Email response from Kathryn, California, 8/24/2014 after asking if she’s alright after the 6.0 quake: Hi Pattie, Actually, I am on the east coast so missed out on the fun. My daughter said she didn’t feel anything at all. You told me the quake was coming! You also nailed the big reorganization at work. You got it all right!

Email from Janine, Georgia, 8/21/2014: Dear Pattie: Just wanted to let you know that some of your predictions have already and are coming true. You were right on target about my son and his girlfriend.  She broke up with him two weeks after she graduated from college, broke his heart because she hadn’t told him anything at all. Plus, everything about my daughter’s job has come true, along with her move into a lovely apartment about 20 minutes from us. I help her out with the girls. And my business is really beginning to take major shape. My husband got a big bonus, but has not yet been promoted yet. I can see how that might happen, though. You also said I would take a trip to Las Vegas, which I could not understand. However, my cousin is getting married there in October, so my husband and I are going for four days.  More later as more predictions come true. Way to go, Pattie. As usual, you are right on!

Email from Diane, D.C., 7/11/2014:Just after you did my reading, where you said there was money from inheritance and I said no, I got an email saying they had found $11K in my late husband’s account at Morgan Stanley and wanted to transfer the money to my account. AND an Aries contacted me through Our! Now, let’s hope the wealthy fellow with the limo shows up!

Email from Janine, Georgia, 9/4/2013:“Well, you did it again!! My husband came home last night and told me he had been promoted. He will be traveling regularly, beginning next week. Since you’d just told me about this, I almost fell off my chair. You were right on the money again, Pattie.”

Email from Dinah, North Carolina, 3/21/2013: In my reading in October last year you said that someone was going to be in a car accident. Last Saturday Hunter was in a car accident. No one was injured, though it was a very close call and people could have died. Just thought you would like to know. Wow. Hope that was her teenage wake up call accident. Another accurate thing from that reading was regarding my husband’s job hunt. You said he would have a job by January or February of this year and it might be in Europe. He started work the first week of January for a German company. He had to spend two months in Germany and is now home running their North American Operations. So accurate!

Facebook: Lani, Hawaii, 2/22/2013:Pattie, you were right again, I never doubted you. I prepared for it…Hawaii is getting heavy rains again and you said March will be wetter then usual. Here it comes. 50 people were stranded with 2 fire/rescue guys at the Hanapiai stream due to flash flooding . One woman got swept out to sea and they did not find her before sunset. They probably will find her body today …very sad: another tourist drowned.

Email from Kathy, Oregon, 11/13/2012:I’m reading Passion and Principle right now. Oh my! I don’t want the saga to end! And by the way, you have been, once again, so accurate in your reading that my head spins…and it’s only been a month and a half…I should be used to this by now. I’ll tell you all about it the next time we chat.

Email from Amy, Virginia, 10/13/2012: In working with Pattie over the past few months, her bright and very real personality has allowed me to take the information she has given me to heart. She truly sees things happening in our lives. Within days of my last reading, the “clues” she had given began to come to life. She said there would be a baby girl and I would attend the wedding of a friend with blonde hair, and she said I would be surrounded by water. I wasn’t planning on moving to a tropical island anytime soon, so I had no idea what she was talking about!  However, I was excited to see how it might manifest. Since then, the sister of a friend had a baby girl, and I’m flying to a friend’s wedding in Florida (who is platinum blonde). I have also decided to move back to Minnesota… the land of 10,000 lakes! This was all coming to me slowly, but the “aha” moment was when, on a random Sunday, there was a knock on my door from a man I’d been dating several months earlier. I had done nothing to keep him in my life, and even though I may never see him again, the moment he left I remembered that Pattie had said I would hear from him again. I had no part in his showing that day. To me, it is a true testament of Pattie’s special gift. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity in their lives. I am immeasurably grateful for her insight.

Facebook email from Dee V., NY, 8/5/2012: “I was bored today and dug out my tapes of readings you have done for me in the past beginning in 1996! You read for me in 1996, 1999, 2001, 2008 and 2010. Each time there were two scenarios that kept coming up and haven’t happened yet. I am looking forward to them! You are the best reader I have ever had. Thank you so much!!”

