image  BLOG TALK  RADIO  image Since July 2010imageBLOG TALK RADIO EXPLORING THE PARANORMAL WITH PATTIEimageimageAll around the world!All present and past shows also available on iTunes!Email: 12/13/2010: Thank you, Patricia, for having faith in that which cannot be seen. You are a gift to our collective. Best ever, Linda (who had a reading from you a long while back and really appreciates your contribution, positivity, and light at this critical spiritual time on earth.)image“I’m really glad you’re back on Blog Talk Radio and was pleasantly surprised when I saw you had new shows on iTunes (I was still subscribed for your shows). Welcome back :)” Susan Rickard posted on my Timeline on Facebook on 9/27/2012 imageimageimageimageimageRelationship KarmaLove & Forgivenesswith PattieSUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 3 PMPattie will discuss the dynamics of love relationships in terms of the planets, astrological aspects and the Tarot. Why do we fall in love? Lust? Why do we fall out of love? Fascination? What are the karmic patterns involved and how do we improve upon our opportunity to experience and express true love? Besides that, how do we forgive a person who has betrayed or abandoned us? How do we manage to forgive our self for the foolish mistakes we have made in terms of judgment when it comes to love and friendship?  During at least the last 30 minutes relationship mini-readings will be given to callers.LAST SHOW FOR NOW! imageimageimageimageimageARCHIVED SHOWS!All past shows are still available: shows as MP3s and listen anytime!All past shows are also available on iTunes!Listen to recent shows on the widget at the top of this page!imageimageimageThe Chinese Year of the Snakewith T. Raphael SimonsSUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 3 PMPattie’s return guest is astrologer and Feng Shui expert T. Raphael Simons who will discuss events to take place during the CHINESE YEAR OF THE SNAKE – 2013. Raphael’s insights will include patterns to be expected by all twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Mini-readings will also be given during the show. His website: http://www.raphaelsimons.comSaved By The Lightwith Dannion BrinkleySUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 3 PM ESTPattie’s guest is Dannion Brinkley, author of the bestselling book Saved by the Light. Dannion had a Near Death Experience where he was clinically dead for 28 minutes after being struck by lightning while talking on the telephone. In fact, Dannion has died more than once and returned to fulfill his mission in hospice. Dannion is also known as the Lightning Shaman. He is a highly dynamic and entertaining speaker. His website: http://www.dannion.comWorld Predictions for 2013with PattieSUNDAY, DECEMBER 30, 3 PM ESTPattie will discuss her World Predictions for the New Year: 2013. At least half of the show will be devoted to giving mini-readings to the callers to prepare for a brand new year.Never Letting Gowith Medium Mark AnthonySUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 3 PM ESTPattie’s returning guest is Medium Mark Anthony, author of the bestselling book, Never Letting Go, and an attorney who always “follows the evidence” whether in a criminal trial or with those seeking his mediumistic connections with their loved ones in spirit. Mark is an Oxford educated attorney who grew up with “psychic parents” and that makes his experience unique. During the last 30 minutes, Mark will help callers to connect with their loved ones on the Other Side. His website: http://www.neverletting  Medical AstrologyWeight Loss & How to Achieve itwith Astrologer, shaman Eileen NaumanSUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 3 PM ESTPattie’s returning guest is Eileen Nauman, author of Medical Astrology. She will discuss WEIGHT LOSS AND HOW TO ACHIEVE IT.  Eileen is a Medical Astrologer, was an EMT, emergency medical technician, and has worldwide clientele.  Her website:http://www.medicinegarden.comThis show is especially good for astrologers to hear! Take a listen!TAROTDivination & Developmentwith PattieSUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 3 PM ESTPattie will discuss using the TAROT card deck for the purpose of divination, more commonly known as fortune telling, which she has used in giving accurate readings since 1969. She started out with a regular deck of cards, at first not realizing that the regular cards had actually descended from the ancient and sacred system of Tarot. On her websites are Tarot Tableaus designed for the purpose of personal and spiritual development. Pattie will discuss the use of the cards for the purpose of enhancing your own psychic abilities and your spiritual development. The last 30 minutes will be devoted to FREE mini readings for the callers. Pattie employs a number system that relates to the Tarot Major Arcana and astrology. Intuitive MediumPatti OrtylSUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 3 PM ESTPattie’s returning guest is Patti Ortyl, Reiki Master/Teacher and Psychic Mediumwho