imageThe evolved LIBRA nature personifies the PEACEMAKER, one who arbitrates on any number of levels.  LIBRA is often attracted to a career in law or politics, statesmanship, or even marriage counseling or some other expression of psychology.  DIPLOMACY is inherent. LIBRA is the CHARMER, debonair and pleasant to be around, unless someone happens to ruffle their feathers!  CREATIVITY and ARTISTRY are common abilities. Music soothes the troubled soul. Many musicians have LIBRA or VENUS strong in the chart.  All artists have a well placed or aspected VENUS.

LIBRA,image the sign of BALANCE and HARMONY, is ruled by the planet VENUS, Goddess of Love and Beauty, Patroness of the Arts, Key 3, THE EMPRESS.  The LIBRA’S need for LOVE and BEAUTY is foremost.  The environment needs to reflect beauty and artistry.  Disorder and ugliness disrupt the soul, as well as any form of argument and/or disagreement.  Lack of harmony can affect the EQUILIBRIUM, which creates a need to do something to put things right … to take action!  When the scale is in perfect balance─nothing is happening.  Because of this, LIBRA sometimes goes to extremes to create activity─the life fluctuating between Chaos and Inertia in the creative Dance of Life.

Important aspects of Key 11, JUSTICE, are WORK and KARMA.  Work is usually the way to fulfill karmic obligations.  Each of us has returned to Earth on a mission to fulfill a former promise or responsibility, to express a gift or talent acquired over centuries in a imagemore perfect manner or form.

MARRIAGE is also indicated by Key 11.  LIBRA has the tendency to constantly seek the perfect other half.  Legal marriage involves a binding contract that can be hard to dissolve when disharmony arises, the reversed Key 11 can even indicate divorce.  LOVE, governed by VENUS, ruler of LIBRA, involves an emotional, sometimes unspoken karmic contract based on perhaps former earthly or divine promises.  Unresolved patterns or deep emotional commitment formed in past lives often brings souls together again to play out a cosmic karmic role, whether in marriage or in friendship.image

The exaltation of SATURN, Key 21, THE WORLD, in LIBRA creates an innate sense of responsibility in these cosmic charmers.  They can be highly dutiful when it comes to loved ones and family and make easy going and faithful friends.  However, the LIBRA male is known as a lady’s man, so infidelity needs  to be checked in those in the eternal search of the perfect partner, which may not exist on this planet. LIBRA is often married more than once.  The need for a partner is strong, however, someone with whom to share their life.  There is also the need to avoid disharmony at all costs in the desire to make everyone happy, which is often impossible. They can make themselves nuts on that score, and thus get out of balance and be forced to seek solitude elsewhere.   Because of numerous talents, LIBRA needs to avoid being a dilettante.  Jack of all trades, master of none!  Rather, refine a special talent and excel!

A comment needs to be made about JUSTICE, also defined as KARMIC LAW.  The lady on Key 11, JUSTICE is NOT blind or blindfolded … and neither is DIVINE JUSTICE.  KARMA works itself out through the Law of Cause and Effect, Universal Law, like it or lump it.  We all ultimately reap what we have sown, and more often than not, it’s within the course of a single lifetime.  That is why it is wise to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” at all times.  What goes around does come around with impunity in due time.  Call on your LIBRA nature, be nice and charming and everyone will do your bidding.  As grandma used to say … you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar!  And meanwhile, have fun maintaining your delicate sense of balance!  Like the Androgynous figure on Key 21, THE WORLD, just keep dancing as long as you can.