imageKEY 6, THE LOVERS, is assigned to GEMINI, THE TWINS, with the important KEY words: I THINK. The symbolism on this KEY depicts ADAM and EVE in the GARDEN OF EDEN with the ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL above as a symbol of SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS — HIGHER MIND or the HIGHER SELF. RAPHAEL is the ARCHANGEL OF HEALING, which hints at the healing hands of GEMINI, and yet, alludes to the POWER of MIND, mental healing. Thoughts are things for good or ill. The Hebrew letter assigned to this KEY is Zain, meaning Sword. image

It is the SWORD of INTELLECT that rules GEMINI, the self-conscious mind, and depicts humanity’s beta level of consciousness directed outward toward externals affairs, concerns, and objects in the physical world. The Sword of the Mental Plane can be used to ennoble, as in the knightly bestowing of a title, a blessing or a prayer, or to destroy, by engaging in irrational worry, mean-spirited blame or loathing. When Christ cursed the fig tree he was demonstrating the power of negative thought to his disciples. When he healed, he was demonstrating the power of positive thought.  Black magic and white magic. It is the Power of Mind that heals or destroys, blesses or curses, especially when charged with strong emotion for good or ill. This healing or destroying is something we can do to our selves and/or others. On the physical plane, the Tarot Sword becomes the surgeon’s knife used to remove a tumor or a diseased organ or tissue, or perchance a weapon that defends or destroys. The metaphysical principles of Tarot may be applied on all planes of expression and existence from the highest to the lowest.

[ maj06.gif ]SELF-CONSCIOUS AWARENESS is the aspect of consciousness that sets Humanity apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, the human ability to make CHOICES and DECISIONS, the same ability that got humankind in trouble in the first place, according to the biblical account. Note the symbolism on KEY 6, THE LOVERS.  We see Eve, a symbol of the unconscious aspect of mind, standing in front of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, with the forbidden fruit, with the clever Serpent of Temptation coiled around it.  While Adam, symbol of the self-conscious mind, stands in front of the Tree of Everlasting Life that bears a flame for each of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac.  In the distance between the two lovers (unconsciousness and self-consciousness), we see the mountain of Attainment toward which all Humanity strives—the mountaintop of ENLIGHTENMENT and SELF REALIZATION.  And yet, in the symbolism of this Tarot, Adam and Eve have their backs turned to the mountain, illustrating a lack of awareness of the need to even begin  the sacred journey—and so it remains with most of us until this day.  We have only to watch the news or read the newspapers to discover how far humankind as a whole remains from true ENLIGHTENMENT—a constant HIGHER SELF connection.  But it is also important to note on KEY 6, THE LOVERS, that Adam (self-consciousness) looks to Eve (sub-consciousness) while Eve looks to the Angel (Super-consciousness) for guidance and direction.  There is an important symbolical message here for those with eyes to see

It is essential for individualized SELF-CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, meaning each and every living soul, to eventually awaken to his or her true capabilities and divine birthright—and in the process learn to make DECISIONS based upon RIGHT DISCRIMINATION.  DISCRIMINATION is an important word associated with KEY 6.  GEMINI is an Air sign and governs breath, the lungs, shoulders, collarbone, arms and hands, plus the nervous system and sense of smell.  Most GEMINIS are blessed with an extraordinary sense of smell.  This sense raised to a spiritual level involves the Power of Discernment and DISCRIMINATION.

When Shakespeare’s Hamlet referred to “something being rotten in the state of Denmark” he wasn’t talking about a physical odor but the reprehensible character of a close relation.  When we say a situation or a person  “stinks,” we aren’t using that word in a literal sense, but figuratively, based upon the power of discernment in making a judgment.  For this reason, it is always wise to allow the Angel, or Higher Self, to guide us in all our ways. The actual truth of the matter is that even our seemingly indiscriminate or ill chosen DECISIONS or CHOICES ultimately lead us to a path that will eventually bring about complete SELF REALIZATION.  It is just that we can reach the top of the mountain faster and easier by avoiding the potholes and detours caused by an immature ego ignoring directions from the Higher Self.  Thoughtless, irresponsible choices and selections definitely set up roadblocks that keep us from reaching one or several goals during a lifetime.  This can be true on many levels at every stage along the way.  Why not start paying closer attention to the Higher Self today?  Why not consciously embark upon the sacred journey?