connects with the energies of loved ones and guides on the Other Side for her clients to find closure, validation, and peace of mind. Her website:Feeling for Healing UFOs & Alien Abductionwith Joe Montaldo & Jason WilsonSUNDAY, OCTOBER 21, 3:00 PM EDTMy guest is Joe Montaldo, founder, National Director and spokesperson for the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY FOR ALIEN RESEARCH (I.C.A.R.), the UFO Paranormal Radio Network, and UFO Undercover Radio. Joe has been an alien abduction researcher for more than 25 years. He also appeared on Coast to Coast with George Noory. We will be discussing UFOs and all the latest regarding alien abduction, which I think is pretty scary stuff! Joe’s guest on the show will be Jason Wilson, Director of I.C.A.R in North America. To listen to the show or ask a question call 347-884-9037 Or join us on your computer! Have you seen a UFO? I have! A chapter in my memoir, COSMIC CONSPIRACY, is “UFOs and the Alien Presence.” I know lots of people who have seen a UFO or even a mother ship. His website: Near Death ExperienceLove to the Millionth Powerwith Patricia GrabowSUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 3 PM EDTMy guest Patricia Grabow will discuss her latest book, LOVE TO THE MILLIONTH POWER: A Woman’s Journey From Death to Love, to the Immortal Now. What was her death like? What would happen if you died and came back to the world you left and realized there is no death? What would your life be like? Patricia Grabow died in a car accident in London on June 16, 1980. She will talk about what happened to her as she experienced death and returned to a life in which she faced challenges she could never have imagined before that time. There are over 8 million people in the U.S. who have had a near death experience and the universal experience was that they were all as conscious as they are now. The question: Where does consciousness reside and what is death? Call 347-884-9037 or tune in on your computer. Have you had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE too? Do You See Dead People?with PattieSUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 3 PM EDTDo you see dead people? Do you hear the voices of the Dearly Departed? Do you sense your loved ones on the Other Side near you at different times of the day or night? Do you dream about your friends and family members after they have “crossed over to the Other Side”? On this show we will discuss our experiences with those on the Other Side, otherwise, with dead people. Do you believe in Life After Death? We will share our mediumistic experiences concerning friends and strangers, even ghosts, on the OTHER SIDE. And the last 30 minutes of the show Pattie will give FREE mini readings to the callers.  347-884-9037 or listen and watch live at   How Are You Doing This Latein the Year of the Dragon?with astrologer T. Raphael SimonsSUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 3 PM EDTMy guest, astrologer and Feng Shui expert T. Raphael Simons, will discuss the situation in the world that involves all the signs in the Chinese Horoscope during the remaining months of the Year of the Dragon. His website:http://www.raphaelsimons.comRaphael will be giving FREE readings using the Chinese method the last 30 minutes of the show.
How Psychic Are You?Developing Your Psychic Abilitieswith PattieSUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 3-4:30 pm EDTHow psychic are you? Everyone is psychic to some extent, although not everyone pays close attention to the Still Small Voice Within that usually speaks to us more in feelings, hunches, or sometimes visions more often than in actual spoken audible words. Although some people do hear voices (experience clairaudience), perhaps the voice of a dearly departed family member or friend or a spirit guide. I hear voices from time to time. That’s why some people can actually be fearful when it comes to opening up about their psychic abilities. It’s the fine line between psychic and insane, the same fine line that exists between genius and insanity. Call in and let’s discuss our psychic experiences and how they have helped us to be better persons and live a fuller and more meaningful life. FREE MINI READINGS were given the last 30 minutes of this 90 minute show.PLAYING YOUR PARTIN THE COSMIC DRAMAwith PattieSUNDAY, APRIL 17, 3 PM EDTThis show will be devoted to the roles we play in the COSMIC DRAMA called LIFE. Were you cast as a hero or a villain in your present lifetime? The subject of reincarnation is part of this show, as well as spiritual growth and development. Pattie will give readings during the better part of the hour.YOUR CHINESE HOROSCOPEwith astrologer T. Raphael SimonsSUNDAY, APRIL 10, 3 PM EDTMy guest, astrologer and Feng Shui expert T. Raphael Simons  discussed the 12 Chinese signs during the Year of the Metal Rabbit for the months of April and May. Excellent show! His website: www.psychicarts.comTHE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!with PattieSUNDAY, APRIL 3, 3 PM EDTPattie will