ASTROLOGY REPORTSimage  imageimage imageVENUS               Mars-june.gif (19034 bytes)MARSSUN    What’s in your future as the planets spin around your Sun?              MERCURY                  image   Moon-05-june.gif (39484 bytes)         MOON                                                     Neptune-june.gif (12675 bytes)NEPTUNE                         image                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PurplePlanet-01-june.gif (42184 bytes)URANUS               imageSATURN                                                                                                                                                                                            JUPITERimageAll astrology reports available here were designed by excellent astrologers for Matrix Software and provide a thorough and interesting glimpse into patterns in your life that have been an important part of your DESTINY since your birth in that particular place. The reports explain patterns, possible circumstances, and events happening in the present and near future determined by the transit of planets to your natal chart now and in the months and year ahead.  Most reports require month, day, year, time and place (city, state, country) of birth, except the Bio-Rhythm where only the day, month and year are needed.  Those of you without an accurate birth time can order a Bio-Rhythm Report and still follow the daily trends in physical, mental and emotional patterns. Some  major airlines use the Bio-Rhythm in deciding if a pilot should fly.Based upon your unique birth information, the report will explain and examine the effects of the planets and their aspects during the coming months. These reports use simple terms that not only explain the position of the planets in your natal chart, but delineate the interplay of aspects in easy to understand terms.Reports purchased in conjunction with a reading warrant a reduced price!                FRIENDS AND LOVERS (COMPATIBILITY REPORT)                       $20        What kind of relationship exists with your lover, mate or an associate? How does he/she relate to you? How do you relate to him/her? What are the strengths and challenges in the relationship? Is it worth hanging in there for the long haul?  All relationships have difficult aspects or you might just say “hello” and pass on by. Sometimes it’s the hard aspects that create the glue that keeps you together. But what if  there are too many difficult patterns, but no fun there? Find out now if it’s worth it to stick around or if you should just say “so long” and get on with your life. This is a very popular report!                  ASTRO*TALK (Natal Chart)                                                      $25            This report breaks down the entire horoscope, planet by planet, house by house, and includes current transits affecting the chart for the next few months. The report is easy to understand and insightful in regard to your horoscope planet by planet and aspect by aspect. Find out more about yourself and learn how to accentuate the positive and perhaps eliminate the negative, or at least cope with life a whole lot better.                 TIME-LINE Transit REPORT:                                      6 Months $15 – 1 Year $25               This report explains the planetary transits to your natal and progressed planets (secondary progressed and solar arc) with detailed explanations of the meanings of each pattern, day by day, month by month.  Foreknowledge can maximize the positive and minimize the negative…. besides helping you take advantage of the positive times and slow down when the going gets tough.                SOLAR RETURN REPORT:                                                          $25            The Solar Return is determined by the exact time the Sun returns to the degree it was in at the time of your birth. This report involves your astrological birthday of the year as opposed to the exact day of birth, although sometimes it ends up on the same day depending on where you now reside in comparison to the town in which you were born. The report forecasts the year ahead using your natal chart in conjunction with your solar return. Planning ahead may be important when it comes to a solar return, for the place you currently reside may not be the best place for optimum results during the year ahead.  Knowing what you want to accomplish next helps you decide on the right place for your return. Do you want a better job?  More money? To find the right mate? A new lover? Fame? To maximize your career? Improve upon your health?  What you want is something to consider for a 72 hour trip to maximize the possibilities in the coming year. This report can be amazing! Consult your astrologer for the best place for your solar return! An analysis is included with my hour reading ($350.00 US). Otherwise, a Solar Return search is $150.                LIFE PROGRESSIONS (Secondary Progressed Chart):                    $15        The horoscope progresses throughout the years. In 30 years or less your sign will change, depending on the degree of your Sun in your Natal Chart at the time of your birth. The progressed house positions and planetary patterns explain the current patterns in your life compared to initial patterns in your natal horoscope.  Important insights are provided by this report.
                SOLAR ARC PREDICTIONS (2 years):                     $10 — $5 with another reportNoel Tyl is the astrologer who designed this program. It is excellent report. He uses mid-points in his analysis of the Solar Arc hits, and his insights that include the Sabian Symbols can be insightful. The specific dates provide insight into the events pending around the dates in this reportTHE ASTEROID REPORT                                                            $20               This report may explain  patterns not easily understood through basic aspects of the natal planets alone. How do these ancient influences cast light on your path? How do they influence the choices you have made in the past or may make in the future? I am amazed by the accuracy of THE ASTEROID REPORT. It offers clarity to circumstances in life and to feelings. The sign and house, plus aspects to natal planets, are uncanny in providing understanding. The report guides, educates, and enlightens—as a home run! After decades of astrological reports, I found this one a big surprise! I highly recommend this report to anyone interested in their life!      P.A. Horne, USA                THE SKY WITHIN:                                                                $20          This report explores the spiritual side of your nature, your purpose and destiny this time around through the planetary patterns in your birth chart, and the interaction going on in your natal horoscope.  This is an excellent report and makes a lovely gift!                 ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY REPORT:                                         $15      This popular report shows how your chart functions in a new location besides the town in which you were born.  Do you have a favorite city you enjoy visiting? The report may give you the reason why. My chart is fantastic in London where I’ve always had a great time working and playing. I have some very interesting clients in the UK. But then, I’ve lived there in another life.  If you’re planning to make a change of residence, this report is important and might be worth looking into before making that move! It could even make you change your mind. What you want out of any change of residence is important to consider. I moved to the Washington, DC area because of my relocation chart.                LUNAR RETURN REPORT:                                                  $15 for one Month                                                                                                           12 Months $150 (mailed or emailed monthly)The MOON returns every MONTH, the same as the SUN returns every year!  The Lunar Return sets up a pattern for the MONTH ahead rather than for the year. In 2002, I discovered how accurate this report can be when the Washington Post called to interview me about the sniper who left a tarot card at one of the murder sites in Washington.  My Lunar Return indicated many phone calls and press on that day. Then being featured in the Post created a chain reaction: I was on XM Satellite Radio Nationwide and CBS called to interview me on the Early Show.  Amazingly, it was in my Lunar Return! This is one way to keep informed about your lunar patterns monthly!                 MEDITATION TAPE: (Guided Imagery)               $14 mailed first class.   Two meditations, 30 minutes per side. Side 1: Crystal Cave, Secret Garden, Chakra Color Balance; Side 2: Chakra Color Balance, Mountain of the Golden Temple.There is a price break when reports are purchased in multiples!Cash, checks, money orders and PayPal for payment!Call 703-373-7353 to place an order or email pattiemclaine@gmail.comSend accurate astrological data (month, day, year, time, city, state, country of birth) to:Patricia McLaine205 Yoakum Parkway, 1126Alexandria, VA 22304-3856.Or email or call with your credit card information.Check outBooks by Pattie. Do your own Master Spread for the price of the The Wheel of Destiny.