Yahoo: UKRAINE: REBELS have taken all plane crash bodies.  7/28 NY Times: U.S. and EUROPE agree to sharply escalate sanctions against RUSSIA. 7/29 Reuters: U.S. says RUSSIA violated nuclear treaty, urges immediate talks. 7/30 CNN: Echoes of a Cold War: U.S., EUROPE and RUSSIA face off over UKRAINE: Land mines laid near crash site of MH17.  BBC News: FRANCE evacuates expats from LIBYA. 8/6 Reuters: EGYPT upholds death sentence for 12 for murder of policeman. 8/23 Reuters: U.S. protests intercept of NAVY jet by CHINESE warplane.  8/24 Reuters: Talks on new YEMEN government collapse over Shiite Houthi subsidy demands. 8/25 Reuters: FRENCH government resigns after leftists call for U-turn. BBC News: AFGHAN vote crisis ‘costing billions,’ says finance minister. 8/28 USA Today: U.S. says RUSSIA has ‘outright lied’ about actions in UKRAINE. 9/1 Reuters: AFGHAN talks for unity government collapse; crisis deepens. 10/14 Reuters: Group that seized Tripoli takes LIBYAN government, oil company websites.

The URANUS-PLUTO square creates dramatic, sometimes unexpected CHANGES IN LEADERSHIP all around the world. 12/25/2013 Reuters: TURKISH ministers quit after their sons are arrested on corruption charges. (Naughty sons?)  1/3 CNN: INDIAN PM to step down. 1/12 CNN: ARKANSAS lieutenant governor say’s he’ll resign over ethic violations.  1/19 BBC News: ASSAD: Quitting not up for debate. 2/4 Reuters: U.S. ambassador McFaul to leave RUSSIA and Obama administration. 4/27 NY Times: SOUTH KOREAN Prime Minister resigns over ferry disaster.  5/1 USA Today: Fields names new Ford CEO, replacing Mulally. 5/5 CNN: TARGET CEO out. 5/7 Reuters: THAI commerce minister to be new PM.  5/14 NY Times: The New York Times replaces executive editor. 5/16 BBC News: INDIA opposition heads for landslide.  5/17 Reuters: With a dubious legacy, INDIA’S ‘accidental’ premiere bows out. 5/25 NY Times: Pro-European Billionaire, Petro O. Poroshenko, the Chocolate King, claims victory in UKRAINE’S presidential vote. 5/26 BBC News: Narendra Modi sworn in as INDIAN PM. 5/30 NY Times: Jay Carney resigns as White House press secretary; Josh Earnest steps in.  6/2 CNN: SPAIN’S King Juan Carlos 1: ‘I quit!’ after 40 years on the throne. Crown Prince Felipe, 46, will succeed his father.  6/4 Reuters: Sisi declared EGYPT’S new president.  6/10 CNN: PayPal chief David Marcus leaving for Facebook. 6/11 NY Times: Cantor to step down as majority leader after stunning election defeat by Tea Party member. 6/29 NY Times: Obama to nominate ex-Procter & Gamble Chief ob McDonald to lead troubled Veterans Agency. 7/24 Reuters: IRAQ parliament elects senior Kurdish politician Fouad Masoum as president. USA Today: WalMart U.S. changes CEO.  9/21 BBC News: AFGHAN contenders sign unity deal.  YEMEN PM quits amid rebel clashes.  9/25 USA Today: Attorney General Eric Holder to announce resignation today. 10/2 CNN: Head of Secret Service resigns. 10/29 Reuters: Zambia’s Scott becomes AFRICA’S first white leader in 20 years. 11/24 NY Times: Hagel stepping down as Defense Chief, under pressure.  11/29 CNN: TAIWAN’S premiere resigns. 11/30 BBC News: KABUL police chief quits amid attacks. 12/5 Reuters: Obama nominates Ashton Carter for Pentagon chief. 12/5 NY Times: CHINA arrests former security chief and expels him from Communist Party.

The STOCK MARKETS continue to rise in recovery. The Dow could well reach **18,000+ this year (eventually 25,000), the Nasdaq 5,000, and the S&P 500 could reach a new high of 2,000, even 2,500, eventually.12/25/2013 Reuters: Dow, S&P end at record highs after brief pre-holiday trade. 1/16 Wall Street Journal: S&P 500 enters record territory. 1/30 Reuters: Wall Street rebounds after selloff: results boost Facebook. 2/1 CNN: Worst January in years for the Dow. 2/5 Reuters: EUROPE gains, ASIA mixed. 2/12 Reuters: CHINA trade, U.S. budget deal push world stocks to 6th day of gains. 2/13 CNN: 401(k) balances high record highs. 2/15 Reuters: Wall Street rises; Indexes up for second straight week. World stock index rises after euro zone data; gold climbs. 2/24 Reuters: S&P hits record in broad market rally. 2/28 Fox: Stocks rise after Yellen talks taper; record finish for S&P 500. Stocks close at record high. CNN: S&P 500 ends month at record high. 3/9 Reuters: S&P 500 ends at another record after strong jobs data. 4/2 Drudge: Stock markets hit new highs. 4/18 Reuters: Global shares edge higher on U.S. data; dollar gains. 4/30 CNN: Dow hits all time high!  5/12 Reuters: Stock futures rise, S&P 500 near record. Update: Dow, S&P hit record highs as the Nasdaq rallied.  5/13 Reuters: Strong results hoist EUROPEAN shares to 6 year high. USA Today: S&P tops 1900 first time; Dow at record. 5/16 BBC News: INDIA stocks rise on election. 5/24 Drudge: Stocks continue record climb.  5/27 Reuters: World shares hover near record highs. USA Today: Stocks surge as S&P hits new record. 5/28 Reuters: S&P ends at third record high in four sessions. 5/31 Reuters: Dow, S&P 500 end at record highs after data. (Send it up, up, up!)  6/5 Reuters: S&P record after ECB move, focus shifts to payrolls. 6/6 Drudge: Stocks set new records. Reuters: S&P 500, Dow end at record highs after job data. 6/8 Reuters: S&P 500 nearing 2K summit. (I told you so!)  Jobs reports take S&P and Dow to fresh record highs. 6/9 Reuters: World stocks inch toward all time high. 6/11 Reuters: Dow hits record for 4th day. 6/20 Reuters: S&P edges up at open to fresh record. 6/21 Reuters: Dow and S&P 500 end at record highs. 6/26 Reuters: S&P 500 to hit 2000 for first time by the end of 2014: Reuters poll. (How about Pattie’s Prediction way before end of 2014?)  7/1 Drudge: Stocks hit all time highs. CNN: Stocks on fire: Record close. 7/3 CNBC: Dow hits 17,000 for first time on payrolls report. (18,000 is next!)   7/5 Reuters: World stocks hold at all time high after bumper week. (Love being right about the good stuff!) Dow pops above 17,000, S&P 500 at record as jobs jump. 7/15 USA Today: Stocks rise at open as Dow hits records.  7/16 Reuters: Tech shares lead Wall Street higher, Time Warner jumps. 7/22 USA Today: Stock market: 500% gain in 7 months. 7/24 Reuters: EUROPEAN stocks rise on euro zone data; sanctions hit RUSSIA. 7/30 CNN: Twitter shares surge 29%. 8/21 Reuters: S&P 500 ends at record closing high after data. 8/25 Reuters: Wall Street opens up, S&P 500 hits new high. 8/25 CNN: S&P 500 hits *2000.73 at 11:30 am EDT. (Keep going UP!)  8/26 Drudge: SUMMER STOCK FINALE: Dow hits new record.  8/27 Reuters: Wall Street flat at record levels, valuations seen as reasonable. 8/29 Reuters: Futures up, indexes on track for 4th week of gains. 8/30 Drudge: WALL STREET CELEBRATES: Best AUGUST in 14 years!  Reuters: S&P 500 edges up to set new record; best month since February.  9/6 Reuters: S&P 500 ends at record as jobs report eases Fed worries. 9/18 Reuters: Wall Street set to open higher, S&P 500 eyes record. (I told you so!)  9/19 USA Today: Dow, S&P 500 hit records as investors await Alibaba.  9/22 Reuters: Alibaba IPO ranks as world’s biggest. 10/4 Reuters: Wall Street rallies, S&P 500 posts best day since August. 10/22 Reuters: Wall Street on track for 5th straight daily gain.  10/24 USA Today: S&P 500 posts best weekly gain of 2014. 10/26 Reuters: Wall Street boosted by earnings, S&P post best week in nearly 2 years. 10/31 USA Today: Stocks jump at the open as JAPAN index leaps 4.8%.  11/5 Reuters: Energy leads Wall Street up after midterm vote, Dow hits records. 11/10 Reuters: Wall Street inches up to new highs; transports jump. 11/17 Reuters Summit: No signs U.S. stock market at a top: Einhorn. (It’s just revving up!)  11/18 Reuters: S&P 500 hits record as Actavis rallies.  11/21 USA Today: Dow 18,345! 13 stocks making it happen. 11/24 Reuters: Wall Street hits new records, boosted by cyclicals. 11/28 Wall Street up for 6th straight week despite oil rout. 12/2 BBC News: NIKKEI hits new 7 year high. 12/3 Reuters: Dow hits record as energy rises for 3rd straight day. 12/5 Reuters: Financials lead Wall Street higher, Dow hits record.  (Love it!)  3/2/2015 USA Today: Nasdaq tops 5000 for first time since 2000.  (BINGO!)

The violence in MEXICO continues as the government battles the criminal tactics of drug lords and corrupt politicians.12/29/2013 Drudge: 5 headless bodies found in western MEXICO. 1/4 Drudge: Gunmen dressed as police gain access to MEXICAN prison, kill 9. 1/13 BBC News:MEXICO vigilantes clash with Knights Templar cartel in Michoacan. (Knight Templar drug cartel, PLEEZ!)  1/14 BBC News: MEXICO starts disarming vigilantes. MEXICO violence: Fear and intimidation.  1/17 CNN: MEXICO struggles to rein in armed vigilantes battling drug cartel: Vigilantes join fight in MEXICAN drug war.  1/18 Drudge/Daily News: Exorcism rituals on the rise as way to battle evil of MEXICAN drug cartels. (Might help, but karma is karma!)  2/5 Drudge: 2 severed heads dumped outside bank in MEXICAN state of Michoacan.: Knights Templar cartel. (Shame on them for calling themselves that!)  2/7 AP: Police find 4 human heads in western MEXICO.  2/9 CNN: AMERICAN adventurer missing in MEXICO. (Not smart to go there, in my opinion.)  BBC News: MEXICO vigilantes take cartel town. (Good for them.)  2/23 Reuters: MEXICO’S most wanted in custody: MEXICO kingpin’s arrest a victory that may fuel violence.  4/7 Drudge: 14 die as criminals clash in MEXICO border state. 5/11 Drudge: MEXICO to legalize vigilantes to fight drug cartel.  5/12 BBC News: MEXICAN troops ‘kill Zetas founder.’ 5/18 BBC News: MEXICO arrests ‘Los Rojos boss.’ 5/31 Drudge: American singer of narco-corridor drug ballads killed in MEXICO.  6/19 Drudge: Dozens of bodies found in MEXICO mass grave. 7/1 BBC News: MEXICO troops kill 22 ‘gang members.’  8/2 Yahoo: MEXICO rescues 70 kidnapped CENTRAL AMERICAN migrants. (Good deed.)  9/20 BBC News: MEXICO drug lord Aquiles Gomez killed. 9/25 Yahoo: MEXICO shocked at kidnapped lawmaker killer, burned.  10/2 MEXICO nabs top drug lord Hector Beltran Leyva. 10/6 Yahoo: Hitmen admit killing 17 MEXICO students, families wary; 28 charred bodies recovered. 10/28 Reuters: MEXICO arrests 4 gang members in students disappearance. 10/30 Yahoo: 4 bodies found where 3 young TEXANS went missing 2 weeks ago. (Stay out of MEXICO!)  

The ECONOMIC RECOVERY continues on its upward trend in the United States and in many other nations.1/2 Reuters: U.S. December auto sales seen up 4%. U.S. factory, jobs data shows underlying strength in economy. U.S. construction spending highest in nearly 5 years. Manufacturing growth sees 11-month high. 1/8 Reuters: Private sector adds more jobs than expected in December. 1/9 Reuters: Yellen hopeful for 3% GDP growth in 2014. 1/12 Reuters: U.S. profits could bounce in 2014 if economy gains steam. (And it will!)  1/14 Reuters: JPMorgan profits beat expectations. Consumer spending measure rises solidly.  GM global sales rise 4% in 2013.  1/15 BBC News: World Bank: Global economy at turning point. 1/17 Reuters: U.S. factories close out 2013 on strong footing.  1/19 Reuters: U.S. bankers voice new optimism as businesses line up for loans. 1/20 Reuters: U.K. economic recovery boosts financial firm’s profits, jobs.  1/28 BBC News: Ford reports ‘one of its best years.’ U.K. economy grows at fastest rate since 2007.  1/30 NY Times: U.S. economy grew 3.2% in 4Q. 2/27 Reuters: BRAZIL economy ends 2013 on upbeat note, boosting Rousseff.  3/1 Reuters: U.S. GDP revised down, but hints of economic thaw emerge.  Global shares rally on U.S. economic data; euro hits year high. 3/3 Reuters: Nissan, Chrysler post U.S. sales gains. 3/13 Reuters: U.S. retail sales rebound, jobless claims fall. 3/17 Reuters: U.S. manufacturing output posts largest gains in 6 months. 3/26 Reuters: U.S. durable goods orders, shipments bounce back in February. 3/27 Reuters: U.S. growth improves, jobless claims drop. 4/4 CNN: Private sector hiring at 2008 peak. Reuters: Job growth solid, stocks up. 4/9 Reuters: Wholesale inventories up, sales rebound. 4/10 Reuters: Jobless claims tumble to near 7-year low, import prices above forecasts. 4/11 Reuters: Wells Fargo profit rises 14% as costs fall. Producer prices post largest gain in 9 months.  4/14 Reuters: MARCH retail sales brighten growth outlook. 4/16 BBC News: CHINA’S 7.4% growth beats forecast. 4/21 CNN: Rebirth of America’s dead factories: In high demand as U.S. production revs up once again.  4/23 Reuters: Boeing profit soars. 4/23 CNN: Facebook reports earnings and sales that exceed forecasts, CFO to step down June 1. 4/24 Reuters: Strong durable goods orders buoys U.S. growth outlook. 5/8 BBC News: CHINA’S exports and imports rebound. (I dislike China made clothes.)  5/12 USA Today: Economists see wages climbing in 2014.  5/14 Reuters: Producer prices post largest gains in 1-1/2 years. 5/15 Reuters: Jobless claims hit 7 year low, inflation ticks up. 6/4 Reuters: U.S. services sector grows at fastest rate in more than 2 years. 6/5 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims data still points to labor market strength. 6/20 USA Today: Jobless rates fall in 20 states in May. 6/23 Reuters: U.S. manufacturing expands in June at fastest rate in 4 years. 7/2 Reuters: U.S. private job gains in June highest in 1-1/2 years. 7/3 Reuters: Jobs data heralds stronger growth outlook.  NY Times: U.S. economy added 288,000 jobs in June; Jobless rate falls to 6.1%.7/6 Reuters: IMF: Global recovery to accelerate in 2015; No brutal slowdown in CHINA. 7/10 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims fall, points to healing in labor market. 7/16 Reuters: U.S. producer prices rise faster than expected in June.  CHINA’S economy warms up. 7/22 Reuters: Netflix profit more than doubles, shares rise. 7/24 Reuters: Jobless claims fall to lowest level since early 2006. 7/24 Reuters: American Airlines declares first dividend since 1980 as profits rise. 7/30 NY Times: U.S. economy grew 4% in 2Q. 8/7 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims fall, 4-week average lowest since 2006. 8/8 Reuters: U.S. productivity rebounds in 2Q, wage inflation muted.  8/12 USA Today: June job openings climb to 13-year high.  8/13 BBC News: U.K. jobless rate nears 6 year low. 8/15 Reuters: Robust manufacturing output buoys U.S. economic outlook. 8/21 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims fall, continued claims at 7 year low.  Hewlett Packer posts surprise revenue gain. Fed’s George says U.S. economy ready for a rate hike: CNBC  8/26 Reuters: Aircraft demand spurs record U.S. durable goods orders gain. 8/28 Reuters: U.S. 2Q growth strengthens. 9/2 Reuters: Bullish U.S. manufacturing, construction data bolster growth outlook.  9/9 USA Today: Hiring hits highest level since December 2007.  9/18 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims data points to firming labor market. 9/20 Reuters: Dollar’s rally bad news for oil, multinationals. 9/25 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims up less than expected, point to firming labor market.  U.S. durable goods tumble, but business spending plans rebound.  9/26 Reuters: U.S. growth quickest in 2-1/2 years on business spending, export.  9/30 Reuters: WALGREEN posts highest quarterly sales growth in 3 years. 10/2 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims fall in sign of labor market strength. 10/3 CNN: Jobless rate falls to 5.9%, lowest since 2008. 10/5 Reuters: Surging dollar may be triple whammy for U.S. earnings. 10/14 BBC News: JPMorgan posts profit $5.6B. 10/30 USA Today: Economy zooms forward in Q3, passing forecasts. 11/7 NY Times: U.S. added 214,000 jobs in October; Unemployment falls to 5.8%. 11/25 Reuters: U.S. economy resilient in 3Q as global growth cools. 12/2 Reuters: Solid construction, auto sales data boost U.S. growth picture. 12/5 Reuters: Feds in focus among strong job growth.

The URANUS square to JUPITER from February through April/May could create a roller coaster effect in the global stock markets, in addition to oceanic disturbances, perhaps earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the RING OF FIRE.1/18 Reuters: Wall Street ends mostly lower on earnings; dollar hits 7 week high. S&P, Nasdaq end down with Intel; Dow gains. Dollar rallies, U.S. data shows improving economy. 1/24 NY Times: Stocks dragged down by slumps in emerging markets. (Almost February; 4 degree orb to square!)  1/25 NY Times: Economic shifts in U.S. and CHINA batter markets. 1/31 Reuters: Wall Street drops on emerging market worry. 2/1 CNN: Worst January in years for the Dow. 2/4 Reuters: Global markets plunge. USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake INDONESIA. Reuters: Wall Street opens higher after selloff.  NY Times: American stocks bounce back after global weakness. 2/5 Drudge: Call for calm after $3 trillion global stock wipeout.  2/7 Drudge/CNBC: Stocks rally as growth worries fade; Dow posts best day of the year.  Drudge/Baltimore Sun: MYSTERY: Boom, then rumble leaves OCEAN CITY puzzled; Supersonic flights suspected after earthquake ruled out. 2/8 Reuters: Wall Street rallies to snap 3 week skid. 2/28 Drudge: Magnitude 4.1 quake occurs off central CALIFORNIA coast. 3/3 Reuters: Wall Street slides as UKRAINE tensions escalate. USGS: 6.5 magnitude earthquake in JAPAN. NY Times: Markets retreat as UKRAINE crisis deepens. Reuters: RUSSIAN markets plunge as Putin tightens grip on CRIMEA. (Russian Navy here.)  3/4 BBC News: Markets steady despite UKRAINE fears. 3/4 Reuters: S&P 500 ends at record, UKRAINE-RUSSIA tensions ease. RUSSIAN stocks, rubies rebound as Putin breaks silence on UKRAINE. 3/14 USGS: 6.3 magnitude earthquake Kunishaki-shi, JAPAN. 3/16 Reuters: Wall Street ends lower on jitters over upcoming CRIMEA vote.  3/18 Reuters: INDIAN shares hit record highs as domestic focused firms rally. 3/19 Reuters: Wall Street ticks lower, with eyes on Yellen. CHINA’S yuan slides to near one year low as economic risks mount. 3/21 Reuters: Wall Street opens up, major indexes set for weekly gain.  USA Today: S&P 500 soars to record; RUSSIAN stocks tumble.  3/25 Reuters: Wall Street rises after 2-day selloff.  3/30 Reuters: U.S. stocks end off highs, Dow up for week, gold at 6 week low. 3/31 CNN: Stocks end choppy quarter on high note. 4/3 Reuters: Wall Street edges up, Dow and S&P at records. 4/5 Reuters: Global stocks fall as Nasdaq slides; dollar eases on jobs data. Drudge: Stocks spooked after hitting highs. 4/7 Reuters: Wall Street opens down as momentum shares fall again. Dark markets may trump high-frequency trading. World stocks slip from 6-year high; euro yields fall. 4/10 CNN: Stocks tank on Wall Street. 4/11 Reuters: World equities hit 2-week low, techs lead sell-off. Resurgent emerging markets see biggest inflows in over a year. BBC News: U.S. tech sell-off spreads to ASIA. 4/12 Nasdaq ends below 4,000 for first time since early February. (Roller coaster ride!)  Stocks face earning blues after tech selloff. (It will come back!) 4/14 Reuters: Wall Street rebounds.  4/18 Reuters: Earnings lift S&P 500, Nasdaq, S&P’s best week since July. 4/18 BBC News: Residents evacuated from homes as PERU volcano spews ash. 4/23 Reuters: Wall Street slips; 6-session winning streak ends.  4/28 Reuters: RUSSIA-WEST tensions weigh on stocks, buoy oil prices. 4/29 USA Today: Stocks open higher, Dow up 0.5%. 4/30 Drudge: U.S. economy slows dramatically. CHINA to pass U.S. as world’s largest economy this year. CNN: Dow hits all time high!  5/6 Reuters: Wall Street dips at open, indexes near record.  5/10 Reuters: U.S. stocks rise, push Dow to record; euro slips on ECB view.  5/14 Earth Changes Media: Shishaldin Volcano in ALEUTIAN ISLANDS rumbling to life. (All those ALASKA quakes lately).  5/15 Reuters: Wall Street down for second day. 5/20 Reuters: Wall Street edges down after 2 day rally.  Yahoo: Hundreds evacuated in EL SALVADOR as volcanic activity picks up on Chaparrastique. 5/21 Reuters: Wall Street opens higher, investors eyeing Fed. 6/3 Earth Changes Media: Volcanic eruption in ALASKA imminent. 6/4 Reuters: ALASKA volcano erupts with new intensity, prompting ‘red’ alert.  8/19 Yahoo/ JAPAN erupting volcanic island may collapse, create tsunami, scientists say. (Ouch!) Drudge: ICELAND tells airlines volcano beneath biggest glacier may erupt. (LOOK OUT!)  

UNEMPLOYMENT drops, except that retraining is necessary in many fields, as technical progress does away with tasks once performed by humans. 2/7 NY Times: U.S. economy added 113,000 jobs; unemployment rate at 6.6%. 3/5 Reuters: U.S. private sector adds 139,000 jobs in February. 5/2 NY Times: U.S. payrolls gained 288,000; Jobless rate 6.3%. BBC News: EURO ZONE unemployment edges down.  5/3 Reuters: Old workers return, new hires arrive, as construction jobs grow.  5/8 Reuters: U.S. jobless claims fall, snap 3-week upward trend.

AGING INFRASTRUCTURES create serious problems in various countries around the world: The collapse of buildings and bridges create serious injuries, loss of lives and property.1/4 BBC News: Several die in Goa, INDIA building collapse, at least 13 dead, 40-50 injured, digging for survivors. 1/5 Reuters: Building collapse in INDIA’S Goa kills 15, many feared trapped. 2/2 Drudge/CBS: 3 killed, 2 hurt in WEST VIRGINIA cell phone tower collapse. 2/17 CNN: 8 killed, dozens trapped in SOUTH KOREA building collapse. 3/10 AP: 25 injured as CALIFORNIA school stage collapses. 3/12 NY Times: At least 2 dead in HARLEM building collapse, triggered by large explosion: 52 wounded, 10 missing. 3/13 NY Times: Death toll in EAST HARLEM explosion rises to 6. 3/15 CNN: NEW YORK explosions expose nation’s aging and dangerous gas mains.  3/24 NY Times: Under cities, decaying tangle of gas pipes: Leaks in natural gas pipes common, replacing them a daunting task in NEW YORK CITY.  5/2 Washington Post: Buildings collapse in downtown D.C., leaving nearby strip club damaged.  5/18 CNN: NORTH KOREA reports ‘serious accident’ after Pyongyang building collapse.  6/28 Yahoo: 36 taken to hospital after TEXAS floor collapses. 6/29 BBC News: INDIA building collapse: Scores trapped in Chennai: More than 100 people.  6/30 CNN: 27 dead, more trapped in rubble in 2 INDIA building collapses. 7/4 CNN: Death toll in INDIA building collapse rises to 61. (Shoddy construction?) Drudge: Overpass collapses, crushing bus in World Cup host city in BRAZIL.  7/20 CNN: TEXAS prison roof collapses. 8/17 Drudge: WIRE: LOS ANGELES infrastructure crumbing. (Has been for years.) 9/3 Reuters: ISTANBUL bridge collapse kills 1, 4 injured.  9/14 Reuters: Deaths from NIGERIA church guest house collapse rise to 41. 9/26 USA Today: Corroding cast-iron pipes explosion risk. (And the pipes are EVERYWHERE.)  9/27 Reuters: Water main break floods SUNSET STRIP.  USA Today: Thousands of miles of high risk gas pipelines operate in CALIFORNIA.  11/25 Reuters: At least 18 killed in CAIRO building collapse.

POWER FAILURES increase because of aging POWER GRIDS in various countries. FREE WIRELESS ENERGY needs to be the gift to all people on the planet. 3/11 Science Daily: Small biomass power plants could help rural economies, stabilize national power grid. 3/12 Drudge/The Washington Free Beacon: U.S. electric grid ‘inherently vulnerable’ to sabotage. 4/16 Drudge: Security holes in power grid have federal officials scrambling. 11/3 CNN: Tens of millions left without power after nationwide blackout hits BANGLADESH.

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS continue to astonish and amaze, with huge advancement in STEM CELL research and GENETIC THERAPIES.1/2 Science Daily: Vitamin E may delay decline in mid-moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Gene therapy method targets tumor blood vessels. 1/3 BBC News: Trials to begin on new degradable surgical implant. 1/11 Science Daily: Researchers develop artificial bone marrow; May be used to reproduce hematopoietic stem cells. Research demonstrates ‘guided missile’ strategy to kill hidden HIV. 1/15 Science Daily: Molecular nano-spies to make light work of disease detection. (The Fantastic Voyage is here!)  1/16 Science Daily: Discovery of quantum vibrations is ‘microtubules’ inside brain neurons supports controversial theory of consciousness. (Far out!)  BBC News: Gene therapy ‘could be used to treat blindness’  1/18 BBC News: Blow to brain leaves lifelong dangers. 1/19 Science Daily: Researchers run successful HIV intervention project in SOUTH AFRICA. 1/21 Science Daily: Ingredients in chocolate, tea and berries could guard against diabetes. (Hooray!)  1/25 Science Daily: Novel stem cell technique shows promise for bone repair. 1/26 Science Daily: Lab grown, virus free stem cells repair retinal tissue in mice.  1/28 Science Daily: Natural plant compounds prevents Alzheimer’s disease in mice: A chemical found in fruits and vegetables from strawberries to cucumbers appears to stop memory loss that accompanies Alzheimer’s disease in mice. (Eat right to keep your wits about you.)  DNA built nanostructures safely target, image cancer tumors. 1/30 BBC News: Peanut allergy treatment ‘a success.’ 2/1 BBC News: Cells from eyes of the dead ‘may give sight to blind.’ 2/6 Yahoo: Bionic hand allows amputee to feel again. (Amazing!) 2/6 Science Daily: New stem cell research removes reliance on human and animal cell. (Fantastic!)  2/7 Science Daily: Scientists reprogram skin cells into insulin-producing pancreas cells. (Wow!)  2/9 BBC News: Vitamin C keeps cancer at bay, U.S. research suggests. (Read PRIMAL PANACEA about Vitamin C.)  2/11 Science Daily: Special glasses help surgeons ‘see’ cancer.  2/15 CNN: Human lung made in lab for first time. 2/17 Science Daily: Researchers rejuvenate stem cell population from elderly mice, enabling muscle recovery. (Fantastic!)  2/20 Science Daily: Newly developed chemical restore light perception in blind mice.  Cell therapy show remarkable ability to eradicate cancer in clinical study.  2/21 Discovery News: 3-D printers helps paralyzed woman walk.  2/24 Science Daily: Researchers make artificial muscle from fishing line. Skin cells transformed into functioning liver cells in mouse study. 2/25 Science Daily: New ideas change your brain cells, research shows. (So keep an open mind!)  2/26 Drudge: AIDS cured, says EGYPT’S military. (Really?) Science Daily: Psychological side-effects of anti-depressants worse than thought. (Don’t take them: Exercise instead.)  3-D printer creates transformative device for heart treatment.  BBC News: Virtual arm eases phantom limb pain. (Amazing, but the astral parts remain after amputation.)  3/2 BBC News: Great Ormond Street doctors aim to grow ears from fat. (Really?)  3/3 Science Daily: Potent HIV antibody research has opened up possibilities for HIV prevention, treatment. (Good news.)  3/9 Science Daily: Stem cell transplant shows ‘landmark’ promise for treatment of degenerative disc disease. 3/12 Science Daily: Cellular alchemy: How to make insulin-producing cells from gut cells. (Fabulous!)  3/19 Science Daily: Precise reason for health benefits of DARK CHOCOLATE: Thank hungry gut microbes. (GOOD NEWS!) 4/1 Telegraph: Scientists at Duke grow self healing muscles that could replace real ones. 4/3 Drudge: Radiation from cells phones linked to erectile dysfunction. (Wow!) Science Daily: Erasing a genetic mutation: Researcher reverse a liver disorder in mice by correcting mutated gene. (Wow!) Chowing down on watermelon could lower blood pressure.  4/4 Drudge; Study: Mouthwash use linked to oral cancer.  4/8 Science Daily: Patients with paraplegia regain voluntary movement after spinal stimulation. (Fantastic!)  Science Daily: Living organ regenerated for first time: Thymus rebuilt in mice.Science Daily: Green tea extract boosts your brain power, especially the working memory, new research shows. (Drink your green tea!) 4/11 Drudge/US News: In medical first, scientists implant lab-grown vaginas in humans. Drudge: Study: Viagra can increase risk of developing skin cancer. (That’s a big let down!) Science Daily: Scientists grow cartilage to reconstruct noses.  4/15 Mail Online: Artificial blood made from stem cells to be tested on humans and could be used for transfusions by 2035. 4/18 Reuters: In cloning first, scientists create stem cells from adults. 4/21 Drudge/CBS: Scientists discover first case of genital reversal: Female penis, male vagina. 4/22 Independent: Revealed: Scientists ‘edit’ DNA to correct adult genes and cure diseases. 4/24 Drudge: Bionic ear restores hearing for first time – and technology could help those with depression and Parkinson’s. (Fantastic!) Science Daily: Loss of memory in Alzheimer’s mice models reversed through gene therapy. 4/25 BBC News: Human skin grown in ‘lab’ can replace animal testing.  4/27 AP: Scientists create take-home fertility test for men.  Drudge: Scientists build ‘off switch’ for the brain. Mail Online: Mobile phone breath test that could check for signs of cancer ‘available in 2 years.’ (Amazing!)  4/28 Science Daily: Cartilage, made to order: Living human cartilage grown on lab chip.  Revolutionary ‘metamaterial’ has potential to reshape neurosurgery. 4/29 Drudge: Blood test can predict men at risk for cancer. Drudge: Superbug could make routine operations too dangerous, experts warn.  5/1 Science Daily: Ground breaking technique traces DNA direct to your ancestor’s home 1,000 years ago.  Stem cells from teeth can make brain-like cells. (Wow!) 5/2 Yahoo: Coming soon: Brain implant to restore memory. (Wow!)  Telegraph: Human skin used to create sperm first time. (A cell is a cell is a cell?)  5/5 Drudge/Telegraph: ‘Vampire therapy’ could reverse aging, scientists say: Youth blood.  5/6 Science Daily: Novel antioxidant makes old arties seem young again.  5/8 Drudge/Mail Online: Privacy spray promises to remove all traces of DNA from surfaces – but could it be used to commit crimes without getting caught? (I’d say so!)  Scientists create first living organism from artificial DNA. Brave New Worlds is here?)  Science Daily: Gluten-free diet cuts risk of type 1 diabetes in mice.  5/12 BBC News: Robotic arm gets official U.S. approval. 5/16 CNN: Measles virus used to put woman’s cancer into remission. Science Daily: Mice with multiple sclerosis-like condition walk again after human stem cell treatment. Hope for paraplegic patients: Implantable microelectrode stimulates spinal cord with electrical impulses. 5/19 Science Daily: Ground breaking hip and stem cell surgery completed using 3-D printed implant. (Fantastic!) 5/29 Drudge: Doctor develops simple treatment for flesh eating disease.  5/31 Earth Changes Media: 3D Bioprinting builds a better blood vessel.  6/3 Science Daily: Neuron tells stem cell to grow new neurons: First piece of new brain repair circuit identified.  6/6 Science Daily: Transplanted fetal stem cells for Parkinson’s shows promise.  6/16 Yahoo: Scientists reverse Type 1 diabetes in mice. 6/19 NY Times: In single gene, path to fight heart attacks.  Science Daily: Gene ‘switch’ reverses cancer in common childhood leukemia. 6/22 USA Today: Stem-cell advances may quell ethics debate. 6/25 Drudge: Paralyzed man becomes first to use power of thought to move hand through microchip implanted in his brain. (We should be able to use the power of thought without a chip!)  6/27 Science Daily: FDA clears robotic legs that help paraplegics walk. 7/1 Science Daily: Using geometry, researchers coax human embryonic stem cells to organize themselves.  7/2 Science Daily: Bio-printing transplantable tissue, organs: Another step closer. 7/3 BBC News: Scientists use stem cells to regenerate human corneas. 7/8 Drudge: Blood test reveals Alzheimer’s. 7/17 Science Daily: One injection stops diabetes in its tracks: Treatment reverses symptoms of Type 2 diabetes in mice without side effects. (Fantastic!)  Transplanting gene into injured hearts creates biological pacemaker. (Wow!)  7/18 Science Daily: Transplantation of new brain cells reverses memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease model. (Fantastic!) 7/20 Science Daily: New gene discovered that stops spread of deadly cancer: Scientists identify gene that fights metastasis of common lung cancer.  7/22 Yahoo: Researchers fully ‘delete’ HIV from human cells for first time. (Terrific!)  BBC News: AUSTRALIA: 3D organs replace bodies at medical school.  7/25 Science Daily: Newly discovered gut virus lives in half the world’s population. (YUCK!)  7/26 Science Daily: Researches eliminate HIV virus from cultured human cells for first time.  7/30 Drudge/Daily Mail: Revolutionary new blood test could detect all types of cancer.  7/31 Science Daily: Pesticide DDT linked to slow metabolism, obesity and diabetes; mouse study finds.  8/4 Science Daily: Implanted neurons become part of the brain. Drudge: Robots for nursing care and other medical purposes being developed around JAPAN. 8/6 Science Daily: Drug reverses brain deficits of Alzheimer’s in mouse model. (Fantastic!)  8/8 Science Daily: Dramatic growth of grafted stem cells in rat spinal cord. 8/9 BBC News: Stem cells show promise in stroke recovery. 8/12 Science Daily: Bioengineers create functional 3-D brain-like tissue: Tissue kept alive for months. (Wow!) Drudge/Telegraph: Pioneering new injection to cure heart failure without need for major surgery. (Fantastic!)  8/19 Science Daily: Hospital superbug breakthrough: Antibacterial gel kills Pseudomonas, aeruginosa, staphylococci and E. coli using natural proteins. (Very good.)  8/20 Science Daily: Coronary arteries hold heart-regenerating cells.  8/26 BBC News: Artificial blood that’s better than the real thing. (Amazing!)  9/17 Science Daily: Scientists create therapy-grade stem cells using new cocktail to reprogram adult cells. 9/19 Drudge: Tiny implants could give humans self-healing superpowers. (Wow! Really?)  9/24 BBC News: “I was blind….now I have bionic eyes!” (WOW!) “When they turned me on, so to speak, it was absolutely the most breathtaking experience.”  10/6 Mail Online: Scientists say: Penises grown in labs: Organs could be tested on humans within 5 years.  10/15 CNN: Stem cells help nearly blind see.  10/20 Guardian: Human intestine grown in mouse first time as scientists say there is hope to create ‘spare parts’ for people. 10/23 Science Daily: Human skin cells reprogrammed directly into brain cells. (Wow!)  10/25 BBC News: Cancer-killing stem cells engineered in lab.  10/30 Science Daily: Scientists generate first human stomach tissue in lab with stem cells. (Wow!)  11/30 Forbes: Wireless implant eliminates bacteria, then dissolves. 12/4 BBC News: Drug can repair spinal cord injuries, study finds.

