BOOKS & PLAYSbyPattieimageimageimageimage image image imageOrder your autographed copy today!imageCover Design by Stephannie Beman!This is the story of Mary Margaret Kathleen Kelly O’Reilly, a young Pagan Catholic born with a veil (second sight) in Dingle, Ireland in 1798. This romantic historical tale begins in an Ireland still under British rule, with the oppression of Roman Catholics, and great bitterness among the Irish people, who desire most of all freedom from the British Crown. Our heroine’s life has many twists and turns, numerous triumphs and tragedies. At a young age, Maggie finds herself torn between her passion for her young smuggler and a handsome soldier of the Crown. The story is rich in the history and drama of the 1800s in Ireland, Europe and America between 1798 and 1871.“The Irish hold a special place in the formation of America. They crossed the Atlantic with a passion for living to make a difference in their new world. Such is the story of Mary Margaret Kathleen Kelly O’Reilly, born with special powers to see beyond what others might see. She lived her life fully with conviction and knowledge of what wonders lay ahead. Her story evolves from immigrant struggles, to seeking justice for slaves and women, while raising a family full of tragedy, love, laughter and humility. It’s the story of America and the people who made this country great.”Maggie Linton Program DirectorSiriusXM Book RadioA Great Romance! The author of this book did an amazing job at creating a beautiful book that opens your mind to the world of Ireland. The book is a romantic tale which moves along quite quickly, and even though it is a longer book, I found that I was thoroughly intrigued enough to keep wanting to read page after page. The characters in the book were strong and especially the heroine is a character that, though she has had to overcome much, works hard to overcome this and finds love in the end. Overall, if you enjoy romance and historical fiction, you will enjoy reading this!Dad of DivasTop 500 ReviewerThis is the story of a passionate Irish mystic who immigrates to America to become a slaveholder and a member of the Underground Railroad. PW SelectPublishers Weekly Author’s note:  Several readers have recently told me that this is the best book they have ever read! Music to this author’s ears! The writer of this book has a good grasp of language and is able to write clear sentences and dialogue. The book is exhaustively researched and the writer seems aware of how people in the past would act and think. Passion and Principle has a clear sense of place and a strong setting. Mary Margaret is a well-depicted character. As the story followed her life through issues like love, death, and slavery, the novel occasionally reminded me of Gone With the Wind in its romance and epic scope.Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book AwardsAmazon 4/26/2013: Wonderful book!By Katie S. Patricia McLaine has outdone herself! Passion and Principle is the kind of story that grabs the reader’s interest immediately and once begun, the book is impossible to put down. I found myself so intrigued by the adventures of the heroine, Maggie, and all the colorful characters and vivid descriptions of Irish life and history that hours of reading flew by without notice. Passion and Principle is a must read, and you will not be disappointed!Facebook 12/9/2012: I’m reading Passion and Principle, almost finished. This is one of the very best books I have ever read. It is right up there with Gone With The Wind. I love the characters and the setting in Ireland in the 1800’s. I hope she writes more books like this. I am totally hooked. A mini series or movie would be nice too, but you have to read the book first.          Aileen, Arkansas Email:  I’m reading Passion and Principle right now. Oh my!  I don’t want the saga to end!   Kathy, Portland, OR Email 11/19/2012: Finished Passion and Principle. I love that book. My dad’s favorite was Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I thought I would be Topsy when I grew up. The rest of this book is a feast I devoured in two and a half days. I’m amazed I know the author. Thank you so much for writing this book.           Caroline, VA Email 9/14/2013I am reading Passion and Principle and am thoroughly enjoying it. I was up until 3:00 am Thursday morning reading it; I can’t put it down.  You are a very gifted person.  Carol, VA KEY WORDSMystical, Ireland, tenant farmer, love and romance, War of 1812, Duke of Wellington, Napoleon, Battle of Waterloo, Irish immigration to America and around the world, Maryland, South Carolina, slavery, abolition, Caribbean, Underground Railroad, Civil War, Hawaii.    Read the first two chapters!  Read the first book review here! Amazon reduced the price, so I am too!6 x 9 paperback, 510 pages, $15.50, $20 media mail, $22 priority mailKindle$4.99 Buy Create SpaceBuy Book AmazonBuy Kindle703-373-7353 to order your autographed copy!image imageEarly on, Pattie McLaine had no real clue about what Destiny had in store for her—no clear remembrance of a promise made to the Universe long before she was born—a promise to try to help people again and shed Light—as she had in many other lifetimes.Wonderful and mysterious events took place from the day that she was born−revealed within the pages of this book. To Pattie, they amounted to what seemed to be a clever, capricious and cunning scheme—if not an Absolute Cosmic Conspiracy!6 x 9 Paperback, 418 pages.  $12.50 autographed!$14.50 media mail,  priority $16.50Kindle on Amazon:$3.99703-373-7353 or mailto:pattiemclaine@gmail.comRead chapters on Amazon
On Publishers Weekly PW Select list July 2011!
