MONTHLY FORECASTSOutstanding Octoberimage    image   imageFor greater insight ─ read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign!By clicking on the Tarot Key for your sign you can learn more about your true nature and greater possibilities!Planetary Alerts!Financial Planetary PatternsThe planetary financial patterns are dicey this year until June 2016.  First, we had SATURN in SAGITTARIUS conjunct VENUS in SAGITTARIUS and the stock market started its serious plunge in JANUARY, as Retrograde JUPITER in VIRGO now begins to approach the SQUARE of SATURN in SAGITTARIUS the second half of FEBRUARY through JUNE, unfortunately.  The trine of JUPITER in VIRGO to PLUTO in CAPRICORN in MARCH and APRIL could afford some relief in the markets with surges up and down and around! So do trust your instincts in terms of making investments. JUPITER enters LIBRA in SEPTEMBER which bodes well for its SEXTILE to SATURN during 2017.  Possibly shaky financial markets in SEPTEMBER while SATURN continues to square NEPTUNE. How these aspects affect individuals depends on their charts.My projections for the stock markets later in 2016: Dow will eventually rise above 18,000 again. Maybe look for 19,000 or higher. NASDAQ could reach 5,500. S&P gets close to 2,500. 4/18/2016: The Pluto-Jupiter trine seems to be doing some good sooner than I’d expected.  Not a bad thing at all!  The Dow hit 18,000 today! Dow posts sixth winning day out of past 7 sessions: USA Today 8/11: Look for a correction in the stock markets in November when Jupiter squares Pluto. 1/25/2010 Email from Rosemary on Facebook: “Your Monthly Forecasts are SO ACCURATE!”imageimageLIBRA — The Scalesimage — Peacemaker or Arbitrator (September 22 – October 21)The month starts off with a New Moon in your sign, making this a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. This is a lucky time for you. Just watch your diet and get your exercise. Finances could be improving and this is a good time to sort out money matters in general. Travel is highly favorable now to fulfill your sense of adventure. Some partnerships/marriages may have to deal with unexpected challenges. Your mind runs to the serious for the most part. Spiritual progress and artistic expression favored.                        KEY WORDS: Social, just, artistic.  I BALANCEScorpioSCORPIO — The Eagleimage — Creator or Transformer (October 22 – November 21)You should be looking good about now and projecting a positive image. Past efforts may come to notable fruition at this time. Out-of-body travel should be really interesting this month and your dreams could be outright prophetic. Listen to your spirit guides, please. The crusader part of your nature may find expression in positive deeds and actions. Your mind might be working overtime. Just don’t get carried away. Your instincts seem to be on target, so pay attention. The past proves important now.                           KEY WORDS: Passionate, secretive, creative.  I DESIRESagittariusSAGITTARIUS — The Archer/Centaur — Philosopher or Preacher (November 22 – December 21)imageThis is a good time for group activities and spending time with new and old friends. You could even find yourself in a leadership position. New responsibilities may come your way this month, this year, with a possible struggle between your personal life and family matters. New romantic attractions may not be worth the effort required at this time. It might be a good idea to watch spending this month. Try not to go overboard with your credit cards. An old love may reappear from out of nowhere! Your call!                        KEY WORDS: Philosophical, perceptive, candid.  I SEECapricornCAPRICORN — The Goatimage or Unicorn — Executive Leadership (December 22 – January 20)Your aggressive tendencies could well increase as the month progresses. Be aware! A positive new friendship may well form at this time. A friend may also introduce you to a new romantic partner. This is a good time for advancement in terms of your career, but it might not be the best time to hit on the boss for a promotion or a raise. Old unsettled issues may arise to haunt you, so try for resolve now if in any way possible. Power struggles could arise with siblings or neighbors. Try not to lose your temper, please.                            KEY WORDS: Organized, trustworthy, determined.  I UTILIZEimageAQUARIUS — Water Bearerimage — Humanitarian Caregiver (January 21 – February 19)Travel is favored for you at this time, in addition to anything pertaining to furthering your education. That might mean just reading a very good book! Romance is also possible in faraway places that might involve renewing old acquaintances. You could encounter a certain level of restlessness this month. Hard work pays off in terms of your career. This is also a good time to set long term goals and to work steadily toward them. A raise or promotion is another possibility. This is a good time to let go of a grudge!                      KEY WORDS: Charitable, intuitive, intelligent.  –  I KNOW.PiscesPISCES — The Fishesimage — Mystic Dreamer or Poet  (February 20 – March 20)Power struggles involve the boss or someone in authority. This is not a good time for confrontations. A trip might be nice, a romantic getaway to enjoy the beauty of nature. This might be a good time to re-evaluate your investments or to start a savings plan. And yet, this is probably not the best time to make a major purchase. You might not be in the mood for many group activities at this time, but prefer one on one situations with valued friends and associates. Creative and artistic self-expression could be ideal now.                       