THE IRAQ WAR – ISIS INVASION (July 2: Too much for other place.) 7/2 Reuters: ‘IRAN aiding IRAQ’ with attack jets.  BBC News: A Blackwater official threatened to kill a government investigator: Blackwater received more than $1B in government contracts to protect U.S. personnel in Iraq. (Something is rotten in Blackwater.)  Yahoo: ISIS leader calls for Muslim to build Islamic state in IRAQ. Drudge: Children recruited to fight for ISIS. Reuters: Maliki: Let’s make a deal, quickly. Sunnis, Kurds shun IRAQ parliament. IRAQI forces storm Tikrit. 7/3 Yahoo: SAUDI ARABIA deploys 30,000 soldiers to border with IRAQ.  7/4 Reuters: IRAQ army retakes Saddam’s birthplace.  Militants free 32 TURKISH truck drivers seized in IRAQ. 7/6 Yahoo: Al-Qaida inspired insurgents gaining ground in IRAQ. 7/8 CNN: SYRIA rebels now face ISIS. CNN: ISIS mobile wallet rebrands to avoid confusion with ISIS terror group. (Smart move.)  Reuters: IRAQ parliament delayed 5 weeks, general killed near Baghdad. CNN: Women being trained to protect BAGHDAD with guns.  7/9 Yahoo: ISIS destroys mosques and shrines in IRAQ: Only the ignorant and uneducated destroy history! BBC News: IRAQ crisis: 50 bodies found south of Baghdad. (Barbaric primitives.)  Yahoo: Islamists scour IRAQ for Shisha smokers, Kalashnikov at the ready: Sinful to smoke. (The ISLAMIC INQUISITION!)  7/10 Yahoo: Sunni insurgents take over nuclear materials in northern IRAQ.  Drudge: ISIS sledgehammers Jonah’s tomb. (Jonah is not there.)  7/11 Yahoo: How ISIS is making a fortune on the Black Market for ancient artifacts. (GREED and LUST FOR POWER create war.)  BBC News: IRAQ Kurds seize 2 oil fields.  KURDS vow to boycott IRAQ cabinet.  Yahoo: IRAQ forces execute 255 Sunni prisoners. (As bad as the Irish Catholics and Protestants once upon a time. Is religion the Root of All Evil?) 7/12 Yahoo: Someone is launching airstrikes on IRAQ, but no one knows who. (What?) 7/13 CNN: 29 killed when militants raid BAGHDAD apartments, 26 women.  7/13 Reuters: IRAQI warplanes pound Anbar. Yahoo: SAUDI ARABIA’S involvement in IRAQ could prove devastating. CNN: Brothel in BAGHDAD raided, 34 dead, 28 women and 6 men. (ISIS Sunnis don’t employ hookers…they just rape?) 7/14 Reuters: IRAQI slaughter swells crowded Shiite cemetery. (Cremate!)  7/20 CNN: Facing fines, conversion or death, CHRISTIAN families flee ISIS invasion of Mosul.  7/21 Drudge: CHRISTIAN holocaust in IRAQ. 7/22 Reuters: ISLAMIC STATE continues march toward BAGHDAD. BBC News; IRAQ conflict breeds cyber-civil war.  7/23 Reuters: ISLAMIC STATE says carried out BAGHDAD suicide bombing. 7/24 BBC News: ISIS orders ‘female genital mutilation’ for women in MOSUL.(GOOD HEAVENS!BBC News: Militants ‘kill 60’ in ambush on IRAQ prison convoy.  7/28 Reuters: ISLAMIC STATE militants open office for potential wives: Where widows and single women can sign up. (What sane woman would want them?)  8/1 Reuters: ISLAMIC STATE imposes media control in SYRIA province. 8/2 Yahoo: ISLAMIC STATE withdraws from SYRIA villages dominated by Sunni tribe after clashes. 8/3 Reuters: ISLAMIC STATE seizes 2 IRAQ towns, oil field, defeating Kurds. USA Today: ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS impose reign of terror on IRAQ in cities that tolerated multiple religions for centuries.  8/4 CNN: ISIS takes control of IRAQ dam. Reuters: LEBANESE army advances in border battle with ISLAMISTS. (ISIS trying to take over the Middle East?) Doubt at the heart of IRAQ’S Sunni revolution. Drudge: ISIS flag banned in NETHERLANDS after anti-Semitism surge. 8/5 CNN: ISIS threatens IRAQ Christians. KURDS fend off ISIS fighters. 8/6 CNN: IRAQ minorities being ‘slaughtered’. ISIS to Christians: ‘Convert or die.’ (Demonic monsters.) BBC News: IRAQ crisis: MOSUL air strike kills at least 30: Prison used by ISIS targeted.  8/7 World Post: ISLAMIC STATE seizes more IRAQ towns, Christians flee largest Christian city near Kurdish region. (Monsters!)   Yahoo: On the offensive, KURDISH forces attack SUNNI militants. BBC News: Christian exodus as IRAQ town falls. NY Times: AMERICAN forces said to bomb ISIS targets in IRAQ. (It’s about time!)  NY Times: Rebels take biggest IRAQ dam, stoking panic. 8/8 Reuters: IRAQ residents flee KURD capital. BBC News: U.S. launches IRAQ militant airstrikes.  RAF planes to drop food aid in IRAQ.  Drudge: ISIS captures largest Christian city in IRAQ; pulls down church crosses; children beheaded. ISIS vows: ‘We will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.’ (No, you will not!!!)  8/9 NY Times: U.S. jets and drones attack militants in IRAQ, hoping to stop advance of ISIS. Yahoo: IRAQ official: Militants hold 100s of Yazidi women. 8/10 CNN: OBAMA: Fight against ISIS ‘long term’.  CNN: Rabbi, 60, shot and killed walking to synagogue in MIAMI. (Hate crime?)  CNN: FEDS: AFGHAN doctor in PHILLY tied to anti-Western insurgents: Al Qaeda. (Real or paranoia?)  8/10 Reuters: ISIS militants kill 500 YAZIDIS in IRAQ. (Slaughter must be stopped: Keep bombing!) Yahoo: ISLAMIC STATE killed 500 Yazidis, buried some victims alive. (May QUICK KARMA be theirs!)  Reuters: Scores of IRAQ minorities seek shelter from ISIS advance. (Worse than Hitler and the Nazis.)  8/11 NY Times; Capitalizing on U.S. bombing, Kurds retake IRAQ towns. CNN: IRAQI troops swell in BAGHDAD. Reuters: Maliki defies call for new IRAQ government. More aid reaches northern IRAQ as political strife grows. ISLAMIC STATE beheads, crucifies in push for SYRIA’S east. Yahoo: KOSOVO police arrest 40 alleged ISLAMIC RADICALS.  Drudge: ‘Become Muslims by noon today or we kill all of you.’ (Does ISIS cleric wear a blue turban? 3rd Anti-Christ?) NY Times: IRAQ nominates new leader as defiant Maliki musters troops. (So many messes in Iraq.)  Reuters: KURDISH forces battle ISLAMIC STATE militants near Arbil.  8/12 Reuters: U.S. ready to help new IRAQ leader, IRAN welcomes choice. (There needs to be cooperation between the different religious factions.)  BBC News: Thousands of Yazidis ‘still trapped’ on IRAQ mountain.  8/13 CNN: Fleeing ISIS: Exodus from IRAQ: Thousands of refugees, many members of the pre-Islamic Yazidi religion, trudge from northern IRAQ to Syria to escape ISIS.(Is Syria any safer?) Reuters: ISLAMIC STATE militants seize wheat from state silos: IRAQ Grain Board. RAF jets set for IRAQ surveillance mission. (Sure!) Yahoo: FRANCE to send weapons to Kurds in IRAQ.  Child ISIS member: ‘I swear to Allah we will divide America in two. We promise car bombs and explosives.’ (The have not’s appear to want their share of the spoils!)  8/14 NY Times: Militants’ siege on mountain in IRAQ is over, Pentagon says. BBC News: U.N. declares major emergency in IRAQ, following rapid advance of Islamic State militants. BRITISH rapper turned ISIS jihadist poses with severed head. (Lousy, disgusting rapper!)  NY Times: IRAQ’S Prime Minister agrees to relinquish power.  8/15 BBC News: EU to discuss arming IRAQ Kurds. 8/15 Reuters: HEZBOLLAH sees ISLAMIC STATE as threat to GULF, JORDAN. 8/16 CNN: ISIS abducts 100 women. U.S. hits ISIS targets near IRAQ dam.Pro-ISIS leaflets distributed in LONDON. McCain: ‘ISIS is threat to U.S.’  Reuters: ISLAMIC STATE ‘massacres 80 Yazidis in north IRAQ:’ officials. (Indiscriminate butchers!) Reuters: IRAQ Sunnis say could join new government, fight Islamic State. GERMAN aid for IRAQ as Foreign Minister arrives in Baghdad. 8/17 Reuters: KURDISH militants train hundreds of YAZIDIS to fight Islamic State. (Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.) U.K. must use military prowess to stop Islamic State. Yahoo: ISLAMIC STATE executes 700 from SYRIAN tribe: monitoring group. (ISIS MUST BE STOPPED. Worse than Genghis Khan, worse than Napoleon, worse than Hitler. STOP THEM! Eliminate them!) 8/18 BBC News: IRAQ claims control of Mosul dam. (Hooray!)  8/19 CNN: Pope says ISIS must be stopped. (Amen.) Reuters: IRAQ forces battle to drive jihadists from Saddam’s home town.  Drudge/Yahoo: ISLAMIC STATE message to America: “We will drown all of you in blood.” (The Demonic Horde of the Prince of Darkness speaks again!)  Reuters: ‘No’ from IRAQ villager triggered mass killings: ‘Convert or die!’ 8/20 CNN: ISIS beheads an AMERICAN journalist: James Foley: brave and tireless, funny, warm and loving. (Keep bombing the bastards!)  CNN: Families fleeing ISIS get help: U.N. airlifts aid into northern IRAQ for desperate families fleeing militants. BBC News: Foley ‘barbaric murder’ shocks WEST. (You bet. You don’t kill the journalists just for the hell of it! Imbecilic barbarians!)  8/21 NY Times: ISIS pressed for ransom before killing journalist. CNN: Foley’s captors wanted $132M. (Get real.)  NY Times: Halting ISIS would require strikes in SYRIA, General says. 8/22 CNN: At least 30 killed in IRAQ Sunni mosque shooting, police say.  Reuters: Slain journalist’s employer publishes email to family from Islamic State. 8/22 Drudge/CBS: Ominous tweet connects ISIS threat in CHICAGO. (A troubled enough city for sure.)  8/23 CNN: U.N. warning over ISIS: ‘Unspeakable’ suffering in IRAQ town besieged by ISIS fighters. Reuters: IRAQ Yazidis flee violence, cross into TURKEY.  Yahoo: BRITISH woman vows to become first female jihadist to kill AMERICAN or BRITISH captive. (Lovely girl, ugly as sin in her soul!)  8/24 ISIS siege cuts off small IRAQ town from food and water.  8/24 Reuters: ISIS takes over parts of SYRIAN air base.  BBC News: ISIS fails to take IRAQ refinery. AP: IRAN says IRAQ able to fight militants alone. 8/25 Reuters: IS captures SYRIA air base, hundreds dead. 8/25 Yahoo: ISIL, ISIS, now QSIS? Top Sunni cleric says STOP CALLING TERRORISTS ISLAMIC! (He has an excellent point!)  8/26 CNN: Rush hour car bombing in BAGHDAD kills 10, wounds 34: ISIS claims responsibility. BBC News: KURDS make gains against IS in northern IRAQ.  Drudge: ISIS demands $6.6M ransom for 26 year old American woman physician. AMERICAN Douglas Arthur McCain dies fight for ISIS in SYRIA. 8/27 Reuters: IS executed soldiers at SYRIA base, posted picture on internet. 8/28 CNN: ISIS terror on the FRENCH RIVIERA. 8/28 Reuters: Video: Shirley Sotloff pleads with IS leader to release son. Yahoo: IS ‘executed 160 SYRIAN soldiers.’ (So blood-thirsty! Muslims killing Muslims! This is not religion, this is LUST FOR POWER & CONTROL.)  8/30 Yahoo: SAUDI King warns WEST will be jihadists’ next target soon. 8/30 Drudge: IS vows to reach PALESTINE, kill barbaric JEWS.  CNN: Report: ISIS selling Yazidi women in SYRIA.  Reuters: IS militants behead captive LEBANESE soldier. Suicide bomber kills at least 11 south of BAGHDAD. (Wants his 70 virgins: He’s going to be pissed: No virgins.)  8/31 CNN: 2 month siege broken: IRAQI, volunteer forces enter AMERLI day after U.S. forces hit ISIS near besieged town.  BBC News: U.K.: Cameron considers ban on U.K. jihadists returning home. (Very smart.)  Yahoo: U.S. drops humanitarian aid in besieged IRAQ town.  9/1 Yahoo: ‘Hundreds’ of Americans linked to IS: Lawmaker, former FBI agent. BRITISH jihadist mum (former rock band star) in SYRIA threatens to behead Christians.  9/2 BBC News: IS accused of IRAQ ethnic cleansing. (War crimes against humanity.)  Drudge: 2nd AMERICAN journalist, Steven Sotloff, beheaded by ISIS. (Murdering barbarians.) 9/4 Yahoo: CHECHEN leader, Putin pal bows to crush ISIS after threat against RUSSIA. (Let’s hope!)  BBC News: IRAQ air strikes ‘kills senior IS members.’  9/5 Reuters: ISLAMIC STATE enters EGYPT to guide their militants, expanding influence. 9/6 NY Times: OBAMA enlists 9 allies to help in the Battle against ISIS. Reuters: SYRIA warplanes hit IS bakery, training camp. (The world is out to get them! Hooray!)  ISLAMIC STATE expands influence to EGYPT.  9/7 CNN: U.S. strikes ISIS near key dam: Pentagon: IRAQ asked us to attack. Reuters: ARAB League to back IRAQ, U.S. campaign against ISLAMIC STATE.  BBC News: U.S. to go on offensive against IS. 9/8 Reuters: Hundreds mourn loss of KURDISH fighter killed by IS. IS launches gun boat attack on river-side town.  9/10 Al Qaeda battles ISIS for jihadist leadership: Young jihadists flocking to ISIS. NY Times: OBAMA ready to authorize airstrikes on ISIS in SYRIA. Longtime rivals look to team up to confront ISIS. 9/11 NY Times: SAUDI ARABIA to grant U.S. request for anti-ISIS training program. Reuters: RUSSIA warns U.S. against strikes on ISLAMIC STATE in SYRIA. 9/13 NY Times: ISIS says: Executed, beheaded BRITISH aid worker, David Cawthorne Haines, 44.(The Demon Horde of the Prince of Darkness.)  9/14 NY Times: ARAB nations offer to conduct airstrikes against ISIS: U.S. officials. 9/14 BBC News: IRAQ’S Falluja hospital controlled by IS ‘hit by shelling.’  Drudge/Washington Post: Intelligence agencies differ over size, strength, threat posed by ISLAMIC STATE. 9/16 USA Today: Dempsey: U.S. advisers may fight alongside IRAQIS. 9/17 CNN: Feds: NY store owner funded ISIS, tried to send jihadist to SYRIA and kill U.S. troops himself. 9/18 CNN: U.S. one step closer to arming, training SYRIAN rebels against ISIS; KURDISH fighters claim to kill ISIS leader. Reuters: AUSTRALIA foils Islamic State plot of public beheading: Prime Minister. Drudge: ISIS releases photos, video of another captured journalist. 9/19 Reuters: FRANCE launches first airstrikes on IS in IRAQ. 9/20 Reuters: IRAQ women pick up weapons, join the fight against IS.  9/21 Reuters: About 60,000 Kurds flee to TURKEY as IS advances. 9/23 CNN: Bombs rain down on ISIS in SYRIA: U.S., ARAB nations join in attacks. 9/24 CNN: ISIS must be “degraded and ultimately destroyed,” President Obama tells the U.N. Reject ‘cancer of violent extremism.’ (AGREED.) Yahoo: Death threats for SAUDI pilots after raids on jihadists. (Keep bombing!)  9/26 Yahoo: DENMARK to send seven F-16s to fight IS group in IRAQ: PM. Reuters: Shells land in TURKEY as IS advances on SYRIAN border town. IRAQ says IS plans U.S., PARIS attacks. FRENCH military jets bomb hangars. F-18 fighter jets refueled, U.S. launches air strikes in SYRIA. BBC News: U.S. airstrikes ‘destroy IS tanks.’ 9/30 Reuters: ISLAMIC STATE uses wheat to tighten grip in IRAQ.  U.S. strikes helps IRAQ Kurds, army advances against IS.  10/2 Reuters: IS presses assault on SYRIAN border towns. 10/3 CNN: 3 AMERICANS fighting  alongside KURDS against ISIS in SYRIA. Reuters: AUSTRALIA authorizes special forces troops for IRAQ.  10/7 Yahoo: TURKEY: IS close to capturing SYRIA border town. 10/8 Reuters: Airstrikes push IS back from KOBANI.  10/11 Yahoo: IS jihadists execute 4 women in northern IRAQ: 2 doctors, 1 politician. 10/12 CNN: ISIS close to winning on two fronts.  10/17 Drudge: ISIS training pilots to fly captured jets. 10/18 Reuters: Bomb blasts in IRAQ kill at least 24. 10/19 Reuters: Fiercest fighting in days hits SYRIA border town. 10/20 CNN: TURKEY allows IRAQ Kurds to reinforce KOBANI. 10/21 Reuters: BAGHDAD restaurant bomb kills 21. 10/23 Reuters: U.S. strikes kill 521 fighters, 32 locals in SYRIA. 10/26 Reuters: IRAQ forces seize 4 villages after victory near BAGHDAD. 10/27 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 27 militiamen in IRAQ, all eyes on KOBANI. 10/28 Reuters: U.S., ALLIES stage 13 attacks on IS targets in IRAQ, SYRIA. SYRIA supplying military aid to KURDS to fight IS. 10/29 BBC News: IS ‘kills Sunni tribesmen’ in IRAQ. USA Today: Islamic State lines up, kills 30 men near BAGHDAD. (These radicals have to go! Strange karma!)  10/30 CNN: Women sold, raped, enslaved by ISIS. Reuters: IRAQ KURDISH forces enter SYRIA to fight IS. 11/2 CNN: ISIS kills hundreds in holdout Sunni IRAQ tribe: Families marched to their deaths. BBC News: IS ‘kills 322’ from one IRAQ tribe in Anbar Province. 11/9 Reuters: IRAQ forces advance to try to break insurgent siege of Baiji refinery. Yahoo: IRAQ officials: IS leader wounded in airstrike. (Deserved!) 11/10 Reuters: Aide to IS’s Baghdadi killed near Falluja: IRAQ TV. 11/12 Reuters: KURDS gain ground in battle for KOBANI. 11/21 Reuters: IS targeted in 30 airstrikes by U.S., allies. IS attacks IRAQ provincial capital: Officials. 11/21 CNN: Al Qaeda in YEMEN rebukes ISIS. (Jealous? Wants more power?)  11/22 Reuters: IS kills 25 IRAQI tribesmen near Ramadi. 11/23 Reuters: IRAQ forces retake 2 towns from IS. U.S. plans to arm IRAQ Sunni tribesmen. 11/30 Reuters: IRAQ’S divisions will delay counter-offensive on ISLAMIC STATE. (No one seems to get along in Iraq.)  12/7 Reuters: IS executes Shiite militia fighters north of BAGHDAD.  

9/24: OTHER ISIS JIHADIST ATROCITIES: ALGERIA jihadist video shows beheading of FRENCH hostage abducted last Sunday, after demands that FRENCH airstrikes stop.  (No one is safe. Stay out of MIDDLE EASTERN countries. KEEP BOMBING ISIS, please!)  IRAQI  woman activist killed by IS. 10/2 Reuters: PHILIPPINE Islamist militants threaten to behead GERMAN hostage on October 17. Staggering crimes in IRAQ by ISLAMIC STATE.  10/3 CNN: ISIS executes BRITISH hostage. 11/16 CNN: Video claims ISIS militants have beheaded American hostage Peter Kassig. (No consciousness or conscience in these militants. All cruel animals.)  11/17 Reuters: Frenchman seen in IS video of beheadings. (And when these bloodthirsty religious fanatics arrive at the Other Side they will discover their beliefs were all lies!)  11/19 BBC News: Second FRENCHMAN seen in IS video.   

PANDEMICS/EPIDEMICS claim lives, attacking immune systems with SUPER BUGS with deadly accuracy.12/27/2013 CNN: Swine flu kills 5 in TEXAS. Drudge: H1N1 flu surfaces in CHICAGO, Potentially deadly virus behind 80% of flu infections in 2013. 1/8 Drudge: Outbreak of ‘nightmare bacteria’ in ILLINOIS stirs worry. 1/9 CNN: H5N1 Bird Flu kills first NORTH AMERICAN victim, may have contacted disease in CHINA before boarding flight. Reuters: Widespread flu reported in more than two dozen states. 1/14 Drudge: Death toll from new CHINA bird flu rises. 1/15 AP: Mosquito borne virus spreading in CARIBBEAN.  1/23 BBC News: H7N9: Bird flu cases surge ahead of Chinese New Year of the Horse: 73 cases this month.  2/5 BBC News: New strain of ‘deadly’ bird flu. 2/20 Washington Post: ‘Swine flu’ strain returns; dramatic rise in deaths among young adults, children.  2/24 CNN: Polio-like illness found in 5 CALIFORNIA children. 2/25 CNN: More than a dozen polio-like illness found in children in CALIFORNIA, possibly 20. Reuters: Polio-like illness seen in up to 25 CALIFORNIA children. (Tragic!)  3/17 Science Daily: 3/4 of people with seasonal pandemic flu have no symptoms. (Wow!) 3/19 Science Daily: Study fingers chickens, quail in spread of H7N9 influenza virus in ASIA. 3/21 Drudge: More drug resistant infections seen in U.S. children. (People need to learn about and use herbs! Honest!)  3/23 CNN: At least 59 dead in GUINEA Ebola outbreak. 3/25 BBC News: GUINEA Ebola outbreak: Bats banned to curb virus. (Did you know people eat bats? I didn’t!  ) 3/26 CNN: Scientists race to eliminate malaria as ‘wonder drug’ loses its power: Incurable malaria. Science Daily: EBOLA virus spreads quickly across GUINEA. 3/27 Yahoo: Terror grips Ebola-hit WEST AFRICA, at least 63 dead. 3/30 BBC News: GUINEA confirms Ebola in capital, 66 dead in rural areas. 3/31 BBC News: EBOLA: LIBERIA confirms cases, SENEGAL shuts borders. 4/1 CNN: Ebola toll rises in ‘unprecedented’ outbreak: 122 infected, 78 dead, with most victims in GUINEA. 4/2 Drudge: UPDATE: Worst Ebola outbreak in 7 years kills 83 in GUINEA.  Drudge: NYC measles outbreak moves to Lower East Side. 4/5 Drudge: MALI suspects first Ebola cases as regional death toll tops 90. 4/8 BBC News: GUINEA ‘Ebola deaths pass 100.’ 4/12 Drudge: Bird flu close to mutating into ‘global pandemic’, Human-to-human transmission feared. Court order sought to force man with infectious TB to stay home.  4/14 Drudge: Foreigner dies of MERS in SAUDI, 8 infected. Deadly yellow fever mosquito not seen since 1970s resurfaces in CALIFORNIA. 4/15 Drudge: EBOLA spreads from jungle to urban cities.  Drudge: SARS research lab loses 2,000 tubes of killer virus.  YEMEN reports first case of EBOLA. 4/16 CNN: EBOLA spreads to city of 2 million. Drudge: EBOLA death toll tops 120. 4/18 Drudge: Virologists: New strain of EBOLA circulating GUINEA. 4/21 Drudge: SAUDI ARABIA announces jump in new cases of deadly MERS. 4/22 Science Daily: Researchers identify new type of EBOLA virus in GUINEA. 4/24 CNN: EBOLA outbreak: Death toll rises to over 140 in LIBERIA, GUINEA.  Drudge: Study: Antibiotic-resistant MRSA ‘superbug’ found spreading into U.S. homes. (Scary!)  4/26 Drudge/Yahoo: SAUDI ARABIA says MERS virus cases top 300, 5 more die. 4/27 Drudge: EGYPT reports first case of MERS virus.  4/28 Yahoo: Killer virus spreads unchecked through U.S. hog belt, pushing pork to record.  Drudge: SAUDI ARABIA sets up 3 clinics to deal with MERS virus: Reports 3 more MERS deaths as toll tops 100. 4/30 Reuters: Drug resistant superbugs a serious threat worldwide, says WHO. (HERBS: Oil of Oregano, turmeric, curcumin, garlic, olive leaf extract, vitamin C.) 5/1 Telegraph: Antibiotic crisis bigger than AIDS as common infections will kill, WHO warns. (Don’t take an antibiotic unless you absolutely need it. Overuse had led to this critical situation.) 5/2 Yahoo: SAUDI ARABIA finds 26 more cases of MERS, EGYPT reports first sufferer.  5/3 Science Daily: MERS coronavirus can be transmitted from camel to humans. (Take your camel to the vet!)  5/5 Reuters: SARS specter weighs as MERS lands in U.S.  AP: WHO: Spread of polio now a world health emergency.  5/8 Yahoo: SAUDI ARABIA reports 4 more deaths from MERS. 5/9 NY Times: Deadly illness in NICARAGUA baffles experts: Affects the kidneys and has killed at least 20,000 over a decade: No name. 5/9 Drudge: CDC: Syphilis reaches highest level since 1995, steady rise in gay and bisexual men. 5/14 Reuters: 2 sick U.S. hospital workers test negative for MERS virus. (Hallelujah!)  FLORIDA MERS patient say in busy ER for hours. (Good way to spread a deadly virus!) Drudge: 22 hospital workers stay home after contact with MERS patient. Drudge: Measles outbreak largest in 20 years.  5/15 Drudge: Airports across country warn of MERS virus. 5/18 CNN: CDC: First case of MERS infection transmitted inside U.S. Yahoo: SAUDI ARABIA reports 10 new MERS deaths. 5/22 Drudge: Rapid, painful ‘chikungunya’ virus sweeping CARIBBEAN spread by mosquitoes.  5/24 CNN: Measles outbreaks more than double. 5/27 Drudge: Ebola outbreak: SIERRA LEONE, health worker among 4 dead. 5/27 BBC News: IRAN reports first case of MERS. 5/28 CNN: Return of the WHITE PLAGUE: Fears over the rise of ‘incurable’ TB. Reuters: Deadly pig virus re-infects U.S. farm, fuels supply fears. (I don’t eat pork anymore.)  AP: OKLAHOMA: Second man dies of Heartland Virus.  Yahoo: WEST AFRICA Ebola outbreak still spreading:  ‘situation serious,’ WHO. 5/29 USA Today: CDC: Measles in U.S. hit 20 year high.  6/3 BBC News: UK employees leave SIERRA LEONE over Ebola threat.  6/4 Drudge: SAUDI review finds over 100 more MERS infections.  6/5 Yahoo: GUINEA, SIERRA LEONE see spike in Ebola cases: WHO.  CNN: 2014 measles outbreak: OHIO measles outbreak continues to grow: 155. 6/12 Yahoo: SIERRE LEONE declares Ebola emergency in district. 6/12 Science Daily: Genes found in nature yield 1918-like virus with pandemic potential. 6/13 CNN:  Mosquito borne virus chikungunya worries CDC: Fight the bite!  Drudge: NC reports first case of mosquito-borne chikungunya virus. 6/14 CNN: CALIFORNIA declares whooping cough epidemic. 6/16 Reuters: BANGLADESH reports first case of MERS. 6/17 BBC News: 7 die in LIBERIA Ebola outbreak. 6/19 Drudge: WEST AFRICA Ebola death toll hits 337. 6/21 Yahoo: EBOLA outbreak out of control in GUINEA, SIERRA LEONE and LIBERIA. Yahoo: Chikungunya virus spreads from CARIBBEAN to CENTRAL AMERICA. 6/24 CNN: EBOLA epidemic out of control in WEST AFRICA. BBC News: WEST AFRICA Ebola deaths pass 300. 6/25 Yahoo: The current Ebola epidemic the worst ever and it’s spreading. 6/27 Yahoo: Big jump in MERS cases reported in SAUDI ARABIA. 6/29 BBC News: ‘Drastic action’ needed on EBOLA. Big jump in MERS cases reported in SAUDI ARABIA. 6/30 NY Times: Flawed SAUDI response fueled outbreak of MERS, Middle East virus.7/2 BBC News: EBOLA: WHO calls emergency talks on outbreak in AFRICAN countries: 768 infected, 468 have died. BBC News: Chikungunya cases rise in CARIBBEAN. Yahoo: Red Cross suspends EBOLA operations in southeast GUINEA after threats by men with knives.(Ignorance will result in countless deaths.)  7/3 Reuters: Ministers discuss Ebola in WEST AFRICA as patients flee. 7/7 Yahoo: EBOLA outbreak: U.S. man tested in GHANA.  7/8 Yahoo: EBOLA cannot be cured but WEST AFRICA epidemic may have been preventable.(Good grief!) 7/9 Yahoo: EBOLA virus spreads to 50 more in WEST AFRICA in a week. Yahoo: Man diagnosed with rare pneumonic plague in COLORADO: His dog died from the disease.(Animals can kill you with a disease.)  7/11 BBC News: EBOLA deaths mount in SIERRA LEONE. 7/12 Reuters: WHO warns of EBOLA spread. Yahoo: EBOLA deaths surge in SIERRA LEONE and LIBERIA:  WHO.  7/14 Yahoo: EBOLA crises in WEST AFRICA deepens: 500+ dead.  7/23 Yahoo: SIERRE LEONE’S chief EBOLA doctor contracts the virus. 7/25 Yahoo: Why are potential EBOLA patients attacking the doctors trying to save their lives?(SUPERSTITIOUS IGNORANCE.)  WEST AFRICA EBOLA crisis out of control. EBOLA orphans flee SIERRE LEONE farms as cocoa and rice rot.(Tragic.)BBC News: SIERRE LEONE hunts EBOLA patient kidnapped in Freetown.(Ignorance will spread the disease and kill yet more people.)  Yahoo: LIBERIAN man in Lagos being tested for EBOLA. 7/26 CNN: EBOLA virus reaches NIGERIA’S biggest city, Lagos. 7/27 CNN: AMERICAN doctor in LIBERIA infected with EBOLA. 7/27 Yahoo: Runaway SIERRE LEONE EBOLA patient dies in ambulance: Family took her to local healer. 7/28 Yahoo: EBOLA outbreak: LIBERIA shuts most border points. NIGERIA isolates LAGOS hospital where EBOLA victim died.  BBC News: MEDIC: EBOLA spreading as people ‘resist’ treatment.(But there is NO CURE. How can there be treatment?)   EBOLA IS HIGHLY INFECTIOUS. 9/29 Reuters: NIGERIA isolates hospital after EBOLA death. Yahoo: American doctor that contracted EBOLA in grave condition. CNN: EBOLA doctor in SIERRE LEONE dies: Doctors Without Borders. 7/30 CNN: EBOLA kills American heading home. 7/30 Yahoo: BRITAIN warns of EBOLA virus threat. Drudge: EBOLA: Doctor quarantined in CANADA; Woman treated in HONG KONG. GERMANY accepts infected patient. 7/31 Reuters: SIERRE LEONE president declares STATE OF EMERGENCY over EBOLA.  Yahoo: EBOLA Outbreak: 30,000 in NIGERIA believed exposed to virus, and no one knows who they are! (YE GODS!)BBC News: Drug resistant malaria ‘widespread.’ 8/1 Reuters: SIERRE LEONE declares emergency as Ebola death toll hits 729. 8/2 Reuters: EBOLA patients coming to U.S. for treatment. Drudge: WHO warns EBOLA virus could spread to other countries: ‘Catastrophic’ loss of life. Drudge/Mirror: EBOLA virus: BRITISH aid worker’s diary reveals horror as 6 nurses die from killer bug. 8/3 CNN: GUPTA: ‘We’re going to see EBOLA around the world.’  Reuters: EBOLA distracts from worsening CAMEROON CHOLERA outbreak: 1,300 infected in 2 months, 65 dead. LIBERIA communities refuse burials of EBOLA victims: Fear of contamination. 8/4 CNN: Secret serum likely saved EBOLA patients in LIBERIA. Yahoo: NIGERIA doctor who treated EBOLA victim has contracted virus. Yahoo: Number of chikungunya cases spike in NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY as virus spreads rapidly. Drudge: EBOLA TERROR as passenger dies at LONDON airport.  8/5 Yahoo: Bodies dumped in street as WEST AFRICA struggles to curb EBOLA. 8/6 Yahoo: NIGERIA nurse who treated EBOLA patients dies. OHIO woman being tested for EBOLA. Yahoo: ‘The floor was splattered with blood’; horrifying details from EBOLA ground zero where nearly 900 have died.  8/7 Reuters: EBOLA crisis spotlights experimental drugs.  8/8 NY Times: WHO declares EBOLA public health emergency. 8/8 BBC News: EBOLA patient arrives in SPAIN. Yahoo: EBOLA spread to U.S. ‘inevitable’ says CDC chief. Group of AMERICAN students stuck in EBOLA hot zone in AFRICA. 8/9 CNN: WHO: Dire warning about EBOLA. U.S. doctor held hands of dying.(Compassion is good.)  Reuters: EBOLA state of emergency in NIGERIA.  8/10 Reuters: U.S. emergency labs ready to work on EBOLA. Patient in suspect EBOLA case in CANADA tests negative.(Hooray!) BBC News: LIBERIA buckles under EBOLA strain. 8/11 Reuters: Clinical trial to start soon on GSK EBOLA vaccine. Returning U.S. missionaries to be quarantined because of EBOLA. BBC News: Travel ban in IVORY COAST over EBOLA.  8/12 CNN: Spanish priest infected with EBOLA and treated with serums dies. WHO says untested drugs are ethical as EBOLA death toll tops 1,000. Reuters: LIBERIA to give 2 doctors trial EBOLA drug. WHO backs use of experimental EBOLA drugs in WEST AFRICA, EBOLA toll at 1,013. 8/13 Yahoo: GUINEA EBOLA survivor shunned by boyfriend, even school.(Ignorance reigns.)  BBC News: KENYA at high risk of EBOLA. Drudge: Student firefighters contract MRSA superbug at FDNY Academy. 8/14 Reuters: Canada’s NewLink Genetics says EBOLA vaccine trial imminent. Drudge: DOCS: EBOLA drug poses ‘impossible dilemma.'(Experimental?) 8/15 CNN: WHO: Evidence shows EBOLA crisis ‘vastly’ underestimated.(Scary.)  8/17 Reuters: LIBERIA creates ‘plague villages’ to curb EBOLA. BBC News: Protesters attack LIBERIA Ebola unit, prompting 20 patients to leave.(They will spread the disease.)  USA Today: EBOLA fears heightened in LIBERIA as clinic looted with blood stained sheets and mattresses taken.(YE GODS!)  8/18 Drudge: Inside EBOLA hell, reporters witness horrors; air workers flee, doctors retreat. NIGERIAN woman suspected of EBOLA dies in UAE. 8/19 Reuters: WEST AFRICA EBOLA toll passes 1,200, quarantined victims to get food: WHO: Outbreaks this year have risen to 2,240, including 1,229 deaths.(Very scary.)  Science Daily: EBOLA has profound effects on wildlife population dynamics.(So sad.)  Drudge: EBOLA kills 84 in WEST AFRICA in 3 days.  8/20 CNN: CALIFORNIA patient tested for EBOLA. BBC News: LIBERIA troops enforce quarantine. NY Times: Clashes erupt as LIBERIA imposes quarantine to curb EBOLA.  Yahoo: SIERRA LEONE’S 365 EBOLA deaths traced back to one woman healer’s claim of special powers. 8/21 Reuters: American doctor treated with experimental EBOLA drug to be discharged from hospital.(God bless.)  Police fire on protesters as EBOLA toll rises to 1,350.  BBC News: Up to 30,000 eligible for EBOLA drugs.  8/22 Yahoo: Pet owners warned after PLAGUE confirmed in COLORADO. Unidentified FEVER kills 13 in 10 days in DR CONGO.  8/23 Yahoo: SIERRE LEONE makes hiding EBOLA patients illegal.(So sad.)  8/24 CNN: EBOLA outbreak: IVORY COAST shuts border. 8/25 CNN: EBOLA spreads outside WEST AFRICA.  8/25 BBC News: EBOLA kills treated LIBERIA doctor. 8/27 Reuters: SENEGALESE WHO doctor with EBOLA arrives in GERMANY for treatment.(Need mega-vitamin C drips.)  BBC News: NIGERIA closes schools over EBOLA. Guardian: EBOLA scare: 116 arrive in NEW DELHI and MUMBAI from worst-affected LIBERIA.  EBOLA zone countries isolated as airlines stop flights. 8/28 Reuters: EBOLA death toll tops 1,550, outbreak ACCELERATING.  GSK EBOLA vaccine fast-tracked into U.S., U.K. and AFRICAN trials.(50,000-100,000 mg drips of vitamin C could destroy EBOLA: cheap, risk free. Read PRIMAL PANACEA by Thomas Levy, MD.)  BBC News: WHO warns 20,000 at risk of EBOLA. Drudge: Report: Dogs eating dead bodies of EBOLA victims on streets of LIBERIA.(Lots of dead, diseased dogs soon.)  8/29 BBC News: SENEGAL confirms first EBOLA case.  8/31 CNN: 2 more given drug survive EBOLA: LIBERIAN medical workers.  9/1 Drudge: 9 new cases DENGUE FEVER in JAPAN. 9/2 CNN: CDC director raises EBOLA alarm: Outbreak in WEST AFRICA much worse than figures show; other countries unintentionally making it harder to control: First epidemic spreading widely through several countries.(Very scary.)  Yahoo: EBOLA patient escapes LIBERIA quarantine, chased in market.  Drudge: Another AMERICAN doctor infected with EBOLA. MYSTERY: CONGO outbreak ‘genetically unrelated’ to WEST AFRICA strain. 9/4 Reuters: EBOLA ‘spiraling out of control,’ says CDC. EBOLA vaccine stymied by logistics. Drudge: WHO: EBOLA death toll tops 1,900, surpassing all previous outbreaks combined.(Far from under control.)  9/6 NY Times: EBOLA taking second toll, on economies.  Reuters: U.N. aims to STOP EBOLA in 6-9 months.(Good luck.)  BBC News: SIERRE LEONE declares EBOLA lockdown.(So tragic.)  9/8 CNN: Hundreds of MIDWEST children sickened by virus. CNN: Outbreak of DENGUE FEVER in JAPAN: 35 people. USA Today: VIRUS hospitalizes hundreds of kids across 10 states. Yahoo: EBOLA surging in places it had been beaten back. 9/9 BBC News: LIBERIA ‘faces huge EBOLA surge.'(I’m amazed by all these posts!)  9/10 Drudge/Breitbart: WHO: EBOLA has killed 2,288, nearly half in past 21 days. 9/12 CNN: Sick kids flooding ERs in ALABAMA. 9/13 NY Times: U.S. scientists see long fight against EBOLA. BBC News: An airborne EBOLA nightmare scenario. (Ye gods!)  Drudge: Mystery virus spreads to NEW YORK, CONNECTICUT.  9/16 Drudge: U.S. State Department orders 160,000 hazmat suits.(EBOLA on its way?)and 5,000 body bags.  9/18 CNN: EBOLA patients buying survivor’s blood on black market, WHO warns. Reuters: Death toll in WEST AFRICA EBOLA epidemic reaches 2,622: WHO.  9/19 BBC News: SIERRE LEONE begins EBOLA lockdown.  EBOLA outbreak: GUINEA health team killed.(The tragedy of ignorance and superstition.)  9/20 Science Daily: Possible 6,800 new EBOLA cases this month, research predicts. Yahoo: Mosquito borne virus tally nears 500,000 in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.  Drudge: U.N.: EBOLA threatens global peace, security. WHO concerned about survivor’s blood black market. 9/21 Reuters: SIERRE LEONE burial team attacked despite lockdown. 9/23 CNN: EBOLA claimed 2,800 lives in 6 months: WHO. USA Today: WHO: 21,000 EBOLA cases by November if no changes. NY Times: Fresh graves point to undercount of EBOLA toll: Grave diggers. Man bitten by EBOLA patient flown to SWITZERLAND.  NY Times: CDC’s worst case EBOLA scenario: 1.4M cases in 4 months.(Really?)  9/25 NY Times: In LIBERIA, home deaths spread circle of EBOLA contagion. 9/26 BBC News: SIERRE LEONE widens EBOLA quarantine.  9/27 BBC News: EBOLA deaths in WEST AFRICA pass 3,000: WHO. 9/28 CNN: LIBERIA’S top doctor quarantined. 9/30 BBC News: EBOLA outbreak: ‘Thousands of orphans shunned.'(A true tragedy!) 9/30 NY Times: LIBERIA plane passenger being treated for EBOLA in DALLAS.  10/1 CBS: RHODE ISLAND child dies from mystery enterovirus affecting kids nationwide.  Mosquito virus spreads in U.S. 10/2 CNN: U.S. nears solution for safe disposal of EBOLA waste. U.S. EBOLA case: 80 monitored in DALLAS. Yahoo: Patient with possible EBOLA symptoms in isolation unit at HAWAII hospital. Drudge: Food crisis looms as EBOLA rampages through WEST AFRICA. 10/3 CNN: NBC cameraman diagnosed with EBOLA. 10/4 CNN: 11 COLORADO children have mystery illness. 10/6 CNN: EBOLA’S global toll: 3,400 and counting. 10/6 Drudge: SIERRE LEONE records 121 deaths in one day. 10/8 CNN: 99 in UGANDA quarantined after MARBURG virus death.  10/9 BBC News: EBOLA challenge biggest since AIDS. EBOLA: EUROPE will see more cases. 10/14 BBC News: U.N. worker dies of EBOLA in GERMANY. USA Today: WHO: New EBOLA cases could reach 10,000 per week.(Based on what?)  BBC News: EBOLA death toll ‘rises to 4,447’.  10/20 Reuters: NIGERIA declared EBOLA-free, holds lessons for others. 10/24 Yahoo: MALI confirms first case EBOLA: 2 year old girl. 10/25 BBC News: EBOLA outbreak: Passes 10,000 cases, WHO reports. 10/26 Reuters: Top health officials warn of EBOLA quarantine risks. 10/28 CNN: CDC against quarantining returning EBOLA medical workers. 11/2 BBC News: EBOLA increasing in SIERRE LEONE. 11/6 BBC News: U.N. ‘lacks resources’ to fight EBOLA. 11/6 USA Today: EBOLA cases rise sharply in SIERRE LEONE. 11/12 BBC News: SIERRE LEONE EBOLA nurses on strike. 11/17 CNN: Surgeon second U.S. EBOLA fatality.(So sad. He waited too long to return.)11/17 BBC News: BIRD FLU: EU in talks as NETHERLANDS battles outbreak.  11/21 BBC News: EBOLA outbreak: MALI doctor dies after treating preacher. GUINEA, SIERRE LEONE and LIBERIA hardest hit by EBOLA. Drudge: Bandits in GUINEA steal blood samples suspected of EBOLA infection.(For what reason?)11/22 BBC News: MADAGASCAR plague outbreak kills 40, infects dozens of others.(Ye gods!)11/25 BBC News: SIERRE LEONE EBOLA workers dump bodies in public in protest of non-payment of allowances for handling EBOLA victims. 11/28 NY Times: Despite Aid push, EBOLA raging in SIERRE LEONE.  Reuters: WHO to male EBOLA survivors: Abstain from sex. 11/29 CNN: Number of EBOLA cases tops 16,000. Reuters: CHINA reports new human cases of H7N9 BIRD FLU.  BBC News: WEST AFRICA EBOLA toll nears 7,000. Drudge: 1,000 new EBOLA deaths reported in last two days. 


