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The Wheel of Destiny







Explore the 22 Keys of the Major Arcana and discover just who you really are or can be.  Patricia McLaine’s Master Spread covers all facets of life: work, play, romance and potential partners, spiritual quests and the Higher Self, finances, resources, children, basic personality, inner drives, inspiration, the home, talents, friends, past lives and fears.


Every possible position of each Key in her Master Spread is explained so that anyone can master this system.  No more guesswork!  Forget about stringing keywords together to interpret a spread; this book provides complete, colorful descriptions of every Key and its many variations within the Master Spread.


Discover the true Core of yourself as you deal the cards of Life…


THE WHEEL OF DESTINY is a perfect tool for any knowledgeable astrologer, for the Tarot Major Arcana depicts the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the 10 ancient planets.


Trade paperback, 7 x 10, 462 pages, $24.95 plus priority mail in the U.S.: $28.80; global priority mail: $33.95 internationally.  ORDER YOUR AUTOGRAPHED COPY TODAY! 


All major credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Send your check or money order to Patricia McLaine, 205 Yoakum Parkway, 1126, Alexandria, VA 22304-3856 or call 703-823-1930 to order a book or report.


“Pattie McLaine is the queen of synchronicity.  In her hands, the Tarot becomes an extremely effective way to tap other-than-conscious realms of psychic functioning.”

Richard B. Blasband, M.D.




“For over 30 years, the many psychic readings I have had with Patricia McLaine have provided me with valuable insight and guidance in every phase of my life, but my Master Reading enabled me to develop a kinder, more accepting attitude toward life and myself, making me a happier person.  I highly recommend the Master Reading to anyone interested in viewing his or her life with greater clarity and compassion.”

Susan Pompian

Author, consultant







“From the folly and wisdom of The Fool to the nurturing influence of The Chariot to the honor and responsibility inherent in The World, tarot psychic and author Patricia McLaine takes the reader on a memorable and informative spiritual journey through the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. After a brief introduction to the system, each chapter begins with a basic presentation of a Key, including such associations as Hebrew letter, key words and occupational aptitudes. Then every possible position of the Key within the Master Spread is discussed for a thorough understanding and ease in interpreting the Life Path of our selves and others. The careful and reflective reader will learn his or her own special role on the Earth plane and in worlds beyond space and time as revealed in our own Wheel of Destiny. “The Wheel of Destiny” is highly recommended reading for all serious students and practitioners of tarot divination and metaphysical studies.”

James Cox, Midwest Book Review, October 1999

Email dated March 7, 2002: “Dear Patricia, I recently bought a copy of THE WHEEL OF DESTINY, and did my master spread. I’m so taken by your book, and by my reading–each day I dip in and go over something, with much delight. It’s as if your words sink in on a very deep level. Another thing I would like to say about your book is that I feel the words are coming from a place of real Truth–a true ‘knowing’ that is from deep inside you. Because of this I find myself letting in the words without any obstruction on my part. I hope this makes sense. Thank you for writing your book.”

Sandra Jensen, Toronto, Canada.


The Wheel of Destiny:  The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan

by Patricia McLaine

Akasha Publishing 1999 ISBN 0-9672510-0-1

I took this book out of the library because it was new (literally─1999 revised printing of 1991 version, never been touched by other hands), and it had a beautiful cover ─lavender background, gold lettering, with a picture of The World on the front. At first I ignored the book and had to renew it to have time to read it. Once I began to read it, it literally blew me away. It confirmed things that I already knew about myself, and explained others.

Where in the heck was this book when I was in my 20’s? (Hey─I might have been ready for it … maybe smile.) Patricia McLaine is one of those people that you just know that you would love to meet in person. She has been involved with Tarot as a divinatory tool for over twenty years. She received the inspiration for this book while meditating on the twenty-two Major Arcana. She equates the information received through her Master Spread with that received from a natal or solar horoscope. While the horoscope evolves from the alignment of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of birth, the Master Spread evolves from contact with the Higher Self, or super consciousness.

To quote from the book: “The Master Spread will lead you through unexplored territory, for the painstakingly deliberate design of the Keys provide not only endless discovery concerning your own psyche but take the part of a wise counselor and guide for your excursion through the physical world. Key is an appropriate word for each of the cards of the Major Arcana, for each Key unlocks a door of your consciousness that leads to Light in the form of greater wisdom and understanding.”

This is a very powerful spread, and is used to show underlying causes (conscious or unconscious) that reveal patterns that need to be transformed in order to promote spiritual growth, but also to instill self confidence on the earthly plane. Ms. McLaine equates a Master Spread reading with the essence of a Life Reading. (Having just done one for myself, I can tell you that it is serious, and is a reading that you only need to do once in your lifetime.)