discuss how we can fall short in personal expectations in transmuting our nature and improving our lives, primarily because of our inability to take responsibility for our flaws and imperfections. Like Flip Wilson, we often cry out, “The Devil made me do it!” In the Qabalah, the Devil represents the lower nature, the composite of every evil thought and act a soul needs to get beyond and rise above in order to express the true Higher Self. We need to make friends with the Dweller on the Threshold! HEAL GRIEF WITH BELIEFwith Medium Mark AnthonySUNDAY, MARCH 27, 3 PM EDTPattie’s guest is Medium Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer. Mark is actually a criminal defense attorney, so this should be an interesting show. How does a medium, who might be able to contact the victim, deal with the criminal who actually committed the crime? His website:  YOUR SOLAR RETURN JOURNEYwith astrologer Jeff GeistSUNDAY, MARCH 13, 3 PM ESTPattie’s guest is astrologer Jeff Geist who will discuss the prospects of taking an actual journey (birthday trip) for your exact Solar Return with the aim of facilitating negotiation of its challenges while simultaneously making the most of the opportunities presented by this personal New Year horoscope. His website: PROCESS OF TRANSFORMATIONwith Janene Sneider, Transformation FacilitatorSUNDAY, MARCH 6, 3 PM ESTPatties return guest is Janene Sneider,Master of Human Fundamentals, who will discuss how we can move from the negative into the positive in our daily lives. Janene assists her clients in becoming the Essential Self.LETTING GO AND LETTING GODTHE LAW OF SACRIFICESUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 3 PM ESTPattie discusses our constant mortal or human need to LET GO AND LET GOD in our lives. The need to give up to get. The need to relinquish the lower self in order to express our true nature as an aspect of the HIGHER SELF. The need to get with the Cosmic Program.10 TOP WAYS DREAMSCAN CHANGE YOUR LIFEwith Cathleen O’Connor, PhDSUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 3 PM ESTPattie’s guest is Dr. Cathleen O’Connor, metaphysical minister and dream analyst. Cathleen is the author of THE EVERYTHING LAW OF ATTRACTION DREAM DICTIONARY – An A to Z Guide to Using Your Dreams to Attract Success, Prosperity and Love.” Her book will be the subject of our show as Cathleen reveals the TEN TOP WAYS DREAMS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  Her websites: and  HEART-CENTERED SHAMANISM FOR THE AQUARIAN AGE with astrologer, author Eileen NaumanSUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 3 PM ESTPattie’s return guest is astrologer Eileen Nauman, author of “Medical Astrology,” who will discuss HEART-CENTERED SHAMANISM FOR THE AQUARIAN AGE. Eileen is a medical astrologer born into a line of shamans. She has worldwide clientele.http://www.medicinegarden.comTHE PROBLEM OF GLAMOURSUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 3 PM ESTPattie discusses the PROBLEM OF GLAMOUR in our daily lives. The razzle dazzle of advertising, movies and television, the world of high fashion, and the pattern where you ‘Can’t be too rich or too thin.’ The beguiling influence of The Astral Light that surrounds us in our daily lives. The need to differentiate between the illusion and reality. The need to become real and authentic in our daily lives. This is a touchy subject for most of us, including me! Please tune in and share your thoughts with my listeners!THE CHINESE YEAR OF THE METAL RABBITwith T. Raphael SimonsSUNDAY, JANUARY 30, 3 PM ESTPattie’s return guest is psychic astrologer T. Raphael Simons, who has published three books on the subject of Feng Shui. Raphael will discuss the patterns for the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac during the Year of the Metal Rabbit, which commences on February 3, 2011. Mini-readings will be given. Raphael’s predictions for 2010 were extremely accurate! His website is www.psychicarts.netJUPITER-URANUS &MAJOR CONFIGURATIONS FOR 2011with astrologer Lynn KoinerSUNDAY, JANUARY 16, 3 PM ESTPattie’s guest is astrologer Lynn Koiner who will discuss the JUPITER-URANUS conjunction and the Major Astrological Configurations for 2011. Her website: www.lynnkoiner.comPSYCHIC PREDICTIONS FOR 2011SUNDAY, JANUARY 2, 2011, 3 PM ESTPattie talks about her predictions for the year 2011 and much of the hour will be given over to free mini-readings for the listeners. What’s in your future in 2011? What important question do you want to ask her?ASTROLOGICAL FORECASTS FOR 2011with astrologer Jeanne AverySUNDAY, DECEMBER 19, 3 PM ESTPattie’s return guest, astrologer, author Jeanne Avery, will sum up 2010 and make forecasts for the 12 signs of the Zodiac for the coming year ahead: 2011. Jeanne will take questions the second half of the program. Jeanne has published 6 books on astrology, including the ever popular Your Rising Sign that is being released by Simon & Schuster as a Kindle version. Pattie is in the chapter on Libra rising. THIS WAS A GREAT SHOW. Please try to listen!  NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCEAND THE GHOST CHRONICLESwith Lura KetchledgeSUNDAY, DECEMBER 12, 3 PM ESTPattie’s guest is author Lura Ketchledge who will discuss her near death experience and the psychic dreams that changed her life and helped her to write her five novels known as THE GHOST CHRONICLES. Lura lives in a haunted house. The novels she has written are filled with aspects of the paranormal and reincarnation.   DEVELOP YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIESSUNDAY, DECEMBER 5, 3 PM ESTPattie will discuss the development of your psychic abilities and the intuitive faculty to assist you in making your life more meaningful. The process of spiritual advancing along your path. Pattie discusses psychic patterns and the difference in terms of the intuitive process, receiving revelations and psychic patterns in terms of dreams. Mini-readings will be given the last 15 minutes of this session.MATH PATTERN FORECASTS EVENTS OFFERS PROOF OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESSwith Tom PayneSUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 3 PM ESTPattie’s guest is Tom Payne, author of THE TEMPLATE OF TIME, wherein he exposes the existence of a mathematical grid upon which history unfolds. Comprised of 70 year intervals, Tom found that this pattern accurately tracked events from Ancient time to the Modern era. Being a set pattern, it can be used to forecast future events. Moreover, Tom believes the predictability of this ‘template’ offers proof that life is not random but the result of planning by some Higher Consciousness. Website:   HOW’S YOUR KARMA?SATURN & JUPITERLet’s talk about your MOON!Pattie discusses the subject of KARMA in general terms, as well as in terms of the planet SATURN, the tough stuff, and JUPITER, the easier stuff, and the Cosmic stuff that relates to PLUTO, in terms of the Law of Cause and Effect…your action or lack of action in your daily life! As Saturn and Pluto continue to square off in the coming year…are you learning your lessons and performing good deeds to get multiple gold stars in the Book of Life? No good or evil deed goes unnoticed by the Lords of Karma! Transmute the lead in your life into the sort of gold you can take with you!YOUR STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSESASTROLOGY & TAROTPattie discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac in terms of Astrology and Tarot. The highs and lows of Personality and Ego development on the Path toward Enlightenment. How these patterns affect your daily life and exchange with others.REINCARNATION – LEARNING TO FORGIVEWHO WERE YOU?Pattie discusses the subject of reincarnation. She had hoped to have a guest on with a book on children’s memories of past lives, but was unable to lock anyone in for the show. Have you been regressed? What have you learned about your past life or lives? As the soul evolves what are the main lessons to be learned in order to remove yourself from the Wheel of Rebirth? Is reincarnation really fact or fiction?GHOST HUNTERwith Doug Carnahan, Paranormal InvestigatorPattie’s guest is Doug Carnahan, extreme haunted survivor and paranormal investigator, who will discuss his experiences and helping people deal with the dark side of the paranormal. His website: http://www.dmcarnahanpi.comCELEBRITY NUMEROLOGIST with Tania GabriellePattie’s guest is celebrity numerologist Tania Gabrielle who will discuss the value of numerology in your life. Her website: http://www.taniagabrielle.comINTENTIONAL HEALINGwith healer Mikhail DekhtaPattie’s guest is Russian healer Mikhail Dekhta who discusses his special healing technique known as Intentional Healing. His website ishttp://www.intentional-healing.org2012 – THE PARANORMAL COOKBOOKwith Shaun Belekurov, Paranormal InvestigatorPattie’s guest is Shaun Belekurov, paranormal investigator and author of 2012 – The Paranormal Cookbook, Convergence of Reality and the Supernatural, who will discuss his explorations into the paranormal and his take on what we can expect to occur in 2012.  His website is http://www.spooksfield.comTAROT – DIVINATION & DEVELOPMENTPattie discusses Tarot divination and using the Tarot for spiritual development to reach greater understanding and insight. Her tarot book is The Wheel of Destiny – The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan.COSMIC TRAIN WRECK & MEDICAL ASTROLOGYwith Eileen Nauman, astrologer, shamanPattie’s guest Eileen Nauman, author of Medical Astrology, is a medical astrologer and shaman with worldwide clientele. Her website:  This show should have been booked as the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of June 26 and July 11, the Grand Cardinal Cross, and the Comet McNaught zooming in with its gloom and doom possibilities. Please try to listen to this one! And fasten your seatbelts for a Cosmic Train Wreck!!!ATLANTIS& LEMURIAwith Shirley H. Andrews, authorPattie’s guest is author Shirley H. Andrews who has traveled from the jungles of Central America to the islands of the Azores in search of the