Later, as JUPITER trines URANUS, you can expect the stock market to take off and economic indicators to be highly favorable. The aspect also facilitates the expansion of consciousness and a fine tuning of psychic abilities. Pay attention, please!12/29/2013 BBC News: ‘Magnetic Man’ breaks spoon record in GEORGIA, attaching 53 spoons to his body. 1/6 Facebook/AweScience: Quantum Theory proves that Consciousness moves to another Universe after death. (Indeed!)  8/19 Drudge: BOOM: Nasdaq ends at 14 year high!  8/30 Drudge: WALL STREET CELEBRATES: Best AUGUST in 14 years! (JUPITER trines URANUS!)  

PUBLIC ASSASSINATION of leaders seems a solution to the lesser evolved of a murderous mind.12/27/2013 CNN: LEBANON’S Mohamad Chatah, U.S. friend/Hezbollah foe, killed in blast in Beirut. 12/31 Drudge: DC police, Secret Service investigating drive-by shooting just steps from WHITE HOUSE. 1/12 CNN: LIBYAN government minister shot dead in Gadhafi hometown. 2/2 CNN: Man arrested after allegedly threatening to kill GEORGE W. BUSH.  5/13 Drudge: SPANISH politician shot dead in broad daylight. 6/6 Yahoo: Assassination attempt on AFGHAN candidate fails to kill candidate, 6 civilians dead. 7/3 BBC News: Al Shabab assassinates SOMALI PM in Mogadishu, bodyguard also killed.  7/23 BBC News: SOMALI musician and MP Saado Ali Warsame shot dead by Islamic militants. 8/1 Reuters: CHINA says Islamic militants kill pro-Beijing imam in Xinjiang. 8/4 BBC News: Mayor of MEXICAN town Ayutla shot dead in Jalisco. 10/2 BBC News: VENEZUELA lawmaker Robert Serra, 27, shot dead in Caracas.

An increase in SOLAR FLARES is one cause of severe weather, earthquakes, and the failure of certain power grids.12/26/2013 Earth Changes Media: 7 M-Class Flares within last 48 hours. 12/30 Drudge: Sun has ‘flipped upside down’ as new magnetic cycle begins. 1/8 Huge solar flare delays Cygnus private rocket launch to Space Station.  1/10 Drudge/NOAA: Blast from the SUN reaches Earth.  Science Daily: Giant sunspot, larger than Earth’s diameter, appears on Sun. 1/18 BBC News: Has the Sun gone to sleep? Solar lulls coincide with bitterly cold winters. (Is that it?)  1/31 Earth Changes Media: 14 M-Class flares released in last 72 hours. Sunspot 1967 set to blast magnetic field. 2/2 Earth Changes Media: 7 new M-Class flares over the past 72 hours. 2/13 SHTFplan: This is a monster: Sunspot now larger than Jupiter…continues to unleash solar flares. 2/14 Earth Changes Media: 13 M-Class flares in the last 48 hours. 2/24 Earth Changes Media: New round of Solar Flares and CMEs. 2/25 Earth Changes Media: First X-Class flare of 2014 sets off. Discovery News: Sun erupts with huge M-Class flare, biggest of 2014. 3/14 Earth Changes Media: Cyclone leaves 3 dead, 6 missing in VANUATU. Sunspot AR1996 erupted. Yahoo: Sun unleashes intense solar flare as NASA watches. 3/19 Science Daily: Fierce 2012 magnetic storm just missed us: Earth dodged huge magnetic bullet from the Sun. 3/31 Major solar flare erupts from the Sun. 4/7 Earth Changes Media: 3 Sunspot regions explode at same time.  4/25 Major solar flare erupts, massive Xl.3, triggering temporary communications blackout on some parts of Earth. 5/3 NASA captures giant solar ‘tornado’ whirl out of the Sun.  5/7 USA Today: NASA captures huge explosion on the Sun. Earth Changes Media: Carrington Class CME narrowly misses Earth.  5/9 Drudge: Hearing: Electric grid vulnerable to EMP: Could kill 9 in 10 Americans: Damaged could be cause by the Sun, or a man-made attack, would be catastrophic. (Quick way to go!)  5/31 Sun hurls giant eruption – New ‘Ultra-Zoom’ lens snaps it. 6/11 Yahoo: Sun unleashes two huge solar flares. How will they affect us?  6/11 Sun erupts with 3rd huge solar flare in 2 days.  6/12 Yahoo: Intense Solar Storm could hit Earth on Friday the 13th!  (Boo!) Drudge: Solar flares disrupt communication on Earth.  6/23 Yahoo: Solar Mini-Max erupts as quiet Sun finally hits its peak. Drudge/ Apocalypse NOW: Killer solar superstorm could destroy Earth at ANY MOMENT, scientists warn. (Comforting thought, huh? So long, it’s been good to know you!)  8/3 Earth Changes Media: Friday’s 2 M-Class flares accelerate ocean and jet stream currents.  9/1 Reuters: NASA imagery shows a late summer “flurry of flares” bursting from the Sun.  9/11 Yahoo: Extreme solar storm streaking toward Earth, scientists say. 9/14 Drudge: In NEVADA: washed out interstate is trucker’s nightmare.  9/15 CNN: Category 3 HURRICANE ODILE flogs tourists with rain in MEXICO’S BAJA CALIFORNIA.  10/7 Huffington Post: Vast solar filament seen by NASA stretches one MILLION miles. (Wow!)  10/20 Earth Changes Media: Active sunspot sets off X-Class Flare, Solar Eclipse October 23rd. 10/23 Huge magnetic ropes drive powerful Sun explosions. 10/24 Discovery News: Monster sunspot turns toward Earth.  10/25 Yahoo: Powerful solar flare erupted Friday from largest sunspot in 24 years. 10/27 Powerful solar flares keep firing off giant Sunspot. 11/26 Yahoo: Monster sunspot may unleash powerful solar flares.

The DRONE WARS continue as innocent civilians lose their lives in the conflict, andother drone tales.12/26/2013 Drudge: No holiday for drones in PAKISTAN, 3 killed. 1/16 Drudge/US News: NORTH DAKOTA man sentenced to jail in controversial drone-arrest case: For terrorizing police officers trying to arrest him on his property in 2011. 1/26 Drudge: Swarms of drones could be the next frontier in emergency response. 1/27 NY Times: AFGHANISTAN exit seen as peril to drone mission. 1/29 Drudge: NORTH DAKOTA cow thief first American arrested, jailed with drone’s help. 2/19 Drudge/Truth Revolt: WASHINGTON and WISCONSIN pass anti-drone laws; 10th state to do so.  2/26 Drudge/Bloomberg: Rolls Royce drone ships challenge $375B industry: Freight.  3/10 Reuters: ISRAEL see future drone threat from LEBANON, GAZA. BBC News: AUSTRALIA: Drone “used to carry drugs near prison.” 3/12 Drudge: Federal judge clears DETROIT florist’s delivery by drone. (Safer on those streets?)  Telegraph: Underwater drones to map world’s oceans. 3/27 Drudge: Drone and rescue chopper nearly collide as drone crashes mount. 4/1 CNN: Unmanned drone crashes on SOUTH KOREA border island. 4/3 Drudge: Shipping firm first to use drones to navigate ARCTIC ice.  4/4 Drudge: 375 pound military drone crashes near elementary school. 4/6 NY Times: Delays in effort to refocus CIA from drone war. 4/7 Drudge/Breitbart: Drone crashes into triathlete during race, causing head injury. 4/9 BBC News: Firm creates drone fitted with taser. 4/10 Drudge: New drones ‘perch’ on power lines to recharge, never have to land. 4/15 Drudge: Google buys drone company. 4/17 Drudge: Congressional candidate shoots down government drone. (What?) 4/18 CNN: Drone finds 1,000-year old village in NEW MEXICAN desert. Reuters: Drone risks damage at record depth in search for MALAYSIAN airplane. 4/19 CNN: YEMEN: Drone strikes killed at least 15, including 12 suspected al Qaeda militants.  5/3 Drudge/NBC: Drones banned at YOSEMITE, Park Service says. (GOOD.)  5/12 BBC News: YEMEN drone strike ‘kills militants.’ 5/13 Drudge: IRAN: We cloned your drone.  5/16 Drudge: War on Women: Drone films sunbathers at VIRGINIA BEACH.  5/22 Drudge: Pizza delivered by drone in INDIA. (Wow!)  5/25 Reuters: No end in sight for drone war.  5/28 Drudge: Drones to be dropped into hurricanes. (Might work?)  6/1 Drudge: LAPD adds drones to arsenal.  6/6 Drudge: LAPD moves closer to testing drones for manhunts, standoffs, other tactical events. (Might save the lives of officers.)  6/19 Drudge: Riot Control Drone to shoot pepper spray bullets at protesters. (Ouch!) 6/21 CNN: NATIONAL PARKS ban drones. (Hooray!)  Drudge: Swanky CALIFORNIA hotel using drones for room service. (Don’t spill the coffee!)  6/24 Drudge: SEATTLE woman sees drone peeping into her apartment window. (The Peeping Tom Drone!)  6/26 Drudge: Drone carrying drugs crashes in DUBLIN prison exercise yard. (Strange karma.)  7/8 Drudge: NYPD: Police chopper, drone in near miss over GW bridge.  7/17 Drudge: Military ramps up use of underwater drones.  7/22 Drudge: JAPAN building massive military drone fleet.  7/25 Drudge: COPS: Amazon employee flies drone to top of SEATTLE Space Needle, crashes drone into window. 8/2 Drudge: RISE OF THE DRONES has police and regulators scrambling to catch up. (There’s a movie in that title.)  8/7 Drudge: Drone crashes into famed hot spring at YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. (Idiots!)  8/18 Drudge: Officials: Drone flights pose threat in wildfires.  8/20 Drudge: GREECE: Drones drop mobile phones over prison walls. 8/22 Drudge: Drone flying near LAX sparks alarm from jet pilot. (I should think so!) LA Times: City Hall protesters demand “Drone Free LAPD.”  8/27 Drudge: Drone delays medical helicopter landing at hospital. (Someone could die!)  8/29 Reuters: Google tests drones to deliver goods. 9/3 Mail Online: Ram-page! An angry sheep takes out a drone that gets too close for comfort in NEW ZEALAND, before turning on the pilot! (Run, fellow! Run!)  9/13 Drudge: Pilot spots drone flying near NASHVILLE airport runway. (Dangerous.)  9/18 Drudge: Helicopter has near miss with drone over BROOKLYN. 9/20 Drudge: Drone with facial recognition takes flight.  9/23 Drudge/Time: Watch this crazy drone with arms fly and turn a wheel in mid air. Drudge: Man banned from YELLOWSTONE PARK after crashing drone.  (Good.)  9/24 Drudge: DRONE DELIVERY ARRIVES: DHL ‘Parcelcopter’ takes to the GERMAN skies. 9/26 Drudge: ARGENTINA uses drones to root out wealthy tax evaders. 9/30 Drudge: SNAP: Man arrested after shooting down neighbor’s drone. (Made me laugh, but probably wasn’t funny!) 10/8 Drudge: Google, Amazon, DHL drones struggle with wind.  10/14 Drudge: Drone maker unveils smartphone controlled device.   10/26 Drudge: Drone ‘deliberately flown at passenger airliner.’ Drudge: Drones, SWAT surround high school football game after gang threats. 11/3 Drudge: CHINA develops drone defense system. 11/15 BBC News: Ambulance drone takes to the skies. 11/27 Drudge: Near collisions between drones, airliners surge. (Very dangerous) 12/7 BBC News: Drone involved in HEATHROW near miss with airplane.

The FULL BLOOD MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE of October 8 brings dramatic earth changes, political unrest, fires, severe weather, earthquakes and tsunamis to ASIA, AUSTRALIA, NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA. 10/7 USGS: 6.0 quake WSW Weiyuan, CHINA. 10/8 USGS 6.2 quake El Dorado, MEXICO.  Drudge: GOP CA Rep: ‘At least 10 ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the MEXICAN border. CNN: U.S. F-15 crashes in U.K.  10/14 CNN: Severe weather: 32M in U.S. at risk, air travel could suffer: Tornadoes, damaging winds, hail.  Drudge: Tropical storm may impact HAWAII later this week.  10/16 USA Today: 27 dead, 70 missing in NEPAL blizzard, avalanches. 10/18 Reuters: NEPAL blizzard death toll rises to 39, more than 370 rescued. 10/19 Reuters: Hope fades for 40 missing after NEPAL blizzard.  10/27 BBC News: Melbourne and Adelaide battered by severe southern AUSTRALIA storms: Roads flooded, people trapped in cars. 10/29 Reuters: More than 100 believed killed in SRI LANKA landslide. 11/1 BBC News: AUSTRALIA bushfire out of control. CNN: CALIFORNIA mudslide: Homes evacuated north of LOS ANGELES in Ventura County.  Drudge: Earliest snowfall in history in SOUTH CAROLINA. 11/3 Drudge: MAINE walloped by record early snowstorm: 21 inches. 11/8 USA Today: Power ocean storm blasting ALASKA islands. 11/9 CNN: ‘Bomb cyclone’ bring ARCTIC chill to U.S.  11/14 Reuters: Old Man Winter arrives early, bringing Arctic chill, heavy snow to U.S. 11/18 CNN: Freeze reports in all 50 states. 11/19 BBC News: Deadly NEW YORK snowstorm kills 5. 11/21 CNN: 13 dead in winter storm.  11/22 Reuters: Snowy western NEW YORK faces flooding. 11/28 BBC News: Planes tossed around in BRISBANE storm.  11/30 Drudge: Fierce winds knock out windows, power in WYOMING. 12/3 Yahoo: PHILIPPINES starts evacuating residents ahead of TYPHOON HAGUPIT. 12/6 BBC News: PHILIPPINES typhoon makes landfall. 12/8 BBC News: LOS ANGELES fire destroys apartment block site.

MASS DEMONSTRATIONS: PEOPLE in various countries around the globe continue to RISE UP to PROTEST deplorable conditions and tyrannical rulership.12/26/2013 Reuters: Anti-corruptions demonstrations turn violent in ISTANBUL. 1/1 Reuters: Thousands march in HONG KONG in battle for democracy. 1/12 Reuters: Tens of thousand march in SPAIN in support of ETA. 4/4 BBC News: Violent clashes at BRUSSELS airport.  4/27 Drudge: Thousands block far-right march of Neo-Nazis in BERLIN. 5/9 Drudge: VENEZUELA arrests hundreds of youths in crackdown on protests. 6/9 BBC News: San Paola BRAZIL police tear gas protesters. 7/1 USA Today: HONG KONG holds massive march for democracy. 7/20 Drudge: ANTI-ISRAEL protests rock PARIS, thousands rally in LONDON. (They won’t listen. Everybody wants control when no one will ever have control for long.) 7/24 Drudge: Thousands attend tense pro-GAZA march in PARIS.  8/8 Yahoo: BANGLADESH garment workers clash with police in protest for fair pay. 8/9 Reuters: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD stages massive pro-HAMAS rally in JORDAN. 8/14 BBC News: PAKISTAN hit by anti-government protest marches. 8/16 Reuters: PAKISTAN protesters vow no let up until PM resigns. 8/19 Reuters: PAKISTAN arrests 147 in Punjab towns as protests in capital continue.  8/24 Drudge: Anti-ISRAEL protesters in LONDON defend Hitler. (Doing absolutely no good at all. Skinheads? Neo Nazis?)   Thousands march in NYC to protest police chokehold death. 8/31 CNN: PAKISTAN protests turn deadly as PM refuses to resign: at least 2 dead.  Reuters: Police, demonstrators come to blows in ISLAMABAD. BBC News: Protesters condemn HONG KONG ruling. 9/14 Reuters: Thousands of activists stage ‘black cloth’ march in HONG KONG.  9/21 BBC News: GLOBAL protests over CLIMATE CHANGE: 2,000 marches. 9/27 Reuters: HONG KONG students storm government HQ in challenge to BEIJING. 9/28 CNN: HONG KONG uses teargas to break up protesters. 9/29 Reuters: Thousands more protesters flock to HONG KONG: Defiant.  10/3 Reuters: HONG KONG clashes brew in shopping districts. 10/12 Reuters: HONG KONG’S leader warns protesters as tent city sprouts up. 10/15 Reuters: HONG KONG police assault protesters. 10/18 CNN: HONG KONG protests swell, police move in. 10/28 Reuters: Parents of missing students march in MEXICO. HONG KONG protests one month old. 11/2 BBC News: Water charges: Almost 100 protest across REPUBLIC OF IRELAND. 11/25 Reuters: Street protests in BURKINA FASO prompt minister’s resignation. 11/30 Reuters: Protesters return to FERGUSON streets after police officer resigns.  Thousands stage anti-government protest in MADRID. 12/5 Reuters: Protests against police brutality spread across U.S. after no verdict in chokehold death.  12/7 Reuters: BERKELEY police fire tear gas, rubber bullets as protests turn violent.  12/8 CNN: Chokehold death protests turn violent; Police: Explosives thrown at officers. 12/9 Reuters: More than 150 protesters arrested in CALIFORNIA. USA Today: More than 1,000 protest in BERKELEY, shut down I-90.

POLITICAL UNREST remains significant, especially in MIDDLE EAST and FAR EAST countries.12/22/2013 Reuters: Protesters gather across THAI capital, demand PM resign. 12/26 Reuters: 1 killed, 100 hurt in THAILAND clashes. THAI government rejects call to delay election. 12/29 Reuters: Thousands of CAMBODIANS rally to demand PM step down. 12/30 Reuters: CHINESE police kill 8 in Xinjiang ‘terrorist attacks.’ 12/31 Reuters: MYANMAR/BURMA frees more political prisoners. 1/2 CNN: Report: 4 dead after car bomb explodes in Hezbollah neighborhood in BEIRUT. 1/3 Reuters: CAMBODIAN military fires on striking workers. (Ye gods!)  Arsonists set CHINESE consulate on fire in U.S.  1/4 Drudge: More than 100 polling stations set ablaze ahead of BANGLADESH elections. 1/10 Drudge: CNN: ‘Al Qaeda now controls more territory in the MIDDLE EAST than ever before.  1/11 Reuters: 7 wounded in BANGKOK shooting. 1/15 Reuters: THAI standoff grips capital; government sticks to election date. 1/16 Drudge: SYRIA’S Assad slams SAUDI ideology as ‘threat to world.’ 13,000 teens complete HAMAS training camps to emulate ‘suicide martyrs.’ (Truly pathetic!)  1/17 Reuters: Blast wounds 36 protesters in THAI capital.  3 killed in clashes between militants and the army in YEMEN. 1/19 Reuters: Protesters clash with police at large UKRAINE rally. 7 seriously hurt in BANGKOK blast, military urges end to crisis. 1/21 CNN: State of emergency declared for BANGKOK: THAILAND’S political unrest turns violent.  1/22 BBC News: THAI ‘red shirt’ protest leader shot. 1/23 BBC News: BURMA mobs ‘kill 30 Rohingya’ Muslims. (What happened to Buddha’s teaching: Do No Harm?)  1/24 BBC News: Blasphemy case: Briton, 71, in PAKISTAN sentenced to death. (More barbarism.) 1/26 CNN: THAI protest leader shot dead.  Protesters scuffle with police in CAMBODIA.  1/29 Reuters: Influential cleric urges SAUDIS to stop backing EGYPT’S dominant military. 1/29 BBC News: PHILIPPINES offensive ‘kills 37 rebels.’ 2/1 CNN: Gunmen open fire at THAI protest.  2/2 Reuters: Suspected Muslim rebels blamed for bomb attack in THAI south. 2/4 BBC News: PAKISTAN Taliban criticize peace talk delays. 2/9 CNN: Report: IRAN sending warships toward U.S. maritime borders. (Really?)  ISRAELI military: Airstrike targets key PALESTINIAN militant. 2/18 Reuters: 4 killed in THAI clashes in battles between police and protesters. 2/19 Reuters: At least 4 dead, including children, in twin suicide blasts in BEIRUT. 2/23 Reuters: Bomb kills 2, wounds 22 in BANGKOK. THAI protesters turn in SIM cards seen linked to PM’s family. At least 1 killed and 41 wounded in attack on THAI protest rally. Drudge: ISTANBUL police fire tear gas on protest over internet curbs. 2/24 Reuters: THAI PM rules out resigning as unrest continues. Death toll rises to 3 in THAI bomb blast. 2/25 Reuters: THAI trade slumps alongside tourism as protest violence takes toll. 2/26 Reuters: Gunfire by night becomes new norm in downtown BANGKOK. 3/1 BBC News: PAKISTAN Taliban announce month truce aimed at reviving peace talks with government.  3/2 NY Times: Rising bigotry fuels massacre inside MYANMAR/BURMA. 3/8 Reuters: LIBYA port rebels say started exporting oil. BBC News: LIBYA threatens to bomb NORTH KOREA flagged oil tanker if it tries to export from a rebel controlled port. (Wow!) 3/13 BBC News: ISRAELI planes bombard GAZA targets. 2 dead amid TURKEY protests.  3/14 CNN: Knife-wielding market quarrel leads to stabbing frenzy in CHINA, 6 dead.  3/17 Reuters: Car bombs kill at least 8 at LIBYA army academy in Benghazi. 3/21 Reuters: 5 killed in North LEBANON in spillover from SYRIA war. 3/22 Reuters: 3 killed as Shiite Houthi fighters clash with YEMENI army. YEMENI tribesmen blow up MARIB oil pipeline, stop crude flow. 3/23 Reuters: Rifts beset ARABS ahead of summit amid worries about IRAN. 3/27 Reuters: SOUTH KOREA seizes NORTH KOREA boat amid new tensions. BBC News: Buddhist mobs ‘target aid workers’ in MYANMAR/BURMA’S Rakhine. (What about Buddha’s DO NO HARM?) 4/2 Reuters: LIBYAN bank staff start 2-day strike after colleague shot dead at work.  BBC News: 7 dead as WWII bomb explodes in BANGKOK scrap yard.  4/3 Reuters: PAKISTAN PM releases 16 prisoners in bid to revive Taliban talks.  4/7 Reuters: Fighting in PALESTINIAN camp in south LEBANON kills 8. 4/15 Reuters: JORDAN’S ambassador to LIBYA kidnapped by gunmen. 4/21 CNN: At least 30 militants killed in YEMEN. 4/21 Reuters: GAZA rockets hit south ISRAEL, army strikes back. 4/24 Reuters: U.S. may cut aid if PALESTINIAN parties unite. 4/29 Reuters: ISRAELI forces demolish WEST BANK mosque as peace talks deadline passes. 4/30 Reuters: Blast at train station in CHINA’S Urumqi, some injured. 5/5 Reuters: YEMENI army in heavy fighting: 6 soldiers die in suicide blast. Drudge: INDIAN Muslims flee homes after rebel massacre in Assam.  5/6 CNN: 6 injured in southern CHINA railway station attack.  5/6 Reuters: THAILAND PM in court over abuse of power. 5/7 Reuters: VIETNAM and CHINA face off in SOUTH CHINA SEA. THAI court orders PM to step down. 5/9 Reuters: THAI police fire teargas at protesters. 5/11 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 6 soldiers in latest YEMEN violence. 5/13 Reuters: JORDANIAN envoy to LIBYA freed, Jordan sends back jailed militant. 5/14 Reuters: Protests over CHINA oil drilling rage in VIETNAM.  5/15 Reuters: Anti-CHINA riots leave over 20 dead in VIETNAM. 5/18 CNN: CHINA evacuates 3,000 citizens from VIETNAM after violence. 5/20 CNN: GENERALS TAKE CHARGE: Army declares martial law in THAILAND; government wasn’t informed, aide says. (Strange changing times.)  5/22 NY Times: THAI Army declares military coup. (Ye gods!)  CNN: Terror attacks kill dozens in CHINA’S tense Xinjiang region, at least 31 dead, 90 wounded. 5/23 CNN: Man stabs passengers aboard TAIWAN train: At least 4 killed, 22 injured. 5/24 Reuters: Al Qaeda gunmen storm YEMEN city, 30 killed.  5/27 Reuters: VIETNAM, CHINA trade barbs after Vietnamese fishing boat sinks. 6/2 Reuters: Death toll in fighting in LIBYA’S Benghazi rises to 18.  6/16 Reuters: ISRAEL expands WEST BANK hunt for missing teens; PALESTINIAN killed. 6/21 Reuters: SOUTH KOREA soldiers kill 5 comrades, wounds 5 others near border with NORTH KOREA. 6/22 Reuters: SOUTH KOREA troops surround soldier who killed 5 comrades. (Curtains?)  6/23 Drudge: IRAQ-SYRIA-JORDAN borders crumble. 6/27 Reuters: ISRAELI air strike kills 2 militants in GAZA. 6/30 Reuters: ISRAEL bombs GAZA after rocket attacks, Hamas gunmen killed.  NY Times: ISRAELIS find 3 bodies believed to be those of missing youths, officials say. (There will be hell to pay!)  7/1 CNN: ISRAEL lashes out after teens found dead: ‘Hamas will pay’  Netanyahu vows. ISRAEL strikes Hamas targets. 7/3 Reuters: ISRAEL airstrikes, PALESTINIAN rockets heat up GAZA border. 7/6 NY Times: Power struggles in MIDDLE EAST exploit Islam’s ancient sectarian rift.  7/7 Reuters: ISRAELI airstrikes kill 7. Drudge: The Dalai Lama urges BUDDHISTS to half MUSLIM violence. (DO NO HARM says Buddha!) 7/8 CNN: ISRAEL ready ‘to exact a heavy toll on HAMAS.’ (The eternal conflict between the Arabs and the Jews. Abraham should have avoided that handmaiden. Will men ever learn? Karma, karma!) Reuters: Shiite YEMEN tribesmen capture provincial capital, at least 200 killed.  CNN: ISRAEL authorizes 40,000 reserve troops. 7/9 CNN: Rockets and missiles fly: ISRAEL prepares for possible ground operation. USA Today: Deadly violence ramps up in GAZA.  7/10 CNN: ISRAEL launches deadliest strike in 3 days. 7/12 CNN: 10 year of hard labor: ‘Back to square one’ for MYANMAR/BURMA press freedoms. 7/15 Reuters: TRIPOLI airport shell, U.N. pulls out staff.  7/26 BBC News: U.S. evacuates LIBYA embassy staff following clashes between rival militias. 7/27 Reuters: More than 50 killed in BENGHAZI, TRIPOLI clashes. 8/2 Yahoo: CHINA confirms new generation long range missiles that could reach U.S. (Now isn’t that lovely?)  8/3 Reuters: LIBYA factions battle over airport, more than 20 killed. Reuters: Almost 100 killed during attacks in CHINA’S Xinjiang last week. 8/9 Reuters: YEMEN militants shoot 14 soldiers; drone kills 3 militant suspects.  8/19 Reuters: LIBYAN militia fire rockets into affluent Tripoli residential district. (Tragic.) 8/23 Reuters: Unidentified war planes attack TRIPOLI again. 8/24 CNN: TRIPOLI airport changes hands in fighting.  8/29 Reuters: MILITANTS seize 43 GOLAN HEIGHTS peacekeepers: U.N. 9/1 Reuters: Fighting erupts between SYRIAN army, rebels on GOLAN HEIGHTS. 9/7 Reuters: 12 killed in clashes west of LIBYA capital Tripoli. 9/26 BBC News: Xinjiang unrest: CHINA raises death toll to 50. 10/19 Reuters: NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA exchange gunfire at border in latest clash. (Young Kim back in control, causing friction.)  10/22 Reuters: Al Qaeda kills 30 Shiite rebels in central YEMEN: Tribal sources.  10/25 BBC News: Gun battles on the streets of LEBANON.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE of October 23 affects the NORTH PACIFIC and the NORTH AMERICAN continent, creating strange or severe weather patterns, political upheaval and dramatic earth changes with worldwide impact.

SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS will be astounding this year, especially in the realm of PHYSICS and TECHNOLOGY.12/27/2013 Drudge/Entrepreneur: Wearable tech is getting a lot more intimate: Sensors inside your body. (The Brave New World is here.)  1/22 Science Daily: E-whiskers: Highly sensitive tactile sensors developed for robotics and other applications: Electronic skin, or e-skin, and electronic eye implants or e-eyes. Now e-whiskers!  2/11 Science Daily: New advance in 3-D printing and tissue engineering technology. 2/13 CNN: Laser bombardment yields energy milestone. 2/26 Daily Caller: First contagious WiFi virus goes airborne, spreads like common cold from WiFi to WiFi. (REALLY? Ouch!)  2/27 BBC News: Boeing makes ‘self destruct’ top secret phone. (For James Bond-types/spies.) 2/28 Drudge/Fox: Face recognition system unlocks doors at MANHATTAN complex.  3/4 Drudge/Boston Globe: Headband could help brain communicate with computer. (Wow!)  3/12 Drudge: BOEING warned of computer takeover of 777; Missing Malaysia Airlines 777 with 239 onboard. (Staggering thought!)  BBC News: Pioneering 3D printing reshapes patient’s face in Wales.  3/13 Science Daily: Soft robotic fish moves like the real thing: New robotic fish can change direction almost as rapidly as real fish.  3/19 Science Daily: New window into quantum physics opened with superconductivity of LED.  3/20 Science Daily: Tremors of the Big Bang: First direct evidence of cosmic inflation. (Hello!) 3/27 Science Daily: Dark energy hides behind phantom fields. (The mysterious Universe.)  3/29 Drudge/Fox: We know what you’re thinking: Scientists find way to read minds. 4/1 Science Daily: Breakthrough in creating invisibility cloaks, stealth technology. 4/2 BBC News: U.S. Navy tests robotic firefighters. (Wow! Could save lives.)  4/10 Drudge: ‘Anti-radiation belt’ developed by ISRAELI firm for nuclear emergencies. (Does it work?) 4/10 Science Daily: Genetic circuits: Bacterial ‘FM radio’ created.  Next generation solar plane unveiled in SWITZERLAND. 4/13 Smithsonian Magazine: This tower pulls drinking water out of thin air: 25 gallons a day. Science Daily: New form of matter: Exotic hadron with two quarks, two anti-quarks confirmed.  Science Daily: New self-healing plastic developed. The ATM strikes back: Researchers protect money with method borrowed from aggressive beetle. 4/15 Mail Online: Glass without the glasses: Google patents smart contact lens system with a CAMERA built in. (Wow! James Bond Time.)  BBC News: Pressure sensors to help prevent pain for amputees. 4/18 Drudge/Defense One: Why there will be a robot uprising! (Wow!) 4/19 Mail Online: Is THIS the SR-72 top secret spy plane? Clearest picture yet of mystery aircraft spotted flying over KANSAS just weeks after being seen in TEXAS. 4/22 Science Daily: Wireless power transfer achieved at 5-meter distance.  4/25 Drudge: NISSAN develops world’s first self-cleaning car. BBC News: CHINA: Firm 3-D prints 10 full-sized houses in a day. (WOW! BIG PRINTER!)  5/2 Drudge: HAWKING: ‘Success in creating AI would be biggest event in human history. It might also be the last.’  5/3 Drudge/ Physics students devise concept for Star Wars-style deflector shields. (Wow!) 5/6 Drudge: Army testing unmanned Black Hawk helicopters.  5/7 Drudge/CNBC: Richard Branson’s vision for NY to Tokyo in 1 hour! (Wow!)  5/9 BBC News: Self-healing plastic mimics blood clotting. (AMAZING!)  5/11 Drudge: Smart shirt can monitor workout, detect stress.  5/12 BBC News: Nereus deep sea sub implodes 10km-down. (Sad loss.)  5/15 Drudge: U.S. army developing air conditioned helmets. (Good idea!)  5/19 Science Daily: Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80 year quest. (Matter is light, swirling atoms, frequencies!)  5/28 Drudge: Mind Control: Pilots fly plane simulator using thoughts alone (And electronic gadgets attached to their heads. ETs have highly developed minds and don’t need this crap. Our pilots are not yet sufficiently evolved.)  BBC News: Researchers try to develop 3D printing of body parts. (Dr. Frankenstein would have loved a 3D printer! No need to rob graves?)  6/6 Yahoo: NASA’s 1st Orion spaceship gets world’s largest heat shield.  6/7 Yahoo: Transatomic Power’s safer reactor eats nuclear waste. (Hooray!)  6/9 Drudge: Turing Test breakthrough as super computer becomes first to convince us it’s human. (DOUBLE WOW!)  6/17 Drudge: Stephen Hawking: AI could be real danger. (The robots could take over the planet? Hi Hal!)  6/19 Drudge: Harley Davidson introduces electric motorcycle.  6/21 Science Daily: Princess and the Pea? Invisibility cloak prevents object from being felt. (Wow!) 6/24 Drudge: DUTCH company develops world’s first electronic joint. (Wow!)  Robot valet to park cars at GERMAN airport.  7/5 Reuters: Eye-tracking wheelchair helps the severely disabled steer new course. (Terrific!) 8/2 USA Today: Stanford breakthrough might triple battery life.  8/8 Science Daily: Robot folds itself up and walks away: Demonstrates potential for sophisticated machines that build themselves. (Scary thought to me!) 8/9 Drudge: IBM develops computer chip that functions like human brain. (Will robots take over the world?)  8/12 Science Daily: Water tractor beam: Complex waves generate flow patterns to manipulate floating objects. (From science fiction to functional!)  Drudge: Robot pet dogs in JAPAN translate barks into Japanese. (Tech bills instead of vet bills?)  8/13 Drudge: Robots ‘invade’ Starwood Hotels  8/15 Yahoo: Robots cook and serve in restaurant in CHINA. (Robots can’t taste food, can they?)  8/18 BBC News: Could computers captain the world’s cargo ships. (Ye gods…Do they need to learn new job skills?)  8/22 Mail Online: Robots could murder us out of kindness, engineer claims, unless they are taught the value of human life. (The distinct danger of artificial intelligence.)  8/27 Yahoo: A physics experiment might soon tell us if we’re living in a 2D hologram: This is how scientists determine if the world around us is an illusion. (Or in a long meditation by DIVINE MIND?)  Yahoo: Supersonic subs look to cross the PACIFIC in under 2 hours. (Wow!)  8/28 Science Daily: Quantum physics enables revolutionary imaging method.  From nose to knee, engineered cartilage regenerates joints.  9/4 Drudge: CHARLESTON WV police to buy robot.  Robots deliver meals to patients in super hospital in BRISTOL, ENGLAND.  9/13 Yahoo: Cars that drive themselves starting to chat with each other. (Really? Hysterical!)  Drudge/ Will superintelligent machines destroy humanity. (Will fiction become fact?) Book: “Thinking machines most daunting challenge humanity has ever faced.”  SUPERHUMAN: Pentagon tests jetpack for soldiers on battlefield.  9/16 Yahoo: Mice given human brain gene learned tasks faster. (Thank you, Dr. Frankenstein.)  9/27 Reuters: NEW YORK scientists unveil ‘invisibility cloak’ to rival Harry Potter’s.  Science Daily: Football-size robot can discreetly skim along ship’s hull to to seek hollow compartments concealing contraband.  9/30 Discovery News: The invisibility cloak you’ve been waiting for! (Wow!) 10/1 Drudge: Octopus robot swims, crawls, carries things underwater.  10/6 CNN: U.S. Navy could ‘swarm’ foes with robot boats. (Put an end to WAR, please!)  10/7 Drudge: 1 in 3 jobs will be taken by software or robots by 2025. NASA looks to put astronauts in deep sleep for 7 days.  10/9 Science Daily: Mind-controlled prosthetic arms that work in daily life are now a reality. (Fantastic.)  Amputees discern familiar sensations across prosthetic hand. (Wow!)  10/25 Drudge: ELON MUSK: ‘With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.’ (I Agree!)  11/10 Yahoo: Why a Physics Revolution Might be on its Way.