This is a memoir of the author’s life as a psychic in the world of the paranormal where she helped thousands of people, including various celebrities. Review in Dell’s Horoscope Magazine, December issue. (Check REVIEWS!)Buy Create Space Buy KindleBuy Book Amazon   On the Back Jacket:“Through this memoir Pattie shares her life which many of us only dream about. She has traveled the world, been a confidant and advisor to diplomats, dignitaries, Hollywood stars and countless men and women from all walks of life.  She also has love, laughter and an insatiable desire to open our minds to the power of the Universe. Patricia McLaine is one extraordinary woman.”    Maggie Linton, Program Director – Sirius XM Book Radio and Host – Maggie Linton Show“Pattie McLaine is that rare psychic who puts you in touch not just with your future but with yourself. Happily, she has seen and helped me see when even the darkest experience would lead to something I would learn from. She has been accurate about travel, love, God and money, not necessarily in that order…what more could anyone ask?”                                                            Gwen Davis, author.“Pattie McLaine is a woman of extraordinary talent and insight.  Her very readable and engaging memoir is full of fascinating stories about her interesting and famous clientele. Even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, this book is a fun read which I highly recommend.”                                           Sheila WeidenfeldCELEBRITY CLIENTS in my memoir: Goldie Hawn, Shirley MacLaine, Peter Sellers, Sharon Gless, Anjelica Huston, Rosemary Stack, Gregory Sierra, Diane Ladd, Susan Strasberg, Alana Stewart, Michael Crichton, Ted Lange, Rona Barrett, Gwen Davis, designer Carushka, Judith Krantz, Sarah Ferguson, and many other wonderful, interesting people whether they are a celebrity or not!Facebook: 4/27/2013: “I’m loving reading your book. I do not want to put it down. Wow! What a life you have led.”                   Connie, FacebookEmail: 6/5/2011″Thank you so much for speaking with me yesterday. My guides were definitely behind making this introduction!! Your guidance is very much appreciated and really helped me calm down. By the way, I purchased your Cosmic Conspiracy on Kindle yesterday and was up to 2 am reading it!  I am determined to finish it today. Love it!”                                               Laura, CAEmail: 2/19/2011: “I just finished reading your memoir. Boy, you really have traveled extensively, in many ways. I enjoyed reading it very much.”  Evelyn, PA                     Facebook: 3/14/2011: “Took Cosmic Conspiracy with me on my cruise and am hooked! Great book…I can’t wait to dig back in.”         Kathy, TXEmail: on Amazon: In her memoir, Pattie McLaine accomplishes the difficult feat of not only engaging the reader through the narration of her own adventures and connections with a laundry list of the rich and famous, but by helping us to understand that our own life and the choices we make will impact us well past this chapter of our existence.  Through her gift, we get to learn vicariously through stories of other people’s triumphs and mistakes.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to think deeply and laugh at the same time!                                                                   Danielle, CAEmail: 4/4/2011: I started reading your book yesterday and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. When I picked up the book it opened to chapter 7 and that is where I began reading. I have to believe you had something to do with that.  Its a great book and very easy to read. I enjoyed all of it.UFOs are always a touchy subject in the Airlines. Some scoff at the idea, but others who had sightings knew better. I was always cautious to bring up the subject, but a few ex fighter types told me of chase sequences that never got close. My experience, as I once told you, was at age 11 in Chicago. We had a clear view of a black saucer UFO flying squares around a B-36 westbound for Glenview Air Base just north of O’Hare. The pilots of the B36 never saw the object, according to the newspaper reports the next day. Two things stood out besides the ability to fly squares around the airplane: One, it was a black saucer almost as large as the airplane. Second, when it departed, it went up and out at a speed I cannot guess at today. It must have accelerated to warp speed. Black stood out because it reminded me of our spy aircraft, all painted black. It was 30 years before I spoke of the incident after being ridiculed by my classmates.                              