BOOKS TO READ image  So many good books to read. My list could fill many, many pages! Here are a few high on my list:image Earth – An Alien EnterpriseDo yourself a favor and read this book! WE, THE ARCTURIANSI highly recommend reading this book!  Treat yourself to this book! It’s another must read! A book I recently finished reading that is another must read:imageMark Anthony is a gifted medium and also a criminal defense attorney. You will not be disappointed if you buy this book and read it!I highly recommend the work of DR. BRIAN WEISS.#########Dr. Weiss has written a number of wonderful books and lectured all around the world on past life regression. I’ve taken several of his workshops and attended many of his lectures. Why not visit his website and order books and tapes on past life regression to help you understand your own past lives and get more out of this life: Product Details     Product Details     Product Details The thrillers written by Dan Brown contain many metaphysical truths besides being highly riveting, entertaining novels! Plus, you learn a lot about history you may have forgotten or never learned in the first place.Thank you, Dan Brown!However, I could teach him a thing or two about the Tarot and its true purpose.Not only does Tarot keep the idea of the Divine Feminine alive … Tarot teaches about the evolution of consciousness, the power of manifesting your fondest dreams, about karmic law and the ability to reach Self Realization and Cosmic Consciousness. That happens to be the destiny of every living sentient being in physical reality! I studied with one of those secret mystical societies that taught me a great deal, Dan Brown. Plus, my grandfather and uncles and cousins were Masons! And there’s, hopefully, no chance of burning me at the stake, hanging me, or stoning me to death this time around….at least that’s my sincere hope and dream! Fortunately, I was born in the United States of America this time. I consider that to be good karma!But I really want to thank you for writing your books! The Masters seem to be rewarding you rather well, don’t you think? Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! I only wish that I’d come up with the concept for Harry Potter! I’ll bet at least a dozen publishers have beat their head against the wall really hard for passing on that idea! Oh well!!! Maybe some of those who rejected you have the same inclination. KEEP WRITING! AND THANK YOU!   Angels & DemonsimageThe Lost SymbolClick and buy!                               Why not treat yourself to an inspirational read at or from your local bookstore! Check out this interesting website!You Aren’t the Only One! Many books written by my astrologer-friend JEANNE AVERY are on my list. You can find most of Jeanne’s books at Jeanne featured me in The Rising Sign and Astrological Aspects. Jeanne has also written about past life regression besides being an expert on astrology! She left us in 2012. I miss Jeanne.                     image          Product Details         Product Details I also highly recommend a recent read I could not put down! “Soul Survivor – The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot.” This boy’s memories began before he was 2-years-old!  image Almost any book by Gregg Braden could be listed here. But this one is terrific!! this on YouTube for the sake of your health! image And so are these!!! The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and ProphecyClick and buy!imageimageWonderful Books. Click and buy and read!  SpiralingThroughtheSchoolofLife A Medical, Physical and Spiritual DiscoverySpiraling Through the School of Life: A Mental, Physical, and Spiritual DiscoveryThe fascinating memoir of client-friend actress DIANE LADD: MORE BOOKS TO READ: DO DEAD PEOPLE WATCH YOU SHOWER?byConcetta Bertoldi.CHILDREN’S PAST LIVES -How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child by Carol Bowman.DAIMONIC REALITY- A Field Guide to the Otherworld byPatrick Harpur2013 – Envisioning the World After the Events of 2012 byMarie D. JonesThe End of Days or a New Beginning?LIFE BEFORE LIFE -A Scientific Investigation of Children’s Memoires of Previous Livesby Jim B. Tucker, M.D.Quote from page 166: One time, after recovering from the flu, Bobby told his mother, “Mom, people in the other world don’t get sick.” She responded, “The other world, Bobby?” and he said, “The world where I was waiting to get born. People don’t get sick there. They are just happy and never get sick. I wish we didn’t get sick in this world.”2012 – THE PARANORMAL COOKBOOK by S. M. BelekurovConvergence of Reality and the Supernatural Look for more books and authors to be added soon!