Each soul is creating his or her own life every moment of every day with CHOICES and DECISIONS made. An attitude is even a matter of choice to which the Higher Self pays attention. Who you are broadcasts to everyone and everything.  We are all part of the nervous system of the planet, every rock, plant, animal, and human being is actually wired to receive and send.  The sensitive pick up on your positive and negative vibes all the time!  Even animals can sense your thoughts and moods.  You, too, are capable of cursing your houseplants… fig tree or whatever!  Let’s face it … most of us have made a wrong decision a time or two, consciously or unconsciously.  Then we have been forced to live with the consequences.  This is when we mentally ask our selves: Why did I marry him or her?  Why did I even go out with him or her?  Why did I take the job?  Why did I say that? Why did I do that? Why did I have that last drink?  Why did I start taking drugs?  Why did I get into the car and drive when I knew I was drunk?  Why did I quit college?  Why did I drop out of high school?  Why did I take that road?  Why didn’t I do what I really wanted to do?  Why?  Why?  Why?

Please forgive me for being repetitive, but the CHOICES made do determine the course of our life.  We need to make CONSCIOUS, INTELLIGENT CHOICES all of the time, because decisions set up a chain of events in perfect compliance with the Law of Cause and Effect.  Most souls are so caught up in the present Cause, they don’t have a clue about the Effect waiting for them down the road, whether in this lifetime or another, and more often than not, it is sooner rather than later.  Right now we are in a cosmic time warp, so anyone with the least bit of consciousness is being forced to deal with his or her own karmic results rather quickly…like NOW!  It doesn’t do us a whole lot of good to wake up to a dire effect that was put into motion a long time ago when the Mack truck is about to hit us.  Although, ‘better late than never’ is not out of the question.  It’s just that attempting to change a pattern created by choice a long back can be somewhat tough.

Like deciding to quit smoking after the throat or lung cancer is a fact, or giving up alcohol after cirrhosis of the liver has been diagnosed.  When karma or prayer determines a soul can be healed, then healing shall take place, regardless.  Miracles do happen all the time, especially when there is faith in in the power of Raphael, God the Healer.  There are angels everywhere, earthly or divine, for the Higher Self works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.  Sometimes tragedy becomes the teacher that shows a soul the error of his or her ways, providing the wake-up call that brings them closer to the mountain.  When things get tough, it doesn’t serve our purpose to get upset or make excuses, or to blame someone else for our problems.  Somewhere in time we made a CHOICE that brought us to this place.   CONSCIOUSNESS is our gift.  CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES.  In the future we shall choose more wisely.

imageKEY 1, THE MAGICIAN, rules GEMINI as MERCURY, the planetary force that governs INTELLECT and SELF-CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.  The conscious mind is depicted as masculine in the Tarot, while the unconscious is symbolized as feminine.  Keep that in mind whenever you see a Tarot card. THE MAGICIAN represents the MAGIC of CONSCIOUSNESS, for is not LIFE itself a magical experience from beginning to end?  On THE MAGICIAN’S table, fashioned from a product of Nature, are the tools and symbols of the Tarot Minor Arcana: the fiery Wand of ideas and principles, the Sword of intellect  swung through the air in battle, the Cup of love and emotions that carries the water of life, and the practical Pentacle of earth that represents substance and values.  These are the tools of every soul reincarnated on the planet, tools with which we fashion our lives.  The red roses in the arbor above the MAGICIAN’S head represent ACTIVE DESIRES (the power of Mars, passion), while the white lilies (purity) in the garden below represent pure ideas. The roses in the garden below allude to that well turned mystical phrase assigned to this KEY: As above so below.  The active desires above have manifested on the Earth below.  The thoughts and desires we hold in our heads and our hearts, in consciousness, manifest in the garden of our lives.  Just remember that roses (desires) usually have thorns, so need to be handled with care.  DESIRE is powerful because thought and emotion are combined in DESIRE.  SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS is powerful.  Never underestimate the power of THOUGHT!