David, PAEmail: 4/5/2011: Read your Cosmic Conspiracy and loved every page of it.  What an interesting life, and there is obviously a whole lot more to tell.  This book should be an HBO three part movie.                                      Kathy, VAMORE BOOK REVIEWSCopyright © 2011 by Patricia McLaineimageimage1967 was known as the Summer of Love. Artist Paula Marlow never dreamed Jamie Remington would show up at her door. They met at her husband’s family reunion five years earlier when Jamie was fourteen—and pure lightning bolts shot straight through them both—with Paula still married to his Uncle Dan. And what about the Texas rancher Paula’s best friend, actress Dana Scofield, brings into the mix?  Sometimes a woman has to accept the bitter with the sweet—during the bittersweet Summer of Love!6 x 9 Paperback, 396 pages,$12.50 autographed!$16.50 media mail in U.S., $18.50 priority.Inquire about international postage rates. Buy Create Space   Buy Amazon  $2.99Buy Smashwords            Buy Kindle              Adult Content!On Publishers Weekly PW Select list for October 2011!The 1967 Summer of Love brings more than its share for artist Paula, as she reignites the flame with Jamie and meets Beau, a handsome, wealthy Texas rancher.Publisher’s WeeklyOn the book jacket:“Unrequited lust gets a second chance in this novel that sizzles hotter than the summer sun.  Two people learn that age is not a barrier when desire demands satisfaction.  Add to the heat another man who could hold the keys to a secure future. This book will keep you turning the page from the first word to the last.”  Maggie Linton,  Program Director Sirius XM Book Radio 11/22/2013 email: I loved Bittersweet SummerRuth, Texas 11/22/2013 email: Bittersweet Summer is hot!Rosemary, NJ CLICK &Read the Prologue and first chapterMORE: BOOK REVIEWSimageimageSo many men, so little time, with her career in high gear too, what will sexy, stunning film actress Dana Scofield do besides engage in erotic romps with gorgeous men during the decadently delicious  Summer of Love—1967? Will her artist friend Paula choose the handsome Texas rancher or the young and juicy Georgia peach? How does lust compare with love when it comes to finding true and lasting happiness? These are among Dana’s diverse dilemmas during the wild and wonderful Summer of Love!  6 x 9 paperback, 290 pages, $12.50$16.50 media mail, $18 priorityCover Design Joleene NaylorBuy CREATE SPACEBuy Kindle    $2.99  Buy Smashwords“It’s hot outdoors because it’s summer.  It’s hot indoors as two friends search for love: One a successful actress who fulfills her sexual needs with the leading man of the moment. The other torn between her desire from the past and the stability of a good man who may hold the key to her future happiness. What do they do?  Not always what you expect. But it sure is fun as Patricia McLaine heats up the pages with lust that leaves you wanting more, during the magical Summer of Love.” Maggie Linton
Program Director
Sirius XM Book Radio
SUMMER OF LOVE & BITTERSWEET SUMMER are companion novels!Dad of Divas ReviewAdult ContentCompanion Novel to BITTERSWEET SUMMER!MORE: BOOK REVIEWSimageSALE
The Wheel of Destiny