CYBER-TERRORISM/CRIME continues to be a major problem for governments and corporations as well as individuals.12/31/2013 BBC News: Cash machines raided with infected USB sticks in EUROPE. 1/5 CNN: Malware attack hits thousands of Yahoo users. 1/7 Drudge: “Guccifer” files further detail hacking spree: Stars hacked; cell phones; emails, scripts. 1/10 Reuters: Target says data breach affected up to 110M customers. 1/11 Drudge: Credit card hackers hit Neiman Marcus. 1/12 Reuters: More U.S. retailers victims of cyberattacks, say sources. 1/14 Reuters: BRITISH phone hacking trial shown footage of alleged Brooks coverup. Drudge: Identity thieves gear up to steal your tax returns. 1/17 Drudge: For the first time, hackers have used a refrigerator to attack businesses, and a television. (What?)  Malware written partly in Russian. 1/18 Reuters: Exclusive: Cybercrime firm says uncovers 6 active attacks on U.S. merchants. (The new crime that can be done from home?)  1/19 Drudge/Daily News: Russian teen created BlackPOS malware used to hack Target, Neiman Marcus data. (Smart little criminal!)  1/20 BBC News: Huge data theft hits SOUTH KOREA. 1/21 BBC News: Millions of passwords and email details stolen in GERMANY. Microsoft in more hacking misery. 1/23 Drudge: ROMANIAN police say they catch hacker Guccifer who allegedly broke into Colin Powell’s email. 1/25 Politico: Federal court system hit with cyberattack.  CNN: Michaels Stores: Possible data ‘attack.’ 1/27 BBC News: FBI arrests 5 over ‘hackers for hire’ websites. 1/29 BBC News: Hackers deface Angry Birds website. 1/30 BBC News: Rare Twitter username @N ‘stolen by hacker.’ 1/31 Drudge/AP: YAHOO email account passwords stolen. 2/1 BBC News: ‘Chewbacca’ attack hits shops in 11 nations, stealing credit and debit card details from retailers. 2/5 CNN: Busting the world’s most prolific credit card hacker, Maksym Yastremsky. 2/11 BBC News: Huge hack ‘ugly sign of future’ for internet threats: The technique could potentially be used to force popular services offline. 2/12 Reuters: Bitcoin hit by ‘mutated’ lines of code. Drudge: Hacked: LAS VEGAS casinos go down.  2/13 BBC News: Cyber-thieves ‘grab video of victims’ to steal bank cash. (WARNING!)  2/14 Reuters: Hackers used previously unknown Internet Explorer flaw in new attacks. Drudge: Snowden swiped password from NSA coworker. 2/16 Drudge: Kickstarter hacked, user data stolen. 2/19 Drudge: Healthcare organizations under siege from cyberattacks. 2/20 Drudge: University of MARYLAND student, teacher database hit by hackers. 2/28 Drudge: Commander: Military not ready for cyber warfare. 3/1 CNN: Teen charged with cyberbullying after posting nude photo of 15-year-old girl. (The jerk boyfriend should never have shared her picture, bragging. The nude girl should never have had her picture taken. Too many immature children having sex!!!!) 3/5 Drudge: UKRAINE overwhelmed by cyberattack. 3/18 Reuters: Men from UKRAINE and NEW YORK indicted in U.S. cybercrime case. 4/7 NY Times: U.S. tries candor to assure CHINA on cyberattacks. 4/8 NY Times: Hackers lurking in AC vents and soda machines. (Ye gods!) 4/8 BBC News: Scramble to fix huge ‘heartbleed’ security bug.  4/9 Reuters: New ‘Heartbleed’ bug poses major threat to user data. 4/12 Reuters: U.S. says hackers trying to use ‘Heartbleed’ bug.  4/14 Reuters: Blackberry plans Heartbleed patches as mobile threat scrutinized. 4/15 Science Daily: Cybersecurity researchers roll out new heartbleed solution: Red Herring creates decoy servers, entraps, monitors hackers.  4/16 BBC News: Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked with glue mold. 4/17 CNN: Canadians arrest a Heartbleed hacker. 4/28: Drudge: Man hacks baby monitor, screams at family. (Good grief!)  5/2 CNN: Defense, energy, banks hit by Internet Explorer bug.  5/13 Reuters: Cyber experts warn against IRANIAN hackers. Drudge: Researchers develop email that even the NSA can’t read. (Charming!)  5/14 Drudge: Who watches the watchers? Big Data goes unchecked.  BBC News: Kate Middleton ‘hacked 155 times.’  5/15 USA Today: Hackers ramp up computer attacks that demand ‘ransom.’  5/17 Reuters: U.S. industry too complacent about cyber risks. 5/19 NY Times: U.S. to charge CHINESE military hackers with espionage. CNN: More than 100 nabbed in global hacker crackdown.  5/21 Reuters: EBay client information stolen in hacking attack. Reuters: In cyber spying row: CHINESE media calls U.S. a ‘mincing rascal.’ (Really?)  U.S. utility’s control system hacked.  5/22 BBC News: The U.S. is losing a cyber war with CHINA. Blizzards sues Starcraft II cheat hackers of its video games. 5/23 CNN: Utilities hack may affect your power!  5/25 Yahoo: Hackers are watching you on infected webcams: Hijacking computers and asking for ransom, blackmailing. 5/26 CNN: How celebrity hacker ‘Sabu’ helped feds thwart 300 cyber attacks. (There are good hackers and bad hackers.)  5/28 Telegraph: iPhones, iPads frozen by hackers around the world demanding ransom.  5/29 Reuters: IRANIANS use fake Facebook accounts to spy on U.S. 6/3 Reuters: U.S. hits major hacking, extortion ring. Accused RUSSIAN hacker claimed authorship of “Zeus” malware: FBI. 6/9 Reuters: Cyber crime costs global economy $445B a year.  Upsurge in hacking makes customer data a corporate time bomb. 6/13 USA Today: P. F. Chang confirms breach in credit card data. (Another one!)  6/16 Yahoo: Women to be first charged under PHILIPPINE cybercrime law.  6/20 Yahoo: Hackers use Snowden’s leaks to reverse engineer NSA surveillance devices. (Imagine that?) 6/22 BBC News: Unlikely hit app Yo is hacked by students. 6/25 Reuters: U.S. Ambassador Baucus says CHINA hacking threatens national security. 7/1 BBC News: Energy films hacked by ‘Dragonfly.’  Drudge: Romanian hackers gain access to VT Obamacare exchange. 7/2 CNN: RUSSIAN hackers hit U.S. oil firms. 7/4 CNN: Any Coulson given 18 month prison sentence for phone hacking. 7/9 Reuters: Senate Intelligence Committee approves cybersecurity bill.  7/9 BBC News: Smart LED lightbulbs leak wi-fi passwords. 7/11 Drudge: Press traveling with KERRY in CHINA have bank accounts hacked. 7/15 BBC News: RUSSIAN hacker groups attacks CNET.  8/4 Reuters: Passenger jets at risk of cyber attack: Hacker.  8/5 NY Times: RUSSIAN crime ring gains internet security data on 1.2B 8/15 CNN: Albertson’s stores and SuperValu hacked for credit card data. (Warning!)  8/16 Science Daily: Researchers develop defense against cyberattacks. 8/18 Reuters: Community Health data stolen in cyberattack from CHINA. 8/20 BBC News: Hospital hack ‘exploited Heartbleed.’ 8/21 Drudge/CBS: Data breach strikes 51 UPS stores across U.S.  8/22 Reuters: Breach at U.S. government contractor’s office affected at least 25,000 workers.  8/25 CNN: Hackers attack Sony PlayStation Network. 8/27 Drudge: FEDS: RUSSIANS hacked American Banks. 8/28 Reuters: JPMorgan probes possible cyber attack. 9/2 Drudge: Hackers may have stolen credit data from HOME DEPOT. 9/5 Yahoo: Largest U.S. bank hacked with Mercenary Computer Network, sent data to RUSSIA.  9/16 BBC News: Cyber-theft prompts search for NIGERIAN IT worker: He stole $40M. (Wow!) 9/18 Reuters: CHINESE hacked U.S. military contractors: Senate panel. 9/25 CNN: “Bash” bug could let hacker attack through a light bulb. (Ye gods!) Reuters: Restaurant chain Jimmy John’s reports data breach at 216 stores. BBC News: Shellshock: ‘Deadly serious’ new tech bug vulnerability found.  10/2 Drudge: JPMorgan discovers second security breach in 3 months.  10/3 Reuters: JPMorgan hack hits 83M homes, among biggest breaches in history.  Yahoo: Hackers have figured out major flaw in USB sticks. (Yikes!)  10/4 NY Times: Hackers’ attack cracked 10 companies in major assault. 10/9 Reuters: CHINA angered after FBI head says CHINESE hacking cost billions. 10/12 Drudge: Hackers threaten to show teenagers intimate photos. 10/14 BBC News: RUSSIAN hackers target NATO PCs. Drudge: Hackers claim to hold DROPBOX passwords for ransom.  10/21 Reuters: CHINA-backed hackers attack Apple’s iCloud. USA Today: Officials warn 500M financial records hacked at banks.  10/29 BBC News: White House computer network ‘hacked.’  10/31 BBC News: Millions of websites hit by Drupal hack attack. 11/7 BBC News: Huge raid shuts 400 ‘dark net’ sites. 11/10 CNN: Hackers hit Postal Service. 11/21 Drudge: I-Team: Hacker posts private live streams of hundreds in Tri-State. Hacker from RUSSIA broke into 70,000 webcams. 11/24 USA Today: Hackers claim attack on CLEVELAND’S websites. 11/30 Drudge: Sony hack rocks showbiz; New movies leaked, Stolen data includes star’s IDs, budget and contract figures: NORTH KOREA link?  12/2 Reuters: FBI warns of cyberattack post Sony breach.  12/3 Reuters: IRAN hackers targeted airlines, energy firms. 12/7 Reuters: Cyber attack ‘unparalleled’ crime: Sony investigators. 12/8 CNN: Hackers push Playstation offline.

Past and present CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE and child abuse in general will be revealed to the public, with many justly prosecuted and imprisoned.1/16 CNN: Investigation busts online sex abuse ring targeting children in the PHILIPPINES. 1/16 BBC News: U.N. confronts VATICAN on child abuse by priests at hearing in Geneva. 1/17 CNN: 29 arrested in child porn investigation online. 1/18 BBC News: Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests in 2 years over claims of child abuse. (Good job.)  1/21 CNN: Time to end CHILD marriage: Girl died age 11 from childbirth: Millions of girls still face being child brides. (This is ABUSE.)  1/22 CNN: Ex-female student calls female teacher over alleged sex abuse, posts talk on YouTube.  Drudge: Files show CHICAGO Archdiocese hid decades of child sexual abuse. 2/2 CNN: Woody Allen’s adopted daughter, in open letter to NY Times, accuses him of assaulting her at age 7. 2/5 Reuters: Scathing U.N. report demands VATICAN act again child sexual abuse and turn over abuser priests to the authorities. (Go U.N.)  2/14 Drudge: SPANISH bus stop found with ad for ‘abuse free’ child pornography. 3/21 Drudge: Teacher accused of having sex with student at Waffle House. 3/25 CNN: Janitor allegedly kills wife, kidnaps 8-year-old girl. Drudge; Cops: Man wearing Scream mask attempted to abduct girl, 14, in broad daylight in PHILLY.  3/30 USA Today: Heir’s sentence of probation as opposed to prison time raises questions in child rape case of his 3-year-old daughter. (Outrageous! How about a mental institution?)  3/31 NY Times: The fight to reveal abuses by Catholic priests: Despite institutional promises of change, allegations of sex abuse and coverups continue to plague the American Catholic church. 4/10 CNN: Female ‘pimp’ age 22 used underage teens to lure, rob clients. 4/17 Reuters: NIGERIA local authorities say most of abducted schoolgirls still missing. 4/18 Drudge: X-Men director Bryan Singer accused of sexually abusing 15-year old boy at his CALIFORNIA mansion.  4/19 CNN: Father, 24, allegedly suffocates 1-year old son so he can continue playing video games. (And now to prison!) Hollywood Reporter: Attorney: Bryan Singer accuser will file more HOLLYWOOD sex abuse suits Monday.  4/22 Drudge/Variety: XXX Men: Bryan Singer’s accuser names 3 more alleged sex abusers: Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard accused of sexually abusing teenage boys.  4/24 BBC News: NIGERIAN rapist to be stoned to death in Kano: Man 63 raped girl 10 and infected her with HIV: His 2 wives have died from AIDS-related diseases. (Just punishment? He gave her a death sentence.)  4/29 Drudge/Elgin: ILLINOIS ex-state Rep. Keith F. Farnham, 66, charged with possession of child porn: He bragged online about molesting a 6-year old girl. (Castration justified.)  4/30 CNN: ARGENTINA girl, 17, dies after apparent bullying attack. Drudge: CALIFORNIA man charged with 75 felony accounts of molesting children accused of trying to hire hitman to kill his accusers. (Double monster.)  BBC News: NIGERIA girls’ abductions: Protest march in Abuja. (The radical Muslims must stop this!)  5/3 USA Today: Deputy Delaware AG charged with rape of boy, 16.  5/5 CNN: TEXAS judge gives man probation for rape of 14-year-old girl. (Outrageous!) Drudge: Exclusive: X-Men director Bryan Singer and Broadway producer Gary Goddard face new teen sex abuse lawsuit with British teenager.  5/6 Yahoo: PAKISTANI girl, 11, forced to marry man, 33, as compensation for uncle’s crime.  Facebook: “I was literally surrounded by them when I was 14,” Corey Feldman exposes HOLLYWOOD pedophilia. 5/7 BBC News: Stuart Hall ‘raped teenage girls in BBC dressing room.’  5/14 AP: Hundreds contact FBI about pedophile teacher case: Teacher suspected of drugging and molesting boys during 4 decade career at nearly a dozen schools around the world. (Monster.) 5/19 CNN: WEST VIRGINIA AG: Middle school concealed alleged sex assaults, protected suspects: The legacy of the Hatfields vs. the McCoys looms large. 5/19 BBC News: Boy 15 admits raping girl 10 in Shrewsbury. (Rapist/pedophile in a past life?)  5/21 CNN: Cop, rabbi, scoutmaster among arrests in child porn bust. 5/22 BBC News: Ex-Radio 1 DJ Chris Henning charged with 21 sex offences on boys age 9-16.  5/23 USA Today: Man claimed his 3 year old toddler initiated sex contact, gets prison until child grows up.  5/29 CNN: 2 girls, 14 and 16, gang raped, hanged in northern INDIA. 5/30 BBC News: INDIA police fired over hanged girls. (Excellent!)  5/31 BBC News: Mohamed Bajiwala, 34, accused of Leicester kidnap and child abuse of children 8, 10 and 12. 6/1 Reuters: ARIZONA to set up child welfare agency after abuse scandal. 6/5 BBC News: Gary Glitter, pop singer, charged with sex offences with girls age 12, 14 in 1970s. 6/12 CNN: Sexual abuse of minors alleged at border as kids flock to border. 6/18 CNN: JAPAN passes law banning possession of child pornography. 6/30 BBC News: Rolf Harris guilty of indecent assaults on 12 counts on 4 girls in the 60s, 70s & 80s.  7/8 BBC News: Sniffer dog finds child abuse images. (Good dog!) 7/10 CNN: THAILAND horrified after girl, 13, raped, thrown from train. (Death penalty for rapist!) 7/10 Reuters: FLORIDA set to execute murderer of girl, 11. (Seems just to me.)  7/15 CNN: Theme park employees caught in sex stings; others arrested on child porn charges: DISNEY, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and SEA WORLD. (Ye gods!)  7/16 CNN: U.K. police arrest 660 suspected pedophiles after online operation. (Get the perverts!) BBC News: ‘Abused children’ rescued in MEXICO: 450 children.  7/17 BBC News: INDIA girl, 6, ‘raped in school’ by 2 staff members. (YE GODS! The total ignorance and lack of morality appall me.)  8/7 Drudge: Homeland Security employee arrested in sting involving sordid Craigslist ad to get a mother and underaged daughter to have sex with him.  8/10 USA Today: Boy, 17, arrested in rape and slaying of girl, 6, in WASHINGTON state.  8/14 CNN: Sons of Guns reality star Will Hayden arrested, accused of child molestation.  8/23 USA Today: IOWA mom charged for ignoring daughter’s sexual abuse. (Pay attention to your children; believe them!)  8/26 BBC News: Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children appallingly exploited between 1997 and 2013, report finds. (I wouldn’t want the karma of the abusers.)   9/2 Yahoo: AUSTRALIA father charged with abusing surrogate twins he fathered. (True asshole.)  9/20 Yahoo: NJ High School teacher, 34, had sex with 5 students.  9/25 Reuters: Pope sacks PARAGUAYAN BISHOP accused of protecting abuser priests. (Give ’em hell…or send them there!)  Yahoo: Catholic priest accused of giving 6 year old girl STD, multiple sexual assaults.  10/7 BBC News: Ex-DJ Ray Teret ‘raped girl, 15, with Jimmy Savile’.  10/25 Yahoo: Middle school teacher, 34, in MISSION VIEJO arrested for lewd acts with student. 10/31 BBC News: SWITZERLAND’S shame: The children used as cheap farm labor. (Good heavens!) 11/6 Yahoo: CHICAGO Archdiocese releases files on 36 abusive priests. (About time! Creeps!)  11/25 CNN: 3 priests, religion teacher arrested in SPAIN sex abuse case.

SCANDAL in HIGH PLACES continues to astound the many and to entertain the few.1/7 Reuters: Graft scandal deepens with more arrests: Hundreds of TURKISH police dismissed overnight. NY Times: 80 from NY police and fire are charged in fraud. (So trustworthy?) 1/12 CNN: Christie Bridge debacle: Investigator: ‘I think laws have been broken’…Use of police in NJ bridge scandal could be illegal.  A Rod suspended for 2014 season over doping. 1/14 Reuters: GYN in CHINA sentenced to death for selling infants. NY State assemblyman resigns over numerous sexual harassment charges. 1/16 U.S. nuclear weapons: Military nuke officers beset by recent scandals: Caught cheating on tests, booze and ‘hot’ women. 1/21 Reuters: Arrested Vatican prelate faces new charge: On trial for alleged plot to smuggle 20M euros into Italy was further charged with laundering millions through the Vatican bank. (The money lenders are back in the temple!) 1/22 CNN: Former VIRGINIA governor Robert McDonnell, wife, indicted in gift scandal. 1/23 CNN: Security contractor charged with ‘dumping’ background checks to bilk government out of millions. 1/27 Reuters: FLORIDA congressman Radel resigns after cocaine charge. 2/1 CNN: New twist in Christie bridge scandal; he knew. 2/6 NY Times: SAC’s Martoma found guilty in insider trading case. 2/8 CNN: Military brass behaving badly: More than a dozen military leaders under investigation for sexual assault and lewd behavior, illegal gambling and being drunk. 2/12 NY Times: Former NEW ORLEANS mayor found guilty of corruption charges. 2/23 Drudge: 4th athlete fails doping test in Sochi: AUSTRIAN kicked out of Sochi for positive EPO test. 2/24 CNN: Accused of punching photographer, actor Sam Worthington arrested. 2/26 Reuters: SENATE to grill Credit Suisse about U.S. tax evasion. (Do you have a Swiss bank account?)  Drudge: More retired NY firefighters, cops arrested in pension probe.  3/2 Reuters: WISCONSIN Republican lawmakers seek to remove majority leader Bill Kramer after two accusations of sexual harassment last week. 3/4 CNN: Oscar Pistorius neighbor ends her time on the stand with emotional testimony about a woman’s screams and four gunshots. 3/8 CNN: Fort Hood sergeant charged in prostitution case of running sex ring with female soldiers in need of funds. (An inside job in the military, Wow!)  3/11 NY Times: G.M. said to face criminal enquiry on safety problems: 303 deaths. 3/14 Drudge/L.A. Times: WEST HOLLYWOOD skincare guru wanted to kill rival, officials say; charged in murder-for-hire.  3/17 CNN: Defense: Sex assault charges dropped in brigadier general’s court martial, no jail time. (Criminal acts ok for generals?)  3/18 CNN: TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau headed to prison.  3/21 NY Times: Sexual misconduct case ends with no jail time for general.  3/24 NY Times: 5 former Madoff aides found guilty of fraud in Ponzi scheme.  3/27 Drudge: CHARLOTTE, NC mayor faces public corruption charges, accused of taking bribes. CALIFORNIA state senator accused of wire fraud. 3/28 CNN: 9 Air Force commanders fired from jobs over nuclear missile test cheating.  3/30 Reuters: $14.5B assets seized from ex-security chief in CHINA. Drudge: SAN FRANCISCO 49er arrested in hit and run. A U.S. and DUTCH man try to deposit billions in fake bonds in VATICAN bank. (Really?)  4/6 Drudge: CIA official commits suicide.  4/8 CNN: Megachurch pastor admits affair, quits. Drudge: Video shows married congressman kissing staffer. (Whoops!) 4/9 Reuters: Former Hewlett Packard exec charged with bribery in POLAND.  4/21 Reuters: Doctor: Captain of sunken ferry possibly identified himself as ‘passenger.’  SOUTH KOREA president says conduct of ferry crew tantamount to murder. 4/28 CNN: 3 arrested over evidence, call center raided in SOUTH KOREA ferry probe. BBC News: Publicist Max Clifford, now 71, guilty of 8 indecent assaults on women and girls as young as 15 that happened over 20 years. NY Times: U.S. indicts STATEN ISLAND congressman Michael G. Grimm on fraud charges. 4/30 Reuters: Clipper’s owner Sterling gets lifetime ban from NBA for racial slur; $2.5M fine.  Drudge: Dirty Money: UCLA rejects $3M gift from Donald Sterling for kidney research. (Racism is no longer popular; honest!)  5/1 Yahoo: TORONTO crack mayor takes a break for rehab. (Isn’t that wonderful?☺ I love the headline!)  5/3 Drudge: Peace Corps workers used federal debit cards for personal gadgets, cell bills, hair dressers. (No shame?)  5/8 Reuters: Billionaire brothers plead ‘not guilty’ as mammoth HONG KONG graft case begins.  Drudge: EPA EXTREME PORNOGRAPHY AGENCY official caught with more than 7,000 porn files on government computer. (Addiction: Watched 6 hours a day!)   5/13 Yahoo: Author who made up Holocaust memoir told to replay $22.5M. (An expensive fantasy!)  5/15 USA Today: Aaron Hernandez indicted in 2012 double murders.  5/16 Drudge: Sterling refuses to pay $2.5M fine, threatens to sue NBA. (Senility?) CNN: V.A. official resigns in wake of scandal over wait times, care for veterans.   5/17 Reuters: SAC’s Steinberg gets 3-1/2 year prison term for insider trading.  5/19 NY Times: Credit Suisse pleads guilty to tax evasion case.  5/20 CNN: The Shield actor Michael Jace charged in wife’s shooting death. 5/22 Drudge: Veteran with cancer dies after 4 month delay. (BIG SCANDAL) DA seeking tattoo artist who worked on Hernandez after 2012 double murder. (Sadly, Hernandez maintained his ‘gang mentality.’)  Drudge: Unhappy Kingdom: Walt Disney’s heirs in ugly $400M war. Drudge: Director of PHOENIX hospital where vets died received $8,500 bonus in April. ‘Scared’ MIAMI VA whistleblower exposes drugs, theft, abuse. 5/24 Reuters: More than 13 deaths likely in recalled GM cars. 5/30 NY Times: Shinseki resigns as Secretary of Veteran Affairs Department. 5/31 NY Times: Documents detail apparent match fixing before last World Cup for betting purposes.  6/1 Drudge: Phil Mickelson, Carl Icahn, Billy Waters probed for insider trading.  6/2 NY Times: Inquiry implicates former BROOKLYN D.A. Charles J. Hynes in misuse of public funds. 6/6 Reuters: Federal agent commits suicide in PITTSBURGH Homeland Security office. 6/17 Drudge: Insider trading rogues rampant on Wall Street. 6/20 Washington Post: WISCONSIN Gov. Walker suspected in ‘criminal scheme.’ 6/21 Reuters: American Apparel CEO Dov Charney misused funds, failed to stop the discrediting of at least one employee who accused him of sexual harassment. 6/24 BBC News: MONACO murder: Daughter held in Helene Pastor death. 6/25 Reuters: U.S. charges 2 more in IBM insider trading.  6/27 CNN: MISSISSIPPI Tea Party leader dead in apparent suicide at 57, leaving wife and 2 children.  6/30 NY Times: G.M. to offer at least $1M for each ignition switch death. (It’s about time!)  7/2 BBC News: FRANCE’S ex-President Sarkozy put under investigation. 7/10 Reuters: GERMANY asks top U.S. intelligence official to leave over spy scandal. (Whoops!) 7/12 Reuters: Female YAHOO executive sued for sexual harassment.  7/22 Drudge: JET BLUE pilot arrested in heroin bust.  Drudge: UPDATE: CHINA: McDonalds,KFC face new food scandal after workers serve food off floor. (Yuck!)  7/29 Reuters: CHINA investigating powerful former security chief for graft. 8/4 CNN: Man who filmed cop’s fatal chokehold arrested on gun charges. (Bad cops don’t like getting caught!)  BBC News: INDIA bank chief arrested over bribery.  8/8 Drudge: CALIFORNIA wind collector jailed for 10 years for fraud: Concocted fake vintages in his kitchen and sold them for millions. 8/13 CNN: Ex-MIT dean, son plead guilty to hedge fund scam.  8/15 NY Times: TEXAS Governor Rick Perry indicated on charge of abuse of power. (Guess he won’t be running for president!)  8/19 CNN: Slaughterhouse staff indicted over meat from cows with cancer. (YE GODS!)  8/21 Yahoo: NAVY kicks out 34 for nuke cheating.  8/27 Drudge: IMG chief charged with ‘negligence’ over graft case. (My, my!)  Top IRS ethics lawyer faces possible disbarment, accused of lying.  8/28 Drudge: Widespread welfare fraud, overpayments discovered in CALIFORNIA. 8/29 Yahoo: CALIFORNIA attorney faces new trial in drug planting case of PTA volunteer. 9/4 Drudge/Truth Revolt: 2 CALIFORNIA judges censored for having sex in chambers. NY Times: Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell guilty of public corruption. (Whoops! I saw that one coming!) 9/5 Washington Post: American U. professor accused of breaking into mall and setting fire.  9/10 CNN: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accused of sexual assault on exotic dancer; attorney denies. (No fools like some old fools!)  9/19 NY Times: CHINA fines GlaxoSmithKline nearly $500M in bribery case.  NY Times: Ex-CONNECTICUT governor found guilty of corruption. (What’s with these governors?)  9/20 CNN: Unprecedented verdict: Peanut exec found guilty in deadly salmonella outbreak. 9/25 Drudge: GOP error reveals donors and price of access to governors.  10/4 Reuters: Pope accepts resignation of BRITISH bishop after report of affair with married woman. (Better than being a pedophile!)  10/11 CNN: 7 SAYREVILLE, NEW JERSEY high school players face sexual assault charges over alleged locker room hazing: Football season cancelled. 10/17 USA Today: Biden’s son fails drug (cocaine) test, discharged from Navy. 10/23 CNN: 18 years of academic fraud at University of North Carolina for the sake of athletes. 11/22 Reuters: PORTUGAL’S ex-PM Socrates arrested in corruption probe.

The RUSSIAN people rise up against excessive oppression and suppression.2/2 Drudge: Thousands of anti-Putin protesters march in MOSCOW.  3/15 BBC News: Big MOSCOW rally against CRIMEA move. 3/16 BBC News: UKRAINE crisis: RUSSIANS opposed to Putin. 4/1 Facebook: Approximately 70,000 RUSSIANS marched against war with UKRAINE in Moscow today.  9/21 BBC News: Tens of thousands of RUSSIANS in MOSCOW rally against UKRAINE crisis. 11/30 Reuters: RUSSIANS march through MOSCOW to protest healthcare reforms.

POLITICAL CONFLICTS in EASTERN EUROPEAN countries.12/26/2013 CNN: UKRAINIAN civic activist and journalist beaten, dragged from her car outside KIEV. 1/22 Facebook/ UKRAINE: Riots erupt in Kiev over Russian language bill. BBC News: First kills in UKRAINE protests, 2 dead in clashes.  1/25 NY Times: UKRAINIAN president offers concessions and top posts to opposition leaders.  1/26 Reuters: Police and protesters clash after UKRAINE president offers posts to foes. 1/28 BBC News: UKRAINE’S PM and government quit. 1/29 BBC News: Ex-president warns UKRAINE ‘on brink of civil war.’ 2/1 Reuters: UKRAINE opposition lobbies west for help. 2/4 CNN: Protests continue in UKRAINE while EU and U.S. consider loan. 2/7 Reuters: BOSNIA rocked by third day of anti-government unrest. 2/8 Reuters: Violence spreads in BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA. 2/10 Reuters: UKRAINIAN protestors vow to fight till victory. 2/11 Reuters: BOSNIA unrest spotlights broken peace accord. 2/18 Reuters: Scores of UKRAINIANS injured in worst street battles since January. UKRAINIAN protesters attack headquarters of President Yanukovich’s party. Washington Post: At least 13 killed in UKRAINE protests. 2/19 USA Today: At least 25 killed in UKRAINE clashes. (Why are they destroying KIEV?) 2/20 Reuters: UKRAINE truce shattered; death toll tops at least 50. RUSSIA says WEST must not impose sanctions on UKRAINE officials.  2/21 NY Times: UKRAINIAN parliament votes to allow release of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko; RUSSIA declines to endorse the accord; Protesters demand the president’s resignation. 2/22 NY Times: UKRAINE president flees palace as protesters widen control. 2/23 Reuters: UKRAINE names acting president, seeks government. U.K. tells RUSSIA: Don’t intervene in UKRAINE. WEST faces daunting task to rescue UKRAINE. U.K. Independent: Why a new UKRAINE is the KREMLIN’S worst nightmare. 2/24 Reuters: UKRAINE’S fugitive president wanted for mass murder. 2/27 CNN: Gunmen seize parliament building in UKRAINE’S Crimea, raise RUSSIAN flag. (Here we go again!)  Drudge: Ousted UKRAINE president issues defiant statement as MOSCOW puts jets on combat alert. (War is big business.)  2/28 Reuters: Armed men seized airports in CRIMEA, RUSSIA denies role. Drudge: Ousted UKRAINE president emerges at press conference in RUSSIA, speaking Russian not Ukraine. Putin: Military invasion and occupation. 3/1 NY Times: With military moves seen in UKRAINE, Obama warns RUSSIA.CNN: RUSSIAN legislature votes unanimously to approve the use of military force in UKRAINE.  (I hope the Ukrainians realize what they’ve done by provoking despotic Russia! Disaster awaits!) 3/2 NY Times: UKRAINE mobilizes reserve troops. NY Times: KREMLIN deploys military in UKRAINE, prompting protest by U.S. CNN: UKRAINE on ‘brink of disaster,’ leader says. 3/2 NY Times: Secretary of State John Kerry to visit KIEV on Tuesday. 3/3 CNN: Tensions rise in CRIMEA amid report of RUSSIAN ultimatum: Military Storm. 3/4 NY Times: Secretary of State John Kerry, arriving in KIEV, offering $1B in loan guarantees to UKRAINE. NY Times: Putin calls events in UKRAINE an ‘unconstitutional coup.’ Top RUSSIANS face sanctions by U.S. for CRIMEA crisis. Reuters: RUSSIA says ousted Viktor Yanukovich asked for military intervention. 3/5 NY Times: European Union offers $15B in aid to UKRAINE. 3/8 Reuters: POLAND evacuates consulate in CRIMEA: foreign minister. Fresh confrontations raise tempers in CRIMEA. 3/9 Reuters: RUSSIAN forces tighten grip on CRIMEA. 3/11 NY Times: Titans in RUSSIA fear new front in UKRAINE crisis, losing access to Western finance. Reuters: UKRAINE forms new defense force, seeks help. Video: Activist shot and wounded at CRIMEA check point. 3/25 BBC News: UKRAINE far-right leader Muzychko, prominent in recent protests, dies ‘in police raid.’ (Putin plot?) 3/27 BBC News: IMF close to deal on UKRAINE aid.  3/28 Yahoo: UKRAINE says 100,000 RUSSIAN troops near border. 3/31 CNN: UKRAINE digs in as RUSSIA masses troops. Reuters: RUSSIAN prime ministers flexes muscles in CRIMEA.  4/3 BBC News: ‘Police snipers’ shot KIEV activists. (Shameful…shooting their own citizens!)  4/4 Reuters: McDonald’s quits CRIMEA as fears of trade clash grow.  4/6 BBC News: UKRAINE rejects RUSSIA Gazprom gas price hike. 4/7 Drudge: Pro-RUSSIAN protestors storm government offices in eastern UKRAINE. 4/8 CNN: RUSSIA warns of civil war if UKRAINE uses force to quell eastern revolts. (Which Russia is instigating with the takeover of CRIMEA.) 4/9 Reuters: Separatists build barricades in east UKRAINE. Yahoo: UKRAINE rejects RUSSIAN gas imports before Putin energy meeting. 4/10 Drudge: KIEV gives pro-RUSSIAN protesters 48 hours to end occupation. 4/11 Reuters: UKRAINE looks to EUROPE for gas as RUSSIA ups pressure. 4/12 CNN: Gunmen seize building in UKRAINE. Reuters: UKRAINE halts payments to RUSSIA.  UKRAINE police say pro-RUSSIAN militants seize hundreds of guns.  4/13 BBC News: Casualties in UKRAINE gun battles. 4/14 NY Times: UKRAINE forces storm a town, defying RUSSIA. 4/15 Reuters: GERMANY’S RWE begins natural gas deliveries to UKRAINE. UKRAINIAN pro-Russia presidential candidate is beaten. BBC News: UKRAINE crisis could hit RUSSIAN GDP.  4/16 Reuters: Civil War threat in UKRAINE. BBC News: UKRAINIAN military vehicles ‘seized.’ BBC News: RUSSIA: UKRAINIAN women offered ‘lodging for soup.’ 4/17 Drudge: 3 dead after UKRAINIAN military base attack. UKRAINE humiliation: Tanks flying RUSSIAN flags. USA Today: Jews ordered to register in eastern UKRAINE. (OMG, NOT AGAIN!) 4/18 Reuters: EAST UKRAINE separatists stay put despite diplomatic deal. 4/19 NY Times: Pro-RUSSIAN insurgents balk at terms of pact in UKRAINE. 4/20 CNN: U.S. troops to train near UKRAINE. Reuters: Gun attack shakes Easter truce in UKRAINE.  4/24 CNN: UKRAINIAN forces kill 5 militants. 4/28 Drudge: Mayor of eastern UKRAINE city shot in back. Drudge: Pro-RUSSIAN militants take over TV station in UKRAINE’S Donetsk.  4/29 BBC News: Rebels seize regional UKRAINE HQ. 4/30 CNN: Bodies surface in rivers in UKRAINE; 3 were stabbed.  Pro-RUSSIAN activists seize more buildings. (Being taken over by hooded Russian thugs!)  5/1 NY Times: UKRAINE says ‘militants won the east.’ Drudge: Masked gunmen tighten grip on eastern UKRAINE. (Russian cowards won’t even show their faces!) 5/2 CNN: UKRAINE military: 2 copters shot down by militants.  BBC News: Many rebels have been killed, injured and arrested in government offensive in eastern UKRAINE, says president.  5/3 ANOTHER WAR: Reuters: Dozens killed in UKRAINE riot, at least 42 dead.  5/5 Reuters: Mob rules in east UKRAINE. Drudge: UKRAINE crisis: ‘This is not some kind of short lived uprising. This is a war.’ (Tragic but true.)  5/7 CNN: UKRAINE pro-RUSSIAN groups says 5 activists killed in Mariupol clashes. Drudge: NATO commander: ‘Must consider permanent troops in EASTERN EUROPE.’ Both sides bury dead as UKRAINE slides toward war. 5/8 CNN: Pro-RUSSIAN separatists defy Putin call to delay referendum in UKRAINE. 5/9 NY Times: Separatists defy KIEV and PUTIN on referendum. (Putin’s grip slipping?)  5/10 Reuters: Abductions rise in EAST UKRAINE as rebels brook no dissent. 5/11 Reuters: UKRAINE military barracks burn on eve of self-rule referendum.  5/12 NY Times: UKRAINE vote on separation held in chaos.  5/15 NY Times: Workers seize city in eastern UKRAINE from separatists. 5/18 Drudge: Anxiety and fear in UKRAINE drives surge in Jewish immigration.  5/22 Ny Times: As vote looms, UKRAINE separatists kill 13. 5/26 Reuters: Blasts, gunfire at UKRAINE airport seized by pro-Russian rebels. UKRAINE launches air strike against rebel-held airport. 5/27 CNN: 40 killed in DONETSK airport clash. 5/29 CNN: Copter down in UKRAINE, 14 dead. THIS IS A WAR.  5/31 Reuters: 6 UKRAINIAN separatists killed around Donetsk airport. Drudge: CRIMEA Jewish group says UKRAINIAN bank accounts emptied. (And the new Hitler is?)   LITHUANIA accuses RUSSIA of harassing ships in BALTIC SEA. 6/3 BBC News: Heavy fighting in EAST UKRAINE.  6/4 Reuters: Fighting rages in eastern UKRAINE town, residents flee.  6/5 Reuters: RUSSIA struggles to wean CRIMEA off UKRAINE. 6/7 Reuters: President Poroshenko promises united UKRAINE.  6/10 Defying RUSSIAN warnings, MOLDOVA and GEORGIA head for EU pact.  6/12 CNN: UKRAINIAN official: RUSSIAN tanks enter country. 6/13 Reuters: UKRAINIAN forces reclaim port city from rebels. 6/14 CNN: Official: 49 die in downed UKRAINIAN military plane.  6/16 CNN: RUSSIA cuts off natural gas to UKRAINE.  6/17 BBC News: UKRAINE crisis: Deadly attack on RUSSIAN TV crew.  6/18 Reuters: UKRAINE’S Poroshenko sets out ceasefire plan after call to Putin. 6/19 CNN: New RUSSIAN buildup at UKRAINE border. 6/20 CNN: Official: UKRAINE closes RUSSIA border. Reuters: New battles in UKRAINE say 300 separatists killed in fighting. 6/22 Reuters: BALTIC states to back further RUSSIA sanctions if UKRAINE crisis does not ease.  6/23 Reuters: POLISH government under attack by crime group. 7/1 CNN: UKRAINE hits ‘terrorist bases’.  7/3 Reuters: Hollande, Merkel urge Putin to broker UKRAINE ceasefire. 7/5 BBC News: UKRAINE rebels abandon stronghold. 7/11 Reuters: 30 UKRAINE troops possibly killed in rebel missile attack. 7/12 Reuters: UKRAINE scrambles fighters jets above rebel positions as missile attack resumes.  7/14 BBC News: UKRAINE ‘bombs Luhansk targets.’  7/17 Yahoo: RUSSIAN jets shoot down UKRAINIAN warplane over UKRAINE: Kiev military. 7/27 Reuters: UKRAINE fighting prevents crash site visit despite international deal. 8/3 BBC News: 15 dead in clashes over disputed NAGORNO-KARABAKH near Armenia.  9/27 Reuters: UKRAINE president sets 2020 as EU target date. 10/26 Reuters: UKRAINE votes in poll likely to elect pro-WEST assembly. 11/3 Reuters: PRO-RUSSIAN separatist wins UKRAINE rebel vote. EU calls east UKRAINE vote obstacle to peace, won’t recognize it. 11/4 Reuters: UKRAINE threat after rebel poll: Jeopardizes entire peace process. BBC News: UKRAINE orders troops to key cities. 11/12 BBC News: AZERBAIJAN shoots down ARMENIAN helicopter for violating air space.  12/4 Reuters: Gunman storm CHECHNYA building, at least 16 killed.

The LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA spreads across the U.S., creating conflict for the drug lords with this a primary product readily available and taxed.12/24 CNN: COLORADO issues first retail marijuana licenses. (What’s the tax on pot?)  1/10 CNN: ALASKA closer to legalizing pot. 2/27 NYTimes: Pivotal point seen as more states consider legalizing marijuana. (Legalize it and tax it!) 5/19 Reuters: URUGUAY to sell marijuana tax free to undercut drug traffickers. (Wow!)  6/20 Reuters: NEW YORK poised to become 23rd state to allowed medical marijuana. 7/7 Seattle Times: State’s retail pot gets rolling Tuesday.  7/8 CNN: NEW YORK legalizes medical marijuana.  7/17 BBC News: WASHINGTON, D.C. marijuana decriminalization law takes effect. 8/7 Drudge: $50,000 in marijuana stolen from SEATTLE dispensary. (LEGALIZE POT or make ALCOHOL ILLEGAL. CIA in the drug business???) 

RUSSIAN REBEL-UKRAINE WAR(7/28/2014 Too much for Eastern Europe)7/28 Reuters: UKRAINE claims more territory from rebels.  In UKRAINE’S east, Soviet-style economy withers under onslaught. (You can’t go backwards. People must move forward.)  8/2 NY Times: A test for UKRAINE in a city retaken from rebels. 8/2 Yahoo: RUSSIAN soldiers’ ‘selfies’ accidentally prove military presence in UKRAINE. (Big oops!)  BBC News: UKRAINE rebel admits ‘executions.’ 8/3 Reuters: 9 civilians killed in fighting in east UKRAINE. UKRAINIAN city stocks up as long siege looms. 8/4 Reuters: KIEV says recaptures rail hub in east UKRAINE, 5 soldiers killed. 8/5 Reuters: UKRAINE keeps up anti-rebel offensive with nervous eye on RUSSIA.  CNN: RUSSIAN troop buildup at UKRAINE border. 8/6 Reuters: NATO says RUSSIA could be poised to invade UKRAINE.  8/8 Reuters: UKRAINE troops break out of encirclement: 15 killed.  8/9 Reuters: U.N. warns RUSSIA against humanitarian efforts in UKRAINE. UKRAINE says stops RUSSIAN troops invading, MOSCOW calls statement ‘fairy tale.’ (RUSSIAN BULLIES.) USA Today: DONETSK rebels surrounded, commander says. 8/10 Reuters: UKRAINE says no ceasefire until separatists surrender: rebels defiant. 8/11 Reuters: UKRAINE says forces close to taking rebel-held Donetsk. 8/12 Reuters: Tensions rise over relief for UKRAINE separatists as RUSSIAN convoy sets off for east UKRAINE. 8/13 Reuters: UKRAINE to block aid trucks from RUSSIA.  12 UKRAINE nationalists fighters killed in separatist ambush. 8/14 Reuters: Shells hit central Donetsk, RUSSIAN air convoy heads toward border. 8/15 CNN: RUSSIAN armored vehicles enter UKRAINE. (Russian invasion?)  8/17 Reuters: Troops make breakthrough: UKRAINE. 8/18 CNN: Civilian caravan attacked in UKRAINE, military says, with unknown number of women and children killed. 8/19 CNN: UKRAINE: 15 bodies recovered after refugee convoy attack. (Why attack refugees? Why?)  Reuters: UKRAINE says fighting halts recovery of refugee bodies.  Reuters: Refugees seek shelter in RUSSIA as UKRAINE forces tighten grip on rebels.  NY Times: UKRAINE leader to meet Putin as rebels face setbacks. 8/20 Reuters: UKRAINE rebel movement faces uncertain future. U.S. official says unified with JAPAN on need for RUSSIAN sanctions.  8/22 Reuters: Defying Kiev, RUSSIAN air convoy enters UKRAINE. (Weapons too?)  Drudge: NATO: Alarming buildup of RUSSIAN forces on UKRAINE border. (The main reason for “aid”: another big war?)  NY Times: RUSSIA moves artillery units into UKRAINE, NATO says. RUSSIAN forces in UKRAINE firing artillery, NATO says. (Bringing out the big guns.)  CNN: RUSSIAN aid convoy into UKRAINE called ‘direct invasion.’ 8/24 Reuters: Defiant UKRAINE turns on military display as war rumbles on in the east. BBC News: UKRAINE in $3B military investment. 8/25 Reuters: UKRAINE accuses RUSSIAN forces of opening new front in separatists war.  8/26 Reuters: UKRAINE says video shows RUSSIAN soldiers detained in east UKRAINE.  KIEV, MOSCOW spar over captured RUSSIAN soldiers. BBC News: RUSSIAN in UKRAINE ‘by accident.’ (Sure, we believe that, right?)  8/27 Reuters: Talk optimism fades: UKRAINE says RUSSIA makes new incursion.  8/28 CNN: UKRAINE: “This is a full scale invasion.” U.S.: RUSSIANS directly involved. Drudge: RUSSIAN troops invade UKRAINE.  8/29 Reuters: RUSSIAN rebels to allow UKRAINIAN troops safe exit. (Putin’s tactic.)  8/30 CNN: ‘A grave transgression,’ EU official: RUSSIA forces in UKRAINE unacceptable. 8/31 Drudge: UKRAINE says RUSSIAN tanks flatten town. 9/1 CNN: UKRAINE accuses RUSSIA of attacking airfield amid tensions over region. Drudge: UKRAINE: 100 troops dead after RUSSIANS open fire in Putin’s Humanitarian Corridor, 85 more wounded. (Putin is a liar!) 9/3 Reuters: FRANCE halts RUSSIA warship delivery because of UKRAINE. Yahoo: UKRAINE announces ‘permanent ceasefire’ after phone call with RUSSIA’S Vladimir Putin.  Drudge: AMERICAN military drills in UKRAINE; RUSSIA nuke exercise. 9/4 Drudge: Navy destroyer enters BLACK SEA as UKRAINE tensions rise.  9/5 NY Times: UKRAINE and REBEL representatives agree to ceasefire.  9/6 NY Times: UKRAINE deal imposes truce Putin devised.  9/7 UKRAINE truce shaken by new shelling. 9/10 Reuters: UKRAINE says RUSSIA  withdrawing forces from east, sees boost for peace. 9/13 CNN: New RUSSIA aid convoy enters UKRAINE. (Weapons aid? Food aid for the invaders?)  Reuters: UKRAINE PM slams Putin, ceasefire again under strain in east UKRAINE. 9/15 BBC News: NATO troops begin UKRAINE drill.  9/16 BBC News: UKRAINE rebels to get self rule and amnesty. 9/17 CNN: UKRAINE: Rebel rocket attack kills 10 amid shaky ceasefire: More than 3,000 dead since mid-April: U.N. 9/20 Yahoo: UKRAINE munitions factory destroyed after new peace plan adopted. 9/29 CNN: 7 UKRAINE soldiers killed by tank fire.  10/1 CNN: 10 die as shells hit UKRAINE bus, school. 10/3 BBC News: UKRAINE: Shells hit fuel reservoir. 10/8 Reuters: Women take up arms on both sides of conflict in east UKRAINE. Death rate 10 a day in EAST UKRAINE despite ceasefire: U.N.  10/17 Reuters: RUSSIA and UKRAINE fail to make progress in testy Milan talks. 10/19 Reuters: Shelling in east UKRAINE’S Donetsk kills 4 civilians.  10/23 Reuters: UKRAINIAN PM warns RUSSIA may try to disrupt Sunday’s election. 11/6 Drudge: RUSSIA moving missiles, rockets toward UKRAINE border. 11/7 CNN: UKRAINE accuses RUSSIA of sending dozens of tanks into its territory. 11/7 Drudge: KIEV: Column of 32 tanks, 16 howitzers, ammo trucks and  troops cross border.  11/9 Reuters: Worst shelling for a month in east UKRAINE. 11/13 BBC News: RUSSIAN troops enter UKRAINE. 11/15 Reuters: UKRAINE to close all state offices, bank services in rebel held east. 11/18 Reuters: NATO leader sees ‘serious military buildup’ in UKRAINE. (Sneaky, lying Putin)  11/20 BBC News: Almost 1,000 dead since UKRAINE truce. 11/25 Reuters: UKRAINE reports new arrivals of RUSSIAN supplies for eastern rebels. 11/30 Reuters: Large, unauthorized convoy enters east UKRAINE from RUSSIA: Ukrainian military. (Putin keeps pushing.)  12/5 Reuters: More deaths in UKRAINE before next week’s ‘Day of Silence’.

LAWS CHANGE to the delight of some and the vexation of others.1/4 Drudge: 70 new anti-abortion laws passed in 22 states. (Unfair to women.)  BBC News: Marijuana laws: NEW YORK ‘to relax’ drug’s use. 1/6 Reuters: Supreme Court halts gay marriage in UTAH.  1/11 NY Times: U.S. to recognize 1,300 marriages disputed by UTAH. 1/18 CNN: Judge strikes down NORTH CAROLINE ultrasound abortion law. 2/7 Drudge: U.S. farmers, food interests unite against GMO labeling. (I won’t eat GMO. Label it!)  2/23 Drudge/independent: INDIA’S gay community scrambling after court decision recriminalizes homosexuality. (Back to the Dark Ages!)  2/24 CNN: ARIZONA lawmakers pass controversial anti-gay bill. 2/25 CNN: UGANDAN tabloid prints list of ‘homosexuals’: Ugandan president: ‘Being gay not a right.’ (Outrageous bigotry!) 3/10 Drudge: New law drives UGANDA’S embattled gays deeper into shadows.  3/21 Drudge: HAWAII law lets police have sex with prostitutes. (WOW!) 3/22 CNN: Federal judge strikes down MICHIGAN’S gay marriage ban.  3/29 Reuters: Federal government to recognize same-sex marriages in MICHIGAN.  BBC News: Same-sex marriage now legal as first couples wed. 4/8 Drudge: CALIFORNIA bill would end Sea World’s killer whale shows. (Will the whales survive without their Valium?)   BBC News: U.K. law passes sales of HIV home tests before they exist. 4/12 Drudge/Daily Caller: Republicans warn of federal tax on cow flatulence.  (Pretty funny…farmer fart meters?)  4/15 BBC News: INDIA court recognizes third gender in transgenders.  Facebook: MARYLAND becomes 21st state to legalize marijuana. 4/21 Drudge: PUERTO RICO looking to legalize prostitution and marijuana to solve debt crisis. 5/3 BBC News: URUGUAY unveils legal marijuana plan. (Good job.) 5/8 Drudge: First UGANDA ‘gay sex’ trial since tough new law. (Barbarian.) 5/9 Drudge: OKLAHOMA initiative would make pot a legal, exportable cash crop. (How about that?)  5/16 Drudge: Fast food workers strike again for higher wages. 5/19 CNN: Federal judge strikes down OREGON same-sex marriage ban. (You can’t stop love!)  6/7 CNN: WISCONSIN latest state marriage ban struck down. 6/24 CNN: MALAYSIA to Christians: ‘You can’t say Allah.’ 6/25 NY Times: In sweeping ruling, Supreme Court shields privacy of cellphones. 6/30 Reuters: High Court strikes down contraception mandate. (People should pay for their own birth control, not their employer: Tax write off.)  7/1 BBC News: EUROPEAN court upholds FRENCH full veil ban. (Women could shoplift without being identified.) 7/6 Reuters: RHODE ISLAND governor signs minimum wage increase to $9 an hour.  7/12 Reuters: CALIFORNIA’S first marijuana market. 7/17 CNN: CALIFORNIA’S death penalty ruled unconstitutional. 7/28 USA Today: Appeals panel strikes down VIRGINIA gay marriage ban. (Good!)  8/1 Reuters: UGANDA court overturns anti-gay law that halted WESTERN aid.  BBC News: Conservative REPUBLICAN revolt kills border bill.(Always the Republicans blocking!) 8/21 Reuters: Federal judge strikes down FLORIDA’S gay marriage ban, stays ruling.  8/28 Mail Online: Polygamy effectively decriminalized in UTAH as judge strikes down ban in victory for husband and his FOUR wives who appear in TV show Sister Wives. 8/29 NY Times: Federal judge strikes down restrictive TEXAS abortion law. 8/30 USA Today: CALIFORNIA lawmakers pass first U.S. plastic bag ban. (I always recycle.)  9/23 Guardian: CHAD becomes 37th AFRICAN state to seek ban on homosexuality. (Truly tragic.)  10/8 Reuters: U.S. Justice temporarily blocks IDAHO gay marriage ruling. 10/18 Reuters: Supreme Court denies request to block TEXAS voter ID law. 11/12 Reuters: Judge overturns same-sex marriage ban in SOUTH CAROLINA.

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE becomes legal in more states in the U.S. and in other countries as well.12/24/2013 Washington Post: Federal appeals court rules that gay marriages can continue in UTAH. 12/30 CNN: GM’s Robin Roberts acknowledges same-sex relationship. Drudge: Gay couple to marry on Rose Parade float. 2/8 NY Times: More Federal privileges to extend to same-sex couples. 2/10 CNN: “I’m an openly proud gay man.” Top NFL prospect Michael Sam comes out.  2/14 CNN: Judge deems VIRGINIA’S same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. 2/15 NY Times: A steady path to Supreme Court as gay marriage gains momentum in states.  2/25 Drudge/Truth Revolt: Holder encourages state attorney generals to ignore same-sex marriage bans. (Good for him!) 5/29 USA Today: Senator Hatch: Gay marriage will be ‘law of the land.’ (I agree.) 5/19 CNN: Federal judge strikes down OREGON same-sex marriage ban. (You can’t stop love!)  6/7 CNN: WISCONSIN latest state marriage ban struck down. 6/20 Reuters: Obama extends family leave rights of gay couples.  7/12 Reuters: U.S. appeals court sides with gay marriage proponents in UTAH.  9/2 BBC News: MEXICAN state of Coahuila approves same-sex marriage.  9/3 BBC News: Armagayddon: Gay marriage in IRELAND.  9/7 BBC News: Arrests over EGYPT ‘gay wedding.’  9/24 CNN: “I’m gay. Get over it,” PENNSYLVANIA senator casually comes out. (Good for him.)  10/6 NY Times: Supreme Court clears way for gay marriage in 5 states. 10/13 ALASKA’S gay marriage ban overturned.

POWER STRUGGLES constant in EGYPT, LIBYA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, SYRIA, ISRAEL, and IRAN, as well as in other nations.12/22/2013 BBC News: EGYPT jails 3 leading democracy activists. BBC News: LIBYA’S first suicide bomb kills 7. 12/24/ Reuters: Car bomb kills 13 at EGYPTIAN police compound. 12/25 BBC News: EGYPT declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. 12/26 Reuters: Police arrest Brotherhood supporters; As EGYPT hardliners gain, scope for conflict grows.  12/27 NY Times: EGYPT broadens new crackdown on Brotherhood. 12/28 Reuters: U.S. military personnel freed after brief detention in LIBYA. 12/29 CNN: Deadly blast rocks RUSSIAN train station: Second bomb attack in two months, at least 14 killed, dozens injured.  Reuters: Fire exchanged on ISRAEL-LEBANON border.  12/30 Reuters: Clashes erupt as IRAQ police move on Sunni protest camp. U.S., LIBYAN forces capture TUNISIAN militant leader. 1/2 NY Times: Parts of 2 key IRAQI cities fall to Qaeda group active in SYRIA. 1/4 Drudge: HEZBOLLAH upgrades missile threat to ISRAEL. 1/5 CNN: Kerry: No U.S. troops going to IRAQ. (Good!)  1/6 Reuters: IRAQI air force strikes city to try to oust al Qaeda. 1/13 Reuters: IRAQ’S Maliki to revive Sunni militia role against al Qaeda. 1/14 Reuters: After Brotherhood, EGYPT targets Hamas. 1/15 Reuters: RUSSIAN security forces battle militants before Olympics. Yahoo: AFGHAN president accuses U.S. of killing 7 children in airstrikes. (We need to get out of there completely! Our troops have killed innocent civilians.) 1/19 Reuters: ISRAEL targets GAZA militant after Palestinian rocket. 1/19 Drudge/Guardian: EGYPTIAN editor backtracks after saying, ‘Americans will be killed in the streets.’ 1/21 Reuters: IRAQ executes 26 for ‘terrorism’ offences. UAE convicts 30 Emirates, EGYPTIANS over Brotherhood ties. 1/25 Reuters: AFGHANISTAN cracks down on commercials that favor U.S. troops. (That’s gratitude for you!)  BBC News: EGYPTIAN embassy seized in LIBYA. 2/2 Reuters: IRAQI army bombards Falluja in preparation for ground assault. 2/5 BBC News: LIBYA school attacked at playtime, 6 children injured. 2/8 Reuters: AFGHAN civilian deaths up in 2013 as war intensifies: U.N. 2/13 Reuters: VENEZUELA: Rivals trade blame over protest deaths. 2/15 Reuters: IRAQ army fights to wrest northern town from militants. 2/16 Reuters: Militants kill 4 in TUNISIA border attacks. 2/24 Reuters: IRAQ signs deal to buy arms from IRAN. 17 dead in bombings and shootings in IRAQ. 2/27 NY Times: Warlords with dark pasts battle in AFGHAN election. 3/8 Reuters: U.S. special forces sent to train IRAQI special forces in JORDAN. 3/22 CNN: IRAQI journalist shot dead in Baghdad. 3/23 CNN: Sunnis targeted across IRAQ, at least 38 dead. 4/5 Reuters: AFGHANS vote in landmark poll. 4/30 Reuters: IRAQIS begin voting as violence grips nation. 5/3 CNN: AFGHAN landslide: Pile of rubble declared mass grave: Hundreds feared dead under stones and mud in remote northeastern village.  5/19 Reuters: LIBYAN parliament attacked by gunmen. 5/21 Reuters: LIBYA’S capital rocked by gunfire, 2 killed.  5/23 Reuters: Militants attack INDIAN consulate in western AFGHANISTAN.  6/5 Reuters: Insurgents overrun parts of IRAQI city Samarra.  6/7 Reuters: Gunmen take hundreds of students hostage on IRAQ university campus. 7/21 CNN: LIBYA battle worst since revolution: Fighting intensifies in LIBYA, airport control at stake, at least 5 killed. 7/29 CNN: Another relative of AFGHAN president Karzai killed. 8/25 NY Times; Strife in LIBYA could presage long civil war. NY Times: EMIRATES and EGYPT said to secretly attack militia in LIBYA. (Seems they could use the help.) 8/31 USA Today: MILITIA says it has ‘secured’ U.S. compound in LIBYA: American personnel evacuated over ongoing fighting.  10/24 BBC News: EGYPT: 29 killed by jihadists in SINAI attacks on soldiers.

TERRORIST ACTS persist, especially in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, the murder of innocent people and the destruction of property, for what reason? Religious or tribal differences?12/25/2013 Reuters: Attacks kill 34 in BAGHDAD’S Christian area. (It’s religion; Tragic.)  AP: U.S. embassy in KABUL attacked on Christmas Day. (Evil bigots.)  12/26 NY Times: U.S. sends arms to aid IRAQ fight with extremists. 1/2 Reuters: Suicide car bomb kills at least 12 in northeast IRAQ. BBC News: Security forces fight IRAQ militants in Fallujah and Ramadi. 1/6 BBC News: AFGHANISTAN girl, 8, wearing suicide vest detained, sister of Taliban commander. (Vicious barbarian brother.)  1/7 Reuters: Deadly blast in Kirkuk, IRAQ kills at least 2, wounds 40.  1/12 Reuters: Car bombs in IRAQ capital kill 14, Fallujah standoff continues.  YEMEN tribes kills 6 soldiers, tell Norway DNO to end all work. 1/14 Reuters: Violence kills at least 12 across IRAQ. 1/15 BBC News: At least 50 killed in IRAQ bomb attacks.  Reuters: Violence kills 75 in IRAQ, minister seeks world’s support.  1/17 NY Times: Deadly bombs hit KABUL cafe popular with westerners, killing 14; Taliban claim responsibility. 1/18 Reuters: IMF, UN officials among 21 killed in suicide attack in KABUL. (The Taliban war on the world!)  1/21 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 4 in BEIRUT. 1/26 BBC News: Deadly suicide bombing hits KABUL, at least 4 killed. 1/31 Reuters: 3 rockets strike BAGHDAD airport, no casualties. 2/3 Reuters: IRAQ says kills 57 Islamist militants in Sunni province. 2/12 BBC News: IRAQ’S Anbar violence displaces 300,000 because of fighting between Sunni militants and security forces.  2/23 BBC News: At least 20 AFGHAN soldiers die as Taliban attack checkpoint in Kunar.  2/24 BBC News: Top PAKISTAN Taliban commander shot dead. 3/9 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 45 in IRAQ city of Hilla. 3/18 Reuters: Bomber targets AFGHAN market, at least 15 killed, more than 2 dozen wounded. 3/21 CNN: AFGHANISTAN attack: AFP reporter among 9 dead in Kabul hotel. Reuters: Militants ram explosive-laden tanker into IRAQ police HQ, killing many. 3/25 CNN: Taliban gunmen shoot prominent AFGHANISTAN journalist and his family of 5 in luxury hotel in Kabul, one child in coma. 3/28 Reuters: 6 foreigners trapped inside insurgent besieged KABUL guesthouse, including 3 Americans. 3/29 Reuters: Taliban attack election commission HQ in KABUL to derail presidential election of April 5. 4/2 Reuters: Suicide bombers kills 6 police at AFGHAN ministry ahead of vote. 4/26 BBC News: 31 dead in BAGHDAD rally blast. 4/28 Reuters: IRAQ bomb targets busy market, at least 9 die. 20 killed as bombers attack police and troops waiting to vote in IRAQ. 5/11 Reuters: Car bomb kills several northeast of BAGHDAD.  BBC News: Militants ‘kill 20 IRAQI soldiers.’ 5/28 Reuters: IRAQ bomb blast kills at least 4.  5/29 Reuters: At least 54 dead in IRAQ violence.  6/1 Reuters: Nearly 800 killed in IRAQ’S bloodiest month this year: U.N.  6/6 Reuters: AFGHAN presidential candidate survives bombing.  6/7 CNN: Grisly scene in IRAQ: ‘See those children? See what’s left from the mortar? 100 dead, hundreds wounded.  6/8 Reuters: Bombing on Kurdish party HQ in IRAQ kills 18. Dozens killed in car bombs across BAGHDAD. 6/9 Reuters: Twin bombing near Kurdish party office in north IRAQ kills 30.  8/16 Reuters: ICRC says 5 aid workers seized in western AFGHANISTAN. Taliban hangs 5 in AFGHANISTAN’S Helmand as fighting rages. 

The TERRORIST CIVIL WAR persists in SYRIA: Will the country be completely destroyed as a boon to future builders? War is always big business.12/28 Reuters: SYRIAN forces kill 25 in Aleppo barrel bomb attack: activists. 12/29 BBC News: Barrel bombs ‘kill 517 in Aleppo’ since 12/15, dropped by SYRIA government. 12/30 BBC News: LEBANESE troops fire at SYRIAN jets. 1/5 CNN: SYRIA: Doctors hide patients as rebel infighting threatens hospital. (This war is a mess!)  1/8 Reuters: Al Qaeda group vows to attack SYRIAN rebels. 1/10 BBC News: SYRIA conflict: Rebel clashes ‘leaves almost 500 dead.’ 1/11 Reuters: SYRIANS flee to IRAQ on barges. 1/15 BBC News: ‘Half of SYRIANS’ in urgent need. Reuters: Western, Arab states pledge $1.4B in fresh SYRIA aid after an almost 3-year war has left millions hungry, ailing and displaced.  1/20 CNN: Gruesome photos may prove torture in SYRIA: Called ‘smoking gun’ against al Assad regime. 1/21 Reuters: Report details ‘industrial’ killing of 11,000 in ASSAD jails. (Barbarian.) 1/24 Reuters: SYRIA talks near collapse. Al Qaeda chief Zawahri tells Islamist in SYRIA to unite. 1/28 Reuters: Congress approves weapons flow to ‘moderate’ SYRIAN rebels. Al Qaeda linked rebels bomb SYRIAN defense minister’s town. 2/1 Reuters: Talks end, no plan for SYRIA’S government return. Delays in aid, chemical weapons draw criticism in SYRIA. 2/2 CNN: 90 killed in punishing air raids in SYRIA’S Aleppo.  2/4 Reuters: RUSSIA says SYRIA to ship chemical arms as civilians flee bombs. 2/7 Reuters: SYRIA starts evacuating civilians from besieged HOMS center. 2/9 Reuters: Aid convoy hit trying to reach besieged HOMS. (Tragic.)  2/13 NY Times: Escaped inmates from IRAQ fuel SYRIAN insurgency.  2/14 Reuters: Thousands flee SYRIAN town as ‘major assault’ looms. 2/15 Reuters: SYRIA’S death toll now exceeds 140,000: activist group. Brahimi apologizes to SYRIAN people for lack of peace progress. 2/18 NY Times: Bombings in SYRIA force wave of civilians to flee. 2/23 BBC News: SYRIA field hospital hit by car bomb near TURKEY, several killed. 2/25 Reuters: SYRIAN al Qaeda group gives rival Islamists ultimatum. (Wars within wars for WHAT?) 2/26 BBC News: SYRIAN forces ‘kill many rebels.’  2/27 BBC News: SYRIA crisis: ISIS jihadists imposes rules on Christians in Raqqa: Pay a levy in gold and accept curbs on their faith, or face death.  (Tyranny: Time to leave Syria.)  2/28 Reuters: Christian fleeing SYRIA return to TURKEY. SYRIA says: Two attempted attacks on chemical weapons convoy.  Islamic militants slice off alleged thief’s hand in SYRIA. 3/2 Reuters: Al Qaeda splinter group denies killing Islamist rival in SYRIA. (This is a terrorist war.) 3/4 Reuters: SYRIAN doctors struggle to care for mentally ill and traumatized. (The majority?)  3/5 Reuters: World powers responsible for failing to stop SYRIA war crimes: U.N. 3/10 BBC News: SYRIA rebels free kidnapped nuns. 3/12 Reuters: Islamist militants, local men said to kill 22 in SYRIAN village. IRAN hosts SYRIA conference of Assad sympathizers. 3/14 Reuters: SYRIAN presidential election law excludes most opposition leaders. (Assad is a dictator.)  3/15 Reuters: On 3rd anniversary of SYRIAN war, residents yearn for peace. 3/16 Reuters: SYRIAN forces fully control rebel stronghold near LEBANON. 3/18 Reuters: U.S. halts SYRIAN embassy, consulate operations, tells diplomats to leave. (Only now? Why did it take so long?) 3/19 Reuters: RUSSIA, SYRIA decry closure of SYRIAN embassy. 3/20 Reuters: Scores of SYRIAN rebels flee into LEBANON after ambush. 3/23 Reuters: TURKEY shoots down SYRIAN plane, saying it violated air space. 4/2 Drudge: Apocalyptic prophecies drive both sides to SYRIAN battle for end of time. (Sadly delusional: Created by the clerics.)  4/3 CNN: 1 million SYRIAN refugees in LEBANON. 4/7 BBC News: Gunman kills Dutch priest who refused to leave SYRIA. 4/11 NY Times: Warily, JORDAN assists rebels in SYRIAN war.  4/15 BBC News: 3 LEBANESE al-Manar TV journalists killed in SYRIA. 4/16 Reuters: JORDANIAN airplanes destroy vehicles trying to cross from SYRIA. 4/18 Reuters: Bomb blast kills 14 at mosque in SYRIA’S Homs. 4/19 Reuters: 4 kidnapped FRENCH journalists found on TURKEY’S SYRIAN border, all in good health. 4/27 BBC News: SYRIA still holds chemical weapons.  4/28 BBC News: Barrel bombs terrorize SYRIAN city.  4/29 BBC News: SYRIA blasts kill dozens in Homs, at least 37 dead; 14 more killed in Damascus. (There won’t be a population left.) 4/30 CNN: 25 children killed in elementary school bombing, SYRIAN activists say. 5/1 Reuters: Air strike in SYRIA’S Aleppo kills 33. 5/2 CNN: Jihadist group in SYRIA ‘crucifies bodies’ to send message. (Barbaric war.)  Reuters: Car bombs kill 18 in central SYRIA. 5/5 Reuters: TURKEY builds wall in token effort to secure border wit SYRIA.  5/7 BBC News: SYRIA rebels begin evacuating Homs. 5/8 Reuters: SYRIAN rebels blow up Aleppo hotel used by army.  5/12 Guardian: IRAN and ASSAD have won in SYRIA, say top Tehran foreign policy figures. 5/15 Reuters: Explosion kills 43 at SYRIA border with TURKEY. 5/18 BBC News: SYRIA’S air chief ‘killed in clashes.’  5/19 BBC News: SYRIAN rebel I called friend shot me twice in ankle, says Times reporter: Beat him badly.  5/20 CNN: SYRIA civil war deaths top 160,000. 5/29 CNN: Islamic militants claim American carried out suicide attack in SYRIA. 5/30 BBC News: ALEPPO barrel bomb toll in government attacks nears 2,000. 6/2 Reuters: SYRIAN rebel rocket fire kills 50 in Aleppo: monitoring group.  6/4 Reuters: “We are all orphans:” survivor in SYRIA. 6/14 Reuters: SYRIA car bomb near IRAQ kills at least 8. 6/18 Reuters: SYRIA bombings kill 20 in refugee camp near JORDAN border. (Those poor people.)  6/19 Reuters: Number of SYRIAN refugees in TURKEY exceeds 1 million. 6/20 Reuters: Car bomb in SYRIA’S Hama province kills 34. 6/21 Yahoo: Jihadist from the Islamic State of IRAQ execute 3 SYRIA rebel officers of the Western and Arab backed of the Free Syrian Army. 6/24 CNN: SYRIA rebel groups recruit child soldiers, says rights watchdog.  6/29 Reuters: ISIL crucifies 8 rival fighters in SYRIA, says monitoring group, claiming they were too moderate. Islamist groups in SYRIA have killed 7,000 since January. 7/3 Reuters: Al Qaeda leaves east SYRIA strongholds to ISLAMIC STATE. SYRIA refugees set to exceed 1/3 of LEBANON’S population.  7/11 Reuters: U.N. ask EUROPE to take SYRIA refugees as region saturated. 7/18 Reuters: SYRIAN army, Islamic State clash near army airport.  7/22 Reuters: SYRIAN opposition coalition dissolves interim government. 7/25 BBC News: ISIS overruns SYRIAN military bases.  8/11 BBC News: AUSTRALIA boy ‘displayed severed head in SYRIA,’ son ex-terror convict condemned by PM Tony Abbott. 8/15 Reuters: Rebels lose territory to SYRIAN ARMY and ISLAMIC STATE. (3-way terrorist war!)  8/19 Reuters: Rebels attack al Assad forces in battle for ALEPPO. Yahoo: Lebanon’s HEZBOLLAH kills top jihadist with ISIS in SYRIA that allegedly planned bloody attacks in LEBANON. 8/22 CNN: With more than 191,369 dead in SYRIA through April 2014, U.N. Rights Chief slams global ‘paralysis.’ (The dead may be the lucky ones.) 8/25 CNN: SYRIA ready to work with U.S.  8/27 Drudge: Qaeda affiliate SYRIAN rebels seize crossing point with GOLAN HEIGHTS.  (For how long?)  8/29 CNN: U.N.: 3 million have fled SYRIA. 9/4 Reuters: In northeast SYRIA, ISLAMIC STATE builds a government. 9/9 Yahoo: 28 SYRIAN rebel group leaders killed in blast: Toll expected to mount. 9/11 BBC News: SYRIA crisis: Chlorine gas used in attacks, says OPCW.  9/17 CNN: SYRIA: At least 200 killed in one day, about 60 in regime airstrikes.  9/21 Reuters: KURDS issue new call to arms against ISIS in SYRIA. 9/23 Reuters: ISRAEL downs SYRIA warplane.  9/25 Washington Post: Airstrikes in SYRIA kill leader of Al-Qaeda cell.  9/28 Reuters: KHORASAN leader killed by U.S. strike in SYRIA: Twitter. Airstrikes hit makeshift refineries in SYRIA: monitoring group. 11/6 CNN: U.S. airstrikes in SYRIA believed to have killed David Drugeon, a French bombmaker for AL-QAEDA-linked Khorsan Group, U.S. official says. 11/25 BBC News: SYRIA conflict: RAQQA airstrikes against IS ‘kills dozens.’  12/7 Reuters: ISRAEL bombs near Damascus International Airport: SYRIA TV.

SABER-RATTLING continues in NORTH KOREA as the young dictator makes more than one serious mistake.1/12 CNN: Dennis Rodman teammate: North Korea didn’t pay us for playing basketball. (No kidding?) 1/24 Drudge/Washington Free Beacon: Harm in the Hermit Kingdom: U.N. Rights Commission: grave violations of human rights in NORTH KOREA: 23,000 prisoners missing from camp closures. 1/27 USA Today: Report claims NORTH KOREA executed relatives of purged uncle. (What monsters!)  1/30 Drudge: NORTH KOREA nuclear reactor restarted.  2/3 Drudge: NORTH KOREA warns military games may spark war. 2/8 CNN: American Kenneth Bae now in NORTH KOREA labor camp. 2/17 Reuters: KIM warned he night have to face charges over atrocities. U.N. documents NORTH KOREAN torture, prison camps and luxury. NORTH KOREA says U.N. rights report based on ‘faked’ material. CNN: U.N. report: NORTH KOREA’S brutality unparalleled: Murder, torture, slavery widespread. 2/27 CNN: NORTH KOREA launches 4 missiles into sea. (At alien base?)  3/8 Reuters: CHINA draws ‘red line’ on NORTH KOREA, won’t allow war on peninsula. 3/15 CNN: Report: NORTH KOREA fires 10 missiles. 3/17 CNN: Report: NORTH KOREA fires dozens of missiles. NORTH KOREAN prisoners ‘buried alive.’ (I wouldn’t want this man’s karma.)  3/31 CNN: NORTH, SOUTH KOREA exchange fire. 4/2 CNN: SOUTH KOREA investigating 2 suspected NORTH KOREA drones. 4/5 Reuters: JAPAN orders military to strike any new NORTH KOREA missile launches. 4/6 CNN: U.S. to beef up defense against NORTH KOREA. 4/10 Drudge/WND Politics: DHS Study: NORTH KOREA capable of EMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse) attack on U.S. (Comforting, huh?)  4/26 CNN: NORTH KOREA claims AMERICAN in custody. (Stay out of North Korea!)  4/27 Reuters: NORTH KOREA says army must develop to be able to beat U.S. (Delusional!)  5/9 CNN: NORTH KOREA insults Obama with racist barbs. (Juvenile.)  5/20 Reuters: NORTH KOREA close to building nuclear missile?  CHINA ‘uses channels’ to warn NORTH KOREA over nuclear tests.  5/23 CNN: NORTH KOREA fires shells near SOUTH KOREA ship. 5/27 Yahoo: NORTH KOREA says dangers of ‘catastrophic’ clash at truce village. 6/6 CNN: NORTH KOREA: We’ve detained another American. Reuters: 3 now in custody. (Don’t try to visit North Korea, please!)  6/17 BBC News: NORTH KOREA ‘develops Russian cruise missile.’ 6/29 CNN: Official: NORTH KOREA fires two missiles, defies U.N. ban.  7/9 CNN: NORTH KOREA fires missiles. (Like a defiant child.)  7/28 Yahoo: NORTH KOREA threatens nuclear strike on WHITE HOUSE. (The adolescent LOOK AT ME routine again!)  8/14 Reuters: NORTH KOREA fires 3 short range rockets as Pope visits SOUTH KOREA. 9/2 CNN: NORTH KOREA’S new game: AMERICAN captives are ‘bargaining chips’ 9/14 CNN: AMERICAN gets 6 years hard labor in NORTH KOREA.  9/20 Reuters: NORTH KOREA says imprisoned AMERICAN tried to become ‘second Snowden.’  11/25 Yahoo: NORTH KOREA threatens ‘nuclear war’ to defend it’s human rights record. (What human rights record?)   

POLITICAL UNREST and POWER STRUGGLES in EGYPT remain constant.12/27/2013 Reuters: 3 killed in EGYPTIAN clashes after prayers after group declared terrorists. 12/28 Reuters: Islamist students and police clash in CAIRO. BBC News: Cairo campus torched amid protest by Islamic students, student death. 12/29 Reuters: Blast at EGYPTIAN army building wounds 4 soldiers in Delta. 12/30 Drudge: EGYPT arrests Al-Jazeera TV’s 4-member crew for ties to Muslim Brotherhood.  12/31 Reuters: EGYPTIAN security forces arrest Brotherhood leader’s son. 1/3 BBC News: 5 die at EGYPT Brotherhood protests. 1/24 CNN: EGYPT: Big explosion hits Cairo police HQ, killing at least 4. Reuters: Bombing wave hits EGYPT cities amid fear of more violence. 1/25 NY Times: Prolonged fight feared in EGYPT after bombings. Reuters: 12 dead in clashes as EGYPT marks uprising.  1/26 Reuters: EGYPTIAN soldiers killed in SINAI as toll reaches 49.  1/28 Gunmen kill EGYPTIAN general, ousted president defiant at trial. 2/6 NY Times: Jihadist return said to drive attacks in EGYPT. 2/9 Reuters: Former presidential hopeful says EGYPT is now ‘republic of fear.’ 2/16 Reuters: EGYPT’S deposed president on trial on terrorism charges.  3 killed, 14 wounded in blast on tourist bus in EGYPT. Former presidential hopeful predicts new EGYPT revolt. 2/18 Drudge/Yahoo: EGYPTIAN militants warn tourists to leave EGYPT or face attack. (STAY AWAY FROM EGYPT!)  2/20 Reuters: EGYPT puts 3 Al Jazeera journalists on trial. 2/23 Drudge: EGYPT’S Morsi urges ‘revolution’ from courtroom.  2/24 Reuters: EGYPT government resigns, paving way for Sisi to seek presidency.  2/26 BBC News: EGYPT: 26 sentenced to death over Suez ‘terror plot.’  2/27 Reuters: EGYPT arrests 7 pro-Morsi Facebook activists. (No rights in Egypt.)  3/15 Reuters: Gunmen kill 6 army officers near CAIRO. 3/16 CNN: Special Report: EGYPTIAN militants outwit army in SINAI battlefield. 3/19 Reuters: 2 EGYPTIAN army officers killed in shootout with militants. 3/24 CNN: 528 Muslim Brotherhood supporters sentenced to death in EGYPT. (Good heavens!)  3/25 Reuters: EGYPT puts Muslim Brotherhood leader, 682 others on trial. 3/31 Reuters: 1 dead in EGYPT clashes.  4/2 CNN: EGYPT: Blasts at Cairo University kill officer, wound 5. Drudge: EGYPTIAN Islamist murder young Christian, after dragging her from car. (Stay out of Egypt!) 4/5 BBC News: Tribal clashes kill 23 in EGYPT. 4/11 Reuters: EGYPTIAN police say kill 2 Brotherhood members in shootout.  4/23 Reuters: 2 policemen, militant killed in EGYPT. 4/26 NY Times: Vow of freedom of religion goes unkept in EGYPT.  4/28 CNN: EGYPT court sentences 700 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death. (No freedom of religion in EGYPT. So sad.)  5/2 Reuters: Suicide bombers strike EGYPT’S Sinai, bomb kills 1 in Cairo. 5/18 Reuters: EGYPT court jails more than 160 Brotherhood supporters. 525 NY Times: EGYPT’S new strongman, Sisi knows best. Reuters: EGYPTIAN crackdown risks spreading instability abroad, Islamist says.  6/1 BBC News: Smugglers ‘kill 6 EGYPTIAN guards’ near LIBYAN border.  6/7 Reuters: EGYPT court sentences 10 Brotherhood supporters to death.  6/9 NY Times: Video of mass sexual assault taints EGYPT inauguration.  6/10 CNN: Mob sex assaults on 5 women overshadow inauguration celebrations in EGYPT. 6/21 Reuters: EGYPT upholds death sentence on Brotherhood leader, nearly 200 supporters. 6/25 Drudge: EGYPT metro stations hit by bomb blasts. 6/26 Drudge: Man gets 6 years in EGYPTIAN prison for “liking” Christian post on FACEBOOK.  6/30 Reuters: 2 police officers killed in bomb blasts near Cairo palace. 7/13 Reuters: EGYPTIANS fear Islamic militants gathering on LIBYA border.  7/27 Yahoo: EGYPT army destroys 13 more GAZA tunnels. (HAMAS is tunneling the world?)  8/9 BBC News: EGYPT bans MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD party.  8/11 BBC News: Human rights chief barred from EGYPT.  10/25 BBC News: President Sisi says JIHADISTS threaten EGYPT’S existence. 11/28 Reuters: 3 dead in attack, Islamists protest in EGYPT. 11/30 Reuters: Mubarak verdict fuels protests, mockery in EGYPT.