KEY WORDS: Psychic, sympathetic, artistic. –  I BELIEVE.AriesARIES — The Ramimage — Entrepreneurial Executive or Warrior  (March 21 – April 19)This is your opposition time of year when the other person has the advantage, so be nice. In fact, your partner or significant other could very well enhance your life in a positive manner at this time. Self-discipline should continue to be in your favor this month, this year. A crisis is possible with a parental or authority figure. This is not the best time to ask for a raise or promotion. There is a tendency to obsess about now, so obsess about eating right and getting enough rest. And watch spending, too, please.                        KEY WORDS: Commanding, impetuous, visionary.  I AM.imageTAURUS — The Bullimage — Financier or Artist (April 21 – May 21)Partnership matters are favored now with the spotlight on your partner in a creative sense. It is work, work, work this month with favorable results possible. Meaningful conversations involve a lover or a child. Your energy level should be up with you raring to go. Clearing up or signing legal papers might be a good idea at this time. An employee or coworker may be a source of stress or marked differences. Creative self-expression is favored at this time: Sing, dance, act, write, compose, design now!                        KEY WORDS: Persistent, creative, authoritative.  I HAVEGemini GEMINI — The Twins — Communicator or Healer (May 22 – June 21)imageTry not to get your feelings hurt too easily this month. You could wear your feelings on your sleeve, especially with regard to family matters. Romantic patterns could turn a touch complicated at this time and require open communication for resolve. This is not necessarily a good time for long term commitments with Saturn opposite your Sun. Go easy, please, in both romantic and business matters. There is disapproval to deal with at this time as well as confusion in terms of a direction to take. It’s better as the month progresses.                    KEY WORDS: Witty, curious, charming.  I THINKimageCANCER — The Crab — Diplomat or Professor (June 22 – July 21)imageYour intuitive and creative juices should be flowing at this time. Pay attention to the still small voice within and express your artistic/creative side with flair. Pleasantries with family members this month or travel to spend time with close relatives or friends. Health matters may require some attention, if only for that yearly checkup to tell you things are in order. Your significant other could run a touch feisty at this time, bossy or demanding even. Even the supervisor or boss might run contrary this month. Beware!                       KEY WORDS: Diplomatic, intuitive, gourmet.  I FEELimageLEO — The Lion —image Performer or Politician  (July 22 – August 21)Self-expression comes to the fore at this time: write, compose, design to your heart’s content, but take the time to take care of yourself as well, please. Change is in the air that might include a trip or two. Self-discipline is part of your pattern at this time, so you should get a great deal accomplished. However, this is not a good time to loan people money. If you want to give money away, please do so, but someone may not be in a position to pay you back later…a word to the wise! This is a chatty time for a fact.                        KEY WORDS: Dramatic, courageous, generous  I WILLimageVIRGO – The Virgin – Teacher or Guide  (August 22 – September 21). Finances are looking up at this time, with the possibility of a delicate balancing act when it comes to money in general, however. Try to watch spending. Your energy level should be up with you raring to go. Family matters could require your attention now or members of your extended family. There is a transformation going on within you that may not be so subtle at all. Some confusion may arise in partnership issues that could also include power struggles. This is a good time for quiet reflection and introspection.                        KEY WORDS: Analytical, careful, educator.  I ANALYZEOnly an accurate natal chart drawn up with the exact time of birth determines the correct degree of the rising sign, house cusps, planetary degrees, and  the degree of the Moon, which is important in personal relationships. There are also negatives that apply to each sign!But let’s ignore those, okay?Consciousness Creates!imagePLUTO IN CAPRICORNNovember 26, 2008, until January 20, 2024.This transit is going to be very interesting with varying effects on different astrological signs, depending on the placement and house rulership of demoted PLUTO, and its eventual planetary aspects to the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. SATURN rules Capricorn, the Tenth House of the Mundane, or World Horoscope. SATURN governs career, big business, reputation, authority figures, including government, mother or father, and goals envisioned for manifestation in the material world. SATURN is a planet of structure, form, manifestation, completion, maturity and responsibility. In terms of