imageKEY 14 —  Temperance SAGITTARIUS   TESTS & TRIALS  HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL imageThe Angel on Key 14, TEMPERANCE, is MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL of Fire and the direction South, representative of the sign SAGITTARIUS. On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, MICHAEL guards the path that leads from the MOON (governing a soul who lives a purely unconscious life in the emotional-sensual sphere of lower personality) to the SUN or HEART CHAKRA where SELF REALIZATION and ENLIGHTENMENT eventually manifest. MASTERS OF COMPASSION, such as the Christ, Buddha, and other illuminated beings from various world religions, are commonly known as Bodhisattvas or Heart Masters. They serve the World from the level of SELF MASTERY and SELF-CONSCIOUS AWARENESS. All souls shall one day evolve to this CONSCIOUSNESS. When a soul arrives at this State of Being, he or she will be able to selflessly serve Humanity and the Universe in perfect accordance with the Divine Cosmic Plan.MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL is the Angel of INITIATION. Through the fires of purification he tempers and initiates every soul into the School of Higher Life and Learning. SAGITTARIUS rules higher education, philosophy and religion. As a symbol of the Higher Self, MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL guards the Path of Tests and Trials, also known as the Path of Probation, which is governed by inescapable, immutable Universal Law. The unconscious and ignorant who think they have gotten away with something in the judicial system of their respective land have yet to face the Higher Self, the HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL, the TRUTH. With the HIGHER SELF, each and every soul is forced to face the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH, so help me God! No secret act or thought is overlooked or escapes being recorded in the Cosmic Book of Life. The FIRE of TRUTH that resides in your Heart of Hearts is the True Judge of all your acts, thoughts, words and deeds committed in this world and all worlds to come.MICHAEL is also the ANGEL of WRATH and RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION. There are times when we need to get mad at ourselves  to get out of a rut or change a pattern that is getting us nowhere fast. There are other times when we need to speak up and voice our position with friends, family, or even so-called enemies. Those on a spiritual path are not required to allow others to walk all over them. Sometimes you simply have to fight fire with fire, as is the case in the present War on Terrorism being fought by the United States and its allies against the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.Religious zeal is expressed by Key 14, TEMPERANCE. We need only look at history to see how religious zeal taken to extremes has caused a great deal of misery and suffering for humanity. Nearly every religious persuasion has been guilty of out-of-control zeal at one time or another in the history of our planet. What needs to be stressed is that there is nothing at all holy about war.SAGITTARIUS is ruled by JUPITER, Key 10, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, which governs EVOLUTION, growth and expansion into something greater and grander than before. Idealism is the key, lofty thoughts and acts, BENEVOLENCE, COMPASSION, MERCY, KINDNESS. All FIRE signs (ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS) possess an idealistic nature, and yet, we all have Aries (a head and brain) and Leo (heart and spine), and SAGITTARIUS somewhere in our horoscope. We all have a lower back and hips, and we all have blood coursing through our veins, the inward sea ruled by SAGITTARIUS. We couldn’t function without our dear liver. The liver is our internal JUPITER. The largest planet in the Macrocosm of our Solar System is also the largest organ in the body of the Microcosm, or human being. Like the planetary Jupiter, our liver is our Great Protector, for its task is to aid in the digestion of the food that nourishes and protects our bodies, in addition to the elimination of toxins and poisons that might destroy us. Without our liver and its complex functions we would die. Without the constant protection and continual prodding of the HIGHER SELF, our HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL, we would cease to exist as an individual soul.JUPITER is constantly teaching and preaching, forcing us to learn of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and how it functions in our  lives. JUPITER governs our ability to UNDERSTAND or COMPREHEND anything. On occasion, we may be able to break earthly laws and seemingly get away with it, but that doesn’t hold true with the Universal Laws of the Cosmos. Break the rule and pay the price in this life or another, and paying n this life is usually a  lot easier. The current transit of PLUTO, Key 20, JUDGMENT, in SAGITTARIUS has already done a lot to effect change and reformation of laws of the land as well as the manner in which religion and education are now viewed, for on Key 20 we see the ARCHANGEL GABRIEL calling humankind out of their graves of false judgment and ignorance. The hidden is still being brought into the Light, especially with respect to the Catholic church regarding sexual abuse by priests, a serious hypocrisy and criminal offense  no longer condoned by an enlightened society. The young and innocent entrusted to their sacred care were damaged by vile transgressions. Their shame is now public (SAGITTARIUS). The world is aware of their folly and the Wrath of the HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL is their due.  MICHAEL is a genius when it comes to PUBLICITY, bringing hidden PLUTONIAN matters to public attention during its transit in the sign of INITIATION and COSMIC WRATH.These transmutations and transformations will continue for a few more years before the necessary changes shall be in place for this new millennium. PLUTO in SAGITTARIUS is an EXPLOSIVE PURIFICATION by FIRE on many different levels with the current state of affairs on the planet. Yet, PLUTO’s transit will also transform the world of advertising and the manner in which the media broadcasts information around the world. PURIFICATION by FIRE is not necessarily pleasant or easy, but may be necessary to guarantee the continued progress and purification of our civilization, like a fever in the body burns away impurities in our bloodstream to restore health. Such are the recent purifications involving corporate officials who thought themselves too high and mighty to experience the  reach of JUSTICE in this world. Those breaking the laws will surely continue to fall as PLUTO continues its transit through SAGITTARIUS, the sign of the HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL of WRATH. The deceptive and dishonest will not be exempt in any office or calling. Pay heed and obey the VOICE OF CONSCIENCE.KEY 14, TEMPERANCE, also refers to the continual inward prompting of CONSCIENCE, our individual sense of right and wrong, our personal sense of TRUTH and RIGHT. SAGITTARIUS also rules sensitivity to VIBRATION, the human ability to sense or see the Truth about situations or individuals, sometimes including the ability to see auras. The key words for SAGITTARIUS: I SEE. When we use this expression we are not usually referring to physical sight or vision, but to an inward perception or comprehension. We mean that we UNDERSTAND a situation from a deeper perspective. As PLUTO continues its transit through the sign of the HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL, do yourself a favor and pay close attention to the VOICE OF  CONSCIENCE. Live by your Truth and sense of Right with the Compassion of the DIVINE as your Guide. For the HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL is always with you and will never let you down.  It will, however, burn the TRUTH into your soul as your constant guide and companion. By living the TRUTH you shall reach the top of the distant mountain or find your mansion among the stars!The god Chiron is actually depicted as the centaur associated with the sign Sagittarius. Half man half horse, as with the Sphinx, which indicates the need for human, divine-like qualities, to rule over the lower animal nature, perhaps to one day be able to soar with the angels. Chiron was supposedly the wise teacher of many ancient Greek heroes!Chiron tutoring the boy Achilles | Roman fresco from Pompeii C1st A.D. | Archaeological Museum, Naples   image                                             SAGITTARIUS EAST FROM CHANDRA                                                         No wonder it’s a fiery sign!                                                     Near the Galactic Center where the Holy Spirit reigns!