Email from Karen, Florida, 6/12/2012:I just had to email you and tell you how amazed I was by your readings and how accurate you have been. At the time of the reading many things didn’t make sense, but as time passed, everything you said would happen has happened!! You described a Pisces/Aries man coming into my life with such detail and it happened! It was exactly the way you described him…down to his military background! You described a Mediterranean-looking woman with 4 kids becoming a good friend and I met her last month!!! She was also exactly the way you described her and she has 4 kids just as you said! You did predict I would meet a Scorpio/Sag man in July and that he might be the one…I’m very optimistic and looking forward to that! There are just so many things that you have predicted that have happened and I am utterly amazed!!! I will keep you posted!

Letter from E.C. Wilson, Wyoming, 10/21/2011:Pattie reads with kindness, compassion and humor. She reads me better than anyone else, and her accuracy has been a consistent 97% or so. Her kindness reflects in the appreciative way she speaks about others, including her own family. Pattie is one of my most important teachers.

Email from E.L., NY, 8/16/2010.I discovered today that I am pregnant just as you predicted. My husband’s cousin is also pregnant, and you said a cousin or friend would be pregnant at the same time. There is no way to express my gratitude to you over these many years. Your wisdom, your kindness, your advice, your patience. I will treasure you forever. You are gifted. Thank you.

Email from Kathy, Utah, 8/1/2010I must tell you that I listened to the tape of my May reading and was truly amazed at the detailed accuracy of the reading. You are incredibly gifted.  I am so thankful that I found you 12 years ago!

Gwen Davis, author, the World: “Pattie McLaine is that rare psychic who puts you in touch not just with your future but with yourself. Pattie has told me what work projects would be coming up; she told me once while I was in the middle of a book about the afterlife, exactly what I was writing, and that it would turn my head around. She warned me of the coming of a lawsuit over one of my novels, which turned out to be a landmark libel case. And happily, she has seen where even the darkest experience would lead to something I would learn from, an attitude it never hurts to have. She has been accurate about travel, love, God and money, not necessarily in that order…what more could anyone ask?”

Gilda Marx, Body Design by Gilda letter 7/26/1982: “Pattie’s ability to rocket in the lives of stars (and I don’t mean the Hollywood kind) is truly astronomical. Be sure to check your closets before you go to bed to see that Pattie isn’t hiding there, because nobody could know so much about a person as this lady taps into. If you have secrets hidden away, forget it! Don’t go to Pattie. She’ll know the ‘ins and outs’ of your life, I can assure you.”

Email from D.M.C., Maryland, 2/1/2010: I’ve been seeing Pattie for psychic counsel for several years. I don’t understand how she receives the information or how she is able to interpret the tarot cards and astrological phenomena so meaningfully, but she has a gift of astounding proportions, with accuracy and completeness her hallmarks in my experience. She is always sincere and kind. Pattie has predicted many key events and patterns in my life, seeing me go through job changes, relationship endings and beginnings, the passing of loved ones, travel, and she has kept me from harm.  Most poignantly, I recall several months before the 9/11 attacks, Pattie warned me not to travel in any way, shape or form at that time. I’ve learned to heed the messages of her God-given talent. Pattie has helped me to see the silver lining in the darkest times before I could see them myself. I will be forever grateful for her insight. She is a trusted advisor and good friend.

Alex, Los Angeles, California, 6/4/2010“From predictions of contracts being signed to details of different job bookings, I have been continually surprised by the accuracy of Patricia’s readings for me. She once told me that I would “die in my next job” and months later as I was lying on the side of the road shooting a death scene for a project, I remembered her prediction and had to smile.  I have had a few readings from Patty and will continue to have more. She is not only gifted, but a supportive and amazing person as well.”

anine Peterson, San Antonio, Texas email 1/5/2010: “You said the house would sell by the first of the year. They are moving in January 9. You are the best, Pattie!”

Lorraine, Washington, DC, email 7/3/09: I highly recommend Pattie. I’ve had several accurate readings from her over the last 7 years.  Recently, she told me I was going to have a fender bender with a large SUV, but wouldn’t be injured. A month or two later, a large Lexus SUV drove into the back of my car, which meant a rental car for three days and a new bumper for my car. Thankfully, no one was injured. Her readings are not just based on future direction, but on where you’ve been. She summed up my childhood and current situation with my parents and siblings and knew how many times I’d been married and the astrological sign of each husband. She has foreseen trips, illness for family and friends, endings, money issues, and job changes. During one reading, she predicted my precious grandson. Pattie provides comprehensive predictions concerning the path that lies ahead.