REAL ESTATE continues its recovery, slowly but surely, with construction and new home sales on the rise.1/3 Reuters: U.K. mortgage approvals hit new 5 year high.  1/16 CNN: Foreclosures hit 6-year low. 1/18 Drudge: PENNSYLVANIA couple advertises house for sale as “slightly haunted.” (Call Ghost Busters!) 1/20 Reuters:  U.K. property asking prices see biggest ever jump for December-January. 1/23 Reuters: U.S. existing home sales rise modestly in December.  1/28 Reuters: Home prices rise more than forecast in November. 2/25 Reuters: Home prices rise more than forecast in December.  2/26 Reuters: New home sales hit 5-1/2-year high in January. 3/25 Reuters: U.S. home prices rise in January. 4/3 CNN: New homebuyers getting priced out in cities across U.S.: Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta. (West coast always expensive.) 4/13 Drudge: Boom: CONNECTICUT beachfront home sells for record $120M. (Before the sea rises and swallows the house.)  4/14 Reuters: How CHINA is stoking LONDON’S housing bubble. (The Chinese are moving everywhere!) 4/26 Drudge: CHINESE take MANHATTAN: Replace Russians as top apartment buyers. 5/8 CNN: All-cash deals account for nearly half of all home sales. (Wow!)  5/16 CNN: Rising seas will be unstoppable. (No oceanfront property, please!)  Reuters: Housing starts up sharply; Permits highest since 2008.  5/22 Reuters: Existing home sales rebound, inventory increases.  5/29 Reuters: U.S. pending home sales show signs of stabilizing. USA Today: Share of home buyers paying cash reaches new high. (No mortgage…hooray!) 6/26 BBC News: Mortgage cap ‘insures against housing boom.’  6/30 Reuters: U.S. pending home sales hit 8 month high in May.  8/19 Reuters: U.S. dollar gains on stronger than expected housing data. 8/28 Reuters: Pending home sales rise sharply, point to stronger market. 9/2 Yahoo: U.S. home prices rise most in NORTHEAST. (Good for sellers! Hurry up and buy!)  10/17 Reuters: U.S. housing recovery rolls on as groundbreaking rises. 10/21 Reuters: U.S. existing home sales hit one year high, prices up.

The CELEBRATED and HIGHLY ADMIRED continue to cross over to the OTHER SIDE to be mourned by many.1/1 CNN: Final bow: Actor Joseph Rushkin dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return.) Facebook: Actor James Avery dies at 65. 1/3 Drudge: Bob Grant, father of conservative talk radio, dies at 84. (Uranus Return.)  WWII fighter Ace, William Overstreet Jr., who flew through Eiffel Tower after Nazi fighter dies at 92. CNN: Imitation of Life actress Juanita Moore dies at 99. 1/4 CNN: Singer Phil Everly, half of famous Everly Brothers, dies at 74. (Bye, Bye Love!)  Gone With the Wind actress Alicia Rhett dies at 98. 1/5 CNN: Portugal soccer legend Eusebio dies at 71. 1/11 NY Times. Ariel Sharon, former Israeli PM, dies at 85; 8 years in coma. CNN: Franklin McCain, one of ‘Greensboro four’ who defied whites only barrier, dies at 72. 1/16 Fox: Russell Johnson who played the Professor on Gilligan’s Island dies at 89 (3rd Saturn Return).  US Magazine: Dave Madden, Partridge Family’s Reuben Kincaid, dies at 82 (Uranus Return).  1/17 CNN: Playboy model Cassandra Lynn Hensley found dead in Los Angeles home at 34. BBC News: Last of female Munchkins from Oz, Ruth Duccini dies at 95. 1/19 BBC News: Sir Chris Chataway: Former British 5000m world record holder dies at 82. (Uranus Return.) 1/27 Drudge: Ex-Marlboro Man Eric Lawson dies from smoking related disease at 72. 1/28 NY Times: Pete Seeger, songwriter and champion of folk music, dies at 94. 3/31 Hollywood Reporter: Ryan’s Daughter star Christopher Jones dies at 72. (Chris was married to my good friend Susan Strasberg, R.I.P. I was a secretary on TV series, The Legend of Jesse James.) 2/1 BBC News: Oscar-winning actor Maximilian Schell dies at 83. (Uranus Return.)  2/2 NY Times: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of drug overdose at 46. 2/3 NBC-TV: Joan Mondale, wife of Vice President Walter Mondale, dies at 83. (Uranus Return.) 2/7 CBS: Baseball Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner dies at 91.  2/11 NY Times: Shirley Temple Black, screen darling, dies at 85. (Uranus Return.)  2/12 NY Times: Sid Caesar, Comedian and one of TV’s first stars, dies at 91. (3 major actor/stars crossed over in 10 days!)  2/14 CNN: The Waltons actor Ralph Waite dies at 85; he also portrayed Mark Harmon’s dad on NCIS. 2/16 CNN: John Henson, son of iconic Jim Henson, dies of heart attack at 48.  2/18 BBC News: Christopher Malcolm, Rocky Horror’s Brad, dies at 67.  CNN: Devo’s Bob Casale dies of heart failure at 61. 2/23 CNN: Maria von Trapp, last of famous singing siblings, dies at 99. Veteran broadcast newsman Garrick Utley dies at 74.  2/24/ Daily News: Harold Ramis dies at 69: Actor-director-writer best remembered for Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day.  2/26 CNN: Legendary flamenco guitarist Paco de Lusia dies at 66. 2/27 Fox: Jim Lange, The Dating Game host, dies at 81. 3/5 USA Today: How We Die author Sherwin Nuland dies at 83. (Uranus Return)  3/7 ABC News: Game show host Geoff Edwards dies at 83. (Uranus Return) 3/8 Yahoo: Honeymooners star Sheila MacRae dies at 92. (She was a client!) 3/9 NY Times: Gerard Mortier, who led some of the most important opera companies, dies at 70.  Reuters: William Clay Ford Sr. dies at 88. (3rd Saturn Return) 3/10 CNN: Band of Brothers vet William Guarnere dies at 90. (3rd Saturn Return) 3/11 CNN: Joe McGinniss, author of Fatal Vision, dies at 71. 3/14 Google: Dr. Roger Leir, ufologist and remover of alien implants, dies at 79. 3/15 NBC-TV: Actor, comedian David Brenner dies at 78. 3/17 NY Times: Fashion designer L’Wren Scott found dead of suicide in Manhattan at 49. 3/24 CNN: Actor James Rebhorn dies at 65, familiar face in character roles. Facebook/NY Times: Dorothy Height, unsung heroine of Civil Rights era, dies at 98.  3/24 CNN: Gwar lead singer Dave Brockie dies at 50. 3/25 CNN: Buffalo Bills founder, Hall of Fame member Ralph Wilson dies at 95. 3/30 BBC News: Dynasty star Kate O’Mara dies at 74.  4/5 NY Times: Peter Matthiessen, author and naturalist, dies at 86. (Uranus Return.) 4/7 NY Times: Mickey Rooney, Master of putting on a show, dies at 93. (I wanted him to be in my movie!) Hollywood Reporter: Gone With the Wind actress Mary Anderson dies at 96.  Peaches Geldof found dead at 25. (Tragic!)  4/9 ABC News: Comedian John Pinette dies at 50. Pro Wrestling Legend Ultimate Warrior dies at 54.  4/12 BBC News: Sue Townsend, author of Adrian Mole books, dies at 68. 4/17 CNN: Salsa legend Jose Luis ‘Cheo’ Feliciano dies in car wreck at 78. NY Times: Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at 87. (3rd Saturn Return.)  4/20 NY Times: Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, fearsome boxer wrongly accused of murder, dies at 76. 4/21 CNN: Country singer Kevin Sharp dies at 43. 4/24 BBC News: Oldest ex-Major League Baseball player, Conrado ‘Connie’ Marrero, dies in CUBA at 102. 4/27 CNN: Former Dolphins QB Earl Morrall dies at 79. 4/28 CNN: Basketball Hall of Famer ‘Dr. Jack’ Ramsay dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return.) 4/30 CNN: Actor Bob Hoskins dies at 71.  5/3 CNN: Al Feldstein, longtime editor of MAD magazine, dies at 88. (3rd Saturn Return)  USA Today: Efrem Zimbalist Jr., star of The FBI and 77 Sunset Strip, dies at 95.  5/5 CNN: 2 officers from Alaska State Troopers killed. BBC News: Elena Baltacha, former British number one tennis player, dies of liver cancer at 30.  5/7 NASA test pilot Bill Dana, flew X-15 rocket plane into space, dies at 83. (Uranus Return.)  5/8 BBC News: British planetary scientist Colin Pillinger die at 70.  5/13 BBC News: Alien designer HF Giger dies at 74.  5/14 CNN: Malik Bendjellloul, Oscar winning director of Searching for Sugarland, commits suicide at 36.  5/19 BBC News: The Godfather cinematographer Gordon Willis dies at 82(Uranus Return)  5/19 NBC-TV: Jerry Vale, who smoothly crooned of love, dies at 83(Uranus Return 5/25 Yahoo: Matthew Cowles,  soap opera actor husband of Christine Baranski, dies at 69.  5/27 USA Today: champion boxer Matthew Saad Mohammad dies at 59.  5/28 NY Times: Maya Angelou, lyrical witness of the Jim Crow South, dies at 86.  6/1 Washington Post: Philadelphia Inquirer co-owner, Lewis Katz, 72, among 7 killed in fiery plane crash on takeoff. Hollywood Reporter: Marilyn Beck, Hollywood columnist, dies at 85. (Uranus Return) NBC-TV: Brady Bunch star Ann B. Davis dies at 88. (3rd Saturn Return)  6/5 ESPN: Baseball legend Don Zimmer dies at 83. (Uranus Return)  6/11 USA Today: Eric Hill, children’s author/illustrator, dies at 86.  6/12 Drudge: Actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee dies at 91.  6/13 NY Times: Richard Rockefeller, son of David Rockefeller, killed in small plane crash at 64. 6/14 CNN: Steeler’s Chuck Noll, coach with the most Super Bowl crowns, dies at 82 (Uranus Return) 6/15 Yahoo: Casey Kasem, legendary radio personality, dies at 82. (Uranus Return)  BBC News: Jazz singer Jimmy Scott dies at 88. (3rd Saturn Return)  6/16 CNN: Baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn dies at 54 (Cancer of the mouth from chewing tobacco).  6/20 CNN: Songwriter, lyricist Gerry Goffin, ex-husband of Carole King, dies at 75. (You make me feel like a natural woman.)  6/21 BBC News: Kevlar inventor (bulletproof vests and armor) Stephanie Kwolek dies at 90 (3rd Saturn Return) 6/22 CNN: Gerry Conlon, wrongly imprisoned for IRA bombing, dies at 60. BBC News: Blackadder ‘nursie’ actress Pasty Byrne dies at 80. 6/24 USA Today: Actor Eli Wallach dies at 98.  6/26 CNN: Former Senator Howard Baker dies at 88 (3rd Saturn Return). 6/28 CNN: Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bobby Womack dies at 70.  6/29 CNN: Meshack Taylor of Designing Women dies at 67.  7/2 CNN: Paul Mazursky, 5-time nominee for an Oscar as writer/director, dies at 84. (Uranus Return)  USA Today: McHale’s Navy star Bob Hastings dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return)  7/3 Drudge: War hero, Olympian Louis Zamperini dies at 97. CNN: Author of children’s books Walter Dean Myers dies at 76. 7/7 USA Today: GEORGIA’S ex-President Eduard Shevardnadze, minister of the Soviet Union, dies at 86. (Uranus Return)  BBC News: Alfredo Di Stefano: Real Madrid soccer legend, dies at 88. 7/9 CNN: Original voice of Pinocchio, actor Dick Jones, dies at 87. (Almost 3rd Saturn Return) 7/10 NBC-TV: Model maker Eileen Ford dies at 92. 7/11 CNN: Harry Potter actor David Legeno dies of heat related issues hiking in California desert at 50. Rosemary Murphy, Emmy-winning actress, dies at 89. 7/12 BBC News: Ramones punk found Tommy dies at 65. 7/13 NY Times: Lorin Maazel, brilliant, intense, enigmatic conductor, dies at 84. (Uranus Return).  7/14 NY Times: Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Prize winning novelist who took on apartheid, dies at 90. (3rd Saturn Return). 7/17 USA Today: Blues legend Johnny Winter dies at 70. Yahoo: Actress Elaine Stritch, acerbic Tony and Emmy winner, dies at 89. (3rd Saturn Return)  7/20 Yahoo: Movie, TV legend James Garner dies at 86. (One of my big crushes!) CNN: Patriot actress Skye McCole Bartusiak dies at 21.   7/27 BBC News: Operatic tenor Carlo Bergonzi dies at 90. 7/29 CNN Die Hard actor James Shigeta dies at 81.  7/31 BBC News: U.S. TV producer Robert Halmi Sr. dies at 90.  8/2 Yahoo: American Idol finalist Michael Johns dies at 35. 8/4 CNN: James Brady, shot along with President Reagan, former press secretary, gun control advocate dies at 73.  8/6 BBC News: Marilyn Burns, Chainsaw Massacre actress, dies at 65. 8/11 BBC News: Veteran actor J.J. Murphy dies suddenly, after filming first Game of Thrones scenes, at 86. 8/11 NBC-TV: Comic actor Robin Williams dies at 63, suicide. 8/12 NY Times: Lauren Bacall, sultry movie star, dies at 89. 8/13 CNN: Charles Keating, Another World villain, dies at 72.  8/14 BBC News: Star Trek Spock bride Arlene Martel dies at 78. 8/16 CNN: Skateboard legend Jay Adams dies of heart attack at 53. 8/18 BBC News: U.S. opera singer Licia Albanese dies at 105. (Long life!) CNN: Former Senator Jim Jeffords, who left GOP in political drama, dies at 80.  8/19 Yahoo: Corey Griffin, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fundraiser, dies in freak driving accident at 27.  USA Today: Don Pardo, longtime SNL announcer, dies at 96.  8/20 BBC News: INDIA Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar dies at 95. 8/24 BBC News: Actor and Director Richard Attenborough dies at 90. (3rd Saturn Return.) 8/28 BBC News: U.S. filmmaker William Greaves dies at 87.  8/29 BBC News: Bill Kerr, Australian actor and radio star, dies at 92. 8/31 BBC News: Glenn Cornick, original Jethro Tull bassist, dies at 67. Scott Rogers: U.S. TV host and former Suffolk dance teacher shot dead by son-in-law (and former lover) in LOUISIANA at 52. (Sensational exit!) 9/2 CNN: Rock band Survivor lead singer Jimi Jamison dies at 63.  9/3 BBC news: Western director Andrew McLaglen dies at 94 (worked with John Wayne).  9/4 CNN: Joan Rivers dies at 81.  9/6 BBC News: G.R.L.’s Simone Battle dies at 25.  Washington Post: Veteran CBS and CNN newsman Bruce Morton dies at 83. (Uranus Return.)  9/8 CNN: Chick-fill-A founder S. Truett Cathy dies at 93. 9/9 CNN: Chicago Fire actress Molly Glynn killed by falling tree during bike ride at age 46. (Strange karma.)  9/11 CNN: Richard Kiel, actor who played Bond villain “Jaws” dies at 74.  9/11 BBC News: Primal Screen guitarist Robert ‘Throb’ Young dies at 49.   Rolling Stone: Bob Crew, singer, songwriter, Jersey Boys producer dies at 82.  9/12 CNN: Northern Ireland’s preacher and politician Ian Paisley dies at 88.  BBC News: Legendary actor Sir Donald Sinden dies at 90. (3rd Saturn Return)  9/14 BBC News: Crusaders star Joe Sample dies at 75. 9/18 BBC News: George Hamilton IV, country music star, dies at 77.  9/20 Yahoo: Award winning actress Polly Bergen dies at 84. (Uranus Return.)  9/22 Yahoo: Former Titans kicker Rob Bironas dies in car accident at 36.  9/27 CNN: Former OHIO Rep. James Traficant dies in farm accident at 73. 10/2 BBC News: Singer Lynsey de Paul dies at 64. 10/4 Yahoo: Ousted HAITIAN dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier dies of heart attack at 63. 10/6 CNN: 60s rocker Paul Revere, leader of the Raiders, dies at 76.  NY Times: Geoffrey Holder, dancer, actor, choreographer dies at 84. (Uranus Return.) 10/7 BBC News: Broadway legend Marian Seldes dies at 86. (Uranus Return)  10/8 Yahoo: Actress Sarah Goldberg dies at 40.  SNL vet Jan Hooks dies at 57.  10/15 CNN: Isaiah ‘Ikey’ Owens, keyboardist for Mars Volta and Jack White dies at 38.  10/16 CNN: Modern Family actress Elizabeth Pena dies at 55. 10/17 BBC News: Actress Misty Upham found dead in river after going missing at 32. 10/19 Yahoo: Former American Idol contestant and plus-sized model Joanne Borgella dies at 32 from rare cancer. 10/21 Yahoo: Wrestling legend Ox Baker dies at 82. (Uranus Return.) Fashion icon Oscar de la Renta dies at 82. (Uranus Return.) CNN: French oil company Total CEO, Christopher de Margarie, and crew of 3 die in MOSCOW plane crash with snowplow with drunk driver. 10/21 NY Times: Ben Bradlee, illustrious Washington Post editor who directed Watergate coverage, dies at 93.  10/23 BBC News: Alvin Stardust, glam rock singer, dies at 72.  10/24 NBC-TV: Frank Mankiewicz, press aide to Robert Kennedy and NPR chief, dies at 90. 10/25 Deadline Hollywood: Terry Keenan, longtime business reporter, anchor at CNN, CNBC, & Fox News dies at 54. BBC News: Cream bassist Jack Bruce dies at 71.  10/27 Yahoo: Actress Marcia Strassman, starred in Welcome Back, Kotter; Honey I Shrunk the Kids, dies at 66. 10/30 CNN: Actress Elizabeth Norment, House of Cards, dies at 61. NBC-TV: Tony Menino, longest serving Boston mayor, dies at 71. 11/2 CNN: Static-X frontman dies at 48. 11/3 NY Times: Acker Bilk, British jazz clarinetist, dies at 85. USA Today: Farewell: Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi left laughing at 77. 11/8 BBC News: Rapper Big Paybacc, 38, shot dead at Los Angeles burger joint. 11/11 CNN: Sugarhill Gang rapper Big Bank Hank dies at 57.  11/12 CNN: Big Bang Theory actress Carol Ann Susi dies at 62. BBC News: British actor Warren Clarke, star of Dalziel and Pascoe, dies at 67.  11/14 Yahoo: MTV Reality Show favorite Diem Brown dies at 32. Huffington Post: Jane Byrne, Chicago’s first female mayor, dies at 81. Longtime MLB player manager Alvin Dark dies at 92. 11/16 CNN: Knight River, Magnum, Battle Star Gallactica creator Glen Larson die at 77. 11/20 BBC News: Motown soul signer Jimmy Ruffin dies at 78. NY Times: Mike Nichols, Director celebrated for stage and screen, dies at 83. (Great loss. Uranus Return). 11/23 CNN: Former Washington, DC Mayor Marion Barry dies at 78.  11/26 CNN: Lebanese singer, actress Sabah dies at 87. 11/27 Reuters: PD James, crime novelist, dies at 94.  11/28 Yahoo: Ryan Knight of MTV The Real World dies at 29. (Saturn Return.)  11/28 CNN: Legendary Mexican comedian Roberto Gomez Bolanos dies at 85. (Uranus Return.) 12/2 CNN: Bobby Keys, longtime Rolling Stones saxophonist, dies at 70.  12/4 CNN: Faces’ keyboardist Ian McLagan dies at 69. 12/9 BBC News: Addams Family actor Ken Weatherwax dies at 59.

ISLAMIC MILITANTS continue to terrorize and murder innocents in several AFRICAN nations.12/23/2013 Reuters: CHADIAN peacekeepers clash with protesters in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. 12/24 CNN: Marines move closer to SOUTH SUDAN. Reuters: NIGERIA says 70 killed in battle with Islamist group. BBC News: ‘Mass ethnic killings’ in SOUTH SUDAN; Atrocities on all sides. (Tribal mentality.)  CNN: A new AFRICAN nightmare: Reports of mass graves in SOUTH SUDAN, genocide. 12/25 Reuters: U.N. sends more peacekeepers to SOUTH SUDAN.  12/26 Reuters: Violence in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC on the rise. 12/27 BBC News: At least 11 killed, including SOMALI soldiers, by bomb in Mogadishu blast. 12/28 Reuters: SOUTH SUDAN says will attack rebel stronghold if ceasefire rejected. Hundreds seek to flee CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC on emergency flights. 12/29 Reuters: Thousands flood camp in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. 12/30 Facebook/the guardian: Children ‘beheaded and mutilated’ in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, says Unicef. (Truly barbaric.)  12/31 Reuters: Armed men attack YEMEN police headquarters, wounding 7. CONGO ‘prophet’ says criticism of Kabila prompted violence. (More than criticism.)  1/1 Reuters: Inter-religious violence kills 3 in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC’S capital. 1/2 BBC News: Patrick Karegeya: RWANDA exile ‘murdered’ in Johannesburg hotel room. SOUTH SUDAN fighting ahead of talks. 1/3 CNN: 2 children beheaded in CAR. 1/3 BBC News: SOUTH SUDAN hospitals overwhelmed. 1/5 BBC News: SOUTH SUDAN general killed in ambush. 1/10 BBC News: BBC crew caught in SOUTH SUDAN ambush.  1/3 BBC News: CAR cannibal tells BBC: I ate man in revenge attack for murder of family members. (Barbaric ignorance.)  1/18 CNN: Group: convoy attack kills 3 children, 19 adults in CAR fight between Muslims and Christians. (Always religion!) 1/20 BBC News: SOUTH SUDAN town ‘scene of devastation.’ 1/22 Reuters: Burnt bodies dumped in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC’S capital: Red Cross. 1/27 BBC News: NIGERIA: Scores dead in ‘Boko Haram’ attacks on villages, at least 74 dead. 1/28 Facebook/nydailynews: Nearly 100 killed in NIGERIA as Islamic extremists attack Christian church, raze village. 1/31 BBC News: CAR clashes ‘kill 43’ in Bangul. 2/1 CNN: SUDAN orders Red Cross to suspend operations. 2/2 Reuters: Cocaine trade hampers GUINEA’S revival hopes. SOUTH SUDAN rebels say army razed town, using foreign fighters. (Mercenaries are everywhere!)  2/4 Reuters: FRENCH Admiral says security in Bangui improving, but killings and torching continues in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. 2/6 Washington Post: Lynching latest atrocity in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. 2/9 BBC News: CAR Muslims ‘could all have to flee’ because of the violence. 2/10 Reuters: CONGO militia leader ordered rapes, massacres. More engaged GERMANY preparing to send troops to SOMALIA. Washington Post: Lynching of Christian man by Muslims sign of chaos in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC.  2/14 Reuters: FRANCE to boost troops in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. 2/24 Reuters: CHAD troops kills civilians in CAR. 2/25 BBC News: NIGERIA school Boko Haram raid in Yobe state ‘leaves dozens dead.’ 3/2 BBC News: NIGERIA violence: Many die as militants destroy village: 39 shot dead. Boko Haram again. 3/3 Reuters: Islamist militants kill 31 more northeast NIGERIA. 3/14 BBC News: NIGERIA Muslim Islamic Boko Haram: Hundreds attack Maiduguri, including army barracks, dozens killed. MALI Islamist chief ‘killed in raid.’  3/16 BBC News: NIGERIA attacks: 100 killed in attacks on villages in Kaduna. 3/23 Reuters: Gunmen kill 3 in ‘terrorist’ attack on KENYA church. 3/30 BBC News: CAR conflict: Chadian troops ‘kill 8’ in Bangui.  3/31 BBC News: Boko Haram Giwa barracks attack: NIGERIAN army ‘killed hundreds:’ 600 dead.  4/1 Reuters: Deadly blast in KENYA capital kills at least 6, wounds many others. 4/2 BBC News: KENYAN ‘al Shabab recruiter’ killed.  4/5 BBC News: Priests and nun kidnapped in CAMEROON. 4/10 Reuters: At least 13 killed in CAR as rebels, militia clash. 4/13 BBC News: NIGERIAN senator: ‘135 civilians killed’ in attacks, homes burned and destroyed, Boko Haram. 4/14 CNN: Blast kills 71 at bus station in NIGERIA. 4/15 BBC News: NIGERIA unrest: ‘Attackers abduct 200 schoolgirls.’ (For sex slaves?)  4/18 CNN: Boko Haram: A bloody insurgency, a growing challenge, enforce SHARIA LAW: Bombed schools, churches and mosques, kidnapped women and children, assassinated politicians and religious leaders.  4/18 CNN: 48 killed in attack on peacekeeper’s base in SOUTH SUDAN, U.N. says. 4/21 BBC News: Hundreds killed in ‘ethnic slaughter’ in SOUTH SUDAN. 4/23 CNN: U.N.: SOUTH SUDAN rebels separate residents by ethnicity, kill hundreds, 400 in past week. 4/24 BBC News: Horrors of SOUTH SUDAN massacre filmed. (Ye gods!)  5/2 Yahoo: Car bomb explodes in NIGERIAN capital, at least 19 dead.  5/3 Reuters: At least 6 killed in blast in SOMALI capital. U.S. wars: Plan to attack hotel in Lagos, NIGERIA.  5/8 CNN: 310 killed in latest Boko Haram attack; hundreds of girls remain missing: 1,500 killed in 2014. 5/14 BBC News: Villagers ‘repel Boko Haram attack’ killing about 200. (Good for them for fighting back.)  5/16 Reuters: NIGERIANS in new abduction protests.  Twin blasts kill 4 in KENYAN capital. 5/19 BBC News: NIGERIA’S Boko Haram crisis: Kano suicide attack kills 4, including girl 12. SOUTH SUDAN president Salva Kiir warns of ‘famine.’ 5/20 BBC News: NIGERIA bombing toll 118 and climbing. 5/21 BBC News: 26 killed in NIGERIA village attack. (Boko Haram Barbarians.)  5/24 BBC News: Al Shabaab attacks SOMALI parliament, 10 dead.  5/26 Reuters: Suspected militants kill 2 KENYAN soldiers near SOMALI border.  5/31 BBC News: NIGERIA traditional leader shot dead by gunmen.  6/2 Reuters: Gunmen kill 9 in NE NIGERIA church attack. 6/4 BBC News: Dozens of NIGERIAN villagers ‘killed in Boko Haram church attacks.’ 6/5 CNN: Boko Haram hits 4 villages; dozens dead. 6/6 CNN: Boko Haram village raids kill hundreds in NIGERIA: Death toll 400-500. (What’s happened with the girls? Nothing? The government is afraid of Boko Haram.)  6/7 BBC News: At least 30 killed in attack on village in DR CONGO.  6/16 CNN: Gunmen open fire in KENYAN coastal town, set fire to hotels, 50 dead, 3 miles from SOMALI border. 6/17 Reuters: Islamic militants kill 15 more in new attack on KENYAN coast. 6/18 CNN: Blast at NIGERIAN soccer viewing center kills men, young boys: 21 killed, 27 injured. 6/22 Reuters: 4 miners found shot dead at SOUTH AFRICA gold mine. 6/22 BBC News: Dozens killed in NIGERIA attacks by Boko Haram near where 200 girls were abducted. 6/25 Reuters: At least 21 killed in rush hour blast in NIGERIA capital. 6/28 BBC News: NIGERIA violence: At least 10 dead, 14 injured in Bauchi blast: Boko Haram. 6/29 Drudge: Islamists torch churches, kill scores in NIGERIA.  7/6 CNN: KENYA: Gunmen kill 22 during raids at police station, trading center. Reuters: Gunmen kill at least 29 in 2 attacks on KENYA coast.  7/15 USA Today: NIGERIAN schools close amid Boko Harm threat. (They are monsters!)  7/18 BBC News: NIGERIA’S Boko Haram crisis: “Many dead” in Damboa; town burned down.  7/22 Yahoo: 11 parents of NIGERIA’S abducted girls die at the hands of militants. 7/24 Reuters: Suicide bombs in NIGERIA’S Kaduna kill 82, ex-leader Buhari targeted.  7/27 Reuters: BOKO HARAM kidnaps wife of CAMEROON’S vice PM, kill at least 3; local religious leader kidnapped too.  7/28 Drudge: Female suicide bomber blows up gas station, trade show in NIGERIA, 3 dead.  7/29 Yahoo: NIGERIA’S BOKO HARAM targets top leaders at home and abroad. 8/15 Reuters: BOKO HARAM abduct dozens of boys in northeast NIGERIA: witnesses.  8/16 CNN: BOKO HARAM kidnaps at least 97, kills 28 in raid.  (I hope Boko Haram members get Ebola.)   8/17 CNN: CHADIAN troops rescue 85 NIGERIAN hostages from Boko Haram. 8/21 BBC News: DARFUR unrest: SUDANESE groups in deadly clashes, at lest 63 dead. 8/25 BBC News: Boko Haram declares ‘Islamic State’ in northern NIGERIA. (Copy cats.) 8/30 USA Today: LESOTHO military says it has disarmed police.  8/31 Reuters: Islamists attack intelligence site in SOMALIA, 11 dead.  6 soldiers dead in suspected AL QAEDA bombings in south YEMEN.  9/2 CNN: Al Shabaab leader’s fate unclear after suspected U.S. drone strike.  Reuters: Scores killed as BOKO HARAM insurgents overrun NIGERIAN town. 9/5 NY Times: Militant leader killed in U.S. strike in SOMALIA, Pentagon confirms. 9/8 Reuters: Bomb in SOMALIA kills at least 12 civilians. 9/9 BBC News: YEMEN police open fire on protesters. (Ye gods!)  BOKO HARAM ‘shoot ex-leader’s son.’  9/11 BBC News: NIGERIA’S BOKO HARAM places Maiduguri under ‘siege.’  9/21 BBC News: BOKO HARAM “kill dozens” at market. 9/25 CNN: NIGERIA: Troops killed man acting as BOKO HARAM leader; Parents still outraged over missing schoolgirls. 10/3 CNN: 9 peacekeepers killed in ambush in MALI, U.N. says. 10/5 BBC News: SOMALI troops capture key port town from al-Shabaab. 10/16 Reuters: At least 27 killed in attacks in eastern CONGO. 10/23 BBC News: BOKO HARAM ‘abducts more women:’ Dozens of women and girls.  10/27 CNN: BOKO HARAM kidnap 30 more boys and girls in northeast NIGERIA. SOUTH AFRICAN soccer player Senzo Meyiwa shot and killed.  11/1 CNN: BOKO HARAM leader denies ceasefire deal, 200 abducted girls married off. (Monsters.) 3/11 Reuters: Suicide blast kills 23 in NIGERIA; Prison attack frees 144. 11/10 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills dozens at school assembly in NIGERIA.  11/22 CNN: Al-Shabaab fighters hijack bus in KENYA, killing dozens, demanding passengers cite Quran verses, shooting those who failed.  11/23 BBC News: KENYA “kills 100 Shabab militants.”  BBC News: BOKO HARAM kill 48 NIGERIAN fishermen near Chad. (Monsters!)  11/25 Reuters: Female suicide bombers kill at least 21 in NIGERIA’S NE.  11/28 BBC News: ‘Many dead’ in NIGERIA mosque blasts.  12/2 CNN: Al-Shabaab separates Muslims from non-Muslims, kills 36 in quarry attack in KENYA. (Monsters.)  

