Years ago, the analysis of video games was reserved for the specialized magazines, which had the news before anyone and put long teeth into us with those advances and images coming from Japan and the United States. This made us wonder when those games would arrive and envying the friend on duty who got a Dragon Ball export directly from the country of the Rising Sun.

Not to mention the impossibility of seeing any video games on the move and waiting for us, with the Hobby consoles or Super Games of the current month, with the popularization of the internet and the possibility of having access to the network in our homes we could begin to inform ourselves on specialized websites from all over the world, to see live presentations of the developing companies themselves or, directly, to download demos with which to prove ourselves the virtues (or defects) of the novelties. With the creation and diffusion of specialized forums such as vandal, however and other acquaintances there was the total democratization in the world of video games (except some moderator) where we can all comment in real-time on the evolution in the development of any title or game we are playing at this time. Finally, with the revolution produced with the arrival of Steam and Android or iOS-based mobile devices, as well as the creation of video game development engines accessible to everyone, a multitude of independent studios have emerged that have unimaginably created original games 20 years ago. As a tribute to this whole process, we are going to show some of the funniest and funniest analyses of video games published in Steam and Google Play. It is generated by the users themselves, who at times are dedicated exclusively to troll ear, at other times demonstrate their vice for the video game in question and their eagerness to help the rest of gamers.

Fun analysis Steam games

Steam, the video game distribution platform created by Valve and launched in January 2003, has changed the world of PC video games – in fact it has created a new race, you know what we mean from the marketing of the games, the social possibilities of the games, the online game, and its famous sales, which paralyze gamers several times a year.

Right now it has more than 125 million active users and has brought together 12.5 million people playing at the same time in November 2015, so, looking at these figures, it is not surprising that we find reviews of all kinds in user Analyses.

After seeing some different valuations, let’s focus on three of the most famous and played video games of all time: Grand Theft Auto V, Skyrim, and Counter-Strike.

Ratings funny GTA V

We can say that it has been the most expected Game of recent years (not counting Half-Life III), The Rockstar saga has generated some of the most spectacular numbers in the industry, although it has been overtaken by Destiny, at the time it was the most expensive development in history (265 million dollars). Money recovered by far, since it sold $ 800 million on the day of launch, together, among all its editions, it has sold 55 million copies, and was raised by acclamation as one of the best video games of all time by the specialized press and users, achieving 97% endpoint in metacritique.

It has also been the title that encouraged the” fight ” between PC gamers and consolers, due to the delay of their launch for the first platform.

Counter-Strike fun recommendations

The multiplayer game par excellence (between 150,000 and 300,000 players each day), the one that has generated the most benefits for Valve through the sale of boxes and objects via Steam. Also, the one that has accumulated the most hours of play (currently there are more than 100,000 dedicated Counter-Strike servers) and the game that all players have said at some point “detest him, and I don’t play again.”

Reviews original Skyrim

Since its launch in November 2011, the Bethesda Game has sold almost 15 million copies and has been highlighted among the community by the number of mods created by users themselves that have multiplied their gameplay to unsuspected limits, as we can see from one of the following Skyrim Analyses.