Kathy Best, Houston, Texas, Facebook 7/18/2009: Pattie is the best! If you are looking for some insight into yourself and your future, Pattie is INCREDIBLE! (Gee, thanks Kathy!)

Rebecca Blasband, Facebook 7/14/2009 “Last month you predicted we’d be on a boat on a river or a lake, and we were invited on a rafting trip in Oregon. We’re leaving next week. Nice one, Pattie!”

Rebecca Blasband, California, email 7/1/09:Pattie McLaine has been giving me readings for over 20 years.  When I was 18 I tried to convince her to give me a reading, but her response was, “You’re too young! You have to wait!”  So the year I turned 20 I called her. Pattie predicted a TV show, which I did two years later. It had a profound effect on my life and my career.  She told me about my music career, my touring, and the people coming into my life. It all happened exactly as she predicted. She pegged my music contracts down to the names of the recording label and publishing label.  She predicted I would meet an important co-worker on an airplane and described his physical appearance as well as his astrological sign. She predicted my present husband in 2001, and then again in 2003. The list goes on. Pattie’s readings are so far above and beyond any other psychic I have ever met or heard of, plus, she’s humorous, exact, and profound. Pattie is a true master of her craft and a wonderful, lovely person! (Gosh, thanks, Becky! It just so happens that her dad is on this page too. He gave me a quote for the book cover of The Wheel of Destiny! Thanks, Dick. )

Sharon Sanders, Jefferson, MD, email 6/14/09:  I was introduced to Pattie through a mutual friend in 1987 while living in Los Angeles, California. I had just entered into a relationship after a divorce and needed some guidance. I met with Pattie in person and was a little skeptical during my reading, but as the months passed and I reviewed the tape of my reading I was overwhelmed and astonished at the accuracy of Pattie’s predictions for me. Within 18 months everything she predicted had taken place! Moving ahead 22 years, I am now living in Maryland and have been fortunate enough to reunite with Pattie. My reading in April has given me great emotional strength to know that moving back home was indeed the right thing to do at this time in my life. Whenever I get discouraged and down, I listen to the tape of my April reading and know that Pattie’s predictions will happen and I just need to be patient; I am in the right place. I will not let the years pass again, since she has become my guardian angel! Thank you, Pattie, for the strength you have given to me!

Email, Janine Peterson, San Antonio, Texas: In 2001, in a reading Pattie saw the possible death of a father-figure, 50, because of a stroke or brain injury. She said it would devastate me. My father had been long gone. I was puzzled. Then months later, my only sibling was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and given six months to live. Luckily, she lived another year. She was the one who took care of me when I was a child. It was a terrible loss for me.

Kathy, Portland, Oregon, email 4/15/2009:Pattie: You are simply amazing! On the phone today you told me that my house would sell before May…and I got an offer just after we hung up! You also told me I had a good hunk of money coming in from something … I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Gale, The South: email received 12/20/02: When we last spoke, it was regarding my husband’s job loss and his disgust with his former company.  You said someone we knew would be going to jail.  This morning, the FBI arrested the president and sales/marketing VP and led them away in handcuffs!  The chief financial officer has evidently turned state’s evidence against them.  These three men have created havoc in the lives of so many people over the last few years and now their reputations (and freedom) are gone.  A large company’s employees are left shocked, dismayed and fearful of their financial future.  Just as your 2003 predictions note, many changes in leadership–great and small!

Valerie, New York: (8/22/2002) I had a reading with Patricia in August of 2001 that I will never forget. I had been worried about my parent’s health. Patricia said she felt one of my parents would not be alive much longer. She felt it was probably my mother and had something to do with her lungs. She saw a family gathering like a reunion that seemed right around the corner and my mother was absent from it. I asked about my Dad. Patricia felt that he would go by stroke a year after my mother, maybe two. She also saw a young man with a crush on me who was married with a child, but that he would get divorced soon. She also saw me doing important work with health or medical issues. I can validate that most of what she said in that half hour reading was right on. My mother passed away in September 2001 from complications of PVD, peripheral vascular disease due to having been a smoker for 50 years. The reunion Patricia saw was my sister’s wedding. Sadly, my mother was in the hospital, though she received a visit at midnight from the bride, groom and wedding party and passed away two weeks later at home. A man who attended the same college as I seemed to have a crush on me. He did get divorced and is very sweet. My Dad is having mini-strokes on and off now. With Patricia’s reading in mind, I treasure these moments with him, and the last month with my mother. Lastly, I am considering retiring from teaching to enter a medically-related field: health and nutrition. It now isn’t a matter of whether but of which school and program. Patricia is gifted at what she does. I deeply appreciate her reading. She lays it on the table, no holds barred. Her reading guided me…it gave me a heads up and steeled me against the sadness when a loved one passes.