Consciousness does create for good or ill every single moment.  Pay ATTENTION to your thoughts and the feelings you project with them.  Take charge NOW!  You have returned to Earth to learn SELF-MASTERY.  The SELF-REALIZED becomes Master of his or her thoughts, feelings and actions, for these in turn determine the state, conditions, and experiences of LIFE!  It is your responsibility and your privilege to exercise Dominion upon the Earth. That is how you create and control the circumstances of your life as the Master of your Fate in accordance with your CHOICES and DESIRES.  Desires are CHOICES.

Until the point of complete mastery, however, the self-conscious mind of the lower ego is capable of running amok.  Begin today to govern your thoughts in a kingly or queenly fashion with nobility of purpose as you become increasingly aware of the Divine Presence of the Higher Self depicted by the Archangel Raphael (God the Healer) on KEY 6, THE LOVERS.  Do not allow your thoughts and desires to control you.  Anyone who allows his or herself to remain in such a state on a constant basis runs the risk of becoming psychotic or a danger to society!  We read about such folk in the headlines more often than I care to mention.  A little craziness may be necessary to survive in this world, as my mother always said.  A lot of craziness and misdirected energy may be justification for the institutionalized, depicted on KEY 15, THE DEVIL, assigned to CAPRICORN, for whether in prison or an asylum, this is not a desirable state.  Yet, those who live entirely in the lower ego, thoroughly convinced that what they SEE is all there is, are capable of bringing hell and damnation on themselves and others within their karmic circle of experience.

[ maj15.gif ][ maj06.gif ]At this point, you may have noticed the similarity in the symbolism on KEY 6 and KEY 15.  In numerology, the number 15 reduces to 6 (1 + 5 = 6). The state of affairs you see on KEY 15 was caused by lack of DISCRIMINATION in attitude or a desire expressed previously.  TIME is governed by SATURN, ruler of CAPRICORN. The bestialized male and female, self-consciousness and sub-consciousness, on KEY 15, THE DEVIL, have become enslaved due to IGNORANCE, a word commonly applied to this KEY.  Ignorance implies lack of knowledge or understanding, being in the dark.  Other poignant words associated with THE DEVIL: darkness, prostitution, addiction, slavery, debt, guilt, shame, fear, greed, envy, jealousy, falsehood, lies, fate, gossip, evil, hatred, prejudice, superstition, limitation, slander, blind ambition, resignation, superficiality, convention, conscience. and humor. Right! HUMOR or MIRTH!  When any one becomes caught up in the morbid state of mind associated with KEY 15, he or she has lost their perspective and sense of humor, by taking the little self far too seriously!

More than likely, there has been an unconscious (meaning without reasonable conscious choice) tendency to succumb to the delusions and temptations of the lower ego like poor Eve back in the garden.  Instead of THINKING, using intelligence to realize he or she is a divine being on a brief journey through the valley of the shadow of death, and not being caught up in the “what you see is what you get” syndrome.  For Ayin, the Hebrew letter assigned to KEY 15 is commonly translated as “the eye as the organ of vision, ” referring to the physical eyesight and not the single Eye of the Soul.  These are the characteristics of a lesser evolved CAPRICORN, one who judges others by APPEARANCES—the kind of car they drive, social standing, or educational background, the clothes they wear, how much money they have.  Such traits will not be found in the SELF-REALIZED, who is capable of laughing at his or her imperfections and shortcomings, and would never stoop to demeaning anyone in any manner.

The SHADOW is another aspect of KEY 15, THE DEVIL, since everyone has a shadow side.  All of us have done horrible, unspeakable things in this life or another for which we require forgiveness…most of all, from our selves.  Forgiving oneself can be the hardest task of all.  Repentance and transformation are important parts of the spiritual process.  After recognizing the error of our ways, it is time to change…to clean up our act and get on with life.  This can only be done one day at a time.  Changing habits and patterns begins with changing thought processes and sticking with the program.  A SENSE OF HUMOR is essential to the transformational process.  Start your process TODAY and you will not be disappointed.

(c) Patricia McLaine, 2001

Interesting Hexagon shape on Saturn’s north pole captured by NASA’s Cassini mission!

The six-pointed star represents the perfect blending of the masculine and feminine, which is hidden within the number 6!