All readings  are taped (except the mini and question spread) and all include tarot, astrology, and clairvoyance. Patricia works in an altered state and provides incredibly accurate intuitive insights.  Readings cover love, marriage, children, money, career, talents, skills, health, family, friends, travel, dreams, spiritual development, karmic relationships, and sometimes past lives.  There are several different readings to choose from. ONLY TELEPHONE READINGS are now available; No further in person readings at this time.There is a $50 charge for rescheduling or cancellations made within less than 24 hours of a scheduled appointment. I accept cash, checks, and payment through PayPal. Since at the present I am writing another book, I’m only doing readings 3 days a week and I’m writing another novel 3 days a week. My readings days are usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday, although the days may vary. I don’t do readings on the Void of Course Moon days! 

FULL READING includes two progressed charts, secondary and solar arc, a solar return, and a large tarot spread, 60 minutes taped, plus two chart comparisons are permissible (lover, spouse, friend, child, parent, business partner, associate or advisor) when complete astrological data is known which includes the time of birth. Erecting a chart without the time is not truly effective, since the moon that rules emotions, moves 12-14 degrees every day, and the rising sign changes every two hours or even sooner. Minutes make a difference in terms of the rising sign. After two additional charts, each added chart is $10.00 per chart, plus the price of the reading, for interpretation or comparison. The entire session runs about 80-90 minutes: $250 includes the reading, in addition to two other charts.  NO CELL PHONE TELEPHONE CALLS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. You will have to call me and pay for the call outside of the U.S. ALSO: $10 extra charge for those out of the country who want their reading taped and mailed.  

SOLAR RETURN SEARCH is $250 to find the best place to be for your birthday in the present year. When the Solar Return Search is included with a FULL READING, add $140 or a total of $400 for the reading.

SHORTER READING includes natal transits to the astrological chart and a smaller tarot spread, plus one additional chart comparison is possible with the 30 minute taped reading, total session 45-50 minutes: $125.00. Each additional chart comparison or interpretation is an additional $10.00 per chart. Additional $10 charge for those out of the country who want the tape of the reading mailed to them.

Meditation Tape: Two sides: 30 minutes each: $14

NEW: TWO (2) referrals that book readings:The referring client may choose a Meditation Tape, one report, or one of my books including THE WHEEL OF DESTINY, as a thank you gift! Remind me, please!

I make the call and cover the cost of telephone charges to most foreign countries, except for foreign cell phones.NO CELL PHONE TELEPHONE CALLS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. You will have to call me and pay for the call outside the U.S. 

Those seeking a reading must be 18 years-old or older!

Check out astrologicalREPORTSfor your information and enlightenment!

All charges in U.S. Dollars. Checks, money orders, cash, and payment via Patricia McLaine at PayPal.

To schedule an appointment email or call 703-373-7353.