Place the selected TAROT KEY(s) on a table, mantle, or dresser where you can glance at them from time to time. Or you may place the cards in front of you on a table and study them for five or ten minutes a day. It is wise to have a special notebook for recording impressions you receive during these sessions. The Tarot is a wonderful tool for opening your consciousness to the wonders and mysteries of life. From using the Tarot Tableau you will learn far more than what is given here.


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Unlimited Potential


Living in a world of fear is not a fun experience. With the constant admonitions by the President of these United States and the military leaders of our country to be prepared for another terrorist attack or another act of war or some other madman somewhere in our world … it can be downright nerve wracking to be on the planet these days!

KEY 0, THE FOOL, represents the planet URANUS – initiator of the BIG BANG of CREATION that brought all forms and life into being. Out of CHAOS eventually there is order. Life exists in the midst of CHAOS and INERTIA… the two extremes, with all of us trying to do our dance somewhere in the middle, making every effort to maintain some element of harmony while doing a juggling, balancing act on an eternally spinning but beautiful planet.

KEY 0 represents SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS. the DIVINE BREATH, for with the first breath of Life the newborn child becomes a CONSCIOUS living being in the three dimensions of Time, Space and Patience, as the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce once pointed out.

Sometimes we forget it is SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS doing the dance, and not our little elemental self made of the four elements associated with this planet: fire, water, air and earth.  THE FOOL or URANUS is AIR, atmosphere, the ethers of space out of which all proceeds. It is the NO-THING… or no one thing, for it is the ONE, the ALL, the ABSOLUTE out of which all proceeds and to which all one day returns.  It is EVERYTHING yet NOTHING… it is the basic ENERGY of CREATION that lives within every cell and every molecule of our being. It is beginningless and endless, ETERNAL, as our soul is ETERNAL, beginningless and endless.

So just maybe it’s time to stop worrying about dying or the end of the world, for one day our little self will surely die as all selves shall… even the dictators and the madmen, for all forms are ephemeral, transitory, impermanent… all that you need to do is look in the mirror to determine that TRUTH. CHANGE is the name of the game. NOTHING stays the same. Everything is constantly CHANGING from one thing or pattern into another. CHANGE is not something you can stop, try as you may. Living on the planet requires constant ADJUSTMENT to CHANGE. Kind of a drag sometimes, granted, but that’s just the way it is.  So ADJUST!

And in the process do realize your DIVINITY… the divinity of all souls and all creatures in the DANCE OF LIFE. At the CORE of your BEING is all the power in the Universe.  It’s about time that you realized your personal UNLIMITED POTENTIAL and the basic FREEDOM that exists WITHIN YOU. Believe it or not, Ripley, you have the ability to be whatever you want to be, to have whatever you want to have. The only thing standing in the way is your little undeveloped personality that operates under the mistaken opinion and belief that this is all there is! Wrong!

Get over it, PLEASE! Get out of your way and begin to BE all that you are intended to be until you take your last breath and regain your consciousness of the ALL, the ABSOLUTE PERFECTION OF ALL THAT IS, when you shed your skin that is also governed by URANUS, Key 0, THE FOOL! The coat of many colors worn by the DIVINE. The serpent shedding its skin is one symbol for reincarnation (a future topic for discussion). Through the lowest to the highest forms… CONSCIOUSNESS evolves.

However, if you’re feeling trapped or stuck, limited in any way, bound by the silly circumstances of your perhaps complicated life, then please  MEDITATE on KEY 0, THE FOOL, to recapture the thrill of the adventure of living on our beautiful planet to experience love, the gift of life itself, and unlimited joy… for that is your natural birthright!

And remember to BREATHE… for breath is consciousness… and consciousness is life.  BREATHE and be FREE as you realize your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL as an ETERNAL SOUL on a cosmic journey through Time and Space!  God bless!