MONTHLY FORECASTSDelightful Decemberimage    image   imageFor greater insight ─ read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign!By clicking on the Tarot Key for your sign you can learn more about your true nature and greater possibilities!Planetary Alerts!Pluto Square Uranus Continues!The CARDINAL SQUARE between PLUTO in CAPRICORN and URANUS in ARIES is with us until 2016. As I have already pointed out, the aspect causes some to act out in a bizarre or unruly fashion, perhaps  out of control or insane as we continue to read stories in the headlines of wars and terrorism. The world is a scary place with all the disease and discontent in the Middle East, including Ebola and the horrors of Islamic militants in Nigeria and other African nations, with the current rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, in addition to upheaval in Afghanistan,  Pakistan and India.  This pattern creates accidents, violent earthquakes, and possible major volcanic eruptions, in addition to volatility in the stock markets. Please pay attention to your intuition and instincts to stay sane and safe during these difficult and somewhat unpredictable planetary aspects! 1/25/2010 Email from Rosemary on Facebook: “Your Monthly Forecasts are SO ACCURATE!”imageSagittariusSAGITTARIUS — The Archer/Centaur — Philosophical Preacher (November 22 – December 21)imageYou could find yourself rather talkative this month, but with lots of interesting things to actually say. You could also be looking really good. New hairdo? New suit? New outfit? Exciting news could find its way to you at this time, much to your delight. Finances should also be looking up, but unanticipated expenses could also be on your agenda that have to do with your home or property. You could be feeling a sense of impending responsibilities. Perhaps a promotion or some level of advancement is on the way. A sudden attraction to a new romantic partner may also present you with complications or a matter of conscience. It might be wise to look before you leap! Car theft possible.KEY WORDS: Philosophical, perceptive, candid.CapricornCAPRICORN — The Goatimage — Executive Leader(December 22 – January 20)An old love or an old friend just might show up when you least expect it. Celebrate. Your decision. Your creative juices should be flowing strong this month: Write, paint, design, perform, and do share your talents and gifts with others.  There may be lots of self-examination going on about now, deep thoughts and firm decisions about what to do or where to go next. Are you thinking about moving, changing your residence, or just moving the furniture around to give the place a new look? Buying a new piece of furniture or painting for the wall? Try not to go overboard on holidays spending this month, even though your finances appear to be improving. A special man proves helpful.    KEY WORDS: Organized, trustworthy, determined.imageAQUARIUS — Water Bearerimage — Humanitarian Caregiver (January 21 – February 19)You might find yourself changing your mind a lot this month on both a positive and negative level, so do think things over carefully before making important decisions. You are also likely to make positive decisions with long term results for the better, with a tendency to speak your mind when called upon. Long talks with close friends and companions help to clear your head at this time. Group activities should be fun, most enjoyable. You may also tend to run a touch feisty, with a positive improvement in your energy level as the month progresses. An old friend may help to save the day for you on more than one occasion. Your unbiased advice will be greatly appreciated by your friends.  KEY WORDS: Charitable, intuitive, intelligent.PiscesPISCES — The Fishesimage — Mystic Dreamer (February 20 – March 20)A new direction to take may be presented to you quite unexpectedly at this time, with you considerably confused by what to do with the situation. Is your answer YES or NO? It’s entirely up to you. Be wary of get-rich-quick financial schemes this month. And it might not be such a good idea to loan money to friends who might not be able to repay the loan. If you want to give someone money fine; Otherwise a friendship could end up severely damaged or destroyed. This is not a time when you can actually believe everything you hear regarding the boss or higher ups, especially in terms of scandals. But the gossipmongers may be trying to convince you. Travel with your significant other is likely now. KEY WORDS: Psychic, sympathetic, artistic.AriesARIES — The Ramimage — Entrepreneurial Executive (March 21 – April 19)Try not to tell off or confront your boss or some other authority figure the first week of December, because things are not likely to go your way. Parental emergencies are also possible this month, forcing a change of plans, perhaps at the last minute. Romance is on the agenda, however, perhaps in a faraway place with an exotic name. People could be saying nice things about you this month and it may even be in print! You will no doubt be feeling antsy and edgy off and on, but legal contracts are highly favored, along with positive publicity. Travel with a lover or children could be lots of fun. And this might also be a good time to buy a lottery ticket or two. You seem to be feeling confident now.KEY WORDS: Commanding, impetuous, visionary.imageTAURUS — The Bullimage — Financier (April 21 – May 21)You should be feeling amorous and glamorous this month. Really sexy, with your libido in high gear! It may be because you experience a sudden and unexpected windfall in terms of your investments, since you just love to make money! And that will give you more to spend on your beloved. The buying or selling of real estate is highly favored at this time. Group activity is likely to involve a religious