Place the selected TAROT KEYS on a table, mantle, or dresser where you can glance at them from time to time. Or place the cards in front of you on a table and study them for five or ten minutes a day. It is wise to have a special notebook for recording impressions you receive during these sessions. The Tarot is a wonderful tool for opening your consciousness to the wonders and mysteries of life. From using the Tarot Tableau you will learn far more than what is given here.

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KEY 3, THE EMPRESS, represents VENUS, Goddess of LOVE and BEAUTY and Patroness of the Arts.  She’s the pregnant Mother of the Tarot (good to meditate on all by itself for that purpose), and she rules the fertile UNCONSCIOUS where IMAGINATION creates the conditions and circumstances of our daily lives every moment of every day. LOVE, in its many forms and expressions, is an emotion that causes the IMAGINATION to soar to realms sublime.Of course, since VENUS rules LOVE, MONEY, and MARRIAGE, not necessarily in that order, those romantic feelings of LOVE you experience at important junctures in your life involve gifts earned, lessons to be learned,  and KARMA, the Divine Law of Cause and Effect working out in your life. KARMA has both its pleasant and unpleasant aspects in the scheme of things. It all depends on your level of BEING and the evolution of your soul.  How CONSCIOUS and AWARE are you?

If you love someone, there is always KARMA involved whether for good or ill, because feelings of LOVE tend to get your full and undivided ATTENTION. In fact, when you “fall in love” it can be almost impossible not to think about the object of your affections, the BELOVED. It’s a cosmic conspiracy to get you to learn your lessons this time around, and the biggest lesson for most of us to learn upon this Earth is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Whew! That’s a biggie! How do I love you and get  me out of the way, since in the final analysis, GOD is LOVE?

One of the main purposes for the soul’s journey on Earth is to eventually reach ILLUMINATION on the mountaintop depicted in the background on KEY 6, THE LOVERS, the card that represents the INTELLECT or CONSCIOUS MIND of GEMINI, the third house of the Zodiac.  The “I THINK” key words give a clue to our present condition and pattern. THINKING and CHOICE have everything to do with the path that has led us to our present place. DISCRIMINATION is an important aspect of THE LOVERS, for almost all of us have made a CHOICE or two, perhaps too many, that we have lived to regret. The slings and arrows of misfortune have found their mark in our souls due to UNCONSCIOUS choices based upon partial knowledge and lack of awarenesimages of the outcome determined by choice.  Food for serious thought.

On KEY 6, THE LOVERS,  we see young Adam and Eve… the young EMPRESS and EMPEROR in their shameless,  naked innocence. The young emperor (SELF CONSCIOUSNESS) looks to the young empress (SUB-CONSCIOUSNESS) for direction while Eve looks to the ANGEL, SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, to guide them both in making important decisions.  This is MORE THAN A CLUE for a serious SEEKER.  In accordance with the biblical story, the Serpent is coiled around the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil behind Eve, while the Tree of Life behind Adam contains the flames for the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Clever … these designers of Tarot.

In biblical terms, it is obvious that Eve made an emotional decision when she took a bite out of that apple and then talked Adam into joining her, since she had already gotten used to having him around.  Yet, in terms of CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION, it was at that precise point in the allegory that CONSCIOUSNESS took a giant leap into the evolutionary process of BECOMING more than it had ever been before. No pain no gain… no night no day… no man no woman… no good no evil… no agony no ecstasy. Get the picture!  DUALITY HAPPENS!  Without duality, there is no Life on the physical plane anywhere in the Universe. Nothing is happening! Boring!

THE GARDEN OF EDEN is the ASTRAL PLANE of the UNCONSCIOUS or SUBCONSCIOUS… the land of our dreams… the Land of Enchantment… the first place the soul ends up once the physical body is again cast aside, the SUMMERLAND of the GODDESS where the Cosmic Mother opens her loving arms wide to welcome us back to the freer life of the Spirit. This is a place in CONSCIOUSNESS where we can stay for a while until DESTINY calls us back to Earth again, or to some other planetary system, to learn more lessons and advance further in our quest toward Union (Yoga) with the ONE REALITY sometimes called GOD.

KEY 3, THE EMPRESS, rules our ability to FEEL, LOVE,  DESIRE,  IMAGINE, CREATE and PROCREATE, while KEY 4, THE EMPEROR, ARIES, governs our ability to REASON, to use LOGIC, ORGANIZE, deal with REALITY, LEAD, GOVERN,  to see it as REAL, to cleverly use the left side of the BRAIN.  This is our super-computer hard drive that stores all our data from right now and forever, if we remember to keep installing new software in terms of CONSCIOUSNESS ENHANCING life experiences and meditative practices.  image

THE EMPRESS is the RIGHT BRAIN.  EMPEROR is the LEFT BRAIN. The problem is … getting the two halves of the BRAIN and CONSCIOUSNESS  to work in full and loving cooperation. Your present relationship with your emotional partner should give you a pretty good idea of how the two aspects of your nature are doing at the present time.  If there is a great deal of conflict in the relationship look more deeply within  to find the conflict between your own CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS processes, for that is at the root of the problem. Resolving the issue within self will attract greater harmony in the present relationship or with a future mate.

THE EMPEROR rules our EYES, therefore, VISION of the present, past, and future. THE EMPRESS FEELS and SENSES what she wants and needs.  THE EMPEROR has a VISION of the complete and final outcome with CLARITY (CLEAR VISION).  There is a popular metaphysical adage: If you can see it − you can have it, and that is the TRUTH. KARMA does come into the process when it comes to  the WHEN, WHERE and HOW of the DESIRE or VISION in terms of fulfillment.  This point is not always emphasized in some of the current New Age books or DVDs.  Getting what you want has a lot to do with your LEVEL OF BEING. Raise your level of being and you can have just about anything your little ole heart desires because your heart shall then be in perfect attunement with the DIVINE. Not an impossible task, actually.

This is a great tableau to use if you are seeking a MATURE LOVING RELATIONSHIP. The important thing to remember is that you have to be MATURE in order to have that kind of relationship. Are you ready to sacrifice your CHILD like Father Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac when called upon by the Angel of the Lord? It was the ARIES AGE, so a lamb was given to Abraham to sacrifice in place of his son. Are you starting to get the picture?

The avatar (savior, redeemer) of the ARIES AGE became known as the Good Shepherd that would lead his flock into a better world of higher consciousness, and that Master was responsible for leading many souls to a better state of AWARENESS on the Earth. Are you willing to give up your childish ways to become a fully integrated COSMIC BEING capable of consistently expressing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to even one other person, let alone all of the souls on  this planet? You can work on it today by using this Tarot Tableau.

Happy ENLIGHTENMENT!  As you work on yourself, you are working on the entire planet, and doing your part to lift up the entire Human Race. Whew! Get on with it!

The Dance of Creation!