Tarot, SATURN is the Omega factor, while PLUTO, Lord of the Underworld, governs transformation, transcendence, dramatic change, generation and regeneration (meaning sex in part), death, investments and taxes. The Eighth House of Scorpio, conjointly ruled by PLUTO and Mars, also governs research into the paranormal and the occult, or hidden, aspects of life, into matters concerning life and death. Scorpio is an intense, mystical water sign and PLUTO is the powerful, fiery planetary force that endows Scorpio with tremendous magnetism and depth of character. Scorpio is the sign with the greatest potential for good or evil, thus we may consider PLUTO’s multidimensional patterns and varied effects. Many rise to the power of PLUTO only to discover that the power ends up ruling and consuming them. The discovery of this planet happened not long before the discovery of nuclear power and energy. Mars is muscle. Pluto is super muscle capable of creating super heroes to rise up and save the Universe! Archeology and paleontology will greatly advance during the next several years, as other transiting planets occasionally assist Pluto in unearthing amazing discoveries long buried and hidden from view. Big business will go through major transformations over the long haul, with tremendous changes in taxation and investments taking place all around the globe. You could say that Pluto rules the bull and bear markets of Wall Street, along with the volatile Mars. Capricorn rules mountains and Pluto rules volcanic activity, so expect major volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in increasing numbers, possibly to commence soon. Mountain ranges could rise up or suddenly fall down; islands may rise up out of the sea or suddenly be swallowed up. The appearances of many things are going to change. Corruption in high places and big business will be unearthed and brought out into the Light, which may precipitate an overhaul of business practices worldwide. Fashion could actually become more conservative over the next few years. It seems styles have been revealing more and more when less might actually prove more alluring. Something needs to be left to imagination!PLUTO is a tricky planet to define, but my guess is that life beyond death will be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt before the transit is over. There will be tangible proof. Although it may be some time before all souls travel freely between dimensions and converse with one another on a regular basis, it could happen well before mankind on planet Earth learns to travel to other planets beyond our solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy. Dimensionally speaking, it’s a much easier fix!  imageEsoteric TidbitsThe first U.S. president sworn in for the New Millennium on January 20, 2001, George W. Bush, was borimagen a Cancer, with Leo Rising and five planets in Leo, and his moon in Libra.imageOur 43rd president was born in 1946, the Chinese Year of the Dog, and he had his first year in office during the Year of the Dragon. The second U.S. president sworn in on January 20, 2009, Barack H. Obama, was born a Leo in 1961, the Chinese Year of the Ox, with Aquarius Rising, and four planets and his North Node in Leo, and his moon in Gemini. Days after the swearing in of the 44th U.S. President (January 26), the world enters the Year of the Ox, the same Chinese Year in which President Obama was born. Interesting, at least to me, is the fact that 43 reduces to 7, the number of President Bush’s Major Arcana Tarot Key, which is Cancer, The Chariot, the same sign that the United States of America was established in, which grants the ability to say the right thing at the right time and is a card of statesmanship, diplomacy and protection. The number 44 reduces to 8, the number of President Obama’s Major Arcana Tarot Key, which is Leo, Strength, which governs the Power of Suggestion and the establishment of character and backbone under the element of compassion. During his time of leadership, President Obama should re-establish the image of strength and power of the United States of America in the eyes of the world as a president for the New Age of Aquarius and the establishment of Brotherhood on the planet!    Esoteric Planetary Pattern:OFFICIAL BIRTH OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUSThe planets Saturn and Uranus co-rule the sign of Aquarius, the Age of Humanity, which planet Earth is presently entering. WithSaturn in Virgo, sign of the Heavenly Virgin or Divine Mother, and Saturn the Divine Mother on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the Omega factor, it is like the Heavenly Mother is in the throes of labor giving birth to the New Age. Saturn in Virgo is opposing Uranus in Pisces, for we are in the process of leaving the Age of Pisces, as the Alpha factor of Uranus in that sign casts off the last vestiges of the last Age. It is truly the Beginning and the End. When the planet Neptune, ruler of Pisces, finally truly enters the constellation of Pisces in February of 2012, its natural rulership, that birth process should be completed.Welcome to the AGE OF AQUARIUS!   Go on … make a wish ..imageThe beautiful astrological art on the left  compliments of the Astro World Gallery in England! Check out private reading info!2014 Predictions2013 PREDICTIONSOrder an Astrological Report!