or spiritual group of friends of like-minded individuals. Your intuition is growing and expanding rapidly at this time, so do pay attention to those hunches that you tend to get! Research is highly favored now, in addition to travel to places involved with a special aspect of history. Dreams prove important.KEY WORDS: Determined, sensual, traditional.Gemini GEMINI — The Twins — Communicator with a Healing Touch (May 22 – June 21)imageAre you having trouble making up your mind with regard to an important decision? Your ruling planet is opposing you this month, so be careful in making any decision, for you could certainly change your mind soon enough and be remorseful. As the month progresses so does your energy level and stamina pick up. Group gatherings might turn out a touch quirky this holiday season. Someone is being difficult. Travel may be on your agenda at this time, perhaps a trip that comes from winning a contest or a gift.  You may find the need to give in to others more often than usual and you may have to learn to be an especially good listener with regard to the difficult issues facing family members or friends.KEY WORDS: Witty, curious, charming.imageCANCER — The Crab — Diplomat, Gift with Words (June 22 – July 21)imageYour intuition is particularly sharp this month, this coming year, so please pay attention to your gut feelings and hunches to stay safe and sane. Emergencies are possible now regarding parents or elders. Try to spend quality time with your older relatives, if at all possible. Positive employment opportunities may well be presented to you at this time, with perks and pleasurable companionship involved as well. Financial increase now appears to be the result of your hard work and sustained effort in the past. Self-discipline is strong at this time to help you get the job done. A spouse or partner may prove difficult or particularly stubborn at this time, and this is not the best time for a long term commitment.KEY WORDS: Diplomatic, intuitive, gourmet.imageLEO — The Lion —image Performer, Politician  (July 22 – August 21)Romance could well be a bright highlight in your life this month, with someone with whom you share a great deal of interests in common. This is a creative time for you to express yourself as well, so write, act, sing, dance, design, do your thing. Travel is highly favored at this time, perhaps a last minute trip to an exciting destination with someone you love. Disruptions in the work environment might prove trying for a while. This too shall pass should be your motto for now. A parental figure or elder may require your urgent attention out of the blue. As the month progresses you may run a touch feisty, but try to avoid confrontations if you can. Your philosophy is changing in an exciting way.KEY WORDS: Dramatic, courageous, generousimageVIRGO – The Virgin – Teacher, Guide (August 22 – September 21)imageOut-of-body travel could become common experience for you this month. Off you go into the wild and crazy cosmos visiting exotic locales and unique individuals. You might even meet a new spirit guide along the way. A change of, or in the residence is possible, perhaps a new purchase that is creative or artistic by design. You should tremendously enjoy your home and family this holiday season, with more than a few surprises in the offing. You could become faced with making an important yet conflicting decision this month. Your relationship with your children or young people in general is highly favored at this time. You could be walking through a foggy landscape with the sun ready to burst through.KEY WORDS: Analytical, careful, educator.imageLIBRA — The Scalesimage — Peacemaker, Arbitrator (September 22 – October 21)Deep and meaningful conversations could become your lot at this time, much to your joy and delight. Siblings or neighbors play a particularly important role in your life now. You may find it necessary to practice conservation when it comes to spending during this holiday season of gift giving. After all, it is the thought that truly counts. Creative writing may interest and involve you considerably this month. Self-expression seems important now. Your spouse or significant other may well surprise you with a trip to some exotic port. Legal matters regarding real estate or property are another possibility. Even home repairs could prove a matter of some concern: An excellent time for positive thinking.KEY WORDS: Social, just, artistic.ScorpioSCORPIO — The Eagle — Creative Transformer (October 22 – November 21)Financial rewards for work done at some point in the past may come as a pleasant surprise this month. You are therefore entitled to some bragging rights! Legal contracts and wheeling and dealing are quite likely now. Publishing and the performing arts are both highly favored this month.  Travel is more likely to involve business than pure pleasure, but could still prove quite rewarding all the same. Time for a medical checkup? Take care of your health this month. Eat right and get your rest to stay fit. Hard work seems to pay off handsomely about now. There is some level of restriction to deal with at this time. Try to grin and bear it, because the pattern will soon be completed for good.                       