Betty Sue, teacher, Virginia: “In a reading you asked me if I was having trouble with a car. I recently had to get a number of repairs made on my car. I asked if I should buy a new one, and you said, ‘No, patch that one for now. It looks like you might have the opportunity to take over the payments on a car because someone has to move out of the area.’ You said the car would be a couple of years old. A few months later, my son, who lived in Atlanta got a new job in New York City. He did not need a car there, so I am now taking over the payments. The car is a 1999 model. During an August 7, 2001 reading, you said I would hear from someone who would be affected by a volcanic eruption or an earthquake. You thought it might be in California, but did not really give a definite place. At the time, I could not imagine what this would be. I now believe you were talking about my son and the attack on the World Trade Center in NYC where he now lives. The smoke and ash were volcano-like and the news media said the collapse of the WTC towers had the force of a small earthquake. He had a friend who worked in one of the towers who has not been accounted for yet.” (9/15/01)

Email received 8/6/02 from Judy, Florida: “One of your predictions from last week’s reading has come true. I got three cherries and won $2,500 in the slots! Now I’m really on the lookout for those 4 kings.”

Email received 3/14/2002 from Anna, Florida: “In July 2001, I couldn’t imagine how you could predict I would be getting a new car. I didn’t need a new car and didn’t want a second car.  You said I could win one or someone would give me a car. I play in a lot of golf tournaments and the prize for a hole-in-one is usually a car, so I thought maybe I’d win a car during one of the tournaments. Not so. That didn’t surprise me, however, since I haven’t had a hole-in-one since I’ve been playing golf! Then in December of 2001, my boyfriend bought me a brand new Lexus convertible! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this, but you were right on with that—and so many other things that you have predicted. Thank you for all of your insight!”

C. Allen, health professional, Tennessee: “The reading you gave me on September 1, 2001, was chillingly accurate! You are amazing! God has given you a wonderful gift, and I thank you for your wonderful help.”

Katherine, Virginia (2/22/2002): “Patricia’s insight and clairvoyance are right on target.  Her readings for me have been consistently accurate, sometimes as much as 90% of what she told me has actually happened. Perhaps the rest is still to come?  She told me I would meet a very tall man, ex-marine, who worked around large computer screens that had something to do with airplanes.  She said, ‘He lives near mountains, and around 6 weeks after you meet he will ask you to come skiing!’ Two months later I met an ex-marine, 6’4″, from Utah who is an air traffic controller.  Almost 6 weeks to the day, I found myself skiing at Snowbird, something I swore I would never do again after having a serious skiing accident years ago!  In another reading she saw a man I would meet through work, actually said his name and mentioned a current medical issue he is facing. Once again, a few months later I met the man.  If you want to find out about romance in your future–give Patricia a call!”

Leslie, California: (email, 2/17/2002): “Patricia, I thank you so much for another great reading.  You are the best.  So many things from last year have come true, and this year’s reading is already proving to do the same.  You are much appreciated.”

Ava,  student, North Carolina: “I just want to tell you how keen your insight is…I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I just listened to my reading of July 23, 2001, for the first time tonight (10/8/2001). During the reading, you told me that someone I knew would be murdered, possibly by an act of terrorism. I knew the captain and one of the flight attendants aboard the American Airlines flight that crashed into the Pentagon. Although they weren’t close friends, I knew them and had worked with them previously. As I was listening to the part of the tape about the murder, I was stunned! I hadn’t remembered that part of the reading until I heard it again. I just wanted to pass that along.”

