Key 3, THE EMPRESS, is VENUS, Goddess of Love, Patroness of the Arts, the pregnant Mother of the Tarot. THE EMPRESS represents all the Goddess figures as a symbol of the DIVINE MOTHER who is ready to express LOVE and forgiveness to all her children. MEDITATION ON THIS KEY ALONE BRINGS THE EXPERIENCE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TO THE ASPIRANT. In astrology, VENUS is known as the Lesser Benefic, and JUPITER, Key 10, the WHEEL OF FORTUNE, is known as the Greater Benefic. Where VENUS expresses the LOVE of the Mother, human or Divine, JUPITER expresses the COMPASSION and MERCY of the Father. Hand in hand, these energies are capable of transforming the entire world and the lives of all its inhabitants. What the world seems to need right now is a gigantic dose of these two energetic properties, mega love and compassion.

THE HIEROPHANT, Key 5, is ruled by the planet VENUS. Key 5 is TAURUS, the second sign of the Zodiac. It rules the second house of mundane astrology, which governs money and values. The law of TAURUS is the law of Spring as Mother Nature’s abundance is seen everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere where the mysteries first evolved. There is nothing cheap about Nature unless one of the four elements is over or under abundant: earth, air, water and fire. Any of the four elements out of control create havoc for all concerned. When the elements are out of control in an individual soul, there can also be hell to pay.

The blessing of Key 5, THE HIEROPHANT, is INTUITION, the ability to LISTEN to the STILL SMALL VOICE WITHIN. This Silent Voice often speaks to the cells of our body. TAURUS rules sensuality and the ability to hear what may not be said. Rather it is a hunch, feeling, sense of something being right or wrong. Everyone has some INTUITION. It is just that some souls pay more attention than others. The ability to pay closer attention can be cultivated, just as the Earth of Taurus can be cultivated to bring forth greater abundance in the harvest of crops. The crops of the spirit can also be cultivated and harvested: spiritual gifts of Creativity.

Key 10, the WHEEL OF FORTUNE, is JUPITER the GREAT PROTECTOR. The JUPITER CENTER is at the SOLAR PLEXUS and is associated with “gut instincts.”  PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR JUPITER CENTER TELLS YOU, ESPECIALLY THROUGH THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE. If you listen, you will be protected from yourself, as well as from others with bad intentions. You will not only be protected from dangers and harm, but from your own ignorance in regard to choices and decisions. JUPITER is ever ready to offer assistance  as the Father of the Gods. Your JUPITER CHAKRA is your direct connection to this principle in CREATION.  Listen to your gut!

Isn’t it interesting how LOVE frequently gets us in the gut? A sexual attraction to a love object has been known to make us lose our appetite. The lovesick have trouble eating while coping with the butterflies in their stomach.  Romantic love teaches us about the principles of HIGHER LOVE, even though it’s mostly hormones raging.  I always say it’s a cosmic conspiracy to keep the planet populated, to keep providing souls with bodies to work out their karma. Yet, romantic love eventually teaches us about the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF THE UNIVERSE.  For you are LOVE INCARNATE. That is what you need to GET on a CONSCIOUS LEVEL.

Poverty of spirit creates poverty in fact. ABUNDANCE is the LAW OF LIFE. You need to GET that, too. It is usually true that we have everything we need at any given time. If we NEED more, then we are capable of CREATING MORE in our lives. Creativity is rewarded.  Key 3, THE EMPRESS, rules IMAGINATION. Your ability to IMAGINE is what CREATED the LIFE YOU LIVE NOW. Think back to when you longed for or dreamed about something you have or are experiencing NOW. What do you want to experience next? IMAGINE IT AND IT WILL BE YOURS…sometime, somewhere, in the Divine Plan.

JUPITER EXPANDS VENUS. The Father makes the Mother feel good about herself, and the opposite is also true. COMPASSION is the greater portion of LOVE. COMPASSION FORGIVES US FOR OUR MISTAKES AND HELPS US TO LEARN FROM THEM. If you feel unloved or unwanted, MEDITATE on this tableau, and that empty feeling will leave you and be replaced by the tremendous LOVE THAT EXISTS AT YOUR CORE.

BE CREATIVE.  LOVE YOURSELF AND LOVE LIFE!  After all, money can’t buy you love!




Freely yours!


Since January 2004