The URANUS-PLUTO square contributes to accidents and bizarre behavior in more than a few  individuals. This aspect also indicates AIRPLANE CRASHES, perhaps mostly the result of pilot error, inexperience, or wind sheer.12/23/2013 Reuters: Tour bus crash in LOS ANGELES briefly traps 30 passengers. 12/26 BBC News: RUSSIA cargo plane crash kills 9. 12/27 Drudge: Professor admits faking AIDS vaccine to get $19M grant. (Hang him by his toes!)  12/30 Reuters: F1 world champ Schumacher remains critical after suffering ski accident in French Alps. 2/1 CNN: Bride dies in crash right after reception in GEORGIA. 1/3 Drudge: Officer arrested for New Year’s Eve sex with inmate in prison van. (Our illustrious law enforcers?) 1/5 Reuters: Crews clear highway traffic for emergency landing of private plane in the BRONX. SAUDI planes makes emergency landing, 29 hurt. CNN: Jet crashes on landing at ASPEN, COLORADO airport, killing at least 1.  1/6 Drudge: Drug dealer under house arrest begs for jail to escape nagging wife. (Let him suffer!) 1/6 BBC News: SINGAPORE A380 in emergency landing, ‘dropped out of the sky’.  1/8 Reuters: U.S. Navy chopper down off VIRGINIA coast, 4 of 5 aboard rescued. Military helicopter crashes in BRITAIN, 4 dead. Drudge: Alleged bank robbery foiled when teller can’t read holdup note. Thieves tie up FedEx driver, steal 60 packages. Man bites neighbor’s ear off over cigarette. 1/9 Drudge: DC firefighter busted for DUI while driving ambulance. (Ye gods!)  1/11 CNN: Wreckage of downed plane carrying software president found in IDAHO, 5 dead. 1/13 CNN: Corporate jet crash in GERMANY kills 4. 1/14 Drudge/CBS: YouTube video of pot farm leads to CONNECTICUT man’s arrest. (Funny.)  Man falls asleep while burglarizing home. Public school employee busted over 1200 stolen laptops in home. 1/16 Drudge: Naked woman wearing only angel wings arrested. Drudge: Cops: Woman strangles newborn son, dumps him in trash. 1/18 CNN: 18 die, 60 injured in stampede at funeral for Islamic religious leader, 102, in INDIA. 1/19 Drudge/AlterNet: Ambien: American’s Number One prescription sleep aid could trigger ‘zombies,’ murder and other disturbing behavior. (YE GODS! Don’t take Ambien!) 1/21 Drudge: Man accidentally shot self in road rage incident, ORLANDO police say. 1/21 BBC News: Explosion at NEBRASKA animal feed factory kills 2. 1/25 Drudge: ‘Blind’ man caught in disability fraud after seen driving speedboat(Not so smart.)  Drudge: Cops: Couple locked 3-year old in trunk to cure his fear of darkness.(Ignorant parents.)  2/11 Reuters: Military plane crashes in eastern ALGERIA, 103 dead. 2/21 Reuters: LIBYAN official, patients killed as military plane crashes in TUNISIA. 3/2 CNN: Navy jet fighter crashes in NEVADA. 3/3 CNN: Pilot dies in military jet crash in NEVADA. 3/8 NY Times: Oil slick sighting first sign MALAYSIAN plane may have crashed: 239 aboard.  Reuters: INDIA plane evacuated after rear wheel crashes fire in NEPAL. 3/10 CNN: Days later, no sign of MALAYSIA Airlines flight 370: “We have to find the aircraft.”(Did aliens take the plane?)  3/12 Drudge: Boeing warned of computer takeover of 777.(This is no movie!)  3/14 CNN: US Airways plane blows tire on takeoff in PHILADELPHIA, passengers evacuated.  3/18 CNN: News helicopter crashes near SEATTLE’S Space Needle, 2 dead.  3/24 Reuters: Plane carrying 5 crashes into COLORADO reservoir.  3/25 Reuters: Relatives of missing plane passengers clash with police in BEIJING. MALAYSIA says jet crashed in sea; bad weather halts search. Drudge: Plane victims 23,000 feet under the sea. 3/26 BBC News: Missing plane search for 122 objects.(Our oceans are full of garbage.)  3/29 Reuters: BRAZILIAN plane makes emergency landing with no front wheels, everyone is safe. 4/9 Yahoo: 1 child dead, 14 hurt in FLORIDA day care crash. 4/11 CNN: 5 students, 5 adults die in bus-truck crash in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. 4/11 Drudge/Breitbart: LOS ANGELES deputies kill aspiring producer by mistake. 4/14 CNN: Bus crash kills 36 in MEXICO. 4/16 CNN: SOUTH KOREA ferry capsizes: 459 people, 325 students, 164 rescued, 4 bodies retrieved. 4/17 CNN: 39 confirmed dead in WASHINGTON state landslide. Reuters: Hundreds still missing in KOREA ferry accident. Drudge: At least 14 injured, including 3 firefighters, when fire trucks collide, crash into restaurant in Monterey Park, CALIFORNIA. Drudge: Cockroaches rain from the ceiling in MANHATTAN sushi restaurant.(Yuck!) 4/19 CNN: SOUTH KOREA ferry: Kin give out DNA samples as divers try to recover bodies: 33 dead, 270 missing. Reuters: Death toll climbs to 13 in worst tragedy on EVEREST. 4/20 Reuters: MALAYSIAN plane search in 44th day, sea bed scans could end in days. Search ends for missing on EVEREST, some Sherpas call for shutdown, 3 still missing, 13 dead. 4/22 BBC News: SOUTH KOREA ferry update: 113 bodies recovered. 4/25 BBC News: 11 children and driver hurt in school bus crash in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 4/26 CNN: Most of junior high school class perishes on sunken SOUTH KOREAN ferry.  4/26 Reuters: AVALANCHES dash hopes for EVEREST season: Fresh avalanches on perilous route.  4/27 Drudge: HOUSTON middle school teacher accused of giving birthday lap dance to student, 15, in front of class.(Her crush?)4/30 CNN: Searchers dispute company’s claim that it may have found aircraft wreckage in INDIAN OCEAN.  5/1 Drudge/CBS: LAX computer glitch grounds planes for hours all across the country.(Glad I’m not flying today.)USA Today: 2 killed, more than 100 injured in FLORIDA jail blast. 5/2 CNN: Police: MINNESOTA teen planned to kill his family, followed by school massacre: Cops tipped by customer at storage facility. Reuters: Subway trains crash in SOUTH KOREA capital, 200 injured, no deaths.  5/3 Reuters: More than 2,100 confirmed dead in AFGHAN landslide.  5/5 Reuters: “A lot of broken bones” in circus accident in RHODE ISLAND. Plane crash at CALIFORNIA air show kills pilot.  Drudge: Naked man hit, killed, doing push ups in road. BBC News: Crew missing after ship sinks off HONG KONG. At least 22 migrants die, 7 more missing, as 2 boats capsize off GREEK island. 5/6 CNN: U-2 spy plane halted flights at LAX. Diver searching sunken ferry dies. Ferry disaster: Too much cargo contributed to sinking, police say. 5/8 Drudge: Man kept mom’s body in freezer 3 years before killing himself.(Talk about bizarre?)  5/10 CNN: 3 missing after hot air balloon catches fire and crashes in VIRGINIA, 1 body found.  SOUTH KOREA ferry death toll rises to 275.  5/10 Reuters: Military aircraft crashes in ARIZONA. 5/12 CNN: Military jet disintegrates in crash in ARIZONA. CNN: 14 die after migrants’ ship sinks. 5/13 USA Today: Man claims biological dad was Zodiac Killer in new book.(The joy of finding your birth father?)  5/13 Reuters: Deadly TURKEY mining blast ‘traps hundreds,’ several miners killed.  5/14 Earth Changes Media: Over 200 dead, many trapped in TURKISH coal mine. 5/16 BBC News: BANGLADESH ferry with 200 onboard capsizes in storm; a number of bodies have been recovered. 5/17 CNN: Plane carrying LAOTIAN government officials crashes in VIETNAM, 18 onboard.  Reuters: TURKISH mine rescue winds up as death toll reaches 301. 5/20 CNN: Train derails near MOSCOW, RUSSIA, killing 9, injuring 45.  5/21 Drudge: Tracker-trailer driver cited in crash that freed millions of bees in DELAWARE.(This might be a good thing!)  5/26 CNN: Train derails in NORTHERN INDIA, killing at least 9, injuring 82. Drudge/AP: Train accident kills at least 40 in northern INDIA; Express train slammed into parked train. 5/27 Mail Online: ‘Fifty Shades Effect’ blamed for sexually transmitted diseases among over-50 group. (Rise in HIV positive in over 60 folks long before the book was written. Seniors: SAFE SEX, PLEASE!)  6/1 NY Times: Co-owner of Philadelphia Inquirer among 7 plane crash victims in MASSACHUSETTS. 6/3 CNN: 12-year-old WISCONSIN girl stabbed 19 times; 2 friends arrested. (These aspects are horrific!)   Kids, 6 and 7, stabbed in elevator, one dies. Truck plunges off causeway bridge. 6/4 CNN: Philip Chism, 15, charged with raping and killing math teacher, accused in another assault on female employee at youth facility.  6/5 CNN: Navy jet crashes into PACIFIC on approach to carrier. Military jet crashes into CALIFORNIA neighborhood. 6/6 Drudge: Man in gorilla suit shot with tranquillizer dart at TENERIFE zoo. (Dear me!) 6/9 CNN: Dam surge sweeps away 20 students in northern INDIA. 6/18 CNN: Dozens of INDONESIANS missing after boat sinks off MALAYSIA. 7/2 CNN: Cargo plane crashes into building on takeoff in KENYA, at least 5 dead. 5 die in INDIAN air force cargo plane crash during training.  Drudge: Food truck explosion injures 12, 2 critically, in PHILLY.  7/3 CNN: QANTAS airliner springs a leak, douses passengers, with river running down the aisles.  BBC News: HONDURAS landslide traps 11 artisanal gold miners. 7/5 Drudge: 4 children killed, 42 displaced in PHILLY fire. 7/6 CNN: Official: 4 die, a dozen injured in MIAMI post fireworks boat crash.  NEW YORK firefighter dies after blaze. Fire captain: 11 die in POLAND plane crash, 1 survives.  Drudge: 2 planes nearly collide over HOUSTON airport. 7/8 CNN: SIX FLAGS roller coaster derails in LOS ANGELES; 4 injured, 30 stuck up in the air.  Typo releases violent inmate early. (Terrific?)  7/10 CNN: House of Representatives closed in construction related incident. CNN: Granddad shot son, kid kills grandpa. (These horrible aspects!) 7/15 CNN: Metro train derails in MOSCOW, at least 15 killed, 120 injured. BBC News: MOSCOW metro crash ‘leaves 19 dead.’ 7/17 CNN: SEWOL ferry search helicopter crash kills 5 in SOUTH KOREA. NBC-TV: MALAYSIA 777 crashes in UKRAINE with 295 onboard flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, believed to be brought down by military missile: Separatists? Ukrainians? (Someone made a horrible, terrible mistake.)  7/20 CNN: CHINA: 43 killed when van carrying flammable liquid hits bus. (Awful!) 7/21 CNN: 2 trains collide in WISCONSIN: Hazardous, flammable. 7/23 CNN: As many as 45 feared dead after plane crashes off coast of TAIWAN.  7/24 Reuters: Missing AIR ALGERIE flight crashed: Algerian aviation official; 116 onboard.  BBC News: INDIA: School bus and train crash, kills 18 children.  8/1 CNN: At least 100 feared trapped in landslide debris in INDIA. 8/2 CNN: 65 die in CHINA factory explosion; Reuters; 68 killed. Dozens dead as TAIWAN gas explosion tears up streets: 22 dead, 270 injured, including firefighters.  8/4 Reuters: BANGLADESH ferry capsizes, 100 unaccounted for. 8/10 CNN: NASCAR’s Tony Stewart hits, kills another racer: Victim walking on race track when struck. (Mars square Jupiter; still Pluto square Uranus.)  MISSOURI community outraged after police fatally shoot teen, 18. (Too many careless policemen lately.)  CNN: 48 die in passenger plane crash in TEHRAN, engine failed on takeoff. 8/13 BBC News: SWISS train derailed in landslide near St. Moritz: 1 carriage plunged into ravine, another hanging, casualties unclear.  8/17 BBC News: Tourist boat sinks in INDONESIA, 15 missing.  8/18 BBC News: 2 base jumpers killed in FRENCH ALPS. 8/22 CNN: At least 38 killed after tourist buses crash in EGYPT.  8/23 BBC News: CAR mine collapse: Dozens killed at rebel-held goldmine. 8/26 BBC News: U.N. helicopter crashes in SOUTH SUDAN. USA Today: 4 college students die in small plane crash in OHIO. 8/27 Yahoo: Military jet crashes in VIRGINIA.  8/29 CNN: Pilot found dead after F-15 crash in VIRGINIA. 8/30 CNN: ALGERIA cargo plane crash kills 7.  8/31 Yahoo: F-16s dispatched for unresponsive pilot of small plane near D.C. that ran out of fuel and crashed in the ATLANTIC OCEAN: Unconscious at controls.  9/1 Yahoo: All 5 on small plane killed in crash at COLORADO airport.  9/3 BBC News: LIBYA jet crashes in Tobruk near parliament, causing a huge inferno, killing a child and at least 2 others. 9/5 CNN: FAA: Unresponsive plane crashes off the coast of JAMAICA: Took off from Rochester, NY.  9/6 Reuters: TANZANIA bus collision kills at least 36, dozens injured. 9/11 CNN: Plane crashes off MIAMI BEACH: Pilot survives.  9/12 CNN: 2 Navy jets crash in PACIFIC: F/A 18 Super Hornets. 9/23 CNN: Propeller breaks 13,000 feet in the air, small plane crashes in SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK, man survives. 9/27 CNN: OKLAHOMA: Semi hits school bus, killing 4. 10/8 CNN: Plane crashes fighting YOSEMITE fire.  10/8 CNN: U.S. F-15 crashes in U.K.  10/12 CNN: 15 hospitalized after MAINE hayride accident.  10/14 BBC News: AUSTRALIA pilot dies as ‘homemade’ plane crashes into house.  CNN: At least 26 hurt in Megabus crash near INDIANAPOLIS. USA Today: OHIO groom killed, bride injured in wedding day crash. (How sad!)  10/15 CNN: NEPAL: 17 trekkers die in heavy Himalayan snow.  10/17 CNN: 16 killed in vent grate collapse at concert in SOUTH KOREA. 10/29 Reuters: Rescue underway for 9 workers buried alive in CHINA landslide. 10/30 USA Today: Military plane crashes near CALIFORNIA military base, killing the pilot. CNN: 4 killed after plane crashes into safety building near WICHITA airport. 10/31 CNN: 1 dead, 1 injured in SpaceShipTwo test flight failure crash in MOHAVE desert. 11/2 CNN: Boat capsizes off CALIFORNIA, 4 dead.  11/7 CNN: IDAHO National Guard helicopter crashes, killing 2. Air Force pilots remains found in GULF OF MEXICO after F-16 crash.  11/10 CNN: Jet crash in BAHAMAS kills 9; Prominent pastor Myles Monroe among the dead. 11/18 BBC News: Plane crashes into CHICAGO house, killing pilot. 11/24 UPI: Blaze in CHICAGO-area stable kills up to 32 horses. (So sad.)  12/1 Yahoo: SOUTH KOREA ship sinks in Bering Sea; over 50 missing. 12/8 CNN: Car crash involving black bear leaves 3 dead, 8 injured in FLORIDA. 12/8 CNN: Officials: 3 dead after small plane crashes into MARYLAND home.

TERRORISM continues to be a deadly force in destroying people and property all around the world.12/30 CNN: Second blast rocks RUSSIAN city: Explosion shows terror threat ahead of Sochi Olympics: Blast killed 14 on bus. 1/11 Reuters: 5 militants arrested in southern RUSSIA, bomb defused. 1/18 Reuters: 7 militant suspects shot dead in RUSSIA’S Dagestan. IRAN diplomat dead after resisting kidnap attempt in YEMEN. 1/21 Drudge/Guardian: RUSSIAN police kill terrorist suspect in Winter Olympic security crackdown. 1/25 Drudge: Militants tell RUSSIANS to rebel against Kremlin or face attacks. 1/26 CNN: RUSSIAN man, 19, faces weapon of mass destruction charge in PENNSYLVANIA: Bomb in suitcase; materials purchased on internet. 3/2 CNN: CHINA train station killings described as terrorist attack, dozens killed, more than 100 wounded with large knives, stabbings. 3/16 Drudge/Breitbart: Al-Qaeda calls for car bomb attacks on AMERICAN cities, targets abroad. 3/21 Drudge: 14-year-old arrested for deadly bus shooting of 39-year-old man in NYC. 3/25 CNN: Sailor, civilian killed in shooting at VIRGINIA naval station: Civilian illegally boarded a destroyer and shot a sailor. 4/5 BBC News: Carjackers in BRAZIL kill British oil worker Peter Campsie. 4/10 Reuters: Bomb targets BANK OF GREECE. 4/12 BBC News: Deadly blast hits INDIA vote staff, at least 12 dead.  4/20 BBC News: ALGERIA: AQIM militants ambush and kill 14 soldiers in the mountains. 4/26 Drudge/Yahoo: Qaeda chief urges kidnapping of AMERICANS. 5/1 Reuters: Twin blasts hit INDIA train, 1 killed, 9 injured.  5/3 BBC News: HONDURAS child killings: Probe into ‘gang links:’ At least 7 murdered after refusing to join gangs.  5/10 CNN: Terror threat shuts down U.S. embassy in YEMEN.  5/15 USA Today: NAZI veterans assembled Secret Army in 1949. (Ye gods!)  5/24 CNN: 3 dead, several wounded in shootings at Jewish Museum of BELGIUM. (More madness!)  5/25 Reuters: YEMEN forces kill 5 al Qaeda militants in raid.  6/14 Drudge/AZ Central: Sabotage (bomb) at NOGALES station puts focus on threats to grid. 6/17 CNN: U.S. adds fire power in PERSIAN GULF.  6/24 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills security officer, wound 19 in BEIRUT. ISRAEL says ASSAD forces behind GOLAN attack that killed boy. BBC News: KENYA coast raids: ‘5 dead’ in new attack near Mpeketoni. Drudge: IRAQ invaders threaten nuke attack on ISRAEL. (Ignorance can be dangerous!) 6/26 CNN: SYRIAN radicals ‘brainwash’ kidnapped KURDISH schoolchildren, 140 boys. Fleeing PAKISTANIS crowd border towns, asking ‘why weren’t we warned?” as Pakistan army launches offensive against militants.  6/26 Reuters: ISLAMIST attack YEMEN airport as bomber hits army base.  9/17 Yahoo: New AL QAEDA wing in SOUTH ASIA claims major attack.  9/25 Reuters: PHILIPPINE militants threaten to kill GERMAN captives. (The scum is everywhere.)  9/27 Drudge/Breitbart: OKLAHOMA beheader linked to al-Qaeda leader Awlaki, BOSTON BOMBER’S mosque: Suspect tried to covert others to Islam; fired after argument over stoning women: Sharia law is coming! 10/9 At least 42 killed in suicide bombing in YEMEN. Al Qaeda in YEMEN execute 14 soldiers. USA Today: Suicide bombings in YEMEN kill at least 50. 11/14 Reuters: Troops clash with Muslim militants in PHILIPPINES, 15 dead.  11/18 CNN: ISRAEL: 4 dead after men with knives, gun attack JERUSALEM synagogue.

ISLAMIC MILITANTS continue to terrorize and murder in PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ.12/27 Reuters: Foreign convoy attacked in AFGHAN capital, 3 dead. 12/28 Reuters: IRAQ troops arrest leading Sunni MP in violent raid, at least 5 killed. 1/3 BBC News: Militants ‘still hold IRAQ cities’. 1/4 Reuters: Blast heard in KABUL as army convoy attacked, details on casualties unavailable. 1/4 Reuters: IRAQI army shells Fallujah to try to dislodge Qaeda, tribes. 1/5 Reuters: Bombs kill at least 19 in IRAQI capital. BBC News: Thousands flee FALLUJAH amid blitz. 1/6 BBC News: 9 killed in PAKISTAN explosion. 1/9 CNN: Teen dies stopping suicide bomber at school in PAKISTAN. (Brave boy.) Drudge: Bombing kills 21 at IRAQ Army recruiting center. At least 12 soldiers killed in attack on army barracks. BBC News: Bomb kills PAKISTAN police chief. 1/13 Reuters: PAKISTAN lawmaker arrested for private dungeon, attack on police: 5 people found chained up, 2 for several years. (Ye gods!)  1/18 Reuters: Thousands of AFGHANS face cold, hungry winter as aid goes missing. (Corrupt government.)  1/19 Reuters: 20 PAKISTANI soldiers killed; PM cancels Davos trip. 1/20 Reuters: BAGHDAD bomb blasts kill 26. Taliban bomb attack kills 13 near PAKISTAN army HQ. Suicide bomber kills 10 at market in PAKISTAN. Twin car bombs in IRAQ’S Kirkuk kill 2, wound 13. NY Times: IRAQ again uses Sunni tribesmen in militant war.1/21 Reuters: PAKISTAN bombs militant hideouts in tribal area after Taliban attacks. BBC News: PAKISTAN polio worker shot dead in Karachi.  2/6 Reuters: 7 car bombs across BAGHDAD kill at least 13.  2/9 Reuters: Grenade attack in PAKISTANI cinema city kills 10.  2/13 Reuters: 11 policemen killed in KARACHI blast, many injured.  2/23 Reuters: Militants escape from BANGLADESH prison van in bomb ambush. 2/26 Reuters: Eyeing AFGHAN exit, U.S. intensifies campaign against HAQQANI MILITANTS. 2/27 BBC News: BAGHDAD bombings leave at least 26 dead and scores injured. 3/1 CNN: Attack targets polio workers in PAKISTAN, kills 11. 3/2 Reuters: PAKISTANI jets bomb militant hideout day after Taliban ceasefire plan. 3/3 BBC News: Deadly attack on court in PAKISTAN capital ISLAMABAD: 11 killed, at least 24 wounded. 3/5 BBC News: At least 6 PAKISTAN Hangu soldiers killed as talks due to resume. 3/9 CNN: Suicide bomber kills 34 at IRAQ police checkpoint. 3/14 Reuters: Nearly 2 dozen killed in attacks across PAKISTAN despite talks. 3/20 Reuters: Taliban suicide attack on AFGHAN police station kills 11. 3/25 Reuters: Taliban gunmen storm election office in KABUL. Explosions, gunfire near AFGHAN presidential candidate’s office. 3/30 CNN: 1 dead, 16 injured in PAKISTAN militant blast. 4/5 BBC News: PAKISTANI Christian couple sentenced to death for blasphemy in allegedly sending a text insulting the Prophet Mohammad. (Barbaric ignorance.) 4/9 BBC News: Deadly PAKISTAN market bomb against ‘some of the poorest people’ kills at least 20, at least 100 injured. 4/26 Reuters: 28 killed in attack on Shiite political rally in IRAQ.  4/30 BBC News: AFGHANS, backed by NATO air power, repel big (300) militant attack on border army base.  5/5 Reuters: NATO supply convoy torched in PAKISTAN. Death toll from landslide in remote AFGHAN village could reach 2,700.  PAKISTAN forces kill 10 separatist militants in Baluchistan.  5/13 BBC News: Deadly car bombings hit BAGHDAD’S Shia district, at least 25 killed, 80 injured.  5/21 BBC News: PAKISTAN strikes ‘kill 60 militants.’ 5/28 NY Times: U.S. troops to leave AFGHANISTAN by end of 2016.  6/8 NY Times: Gunmen attack Karachi, PAKISTAN airport, killing at least 4 guards. (Uncivilized primitives!)  6/9 NY Times: Terrorists attack airport in PAKISTAN, killing 13. Reuters: Taliban attacks KARACHI airport, 29 dead. 6/10 CNN: SECOND ATTACK: More violence erupts near PAKISTAN’S busiest airport; Taliban vows ‘full-out war.’ CNN: ‘1,000 freed’ in IRAQ prison break. Yahoo: Al-Qaeda offshoot routs U.S. trained forces and captures IRAQ’S second largest city.  CNN: IRAQI soldiers, police drop weapons, flee posts in portions of Mosul. 6/11 NY Times: Sunni militants drive IRAQI army out of Mosul. Exhausted and bereft, IRAQI soldiers quit fight. CNN: 500,000 civilians flee IRAQ fighting.  6/12 USA Today: Insurgents vow to take BAGHDAD as U.S. mulls action. (Back to IRAQ on Retrograde Mercury with this awful T-square: Possibility?) Drudge: Mass beheadings in Mosul and Tikrit.  6/13 Reuters: IRAQ teeters toward civil war. BBC News: IRAQ’S most senior cleric urges people to take up arms against Sunni-led insurgents sweeping across towns killing hundreds, U.N. says. 6/15 Reuters: PAKISTAN jets bomb militant hideouts after airport attack. LIBYA’S second city Benghazi hit by new fighting, families flee. 6/15 Yahoo: Militants post images of mass killings in IRAQ.  6/16 NY Times: Militants claim massive execution of of IRAQI forces: 1700 they boast on Twitter posting gruesome photos. (Ignorant, barbaric primitives.)  Reuters: PAKISTAN jets strike insurgents in full scale offensive.  6/17 NY Times: 44 Sunnis killed in IRAQ prison; Baghdad sees signs of strife.  6/18 Drudge: Militants seize IRAQ oil refinery. EXXON carries out major evacuation from IRAQ: Oil officials. (No kidding!) Drudge: 60 construction workers kidnapped. SADDAM’S men return to power in city once held by U.S. (Cycles within cycles!)  6/19 CNN: Heavy fighting at IRAQ’S main oil refinery.  Reuters: Taliban attack NATO’s supplies in AFGHAN east, destroy dozens of trucks. Drudge: ISIS burns massive piles of cigarettes in accordance with Sharia law. (No smoking is good, but not by force.)  6/21 NY Times: IRAQ insurgents reaping wealth as they advance.  6/22 CNN: 4 western IRAQ towns fall to advancing ISIS militants.  BBC News: PAKISTAN offensive against militants displaces 350,000 civilians.  6/23 Reuters: Thousands flee tribal region as PAKISTAN gears up for offensive. 6/25 CNN: SYRIAN warplanes hit IRAQ, kill 57 civilians. (The 2 for 1 war?)  Reuters: Militants attack IRAQ air base, U.S. teams arrives. Militant backers say any any U.S. air strikes in IRAQ would be avenged. 6/27 Reuters: IRAQI helicopters attack insurgent held city. 6/28 NY Times: TALIBAN mount major assault in AFGHANISTAN. (Cashing in on ISIS?)  CNN: IRAQ crisis: Iraqi forces say Tikrit regained from ISIS militants. 7/1 CNN: IRAQ parliament delays first session as ISIS continues deadly march: 90 walk out of parliament. 7/5 CNN: 400 trucks burn on AFGHAN roads: The Taliban attacked depot delivering supplies to NATO. 7/7 CNN: Children among 10 killed by rocket attacks in AFGHANISTAN. 7/12 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 8 civilians in southern AFGHANISTAN. 7/13 CNN: Rival LIBYAN militias battle for Tripoli airport. 7/15 CNN: Car bomb kills at least 38 in AFGHANISTAN. BBC News: AFGHAN market bomb attack kills 89. 7/17 Reuters: Militants killed in attack on KABUL airport.  Shootout in PAKISTAN’S Lahore, northwestern bus blast kills 9.  BBC News: 14 TUNISIAN soldiers killed in militant attack. 7/25 BBC News: 15 killed in AFGHAN bus attack.  7/27 NY Times: TALIBAN making military gains in AFGHANISTAN. 7/31 Reuters: Car bomb attacks kill 21 in BAGHDAD.  8/10 Reuters: Suicide bomber targets foreign troops in KABUL, 4 civilians killed.  8/19 Reuters: Hundreds of TALIBAN fighters battle AFGHAN forces near Kabul. 8/23 Reuters: Suicide attacks kill at least 17 in IRAQ after mosque shootings. 8/25 BBC News: IRAQ crisis: Suicide blast targets Baghdad Shia mosque, at least 9 killed. 8/30 Reuters: Taliban suicide bombers hit AFGHAN intelligence agency, killing 6, and insurgents shot dead another 11 in the west.  9/1 Reuters: Suicide bomb blast kills 37 in western IRAQ. 9/3 BBC News: PAKISTAN army kills 910 militants in Waziristan offensive.  Drudge: Missing LIBYAN commercial jetliners raise fears of suicide attacks on 9/11.  9/5 BBC News: Bombs kill at least 20 in BAGHDAD.  9/25 CNN: Car bombs explode outside BAGHDAD hospital, killing 3.  9/26 Reuters: TALIBAN storm AFGHAN district SW of capital, 100 killed.  9/27 Reuters: AFGHAN villagers hang TALIBAN fighters as battle for district rages. 10/1 Reuters: At least 35 dead in BAGHDAD attacks. 7 dead after suicide attack in AFGHAN capital.  10/2 Reuters:  3 dead in BAGHDAD suicide blast. 10/12 Reuters: Car bombs kill 25 near IRAQ’S Baquba, Anbar police chief killed on patrol.  10/12 Reuters: Taliban in uniforms storm police HQ in north AFGHAN city.  10/14 Reuters: BAGHDAD blast kills at least 30. 10/16 Reuters: Attacks in Shiite areas of BAGHDAD kill at least 36. (The Sunnis and Shiites are also Islamic Militants killing off each other; ISIS isn’t needed. Stupidity! Total lack of awareness.)  10/26 Reuters: BRITAIN ends combat role in AFGHANISTAN, last U.S. Marines hand over base.  11/2 CNN: Bombs kill 45 at PAKISTAN parade. Reuters: Suspected suicide bomber kills 37 on PAKISTAN-INDIA border. 11/8 Reuters: Car bombs kill 20 in BAGHDAD, RAMADI: police, medical sources. 11/10 Reuters: Rival LIBYA government makes move for oil power, captures field. 11/23 CNN: Suicide bomber kills 45 at AFGHANISTAN volleyball game. 11/27 CNN: Suicide attack kills 5 in AFGHAN capital, including UK Embassy workers. 11/29 Reuters: TALIBAN attack KABUL air workers’ compound, Camp Bastion.  12/26 BBC News: Al-Qaeda chief ‘killed in PAKISTAN’.

MAJOR MERGERS and buy outs involve major players in the field of corporate business.  12/24/2013 Reuters: Carlyle to buy J&J unit for $4B. 1/6 Reuters: T-Mobile to buy Verizon Wireless spectrum in $3.3B deal. 2/13 NY Times: Comcast set to acquire Time Warner Cable for $45B. (Sweet Valentine deal.) 2/14 Jos. A. Banks agrees to buy Eddie Bauer for $825M. 2/19 CNN: Signet to buy Zale for $1.4B: Zale goes to Jared!  3/11 Reuters: Fox executive raises questions on Comcast-Time Warner cable merger. 3/21 Reuters: Media General to buy LIN Media for $1.6B.  Temasek agrees to buy stake in beauty retailer A.S. Watson for $5.7B. 3/26 Reuters: Facebook to buy Oculus for $2B. 4/5 BBC News: Cement giants Lafarge and Holcim negotiate mega-merger. 4/7 Reuters: INDIA’S Sun Pharma to buy struggling Ranbaxy for $3.2B as Daiichi Sankyo retreats. 4/9 Reuters: Mars to buy most of P&G’s pet food business for $2.9B.  4/14 Reuters: TIAA-CREF to buy Nuveen investments for $6.25B.  4/15 Reuters: Zebra Tech to buy Motorola Solutions’ enterprise business for $3.45B.  4/17 Reuters: Post Holdings to buy Michael Foods for $2.45B. 4/20 Reuters: Pfizer considers $100B bid for AstraZeneca: report. 4/22 Reuters: Valeant offers to buy Botox maker Allergen for $47B. (Lots of money in making drugs.)  4/24 Reuters: Zimmer to buy Biomet in $13.35B deal.  4/28 Reuters: Comcast offers to divest customers to Charter for $7.3B to win TWC approval.  Forest Labs to buy Furiex Pharma for up to $1.46B.  Pfizer bids $100B for AstraZeneca.  4/30 Reuters: Exelon to buy Pepco for $6.83B.  BBC News: Alstom to consider $17B GE offer. 5/1 Reuters: AT&T approached DirecTV on takeover: WSJ.  Sprint moves ahead with T-Mobile bid plan. BP could well snap up BG.  BBC News: Viacom to buy Channel 5 for $450M. 5/2 Reuters: AstraZeneca rejects Pfizer’s bid of $106B.  5/6 Reuters: Merck sells consumer unit to Bayer for $14B. 5/12 Reuters: Hillshire to buy Pinnacle Foods in $6.6B deal.  BSkyB in talks to unite Murdoch’s pay-TV businesses in Europe. 5/13 Reuters: AT&T in talks to buy DirecTV for nearly $50B.  5/16 CNN: Red Lobster sold for 2.1B clams.  5/17 Reuters: Exclusive: ARC Healthcare near $3.7B deal for Griffin-American Healthcare. 5/18 NY Times: AT&T to buy DirecTV for $48B. 5/27 Reuters: Pilgrim’s Pride offers to buy Hillshire for $6.4B deal. (That’s a lot of sausage!)  5/28 NY Times: Apple to buy Beats Electronics, rising music brand, for $3B.  6/2 Reuters: Japan’s Dai-ichi in talks to buy Protective Life for $5B.  6/5 Reuters: Sprint agrees to pay $32B to buy T-Mobile.  6/9 Reuters: Merck & Co to buy Indenix to boost hepatitis C drug portfolio.  6/11 Reuters: Alibaba to buy out UCWeb in CHINA’S biggest internet merger. 6/13 CNN: Priceline buying Open Table for $2.6B. 6/15 Reuters: Medtronic nears $45B plus deal for Covidien.  7/7 Reuters: Atmel acquires Newport Media for $140B. Lefarge, Holcim list asset sales in quest for merger approval. Tellasonera to buy Tele2’s Norway mobile business for $744M.  7/8 Reuters: AbbVie hikes bid for drugmaker Shire to $51B. (The amount of money in ‘legal’ drugs staggers me.)  7/12 NY Times: Reynolds in talks to acquire Lorillard in merger of tobacco rivals. 7/14 Reuters: Mylan to buy some Abbott drug assets in $5.3B deal. 7/15 NY Times: Tobacco giants Reynolds and Lorillard to merge in $27.4B deal.  7/16 NY Times: Rupert Murdoch said to have made offer for Time Warner for $80B.  7/28 CNN: Zillow buys Truilia for $3.5B as property websites seek to save costs. Reuters: Dollar Tree to buy Family Dollar for $8.5B. 8/11 BBC News: BRAZILIANS bid $611M for Chiquita. 8/15 Reuters: Coca Cola pays $2.2B for major stake in Monster Beverage. (More junk drinks to destroy body and brain.)  8/25 Reuters: Burger King in talks to buy Canada’s Tim Hortons: Combined market value $18B. Roche to buy U.S. biotech firm InterMune for $8.3B. 8/26 Reuters: Amazon buys live video startup Twitch: $970M.  9/2 CNN: 1-800-Flowers is buying Harry and David.  9/4 Reuters: Manulife to buy Standard Life’s Canadian assets for $3.7B.  9/8 Reuters: Electrolux buys GE Appliances for $3.3B.  9/15 BBC News: Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5B.  9/19 Reuters: SAP buys expenses software maker Concur for $7.3B.  9/22 Reuters: Siemens agrees to $7.6B deal to buy Dresser-Rand.  Merck KGaA to buy Sigma-Aldrich for $17B.  9/27 Reuters: Investor takes YAHOO stake, urges AOL merger. 9/28 Reuters: JAPAN’S SoftBank in talks to buy DreamWorks. SoftBank estimates $4.6B gain in Alibaba listing. 9/30 Reuters: News Corp to buy real estate operator Move for $950M.  10/7 Reuters: Fiat says merger with Chrysler effective October 12.  10/27 Reuters: Valeant ready to raise Allergen bid to at least $200/share. 11/14 Reuters: Baker Hughes in merger talks with Halliburton. 11/17 Reuters: Halliburton to buy Baker Hughes for $35B.

ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS involve the transport or production of oil and gas, radiation mishaps, and air pollution in major cities from the use of fossil fuels, all of which produce serious health hazards for the people. GREED is the root of the problem.12/24 Drudge/CBS: BAY AREA spare the air alert on Christmas Eve, wood burning banned. (With less industrial pollution wood-burning would be fine.)  12/30 Reuters: Corruption clouds FUKUSHIMA cleanup: JAPANESE homeless recruited for murky Fukushima cleanup. 1/3 European Union Times: Underground nuclear explosion at JAPAN atomic plant shocks world.  1/5 Science Daily: Scientists uncover hidden river of rubbish threatening to devastate wildlife submerged along the river bed of the Thames Estuary. (How about the Mississippi?)  1/6 Drudge/InfoWars: Has FUKUSHIMA’S radioactive wave already hit CALIFORNIA? 1/8 Drudge: 1400% radiation hot spot found on SAN FRANCISCO beach. BBC News: CANADA crude oil train still burning after derailment. 1/10 CNN: WEST VIRGINIA chemical spill contaminates water in 9 counties; Memo: Don’t drink the water! (Ye gods!)  1/12 Reuters: Tap water fix in WEST VIRGINIA still days away. (Poor people!)  1/16 Reuters: Smog shrouds BEIJING. 1/16 Science Daily: 5,900 natural gas leaks discovered under WASHINGTON, DC: A dozen locations had concentrations high enough to trigger explosion.  1/18 Drudge/CBS Sacramento: Research shows it’s better to run to best nearby shelter after nuclear detonation blast. (No kidding!!!!)  1/21 CNN: CHINA’S exports linked to WESTERN U.S. air pollution. (YE GODS!) 1/22 Telegraph: SHANGHAI considers arming residents with anti-pollution masks.  1/26 BBC News: 19 CHANNEL tunnel workers suffer carbon monoxide poisoning overnight.  1/27 CNN: Pipeline explosion in CANADA lights up sky and leaves thousands without heat. (Do we really need more pipelines?)  1/31 Reuters: BRITISH nuclear plant detects elevated levels of radiation. 2/1 NY Times: Government report paves way for Obama’s approval of Keystone Pipeline. (More spills and tragedies?)  2/2 Drudge/Yahoo: Mass sea star deaths off U.S. WEST COAST puzzle scientists. (Fukushima?) 2/6 Facebook/Appalachian Voices: 50,000-82,000 tons of toxic cool ash have spilled into the DAN RIVER near Eden, NORTH CAROLINA. 2/13 Drudge/Yahoo: CHINA smog makes capital ‘barely suitable’ for life. 2/14 Science Daily: AMERICA’S natural gas system is leaking methane and in need of a fix. (YE GODS! FIX IT!)  BBC News: Tuna hearts ‘affected by oil spill’. 2/16 Reuters: Possible radiation leak at NEW MEXICO military nuclear waste site. (Nuclear is the death principle.)  2/17 Drudge: Excessive radiation levels detected at NEW MEXICO waste site. 2/20 Reuters: New highly radioactive leak at JAPAN’S Fukushima plant. (The Death Principle.)  BBC News: EU Commission launches legal action over U.K. air quality. 2/21 Reuters: BEIJING issues pollution alert for 3 days of smog. 2/22 Bloomberg: BEIJING air pollution reaches 11x WHO recommended levels. (Avoid Beijing!)  2/23 CNN: 1 dead, dozens hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak at NEW YORK MALL. 2/24 Reuters: COLORADO approves limits on air pollution from oil, gas drilling. (HOORAY!)  2/25 BBC News: NORTH AMERICAN scientists track incoming FUKUSHIMA plume. 2/26 Facebook/YouTube: Oil spill erupts in NORTH DAKOTA, public kept in dark. 2/25 Drudge/CBS Baltimore: Navy Lieutenant: Power Plant mission ruined my health; More than 100 sailors suffering from rescue mission to FUKUSHIMA plant after meltdown. Tests show NEW MEXICO nuke dump workers exposed to radiation.  3/4 Facebook/ Largest oil refinery in EUROPE in RUSSIA is on fire.  3/11 Science Daily: WEST VIRGINIA spill activates engineers to determine effects of chemicals. (It’s about time!)  Science Daily: ‘Super bacteria’ clean up after oil spills. (Problem later?)  3/15 Drudge: PARIS offers free public transport to tackle smog. 3/16 Telegraph: World’s most pristine waters polluted by U.S. Navy human waste.  BBC News: PARIS restricts car use after pollution hits high. (We need to abandon fossil fuels.)  3/19 Drudge/SF Gate: 2nd radiation release indicated at NEW MEXICO site. 3/22 Facebook: 10,000 gallons of crude oil spilled in OHIO when a pipeline sprung a leak. (NO MORE PIPELINES.)  3/23 Facebook/KHOU News: Ship carrying nearly 1 million gallons of oil collided with a ship in the HOUSTON Ship Channel. (Ye gods!)  Facebook: Duke Energy caught dumping 6.1 million gallons of coal waste into NORTH CAROLINA water. (CRIMINAL.)  3/24 Reuters: Key oil tanker routes shut amid cleanup in TEXAS.  3/25 BBC News: AIR POLLUTION linked to 7,000,000 deaths globally in 2012. (That’s why I left Southern California.)  3/26 Yahoo: U.S. Navy to test homes for radiation on SAN FRANCISCO ISLAND.  Science Daily: Crude oil causes developmental abnormalities in large marine fish: DEEPWATER HORIZON oil disrupts heart development in tunas. 3/26 BBC News: BP refinery oil leak into LAKE MICHIGAN near CHICAGO.  3/27 Science Daily: Coal plant closure in CHINA led to improvements in children’s health. (No kidding!)  WEST VIRGINIA chemical spill into Elk River contaminating air and water quality. 3/30 Reuters: 0ver 100,000 protest in TAIWAN over CHINA trade deal. 4/2 BBC News: Air pollution: High levels to spread across ENGLAND. 4/3 Drudge: Crews entered troubled nuclear waste dump in NEW MEXICO. 4/10 Drudge: Jar of ‘fresh mountain air’ sold in CHINA for $860. 4/12 BBC News: CHINA water pollution hits 2.4M: oil company contamination. (As usual.)  4/18 Reuters: Compensation battle rages 4 years after BP’s U.S. oil spill in the GULF OF MEXICO. 4/24 Drudge: NORTH DAKOTA finds more radioactive oil waste.  4/26 CNN: TEXAS family plagued with ailments gets $3M in first of its kind fracking judgment. (More on the way. STOP FRACKING.) 4/27 Reuters: Protesters march to stop Keystone XL pipeline. 4/30 NY Times: Justices back rule limiting coal pollution. (Hooray!)  Science Daily: Gulf War illness: New reports lauds treatment research, confirms toxic causes. (What will the illness be from Iraq and Afghanistan?)  CNN: Oil tank cars derail, burn in VIRGINIA.  5/8 CNN: Bear attacks, kills oil sands worker in CANADA. Drudge: Huge blast near secret IRAN nuclear site; City of Gavin closed.  5/10 Science Daily: Toxicologists outline key health and environmental concerns associated with hydraulic fracking. (No fracking near me, thankfully!)  5/12 BBC News: CHINA waste plant protest in Hangzhou ‘injures dozens.’  5/15 BBC News: LOS ANGELES oil pipe spill: ‘Knee-deep’ oil in streets. (YE GODS!)  5/16 BBC News: U.K.’s oil, coal and gas ‘gone in 5 years.’ (NOW is the time for change.)  5/17 Yahoo: LOS ALAMOS container linked to nuke dump leak.  5/20 Yahoo: NEW MEXICO says 57 nuke containers could be a threat. (Terrific.)  5/25 USA Today: In smog-choked CHINA, a scramble for breathable air.  5/29 Bloomberg: LONDON’S dirty secret: Pollution worse than BEIJING’S.  Science Daily: Heavy airplane traffic potentially a contributor to smog in LOS ANGELES.   Yahoo: Oil tanker listing off JAPAN after huge explosion. (More contamination!)   Yahoo: Officials blame nuclear waste facility explosion on ‘stupid mistake’ of switching to ‘green kitty litter absorbent.’ 5/30 Science Daily: Rules to cut carbon emissions also reduce air pollution harmful to people, environment. (Naturally!)  Wood waste biofuel to cut greenhouse gas, transform shipping industry. (Great idea!)  5/31 Science Daily: Heavy airplane traffic potentially a major contributor to air pollution in LOS ANGELES.  6/2 NY Times: Obama to take action to slash COAL pollution.  Yahoo: Highly radioactive substance found in SWISS dump. 6/5 Science Daily: Air pollution linked to irregular heartbeat, lung blood clots. (Isn’t that grand?)  6/13 Reuters: Deadly steel plant gas leak in INDIA, 6 dead, 23 hospitalized. 6/17 Yahoo: FUKUSHIMA struggling to build ice wall to plug leak. 6/20 Reuters: ANTHRAX threat at government labs, as many as 75 scientists and staff exposed. 6/21 Yahoo: Angry JAPAN farmers bring Fukushima cow to TOKYO: Demand government investigate disease they say cattle have developed since the nuclear disaster of 2011. 6/27 Reuters: 14 killed in INDIA gas pipeline blast and fire. Facebook/Natural News: Dead sea lions washing up on shore in CALIFORNIA appear to have died from radiation poisoning. (Fukushima!)  7/1 Science Daily: All the world’s oceans have plastic debris on their surface. (A tragic state of affairs!)  A first: Scientists show bacteria can evolve biological timer to survive antibiotics. (Good grief!) 7/3 BBC News: Study maps fracking methane risks to drinking water. 7/9 Science Daily: Records levels of solar ultraviolet on EARTH’S surface measured in SOUTH AMERICA. 7/21 CNN: 5,000 gallons of diesel spill after 2 trains collide in WISCONSIN. 7/28 BBC News: Huge blaze spreads at fuel storage depot in TRIPOLI, fire set by militants. 7/29 Science Daily: Impact of DEEPWATER HORIZON oil spill on coral deeper and broader than predicted. (And on shrimp and fish?) 8/2 Reuters: Major LIBYA fuel depot ablaze after rocket strike. Science Daily: GULF OIL spill researcher: Bacteria ate some toxins, but worst remain, research finds. (NO GULF FISH FOR ME.)   8/5 CNN: GULF OF MEXICO dead zone size of state of CONNECTICUT. (Thank BP and your car!)  8/7 Science Daily: Mercury in global ocean: 3 times more mercury in upper ocean since Industrial Revolution. (Ye gods! No fish is safe to eat?)  8/15 Reuters: Tanker explodes on TENNESSEE highway, kills driver.  8/19 USA Today: Leak at Duke Energy plant spills oil into OHIO RIVER.  (Tragic.)  8/24 BBC News: ‘Widespread methane leakage’ from ATLANTIC OCEAN floor off U.S. east coast: Hundreds of methane plumes.  (Not good at all.)  8/26 BBC News: TEPCO to pay damages in FUKUSHIMA suicide case. 8/27 BBC News: Full extent of global ‘coal binge’ hidden, say researchers. 8/28 Drudge: Brain-eating amoeba found in St. John Parish, LOUISIANA water system state health agency reports.  8/31 USA Today: Kurdish oil tanker ‘vanishes’ off TEXAS with $100M cargo. (Taken by aliens?)  9/2 Yahoo: Nuclear waste explosion at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant spewed radioactive plutonium through ventilation system in NEW MEXICO. (Ye gods!)  9/4 Drudge: Deadly pig virus confirmed at UTAH hog farm. (The reason I no longer eat pork.) 9/5 NY Times: BP may be fined up to $18B for spill in GULF. (But will the people ever see the money?)  Reuters: New fines could prompt BP to cut RUSSIA exposure. 9/6 Reuters: AMAZON tribes hunt illegal loggers. (Fantastic!)  9/11 Yahoo: Massive radiation plume from FUKUSHIMA heading toward U.S. WEST COAST according to scientific report.  9/22 BBC News: MEXICO’S Sonora State reports new mine toxic spill of copper into a river. 10/19 Yahoo: Recent JAPAN typhoons impact FUKUSHIMA reactors, radiation at all time high. 11/15 CNN: Chemical plant leak kills 4 in TEXAS.

