imageThe INTUITIVE aspect of consciousness is symbolized by KEY 5, THE HIEROPHANT, religious instinct and spiritual requirement, the need to sometimes turn within to seek direction from the realm of Spirit. The upraised right hand of THE HIEROPHANT or POPE (spiritual leader in either an ancient mystery school or organized religion) blesses the recipient with valuable information of a special or even secret nature as the lower mind (governed by intellect and emotion) symbolically bow before the presence of the HIGHER SELF or higher wisdom.  There is the principle of wholeness embodied in the Higher Self.  When SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS governs the self-conscious and subconscious aspects of mind, protection is part of the deal, more often than not from our very own stupidity or ignorance.

As THE EMPEROR, ARIES, or reasoning mind, ideally rules over matters practical and earthly in nature, so THE HIEROPHANT, the intuitive powers within, should be consulted and allowed jurisdiction in circumstances involving emotion and matters of the Spirit.  It is the STILL SMALL VOICE WITHIN that guides each individual along a specific path, regardless of personal belief or religious inclination. The Voice of the Silence permeates every cell in our body.  The Higher Self faithfully guides each individual in terms of ultimate destiny and purpose when the time is taken to LISTEN, one of the most important words associated with KEY 5.image

TAURUS is ruled by VENUS, KEY 3, THE EMPRESS, the Goddess, Mother Nature and Patroness of the Arts, which is why TAURUS is such a creative, artistic sign.  The Goddess bestows gifts that please upon all of her children in one form or another.  Check out VENUS in your chart.  On the other hand, when talents are left undeveloped or ignored, and the promptings of the STILL SMALL VOICE that speaks through subtle though definite aspects of our feelings, are likewise disregarded, an individual can end up with a profound sense of regret. Turning a deaf ear to powerful instincts has been known to contribute to the most unpleasant circumstances or conditions arising in the course of a Life.  Primarily because someone didn’t pay attention to those feelings deep down inside that he or she should or should not have done or said … whatever may be the case!

That silent voice of the HIEROPHANT is commonly known as INTUITION, the true Revealer of the Mysteries.  INTUITION is truly our biggest fan and greatest helper when we learn to listen and yield to  sublime wisdom.  The HIGHER SELF knows what the HIGHER SELF KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt through generating sensations, gut feelings, or sometimes electrical charges that course through every cell. Learning to LISTEN, to trust your instincts and pay close attention to the TAURUS aspect of your nature will always pay off in great dividends.  Listen … for TAURUS rules money and sensuality, therefore, dividends in either area are usually a highly pleasant part of our earthly existence.

Ah, the good things of life, TAURUS to a T!  Comfort, good food, beautiful surroundings, musical notes, a pleasant even seductive voice, especially singing a siren’s song, and you fall under his or her unique magical power.  TAURUS is known to be blessed with a singing voice.  The Gifts of the Spirit can be downright alluring and entertaining.  Soft fabrics appeal to VENUS, the richness of Mother Nature in all her glorious abundance.  Lush forests, green hills, spectacular landscapes, the seductive sensation of flowers gracing a meadow and the gentle whispering of the Cosmic Mother in a soft breeze is a “gotcha” for most. The same sensual nature that enjoys all the luxuries and pleasantries of life can be used by the Divine to enrich your life and keep you from harm’s way.

imageIn seeking the silence by turning within, the ability to contact the SUBCONSCIOUS governed by KEY 2, THE HIGH PRIESTESS, the MOON, exalted in TAURUS, comes into play.  The answer you seek may come to you in a variety of ways: spoken, written, or an inspirational idea that comes from a book, movie or TV show. The message of THE HIEROPHANT is stop, look, and listen to the promptings from within or above that always prove practical in the final analysis.  More often than not, hindsight on such promptings prove valuable after the fact, especially when intuition was not heeded and painful experience was the result.  Why didn’t I listen?  Why didn’t I say what I meant?  A TAURUS tendency can sometimes be silence when it might be best to say something and not allow smoldering resentment to creep in.  This is one of the zodiacal signs known to hold a grudge, along with CANCER, ruled by the MOON.  Silence can be golden, but not always.  The can also be shyness in expressing feelings and emotions for fear of rejection or reprisal.

Formal marriage or a business partnership is sometimes indicated by KEY 5, THE HIEROPHANT, a union of forces in emotion or practical matters.   While the reversal indicates unorthodox or unconventional unions: living together outside of marriage, or engaging in a controversial union in either business or love.  TAURUS has a tendency to be conventional in matters of the heart or business, practical and down to earth, but there are exceptions to all rules.

Through the development of talents and skills, the financial security TAURUS seeks may well be secured.  Creativity may be expressed in a variety of ways from the arts and sciences to business in a manner great or small.  Banking could appeal, but owning the bank would better suit the average TAURUS.  Give your TAURUS child a piggy bank and they will find a way to fill it and no doubt enjoy counting every penny of the loot.  When there is enough, allow the child to open a bank account, but always encourage the offspring to do what they love and the rest shall naturally follow!