KEY WORDS: Passionate, secretive, creative.Only an accurate natal chart drawn up with the exact time of birth determines the correct degree of the rising sign, house cusps, planetary degrees, and  the degree of the Moon, which is important in personal relationships. There are also negatives that apply to each sign!But let’s ignore those, okay?Consciousness Creates!imagePLUTO IN CAPRICORNNovember 26, 2008, until January 20, 2024.This transit is going to be very interesting with varying effects on different astrological signs, depending on the placement and house rulership of demoted PLUTO, and its eventual planetary aspects to the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. SATURN rules Capricorn, the Tenth House of the Mundane, or World Horoscope. SATURN governs career, big business, reputation, authority figures, including government, mother or father, and goals envisioned for manifestation in the material world. SATURN is a planet of structure, form, manifestation, completion, maturity and responsibility. In terms of Tarot, SATURN is the Omega factor, while PLUTO, Lord of the Underworld, governs transformation, transcendence, dramatic change, generation and regeneration (meaning sex in part), death, investments and taxes. The Eighth House of Scorpio, conjointly ruled by PLUTO and Mars, also governs research into the paranormal and the occult, or hidden, aspects of life, into matters concerning life and death. Scorpio is an intense, mystical water sign and PLUTO is the powerful, fiery planetary force that endows Scorpio with tremendous magnetism and depth of character. Scorpio is the sign with the greatest potential for good or evil, thus we may consider PLUTO’s multidimensional patterns and varied effects. Many rise to the power of PLUTO only to discover that the power ends up ruling and consuming them. The discovery of this planet happened not long before the discovery of nuclear power and energy. Mars is muscle. Pluto is super muscle capable of creating super heroes to rise up and save the Universe! Archeology and paleontology will greatly advance during the next several years, as other transiting planets occasionally assist Pluto in unearthing amazing discoveries long buried and hidden from view. Big business will go through major transformations over the long haul, with tremendous changes in taxation and investments taking place all around the globe. You could say that Pluto rules the bull and bear markets of Wall Street, along with the volatile Mars. Capricorn rules mountains and Pluto rules volcanic activity, so expect major volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in increasing numbers, possibly to commence soon. Mountain ranges could rise up or suddenly fall down; islands may rise up out of the sea or suddenly be swallowed up. The appearances of many things are going to change. Corruption in high places and big business will be unearthed and brought out into the Light, which may precipitate an overhaul of business practices worldwide. Fashion could actually become more conservative over the next few years. It seems styles have been revealing more and more when less might actually prove more alluring. Something needs to be left to imagination!PLUTO is a tricky planet to define, but my guess is that life beyond death will be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt before the transit is over. There will be tangible proof. Although it may be some time before all souls travel freely between dimensions and converse with one another on a regular basis, it could happen well before mankind on planet Earth learns to travel to other planets beyond our solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy. Dimensionally speaking, it’s a much easier fix!  imageEsoteric TidbitsThe first U.S. president sworn in for the New Millennium on January 20, 2001, George W. Bush, was borimagen a Cancer, with Leo Rising and five planets in Leo, and his moon in Libra.imageOur 43rd president was born in 1946, the Chinese Year of the Dog, and he had his first year in office during the Year of the Dragon. The second U.S. president sworn in on January 20, 2009, Barack H. Obama, was born a Leo in 1961, the Chinese Year of the Ox, with Aquarius Rising, and four planets and his North Node in Leo, and his moon in Gemini. Days after the swearing in of the 44th U.S. President (January 26), the world enters the Year of the Ox, the same Chinese Year in which President Obama was born. Interesting, at least to me, is the fact that 43 reduces to 7, the number of President Bush’s Major Arcana Tarot Key, which is Cancer, The Chariot, the same sign that the United States of America was established in, which grants the ability to say the right thing at the right time and is a card of statesmanship, diplomacy and protection. The number 44 reduces to 8, the number of President Obama’s Major Arcana Tarot Key, which is Leo, Strength, which governs the Power of Suggestion and the establishment of character and backbone under the element of compassion. During his time of leadership, President Obama should re-establish the image of strength and power of the United States of America in the eyes of the world as a president for the New Age of Aquarius and the establishment of Brotherhood on the planet!    Esoteric Planetary Pattern:OFFICIAL BIRTH OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUSThe planets Saturn and Uranus co-rule the sign of Aquarius, the Age of Humanity, which planet Earth is presently entering. WithSaturn in Virgo, sign of the Heavenly Virgin or Divine Mother, and Saturn the Divine Mother on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the Omega factor, it is like the Heavenly Mother is in the throes of labor giving birth to the New Age. Saturn in Virgo is opposing Uranus in Pisces, for we are in the process of leaving the Age of Pisces, as the Alpha factor of Uranus in that sign casts off the last vestiges of the last Age. It is truly the Beginning and the End. When the planet Neptune, ruler of Pisces, finally truly enters the constellation of Pisces in February of 2012, its natural rulership, that birth process should be completed.Welcome to the AGE OF AQUARIUS!   Go on … make a wish ..imageThe beautiful astrological art on the left  compliments of the Astro World Gallery in England! Check out private reading info!2014 Predictions2013 PREDICTIONSOrder an Astrological Report!