POLITICAL POWER STRUGGLES create riots and demonstrations in many nations. 1/1 Reuters: In CAMBODIA pressure mounts on leader. THAI PM seeks reconciliation despite threat of more protests. 1/5 BBC News: UKRAINE protests: Opposition holds first new year rally.  1/13 Reuters: No resistance as crowds occupy THAI capital. 2/2 Drudge/Daily Caller: IRANIAN commander: We have targets within AMERICA, should the U.S. attack the Islamic Republic. 2/20 Reuters: 5 dead in VENEZUELAN protests. 3/23 Facebook/Reuters: Clashes between police and 22 protesters among thousands in MADRID. 3/24 Reuters: Protesters occupy TAIWAN government building over CHINA trade pact.  5/1 Reuters: Riot police clash with May Day protesters and ISTANBUL. 5/31 Reuters: TURKISH police fire teargas against protesters on anniversary of mass demonstrations. 6/8 Reuters: Thousands protest against monarch in SPAIN. 6/12 Reuters: Rio airport workers strike on eve of World Cup. 6/17 BBC News: Royal Ballet dancers boycott RUSSIA trip. 6/27 Reuters: Thousands march across KABUL to protest election fraud. (Good job!)  8/14 Reuters: Police fire tear gas at MISSOURI protesters in teen’s death by policeman.  8/17 Reuters: Tens of thousands rally in PAKISTAN capital, demanding PM quit. BBC News: HONG KONG: Thousands gather in pro-government rally. 9/1 Reuters: PAKISTAN protesters clash with police, soldiers secure state TV.  Drudge: SWEDISH riot police clash with thousands protesting Neo-Nazi party.  9/27 Reuters: HONG KONG students brave pepper spray in clashes with police.  9/28 Reuters: CHINA opposes ‘illegal behavior’ in HONG KONG. HONG KONG school children join pro-democracy protests. 10/1 CNN: Huge crowds join HONG KONG protests. Drudge: HONG KONG protesters threaten to ‘occupy buildings.’  10/4 Reuters: Rival protesters face off in gritty HONG KONG. 11/6 Reuters: Fresh clashes in HONG KONG. 11/15 Reuters: Thousands of GEORGIANS protest against RUSSIA, own government. BBC News: HONG KONG protesters denied BEIJING democracy fight.  11/27 CNN: 7 HONG KONG cops arrested in assault. Reuters: FERGUSON quiet, mass arrests at CALIFORNIA rallies. Reuters: Farmers release sheep under EIFFEL TOWER in protest against the protection of wolves. 11/30 Reuters: HONG KONG protesters clash with police near heart of financial district.

The URANUS-PLUTO square continues to topple leaders and to create POWER STRUGGLES on a major basis on a multitude of different levels.12/27/2013 Drudge/Infowars: New bomber can nuke U.S. military bases, brags CHINESE State Media. 2/6 Reuters: BANGLADESH garment factories intimidate workers over unions. 6/12 Reuters: Thousands of SYRIA refugee children in LEBANON forced to work: air group.

Amazing NEW SPECIES continue to be discovered on the land and in the sea.1/19 Science Daily: A new toad from the ‘warm valleys’ of PERUVIAN ANDES. 1/23 BBC News: BRAZIL dolphin first new river species since 1918. 3/13 Science Daily: CALIFORNIA and ARIZONA amaze with two new species of desert poppy.  3/16 Science Daily: Lurking in the darkness of CHINESE caves: 5 new species of armored spiders come to light. 3 new water trapdoor spiders from BRAZIL. 4/10 Science Daily: A new tiny species of of crayfish from the swamps of coastal eastern AUSTRALIA. 4/15 Science Daily: 3 new species of yellow-shouldered bats discovered in museum collections. 4/24 Science Daily: New electric fish genus, species discovered in BRAZIL’S Rio Negro. 4/25 Science Daily: Two new river turtle species described.  5/9 Science Daily: New order of marine creatures discovered among sea anemones. Scientists in INDIA discover dancing frog. (Charming!) 5/10 Science Daily: New species of metal-eating plant discovered in the PHILIPPINES.  5/16 Science Daily: Over 100 new species discovered by team in drive to document biodiversity. 5/21 Science Daily: Humpback whale subspecies revealed by genetic study. 5/23 Science Daily: Top 10 new species for 2014: From approximately 18,000 new species! (Wow!)  6/3 Science Daily: New species of flat bug from the past. (Old species, maybe?)  New stick insect species from CHINA. 6/6 Yahoo: Hunch-bat, Zorro snake among new MEKONG species. 6/27 Science Daily: New species of small mammal: Round eared elephant shrew found in NAMIBIA.  7/20 Science Daily: 4 new species of tuco-tucos identified from BOLIVIA. 8/4 BBC News: BOLIVIA’S golden bat revealed as ‘new species.’ 8/5 Science Daily: Newly discovered juvenile whale shark aggregation in RED SEA.  8/8 Yahoo: Giant new species of lethal jellyfish discovered in AUSTRALIAN waters. 9/11 Yahoo: Newly discovered species defies “all existing classifications of life.” Science Daily: 3 extinct squirrel-like species discovered: Mammals may have originated much earlier than thought. (Of course they did!)  10/30 BBC News: Frogs’ chorus leads to discovery of new species in urban jungle: NEW YORK CITY! (Croak!)    

DRAMATIC EARTH CHANGES involve MAJOR EARTHQUAKES in JAPAN, ALASKA, RUSSIA, INDONESIA, the PACIFIC NORTHWEST, CHILE and PERU, in addition to other places.12/29/2013 Reuters: 300M highway collapses in MEXICO on U.S. border after a series of small earthquakes. (Tunnel underneath?) 1/3 USGS: 5.9 magnitude quake Iquique, CHILE. 1/10 Fox News: 5.1 magnitude quake rattles CUBA, SOUTH FLORIDA. 1/16 USGS: 5.8 magnitude quakeAmatignak Island, Alaska. 1/20 USGS: 6.3 magnitude quake in NEW ZEALAND. 1/21 Drudge/CBS/DFW: AZLE, TEXAS residents take their earthquake concerns to Austin to protest fracking. 1/24 Science Daily: LOS ANGELES would experience stronger than expected ground motion in major earthquake, virtual earthquake generator shows. 1/25 USGS 6.1 earthquake in INDONESIA; 5.6 in SOLOMON ISLANDS. 1/26 USGS: 6.1, 5.0 magnitude quakes strike Lixourion, GREECE. 5.5 quake in PERU. 1/27 Science Daily: Is there an ocean beneath our feet? Ocean water may reach upper mantle through deep sea faults. Facebook: State of emergency declared after 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes GREEK ISLAND. 1/31 USGS: 6.1 magnitude earthquake SSW VISOKOI ISLAND. 2/2 USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake again strikes GREEK ISLAND. 6.5 magnitude earthquake in NEW ZEALAND. 2/7 USGS: 6.5 magnitude quake VANUATU. 2/9 USGS: 6.0 magnitude quake SCOTIA SEA. Drudge/L.A. Now: Shallow 3.0 HOLLYWOOD earthquake third in 10 days. (But so small!)  2/12 USGS: 6.9, 5.0, 4.6 magnitude earthquakes Hotan, CHINA. 2/18 USGS: 6.5 magnitude earthquake Bathsheba, BARBADOS, CARIBBEAN. 2/27 USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake NNW Amukta, ALASKA. 3/2 USGS: 6.2, 4.3 magnitude earthquakes strike WSW Jiquilillo, NICARAGUA. 3/3 USGS 6.5 earthquake Nago, JAPAN. 3/10 USGS: 6.8 magnitude quake Ferndale, CALIFORNIA, followed by 18 smaller quakes by 6:45 am PDT. CNN: Strong earthquake rocks NORTHERN CALIFORNIA coast. 3/11 USGS: 6.4 quake east of SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS. 5.9 magnitude quake PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3/12 USGS: 6.1 magnitude quake Lorengau, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 5.1 quake off OREGON coast. 3/13 Los Angeles Times: A potent threat of major earthquake off CALIFORNIA’S northern coast. 3/14 USGS: 6.3 magnitude earthquake Kunisaki-shi, JAPAN. (54 nuclear reactors in JAPAN; Ye gods!)  3/15 USGS: 6.3 magnitude quake in Sechura, PERU. 3/16 USGS: 6.7, 5.1 magnitude quakes in Iquique, CHILE. 3/17 USGS: 6.2 earthquake in Iquique, CHILE. 3/17 USGS: 4.4 magnitude quake Westwood/Los Angeles CALIFORNIA. 3/19 USGS: Continual quakes in Iquique, CHILE: 4.9, 5.1, 5.9, 5.0 magnitudes. 3/21-22 USGS: 6.5, 5.4, 5.3, 5.0, 4.9, 4.6, 5.2, 4.5 magnitude quakes Mohean, INDIA. 3/22 USGS: 6.2, 5.2, 5.5 magnitude quakes Iquique, CHILE. 3/23 Drudge/Fox: 14 earthquakes recorded in OKLAHOMA since Friday, largest 4.0 magnitude. 3/24 USGS: 4.8, 4.5, 6.0, 4.7, 5.3, 4.6, 4.7, 4.9, 4.4, 5.5, 5.2, 5.5 magnitude quakes Iquique, CHILE. (Endless quakes, volcano revving up?)  3/25 AP: CHILEANS worry over string of 300 quakes  in far-northern coast. (I’d worry too, wouldn’t you?) 3/26 USGS: 6.5 magnitude quake S. of FIJI ISLANDS. 3/29 USGS: 3.6, 5.1 magnitude quakes La Habra, CALIFORNIA; CNN: Cars flipped, water pipes burst. 4.1 CNN/USGS: Powerful 8.2, 5.7, 6.2, 5.8, 5.6, 5.5  magnitude earthquakes strike off CHILE, trigger tsunami. 4/2 USGS: 35 aftershocks 4.5 – 6.2 in CHILE by 9:30 am EDT. Reuters: CHILE quake kills 5, triggers tsunami. Drudge/CBS: 300 inmates escape from CHILEAN prison following deadly 8.2 quake. (Whoa is me!) USGS: 6.5, 7.6 magnitude quakes in CHILE, numerous aftershocks 4 & 5 magnitudes. 6.0 magnitude quake in PANAMA.  4/3 USGS: 5.2, 4.9, 4.8, 6.2, 5.2, 5.5, 4.9, 4.9, 4.8, 4.8, 5.0, 5.6, 4.6 magnitude quakes in CHILE as of 10:15 am EDT. Small quake swarm ALASKA, 4.2 quake in MEXICO. 6.1 quake in CHILE. 4/4 USGS: 6.0 quake SOLOMON ISLANDS. 4/11 USGS: 7.1, 6.5, 5.1 magnitude quakes PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 6.0, 5.5+ quakes in CHILE. 6.1, 5.5; 6.6 magnitude quakes in NICARAGUA. 4/12 USGS: 6.1 quake PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 7.6 magnitude quake SOLOMON ISLANDS. 4/13 USGS: 4.6, 4.8, 4.6, 4.7, 4.9, 4.6, 4.8, 4.9, 5.2, 5.0, 5.1, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 4.7, 7.4, 5.7, 5.6 magnitude quakes in SOLOMON ISLANDS. (The poor islanders.) TSUNAMI WARNING!  Yahoo: 4.9 magnitude earthquake rattles CENTRAL IDAHO. (Near Yellowstone.)  4/15 USGS: 6.9 magnitude quake BOUVET ISLAND region in South Atlantic. 4/16 Drudge: Hundreds of earthquakes strike central IDAHO, rattling nerves. 4/18 USGS: 6.2 quake BALLENY ISLANDS. 6.0 quake SOLOMON ISLANDS. USGS/Reuters: Powerful 7.2 magnitude quake rattles Tecpan de Galeana, MEXICO, sending people running into the streets. 6.6 magnitude quake PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 4/19 USGS/Yahoo: 7.5 magnitude quake strikes off PAPUA NEW GUINEA, followed by 4.7, 4.8, 4.8, 4.9, 5.2, 5.2, 5.1, 5.3, 5.3, 5.1, 4.9, 4.8. 5.8, 4.6 magnitude quakes in CHILE. 4/20 USGS: 5.2, 6.1, 5.7 magnitude quakes PAPUA NEW GUINEA. (The poor people.)  Drudge/CBS-SF: CAL scientists go underground to monitor HAYWARD FAULT heartbeat. (Good luck! How do you stop an earthquake?)  4/24 USGS: 6.6, 5.0, 4.2  magnitude earthquakes in Port Hardy, CANADA. 4/26 USGS: 6.2 magnitude quake TONGA. 5/2 USGS: 5.8, 6.0 quakes in INDONESIA. 5.9 quake Kamaishi, JAPAN.  5/4 USGS: 6.6, 6.1 magnitude quakes south of FIJI ISLANDS.  5/6 Yahoo: Rare earthquake warning issued for OKLAHOMA.  5/7 LA Times: Preliminary quake map shows fault lines under schools, hotels, homes. 5/8 Drudge: 300 earthquakes in Parker County, TEXAS since December. (Fracking?) CNN: 6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes southern MEXICO. USGS says 6.4 quake!  5/10 USGS: 5.6 quake FIJI; 6.0 quake Tecpan de Galeana, MEXICO.  5/13 USGS: 6.8 quake Punta de Burica, PANAMA. 5/15 USGS: 6.1, 6.6 magnitude quakes in MICRONESIA; 6.2 quake in PHILIPPINES. Science Daily: CALIFORNIA mountains rise as groundwater depleted in state’s CENTRAL VALLEY: May trigger smaller earthquakes. (Wow!)  5/16 USGS: 6.0, 5.0 magnitude quakes GUADELOUPE, Caribbean. 5/18 USGS: 6.2 quake in SUMATRA. 5/22 USGS: 5.9 magnitude quake Konarka, INDIA. 5/24 USGS: 6.9 quake in GREECE, 5.6 quake MEXICO, 5.5 quake MARIANA ISLANDS, 5.6 quake Myanmar/CHINA border, 5.6 quake RUSSIA. 5/29 USGS: 5.8 quake DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 5/30 USGS: 5.9 quake Pingyuan, CHINA.  5/31 USGS: 6.2 quake Tomatlan, MEXICO.  Drudge/CBS Pittsburgh: Author says earthquakes are predictable (New and Full Moons): Next BIG ONE this summer. (There have been lots of big ones this year already!) 6/2 USGS: 4.2 quake NW Westwood, CALIFORNIA.  6/5 Drudge/ Swarm of earthquakes in YELLOWSTONE PARK. 6/14 USGS: 6.4 quake SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN.  6/19 USGS: 6.4 quake VANUATU. 6/23 USGS: 6.9, 6.3, 6.2, 5.1, 5.4 magnitude quakes at Raoul Island, NEW ZEALAND. (WOW!)8.0, 3.8, 6.0, 5.9, 3.7, 5.1 magnitude quake Little Sitkin Island, ALASKA. (BIG ONE!)  6.6 quake east of Buldir Island, ALASKA. 6/27 Drudge/KOCO; OKLAHOMA more than doubles CALIFORNIA in earthquakes. (Stop the fracking!)  6/29 USGS: 5.2 quake Lordsburg, NEW MEXICO. 6.2 quake Iwo Jima, JAPAN; 6.9, 5.1, 5.1, 4.9, 5.1, 5.0, 5.6, 5.7 quakes VISOKOI ISLAND in the southern ATLANTIC OCEAN, plus a swarm of at least 12 small quakes in ALASKA.  6.4 quake TONGA; 6.7 quake Mata-Utu, WALLIS and FUTUNA ISLANDS (Volcanoes here!)  6/30 USGS: 6.2 quake Bonin Island, JAPAN. 7/1 Yahoo: Big Earthquakes double in 2014, but they’re not all linked. (They’re all on Earth!)  7/4 USGS: 6.3 quake Raoul Island, NEW ZEALAND. 6.6 quake Taron, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 7/5 USGS: 6.0 quake Sinabang, INDONESIA. RING OF FIRE highly active. 4.6, 4.4 BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIFORNIA (Significant in highly populated area.)  7/7 USGS: 7.1 quake Puerto Madero, MEXICO; small swarm of quakes Mammoth Lakes, CALIFORNIA (Volcano here). 7/8 USGS: 5.5 quake Shiraoi, JAPAN; 6.3 quake VANUATU (Volcano here). 7/11 CNN: 6.8 Earthquake rocks region of northern JAPAN; Tsunami advisories issued: 6.5 on USGS; Near Fukushima.  7/14 USGS: 6.1 quake Iquique, CHILE. (Those poor people)6.3 quake Pondaguitan, PHILIPPINES. 7/17 USGS 6.0 magnitude quake Ykutat, ALASKA.  7/19 Yahoo: YELLOWSTONE earthquake threat high in 2014, says USGS; What does this mean for a volcano eruption? (BIG SCARY)  7/21 USGS: 6.2 quake Kuril’sk, RUSSIA. (Volcanoes here.) 7/25 USGS: 5.9 quake Gustavus, ALASKA.  7/27 USGS: 6.0 NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE. 7/29 USGS: 4.3 quake Medford OKLAHOMA (Stop the FRACKING!); 6.3 quake Juan Rodriguez Clara, MEXICO. 7/31 Yahoo: OKLAHOMA shook by 3 earthquakes in less than 48 hours. 8/3 USGS: 6.9, 6.1 quakes FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA; 6.1 quake Wenping, CHINA. Reuters: At least 150 dead after quake hits southwest CHINA. CNN UPDATE: 175 dead in CHINA earthquake. 8/5 USGS: 5.3 quake E. of Orkney, SOUTH AFRICA. 8/5 Drudge: SHOCK REPORT: CALIFORNIA drought may trigger earthquakes. 8/6 Reuters: Water builds up in CHINA quake zone, bringing new dangers. USGS: 6.1 quake Kepulauan Barat Daya, INDONESIA. 8/10 USGS: 6.0 quake E. of Mutsu, JAPAN. 8/13 Reuters: 2 dead in Quito, ECUADOR 5.1 earthquake. Yahoo: Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes southwest MEXICO. 8/18 USGS: 5.0, 6.2, 4.7, 4.5, 4.9, 4.7, 5.6, 4.9, 5.2, 5.8 magnitude quakes Dehloran, IRAN.  (Good heavens!) CNN: 250 injured after strong 6.2 earthquake hit IRAN near border with IRAQ, fear of widespread destruction. USGS: 5.7 quake in IRAN. 8/19 USGS: 4.2 quake Guthrie, OKLAHOMA. 8/24 CNN: Strongest (6.1) quake in 25 years strikes CALIFORNIA BAY AREA. USGS: 6.4 quake WNW Hacienda la Calera, CHILE. 5.4 quake in IRAN.  5.3, 4.9 quakes in ICELAND. NY Times: CALIFORNIA governor declares state of emergency in NAPA earthquake, which caused scores of injuries, extensive damage and knocked out power to thousands across the region. Yahoo: 7.0 quake hits central PERU. 8/25 CNN: ‘This is life changing’ CALIFORNIA quake damages historic buildings. Reuters: NAPA VALLEY quake shatters prize wine collection. (Nothing is permanent.)  8/26 Reuters: CALIFORNIA quake losses seen in billions.  Forbes: Magma from ICELAND’S Bardarbunga volcano moving as quakes intensify. (BIG BOOM BOOM coming soon!)  More quakes jolt ICELAND overnight, moving to second volcano. (Isn’t that lovely?) 8/29 USGS: 5.8 quake Takanabe, JAPAN; 5.6 quake Adamas, GREECE; 5.2 quake Akureyri, ICELAND. 8/31 6.0 quake in PAKISTAN. USGS: 5.0 quake IRAQ, 5.1 quakes in ICELAND, AFGHANISTAN, SOUTH GEORGIA and ALASKA.  9/4 USGS: 5.1, 5.2 quakes in CAYMAN ISLANDS, Caribbean. 5.9 quake EASTER ISLAND; 6.0 quake TONGA.  9/7 Reuters: Search continues for bodies after quake rocked BOSNIA mine. 9/10 USGS: 6.2, 5.6, 5.0, 5.0 magnitude quakes Modayag, INDONESIA. 9/24 USGS: 6.2 quake NNW San Antonio de los Cobres, ARGENTINA. 9/25 USGS: 6.0 quake SSW Gizo, SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5.5, 5.1 quakes Khuzdar, PAKISTAN. CNN: 6.2 magnitude earthquake shakes ANCHORAGE, ALASKA.  9/29 BBC News: 4.9 quake in PERU Andes village near Cusco kills 8, 45 homes collapsed. 10/3 USGS: 4.3 quake Harper, KANSAS. 10/7 USGS: 6.0 quake WSW Weiyuan, CHINA. 10/8 USGS 6.2 quake El Dorado, MEXICO. 10/9 USGS: 7.1, 6.0, 5.2, 4.8, 5.6 quakes SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE. 10/11 USGS: 6.3, 5.5 quakes Hachinohe, JAPAN. 10/14 USGS: 7.3, 5.0, 4.6 quakes WSW Jiquilillo, NICARAGUA and EL SALVADOR. 6.1 quake S KERMADEC ISLANDS near NEW ZEALAND. Yahoo: EARTHQUAKE forecast: 4 CALIFORNIA faults ready to rupture. 11/2 USGS: 7.1 quake Nidol Island, FIJI. 11/7 USGS: 6.6 quake NNE Finschhhafen, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 11/10 USGS: 6.1 quake NEW CALEDONIA. 5.8 quake CHILE. 11/17 USGS: 6.7 quake NEW ZEALAND. 6.2 quake PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND.  11/21 USGS: 6.5 quake Tobelo, INDONESIA.  11/22 CNN: 6.8 quake strikes JAPAN near Nagano. 11/23 Yahoo: 37 homes collapse, dozens injured in JAPAN quake. 11/26 USGS: 6.8 quake Kota Termate, INDONESIA. 11/30 Drudge: 3 earthquakes rattle OKLAHOMA, felt in KANSAS, including 4.2.

DESTRUCTIVE VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS could become commonplace in 2014 as new land masses continue to accrue and appear on the planet.1/6 Science Daily: Supervolcano trigger recreated in x-ray laboratory. 1/21 Reuters: Villagers run on ash during eruption of MOUNT SINABUNG in INDONESIA’S NORTH SUMATRA province. 1/30 Earth Changes Media: Sinabung Volcano in SUMATRA continuing lava effusion forms large lava lobe and pyroclastic flows. ALASKA Shishaldin Volcano alert status upgraded after unusual activity. 2/1 Reuters: INDONESIA volcano kills at least 11, fears over more eruptions in SUMATRA. 2/2 CNN: UPDATE: Volcanic ash smothers part of INDONESIA, kills 15. 2/3 BBC News: ECUADOR’S Tungurahua volcano spews lava and rocks. 2/14 CNN: INDONESIAN volcano erupts, killing 3 and grounding flights: Mount Kelud on island of JAVA. Reuters: INDONESIA volcano erupts; 76,000 evacuated, most of JAVA’S airports shut.  2/17 Science Daily: Volcanoes, including MT. HOOD, can go from dormant to active in a few months. (How about that?)  3/17 Science Daily: Earthquakes caused by clogged magma a warning sign of volcanic eruption. (Coming soon on the planet!) 3/24 Earth Changes Media: Copahue Volcano, CHILE, alert raised to orange. 3/31 Earth Changes Media: ECUADOR Reventador Volcano elevated activity, lava flow and ash emissions. 4/5 BBC News: ECUADOR Tungurahua volcano throws up spectacular ash plume 6 miles high. 4/8 BBC News: Volcanic islands merge in PACIFIC OCEAN. 4/18 BBC News: Residents evacuated from homes as PERU volcano spews ash. 5/2 Yahoo: Magma rising in WASHINGTON STATE’S Mount St. Helens volcano: USGS.  5/14 Earth Changes Media: Shishaldin Volcano in ALEUTIAN ISLANDS rumbling to life.  5/15 ABC: Could dangerous underwater volcano in CARIBBEAN cause a U.S. tsunami? 5/20 Yahoo: Hundreds evacuated in EL SALVADOR as volcanic activity picks up on Chaparrastique volcano.  5/31 Earth Changes Media: Volcano erupts in INDONESIA, farmers evacuated. Drudge: Massive INDONESIAN volcanic eruption grounds flights, covers region in vast ash cloud. 6/9 CanIndia: Volcano-like eruption in Himachal Pradesh shooting flames and hot liquid steam. 6/11 Yahoo: WEST ANTARCTICA glacier melt due to volcanoes, not global warming.  6/16 BBC News: MOUNT ETNA eruption closes airport in SICILY.  6/17 Yahoo: MAUNA LOA volcano could be rumbling back to life. (Not so good!)  6/26 Science Daily: AUSTRALIA: Victoria’s volcano count rises with 3 previously unrecorded volcanoes in the active southeast.  7/17 Yahoo: JAPAN’S MOUNT FUJI VOLCANO in “critical state.” (Yikes!) 7/19 Yahoo: Experts map deep magma reservoir below WASHINGTON’S MOUNT RAINIER. 7/21 Yahoo: YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO: Hydrothermal explosions, not eruption, possibly signaled by melting roads.  8/14 Yahoo: YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO eruption: Supervolcano and evacuation rumors SLAMMED by U.S. Geological Survey. 8/19 Yahoo/International Business Times: Bardarbunga, ICELAND’S largest volcano, at high risk of eruption; Air traffic warning issued. (Could be a mess!)  8/20 CNN: ICELAND volcano may cause travel chaos; VOLCANO puts airlines on alert. (No kidding!)  8/23 Yahoo: ICELAND’S Bardarbunga volcano rocked by 4.7 quake. 8/23 USA Today: SUBGLACIAL VOLCANIC ERUPTION begins in ICELAND under Europe’s largest glacier! Thousands of earthquakes over past week. Drudge: READY TO BLOW: ICELAND raises aviation volcano alert to RED. Quakes surge. Significant ask emissions likely. 8/25 Yahoo: 300M cubic feet of magma on the move within ICELANDIC volcano. (Yikes! It’s going to be REALLY BIG!)  8/27 BBC News: ICELAND VOLCANO: New quakes 5.7, 5.6, 5.2 raise concerns over large eruption. (REALLY BIG!) 8/28 BBC News: ICELAND examines volcano ‘cauldrons’ for sign of eruption. (I’m glad that’s not my job!)  Yahoo: Signs of melting ice inside Bardarbunga caldera in ICELAND. (Floods possible in Iceland.)  8/29 CNN: Volcano erupts in PAPUA NEW GUINEA sending up ash cloud 60,000 feet into the air.  8/30 Yahoo: Volcanic eruption in PAPUA NEW GUINEA causes flight diversions. 8/31 Reuters: New fissure eruption at ICELAND volcano.  BBC News: ICELAND issue new lava alert for Bardarbunga volcano.  WorldTruthTV: 7 volcanoes in 6 different countries all start erupting with hours of each other. 9/1 Yahoo: New volcanic eruption in ICELAND blasts lava high into the air. 9/2 BBC News: Tungurahua Volcano in ECUADOR: Increased activity.  Yahoo: ICELAND volcano spewing smoke.  9/4 Yahoo: Lava warning residents on HAWAII’S BIG ISLAND. Extinct underwater volcano discovered beneath PACIFIC OCEAN. 9/7 Yahoo: Island of HAWAII declares emergency over volcano threat. Incredible video of shockwave from exploding volcano in PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Mount Tavurvur. 9/8 Yahoo: YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO: 207 quakes rattle supervolcano, USGS says situation normal. 9/10 Yahoo: Sinking ICELAND volcano crater raises flood worries.  9/11 Yahoo: ERUPTION UPDATE: Sulfur dioxide threatens ICELAND during eruption; Lava flows continue at KILAUEA in HAWAII.  9/13 CNN: Lava erupts and flows from Bardarbunga volcano in ICELAND.  9/16 CNN: Thousands to be evacuated after ‘critical alert’ issued for PHILIPPINE volcano: Perfect cone!  Yahoo: Rumbling volcano sees NORTH KOREA warm to West: Responsible for one of the most violent eruptions in history: MOUNT PAEKTU.  Yahoo: Lava flows from PHILIPPINE Volcano, thousands flee. 9/17 Yahoo: Lava explodes into the air as ICELAND’S Bardarbunga Volcano erupts.  9/20 Yahoo: MAYON VOLCANO forces rushed evacuation in PHILIPPINES. 9/23 Yahoo: Massive volcanic eruption making ICELAND grow.  9/27 CNN: MOUNT ONTAKE erupts in central JAPAN: 150 hikers on mountain when it blew. Yahoo: Erupting JAPAN volcano leaves 7 unconscious, 250 stranded. 9/28 CNN: ‘PLEASE HELP US!’ 30 presumed dead on JAPAN volcano, dozens missing; first major eruption in 35 years. 9/29 CNN: After eruption: 5 more bodies found on JAPAN’S MOUNT ONTAKE. Reuters: Search for victims of MOUNT ONTAKE eruption abandoned because of fears of rising levels of toxic gases.  Yahoo: Supervolcano ready to explode? MOUNT ST. HELENS reawakens, continues to rebuild.  10/1 CNN: More bodies recovered as JAPAN volcano spews lethal gas, rocks. Reuters: JAPANESE rescuers find more dead on volcano: toll at 47.  Facebook: MOUNT TAVURVUR in PAPUA NEW GUINEA erupted this morning after being silent for 20 years. 10/2 CNN: MOUNT ONTAKE erupts in JAPAN. 10/3 BBC News: JAPAN volcano: 16 still missing after Mount Ontake eruption. 10/8 Yahoo: HAWAII lava flow advancing again on communities on the Big Island. 10/13 NY Times: INDONESIA’S Mount Sinabung spewed hot gas and ashes in North Sumatra Province, forcing hundreds to flee their homes. 10/16 Yahoo: ICELAND experiencing biggest continuous volcanic eruption in centuries. 10/20 Yahoo: As volcano awakens, PHILIPPINE’S ‘zero casualty’ record faces test. 10/24 Yahoo: JAPAN warns of increased activity at VOLCANO near nuclear plant. 10/26 Reuters: HAWAII lava flow edges towards dozens of homes on the BIG ISLAND.  10/28 Yahoo: Is JAPAN in danger of major extinction? Scientists warn of catastrophic VOLCANIC ERUPTION. (Edgar Cayce prophesied Japan would sink into the sea, and I once had a dream to that effect.) 11/10 Yahoo: Volcano eruption forces ICELANDERS to hide as Europe forgets. 11/16 Yahoo: ALASKA volcanic eruption intensifies; lava advances in HAWAII.  11/20 Discovery News: ICELAND lava field larger than Manhattan. 11/24 Yahoo: Volcano erupts on CAPE VERDE ISLAND, resulting in evacuation of hundreds of residents and closure of airport. 11/27 Yahoo: World’s newest lava lake appears atop AFRICA’S most active volcano for first time in 75 years. 11/28 Yahoo: Volcano in SOUTH JAPAN erupts, disrupting flights, first time in 22 years. Yahoo: CAPE VERDE volcano threatens to destroy villages, as government meets with U.N. officials. 

CELEBRITY DIVORCES and BREAKUPS bring upset to some and hope to others.1/23 CNN: Captain and Tennille file for divorce after 40 years. 1/25 CNN: FRENCH president to split from partner, reports say. 2/24 CNN: Robin Thicke and Paula Patton ‘mutually’ decide to split. 3/26 Drudge: Conscious uncoupling: Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay singer to divorce. 4/18 CNN: Wife accuses Scandal actor Columbus Short of violence. 4/20 GossipCop: Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban split, breakup, divorce: $175M Shocker!  4/28 CNN: Paul Simon and wife Edie Brickell arrested in ‘family dispute,’ police report.  5/21 USA Today: Rory McIlroy breaks off engagement with Caroline Wozniacki a few days after wedding invites sent. (Whoops! Cold golf balls?)  5/26 USA Today: Sofia Vergara and fiancée split.  5/31 Yahoo: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban headed for divorce, actress to have baby boy through surrogacy.  6/6 Drudge: Fahrenheit divorce: Michael Moore, wife tangle over dollars. Yahoo: Melanie Griffith files for divorce from Antonio Banderas, married 18 years. 7/3 CNN: Singer-songwriter Jewel, husband Ty Murray to divorce.  7/9 CNN: Pamela Anderson files for divorce. 8/9 USA Today: David Duchovny, Tea Leoni officially call it quits after 17 years of marriage, 2 separations. 8/17 Yahoo: Beyonce and Jay Z multimillion dollar divorce settlement one of the biggest in history. 8/21 Yahoo: Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn divorcing while she remains in rehab. USA Today: Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp call it quits. 9/13 USA Today: ‘Agony of divorce’: Rep. Sanford talks broken engagement on Facebook. 9/23 USA Today: Kris Jenner makes it official: She’s divorcing Bruce. 10/28 CNN: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Martin call it quits. 11/3 Yahoo: Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn separate after 13 years of marriage.

There is serious need for RESEARCH into ALTERNATIVE FUEL/ENERGY SOURCES, including water, before the individual and industrial use of oil, coal, and gas completely destroy our planetary environment, including our magnificent oceans! May unbridled GREED be replaced by intelligent, industrious compassion.1/2 BBC News: Ford reveals solar powered car. 1/5 Smithsonian Magazine: Scientists turn algae into crude oil in less than an hour. (Is there enough algae for all those cars?)  1/9 Science Daily: Organic mega flow battery promises breakthrough for renewable energy. (Hooray!)  1/18 Science Daily: Renewable chemical ready for bio-fuels upscale. 1/23 Science Daily: Engineer converts yeast cells into ‘sweet crude’ biofuel. 2/5 Science Daily: First affordable hydrogen fuel-cell powered mass transit vehicle under development. 2/18 Science Daily: Solar-induced hybrid fuel cell produces electricity directly from biomass.  2/22 Science Daily: New, inexpensive production materials boost promise of hydrogen fuel. Facebook/ Brazilian firm goes to market with free energy generator capable of powering two average size houses. (Fantastic!)  2/27 Science Daily: Portable hydrogen fuel unit to provide green, sustainable power to Honolulu port. (Terrific!)  2/28 Science Daily: Big step for next generation fuel cells and electrolyzers. 3/3 Science Daily: Newly discovered catalyst could lead to the low-cost production of clean methanol from carbon monoxide. 3/8 Science Daily: Promising news for producing fuels through artificial photosynthesis. 3/16 Science Daily: A battery that breathes could power next-gen electric vehicles. 3/17 Science Daily:  Bionic plants: Nanotechnology could turn shrubbery into supercharged energy producers.  3/27 Science Daily: Engineered bacteria produce biofuel alternative for high energy rocket fuel. 4/10 CNN: Navy’s future: Electric guns, lasers, water as fuel. (About time!)  4/21 Drudge: Biofuel made from corn husks worse than gasoline for global warming. (Oh dear!)  7/7 Drudge: More fuel efficient cars causing Highway Trust Fund to go broke. (What a shame?)  Drudge: US biggest oil producer after overtaking SAUDI ARABIA. (What about alternative fuels to clean up the air, land and water?)  7/9 Science Daily: Solar energy gets a boost: ‘Singlet fission’ can increase solar cell efficiency by as much as 30%.  7/24 Science Daily: Spinach could lead to alternative energy more powerful than Popeye. (WOW!)  8/19 Science Daily: Recycling old car batteries into solar cells: Environmental twofer could recycle lead batteries to make solar cells. 8/20 Science Daily: Solar energy that doesn’t block the view: New type of solar concentrator placed over windows creates solar energy.



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