truth about Atlantis. Her books are ATLANTIS: Insights From a Lost Civilization and LEMURIA and ATLANTIS: Studying the Past to Survive the Future. Her website: http://www.atlantisinsights.netWE’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER!with numerologist Ed PetersonPattie’s guest is Ed Peterson, noted numerologist and author of the book Numerology. His website: http://www.learnthenumbers.comYOUR CHAKRAS & PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENTPattie discusses the chakra system and developing psychic abilities from basic patterns to the highest expression, in addition to spiritual development in general, as discussed in her book, The Wheel of Destiny – The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan.CONVERSING WITH ANGELS   with medium Vikke FordPattie’s guest is Vikke Ford who channels the Akashic angels. Vikke is an ordained minister, spirit medium, and also works with past life regression. Her website: ASK SPIRIT NOW TRANSFORMATIONAL INTEGRATIONwith Richard Blasband M.D. & Dominique Surel Ph.D.Pattie’s guests Dr. Richard Blasband and Dr. Dominique Surel discuss their healing technique: Transformational Integration. Dr. Blasband is Director of Research for the Center of Functional Research and is a board-certified psychiatrist trained in orgonomic medicine. Dr. Blasband and Dr. Surel are co-Directors of the Institute for Transformational Integration. Dr. Surel’s background is in radiesthesia, plus she teaches others to develop Intuitive Thinking. Dr. Surel has also been trained in Controlled Remote Viewing. Dr. Blasband’s website: http://www.functionalresearch.orgTHE DIVINE FEMININE – THE GODDESSPattie discusses the Divine Feminine Principle and the Goddess on Mother’s Day, in association with astrology, Tarot, and the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Pattie will give several free mini readings on this Sunday.MAYAN DOOMSDAY PROPHECY& SKULLS OF SALVATIONwith Lanaia Lee, poet, author Pattie’s guest, poet and psychic author Lanaia Lee has two books: Of Atlantis and The Skulls of Salvation, in addition to a poem on the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy. Her website is http://www.lanaiaslair.comASTROLOGY & YOUR PAST LIVESwith Jeanne Avery, astrologer and authorPattie’s guest astrologer Jeanne Avery, is the author of six books on astrology, including Astrology and Your Past Lives. Pattie is featured in The Rising Sign and Astrological Aspects. Jeanne’s website: http://www.jeanneavery.comTHE POWER OF SUGGESTIONPattie discusses the power of suggestion, along with visualization, and the Hermetic Law of Attraction.  Study The Kybalion! PRECOGNITIVE DREAMSwith Dale Graff, former Director of Project STARGATEPattie’s guest Dale Graff will discuss his PSI seminars and his experience with precognitive dreaming. Dale is the author of River Dreams and Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness. His website: YOUR INTUITIONwith Janene Sneider, Transformation FacilitatorPattie’s guest Janene Sneider, Master of Human Fundamentals, helps people to be the Essential Self. Psychic development will be discussed on this show.KARMA, DESTINY & UNIVERSAL LAWPattie discusses the principles in terms of comparative religion and metaphysics!THE HAPPY MEDIUMwith Patti Ortyl ─Psychic Medium and Reiki HealerPattie’s guest is Patti Ortyl, Reiki Master/Teacher and Psychic Mediumwho connects with the energies of loved ones and guides on the Other Side for her clients to find closure, validation, and peace of mind. Her website:Feeling for HealingJOINING A GALACTIC SOCIETYwith Donald Ware ─ Director, International UFO CongressPattie interviews Donald Ware, Director of the International UFO Congress for 18 years, about human beings on Earth joining a galactic society. Don discusses assistance from beings from other planets, and other intelligent species with flying saucers who live on Earth. Check out his website: Don WareWACKY & WONDERFUL PSYCHIC STUFFPattie talks about how she became a psychic and about weird psychic stuff!THE WORLD OF PSYCHIC SPIESwith Dale Graff, former Director of Project STARGATEPattie interviews Dale about the U.S. Psychic Spy program conducted in secrecy in the U.S. for 20 years!  His website: Dale GraffTHE CHINESE YEAR OF THE METAL TIGERAND FENG SHUI FOR 2010with  T. Raphael SimonsPattie’s guest T. Raphael Simons, author, psychic, and astrologer makes forecasts for the 12 Chinese signs for 2010! His website: THING CALLED LOVE Pattie discusses the 12 Signs of the Zodiac in LOVE!Register as a listener with Blog Talk Radio and listen to these shows anytime FAIR WARNING
Please do not listen to so-called psychics or astrologers who tell you they can remove curses by burning candles for which they charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars! This is a very old gypsy con game. There is NO TRUTH to these claims! Spend your money in more worthwhile endeavors. Feed the hungry! Clothe the homeless! Pay for the education of a needy child! Give to the American Red Cross! Give to the children of Haiti!