The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan  THE KEYS OF LIFE… Explore the 22 Keys of the Major Arcana and discover just who you really are or can be.  Patricia McLaine’s Master Spread covers all facets of life: work, play, romance and potential partners, spiritual quests and the Higher Self, finances, resources, children, basic personality, inner drives, inspiration, the home, talents, friends, past lives and fears. Every possible position of each Key in her Master Spread is explained so that anyone can master this system.  No more guesswork!  Forget about stringing keywords together to interpret a spread; this book provides complete, colorful descriptions of every Key and its many variations within the Master Spread. Discover the true Core of yourself as you deal the cards of Life…  THE WHEEL OF DESTINY is a perfect tool for any knowledgeable astrologer, for the Tarot Major Arcana depicts the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the 10 ancient planets. FROM THE AUTHOR ONLY: Trade paperback, 7 x 10, 465 pages, $14.50(list price: $22.50), Media Mail: $16.50International Air Mail: Add $19.35. Print-on-Demand book with updated contact info $22.50, international mail add $19.35.  Kindle: $9.95 Order an Autographed Copy  (703) 373-7353 Buy Create Space  Buy Amazon  Buy Kindle Quotes from the book jacket “Pattie McLaine is the queen of synchronicity.  In her hands, the Tarot becomes an extremely effective way to tap other-than-conscious realms of psychic functioning.”Richard B. Blasband, M.D.Psychiatrist “The many psychic readings I’ve had with Patricia McLaine have provided me with valuable insight and guidance in every phase of my life, but my Master Reading enabled me to develop a kinder, more accepting attitude toward life and myself, making me a happier person.  I highly recommend the Master Reading to anyone interested in viewing his or her life with greater clarity and compassion.”Susan PompianAuthor, consultant Check out Book Reviews Email 4/19/2009: Dear Pattie, I have a copy of your excellent book “The Wheel  of Destiny” and can’t believe how you know all this stuff. I laid out the 22 Major Arcana cards recently in three rows of 7, 8  and 7 cards, but was at a loss as how to interpret them. Then I decided to give your Master Spread a go and found it works wonderfully. No need for special lay-out or even the intention to use Master Spread before laying the cards it seems.                                                 Many thanks, Michael S. Correll, Sydney, Australia Email 4/14/2013: “You are a fantastic writer, Pattie. I look forward to reading more of your books. THE WHEEL OF DESTINY has so much knowledge in it. I look forward to learning  a lot from your book. Thanks, Pattie.”                                                Susan R., Australiaimage THERecycling of Rosalieimageimageimage A  NOVELsale by Author!  image THE RECYCLING OF ROSALIE is a delightful, funny love story about life after death and reincarnation with astral workers, nature spirits and guardian angels. “They have been meeting off and on for thousands of years because LOVE IS ETERNAL!” Paperback, .5.5 x 8.5, 219 pages, $7.50, media mail: $11  If you order from Amazon’s Marketplace, the request comes to me for $7.50, plus shipping, since otherwise I don’t make any money.  This book only $3.00 when purchased with any of my other books! Cover Art: Lisa Johnson A young woman falls off a roof and finds her true love on the Other Side!  This story would make an entertaining movie!   CLICK &READ the first 2 chapters! Buy Kindle      Buy Smashwords $2.99 Dad of Divas Review  mailto:pattiemclaine@gmail.comfor you autographed copy! “The characters in this story are all unforgettable. They will make you laugh and make you cry, and will live in your heart forever. Your special angel will inspire you to read this one over and over again.” SUSAN SCOTTimageimage“A glimpse of what heaven might be like–peace, serenity, all your dreams come true–and an angel to watch over you.” B. L. Birute “Weeks after reading THE RECYCLING OF ROSALIE, I find myself still chuckling over her antics. We’d all like to think Rosalie’s experience of life after death is what really happens. A thoroughly entertaining read.”    Peter Kynaston“I want to thank you for writing your book. I loved it! I couldn’t put it down. I think it should be required reading for anyone dealing with death. It was wonderful.”        Lynn KaufmanMcLaine sure knows how write a unique plot – and a brilliantly clever one at that! The protagonist Rosalie is funny, very funny, charming and human. The reader gets to follow Rosalie to the other side and it is through her perspective on the other side that the story unfolds. I love this novel. A novel sui generis. – “Chestnuts In Blossom,” Sweden