Judith A., retired adventurer, Florida: “(11/8/2001) Right on the money! Last year you predicted an emergency at my office, and it’s happened just as you saw it.  You referred to a male authority figure, and it’s the man who was my boss.  You said that it looked like a heart attack, and that’s what it is.  You saw emergency vehicles coming to the office.  He was taken to the hospital from the office this morning, about 2 hours after I spoke with him on the phone.  He didn’t sound good then, and I told him to think positive thoughts.  We were supposed to have lunch together today.”

Rebecca Blasband, musician, actress: “For twelve years Pattie has never ceased to amaze me with her prescience. With every reading her accuracy continues to surprise me! In my last reading in June 2001, she predicted my trip to Mexico where I would meet the current man I’m dating, and the hurricane we would survive together–boarded up in a room for four days!! I can’t wait to watch her next predictions unfold.”

P.I., business executive, London: “It is a pleasure to consult Pattie McLaine. She combines tremendous insight, uncanny accuracy and factual data—all of it delivered in a friendly, informal way that puts one instantly at ease. She said that he would come back and marry me and on top of that I would get a promotion. I couldn’t see how either of these things could happen, but Pattie was right on! I know I will want to talk to her again and again!”

Richard Blasband, M.D., psychiatrist, healer, San Francisco: “Pattie McLaine is the queen of synchronicity. In her hands, the Tarot becomes an extremely effective way to tap other-than-conscious realms of psychic functioning.”

Susan Pompian, author, international consultant, Washington, DC: “As one of Pattie’s most faithful clients I have been constantly astounded by the accuracy of her predictions over the years. On a tape from 1980, I have her documented as stating that Ronald Reagan would be the next US president for two terms, to be followed by George Bush. (She even saw the assassination attempt on Reagan’s life). On a personal level she has helped me to prepare for numerous events that took place in my life, from the loss of loved ones to appearing on TV and radio shows to promote the award-winning book she said I was going to write. The latter was one of those times I felt her prediction was an impossibility–until I watched it unfold before my eyes!”

Valerie Barad, designer, California: “For the past 17 years, Pattie has made many accurate forecasts for me. The most important was that I would sell my interest in a business, and the amount of money I’d receive. It was amazing! Primarily because she told me on the telephone from 3000 miles away!”

David Laurie, pilot, Colorado: “When Pattie began reading for me in 1989 some events were far out in time. As I moved closer to events her predictions increased to better than 90% accuracy. At times it appeared almost impossible for her predictions to play out, but they did. I’m grateful for all her insight.”

Mark L. Saginor, M.D., California: “For over 8 years I’ve been increasingly impressed, and indeed, grateful for Patricia’s astute and prescient Tarot readings. Sometimes I put the tapes away and don’t listen for months or even years. In retrospect, I’m always stunned by her accuracy for predicting the good and warning against pitfalls. What makes this even more remarkable is that it is always on the phone long distance.”

Kale Browne, actor, Massachusetts: “But I hate earthquakes,” I say. “And it’s going to be a bad one,” she says. “This January or next. Everybody will be fine, but it’ll scare the hell out of you.” Excerpts from a phone reading from my home in Massachusetts on January 6, 1994. “Call me after the quake and let me know you’re okay,” was the last thing she said. We left for Los Angeles two days later. The rest is history… Her readings have always been remarkably accurate. Years ago she predicted my role on NBC’s Another World. Long before I again returned to the show Pattie said that I would. Some of her predictions take a long time to manifest, but not the one in January of 1994.”

Susan Strasberg, actress, author, teacher: “If I’d listened to Pattie I’d have gotten into a lot less trouble. From the man who swept me off my feet in Australia to her prediction of my daughter’s open heart surgery (which included birth signs, eye and hair colors) she has continued to amaze me over the years, seeing patterns of my psychological, spiritual, and mental adventures long before I did.” May 22, 1938 – January 21, 1999: A light has gone out for awhile but we shall meet again!

Rosemary, artist/writer, New Jersey: “I had always read my horoscope in the paper, but I didn’t actually seek out an astrologer until I was at one of the lowest points in my life. That was when I found Pattie. She has been both a friend and a confidant for 4 years. Her accuracy is astounding! She described the man I am engaged to down to his feet. Sometimes she gives me predictions and I think there is no way that could happen…and then it does! Pattie is a life long friend.”

I want to THANK YOU all the wonderful people from all over the world who have given me their trust throughout the many, many years in enlisting my services and believing in my ability to look into the future. I have been privileged to guide many fine people on their paths.


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