Very explicit instructions are given as to how the reading is to be done. Mental preparation, the direction to face while doing the reading, how the cards are to be placed, taping of the reading for future review–all of this is covered. Even just reading the words, you feel that you have been lead to a very safe place here on earth, where no harm can come to you. You know immediately that wonderful things are about to unfold for you.

Following is a quick version of what each position of McLaine’s Master Spread is responsible for:

1.The first card represents you, and the individuality that you will express on this journey on earth.

2. This is your personality – the mask that you wear for the world.

3. This represents your needs in the material world.

4. This represents your conscious, teachable mind (intellect), and how you use it.

5. This represents your home environment and early family beginnings.

6. This represents your creativity and capacity for pleasure or romance.

7. This represents your work and health patterns.

8. This represents marriage and partnerships in the world (other people).

9. This represents your understanding, acceptance or rejection of death, your ability for transformation during your life, and your mature sexual expression.

10. This represents your access to Super consciousness, your philosophy and code of ethics, and your religious inclinations.

11. This represents your goals and reputation in the material world, your career and public standing.

12. This represents your friends, hopes and wishes.

13. This represents the powers of your subconscious mind, your fears and your dreams, and your psychic health.

14.- 16. These cards represent your Trinity of Inspiration, gifts inherent in you now earned in previous incarnations. These gifts inspire you to evolve.

17.- 19. These cards represent your Trinity of Aspiration, traits or talents that you aspire to attain during your present embodiment, and the cosmic possibility of such attainment.

20. This represents your Magnetic Negative Feminine Polarity.

21. This card represents your Electro-Dynamic Positive Masculine Polarity.

22. This card represents your Overself, your contact with your Higher Self.

For those who work with the Qabalah, Ms. McLaine presents a well-done section that over-lays the Master Spread on the Tree of Life. I found this book easy to read, with a great depth of understanding of Tarot and other systems, and was left with a general feeling that I had just spoken with a very evolved soul.

For anyone wanting to use Tarot for spiritual evolvement, this book is a must read. These are some of the things that came up in the reading that I did for myself: my life challenge, why I have always felt that I move alone through life, my financial karma, the death of my father when I was thirteen years old (yes, the Master Spread showed the death of a parent at an early age, and how that would affect my life), my career patterns (and my involvement with the military), my pull towards the occult and mantric arts and what I feel the second half of my life will bring.

If you want to feel good about yourself and life─read this book (and work the spread). It will bring you levels of understanding that open new doors, that will truly expand your life.


For further reviews go to or to read them there.  Book dealers please contact Akasha Publishing direct  703-823-1930  to purchase books.



  The Recycling Of Rosalie







THE RECYCLING OF ROSALIE is a delightful and funny love story about life after death and reincarnation with astral workers, nature spirits and guardian angels. “They have been meeting off and on for thousands of years because LOVE IS ETERNAL!”


Trade paperback, .5.5 x 8.5, 219 pages, $12.95 plus first class mail: $15.80; global priority: $21.95, internationally.  ORDER YOUR AUTOGRAPHED COPY TODAY!







“The characters in this story are all unforgettable. They will make you laugh and make you cry, and will live in your heart forever. Your special angel will inspire you to read this one over and over again.”


A glimpse of what heaven might be like–peace, serenity, all your dreams come true–and an angel to watch over you.”

B. L. Birute


“Weeks after reading THE RECYCLING OF ROSALIE, I find myself still chuckling over her antics. We’d all like to think Rosalie’s experience of life after death is what really happens. A thoroughly entertaining read.”

Peter Kynaston

“I want to thank you for writing your book. I loved it! I couldn’t put it down. I think it should be required reading for anyone dealing with death either by losing a loved one or having to face their own. It was wonderful.”

Lynn Kaufman

“Your book, THE RECYCLING OF ROSALIE, is absolutely amazing!  I wasn’t able to put it down.  PLEASE tell me that you are going to have another book to follow this one! I loved the book so much I didn’t want it to end! It truly is the best book I’ve ever read and is now, by far, my favorite. I’ve had people ask to borrow it, but I’m afraid I won’t get it back.  They’ll just have to buy their own copy!  What a wonderful book!”

Cassandra Newton, Auburn, WA

Email dated November 19, 2003: “I forgot to tell you that while in Russia adopting our new daughter I read THE RECYCLING OF ROSALIE.  I absolutely loved it!  It was by far the best book I’ve ever read.”

Melissa Hughes, Stafford, VA

Note Received April 25, 2003 about The Recycling of Rosalie on consignment in a health food store in Arlington, VA:

“I purchased your book for myself and once I started reading it I could not put it down.  I laughed out loud so many times, and I cried, too. You have really written a wonderful book!  Thank you so very much.”

Joanna Rose Williams, VA


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