The screenplay is listed on InkTip.comBook Reviews & Reader Comments  This book now available on ebook devices. MORE: BOOK REVIEWSimageimageimage       DRUIDS & DRAGONS in The Land of Enchantment       Book  One Book now being written!55,000 words and still writing! Book Two – The Land of the Fiery BeastsBook Three – The Land of the ShadesBook Four – The Forbidden LandFantasy quest series. I hope to have the book ready by Christmas 2016!Hardcover and Kindle released together!One young reader says my book reminds her of Lord of the Ringsimagepublished plays  I  CA PLAY IN THREE ACTSBy PATRICIA McLAINELOVE IS CONTAGIOUS … is one of the best, funniest — and most highly entertaining plays I have seen in a long time.  If you want an evening of real entertainment, I recommend LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS.”The Evening Sun. $7.50; $9.50 first class.Soon to be an eplay! Check back for publication!Published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.Original Copyright 1961imageA satire on midlife crisis, psychiatry, dipsomania and marital infidelity!The humorous psychiatric healing properties of vodka gimlets and green cherries!4 characters, one set, and plenty of laughs!Cover Design Joleene Naylor$1.99Buy Smashwords    Buy Kindle   REVIEW: HYSTERICAL by Joleene NaylorHow Green was My Gimlet is a three act play that centers on a psychiatrist who winds up treating a married couple–The Pillows–in weekly back to back appointments. The catch? Neither wants their partner to know the other is seeing a shrink. Nutty at opposite ends of the spectrum the two can agree on only one other thing: their choice of drink is a vodka gimlet.But that just makes things worse.Georgie likes hers with green cherry juice but David can’t stand them that way. Is this the root of all their problems? And will poor Dr. Hildrone be an alcoholic before he’s able to solve their issues? Even better does he want to fix them? With all the suicides business has been “falling off” lately. How much can he take of the zany couple before the eager to please doctor drops off the deep end himself?Fun and witty this had me laughing out loud more than once. Great just as something to read but I can only imagine it would be even more fun for a small theater group to perform.  imageCover Design: Joleene NaylorDoes God live in a Tree?On a lonely precipice those with earnest questions gather to watch and talk to HE who dwells in the Tree. The wind sounds strangely like a sorrowing woman. Are their questions answered? Do we all perhaps exist within the interim, the mysterious place between?$0.99Buy Nook  Buy Smashwords   Buy KindleimageSIDNEYThree Act ComedyEldridge Publishing CompanyOUT OF PRINTimageSENIOR SEXATHILLSDALE GARDEN ASSISTED LIVING!Love and sex can still be a thrill whenyou are  supposed to be way over the hill!Screenplay & Novel ByPatricia McLaineScreenplay listed on InkTip.comimageTo be Published sometime:Fractured TarotFor TheSimple-MindedPatricia McLaineChanneling Sophie Soothsayer Quackery for the Wacky Metafizzlerimage     TAROT FOR TODAY  Instantaneous InsightsEffective AffirmationsA Handbook for the ApprenticeBy Patricia McLaineFour Tarot Decks Four Tarot Spreads May be available as a PDF file.image STAGE PLAY to be PUBLISHED I LIKE RAINY DAYSOne Act DramaimageSCREENPLAYS to be PRODUCED:RECYCLING OF ROSALIERomantic comedy based on the novel.LOVE IS FOREVEROriginal romantic comedy (potential novel) and/or sequel to RECYCLING OF ROSALIESENIOR SEX AT HILLSDALE GARDEN ASSISTED LIVINGOriginal romantic comedy screenplay.Love and sex are still a thrill when you’re supposed to be way over the hill!Highly commercial screenplay and novel!All 3 screenplays listed on for the film industry!imagePROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS:Authors GuildDramatists GuildRomance Writers of AmericaWashington Romance WritersimageManuscripts, scripts, and synopses available upon request.Payment: Cash, checks, money orders and PayPal